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• Mr Ababio Tawiah (M),

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flanked by two of his

executive members

• Residents holding placards with various inscriptions

• Lawyer



• Ms Gloria

Afua Akuffo,



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Independence Day —

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Good Friday — Friday, 19th April.

Easter Monday — Monday, 22nd



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EDDT challenges families

over land ownership

THE EAST Dadekotopon Development

Trust (EDDT) has stated that

the Land Certificate it holds over the

3,408.65 acres of land at Tse Addo in

La is still valid as per a Supreme Court

ruling dated February 12, 2019.

The EDDT said the latest Supreme Court rulings

have nullified all rights the Atta Tawiah Tsinatse

Family were granted by the High Court

presided over by Justice Abada on March 3, 2016.

Addressing a press conference to dispute claims

by the Atta Tawiah Tsinatse Family that the Trust

holds no authority over the said land, the Chairman

of the East Dadekotopon Development

Trust, Nii Obuor Fredman Afful, averred that the

Justice Abada ruling which the Atta Tawiah Tsinatse

Family is relying on to claim 808.644 acres of

land had been nullified by the Court of Appeal.

Ahead of the EDDT Press conference, the

Atta Tawiah Tsinatse Family, in a similar fashion,

met the media and claimed ownership over all the

entire 3,408.65 acres being claimed at Tse Addo.

According to the families of Attah Tawiah Tsinatse

and Numo Ofoli Kwashie, they sued the

EDDT and secured a judgment of the High Court

presided over by Justice Ofori Atta in Suit No.

BL431/ 2006.

The family also accused the Trust of using

some police officers to terrorise residents on the


However, Nii Afful, in a response, indicated

that the EDDT, was formed in 2002 following

court action and by a Trust Deed dated April 10,

2002, and a land certificate was issued to the Trust

in 2003.

He said a new Board of Trustees was formed

• Nii Adhei Koofeh IV (M, ) La Kingmaker and Supreme Head of Nmah Abonase Family,

Nii Obuor Fredman Afful (L), Chairman of the East Dadekotopon Development

Trust, and others at the press conference

on March 27, 2017 and inaugurated on September

8, 2017, after settlers on the land had brought the

appointment of the board to public attention

through newspaper publication on April 30, 2017.

Nii Afful explained that after the formation of

the new Board of Trustees claims began to emerge

from the Atta Tawiah Tsinatse and the Nuumo

Ofoli Kwashie families who later sued the Trust

and secured a judgment in their favour.

“By that judgement the families were declared

owners of an area of 808.644 acres, which was registered

in the name of the EDDT. Also the judgement

impugned the Certificate of the EDDT,” he


He noted also that the EDDT filed an Appeal

against the High Court ruling at the Court of Appeal

but the families abandoned the earlier judgement

of the High Court and entered into a

Consent judgment.

Nii Afful said the consent judgement had been

adopted as a judgment of the Court of Appeal on

April 30, 2015.

He also averred that after the settlement, there

was an inter-family conflict between the Atta Tawiah

Tsinatse family and the Nuumo Ofoli Kwashie

family when a faction of one family disputed the

right of the other to act on behalf of the families.

Nii Afful said the case later went before Justice

Anthony Abada for determination.

“The EDDT was not a party to this suit. It was

purely a family affair,” he said.

He stressed that on March 3, 2016 judgment

delivered by Justice Anthony Abada sparked off

the unfortunate chain of events being experienced

over the land.

He pointed out that the two families reasoned

that if the consent judgment was set aside, the only

judgment existing would be the Ofori Atta judgment

of December 2010 against the EDDT.

According to him, the Trustees of the EDDT

commenced several actions both at the High Court

and at the Supreme Court to nullify those unfortunate

developments and to set aside the judgement

of Abada J., which gave birth to actions of the


He, however, said the Company would always

resort to proper legal means to ensure that the disputes

brewing between them and the families were


But in a counter press conference yesterday, the

head of family of the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse, a

Nuumo Ofoli Kwashie of La, punched deep holes

into the claims of the EDDT, saying that the Trust

did not have a legal status to deal in any land transaction

on behalf of the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse and

Nuumo Ofoli Kwashie families of La Traditional


The spokesperson for Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse

and Nuumo Ofoli Kwashie families, Mr Henry Ayi

Addo, noted that the judgment of the Supreme

Court has not been challenged and so no one, "I

say no one has taken the Ataa Tawiah Tsinaatse

and Nuumo Ofoli Kwashie families of La to court

to appeal against our judgment."

AWW Commission

Ayine’s cross-examination request declined


THE COMMISSION probing the

Ayawaso by-election violence has ruled

against a request by lawyer for witnesses

Delali Brempong and Member of Parliament

(MP) for Ningo Prampram, Sam

George to cross-examine some earlier

witnesses who made claims regarding

them at the commission.

The Chairman of the Commission,

Justice Emile Short, in his ruling, said allowing

such an application to stand

would disrupt the the proceedings of the


“The Commission declines the request

by Counsel of Mr Delali Brempong

and Sam George to cross-examine

witnesses who have offered testimonies,”

Justice Short said.

The ruling further noted: “The work

of the Commission is not to decide what

the balance of right and liabilities are between

two parties…allowing the request

will fundamentally disrupt the proceedings

of the commission. The Commission

has for good reason adopted the

inquisitorial approach in its way”.

Responding to the ruling, lawyer for

the two witnesses, Dominic Ayine, expressed

gratitude to the Commission

and stressed that he was happy to note

that the outcome of the Commission’s

work wiould not have direct consequences

on the political future of his


Meanwhile, the Ningo Prampram MP

blamed the vigilantism menace in the

country on the failings of the country’s

land tenure system.

He said the people who are recruited

by political parties for vigilante activities

are often known land guards who have

no profession aside protecting lands.

He said if the police are allowed the

free hand to deal with such individuals,

vigilantism will be properly dealt with in

this country.

• Lawyer Dominic Ayine




Akufo-Addo’s boy hot



THE CHIEF and people of Twifo

Praso in the Central Region are

appealing to President Nana

Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to

immediately sack the District

Chief Executive (DCE) for Twifo-Ati

Morkwa District, Mr Robert Agyemang

Nyantakyi, for meddling in chieftaincy matters.

According to them, the DCE, instead of

embarking on development projects, has

sided with the Ati Morkwa chief, Nana

Kwasi Kenin IV, to deny Twifo Praso and its

environs development, and that the DCE, on

daily basis, harasses the youth of the town.

Speaking to the press after a demonstration

in the area to register their grief, the

chairman of Twifo Toffoe Youth Association,

Mr Ababio Tawiah, said the DCE had

failed the town by meddling in chieftaincy issues

in the area and appealed to the President

to sack him immediately and replace

him with the one who is development-oriented.

Mr Tawiah said sometime in August last

year, the Member of Parliament for the area,

Abraham D. Odoom, in trying to fulfil his

campaign promise, completed an abandoned

market at Twifo Praso and informed the

chiefs and elders of the place perform the

necessary rituals to pave the way for traders

to conduct their activities there.

• As angry Twifo Praso residents call for DCE’s head

• Mr Ababio Tawiah (M), Chairman of the Twifo Toffoe Youth Association

flanked by two of his executive members.

He added that “surprisingly we were summoned

the next day to appear before the Divisional

Police Commander at Assin Fosu to

answer charges of indiscriminate shooting

into a crowd on the day of the rituals.

The chairman said the police later realised

nothing of the sort happened and so the people

were released on bail but on the following

day a pickup with registration number GN

1340-12, full of thugs, allegedly being

sponsored by the DCE, stormed the

market and vandalised all the structures.

“They drove carelessly and fired countless

number of gun shots in town and the case

was reported to the police but no arrest has

been made till date,” he stated.

Mr Tawiah said the DCE connived with

Nana Kenin and others and succeeded in securing

a court injunction restraining the

traders from accessing the market, a situation

which has brought untold hardship on the


The association also accused the DCE,

among other things, of harassing and arresting

innocent youth in the town who seem not

to be in agreement with him in his unwarranted


Wearing red gear and red armed bands

and chanting war songs, the chiefs and youth

of Twifo Praso last Friday, February 22,

demonstrated through the principal streets of

the town to register their displeasure against

the DCE and Presiding Member of the assembly

for working against the progress of

Twifo Praso.

The chief and the youth called on President

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to immediately

call the DCE to order or they

themselves will sack him because he cannot

be trusted, since he has taken sides in the

chieftaincy impasse in the area.

Complaining about lack of development

issues in the area, the chiefs cited the poor deplorable

state of the road from Cape Coast to

Praso, and the need to construct a bridge on a

portion of Pra River to create easy movement

across the river.

“We are giving the President two weeks to

talk to the DCE or we will halt every activity

in the area,” Mr Tawiah stated.

But when contacted to react to the issues

in an interview with the DAILY HER-

ITAGE, DCE Nyantakyi said he was not

aware of the demonstration and that the

demonstrators should have made him aware

of their impending action before carrying it


Mr Nyantaki, therefore, declined to speak

about the issues, saying he had important assignments

like a town hall meeting to attend.

Pocket money for prosecution saga…

AG allays fears of prosecutors




Department, led by the Attorney

General and Minister of Justice,

Ms Gloria Afua Akuffo, has responded

swiftly to the cry of police

prosecutors who used their

pocket money to prosecute crime

for the State with the assurance

that, “we will do what is reasonably

necessary to ensure that

prosecutors are made comfortable

to work.”

The AG’s office also said the

prosecutors are not asking for

something more than they deserved

but “we are not sleeping

at all, 24 hours we are working on

matters like this.”

Joseph Kpemka, Deputy AG,

who made this known when he

was reacting to the DAILY

HERITAGE story that police

prosecutors have been using their

pocket monies for prosecution,

told Francis Abban on Starr FM.

According to him, some

amendments proposals are being

considered by the AG’s office for

consideration by Parliament for

some allocation of Court Fines

to address concerns of this nature.

“We will do what is reasonably

necessary to ensure that

prosecutors are made comfortable.

Whatever they are complaining

about most of it is true

and we will do what is reasonably

necessary to ensure that they are

made comfortable to work.

“They are not asking for

something more than they deserve,

how could you be using

your own money to take maybe

people to court and et cetera or

go to do prosecutions, that cannot

be?” he rhetorically asked.

Police discussing


The Director-General of Public

Affairs of the Ghana Police

Service, ACP David Eklu, had

earlier told the DAILY HER-

ITAGE in a telephone interview

that the matter had been

discussed at management level

and the Legal and Prosecuting

Directorate had been tasked to

come up with modalities for consideration.

“That issue was discussed at

management and the legal and

prosecuting directorate was

tasked to come out with various

modalities to make it easier for

those prosecutors to provide

those documents to the other

parties as per the Supreme Court


Asked if the modalities would

include refunding the pocket

monies to the prosecutors, ACP

Eklu said “the possibilities include

all those, but I don’t want

to sound so certain that is what

we are going to do, so I’m saying

that we are looking at other

modalities and all those are part

of it (sic).”

Armed robbers freed

On February 21, the paper

carried a story on its front page


Inside FEBRUARY 27, 2019.qxp_Layout 1 26/02/2019 7:17 PM Page 3

•Some Indians took to

the streets, burning an

effigy of Pakistan, after

news of the air strikes


Balakot: Indian air strikes target militants in Pakistan

INDIA SAYS it launched air

strikes against militants in Pakistani

territory, in a major escalation

of tensions between the two


The government said strikes

targeted a training camp of the

Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) group in


Relations between the nucleararmed

neighbours have been

strained since a suicide attack earlier

this month that killed more

than 40 Indian troops.

India accuses Pakistan of allowing

militant groups to operate

on its territory and says Pakistani

security agencies played a role in

the 14 February attack - claimed

by JeM. Pakistan denies any role

and says it does not provide safe

haven to militants.

Tuesday's air strikes are the

first launched across the line of

control - the de facto border that

divides India-administered Kashmir

from Pakistan-administered

Kashmir - since a war between the

two countries in 1971.

Balakot is in Pakistan's northwestern

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

province. Residents there told

BBC Urdu they were woken by

loud explosions. Pakistan condemned

the strike and said it

would respond "at the time and

place of its choosing".



World news in 4 stories

'Fake Kenyan

president' arrested

POLICE IN Kenya say

they have a busted a

seven-man syndicate

which allegedly impersonated


Uhuru Kenyatta and

other government officials to defraud

local business tycoon

Naushad Merali of a huge sum of


One of the men phoned Mr

Merali, the chairman of Sameer

Africa, mimicking the president's

voice and persuading him to release

money to facilitate business deals,

local media quoted police as saying.

The exact amount is unclear - the

Daily Nation news site gave a figure

of 10 million shillings ($100,000;

£76,000) while The Star put the

amount at 80 million shillings.

The seven appeared in court on

Tuesday, but have not yet been been


Police said they needed more

time to carry out investigations.

•President Uhuru Kenyatta

“Due to the complexity of the

has repeatedly promised to

curb corruption

investigations and the number of

suspects involved, including some

who are still at large, it is expected

Mr Merali is one of Kenya's ment's Kenya Export Promotion

that the investigation will involve

leading industrialists, with interests Council and the National Investment


going through voluminous documents

including bank documents

in sectors ranging from IT and real


and call data records analysis,” a police

affidavit quoted by the Daily


•President Joseph Kabila





and Mr


Kenyatta have

•Michael Flynn has admitted one count of The lying Sameer to the Group's

• Liberia

FBI have is rich stepped website says

in mineral down deposits nearly not yet

- two commented

and full years of illicit agoon the arrests.

he is also member of the govern-


Nation said.

•Mohammad Javad Zarif announced his resignation

in an Instagram post on Monday night

Iranian president backs

foreign minister Zarif

following surprise resignation

THE IRANIAN president's

chief of staff has indicated

that he may refuse to accept

the resignation of the country's

foreign minister, Mohammad

Javad Zarif.

Hassan Rouhani was

"satisfied" with Mr Zarif's

record and considered him

the only man for the job,

the aide said.

Mr Zarif said he was

stepping down on Monday,

after warning that infighting

was poisoning Iran's diplomacy.

His role negotiating the

landmark 2015 nuclear deal

with world powers exposed

him to sharp criticism from


Many hardliners opposed

the decision to accept limits

on the country's nuclear activities

in return for the lifting

of crippling sanctions.

Pressure on Mr Zarif

grew last year after President

Donald Trump abandoned

the deal and

reinstated US sanctions targeting

Iran's oil and banking

sectors. BBC

French Islamic State accused handed over to face trial in Iraq


accused of fighting for the Islamic

State group are to be tried in Iraq

rather than face charges back

home in France.

Iraqi President Barham Saleh

said the 13 were handed over by

Syrian Kurdish forces last month.

French President Emmanuel

Macron declined to comment, saying

it was a sovereign matter for


The news comes as several

Western countries struggle with

the fate of alleged militants returning

from Syria.

The UK, Belgium, the

Netherlands and the United

States have all grappled

with the question of

whether to allow those who

left to join the Islamic State

to return - and potentially

face prosecution when they


The fate of the 13

French citizens was revealed

during a press conference

between presidents

Macron and Saleh in

•Iraq's President Saleh, left,

made the announcement while

visiting his French counterpart

France, following bilateral


They are due to be

tried on terrorist charges -

which may carry the death

penalty under Iraqi law.

French broadcaster

BFMTV reports that it

will make no difference

whether they are accused

of directly fighting for the

Islamic State group, or

merely providing other assistance

to it - the penalty

remains the same. BBC





Mentally deranged persons need govt’s support

IT IS trite knowledge that

mental health service in Ghana

is very appalling and urgently

requires total overhauling.

In fact, almost all mental

health facilities have major

problems that are as old as the

institutions themselves.

Months ago, the DAILY

HERITAGE carried on its

front page the plight of the

Accra Psychiatric Hospital to

draw stakeholders’ attention for

the needed assistance.

During a visit by the paper to

the hospital, it found that some

of the wards leaked badly

whenever it rained. The state of

the washrooms for the staff and

inmates was a monstrosity. It

smelt badly and produced a

choking stench in the area.

Other psychiatric hospitals

equally have major challenges

that affect provision of mental

health service. For instance, the

Pantang Hospital is bereft of

even medicines to administer to

the patients.

This, in the view of the paper,

is very disappointing because

the state actors have failed to

adequately resource such


This should not be allowed to

continue. It is for this reason

that we support calls for a

vibrant media advocacy for

sustainable financing to support

psychiatric hospitals in the


Due to inadequate facilities to

accommodate mentally

deranged persons in the country,

there are thousands of deranged

persons roaming the streets of

the country.

In some cases, all that is

needed is solitary confinement

with scheduled treatment and all

would be well with these

persons left to rot on the streets.


is of the view that the time to

stem the tide is now. The

government ought to prioritise

mental healthcare and put in

more resources to make life

more comfortable for our

unfortunate brothers and sisters.

Pocket money for prosecution saga…

AG allays fears of prosecutors


with the caption, Pocket Money

for Prosecuting Saga: Armed

robbers freed, highlighting the

facts that suspected armed robbers

have been freed by court for

want of prosecution, because

prosecutors are unable to present

courts with relevant document

due to financial constraint.

As a result however, the peace

officers were losing confidence

in their own work following the

continuous release of suspected

criminals by various courts because

“we do not have enough

pocket money” to prosecute


The police prosecutors and

investigators are worried that

after working hard at their peril

to arrest and arraign suspects,

they are discharged on the technicality

of want of prosecution.

“We struggle to arrest armed

robbers to the extent that sometimes

our colleagues are killed in

line of duty and when such a

person is discharged on that

technicality it demoralises us (police

personnel),” a police prosecutor

stated on condition of

•Ms Gloria Afua Akuffo, Attorney General


“This directive of Disclosure

of Documents introduced by the

Chief Justice, which took effect

from November 1, 2018, seems

to have made the law flexible to

the offender and some of the accused

persons, when they are

discharged, point fingers at us

and sometimes warn us, because

“We struggle to

arrest armed

robbers to the

extent that

sometimes our

colleagues are

killed in line of

duty and when

such a person is

discharged on

that technicality

it demoralises us


personnel),” a

police prosecutor

stated on

condition of


the person has been freed. Our

pockets are also dry and nobody

is giving us money to prosecute

the cases.”

Public confidence in

police diminishing

The prosecutors also

lamented that their effort is

being ridiculed by the public,

who are “losing confidence in

our system, and public confidence

in the police is diminishing”.

“If the public realises that the

police have made arrests and the

people are discharged, it makes

them lose the trust in us. Some

of these criminals are clever people

and when they are discharged

they go back and repeat similar

acts and put the police in a more

difficult position.

“Some armed robbers have

been discharged because the

prosecution didn’t have money

to file certain processes. We have

evidence of the cases we bring

to the court. At times when we

arrest them at the police station

level, they admit. They mention

names of persons they work together

with but when the police

take the pain at their peril and arraign

them, they are eventually


Inside FEBRUARY 27, 2019.qxp_Layout 1 26/02/2019 7:17 PM Page 5




Security Alert

US to mobilise troops and equipment

for ‘Military Base’ establishment


DO YOU remember

the heated discussions

that took

place almost a year

ago, in March,

2018, about the

‘Defence Cooperation Agreement’,

otherwise referred to as ‘Status of

Forces Agreement’ (SOFA) 2018,

signed between the Governments of

Ghana and the United States of


The Government of Ghana, led

by the Minister of Defence, ably

supported by Cabinet and Parliament,

ratified the Agreement. Civil

society members and groups from all

walks of life – from the discerning

the man on the street, the Clergy, Academia,

etc, through to Parliament,

where the Minority Caucus stood

their ground against the Agreement -

all of whom were convinced that the

‘letter and spirit’ of the Agreement

would eventually lead to the establishment

of a military base in Ghana.

The Minority in Parliament debated

and pointed out the flaws in the

Agreement and the inherent dangers

to Ghana’s sovereignty and security,

if Ghana went ahead and ratified the

Military Agreement. The Government

of Ghana, strongly supported

by the US Embassy in Ghana, defended

the Agreement to the hilt.

‘2019 fishing closed season


The above headline was quoted

from Ghanaweb’s Business News of

Wednesday, February 6, 2019, with

‘ghananewsagency.org’ as the source.

The article states among other

things, that ‘The 2019 close season

for artisanal fishers has been fixed

from May 15 to June 15 while that of

industrial trawlers will take place between

August 1 to August 31.’

‘The decision was taken by stakeholders

attending a consultative

meeting convened by the Ministry of

Fisheries and Aquaculture Development

to discuss the road map for the

implementation of the ‘Closed Season’

concept in Ghana’s fishing industry.’

What on ‘mother-earth’ has the

‘2019 fishing closed season’ got to do

with the establishment of a ‘military

base’ in Ghana?

The ‘2019 fishing closed season’

is everything the matter with the establishment

of the ‘military base’ in

Ghana. To establish the link between

the two events, the following questions

must be asked –

What are the reasons for the 2019

and future fishing closed seasons?

Why are the closed seasons divided

into two periods – May 15 to

June 15, 2019, for artisanal fishers,

and August 1 to August 31, for industrial


What happens to the industrial

trawlers during the period of the ban

on fishing for artisanal fishers?

What happens to artisanal fishers

during the period of the ban for industrial


The basic reason for the ‘fishing

closed season’ is that in the past,

there had been ‘overfishing’ activities

in the sea that had supposedly depleted

the territorial waters of Ghana

of its fishery stock, and the ‘closed

fishing season’ would replenish those

stock during the periods of the ban.

Questions ii through to iv seek to

defy the basic logic behind the establishment

of a ‘ closed fishing season’.

If industrial trawlers would be fishing

during the first ban from May 15

to June 15, 2019, and artisanal fishers

would also be going to sea during the

one month ban in August 2019, what

purpose would the so-called ‘closed

fishing season’ achieve in the shortto


Herein lies the nexus between the

‘2019 closed fishing season’ and the

establishment of the US military

base in Ghana.

Be it known to all Ghanaians -

concerned or otherwise, politicians

or ordinary citizens, majority or minority

in Parliament, active or passive

citizens – that the United States government

has been interested in

Ghana’s energy sector, more so in

Ghana’s oil and gas resources over

the recent past years. That interest

has been behind the Compact II

Agreement for which initially Electricity

Company of Ghana, including

NEDCo, would be taken over, supposedly

on concession for some 20

years or more, hence the imperative

for the establishment of a permanent

military base, not made up of

tents and trenches – to protect the

future US interests!

The intended ‘military base’

‘The decision was taken by stakeholders attending a consultative

meeting convened by the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development

to discuss the road map for the implementation of the ‘Closed

Season’ concept in Ghana’s fishing industry.’

would need all the materials and logistics

for the various types of infrastructure

to accommodate military

personnel, and all the sophisticated

military hardware that would adorn a

twenty-first century military establishment

within Ghana’s political jurisdiction

and space. Those materials

and logistics would be easily and

furtively transported by sea within

the stipulated periods of two months

– May 15 to June 15, 2019, and August

1 to 31 August, 2019, when

Ghana would be ‘virtually asleep militarily’,

as the invasion plans unfold.

The Ghana Navy, the custodians

of Ghana’s territorial integrity at sea,

would be passive during the periods

of the ban as with the tacit consent

of the Government of Ghana, and

the US deployment of whatever materials

into Ghana would be interpreted

to be from a ‘friendly’ nation.

The snag of all the above scenario

is that the ordinary artisanal

fishers and industrial trawler operators,

who do not know what has

been happening behind their back

whilst at sea all these while with regard

to the Defence Cooperation

Agreement, would be frightened and

overwhelmed at the large warships

that would be sighted in Ghana’s territorial

waters as they unload their

military cargo daily for two separate

months! Those artisanal fishers and

industrial trawler operators would

raise alarms to the Ghanaian public

on the actual happenings at sea,

which would inherently generate

public fear and panic!

How would the United States of

America carry out her intentions

without causing any fear and panic

among the Ghanaian populace? Just

convince the Minister of Agriculture

and Aquaculture and the Government

at large about the need to protect

Ghana’s fishing industry and

therefore implement a ‘2019 closed

fishing season’, the sea would be free

from any ‘tell-tale’ marine operators,

day and night, and then the ultimate

goal would be achieved, seamlessly!

Trust the Ministry of Agriculture

and Aquaculture Development to

deny the above assertion!

Ayawaso violence: Why we can’t just condemn and move on


(Student journalist, GIJ)

MANY HAVE condemned and criticized

it to be wrong, but do we just

condemn and leave it to hang? I do

not require an answer from you, but I

will tell you what my sincere fears are.

From all indications, Ghanaians

should be worried and disturbed

about the outscoring of political vigilante

groups and their activities in the

country especially in recent times.

Sometimes the seeming lack of

ability of the state security agencies

such as the police to counter, arrest

and punish these hoodlums makes it

easy for one to easily forget about

their existence and the fact that they

are mandated by the state to protect

its citizens.

Let me ask again, where are the

security agencies to protect us and

ensure our safety as citizens in the

country. Are they waiting for a command

beyond the IGP’s? Well that

command will not come because the

IGP’s word is your command. Or are

we to assume that the IGP gives

command in public and says something

else in secret? Fact is we are ‘officially’

scared for our lives, we are

beginning to get the point where the

•Police SWAT team

presence and the assurance of the

police means nothing. We know that

is not a desirable point, but you can’t

blame us when you, the police, keep

disappointing us with your sheer

weakness to deal with people who

openly obstruct justice and fight

legitimate authority under the

guise of vigilantism or political

security. Disband them, period!

Come to think of it, how do

you expect us to act normal

when some unidentified, masked

and armed men deployed to

monitor an election by ensuring

the election is peaceful turn to

rather harm electorates and create


The violence during the byelection

has made people make

certain comments creating fear

and panic in citizens leaving

them in a pool of thoughts.

Where will they go? What will

they do?

Do we even think about the

vulnerable: women, children,

aged and disabled? Although a

commission has been set to investigate

the incidence, do we

just leave it to them to work as we sit

aloof? No way! We all have a role to

play. The so called vigilantes live in

our communities; they are our husbands,

children and brothers. Let’s

talk them out of violence or better

still expose them for who they are. At

least in that way, we would be making

our stands known openly.

Let us remember that in war,

there's no work, productivity, development,

religion and many more.

Is this the legacy we want to leave

for the future generations? Certainly

not. Let's not allow ourselves to be

used by political parties and politicians

for their selfish interest. What

are the measures we putting in place

to prevent what happened in the

Ayawaso West Wuogon by- elections

from repeating itself In the 2020

elections? Lets’ be vigilant, make

Wise decisions and guard the peace

our forefathers left for us.

As my dad says "an action you

take today will have an impact on you

tomorrow." If we turn blind eye to

these bloodthirsty groups, obviously

the repercussion will be on our

heads. You have seen a few of the

likely repercussion, imagine the rest.

The time to act is now.

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Science-based health benefits of drinking

• Water helps to maximize

physical performance

Dehydration can have a noticeable

effect if you lose as little as

2% of your body's water content.

However, it is not uncommon for

athletes to lose up to 6-10% of

their water weight via sweat.

• Hydration has a major effect

on energy levels and brain


Your brain is strongly influenced

by hydration status.Studies

show that even mild dehydration

(1-3% of body weight) can impair

many aspects of brain function.

• Drinking water may help to

prevent and treat headaches

Dehydration can trigger

headaches and migraines in some

individuals. Several studies have

shown that water can relieve

headaches in those who are dehydrated.




Seek medical advice

on products

• Women advised



of Ropheka

Hospital, Dr

Mary Dei-Zanga,

has advised

women to abstain

from using unapproved

chemicals for cleansing and

maintaining their private parts.

This, according to the

award-winning health activist

cum author, is the cause of

most sexual-reproductive-related


Speaking to the DAILY

HERITAGE during the ‘Girl

Up’ event to introduce the

VaginneGel to the Ghanaian

market last Saturday, Dr Dei-

Zanga urged women to pay attention

to their health,

especially their reproduction

health, saying, “In recent times,

what we see is that a lot of

women use different materials

when they are menstruating.”

She continued that, “they

[women] use a lot of chemicals

with the aim of cleaning and

maintaining their private parts

but in the long run they end up

contracting various sicknesses

like cervical cancer.”

She further urged women

to seek medical advice from

experts on products and chemicals

they use in their private


“There are a lot of chemicals

in the market that some

women use in their private

parts which have side effects.

Those chemicals destroy a lot

of things in their reproductive

system,” she explained.

Dr Dei-Zanga further expressed

dissatisfaction about

the government’s efforts in

promoting female reproduction

education in the country.

•Dr Mary Dei-Zanga (L), Founder, Ropheka Hospital, and Miss Queen

Komada (R), Vice-President, Immeri Group Africa, at the event

She indicated that the rate

at which women in the country

were contracting sexual-reproductive-related

diseases was

alarming, hence the need to intensify

the education.

“When it comes to female

reproduction health, I don’t

think we, as a country, are focusing

much on it. Women

have a lot of sicknesses, so I

think the government can do

more on education on the female

reproduction health,” she

told the paper.

In view of this, Dr Dei-

Zanga recommended the

Vaginne gel to Ghanaians,

adding that it helps women to

improve their reproductive


“This product really helps

to keep the private parts clean

and does not give extra problems

like itching and bad

odour,” she advised.

Also speaking to the paper

at the event, Ms Queen Komada,

Vice-President, Immeri

Group Africa, highlighted the

need for women to pay attention

to their reproductive


She added that their mission

of helping people was the

reason behind the introduction

of their product in Ghana.

“This product is natural,

which protects the reproductive

health of women, both internal

and external,” Ms

Komada said.

Chirano organises free

eye-screening for locals

THE CHIRANO Gold Mines Limited

has offered free eye screening to

over a 1000 people in 21 communities

in its catchment area, as part of

its corporate social responsibility.

The screening, organized on

Thursday, February 14, was also the

company’s way of showing love to

the community that has become pivotal

in its growth.

The screening, which targeted the

young and elderly who have eye

problems, was set up at two centres;

the Paboase and Chirano Health

centres, to guarantee that everyone

could be attended to.

Those with conditions that could

not be treated were given referrals to

the appropriate facilities which could

assist them.

Human Resource Manager and

Community Relations Manager of

Chirano, Thomas Nyarko Danquah

said the company prioritizes the

wellbeing of local communities and

the free eye examination was only

one of the numerous ways to do


He noted that these communities

provided a substantial portion of

Chirano’s workforce. Therefore, the

provision of quality healthcare

would benefit the Mine directly.

Dr Daniel Adu Agyemang, an

optometrist with the Third Eye Care

and Vision Centre, in an interview,

lauded the step taken by Chirano

Mine to ensure the wellbeing of the

communities in the area.

Outlining the activities during the

screening, he observed that “people

showed up with itches in the eye and

other petty infections that needed to

be treated alongside the screening”.

•Some of the residents going through the health screening

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Inmate fights prison officer for

attempting to snatch wife


BUT FOR the intervention of some good

Samaritans, the Nsawam Medium Prisons

would have witnessed one of the bloodiest

scenes in its history when an inmate tried

to slug it out with a warder for attempting

to snatch his wife from him.

It was Tuesday, February 12, 2019, at

about 3pm when Tracey (not original

name) traveled to the Nsawam Medium

Prisons to visit her husband, Atobrah (not

real name) who had been given a room in

Block 5 at the Nsawam Prisons to ‘cool

off ’.

After going through the process and

acquiring a pass to visit Atobrah, Tracey

was told to wait for a while.

Unknown to Tracey, a Prison Officer

(name withheld) who had knowledge

about her host and who had been

disturbing her to go out with him quickly

rushed to Block 5, called Atobrah to step

out and started quizzing him about his

relationship with Tracey.

Sources in the prison yard said Joshua

did not take it easy when the Prison

Officer kept pressing hard wanting to

know if there exist a relationship between

him and Tracey.

At this point, a verbal altercation

ensued between the two (Atobrah and the

Prison Officer) with some inmates who

were not happy with the situation

intervening to avert any calamity.

The Prison Officer, kasapafonline.com

understands, had once seized the mobile

phone of Tracey for failing to grant him


This, together with the verbal

• Some prison officers at an event

confrontation, compelled Atobrah to

officially lodge a complaint with the

administration of the Nsawam Medium

Prisons over the bad conduct of the

Prison Officer.

In October, 2018, Management of the

Nsawam Medium Prisons commenced

investigations into allegations of prison

officers snatching the wives of inmates of

the correctional facility.

The move followed complaints by some

of the inmates who accused some prison

officers of taking their wives from them

when they come around to visit them.

According to the inmates, they would

have no option to address their grievance

than to embark on massive demonstration

in the prison yard which will be very

difficult for anybody to control them,

should their call for the removal of the

leadership of the facility falls on deaf ears.

The inmates contend that they are bent

on triggering their option since the

leadership of the prisons have for some

time now been treating them unfairly.

“Once of the In-Charge Officers (name

withheld) has been exchanging telephone

numbers with our wives when they come

around to visit us. He will then call to

propose to them and will end up telling

them all manner of things. Most of us

here, our marriages are on the rocks

because of these officers. They are

supposed to be professionals but their

actions have proven otherwise. The

authorities have to change them

immediately”, one of the inmates speaking

on condition of anonymity told


The public is yet to be briefed about

the outcome of the investigations

conducted by the Prisons authorities.

•Eric Nartey

Yeboah and Yussif

Ibrahim Bangsua



the Atiwa Quarries

Limited, a wholly


stone quarry

company at Kasoa-Opeikuma in

Awutu-Senya Municipality of the

Central Region, are posing grave

dangers to over1800 residents in the


Information available to the


that the company’s activities,

especially its constant dynamite

explosion, are causing serious health

damages and affecting lives and


Some of the residents the paper

spoke to called on Environmental

Protection Agency (EPA), Minerals

Commission, Ministry of Lands and

Natural Resources and Ministry of

Environment, Science, Technology

and Innovation to immediately stop

the dynamite explosions at the

quarry site to avert disaster.

Investigations conducted also

revealed that school buildings,

including the Opeikuma Junior

High School (JHS), and water

bodies are being destroyed by the

company's activities since its

commercial operations started in


The disturbing activities of the

quarry company, the paper has

gathered, •Hassan are being Tampuli done on the

blindside of EPA, Minerals

Commission, Ministry of Lands and

Natural Resources and Ministry of

Environment, Science, Technology

and Innovation.

In an interview with journalists

over the issue, the Youth Chief

(Mbrantsehen) of Kasoa,

Opeikuma, Nana Mensah,

complained about the irresponsible

quarry activities of the company,

which, he noted, had been causing a


Danger looms at Kasoa-Opeikuma Ajumako Anona

• Over Atiwa Quarries dynamite explosion



lot of harm to residents in the area,

as they had resulted in the

destruction of building in the area.

According to him, the residents

leave in constant fear of being hit

by a flying stone from the quarry.

Nana Mensah stated that “we are

forced to move the aged and the

sick from their homes to safe places

anytime a blast is bound to occur.”

“The dust from the blasted rock

that could be seen rising into the air

and the noise of the crushing

stones are both health hazards.”

The Mbrantsehene mentioned

that the quarry is not far from the

community, and “so residents are

exposed to flying stones, loud noise

of the crushers, dust and stones

being thrown on our roofs, which

create fear and panic in the


He, therefore called on officials

of EPA, Minerals Commission and

the Ministry for Lands and Natural

Resources to prevent the company

from any further explosion.

•Nana Mensah, Youth Chief of Kasoa Opeikuma

Stop taking advantage of the vulnerable NGOs urged



HEALTHBASE International, a

non-governmental Organization

(NGO), Nathan Perry Mensah, has

expressed great worry over activities

of some NGOs that are in the

habit of taking undue advantage of

the vulnerable to raise funds.

According to him, the act has

become a strategy being adopted by

some “unscrupulous NGOs in our


Mr Mensah was speaking during

the official launch of the NGO’s

2019 Action Campaign Project in


He said “NGOs are also part of

the demographic society and are

seen as agents that will bring

solutions to areas where

government cannot meet needs,

hence their actions are very

important to the growth and

development of the society.”

He mentioned that many people

were no longer willing to open up

to NGOs because they had been

deceived a number of times by

other NGOs.

He revealed that most people

have had their names written,

invited to workshops to give fake

credence to the work of those

NGOs and even going to the extent

of doing videos with their families

under the guise of being in

hardship and seeking financial


He said the situation where ablebodied

people were carried in

wheelchairs as disabled people to

convince donors to support them

had become so rampant in the

•Mr Nathan Perry

Mensah, Executive

Director of



society all due to poor monitoring

on the part of donor agencies.

Mr Mensah added that there was

another worrying situation where

able bodied people were carried in

wheelchairs as disabled people to

convince donors to support them.

“Others who have no problems

with their sight have equally been

used as blind folks to attract

funding. Persons living with HIV

and other deadly diseases have

suffered the same fate,” he said.

“The situation is affecting the

work of hardworking NGOs who

are working well for the good of

mother Ghana.”

According Mr Mensah, many of

the NGOs must be complimented

for their excellent activities in most

of their communities in the


HEALTHBASE International

HEALTHBASE International

was established in November 2012

by a group of Health professionals

with the mission of promoting total

health through health status


The organization’s goal is to

contribute to the wellbeing of every

Ghanaian by helping people to

know, confirm, accept and deal with

their health status, so they can

effectively manage their health

conditions and help reduce

premature deaths.

It also has the objective of

helping improve the standard of

living as preventive health care is

cheaper than curative health care.

HEALTHBASE International is

a member of the National Coalition

of NGOs in Health in the Greater

Accra Region in Ghana.

According to the Executive

Director, even though they operate

on a broad spectrum path to play

Advocacy roles on all health issues,

they have decided to major their

activities under the Sexual and

Reproductive Health sector.

He said the organization had

been vocal by way of campaigning

against the spread of sexually

transmitted infections/diseases in

schools, community meeting places,

churches and mosques.

He said “The reason for the

work against sexually transmitted

infections or diseases is that they

include many typically dangerous

diseases like HIV, Human Papiloma

Virus (HPV), Hepatitis, chlamydia

and syphilis.”

He also mentioned that the

Foundation will embark on health

education campaign throughout the

Greater Accra, Eastern and Western


He added that they would do

stress management presentations in

corporate institutions with trained

human resource experts.

“It must be noted that stress is a

silent killer. Therefore exposition on

the subject will calm a lot of nerves

to mitigate the effects,” he said.

Yogo clan

removes family




THE CHIEF and elders of

Anona Yogo clan of Ajumako

Techiman in the Central

Region have stripped their

head of family of his position

as Ebusuapanyin of the clan

effective last Sunday, February


According to the chiefs,

Ebusuapanyin Onyinkyi

Afedzi has gone contrary to

the norms and traditions of

the family, rendering him

unfit to continue to hold the


He was accused of failing

to meet with his people to

settlement disputes, taking

decision on his own without

consulting other family


He has also been accused

of other problems such as

taking the family staff (ebusua

poma) for rituals without

proper notification; placing an

injunction on a family

member’s corpse without

consulting those concerned;

and deceiving the entire chiefs

and elders of the Ajumako

Traditional Area by feigning

sickness to avoid meeting

them to give reasons for his


A four-minute-forty-threesecond

video covering the

rituals performed to signify

his distoolment is in the

possession of the DAILY


Meanwhile one Mr Kofi

Amoakwa Acquah has been

asked to take charge till they

appoint a substantive head of


All attempts to contact

Ebusuapanyi Afedzi to react

to the issues have proved


According to

the chiefs,


Onyinkyi Afedzi

has gone

contrary to the

norms and

traditions of the

family, rendering

him unfit to

continue to hold

the position.

•A chief pouring libation to

signify his distoolment

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US Dollar USDGHS 4.7871 4.7919

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS










MTN Ghana wins six HR Innovation awards


has been adjudged


of the

Year at the second

edition of

the Ghana Human Resource Innovation

Awards (GHRIA) held

in Accra.

At the same event, MTN

Ghana won Outstanding Employee

Retention Policy; Excellence

in Employee Engagement;

HR Innovation of the Year and

HR Team of the Year for the Private

Sector (Gold)

In addition, the Human Resource

Executive of MTN Mrs.

Amma Benneh-Amponsah, was

adjudged the HR Personality of

the Year and one of the top 20

Human Resource Practitioners in


Receiving the awards, Mrs Benneh-Amponsah

said “the awards

attest to our continued commitment

and investment in our people.

We are humbled by this

recognition. We will continue to

invest in our human capital and

infrastructure to create a conducive

environment that enables

employees to deliver their best.”

She dedicated the awards

to the staff of MTN.

Speaking on behalf of the

Minister of Employment and

Labour Relations, the Chief Executive

of the Fair Wages and

Salaries Commission

(FWSC), Dr Edward

Kwapong, reiterated

the importance of

the HR practitioner

to the socio-economic


of a nation.

He said the wealth

of a nation or an organization

lies in the

hands of its human

resources and how

well those resources

are managed to the

benefit of all.

“An event such as

this to recognize the

great works of professionals

is a good

catalyst and a motivator

to make sure that

our human resources

are at par if not ahead of the

changes in the human resource

sector in the country,” Mr

Kwapong stressed.

Over the years, MTN has been

PIAC, EOCO sign MoU to fight corruption in petroleum sector

THE PUBLIC Interest and Accountability

Committee (PIAC) and the Economic

and Organised Crime Office

(EOCO) have agreed to collaborate to

protect Ghana’s petroleum revenues

from embezzlement and financial


The two separate entities signed a

Memorandum of Understanding

(MoU) to back the agreement between


The collaboration between the

PIAC and the Economic and Organized

Crime Office (EOCO), which is

to safeguard Ghana’s petroleum revenue

from abuse, is expected to last

for 5 years, after which the two entities

will review the progress made, as well

as the challenges encountered, to inform

them on the next steps to take.

Speaking at the signing ceremony,

Dr Steve Manteaw, Chairman of

PIAC, said it was not enough for his

entity to just shed light on the wrongful

use of Ghana’s petroleum revenue.

Pursuant to its mandate, PIAC has

since 2011 made findings and recommendations

in its Semi-Annual and

Annual Reports highlighting, among

others, instances of misapplication,

misuse, and diversion of petroleum

funds allocated to projects.

“For us at PIAC, shedding light on

what appears to be criminal conduct

on the part of some public officials,

with respect to the use of petroleum

revenues, without holding such people

to account, does not in any way serve

the accountability mandate that can be

inferred from our name,” Dr Manteaw


According to him, it was about

PIAC’s transitioning from just focusing

on transparency to accountability.

“To ensure accountability means

holding people to account for their actions

or inaction in terms of the management

and prudent use of the

petroleum revenues. The signing of

this MoU means that we would ensure

that people who may have abused petroleum

revenues are held to account.

“So you would have a situation

now where all our reports will come

with a cover letter referring particular

cases to EOCO for further investigation

and possible prosecution. We also

intend as a team to go back as far back

•MTN HR team at the event

as 2011 when oil revenues started

coming in and look at all possible instances

of corruption which may have

occurred and refer those cases to


The Executive Director of the

Economic and Organised Crime Office

(EOCO), ACP K.K. Amoah

(Retd), welcomed the opportunity to

collaborate with PIAC to expand its

•Dr Steve


Chairman of PIAC

scope of work, saying it will help in reducing

corruption in that area of the

extractive industry.

“The MoU serves as a very good

document for us in the sense that it’s

going to open up our scope of investigation.

Per our law, that’s Act 804

(2010), EOCO is mandated by law to

investigate matters, especially financial,

which affect the state. And therefore a

recognized by several institutions,

both local and international, for

their unequalled commitment to

high performance through exceptional

people management.

MTN is the first corporate organization

in Ghana to be

awarded a Gold accreditation by

Investors in People International,

the international standard for people

management. In 2018 alone,

MTN Ghana won Investor in

People Gold Employer of the

year. The company also won HR

Leader of the Year (Top 50 HR

Practitioners) and Human Resources

(HR) Team of the Year at

the maiden edition of the Ghana

Human Resources Awards.

Mrs Benneh-Amponsah, was

awarded and recognized as an HR

Change Maker at the HR Awards


The GHRIA is an annual event

that recognises leading Human

Resource persons and organizations

who have contributed significantly

to the practice.

few months ago when the boards of

the two companies met a decision was

arrived at to get the two entities to

work together. We at EOCO have

been looking forward to the signing of

this MoU, which will give us a push to

carry out the work.”

The two organisations the working

relationship between them will include

but not limited to the PIAC submitting

copies of the report to EOCO,

highlighting relevant sections that require

consideration and further investigation;

and EOCO updating PIAC at

regular intervals on the progress of its

investigations on matters referred to it

by PIAC.

The MoU will not restrict PIAC

from participating in similar activities

or arrangements with other entities or

Government agencies. It will last for a

period of five (5) years from the date

of signature unless revised, extended

or terminated by the written agreement

of the Parties.

It is said that during the tenure of

the MoU, the Parties may review annually

the provisions of this MoU and its


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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

Democracy in Africa: Demand,

supply, and the ‘dissatisfied democrat’


threat to democracy

from populist movements

and authoritarian


occupies a prominent

place in current political debate.

Yet political scientists who

study this question reach contrasting

conclusions, often because

they use different measures and

standards of democracy.

Some say the world is in a democratic

recession, with countries

experiencing recent declines in the

quality of democracy outnumbering

those where it has improved

(Diamond, 2015; Lührmann,

Mechkova, & Wilson, 2017; Economist,

2018; Freedom House,

2018). Others see no such decline

(Levitsky, 2015) or trendless variation

(Jiménez, 2017; Skaaning &

Jiménez, 2017).

In Africa, Freedom House has

tracked a significant retreat in political

rights, civil liberties, and the

overall quality of democracy. The

biggest shifts have occurred

among countries previously rated

as “partly free,” many of which

have retreated to “not free” status.

Analysts have observed that

this is often the result of hybrid

regimes using counter-terrorism

legislation to shrink democratic

spaces (Temin, 2017) or of governments

responding to increased

electoral competition by restricting

opposition parties and critical civil

society organizations (Cheeseman,

2019). On the other hand, the V-

Dem Institute finds more positive

than negative change in Africa

(Lührmann et al., 2018).

African public opinion seems

to embody this sense of divergence.

While Yasha Mounk (2018)

has claimed to find a systematic

decline in citizens’ attachment to

democracy across most of the established

democracies in North

America and Western Europe,

Africans’ responses to questions

posed by Afrobarometer over the

past decade present a more varied

and complex picture.

At the most general level, the

picture seems relatively clear and

simple: The typical African is

strongly committed to democracy

and opposed to authoritarian rule,

and has remained so for more

than a decade.

However, this image of solid

democratic commitment changes

radically if we narrow our focus to

only those people who consistently

express pro-democratic

preferences across several different

survey questions – those

whom Afrobarometer describes as

“demanding democracy” (Bratton,

Mattes, & Gyimah-Boadi, 2005).

Under these more demanding criteria,

fewer than half of all

Africans qualify as committed democrats.

And levels of commitment

vary sharply depending on a

person’s demographic category

and level of political engagement.

The picture becomes even

more complex when we look at

specific countries or take a longerterm

view. In some countries,

publics are strongly committed to

democracy, while in others people

are largely indifferent.

Similarly, some societies are developing

more favourable views of

democracy over time, while others

are moving in the opposite direction.

These trends in individual

countries may matter even more

than trends on the continent as a


The same kind of complexity

Get rid of corruption tag – Expert advises Mahama


Mahama would have to rid himself

of the corruption tag put on him

by the governing New Patriotic

Party (NPP) during the 2016 elections

to stand a chance in 2020,

Prof. Agyemang Duah has said.

“John Mahama may have to

repackage himself. I think his approach

to politics should be different.

We expect a new conviction,”

the former senior adviser to the

UN on governance stated on

Morning Starr Tuesday.

“John Mahama will need to

convince the people that he is in

with a new vision and rid himself

of the corruption tag put on

him. The level of corruption

charge given to John Mahama’s administration

was very high,” he


Mahama recorded a landslide

victory in the just ended National

Democratic Congress (NDC)

presidential primaries.

At the end of the presidential

primaries, Mahama polled a whopping

213,487 votes representing

95.23% of the total votes cast to

beat the six other contestants to

lead the largest opposition party in

the 2020 general elections.

Marching to Jubilee


The NDC is occupying the seat

of government after the 2020 elections,

Mahama said in his victory


• John Mahama on the campaign trail

emerges when we examine

people’s evaluations of

democracy. A slight majority

of the Africans we

interviewed say their

country is a democracy,

and somewhat fewer people

are satisfied with the

way democracy works –

two indicators that Afrobarometer

combines to

measure the perceived

“supply of democracy.”

Overall, Africans say they

get less democracy than

they want.

But in some countries,

the perceived supply of

democracy is greater than demand.

And while this supply is increasing

in some countries, it is declining in


What does this mix of results

mean for the survival of Africa’s

multiparty regimes and the deepening

of democracy? Of course, a

great deal will depend on factors

other than what citizens think,

such as the degree to which democratic

values are embraced by a

country’s leaders and elites, as well

as the extent to which countervailing

institutions (legislature, courts)

constrain the executive.

But we argue that popular demands

also have the power to

drive countries toward democracy,

and that this is most likely under

certain conditions of high, but

unmet, popular demand.

In particular, this report concludes

by highlighting the specific

importance of citizens who are

not only deeply committed to

democracy but who also adopt a

critical perspective toward their

country’s current leaders and institutions

– in other words, those citizens

who demand democracy but

do not think they are getting it.

We describe these citizens as

“dissatisfied democrats.” To the

extent that citizens’ commitment

to democracy matters for the survival

and quality of democracy, evidence

suggests that it is these

dissatisfied democrats who matter


While fewer than one in six

Africans qualify as dissatisfied democrats

in our most recent round

of surveys, they make up much

larger proportions in some countries

in which electoral processes

are deeply flawed and opposition

forces are harassed, suggesting a

continuing struggle between the

forces of democracy and autocracy.

However, dissatisfied democrats

are in especially short supply

in other places where the space for

opposition has recently narrowed,

offering little evidence that further

restrictions will meet popular resistance.

Credit CDD

“Tonight, I want to serve notice

to Ghana that from the outcome

of this election, the NDC is


“The NDC is united. The

NDC is poised for victory in 2020.

And nothing, absolutely nothing

can stop our march towards [the]

Flagstaff House,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo defeated

Mr Mahama, then incumbent president,

to become the president of

Ghana in the 2016 general elections.

Mr Akufo-Addo polled 53.9%

of the total valid votes, while John

Mahama managed 44.4%, the

worse so far for an incumbent


Inside FEBRUARY 27, 2019.qxp_Layout 1 26/02/2019 7:17 PM Page 9






Mahama will remain

one-term president – NPP


The Volta regional

secretary for the

governing New Patriotic

Party (NPP),

Joseph Homenya,

says former President

John Mahama will remain an

ex-President, despite his victory in

the just ended National Democratic

Congress (NDC) flagbearership


The secretary who doubles as

the Volta Regional Director of the

National Health Insurance Scheme

(NHIS) says the opposition NDC

has no satisfactory flagbearer than

Mr Mahama but the NPP will

make sure that he will not make it

to the Jubilee House in 2020.

He said the NPP will fight

every battle to make Mahama remain

a one-time President.

“We know that they don’t have

any other person apart from Mahama,

but we will make sure that

he remains the former president

that he is because come 2020

Nana Addo is going to beat him

and he will beat him heavily

again,” he said.

A cross section of the unveiled

NPP Women’s Wing in Ho Central

Mr Homenya was speaking at a

ceremony held in Ho, over the

weekend to inaugurate NPP

Women’s wing in the Ho Central


He then admonished members

of the NPP in the Volta region to

stay united in order to win the

2020 general elections.

“What is important as a party is

to remain united and once we remain

united we will be able to

achieve,” he said.

The Ho Central Constituency is

first to form Women’s Wing in the

Volta region, aimed at publicising

in depth the programs and policies

of the NPP administration.

• Community e-blocks

The Regional Women organizer,

Afi Adzagbo who spearheaded

the Wing called on the

women to preach the aim of the

association in their various communities.

She reiterated that the NPP

cannot afford to lose the 2020

elections, charging the women to

empower fellow women and any

person willing to join the NPP for

victory in the next election.

• John Mahama

NPP Executives in the

Volta Region

At the event was the Volta Regional

Minister, Dr Archibald Yao

Letsa who praised the Regional

Executives of the NPP for the

newly inaugurated

group and charged

the women to

work for victory in


He said President


is committed to

the development

of every Ghanaian

and has called on

him to implement

various programs

to favour everyone

regardless of religion,


background, gender

among others.

The Regional

Executives led by

their Chairman,

Mr Makafui

Wornya are expected

to inaugurate the Women’s

wing in other constituencies in the


More than 700 women attended

the ceremony after a peaceful unity

walk held on the streets of Ho.

Young Professionals congratulate Mahama

MEMBERS OF a pro National

Democratic Congress (NDC)

group, Young Professionals

have congratulated ex-president

John Dramani Mahama on his

victory in the just ended presidential

primaries of the party.

The group also congratulated

all candidates who contested

in the election, urging

them to join forces with the

flagbearer-elect and ensure victory

for the party come 2020

general elections.

The Young Professionals

expressed confidence in Mahama’s

leadership adding that,

“We are hopeful, just as he had

shown in his campaign for flag

bearer of the party he will

commit himself in leading the

party and it agenda into the

2020 election”.

The group further promised

to remain committed to John

Mahama’s vision of leading a

united party and “to support

and share his ideals and to embark

on a campaign hinged on

his vision for the country”.

“The As Young Professionals,

we shall place at his disposal,

to the best of our

professional capability, to ensure

that the 2020 elections

turns out positive for the National

Democratic Congress

and HE. John Dramani Mahama,”

the group assured in a

statement signed by its Communications

Officer, Stephen

Kwabena Attuh.

“We want to use this opportunity

to admonish all to come

together to ensure a resounding

victory for the NDC to enable

the party return the country on

the path of physical development

and job opportunities

driven by a coordinated plan

from committed leaders of the

party,” they added.

Read the full

statement below





The Young Professionals of

the National Democratic Congress

(NDC), wishes to extend

its message of congratulations

to the former president and

flag bearer elect of the NDC,

His Excellency John Dramani

Mahama on his winning the

just ended primaries.

SWe wish to use this same

opportunity to congratulate all

contestants in the elections for

their commitment to deepening

the internal democratic values

of the party NDC.

To our numerous party delegates

across the 275 constituencies,

we wish to

congratulate them also for ensuring

a peaceful and a smooth

exercise that had resulted in the

massive victory of the party

and the candidate.

We wish to pledge our commitment

to the flag bearer of

the party, now that our internal

elections are over, to support

and share his ideals and to embark

on a campaign hinged on

his vision for the country.

We are hopeful, just as he

had shown in his campaign for

flag bearer of the party, he

would commit himself in leading

the party and its agenda

into the 2020 elections.

We are in no doubt that the

overwhelming confidence reposed

in him to lead the party

once again, would result in the

victory of the NDC in the

2020 elections.

As Young Professionals, we

shall place at his disposal, to

the best of our abilities, our

professional capabilities, to ensure

that the journey into the

2020 elections turns out positive

for the National Democratic

Congress and HE. John

Dramani Mahama.

We want to use this opportunity

to admonish all to come

together to ensure a resounding

victory for the NDC to enable

the party return the country on

the path of physical development

and job opportunities

driven by a coordinated plan

from a committed leader of

our party.


Stephen Kwabena Attuh

Communications, Young




•Efia Odo

Stop bashing artistes

– Akoo Nana


Teach your

children how

to live, not

celebrities —

Efia Odo

ACCORDING TO Efia Odo, she is the

embodiment of girls staying true to themselves

because she does not pretend to be

an angel and the devil in detail behind the


The actress, who is constantly criticized

for her risqué lifestyle, was also

caught up in a near fight encounter with

Counsellor Lutterodt over a provocative

dress she was wearing then.

Defending her stance on whatever she

decides to do, though other young girls

may be looking up to her, Efia Odo said

she is rather influencing such young girls

to be real and not to please society.

In a counter submission to Counsellor

Lutterodt, who was on the show saying

that children still look up to Efia and so

she should live a life worth emulating, she

said, “The parents should teach their children

what to do, not the influencer.”


IAN afrobeat musician

William Ato Ankrah,

known in the music

scene as Akoo Nana, is

cautioning Ghanaians to stop bashing

artistes for having fewer audience

to attend their shows outside


Speaking at the launch of

Young Mission Entertainment last

Friday, February 22, 2019, at the

Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra,

Akoo Nana expressed disappointment

in most Ghanaians for measuring

the popularity of an artiste

based on the number of people

who attend his or her events outside


He said, “Let’s start supporting

our music anywhere we find ourselves.

It has never been easy getting

Ghanaians patronize a show

outside Ghana, so if an artiste organises

a show in UK and gets

more than 100 people as audience,

let’s not criticize them due to the

low patronage.”

According to him, if Ghanaians

here in Ghana can support their

artistes, then it can transcend to

Ghanaians and other nationals outside


The CEO of Young Mission

Entertainment, Frimpong

Ebenezer Nana Yaw Amoako, also

shared some of the challenges as

• MUSIGA president Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour), Frimpong

Ebenezer Nana Yaw Amoako( CEO YM Entertainment) and Akoo

Nana at the launch

event organizers outside Ghana.

At the launch

Amoako, in an address, said,

“the company is very poised to

projecting Ghanaian music and

musicians of Ghanaian descent

across Europe. We are a reputable

company with a mission to invade

the industry and even do better

than our previous projects.

“Young Mission Entertainment

was founded in 2015 in Paris,

France. In our past dealings, we

have been able to take on bookings

and tours for notable Ghanaian

artistes and various organizations

across without any issues. We have

worked with Obrafour, Kofi Kinaata,

BisaKdei, Patapaa, and a

host of others.”

Amoako said Young Mission

had opened its doors wider by getting

closer to the industry in its

home country, Ghana, hence the

launch of a local wing in the country.

MUSIGA President, Bice Osei

Kuffour (Obour), BisaKdei, Akoo

Nana, Sista Afia, budding female

Dancehall artiste Singjay, Akiyana,

among other key musicians attended

the ceremony.

The launch highlighted documentaries

from Young Mission’s

previous projects as well. Young

Mission Entertainment is open for

business in Ghana; they are scouting

for artistes and new content

ahead of the summer to take on

bookings for Europe.

Be more attractive for features — Viberz



Viberz, have hit hard on Lynx Entertainment

signee and Ghanaian young high

lifer, Kidi after he vented his frustration

about the difficulty he is faced with in

reaching out to veteran musicians for


According to the duo, though getting

a veteran or a mainstream artiste for feature

on a song comes with lots of frustration

they feel some young artistes go

through this frustration because of

something they have ignored and they

are to be blamed for that.

In an interview, they said, “Well, we

think the big artistes are doing well

though it’s not that easy out here. Young

artistes should work themselves out well

and make themselves attractive to encourage

top artistes to collaborate with

them or help them.”

Viberz, who are preparing to take the

African music to the shores of the rest

of the world, have promised to serve

Ghanaians with authentic tunes with

great messages,“Not much different but

the message is always our priority, since

we think music is medicinal.”

Viberz are out with their current

song dubbed ‘Bless me today’, which

features Ras Kuuku. ‘Bless Me’ is one of

the most realistic and motivational piece

which depicts the story of the Biblical

character Jacob, which inspired the title

of the song .

The song was written by #Viberz

and Brainworkx and produced by Brainworkxbeatz

and mastered by Possigee.

The song stands as a tool that shapes the

mind of a hustler to work hard and celebrate

his success.

• Viberz group artistes




Is Castro back?


ON JULY 6, 2014

Ghanaian famous

hip life



Tagoe, known in the music space

as Castro Under Fire but popularly

Castro, disappeared with his

supposed girlfriend Janet Bandu

after reports of the two drowning

in the Volta Lake.

But currently in the voice of

budding Ghanaian afro beats/

hip life artiste, Kobina Richiz,

born Ahmed Amin, one feels

Castro is strongly back.

Kobina Richiz, who describes

himself as humble, determined

and a go-getter, says he does not

lose focus “and always get my

eyes on the prize which I go for.

And I am allergic to negativity.”

In an interview with Kobina

Richiz, he said had the passion

for music at an early age and took

inspiration from Sas Squad, Castro

and other good artistes. He

said started music professionally

in 2011, when he gathered confidence

to begin writing his own


According to the artiste, who

sings like and takes his inspiration

from Castro, said he is in the

music scene to add up to what

has already been created by creating

more platforms for the upcoming

artistes to shine so that

they will not go through more


Richiz has seven songs on his

current EP, which were produced

by Jaynim Beat, Konfen, DoB

Music and Jay Wyse. His current

single, ‘Higher’, is an inspirational

song, which talks about realities

of life.

“I chose the title because I always

derive positive from negative.

It talks about love,

inspirations and the realities of

life,” he said.

He also revealed that he is

musically related to top Ghanaian

artiste Sarkodie and will soon feature

him on a song. Richiz also

boasted that he had no competitor

in the music scene because he

was on a mission to take African’s

music to the global stage.

He encouraged his fellow

artistes to stay humble, determined

and just focus on whatever

they do and never think of

giving up because nothing good

comes easily.

• Kobina Richiz, artiste

Give us hope

• Adjetey Anang tells President

GHANAIAN ACTOR, AdjeteyAnang, popularly

known as Pusher, has reacted to creative arts issues

contained in President Akufo-Addo’s State of the

Nation Address delivered on February 21, 2019.

The award-winning actor, who said he was dissatisfied

with the state of the Creative Arts in the

country and what the President said regarding the

theatres, told Kojo Preko Dankwa, host of

Kasapa Entertainment, the Government

should do more for the arts


According to him, if

the Government has

shown a keen interest

in the Arts industry,

the evidence of its

passion for the industry

must evidently

show in the


projects they


“Let’s do

something concrete.

The talk is

just too much. With

all the passion or desire

for the Government

to help build the

arts industry, we want to

see something concrete to

give us the hope that what we’re

• Adjetey


doing will give us the ground to move

forward. We need the ultra-modern theatres

to facilitate our work as film stakeholders.

“We’re putting in our bit as film stakeholders so

we’re pleading with Government to also do its best

to push the arts industry,” Anang said.

Commenting on lack of support from Government

for Ghanian movies honoured or nominated

in International Awards scheme projecting the

country, Anang said he gets irritated when the government

refuses to assist in such great achievements.

“I get pissed off when people, especially from

Government, criticise filmmakers for the film they

produce without facts. It’s sometimes discouraging

for some of us who struggle to invest

our own resources without support

from Government.

“If we’ve gotten this

FESPACO platform to

project the country,

the government

must see the

need to support

the filmmaker

of that project

because it

opens up the

film market,”

he said.


about ‘Keteke’

Movie, Anang

expressed excitement

featuring in

the movie.

Keteke, a Ghanaian

drama movie released in

2017, portrays the Ghanaian

train transportation system and

was nominated for the Gold standard of

Yennenga, which is the overall best film category at

the festival.

Peter Sedufia becomes the second Ghanaian director

after the legendary Kwaw Ansah of Heritage

Africa fame to be nominated in that category in the

50-year history of FESPACO.



IF YOU'RE in a place where you

need to be gathering up people to

befriend, then here's a quick list of

my best advice for creating new


• Own the Opportunity: Value

friendship enough to do something

about it! Be proud of yourself.

• Use Your Resources: Offer to

help someone local host a dinner

party with their friends. E-mail

your friends from across the country

and ask them if they know any

fun women in your area they can

connect you with since you're new!

Look through your friends' local

friends on Facebook and introduce

yourself. Follow locals on Twitter

and see what events they're inviting

people to attend. (For more ideas,

read chapter 5 of my book.)

• Practice Friendliness: Even if

you're shy, you simply have to decide

what places feel authentic for

you to be practicing friendliness:

association meetings, lectures, networking

events, the dog park,

church, poetry readings, cafes,

classes, and so on.

• Affirm Her: No need to talk

about the weather! Start conversations

with the things you noticed

about them: their hair, their outfit,

their confidence, their laugh. We

like people who like us.

• Invite: Just making small talk

The 10 Steps to

starting friendships

with someone in the locker room

after yoga is hardly the same as

making a friend. As you meet

women that you want to get to

know better, you have to take the

friendly chat to the next level. Try

this: "Want to get a drink after class

sometime next week?"

• Be Specific about your Availability:

The disease of "we should

get together sometime" can ruin

the best of potential BFFs. Instead,

try, "I'm usually available for happy

hour most nights or for Sunday

morning brunches. What works

best for you?"

• Ask Personal Questions: By

personal, I don't mean private, but

make sure conversation is about

the two of you. Don't risk an entire

evening wasted on celebrity gossip,

the latest movies, and hairstylesgone-bad.

These subjects feel temporarily

bonding, but you haven't

shared yourself. Ask her why she

appreciates where she works, what

she's got coming up that matters to

her, what she loves to do in your

new city, or what her highlights

have been in the last few weeks.

• Share the Positive: It's a

proven fact that we want friends to

improve our happiness and health,

not to bring us down. We haven't

earned that right yet to cry on each

other's shoulders.





Hearts of Oak to

sign new players

• Kepa


Chelsea goalkeeper

fined for misconduct

• Apologises for refusing to

be substituted


KEEPER Kepa Arrizabalaga

has been fined a

week's wages and apologised

for refusing to be

substituted during Sunday's

Carabao Cup final

defeat by Manchester City.

The Spaniard refused

to be replaced by Willy Caballero

at Wembley.

"Although there was a

misunderstanding, on reflection,

I made a big mistake

with how I handled

the situation," Kepa said in

a Chelsea statement.

Manager Maurizio Sarri

said he and Kepa had since

had "a good conversation".

Sarri, who reacted angrily

when Kepa refused to

leave the field towards the

end of extra time, also said

the incident had been "a


But he added: "Kepa

realises he made a big mistake

in the way he reacted.

"He has apologised to

me, his team-mates and

the club. It is up to the

club if they want to discipline

him according to the

club rules, but for me this

matter is now closed.

"The team performance

as a whole was extremely

positive and it is a

shame to see how this incident

has overshadowed

our efforts in what was a

very competitive cup


Kepa, the club's record

£71m signing, defied

Sarri's attempt to substitute

him for Caballero before

Manchester City won

on penalties. The Italian

appeared furious and

walked down the tunnel

before quickly returning.

The 24-year-old former

Athletic Bilbao player said:

"I wanted to take the time

today to apologise fully

and in person to the coach,

to Willy, my team-mates

and to the club.

"I have done this and

now I want to offer the

same apology to the fans. I

will learn from this

episode and will accept any

punishment or discipline

the club decides is appropriate."

The club will donate

Kepa's fine to the Chelsea




coach, Kim Grant, has

hinted that they will beef

up the team in the next

transfer window.

The Phobians signed six new players

and promoted four from their youth

team in the January transfer window

but their boss says they still need reinforcement.

“We are looking to the future, myself,

the Chief Executive Officer, and

the players. When the next window

opens, we will strengthen the team with

new additions,” Grant told footballmadeinghana.com

“The players should start believing

that they are good players and be positive.

The fans should also know we are

doing something useful.”

Accra Hearts of Oak have come

good in the managerial aspect since the

appointment of Mark Noonan and

Kim Grant.

NKANA FC will arrive in

Ghana on Wednesday ahead

of their CAF Confederation

Cup game against Asante Kotoko

The Zambian side defeated

Asante Kotoko by 3-1 at the

Nkana Sports Stadium in

Kitwe on Sunday in the first


The Chief Executive Officer

of the Zambian club,

Charles Chakatazya, says he

expects a warm reception

from their Ghanaian counterparts.

"We are leaving Zambia tomorrow

(Tuesday) and will arrive

in Ghana on Wednesday

with about 38 people. Football

in Africa is a uniting sport

• Flashback: Accra Hearts of Oak Team

Nkana FC to arrive in Ghana today

• Ahead of Kotoko clash

• Nkana FC team

now; you become a family

throughout Africa and so we

expect everyone to behave

same way.

"The football days where

we were mistreating each

other is long gone but for now

we just need to be receiving

each other well and treating

each other well.

"So we are expecting the

same treatment from Kotoko

when we get to Ghana," he


Asante Kotoko have already

expressed their gratitude

to Nkana FC for the warm reception

given them during

their stay in Kitwe ahead of

the first leg between them and

Nkana and indicated they will

give same preferential treatment

to Nkana in Ghana.

Cobbinah delights with form at new club

•Winful Cobbinah, KF Tirana Attacker

KF TIRANA attacker, Winful Cobbinah,

says he is satisfied with his side’s

2-1 win against KF Skenderbeu in the

Albanian league.

The former Hearts of Oak forward

is enjoying an extraordinary moment in

the Tirana shirt since joining from

Ghanaian giants Hearts of Oak.

"It was an important and highly motivating

victory for us. We are in a good

spirit and this victory helps us, even

more, to continue with this championship,"

he said

"It's a big boost for us ahead of the

derby against Partizan this week, where

we hope to win.

"What's important for us is the fact

that we are on the right track and we

are doing our best to increase our ranking


"It was a plus for me to have scored

and I hope to score against Partizan as


The Ghanaian has now made 19 appearances

so far this season with 14

starts and has managed to score twice.

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