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• Chief




•Prophet Adjei

giving food to one

of the needy

• Joshua Attoh

Quarshie, family

head, Adjumaku


Royal Family of

Alata Ngleshie,

James Town

•Some of the NDC supporters who besieged

the CID office in Accra

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Don’t Let Yesterday

Take Up Too Much Of

Today. – Will Rogers



Independence Day —

Wednesday, 6th March.

Good Friday — Friday, 19th April.

Easter Monday — Monday, 22nd



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Police Chief demolishes

structures without court order


•The scene after the demolition exercise

ASENIOR Police officer and lawyer

at the Police Headquarters, Chief

Superintendent Baffour Apenteng,

has been accused of ordering the

destruction of a fence wall, a sixbedroom

house under construction and a chamber

and hall house without any court order.

His accuser, Mr Abdul Razak Yussif, a Ghanaian

based in Oslo-Norway, says he believes the action

of the law enforcement officer is an abuse of

power since there was no court order for the demolition


He said there were legal documents covering

that piece of land on which the demolition took


Mr Yussif said on Thursday, February 21,

2018, some residents in the area informed him

C/Supt Apenteng and his men had arrived on the

property with a bulldozer and a pick-up vehicle

with registration number UE 471/17 and razed

the buildings and the fence wall to the ground.

Narrating his ordeal to the DAILY HER-

ITAGE, Mr Yussif said he bought the said plot

of land from the Abbeyman Family in May 18,

2009, after a search conducted proved the land belonged

to the rightful owners and obtained an indenture

on the land.

He said in 2015, he erected a fence wall, fixed a

• Chief Superintendent Baffour Apenteng

gate, put up a chamber and hall building to house

a caretaker.

Mr Yussif said C/Supt Apenteng is a known

neighbour and both of them had been exchanging

greetings until last year when “I received a call

from him in Norway that my land belongs to him

but I ignored him and cut the call.”

He said sometime in 2016, Landline Property, a

company, brought in a lady to claim that the said

land belonged to her and that she bought it from

Landline Properties but “when I showed her my

documents, she went and never came back.”

Mr Yussif added that in 2017, another man

surfaced that he bought the same land from Landline

Property and “when I showed him a judgment

obtained by the Abbeyman Family over the area,

he also ran away.

“Then days later I had a call from my caretaker,

Mr Prosper Amewugah, that someone had put his

chippings in front of my property sometime in

December so I quickly instructed him to get me a

video of what had happened,” he said.

He said “on December 28, 2018, C/Supt

Apenteng, in a Rambo style, arrested my boy and

kept him for one-and-a-half days without food or

water and it took the intervention of my brother,

Mr William Acheampong, to go to the Police

Headquarters to grant him bail.

“My boy was taken to Osu Police Station instead

and so my brother had to pay GH₡200.00

for transporting him back to headquarters for bail.

It infuriated me and I bought myself a ticket to


Mr Yussif said “when I came I saw my lawyer,

who told me I should rather go and work and that

he will petition the Inspector General of Police

over the matter.

“So I petitioned the Police Intelligence and

Professional Standard (PIPS) unit and began work

on the property. I have finished foundations, fillings;

have used 12 trips of sand and 4,000 blocks,

leaving 2,000 inside the house. Other items destroyed

as a result of the demolition were two

trips of sand and one trip of chippings outside the

property but close to the fence wall,” he stated.

He said while at PIPS on Thursday afternoon,

February 21, 2019, signing the petition, “I got a

call that my property was being demolished by

C/Supt Apenteng and his men.”

He said after the demolition, “I made an official

report to the Greater Accra Regional Police

but no arrest has been made since. My lawyer has

taken up the matter and has instituted a court action

against C/Supt Apenteng.”


When contacted on phone to react to the allegations,

C/Supt Apenteng said, “I don’t know

what you are talking about please; I don’t know

anything about that. Thank you”, and hung up on

the reporter.

Savings and Loans coy, bank in trouble


Voters Movement (CVM) has petitioned

the Bank of Ghana to close

down the branches of Multi Credit

Savings and Loans and Yaa Asantewaa

Rural Bank at Bantama Race

Course in Kumasi.

According to the CVM, Multi

Credit and Yaa Asantewaa bank are

disrespectfully flouting Section 16

and 25 of the Act 930 (Banks and

Specialised Deposit-taking Institutions

Act, 2016) and other banking

and financial regulations.

The group asserted that the two

companies are using unsafe containers

as their respective branches.

A press statement signed and issued

by the President and Founder

of CVM, Mr Razak Kojo

Opoku, and copied to the DAILY

• As CVM petitions BoG to stop operations

HERITAGE yesterday said the

unsafe containers are a threat to depositors,

funds of depositors, staff,

clients and potential customers of

Multi Credit Savings & Loans and

Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank.

"According to Section 7 of the

Licensing Requirements for Savings

and Loans and Finance Houses, a

savings and loans company is mandated

to demonstrate its readiness

to commence business by ensuring

that its premises have sufficiency of

title deeds/lease agreements, approval

by relevant authorities, adequacy

of business premises, staff

operating area, ventilation, lighting

and the security of the premises

should be safe and more secured,”

•Razak Kojo Opoku,CVM

Founder and President

Mr Opoku said.

According to the statement, the

premises of Multi Credit Savings &

Loans and Yaa Asantewaa Rural

Bank at Bantama Race Course in

Kumasi are clearly unsuitable for

doing business.

These two financial institutions,

the statement noted, do not have

permit from the Kumasi Metropolitan

Assembly and the premises are

equally unsafe, detrimental to the interests

of depositors, funds of depositors

and the general public.

“The unsafe containers of Multi

Credit Savings and Loans and Yaa

Asantewaa Rural Bank are temporary

structures and could be demolished

by relevant authorities


“We are urging the Bank of

Ghana to close down the branches

of Multi Credit Savings & Loans

and Yaa Asantewaa Rural Bank at

Bantama Race Course in order to

protect the interest of depositors,

staff and the general public,” it said.

Meanwhile, DAILY HER-

ITAGE checks with the Central

Bank have revealed that the group

submitted the petition to management

of BoG last Wednesday, February

27, 2019.

A source at BoG told this paper

that the management of the Central

Bank had received the petition and

would immediately commission a

probe into the commercial operations

of the two companies and

make public recommendations.




NDC supporters

seize CID office



of the National Democratic

Congress (NDC), Mr

Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, yesterday

stormed the Criminal

Investigations Department (CID) of

the Ghana Police Service following an

invitation over the controversial leaked

audio tape.

Tens of NDC faithful stormed the

precincts of the CID headquarters yesterday

to support their national chairman,

who has been embroiled in the

explosive tape whose contents include

plans to kidnap innocent Ghanaians.

Mr Ofosu-Ampofo went to the Police

Headquarters in the company of senior

lawyers, some of whom served in the

erstwhile Mahama administration.

• Over Ofosu-Ampofo leaked tape

• NDC Chair formally charged


Mr Ofosu-Ampofo after failing to honour

two previous invitations to appear before

the CID due to “bereavement”, as he

claims, has formally been charged over the

leaked audio recording.

The NDC chair has been formally

placed under arrest and is facing charges of

threat of harm, conspiracy to commit

harm, rioting and assaulting a public officer.

He categorically denied all the charges,

saying the audio was doctored. He has

since been granted bail of GH¢400,000.00

with two sureties and he is to report back

to the CID headquarters on Thursday.

He was initially expected to be at the

CID head office in Accra on February 28,

2019, but he did not show up. He,

however, showed up Monday (yesterday)


The NDC, chair in a viral leaked

audio, is heard outlining plans to match up

against groups from the governing New

Patriotic Party ahead of the 2020 elections.

A statement by the Police CID said Mr

Ofosu-Ampofo must report at the CID

Headquarters in Accra on Thursday to help

with investigations.

Comment on leaked tape

However, commenting on the storm

that followed the leak, the former Eastern

regional minister told NDC supporters in

Accra on Saturday that he meant no harm.

“…I want to assure you that I am a man

of peace, and my hands are clean. I have

been in politics for many years. There’s no

evidence I have won my victory through violence

or spoken against anybody. I want

to remain focused; the NDC wants to remain

focused. We will win the election

freely, fairly and clearly.”

NDC angry

Some sympathisers of the NDC expressed

worry earlier when Mr Ofosu-Ampofo

stayed for four hours without being

attended to by the CID after his arrival at

the premises.

Mr Ofosu-Ampofo arrived at the CID

Headquarters with his lawyers and some

NDC executive members around 8:30a.m.

but sat for over four hours without being

attended to by the security heads.

Deputy General Secretary of the NDC,

Peter Boamah Otokonor, expressed great

worry over the situation, adding that executive

might not be able to contain party

members who kept trooping in in their


Unnecessary tension

The party's National Women's Organiser,

Dr Hannah Bissiw, expressed similar

sentiments, saying that tension was brewing

among party faithful who were uncomfortable

with the long hours of waiting.

"I had to come out to talk to them. People

went to work believing that this is

something that he will just go and talk because

we, as a party, stand that it (leaked

audio) was doctored. People are out there

and they are calling, saying they don't know

what is happening. Once they start coming,

they start building tension, which is unnecessary."

"I'm not going to ask them to go; we are

all here. We've stepped down every activity

of ours because our head, which is the

Chairman, has been invited. If you cut off

the head of an animal, it's no more an animal.

And so we are still here. Any NDC

who wants to come is free to come," she


She argued that if indeed the interrogation

was that important to the CID, they

could have made the process faster and

then called it a day.

Youth joblessness cause of vigilantism


• Says nonagenarian

THE FAMILY head of the Adjumaku

Dewurampong Royal Family

of Alata Ngleshie, James Town,

Joshua Attoh Quarshie, has lashed

out at politicians who sponsor vigilante

groups to foment trouble in

the country.

According to him, lack of job

opportunities for the teeming youth

has made some youth vulnerable to

be exploited as vigilantes by selfish

politicians to cause mayhem at the

least opportunity.

He urged politicians to desist

from bankrolling vigilante groups

and rather channel their energies

towards creating job opportunities

for the youth.

Speaking at a ceremony to unite

members of the Adjumaku Dewurampong

Royal Family of Alata

Ngleshie over the weekend, the 95-

year-old family head, who said he

had witnessed the turbulent times

under Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah

through Ignatius Kutu Acheampong

to date, called for unity

among the family members irrespective

of their differences.

He pledged to work towards

unity and seek prosperity for the

youth in the entire family.

Mr Quarshie also called for

unity in the country, noting that

“the days of tribal war are over; we

have to come together as one people

to develop the country.”

He said Briton is the same size

as Ghana, but with unity of purpose

and hard work, it is easy for

the youth to secure jobs in that

country, adding “We can do the

same if we unite and work hard.”

Mr Quarshie also

called for unity in

the country, noting

that “the days of

tribal war are over;

we have to come

together as one

people to develop

the country.”

• Joshua Attoh Quarshie, family head, Adjumaku Dewurampong

Royal Family of Alata Ngleshie, James Town

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Abhinandan: Indians emulate pilot's 'hero moustache’

•The fighter pilot has become a

household name in India


Abhinandan Varthaman, who

was recently released by Pakistan,

has become a national

figure, inspiring art, adverts

and perhaps even a trend in facial

hair fashion.

His distinctive handlebar

moustache has become so

popular that many Indian men

want to sport one just like it.

The pilot became a national

hero within hours of his capture

after Pakistani forces shot

down his fighter jet.

He returned home to a

rousing welcome on Friday.

Abhinandan: Villagers recount

dramatic capture of


The pilot has since gone

viral on social media with

many Indians hailing his facial

hair as a sign of valour.

Amul, the country's most

popular dairy brand which creates

adverts based on social

trends, made a video celebrating

the fighter pilot's moustache.




Egyptian photojournalist

released after five

years in prison


NING Egyptian photojournalist

Mahmoud Abou

Zeid, who is widely

known as Shawkan,

has been released after five years in


Shawkan was arrested in 2013

while covering a deadly crackdown

by security forces on a sit-in by supporters

of ousted President Mohammed


Last September he was convicted

in a mass trialand handed a

five-year jail sentence, which he had

already served.

Amnesty International said he

was detained solely for doing his


"Mahmoud Abou Zeid's long

overdue release brings to an end a

painful ordeal for him and his family,"

Najia Bounaim, the human

rights group's Middle East and

North Africa director, said on Monday.

"As a prisoner of conscience, he

should never have been forced to

spend a single minute behind bars -

let alone five-and-a-half years."

Ms Bounaim added that he still

faced "outrageous" probation measures

that would require him to

spend 12 hours of each day at a police

station - from 18:00 to 06:00 -

for the next five years. BBC

World news in 4 stories

•Emperor Tewodros II

UK returns Ethiopian

emperor's hair

•President Uhuru Kenyatta

has repeatedly promised to

curb corruption

• Michael Spavor (L) and Michael

•Michael Flynn has admitted Kovrig have one been count held of since lying to the

• Liberia



is rich in mineral deposits - and full of illicit mines


Museum in the UK, has

agreed to return to

Ethiopia a lock of hair belonging

to Emperor

Tewodros II, after more

than 150 years.

Emperor Tewodros

committed suicide rather

than surrender to British

forces at the battle of

Maqdala in 1868.

The British ransacked

the emperor's fortress, deploying

dozens of mules

and camels to carry off


Ethiopia has been campaigning

to have the artefacts


They also want the remains

of Emperor

Tewodros's son, Alemayehu,

returned from

Windsor castle to

Ethiopia. BBC

China accuses detained Canadians of spying

CHINA HAS accused two

Canadians of spying, as tensions

between the nations grow

over the possible extradition of

a Huawei executive to the US.

Michael Kovrig, a former

diplomat, and Michael Spavor,

a businessman, were detained

in December after Meng

Wanzhou was arrested in

Canada on suspicion of fraud

and breaching sanctions on


Ms Meng is suing Canada

over her arrest, which was

made at the request of the US.

China has condemned Ms

Meng's arrest.

The diplomatic spat has hurt

Canada-China relations, and

the arrest of the two Canadians

had been seen as Beijing's retaliation

for its detention of Ms


Canada officially launched

her extradition process on Friday

but the legal process can be

lengthy and remains in its early


They were set out for the

first time on Monday.

Mr Kovrig, who now works

for Brussels-based think tank

the International Crisis Group

(ICG), "is suspected of spying

and stealing national secrets for

foreign agents", Chinese state

media reported.

It said that Mr Spavor "had

provided intelligence to Kovrig

and was an important intelligence

contact of [his]". BBC

•Michael Spavor (L) and Michael

Kovrig have been held since






Divorce cases and role of clergy

GHANA is officially a secular

state and is thus neutral in

matters of religion, supporting

neither religion nor irreligion.

What this means is that there

is complete freedom of religion

because many Ghanaians are

deeply religious.

Therefore, the clergy is the

final place for respite for many

congregants when things get

out of hand in their homes.

Ministers of the Gospel of

Jesus Christ serve as servants

of the Almighty God and

intervene for the congregants

in the spiritual realm. They also

offer free counseling services

including marriage to the

congregants in times of


However, the Ghana

Statistical Service is reported to

have indicated that about

600,000 marriages contracted

in the country in a year

collapsed. The divorce cases are

prevalent in churches.

The trend is very worrying

and requires increased efforts

by Ministers of the Gospel

who blessed the marriages in

the first place.

Sadly, there is fire in the

church itself. Some criminals

parading themselves as men of

God are muddying the waters

for Christendom.

They have hijacked almost all

the digital channels and are

busily deceiving people while

the National Communications

Authority looks on.

The clergy must urgently rein

in their ministers; else the

country loses its moral

grounding. The resultant

effects of increase in divorce

cases are broken homes and

social vices.

We, therefore, should

collectively assist in protecting

the sanctity of the institution

of marriage and enhance


Lawyer Gyan builds 1,000-seating

capacity c’nity center for Akrofufu


ARENOWNED senior law

lecturer at University Ghana

Law School, lawyer Kwame

Gyan, has handed over a

monumental community center

with seating capacity of over one thousand

for Akrofufu, his birth place in Atewa

West Municipality of the Eastern Region.

The facility, which is first of its kind in

the Atewa West area, is expected to be used

to host sanctioned activities that involve

large gatherings.

Commissioning the edifice, Lawyer

Gyan said he decided to give back to his

ancestral home for contributing to his success.

He expressed the belief it will be a

motivation to the youth that regardless of

their geographical disadvantage and eonomic

inequalities, perseverance and commitment

in pursueing higher education

would elevate them to higher social status

out of the quagmire of poverty.

He therefore urged the youth to desist

from illegal mining to rather focus on their

education while advising parents to stop

selling their cocoa farms and rather invest

in their children's education to reap longterm

benefit worth more than the paltry

amounts they would get out of the sale of

their cocoa farms.

"Students present here must take lessons

from what is happening today that because

of education, an individual has been able to

build this facility for the entire community.

So I encourage you to take your education

seriously and desist from engaging in

galamsey. Illegal mining will not help you.

“The last time I spoke here at a durbar,

some people accused me of insulting them

for blatantly saying my cocoa farm is my

academic knowledge. Imagine we have

about 20 persons of my calibre from this

community, the entire Akrofufu community

would have been more developed with

good infrastructure, so I entreat parents

here to invest in your children's education

• The Community Centre


The astute Havard-trained Law lecturer,

though refused to disclose the huge

amount spent on the one-storey community

centre facility, said once the entire

community and the district were going to

benefit from it, it was worth investing in it.

Lawyer Gyan weeps

The Akrofufu Traditional Council, having

named the community centre after the

late mother of Lawyer Gyan, Comfort

Buntaa, presented a citation to him for his

unparalleled contribution to the development

of the Community.

The family of the legal luminary also

presented a citation acknowledging his love

for humanity and the family.

The citations triggered tears down the

cheeks of Lawyer Gyan, who explained

that he was sad because despite sacrifices of

his mother in supporting his education, she

died when he was pursuing higher education

abroad, meaning she did not live to

reap from her sweat.

He said he was, however, excited the

monument had been named after her in

memory of her.

Akrofufu Chief& DCE

Osabarima Adugyei Gyamfi I ,Chief of

Akyem –Akrofufu, commended the Law

lecturer for his continuous support to the


He said the Traditional Council had

planned to solicit funds to build a 400-seating

capacity community centre but Lawyer

Gyan decided to build a bigger facility

within a short period of about five months.

The District Chief Executive for Atewa

East, ,Isaac Akomaning Asamoah, stated

that the construction of the facility had

come to ease part the government's vision

to provide a social center in every district to

provide convenient environment for all

large gatherings.

He, therefore, commended Lawyer

Gyan for the foresight, “which is a relief to

the District Assembly”.

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Asanteman: The way forward


PERMIT ME to extend

my warmest felicitations


Otumfuo Osei Tutu

II, Asantehene,

on the 20th anniversary

of his ascending to The

Golden Stool of Asante.

I pray to the Almighty God,

Tweiduampong Kwame, The

Only One God of the universe,

who made all things and sustains

all things with His radiant energy,

to continue to grant him wisdom

to reign.

On 24th April, 2009, I did a

compilation titled ‘Otumfuo Celebrates

10 Years of Purposeful

• Former President John Kufuor

Leadership’ which was used extensively

in the media. In that

compilation I drew attention to

the great things he had done during

his first 10 years and urged

him to continue in that direction.

This time around, I am writing

about things he should have

done but he has not done.

He should by this time have been

able to stop Asantes from voting

for New Patriotic Party (NPP) en


My reason is that because Asantes

vote en masse for NPP,

they are taken for granted by

NPP governments.

Just take a look at what the

National Democratic Congress

(NDC) under President John

Dramani Mahama has done to

Kejetia. Can any NPP project in

Asante Region be compared to


The Sofo Line Interchange

Project, that former President

John Agyekum Kufuor started,

and which Nana Addo Dankwa

Akufo –Addo should have completed

immediately he assumed

office, has still not been completed.

The dual-carriage road from

Mamponteng to Kejetia, which

President Kufuor promised, remains

a mirage.

While I was in active service

one of my boys told me that he

heard a member of former President

Kufuor's Cabinet complaining

that President Kufuor had

told him "mo nfa mo Asante sem

no nfiri me so nko" to wit "don't

bother me with your Asante matters."

I had no reason to doubt,

what my boy told me.

As I have always maintained, I

am an Asante that is the reason

why I am a Ghanaian and not the

other way round. In fact I was

born an Asante before I became

a Ghanaian in1957. Our forebears

were able to build a kingdom

because they had something

their contemporaries did not


They developed the Asante

war tactics for jungle warfare. I

can state on authority that "Asante

Jungle War Tactics" is taught

at The Royal Military Academy,

Sandhurst, United Kingdom.

Now the mechanism has changed

and I am of the strongest view

that Otumfuo Osei Tutu II

should have developed tactics to

suit the current dispensation.

He should have evolved tactics

to ensure that Asante got its

fair share of development projects.

Almost all the money is

being spent on developing Accra.

• Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene

As I have always maintained,

I am an Asante

that is the reason why I

am a Ghanaian and not

the other way round. In

fact I was born an Asante

before I became a

Ghanaian in1957. Our

forebears were able to

build a kingdom because

they had something


contemporaries did not


The Venerable Chief broke into laughter. He told me to notice

that the posters were by different windows. He said his

children belonged to different parties and each had pasted

his party's poster by his window. He said that meant that

any party that won, would have one of his children.

Feeder roads in the hinterlands,

where the bulk of the

money is generated, are very bad

while bridges are built over land

in Accra.

I believe that Asante has the

clout to get the government to

give Asante its due share of development.

I don't think that Asante

should vote en bloc for NPP

again, to an extent that NDC

could not get Asante Members of

Parliament to appoint as Ministers.

During the Asante war years,

my Great Grandfather, Aduana

Akura Ameyaw, a obuka benkum

petre (Commander of the extreme

left wing battalion of the

Asante Brigade) had the duty to

move towards the extreme left

hand side of the Asante war formation

and did not join the main

army. His task was to get behind

enemy lines to cut off their supplies.

What strategy has Asante

adopted under this new dispensation?

Our Elders say "obi nnim a,

obi kyere" to wit "the one who

knows should teach the one, who

does not know". Fortunately I

worked in Northern and Upper

East Regions as Regional Correspondent/Manager

of Ghana

News Agency (GNA) for 12

years, from 1986 to 1998. I benefited

from the wisdom of Sandem-Nab

Ayieta Azantilow,

Paramount Chief of Builsa Traditional

Area. "Me koo esrem no,

maa nko we nkatie kwa" to wit

"when I went to the savanna belt,

I didn't go there to chew groundnuts


Flight Lieutenant J.J. Rawlings,

Chairman of Provisional National

Defence Council (PNDC),

was to visit Sandema on his campaign

trail. The Media Team got

there long before he arrived, so I

got the opportunity to converse

with the wise Sandem-Nab, who

happened to be the longest reigning

Chief in Ghana at the time.

I noticed that posters of all

the parties have been posted on

the walls of the palace, so I asked

him why he had allowed that,

since it was the NDC candidate,

who was visiting.

The Venerable Chief broke

into laughter. He told me to notice

that the posters were by different

windows. He said his

children belonged to different

parties and each had pasted his

party's poster by his window. He

said that meant that any party

that won, would have one of his


True to what he said, one of

his sons, Sylvester Azantilow was

appointed as a Deputy Minister

of Sports by President Rawlings.

I wish to suggest that Otumfuo

Osei Tutu II should, as a

matter of urgency, set up a committee

to draw plans to enable

Asante to get its fair share of development


About the Writer :

Boakye-Dankwa Boadi was

the Supervising Chief Editor

and Acting General Manager

of Ghana News Agency, when

he went on retirement in November


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How to deal with back ache

• Extension-in-standing

STAND WITH your feet slightly

wider than your hips, your knees

slightly bent. Rest your hands on your

low back as if you're about to slide

them into your back pockets. Gently

arch your low back, neck, and head

backward. Your hips should go forward


• Abdominal bracing

Lie on your back on a firm surface

with your knees bent, feet flat on

the floor. Tighten your abdominal

muscles and flatten your back: Imagine

that you're sinking your belly button

into the floor.

• Abdominal bridging

Lie on your back with your knees

bent, feet flat on the floor. Tighten

your abdominals, push down with

your legs, and lift your butt and lower

back off the floor. Raise your rear

until your back, hips, and legs form a

straight line.

• Cat/camel

Begin on all fours, with your

hands beneath your shoulders and

knees beneath your hips. Tighten your

abdominals and round your back, as if

you're rounding over a large exercise





Agbogbloshie e-waste causes child

cancer • Authorities admit


GENERAL of the

Ghana Health Service,

Dr Anthony

Nisah-Asare, has

confirmed authorities

are aware of babies contracting

cancer as a result of being fed

with metal-infested breast milk by

mothers who inhale smoke from

the Agbogloshie e-waste dumping


The development, according to

Dr Nsiah-Asare, is leading to

childhood cancer and other health


He has blamed the Accra Metropolitan

Assembly (AMA), the

Environmental Protection Agency

(EPA) and others for a lack of action.

Dr Nsiah-Asare was speaking

on JOY FM in response to recent

research findings by Eunice

Matilda Mends, a holder of Master’s

in Public Health, on “Heavy

Metal Contamination in Breast

Milk and Cow Milk at Agbog-

•Agbogbloshie e-waste causes cancer in children


Agbogbloshie in Accra has become

a dumping site for locally

generated automobile and electronic

scrap collected from across

Accra. It is alleged that millions of

tons of e-waste from industrialised

nations are also processed

each year at the site.

The effects of smoke from

processing this e-waste on breastfeeding

babies, according to the

research, has damaged central

people’s nervous system

and caused intellectual

and cognitive deficiencies,

characterized by a reduction

in Intelligence Quotient

(IQ), hyperactivity,

cancers, lung disease and

impaired cognitive functions.

Ms Mends and her

team came to this conclusion

after breast milk samples

from this community tested

positive for lead, arsenic, mercury

and nickel in quantities above limits

accepted by the World Health


Dr Nsia Asare says if action is

not taken immediately, “the situation

will explode in our faces.”

While promising to partner the

•Agbogbloshie e-waste causes cancer in children

researcher to utilize her findings,

he urged the enforcement of existing

legislation by the Accra

Metropolitan Assembly and the

Environment Protection Agency.

Dr. Asare also argued that if

the government regularises the

trade of the e-waste in a manner

that is healthy, it can become a

source of income for it.

Ghanaian peacekeepers in South Sudan rehabilitates veterinary clinic

THE GHANA Battalion (GHAN-

BATT) currently serving with the

United Nations Mission in South

Sudan (UNMISS) under the Command

of Lt Col Albert Sison

Ogaja has inaugurated a rehabilitated

veterinary clinic in Bentiu,

South Sudan.

This landmark project was undertaken

by the Battalion as part

of its Civil –Military Cooperation

(CIMIC) activities aimed at building

confidence and winning the

hearts and minds of the local population.

In a release to the media, Lt

Col Ogaja said due to the pastoral

nature of farming in South Sudan

and the many challenges faced by

farmers, the Battalion had been

providing veterinary services to

the farming communities within

•The officers at the inauguration (top left and right) of

rehabilitated veterinary clinic

its Area of Responsibilities (AOR).

He said the renovation of the

dilapidated veterinary clinic was a

further step to help the farmers by

boosting their capacity in the

management of livestock with the

ultimate goal of enhancing the

quality of life of the beneficiary


The Commanding Officer further

stated that as far as UNMISS

mandate is concerned, CIMIC activities

are germane to the

achievement of peacekeeping objectives

as they seek to cement a

bond of goodwill between

GHANBATT and the local population

in South Sudan.

The GHANBATT Veterinary

team, in collaboration with Veterinaries

Sans Frontiers, treated and

vaccinated over 18,100 livestock

against haemorrhagic septicemia,

Borine pleuropneumomia and

other diseases. Thousands of cats

and dogs were also vaccinated

against rabies.

Madam Hiroko Hirahara, the

Head of Field Office in Bentiu,

expressed her appreciation to the

Agriculture Minister, Mr. David

Gai Jiejor and Lt Col Ogaja, CO

GHANBATT 6, for the project

and assured the audience that the

veterinary clinic would alleviate the

various challenges faced by livestock

farmers in Bentiu and surrounding


She also lauded the GHAN-

BATT for numerous other CIMIC

activities undertaken in Unity

State, including medical outreach

programs, deliveries, children’s parties,

friendly games and generous

donations, the release stated. GNA

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Prez Akufo-Addo presents awards

to 2018 best BECE students

THE PRESIDENT of the Republic, Nana

Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has presented

awards to 24 students who emerged as the

overall best students in the 2018 Basic

Education Certificate Examination.

Presenting the awards to the students at

the ‘President’s Independence Day Awards’

ceremony, on Friday, March 1, 2019,

President Akufo-Addo noted that “they have

brought considerable joy and pride to their

families, schools, communities and to

themselves, and it is only appropriate that

they receive the plaudits of the nation.”

Addressing the event at the Accra

International Conference Centre, the

President noted he has been working, over

the course of the last two years, to ensure

that knowledge and skill become the

backbone of the Ghanaian economy.

“That is why I am delighted that two years

of Government’s hard work has ensured that

all of you, including your colleagues and

seniors in senior high schools across the

country, in SHS 1 and SHS 2, are

beneficiaries of the Free Senior High School

policy,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo reiterated the belief

of his Government to ensuring that free

education widens the gates of opportunities

to every child, especially those whose talents

are arrested because of poverty.

“At this point in our history, we are

determined to complete the transformation

of the country into a modern, 21st century

nation that remains distinctly and uniquely

Ghanaian. It is for this reason that

investments in our educational system are a

key priority for my government,” the

President added.

The investments being made, he explained,

also require the usage of a school curriculum

that provides students with an education to

make them competitive on both the national

and global stage.

A new standards-based curriculum is to be

rolled out from kindergarten to Class 6 in

primary schools, a curriculum which has

drawn upon best practices from across the

world, and will focus on making Ghanaian

students confident, innovative, creativethinking,

digitally-literate, well-rounded,

patriotic citizens. Mathematics, Science,

Reading, Writing and Creativity are at the

heart of this new curriculum.

In all of these, Government, according to

President Akufo-Addo, recognises the

important role of the teacher, and that is why

all Colleges of Education are being upgraded

to University colleges affiliated to five of the

nation’s public universities.

“In September last year, we






4-year Bachelor of Education


(B.Ed) degree

for the

programme to replace the Diploma


in Basic

Education. Ultimately, this means that a first

degree will be the minimum requirement for

teaching at any level of our education system.

We have also conducted the maiden teacher

licensure examination, to ensure that potential

teachers acquire a professional license and

meet national teaching standards of

knowledge, skills, values and attitudes

required to deliver quality education in our

schools,” he added.

The President continued, “These policies

and programmes we are implementing today,

are geared towards the growth and

development of Ghana. We are preparing you

for the birth of a prosperous society – a

society which creates opportunities for all its

citizens, rewards creativity and enterprise,

honesty and hard work.”

He challenged the award winners to take

advantage of the wide-ranging opportunities

being afforded them in the years ahead,

imploring that “as you accept these awards, I

urge you to remain grounded, honest and

modest, as you strive for excellence. Let the

Almighty be your guide at all times.”

•Eric Nartey

Yeboah and Yussif

Ibrahim Bangsua

• President Nana Akufo-Addo presenting an award to one of the winners


Executive, organisers

of the Ghana Trade

and Commerce Awards

conferred a lifetime

Achievement Award to

the Group Chairman and Chief

Executive Officer (CEO) of the

Angel Group of companies, Dr

Kwaku Oteng at the maiden edition

of the awards held at the Holiday

Inn Hotel in Accra last week Friday.

Dr Oteng was the only person

out of six awardees who received the

lifetime award for his commitment

to job creation, Ghanaian

entrepreneurship and exemplary

contribution to the evolution of

trade in Ghana.

The event which was under the

theme ‘Using Trade to promote

Economic Growth’ saw captains of

industry as well as various traditional

rulers and members of the

Diplomatic corps in attendance.

The plague noted that Dr Oteng

made his mark on Ghana in 2001

with the Angel Herbal Products

Industry which began a

transformational journey for Ghana’s

Herbal medicine terrain, noting the

significant contribution Dr Oteng

has made to Ghana over the past 18


The Minister of Gender, Child

and Social Protection, Hon Cynthia

Morrison who was present at the

event speaking to the DAILY

HERITAGE, said her outfit was

interested in any programme which

would encourage hardworking

entrepreneurs to boost their work,

thus her presence.

She added that young

entrepreneurs should not be

perturbed by the hurdles that come

their way and that entrepreneurship


Dr Kwaku Oteng wins Lifetime

Achievement Award

• At Ghana Trade & Commerce Awards


•Dr Kwaku Oteng

is for only the determined.

“I know that funding is a major

challenge for growing businesses but

if you have vision and passion you

will defy all odds.”

She then talked about some

projects her ministry is currently

undertaking, notable among them is

mobilising parents who are physically

challenged and setting them up with

small scale businesses.

The awards scheme is designed to

identify and publicly recognise

enterprises engaged in facilitating the

efficient process of getting products

successfully to consumers as well

adherence to regulations.

List of winners:

Human Resource business-


Best in wholesale business-

Nungua Warehouse

Best New Retail brand-Blue Skies

Best in marketing and PR

strategy-Adonko bitters

Best in CSR-Samatex Timber and


Product of the year-Givers P


Start Up business-Bliss Fares

Hospitality of the year- Accra

City Hotel

Online company of the year-


Manufacturing company-


Trade Insurance company-

Edwards Mensah Woods and


Best in Warehousing- Nungua


Best Road Construction company

- Allswell Investment

Best in Electronics and Computer

Solutions - Mericom Solutions GH


Best in inventory management-


Outstanding customer service-


Building construction-Berock


Best Independent Retailer-Marina


Best in Sales strategies- Times

Herbal Mixture

Tourism business-Holy Trinity

Medical Centre

Small scale business- Elseana

Auto Fix

Best in value chain management-


Entrepreneur of the year -

Maxwell Kofi Jumah

About the Business Executive

The Business Executive Limited

is a pan West African media,

communications and events

Management Company

headquartered in Accra.

The company’s activities are

driven by their desire to support the

fulfillment of the long-held dream of

an economically integrated West

Africa that boast of a more than

300million strong single market; and

generating wealth for its citizens

across 16 countries through the

identification and exploitation of

business opportunities all around the


St Joseph R/C Basic School wins maiden debate competition


AS PART of measures to improve

public speaking among Ghanaians,

Community Focus Foundation Ghana

(CFFG), a non-governmental

organization, in partnership with Young

Visionary Leaders Ghana (YVLG), has

held an inter-schools debate

competition for selected schools in the

Ga West Municipality in Accra.

The schools, Sacred Heart Anglican

School, Amasaman M/A Basic School,

St Joseph R/C Basic School, and

Fomwag Islamic Basic School,

participated in the first phase of the

competition and debated on the topic

‘Sex Education is causing more harm

than good to the Ghanaian Student’.

Speaking to the DAILY

HERITAGE at the side line of the

event, Mr Richard Kasu, Executive

Director, CFFG, explained that it was

time for the older generation to raise

and train responsible leaders for the

future, hence the programme.

He added that, the vision of his

outfit is to contribute to the attainment

of the Sustainable Development Goal

four, which talks about quality

education for all.

Mr Kasu further stated that “We

want to focus on the public speaking

educational improvement project and

measure the impact and be able to raise

some leaders.”

He mentioned that the debate was

the first step in developing a good

leaders, adding that, the platform will

shape them to become good leaders.

“We trying to raise leaders through

public speaking and this innovative

program that we’ve designed together

with our partners will help these pupils

to become responsible leaders in the

society,” he told the paper.

On his part, Bishop Nathaniel

Rudolph, Director of Administration,

Ghana United Nations Association,

indicated that the inability to train

people to speak up in our societies has

led to the high rate of corruption cases

on the African continent.

According to Bishop Rudolph, most

Africans have become timid due to

their upbringing; a situation he

•Mr Richard Kasu (Middle), Executive Director, CFFG with

partners and some students at the event

explained has limited more individuals

to speak against corruption in the


He added that, children should be

given the opportunity to express

themselves and speak out against issues,

but insisted that there should be

guidelines and coaching in order not to

make them go to the extreme.

“Somebody’s gift might be speaking

in public. The moment the child starts

to grow that gifts grows and he or she

will start to go towards that time.

“What we [parents] have to do is to

manage the excesses. If someone asks

questions or talk we should allow him

or her but we should try and control

the excesses,” he said.

Also speaking to the paper, Mr

Joseph Afangbe, Executive Director,

YVLG, said the project is meant to

produce quality students with

leadership skills in public speaking

annually in line with their project goal.

“The project objective is to coach

and mentor pupils/students to develop

strong communication skills to become

dynamic, incisive and assertive leaders

in society,” he said.

Some of the partners include

Kamal Educational Centre, Scaleup

Future, and the Community Connect

Network, and was attended by the Mr

Clement Lamphey Wilkinson,

Municipal Chief Executive, Ga West

Municipal Assembly.

•Dr Kwasi Aning

Ashanti Region

entry point for

guns – Aning



Analyst, Dr Kwesi Aning,

has revealed that the Ashanti

Region has become the

entry and distribution point

for guns in the country and

the sub-region.

Dr Aning made the

comments when he

appeared before the Emile

Short led commission of

Inquiry, probing the

Ayawaso-West-Wuguon byelection


According to the

Director at the Faculty of

Academic Affairs &

Research with the Kofi

Annan International

Peacekeeping Training

Centre, the trend is

worrying, and one that could

destabilise the region.

“The level of collusion

between those who smuggle

guns into this country and

those who ought to be

preventing or protecting us

is immense. Guns have been

found in this country to

have emanated as far as

from DR Congo.

“French Second War

stocks have been found in

this country, the Ashanti

Region has become the

entry point for the entry and

distribution of guns in this


He added that during the

Ayawaso by-election, he was

outside of the country but

noted the level of

embarrassment the incident

caused the nation


Yesterday was the ninth

day since the commission

began its public hearing and

it has requested members of

the public wishing to submit

information, statements, or

other relevant materials to

do so through their


It has former Dean of

the Faculty of Law of

GIMPA and private legal

practitioner, Mr Ernest Kofi

Abotsi as its Secretary.

Henrietta Mensah Bonsu

and Patrick K. Acheampong

were also appointed as

members of the


The commission has

been given one month to

complete its work.

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US Dollar USDGHS 4.7871 4.7919

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS










EBA to honour top 20

African CEOs in UK


Awards (EBA),

which is slated for

April 12, will honour

top 20 African

Chief Executive Officers

(CEO) in Oxford at the Institute

of Directors, London.

The event, dubbed ‘The Top

100 Achievements Forum -2019’

is a unique platform for the identification

and promotion of the

best regional companies, institutions

and their leaders for their effective

professional activities.

The purpose of the Forum is

to stimulate competitiveness and

expansion of international contacts

of participants, and create an

international register of leading regional

companies and organisations.

The event will engage over 50

speakers from 40 countries.

The Institute of Directors has

long been recognized as an influential

and respected membership

organization in the UK. With

more than 100 years’ success, the

Institute is measured by members

who are most skilled and experienced

business leaders in the

country and abroad, representing serves to recognise, reward and

the full business spectrum, from honour excellence across business

start-up entrepreneurs to directors and economy, science and education,

in the public sector and CEOs of

medicine and healthcare,

multinational organizations. management of cities and territories,

In December 2018, a young

and culture and art.

Ghanaian entrepreneur, Dr

The awards also supports, promotes

William Anarfi Sarpong, popularly

and develops the best re-

called Dr Wask, was appointed gional companies, institutions and

EBA Ambassador to Ghana and personalities in different activity

the West Africa.

spheres by identifying and rewarding

The EBA is a multinational research

excellence and inspiring them

and analytical centre of to continually raise the standards

image technologies, PR projects of their products and services.

and international cooperation pro-

•MTN HR team “Being at the among event the winners is

grammes in various spheres of

human activity.

As part of his ambassadorial

duties, Dr Wask is to identify top

100 companies and managers in

Ghana and West Africa that have

impeccable business reputation.

He explained that the ceremony

for awarding participants in

the project ‘Top-100 Achievements

2019’ will be a public presentation

of their success, and the

premium level of the event and

its representativeness will serve as

an unprecedented tool for PR


The Achievements awards

•Flashback: past event of EBA

recognition of excellence and

gives you a tangible edge over your

business competitors,” Dr Wask


The forum gives a lot of communication

and presentation opportunities

to its participants.

Its mission is to focus on business

networking, development,

and investment promotion by providing

a multicultural platform for

club members to expand business;

consolidate their efforts for improved

integration across emerging

markets; and introduce

national brands globally.

Vivo Energy, Engen

complete merging


VIVO ENERGY plc (Vivo Energy)

has announced the completion

of a transaction with

Engen Holdings (Pty) Limited

(Engen or EHL), previously announced

on September 18, 2018.

The transaction adds operations

in eight new countries and

230 Engen-branded service stations

to Vivo Energy’s network,

taking its total presence to over

2,000 service stations across 23

African markets.

The new markets for Vivo

Energy are Gabon, Malawi,

Mozambique, Reunion,

Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia and

Zimbabwe. Engen’s Kenya operations

(where Vivo Energy already

operates) is the ninth

country included in the transaction.

As per previous announcements,

consideration for the

transaction comprises an issue

by Vivo Energy of 63.2 million

new shares and US$62.1 million

in cash. The cash element of the

consideration has been funded

by a draw down on Vivo Energy’s

multi-currency facility.

Following the share issuance,

Engen will hold a circa 5.0%

shareholding in Vivo Energy.

Commenting on the transaction,

Christian Chammas, Chief

Executive Officer (CEO), Vivo

Energy, said “Today’s announcement

opens an important

new chapter for Vivo Energy,

welcoming around 300 new employees,

adding eight new countries

to our network, and

increasing our target market by

almost 160 million to around

36% of the African continent.”

On the basis of information

provided by Engen, Vivo Energy

says it believes that the 2018 financial

performance of the target

Group will be similar to 2017,

adding that increased fuel volumes,

driven by the commercial

segment, are expected to have

been offset by lower margins.

Vivo Energy will provide full

year guidance for 2019, incorporating

the 10 months of contribution

of the new Engen

markets, with its full year results

announcement tomorrow,

March 6, 2019.

•Mr Christian Chammas, CEO, Vivo Energy

Yusa Hassan, Managing Director

and CEO of Engen, commented

that “Engen is excited

to embark on this growth journey

with Vivo Energy, and add

another strong and well respected

brand to the Vivo Energy


Following the transaction,

EHL retains its interest in

Engen Petroleum Limited (its

South Africa business and refinery)

and its businesses in Mauritius,

Botswana, Ghana,

Namibia, Swaziland and

Lesotho, which are not part of

the transaction.

Engen’s business in the

Democratic Republic of Congo

(DRC) remains under evaluation

by Vivo Energy, pending any

agreement between Engen and

the DRC Government regarding

the transfer of the subsidiary

holding Engen’s DRC interests.

Mr Chammas concluded that

“In Vivo Energy’s first seven

years we invested to grow our

business, increasing our service

station network and adding new

and refurbished convenience retail

and quick service restaurant


“We have an opportunity to

replicate this successful business

model to drive growth and

profitability in our new markets.

We must seize this in order to

benefit all our customers, deliver

value for our shareholders, and

move closer to achieving our

goal of becoming Africa’s most

respected energy business.”

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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

We’ll help disband ‘satanic’ vigilante groups – Pentecostal Council



Pentecostal and Charismatic Council

(GPCC), Rev. Dr Frimpong

Manso has described political vigilantism

as “wicked, evil, satanic

and demonic.”

He said it is a threat to public

peace and has expressed the Council’s

readiness to help eradicate it.

“In fact, the President [Nana

Akufo-Addo] has come out to say

that he gives one-week mandate

for it to be disbanded. We were really

happy and commended him,

the one week has passed, we are

still counting our three months.

“Thank God the flagbearer of

the NDC [National Democratic

Congress] has also spoken. And he

said that he also eschews vigilantism

and he asked that the President

brings in the Christian

Council and eminent clergy to be

part of the body that would oversee

it. We are waiting to be invited

and GPCC promises to be part if

• Party militia has become a menace in the country

we are called to handle this wicked,

evil, satanic and demonic vigilantism

in the 21st century Ghana,”

Rev. Dr. Manso said Sunday during

the launch of the 50th anniversary

of GPCC in Accra.

He added: “On this platform I

want to declare to all that from

now onwards GPCC wants to call

them militia because they are militia

groups using the name vigilantism

and their leaders, I want to say

that we should pronounce them as

warlords. Every vigilante leader is a

warlord who has got nothing good

for our country.”

Rev. Dr. Manso said the Council

will persuade its eight million

members to reject any political

party or politician who harbours


GPCC was established in 1969

by four Churches – Church of

Pentecost, Apostolic Church International,

Christ Apostolic and Assemblies

of God. The Council has

over 250 Pentecostal and Charismatic

Churches with about eight

million members making it the

largest Christian body in Ghana.


• Former President John Mahama


Pursuant to Order 172 (3) of the Standing Orders of Parliament, the general public is hereby notified that the under-listed persons have been nominated

by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Ghana for Ministerial and Deputy Ministerial appointments. The Appointments Committee of Parliament

would consequently, hold Public Hearings to consider the nominations.

The nominees are as follows:

i) Mrs. Evelyn Arna Kumi-Richardson

ii) Hon. Kofi Amoakohene, MP

iii) Hon. Salifu Adam Braimah, MP

iv) Hon. Solomon Namliit Boar, MP

v) Hon. Kingsley Aboagye Gyedu, MP

vi) Hon Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, MP

vii) Mr. Kwasi Owusu Yeboah

viii) Hon.SiakaStevens,MP

ix) Hon. Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere, MP

x) Mr. Samuel Yeyu Tika

xi) Mr. Tahiru Tia Ahmed

xii) Hon. John Benam

xiii) Hon. Alex Tetteh, MP

xiv) Mr.JohnsonAvuletey

xv) Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi, MP xvi) Dr.HafizBinSalih

xvii) Hon. Naana Eyiah, MP

xviii) Hon. Alex Kodwo Korn Abban, MP xix) Hon.YawAfful,MP

Minister for Bono Region

Minister for Bono East Region Minister for Savannah Region Minister for North

East Region Minister for Western North Region Minister for Western Region

Minister for Oti Region DeputyMinisterforBonoRegion Deputy Minister for

Ahafo Region Deputy Minister for Savannah region

Deputy Minister for North East Region Deputy Minister for Northern Region

Deputy Minister for Western North Region DeputyMinisterforVoltaRegion Minister

for Tourism, Arts &Culture MinisterforUpperWestRegion Deputy Minister

for Lands & Natural Resources

Deputy Minister for Health DeputyMinisterforAviation

The Committee hereby invites written Memoranda on the nominees from the general public. The Memoranda should reach the address below

not later than Wednesday, 13th March, 2019.




Attendance at the Public Hearings shall be strictly by invitation.

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Dear Kwame Nkrumah, your vision is 60


Dear Kwame Nkrumah,

AS CUSTOM demands

let me first

show my gratitude

on behalf of the

student body for

the good memories

and legacies you left us with.

It is that time of the month

when you become busy even in

your tomb reading letters since

Ghana and Africa for that matter

is inching towards March, 6.

Hence, it will be difficult to gain

your undivided attention also because

I may not match the many

fine calligraphies put together by

nationalists for your read. However,

I write as a grandson who

now leads your students. Kindly

spare me two minutes of your

reading time.

Kwame, I extend my warm

greetings from the 32nd Gamer

Abdul Nasser Road specifically the

new cement structure located few

meters from the main building you

left behind (now the Administration

block). A place where there

seem to be a beautiful euphoria

and patriotic gossips about how

exciting you would be in your

grave should you read this letter.

As a great grandson, I think

our list of invitations to this event

wouldn’t be complete without a

special hand extended to you in

the grave. This is not to under-

•Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

• Emmanuel Kumah

mine the potency of the wall

gecko and its ancestral sprits that

patrol my office every day eavesdropping

on conversations and

arrangements pertaining to the celebrations.

I am sure you might

have heard from them already that

the celebration is due October, the

same month your vision was manifested

into a physical edifice. So

beyond this invitation, I shall use

this opportunity to also ask for a

favour from you.

One of your sons, Ibrahim

Mohammed Awal who has risen to

the office of the Business and Development

Minister under the

present government led by another

grandson, Nana Akufo-

Addo is expected to grace the

launch of this pomp on March 1. I

ask that you grant him the wisdom

of a political farther to contribute

meaningfully to a multimillion dollar

fund to be established to herald

the development of our school.

Yes Kwame, the generations

that came after you saw the need

to shape your ideological and

emancipation motives for establishing

the school from being a

mouthpiece of the government; to

a more professional institution

who churn out fine journalists and

public relations practitioners on

whose shoulders the warlords of

our nation go to wage battle in

every sector of the palace, be it

anti-corruption, journalism, leadership

among others. Today, the

entire nation celebrates with us because

as you envisaged that our

beloved country could not have

made such momentous strides

without this building put up in


The fund is therefore to aid expand

the capacity and infrastructure

of the institute. The

endowment fund shall be committed

towards the building of an

ultra-modern digital media hub. In

this facility will be a well-equipped

studio, an e-library and high tech

audio-visual centre. We seek your

blessings on this fund; and a touch

of your hands in order for donors

to come to our aid. History has it

that, you did it with the Akosombo

dam. Do it with this fund


It has become more pressing

due to that fact that our 60 years

of promoting communication excellence

in Ghana after being used

as a tool for independence hasn’t

been celebrated enough. Indeed,

you conceded in many of your

speeches whilst alive that the

media remains a pivotal tool for

the success of Ghana; the story

hasn’t changed; even more has

been the urgent need for more

freedom of the media to harness

our full potentials as a people.

But Kwame, we are set to meet

up in a ‘consolidation ceremony’

with two like-minded institutions –

the Ghana Institute of Languages

(GIL) and National Institute of

Film and Television hopefully by

I hope I am not leaving anything out but I

am sure your ears and eyes continue to

be with us and to monitor our strides as

the founder of this great land. Least I forget

the one overseeing all these massive

transformation is another patriotic son,

Professor Kwamena Kwansah Aidoo who

took over barely six months ago.

end of this year. And as steps towards

this, a new draft act and

statutes will be produced to accommodate

all three bodies. This

is expected to usher us into the

promise land you foretold of us

located at North Dzorwulu. My

leadership may not benefit from

this new street liaised with loamy

soil but I am excited to have witnessed

and taken part in its


Political Father, I don’t know

how you might take this, but these

changes would also reflect in a

new name to be conferred on us.

Whether the Accra Metropolitan

University; University of Journalism,

Social Science and Technology

or the P.V Ansah University, I

am not certain yet ; but one thing

is for sure- it wouldn’t bear your


I hope I am not leaving anything

out but I am sure your ears

and eyes continue to be with us

and to monitor our strides as the

founder of this great land. Least I

forget the one overseeing all these

massive transformation is another

patriotic son, Professor Kwamena

Kwansah Aidoo who took over

barely six months ago.

You must be proud of us sixty

years on. We have practically dominated

in all sectors and even extended

our influence off the shore

of the country. Our products continue

to identify the under-privileged

and sectors with lesser

attention to raise concerns at the

corridors of decision-makers. For

those who decided to pursue to

eradicate corruption are doing well

and every now and then exposing

the dark sides of society for retrospection.

Whilst we enjoy the

praises of our incredible role in

Ghana’s democracy, we are meek

to also say ‘mo ni yor’ (good job)

to you in your grave.

Now to my request Osagyego,

leadership among students has

contributed significantly to this jubilee

success. All student leaders

who have come before me did

their best to ensure stability, accountability

and interest of students.

My tenure has not been

anything different. My prayer is

your spirit guides us and mentors

us. Let us conceive some of your

giant leadership vision. And to all

old students who were leaders,

continue to provide visionary

company even as you touch their

hearts to return home to build an

alma mater.

In one accord, we sing the

lyrics of our anthem that reminds

us of the passion and responsibility

bestowed on us by our society.

In unison we respond to the call to

serve our societies and our nations.

Celebrating our past, inspiring

our future!

Your legacy lives on Kwame ; GIJ is


Yours Faithfully,

Emmanuel Kumah

A great grandson

(GIJ SRC President)

We’ll help disband ‘satanic’ vigilante

groups – Pentecostal Council



Pay more

attention to

music content

– Stargo

• Stargo



born Michael Kafui Gamos

but known in showbiz as

Stargo, has cautioned music

lovers to pay more attention

to lyrics before patronizing songs.

Stargo, who recently dropped his

much-anticipated debut album titled

‘Kafui’, said the album has 15 tracks with

features from E.L, Pappy Kojo, D-Black,

Pappy Kojo, Shaker among others, adding

that his mission in the Ghanaian music industry

is to feed music lovers with great

and refreshing content.

He said, “Content. I think, people pay

very little attention to content and that’s

what I’m trying to change by setting an example

with myself.”

The artiste’s current album has production

credit to some personalities like

Peewezel, Gem, Essence Beats, E.L and

Mike Millz.

He says he started his career at an early

age due to influences from his elderly

cousins, brother and friends by playing

hiphop at home every time, he revealed

Stargo, who is widely known for rap,

said it took him three years to put together

his current album [which] has different

genres fused, adding “I do what I’m comfortable

with and it usually depends on my

inspiration and mood”.

He says “I looks up to “Nas a lot. Like

I said earlier, I pay much attention to content

so once the content is good I give a

listening ear, it doesn't really matter who.

“‘Boomerang’, the third song on the

‘Kafui’ album, fuses dancehall and

afrobeat. It’s a party song and a sing-along.

I chose that title because it depicts how

things go and come back around.

Talking about his album, he indicated

that it is a buffet of different genres and

each song has different and inspiring content.

“I don’t have a competition, I’m in my

own lane in my own world. I try to be better

than who I was yesterday.”

Stargo advised young artistes to never

give up on their plans and dreams, but

master their craft and be creative around it.

“Trust God and it will all happen right

before your eyes,” he said.

KvngsOfTheNewSchool featured in Thomas

Naadi's BBC Africa documentary

THE ‘YEAR of Return, Ghana 2019’

is a major landmark campaign targeting

the African – American and Diaspora

Market to mark 400 years since

the first slave vessel docked on our

seas. The Ghana Tourism Authority

(GTA), under the Auspices of the

Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture,

is leading the project in collaboration

with the Office of Diaspora

Affairs at the Office of the President,

the Panafest Foundation and the

Adinkra Group of USA.

With regard to that, a number of

event organisers have tailored their

planning to the essentials of the 'Year

of Return' campaign, to promote the

campaign's awareness and influence.

One of these events is Afrochella,

which was held last year, in which the

KvngsOfTheNewSchool trio created a

fashion installation.

Fashion icons Glenn Samm, Mohammed

Black, Tsutsublema and Efo

Kayleb got featured in a documentary

by Thomas Naadi for BBC Africa during

one of their fashion installation at


The KvngsOfTheNewSchool, with

their antique and proud African style,

attracted many and made a huge impact.

The group, since this event, has

made appearances at other festivals

and events, including Fuse ODG's

'This is New Africa, and Kente Party

early this year in Accra.

• KvngsOfTheNewSchool




Don’t ever give me

a ‘Dancehall Queen’

title — Akiyana




artiste, Akiyana

dropped a

bombshell on

Pluzz 89.9 FM when she said

nobody should bestow a

“Dancehall Queen” title on


“I don’t ever want anyone

to address me with a ‘Dancehall

Queen’ title! I don’t want

it. People seem to misunderstand

that title. When they say

somebody is a Dancehall

Queen it simply means she’s

the hottest female on the

dance floor at a Dancehall

Bashment. I am not that, I’m

simply a Badgyal inna di

Dancehall, I’m the hottest

and the dopest and that’s it”,

Akiyana confidently admits.

The shocking revelation

by the new female dancehall

sensation left the “Area

Gang” show host, Elvis

Crystal, with a dropped jaw!

Akiyana was on Pluzz

89.9 FM last Friday to promote

her new single “Nobody

Bad”, which featured

Kelvyn Boy from BhiM Nation.

The song has been receiving

some good airplay

and positive reviews with

higher scores on YouTube

views for the official video

shot by Director Abass.

She raised eyebrows with

an earlier cut “Pray”, a refix

on Stonebwoy’s “Top

Skanka Riddim”.

Born Angelina Akiyana

Kweku, the saucy Singjay is

very optimistic of pushing

her craft to the highest of


‘Keteke’ movie makes Ghana proud

at 2019 Fespaco Film Festival

GHANAIAN FILM ‘Keteke’ has been

named among top films on the African


The Peter Sedufia-directed movie

won the second prize for Best Screenplay

at the 26th edition of Pan-African

Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou

(FESPACO) in Burkina


Sedufia and Laurene Abdallah

are producers of the movie.

A cash prize of CFA

2,000,000 was awarded to the

producers of the movie.

The film is set in the 1980s,

when pregnant Atswei (Lydia

Forson) and her husband Boi

(Adjetey Anang) are trying to

reach Atswei’s village so she can

give birth. The only source of

transportation is a weekly train

that they miss, forcing them to

seek alternative transportation

and launching them on an impromptu

adventure through

rural Ghana.

The movie also earned a

nomination in the topmost category

– Yennenga Gold Standard - alongside

20 other movies from 16 African


FESPACO is a film festival in

Burkina Faso, held biennially in Ouagadougou,

where the organization is


based. It accepts for competition only

films by African filmmakers and

chiefly produced in Africa.

The festival offers African film professionals

the chance to establish

working relationships, exchange ideas,

and promote their work.

•A scene in the ‘Keteke’ movie



7 Ways to Overcome

Shyness and

Social Anxiety

IT is estimated that nearly 17 million adults at some point

will meet criteria for social anxiety disorder or social phobia.

The number of adults who struggle with shyness

greatly exceeds that number. Fortunately, there are some effective

strategies to overcome shyness and social anxiety

and gain confidence:

1. Act confidently

Confidence comes through action, learning, practice,

and mastery. Remember when you learned how to ride a

bike? It was terrifying at first, but after you just went for it

and tried it, you got it, and felt confident. Social confidence

works the same way.

Feeling anxious is not the problem; avoiding social interactions

is the problem. Eliminate avoidance and you will

overcome your anxiety.

2. Engage

This means participating in small talk in the checkout

line and talking to strangers at bars, stores, sporting events,

and the gym. Additionally, approach the individuals to

whom you are attracted romantically. Talk to them. Ask

them to dance. Ask them out on dates.

Life is short. Who cares if you get rejected? There are

seven billion people on this planet. You’re not expected to

like or be liked by all of them. Take some chances and put

yourself out there to meet new people.

3. Try new things, even if they make you anxious

Join a club, a sports team, or an improvement class. Pick

up a new project, take on a difficult task at work, or learn a

new skill. Do something to get out of your comfort zone.

Part of overcoming shyness is about developing confidence

in several areas of your life and not letting anxiety,

fear of failure, fear of rejection, or fear of humiliation get

in your way. By practising new activities, you are confronting

your fear of the unknown and learning to handle

that anxiety more effectively.

4. Talk

Start practising giving speeches or presentations and

telling jokes or stories at every opportunity. Be more talkative

and expressive in all areas of your life. Whether you’re

at work, with friends, with strangers, or walking down the

street, you can practise talking more openly. Let your voice

and your ideas be heard.

Confident people are not preoccupied with whether

everyone is going to like what they have to say. They speak

their mind because they want to share, engage, and connect

with others. You can do this too. Anxiety and shyness are

not reasons to stay quiet.

5. Make yourself vulnerable

A fear of being judged contributes to social anxiety and

shyness. The only way to overcome this fear is to make

yourself vulnerable. Practise doing this with the people you

are close to and can trust. You might realize the more you

do it, the closer you feel to others and the more pleasure

and meaning you get out of those relationships. This will

lead to increased confidence in yourself and in social interactions.

Being vulnerable requires a willingness to let others see

the real you. Be proud of who you are. Being genuine and

vulnerable is often the quality that others will appreciate the

most about you.

6. Practise displaying confident body language

Make eye contact when talking to someone. Walk with

your head held high. Project your voice clearly and effectively.

Shake hands. Give hugs. Stay in close proximity to







Kotoko in second spot

after beating Nkana FC

ASANTE KOTOKO are second

in Group C of the CAF

Confederation Cup competition

after beating Nkana FC

3-0 at the Baba Yara Stadium

on Sunday.

Safiu Abdul Fatawu, Emmanuel Gyamfi

and Martin Antwi, all scored in the first half

to give the Porcupine Warriors all three

points in the matchday four fixtures.

Shafiu got the opening goal with a powerful

free-kick in the 5th minute before Emmanuel

Gyamfi doubled the lead on 23


Martin Antwi scored the third goal in

the 27th minute from a free kick to take the

game beyond the Zambians.

•Asante Kotoko team in action

Nkana improved after the half time

break but were unable to trouble Kotoko’s

defence, who were impressive on the day.

In the other group C game, Hilal Omdurman

beat Zambian side Zesco United 3-


Al Hilal are top of the group with seven

points while Kotoko are second on six

points, level with Nkana, who are third due

to goal difference. Zesco are currently bottom

of the group with 4 points.

Shafiu got the opening

goal with a powerful freekick

in the 5th minute

before Emmanuel

Gyamfi doubled the lead

on 23 minutes.

Mourinho: Why I dumped

Salah at Chelsea

JOSE MOURINHO has explained

why Liverpool superstar Mo Salah

did not fit into his plans at Chelsea.

Mourinho brought Salah to Stamford

Bridge from Swiss side Basel

in 2014 during his second spell as

the Blues manager.

The Egyptian, who was 21 at

the time, only managed 19 appearances

for the west London side before

he was shipped out on loan to

Fiorentina and then Roma – where

he eventually moved to permanently.

Salah has gone on to become

one of the world’s greatest players

firstly building his reputation before

becoming a talisman for Liverpool.

He enjoyed a record-breaking

first season at Anfield, netting 44

goals as Jurgen Klopp’s side

reached the Champions League

final, and has already bagged 20

notches this season with the Reds

comfortably in the title race.

But despite letting him go and

watching him flourish, Mourinho

insists Salah needed to move

to Italy for a number of

reasons – including

to toughen up and

to gain an understanding


the game.


told beIN

Sports: “He

arrived at

Chelsea, coming

from Basel,

as a lonely boy, a

naive boy, completely

out of context

and physically


“Then he goes to Italy. He has

the experience at Fiorentina, he has

the experience at Roma and when

he comes back to England he

comes completely adapted to the

high level of European football.

“He has a higher understanding

of the game, he is physically much

stronger you can see his body and

his fitness is much stronger and

much more confident.”’

Salah has made his name as a

winger but Klopp has been forced

to move him more centrally recently

due to Roberto

Firmino’s injury.

But the goal

machine admits


prefers it

out wide.



played at



lot this season

but I still

also play as a

winger and have

scored many goals as



a winger,” he told Liverpool’s

official match day programme.

“I don’t like to brand myself a

No.9 because the way I play, it’s

never like I hold the ball and am always

physically strong. Source:


Botswana referee to officiate

Ghana-Kenya clash in Accra


Joshua Bondo has been

appointed to handle

Ghana’s final 2019 Africa

Cup of Nations qualifier

against Kenya this month

in Accra.

The 41-year-old will

be assisted on the lines by

countrymen Meshack

Medupi and Moemedi

Godfrey Monakwane.

Tshepo Mokani Gobagoga

from Botswana is

the fourth official for the


The match will be

played at the Accra

Sports Stadium on Saturday,

March 23, 2019,

at 6p.m.

The Black Stars need

a win to avenge the reverse

fixture defeat in

Nairobi last September in order to top

Group F. Ghana and Kenya have qualified

for the finals which will be played



in Egypt this June.

Source: CAF

NC special women’s competition begins this weekend

•Some women footballers training


special competition for female clubs will

begin this weekend with Match day one

games scheduled to be played on March


The special women’s competition is

being introduced to keep players and female

clubs active and for an official resumption

of competitive female football


Teams in the northern and southern

sector have been group in four groups of

four with each sector having two groups.

Fabulous Ladies are in Group A of the

Northern sector with Ashtown Ladies, Kumasi

Sports Academy and Supreme Ladies.

In Group B, Ampem Darkoa Ladies will

face Northern Ladies, Pearlpia Ladies and

Prison Ladies in an all play all league format.

Group C also has Lady Strikers, Hasaacas

Ladies, Soccer Intellectuals and Sea

Lions with Immigration Ladies, Samaria

Ladies, Police Ladies and Halifax FC making

up Group D.

Day one promises to be exciting with

interesting duels being thrown up in all

four groups with Fabulous Ladies and Ashtown

Ladies Dey to renew their rivalry at

the Wesley College Park.

Elsewhere, Ampem Darkoa will welcome

Northern Ladies to the Ohene

Ameyaw Park with Hasaacas hosting Sea


At the end of the first and second

round of the group stage, the best two

teams in each group will advance to the

quarterfinal stage of the competition.

Winners of the quarterfinal games will

advance to the semifinals before the grand

finale that has been scheduled for April 20.




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• Prophet Emmanuel Adjei

• There were various dresses for the needy to choose from

• Prophet Adjei interacting with the media

Prophet Adjei

organises ‘Feed

3,000’ initiative

• Encourages society to help the needy

• Some volunteers from the Emmanuel Adjei Foundation




Overseer of the

Prayer Palace

International Church,

Prophet Emmanuel

Adjei, last Sunday fed homeless

and needy people at the Kwame

Nkrumah Circle in Accra as part

of his birthday celebrations.

According to the prophet, the

event, dubbed ‘Feed 3,000’ is an

annual event which is usually held

at different locations in Accra at

which his church prepares to

provide food, drinks and other

goodies for 3,000 people.

However, this year’s event

attracted about 1,500 people due

to its late start.

Prophet Adjei said the initiative

to feed homeless people stems

from his core mandate as a

Christian, who is obligated to show

love and help others and added

that society, particularly Christians,

should see it as a duty to help the


“It has been

about 12 years

now and we have

visited 26

countries. Each

country we go to,

there is a charity

program we do

there,” he said.

“It is very important because

the Bible teaches us to love and

help the needy, so we at Prayer

Palace decided to extend the love

God has shown us to others,” the

Prophet told the DAILY

HERITAGE in an interview.

He said apart from feeding

them, his foundation, the Prophet

Emmanuel Adjei Foundation, a

non-governmental organization in

the church that seeks to help

people, has been able to assist

people with almost anything they

need on a regular basis.

“It has been about 12 years

now and we have visited 26

countries. Each country we go to,

there is a charity program we do

there,” he said.

The foundation helps people

with their hospital bills, rent,

school fees and other needs, he


“This year alone, about

GH¢50,000 has been used to pay

the rents of some people. We are

helping some students pay their

fees as well. We’ve also helped

some people cover their

hospital bills,” Prophet Adjei said.

The ‘Feed 3000’ initiative saw

homeless people – who either had

to beg or struggle to find work

– fill the grounds for the event at

Kwame Nkrumah Circle to eat

food and get refreshed with drinks.

Some of these homeless people

had the chance to also choose new

clothes provided by the Prayer

Palace International Church.

• Prophet Adjei (Middle and in yellow shirt), and members of the foundation

• Food and drinks were more than the participants in the

events could consumed

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