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•Evans Obessey apologising

to the mother, Rose Duku

• The accident scene

•Chairman of Remand Review Taskforce, Justice Clemence

Honyenugah, (3rd R) and the Justice For All team

• Jean


EC Chair

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“It’s Not Whether You

Get Knocked Down, It’s

Whether You Get Up.”

– By Vince Lombardi



Good Friday — Friday, 19th April.

Easter Monday — Monday, 22nd



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Proprietor, teacher punished for caning 9-yr-old Nigerian


THE HUMAN Rights Division of

the Accra High Court has awarded

costs and damages against Mitzi

Zormelo, proprietor of Aristoland

Montessori School in Nungua, and

Samuel Arhin, a teacher, for

human rights violation in the form

of brutally caning a 9-year-old

child for not doing her Twi homework.

The Court, presided over by

Justice Nicholas Mensah Cudjoe

Abodakpi, said in his landmark

judgement that the respondents

had committed serious human

• For not doing Twi homework

rights violation against the child

who was aged nine as of January

2017 when the teacher employed

corporal punishment on her for

failure to do two homework assignments.

The Human Rights court held

that corporal punishment had

been outlawed in the country and

as such offended the 1992 constitution,

the GES Act, GES code of

conduct for teachers, UN Convention

on Children's Rights and the

African Charter on Children's


In its judgement on Friday, the

court said the four witnesses who

filed affidavits in support of the

respondents’ case were all teachers

and they gave inconsistent evidence.

It said investigations by the

Ghana Police Service, GES and

medical report by LEKMA Hospital

proved that the respondents

were liable for the allegation

against them.


In February 2017, a 9-year-old

Nigerian pupil, Ogechi Nwosu, of

Aristoland Montessori School in

Nungua, Accra, was brutally lashed

by her teacher for failing to complete

her Twi assignments.

“On Wednesday, I didn’t do my

Twi homework and my teacher

caned me on my buttocks. The

marks were very big. I couldn’t sit

down, the pains were so much…

He told the people who hadn’t

done their homework to stand in

front of the class and he beat us.

He held my dress and hit me three

times; it was so painful I couldn’t

sit down. I had to force myself

and sit down”.

Narrating the incident to Starr

News’s Atiewin Mbillah-Lawson,

Ogechi said on that fateful

Wednesday she got to school without

completing her Twi homework,

as a result, her teacher,

Samuel Arhin, resorted to caning

on her buttocks, an act which left

the little girl scared, bruised and

unable to sit down.

Shocked and disgusted, Mr. and

Mrs. Nwosu, parents of Nwosu,

could not come to terms with their

daughter’s predicament.

“She came home sad and in

tears and I asked her and she said

her teachers had caned her on her

buttocks. After looking at it, I was

in tears. I couldn’t believe what I

saw on her butts,” Uche Nwosu,

the father, said.

Mr. Nwosu petitioned the Ministries

of Education, and Gender

and Social Protection, DOVVSU

and the IGP to look into the case.

He also filed a suit against the

teacher and authorities of the


CGM hails EC for publishing

political parties’ accounts



(CGM), a civil society organisation,

has commended the Electoral

Commission (EC) for

publishing for the first time in the

27 years’ history of Ghana’s Fourth Republic,

the audited accounts of all political parties,

making it a first step in the anti-corruption campaign.

According to the group, even though the

laws of the land and the Political Parties Act

mandate all political parties to present their

statements of accounts to the public on an annual

basis, through the Commission , this law

was arbitrarily ignored by the Commission and

the parties.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE

after the first official publication, the Head of

Operations at CGM, Mr Ato Banful, said making

public the audited accounts of these political

parties was a first step towards the

anti-corruption fight in the country.

Mr Banful said CGM achieved the feat after

securing court judgment on February 9, 2018

from the Human Rights court in Accra directing

the EC to publish the statements of accounts of

all political parties for the purpose of public information

in accordance with national law.

• Jean Mensa, EC Chair

In a press release to the paper, CGM hails

the EC for publishing accounts of the parties,

which publication the group said was long overdue,

and that the publication will engage industry

players to scrutinise the documents to

ascertain their authenticity.

Below is the fool statement

CitizenGhana Movement Advocacy

Prompts Electoral Commission to Publish

Financial Accounts of Political Parties

Following a two-year advocacy campaign and

a lawsuit led by CitizenGhana Movement

(CGM), the Electoral Commission of Ghana

has released the financial accounts of all political

parties, marking a significant step towards

transparency and accountability.

The release of these statements of accounts

is the first time in the 27-year history of

Ghana’s Fourth Republic that the financial

records of political parties have been made

available to the public.

Publication of the statements reverses the

decades-long trend of political parties breaching

the 1992 Constitution, which guarantees all

Ghanaian citizens the right to information, and

the Political Parties Act, which mandates that all

political parties present their statements of accounts

to the public on an annual basis, through

the Commission.

Despite this breach of national law, the Electoral

Commission previously failed to enforce

these provisions until now.

On Friday, 9th February, 2018, the Citizen-

Ghana Movement secured an order from the

Human Rights Court, Accra directing the Electoral

Commission (EC) to publish the statements

of accounts of all political parties for the

purpose of public information in accordance

with national law.

The Honourable Court ordered the Commission

to perform these duties by September

1, 2018. However, the Commission failed to

meet the deadline ostensibly because of the

constitutional procedures and subsequent transition

going on at the time.

To prompt action, CGM wrote to the new

Commission in December 2018 to remind the

public body to comply with the Court’s order.

In reply, the Commission issued a notice demanding

that all political parties submit their

statements of accounts to the Commission by

the 13th of February 2019.

Subsequently on 21st March, 2019, the Commission

published the statements of accounts of

all registered political parties in the Daily

Graphic newspaper.

In accordance with the Court’s order, the

Commission also prescribed a fee that the CitizenGhana

Movement was to pay for copies of

the accounts. The CitizenGhana Movement has

paid this amount and expects to receive the

copies shortly.

Financial disclosures by political parties are a

key public accountability mechanism. Making

the sources of political party funding public discourages

the acceptance of funds from unsavoury

individuals or organizations.

The CitizenGhana Movement is hopeful that

the release of these statements of accounts will

mark the beginning of a new era of transparency

in the financing of Ghanaian political





I'm sorry


A28-YEAR-OLD Accounting

student who brandished

a machete at his

68-year-old mother for

which he was in remand

for an unspecified period has been discharged

unconditionally from the

Akuse Local Prisons after spending a

month and 11 days in prison.

His release from prison custody

came when he remorsefully apologised

to the mother and asked for her forgiveness

during a Justice for All Programme

held at the Akuse Prisons last


Evans Obessey, a level 200 student of

the Zenith University Collage, was in

remand at the Akuse Prison after her

biological mother, Rose Duku, had reported

him to the Atimpoku Police for

threat of harm.

But at the Akuse Prisons on Friday

during the Justice for All Programme

sitting designed to decongest the prisons,

Madam Rose Duku, the complainant,

shed tears while asking the

court to discharge her son.

According to the complainant, she

reported the incident to the Atimpoku

police because she feared her life was at

risk but has now realised that she went

far by causing his last born to be remanded

in the prison.

It was the case of the Obessey that

he had been sleeping at a mechanic

shop in Accra for years while schooling

at the Zenith College.

• Son apologises to mother after

threatening her with machete

According to him, the

struggles he was going

through and the fact that he

lost a restaurant job he had

been doing to take care of

himself and to pay his fees

made him to informd the

mother to allow him rent out

his own room at Akrade,

where the family live, to use

the money to support himself.

The mother, he said, refused

that request and such

development frustrated him

as a result of which he pulled

a machete on mother.


When the matter came up

at the Justice for All sitting before the Chairman

of Remand Review Taskforce, Justice

Clemence Honyenugah, who doubles as a

Court of Appeal Judge, Obessey knelt before

his mother and said, "Mom, I’m sorry, forgive

me. It will not happen again. I did that

out of frustration, forgive me."

Obessey, who has deferred his Accounting

course at Zenith College, said he realised

the repercussion of his action when he was

remanded in the prison. He told the court

that going forward, he would be law-abiding,

show respect to the elderly and the mother at

all times.

He also urged his prison mates he was living

behind and the youth in general to not

indulge in way-wardness.

‘I've forgiven you’

Madam Duku, 68, a mother of three,

who was all

•Evans Obessey apologising

to the mother, Rose Duku

tears, pleaded with the court to discharge his

son because her intention was not to get him

detained in prison.

The trader, moments after the discharge

of his son, held the hands of her son who

was kneeling before her asking forgiveness,

saying "I have forgiven you. I needed not

throw my baby out with the bathwater”, and

while the mother was speaking, they hugged

each other amidst spontaneous clapping

from the all present.

Remand prisoners

At the end of the sitting, one other inmate,

Musa Bari, who had spent seven years

on remand for an alleged rape, was discharged

while 16 were given bail.

Three applications were refused and two

were struck out as withdrawn. The total

number of inmates dealt with were 23.

Justice Honyenugah, however, cautioned

police investigators to ensure that all remand

prisoners who had


granted bail were released per the orders of

the court.

“I cautioned them that no one remains in

the prisons after they have been granted bail

otherwise all that we have been doing will

just be in vain. Assuming we grant bail to

someone today and the next time we come

back and he is still here, then what are you

doing? We have wasted time and energy but

we hope it doesn’t happened.”

He explained that there were moves to

decentralise the exercise in the regions but

her Ladyship the Chief Justice was yet to

take a final decision on this


Ṗrison history

A Deputy Director of

Prisons, Godwin

Hoenyedzi, who is the officer

in charge of the prison,

said there were 67 remand

prisoners out of which 23

had been discharge but

“the situation is still bad because

there is only one cell

for remand prisoners, so

when the number starts

going up it we become worried.”

He expressed gratitude

to the Justice For All programme,

saying, “That is

why the Justice For All programme

had come as a relief for us because

the 106-year-old prison was designed to

house only 90 inmates, but, the prison has

223 convicted prisoners and 67 remand prisoners.”

About Justice for All

The Justice For All programme, which is

facilitated by POS Foundation, is a special inprison

court sitting meant to look into the

cases of remand prisoners, and prisoners

whose trials are unreasonably delayed.

The programme constitutes a key component

of the rule of law, access to justice and

the sustained promotion and protection of

the human rights of prisoners – both remand

prisoners and convicted prisoners, and

of course, their handlers, who are officials of

the Prisons Service, and, by extension, the

families of these persons that I have identified.

Through the initiative, hundreds of prisoners

have been freed from jail and saved the

government purse.

•Chairman of Remand Review Taskforce, Justice

Clemence Honyenugah, (3rd L), Akuse Prison Officers

and the Justice For All team •The Justice For All team •Musa Bari was unconditionally discharged

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•The threat level

was temporarily

raised to its

highest level after

the shooting

Utrecht shooting: Suspect admits deadly tram attack

A MAN has admitted to

killing three people on a tram

in Utrecht and said he acted

alone, Dutch prosecutors say.

Turkish-born Gokmen

Tanis, 37, wounded five others

and was arrested on Monday

after a city-wide manhunt.

A judge on Friday extended

his detention for two weeks as

investigations continue.

Prosecutors are assessing

whether he was driven by terrorist

motives or his actions

came from personal problems

combined with radicalised


Three other men, aged 23,

27 and 40, were arrested after

the incident but have since

been released.

Prosecutors said their investigation

now led them to

believe the gunman had no

help from other people.

Turkey's President Recep

Tayyip Erdogan had previously

said his country's intelligence

service was "looking

into" the attack. BBC



World news in 4 stories

•Jacob Zuma

Anti-Bouteflika protests

continue in Algeria

HUNDREDS OF thousands

of people have taken to the

streets of Algerian cities for

the fifth consecutive Friday

to demand the resignation of

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The anti-government website,

El Khabar, said the rain in

Algiers had not dampened

people's spirits; another website

said that thousands also

turned out in the cities of Relianze,

Oran, Bouira and Tizi-


Demonstrations began a

month ago when the 82-yearold

president decided to

stand again for office - but

they continued after he said

he would not contest a fifth


President Bouteflika also

postponed upcoming elections,

prompting largely

peaceful protests calling for

immediate change. BBC

Zuma 'nuclear plan could

have averted blackouts’


African President Jacob

Zuma has waded into

the national debate of

how to deal with the

crippling interruption of

electricity in the country.

State-owned power utility company

Eskom has been implementing

daily power cuts designed to

prevent a total collapse of the overstretched

electricity grid.

Mr Zuma told local Business Day

news site that a controversial nuclear

deal with Russia, that he

fronted when he was in office,

could have averted the current crisis.

“The fact of the matter is nuclear

could solve our problems,

once and for all. Now we are in

deep, we are therefore increasing

the debt of the country with no

hope to bring it down. That’s a

problem," Mr Zuma said.

The plan to build eight nuclear

plants, with the support of Russia

and other countries at an estimated

cost of around 1tn rand ($76bn;

£59bn) was annulled by a court in

2017 following a legal challenge by

environmental groups.

There were also allegations that

the cost of the project had been inflated.

The country currently has

one nuclear plant.

Environmental groups say

South Africa should rely more on

renewable energy to meet its electricity

needs. BBC

• The people demand the resignation of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Golan Heights: Syria condemns Donald Trump's remarks

SYRIA HAS condemned as "irresponsible"

US President Donald

Trump's comments that it was

time to recognise Israel's sovereignty

over the occupied Golan


A statement published by the

Syrian state news agency said it

showed the "blind bias" of the US

towards Israel.

It said Syria was determined to

recover the area "through all available


Israel captured the Golan

Heights from Syria in 1967 and

annexed it in 1981 in a move not

• The Golan Heights has a political

and strategic significance which

belies its size

recognised internationally.

Israel wants to contain the military

presence of its arch-enemy

Iran in Syria, which has grown

stronger throughout eight years of


Mr Trump's remarks on Thursday

overturned decades of US

policy on the issue. In a tweet, he

said the plateau was of "critical

strategic and security importance

to the State of Israel and regional


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu thanked the US president

in a phone call, telling him

"you've made history".

The statement carried by the

Sana news agency said Mr Trump's

comments had shown "contempt"

for international law and that they

would not change "the reality that

the Golan was and will remain Syrian,


"The Syrian nation is more determined

to liberate this precious

piece of Syrian national land

through all available means," the

unnamed foreign ministry source

added. BBC





Passenger empowerment can reduce accidents

BY ALL means every one of us will

die one day but how we exit this earth

and what causes us to leave together

is the issue. “Why this statement?”

one may ask. The statement becomes

highly significant when we think

about the fact that some die in good

old age from natural causes while

others die from unnatural causes like

suicides and accidents and the fact

that some deaths are described as

being premature.

In the case of premature deaths,

age is not so much the issue but the

fact that such deaths have come

about through hopelessness or

carelessness of the dead persons or

somebody else who may be alive.

Sometimes some people lose all hope

or do something careless and take

their lives to avoid the consequences

of their actions and at other times

some people, through sheer

carelessness, send innocent people to

their graves.

The saddest of all deaths are those

that are caused by sheer careless of

others, who often stay back to enjoy

life. One of the people who kill

others and mostly hang around to eat

and drink is the driver. For their

carelessness, which come in various

forms such as non-maintenance of

their vehicles, speeding and disregard

for road signs, drivers, commercial

drivers in particular, send people to

their early graves.

Without trying to remind relatives

of accident victims, dead or alive, the


make reference to the carnage on our

roads, the fresh one being the one

that occurred at Kintampo on Friday

in which about 50 people lost their

lives with 40 being injured. We

understand that there are road traffic

laws but deem it sad to say that

everything seems to point to the fact

that those who check those laws are

either relaxing or the task is beyond

them and so others must be made to

come in and help them.

We can see that drivers are so

much engrossed in impunity that they

do not care about the laws, probably

because they not deterrent enough.

People who see the impunity of

the driver at play the best are

passenger, so the DAILY

HERITAGE wants to advise that

passengers must be given some

power of arrest or control over the

driver so that they can check speeding

and other road offences.

Ghanaian drivers insult passengers

who try to ask them to drive well and

their insults and other hostilities deter

others to keep quiet because it seems

the drivers assume unnecessary

power over the passengers. It is about

time passengers are educated at the

point of boarding vehicles, the lorry

stations and given some powers to

check drivers. The DAILY

HERITAGE believes that if this is

well done the road carnage will come

down drastically.


Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his vice,

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, have

consoled bereaved families following

a fatal road carnage in Kintampo that

claimed over 50 lives.

Akufo-Addo, Mahama mourn

Kintampo accident victims



Addo and his vice Dr. Mahamudu

Bawumia have

consoled bereaved families following

a deadly road carnage in

Kintampo claiming over 50 lives.

A head-on collision involving two

buses in Kintampo on Friday also left over

40 passengers injured in the new Bono

East region.

The buses were each carrying about 50

passengers at the time of the crash. Emergency

services were at the scene, including

firefighters who helped put out fire which

engulfed one of the vehicles.

Speaking at the annual end-of-year gettogether

of the West Africa Security Service

Association (WASSA) of the Ghana

Police Service on Friday, 22 March 2019,

Mr Akufo-Addo said: “My sympathies and

condolences go to all the families and

loved ones of the deceased. May the

Almighty grant their souls peaceful rest”.

Former president John Mahama has

also expressed concerns about deaths on

Ghana’s road, calling on all stakeholders to

find solution to it.

•Flashback: President Nana Akufo-Addo exchanging greetings with John

Dramani Mahama, Flagbearer of NDC

The cause of the crashes is still to be

established but rumours are that the driver

of one of the vehicles lost control after

falling asleep.

“Fifty-five were brought in dead and

out of that number 35 were burnt beyond

recognition. Forty people were brought in

alive, but one died. Four people have been

referred – two had severe head injuries and

other two sustained multiple fractures on

the rib,” Dr. Prince Kwabena Tabi of the

Kintampo South Medical Hospital told

Starr News

Rose Anane, who was on one of the

buses, said: “I was fast asleep then I heard

a loud bang. We managed to break the

glass and it was just a few of us – about 10

– who managed to move out.

“In a matter of seconds, the vehicle

went on fire, with the others still trapped

in the car. We watched as the fire consumed

them. It was late into the night.”

The crash has renewed calls for Ghanaian

authorities to enforce traffic rules to

reduce deaths on the country’s poorly

maintained roads.

Gifty Mintah, a resident, said: “We’ve

been speaking to the local assembly to fix

rumble strips on the road, but they said

this is a highway so it’s not possible. For

how long are we going to look on for people

to keep dying?”

Rumble strips are positioned at the

edges of roads and make noise when cars

pass over them to alert drivers.Crashes are

common on highways in Ghana because

of poor maintenance, disregard for traffic

regulations and unroadworthy vehicles.

An average of six people die on the

country’s roads every day, according to the

Ghanaian police’s motor transport and

traffic directorate.

In February 2016, 70 people were

killed and 13 injured when two buses collided

in Kintampo.

In July 2017, a bus carrying players and

officials from one of Ghana’s leading football

clubs, Asante Kotoko, crashed into the

back of a stationary lorry

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Missing Takoradi girls’ saga taints

Ghana’s brand and reputation




used to tell me

that Ghana was

the safest

country in

Africa; they believed

in the assertion and always

took pride in it. Is it still the case

in recent times…? I really don’t

think so!

My country of birth is now

synonymous with insecurity

spurred on by a recent wave of

vigilante and now kidnapping


Kidnapping is a growing menace

in Ghana and other parts of

the world, especially Nigeria and

it comes as no wonder that a

Nigerian is in custody for the

kidnapping cases that have

rocked Ghana in the last couple

of months.

It has been eight months since

three girls were kidnapped in

Takoradi in the Western Region,

a region referred to as the oil region

of Ghana. Since the ladies

went missing almost a year ago,

all measures put in place to find

them have proven futile. The

main suspect – Samuel Wills –

keeps changing his narration to

the police every single day.

Are we, the citizens, going to

sit aloof and watch while he

keeps playing with our emotions

and intelligence? When are we

getting our girls back? Are we

going to continuously apportion

blame to our political leaders and

allow our girls to wail wherever

More jobs should be created to get our youth employed

so they desist from indulging themselves

in such unlawful acts because our elders always

tell us that “the devil finds job for an idle hand”.

Let’s not sit idle and watch on while our future

leaders are taken away from us, No!!...this must

not happen.

they find themselves now? These

girls are crying for our help, their

parents are wailing and are fed up

with the cock and bull stories,

our future leaders are being taken

away by some greedy and wicked

souls, whose only interest is


On August 15, 2018, a 16-

year-old senior high school student

was kidnapped just 100

metres from her home in the

Takoradi metropolis. Two days

after, a 21-year-old lady too got

kidnapped in the same town and

on December 4, 2018, an 18-

year-old girl also went missing.

Till date we do not know the

whereabouts of these girls.

The question I keep asking is

“where are our girls after the

huge sums collected from their

parents?” My biggest fear and

worry is, what happens to them

as they are kept away by these

criminals? My guess is that some

may get molested, raped, abused

and tortured in all kinds of inhuman

manner. My heart aches because

it could have been me, your

sister, daughter or your girlfriend.

I am gradually losing trust in the

security agencies as they seem

not to double their efforts to find

these young girls. Sometimes I

ask myself, have they been trafficked

out of the country?

The seeming inaction on the

part of those responsible for

finding the girls taints the country’s

brand and reputation, particularly

to those who are living

outside but know Ghana to be a

land of peace.

Today, it is happening in

Takoradi, but tomorrow it might

happen in Accra or any other

part of the country and it could

be your relative. What does the

future hold for us as a country?

My humble plea to the government

is to scale up the reward to

citizens who aid with information

pertaining to kidnapping and

other criminal activities. This will

aid in making us responsible citizens

and more vigilant about

what goes on in our surrounding.

More jobs should be created

to get our youth employed so

they desist from indulging themselves

in such unlawful acts because

our elders always tell us

that “the devil finds job for an

idle hand”. Let’s not sit idle and

watch on while our future leaders

are taken away from us,

No!!...this must not happen.

Let’s come together and fight

to get our girls back. We can be

each other’s keeper. We are one

people and one great country.

*Bring Our Taadi Girls Back!!!

*We Stand Against Kidnapping!!!

*Say No To Kidnapping.

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5 Reasons why water is preferred to soft drink

• Soft drinks steal water

from the body

They work very much like a diuretic

which takes away more

water than it provides to the body.

Just to process the high levels of

sugar in them, soft drinks steal a

considerable amount of water

from the body. To replace the

water stolen by soft drinks, you

need to drink 8-12 glasses of water

for every one glass of soft drinks

that you consume.

• Soft drinks never

quench your thirst

Constantly denying your body

an adequate amount of water can

lead to ‘Chronic Cellular Dehydration’,

a condition that weakens

your body at the cellular level.

This, in turn, can lead to a weakened

immune system and a

plethora of diseases.

• Soft drinks can remove


Soft drinks can remove rust

from a car bumper or other metal

surfaces. Imagine what it's doing

to your digestive tract as well as




Do frequent check-ups

• Doctor appeals to men


AMEDICAL Consultant

at the Medi-Moses

Prostate Centre, Dr

Prince Osei, has urged

the public, especially

men, to frequently check

their health status, particularly that of

the prostrate, in order to reduce

prostate-related sicknesses.

According to him, prostate sickness,

when identified early, could be rectified,

adding that it will be improper for one

to wait for signs and symptoms before

seeking medical advice.

Dr Osei said this during an interview

with the DAILY HERITAGE during a

free prostrate screening for workers of

the Kaneshie Market Complex in Accra.

The exercise was organised by the

Accra Market Limited, Kaneshie Market

Complex Branch, and supported by

Medi-Moses Prostate Centre and the

Ghana Private Road Transport Union

(GPRTU), Kaneshie branch.

In his statement, Dr Osei indicated

that though prostate enlargement could

be a natural phenomenon due to age,

there are some activities that cause the

incidence, and advised against excessive

taking of alcohol and smoking.

“Men are likely to have an enlarged

prostrate from age 35. However, there

are some activities that can cause this,

like drinking a lot of alcohol, excessive

smoking, and eating fatty foods.

•Some of the drivers going

through medical screening at

the Kaneshie Lorry Park

“That notwithstanding, any man at

all can still have an enlarged prostate and

the key way to manage it is to do frequent

check-up,” he said.

He further explained that it was

likely for one to experience late symptoms

for their conditions, hence the

need for frequent check-up.

“If you are waiting for symptoms

before you take any action, then it might

be too late. That is why it is better for

people to take advantage of free screenings

in the community.

“This type of exercise gives the ordinary

Ghanaian the opportunity to know

the state of his prostate, which is encouraging,”

he said.

He expressed his delight about the

exercise and indicated that the opportunity

to help improve the health conditions

of the public motivated people like

him to join the exercise.

Also speaking to the paper, Mrs

Anita Aihoon, Human Resource/Administrative


Accra Market Limited,

Kaneshie Market Complex,

said the exercise formed

part of their Social Corporate


She added that the

health of their clients were

paramount to them, hence

the exercise.

“We realised that good

health is important for

people from all walks of

life. We realised that we

needed to do something

for our people so we organised

this program to

give back to our clients,”

she said.

Explaining their decision

to deal with male-related

sickness, Mrs Aihoon

said it was time for the

public to pay attention to

the health of men, adding

that the market had had

health programs for the female

in the past.

“In our society, the men are the head

of the family and if they are affected

with this prostate cancer, then it’s going

to affect both the women and the children.

So, the exercise is to promote

men’s health,” she said.

She further reiterated the need for

frequent check-up, stating that “knowing

your medical condition will help you live

a healthy life.”

Mr Kweku Amoah, Welfare Operations

Commander, GPRTU, Kaneshie

Branch, lauded the management of the

market for the initiative.

According to him, the lack of time

for people in the market made it difficult

for them to visit health facilities on regular

basis, and indicated that the exercise

would help to improve their health conditions.

“When we were told about this initiative,

we were happy and fully supported

it because it was for our benefit,”

he said.

He added that, “Most of our drivers

have some form of health problems so

exercises like this will only better our


A beneficiary, Mr Kwame Issaka, a

porter at the market, expressed his gratitude

to the organisers of the exercise.

He said, “This is my first time checking

for the state of my prostate, and this

was possible because the market authorities

have made it free for us.”

Madam Harriet Anita Abaidoo, a

community activist, and a former Progressive

People’s Party Member of Parliament

aspirant for the Okaikoi

Constituency, expressed her displeasure

about the lack of education by the Nation

Commission on Civic Education on

ways of improving the sanitation of the

market places.

She called for adequate measures to

ensure that the market is kept clean always,

saying, “I think the government

has a lot to do in terms of advocacy and


‘Don’t microwave these foods’


greatest inventions, but putting

certain foods in a microwave is the

worst thing you do.

Microwaves are usually for the

easy fixes and quick reheats but it

might not always be the safe alternative.

There are five things you

should never place inside a microwave

– for your own good.


Even though you may be just

reheating for a few minutes, avoid

the temptation. Styrofoam containers

are made from polystyrene

foam, which is a type of plastic.

And we all know we are not

supposed to microwave plastic.

Notice how it looks different after


It's releasing toxic chemicals

that will be harmful to you inside

the food.


Don’t try to boil water inside a

microwave unless it has something,

like a teabag inside it to defuse

the energy.

Otherwise, the water will superheat

but would be unable to physically

boil, with the vessel

remaining cool, which would result

in an upward explosion once you

dip anything inside it.

Hot peppers

The microwave vaporizes the

capsaicin and retains it inside. Capsaicin

is the active compound

which makes peppers spicy. The

moment you open the microwave

door, the vapour will come out

and burn your face.

Aluminium foil

Just like metal, placing aluminium

foil in a microwave can

send supercharged plasma shooting

through your appliance which

could start a fire. Preferably, transfer

your leftovers from the foil

into a microwave safe bowl.


The bread won't result in

flames, but you will be left with

dry soul-less bread.

•Some foods are dangerous when microwaved

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Rainstorm rips off schools,

houses at Okorase

A HEAVY rainstorm has

wreaked havoc at Okorase, a

farming community community

in the Akuapem North

Municipality of the Eastern


Classrooms, staff common

rooms and Computer

Laboratories of Three schools;

Methodist Primary, Presby

Primary and Methodist Junior

High School have all been ripped


Teaching and learning

materials such as exercise books

and computers in these school

were soaked with water.

Also, some examination

papers printed for upcoming end

of term examination scheduled

for next week were also affected.

According to one of the

headmistresses of the affected

schools, urgent help is needed to

help restore academic work

which has been disrupted.

The headmistress of Okorase

Methodist Primary School, Ms

•KG pupils waiting for their

turn to do the march past

•The scene after the rainstorm

Linda Asare Appiah-Danquah,

said the KG classroom has been

affected as well as recently

acquired computers for ICT


Rev Sarbeng Appiah- Kubi,

Minister in charge of Okorase

Methodist Church told Kasapa

News the Church is considering

given out its uncompleted church

building to temporarily

accommodate the displaced

pupils but was concerned with its

•KG pupils of His Grace and Mercy Preparatory School

presenting their petition to the MCE

•Odeefuo Oteng Korankye II,

Berekusohene sits in state

suitability for academic work

since it is not in good shape.

Thursday’s •The rainstorm cleared site in

Okorase proposed also affected for dozens the of

houses and shops SHS displacing

many residents.

Many giant billboards along

the Okorase to Koforidua

township have been floored.

Reports indicate that the

rainstorm was recorded in many

parts of the region and may have

caused problems elsewhere.

FOR THE second time in

a row the hearing of an

application by the

Electoral Commission

for an extension of time

to implement the

Representation of People’s

Amendment Act (ROPAA) has

suffered adjournment.

On March 4, 2019 the case was

adjourned to March 21 for the

application for the extension to be


But counsel for the respondents,

Samson Lardi Anyenini, told the

court that there had been a new

development for which they would

need an adjournment.

He prayed the court for an

adjournment to allow the

respondents in the case file a

supplementary affidavit to enable

them to fully present their side of

the case.

According to him, it was

supposed to have been filed on

Wednesday but some difficulties

were encountered and it delayed but

it was filed on Thursday.


Correspondent MuntallaInusah has

reported that Justin Amenuvor,

counsel for EC who was to move

the application raised no objection.

The court, presided over by

Justice Nicholas Mensah Cudjoe


ROPAA case suffers another delay RTI bill removed


Abodakpi, adjourned the case to

April 3, 2019.

Trial of JB’s killers begins April 1


THE TRIAL of Daniel Asiedu, the man

indicted for the murder of the Member

of Parliament (MP) for Abuakwa North,

Mr Joseph Boakye Danquah-Adu, will

commence on April 1, 2019 at the

Criminal Division of the Accra High


Also standing trial is Vincent Bosso,

the second accused person, who, together

with Asiedu, is alleged to have planned a

robbery operation that subsequently

resulted in the murder of the former


Asiedu is facing three counts of

murder, robbery and conspiracy to

commit robbery, while Bosso is facing a

charge of conspiracy to commit robbery.

In court on Thursday for the second

time after their committals on February

11, the court presided over by Justice

George Boadi fixed April 1 to start the

trial because he had just received the

documents from the district court that

performed the committals.

Asiedu, alias Sexy Don Don, urged

the court to find him a competent lawyer

to help him fight his case.

• The two accused persons being whisked away

According to him, the reason he was

asking for lawyers from the International

Criminal Court was that the government

would compromise the lawyers since

“money can do anything in Ghana.”

11 Witnesses, 29 material evidence

Ms Sefakor Batse, a Senior State

Attorney, informed the court that the

State would call 11 witnesses and also rely

on 29 exhibits to prove its case at the

trial. Presenting the facts of the case, Ms

Batse said Asiedu and Bossu planned to

go on a robbery spree, but due to a

•Jean Mensa, EC boss

misunderstanding, Bosso did not partake

in the act.

She said Asiedu went to the MP’s

house on February 9, 2016 around

1:00a.m. and robbed him of his three

mobile phones and that he gave two of

the phones to a repairer to unlock but the

repairer saw blood stains on the phone

and reported the matter to the police.

Ms Batse also contended that Asiedu

entered the house of the MP at 1a.m. and

noticed that the light in the room of the

MP was on and the room had no metal

EC Application

The EC, in an application

filed to ask for time to

implement Act 699, the

Chairperson of EC, Jean

Mensa, said the Commission

had been bedeviled with some

challenges which affected its

ability to implement the Act.

It would be recalled that

on December 17, 2017 the

Human Rights Division of

the Accra High Court ordered

the EC to activate the process

that would enable Ghanaians

living abroad to vote in the

country’s elections.

The court said within 12

calendar months – beginning

from January 1, 2018 – the

EC should lay before

Parliament the modalities for

the implementation of the

ROPAA Act so that Ghanaian

citizens living abroad could

take part in election 2020.

The court, presided over

by Justice Anthony K.

Yeboah, also ordered the EC

to explain why it failed to

implement the Act within one

month after the expiration of

the 12-month period.

Justice Yeboah’s court also

ordered the EC to publish the

reasons in the media.

In a motion filed at the Accra

bars to prevent him from entering it.

The court heard that Asiedu grabbed

a ladder and climbed onto the porch and

entered the room through the window.

She said the MP, who had returned

home at 11:40 p.m. the previous day, was

fast asleep. Asiedu, upon entering the

room, started searching it and in the

process, the MP woke up in an attempt

to stop him from taking anything from

the room.

She said Asiedu stabbed Mr

Danquah- Adu in the process, leading to

his death.

‘I planned MP’s killing’

When offered the opportunity to

speak, Asiedu, first accused persons (A1),

told the court that he had planned the

murder of the MP with some others.

He told the court that even though

there was enough money when he broke

into the room of the MP, the intention

was not to steal but to kill.

He also told the court that as part of

their plan, it was known to him that he

would be arrested after the incident.

Asiedu also told the court that he

entered the MP’s house through his main

gate even though security was tight and

that not even a dog would be allowed to

pass in front of the house.

High Court, the EC said the Act

had not been implemented

principally because of three main

challenges which the EC faced

shortly after the order.

The challenges, the EC

Chairperson said, included the

removal of Charlotte Osei and her

two deputies, Amadu Sulley and

Georgina Opoku-Amankwa, who

were found guilty of six allegations

levelled against them by some


The EC said also that it failed to

implement the order of the Court

thereafter because of its work

relating to the referenda to create

six new regions in the country.

Mrs Mensa indicated in the

affidavit of support that the EC

had inaugurated a committee,

chaired by the Deputy Chairperson,

Dr BossmanAsare Eric.

She said the committee was

working with the general public,

stakeholders and other countries

that are practising External Voting

to take the appropriate steps for its

implementation in Ghana.

She, therefore, prayed the court

to give EC more time to

operationalise Act 699 for 12

calendar months ending January


He told the court that ever since his

arrest, he had never seen those he

planned the incident with.

NPP contracted me, not NDC

He told the court that contrary to his

earlier claims that it was some members

within the National Democratic Congress

(NDC) who contracted him, it was rather

members of the New Patriotic Party

(NPP), because ever since he went to the

Nsawam Medium Security Prison, he had

accepted Christ and decided to speak the

truth even if he would have to die for it.

According to him, he had mentioned

the names of those persons when he was

re-arrested by the police after the High

Court had discharged him earlier.

He told the court that the statement

he had given to the police could not be

traced, hence his plea for him to be

offered ICC lawyers for the truth to

come out.

He said the family of JB Danquah-

Adu “is still blaming me. My lord, that is

why I am saying I need help to get an

ICC lawyer else the truth will not come


He also told the court that he did not

know Bossu, the second accused persons.

from Order Paper

SPEAKER OF Parliament,

Prof Mike Oquaye, has

ordered the removal of the

Right to Information bill

from the House’s Order


The order was

necessitated by demands by

Civil Society Organisations

(CSOs) for some

amendments to be effected

before the passage of the

bill into law.

The RTI Coalition has

presented some proposals to

be incorporated into the bill

before its passage into law..

Announcing the

directive, the Speaker said,

“We are duty-bound to

listen to other viewpoints

on this matter.”

The Speaker’s directive

comes barely 24hours after

the Majority Leader and

Minister for Parliamentary

Affairs disclosed the Bill

would be passed into law on

Friday, March 22.

“Mr Speaker, as I said,

the matter of policy has

been sorted out. What is left

now is that new proposals

have come from civil society

for us to factor them into

the bill. Other than that,

nothing prevents us from

bringing matters to a


“That’s why I’m saying it

is even possible to bring

matters to a closure this

•Prof Mike Oquaye,

Speaker of Parliament

week, Friday [that is, March

21],” Mr Osei Kyei-Mensah-

Bonsu stated.

Second Deputy Speaker

Alban Bagbin, during last

Wednesday’s Parliamentary

proceedings, urged CSOs to

lessen their push for their

proposals to be

incorporated into the bill at

all cost.

He said: “Civil societies

should be informed that

these things are

evolutionary, not

revolutionary. They are

evolutionary and so some of

the proposals could be

legislated upon but they

could be held up when it

comes to issues of



The RTI bill was laid

before Parliament by the

Deputy Attorney General

Joseph Kpemka Dindiok in

March this year.

It has been 22 years since

the first RTI bill was drafted

under the auspices of the

Institute of Economic

Affairs (IEA), and 16 years

since the Executive arm of

government in 2002 drafted

the first RTI bill.

The draft Executive Bill

was subsequently reviewed

in 2003, 2005 and 2007 but

was never laid in Parliament

until February 5, 2010.

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US Dollar USDGHS 4.7871 4.7919

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS










CyberGhana to host Cyber security

conference, awards tomorrow



A non-profit

cyber security organisation,


host the second

edition of the Cybersecurity

Conference and

Awards tomorrow at the Benjilo

Auditorium at Achimota, Accra.

The event, which will be happening

on the theme ‘Expanding

Cyber Security Knowledge, Skills

and Services in Ghana’, is expected

to sensitise the public to

the need for cyber security skills

and services in Ghana and while

awards will be given to the people

who have created technology tools

that have solved real problems.

Mr Samuel Owusu, Executive

Director at CyberGhana, spoke


ahead of tomorrow's event, he

stated that "One of our main objectives

of this event is to inform

the teeming unemployed youth

about the free cyber security programs

they can take advantage of."

He added that there would be

workshops at the conference

where a wide range of cyber security

topics and information would

be deliberated on.

"We will discuss choosing the

right security creek and consultancy

services, promoting cyber security

talents in Ghana and other

•Flashback: Panel discussion after that year’s event

cyber-related issues."

Keynote Speaker will be Mr

Eric Akumiah, Chief Executive

Officer, AI Consulting Limited.

Some distinguished guests that will

be present are Desmond Israel,

Solicitor and barrister at the

Supreme Court of Ghana; and

Eric Pope Ackaa, Software engineer

and cyber security architect

from Virginia, United States of


He expressed the hope that this

year's event will attract more people

as compared to the 825 attendance

last year, he then showed

gratitude to the main sponsor of

•Mr Christian Chammas, CEO, Vivo Energy

the event Advanced Evidence Discovery

Ghana for their unrelenting


MTN hosts technology experts to discuss ‘Location Intelligence’

MTN GHANA and Business

World will host leading Technology

Experts at the 25th MTN

Business World Executive Breakfast


The much-anticipated event,

on the theme ‘Location Intelligence:

The Driver for Business

Success’, will take place on March

28, 2019 at the Kempinski Hotel

Gold Coast City in Accra.

The event seeks to uncover

how businesses and organizations

can take full advantage of Location

Intelligence to identify new

customer markets, optimize sales

territories, manage risk, and boost


According to Business Intelligence

experts, companies that

don’t adopt insight-driven, customer-centric

strategies will struggle

to stay alive. Technology and

customer expectations are evolving

too rapidly for non-adopters

to keep up.

The panel of experts who will

be speaking include Karthik

Raman, an IBM Executive who

has over 25 years of experience

•Mr Noel Kojo-Ganson, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN

across Telecom and Media Industry.

He leads IBM’s Industrial

Services in Telco and extensively

covers the “One IBM” approach

According to Business

Intelligence experts,


that don’t adopt insight-driven,


strategies will struggle

to stay alive.

Technology and customer


are evolving too rapidly

for non-adopters

to keep up.

into key Telcos in the Africa region.

Amerley Ampofo, Senior Manager

Customers Analytics at

MTN, who is currently leading

the company to the path of a

Business Intelligence Centre of

Excellence, is also one of the

speakers. The third is Nana Osei

Kwasi Afrifa, Chief Executive

Officer of Vokacom, the company

driving Ghana’s Digital addressing

solution, Asaase GPS.

In discussing the importance

of location intelligence and the

reasons why MTN is excited

about this forum, the Chief Marketing

Officer of MTN, Mr. Noel

Kojo-Ganson, said. “As a telecoms

organization providing cutting

edge data in this industry, we

are confident that our resource

persons will share valuable insights

into the use of Location

Intelligence for business growth.”

The Executive Breakfast series,

which is in its eighth year, is the

leading thought leadership and

networking platform for Ghanaian

business executives and entrepreneurs

attracting over 1000 executives


It has hosted a number of international,

motivational and business

leaders, including Mac

Attram, Robin Banks, Brian Tracy,

Siya Xuza, Elikem Nutifafa

Kuenyehia, Jason Njoku, Sharon

Lechter, Mr Yaw Nsarkoh, Rosa

Whitaker and many more.

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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

I’ll continue to fulfil my promises – Akufo-Addo


Addo Dankwa Akufo-

Addo has said the government

is fully committed to

the well-being and welfare

of the men and women of

the Ghana Armed Forces.

Speaking at the end-of-year Wassa

of the Ghana Armed Forces, at

Burma Camp, on Thursday, March 21,

2019, President Akufo-Addo stated

that “we will continue to stay true to

the pledges we made in the 2016 manifesto

that brought my party, the New

Patriotic Party, and I into office.”

Outlining some of the measures

put in place to improve the welfare

and well-being of the Ghana Armed

Forces, the President stated that his

Government, upon assumption of office,

increased the United Nations

Peacekeeping Troops contribution allowances

from $30 to $35 per soldier

per day.

“We cleared the outstanding arrears

of $13 million for all peacekeeping

personnel; we are now paying your

allowances at the place of operations.

As you wished, we have also settled

the 11.1% of arrears due to the civilian

employees, and effected a 10% upward

salary review for all personnel,”

he added.

•President Akufo-

Addo serving some

army personnel

after the event

President Akufo-Addo indicated

further that the completion of the

third phase of the 37 Military Hospital

is on course, and that the Government

was also going to complete the

500-bed Military Hospital in the

Ashanti Region, and begin the third

phase of this project soon.

“’Work is on-going on the barracks

regeneration projects, with the

four blocks of 16 flats, each between

60% to 75% complete. Nearly a

month ago, in fulfilment of an October

2018 pledge, I presented 50

ANKAI buses, 40 Toyota Land

Cruiser Hardbody vehicles, and 50

Toyota Hilux pickups, which form

part of the first tranche of 138 staff

and operational vehicles of various

categories, to the Armed Forces,” he


He continued, “During the year,

we will provide the Army with 30

Otokar Armoured Personnel Carriers

(APC), and six fast patrol boats for

the Navy. We are also making systematic

efforts to protect our offshore hydrocarbon

assets, now of great value,

by establishing a Forward Operating

Base at Enzulebu, in the Western Region,

for their protection. Construction

of the base will begin this year.”

With respect to the Air Force, the

President stated that two of the M.I

17 helicopters were sent for overhauling

and returned to the jurisdiction,

and funds had been released to extend

the flying hours for the third helicopter.

“Similarly, when we took office, all

three of the CASA C295 transport

aircraft had broken down. We have

fixed one of them, and the remaining

two have been sent out of the country

for overhauling. One is due back in

the country next month, and the other

in October,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo reassured

that Government would not relent in

its efforts in transforming the Ghana

Armed Forces into a formidable

force, and would continue to help enhance

the capacity and capabilities of

the Armed Forces towards the development

of our nation.

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CDD raises concerns over voter

verification during referendum

THE DEPUTY Executive

Director of

Ghana Centre for

Democratic Development

(CDD), Dr

Franklin Oduro, has

raised issues with the resort to

manual verification of voters during

last December’s referendum,

saying that was not good for the

integrity of the election.

He said although it was not illegal

to do manual verification of

voters during voting, the mass

level at which this was carried out

raised questions about the credibility

of the polls.

Dr Oduro, however, said he

was not surprised that the two

main political parties – New Patriotic

Party (NPP) and National

Democratic Congress (NDC), did

not complain because they both

supported the creation of the new


The CDD Deputy Executive

Director was speaking on the

•Dr Franklin Oduro,

Deputy Executive

Director of CDD

topic: ‘The 2018 referendum: lessons

for 2019 referendum and

election 2020’, at a strategic partners’

learning event organised by

NORSAAC, a civil society organisation

(CSO), in Tamale.

The programme formed part

of NORSAAC’s “Referendum We

Want” project, supported by

STAR-Ghana Foundation.

It brought together state institutions,

CSOs, political parties, traditional

authorities and the media.

The aim was to share NOR-

SAAC’s observation report on the

December 2018 referendum on

the creation of new regions, for

the participants to assess the conduct

of the poll, and make recommendations

to help improve the

conduct of the upcoming referendum

in September.

Dr Oduro cautioned that “if

we use discredited means to get a

certain outcome against the will of

the people, the consequences will

be dire for the country”.

The referendum, to be held in

September on the election of

Metropolitan Municipal and District

Chief Executives (MMD-

CEs), was complex in terms of

the issues involved and he called

for more resources for state bodies

to undertake effective public


This was necessary to make

sure that the people become wellinformed

to make the right decision.

The NORSAAC’s report

faulted electoral officials for the

wrong placing of voting booths,

something it said did not allow for

the secrecy of voting.

It also deplored the situation

where polling officials help some

voters to thumb-print ballot papers

and proceed to drop them in

the ballot boxes themselves.

Alhaji Abdul Razak Saani,

Northern Regional Director of

National Commission for Civic

Education (NCCE), highlighted

the need to deepen efforts in

building public confidence in the

Electoral Commission (EC) to

help the people to believe that it

was doing a good job.

Mr Alhassan Mohammed Awal,

Executive Director of NOR-

SAAC, said measures should be

taken to ensure that flaws identified

during the December 2018

referendum were not






The General Public is kindly informed that the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospitals (Amendment)

Bill, 2019 has been introduced in Parliament and referred to the Committee on Health for consideration

and report.

Interested persons, groups and organizations willing to make submissions on the Bill are kindly requested to

submit memoranda to the Clerk to the Committee within two (2) weeks after publication.





Soft copies of the Bill may be accessed from the Website of the Parliament of Ghana -

The Clerk to the Committee may be contacted on 0244715438 for further information.



Kwesi Arthur has

my style – Lazee



artiste and Chief Executive Officer

of Timeless Music,

Mawuli Kwabla Morton

Kulego, known in the music

space as Lazee, has praised young Ghanaian

BET nominee Kwesi Arthur and described

his style of music as unique.

According to the Swedish Grammy

nominee, he will choose Kwesi Arthur

over any artiste in Ghana because “I think

our respective style would fit together. I’m

a big fan of his music.”

In a telephone interview with the

artiste, who is based in Sweden, he said

his plan in the music industry is to inspire,

motivate the youth to be themselves

and be better.

Lazee, whose father was a DJ,

grew up influenced by music. He

chose to do rap because he said,

“I felt that was my attitude at the

time and something I could relate


Sharing his experience as a

black guy doing urban music

in a white-dominated country,

he said, “Doing urban music

in a white-dominated country

isn’t easy; I had no

choice but to believe in myself

because no one else

could see my vision. It

hasn’t been smooth, it’s all


He says he has worked

with Raekwon (Wu

Tang), Sean Kingston,

Krayzie Bone (Bone

Thugs N) Harmony,

Swedish House Mafia,

Prince of 4x4 and has over 500 tracks.

Lazee said, “I look up to artistes that

have accomplished what I trying to do.

Everyone from Jay-Z, Drake, Diddy are

all big inspirations for me.”

His latest song, ‘Flex’, was inspired by

his trip to Ghana. “It’s my first time

singing in my native language, which is

Ga. So I hope the people

like it.”

About Lazee


Kulego is an




In 2006,

• Lazee, artiste

Lazee released his first mixed tape, ‘It Is

What It Is’, a collaboration with hip hop

legend DJ Kay Slay (NYC). With influences

from Rap, RnB and Reggae, Lazee

found a way to combine these with all the

90\s rock pop music he grew up listening

to in Europe.

He quickly found his strength in writing

and composing a sound that’s familiar

but new. Lazee’s first single, ‘Rock Away’,

was an instant hit and entered the charts

in the spring of 2008, before it was even

officially released. It ended up in the top

10, and rotated frequently on all major

Scandinavian radio stations and Swedish


After that, his first album, ‘Setting

Standards’, was released. Sharing the stage

with acts such as Lady Gaga, Snoop

Dogg, Ne-Yo, Wyclef Jean, and 50

Cent and being advised by the

legendary Quincy Jones,

Lazee has proved not only

to be a great performer but

also a great entertainer.

After studying Performing

Arts at UCLA,

Lazee focused more on

songwriting and has

since worked with

both seasoned and

new producers.

With his latest release

with Warner

Music/ Parlophone


artist and world

producer Ishi,

Lazee is well on

his way to becoming

a well

known writer

and top liner.

‘Ponobiom’ to

feature top intl.

artistes on 'Upness

Collection' album


• Ponobiom

MULTIPLE 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards

nominee Ponobiom is currently in London making

preparations towards the grand launch of his

studio album 'Upness Collection.”

According to his management, he will be working

with top international artistes while there.

One of the leading members of the artiste’s

management team at Uptown Energy Records,

who spoke to the DAILY HERITAGE on

condition of anonymity, said the Uptown Energy

boss is out to make some recordings, mostly with

some UK-based artistes and shoot videos for his

"Upness Collection".

When asked which artiste Ponobiom might be

working with, he stated that, "We're holding on to

their names for now because production is still in

session but we will let the fans know immediately

we're through with the final track listing."

He elaborated on some plans of the Uptown

Energy record label, saying, "This year uptown

energy will release three artistes into the mainstream;

Shuga Kwame, Tha Blackboi and Otope.

"It is part of Pono's aim to support all talents

so he is planning on making them a priority this


He concluded that Ghanaians should expect

major works from the three 'Soldiers' this year and


Kobby Salm, Kingzkid

drop ‘Uncommon’ EP


TWO OF Africa’s Finest Christian Hiphop

artistes, Kobby Salm and Kingzkid,

have dropped their uncommon EP.

The two are the first ever

Christian/Gospel artistes in Ghana to

work on a joint project.

The Uncommon EP, which was released

on March 20, 2019 and was inspired

by the 1Peter 2:9, has three unique songs

titled ‘Overdose’, ‘Assurance’ and ‘Sing

Your Praise’ respectively. The songs were

respectively produced by three of Ghana’s

finest producers -- Mikemillz, JumpOff

and Vacs.

The much-anticipated EP has the official

video of ‘Overdose’ directed by

Kemist Gold.

• Kobby Salm




Medikal cheated on

me — Sister Derby


CIAN and television

presenter Deborah

Owusu Bonsu, popularly

known as Sister

Derby, has finally disclosed in an interview

how her relationship with

rapper Medikal ended.

According to Sister Derby, also

known as ‘The African Mermaid’,

she broke up with Medikal after she

heard rumours about him cheating

on her.

“There were rumours of cheating

and when I found out I just left. I

know people think otherwise but I


I don’t see why I should fight for

someone who is proving to be otherwise,

there is no point. I saw the

break-up coming so I left,” she disclosed.

Sister Derby also stated that she

wrote her hit song ‘Kakalika Love’ in

2018 before she broke up with


According to her, the song was

not a ‘diss’ song as some want to

make Ghanaians believe but a way of

telling her fans that she was no more

in a relationship with Medikal.

“People assume and say it is a

diss song, but as an artist, at the

beginning of our relationship, I

made my fans and the world to

know that I am dating this person.

“As the break-up happened,

it’s a way to also tell my fans this

is the story. I can’t be a coward

or hypocrite and stay silent about

it. That is a way of telling my

story, and there were no insults in

it,” Sister Derby added.

• Sister Derby

Choosing French as second language

disrespectful — Okyeame Kwame


Kwame, is worried about a recent statement

made by Minister of Foreign Affairs

and Regional Integration, Shirley Ayorkor

Botchwey, that Ghana is considering

choosing French as second language.

The minister said this while addressing

the opening session of the 2019 La Francophonie

Week in Accra.

But according to Okyeame, that will be

disrespectful to Ghana’s culture. He rather

suggests that one of Ghana’s local languages

be chosen as the official language of


“French as a second language is disrespectful

to our pride and culture. It is bad

enough that our first language is another

person’s language. What is wrong with

making one of our local languages our first

language,” he posted on twitter.

Okyeame further explained that all

countries that have developed did so by

using their own language as the official

means of communication.

This has re-ignited the debate of

whether or not Ghana should choose a

local language as its official language or a

national language.

While some has said it is a good idea,

others think that it will be difficult to

choose one local language because of the

tribal differences in the country.

Another group also has said that French

is an international language and that adding

it to English would boost business communication.

Okyeame, a ‘Made in Ghana’ ambassador

is bent on projecting Ghana’s pride and

heritage through music.

This is what is encapsulated in his yetto-be-released

‘Made in Ghana’ album.

•Okyeame Kwame

“If you are wack, I will not

listen to you,” he said on

Joy FM and described

‘One Corner’ hit maker

Patapaa as the worst

among the three artistes.

D-Black jabs Tinny


owner of Black Avenue

Musik (BAM), D-Black, has

responded to Tinny for calling

him a “wack” rapper.

In a tweet, D-Black questioned

why the Ga rapper

has been missing in action

on the music scene for years

despite his “amazing” rap


In an interview on Joy

FM on Monday, Tinny described

popular artistes D-

Black, Kwaw Kese and

Patapaa as “wack” rappers in


“If you are wack, I will

not listen to you,” he said on

Joy FM and described ‘One

Corner’ hit maker Patapaa as

the worst among the three


D-Black responded with

a subtle jab, asking Tinny

what he has been doing with

his supposed “amazing” rap


“Hmm lol. Ah w33. Wondering

what he’s been using

his ‘amazing’ rap skills for

these past years,” D-Black

said in a reply to a tweet.

D-Black’s comment reechoed

claims that Tinny has

not been able to produce hit

songs in the past few years.






Pogba tops 10 best

midfielders in the world?

WE ARE reaching the

business end of the

2018/19 season of football

and like every other

season; we have witnessed

brilliant football all around the world.

In football, every position is important, but

the midfield governs a team's performance.

The midfielders breakdown opposition

play by making timely interceptions, they dictate

the proceedings in the middle and they

also create goalscoring opportunities. The

midfielders also tend to do the dirty work for

the team, so that their attackers can do the

damage upfield.

It was pretty difficult to pick out the top

10 midfielders in the world at the moment, as

there have been a number of brilliant performances

in the middle of the park. Before

beginning with the slideshow, here are the

midfielders who just missed out from this list.

Honorable mentions: Thiago Alcantara (

Bayern Munich), Casemiro ( Real Madrid),

Luka Modric ( Real Madrid), Thomas Partey (

Atletico Madrid), Miralem Pjanic ( Juventus),

Piotr Zielinski ( Napoli), Marco Verrati ( Paris

Saint-Germain), Lucas Torreira ( Arsenal).

All the above players were considered, but

they just didn't cut into the top 10 in the

world according to me. This list is purely

based on performances this season and not

on reputation.

So, without further ado, here are the top

10 midfielders in the world at the moment:

#10 N'Golo Kante:

In spite of being played out of position,

Kante has been brilliant for Chelsea FC.

Kante has played most of this season in the

right midfielder position as Sarri prefers

Jorginho as the deep-lying playmaker. In spite

of being played out of position, the Frenchman

has been absolutely brilliant for Chelsea.

Kante has been running the show for the

Blues, while Jorginho has faltered in his preferred


Kante has adjusted his game perfectly and

he has scored 3 goals and assisted 4, which is

not bad for a natural defensive midfielder. If

Sarri would have played Kante in his preferred

role, he might have the best in the

world again, but Sarri clearly doesn't see

Kante as his defensive midfielder.

#9 Axel Witsel:

Witsel can be considered the best signing

of the summer. Witsel signed for Borussia

Dortmund this summer and what a signing

the Belgian has been. He can be considered as

the best signing of the summer this season.

The Belgian has completely transformed

Dortmund's midfield and has been running

the show for BVB in the middle of the field.

Witsel has been a pivotal part of Dortmund's

title challenge this season. His timely

interceptions and tackles have instigated many

Dortmund counterattacks. The Belgian has

won 71 percent of his tackles this year and

has scored 3 goals.

#8 Georginio Wijnaldum:

Liverpool's best midfielder this season,

Wijnaldum When Liverpool signed Fabinho

and Keita, everyone thought that Wijnaldum

would get less game time, but that hasn't happened.

Wijnaldum has been Liverpool's best

midfielder this season. The Holland international

has played primarily in two positions,

that is the number 6 role and the number 8


Wijnaldum prefers the number 8 role,

but his versatile nature permits

to him play anywhere in

the midfield. He is absolutely

vital to Liverpool's


of winning the


League this

season. His




and tireless

running have

been a highlight

this year.

#7 David


David Silva remains

vital for Manchester

City's quadruple

dream - FA Cup Quarter Final.

David Silva has been

Premier League's most

consistent midfielder

over the years and he

has showed his class

again this season.

With Kevin de

Bruyne out for

most of the season

through injury,

the Spaniard

had to step up

and he along with

Bernardo Silva

have done just that.

The 33-year-old

has scored 9 goals and

assisted 10 this season.

He just like last season has

been Pep Guardiola's go to

man. The Spaniard is one of best on

the ball and his vision can be compared to the

very best. He remains vital for City in their

quadruple dream.

#6 Sergio Busquets:

FC Barcelona's conductor, Sergio Busquets

Busquets is the definition of a deeplying

playmaker. The Spaniard is the

conductor of Barcelona and everything good

on the field goes through him. He controls

the tempo of the game, helps Barcelona keep

possession in tricky areas, he is brilliant on the

ball and his timely interceptions help the Blaugrana

regain possession.

The 30-year-old veteran midfielder does all

the dirty work so that the likes of Luis Suarez

and Lionel Messi can do the damage upfield.

He has won 72 percent of his tackles in La

Liga this season, which just further states his

defensive authority. He doesn't do much in

terms of goals and assists, but what he does

with the ball is that he keeps things simple

and tidy.

• Paul


• N'Golo


• Bernardo


#5 Fernandinho:

Newport County AFC v Manchester City -

FA Cup Fifth Round Another player much

similar to Busquets is the Brazilian Fernandinho.

His the most important player for Pep

Guardiola in Manchester City. He has been

tremendously again for City this

season. He just like Busquets

conducts everything in the

middle of the Sky


The 33-year-old

operates as the


of the

three midfielders

and allows

the likes of

David Silva

and Bernardo

Silva to roam

around and create

chaos for upfield.

The Brazilian is

one of the most underrated

performers in this brilliant

City side, but his importance

can be stated by the fact that he has won 75

percent of his tackles in the Premier League

this season which is the most in this City side.

#4 Tanguy Ndombele:

Lyon's Ndombele has been brilliant for the

team and could be making a big summer

move. Ndombele has been a beast in the middle

of the park for Lyon this season. The

young Frenchman is the definition of a modern

day midfielder. He has been brilliant both

in the league and in the Champions League.

The 22-year-old plays as a defensive midfielder

and has traits similar to his French

compatriot Paul Pogba. He can drive through

the midfield, pick out passes at will and has

that swagger about his play. He has given 6 assists

in the Ligue 1 this season, which is not

bad for a defensive midfielder.

His stats in the Champions League are absolutely

incredible. He has won 71 percent of

his duels and a 100 percent of his aerial duels

in Europe this season, which just tells you

how hard he works off the ball. The Frenchman

is now on the radar of Europe's big boys

and a huge summer move is on the cards.

#3 Ivan Rakitic:

Rakitic has won 79% of his tackles in the

La Liga this season. Rakitic has been brilliant

for the Blaugrana this season. The Croatian

had a wonderful World Cup and he has continued

his form this season for Barcelona.

The Croatian is one of the most underappreciated

players in world football, but this season

he has proved again that he is one of the

best in the world.

The 31-year-old operates on the right side

of the 3 man midfield and is the definition of

a box to box midfielder. His work rate, tenacity

and energy are indispensable to this

Barcelona side. The Croatian has 9 assists and

5 goals to his name this season and has won

about 79 percent of his tackles in the La Liga

this season.

#2 Bernardo Silva:

Bernardo Silva has

been undroppable for

Pep Guardiola. With

Kevin de Bruyne

ruled out for the

majority of the

season, it was

time for

Bernardo Silva

to step up for


City in their

Belgian star's

absence. The little

Portuguese has

done just that. In

fact he has been so

great that Pep Guardiola

described him as undroppable.

Silva has played mostly in the

right midfield role for City and he has

been running the show alongside Fernandinho

and David Silva. The Portuguese is know

for his attacking play, but his defensive stats

are one a defender would be proud of.

In the Premier League, the Portuguese has

won 75 percent of his tackles. He has scored a

total of 10 goals and assisted 9 this season.

The 24-year-old is full of tenacity and his energy

is indispensable to this City side.

#1 Paul Pogba:

The World Cup winner has been vital for

Ole's squad this season. After winning the

World Cup, it was time for Pogba to step up

at Manchester United, but at the start of the

season, he was pretty inconsistent. But with

the arrived of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Old

Trafford, the big Frenchman has looked absolutely

unstoppable in the middle of the


He has been producing insane stats for a

midfielder. He has scored 14 goals this season,

the most by any midfielder in the world

and he has assisted 11. He has been involved

in a total of 25 goals, which is again the highest

by any midfielder in the world this season.

He has been creating chances, scoring

goals and winning Manchester United

matches on his own. Also, he is criticized for

his lack of desire to defend. The stats suggest

otherwise, the 26-year-old has won 64 percent

of his tackles in the Premier League this season,

which is not bad for a player who is creating

so much on the other end.

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