CosBeauty Magazine #84

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia. In this issue: - Celebrity Trend Spotting - Mother's Day Gift Guide - Winter Skin Saviours - Pregnant? What products are safe to use - About Face; Rejuvenation with lasers and injectables

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia.
In this issue:
- Celebrity Trend Spotting
- Mother's Day Gift Guide
- Winter Skin Saviours
- Pregnant? What products are safe to use
- About Face; Rejuvenation with lasers and injectables


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ISSUE 84 MAY-JULY 2019<br />

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®<br />

A revolutionary blend of breakthrough molecule retinyl retinoate,<br />

now twinned with crystal-stabilised retinaldehyde for ultimate overnight skin rejuvenation.<br />

Experience now at medik8.com.au<br />

1800 242 011 #BEYONDRETINOL @medik8australia

&<br />

Radiate<br />

beauty<br />

confidence<br />

Using the latest technologies, our team of experts<br />

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking<br />

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.<br />

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.<br />

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:<br />

world-class wrinkle reduction and<br />

lip enhancement<br />

laser skin rejuvenation<br />

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction<br />

Thermage non-surgical face lifting<br />

medical peels<br />

clinic-only premium skincare<br />

Call us to book a complimentary consultation<br />

02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney


BEAUTY<br />


8 Editor’s Letter<br />

10 Beauty Insider<br />

108 Ed’s Faves<br />


20 Celebrity Trends Spotted<br />

Who better to look to for the<br />

latest makeup & fashion trends<br />

than the big name celebrities<br />

spotted strutting their stuff?<br />

50 Light Therapies Explained<br />

The power of light is infinite.<br />

From targeting wrinkles, fine<br />

lines and scars to improving<br />

skin complexion and hyperpigmentation,<br />

light-based<br />

therapies can treat a wide range<br />

of facial ageing concerns.<br />

64 Your Guide to Cosmetic<br />

Injectables<br />

Do you know your neurotoxins<br />

from your HA fillers? We<br />

simplify the jargon and give you<br />

the what’s what of injectables<br />

70 How Will You Age?<br />

When it comes to how our skin<br />

ages, it seems it’s a case of like<br />

mother, like daughter.<br />

78 Pregnant?<br />

Dos & don’ts for facial<br />

rejuvenation<br />

90 Happy Mother’s Day<br />

We’ve done the hard work for<br />

you. Here are our favourite<br />

picks for the perfect Mother’s<br />

Day gift or even a guilty<br />

pleasure for yourself.<br />

28 Makeup Tricks to Look Younger<br />

As we age, cosmetics that once<br />

enhanced our looks can become<br />

unflattering. These beauty<br />

products can help you turn back<br />

the clock and revive a youthful<br />

complexion.<br />

34 Eye Spy<br />

With a few expert techniques<br />

and products, a steady hand can<br />

create ways to really make your<br />

eyes pop.<br />

40 Winter Skin Saviours<br />

Dry skin is winter’s worst side<br />

effect and a build-up of dead<br />

cells on the surface means<br />

moisture sits on the outside<br />

and doesn’t penetrate to the<br />

deeper layers.<br />

98 All That Glitters<br />

Bling is not just for jewels in<br />

2019. This season rock the<br />

glitter trend by applying it to<br />

the cheekbones, eyelids, inner<br />

corners and lips for the blingedout<br />

beauty looks we love.<br />

100 Lips<br />

Matte vs gloss


74 The Dos & Don’ts of Falling<br />

Pregnant<br />

Could your lifestyle be hindering<br />

your hopes of starting a family?<br />

Here, a check list of the habits you<br />

should halt – and some to take<br />

up – to improve your chances of<br />

conceiving.<br />

86 Intimate Surgery<br />

Adelaide gynaecologist and pelvic<br />

reconstructive surgeon Dr Oseka<br />

Onuma explains how minimally<br />

invasive genital surgery can<br />

transform lives.<br />

102 Woman on a Mission<br />

Stephenie Rodriguez is an Australian<br />

businesswoman, award-winning<br />

digital marketer and the founder<br />

of JOZU for Women Inc. She is the<br />

inventor of the world’s first personal<br />

safety ecosystem designed by<br />

women, with compassion.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 7

From the<br />

Editor<br />

I<br />

do love summer, but even I’m looking forward to some cooler weather<br />

ahead. However, the cold can cause havoc with our skin due to the lack<br />

of moisture in the air while the bite of the wind can cause chapping.<br />

In response, it’s only natural to luxuriate in a hot shower or bath, but<br />

sometimes this only exacerbates the problem. The heat can actually strip<br />

the skin of its natural oils and contribute to moisture loss and ultimately<br />

dehydration. In our special feature on page 40 we have collected the best of the<br />

best ‘winter skin saviours’ to help combat these skin problems that are almost<br />

impossible to avoid.<br />

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so take a look at our special Gift<br />

Guide starting on page 90 – you won’t be able to resist these gift sets and<br />

special products and nobody will hold it against you if you buy them with good<br />

intentions and end up keeping them for yourself!<br />

Our article on page 70 looks at how similarly mothers’ and daughters’ skin<br />

changes with time – it may give you an insight into how well you will age,<br />

looking at your own gene pool.<br />

We all know rejuvenation treatments are becoming more and more popular;<br />

and if you have been considering having a laser treatment, winter is the<br />

recommended time of year to undergo it, as your comfort won’t be hampered<br />

by hot, sticky weather. Our feature on page 50 explains all your options and,<br />

if laser isn’t for you, we also have a comprehensive guide to facial injectables<br />

on page 64.<br />

Falling pregnant is a challenge for some, and we have an article on page<br />

74 that explains the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ – and also details a new product<br />

that is making it easier for many. If you are already pregnant, turn to the article<br />

on page 78 to make sure your products and treatments are suitable to use while<br />

you are expecting.<br />

As usual, we highlight the latest celebrity trends and in the feature on page<br />

20, we showcase the latest looks spotted out and about.<br />

Enjoy this digital issue of <strong>CosBeauty</strong> magazine and, if you would like beauty<br />

news delivered to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter at www.cosbeauty.com.au<br />

Issue 84<br />

May 2019 - July 2019<br />

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that they represent one person’s experience and there is<br />

no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.




READY TO<br />

OWNIT?<br />


Many healthcare professionals can currently<br />

administer facial injectables, so it’s important to:<br />

• Check their registration details, qualifications<br />

and experience<br />

• Have a consult prior to treatment<br />

• Confirm your personalised treatment plan<br />

in line with your expectations<br />

Make sure the product you’re getting is registered<br />

for use in Australia, has an ARTG Number and is<br />

not a counterfeit:<br />

• Check the name of the product you will be receiving<br />

• Understand when results will be seen and how<br />

long they will last<br />

To choose the best clinic for you, ask friends<br />

or research via a reputable clinic finder.<br />

You should also:<br />

• Check the clinic or business is formally registered<br />

• Look for a displayed copy of the clinic’s license<br />

• If there are before and after images of actual<br />

patients available, ask to have a look<br />

TM<br />

Trademark(s) of Allergan, Inc. Allergan Australia Pty Ltd. 810 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW 2072.<br />

ABN 85000612831. © 2019 Allergan. All rights reserved. ANZ/0076/2016l(1). Date of Preparation: April 2019.<br />


@cosbeauty<br />

Beauty insider<br />




She’s already conquered the world of fashion,<br />

and now Victoria Beckham has her sights set on<br />

the beauty industry with the arrival of her first<br />

makeup range.<br />

The designer, 44, revealed via social media<br />

in February that she will be officially launching<br />

Victoria Beckham Beauty later this year.<br />

The former Spice Girl, who splits her time<br />

between west London and the Cotswolds,<br />

has already enjoyed phenomenal success with<br />

two sell-out collections in collaboration with<br />

Estée Lauder.<br />

According to a press release, she’s planning<br />

to sell direct-to-consumer through www.<br />

victoriabeckham.com and to use social media<br />

to communicate with fans directly about their<br />

product needs.

@cosbeauty<br />


The Next Generation of Vitamin<br />

A from Medik8 - available in four<br />

Strengths from May 2019<br />

Last year, through progressive<br />

clinical research and testing<br />

methods designed with scientists<br />

at the University of Hertfordshire,<br />

Medik8 launched two strengths of<br />

their now award-winning serum,<br />

Crystal Retinal. Formulated with<br />

retinaldehyde, a super-charged<br />

derivative of vitamin A, Crystal<br />

Retinal works in synergy with skin to<br />

help promote cellular turnover.<br />

Now, Medik8 have expanded<br />

the Crystal Retinal family by<br />

introducing a further two strengths<br />

– Crystal Retinal 1 (gentle-strength<br />

retinaldehyde) and Crystal Retinal<br />

3 (medium-strength retinaldehyde).<br />

The new gentler strengths of 0.01%<br />

and 0.03% crystal-encapsulated<br />

retinaldehyde allow skin to get used<br />

to vitamin A slowly, while minimising<br />

any irritation.<br />

Even the most sensitive of skin<br />

can now benefit from the next<br />

generation of vitamin A that is<br />

clinically proven to work up to 11x<br />

faster than retinol.<br />

Clinically proven to be faster than<br />

retinol, this luxurious night serumcream<br />

firms, plumps and resurfaces<br />

skin, visibly minimising fine lines and<br />

wrinkles to deliver youthful-looking,<br />

more even toned complexion. With<br />

the two new strengths – at 0.01%<br />

and 0.03% respectively – Medik8<br />

now offers a complete Vitamin A<br />

ladder with a stepping stone to the<br />

stronger strengths of Crystal Retinal<br />

6 and 10.<br />


We love it! Beauty that you eat!<br />

Introducing Australia’s First ALL<br />

NATURAL, fully functional beauty<br />

snack – BEAUTY BITES.<br />

Developed by Keira Rumble,<br />

Founder of Krumbled Foods to help<br />

women look and feel more beautiful<br />

from the inside out, BEAUTY BITES<br />

combines illuminating and proven<br />

age defying ingredients including<br />

Collagen, Probiotics, Vitamins and<br />

Prebiotics, in one convenient single<br />

dose snack.<br />

‘The huge focus when creating<br />

BEAUTY BITES was to create a<br />

fully functioning on-the-go snack<br />

that’s specifically designed to support<br />

skin, nail, hair and gut health from<br />

the inside out. BEAUTY BITES<br />

combines 5 anti-ageing ingredients<br />

that all work together to create a<br />

delicious healthy snack with ultimate<br />

beauty benefits!’ – Keira Rumble,<br />

Founder of Krumbled Foods.<br />


• Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides<br />

Help to combat signs of ageing and<br />

support digestive health.<br />

• Probiotics (Bacillus Coagulans)<br />

Support digestive health, strengthen<br />

the immune system and help protein<br />

(collagen) utilisation.<br />

• Prebiotics Support digestive health<br />

and help stabilise the skin and gut<br />

microbiome.<br />

• Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Powerful<br />

antioxidant protection again free<br />

radicals.<br />

• Vitamin E Antioxidant that works<br />

synergistically with Vitamins C to<br />

fight collagen-busting free radicals<br />

whilst supporting the skin’s lipid<br />

barrier.<br />

BEAUTY BITES are available in three<br />

flavours: Apple & Cinnamon, Lemon &<br />

Coconut and White Choc Raspberry at<br />

PRICELINE Pharmacy nationally, from<br />

May 2019 RRP $3.99 each.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 11

@cosbeauty<br />


Australian based cosmeceutical<br />

skincare brand, Synergie Skin,<br />

announces the launch its latest<br />

innovation. Enter Plabeau G4+<br />

– a revolutionary Plasma Skin<br />

Rejuvenation Device, brought to the<br />

Australian market by Terri Vinson,<br />

Cosmetic Chemist and Founder of<br />

Synergie Skin.<br />

Set to propel the beauty arena to<br />

new heights, Plabeau G4+ employs<br />

non-invasive, cool and painless<br />

plasma technology to break down<br />

air particles into active plasma ions<br />

at a rate of 1 billion ions per second.<br />

It is the world’s first portable<br />

beauty device with plasma<br />

technology delivering six clinical<br />

proven benefits for the skin:<br />

1 Enhances the absorption of<br />

active ingredients<br />

2 Boosts collagen to reduce<br />

the appearance of fine lines and<br />

wrinkles<br />

3 Refines pores and overall texture<br />

4 Soothes irritated skin<br />

5 Hydrates<br />

6 Removes harmful bacteria<br />

‘When I first studied the clinical<br />

data from Plabeau, I knew I was onto<br />

something special. The industry<br />

has seen the clinical benefits of<br />

hot plasma science, but this new<br />

cold plasma technology is seriously<br />

cutting-edge. The results from the<br />

at-home device are phenomenal for<br />

relieving irritation and regenerating<br />

the skin. Whether it’s for anti-ageing,<br />

acne, redness or dermatitis, so<br />

many clients will benefit from using<br />

Plabeau. I’m so excited to be the first<br />

to bring this to the Australian market,’<br />

says Vinson.<br />


News just in! The Australian<br />

launch of Skin Perfusion, a skincare<br />

line specifically formulated to<br />

accompany medical aesthetic<br />

treatments and protocols is<br />

imminent. Formulated in France<br />

by the genius medical team at<br />

Fillmed Laboratories, it has been<br />

the go-to range for European<br />

women since 2013.<br />

For more information, call<br />

Cryomed on 1300 346 448 or visit<br />

www.cryomed.com.au<br />




FLAYR is an online, at-home<br />

beauty marketplace that connects<br />

thousands of Australian women<br />

with professional hair and makeup<br />

artists, providing beauty at<br />

affordable rates across Australia and<br />

giving stylists the opportunity to<br />

own their side hustle.<br />

From time-poor professionals<br />

who want their makeup done at the<br />

office, to reality stars needing an<br />

onscreen glam team to pre-tinderdate<br />

makeovers – FLAYR caters to<br />

all hair and makeup needs, bringing<br />

experts direct to customers without<br />

the inflated in-salon prices.<br />

Top FLAYR stylists can earn<br />

upwards of $40,000 a year working<br />

only weekends. For some of their<br />

stylists, FLAYR is a side hustle<br />

that can help them earn an extra<br />

$200-300 a week, whereas others<br />

now use the platform as their fulltime<br />

job, booking upwards of 10<br />

appointments a week.<br />

Co-founders, husband and wife<br />

Subhaga Amarasekara and Roshan<br />

Mahanama created the platform in<br />

2016 with the simple aim of helping<br />

Roshan’s mum, who is a trained<br />

makeup artist, drum up more<br />

business. Two years later, FLAYR now<br />

has over 800 stylists across Australia<br />

and has raised half a million dollars<br />

in seed capital.<br />

Whether you’re looking to build<br />

your portfolio, searching for a<br />

convenient blow dry or a beauty<br />

editor looking for localised beauty<br />

statistics – FLAYR is at your service.<br />

www.flayr.com.au / @withflayr

@cosbeauty<br />

Limited edition iconic skincare<br />

collection released by Ella Baché<br />

in time for Mother’s Day to<br />

celebrate 65 years young<br />

New book by Pippa Hallas, CEO of Ella Baché<br />

Pippa Hallas believes women are equally as capable<br />

of making bold moves as men.<br />

Her new book Bold Moves: How to stand up, step<br />

out and make your next bold move is a personal<br />

celebration of Pippa’s Great Aunt and founder of Ella<br />

Baché, with her own experience along with those<br />

of several innovative Australian women, including<br />

Tracey Spicer and Layne Beachley.<br />

Ella Baché, the founder and Pippa’s great aunt was<br />

very much the inspiration for her book. Ella Baché<br />

was not just an incredible pioneer in the worlds of<br />

business and beauty but a truly independent thinker.<br />

The book documents how Ella Baché graduated<br />

as a Pharmacist in Prague despite being denied<br />

an education as a woman in 1920s. Two world<br />

wars forced her to leave her family and friends<br />

and relocate: first to Paris where she opened her<br />

own laboratory and boutique selling her skin care<br />

formulations. The history expands across the waters<br />

to Pippa’s current experiences as a modern thirdgeneration<br />

female CEO leading Ella Baché.<br />

Alongside Madame Baché & Pippa’s story, female<br />

pioneers and leaders interviewed in Bold Moves such<br />

as Kit Willow, Jessica Watson and Kym Ellery, share<br />

their personal journeys, the challenges and triumphs<br />

of being an Australian woman in business and the<br />

lessons they have learnt to pursue the boldest<br />

version of their own lives. Pippa is a big believer in<br />

surrounding yourself with great people which is why<br />

the stories of these woman provide practical ways<br />

you can live a bold life.<br />

As a dedication to her mum, all profits from<br />

the book will also be going to Cherish Cancer<br />

Foundation cherish.org.au. The primary goal of<br />

Cherish is to fund clinical research that results in<br />

kinder, gentler and more effective gynaecological<br />

cancer treatments. Bold Moves is available on<br />

Booktopia, Dymocks, instore at Ella Baché salons,<br />

David Jones nationally and online at ellabache.com.<br />

au from April 1st.<br />

Bold Moves, $29.95<br />

www.ellabache.com.au / @ellabacheaus<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13

‘Beautiful has<br />

never been<br />

my goal.’<br />




‘True beauty is not<br />

related to what<br />

colour your hair<br />

is or what colour<br />

your eyes are.<br />

True beauty is about<br />

who you are as a<br />

human being, your<br />

principles, your<br />

moral compass.’<br />


‘I say if I’m<br />

beautiful.<br />

I say if I’m<br />

strong.<br />

You will not<br />

determine my<br />

story – I will.’<br />



feature<br />

Kendall Jenner

Celebrity<br />

trends<br />

spot ted<br />

Who better to<br />

look to for the<br />

latest makeup &<br />

fashion trends<br />

than the big name<br />

celebrities spotted<br />

strutting their<br />

stuff?<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 21

eyes<br />

Metallic<br />

Lashes<br />

and Liner<br />

feature<br />

bright<br />

blue with<br />

neutral,<br />

earthy<br />

colours<br />

Janelle Monae<br />

Lily Collins<br />

Miley Cyrus<br />

pretty<br />

in<br />


orange,<br />

bronze<br />

Sunsets<br />

Zendaya<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

lips<br />

Amandla Stenberg<br />

feature<br />

matt<br />

and<br />

vibrant<br />

Rita Ora<br />

Rihanna<br />

Margot Robbie<br />

glossy,<br />

shimmer<br />


Selena Gomez<br />

classic<br />

red<br />

pouts<br />

Emily Ratajkowski<br />

Chrissy Teigen<br />

Hailee Steinfeld<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25

grooming<br />

Lucy Boynton<br />

JLo<br />


Cara Delevingne<br />


THAT<br />


Zendaya<br />

THE LOW<br />


AND BUN<br />

Vanessa Hudgens<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 27

eauty<br />


t r ic Ks<br />

to Look<br />

younger<br />

As we age, cosmetics that once enhanced our<br />

looks can become unflattering. These beauty<br />

products can help you turn back the clock and<br />

revive a youthful complexion.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29

eauty<br />

Problem:<br />

Fine<br />

lines &<br />

wrinkles<br />

Fix: It’s important not to go<br />

overboard with foundation in an<br />

effort to mask lines and wrinkles.<br />

Besides looking cakey, too much<br />

product can sink into any lines<br />

and make them more evident. The<br />

same goes for concealers; go for<br />

lightweight formulas that contain<br />

light-reflecting particles, which will<br />

also combat dark under-eye circles.<br />

Before applying foundation, using<br />

a primer will moisturise your skin<br />

and help to hold your foundation<br />

in place. Primers are designed to<br />

smooth and conceal fine lines and<br />

uneven skin texture. ‘Primers are<br />

important for creating a flawless<br />

complexion,’ says Terrett. ‘What<br />

works a treat for reducing years off<br />

the complexion is a pore-minimising<br />

and fine-line diffusing primer.’<br />

You can set your foundation with<br />

a powder if you feel the need to – a<br />

light, translucent powder is your best<br />

option. Also keep in mind that too<br />

much powder will highlight wrinkles<br />

and dryness, so use sparingly.<br />

Bobbi Brown<br />

Primer Plus<br />

Hydrating Spray, $50,<br />

Dermalogica<br />

Skinperfect Primer<br />

SPF 30, $76.50,<br />

Benefit<br />

POREfessional Pearl<br />

Primer, $53.

PROBLEM:<br />

Dull skin<br />

FIX: As we age, our body slows down<br />

the natural exfoliation process – which<br />

can leave skin feeling and looking<br />

dull. ‘Prepare your skin with plenty of<br />

hydration! Start by using a moisture-rich<br />

cream,’ says Terrett. ‘Don’t forget your<br />

peepers. The delicate skin surrounding<br />

the eyes needs plenty of love; prep your<br />

eye area with a specialised cream tailored<br />

to the eye area.’<br />

Combat lackluster skin by investing<br />

in a tinted moisturiser that contains<br />

luminescent particles. A light-refl ective<br />

formula will help create the illusion of a<br />

glowing complexion.<br />

For an extra glow, use an illuminator.<br />

Containing shiny minerals that attract<br />

light, illuminators can be strategically<br />

placed for an intensifi ed highlight, or<br />

they can be mixed into your foundation<br />

or moisturiser for an all-over glow.<br />

Brighteners are also an important<br />

skincare product when it comes to<br />

addressing skin dullness.<br />

Peter Thomas Roth<br />

Potent-C Targeted Spot<br />

Brightener 15ml, $81<br />

Peter Thomas<br />

Roth 24K Gold<br />

Pure Luxury Lift<br />

& Firm Prism<br />

Cream 50ml, $60<br />

PROBLEM:<br />

A sunken<br />

face<br />

FIX: As we age, it’s inevitable we will lose<br />

fat and structure from our face. This results<br />

in a loss of volume that can lead to sagging<br />

cheeks and lack of prominent bone structure.<br />

TARTE Tarteist<br />

Contour Palette<br />

Version III, $67<br />

But all is not lost – there are certain beauty<br />

products that can assist in helping to create<br />

the illusion of a more supple and contoured<br />

appearance. To add a more vibrant and 3D<br />

dimensional look to your features, dab a sheer<br />

highlighter on your cheekbones and apples of<br />

your cheeks.<br />

Blush can also be used to make your bone<br />

structure stand out. Simply dust it along the<br />

highest points of your cheekbones.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

BEAUTY<br />

PROBLEM:<br />

Thin lips<br />

FIX: The older we get, the thinner<br />

our lips become – especially the upper.<br />

This is due to less collagen, a protein that<br />

supports soft tissue, being produced. The<br />

best approach to giving the illusion of<br />

fuller lips naturally is by sticking to shades<br />

that enhance your natural lip colour, and<br />

avoiding dark hues, which can be ageing.<br />

Avoid matte lipsticks, which can be drying<br />

on the lips and emphasise any lines you<br />

may have around the mouth. Instead, opt<br />

for a creamy alternative before applying a<br />

gloss, as the shine will keep lips looking full<br />

and hydrated.<br />

As we age, our natural lip line can also<br />

fade, which makes lipstick more likely to<br />

bleed. Combat this problem by tracing<br />

lips with a clear lip liner, or one the same<br />

colour as your chosen lipstick, to help it<br />

stay put.<br />

‘Enhance your lip colour by using a<br />

cheek and lip stain,’ says Hannah Terrett,<br />

BeneFit Cosmetics National Education<br />

Manager. ‘Try layering your stain with your<br />

favourite lip gloss to boost lip volume and<br />

add a pop of shine.<br />

Marc Jacobs Beauty<br />

Enamored Hi-Shine<br />

Lip Lacquer Lipgloss in<br />

Skindeep, $42<br />

Nude by Nature<br />

Defining Lip Pencil in<br />

Rose, $16.95<br />

Dior Backstage<br />

Dior Addict Lip Glow<br />

in Holo Pink, $49

PROBLEM:<br />

Sparse<br />

eyelashes<br />

FIX: As the years pass, our eyelashes tend to lose some<br />

of their thickness and length. They can become sparser<br />

and fl atter, causing the eyes to look smaller. To open<br />

up the eye area and create the illusion of wider eyes,<br />

everything should be going upwards against gravity.<br />

An eyelash curler can make a huge difference. Even<br />

if you choose to skip mascara, curling your lashes should<br />

still remain a part of your makeup routine. As for<br />

mascara, opt for a natural brown shade, which will create<br />

a youthful look while still defi ning the eye. But be careful<br />

not to be too heavy handed with the mascara wand –<br />

fl aky, cakey lashes are never a good look!<br />

PROBLEM:<br />

Thinning<br />

brows<br />

FIX: Thin eyebrows can be instantly<br />

ageing and unfl attering. Ward off sparse<br />

brows by fi lling them in with an eyebrow<br />

powder. Choose a powder which is a similar<br />

colour to your existing hairs and follow the<br />

lines of your existing eyebrows, rather than<br />

trying to create a new shape. An angled<br />

brow brush will give you the best results.<br />

Strong, well-groomed eyebrows will help<br />

achieve a more youthful appearance (while<br />

sticking with today’s brow trends). csbm<br />

Benefit Cosmetics<br />

Ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color, $43<br />

Benefit Cosmetics<br />

Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie, $35<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 33

BEAUTY<br />

eye<br />


It’s the one beauty staple no girl<br />

can live without, yet the next<br />

generation of mascara is anything<br />

but basic. Employing the best in<br />

lash lengthening, volumising and<br />

growth technologies, these innovative<br />

products will work a treat for anyone<br />

who’s not quite ready to commit<br />

to a more durable form of lash<br />

enhancement.<br />

1. Sisley So Volume Mascara, $80, 2.<br />

Babor Ageid Extra Volume Mascara<br />

Black, $65, 3. Benefit Cosmetics<br />

BADgal Bang! Mascara, $43, 4.<br />

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D,<br />

$44, 5. Arbonne Cosmetics It’s A<br />

Long Story ® Mascara, $50.

spyNew! Modelrock<br />

LINERS<br />

An easy way to glam up a bare eye<br />

is to intensify your look with eyeliner.<br />

If a smouldering look is what you’re<br />

after, use an eyeliner pencil around<br />

the entire eye and on the inner rim.<br />

For a quick smokey look, smudge<br />

it off using a crease/smudge brush.<br />

For more of a clean, strong line,<br />

create a winged liner using a gel<br />

or liquid eyeliner. This, combined<br />

with generous lashings of mascara,<br />

will instantly glam up your look and<br />

get you party ready! A really great<br />

makeup trick is to use eyeliner to fill<br />

in the tiny spaces between upper<br />

eyelashes. This helps eyes look<br />

fuller and more alive and lends an<br />

amazing frame to the eyes.<br />

Cosmetics Wings Out<br />

Loud Felt Tip & Brush<br />

Tip Eyeliner, $19.95<br />

Chanel Stylo Yeux<br />

Waterproof Long-<br />

Lasting Eyeliner, $47<br />











FAKE IT<br />

Party up with fake<br />

lashes. They’re flirty and<br />

playful and no amount<br />

of mascara can create<br />

the same drama.<br />

Modelrock Lashes<br />

In Paper Dolly<br />

D<br />

‘<br />

S<br />

P<br />

I<br />

E<br />

G<br />

T<br />

P<br />

W<br />

P<br />

P<br />

P<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

Bobbi Brown<br />

Luxe Camo Face<br />

and Eye Shadow<br />

Palette, $125<br />

palettes<br />

we love<br />

Bobbi Brown Crystal<br />

Drama Eye Palette, $125<br />

Arbonne eye shadow<br />

palette, Volume 1, $56<br />

Charlotte Tilbury<br />

The Icon Palette, $105

ha densimatrix<br />

Purity of hyaluronic acid in<br />

multiple molecular forms for<br />

effective skin hydration<br />

80%<br />

More hydrated<br />

skin*<br />

78%<br />

Increase in<br />

smoothing of<br />

wrinkles*<br />

ha densimatrix is a concentrated treatment<br />

with hyaluronic acid combining several molecular<br />

forms for effective skin hydration. It’s cutting edge<br />

formula has been designed to achieve maximum<br />

skin hydration, while it also helps to increase<br />

firmness and smoothing of wrinkles.<br />

*Subjective self-assessment test conducted after 28 days of use with<br />

ha densimatrix concentrate.<br />

Available at selected clinics around Australia<br />

1800 242 011 | advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />


eauty<br />

w<br />

inter<br />

skin<br />

saviours<br />

Dry skin is winter’s worst side effect<br />

and a build-up of dead cells on the<br />

surface means moisture sits on the<br />

outside and doesn’t penetrate to the<br />

deeper layers.<br />

Now is the time, before winter is really upon<br />

us, to take action. To prevent the cold<br />

weather affecting your skin turn to some<br />

more heavy duty skincare products that will protect,<br />

calm and soothe skin as well as protect against the<br />

elements – think of it as comfort food for your face.<br />

Barrier is the word of the day. In healthy skin the<br />

epidermis (top layer) has a seal around the cells<br />

to trap the moisture, known as a barrier function.<br />

However, dryness, cold and sensitising products<br />

wreak havoc on this natural function, so you need<br />

products to bolster your skin’s defences. Up the ante<br />

by using or adding a richer cream or oil into your<br />

routine – it will help to nourish and nurture your<br />

skin back to health. Get religious with your eye<br />

cream at night and lip balm during the day.<br />

Blood and lymph fluid naturally nourish your skin<br />

but in the winter months circulation flows less freely

ecause you’re cold, so you need to compensate<br />

by giving your skin extra protection and<br />

nourishment to repair your skin cells and<br />

combat ageing.<br />

Use regenerating day moisturisers and<br />

night creams, massaging the skin in a light<br />

circular motion to improve circulation and<br />

keep the skin’s outer layer active and healthy.<br />

Don’t drop sun protection from your routine<br />

– maintain at least an SPF 15 each day with<br />

UVA and UVB factors.<br />

Hydration Boosters<br />

Dryness is one of the top skin concerns<br />

amongst women. Just as you would layer your<br />

outer garments to keep warm, try layering<br />

your products to lock moisture into your skin.<br />

A hydrating serum used underneath your<br />

moisturiser will penetrate deep into the skin,<br />

helping to nourish the bottom layer of cells<br />

so when they come to the surface they will<br />

be hydrated, plumper and brighter. Multiple<br />

applications during the day, with products high<br />

in active ingredients, will ensure your skin is<br />

receiving the extra attention it needs.<br />

It’s also essential to incorporate sunscreen<br />

into your daily skincare all year round (UV<br />

rays are still a very real threat no matter the<br />

season). Layer sunscreen under moisturiser<br />

every morning or choose a moisturiser that<br />

contains a broad spectrum SPF. And make sure<br />

you don’t forget your lips – use a lip balm with<br />

sunscreen protection and apply it frequently.<br />

Of course, it’s just as important to hydrate<br />

your body from the inside as it is from the<br />

outside. Staying on top of your 8-glass a<br />

day water consumption will visibly improve<br />

the appearance of your skin, making it less<br />

susceptible to dryness and improving its health<br />

by flushing toxins from the body.<br />

Body Beautiful<br />

Moisturising your body with a quality product<br />

will help protect your skin and lock in the<br />

moisture. Very dry skin is well suited to<br />

honey and shea butter-based body products<br />

and nourishing body oils. But if your skin is<br />

ultra sensitive, choose an all-natural product<br />

without synthetic perfumes to prevent<br />

triggering a reaction.<br />

Everyone’s skin behaves differently from<br />

season to season, so you might find that you’ll<br />

use a moisturiser for dry skin in winter and a<br />

lighter one in summer.<br />

Scented moisturisers can be a great<br />

substitute for perfume, and chances are<br />

your favourite brand of perfume has a lotion<br />

in the same scent. If it’s not heavy duty<br />

enough for your skin, mix it with a rich<br />

fragrance-free lotion to keep your skin<br />

smooth and smelling sweet.<br />

Regular exfoliation in the colder months<br />

will prove to be as beneficial to your skin as<br />

keeping it moisturised, buffing away the dead<br />

cells that might otherwise leave your skin<br />

looking dull. The use of a gentle exfoliator<br />

once or twice a week will simultaneously<br />

eliminate dry and flaky skin, as well as aid in<br />

the absorption of body moisturiser. Even better,<br />

experts believe the very action of removing the<br />

redundant top layer stimulates the production<br />

of new skin cells further down in the<br />

epidermis. The result? Brighter, healthier skin.<br />

Hands & feet<br />

Our hands are often neglected as recipients of<br />

much-needed TLC. Chapped fingertips and<br />

cracked knuckles can cause hands to suffer the<br />

most in the cooler months, so take a moment<br />

to massage a heavy-duty hand cream or cuticle<br />

cream into dry crevices around the wrists and<br />

fingers. Exfoliation can also be a key element<br />

to hand care, but make sure you don’t get too<br />

scrub-happy on raw areas of skin. If your hands<br />

are ultra dry, use an extra layer of hand balm<br />

and wear cotton gloves for a few hours to let<br />

the moisture soak in properly.<br />

And let’s not neglect the feet. After all,<br />

it’s your feet that carry you through life so it’s<br />

important to keep them happy and looking<br />

good. Dry skin is a common problem and may<br />

cause other symptoms such as itching, redness<br />

and cracked heels. Some people tend to have<br />

naturally dry skin that predisposes them to<br />

cracks, and thickened dry skin around the heel<br />

(that is more likely to crack) is often due to<br />

increased pressure.<br />

The best way to prevent and treat dry skin<br />

is to keep your feet hydrated with refreshing<br />

lotions and moisturisers. Feet get a rougher<br />

deal than the skin on your body or hands, so<br />

it’s worth investing in a specialised product to<br />

take care of them. Some regular exfoliation<br />

and buffing will stop the build-up of hard, dry<br />

skin. A range of foot scrubs is available from<br />

the luxurious to the down-to-earth, along with<br />

buffing stones and other products. CBM<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

BEAUTY<br />

RE<br />

PA<br />

IR<br />

Barrier is the word of the<br />

season. In healthy skin the<br />

top layer (epidermis) has<br />

a seal around the cells to<br />

trap moisture, known as a<br />

barrier function. Dryness,<br />

cold and sensitising products<br />

wreak havoc on this natural<br />

function, so you need<br />

products to bolster your<br />

skin’s defences. Using or<br />

adding a richer cream or oil<br />

into your routine will help to<br />

nourish and nurture your skin<br />

back to health.<br />

1.<br />

7.<br />

2.<br />

3. 4. 5.<br />


8. 9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

13.<br />

14.<br />

17.<br />

15.<br />

16.<br />

12.<br />

1. Skeyndor Power Retinol Intensive Repairing<br />

Cream 50ml, $98, 2. Invisible Zinc Sheer<br />

Defence Facial Moisturiser SPF50 50g, $34,<br />

3. Cosmedix Reboot, $58.30, 4. Cosmedix<br />

Elite Pepoxide, $136, 5. Murad Hydro-<br />

Dymanic Quienching Essence 30ml, $125, 6.<br />

Murad Resurgence Retinol Youth Renewal<br />

Night Cream 50ml, $125, 7. Rejuvaphyl<br />

Ultra-Rich Hydration, $158.40, 8. Skinstitut<br />

Retinol Serum 30ml, $49, 9. Avène Hydrance<br />

Intense Serum 30ml, $59.95, 10. Environ<br />

Super Moisturiser 50ml, $64,, 11. Arbonne<br />

Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil, $110, 12.<br />

Omveda Honey Sandalwood Moisturiser<br />

50mls, $75.90, 13. La Roche-Posay Toleriane<br />

Caring Wash Cleanser 200ml, $26.95, 14.<br />

Skinstitut Glycolic Scrub 14% 200ml, $49, 15.<br />

Genie Exfoliate3 Exfoliant Face Scrub 70g,<br />

$40, 16. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal<br />

Purifying Clay Wash, $22, 17. Maaemo<br />

Certified Organic Skin Care Hydrating Face<br />

Cream, $57.95, 18. Revision Skincare<br />

C+ Correcting Complex 30%, $155, 19.<br />

Endota Spa Organics Deep Hydration Face<br />

Moisturiser, $65, 20. Mayerling Forte Day<br />

And Night Face Creams 2 X 50g, $198, 21.<br />

Aspect Super Serum 30ml, $130, 22. Guinot<br />

Clean Logic Cleansing Care Cream 150ml,<br />

$85, 23. Guinot Clean Logic Revitalising Care<br />

Lotion 200ml, $85, 24. Aspect Dr Resveratrol<br />

Moisturiser, $94.60.<br />

20.<br />

18. 19.<br />

21. 22. 23. 24.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41


BEAUTY<br />

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin’s pH<br />

balance so don’t assume the products that<br />

maintained the status quo over the humid<br />

summer will cut the mustard in winter.<br />

Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily,<br />

blemish-prone or combination, re-evaluate<br />

what you’re working with. Regular exfoliation,<br />

balancing and purifying masks and hydrating<br />

moisturisers are essential.<br />

Get religious with your eye cream at night<br />

and lip balm during the day, and up the ante<br />

with daily body hydration. It’s all about putting<br />

back what your skin’s giving out, so replenish<br />

supplies!<br />

1. Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Primer, $48,<br />

2. Organic Nation Supernatural8 Recovery Oil,<br />

$71.50, 3. Meso Ha Densimatrix 30ml, $129, 4.<br />

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense 30ml, $99, 5. Medik8<br />

Crystal Retinal 1 30ml, $75.50, 6. Skinceuticals<br />

Hydrating B5 gel 30ml, $129, 7. Ella Baché<br />

Collagen+ Treatment Oil 30ml, $79, 8. Medik8<br />

Advanced Night Restore 50ml, $129, 9. Ella<br />

Baché Radiance+ Treatment Oil 30ml, $79, 10.<br />

Peter Thomas Roth Potent-C Bright & Plump<br />

Moisturizer, $102, 11. Dermalogica Intensive<br />

Moisture Balance 100ml, $121, 12. Dermalogica<br />

Intensive Moisture Cleanser 295ml, $95, 13.<br />

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml, $43.95, 14.<br />

Alpha-H Essential Skin Perfecting Moisturiser<br />

50ml, $59.95, 15. Clarins Blue Orchid Face<br />

Treatment Oil, $55.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.<br />

6. 7.<br />

42 www.cosbeauty.com.au

EYES<br />

& LIPS<br />

1.<br />

1. Carmex Watermelon Moisturising<br />

Lip Balm, $5.99, 2. Dna Eye Balm 15ml,<br />

$129, 3. Skinstitut Eye Believe 30ml,<br />

$49. 4. Alpha-H Absolute Lip Perfector<br />

10ml, $32, 5. Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm,<br />

$15.40, 6. Carmex Lip Balm, Jasmine<br />

Green Tea Squeeze Tube, $3.95.<br />

6.<br />

2. 3. 4. 5.<br />


Winter is the season for richer beauty products that will protect, calm<br />

and soothe skin as well as protect against the elements – think of it as<br />

comfort food for your face.<br />

Blood and lymph fluid naturally nourish your skin but in cooler<br />

weather blood flows less freely, so give your skin extra protection and<br />

nourishment to repair skin cells and combat ageing effects.<br />

Don’t drop sun protection from your routine and carry a luxurious<br />

hand cream in your handbag. Use regenerating day moisturisers and<br />

night creams, massaging the skin in a light circular motion to improve<br />

circulation and keep the skin’s outer layer active and healthy.<br />

10.<br />

11. 12.<br />

13.<br />

14. 15.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

1.<br />

2.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

1. Babor Reversive Anti-Ageing Glow Body<br />

Cream 200ml, $182, 2. SALT By Hendrix<br />

Crystal Waters, $44.95, 3. Skeyndor<br />

Bodysculpt Silhouette Remodelling Mud<br />

For Body Beauty 200ml, $56, 4. Guinot<br />

Gommage Facile Easy Body Scrub 200ml,<br />

$62, 5. Mesoestetic Stemcell Body 200ml,<br />

$120, 6. Avène Hydrance Rich Hydrating<br />

Cream 40ml, $54.95, 7. Jurlique Softening<br />

Rose Body Cream 150ml, $45, 8. Invisible<br />

Zinc Face & Body SPF50 Sunscreen 75g,<br />

$19.95, 9. The Body Shop 100% Natural<br />

Shea Butter, $25.

1.<br />

SKIN<br />

SOS<br />

1.<br />

Avoid hot baths and long showers.<br />

They strip essential oils and moisture<br />

from your skin.<br />

4.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

Avoid products with strong fragrance,<br />

colour, astringents or high alcohol<br />

content which can irritate your skin.<br />

3.<br />

Don’t forget to exfoliate! Skin<br />

renews itself more effectively when<br />

it’s free of dead cells.<br />

4.<br />

Apply a moisturiser straight after a<br />

shower when your skin is still slightly<br />

damp. This traps the water in the upper<br />

layers and reduces dryness<br />

and itching.<br />

5.<br />

Drink eight glasses of water a day and<br />

eat lots of omega 3-rich fish containing<br />

fatty acids, which contribute to a healthy<br />

heart and brain and moist skin.<br />

8.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

MASKS<br />

1. Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Face Mask 100ml, $78, 2. Babor Hydro<br />

Cellular 3D HydroGel Face Mask, 4 pack, $110 3. Guinot Masque Essential<br />

Nutrition Confort Instant Comfort Mask, 50ml $80 4. Maaemo Certified<br />

Organic Skin Care The Elimination Mask, $49.95 5. L’occitane En Provence/<br />

Aqua Reotier Hydrating Mask, $65 6. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Mask, $5.99<br />

7. Neutrogena Youthful Boost Mask, $5.99 8. Estée Lauder Advanced<br />

Night Repair Powerfoil Mask, 4 Pack, $120 9. Charlotte Tilbury<br />

Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask, $35.<br />

7.<br />

9.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

Skin<br />

Age<br />

defying<br />

skincare<br />

Medik8’s age defying skincare r-Retinoate<br />

Intense harnesses the power of vitamin a, giving<br />

transformational results in as little as four weeks.<br />

Research shows that 20 per cent of women<br />

under 30 are concerned with developing<br />

wrinkles, so it is never too early to start<br />

caring for your skin. The anti-ageing fight has been<br />

given a formidable boost recently by the arrival of<br />

Medik8’s revolutionary r-Retinoate Intense, whose<br />

profound visible age-defying results represent a true<br />

breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare.<br />

The result of eight years of collaborative research<br />

applying the most advanced technology, Medik8’s<br />

r-Retinoate Intense formulation contains three<br />

widely patented discoveries with a revolutionary<br />

combination of the legendary molecules retinyl<br />

retinoate and crystal-stabilised retinaldehyde. The<br />

manufacturer worked with a Korean super-laboratory<br />

to produce a ground-breaking ‘encapsulated’ form

www.cosbeauty.com.au 47

SKIN<br />

of r-retinoate which goes to work directly on the<br />

nuclei of skin cells. This expertly engineered hybrid<br />

molecule was designed with a single purpose:<br />

to outperform ordinary retinol in every way. It<br />

rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, by promoting<br />

cell turnover to reduce wrinkles and give the skin<br />

a smoother, more refi ned and plumper appearance.<br />

This next generation vitamin A helps defy the signs<br />

of premature ageing and achieves an impressive<br />

transformation in as little as four weeks. Medik8 is<br />

a cosmeceutical skincare brand. They provide the<br />

assurance that only the best active ingredients are<br />

used in their formulations, and use clinical<br />

studies from trusted, ethical sources to validate<br />

their products.<br />


When including any Vitamin A product in your<br />

skincare, you must wear sunscreen during the day.<br />

Consult your GP if you are pregnant or breast feeding<br />

before using Vitamin A. Consult your GP if you are<br />

taking any acne medication and/ or are undergoing<br />

any type of skin peeling treatment.<br />


Vitamin A is extensively acclaimed as the most effective and powerful ingredient in cosmeceuticals for<br />

its ability to help retard the fi rst signs of skin ageing. Retinol rejuvenates the appearance of the skin,<br />

helping it to look smoother, refi ned and plumper. It helps promote skin rejuvenation to diminish the<br />

appearance of fi ne lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and blemishes. Medik8’s breakthrough innovation<br />

with r-Retinoate Intense is that it combines the most powerful Vitamin A molecules - crystal stabilised<br />

retinaldehyde and retinyl retinoate - for absolute Vitamin A power. r-Retinoate Intense’s revolutionary<br />

‘drone-targeted’ delivery system ‘drills’ down deeper than previously possible to deliver a range of skin<br />

optimised ceramides and peptides to the skin’s deeper layers. It visibly reduces the fi rst signs of skin<br />

ageing such as the appearance of fi ne lines and wrinkles and actively rejuvenates and revives to achieve<br />

plumper, more youthful looking and radiant skin.<br />










As reported in a number of prestigious medical<br />

journals, including the Journal of American<br />

Academy of Dermatology and the British Journal<br />

of Dermatology, clinical studies have demonstrated<br />

the effi cacy of retinaldehyde and retinyl retinoate.<br />

Studies found Medik8’s revolutionary molecule<br />

retinyl retinoate to be more powerful and work faster<br />

than retinol, which has to be converted within<br />

the skin into retinoic acid, before it starts to work.<br />

Plus, retinaldehyde boosts penetration and power<br />

because retinyl retinoate is eight times stronger while<br />

retinaldehyde works 11 times faster than retinol. No<br />

side effects were seen and it was reported to be gentle<br />

on the skin. In essence, these extensive clinical<br />

studies found that retinyl retinoate is signifi cantly<br />

more effective than retinol. The studies have<br />

concluded that retinyl retinoate is able to reduce the<br />

appearance of wrinkles and rough skin, and can help<br />

to repair damage induced by UVA exposure. CBM


• Retinyl Retinoate is eight times more powerful than retinol<br />

and stable both day and night.<br />

• Retinaldehyde – one step closer to retinoic acid than<br />

retinol, it delivers results up to eleven times faster than<br />

retinol, while being gentle on the skin.<br />

• Retinaldehyde’s antibacterial properties aid blemish prone<br />

skin.<br />

• Smart Hydration Reservoir – a combination of hyaluronic<br />

acid, nourishing squalane and humectant glycerine delivers<br />

multilevel hydration to your skin.<br />

• Vitamin E – an oil-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin E<br />

can quench free radicals on the skin while stabilising<br />

retinaldehyde for optimal power.<br />

• Ceramide Complex –ceramides are almost ‘skin identical’,<br />

allowing them to easily nourish the skin.<br />

• Drone-Targeted Copper Peptide – directed like a drone to<br />

skin’s deeper layers for optimum results, the peptide is timereleased<br />

over time, resulting in more youthful-looking skin.<br />

• Organic Carrot Seed Oil provides a stability system, which<br />

preserves the potency of r-Retinoate Intense.<br />



• Ground-breaking age-defying skincare<br />

• Absolute Vitamin A power- 8 times more powerful and 11<br />

times faster acting than retinol<br />

• Backed by clinical studies<br />

• Fast and impressive transformation in as little as 4 weeks<br />

• Reduces wrinkles and fi ne lines<br />

• Plumper, more youthful and more radiant looking skin<br />

• Suitable for all skin types<br />

• No side effects- non-irritant<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

r-Retinoate Intense is available<br />

at select skin clinics across<br />

Australia. For stockists,<br />

visit www.medik8.com.au<br />

or call 1800 242 011<br />
















The healing power of light has been<br />

recognised and used for thousands of years,<br />

dating back to the Ancient Greeks and<br />

Romans. Over the millennia, our understanding<br />

and use of light-based therapies have continually<br />

evolved to optimise results, reduce downtime<br />

and treat a wide range of skin conditions and<br />

ageing concerns.<br />

For cosmetic indications, light-based<br />

treatments can be broadly categorised as intense<br />

pulsed light (IPL) therapy, light-emitting diode<br />

(LED) therapy, photodynamic therapy and<br />

laser therapies.<br />

Today’s light-based technologies can<br />

significantly diminish and even reverse many of<br />

the tell-tale signs of ageing – from early lines,<br />

uneven pigmentation and broken capillaries to<br />

deep wrinkles and severe sun damage.<br />

They can reach much deeper levels and<br />

affect far more significant changes than would<br />

be possible with most other cosmetic treatments,<br />

and without needing to invest significant money.<br />

Moreover, a procedure can often be performed<br />

in less than an hour and may require little or<br />

no downtime.<br />

There is a dizzying array of choice – and<br />

much potential confusion for the consumer.<br />

It’s always best, therefore, to seek the advice of<br />

a doctor or clinician who is fully qualified and<br />

experienced in using laser and light devices and<br />

who will be able to advise which treatment is best<br />

for different concerns.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

feature<br />

While lasers may sound like<br />

magic wands, it is important to have<br />

realistic expectations. Some skin<br />

tightening is possible, but lasers<br />

cannot produce the same degree of<br />

lifting seen after a surgical facelift<br />

or eyelid lift. Wrinkles caused by<br />

constant muscle movement such as<br />

frown lines can be hard to treat with<br />

lasers alone; anti-wrinkle injections<br />

may be used in conjunction.<br />

Laser skin rejuvenation cannot<br />

stop the skin from continuing to age;<br />

crow’s feet may reappear and new age<br />

spots can develop. Lasers and other<br />

light therapies have fewer side effects<br />

than more traditional skin resurfacing<br />

procedures such as chemical peeling<br />

and dermabrasion, but there are still<br />

risks. The most common is unwanted<br />

temporary darkening or lightening<br />

of the treated skin (hypo or hyperpigmentation).<br />

There also is a<br />

relatively small risk of scarring.<br />

As with any procedure, the success<br />

of treatment is highly dependent<br />

on the skill level and knowledge<br />

of the person performing it, so it is<br />

important to ‘do your homework’<br />

before choosing a laser practitioner.<br />

intense pulsed<br />

light therapy<br />

Intense pulsed light (IPL) in cosmetic<br />

therapy uses light wavelengths<br />

that safely target either melanin<br />

or haemoglobin in the skin. It can<br />

be used to permanently reduce<br />

unwanted hair growth, fade brown<br />

spots and cauterise enlarged or<br />

broken capillaries and port wine stain<br />

birthmarks. Some treatments have<br />

been developed specifically to treat<br />

rosacea.the lower abdomen, which<br />

can be hidden within the bikini<br />

line, and minimised with various<br />

scar therapies.<br />

Unlike lasers, IPL devices produce<br />

a broad spectrum of light in a range<br />

of wavelengths. The emitted light is<br />

further adjustable through the use of<br />

filters, allowing any skin colour to be<br />

treated. The range of light is typically<br />

between 500- 1500nm, depending<br />

on the machine and filter used. This<br />

versatility allows the characteristics<br />

of the light energy to be adjusted<br />

according to each patient’s skin type,<br />

specific condition and location of the<br />

area to be treated.<br />

Another difference is in the size of<br />

the area that can be treated in one<br />

session. Generally IPL treatment<br />

heads are up to eight times larger<br />

than the small spot size produced by<br />

lasers, so treatments are quicker but<br />

not as targeted as laser.<br />

In terms of safety, the two types are<br />

similar, but with both IPL and laser<br />

facial rejuvenation treatments the<br />

practitioner and patient each need<br />

to use eye protection, and treatment<br />

needs to occur in a controlled area<br />

where people cannot wander in and<br />

be exposed to the light.

While lasers and IPL treat many<br />

of the same conditions, IPL is a<br />

single technology for a multitude<br />

of applications – from unsightly<br />

veins and birthmarks to ageing and<br />

sundamaged skin, unwanted hair<br />

and rosacea.<br />

During the procedure pulses of<br />

intense light are fired at the skin<br />

through varying filters which isolate<br />

specific wavelengths of light. Various<br />

targets (such as haemoglobin in the<br />

blood to remove vascular lesions, or<br />

melanin to treat hyperpigmentation)<br />

are preferentially absorbed, heated<br />

and selectively destroyed by certain<br />

light wavelengths (called selective<br />

photothermolysis) without damaging<br />

surrounding tissues.<br />

IPL treatment cannot typically<br />

address extensive sun damage and<br />

skin discolourations but it can reduce<br />

surfaced capillaries and brown spots,<br />

as well as help revitalise and even<br />

out the overall complexion. Typically<br />

four to six treatments are required for<br />

optimal results.<br />

The usual downtime with IPL<br />

modalities is minimal to none,<br />

depending on the intensity of<br />

treatment, however full recovery can<br />

take around two weeks in some cases.<br />

Immediately after IPL a slight burning<br />

sensation can occur for a few hours<br />

but there is generally little discomfort.<br />

Temporary discolouration can occur<br />

for around three to four days after<br />

the procedure and this skin will<br />

flake off slowly. Short-term side<br />

effects include reddening of the<br />

skin (erythema), temporary bruising<br />

and oedema (swelling). Reactions<br />

such as scabbing and blistering are<br />

possible, though rare. It’s important to<br />

protect skin from UV light with daily<br />

sunscreen application.<br />

led therapy<br />

Treatment with light emitting<br />

diodes (LED) delivers light at<br />

certain wavelengths to stimulate<br />

cellular activity and collagen<br />

production in the dermis. This<br />

delivers an anti-ageing, rejuvenating<br />

effect, and LED treatment is often<br />

recommended before and after<br />

surgery, as well as a standalone skin<br />

revitalisation treatment.<br />

It uses different wavelengths to<br />

increase blood flow to the skin,<br />

accelerate cellular turnover and<br />

address specific concerns such as<br />

acne or pigmentation.<br />

An is a shallower, gentler treatment<br />

than IPL, and is often used for<br />

collagen boosting and rejuvenating<br />

the skin.<br />

LEDs are very small light bulbs<br />

that, in contrast to ordinary<br />

incandescent bulbs, don’t get<br />

especially hot and don’t burn out.<br />

LEDs have been found to trigger<br />

natural chemical processes inside<br />

the cells, boosting the body’s own<br />

production of collagen, which<br />

make them particularly useful for<br />

skin rejuvenation.<br />

During treatment, certain light<br />

wavelengths are used to cause<br />

different reactions in the skin.<br />

Infrared light deeply penetrates the<br />

dermis and stimulates blood flow<br />

and collagen rebuilding in the skin’s<br />

deeper layers. Blue light, which<br />

is a shorter wavelength, doesn’t<br />

penetrate as deeply and is used for its<br />

anti-microbial effect, inhibiting the<br />

growth of acne-causing bacteria.<br />

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feature<br />

photodynamic<br />

therapy<br />

Photodynamic therapy uses a<br />

chemical reaction activated by light<br />

energy to selectively destroy specific<br />

tissues and can be used to treat<br />

sunspots, certain types of skin cancer,<br />

rosacea, acne and sun-damaged skin.<br />

A photosensitising medication<br />

is applied topically on the skin<br />

and a narrow band of light (red or<br />

blue light) is administered to cause<br />

a moderately deep exfoliation<br />

and target damaged tissue and<br />

sebaceous glands.<br />

When skin is exposed to a<br />

light source of an appropriate<br />

wavelength, its photosensitiser<br />

molecules are activated to produce<br />

oxygen intermediates that destroy<br />

the targeted cells. Recovery time<br />

is around two weeks after each<br />

treatment and usually one to three<br />

sessions are required.<br />

laser therapy<br />

Laser is an acronym for Light<br />

Amplification for the Stimulated<br />

Emission of Radiation. Laser light<br />

is different to normal light for many<br />

reasons: it travels in a synchronised<br />

fashion; retains its intensity over a<br />

long distance; is monochromatic (of<br />

the same wavelength or colour); and<br />

can be pulsed.<br />

Laser therapies work by targeting<br />

tissue and can be used for a number of<br />

treatments, including pigmentation,<br />

scarring, unwanted hair, spider veins,<br />

sun-damaged skin, wrinkle reduction<br />

and overall complexion rejuvenation.<br />

The principle behind lasers is light<br />

absorption. The same as a black<br />

car will be hotter than a white car<br />

because it absorbs more wavelengths<br />

of light, certain target tissues will<br />

absorb certain wavelengths of light<br />

more effectively.<br />

As the laser light is monochromatic,<br />

the target tissue will take<br />

on maximum absorption while the<br />

surrounding tissues won’t. This allows<br />

the target to be isolated and treated.<br />

In other words, the laser emits a<br />

single frequency of light<br />

with all the light waves going in the<br />

same direction, allowing the target<br />

tissue to absorb the maximum amount<br />

of heat.<br />

The target tissue is all-important<br />

when treating skin problems with a<br />

laser. For pigmentation it is melanin;<br />

for spider veins and other vascular<br />

conditions it is haemoglobin (blood);<br />

and for wrinkles it is water. Each of<br />

these target tissues absorbs a different<br />

wavelength of light, meaning a<br />

different laser is needed for each<br />

specific problem.<br />

Recent advances in laser<br />

technology mean that laser skin<br />

resurfacing, once reserved for the<br />

treatment of severe conditions such<br />

as acne scarring due to the extensive<br />

downtime involved, has become an<br />

effective option for many people<br />

seeking reduction of lines and<br />

wrinkles and uneven skin colour,<br />

tone and texture.<br />

fractional<br />

laser therapy<br />

The advent of fractionated laser,<br />

where microscopic columns of skin<br />

are treated while surrounding skin<br />

is left intact, has made it possible<br />

to achieve results comparable to<br />

traditional CO2 laser resurfacing<br />

with fewer side effects and profoundly<br />

less downtime.<br />

Fractional skin resurfacing can<br />

utilise both non-ablative and ablative<br />

lasers – the breakthrough difference<br />

of this technology is the fractionated<br />

delivery system of light.<br />

Fractional laser technologies<br />

break up light beams to allow<br />

columns of untreated tissue to<br />

activate healing mechanisms beneath<br />

the skin’s surface, treating skin<br />

conditions ranging from scars and<br />

birthmarks to wrinkles.<br />

These lasers work by creating<br />

microscopic thermal injuries<br />

that trigger collagen production,<br />

stimulating cell renewal and<br />

plumping out the tissues. In other<br />

words, the laser works by creating<br />

tiny holes, or ‘dots’, in the skin’s<br />

surface, penetrating deep into the<br />

dermis which triggers the body’s<br />

natural healing responses. It leaves<br />

the skin around each dot intact,<br />

enabling the surrounding tissue<br />

to heal these microscopic thermal<br />

injuries by stimulating the production<br />

of new collagen.<br />

The anti-ageing benefits of<br />

fractional laser technology include<br />

improving evenness of skin tone and<br />

texture, reducing pore size and the<br />

appearance of lines and wrinkles,<br />

and helping to reverse the effects of<br />

sun damage. A more mild treatment<br />

may take several sessions, while one<br />

procedure is usually sufficient for a<br />

more aggressive treatment.<br />

Because laser treatments use<br />

heat, a mild to moderate burning<br />

sensation is experienced during<br />

treatment and slight swelling,<br />

redness and bronzing afterwards.<br />

This can be covered with mineral<br />

makeup and normally subsides after<br />

a few days, however full healing can<br />

take several weeks, depending on<br />

the intensity of treatment and the<br />

areas targeted.<br />

Results of light-based therapies<br />

vary, depending on the technique<br />

and experience of the practitioner,<br />

and the individual patient. Patients<br />

should always ask their practitioner<br />

how new the laser or IPL machine<br />

is and when it was purchased.<br />

Recent models are far superior to<br />

earlier ones in terms of achieving<br />

predictable and precise results. With<br />

a wealth of medical, cosmetic and<br />

scientific applications, research into<br />

laser and light-based technology is<br />

constantly evolving. What offers<br />

outstanding results today may one day<br />

be superseded by the next advance<br />

in laser-based therapies. One thing<br />

is certain, however: a wealth of<br />

conditions once untreatable can<br />

today be improved rapidly and with<br />

minimal discomfort thanks to laser<br />

and light-based technology. CBM

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SKIN<br />

The new<br />

skin tightening<br />

treatment<br />

that has everyone<br />

talking<br />



Do you fi nd that you no longer look as<br />

young as you feel? If the mirror doesn’t<br />

refl ect the way you are on the inside,<br />

now there’s a way to turn back the clock<br />

without surgery or injections.<br />

The Thermage FLX is the newest<br />

generation of Thermage, a non-invasive skin<br />

tightening treatment with more than two<br />

million procedures worldwide under its belt<br />

and favoured by celebrities such as Gwyneth<br />

Paltrow, Demi Moore and Oprah Winfrey.<br />

Thermage is like Pilates for your skin; it’s a<br />

skin fi tness treatment that tones and tightens<br />

the skin on your face, eyes and body to give<br />

you a more youthful appearance.<br />

One of the new bells and whistles of the<br />

Thermage FLX is the improved comfort level<br />

for patients due to its vibrating handpieces






LINES<br />







and cryogen-cooled applicator tips, making it<br />

both an extremely effective and comfortable<br />

treatment. An FLX session is also 25% faster,<br />

with a typical face and neck treatment taking<br />

under an hour, and an eye treatment taking<br />

about 20 minutes.<br />

This impressive device uses patented skin<br />

tightening technology to give your collagen<br />

a workout, stimulating existing collagen and<br />

promoting new collagen growth over time.<br />

Specifi cally, Thermage uses radio frequency<br />

energy to heat the deep layers of the skin,<br />

causing them to contract and tighten over a 4<br />

to 6 months period and giving the treatment<br />

area a well-deserved lift. It helps soften<br />

lines around the mouth, eyes, forehead and<br />

improves defi nition on the jawline and under<br />

the chin.<br />

The best part? Thermage FLX can help<br />

smooth and tighten your skin without surgery,<br />

injections and with little to no downtime.<br />

Another huge plus is that only one treatment<br />

is typically required for lasting results.<br />

It’s time to put your best face forward,<br />

and with the exciting technology behind<br />

Thermage FLX, looking as young as you feel<br />

has never been so effortless. CBM<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 57

FACE<br />

Softened lines lines around the the mouth, eyes, forehead;<br />

improved definition on on jawline and and under the the chin.<br />

FACE<br />

Softened lines lines around the the mouth, eyes, eyes, forehead;<br />

improved definition on on jawline and and under the the chin. chin.<br />

skin<br />

Thermage FLX<br />

FAQs<br />

How long will the<br />

resuLTS last?<br />

For most patients, measurable results appear<br />

gradually in the two to six months following<br />

a single treatment session and can last for 1-2<br />

years depending on your skin condition and<br />

ageing process.<br />

† †<br />

B efore B efore Thermage<br />

After After Thermage<br />

B efore B efore<br />

BODY<br />

EYES<br />

Thermage<br />

Improved B efore<br />

and of skin;<br />

BEFORE B efore Thermage<br />

contours and appearance of crepey skin;<br />

Reduced smoother wrinkles skin skin on on and the and the abdomen decreased and "hooding" and legs. legs. for for a a<br />

more awakened look.<br />

EYES<br />

AFTER Thermage After After Thermage<br />

Reduced wrinkles and and decreased "hooding" for for a a<br />

more more awakened look. look.<br />

After After Thermage<br />

How many treatments<br />

will I need?<br />

Unlike many cosmetic procedures requiring multiple<br />

sessions, Thermage FLX delivers results after a<br />

single treatment. Best of all, results continue to<br />

improve over time.<br />

BEFORE<br />

AFTER Thermage<br />

How much does it cost?<br />

The cost depends on the area you’re having<br />

treated. Your doctor can give you a more<br />

precise idea of cost based on where you want<br />

to see results.<br />

Does it hurt?<br />

The Thermage FLX system incorporates vibration<br />

on the face and body treatments, which has been<br />

shown to provide patient comfort.<br />

You’ll feel a brief heating sensation when the<br />

treatment device’s tip touches your skin, followed<br />

by a cooling sensation to help protect your skin and<br />

minimize any discomfort.<br />

Are there common side<br />

effects?<br />

Some patients have temporary redness or minor<br />

swelling after treatment, but this usually goes away<br />

within24 hours.<br />

How long before I can get<br />

back to my normal activities?<br />

Most patients return to their regular activities<br />

immediately following treatment. No special<br />

care is required afterward, aside from basic skin<br />

maintenance and sunscreens as part of a regular<br />

skincare regimen.<br />

† †<br />

† †<br />

B efore B efore Thermage<br />

After After Thermage<br />

BEFOREB All efore BAll before Thermage<br />

AFTER Thermage<br />

and and after after photos have have not not been been retouched.<br />

After After Thermage<br />

Individual results may may vary. vary.<br />

B efore B efore Thermage<br />

After After Thermage<br />

BODY<br />

BODY<br />

BODY<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Improved contours and and appearance of of crepey skin; skin;<br />

smoother skin skin on on the the abdomen and and legs. legs.<br />

Improved contours and and appearance of of crepey skin; skin;<br />

smoother skin skin on on the the abdomen and and legs. legs.<br />

The Clinic<br />

Bondi Junction, Sydney – 02 9386 1533<br />

www.theclinic.net.au<br />

Skin Renu Balmain<br />

Balmain, Sydney – 02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

MD Cosmedical Solutions<br />

Sydney City – 02 9283 5344<br />

Wahroonga – 02 9489 1633<br />

www.mdcosmedicalsolutions.com.au<br />

Babyface Thermage<br />

Skin Renu<br />

After After Thermage<br />

Haymarket, Sydney – 02 8385 5268<br />

B efore Thermage<br />

After After Thermage<br />

MiYoungs Skin Clinic<br />

All before and after photos have not been retouched.<br />

Individual Sydney results City may – vary. 02 8283 1635<br />

www.miyoungs.com.au<br />

Bare Laser and Skin Clinic<br />

Hampton, Bayside Melbourne – 03 9598 5495<br />

www.barelaserandskin.com.au<br />

B efore B efore<br />

All B All before and and after after photos have have not not been been retouched.<br />

Individual results may may vary. vary.<br />

All before and after photos have not been retouched.<br />

Individual results may vary.

Ultimate skin<br />

skin<br />

We chat with leading NYC<br />

dermatologist Dr Judith<br />

Hellman about some of her<br />

favourite anti-ageing and<br />

beauty treatments.<br />

Dr Judith Hellman<br />

When NYC-based dermatologist<br />

Dr Judith Hellman recommends<br />

a treatment, you take notice,<br />

and for the most versatile overall<br />

rejuvenation treatments she recommends<br />

Fractora.<br />

Fractora is a fractional radiofrequency<br />

(RF) skin resurfacing and rejuvenation<br />

treatment and is one of the newest<br />

non-surgical methods to reduce wrinkles,<br />

scars and tighten sagging skin with<br />

limited downtime and long-lasting<br />

natural-looking results.<br />

It targets concerns such as skin tone,<br />

texture, sun damage and fine lines,<br />

through to deep textural concerns such as<br />

deep wrinkles, scars and vascular lesions.<br />

In addition to general facial rejuvenation<br />

and wrinkle reduction, you may notice<br />

rejuvenation and tightening of skin<br />

around the jawline, neck, under the eyes,<br />

and on the cheeks and forehead.

ejuvenation<br />

Fractora is just one part of the<br />

comprehensive InMode platform, which<br />

also includes Lumecca IPL for pigmentation<br />

and sun damage, Forma for non-surgical<br />

skin tightening, and Triton for superior<br />

hair removal.<br />

As a highly sought-after dermatologist,<br />

Dr Hellman has access to the whole ambit<br />

of aesthetic devices and technologies.<br />

She says the InMode platform stands<br />

out because it is equipped with the most<br />

practical technologies and delivers the<br />

highest quality performance she has<br />

experienced. ‘With InMode, I can treat just<br />

about any skin problem effectively with a<br />

minimum number of treatments and with<br />

outstanding results,’ she says.<br />

Dr Hellman uses the InMode platform<br />

for a wide variety of applications,<br />

including skin tightening and wrinkles;<br />

non surgical ‘lift’; acne and acne scars;<br />

hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating); sun<br />

damage and brown spots; rosacea; vaginal<br />

rejuvenation; hair removal; and nonsurgical<br />

fat reduction.<br />

In particular, she says combining<br />

treatments enhances the results. ‘A<br />

common combination is starting with<br />

Forma, a non-surgical skin tightening<br />

treatment, followed by Lumecca IPL for<br />

rosacea and/or brown marks,’ she explains.<br />

Another innovation is the Triton<br />

application for hair removal. This differs<br />

from other systems on the market as it<br />

uses two simultaneous laser wavelengths<br />

to destroy the hair follicle for a greatly<br />

enhanced hair removal effect and can treat<br />

most skin types.<br />

‘My patients are truly happy with their<br />

InMode treatments,’ says Dr Hellman.<br />

‘What the Lumecca photofacial can<br />

achieve in 1-2 treatments is the equivalent<br />

of 4-6 treatments with other technologies,<br />

and my Forma patients call it the ‘wow’<br />

treatment and send their friends.’<br />

Dr Hellman’s impressive results using<br />

Fractora for acne treatment has literally<br />

created a niche practice for her simply by<br />

word of mouth referrals. ‘My acne patients<br />

experience not only a resolution of the<br />

inflammatory acne using Fractora but<br />

also up to about 80% decrease in scar<br />

depth,’ she says.<br />

Treatments themselves are well tolerated<br />

with mostly no or minimal downtime.<br />

Fractora and Forma usually take a series<br />

of about 6 treatments, and Lumecca<br />

photofacials about 1-2 treatments. Results<br />

last for years with minimal maintenance.<br />

From wrinkles, acne scars and<br />

pigmentation to skin tightening, smoothing<br />

and rejuvenating, the Inmode suite of<br />

applications is a game changer, offering a<br />

complete range of non-surgical solutions for<br />

the face and body with one device. CBM<br />

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feature<br />

Your guide<br />

to cosmetic<br />

injectables<br />

Do you know your neurotoxins<br />

from your HA fillers? We simplify<br />

the jargon and give you the what’s<br />

what of injectables<br />

Plump cheeks, smooth foreheads and perfect<br />

pouts have led many of us down the cosmetic<br />

medicine path. Injectables – anti-wrinkle<br />

muscle relaxants and dermal fillers – are usually the goto<br />

treatment for beautifying our looks and defying age,<br />

with minimum discomfort and no downtime.<br />

The surge of minimally invasive procedures has<br />

been significant and with an ever-expanding and<br />

increasingly sophisticated array of options available<br />

today, you need to know your options.<br />

We now have an enormous range of fillers, many of<br />

which can last a long time and be used to re-volumise<br />

and sculpt ageing faces. We also have neurotoxins<br />

to reduce lines and wrinkles, as well as lasers to<br />

effectively treat a wide range of skin conditions.<br />

In the past 10 years, there have seen significant<br />

improvements in the technology and design of<br />

soft tissue fillers.<br />

There are now different grades of fillers designed<br />

specifically for use in different parts of the face and<br />

different anatomical levels of facial structure.

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all about<br />

Fillers<br />

feature<br />

Fillers are used to plump out lines<br />

and smooth skin, restore volume<br />

to areas where tissue commonly<br />

degenerates with age, fill in<br />

pockmarks and acne scars, contour<br />

or reshape facial features and add<br />

volume to the lips. They are also a<br />

popular adjunct to treatment with<br />

anti-wrinkle injections to create a<br />

universal result.<br />

Fillers are gel-like in consistency,<br />

and the type of filler (composition<br />

and viscosity), the area of injection<br />

and the depth of injection all<br />

influence the final result, and how<br />

long they last. Fillers can be made<br />

with biodegradable substances,<br />

such as collagen or hyaluronic<br />

acid (HA), or non-biodegradable<br />

substances like silicone.<br />

Fillers can be used in multiple<br />

areas. There is a lot of science<br />

behind soft tissue fillers that make<br />

them customisable to each patient’s<br />

individual requirements and to<br />

different areas of injection.<br />

As with most cosmetic<br />

procedures, a holistic approach<br />

using fillers will obtain the best<br />

result. As we age, the whole face<br />

ages – there are priority areas but,<br />

essentially, the entire face is subject<br />

to ageing.<br />

Gone are the days where patients<br />

come in and ask to have their<br />

nasolabial folds filled and that’s<br />

enough. Injectors now know that<br />

treating the nasolabial folds will<br />

not change the patient’s overall<br />

appearance. It is important to<br />

address and harmonise the face<br />

as a whole so the patient will<br />

look the best for their age at any<br />

age. Through communication,<br />

understanding and education,<br />

together the patient and<br />

practitioner can create some truly<br />

spectacular results.<br />

Filling fine lines &<br />

wrinkles<br />

When injected superficially, dermal<br />

fillers can help smooth out fine lines<br />

and fill superficial wrinkles. Commonly,<br />

the HA chains are smaller and softer in<br />

superficial filler products, reducing the<br />

risk of lumpiness post procedure.<br />

These fillers are used for areas that<br />

are more delicate, such as the corners of<br />

the mouth, the lip line and the crow’s<br />

feet. Theyneed to be very soft so the<br />

product can be placed superficially in<br />

the skin to smooth the area without the<br />

risk of seeing or feeling the product after<br />

injection.<br />

A small amount of filler is usually<br />

required; as the objective is to fill a line<br />

or wrinkle, not necessarily add volume to<br />

the area.<br />

The small particle size, and low<br />

quantity of HA injected, means results<br />

typically last around six to 12 months.<br />

The level of movement in the area – for<br />

example frowning, talking and squinting<br />

– also affects the duration of the result.<br />

The lip area tends to have slightly<br />

less longevity due to the degree of<br />

movement in the region.<br />

Adding volume<br />

Medium volume HA fillers use<br />

medium-sized HA particles, which<br />

combine with the body’s own HA to<br />

enhance the volume of targeted tissue.<br />

These fillers are injected more<br />

deeply than superficial products, and<br />

are used to treat deeper skin folds and<br />

enhance volume in certain areas.<br />

In areas such as below the cheek,<br />

many injectors prefer to inject soft<br />

fillers a little deeper, so they’re encased<br />

in the fat region. This provides some<br />

soft-tissue padding in the area.<br />

Medium volume HA fillers typically<br />

have a greater number of cross-links<br />

between the HA particles, compared<br />

with superficial fillers. This increases<br />

cohesiveness of the product and<br />


Reducing<br />

under-eye circles<br />

As some patients age, rather than<br />

having drooping skin, they become<br />

gaunt and hollow, particularly around<br />

the eye area. This is where fillers<br />

tend to be very useful.<br />

Each injection can last up to<br />

three to four years, as the product is<br />

usually placed quite deeply to reduce<br />

the risk of visibility and palpability<br />

post-procedure.<br />

In the past, when surgery was the<br />

only option available, rejuvenation<br />

tended to be the domain of the rich<br />

or famous. Now you can take years<br />

off a person’s face at a fraction of the<br />

cost with neurotoxin injections to<br />

minimise lines and wrinkles combined<br />

with strategic filler placement, giving<br />

the eyes and overall face a fresher,<br />

younger appearance.<br />

These non-surgical measures<br />

have revolutionised the aesthetic<br />

anti-ageing industry and made it<br />

available and ‘acceptable’ to a much<br />

broader audience.<br />

The benefits<br />

of HA<br />

The longevity of results with HA dermal fillers<br />

can last anywhere between 6-18 months<br />

and beyond, depending on the amount of<br />

filler injected, the depth of injection and the<br />

level of movement at the injection site. The<br />

duration of the result is also affected by the<br />

extent of cross-linking between the hyaluronic<br />

acid chains, as well as the concentration and<br />

size of the HA particles themselves.<br />

Increased cross-linking and higher HA<br />

concentrations boost the viscosity and<br />

elasticity of the dermal filler. This extends the<br />

longevity of the result. Larger HA particles,<br />

alongside higher concentrations, tend to<br />

absorb more water and result in more tissue<br />

swelling following injection, also increasing<br />

the duration of effect.<br />

Many practitioners prefer to use HA-based<br />

fillers because hyaluronic acid is versatile,<br />

long-lasting and effective. It also comes in<br />

a variety of grades to cater for the different<br />

requirements of every patient.<br />

The other benefit of using HA fillers is<br />

that, in the rare occasion where there is a<br />

minor adverse reaction such as swelling or<br />

lumpiness following injection, the HA can<br />

be easily dissolved with a chemical called<br />

hyaluronidase. This works almost immediately<br />

and acts as a valuable safeguard.<br />

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs<br />

naturally in the body. It is associated with<br />

attracting and maintaining hydration in the<br />

skin. For this reason, the benefits of dermal<br />

fillers are double-fold – adding volume and<br />

attracting hydration at the same time.<br />

all about<br />

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feature<br />

antiwrinkle<br />

injections<br />

Commonly known under the<br />

brand names Botox,<br />

Dysport and Xeomin,<br />

botulinum toxin has become<br />

one of the biggest players<br />

in the field of cosmetic<br />

enhancement.<br />

The treatment offers<br />

patients an effective nonsurgical<br />

alternative for<br />

reducing dynamick lines such<br />

as frown lines and crow’s feet<br />

to rejuvenate the appearance<br />

of the face and help reverse a<br />

prematurely aged appearance.<br />

Other<br />

uses for<br />

botulinum<br />

toxin<br />

Botulinum toxin can be used<br />

in many ways to not only<br />

minimise wrinkles and lines but<br />

also lift and sculpt the face. It’s<br />

able to:<br />

• Block the action of the<br />

nerves that control sweat<br />

glands, and in this way treat<br />

excessive localised sweating<br />

(hyperhidrosis), especially<br />

severe underarm sweating.<br />

• Create a subtle lift around<br />

the eye area via injections<br />

in the outer corners of<br />

the brows.<br />

• Soften and minimise the<br />

appearance of an overly<br />

square jaw (masseter<br />

hypertrophy) through<br />

intramuscular injections<br />

around the jaw area,<br />

resulting in a more ovallooking<br />

face shape.<br />

What is it?<br />

Botulinum toxin is a protein produced<br />

by the bacterium Clostridium<br />

botulinum. In cosmetic procedures,<br />

botulinum toxin works by blocking<br />

nerve stimulation to wrinkle-causing<br />

muscles, which prevents the muscle<br />

from contracting and significantly<br />

reduces wrinkles and fine lines.<br />

As a muscle relaxant, it is commonly<br />

used to treat crow’s feet around the<br />

eyes, the frown lines between the<br />

eyebrows (glabellar lines) and the worry<br />

lines across the forehead. In addition,<br />

it can be used to produce the effect of<br />

a brow lift by relaxing the muscles that<br />

drag down the brow and even in the<br />

masseter muscle to create a slimmer<br />

looking jawline.<br />

Botulinum toxin is used by thousands<br />

of women and an increasing number of<br />

men to help rejuvenate the appearance<br />

of the face, most often to reduce a tried<br />

or over-worked expression when the<br />

face is static.<br />

According to the most recent<br />

statistics by the American Society<br />

for Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) botulinum<br />

toxin injections ranked number one<br />

in the top five minimally invasive<br />

procedures performed in the US<br />

in 2015.<br />

Although Australia doesn’t<br />

currently have definitive data about<br />

cosmetic surgery trends, we seem<br />

to follow American statistics to<br />

provide an insight into emerging<br />

and changing trends. These statistics<br />

highlight that this age-defying,<br />

wrinkle-busting powerhouse has<br />

become a very familiar, accessible<br />

and ‘normal’ anti-ageing treatment.<br />

how does it work?<br />

Cosmetically, injections of botulinum<br />

toxin work by relaxing wrinkle-causing<br />

muscles, softening existing facial lines<br />

and helping to prevent the formation of<br />

new ones.<br />

A few tiny injections are<br />

administered just under the skin,<br />

reducing nerve stimulation to the<br />

targeted muscles. The procedure usually<br />

takes about 10 minutes, but this can<br />

vary depending on the number of<br />

areas being treated. Because men tend<br />

to have larger and stronger muscles,<br />

they often require more injections to<br />

achieve the optimal results.<br />

Anaesthetic is generally not required<br />

for the treatment as the needles are<br />

very fine and only a small volume of<br />

the product is needed, making the<br />

treatment virtually painless. If the<br />

patient is particularly concerned, the<br />

practitioner can numb the area using<br />

ice or topical anaesthetic cream before<br />

administering the injection.<br />

The effects are not immediately<br />

visible. Over the next few days, the<br />

muscles gradually relax, and it often<br />

takes around three to four days for final<br />

results to become visible, normally<br />

reaching their full results by one week.<br />

It is important to note that botulinum<br />

toxin is gradually reabsorbed by the<br />

body over time, so repeat injections<br />

are necessary about every three to five<br />

months in order to maintain results.<br />

With continued use, the effects may<br />

start to last longer because the targeted<br />

muscles have ‘unlearned’ the response<br />

that originally contributed to the<br />

development of the lines.<br />

In its 14 years of cosmetic use, there<br />

have been no reported long-term or<br />

permanent side effects from the use<br />

of botulinum toxin. Common side<br />

effects are generally restricted to minor<br />

temporary redness or bruising at the<br />

injection site, and some patients can<br />

experience slight headache or nausea<br />

post treatment.<br />

There is a very slight risk that<br />

botulinum toxin can cause a temporary<br />

weakness in nearby muscles that<br />

can result in a slight drooping of an<br />

eyelid or eyebrow, lasting anywhere<br />

from around one to six weeks.<br />

Treatment with botulinum toxin is<br />

not recommended for women who are<br />

pregnant or breastfeeding. CBM

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feature<br />

ow will you<br />

When it comes to how our skin<br />

ages, it seems it’s a case of like<br />

mother, like daughter.

age?<br />

We’ve all heard the old adage<br />

told to hubbies-to-be that<br />

if they want to know what<br />

their wife will look like in many years<br />

time, just look at her mum. As it<br />

turns out, there may be a large grain<br />

of truth when it comes to ageing skin.<br />

A group of plastic surgeons from<br />

the Loma Linda University Medical<br />

Center in California scanned the<br />

faces of mothers and their daughters<br />

using computer modelling and 3D<br />

cameras. The research team found<br />

that mothers and daughters who look<br />

similar also age in a strikingly similar<br />

pattern. They found the daughters’<br />

faces were beginning to sag, wrinkle,<br />

thin and lose elasticity around the<br />

eyes in exactly the same patterns as<br />

their mothers’ faces. This similarity<br />

particularly increased after the<br />

daughters hit the age of 30.<br />

One of the surgeons, Dr Matthew<br />

Camp, says the study was the first<br />

to prove scientifically that women<br />

age like their mothers. Until now,<br />

Dr Camp says studies of facial<br />

ageing have mostly been subjective<br />

and observational.<br />

The findings may be especially<br />

helpful for women in their mid-<br />

30s to early 50s, which is the ideal<br />

window for using minimally invasive<br />

techniques to maintain a younger<br />

looking appearance. Recognising<br />

how your mother’s face changed over<br />

the years could help guide a cosmetic<br />

surgeon in the appropriate procedures<br />

to address similar patterns of sagging<br />

skin or volume loss. For example,<br />

doctors would be able to pinpoint the<br />

appropriate areas to inject<br />

dermal fillers.<br />

Another author of the study, Dr<br />

Subhas Gupta, says knowing exactly<br />

how a woman’s lower eyelids will<br />

change with age can help surgeons<br />

plan a surgical correction<br />

that will prevent the changes seen<br />

in her mother. ‘If you come in when<br />

you’re 30, we can tell you where you<br />

will have changes and quantify what<br />

you will need and where,’ he says.<br />

’The findings were surprisingly<br />

repetitive regardless of ethnicity and<br />

actual age difference between mothers<br />

and daughters. You can beat Mother<br />

Nature to the punch and not have<br />

your mother’s eyes,’ says Dr Gupta.<br />

Preventative<br />

measures<br />

for<br />

daughters<br />

When you’re young it’s all about<br />

preventative, gentle and nourishing<br />

products. Your hormones are still<br />

balancing themselves, so stick to<br />

oil-free cleansers, moisturisers and<br />

makeup where possible.<br />

Getting into a good skincare regime<br />

in your teens not only helps resolve<br />

some of the teen angst-causing<br />

problem skin issues, but it also<br />

forms good habits for the coming<br />

decades. Cleanse, tone and moisturise<br />

are the basic three steps at any age<br />

and should be followed morning<br />

and night.<br />

Many teens find oily skin is their<br />

main concern, so a gel-based cleanser<br />

is best – perhaps one that includes<br />

salicylic acid to help clear acne. Use<br />

a light, non-comedogenic, oil-free<br />

moisturiser to follow up.<br />

Women in their 20s may opt<br />

for foamy gel cleansers and light<br />

moisturisers, perhaps a milky cleanser<br />

if you’re prone to dry skin. Of an<br />

eve, use a hydrating fluid or an oilfree<br />

moisturiser along with a mild<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 69

feature<br />

hydrating gel eye cream to stave<br />

off early signs of ageing. If you’re a<br />

30-something, even if you’ve taken<br />

good care of your skin it may become<br />

a little drier and sun damage may<br />

begin to appear.<br />

As you age, keep adjusting your<br />

routine. Your mid-30s is a great<br />

time to start using a nutrient-packed<br />

serum and active night creams.<br />

Use a creamy cleanser and creamier<br />

moisturisers to lock in hydration<br />

(apply over damp skin) and continue<br />

with a slightly richer eye cream<br />

at night.<br />

A clay mask applied weekly will<br />

deep clean your pores if you’re oily,<br />

or a light hydrating mask if you’re<br />

slightly drier. Use a grainy mechanical<br />

exfoliator or something with alpha<br />

hydroxy acids (AHAs) for a chemical<br />

process twice a week to remove<br />

the top layer of skin and deal with<br />

clogged pores.<br />

Try adding some products with<br />

antioxidants to combat free radicals<br />

and introduce some products with<br />

Vitamin A derivatives in your 30s.<br />

Retinol can be found in low doses in<br />

many over-the-counter night creams<br />

and serums or, for stronger dose<br />

retinoids, creams and gels may be<br />

prescribed by your dermatologist or<br />

GP in some cases.<br />

Keep your skin glowing with<br />

some professional treatments such<br />

as microdermabrasion and Vitamin<br />

C facials. It’s around your 30s that<br />

you may be considering anti-wrinkle<br />

injections as a preventative method<br />

for future wrinkle formation and to<br />

refresh your appearance.<br />

Not to sound like your mother,<br />

but you must use sun protection at<br />

all ages – the younger you start, the<br />

better. Not only does it protect your<br />

skin from the sun but 90 percent of<br />

premature ageing is caused by UV<br />

exposure. You’ll be thankful for this<br />

advice when you’re your mum’s age.<br />

Nature<br />

vs<br />

nurture<br />

Whether you grow old gracefully<br />

depends partly on your lifestyle and<br />

partly on your genes. It’s been noted<br />

that one of the most important factors<br />

is the way that skin collects and<br />

retains its moisture, using molecules<br />

that bind water into skin. As skin ages,<br />

the genes that control this process<br />

become less active and skin retains<br />

less moisture, causing wrinkles.<br />

Another involves collagen, which<br />

is the protein that gives skin its<br />

underlying structure. As we age,<br />

the genes that degrade collagen<br />

can become overactive, leading to<br />

more wrinkles. Other factors involve<br />

inflammation, how the skin reacts to<br />

sunlight and the skin’s response to<br />

free radicals.<br />

Of course, all this data doesn’t<br />

mean you’re going to look exactly like<br />

your mum. Regular SPF use will help<br />

you ward off the sun’s harmful rays<br />

and cut back on the risk of premature<br />

fine lines and sun spots. And, until we<br />

uncover the elusive fountain of youth,<br />

a good skincare regimen tailored to<br />

your specific skin type will keep you<br />

looking the best you can at any age.

Damage control for mums<br />

Kicking up the nutrients a notch is a<br />

must as the signs of ageing deepen –<br />

it’s all about products with plumping<br />

and firming benefits. Those beach<br />

holidays may have started to catch<br />

up and the gradual (and unfortunately<br />

unavoidable) loss of collagen is a<br />

part of intrinsic ageing and becomes<br />

more apparent.<br />

You can help slow cellular<br />

degeneration with the antioxidant<br />

properties of Vitamins C and E,<br />

which help protect the skin from<br />

free radicals that devour healthy<br />

cells. Vitamin C can also boost the<br />

synthesis of collagen, especially when<br />

it is applied in a potent form.<br />

Additionally, prescription retinoids<br />

containing Vitamin A acid used<br />

topically is a potent free-radical<br />

fighter. It can reduce brown spots,<br />

increase exfoliation and collagen<br />

production, thicken the epidermis<br />

and can help reverse sun damage.<br />

Chemical peels are also good for<br />

refining the skin’s surface, and<br />

injectable dermal fillers work well in<br />

replenishing volume and boosting<br />

collagen production.<br />

Of course, it’s essential that you<br />

continue slathering on thick face and<br />

eye serums on a nightly basis, with<br />

rich moisturising properties such as<br />

hyaluronic acid, shea butter or oils.<br />

Along with your broad-spectrum UV<br />

moisturiser, add in a couple of creams,<br />

lotions or serums containing at least<br />

two types of antioxidants.<br />

For crepey skin try a formula with<br />

peptides, which have been shown to<br />

strengthen collagen. Use a creamy<br />

cleanser morning and night or, if your<br />

skin tolerates a cleanser with a mild<br />

AHA or salicylic acid, substitute this<br />

in once a day.<br />

Anti-ageing or wrinkle-reducing<br />

prescription formulas containing<br />

retinol or glycolic acid products<br />

are essential in reducing fine lines<br />

and wrinkles, improving skin<br />

texture, skin tone and colour, and<br />

boosting hydration.<br />

There is a plethora of cosmetic<br />

surgery and dermatologic treatments<br />

applicable to the more mature<br />

woman. Laser skin resurfacing is<br />

one such procedure that can offer<br />

an effective solution, significantly<br />

improving crepey eyelids and wrinkles<br />

around the eyes, minimising lines and<br />

age spots, and improving the overall<br />

appearance of the skin. cbm<br />

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wellness<br />

The<br />

Do’s &<br />

Don’ts<br />

of Falling<br />

Pregnant<br />

Could your lifestyle be<br />

hindering your hopes of<br />

starting a family? Here’s a<br />

check list of the habits you<br />

should halt – and some to<br />

take up – to improve your<br />

chances of conceiving.<br />

Have you been trying for a<br />

baby with no luck? You’re not<br />

alone. ‘One in six Australian<br />

couples of child-bearing age will<br />

face fertility issues,’ says Dr. Raewyn<br />

Teirney, Australia’s leading fertility<br />

expert and gynaecologist.<br />

‘We often find that these issues can<br />

be the result of some not-so-great<br />

lifestyle choices by one or both partners<br />

in the relationship. They might have<br />

fallen into bad habits, with no idea that<br />

the behaviour could affect fertility. ‘<br />

The good news? ‘We also often<br />

find that by tweaking the behaviour<br />

that is detrimental to health, couples<br />

can greatly improve their chances of<br />

conceiving naturally,’ say Dr. Teirney.

Feature<br />

DO<br />

START AT A<br />


We all know that the younger you<br />

are when you try for a baby, the<br />

better your chances of succeeding<br />

will be. However, it is not widely<br />

recognised that this applies to men<br />

as well as women.<br />

‘For women, the depletion of eggs<br />

is accelerated after the age of 35 until<br />

menopause, when her Ovarian Store<br />

is exhausted,’ explains Dr. Teirney.<br />

‘Statistics indicate that if a man<br />

is under 25 and a woman is in good<br />

fertility health, then it should on<br />

average take four and a half months<br />

for the couple to conceive. This time<br />

frame jumps to almost two years if<br />

he’s over 40. If he’s over 45, it can<br />

take up to five times that of a healthy<br />

25-year-old.<br />

‘However, men do have a safety<br />

net – new sperm are constantly<br />

being produced and just by adopting<br />

healthy lifestyle habits, it’s thought<br />

they can revitalise their sperm<br />

and improve its chances of fertilising<br />

an egg.<br />

Obviously, you can’t change the<br />

age you’re at now, so to improve your<br />

chances, speak to your doctor or<br />

specialist about support products that<br />

will help improve your fertility health<br />

and fitness, and implement healthy<br />

lifestyle habits as outlined here.<br />



Whether you’re male or female,<br />

excess alcohol intake can have a<br />

dramatic effect on fertility health. ‘In<br />

both men and women, it introduces<br />

free radicals that can adversely affect<br />

the vitality and quality of both the<br />

sperm and egg,’ says Dr. Teirney.<br />

‘Limit alcoholic beverages to less than<br />

two drinks a day and avoid binge<br />

drinking altogether.’<br />

It can often be hard to abstain<br />

when others are raising a glass. ‘Swap<br />

cocktails for refreshing mock-tails<br />

made from fresh fruit and mineral<br />

water,’ suggest Karina Francois,<br />

nutritionist and naturopath from<br />

Infinite health in Victoria. ‘Throw<br />

in some heathy herbs like mint or<br />

lemongrass, muddled into fruit juice<br />

and poured over ice – it will taste<br />

great and be so much better for you.’<br />



It’s impossible to feel healthy, vital<br />

and energetic when you’re running<br />

low on sleep, which can quickly<br />

translate to a low libido. What’s<br />

more, lack of sleep can have a<br />

negative effect on immunity as well<br />

as general health, which may in turn<br />

impact your reproductive health.<br />

‘While there’s no hard and<br />

fast evidence that lack of sleep<br />

contributes to issues of conceiving, we<br />

do know that when you’re exhausted<br />

you just don’t want to have sex,’ says<br />

Dr. Teirney. ‘Furthermore, couples<br />

tend to be less diligent tracking their<br />

fertility windows and this can throw<br />

timed intercourse off schedule.’<br />

If you’re having trouble sleeping,<br />

try some gentle exercise like yoga<br />

stretches prior to bed, suggests<br />

Francois. ‘A warm bath with lavender<br />

oil will help, too, and leave all<br />

devices out of the bedroom.’<br />




It’s likely that we all have to take<br />

prescription medications at some<br />

stage in our lives. However, if you’re<br />

trying for a family, it would be wise<br />

to ask your GP if a medication might<br />

have an effect on either partner.<br />

‘Some prescription medications can<br />

affect fertility health,’ explains Dr.<br />

Teirney. ‘It could be one medication<br />

alone, or a combination of a couple<br />

that interfere with fertility health.<br />

It’s also wise to ask your GP about<br />

taking medication when pregnant, or<br />

if you’re breastfeeding, too.’<br />

Francois says, ‘medicinal herbs as<br />

prescribed by your naturopath can be<br />

as potent as some medications and<br />

may interact in ways not conducive<br />

to conception. Always have a lengthy<br />

discussion with your GP and you<br />

naturopath regarding any and all<br />

medications, tinctures or elixirs you<br />

might be taking.’<br />

ENJOY A<br />


‘Eating on the run, eating highly<br />

processed foods or those with low<br />

nutrient content … these can all<br />

reduce the health and vitality of the<br />

reproductive organs,’ says Dr. Teirney.<br />

Leave the packet food on the<br />

shelf and shop in the fresh food<br />

aisles instead.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 73

wellness<br />

nutritional value,’ says Dr. Teirney.<br />

‘A well-balanced diet for both<br />

partners is essential. This means<br />

lean sources of proteins with each<br />

meal, wholefoods and plenty of<br />

fresh fruits and vegetables. Try<br />

to eat organically wherever<br />

possible, to avoid the introduction<br />

of chemicals from pesticides and<br />

fertilisers into the body.’<br />

Francois says: ‘Semen quality<br />

improves with healthy diet and a<br />

healthy weight in a male, while diets<br />

high in saturated fat seem to do the<br />

opposite. Positive effects on fertility<br />

for women are seen when her diet<br />

includes lots of folic acid, vitamin<br />

B12 and Omega 3 fatty acids.’<br />

Track Your Cycle<br />

Couples who track the menstrual<br />

cycle of the female will be more<br />

aware of when ovulation occurs and<br />

know when to cleverly time sexual<br />

intercourse, thereby improving their<br />

chances of conception.<br />

‘There are lots of ways to do this<br />

that are really quite easy,’ reveal Dr.<br />

Teirney. ‘Monitoring your basal body<br />

temperature using a digital highspeed<br />

thermometer is the first step, as<br />

women typically notice a small drop<br />

in temperature – about 0.2 degrees<br />

Celsius, when they are ovulating.<br />

‘Following this, a urine test can<br />

detect Luteinising Hormone (LH).<br />

A surge in LH indicates ovulation is<br />

about to occur, typically within the<br />

next 24-36 hours.’<br />

‘I always advise women to check<br />

their cervical secretions, too, as they<br />

can be a good marker of fertile times.<br />

In less fertile times, the secretion<br />

will be minimal. When fertile, the<br />

secretions are clear and slightly wet<br />

and when most fertile, secretions are<br />

clear, thin, slippery and stretchy.’<br />

Oher indicators include one-sided<br />

lower pelvic pain on either side of the<br />

body, an amplified libido, intensified<br />

sense of smell and taste, enlarged,<br />

tender breasts, fluid retention, acne<br />

and bloating.<br />

Look at Taking<br />

Supplements<br />

Both the World Health Organization<br />

(WHO) and the Royal Australian<br />

and New Zealand College of<br />

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists<br />

(RANZCOG) recommend all women<br />

thinking about or trying to conceive<br />

should take a vitamin supplement<br />

containing folic acid and iodine.<br />

‘The suggested dose is 500 mcg of<br />

folic acid and 150 mcg of iodine,’<br />

says Dr. Teirney. ‘For men, studies<br />

have emphasised the importance of<br />

antioxidants to maintain healthy<br />

sperm and reproductive health.’<br />

DON’T<br />

Smoke<br />

It’s no secret smoking causes all<br />

kinds of health issues, but one you<br />

may not have considered is that<br />

of fertility. ‘The carcinogens and<br />

toxins in cigarettes cause oxidative<br />

stress to the body, which will<br />

absolutely affect the health and<br />

function of the reproductive organs<br />

in both partners in the relationship,’<br />

reveals Dr. Teirney.<br />

‘The health of the egg will be less<br />

ideal, and the sperm will be less vital,<br />

less able to reach its destination and<br />

perform as nature intended.’<br />

Having trouble quitting? Call<br />

the Quit Line on 13 78 48.<br />

‘Hypnotherapy has also been shown<br />

to be helpful in supporting people<br />

through the process of stopping<br />

smoking,’ says Francois.<br />

Take Illicit drugs<br />

Never mind that they’re illegal –<br />

illicit drugs can certainly play a<br />

part in preventing pregnancy, with<br />

even small doses of ‘softer’ drugs<br />

like marijuana having a detrimental<br />

impact on both sperm and egg health.<br />

‘Illicit drugs not only impair<br />

the health of reproductive organs,’<br />

says Dr. Teirney, ‘but they can also<br />

reduce the sex drive of both partners<br />

in the relationship. For men, using<br />

illicit drugs can sometimes even<br />

cause impotence.’<br />

Obviously, it’s wise to sidestep<br />

these altogether. If you’re having<br />

trouble with addiction, speak to the<br />

Alcohol and Drug Foundation on<br />

1300 85 85 84.<br />

Neglect Exercise<br />

A sedentary lifestyle causes general<br />

health and wellbeing to suffer, which<br />

of course includes fertility health of<br />

both partners. Conversely, enjoying<br />

regular exercise can boost your

chances of starting or expanding your<br />

family. Why not begin an exercise<br />

routine that you can both enjoy?<br />

‘Couples that exercise together will<br />

not only become fitter, improving<br />

wellbeing of the entire body, but<br />

they will enjoy the endorphins that<br />

exercise brings with it,’ says Dr.<br />

Tierney. ‘The feel-good hormones<br />

produced when we work out may<br />

even boost sex drive. Weight<br />

management will also be easier and<br />

you’re more likely to want to have<br />

intercourse if you’re not worried<br />

about how you look naked.’<br />

Exercise and diet are also<br />

imperative to keep both partners at a<br />

healthy weight.<br />

‘We know that if either the man<br />

or the woman is overweight, their<br />

chances of conceiving is reduced,’<br />

says Dr. Teirney. ‘Being overweight<br />

or in fact, obese, can cause hormonal<br />

problems leading to infrequent<br />

ovulation and irregular periods. In<br />

men, it can affect the health and<br />

vitality of the sperm.’<br />

Succumb to Stress<br />

While stress isn’t directly linked<br />

to infertility, it’s widely believed<br />

that it can contribute to difficulty<br />

falling pregnant.<br />

‘It can compound the problem,’<br />

says Dr. Raewyn. ‘For couples who<br />

are trying to conceive, this can be<br />

a difficult and emotionally-fraught<br />

time, especially if they are not<br />

becoming pregnant as quickly as they<br />

had hoped.<br />

‘Any additional stress can be<br />

perceived as greater because of their<br />

already stressed frame of mind.<br />

Couples who are stressed are less<br />

likely to want to have intercourse.<br />

This less frequent intercourse will<br />

of course impact your chances of<br />

conceiving, but it’s also worth noting<br />

that stress spikes cortisol levels, which<br />

could also affect the female’s cycle.’<br />

Dr. Teirney suggests couples<br />

implement stress management<br />

techniques such as regular exercise,<br />

date nights or weekends away where<br />

they can relax and unwind together,<br />

yoga, meditation and/or relaxation<br />

and breathing techniques.<br />

‘Tracking the female cycle using<br />

specific tracking devices such as<br />

ovulation and hormone markers to<br />

pinpoint the female’s most fertile time<br />

can be particularly useful, too,’ says<br />

Dr. Teirney. ‘It takes the guesswork<br />

out of trying to fall pregnant and<br />

improves their chances of conceiving.<br />

We also recommend they look<br />

at their lifestyle and reduce any<br />

potential stressful factors, such as an<br />

unhappy work place, or unnecessary<br />

financial commitments.’<br />

Forget to Have<br />

Regular Sex<br />

As obvious as this seems, many<br />

couples do refrain from intercourse<br />

in a bid to ‘save the good sperm’ for<br />

the right time of the month. This is<br />

a common myth, however it is now<br />

dispelled, as we know that frequent<br />

ejaculation actually helps to maintain<br />

sperm health!<br />

‘It encourages the body to<br />

regenerate and refresh sperm and if<br />

the male is otherwise healthy, we<br />

typically see that the quality of sperm<br />

is good,’ says Dr. Teirney. ‘Timed<br />

sexual intercourse is also extremely<br />

important, so be sure you are enjoying<br />

those intimate moments when the<br />

female as at her most fertile times in<br />

her cycle.’ CBM<br />

Holistic<br />

help is at<br />

hand!<br />

Conceiveplease is Australia’s<br />

first holistic pregnancy planning<br />

kit, created by a leading fertility<br />

specialist and gynaecologist.<br />

It has been designed to help<br />

both the man and the woman in<br />

the relationship become ‘Fertility<br />

Fit’, and pinpoint ovulation times,<br />

to ultimately heighten chances<br />

of conception.<br />

Conceiveplease acts as a<br />

one-stop fertility shop, comprising<br />

a holistic, four-step plan with<br />

supporting products to aid male<br />

and female fertility, to assist<br />

couples with starting or<br />

extending a family through<br />

natural conception, or with<br />

nurturing an ongoing pregnancy.’<br />

Conceiveplease contains<br />

valuable information and tools<br />

to set you on your journey to<br />

natural conception, including:<br />

• Pre-conception health and<br />

support (his ‘n her’s fertility<br />

vitamins);<br />

• A high-speed digital<br />

thermometer to track ovulation;<br />

• A urine test to track the<br />

presence of Luteinising<br />

Hormone;<br />

• Menstrual cycle monitoring for<br />

ovulation;<br />

• Timed sexual intercourse<br />

strategy; and<br />

• Two pregnancy testing sticks.<br />

To purchase conceiveplease,<br />

or elements within the kit, visit:<br />

www.conceiveplease.com<br />

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feature<br />

regnant?<br />

Dos &<br />

don’ts for<br />

facial<br />

rejuvenation<br />

The safety of what you’re putting into your body – in the form<br />

of food, drinks and supplements – comes under strong scrutiny<br />

during child-bearing and breast feeding. And, according to<br />

skincare experts and dermatologists, the same should be said for those<br />

ingredients that you’re using on your skin in the form of skincare,<br />

sunscreens and cosmetic injectables.<br />

It is always best to speak to your doctor about treating skin<br />

conditions when pregnant, as you need to be careful which products<br />

you use. For example, topical creams like retinol (Vitamin A) and<br />

medications like isotretinoin are usually effective treatments for acne,<br />

yet are definitely not safe to use while pregnant.<br />

The concern in using cosmetic injectables and some cosmeceuticals<br />

during pregnancy is that potent active ingredients may diffuse into the<br />

blood stream and disrupt hormone levels or affect foetal development.

Feature<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

Anti-wrinkle<br />

injections<br />

feature<br />

There is very little solid evidence<br />

surrounding the effect of anti-wrinkle<br />

injections on a developing foetus. One<br />

study, by Morgan J C et al (2006),<br />

found botulinum toxin A (the active<br />

ingredient in anti-wrinkle injections)<br />

appears to be relatively low-risk<br />

for both the expectant mother and<br />

foetus. However, it did recommend<br />

further research, and suggested that<br />

practitioners and patients carefully<br />

consider the risks and benefits before<br />

using anti-wrinkle injectables in<br />

pregnant women.<br />

This caution seems to be mirrored<br />

by doctors and dermatologists around<br />

the world. Most would recommend<br />

pregnant women should refrain from<br />

receiving any anti-wrinkle injections<br />

during pregnancy and breast feeding, in<br />

an effort to keep the foetus as healthy<br />

as possible.<br />

In the US, the Food and Drug<br />

Administration (FDA) classifies<br />

botulinum toxins as a pregnancy risk<br />

Category C. This means the drug<br />

should only be administered during<br />

pregnancy if the potential benefit<br />

justifies the potential risk to the foetus.<br />

Why the concern?<br />

Botulinum toxin is derived from a<br />

food-related bacterium called<br />

Clostridium botulinum – it is also one<br />

of the most potent food-related toxins<br />

known to humans.<br />

‘Botulism’ is the poisoning associated<br />

with unsafe exposure to botulinum<br />

toxins. In humans, this can cause<br />

blurred or double vision, nausea,<br />

vomiting, trouble breathing, difficulty<br />

swallowing, muscle weakness and<br />

impaired motor control. However,<br />

there is limited evidence as to how this<br />

poisoning could affect an unborn child.<br />

While the size and weight of a<br />

botulinum toxin molecule is too big<br />

to diffuse across the placental<br />

membrane, scientists do not know if<br />

transfer to the foetus is possible through<br />

an active transport mechanism. They<br />

also can’t be certain if the toxin’s<br />

neuromuscular effects could potentially<br />

affect foetal development.<br />

Where does the<br />

toxin go?<br />

Common claims that botulinum<br />

toxin does not migrate from the<br />

treatment site following injection<br />

are inaccurate, according to<br />

research published in the Journal<br />

of Neuroscience. In fact, some of<br />

the potent toxin escapes into the<br />

central nervous system (the brain<br />

and the spinal chord) following<br />

cosmetic injections.<br />

This research adds weight to the<br />

argument for avoiding botulinum<br />

toxins during pregnancy and breastfeeding.<br />

Until researchers further<br />

understand the pathways of injected<br />

botulinum toxins in the body – and<br />

the way the toxin might interact<br />

with or affect a developing foetus –<br />

the overarching recommendation is<br />

that patients steer clear of cosmetic<br />

injectables during pregnancy.

Insider’s tip:<br />

treatment for<br />

stretch marks<br />

Stretch marks are a common concern during<br />

pregnancy. They usually appear on the abdomen and<br />

breasts, and also on the hips, thighs and buttocks.<br />

Stratamark, from Swiss pharma company<br />

Stratpharma, is a revolutionary treatment for<br />

preventing and reducing stretch marks, and is safe<br />

for use in pregnant women. It hydrates and protects<br />

the skin by forming a thin gel sheet across the<br />

treatment area – this helps normalise the production<br />

of collagen in the skin to help prevent stretch marks<br />

from forming.<br />

Stratamark is recommended for use from the<br />

beginning of the second trimester through to 60 to<br />

90 days following birth.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 79

feature<br />

Skincare<br />

In the skincare department, parabens,<br />

phthalates and retinoids are all of<br />

particular concern during pregnancy.<br />

Parabens and phthalates are commonly<br />

found in cosmetics, body lotions, nail<br />

polishes, hair sprays and fragrances. Both<br />

are considered endocrine-disruption<br />

chemicals, which have the potential to<br />

interfere with hormone function.<br />

One study, by Braun, J.M. et al. in<br />

2013, looked into the use of parabens<br />

and phthalates during pregnancy.<br />

They found lotions, cosmetics and<br />

perfume use were all associated with an<br />

increase in phthalate metabolite and<br />

paraben concentration in the urine<br />

– of up to 111 per cent.<br />

It is recommended to avoid parabens<br />

and phthalates by using essential oils<br />

instead of fragrances, checking the<br />

ingredients listed on the label and opting<br />

for products that are ‘paraben-free’.<br />

Retinoids are a form of vitamin A and<br />

are used in skincare to accelerate skin<br />

cell renewal – this can be effective in<br />

reducing pigmentation, treating acne<br />

and reducing wrinkles. Retinol, retinol,<br />

tretinoin (retinoic acid, Retin-A),<br />

isotretinoin and alitretinoin are all forms<br />

of first-generation retinoids.<br />

While there is limited evidence to<br />

show retinoids are harmful when used<br />

topically, many studies have shown<br />

that high doses of vitamin A during<br />

pregnancy can be harmful to an unborn<br />

child. As well as this, oral retinoids such<br />

as isotretinoin commonly used in acne<br />

treatments, have been shown to cause<br />

birth defects. CBM<br />

Chemical peels<br />

Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant and is the primary ingredient in<br />

many chemical peels. It is also the active ingredient in aspirin. High<br />

doses of salicylic acid in oral form have been associated with birth<br />

defects and various complications during pregnancy. With regards<br />

to topical application, the concern is around the use of chemical<br />

peels that contain salicylic acid. The high concentration of salicylic<br />

acid, plus the greater quantities used in chemical peels, increase the<br />

chances of absorption into the bloodstream, which could affect foetal<br />

development. It is best to consult with an experienced dermatologist in<br />

undergoing treatment with chemical peels during pregnancy.

So what<br />

is safe?<br />

There are several effective topical<br />

treatments that are generally agreed<br />

to be used safely during pregnancy.<br />

They include:<br />

• Benzoyl peroxide This has the<br />

ability to penetrate deep in oil<br />

glands, and kill off P. acnes; the<br />

acne-provoking bacteria. This<br />

prevents the bacteria from driving<br />

the inflammation of acne.<br />

• Azelaic acid This works in a<br />

similar way to Benzoyl peroxide<br />

in that it is anti-bacterial and antiinflammatory.<br />

• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) This<br />

can be used for oil control and<br />

minimising pores and also has<br />

anti-inflammatory properties.<br />

If your skin is oilier than usual during<br />

your pregnancy, adapting your<br />

skincare may also help manage your<br />

acne during pregnancy; for example<br />

switching to a less greasy moisturiser<br />

may do the trick.<br />

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Intimate<br />

S urgery<br />

Adelaide gynaecologist<br />

and pelvic reconstructive<br />

surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma<br />

explains how Minimally<br />

invasive genital surgery<br />

can transform lives.<br />

All women are born with differently<br />

shaped genitalia, however the effects<br />

of childbirth and ageing can cause<br />

many to suffer from problems that make them<br />

self-conscious and unhappy, often affecting<br />

relationships with their sexual partners.<br />

‘The function and form of the different parts<br />

of the vagina are closely linked to the female<br />

psyche and the perception of self in terms of<br />

attractiveness,’ says Adelaide gynaecologist and<br />

pelvic reconstruction surgeon Dr Oseka Onuma.<br />

‘As women become more aware that it is<br />

possible to correct potentially “embarrassing”<br />

problems, female genital surgery is increasing<br />

in popularity,’ he adds ‘These days women are<br />

less willing to accept changes in genital anatomy<br />

resulting from pregnancy, childbirth and ageing.<br />

They are less likely to have the attitude “it’s<br />

just part of being a woman”.’<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 85

wellness<br />

Vaginal<br />

rejuvenation<br />

Oversized, elongated or<br />

asymmetrical labia minora – the<br />

inner vaginal lips which surround the<br />

entrance to the vagina – can cause<br />

irritation and discomfort when wearing<br />

certain clothes, during sporting<br />

activities or sex.<br />

According to Dr Onuma, women<br />

often identify an apparent problem<br />

with their labia early in their teenage<br />

years, or notice gradual changes<br />

with thickening as well as elongation<br />

over time.<br />

Laser reduction labioplasty can<br />

sculpt an elongated or unequal labia<br />

minora according to the patient’s<br />

wishes. ‘There is a wide variation in<br />

the appearance of the external<br />

genitalia, so no one look is normal,’<br />

Dr Onuma says.<br />

‘The vulvar structures (including the<br />

labia minora, labia majora, mons pubis,<br />

perineum, entrance to the vagina and<br />

hymen) can be surgically enhanced,<br />

both functionally and aesthetically.’<br />

Every organ within the female pelvic floor is<br />

subject to stress – from gravity or from the delivery of<br />

a baby. Muscle, connective tissue and epithelium can<br />

break, tear, stretch and lose their elasticity, resulting<br />

in functional consequences. The organs within the<br />

female pelvic floor that can be subject to prolapse<br />

include the urethra, bladder, uterus, vaginal walls,<br />

perineum and labia minora. All can present as a lump<br />

or mass that was not previously visible or noted by<br />

the woman.<br />

Common symptoms of vaginal wall prolapse or<br />

relaxation include awareness of a vaginal lump, a<br />

‘dragging’ within the vagina or lower back, urinary<br />

incontinence, the need to empty the bladder<br />

frequently and/or with urgency, pain and/or reduced<br />

sensation during intercourse.<br />

‘Childbirth can change the shape and tone of<br />

vaginal tissue, sometimes resulting in embarrassment<br />

as well as loss of sexual satisfaction,’ Dr Onuma says.<br />

Another problem is female stress urinary<br />

incontinence, caused predominantly by an<br />

improperly functioning urethra. When a woman<br />

suffers from this condition, weakened muscle and<br />

pelvic tissue don’t adequately support the urethra.<br />

As a result, the urethra doesn’t maintain a tight<br />

seal during exercise or exertion such as coughing or<br />

laughing and urine may escape.<br />

‘Beyond pelvic floor retraining and physiotherapy,<br />

there is now a range of minimal-access surgical<br />

options available that can address and hopefully<br />

resolve these problems,’ says Dr Onuma.<br />

Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) can enhance<br />

vaginal muscle tone, strength and control. According<br />

to Dr Onuma, the laser techniques deliver gentle<br />

precision procedures with controlled accuracy and<br />

result in rapid healing, minimal pain and scarring,<br />

relatively fast recovery and allow for improved<br />

sensation and resumption of daily activities in a<br />

relatively short period of time.<br />

The procedure is performed in a fully accredited<br />

hospital to monitor any discomfort. After the<br />

procedure, the amount of time away from work<br />

depends on the type of work the patient does. ‘An<br />

office worker could return to work after two weeks;

The Australian Centre for Female<br />

Pelvic & Vaginal Rejuvenation<br />

Feature<br />

‘ Childbirth<br />

can change the<br />

shape and tone<br />

of vaginal tissue,<br />

sometimes resulting<br />

in embarrassment<br />

as well as loss of<br />

sexual satisfaction.<br />

’<br />

someone doing more physical work such as lifting<br />

or remaining on their feet for long periods normally<br />

returns to work after four to six weeks,’ he says. Total<br />

healing of surface and connective tissues along with<br />

damaged muscle may take up to six weeks.<br />

Most patients report mild discomfort which can be<br />

controlled by analgesics and cold packs to the area<br />

during the first week after the operation.<br />

Dr Onuma says LVR is a procedure with a<br />

relatively low risk, provided the surgeon is skilled<br />

and experienced. But as with any surgery, prior to<br />

the operation there should be a thorough discussion<br />

between the surgeon and the patient about the<br />

operation techniques and likely outcomes.<br />

‘No woman should suffer embarrassment or feel<br />

inhibited in her relationship with her partner due<br />

to the appearance of her vagina or physical sexual<br />

dysfunction,’ Dr Onuma says. ‘The importance of<br />

reassuring the woman that she is not alone in her<br />

genital issues and that there are options for improving<br />

her quality of life cannot be over-emphasised,’ he<br />

concludes. cbm<br />





Gynaecologist and Pelvic<br />

Reconstructive Surgeon<br />

BSc. (Hons), MJur., CCST,<br />


4 Robe Terrace,<br />

Medindie SA 5081<br />

08 8344 6085<br />

reception@dronuma.com.au<br />

www.dronuma.com.au<br />

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feature<br />

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on a<br />

mission<br />

Stephenie Rodriguez is an Australian businesswoman, awardwinning<br />

digital marketer and the founder of JOZU for Women<br />

Inc. She is the inventor of the world’s first personal safety<br />

ecosystem designed by women, with compassion.<br />

Stephenie Rodriguez is on a mission to impact 1 billion<br />

lives by 2025 by democratising safety and empowering<br />

women and vulnerable people to ‘go anywhere’.<br />

She launched the Beacon on October 2, 2018 (the UN<br />

International Day of Nonviolence) in Cannes, France<br />

at the Tax Free World Association trade fair to the Duty<br />

Free market as a testing ground. The Beacon is a discreet<br />

non-violent personal safety device that pairs via Bluetooth<br />

seamless to the free WanderSafe smartphone safety app. Her<br />

WHY is based on 30 years of personal experience of travelling<br />

to over 55 countries, often as a solo traveler. Keenly aware of<br />

the unique needs and risks that women face when travelling<br />

or commuting led her to develop an empowering solution for<br />

women and vulnerable people. As a global citizen who has<br />

lived on various continents, and spent over three years at<br />

30,000 ft and nine years in hotel room nights, her passion is<br />

to empower women and vulnerable people to venture freely<br />

across the world, using technology as an enabler.

an<br />

YOUR<br />













For the past 20 years, I have been<br />

an entrepreneur and working for<br />

myself in contract roles for some<br />

great organizations. I like the<br />

ultimate freedom and responsibility<br />

for creating my own destiny that<br />

self-employment creates. I have<br />

been fortunate to work for global<br />

corporations in some of those<br />

contract positions from Simplot<br />

to Club Med, Sydney Airport and<br />

Hardy’s Wines/Accolade. As a futurist<br />

and a social anthropologist, I have<br />

had the foresight to play where the<br />

technology and communication<br />

proverbial puck was heading. (I<br />

actually worked in the Tech Bubble<br />

of 2000!)<br />

After the crash in December 2000<br />

the Internet and I broke up for a few<br />

years. But when I saw it had been<br />

through its corrective period, we got<br />

back together and my consultancy<br />

has led some of the biggest digital<br />

transformation projects in the travel<br />

retail industry. My motivation can be<br />

associated with foresight and being an<br />

early adopter.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 101

feature<br />





My first solo trip abroad was when<br />

I was 18, and my mother had never<br />

traveled abroad. She was terrified for<br />

my safety, however, I was fearless. My<br />

first trip was to Paris and I was bitten<br />

by wanderlust. Travel expanded my<br />

mind and fuelled my creativity. Aptly<br />

so, I started working in a five-star<br />

hotel out of university and then in<br />

a travel agency that handled many<br />

Consulates’ travel in Washington<br />

DC. I got to see more of the world as<br />

a perk of the job and, again, I knew I<br />

had chosen my career sector well.<br />

After more than thirty years of<br />

traveling to over 55 countries, I have<br />

observed the rise of solo travel, the<br />

lack of information and the need for<br />

non-violent solutions that empower<br />

you to walk down a new street in any<br />

city. With so many mindless shootings<br />

taking place around the world and<br />

women not feeling safe with things<br />

like pepper-spray and tasers, I set out<br />

to design a holistic solution – not<br />

just a bandaid on social issues that<br />

are uncomfortable for women to talk<br />

about. In Australia, eight out of 10<br />

assaults go unreported and a recent<br />

study by Mission Australia cited that<br />

50% of women don’t feel safe when<br />

walking outside after dark.<br />

I wanted to build a platform<br />

whereby women could freely share<br />

their travel knowledge in a way that<br />

was respected. Women make more<br />

than 87% of vacation purchase<br />

decisions, regardless of whose credit<br />

card is used. However, we travel<br />

differently than men and we have<br />

different needs. Further, we’ll ask<br />

for directions!<br />

JOZU is a Japanese word and<br />

means well done or better than, and<br />

is indeed a word that sums up our<br />

mission. We launched the JOZU<br />

travel portal in March 2017 to great<br />

fanfare at SXSW in Austin, Texas.<br />

We knew we were creating a safe<br />

space for women to discuss travel, but<br />

it wasn’t enough. So, we held a Travel<br />

Summit in Montego Bay, Jamaica<br />

and spent four days asking influencers<br />

and community builders, including<br />

Mia Voss, Haley Woods (creator of<br />

Girls Love Travel), frequent business<br />

traveler and founder of the Luka<br />

Cosmetic skin care range, CEO<br />

Katherine Lugo, what women really<br />

wanted when they were away from<br />

home. Safety and community were<br />

resounding themes.<br />

In September of 2017, we were<br />

part of the Womens Startup Lab<br />

Accelerator in Menlo Park and<br />

discovered we needed to pivot in<br />

order to achieve our objectives in<br />

delivering on the JOZU principle<br />

in a meaningful way. We set about<br />

creating Beacon by WanderSafe<br />

as a very specific ecosystem. This<br />

extended the value proposition<br />

beyond just female solo travelers<br />

to vulnerable people including<br />

the LGBT community, the elderly,<br />

and children.<br />






ABOUT ITS featureS<br />

AND WHat YOU<br />


TESTING.<br />

We did two months of intensive<br />

testing of the device in July<br />

and August last year in Greece,<br />

Amsterdam, Croatia, Rome and the<br />

UK as well as in Australia. Some of<br />

this testing was around the physical<br />

size of the product and the ease of<br />

functionality. We challenged our<br />

‘twist to siren’ feature that we are

patenting to see if consumers would<br />

find it as easy and straight forward<br />

to activate as we did in the design<br />

phase. We tested the 140 decibel<br />

siren to determine exactly how far<br />

this sound would carry and what<br />

types of reactions it would elicit from<br />

various test groups of situations. The<br />

second click of the high lumen torch<br />

strobe light activation actually caused<br />

nausea in some of the test audiences<br />

after being exposed to it in the dark<br />

for more than a minute.<br />

The alarm was deemed ‘brutally<br />

deafening’ and can effectively hail<br />

an audience, or scare away a potential<br />

assailant. The final step was to test<br />

the Beacon by WanderSafe Activate<br />

button, wherein three emergency<br />

contacts get notified in the event that<br />

the user was in danger. The silent<br />

signal feature completed testing in<br />

October 2018 with the release of our<br />

mobile app into iTunes and Google<br />

Play stores as a free download in<br />

BETA.<br />



THE #1BLIVESBY2025<br />

HASHTAG.<br />

WanderSafe is a social impact<br />

venture. Violence against women<br />

and vulnerable people is an epidemic<br />

and, frankly, we cannot rely on<br />

lawmakers and enforcers to protect<br />

our communities. As women, we<br />

can’t stand by and complain about<br />

the situation. Women are capable<br />

and WanderSafe and the beacon put<br />

the power to change a situation in<br />

the palm of the hand of its users. The<br />

smartphone app is free. It provides<br />

a robust means to call for help, log<br />

unsafe areas or leave safety tips for<br />

other users of the app. This is already<br />

something our users love. The app<br />

also provides geolocation information<br />

of WanderSafe Havens, where<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103

feature<br />

amenities<br />

such as fire<br />

stations,<br />

police<br />

precincts<br />

and hospitals<br />

proximity can<br />

be seen for<br />

a user who<br />

might need<br />

to escape<br />

if being<br />

followed.<br />

amenities such as fire stations, police<br />

precincts and hospitals proximity can<br />

be seen for a user who might need<br />

to escape if being followed. The app<br />

allows users to see something and say<br />

something and our virtual concierge<br />

JENI is there to suggest safer routes,<br />

inform you of unsafe areas as you<br />

approach them, and deliver important<br />

warnings like terrorism outbreaks<br />

or active shooters. The unfortunate<br />

tragedy in New Zealand recently<br />

articulates a great need for safety<br />

information to be deployed as fast as<br />

possible when these things happen.<br />

To deliver on our 1 billion lives by<br />

2025 mission we have a ‘buy one<br />

give one’ program, inspired by Toms<br />

Shoes. For every beacon we sell, we<br />

donate one to an at-risk community<br />

in collaboration with our NGO<br />

partners.<br />



We’ve been blessed to attract<br />

some very talented people and<br />

organizations to our mission. My<br />

MVP is our Chief Technology<br />

Officer, Paulo Taylor. I am so grateful<br />

to have someone of his experience<br />

and knowledge of mobile solutions<br />

guiding the technology aspect of our<br />

product. Paulo joined the team in<br />

November 2018. Our partner agency,<br />

CircleSquare in Hong Kong did an<br />

amazing job on our packaging and<br />

messaging and that has been a giant<br />

milestone as we prepared to go from a<br />

home-based business to marketing the<br />

beacons worldwide.<br />

Our beacon product was designed<br />

in collaboration with a retired CIA<br />

Security professional Thomas Pecora.<br />

He spent a significant part of his<br />

career in highly volatile situations<br />

fighting terrorism. He had direct<br />

input into the beacon feature set<br />

and is teaching JENI our AI how to<br />

make safety situation analysis and<br />

provide real-time safety ratings in<br />

our application. We have on our<br />

advisory board Meredith Moore, a<br />

safety and communication expert<br />

with a history of working both at the<br />

IMF, The World Bank and in the<br />

United Nations based in Washington<br />

DC. Our investors have been some<br />

of the most important partners and<br />

we are proudly backed by Australian<br />

businesswomen Fiona O’Donnell,<br />

Simone Fox, Candice Miller and<br />

Josephine Dermatis as angel investors.<br />

We have one investor/advisor who<br />

is the Head of Business Enterprise<br />

at Linkedin and a Stamford Ph.D.<br />

We created strategic partnerships

with CrimeStoppers International<br />

and signed The Hague Accord<br />

in November 2018, as a wider<br />

commitment to working with law<br />

enforcement and NGOs to reduce<br />

violent crime. In the US, we have<br />

integrated the WanderSafe app<br />

with a Crime Stoppers reporting<br />

button that allows users to send an<br />

anonymous tip to CrimeStoppers<br />

directly from our smartphone<br />

app. In January we formed a new<br />

partnership with SWAT, the US’s<br />

Sports World Against Traffi cking,<br />

through an introduction with US<br />

NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis of<br />

the Baltimore Ravens. I met him<br />

at Richard Branson’s house on<br />

Necker Island at a ChangeMaker<br />

Rulebreaker leadership retreat in<br />

December of 2018, and when he<br />

saw the beacon and I explained our<br />

mission, he picked up the phone<br />

to call the Head of the Board of<br />

SWAT and said, ‘I found what we<br />

need’. It was very humbling and we<br />

will begin rolling out beacons in<br />

collaboration with NFL, NBA, NHL<br />

and NBL teams across American as<br />

part of a wider campaign to inform<br />

children and vulnerable people about<br />

how to protect themselves and be<br />

aware of human traffi cking. It’s the<br />

fastest growing sector of crime in<br />

the United States according to the<br />

FBI and I am humbled to be able to<br />

serve so many and be on the board<br />

of SWAT. We also are partners<br />

with AirlineAmbassadors.org and<br />

Purchased.org who are actively<br />

involved in the training, awareness<br />

and prevention of human traffi cking<br />

in the US.<br />

AirlineAmbassadors.org and Crime<br />

Stoppers International. To see how<br />

we can improve and empower travel,<br />

and keep people safer at scale, is really<br />

exciting to me.<br />



Only do that which you are truly<br />

and sustainably passionate about.<br />

Entrepreneurship is hard enough. If<br />

you don’t have the love, you won’t<br />

achieve the level of success that<br />

makes the hard work worthwhile.<br />

Find and seek mentorship, ask<br />

questions and be open about how<br />

your mentors can create the greatest<br />

value. And listen twice as much<br />

as you speak to their feedback<br />

and advice. Stay humble, but be<br />

remarkable. CBM<br />


PROUD OF?<br />

I am most proud of our ability to<br />

deliver WanderSafe as a perfect<br />

solution that has so much potential<br />

and can help so many in under<br />

24 months to my investors,<br />

community and stakeholders. We’ve<br />

partnered with Purchased.org,<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105

E<br />

d’s<br />

fa<br />


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COSMETICS Roller<br />

Lash Mascara, $43<br />

vesGUCCI Bloom<br />




Fineliner Ultra-Skinny<br />

Gel Eye Crayon, Limited<br />

Edition, $36<br />

FENTY BEAUTY Killawatt<br />

Freestyle Highlighter Duo, $52<br />

Nettare Di Fiori Eau<br />

De Parfum, $170<br />


Queen Kit, Limited<br />

Edition, $35


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nicole<br />

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but getting started early is a huge advantage. Filling the gap between over-the-counter<br />

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skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

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nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />


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