CosBeauty Magazine #95

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty. In this issue: - 2022 Trend Forecast - The skin & hair revival guide - The New Stone Age: Why crystal healing is having a moment - A fascinating history of anti-wrinkle injections - 24 local brands keeping Australia beautiful

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty.
In this issue:
- 2022 Trend Forecast
- The skin & hair revival guide
- The New Stone Age: Why crystal healing is having a moment
- A fascinating history of anti-wrinkle injections
- 24 local brands keeping Australia beautiful


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ISSUE 95 FEB-APRIL 2022<br />

2022<br />

trend<br />

forecast<br />

The new<br />

stone age<br />



HAVING A<br />

MOMENT<br />

A fascinating<br />

history of<br />

anti-wrinkle<br />

injections<br />

24<br />

LOCAL<br />

BRANDS<br />




9 771833 383011<br />

ISSN 1834-383X<br />

02<br />

The skin<br />

& hair<br />

revival<br />


.com.au<br />

moisturising<br />

in all forms<br />

A range formulated with highly efficient<br />

active ingredients that provide all skin types<br />

with an optimal level of hydration.<br />

Hyaluronic acid is a key ingredient within<br />

the range, to help prevent dehydration at all<br />

levels. This is combined with antioxidant and<br />

anti-pollution active ingredients to provide<br />

an additional protective action.<br />

the element for skincare experts<br />

mesoestetic.com.au | 1800 242 011


now<br />

available<br />

with<br />

nicole<br />

As we age, the amount of maintenance required to keep a youthful look will increase,<br />

but getting started early is a huge advantage. Filling the gap between over-the-counter<br />

treatments and more aggressive laser offerings, Clear + Brilliant creates and defi nes an<br />

entirely new category of laser aesthetic treatments for clients moving along the skincare<br />

continuum. Clear + Brilliant helps prevent and address early signs of ageing, resulting in a<br />

brighter, more even skin tone. Treatments are comfortable, fast, effective and suitable for<br />

all skin types. The results are both immediate and progressive, depending on the age and<br />

condition of the skin. It is also great for those who are looking for short downtime and a quick<br />

skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />


Improves<br />

post-procedure<br />

recovery with<br />

immediate<br />

impact<br />

Visibly<br />

regenerates<br />

and restores skin<br />

The World’s Only Skincare<br />

Powered by Ethically Derived Red Deer<br />

Umbilical Cord Lining Stem Cells<br />

Day 4 post procedure:<br />

Decreased swelling on LHS<br />

using CALECIM<br />

Day 4 post procedure:<br />

Decreased redness on LHS<br />

using CALECIM<br />

Post 2 weeks using<br />



calecimprofessional.com.au | 1800 242 011

Dr Lisa is a female Specialist<br />

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon<br />

based in Sydney, Australia.<br />

She has worked in France,<br />

Germany and the USA.<br />

Breast augmentation<br />

Breast lift<br />

Breast reduction<br />

Abdominoplasty<br />

Mummy makeover<br />

Liposuction<br />

Lip lift<br />

Non-surgical facial<br />

enhancement including<br />

wrinkle injections<br />

and fillers<br />


SkinMTX<br />

®<br />

Clinically Researched Formulation<br />

Elevate<br />

Your Skincare<br />

with Award-Winning SkinMTX ®<br />

SkinMTX ® offers a complete range of dermatological-grade<br />

formulations that push the boundaries of efficacy.<br />

With active ingredients that offer unrivalled potency, SkinMTX ®<br />

products are specially designed and formulated to penetrate<br />

optimally into skin to achieve visible, proven results.<br />

CLICK HERE &<br />


15% DISCOUNT +<br />



VALID UNTIL 16/04/2022<br />

skinmtx.com.au | 1800 242 011

46 The new stone age<br />

Crystal healing, long the domain<br />

of new-age pseudoscience,<br />

is having a moment – and the<br />

beauty industry wants in.<br />

66 Post-summer hair revival<br />

Tresses in distress? Prepare to<br />

repair with these hydrating<br />

hair heroes.<br />

72 The Aussie brands keeping<br />

Australia beautiful<br />

Some of our favourite local<br />

products to give you that<br />

undeniable Aussie glow.<br />

82 Cool, calm and collected<br />

Is your skin sending out an SOS?<br />

We have the products to help you<br />

shield and repair your skin from<br />

the sins of summer.<br />


10 Editor’s Letter<br />

12 Beauty Insider<br />

110 Ed’s Faves<br />


54 Skincare myths busted<br />

Could the active ingredients in<br />

your skincare product be doing<br />

more damage than good to<br />

your skin?<br />

90 Beauty & beyond<br />

Meet the lady bosses behind<br />

two Australian success stories.<br />

98 Under the knife: Is the Australian<br />

cosmetic surgery industry<br />

getting a facelift?<br />

We report on the current<br />

‘cosmetic surgeon’ crisis in<br />

Australia and proposed changes<br />

to the industry.<br />

102 The most popular anti-ageing<br />

treatmentof all time<br />

As Botox Cosmetic celebrates<br />

its 20th birthday this year,<br />

we take a trip down memory<br />

lane with the founders of this<br />

revolutionary treatment.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

30 2022 beauty trend forecast<br />

The future looks bright – with<br />

a focus on sustainability,<br />

diversity, accessibility and<br />



106 Everything you knew about<br />

metabolism may be wrong<br />

Recent research has shaken<br />

widely held weight loss theories<br />

to the core.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 9

From the<br />

EDITOR<br />

It’s hard to believe we’re already in February 2022! This year has already started<br />

with its fair share of ups and downs – the down being we’re still in the midst<br />

of a pandemic, and the up being there is light at the end of the tunnel. In the<br />

beauty world, the future certainly looks bright. For the first time, we are seeing a<br />

shift in power, with consumers setting the trends and evolving beauty standards that put<br />

inclusion, accessibility, diversity and sustainability at the fore. You can read more about<br />

2022’s forecast on page 30.<br />

Shopping local is more important than ever in our collective quest for sustainable<br />

beauty. A brand’s footprint matters and as consumers we’re increasingly making our<br />

purchasing decisions based on a brand’s environmental impact just as much as we are on<br />

the product’s efficacy. On page 72 we showcase some of the Aussie brands leading the<br />

way with sustainable, eco-friendly, high-performing beauty products.<br />

The Aussie summer is slowly drawing to a close. If, like me, you’ve enjoyed a bit too<br />

much fun in the sun and saltwater, now’s the time to repair your skin and hair from the<br />

sins of summer. Check out our tried and tested favourite skincare products on page 82,<br />

and our hair repair heroes on page 66.<br />

We had so much fun this issue taking a trip down memory lane with the founders of<br />

Botox Cosmetic. From page 102 you can learn about the birth of anti-wrinkle injections,<br />

past, present and possible uses, and how it’s become the most popular anti-ageing<br />

treatment of all time.<br />

For more inspirational stories, we’re also proud to profile two Aussie success stories<br />

in the local beauty industry on page 90. Plus, as always, we share the latest products and<br />

treatments from both here and abroad.<br />

Happy reading, and here’s to a positive and empowering year ahead!<br />

Issue 95<br />

Feb – April 2022<br />

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articles are of genuine patients. It is important to understand<br />

that they represent one person’s experience and there is<br />

no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.

@cosbeauty<br />

Beauty insider<br />




Defying categorisation, Fenty Eau<br />

de Parfum is spicy and sweet all at<br />

once and is designed to be worn<br />

by all people, for all occasions.<br />

Inspired by some of Rihanna’s most<br />

distinct memories and places from<br />

throughout her life – Bridgetown,<br />

Barbados; Grasse, France; New<br />

York, New York; Paris, France;<br />

Los Angeles, California – Rihanna<br />

created Fenty Eau de Parfum as a<br />

scent personal both to herself and<br />

to others. It evokes the memories,<br />

connections and experiences<br />

unique to each person through the<br />

power of scent.<br />

‘I wanted a rich colour that<br />

really represented all genders<br />

from across all walks of life,’ says<br />

Rihanna. ‘Brown is my favourite<br />

colour. Brown is who I am. Brown<br />

is what I come from. If I’m going to<br />

make a fragrance that represents<br />

me, even the body language of<br />

the bottle needs to marry that. So,<br />

I wanted something brown, but<br />

also transparent – so you could see<br />

the liquid and the fragrance you’re<br />

about to experience.’<br />

This is confidence in a bottle.<br />

Where to buy: Fenty Eau de<br />

Parfum ($225 AUD) is available<br />

exclusively at FentyBeauty.com<br />

in limited quantities and for<br />

international shipping.<br />


@cosbeauty<br />



February 1 marks the Lunar New<br />

Year and the beginning of the Year<br />

of the Tiger! To celebrate, some of<br />

our favourite brands are offering<br />

special edition sets and products.<br />

SkinCeuticals’ Lunar New Year<br />

set takes the guesswork out of a<br />

luxurious and efficacious skincare<br />

routine with a kit designed to<br />

soothe, calm and clarify the<br />

complexion.<br />

This limited-edition skincare<br />

bundle is the perfect foray into<br />

the world of SkinCeuticals, with<br />

products combined to provide<br />

advanced environmental protection<br />

and soothe visible redness.<br />

The skincare kit contains: Phyto<br />

Corrective Essence Hydrating Mist<br />

10ml, 3x Phloretin CF Vitamin C<br />

Serum 4ml, Phyto Corrective Gel<br />

Calming Serum 30ml, and 2x Phyto<br />

Corrective Hydrating Masque 4ml.<br />

SkinCeuticals Lunar New Year<br />

Bundle is available for purchase<br />

for $180 RRP on the SkinCeuticals<br />

website and other stockists.<br />

Clinique is celebrating the Lunar<br />

New Year with four of its bright<br />

stars refashioned in limited-edition<br />

Year of the Tiger packaging:<br />

Jumbo Dramatically Different<br />

Moisturising Lotion+ 200ml $70,<br />

Jumbo Dramatically Different Oil-<br />

Control Gel 200ml $70, Jumbo Even<br />

Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot<br />

Corrector + Interruptor 100ml $195,<br />

and Cheek Pop Highlighter in Gold<br />

Celebration Pop $42.<br />

Sisley Paris is also celebrating<br />

the occasion with the release of a<br />

limited-edition gift box including<br />

five iconic luxury travel size Sisley<br />

essentials with any $300+ Sisley<br />

purchase at David Jones. The gift<br />

set includes Lyslait 30ml, Floral<br />

Toner 30ml, Black Rose Cream<br />

Mask 10ml, All Day All<br />

Year 10ml and Sisleÿa<br />

L’Intégral Anti-Âge<br />

Firming Serum 5ml.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13

@cosbeauty<br />



Yes, you really can have it all!<br />

Fusspot’s Sleep Tea range – Cloud<br />

Nine and Chai So High – helps you<br />

to drift off to slumberland while<br />

waking up with glowing skin.<br />

Hydrolysed collagen peptides<br />

are at the core of this Australianowned<br />

consumable beauty product.<br />

With premium quality collagen<br />

peptides that help enhance inner<br />

wellbeing, your complexion enjoys<br />

the ingredients it needs to become<br />

more luminous.<br />

Cloud Nine tea is packed with<br />

antioxidants to promote beauty<br />

from within while helping you wind<br />

down with a good night’s sleep that<br />

leaves you refreshed and glowing.<br />

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers,<br />

lemon balm leaf, passionflower,<br />

lavender flowers, scullcap leaf with<br />

hydrolysed collagen.<br />

Chai So High is a tasty mix of<br />

herbs and spices, whirled together<br />

with hydrolysed collagen to give<br />

your skin and body a boost.<br />

Ingredients: Hydrolysed collagen,<br />

spices including ground cinnamon,<br />

ground ginger, ground cardamon,<br />

turmeric powder, and ground cloves.<br />

Where to buy: Head to<br />

https://fusspottea.com/<br />



New on our radar is Skin Fruit, an<br />

Australian-owned and operated<br />

high-performance skincare range<br />

designed for sensitive skin. The<br />

cleanser and moisturiser feature<br />

botanicals that work to help reset<br />

and get your skin glowing, so you<br />

can wake up feeling confident with<br />

clearer skin.<br />

Skin Fruit was founded in 2019<br />

by pharmacist Amanda Dang who,<br />

after years of trying out countless<br />

products to help alleviate her own<br />

skin sensitivity issues, became<br />

hugely frustrated with the quantity of<br />

products in the marketplace which<br />

were ineffective, confusing and<br />

weakened her skin barrier.<br />

Amanda finally narrowed down<br />

a few key ingredients which were<br />

highly beneficial in restoring her<br />

own skin. From this, she worked<br />

together with a cosmetic chemist to<br />

formulate a skincare range that was<br />

intentionally minimal, purposeful,<br />

and contained effective daily skin<br />

botanical ingredients that were<br />

soothing and rejuvenating to help<br />

keep skin happy and clear from<br />

breakouts, redness and itchiness.<br />

The hero products include<br />

the Non-Stripping Cleanser and<br />

Protective Moisturizer, helping<br />

to improve dryness, dehydration,<br />

redness, and sensitivity.<br />

Where to buy: Head to<br />

https://skinfruit.com.au<br />


@cosbeauty<br />



Internationally loved serious skincare brand<br />

iS CLINICAL is launching a powerful yet<br />

gentle, fast-acting 2-step at-home treatment<br />

designed to polish and resurface skin<br />

while providing hydration and antioxidant<br />

protection. Set to become another one of<br />

the brand’s cult performers, the simple yet<br />

ingenious system improves skin tone, texture<br />

and smoothness and helps to reduce the<br />

look of fine lines and wrinkles and pore size.<br />

Read our full report on page 42.<br />

Where to buy: For a list of stockists and<br />

clinics, check out www.isclinical.com.au<br />



What if we paid as much attention to<br />

the ingredients in our haircare as we did<br />

our skincare? Well, 2022 is the year to<br />

up your haircare game and shop cleaner<br />

and greener. And weDo/ Professional is<br />

making it a cinch.<br />

Recently launched by the Wella<br />

Company, weDo/ Professional is a range<br />

of recyclable vegan hair products for<br />

hair (and skin!), certified by the Vegan<br />

Society and Cruelty Free International.<br />

From sulphate-free shampoo and<br />

plastic-free shampoo bars to siliconefree<br />

hair oils and masks, create your<br />

perfect hair care routine knowing this<br />

eco-ethical brand follows a minimalist<br />

formula design that ensures high<br />

performance and peace of mind.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 15

Nothing is worth<br />

more than laughter.<br />

It is strength to<br />

laugh and to abandon<br />

oneself, to be light.<br />

Frida<br />

Kahlo<br />


www.cosbeauty.com.au 17

A smile is a<br />

curve that<br />

sets everything<br />

straight.<br />

Phyllis Diller<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 19

Those who do<br />

not know how to<br />

weep with their<br />

whole heart don’t<br />

know how to<br />

laugh either.<br />

Golda Meir

www.cosbeauty.com.au 21

22<br />

Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com

Wit is the key, I<br />

think, to anybody’s<br />

heart, because<br />

who doesn’t like<br />

to laugh?<br />

Julia<br />

Roberts<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

Laugh, my friend,<br />

for laughter ignites<br />

a fire within the pit<br />

of your belly and<br />

awakens your being.<br />

STELLA<br />


Credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 25

26<br />

Credit: Sherlock_wijaya / Shutterstock.com

If you can make<br />

a woman laugh,<br />

you can make<br />

her do anything.<br />

Marilyn<br />

Monroe<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 27

I love people who<br />

make me laugh.<br />

I honestly think<br />

it’s the thing I like<br />

most, to laugh. It<br />

cures a multitude<br />

of ills. It’s probably<br />

the most important<br />

thing in a person.<br />

Audrey<br />


Hepburnw www.cosbeauty.com.au ww.cosbeauty.com.au 29

BEAUTY<br />

30 www.cosbeauty.com.au

BEAUTY<br />

TREND<br />






www.cosbeauty.com.au 31

BEAUTY<br />

Authenticity<br />

1.<br />

If anything good came out of 2020/21, it’s the new and improved beauty<br />

standards we’re finally beginning to see. Brands are championing<br />

diversity, inclusion and accessibility by expanding and adapting their<br />

product offerings, helping us stay true to our authentic selves and<br />

embracing what makes each of us special.<br />

‘The industry is progressive. When we talk about inclusion and<br />

diversity, the industry has focused longer on trying to serve [customer]<br />

needs, from an assortment standpoint, [compared to] other industries,’<br />

Monica Arnaudo, Chief Merchandising Officer at Ulta Beauty, told<br />

Glossy.co. ‘What is happening [trend-wise] does have a larger impact<br />

on the beauty landscape… The insights we’ve garnered and the trends<br />

for the last couple of years have shaped the beauty landscape and will<br />

continue to shape it. [Trend adoptions] are going to be even faster than<br />

we’ve seen in the past.’<br />

Rohan Widdison, founder and CEO of cosmetic formulator New<br />

Laboratories, says one of the main trends we’re expecting to see in<br />

2022 is a shift in power from the beauty industry to the consumer.<br />

‘Instead of the beauty industry setting the trends which consumers<br />

follow, 2022 will see more brands being consciously driven by social<br />

awareness and led by consumers, instead of the traditional supplier<br />

trend-setting approach which has been the way of the past,’ he says.<br />

3.<br />

Sustainability<br />

A brand’s footprint is going to matter even more in 2022.<br />

Sustainability is now an industry standard, and consumers are<br />

making their purchasing decisions just as much on a brand’s<br />

environmental impact as they are on the product’s efficacy. We want<br />

to know exactly what goes into a product, how an ingredient is<br />

sourced and harvested, how the product is made and manufactured<br />

and how it can be recycled, refilled and reused.<br />

‘Consumers are becoming increasingly sustainably conscious and<br />

are expecting their brands to do the same,’ says Widdison. ‘Whilst<br />

nearly all companies have sustainable practices in place, consumers<br />

are expecting more from their brands in this space, including more<br />

plastic-free products, refillable packaging, fair and ethical sourcing<br />

and a proactive approach to reducing overconsumption.’<br />

In a recent Instagram survey of 1,200 weekly social media users<br />

between 13- and 24-years old, one-third said they are interested<br />

in learning more about clean makeup and skincare in 2022, buying<br />

vegan makeup and plant-based skincare, and using fewer products.<br />

32 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Credit: Charlie Edward / Shutterstock.com<br />

2.<br />

Digitalisation<br />

With artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing,<br />

augmented reality and DNA analysis, the beauty<br />

industry is becoming increasingly technologydriven<br />

in delivering personalisation in ways that<br />

the traditional cosmetic counter cannot,’ says<br />

Widdison. ‘With consumers’ needs changing and<br />

demanding more custom and specific results,<br />

such as exact skincare matches and personalised<br />

formulas, digitalisation of the beauty industry will<br />

continue to increase in 2022,’ he shares.<br />

4.<br />

The curly<br />

hair<br />

revolution<br />

‘2022 is the year for curly hair to thrive! It’s been a<br />

long time coming – throughout the world, 65% of<br />

our population are living with wavy, curly or Afro<br />

(aka coily) hair,’ says Rumbie Mutsiwa, founder of<br />

RUMBIE & CO, Australia’s leading curl specialist<br />

salon. She says to look out for ‘wash & go’<br />

au naturel styles, curly bangs, the middle part,<br />

the retro shag and braids.<br />

High-puff hairstyles are also huge. According<br />

to Pinterest’s 2022 beauty trend roundup,<br />

embracing the natural hair movement is driving<br />

the popularity of high-puff hairstyles, the simple<br />

and chic curly-girl updo.<br />

‘High puff hairstyle’ searches grew 165% in the<br />

period between October 2019 and September<br />

2021, while ‘natural hair bun styles’ searches<br />

increased 160%.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 33

Makeup<br />

Report:<br />

Natural Beauty<br />

5.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

If more was less in 2021, this year we’ll be seeing even<br />

more pared-back looks. Think natural skin shining<br />

through rather than your typical ‘Instagram makeup’<br />

look. Not matte, not extremely dewy, but something<br />

silky in the middle.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. Sisley Phyto-Blanc Le Cushion (on counter 13 March 2022),<br />

$170, 2. Arbonne Sheer Glow Highlight Stick, $69, 3. Trinny<br />

London BFF Rebalance, $75, 4. Fenty Beauty Liquid Killawatt<br />

Fluid Freestyle Highlighter in Hu$tla Baby, $39, 5. Charlotte<br />

Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation in Warm, $65, 6. IT Cosmetics<br />

Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF50, $63, 7. Sisley Phyto-Teint<br />

Nude, $120, 8. L’Oréal Paris True Match Nude Plumping Tinted<br />

Serum, $39.95, 9. Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Hydra-Glow<br />

Treatment Balm, $79.95, 10. Ella Baché Superfluid Great SPF50+<br />

Skin Tint, $56, 11. Lycogel Breathable Camouflage, $108, 12.<br />

IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream 60ml, $75<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

34 www.cosbeauty.com.au

8.<br />

9.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

10.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35

BEAUTY<br />

6.<br />

Makeup Report:<br />

Bold & Creative<br />

While a bit counterintuitive with the concurrent minimalist<br />

skin look, pops of colour are also reemerging. Unleash your<br />

creativity with graphic liners in red and sapphire, crystal eye<br />

makeup (yes, using sticker face gems) and throwback glossy<br />

lips in bright pinks and reds.<br />

2.<br />

1. L’Oreal Paris Paris Le Liner Signature Gold Velvet,<br />

$18.33, 2. Rimmel London Exaggerate Waterproof<br />

Eye Definer in Aqua Sparkle, $12.95, 3. Stila After<br />

Hours Eye Shadow Palette $114.25, 4. Arbonne It’s<br />

All In The Eyes Eye Shadow Palette - Volume 2, $86,<br />

5. Trinny London Eye2Eye Eyetallics in Persephone,<br />

$34, 6. Trinny London Lip Luxe in Pookie, $40, 7.<br />

Stila Glitter and Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in Kitten<br />

Karma, $34, 8. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Heat<br />

Lip Luminizer + Plumper, $35, 9. NYX Professional<br />

Makeup Glitter Primer $12.95, 10. Arbonne Glossed<br />

Over Lip Gloss in Primrose, $40<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

3.<br />

1.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

6.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

36 www.cosbeauty.com.au

Pantone Veri Peri<br />

Colour of the Year<br />

1.<br />

2022’s colour of the year is ‘Very Peri’, a periwinkle blue hue<br />

with violet-red undertones that symbolises transition, new<br />

possibilities and the global zeitgeist of the moment.<br />

‘The Pantone Colour of the Year reflects what is taking place<br />

in our global culture, expressing what people are looking<br />

for that colour can hope to answer,’ says Laurie Pressman,<br />

Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute. ‘Creating a<br />

new colour for the first time in the history of our Pantone<br />

Colour of the Year educational colour program reflects<br />

the global innovation and transformation taking place. As<br />

society continues to recognise colour as a critical form of<br />

communication, and a way to express and affect ideas and<br />

emotions and engage and connect, the complexity of this<br />

new red violet-infused blue hue highlights the expansive<br />

possibilities that lay before us.’<br />

TikTok-ers are au fait with the colour purple. The platform’s<br />

purple blush trend has risen to makeup stardom – since the<br />

trend began in October 2021, the hashtag #purpleblush has<br />

garnered well over 16 million views on TikTok.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. Sisley Phyto-Blush Twist Berry, $85, 2. Sisley Phyto-<br />

Lip Twist Soft Berry, $60, 3. Anastasia Beverly Hills<br />

Norvina Pro Pigment Eyeshadow Palette Vol 5, $110<br />

4. OPI Infinite Shine Hollywood Collection Nail Polish<br />

in Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce, $22.95<br />

4.<br />

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the<br />



every skin<br />

needs<br />




2022 is already looking better than<br />

its predecessor, with mesoestetic<br />

just dropping their new-look<br />

moisturising solutions range. This is<br />

moisturising at all levels for all skin<br />

types, complete with antioxidant and<br />

anti-pollution active ingredients for a<br />

one-stop solution to your post-summer<br />

skin hydration woes.<br />

The moisturising solutions range<br />

is formulated with highly effective<br />

active ingredients that provide the<br />

skin with an optimal level of hydration<br />

to help maintain it in an optimal<br />

aesthetic condition. It also offers<br />

solutions tailored to the unique needs<br />

of each skin type.<br />

The mechanisms that regulate skin<br />

hydration levels can become altered<br />

by various factors (age, stress, hormonal<br />

changes, environmental factors<br />

and so on), which can cause a dull<br />

complexion, rough and uneven skin<br />

texture, deeper wrinkles, irritation,<br />

etc. In order to help prevent<br />

dehydration and maintain the skin<br />

in its best condition, mesoestetic’s<br />

moisturising solutions feature a series<br />

of products with highly effective active<br />

ingredients.<br />

The new-release hydra-vital light is<br />

breaking skincare ground, helping to<br />

prevent dehydration at all levels in the<br />

skin and providing additional protective<br />

action through antioxidant and antipollution<br />

active ingredients.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39

ha densimatrix, $159<br />

SKIN<br />

Intensive moisturising concentrate<br />

with hyaluronic acid, suitable for<br />

all skin types<br />

ha densimatrix combines hyaluronic<br />

acid in multiple molecular forms<br />

for penetration at different levels. It<br />

also includes the anti-hyaluronidase<br />

complex, to protect HA from<br />

degradation and help prevent<br />

visible oxidation caused by external<br />

aggressions, and the antiaging pro<br />

complex, to help promote visible<br />

firmness and elasticity, minimising<br />

the appearance of wrinkles.<br />

It has an anti-ageing, plumping<br />

and protective action, and provides a<br />

deeply intense and fresh hydration.<br />

hydra-vital factor k, $149<br />

Moisturising and nourishing cream<br />

for normal and dry skin<br />

hydra-vital factor k is a rich moisturising<br />

cream with a protective action and an<br />

exclusive formulation which provides<br />

a very similar role to the natural<br />

moisturising factor (containing amino<br />

acids, urea, allantoin and lactic acid). In<br />

addition, the key ingredient Vitamin E,<br />

provides an antioxidant effect that helps<br />

protect the skin against free radicals,<br />

which are responsible for accelerating<br />

visible skin ageing. Provides deep<br />

hydration all day long.

hydravital mask, $118<br />

Moisturising mask for dry and<br />

dehydrated skin<br />

hydravital mask is an intensive<br />

moisturising mask that combines<br />

hyaluronic acid and viola tricolor<br />

extract in its formulation to<br />

provide immediate, efficient and<br />

homogeneous hydration. Thanks<br />

to key ingredients argan oil and<br />

panthenol, the skin recovers the lipids<br />

essential for comfort and balance,<br />

helping promote a restorative,<br />

soothing and anti-redness action.<br />

In addition, the formula’s postbiotic<br />

active ingredient (Lactobacillus<br />

Ferment) enhances the balance of the<br />

microbiota to help strengthen and<br />

preserve the appearance of the skin<br />

barrier, while active ingredient Urban<br />

D-Tox helps protect the skin against<br />

the visible effects of pollution.<br />

It is perfect for applying after sun<br />

exposure and can be stored in the<br />

refrigerator to achieve a fresh cool<br />

feeling in the hot months.<br />


hydra-vital light<br />

$118<br />

Refreshing moisturising gel-cream for normal,<br />

combination and oily skin<br />

hydra-vital light, as the name suggests, has a<br />

light and non-oily texture allowing for rapid<br />

absorption. It provides an immediate feeling of<br />

freshness, softness and comfort while helping<br />

protect skin against the visible effects of<br />

pollution. It is also perfect for summer skin that<br />

can’t tolerate heavy textures due to the heat.<br />

hydra-vital light contains hyaluronic acid<br />

in different molecular weights and forms,<br />

providing optimal and lasting hydration; Urban<br />

D-tox, an antioxidant and anti-pollution active<br />

ingredient; and a plant-based polysaccharide<br />

that helps aid in the repair of the skin barrier<br />

function, therefore helping to prevent<br />

transepidermal water loss.<br />

Refreshing and with long-lasting hydration,<br />

hydra-vital light is non-comedogenic and has<br />

been dermatologically tested.<br />


The moisturising solutions range is available at mesoestetic clinics.<br />

For more information, visit mesoestetic.com.au or call 1800 242 011<br />

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SKIN<br />

How to age-proof<br />

your skin in<br />

steps<br />





Vetted by dermatologists, backed<br />

by hard science and praised<br />

by many Hollywood A-listers,<br />

it’s hardly surprising iS CLINICAL<br />

has reached cult status. The brand has<br />

taken the skincare world by storm, due<br />

to its effective, proven ingredients in<br />

optimal concentrations that deliver<br />

real, visible results.<br />

And now iS CLINICAL has<br />

launched its much-anticipated Active<br />

Peel System, a gentle resurfacing<br />

treatment that is revolutionising the<br />

at-home skin treatment market.<br />

iS Clinical Active Peel System is<br />

an advanced two-step exfoliating

treatment based on botanical<br />

ingredients that resurfaces and<br />

rejuvenates the skin. This wellbalanced<br />

system also moisturises and<br />

brightens the skin while providing<br />

the skin with antioxidant protection.<br />

Designed to use every other day, the<br />

result is smoother skin texture, more<br />

even tone and a more youthful-looking<br />

complexion. It’s super easy to use, too;<br />

the peel pads quickly and effectively<br />

exfoliate and renew the skin without<br />

the need for water or a removal<br />

process.<br />



Cosmeceutical products for home use<br />

have exponentially grown in popularity<br />

since COVID-19 began. Although<br />

several brands of home peel pads<br />

are available, the Active Peel System<br />

consists of a unique two-step process.<br />

Step 1 is designed to provide<br />

controlled exfoliation and assist with<br />

the removal of devitalised skin. It<br />

features a proprietary combination<br />

of powerful yet gentle botanical acids<br />

combined with soothing, nurturing<br />

botanical extracts.<br />

Step 2 is the neutraliser for Step<br />

1 and also provides hydration and<br />

rejuvenation. It features the<br />

brand’s proprietary botanical<br />

extremozyme technology and Copper<br />

Tripeptide-1 combined with soothing<br />

active botanicals.<br />

The Active Peel system may be used<br />

as a stand-alone home facial treatment<br />

system or to prep and support the skin<br />

for more focused or aggressive in-office<br />

treatments.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

SKIN<br />



A clinical study supported by iS Clinical<br />

evaluated the benefits of the Active Peel<br />

Improvements Improvements in fine lines and fine wrinkles, lines and texture, wrinkles, smoothness, texture, smoothness, luminosity, luminosit<br />

radiance, brightness, radiance, brightness, and periorbital and periorbital wrinkles. wrinkles.<br />


59 Year Old 59 | Year Caucasian Old | Caucasian | Female | Female<br />

System in improving dermal thickness/ Improvements Improvements in sagging, 19% fine sagging, lines 19% increase and fine wrinkles, increase lines and in expression wrinkles, lines, expression<br />

density and visual appearance of the skin,<br />

luminosity,<br />

including fine lines and wrinkles, laxity/<br />

DERMAL smoothness, luminosity, DERMAL THICKNESS/DENSITY<br />

smoothness, texture, and texture, sallowness. and sallowness.<br />

sagging, periorbital darkness, overall<br />

by using by Active using Peel Active System Peel System<br />

brightness, texture, pore size, radiance, 60 Year Old 60 | Native Year Old American | Native | American Female | Female<br />

luminosity, tone and smoothness.<br />

Thirty female subjects between 37 and<br />

Improvements Improvements in appearance in appearance of lines & of wrinkles, lines & wrinkles, laxity/sagging, laxity/sagging, periorbital periorbital darkness,<br />

64 years of age and of various ethnic<br />

backgrounds participated in this study. overall brightness, overall brightness, texture, pore texture, size, pore radiance, size, radiance, luminosity, luminosity, tone, and tone, smoothness. and Subjects were instructed to cleanse their<br />

BEFORE<br />

8 weeks AFTER. Improvements in fine lines and wrinkles,<br />


texture, smoothness, luminosity,<br />

8 WEEKS<br />

radiance, brightness<br />

8 WEEKS<br />

and<br />

face, and then use the two-step Active Peel<br />

50 Year 50 Old Year | African Old | African American periorbital American wrinkles. | Female| Female<br />

System every other evening on clean skin<br />

and according to application instructions<br />

for a period of eight weeks. Visia Improvements Improvements in fine lines and fine wrinkles, lines and sallowness, wrinkles, sallowness, texture, and texture, tone. and tone<br />

photographs were taken of each subject at<br />

intervals throughout the study.<br />

48 Year Old 48 | Year Caucasian Old | Caucasian | Female | Female<br />

In this study, skin density/thickness was<br />

evaluated by dermal ultrasound. Higher<br />

values for skin density/thickness correlate<br />

to higher collagen content and younger age. BEFORE BEFORE<br />

8 WEEKS 8 WEEKS<br />

This indicates a more youthful appearance,<br />

better skin recovery and resilience against<br />

traction stress (as with gravity), and delayed<br />

Improvements Improvements in hyperpigmentation, in hyperpigmentation, tone, texture, tone, brightness, texture, smoothness,<br />

brightness, sm<br />

onset of the visual appearance of ageing.<br />

Visia photographs of subjects at 8 weeks<br />

and underlying and inflammation.<br />

underlying inflammation.<br />

demonstrated improvements in sagging,<br />

fine lines and wrinkles, expression lines, BEFORE<br />

52<br />

BEFORE<br />

Year Old 52 | Latinx Year Old | Female | Latinx<br />

4<br />

|<br />

WEEKS<br />

Female<br />

4 WEEKS<br />

BEFORE<br />

8 weeks AFTER. Improvements in appearance of lines<br />

luminosity, smoothness, texture and<br />


and wrinkles, laxity/sagging, 8 WEEKS<br />

periorbital darkness, 8 WEEKS overall<br />

brightness, texture, pore size, radiance, luminosity, tone<br />

sallowness, as well as improvements in<br />

and smoothness.<br />

hyperpigmentation, tone, brightness and<br />

luminosity and underlying inflammation.<br />

Ultrasound measurements of dermal<br />

thickness/density indicated a 19% increase<br />

in dermal thickness/density by using Active<br />

Peel System compared with the baseline<br />

at the start of the study. This correlates<br />

to significant improvements in collagen<br />

density and deposition.<br />

Active Peel System was well tolerated by<br />

all subjects and no product-related adverse<br />

events occurred. CBM<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

BEFORE<br />

8 weeks AFTER. Improvements in hyperpigmentation, tone,<br />

texture, brightness, smoothness and underlying inflammation.<br />

8 WEEKS<br />




Reduces the<br />

appearance of fine lines<br />

and wrinkles<br />

Powerful, yet gently<br />

resurfaces the skin<br />

Improves skin tone,<br />

texture and smoothness<br />

Improves appearance<br />

of hyperpigmentation,<br />

photodamaged skin,<br />

comedones<br />

and congestion<br />

Provides rapid and<br />

long-term results<br />

Supports collagen<br />

and elastin production<br />

Improves overall health<br />

and integrity of the skin<br />

Well tolerated<br />

Excellent skin prep<br />

for more aggressive<br />

in-office procedures<br />


Head to www.isclinical.com.au for a list of authorised<br />

clinics and retailers in Australia and New Zealand.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45


THE NEW<br />








During a pretty grim past<br />

couple of years, our homes<br />

have become the centre of<br />

our lives for most of us. Spending<br />

so much time at home has spurred a<br />

shift in our thinking; we’ve come to<br />

realise the importance of creating a<br />

space that supports our day-to-day<br />

practicalities but also our emotional,<br />

mental and spiritual wellbeing.<br />

It’s also been a time to practice<br />

mindfulness and lavish ourselves with<br />

the self-care we’ve all desperately<br />

needed. It’s no wonder then crystals<br />

are trending right now, for uses<br />

ranging from rejuvenating the aura<br />

of our surroundings to releasing<br />

negative energy in our body to even<br />

energising our skin.<br />

‘Despite a lack of scientific<br />

backing, new-age philosophies<br />

are gaining momentum in an<br />

environment where consumer<br />

interest in emotional and spiritual<br />

self-care is closely linked to physical<br />

and mental health and overall<br />

wellness,’ says Irina Ene, researcher<br />

at market intelligence agency, Mintel.<br />

‘Following centuries of Eastern<br />

tradition, healing crystals and<br />

energy cleansing have become<br />

popular methods of promoting<br />

emotional health. Apart from their<br />

physical exfoliating and illuminating<br />

properties, crystals and gemstones<br />

also benefit from a reputed<br />

vibrational energy that helps the user<br />

to set intentions, address fears and<br />

achieve emotional balance, offering<br />

an opportunity to incorporate them<br />

as part of modern self-care beauty<br />

routines,’ she says.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 47




Crystal beauty regimens were part of many<br />

ancient civilizations, with many cultures<br />

believing crystals descended straight from<br />

the heavens. Cleopatra even wore Lapis<br />

Lazuli stones crushed as an eyeshadow<br />

(now that’s an expensive eyeshadow!). And<br />

now they are increasingly making their way<br />

into our modern beauty routines. Brands<br />

are exploring the spiritual properties of<br />

crystal healing to create beauty products<br />

with aura-awakening benefits – in the form<br />

of tools and gadgets as well as crystalinfused<br />

beauty products.<br />

Gua Sha tools, as well as jade and<br />

rose quartz rollers, have helped propel<br />

the rebirth of today’s mainstream beauty<br />

crystal trend. Gua Sha is a traditional<br />

Chinese massage technique that uses a<br />

smooth-edged tool to scrape the skin. It is<br />

believed to redirect energy flow and relieve<br />

tension in the muscles. The facial massage<br />

is claimed to boost lymphatic drainage<br />

and circulation, and consequently help to<br />

improve skin tone and elasticity, smooth<br />

wrinkles and improve jawline definition.<br />

Crystals are also showing up in skincare<br />

in the form of crystal or gemstone-infused<br />

exfoliators, micellar waters, moisturisers,<br />

cleansers, serums, oils, masks and even<br />

makeup. It’s thought that infusing crystals<br />

such as rose quartz, tourmaline and<br />

amethyst will interplay with our bodies’<br />

energy fields (chakras) for a myriad of<br />

skin-health benefits.<br />

‘They work at an “energetic” level,’<br />

Sharon Hilditch, founder of<br />

crystalclear.co.uk, told Healthline.<br />

‘Everything contains vibrational energy,<br />

from our own bodies to stationary objects,<br />

which are constantly fluctuating at varying<br />

frequencies.’<br />

It’s believed that the potent energy within<br />

these crystals has the power to influence<br />

human energy, both at a physical and<br />

spiritual level.<br />

While there isn’t any scientific evidence,<br />

anecdotal evidence has shown this high<br />

vibration energy has the power to improve<br />

skin woes such as redness, breakouts, fine<br />

lines and lacklustre complexions.<br />

5<br />





Tourmaline<br />

Tourmaline is said to<br />

energise, boost radiance,<br />

detoxify the skin and<br />

help soothe and resolve<br />

blemishes.<br />

Rainbow Moonstone<br />

Known in the healing arts<br />

as an anti-ageing crystal<br />

connected to feminine energy,<br />

moonstone is said to help<br />

improve the look of fine lines<br />

and wrinkles and an ageing<br />


Amethyst<br />

Amethyst is more than just a pretty face. It is touted as restoring<br />

balance and bringing equilibrium to ‘hormonal’ skin. It’s said to<br />

reduce oiliness and remove toxins, provide cleansing properties<br />

and raise your vibration to ward off negative energies.<br />

Rose quartz<br />

Commonly used in facial rollers<br />

for enhanced circulation, rose<br />

quartz is now popping up<br />

in skincare formulations. It’s<br />

believed to calm the skin, boost<br />

circulation and restore vibrancy.<br />

On a spiritual level, it’s also<br />

connected to the heart chakra,<br />

so you’ll also be dosing up on<br />

some self-love to help you shine<br />

from the inside out.<br />

FAST<br />

FACTS<br />

A crystal is any solid material<br />

in which the atoms, molecules<br />

or ions are arranged in a highly<br />

ordered repetitive pattern (similar<br />

to the repeated motifs you would<br />

find in a mosaic) that forms a<br />

three-dimensional lattice, or<br />

shape.<br />

Types of crystals include quartz<br />

(rose quartz and amethyst being<br />

the most well-known), diamonds<br />

and even snowflakes.<br />

The process of crystal forming<br />

is called crystallisation. In nature,<br />

crystals often form when liquids<br />

(such as magma, or liquid rock),<br />

cools and hardens.<br />

Interestingly, a gem can be a<br />

crystal whereas a crystal will not<br />

always be a gem.<br />

Jade<br />

Also well known as a skin<br />

roller, beautiful jade is<br />

believed to soothe sensitive,<br />

irritated skin and promote<br />

harmony and good luck.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 49


CELEB<br />




Did you know that each KORA Organics<br />

product is infused with rose quartz,<br />

Kerr’s all-time favourite crystal?<br />

‘During the manufacturing process,<br />

all Kora products are filtered and<br />

energised through the rose quartz<br />

crystals, so the vibration of self-love<br />

flows into the products and on to our<br />

customers,’ she told Byrdie.com. ‘I use<br />

crystals every day, and carry them with<br />

me everywhere. Rose quartz carries<br />

soothing energy to encourage love<br />

and acceptance towards both ourselves<br />

and others.’<br />

Credit: Ga Fullner / Shutterstock.com<br />

ADELE<br />

Adele is a big believer in the power of<br />

crystals and how they affect her onstage<br />

performances.<br />

‘I was so nervous about my comeback<br />

show and I was panicking. I was out of<br />

practice and I was busy being a Mum,’<br />

she told The Sun. ‘But it was one of the<br />

best shows I’ve ever done and I had<br />

these bloody crystals in my hand.’<br />

As more ‘proof’ of crystal power, she<br />

lost her crystals before the Grammys,<br />

where technical issues plagued her<br />

now-famous performance. ‘The<br />

Grammys came and I lost my f**king<br />

crystals!’ she explained. ‘It turned<br />

out to be the worst, most disastrous<br />

performance that I have ever done.’

Credit: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency / Shutterstock.com<br />


Rumours are that Madonna gave Perry<br />

her crystal healer’s number after her<br />

breakup with John Mayer back in 2014<br />

and the singer has never looked back.<br />

‘I don’t stay single for long,’ Perry<br />

told Cosmopolitan. ‘I carry a lot of rose<br />

quartz, which attracts the male. Maybe I<br />

need to calm it down with the amethyst.’<br />


The actress told Marie Claire that she<br />

keeps ‘a crystal bowl filled with rose<br />

quartz heart crystals’ on her nightstand.<br />

Credit: BAKOUNINE / Shutterstock.com<br />

Credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com<br />


A devout believer in the power of<br />

crystals, Beckham reportedly has<br />

various crystals backstage at her fashion<br />

shows to ward off bad energy and<br />

promote creativity.<br />

‘I currently carry a black obsidian<br />

skull crystal — it’s for protection and<br />

strength,’ she told Vogue. ‘I’m really<br />

into crystals. I’m a real positive thinker.<br />

I believe in creative visualisation — the<br />

glass is always half full. I have no time for<br />

anything negative. I bought crystals for<br />

all my team, so they carry them, too.’<br />


It’s probably not a surprise that this New<br />

Age health ‘guru’ is a fan of crystals.<br />

Her wellness brand Goop even sells a<br />

product that advocates women putting a<br />

jade egg up their lady parts!<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51







Amethyst, opal and ruby are the most<br />

sought-after crystals and gemstones,<br />

according to PsychicWorld.com, which<br />

conducted research on the crystals with<br />

the most global searches on Amazon<br />

in 2021. In joint second place are rose<br />

quartz and obsidian. These healing<br />

crystals are thought to expel negative<br />

energy and rejuvenate your aura.<br />

PsychicWorld.com also collaborated<br />

with crystal healer Inbaal Honigman,<br />

who provides insight into how to<br />

harness the energy of the highestranking<br />

crystals:<br />

Opal<br />

Creativity is at the heart of this<br />

crystal. Opal removes blocks to<br />

your creative self and through<br />

this increases your sense of<br />

self-worth and brings your<br />

deepest truths to the forefront of<br />

your conscious. In moments of<br />

insecurity, take time to touch and<br />

look at your Opal stone bringing<br />

both calmness and confidence<br />

to your aura. Let its creative flair<br />

wash over you and embrace your<br />

witty, friendly and open self.<br />

Amethyst<br />

This powerful crystal helps with all<br />

things spiritual – working to promote<br />

calmness, uplift your emotions and<br />

activate your third eye. Through<br />

simply placing this purple gem on<br />

your forehead, navel or heart, angers<br />

and frustrations will be immediately<br />

released from your body, cleansing<br />

your aura. Use this crystal to your<br />

advantage when you need to keep<br />

calm in challenging situations - take<br />

a little amethyst in your pocket into<br />

a job interview, or place one in your<br />

car before a long drive to promote<br />

mental stability.<br />

Sources: https://www.mintel.com/blog/beauty-market-news/whats-the-deal-with-crystals-in-beauty<br />


Ruby<br />

Passion, courage and vitality are<br />

qualities shared by red stones. Rubies<br />

bring an added element of purification,<br />

protection and good physical health. If<br />

you struggle with motivation, wear your<br />

ruby throughout the day to balance<br />

your energies and clarify your goals,<br />

promoting an abundant aura.<br />

WHAT IS<br />


HEALING?<br />

Crystal healing uses crystals and<br />

other stones as conduits for<br />

natural healing energy. It is based<br />

on the purported energetic<br />

power of crystals and how they<br />

affect the mind and body, by<br />

absorbing, storing, releasing and<br />

regulating energies.<br />

Holding crystals or placing<br />

them on the body is believed to<br />

ward off negative energy and<br />

encourage physical, emotional<br />

and spiritual healing. It is thought<br />

crystals do this by interacting<br />

with your body’s energy field,<br />

or chakra. While some crystals<br />

are said to alleviate stress,<br />

others purportedly improve<br />

concentration or creativity.<br />

Whether you’re a devout<br />

believer of crystal healing or just<br />

drawn to their beauty and cool<br />

touch, crystals offer a serene selfcare<br />

experience that promotes<br />

mindfulness, reflection and<br />

positive energy. And keeping<br />

good vibes around never hurt<br />

anybody. CBM<br />

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Skincare<br />

SKIN<br />

myths<br />

BUSTED<br />







Q. Can active acids in<br />

cleansers and exfoliators<br />

cause long-term damage?<br />

Absolutely not. With regard to acids,<br />

understanding the type of acid and<br />

its concentration in a product is key<br />

to understanding the benefits. For<br />

example, the combination of acids in<br />

mesoestetic ultimate micropeel has been<br />

intentionally modulated to work gently<br />

and gradually on the stratum corneum<br />

at a surface level. The aim<br />

is to help facilitate exfoliation and<br />

to visibly smooth and refine skin<br />

texture, enhancing the skin’s natural<br />

renewal process.

Q. Can AHAs such<br />

as glycolic acid thin<br />

the skin?<br />

The use of AHAs in home care<br />

products is highly regulated to ensure<br />

that they do not pose a risk to the skin.<br />

Again, understanding the type of acid<br />

and its concentration in a product is<br />

key to understanding the benefits.<br />

Glycolic acid, within the family of<br />

AHAs, is a molecule with a smaller<br />

structure; therefore, unlike other acids,<br />

it is capable of penetrating into the<br />

deeper layers, making it a powerful and<br />

effective acid.<br />

Its presence in mesoestetic’s<br />

ultimate micropeel is very small.<br />

By combining it with other acids,<br />

such as lactic, malic, tartaric and<br />

lactobionic acid, it can work effectively<br />

to help encourage the renewal and<br />

refining action in the skin without<br />

compromising the barrier function.<br />

Q. Should you use SPF30<br />

or above if using acids<br />

like AHAs and exfoliants<br />

as they increase<br />

sensitivity to UV light?<br />

After using AHAs, you must apply<br />

sunscreen. However, you should<br />

not just be applying sunscreen when<br />

using skincare with AHAs; sun<br />

protection is an essential step in any<br />

daily skincare routine.<br />

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SKIN<br />

Q. How important is<br />

percentage strength when<br />

it comes to AHAs?<br />

AHAs are not found in excessively<br />

high concentrations in home<br />

care products, so as to ensure<br />

skin tolerance.<br />

A higher concentration of AHAs<br />

provides a stronger action. As the<br />

concentration increases in the formula,<br />

it acidifies; that is, the product’s pH<br />

drops, reaching pH values that limit<br />

its use exclusively to medical-aesthetic<br />

professionals. We are referring to<br />

products with a highly acidic pH,<br />

such as chemical peels, products that<br />

should be applied and supervised<br />

by a professional.<br />

Beyond the concentration of each<br />

AHA, in home care products we use<br />

different combinations to ensure an<br />

effective exfoliating action. The main<br />

issue with AHAs or acids in general is<br />

skin tolerance, especially in sensitive<br />

skin. This is why we recommend a<br />

gradual use in this skin type, starting<br />

with lower concentrations and limiting<br />

the frequency of use.<br />

Q. The best exfoliators<br />

are those using granular<br />

exfoliators. Is this true?<br />

If not, what are the main<br />

differences between<br />

physical and chemical<br />

exfoliation?<br />

Exfoliators contain microparticles<br />

that have a physical exfoliating action.<br />

They eliminate dead skin through<br />

mechanical action and the friction<br />

exerted by these particles, but only<br />

at a superficial level. This type of<br />

exfoliation is very effective; however,<br />

it may be more aggressive if not<br />

carried out properly. Intense friction<br />

or a strong massage with<br />

the aim of achieving a better result<br />

can cause micro-cuts in the skin,<br />

damage the pores and even lead to<br />

sensitive skin. Therefore, ‘stronger’<br />

does not mean better. This type of<br />

exfoliation is not recommended for<br />

sensitive skin.<br />

On the other hand, chemical<br />

exfoliation consists of applying acids<br />

or enzymes that dissolve the bonds<br />

between dead skin and tissue. The<br />

main difference between physical and<br />

chemical exfoliation is that chemical<br />

does not require friction. This makes<br />

chemical exfoliators more versatile,<br />

which is why they can be found in<br />

the form of cleansers, toners, serums<br />

and creams.<br />

Depending on the nature and<br />

structure of the acid, they can reach<br />

the deeper layers of the skin, achieving<br />

longer lasting results that go beyond<br />

simply renewing the surface layer.<br />

Although this type of exfoliation<br />

is suitable for all skin types, even<br />

sensitive skin, it is important to<br />

identify your skin type in order to use<br />

the acid type that best suits your needs<br />

and tolerance.<br />

Q. Does exfoliation work<br />

better on certain skin<br />

types over others?<br />

Exfoliation works well on all types of<br />

skin, including sensitive skin. However,<br />

based on your skin type, you should<br />

choose an exfoliator that best suits<br />

your needs and apply it as often as<br />

your skin allows. For example, sensitive<br />

skin is irritated and reddens easily,<br />

so it requires formulas with gentle<br />

exfoliating agents, such as enzyme<br />

exfoliants, which are active substances<br />

that encourage skin renewal, thus<br />

improving the appearance of skin’s<br />

texture and smoothness.<br />

Q. How often and when<br />

should you exfoliate (AM<br />

or PM)?<br />

The frequency of use will depend on<br />

your skin type and individual needs<br />

and preferences, as well as whether you<br />

are using physical or chemical peels.<br />

With physical peels, which are more<br />

aggressive, you should avoid daily use,<br />

as excessive exfoliation could lead to<br />

sensitive skin.<br />

In terms of whether application is<br />

better AM or PM, it depends on your<br />

individual preference and skincare<br />

routine. At night, the skin undergoes<br />

a regeneration process to help recover<br />

from the aggressions experienced<br />

during the day.

Exfoliating at night enhances<br />

this process; therefore, in terms of<br />

renewal, it acts in synergy with this<br />

natural biological process. However,<br />

used in the morning, it helps to<br />

eliminate impurities produced during<br />

the night in order to avoid pore<br />

obstruction, which, for example, may<br />

be preferable in oily skin due to the<br />

overproduction of sebum.<br />

It is important to follow the<br />

recommendations of a professional<br />

in terms of application, frequency of<br />

use and when to apply it based on the<br />

type and condition of your skin at a<br />

specific time.<br />

Q. It’s often said that<br />

micellar water cannot<br />

cope with waterproof<br />

makeup and does<br />

not cleanse the skin<br />

thoroughly enough. Is<br />

this true?<br />

Waterproof makeup is formulated<br />

with a base of oils and waxes and,<br />

therefore, is lipid in nature. It is<br />

commonly known that the best way<br />

to remove oil is with oil itself; hence,<br />

it is effectively removed using balms,<br />

oil-based makeup removers or twophase<br />

solutions, such as mesoestetic’s<br />

micellar biphasic.<br />

Micellar biphasic is a makeup<br />

remover combining an oil phase,<br />

rich in omega 6, and an aqueous<br />

phase that, unlike other biphasic<br />

makeup removers, contains micelles.<br />

The presence of micelles helps in a<br />

more effective cleansing action in the<br />

aqueous phase, eliminating the need<br />

for excessive friction when removing<br />

impurities and makeup. micellar<br />

biphasic is not a micellar water; it<br />

is a more comprehensive product<br />

specifically formulated for eyes and<br />

lips. CBM<br />











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SKIN<br />










Just when we’re finally getting a handle on<br />

our skin situation, there’s an additional<br />

assault we have to deal<br />

with: maskne. Wearing a mask can trap dirt<br />

and oil in your pores, seriously aggravating<br />

skin and manifesting in irritation, dryness<br />

and breakouts.<br />

Since wearing a mask is essential during<br />

these times, it’s even more important to<br />

give your skin all the help it needs! Step<br />

in HydraFacial, the ultimate facial that<br />

gently cleanses, cleans out pores and infuses<br />

moisture back to where it’s needed most.<br />

HydraFacial has become one of the most<br />

popular skin treatments for its gentle,<br />

quick and highly effective skin resurfacing<br />

treatment – and now it’s become the facial<br />

of choice to help combat maskne. Performed<br />

somewhere in the world every 15 seconds<br />

and adored by the A-list (Beyoncé, Kate<br />

Winslet and Amy Poehler are just a few<br />

fan-girls), HydraFacial is no ordinary facial.<br />

In just three steps and 30 minutes, it offers<br />

the best skin of your life and a very effective<br />

solution to maskne.




WHAT’S<br />


FOR?<br />

Fine lines + Wrinkles<br />

Even Tone + Vibrancy<br />

Skin Texture<br />

Brown Spots<br />

Oily + Congested Skin<br />

Enlarged Pores<br />

Maskne<br />



HydraFacial is an in-clinic facial cleanse,<br />

skin resurfacing and antioxidant<br />

boost in one quick, easy and pleasant<br />

skincare session.<br />

It uses advanced, patented vortex<br />

technology to deeply cleanse the skin<br />

and effectively deliver ingredients such<br />

as hyaluronic acid, horse chestnut seed<br />

extract, red algae extract, copper, zinc<br />

and magnesium peptides.<br />

HydraFacial also delivers powerful<br />

antioxidants to counteract damage by<br />

free radicals – from pollution, sun and<br />

stress – which can degrade the skin<br />

and accelerate the ageing process, as well<br />

as the irritation and breakouts<br />

from maskne.<br />

Each HydraFacial treatment around<br />

the world uses the same multi-step<br />

treatment process to guarantee<br />

consistent, noticeable skin revitalisation.<br />

The three steps involved work together<br />

to elevate good results on their own to<br />

exceptional results synergistically.<br />

The first step is the Cleanse + Peel,<br />

which involves a deep cleanse and gentle<br />

exfoliation and resurfacing to uncover<br />

a new layer of skin. The second step<br />

is Extract + Hydrate, which includes<br />

a painless vortex extraction device<br />

that removes debris from your pores<br />

while delivering intense moisturisers<br />

that nourish skin. The last step is<br />

Fuse + Protect, which is an infusion<br />

of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and<br />

vitamins that work to restore, plump and<br />

hydrate the complexion.<br />

Suitable for all skin types, HydraFacial<br />

improves the appearance of maskne,<br />

fine lines, wrinkles, congested and<br />

enlarged pores, oily or acne prone skin,<br />

hyperpigmentation and brown spots.<br />

Each treatment creates an instant ‘wow<br />

factor’ in terms of brighter, smoother<br />

and more radiant skin.<br />

Oh, and did we mention the whole<br />

treatment takes just 30 minutes and<br />

there is no downtime? This is our holy<br />

grail of facials. CBM<br />


To find a HydraFacial practitioner in your area,<br />

visit www.likeyourlook.com.au<br />

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SkinMTX ®<br />

SKIN<br />

the targeted<br />

skincare<br />

solution we<br />

all need<br />







Now available in Australia,<br />

SkinMTX is an award-winning,<br />

dermatological-grade skincare<br />

brand that leverages Swiss expertise<br />

for clinically-proven skin treatment<br />

solutions. In addition to an impressive<br />

repertoire of in-clinic professional<br />

treatments, the cult brand offers<br />

targeted at-home solutions for a range<br />

of skin types and needs.<br />

Colour coded by skin concern,<br />

SkinMTX products can easily be mixed<br />

and matched to tailor treatment to your<br />

specific needs.

SkinMTX Anti-Ageing<br />

Activates your skin’s restorative<br />

ability to help preserve a<br />

youthful-looking appearance<br />

The SkinMTX Anti-Ageing range<br />

features the signature active, Acetyl<br />

Hexapeptide-8, which is clinically<br />

proven to minimise the appearance<br />

of fine lines and wrinkles caused<br />

by repeated facial contractions. It<br />

targets the same protein complex<br />

as muscle relaxants, but in a less<br />

invasive and non-permanent way.<br />

The Anti-Ageing range also<br />

features the revolutionary<br />

TeloZyme Complex TM , which is<br />

based on the Nobel Prize-winning<br />

discovery of telomeres (the end<br />

caps of DNA that protect the<br />

chromosomes). Scientists have<br />

discovered that as we grow<br />

older, telomeres at the end of<br />

our chromosomes shrink, which<br />

accelerates the ageing process.<br />

Chromosomal DNA is compromised<br />

when the telomeres wear out, causing<br />

cellular senescence.<br />

SkinMTX’s TeloZyme Complex TM is<br />

clinically proven to target telomeres.<br />

TeloZyme Youth Activator<br />

A multi-faceted serum based on<br />

the Nobel Prize-winning research of<br />

telomere biology. Works at the key<br />

matrix of skin’s youthful appearance<br />

to reinforce and protect skin’s<br />

structural integrity. Helps to visibly<br />

redensify the skin and prevent the<br />

visible signs of ageing.<br />

TeloLift Neck Cream<br />

Formulated exclusively for the specific<br />

needs of the neck and décolleté to<br />

help address visible signs of ageing.<br />

The rich cream creates an invisible<br />

supportive network, helping to regain<br />

definition to the neckline.<br />

Fine Line Eraser Serum<br />

A potent serum formulated<br />

with advanced peptides that<br />

promotes youthful-looking skin.<br />

It acts to markedly reduce the<br />

appearance of fine lines and<br />

wrinkles caused by repeated<br />

contraction of facial muscles.<br />

Ultimate Fine Line Eraser<br />

An advanced cream formulation<br />

that efficaciously helps defend<br />

against the signs of ageing.<br />

Nourishing and moisturising<br />

active ingredients work<br />

synergistically to help reduce<br />

the appearance of expression<br />

lines and wrinkles. Skin is<br />

rejuvenated with increased<br />

suppleness and firmness.<br />

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SkinMTX Brightening<br />

SkinMTX Brightening<br />

SKIN<br />

Helps minimise the appearance of<br />

pigmentation, dark spots and scars<br />

for luminous skin<br />

The Brightening range’s key active is<br />

Alpha-Arbutin, which has been proven<br />

to have a brightening effect on the<br />

skin without the toxicity and irritation<br />

associated with hydroquinone.<br />

Hydroquinone has long been<br />

considered the gold standard for<br />

the treatment of hyperpigmentation.<br />

While clinical studies report excellent<br />

depigmentation responses induced<br />

by 2% hydroquinone, it has also been<br />

shown to cause adverse effects such<br />

as dermatitis, loss of skin elasticity,<br />

increased photosensitivity and postinflammatory<br />

pigmentation.<br />

Alpha-Arbutin has been proven<br />

to have effective results, even when<br />

compared to the chemically-similar<br />

molecules of hydroquinone. In<br />

addition to higher efficacy, it is also<br />

more gentle than hydroquinone.<br />

These characteristics make it the go-to<br />

active for brightening of the<br />

complexion and minimisation<br />

of dark spots on the skin.<br />

Alpha Optimal Brightener<br />

Absorbs instantly into the<br />

skin to help reduce the<br />

appearance of spots and<br />

freckles. Efficiently restores<br />

a brightened complexion in<br />

a shorter time compared to<br />

conventional brightening formulas.<br />

Alpha Illuminator<br />

Imparts translucency and glow to the<br />

complexion with its skin unifying actions.<br />

It boosts moisture levels and helps<br />

strengthen skin’s barrier to reveal a<br />

uniform skin tone, radiance and clarity.<br />

Radiance Cleansing Wash<br />

This non-stripping gel cleanser reveals<br />

skin’s natural radiance while helping<br />

to keep the skin’s hydrolipid film intact<br />

to prevent over-drying and irritation.<br />

Skin is refreshed and prepped for<br />

optimal nutrient absorption from<br />

succeeding skincare steps.<br />

Lumi Cleansing Milk<br />

This light and creamy cleanser<br />

removes impurities, dissolves<br />

makeup and dead skin cells<br />

to leave skin feeling soft and<br />

comfortable, and appearing<br />

brighter and renewed.<br />

SkinMTX Anti-Acne<br />

Purifies skin for clarity and<br />

long-lasting mattness<br />

This range offers a reliable solution to<br />

help treat and control the appearance of<br />

blemishes. High-potency products are<br />

specially formulated to penetrate into<br />

the skin to help achieve visible results.<br />

Together, the three specialist products<br />

help unclog pores and blackheads, gently<br />

cleanse and resurface skin and promote a<br />

shine-free complexion.<br />

Comedone Acti-Clear Lotion<br />

Exfoliating actives help clear pore<br />

blockages, dissolve excessive surface<br />

build-up, prevent recurrence of<br />

blackheads and defend against breakoutcausing<br />

environmental aggressors. Pores<br />

appear visibly refined, skin is smoother<br />

and clarified.<br />

Acti-Pure Cleansing Gel<br />

A gentle yet effective cleanser that<br />

dissolves impurities to leave skin<br />

feeling clean and refreshed. The<br />

gel deeply purifies and minimises<br />

the look of pores without leaving<br />

any tightness or residue. Helps<br />

clear clogged follicles, soothes<br />

inflammation and prevents the<br />

appearance of future breakouts.<br />

Acti-Matte Concentrate<br />

This formulation is carefully<br />

blended to strip away excess oil<br />

while replenishing skin moisture,<br />

preventing visible skin irritations<br />

and promoting a healthy-looking,<br />

balanced complexion. Pores are<br />

blurred and skin texture smoothed<br />

with an energised matte finish.

SkinMTX Dermat<br />

Recommended for post-laser<br />

and post-procedure<br />

The demand for aesthetic medical and<br />

surgical procedures has been steadily<br />

increasing over the past 2 decades and<br />

is forecasted to continue to grow. The<br />

increase in demand is closely followed<br />

by the increase in expectations for<br />

a better outcome with minimal side<br />

effects and shorter recovery time.<br />

SkinMTX’s Dermat Series is specially<br />

formulated to provide essential<br />

post-procedure care to maximise<br />

the treatment outcome, optimise<br />

recovery, minimise risks of infection<br />

and scarring while providing comfort<br />

from tenderness.<br />

Delicate Cleansing Mousse<br />

An ultra-gentle mousse designed<br />

to cleanse delicate post-procedure<br />

skin. Its frictionless, dense foam is<br />

perfect for compromised skin, mildly<br />

yet effectively removing dirt and<br />

impurities while replenishing the skin’s<br />

Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF)<br />

with amino acids and emollients to<br />

preserve moisture balance. A blend<br />

of 7 botanical extracts, vitamins A, B,<br />

C, essential minerals and antioxidants<br />

soothes skin sensitivity and irritation<br />

after harsh treatments. It also helps<br />

maintain skin’s microbial balance to<br />

help optimise the skin recovery process.<br />

Hydrating Mist<br />

A specially formulated mist to help<br />

restore compromised skin after<br />

undergoing harsh laser treatments or<br />

aesthetic procedures. The fine spray<br />

envelopes the skin with a soothing<br />

protective layer, helping calm irritations<br />

and restore comfort to sensitised skin.<br />

Boosts the skin with optimal, lasting<br />

hydration; keeping tightness and<br />

dryness at bay.<br />

Advanced Restorative Serum<br />

An intensive care formulation that<br />

aids in skin recovery after aggressive<br />

aesthetic treatments, helping<br />

compromised skin reclaim comfort and<br />

equilibrium. Its intensively soothing and<br />

moisturising properties help restore<br />

skin balance, providing much needed<br />

calming relief from burning sensations<br />

that typically succeed a laser treatment.<br />

Bio-mimetic peptides help reinstate<br />

skin’s integrity, creating an optimal<br />

environment for skin recovery.<br />

Advanced Reconditioning Cream<br />

This protective cream is specially<br />

formulated to offer aid in the recovery<br />

of the skin barrier after harsh aesthetic<br />

procedures. It helps protect the skin<br />

from excessive dryness, visible redness<br />

and irritations with its potent calming<br />

and reparative ingredients. Designed to<br />

create an optimum environment for skin<br />

to recuperate, the complex of ceramide<br />

and bisabolol provide a protective<br />

“second skin”, shielding the underlying<br />

skin from external aggressors while<br />

it helps the skin rebuild its moisture<br />

barrier. Concurrently, a synergistic blend<br />

of skin restoring actives promotes a<br />

healthy-looking complexion, bringing<br />

forth optimal skin restoration that<br />

results in a renewed, pristine-looking<br />

complexion.<br />

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SkinMTX Special Care<br />

SKIN<br />

A special repertoire of products<br />

to achieve a rigorous regimen for<br />

youthful-looking skin<br />

This intense skin restoration range<br />

features patented key actives that<br />

effectively boost critical aspects of<br />

the skin rejuvenation process. These<br />

include: BioRenew Peptide, which<br />

helps boost skin’s appearance;<br />

PhytoActive+, which magnifies<br />

the reparative powers of stem<br />

cells for superior skin repair and<br />

rejuvenation; ActiMarine Hydrator,<br />

which boosts 3 major skin restorative<br />

functions – the physical barrier,<br />

chemical barrier, and hydra memory<br />

function; and RejuvorA – a unique,<br />

improved form of retinol complex<br />

using a revolutionary encapsulation<br />

system to help overcome the<br />

disadvantages of conventional<br />

retinol, while improving efficacy.<br />

Peptide Serum+<br />

This advanced multi-faceted serum<br />

contains actives that has been<br />

shown to improve skin renewal<br />

by up to 88% in 15 days. Powerful<br />

proprietary rejuvenating actives<br />

and nutrient clusters are delivered<br />

deep into the skin to encourage<br />

equilibrium, helping reinforce skin’s<br />

resilience against environmental<br />

aggressors and returning a youthfullook<br />

to skin. Skin becomes wellhydrated<br />

and complexion glows with<br />

a lustrous shine.<br />

Intense RejuvorA Cream<br />

This hero anti-ageing product<br />

provides impressive skin renewal<br />

and rejuvenative actions – while<br />

helping provide stellar protection<br />

against free radicals and the signs of<br />

ageing - making retinol rejuvenation<br />

more effective to help improve the<br />

appearance of wrinkles, brighten the<br />

skin and retexturise the complexion.<br />

Combining Vitamin C and E, the<br />

active mix works synergistically to<br />

help improve skin vitality, visibly<br />

even out skin tone and fight against<br />

free radicals and the appearance<br />

of photoageing. As skin’s innate<br />

self-renewal system powers up, the<br />

complexion revives with tonicity,<br />

tautness and radiance.

Potent Eye Concentrate<br />

Dramatically promotes the youthful<br />

appearance of eyes with this intensive<br />

eye contour formula specially<br />

designed for skin’s most delicate<br />

areas. The exclusive combination of<br />

advanced actives helps visibly smooth,<br />

firm and tighten skin texture to reduce<br />

the appearance of fine lines, crow’s<br />

feet and puffiness. It deeply infuses<br />

skin with vital moisture, improving skin<br />

tautness around the eye area.<br />

Potent C<br />

This Vitamin C concentrate promotes<br />

an intensive brightening action to<br />

target appearance of discolouration.<br />

The inclusion of efficacious, potent<br />

actives provides targeted action<br />

to help brighten the appearance<br />

of unsightly marks, dark spots and<br />

freckles while building up skin’s<br />

defenses against the appearance of<br />

future pigmentation.<br />

Supreme Eye Brightening Gel<br />

Brightening actives aid in diminishing<br />

the appearance of dark circles to<br />

restore vibrancy and luminosity of the<br />

eye contours. Eye puffiness is visibly<br />

reduced as caffeine helps stimulate<br />

the drainage of excessive fluid.<br />

Mineral-Rich Body Moisturizer<br />

Specially formulated to remineralise<br />

the skin, this mineral-rich hand and<br />

body lotion pampers your skin with<br />

ultimate delights while infusing skin<br />

with essential nutrients from the Dead<br />

Sea. Its luxurious texture ensures<br />

smooth gliding without leaving a<br />

sticky feel on the skin, enveloping the<br />

skin with a veil of velvety softness. The<br />

unsurpassed hydration benefits relieve<br />

dryness, tightness and sensitive<br />

reactions that are caused by skin<br />

dehydration.<br />

3 In 1 Matt Tinted Protector<br />

Naturally shield and nourish skin every<br />

day with this free radical-inhibitor,<br />

vitamin-infused matt sun protection.<br />

Provides sun protection plus<br />

environmental protection. This light<br />

universal-tinted formula helps corrects<br />

uneven skin tones with an immediate<br />

refined finish.<br />

Skin Brightening Day Protector<br />

A refreshing, non-greasy, emulsion<br />

easily absorbed by skin provides<br />

sun protection while enhancing skin<br />

luminosity. A perfect balance of active<br />

ingredients and innovative delivery<br />

mechanisms.<br />

Smart Shield Protector<br />

This light, smooth tinted sun<br />

protection blends seamlessly with<br />

most skin types and colours, imparting<br />

an even skin tone and light coverage<br />

while providing defense against sun’s<br />

damaging rays. CBM<br />


Made in Switzerland and Singapore, SkinMTX ®<br />

is a dermatological-grade skincare brand<br />

formulated for proven, sustainable results. Driving<br />

innovations in aesthetic skincare for over two<br />

decades, the brand has received worldwide<br />

industry recognition for its cutting edge<br />

technology and product efficacy. Most recently,<br />

SkinMTX ® TeloZyme Youth Activator was<br />

awarded the title 2021 Beauty Insider Best in Anti-<br />

Ageing. This multifaceted serum, based on the<br />

Nobel prize-winning discovery of telomeres, has<br />

been specially formulated to target the integrity<br />

of telomeres for younger looking skin.<br />


SkinMTX ® is exclusively available in select<br />

clinics and at www.skinmtx.com.au.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 65


POST-<br />

SUMMER<br />

HAIR<br />




T<br />

he summertime combination of sun, salt and<br />

chlorine all conspire to strip hair of moisture,<br />

leaving it frizzy, dry and dull. Thankfully, hair responds<br />

well to a little TLC and, with the right products,<br />

it’s not too late to restore your crowning glory to its<br />

most beautiful.<br />

evo bradford<br />

pin bristle brush, $50<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au<br />



BEAUTY<br />

Like skincare, a good basic hair care routine<br />

is key to achieving results. Most of your<br />

favourite brands offer ranges targeting<br />

specific concerns and there are many<br />

options for dry post-summer hair.<br />

When it comes to daily care, it’s worth<br />

noting that your hair may not require<br />

washing as often as you think it does. The<br />

general consensus is that shampooing<br />

should only take place every two to three<br />

days and shampoo should be rinsed out<br />

with lukewarm (not hot) water to help avoid<br />

damage and moisture loss.<br />

Prevention is far better than trying to cure<br />

hair damage. By investing in a nourishing<br />

conditioner, you are already well on your<br />

way to preserving the health and lustre<br />

of your hair. Top it off with a weekly hair<br />

repair treatment. Once again, there are<br />

many to choose from depending on your<br />

preferences and needs – everything from<br />

thick, rich hair masks to leave-in spray and<br />

oil formulations.<br />

When using an intensive conditioner or<br />

treatment, wrap hair in a towel to keep heat<br />

in and allow the product to penetrate. Five<br />

minutes should be enough; hair is spongelike<br />

in structure and once it is saturated it<br />

cannot absorb more product no matter how<br />

long you leave it on.

WE LOVE<br />

1. Joico Hydra Splash Trio includes Hydrating Shampoo 300ml, Hydrating Conditioner 250ml and Replenishing Leave-in<br />

100ml, $103.85, 2. Grow Longer Stronger Stimulating Scalp Scrub 140g, $16.99, 3. Joico Humidity Blocker+ Protective<br />

Finishing Spray, $31.95, 4. Arbonne TrueSmooth Rich Lather Shampoo & Conditioner, $48 each, 5. Klorane Cupuacu<br />

Shampoo and Conditioner 200ml, $14.99 each, 6. Oribe Shampoo for Moisture & Control 250ml, $68, and Conditioner<br />

200ml, $72, 7.Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Trio includes Shampoo 250ml, Conditioner 200ml and Mask<br />

150ml, $94, 8. Wella Professionals Invigo Blonde Recharge Color Refreshing Shampoo and Conditioner, Cool Blonde<br />

200ml, $28.95 each, 9. Philip Kingsley Moisture Extreme Shampoo 250ml & Conditioner 200ml, $44 each, 10. Pump<br />

Anti Frizz Shampoo & Conditioner 205ml, $34.95 each.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 69

HAIR SOS<br />

BEAUTY<br />

If your hair is in dire need, look for intensive specialty hair<br />

products such as an after-sun or post-pool rescue treatment,<br />

which help to smooth damaged cuticles and protect against<br />

split ends, breakage and environmental damage from wind,<br />

sun, chlorine and sea salt. These can be used as a mask after<br />

shampooing (leave it in for five minutes, then rinse out) or a<br />

small amount can be applied daily to the ends of the hair to<br />

protect and smooth.<br />

Be on the lookout for formulations containing keratin,<br />

amino acids, ceramides and shea butter which all work to<br />

calm and nourish severely frazzled frizz and help reverse the<br />

damaging effects of the sun, sea and chlorine. If you’re on a<br />

budget, coconut oil is a great DIY option for nourishing your<br />

tresses without breaking the bank.<br />

WE LOVE<br />

1. Grow Longer Stronger Anti-Breakage Hair Mask 50ml,<br />

$5.99, 2. Hair Rituel by Sisley Restructuring Nourishing<br />

Balm 125g, $160, 3. Klorane Cupuacu Mask 150ml,<br />

$25.99, 4. Hair Rituel by Sisley Protective Hair Fluid<br />

150ml, $120, 5. Hair Rituel by Sisley Regenerating Hair<br />

Care Mask 200ml, $130, 6. Hair Rituel by Sisley La Crème<br />

230 150ml, $125, 7. Kemon Actyva Bellessere Oil, $39.95,<br />

8. Davines Su Hair Mask 150ml, $46.95, 9. Philip Kingsley<br />

Elasticizer 150ml, $72.75

The haircare<br />

habits you<br />

need to break!<br />

Since hair is most fragile when it’s wet, don’t rip<br />

a brush through it after swimming. Spray some<br />

detangler on it, then use a wide-tooth comb to<br />

minimise breakage.<br />

Summer heat practically demands we throw<br />

our hair back, but pulling our hair back too<br />

tightly can cause breakage, particularly if hair<br />

health is already compromised. Aim for loose<br />

buns and ponytails, and let your hair down<br />

before going to sleep at night.<br />

Don’t dive straight into the water without first<br />

wetting your hair with fresh water. Hair is super<br />

porous and absorbent. If you spray water over<br />

your hair (or better yet apply hair oil or a mask)<br />

before entering the pool or ocean, your tresses<br />

won’t soak up such high quantities of drying<br />

and damaging salt and chlorine. CBM<br />

1. Coco & Eve Like a Virgin Hair Masque<br />

$57.90 2. Thanks To Nature Hydrate &<br />

Nourish Masque 350ml, $20, 3. Philip<br />

Kingsley Swimcap Water Resistant Mask 75ml,<br />

$42, 4. Arbonne TrueSmooth Apple Vinegar<br />

Hair Rinse, $37.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 71

BEAUTY<br />


Australia<br />









It’s tough to stay looking good in one<br />

of the world’s harshest climates, but<br />

we Aussies are the pros. With our<br />

diverse soils and climates, Australia<br />

has the luxury of growing its own<br />

fresh produce, with very little need<br />

to import from overseas. So as well<br />

as ensuring the nation eats well, this<br />

also helps Aussie brands lead the<br />

way with sustainable, eco-friendly<br />

beauty products. Quality ingredients,<br />

formulations and manufacturing is<br />

ensuring the Aussie beauty brand<br />

continues to grow both locally and<br />

throughout the world.<br />

72 www.cosbeauty.com.au


beautiful<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 73

24<br />

BEAUTY<br />




Established in 2007 in Melbourne,<br />

Aspect Skincare is one of the<br />

leading cosmeceutical skincare<br />

brands in Australia and New<br />

Zealand, offering a range of<br />

medical-grade cosmeceutical<br />

products that deliver highperforming<br />

active ingredients<br />

to help cosmetically correct skin<br />

without irritation. Following on<br />

from their huge success in the<br />

skincare space, the Aussie-made<br />

brand extended its range last<br />

year to include Aspect Minerals,<br />

a comforting, high-performance<br />

makeup line free from parabens,<br />

SLS, mineral oil and vegan friendly.<br />

TRY<br />

Aspect Minerals Powder and<br />

Liquid, $59 each<br />


Conserving Beauty is Australia’s first<br />

water-responsible beauty brand.<br />

Water is a diminishing resource, with<br />

research indicating that two-thirds of<br />

the population will live in a watershortage<br />

environment by 2035.<br />

Conserving Beauty is on a mission<br />

to reduce the beauty industry’s<br />

water footprint with innovative<br />

products formulated entirely without<br />

water, so that water isn’t wasted<br />

and the products you buy only<br />

contain pure, active ingredients.<br />

Most beauty products are 70-90%<br />

water, with 2-20% active ingredients.<br />

Conserving Beauty is made<br />

with zero water and 100% active<br />

ingredients (no ‘fillers’, preservatives<br />

or fragrances whatsoever).<br />

TRY<br />

Conserving Beauty Conserve You<br />

Face Oil, $55<br />


Vela Days is an Australian luxury<br />

hemp-based skincare range. Its<br />

active compound, CannaComplex,<br />

is derived from pharmaceutical<br />

hemp seed extract and THC-free<br />

hemp stem cells, offering antiinflammatory<br />

and active healing<br />

properties for calmer, smoother and<br />

more radiant skin. Sustainability<br />

is also at the core of Vela Days<br />

ensuring its operations and all<br />

suppliers are carbon neutral.<br />

TRY<br />

Vela Days Lipid Complex<br />

CannaComplex Cleansing<br />

Balm 100ml, $89; Oil Infusion<br />

CannaComplex Fortifying Oil Serum<br />

30ml, $110; Active Compound<br />

CannaComplex Multi-Active Facial<br />

Serum 30ml, $102


Minenssey skincare is dedicated<br />

to creating potent formulas using<br />

the best of Australia’s botanical<br />

ingredients. With an emphasis<br />

on cultivating and maintaining<br />

healthy skin, using an only-theessentials<br />

approach, their formulas<br />

are concentrated with the right<br />

dosage of evidence-based active<br />

ingredients – what they leave out is<br />

just as important as what they put in.<br />

TRY<br />

Minenssey Treatment Mask,<br />

5 Sheets, $50<br />


Australian owned and made (and<br />

globally loved), Bondi Sands now<br />

has its own skincare line in addition<br />

to its best-selling self-tanning<br />

products. High-quality formulas work<br />

to help give you glowing, healthy<br />

skin, hydrating and nourishing with<br />

each application. These are the new<br />

skin staples for any skin junkie.<br />

TRY<br />

Bondi Sands Fresh’n Up Nourishing<br />

Gel Cleanser 150ml, $14.95; Gold’n<br />

Hour Vitamin C Serum 30ml, $17.95;<br />

Daydream Whipped Moisturiser<br />

50ml, $16.95<br />

DAVROE<br />

Davroe’s philosophy is simple: to<br />

create an honest and pure range<br />

of hair care products for everyone.<br />

Owner Mary Centofanti and her<br />

team make every effort to ensure<br />

their products are natural, vegan,<br />

sensitive to the environment and<br />

only ever use ingredients of the<br />

highest quality. They’re also proudly<br />

100% Australian made and owned<br />

– and will seriously improve the<br />

condition of your hair.<br />

TRY<br />

Davroe Argon Oil Instant Treatment,<br />

$25.95<br />


Meet your new oral hygiene crush.<br />

LOVEBYT is a 100% natural, vegan<br />

and fluoride-free toothpaste made<br />

in Australia using a premium blend<br />

of botanical ingredients andno nasty<br />

chemicals. Backed by dentists, this<br />

is *the* toxin-free oral health care<br />

brand we’ve needed.<br />

TRY<br />

LOVBYT Mini Charcoal & Mint<br />

Toothpaste, $8.95<br />


Pod Organics offers organic, vegan,<br />

sustainable, ethically sourced<br />

skincare products for the whole<br />

family, inspired by Australian native<br />

bushlands. Winner of three Organic<br />

Beauty Awards for Best Clean<br />

Products of 2021, this is a beautiful<br />

collection of natural skincare and<br />

products for the home.<br />

TRY<br />

Pod Organics All Over Nurturing<br />

Balm, $13.95<br />


Vanessa Megan products are<br />

handmade in Australia and are<br />

certified Cruelty Free. The natural<br />

range encompasses skincare,<br />

body care and fragrance with<br />

highly effective botanicals and<br />

results-driven formulations. It’s also<br />

the exclusive skincare choice for<br />

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, winner<br />

of the World’s Best Eco Spa of 2020.<br />

TRY<br />

Vanessa Megan Cryō Rosé Ice<br />

Cube Treatment, $34.95<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 75

BEAUTY<br />


Tropicology is one of the pioneers<br />

of natural, sustainable, organic,<br />

cruelty-free skincare. Its products are<br />

the fruits, quite literally, of Tropical<br />

Fruit World, a family-run biologically<br />

sustainable plantation and tourist<br />

attraction in the hinterland of<br />

Kingscliff in NSW. Tropicology<br />

skincare is inspired by the healing<br />

and restorative properties of the<br />

fruits and botanicals nurtured and<br />

harvested on the farm, particularly<br />

the avocado tree, of which they have<br />

18 different varieties. Antioxidantrich<br />

organic avocado oil is used in<br />

all Tropicology products, further<br />

complemented by active botanicals<br />

and Australian native extracts.<br />

TRY<br />

Tropicology Avocado Lip Balm,<br />

$19.95<br />


The Secret is Australia’s first<br />

prescription-only skincare range<br />

and is founded by Perth-based<br />

cosmetic doctors Dr Clara Hurst<br />

and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones. Carefully<br />

researched and formulated with<br />

medical-strength ingredients such<br />

as tretinoin and hydroquinone, The<br />

Secret range is custom-made for<br />

each patient to treat their specific<br />

skin concerns. Each formulation<br />

contains a unique combination of<br />

prescription-strength ingredients<br />

in a patented base which provides<br />

the optimal carriage of these<br />

compounds. The focus is on<br />

increasing skin clarity, treating fine<br />

lines and skin laxity, eliminating<br />

pigmentation and breakouts and<br />

achieving that coveted Secret glow.<br />

TRY<br />

The Secret The Serum, $130<br />


Invisibe Zinc is to sunscreen what<br />

Vegemite is to toast. This is suncare<br />

made in Australia for the toughest of<br />

Australian climates. Unlike chemical<br />

sunscreens that absorb the sun’s<br />

UV rays, Invisible Zinc uses naturally<br />

sourced Zinc Oxide to create a<br />

protective shield on the surface of<br />

your skin, reflecting both UVA and<br />

UVB rays.<br />


Our oceans are under threat from<br />

pollution, and many sunscreens<br />

are contributing to the problem.<br />

Whilst providing your skin with<br />

UV protection, widely accepted<br />

sunscreen chemicals are also<br />

killing corals, causing toxic build-up<br />

in marine animal tissues and<br />

putting a strain on our ocean’s<br />

ecosystems. SunButter was founded<br />

by two marine biologists with a<br />

dedication to create the most<br />

effective, environmentally gentle<br />

and reef-safe Sunscreen formula on<br />

the market, packaged in reusable<br />

and recyclable tins. This is a new<br />

generation of suncare that is skin<br />

and earth conscious.<br />

TRY<br />

SunButter SPF 50 Water Resistant<br />

Reef Safe Sunscreen, $29.95<br />

TRY<br />

Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence, $34


Hailed as the sunscreen you can feel<br />

good about, this Australian owned<br />

and made suncare range is perfectly<br />

suited to the adventure-driven<br />

Aussie lifestyle. We Are Feel Good<br />

Inc products are tested to hold up<br />

in the toughest of climates, as well<br />

as being paraben, oxybenzone,<br />

octinoxate and PABA free. The<br />

founders (including a doctor,<br />

builder and pro surfer) wanted to<br />

create a product that nourished<br />

and supported the skin without<br />

compromising sun protection<br />

capabilities, so they added skinloving<br />

ingredients like Vitamin E and<br />

aloe vera to sweeten the deal.<br />


We’ve been using this Aussie<br />

brand for years and will happily<br />

sing its praises, namely that it’s<br />

affordable and delivers visible<br />

change within the skin. Skinstitut<br />

products use high-performance<br />

active ingredients, advanced<br />

delivery systems, and stable,<br />

skin-syncing formulations which<br />

are clean, cruelty-free, and vegan,<br />

and don’t use unnecessary filler<br />

ingredients or excessive packaging.<br />


Aussie-made Dr Roebuck’s is taking<br />

the world by storm with its clean,<br />

pared-down approach to skincare.<br />

The products contain only pure<br />

botanicals and skin-safe ingredients<br />

that have been ethically and<br />

sustainably sourced. No fillers, no<br />

nasties, no cruelty, no worries!<br />


We Are Feel Good Inc. After Sun<br />

Cooling Lotion, $19.95<br />

Skinstitut Expert Refine AHA<br />

Glycolic Toner, $59<br />

Dr Roebuck’s Byron 2-in-1 Mask +<br />

Scrub, $40<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

BEAUTY<br />


Born in Bondi, Sunescape is an<br />

award-winning Australian-made and<br />

owned sunless tanning range that<br />

delivers natural-looking colour with a<br />

delicious tropical scent. Formulated<br />

without harmful ingredients,<br />

Sunescape’s products use certified<br />

natural DHA and are fortified with<br />

vitamins, antioxidants and plant<br />

oils that nourish the skin, and<br />

anti-ageing, hydrating and firming<br />

ingredients that leave skin smooth<br />

and replenished. All Sunescape<br />

products are free from parabens,<br />

petrochemicals and formaldehyde,<br />

are proudly vegan and cruelty free.<br />

We love it because it gives skin a<br />

gorgeous colour, without dryness,<br />

streaking, patchiness or the dreaded<br />

orange undertone.<br />

TRY<br />

Sunescape Instant Self-Tan Mousse<br />

250ml, $44.95; Hydrating Body<br />

Butter, $29.95<br />

EWE CARE<br />

Ewe Care is Australia’s first sheep<br />

milk natural skincare range that<br />

combines the benefits of sheep milk<br />

with uniquely Tasmanian ingredients.<br />

A high natural fat content makes<br />

sheep milk a wonderfully nourishing<br />

moisturiser that not only helps<br />

reduce wrinkles and fine lines but<br />

also provides essential antioxidants<br />

via vitamins like A, C, D and E, as<br />

well as AHA. Its anti-inflammatory<br />

and anti-microbial properties<br />

also help to reduce redness and<br />

breakouts and make it ideal for use<br />

on sensitive skin. Every aspect of<br />

Ewe Care’s packaging – from its<br />

cream sachets, to the box they arrive<br />

in – is compostable.<br />

TRY<br />

Ewe Day Cream 60ml + Raku<br />

Ceramic Vessel, $165; Night Cream<br />

60ml + Raku Ceramic Vessel, $180<br />


Ultraderm is an Australian<br />

cosmeceutical skincare company<br />

founded in 2009 which uses<br />

medical-grade ingredients to give<br />

proven results for targeted skin<br />

problems. The range – for both<br />

at-home and in-clinic care – offers<br />

a complete skincare protocol<br />

suitable for conditions like<br />

rosacea, acne, age prevention and<br />

correction, pigmentation, stretch<br />

marks and scarring.<br />

TRY<br />

Ultraderm Daily Protector Tinted<br />

Base + Moisturiser SPF 30, $62<br />


Aesthetics Rx is an Australian<br />

cosmeceutical range of advanced<br />

formulations using skin-correcting<br />

anti-ageing ingredients based<br />

on plant cell culture and biotechnology.<br />

Their complex<br />

blends of high-dose actives are<br />

Australian made, vegan, cruelty<br />

and paraben-free.<br />

TRY<br />

Aesthetics Rx B Serum, $109


QED, founded by an Aussie<br />

pharmacist, was specifically<br />

formulated to target the needs<br />

of sensitive skin, be it eczema,<br />

psoriasis or acne-prone. Each and<br />

every product developed has been<br />

dermatologically tested on humans,<br />

trialled and then re-tested, and is<br />

fully backed by science – no fluff,<br />

just a simple, scientific approach<br />

to skincare. At its core, natural<br />

ingredients are married with nontoxic<br />

alternatives to create safe,<br />

high-performance products free of<br />

parabens, mineral oils, sulphates<br />

and formaldehyde. Plus, it’s 100%<br />

Australian designed, formulated<br />

and made.<br />

TRY<br />

QED Skincare The Body Cream<br />

250g, $39; Balancing Facial Mist,<br />

Neroli + Bergamot 125ml, $32<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 79

BEAUTY<br />


A true Aussie success story, Jurlique<br />

was founded in 1985, and has been<br />

a global leader in natural skincare<br />

ever since. Jurlique offers natural<br />

skincare and beauty products that<br />

are powered by botanicals grown<br />

for decades on their organic farm<br />

in South Australia’s Adelaide<br />

Hills using a unique Bio-Intrinsic<br />

extraction method. All botanicals are<br />

hand planted and hand picked and<br />

are free from synthetic pesticides<br />

and fertilisers. By combining these<br />

potent natural ingredients with<br />

advanced skincare science, Jurlique<br />

has grown to be a powerhouse in<br />

Australia and around the world.<br />

TRY<br />

Jurlique Nutri-Define Supreme Eye<br />

Contour Balm 15ml, $105; Rose<br />

Hand Cream 125ml, $62<br />



Ah, this Australian staple with its<br />

distinctive red packaging is the<br />

OG multi-tasking beauty product!<br />

Made in Australia from pure<br />

papaws, the powerhouse ointment<br />

has antibacterial and antimicrobial<br />

properties – and has an infinite<br />

amount of beauty uses, including lip<br />

balm, dry skin and split end remedy,<br />

relief from skin irritation or eczema,<br />

cuticle/nail moisturiser, and even<br />

as a skin highlighter! The company<br />

still operates in Brisbane where the<br />

ointment continues to be produced.<br />

You might be amazed to know that<br />

the formula for the famous ointment<br />

is still the same proven remedy<br />

today as when it was created more<br />

than 100 years ago.<br />


You may know cosmetic physician<br />

Dr Naomi McCullum as an Instagram<br />

sensation with a wicked penchant<br />

for a good meme, and now she has<br />

her very own skincare range that<br />

is quickly reaching cult status. The<br />

clever, hard-working range is science<br />

based, vegan and cruelty-free using<br />

high tech ingredients from both<br />

nature and the lab. It’s a complete<br />

skincare program – from cleansers<br />

and corrective serums to cutting<br />

edge beauty tools and devices –<br />

that will have you on your way to<br />

selfie-ready skin around the clock.<br />

TRY<br />

Dr Naomi Skin Catfish 10ml, $89<br />

TRY<br />

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment 75g, $14.75<br />

80 www.cosbeauty.com.au

&<br />

Radiate<br />

beauty<br />

confidence<br />

Using the latest technologies, our team of experts<br />

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking<br />

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.<br />

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.<br />

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:<br />

world-class wrinkle reduction and<br />

lip enhancement<br />

laser skin rejuvenation<br />

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction<br />

Thermage non-surgical face lifting<br />

medical peels<br />

clinic-only premium skincare<br />

Call us to book a complimentary consultation<br />

02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

SKIN<br />

Cool, calm<br />

and collected<br />




W<br />

hile most of us crave<br />

the summer sun, UV<br />

exposure can leave your<br />

skin dry, dehydrated and damaged.<br />

With each Australian summer, in one<br />

of the harshest climates on Earth,<br />

skin damage accumulates, with every<br />

bit of sun exposure contributing to<br />

the way your face ages.<br />

Over time, your skin loses its<br />

elasticity. It can develop unsightly<br />

brown spots, and previously<br />

hidden blood vessels can become<br />

visible to the naked eye. Lines and<br />

wrinkles emerge as your formerly<br />

vibrant complexion starts to appear<br />

dehydrated and dull.<br />

It’s been said 80 percent of facial<br />

ageing is caused by the sun, so<br />

we need to prevent and repair. Of<br />

course, sunscreen is numero uno<br />

in any skincare regimen, but active<br />

ingredients that work on a cellular<br />

level to help undo sun damage and<br />

protect against further premature<br />

ageing. Look for antioxidants<br />

like Vitamins A, C, E and B3<br />

(niacinamide) and hyaluronic acid.<br />

Vitamin A (retinol), in particular, is<br />

a non-negotiable, as far we we’re<br />

concerned. It has been proven<br />

to soften lines, rejuvenate skin<br />

and stimulate skin cells to make<br />

healthy collagen and boost natural<br />

moisturising factors.<br />

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is also an<br />

essential weapon in the fight against<br />

ageing, dry skin. It is a natural<br />

component of the skin that seals<br />

in moisture and helps keep skin<br />

hydrated and plump – it attracts<br />

up to 1,000 times its own weight in<br />

water. As skin is damaged by the sun,<br />

HA decreases and your skin loses the<br />

ability to retain water. Concentrated<br />

HA helps restore this lost volume.<br />

Remember, what you use on<br />

your skin on a daily basis will pay<br />

dividends further down the track.<br />

Quality skincare is one of the best<br />

investments you can make to ageproof<br />

your skin in the long run.<br />

82 www.cosbeauty.com.au

www.cosbeauty.com.au 83

1.<br />

the basics<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

SKIN<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

4.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

11. 12.<br />

10.<br />

13.<br />

14. 15.<br />

1. Go Bare Facial Cleansing Brush, $89, 2. Dr Naomi<br />

Skin Clean Freak, $149, 3. Arbonne Bio-Hydria Gel<br />

Cleanser, $35, 4. Priori R-Spinasome The Ultimate<br />

Night Crème 50ml, $300, 5. Sisley Phyto-Blanc Le<br />

Soin Brightening Protective Moisturiser 40ml, $420,<br />

6. mesoestetic energy C Intensive Cream 50ml,<br />

$159, 7. Enbacci microdermabrasion exfoliating<br />

scrub with eco-friendly alumina beads, $45, 8. Dr<br />

Naomi Skin Milk It 120ml, $59, 9. Dr Naomi Skin<br />

Walk Of Shine 120ml, $59, 10. Hydropeptide Power<br />

Luxe Hydra-Rich Infusion Cream $215, 11. Jurlique<br />

Nourishing Cleansing Oil 200ml, $44, 12. Jurlique<br />

Revitalising Cleansing Gel 200ml, $44, 13. Priori<br />

R-Spinasome The Ultimate Day Crème 50ml, $300,<br />

14. IT Cosmetics Confidence In A Cream 60ml, $75,<br />

15. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream 50ml, $51

essential<br />

protection<br />

1. Skin MTX 3 in 1 Matt<br />

Tinted Protector 30ml, $70,<br />

2. Aspect Sun Physical Sun<br />

Protection SPF 50+ Sunscreen<br />

Cream 75g, $59, 3. asap<br />

SPF50+ hydrating defence<br />

100ml, $75, 4. mesoestetic<br />

mesoprotech sun stick, $49.80,<br />

5. Avéne Aqua Fluid SPF50+<br />

40ml, $27.99, 6. O Cosmedics<br />

Mineral Pro SPF 30+, $49<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

1.<br />

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2.<br />

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SKIN<br />

1.<br />

anti-ageing<br />

and<br />

ightening ightening<br />

1. Arbonne Rescue & Renew Detox Gelée, $80, 2. Cemoy Hydra Ampoule Face Mask, $29.95, 3. BOOST<br />

LAB Vitamin C Brightening Serum, $29.95, 4. BOOST LAB 2D Hyaluronic Hydro Boost, $29.95, 5. Sisley<br />

Botanical D-Tox 30ml, $300, 6. Arbonne Intelligence Nourishing Facial Oil, $110, 7. asap super B complex<br />

30ml, $105, 8. asap super C complex 30ml, $105, 9. Dr Naomi Skin LED It Glow at-home light therapy<br />

mask, $595, 10. Aspect Super PD Complex 30ml, $135, 11. Image Skincare Illuma Intense Brightening<br />

Serum, $92.50, 12. Skin MTX Alpha Optimal Brightener 30ml, $112, 13. QED Skincare Wrinkle Rewind<br />

Repair Serum 30ml, $92, 14. Ella Baché Sensibeautics Intensive Recovery Serum, $111, 15. No7 Radiance+<br />

15% Vitamin C Serum, $34.99, 16. Biologi Bqk Radiance Serum Duo, $138, 17. Dr. LeWinn’s Intensive<br />

Action Caviar Eye Serum 15ml, $79.95, 18. Kiehl’s Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream 50ml, $69, 19.<br />

No7 HydraLuminous Water Concentrate 30ml, $29.99, 20. Medik8 Oxy-R Peptides 2 x 10ml, $124, 21.<br />

Sisley Velvet Sleeping Mask 60ml, $170, 22. QED Skincare Wrinkle Rewind Face Cream, $66, 23. Santa<br />

Maria Novella Vitamin F Cream 50ml, $137, 24. asap Liquid Platinum 130ml, $65, 25. Feniu Tongan<br />

Coconut Oil, $79, 26. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Waterburst, $83, 27. O Cosmedics O-Biome<br />

Hydrating & Setting Spray, $55, 28. Sisley Hydra-Flash 60ml, $260, 29. Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluron Serum<br />

Moisturising, $223, 30. Susanne Kaufmann Nutrient Concentrate Skin Smoothing Serum, $216,<br />

31. Minenssey Australian Clay Mask Revival Set, $79<br />

23.<br />

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SKIN<br />

specialty<br />

products f f<br />

pigmentation<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. Sisleÿa L’Integral Anti-Age Radiance<br />

Anti-Dark Spot Serum 30ml, $630, 2.<br />

CALECIM Professional Professional<br />

Pigment Solution, $269, 3. mesoestetic<br />

mesoprotech melan 130 pigment control<br />

50ml, $79.80

post-sun relief<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

1. Pure Fiji Aftersun Soothing Gel, $29.95,<br />

2. Santa Maria Novella Aloe Gel For<br />

Face & Body 250ml, $60, 3. Santa Maria<br />

Novella After Sun Cream 150ml, $55, 4.<br />

Davines SU Aftersun, $49.95, 5. Arbonne<br />

SuperCalm Soothing Hydrator, $65<br />

hydrating<br />

body products<br />

5.<br />

1. Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit: includes Smooth Body<br />

Scrub, Smooth Body Mitt and Smooth Body Lotion, $99, 2.<br />

SkinMTX Mineral Rich Body Moisturizer 100ml, $46, 3. Sisley<br />

Le Sculpteur 200ml, $290, 4. Ciaté London Dewy Stix Body<br />

Bronzing, Transparent, $37, 5. Kiehl’s Crème de Corps 125ml $36,<br />

6. Jurlique Exclusive Edition Rose Body Oil 200ml, $88, 7. PMD<br />

Clean Body in Berry, $239<br />

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Beauty<br />

&<br />

beyond<br />





The beauty industry –<br />

encompassing skincare,<br />

cosmetics, hair care, fragrances<br />

and personal care – is undoubtedly a<br />

huge part of our lives. But only very<br />

few take the giant leap of creating their<br />

own brand and manufacturing new<br />

products for other women and men to<br />

benefit from and enjoy. We chat with<br />

Cassandra Nichterlein from Velvet<br />

Concepts and Isabella Loneragan<br />

from The Dermal Diary about their<br />

entrepreneurial journeys.

Cassandra<br />

Nichterlein<br />


You have been in beauty all your working life. How<br />

did you start out?<br />

When I was 21, I got a job at a really cool, trendy PR<br />

agency. I was very lucky to be looking after great clients<br />

such as Aveda and Becca Cosmetics, learning so much<br />

at a young age and meeting the amazing creators<br />

of these prestigious companies. I fell in love with the<br />

industry straight away.<br />

How did you take the next step of founding your<br />

own Beauty PR agency and becoming the boss?<br />

After working for other agencies for a decade, I<br />

developed chronic fatigue and burnout from running<br />

around too much and surviving on 10 coffees a day.<br />

I decided I need to run my own schedule. I was also<br />

inspired by the really great international brands that<br />

weren’t available here locally at the time, so I decided<br />

to import them and do all the marketing. I started<br />

Style Patisserie with some really special brands, such as<br />

Butter London nail polish, and they blew up and sold<br />

well from the start.<br />

Your favourite international brands became your<br />

clients. When did you decide to join in and become<br />

a brand creator yourself?<br />

I started my own line, Velvet Concepts, when it became<br />

apparent that big conglomerates were snapping up so<br />

many great new brands. I love exciting, up-and-coming<br />

companies with passionate founders, great backstories<br />

and a point of difference. I had developed a great<br />

connection with local Australian retailers who knew<br />

how to love and nurture these little brands and<br />

grow them.<br />

After a decade running my own PR firm, I saw global<br />

companies gobble up these small, cool brands then<br />

dial down what made them so special in the first<br />

place. They would also remove them from boutique,<br />

independent beauty stores to sell them exclusively<br />

through massive commercial outlets instead, which was<br />

heartbreaking for everyone.<br />

Seeing as boutique retailers were getting fewer and<br />

fewer options of stylish, beautiful products that aren’t<br />

available in mass retailers, I thought up my experiment:<br />

perhaps I could create something that their loyal<br />

beauty fans would love?<br />

Did you research what kind of products those<br />

would be or just do what appealed the most?<br />

Heart or head?<br />

Both! I’ve always adored the glamour of colour and<br />

cosmetics. I used to put YSL ads under protective<br />

contact sheets on all my exercise books in Year 8. I<br />

also knew that small retailers have a more intimate<br />

knowledge of their customers and could give me<br />

constant insider knowledge that I could listen to<br />

and respond to their feedback quite quickly. Big<br />

corporates, on the hand, can take years to make<br />

a product.<br />

Now the fun part. How did you design your Velvet<br />

Concepts collection from scratch?<br />

Right from the get-go, I wanted to make the line<br />

super luxe and minimal, which is what I like to buy. As<br />

a customer, I’m not into overwhelming options at a<br />

beauty counter. I just want direction: “this is the best<br />

foundation”, “this is the blackest eyeliner you asked<br />

for”, etc. I don’t mind if there are a couple of choices,<br />

but I don’t want 25. Also, as much as I love a green,<br />

sparkly eyeliner, that’s not what I wear every day. My<br />

mission was to make neutrals and staples; classic but<br />

never boring. That was always my vision.<br />

Velvet Concepts stands apart with its signature<br />

lavender grey. What was it like to take the journey<br />

from dream to packaged reality?<br />

I was adamant that the packaging had to be a custom<br />

colour. The majority of beauty packaging is black<br />

and white, which I soon learned is cheaper because<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 91

stock packaging is easier to come<br />

by. I find all the really great brands<br />

are associated with a distinctive<br />

colour though. I’ve always loved the<br />

combination of gold and grey. If I<br />

had my way, everything in my<br />

house and wardrobe would be<br />

that colour combo!<br />


What was the biggest challenge in<br />

manufacturing?<br />

Well, I knew that if I was going to<br />

do this, I wanted to work with the<br />

best possible people. And in the<br />

beauty world, I believe Italians are<br />

the best, full stop. However, I had to<br />

learn to work on their schedule and<br />

deal with the language and cultural<br />

barriers. I was frustrated and did not<br />

take it very well. Looking back on the<br />

delays, I think, “Well, what else did<br />

you expect?”<br />

Manufacturing requires endless<br />

patience, so you have to factor in a<br />

lot of time to get it right. The path<br />

is not linear, but up and down. You<br />

will save yourself a lot of unnecessary<br />

frustration if you understand that<br />

that’s what you’re signing up for.<br />

What qualities does an entrepreneur need to have<br />

in the beauty game?<br />

A thick skin. You can’t be afraid to keep pushing,<br />

refining, sending samples back or going back to the<br />

drawing board. Any entrepreneur will tell you that if<br />

you want something done your way, you have to stick<br />

with it. Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone; you have<br />

to be patient, dog-minded and tactful all at once.<br />

Building a brand is really about building relationships,<br />

which will have their ups and downs. It requires a longterm<br />

view.<br />

Did lockdown have a negative or positive effect?<br />

Most of our product was already shipped over from<br />

Italy, so it was quite good. Some things sell more than<br />

others in lockdown – with masks, lip colour isn’t as much<br />

a priority as eyes. We will see it all come back. Before<br />

the pandemic a lot of our customers would ordinarily<br />

just buy something, but when everyone had more time<br />

they started asking more questions. We could dedicate<br />

time to chat with customers so it gave us a lovely<br />

dynamic; we had FaceTime chats to match foundations!<br />

Velvet Concepts<br />

Luxe Lip Gloss in<br />

Berry and Créme

How important is human interaction in an<br />

increasingly online world?<br />

With makeup and cosmetics – any business really –<br />

customers will trust you when you give personalised<br />

service. People know that they are dealing with an<br />

automated program when they add to cart and<br />

they accept that, but personalisation optimises the<br />

experience. People assume we will just have a bot,<br />

so when they get a real person interaction they are<br />

really chuffed.<br />

Who is your customer?<br />

Someone with a natural, pared-down aesthetic who<br />

wants curated, luxurious products. Essentially I made<br />

the products with the ingredients and texture that I<br />

wanted to use.<br />

Velvet Concepts Eye<br />

Gems Eyeshadow Stick In<br />

Rose Quartz and Topaz<br />

How did you decide on your price point?<br />

The reality is that product manufacture is like cooking:<br />

the better the ingredients, the more it costs. There are<br />

so many fun, cheaper products out there; there was no<br />

need for any more of that. There are also really, really<br />

expensive French designer products available. There<br />

wasn’t anything that was really luxe and Australian. We<br />

do have our own aesthetic and luxurious twist that is<br />

unique to Australia. The idea was, can we export that?<br />

That beautiful, pared down Aussie girl. We are no-fuss,<br />

generally speaking, glamorous in our own way but not<br />

uber put-together or perfect. There is a little bit of<br />

undoneness about us, which I embrace.<br />

Is it still exciting or just hard work?<br />

I still get a thrill when orders come in. People<br />

discover us through social media, beauty retailers and<br />

independent shops. During lockdown, customers had<br />

to go online to get access to more products.<br />

Velvet Concepts Crème Chic Blush in Rosé<br />

www.velvetconcepts.com<br />

Giving birth to a new brand and three gorgeous<br />

young children is no mean feat. Does working for<br />

yourself make it work?<br />

I had no kids when I started, but I was pregnant when I<br />

ned o and made m fir amen. I rememer<br />

thinking, this better bloody work because I am having<br />

a baby!<br />

I’m way more fussy about how I spend my time since<br />

I had Alessia, Ezra and Raphael. When I was single,<br />

I used to waste a lot of time doing silly things; I’m<br />

eronall ar more eficen no.<br />

I arrange certain days with a babysitter and pump all<br />

my meetings into one block instead of running around<br />

all over town, driving all over the place. I look back<br />

and think, why didn’t I do this before?<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 93


The Dermal Diary It’s All Here Day Cream<br />

The Dermal Diary Purifying Cleanser<br />

www.thedermaldiary.com<br />

Isabella<br />

Loneragan<br />


Did entrepreneurship come easy to you?<br />

My drive has always been 50% be a business owner<br />

and 50% be in the beauty industry. I started as a<br />

facialist in 2007 in South Africa, running a traditional<br />

beauty business, including nails, out of my spare<br />

room. My business had one big plus: 180-degree<br />

ocean views in Cape Town. Customers got to lie on a<br />

treatment bed and look out to the ocean.<br />

All businesses need a unique selling point. It’s<br />

hard to open on a high street and be a regular<br />

therapist; what pulls customers in is some kind of<br />

wow factor. Whether you have your own product or a<br />

location that can’t be beat, you need to differentiate<br />

yourself somehow.<br />

How did you switch from cosmetic grooming to<br />

clinical expert?<br />

I wanted something with more guts, a dermal<br />

therapy role, so I studied and returned to Australia<br />

in 2011. For four years I worked alongside incredible<br />

dermatologists at a clinic, learning so much about

acne, rosacea, even mental health. I worked with amazing<br />

products, such as Rationale, Aspect and Cosmedix, which<br />

were great for specific concerns and were prescribed for<br />

certain skin types and age groups.<br />

The doctors tasked me with finding the best products,<br />

so I researched the market and sourced a lot of different<br />

options to treat all the different conditions I was seeing.<br />

A lot of patients were on antibiotics for conditions like<br />

acne. Repeat customers filling prescriptions would<br />

confide that they didn’t like the side effects, did we<br />

have other solutions? I recommended some products<br />

that would help, but realised that there was a massive<br />

hole in the market for people who prefer an alternative<br />

to medication.<br />

How did you go back out on your own?<br />

My career came to a crossroads. I could go back to<br />

medical school for 10 years and become a dermatologist,<br />

or set up my own skin therapy business and help people<br />

in the field straight away. I backed myself and decided to<br />

wing it. I had a side hustle to pay the mortgage and off<br />

I went.<br />

I chose the name The Dermal Diary because I had<br />

a blog – back in 2015 when blogging was massive –<br />

answering lots of questions about skin conditions, finding<br />

the right sunscreen or why skin goes red. The name still<br />

worked. I started my clinic in a small space and saw 11<br />

clients on my first day, which was incredible. Old clients<br />

from the dermatology clinic had googled my name.<br />

How did you expand from in-person treatment to<br />

manufacturing?<br />

Two years into opening my own clinic, I hired a business<br />

coach who challenged me to research creating my own<br />

product. It hit me: I was having to juggle ingredients<br />

from five brands to get my results. I spent a couple of<br />

months researching pharmacies that create formulas and<br />

design packaging.<br />

What boxes did your new products have to tick?<br />

They had to be Australian made, have recyclable<br />

packaging, and you needed to be able to see how much<br />

product remained, so customers weren’t left in the lurch<br />

one night when it ran out. My production size had to be<br />

small to keep it fresh, and I wanted to design my own<br />

logo. Luckily, I eventually found a company that could<br />

do it all.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95


What is The Dermal Diary routine you created?<br />

I launched eight products initially: cleanser, toner,<br />

three serums, and a couple of moisturisers.<br />

Now I have about 25 products in total. As the<br />

demand presented itself, I just developed more.<br />

How much does feedback from The Dermal Diary<br />

clinic influence the products?<br />

It’s huge. People make the mistake of making a<br />

product and hoping people will like it, whereas it<br />

may not even sell. Dermal Diary products have been<br />

developed after years of listening to hundreds of<br />

clients share what they like, don’t like, want to pay<br />

and the results that they are after. My experience with<br />

real people shapes it; the clinic gave me all the case<br />

studies I needed.<br />

The clinic helped the product – does it work the<br />

other way around?<br />

Yes! I used to complain that I couldn’t find the<br />

perfect product for my clinic treatments. Now I<br />

have it. Having a skincare line also saved me during<br />

lockdown because I could still serve my customers<br />

around the country even though the clinic itself was<br />

shut down. No one else has it, and my clients are<br />

hooked on the results. After three years, we already<br />

had the sales momentum to get us through the<br />

worst of the pandemic. Unsurprisingly, some clinics<br />

never reopened because they couldn’t survive two<br />

lockdowns in two years.<br />

day went from 7am to 9pm so that I could get where I<br />

needed to go.<br />

I now have two kids under two years old (a 4 monthold<br />

and a 23 month-old), so I am behind the scenes a<br />

lot more, taking maternity leave and paring down to<br />

being in the clinic two days a fortnight. It’s a balancing<br />

act and the simple fact is that when I pull away, for<br />

example while breastfeeding, of course the business<br />

will suffer. Wherever you put energy will thrive. The<br />

Dermal Diary is built on my effort so I can never<br />

completely pull my foot off the accelerator. There is<br />

no such thing as annual leave or sick pay and I still<br />

need to be present, training and motivating my staff to<br />

maintain standards.<br />

What is your product of the moment?<br />

I created the Dream Mask because women love the<br />

idea of masks, but don’t love taking them off. I found<br />

a way to keep it simple. You can exfoliate, apply this<br />

highly nourishing, probiotic mask, leave it on, then<br />

sleep and dream in it – the lazy woman’s mask! It fits<br />

the gap perfectly and is still one of our best-selling<br />

crowd pleasers. CBM<br />

Which is most crucial to entrepreneurial success:<br />

the idea or the passion behind it?<br />

You have to love what you do and really enjoy it –<br />

then it doesn’t feel like you’re working. I believe<br />

that you do well when it’s not only about the money.<br />

Entrepreneurs are just not designed to work for other<br />

people. I had so much drive and so many incredible<br />

ideas but not everyone understood the vision and I<br />

got frustrated. I don’t like being told what to do. As<br />

the boss, once you make a decision and implement<br />

it, it’s done.<br />

What’s your boss like to work for?<br />

Haha! I laugh when people tell me how lucky I am<br />

to work for myself because it’s so flexible and I can<br />

have time off. Yes, entrepreneurs can work when they<br />

like, but ask them and they usually work all the time.<br />

Initially when I was younger with incredible drive, my<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 97


UNDER<br />

THE<br />

KNIFE<br />

IS THE<br />










The recent and much<br />

publicised joint investigation<br />

between Four Corners, The<br />

Age and Sydney Morning Herald<br />

into some alarming practices at<br />

a popular cosmetic surgery clinic<br />

has put the Australian aesthetics<br />

industry under close scrutiny and<br />

prompted a renewed push for<br />

increased regulation.<br />

The debate is centred on the<br />

use of the title ‘cosmetic surgeon’,<br />

with health ministers calling for a<br />

review of the industry and more<br />

transparency for consumers.<br />

The investigation reported<br />

allegations of medical misconduct<br />

by cosmetic surgeon Dr Daniel<br />

Lanzer, including hygiene and safety<br />

breaches, with multiple patients<br />

saying botched surgeries left<br />

them with pain or requiring further<br />

medical treatment.<br />

Shortly after the program aired in<br />

October 2021, the Australian Health<br />

Practitioner Regulation Agency<br />

(AHPRA), the medical regulator,<br />

launched an investigation into<br />

Dr Lanzer. A statement on the<br />

AHPRA website on October 30<br />

said Dr Lanzer had agreed not to<br />

practice medicine in Australia while<br />

the investigation continued.<br />

Since then, a senior associate at<br />

Dr Lanzer’s clinic, Dr Daniel Aronov<br />

(a cosmetic surgeon with more than<br />

13 million TikTok followers) has<br />

also been banned from performing<br />

cosmetic surgery in Australia and<br />

ordered to remove all procedurerelated<br />

material on social media.<br />







AHPRA works with Australia’s<br />

national boards to regulate<br />

the country’s registered health<br />

practitioners. One of its purposes is<br />

to manage complaints and concerns<br />

raised about health practitioners.<br />

The regulator is currently<br />

undergoing a major review of the<br />

cosmetic surgery sector, its firstever<br />

review into patient safety.<br />

AHPRA’s review, led by the outgoing<br />

Queensland Health Ombudsman<br />

Andrew Brown, will examine the<br />

advertising of cosmetic surgery,<br />

the current codes of conduct and<br />

protocols around how complaints<br />

are handled.<br />

AHPRA CEO Martin Fletcher said<br />

the cosmetic industry had ‘worrying<br />

features’ which made it riskier than<br />

other areas of medicine.<br />




www.cosbeauty.com.au 99


‘Among them, corporate business<br />

models that are allegedly placing<br />

profit over patient safety, procedures<br />

being undertaken for no medical<br />

need, limited factual information<br />

for consumers, and the exponential<br />

growth in social media that often<br />

emphasises benefits and downplays<br />

risks,’ he told the ABC.<br />

‘Cosmetic practice has rapidly<br />

grown as a multi-million dollar<br />

entrepreneurial industry with<br />

practices and marketing methods<br />

that raise ethical dilemmas,’ he<br />

added.<br />

At the time of writing in mid-<br />

December 2021, the federal and<br />

state governments just launched<br />

a landmark review aimed at<br />

overhauling laws into who can call<br />

themselves a cosmetic surgeon,<br />

and increasing the penalties for<br />

deceptive advertising and social<br />

media abuses, according to the<br />

Sydney Morning Herald.<br />

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt<br />

has asked state health ministers to<br />

make new laws a priority.<br />

On December 12, the states and<br />

Commonwealth released a 108-<br />

page Regulation Impact Statement<br />

(RIS) into the use of the title<br />

‘surgeon’ and ‘cosmetic surgeon’. It<br />

will be open for public consultation*<br />

until April 1, 2022, with the public<br />

invited to anonymously provide<br />

feedback about their experiences<br />

and submissions.<br />

According to the statement,<br />

an anonymous survey and direct<br />

submissions would help devise<br />

policy responses to reform the<br />

cosmetic procedures industry.<br />

The consulting document<br />

canvasses a series of options,<br />

including restricting the title<br />

‘surgeon’ under National Law<br />

and undertaking major public<br />

information campaigns.<br />

Other options include<br />

strengthening the existing<br />

framework through administrative<br />

rather than legislative mechanisms<br />

and increasing provider liability for<br />

non-economic damages.<br />

A fourth option is to maintain the<br />

status quo, but this seems unlikely.<br />

The consulting document<br />

said ministers were ‘particularly’<br />

concerned that the practice of<br />

cosmetic surgery and widespread<br />

use of the informal title ‘cosmetic<br />

surgeon’ may be strongly and<br />

disproportionately associated with<br />

these risks and harm. It said there<br />

was an information and power<br />

asymmetry between patients and<br />

practitioners, which was contributing<br />

to the risk of consumer harm.<br />

‘It can be difficult for the public<br />

to obtain information from neutral<br />

and informed sources, particularly<br />

as most cosmetic surgery<br />

consumers obtain information about<br />

prospective procedures from the<br />

practitioners that perform those<br />

procedures and from social media,’<br />

the report says.<br />

‘This RIS is interested to discover<br />

how widespread cosmetic surgery<br />

resulting in significant harm and<br />

complications [might] be, and<br />

whether medical practitioners’<br />

qualifications are contributing to<br />

potential harm.’<br />

It said advertising and marketing<br />

material must comply with a series<br />

of laws. Breaches of the law for<br />

advertising offences can incur





WHO CAN BE A<br />


WHO CAN BE A<br />


Often ‘plastic surgeon’ and ‘cosmetic<br />

surgeon’ are used interchangeably,<br />

but by law only practitioners who have<br />

completed an additional 8-12 years of<br />

specialist plastic surgical training, beyond<br />

their medical degree, can call themselves<br />

plastic surgeons.<br />

financial penalties of $5,000 for each<br />

advertising offence for an individual<br />

and $10,000 for a body corporate.<br />

Public consultation for the review<br />

began on 21 December, 2021 and<br />

closes on 1 April, 2022. A report is<br />

expected around the middle of the<br />

year. CBM<br />

* If you would like to participate in<br />

the survery, visit https://engage.vic.<br />

gov.au/medical-practitioners-usetitle-surgeon-under-national-law<br />

As it stands, anyone with a basic medical<br />

degree is able to call themselves a<br />

‘cosmetic surgeon’. This means the<br />

‘cosmetic surgeon’ title can cover a wide<br />

spectrum of doctors, from those with no<br />

formal surgical training to those who are<br />

highly skilled with decades of experience.<br />

This unusual ‘loophole’ can be exploited<br />

because there is no formal pathway<br />

for any doctor to specifically train in<br />

cosmetic procedures – and it is this<br />

‘loophole’ that health ministers are<br />

currently consulting on.<br />

Indeed, the title of ‘cosmetic surgeon’,<br />

and who can use it, is at the forefront of<br />

the federal and states review. This is a<br />

space we will be watching closely.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 101


THE MOST<br />













Thought to be the most<br />

powerful toxin known to<br />

man and capable of causing<br />

paralysis, millions of people<br />

across the world have botulinum<br />

toxin type A injections to address the<br />

ageing effects of furrows, frowns and<br />

wrinkles. What was once the domain<br />

of the A-listers is now very much<br />

entrenched in the ‘every woman’<br />

modern-day beauty arsenal and has<br />

become a worldwide phenomenon.<br />


Although the cosmetic effect of<br />

botulinum toxin on wrinkles was<br />

first documented by a plastic<br />

surgeon from Sacramento, it wasn’t<br />

until Canadian husband and wife<br />

ophthalmologist and dermatologist<br />

physicians Jean and Alastair<br />

Carruthers published their research<br />

in 1992 that ‘Botox’ for cosmetic<br />

use was officially born. In 2002, it<br />

was officially approved in the US<br />

as a treatment for frown lines<br />

in adults. (Australia had already<br />

introduced Botox for cosmetic use<br />

back in 1999.)<br />

The birth of Botox to treat wrinkles<br />

was something of an accident. As an<br />

ophthalmologist, Jean Carruthers<br />

had been using botulinum toxin<br />

type A to treat blepharospasm – an<br />

uncontrolled muscle spasm that<br />

occurs in the eye.<br />

‘One of Jean’s patients<br />

complained that she hadn’t been<br />

treated in this area,’ Dr Alastair<br />

Carruthers told us during an<br />

exclusive interview in San Diego<br />

some years back, pointing to the<br />

region between his eyes where<br />

you’d imagine frown lines may<br />

exist had he not discovered Botox’s<br />

‘other’ use.<br />

“I didn’t think you were spasming<br />

there,” my wife replied, to which the<br />

patient explained, “But every time<br />

you treat me there I get this overly<br />

untroubled, unworried look and<br />

my family tells me I look so much<br />

better!”’ he recalls.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 103


As a dermatologist, Alastair<br />

Carruthers knew first-hand the<br />

significance of this flyaway comment.<br />

In the late 1980s, his cosmetic<br />

toolbox was sadly lacking any<br />

weapon capable of improving<br />

the appearance of frown lines.<br />

‘We didn’t have anything,’ he<br />

emphasises. ‘Collagen was about it.’<br />

It didn’t take long for the<br />

husband and wife team to begin<br />

their exploration into the cosmetic<br />

potential of botulinum toxin type<br />

A. ‘The very next day, Jean treated<br />

our receptionist, Cathy,’ says Dr<br />

Carruthers. ‘Cathy had witnessed<br />

Jean inject hundreds of clients<br />

so she knew it was a reasonable<br />

procedure. A few days later, I saw<br />

her and remember saying, “Wow”,<br />

because I hadn’t seen anything like it<br />

before,’ he recalls.<br />

With his cosmetic practice side by<br />

side with his wife’s ophthalmology<br />

clinic, from that point on, Alastair<br />

Carruthers would send his own<br />

patients next door for treatment, any<br />

time he met someone who wanted<br />

to improve the appearance of their<br />

forehead furrows.<br />

Of course, without clinical<br />

evidence the use of botulinum toxin<br />

would not be the phenomenon it is<br />

today. ‘It took time, but we gradually<br />

accumulated a number of people<br />

and, in March 1991, we were able to<br />

present our data,’ he says.<br />

The results were impressive, but<br />

the timing poor. In 1991, the US FDA<br />

(Food and Drug Administration) was<br />

in the midst of threatening jail-time<br />

for the illegal promotion of the<br />

off-label use of Retin-A. ‘And then<br />

we come along and tell the FDA<br />

we want to inject the most deadly<br />

material known to humanity in order<br />

to treat wrinkles,’ Dr Carruthers says.<br />

‘Everyone said we were crazy.’<br />



There is mounting evidence to suggest that Botox<br />

injections in the forehead to stop us frowning can<br />

not only make us look happier but feel it, too.<br />

We smile just because we’re happy and frown<br />

when we’re angry or sad. Or do we? Evidence is<br />

mounting to suggest we can “trick” our brains into<br />

a more positive outlook or out of a negative one by<br />

consciously controlling our facial expressions. While<br />

it’s sometimes hard to control our emotions, it’s<br />

much easier to control our muscles.<br />

Scientists have long believed that our emotions<br />

are reinforced – perhaps even driven – by their<br />

corresponding facial expressions, known in<br />

psychology as the facial feedback hypothesis, ie if<br />

we force a smile when we’re feeling down, we will<br />

actually start to feel happier. The theory is that if we<br />

cannot physically frown, the brain feels there may be<br />

less to frown about – the psychological equivalent of<br />

the old song “when you’re smiling, the whole world<br />

smiles with you”.<br />

A spate of studies on Botox recipients have given<br />

further weight to the argument that the brain can<br />

be “tricked” into a better mood. Psychologists at<br />

the University of Cardiff in Wales found that people<br />

whose ability to frown is compromised by musclerelaxant<br />

injections such as Botox are happier, on<br />

average, than people who can frown.<br />

The researchers administered an anxiety and<br />

depression questionnaire to 25 women, half of<br />

whom had received Botox. The Botox recipients<br />

reported feeling happier and less anxious in general.<br />

Significantly, they did not report feeling any more<br />

attractive, which suggests that the emotional effects<br />

were not driven by a psychological boost that could<br />

come from the treatment’s cosmetic nature.<br />

‘It would appear that the way we feel emotions<br />

isn’t just restricted to our brain – there are parts of<br />

our bodies that help and reinforce the feelings we’re<br />

having,’ says Michael Lewis, a co-author of the study.<br />

‘It’s like a feedback loop.’

Cosmetic surgeons the world<br />

over started to use it – off-label<br />

– to improve the appearance of<br />

frown lines, but it wasn’t until 2002,<br />

after formal clinical trials, that the<br />

FDA approved Botox Cosmetic to<br />

temporarily improve the appearance<br />

of moderate to severe frown lines<br />

between the eyebrows.<br />

‘It took a while, but with the<br />

support of some key dermatologists,<br />

it was as if all of a sudden there was<br />

a critical mass and people started to<br />

listen to us,’ Dr Carruthers recalls.<br />

Botox Cosmetic, as we know, went<br />

on to become a major blockbuster,<br />

estimated to bring in US$2 billion in<br />

annual sales for Allergan.<br />

Given that Botox can be<br />

considered one of the most<br />

successful symbioses in late-20thcentury<br />

cosmetic medicine, it’s<br />

understandable to assume that Jean<br />

and Alastair Carruthers went on to<br />

become billionaires.<br />

As two people upholding an<br />

ethical position, however, they<br />

refused to cash in. Although they<br />

eventually went on to become<br />

consultants with Allergan, the<br />

multi-billion dollar company that<br />

would launch Botox Cosmetic, and<br />

which already owned the formula for<br />

medical use, they never patented<br />

their discovery.<br />

‘We took advice from a lawyer in<br />

Toronto who was supposed to be an<br />

expert and said that he did not think<br />

this was a patentable idea. We have<br />

since learned that it was indeed,’ Dr<br />

Carruthers told a Canadian magazine<br />

back in 2010. ‘Are there any regrets?<br />

I guess so, but not major.’<br />




TREAT?<br />

Botulinum toxin is a protein<br />

produced by the bacterium<br />

Clostridium botulinum. It is a muscle<br />

relaxant that is commonly used<br />

for cosmetic facial enhancement,<br />

particularly to treat crow’s feet<br />

around the eyes, the frown lines<br />

between the eyebrows (glabellar<br />

lines) and the worry lines across the<br />

forehead. The marionette or sad<br />

lines, from the corner of the mouth<br />

to the chin, can be effectively treated<br />

with botulinum toxin. It can also be<br />

used to produce the effect of a brow<br />

lift by relaxing the muscles that drag<br />

down the brow.<br />

In cosmetic procedures, botulinum<br />

toxin works by blocking nerve<br />

stimulation to wrinkle-causing<br />

muscles, which prevents the muscle<br />

from contracting and significantly<br />

reduces wrinkles and fine lines.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 105




Approved medical and cosmetic uses are shown in bold. Allergan is currently investigating or<br />

has a patent pending on all other indications shown.<br />

Chronic headaches<br />


Inner ear disorders<br />

Neck pain<br />

Thyroid disorder<br />






Stretch mark reduction<br />

Cranial nerve disorders<br />

Facial spasms<br />

Downturned mouth<br />

Teeth grinding<br />

Facilitating dental procedures<br />

Vocal chord disorder<br />

Oesophageal problems<br />

(difficulty swallowing)<br />

Relaxing blood vessels in heart disease<br />

Cardiac muscle disorder<br />

Ulcers and acid reflux disease<br />

Reduced appetite<br />

Pancreas disorders<br />

Back pain<br />

Intra-spinal pain<br />

Overactive bladder<br />

Essential tremor<br />

(especially arms)<br />

Buttock deformity<br />

Benign enlarged prostate<br />

Testicular pain<br />

Anal fissure<br />


Involuntary twitching<br />

Bone tumour pain<br />

Skeletal muscle pain<br />


Sources: Food and Drug Administration; Allergan; New York Times

NOT JUST A<br />


While many people think of botulinum<br />

toxin as a modern-day treatment for<br />

wrinkles, it has actually been used since<br />

the 1960s to treat a range of medical<br />

conditions. But its discovery actually<br />

extends much further back in time.<br />

In the 19th century, German<br />

physician Justinus Christian Kerner first<br />

recognised the potential therapeutic<br />

uses of botulinum toxin. An 1815<br />

outbreak of botulism (a dangerous<br />

paralytic illness caused by the toxin<br />

botulin) in southern Germany among<br />

people who had eaten uncooked blood<br />

sausage led Kerner to publish a precise<br />

description of botulism’s symptoms<br />

– from blurred vision to progressive<br />

muscle weakness, culminating in<br />

respiratory failure. He postulated<br />

that minute quantities of the diseaseproducing<br />

substance might be able to<br />

treat disorders of the nervous system.<br />

In the 1970s, Dr Alan Scott of<br />

the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Institute<br />

demonstrated that botulinum toxin<br />

was a powerful therapeutic agent that<br />

could be used to treat ophthalmic<br />

disorders associated with muscle<br />

over-activity such as lazy eye or eyelid<br />

spasms (blepharospasms). Since then,<br />

it has been used to treat a variety of<br />

involuntary muscle contractions or<br />

disorders such as neck spasms (cervical<br />

dystonia), to reduce symptoms of<br />

an overactive bladder, relieve teeth<br />

clenching and grinding, and even<br />

as a migraine and tension headache<br />

preventative.<br />

Botulinum toxin is used in much<br />

higher doses to treat children two years<br />

of age or older suffering from cerebral<br />

palsy to help them walk.<br />

It can also be injected into the skin<br />

to block the action of the nerves that<br />

control sweat glands, and in this way<br />

treat excessive localised sweating<br />

(hyperhidrosis), especially severe<br />

underarm sweating.<br />

‘TOX IN OZ:<br />

BOTOX,<br />

DYSPORT &<br />

XEOMIN<br />

Today, botulinum toxin is available for cosmetic<br />

use in Australia under the brand names Botox,<br />

Dysport and Xeomin, and all are TGA approved for<br />

their ability to relax facial muscles and improve the<br />

appearance of furrows between the eyes.<br />



With cosmetic injections becoming as ubiquitous as<br />

facials and haircuts, it’s incredibly important – from<br />

both a safety and an aesthetic perspective – that<br />

your injector is accredited and experienced.<br />

Cosmetic injections are medical procedures that<br />

require a physical examination and history-taking<br />

for a complete consultation. Like any medical<br />

procedure, they also carry an element of risk.<br />

In the rare event of serious complications arising,<br />

you want to be assured you are in the best possible<br />

hands to remedy the situation. Always be sure to<br />

check the qualifications of your injector to ensure<br />

you are being treated by a qualified and trained<br />

practitioner.<br />

Be aware that cheapest is not always best;<br />

don’t make your decision on price alone. After<br />

all, it’s your face, and your safety, we’re talking<br />

about. CBM<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 107




YOU KNEW<br />

ABOUT<br />


MAY BE<br />

WRONG<br />












Remember those heady days of<br />

youth when it seemed we could<br />

eat anything we want and not<br />

gain weight? And now even so much<br />

as a glance at a Tim Tam will send the<br />

scales in the wrong direction? Our<br />

metabolism has taken the brunt of<br />

the blame for decades, but a landmark<br />

2021 study * published in the journal<br />

Science says metabolism in adulthood<br />

does not slow as commonly believed.<br />

‘There are lots of physiological<br />

changes that come with growing up<br />

and getting older,’ says study co-author<br />

Herman Pontzer, associate professor<br />

of evolutionary anthropology at<br />

Duke University. ‘Think puberty,<br />

menopause, other phases of life.<br />

What’s weird is that the timing of our<br />

“metabolic life stages” doesn’t seem to<br />

match those typical milestones.’<br />

Total daily energy expenditure<br />

reflects daily energy needs and is a<br />

critical variable in human health and<br />

physiology, but its trajectory over the<br />

life course is poorly studied. Pontzer<br />

and an international team of scientists<br />

analysed the average calories burned<br />

(daily energy expenditure) by more<br />

than 6,600 people ranging from one<br />

week old to age 95 across 29 countries<br />

as they went about their daily lives.<br />


4<br />

THE<br />



1.<br />

From one week old up until age 1,<br />

your metabolism is at its highest<br />

level, accelerating until it is 50%<br />

above the adult rate.<br />

2.<br />

From age 1 to 20, metabolism slows<br />

down gradually at a rate of around<br />

3% per year.<br />

3.<br />

Between ages 20 to 60, your<br />

metabolism remains relatively stable.<br />

4.<br />

From age 60 onwards, it slows<br />

down by about 0.7% a year.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 107






MYTHS<br />

Analysing energy expenditures across<br />

the entire lifespan revealed some<br />

surprises. Some people think of their<br />

teens and 20s as the age when their<br />

calorie-burning potential hits its peak.<br />

But the researchers found that infants<br />

had the highest metabolic rates of all; a<br />

one-year-old burns calories 50% faster<br />

for their body size than an adult.<br />

After this initial surge in infancy,<br />

the data show that metabolism slows<br />

by about 3% each year until we reach<br />

our 20s, when it levels off into a<br />

new normal.<br />

Despite the teen years being a time<br />

of growth spurts, the researchers didn’t<br />

see any uptick in daily calorie needs in<br />

adolescence after they took body size<br />

into account. ‘We really thought puberty<br />

would be different and it’s not,’<br />

Pontzer says.<br />

Midlife was another surprise. We’ve<br />

been told that it’s all downhill after<br />

30 when it comes to our weight. But<br />

while several factors could explain<br />

the thickening waistlines that often<br />

emerge during our prime working years,<br />

the findings suggest that a changing<br />

metabolism isn’t one of them.<br />

In fact, the researchers discovered<br />

that energy expenditures during these<br />

middle decades – our 20s, 30s, 40s and<br />

50s -- were the most stable. Even during<br />

pregnancy, a woman’s calorie needs were<br />

no more or less than expected given her<br />

added bulk as the baby grows.<br />

WHAT IS<br />


Metabolism is the process by which<br />

your body converts what you eat<br />

and drink into energy. During this<br />

complex process, calories in food and<br />

beverages are combined with oxygen<br />

to release the energy your body needs<br />

to function.<br />

Even at rest, your body needs<br />

energy for all its ‘hidden’ functions<br />

to keep you alive and your organs<br />

functioning normally, such as breathing,<br />

circulating blood, adjusting hormone<br />

levels, growing and repairing cells, and<br />

digesting food.<br />

The minimum amount of energy<br />

your body requires to perform these<br />

chemical processes is called the basal<br />

metabolic rate (BMR).<br />

Your individual basal metabolic rate,<br />

or metabolism, is determined by your<br />

body size and composition, sex and<br />

muscle composition. In addition to your<br />

BMR, thermogenesis (food processing)<br />

and physical activity determine how<br />

many calories your body expends, or<br />

burns, each day.<br />

People who struggle to lose weight<br />

often blame a slow metabolism. But<br />

there’s actually little evidence to<br />

support this claim.<br />

Conversely, research shows that<br />

overweight people have faster<br />

metabolisms than thinner people.<br />

Larger bodies require more energy<br />

to carry out basic bodily functions.<br />

More often than not, the reason you’re<br />

putting on weight is not because of a<br />

slow metabolism; it’s because you’re<br />

eating and drinking more calories than<br />

you’re burning.

WHY 60<br />

IS THE<br />

NEW 30<br />

The data collected in the study suggest<br />

that our metabolisms don’t really start<br />

to decline again until after age 60. The<br />

slowdown is gradual, only 0.7% a year.<br />

But a person in their 90s needs 26%<br />

fewer calories each day than someone<br />

in midlife.<br />

The findings suggest that other factors<br />

lie behind the so-called ‘middle-age<br />

spread. Lost muscle mass as we get older<br />

may be partly to blame, the researchers<br />

say, since muscle burns more calories<br />

than fat. But it’s not the whole picture.<br />

‘It’s because [our] cells are slowing<br />

down,’ Pontzer says.<br />

The patterns held even when differing<br />

activity levels were taken into account.<br />

For a long time, what drives shifts in<br />

energy expenditure has been difficult to<br />

parse because ageing goes hand in hand<br />

with so many other changes, Pontzer<br />

says. But the research lends support to<br />

the idea that it’s more than age-related<br />

changes in lifestyle or body composition.<br />

‘All of this points to the conclusion<br />

that tissue metabolism, the work that<br />

the cells are doing, is changing over the<br />

course of the lifespan in ways we haven’t<br />

fully appreciated before,’ he says. ‘You<br />

really need a big data set like this to get<br />

at those questions.’<br />

‘These changes shed light on human<br />

development and ageing and should<br />

help shape nutrition and health<br />

strategies across the life span,’ the<br />

authors conclude. CBM<br />

Source: Today.Duke.edu<br />

*<br />

Daily Energy Expenditure Through the Human<br />

Life Course,’ Herman Pontzer, Yosuke Yamada,<br />

Hiroyuki Sagayama, et al. Science, Aug. 12,<br />

2021. DOI: 10.1126/science.abe5017<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

E d’s<br />

fa<br />


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7. Sundae Shower Whipped Shower Foam Gift Pack: includes Pomegranate Fizz, Coconut Cream, Honey Honey and Cool<br />

Mint, $68, 8. Recreation Beauty At Night We Dance EDP 50ml, $109, 9. evo water killer dry shampoo, $38, 10. Color<br />

Wow Xtra Large Bombshell Volumizer, $58.85, 11. Cloud Nine Magical Quick Dry Potion 200ml, $45, 12. Cloud Nine The<br />

Cordless Iron Pro, $595, 13. PMD Silversilk Headband, $5, 14. Versace La Medusa Small Handbag Lilac, $ 2,680<br />

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BEAUTY<br />


1.<br />

2.<br />

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5.<br />

4.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

8.<br />

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9.<br />

13.<br />

1. Ciaté London Cheat Sheets Nail Wrap Kit, $21, 2. Skeyndor Fresh After Sun Emulsion 150ml, $44, 3. Cemoy<br />

Timekeeper Eye Serum, $64.95, 4. QED Skincare The Hand Cream 250g, $72, 5. Dior Aqua Bottle With Shoulder Strap Off-<br />

White Grained Calfskin And Dior Oblique Stainless Steel, $1,250, 6. Monat Makeup Vanishing Balm, $96, 7. Peter Thomas<br />

Roth Full-Size Firm & Glow Icons 2-Piece Kit Includes, Firmx Peeling Gel 100ml and 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm<br />

Hydra-Gel Eye Patches 60 patches, $114, 8. Waterpik Water Flosser WF-10W010 Cordless Select, $79.99, 9. Grandiflora<br />

Saskia 50ml, $195, 10. Ella Baché Retinol Renewal Eye Serum 15ml, $109, 11. Ella Baché Sunguard Great SPF 40, $49, 12.<br />

Jurlique Restoring Shower Gel Lemon, Geranium & Clary Sage 300ml, $436, 13. Skeyndor Drops of D’Or 30ml, $69<br />

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