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was adjudged

the best

ointment at

the ceremony

• Dr Daud

Hamidu, CEO,

Daud Herbal

Hospital, with

the award

• Dr James Orleans-

Lindsay, Executive

Chairman of JL


• CMB traders busy on their brisk business

• Scenes at the St.

Stephen’s Presbyterian

Senior High School at

Asiakwa in the East

Akyem Municipality

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“It’s Not Whether You

Get Knocked Down, It’s

Whether You Get Up.”

– By Vince Lombardi



May Day - Wednesday, 1st May

Eid al-Fitr - Wednesday, 5th June*

Founders' Day - Sunday, 4th August


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CMB traders call for Railway

Police Commander’s head




who sell their wares in and around the

National Investment Bank (NIB) area

are appealing to the Inspector General

of Police to immediately call the Railway

Police Commander to order over what they

described as constant harassment.

The traders are accusing DSP Asante, the Railway

Police Commander, for unlawful arrest and

constant harassment for selling on the pavement

to support their families.

According to the angry traders, on many occasions

the police commander have caused their arrest

and demanded that they pay various sums of

money before being granted bail.

Speaking to the DAILY HERITAGE, one

of the spokesperson of the traders and a pawpaw

seller, Mrs Joyce Kwabi, said the irony of the

whole situation was that officials of the Accra

Metropolitan Assembly, on daily basis, collected

market tolls and “have given us licence to operate.”

Mrs Kwabi accused the commander for collecting

GH¢10,000 from a store owner, hence his

• Accuse him of constant harassment

constant arrest and harassment of the traders

aimed at sacking us from the place.

She said “in February alone more than 23 market

women were arrested and sent to the police

• CMB traders busy on their brisk business

station around 8 a.m. and we were released on bail

at 8 p.m. Some of us had to call our husbands to

come and pay GH¢30.00 before we were released.”

A ginger and garlic seller, Mrs Salomey

Amoah, said on March 27, 2019, DSP Asante ordered

his men to arrest 15 of us and we were

asked to pay GH¢30.00 each before we were released.

“When we got to the police station, the commander

said because we were selling on the pavement

we should write our statement so after the

statement we waited till 7 p.m. when he came to

tell us to write another statement and around 8

p.m. asked us to look for people to bail us,” Mrs

Amoah stated.

Mrs Joyce Acheampong said few weeks ago,

the commander asked his men to throw all my

things into the gutter after which he wanted to arrest

me but I managed to run away.

Reacting to the accusations, DSP Asante called

the bluff of the women, describing their accusation

as ‘shit’ and denied ever taking money from

someone to influence his decision.

DSP Asante said selling on pavements and

other restricted areas in the city was against the

Public Nuisance Act, adding that what the traders

were engaging in was illegality and would ensure

that the right things were done.

“I will continue to arrest them on many occasions

to make their act criminal. then I will

process them to court for prosecution,” the Police

Commander stated.

Osafo Maafo hot


• OccupyGhana demands apology

over ‘disrespectful’ comment


has said it is disappointed in the Senior

Minister Yaw Osafo-Maafo over his

comments that the release of an illegal

Chinese miner, Aisha Huang, was to

safeguard the country’s relationship

with China.

Mr Osafo-Maafo justified the government’s

decision to discontinue the

prosecution of Aisha Huang. According

to him, jailing her in Ghana will not

have solved the country’s economic


He made the comments at the government’s

recent town hall meeting in

the US in response to a question from a

participant in the program who sought

to know why the government deported

the Chinese national instead of jailing

her in accordance with Ghanaian laws.

Osafo Maafo, in his response,

stressed Ghana’s diplomatic ties with

China and the huge investments Chinese

companies were making in developing

the country’s infrastructure, citing

the $2 billion Sinohydro deal.

“We have a very good relationship

with China. Today, the main company

that is helping develop the infrastructure

system in Ghana is Sinohydro, it is

a Chinese company. It is the one that is

going to help process our bauxite and

provide about two billion dollars to

us… So when there are these kinds of

arrangements, there are other things behind

the scenes,” the minister stressed.

“Putting that lady (Aisha Huang) in

jail in Ghana is not going to solve your

economic problems. It is not going to

make you happy or me happy, that’s not

important; the most important thing is

that she has been deported out of

Ghana,” he added.

However, in a statement OccupyGhana

said the senior minister’s

comments are “distasteful and disrespectful”

to Ghanaians and so he must


“The Senior Minister’s comments

make a complete mockery of the fight

against galamsey and the critical steps

government and the coalition against

galamsey have taken to address this

issue. This statement suggests that, at

the right price tag, foreigners implicated

in the appalling desecration of Ghana’s

environment, rivers and laws can be exonerated.

“It positions foreigners who

break/flout our laws as untouchable

and above the law because their countries

offer economic partnerships and

benefits. It sacrifices the enforcement

of our laws and the safeguarding of

our environmental resources on the

cheap altar of present gain,” the statement


Below is the full statement:

Occupyghana® Disappointed by

• Senior Minister Yaw


Senior Minister’s Comments Regarding

Aisha Huang

OccupyGhana® is highly disappointed

by the recent reported utterances

of Senior Minister Yaw Osafo

Maafo at a town hall meeting in the

United States. We are dismayed by the

Minister’s attempt to water down government’s

abysmal use of its discretion

with respect to the deportation of Chinese

galamsey queen Aisha Huang,

who was on trial for her illegal mining

operations in Ghana. As a leading

member of government, the Senior

Minister’s attempt to justify the lack of

prosecution of Aisha Huang on the

basis of Ghana’s relationship with

China and the prospect of receiving $2

billion under the Sinohydro bauxite

project is distasteful and disrespectful to

all of us in this Republic who have

worked hard to bring about an end to

illegal mining activities.

The Senior Minister’s comments

make a complete mockery of the fight

against galamsey and the critical steps

government and the coalition against

galamsey have taken to address this

issue. This statement suggests that, at

the right price tag, foreigners implicated

in the appalling desecration of Ghana’s

environment, rivers and laws can be exonerated.

It positions foreigners who

break/flout our laws as untouchable

and above the law because their countries

offer economic partnerships and

benefits. It sacrifices the enforcement

of our laws and the safeguarding of





Forget govt jobs



REAL ESTATE Developer and

Executive Chairman of JL

Properties, a wholly-owned

Ghanaian real estate company,

Dr James Orleans-

Lindsay, has sounded a word of caution

to would-be graduates whose sole aim of

employment is to grab government jobs

that they are bound to fail.

He said until the youth and, for that

matter, would-be graduates realised that

the best way to make it in life was to be

creative and innovative, the unemployed

rate in the country would hit a record

high, a development he said would spell

doom for the nation’s future.

Dr Orleans-Lindsay made this known

to the DAILY HERITAGE during a visit

of students from Kyebi Technical Institute

to JL Properties for an on-the-job

training experience.

Plan your own business

“In the current state, all those going

to tertiary institutions with the aim of

going to gain government employments

are bound to fail so our youth support

podium, with our collaboration, is rather

telling people and directing them that be

practical and then go on your own.

“The point is that, start and plan getting

out of school to set up your own

business. That is the only way that you

can be out of this (unemployment) situation.

• Be innovative and create your own

• Estate Developer rallies unemployed graduates

• Dr James Orleans-Lindsay, Executive Chairman of JL Properties

I travel and drive across this country a

lot, especially the coastal belt, and if you

know what I know and if you’ve seen what

I’ve seen,” Dr Orleans-Lindsay said.

He added that “from Aflao to Discove,

if you go to the towns across and you see

the level of unemployment and the number

of people not even going to school to start

with, plus the unemployed, you would be

worried for this nation.”

Insecurity stirs at the rich

Dr Orleans-Lindsay, affectionately called

Uncle Ato, whose effort has transformed

the once Achimota dumping site into a

place of estate houses, said the rate of unemployment

in the country put the lives of

the haves in jeopardy.

“Even if yourself, as single as you are, as

a singular human being or as a family unit,

your are enjoying wealth and your are doing

well, you will be afraid of your own self

(sic), because this is pure insecurity stirring

at us.

“If the number of people not working,

and there is no job for anybody, don’t let us

kid ourselves. There is no job for us, look,

if 70% of our revenue is being used for

salaries and emoluments, the other 20% is

being used to pay for debt services (not the

debt itself), 10% is what is left for infrastructure

development, creation of new

businesses by the government and stuffs,

then there is a problem there, so these are

some of the things that we need to push to

get people off the streets.”

The executive chairman told this paper

that the only way to accommodate the unemployment

situation in the country is to

support individuals to have their own practical


“Because it is the only way for us to accommodate

this serious unemployment situation

in the country, so we are talking to

government, to send our plans and everything.

We have lined up a series of meetings

so that we also let them know our

plans and what is interesting is that at our

Youth Support Podium, it is just plans,

[and] there is the practical aspect.”

Osafo Maafo hot


our environmental resources on the

cheap altar of present gain.

We note that far from expecting

their nationals to be exonerated from

criminal activities abroad, China dissociates

itself from their actions in similar

matters. In Tanzania, as reported by international

media, for example, notorious

Chinese ‘Ivory Queen’ Yang

Fenglan, involved in the illegal trading

of elephant tusks, was prosecuted and

handed a jail sentence of 15 years in

February 2019. The ruling was supported

by Beijing, and the Chinese government

apparently refused to extend

any help or support to this Chinese native.

OccupyGhana® has followed

keenly the unfortunate resurgence in

galamsey activities and the continued

destruction of Ghana’s forest reserves

and water resources. We have also

taken due notice of government’s slow

work at unraveling the issues and exacting

justice for this country from government

appointees fingered by

investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw

Anas for engaging in allegedly corrupt

practices that have undermined the

fight against illegal mining. In this light,

we are dumbfounded to have learnt of

the discontinuation of Aisha Huang’s

prosecution and her subsequent swift

deportation that has deprived and denied

this country of its due justice.

We infer from all that has gone on

before that government did not intend

for Aisha Huang to answer to the laws

of this country. Government’s reluctance

to hold the galamsey queen accountable

reared its head when the

Charge Sheet in the case of Republic v.

En Huang & 4 Others (Case No. CR

344/2017) and dated 8th May 2017,

laid and filed offences against the Accused

Persons that did not match the

severity of the act of employing or

being employed “illegally at a smallscale

mining site.” It was only when

OccupyGhana® objected strongly in a

petition dated May 16, 2017 to the office

of the Attorney General that her

charge sheet was amended. In our petition,

we requested the Attorney-General

to slap Aisha Huang with charges

under Section 99 of the Minerals and

Mining Act. Under that Act she, a foreigner,

would have attracted a maximum

fine of GH¢3.6M, and/or a

maximum jail term of 20 years upon

conviction. We disagree vehemently

with the Senior Minister’s unfounded

declaration that making Ms. Huang face

the full wrath of Ghanaian law would

have had no economic benefits. 3.6M

Ghana Cedis could do more for a robust

Emergency Response System than

letting her off the hook, unless the Senior

Minister somehow believes, in spite

of government’s own concessions to

the Sinohydro project, that the Chinese

facility is offered to Ghana under philanthropic


The comments from the Senior

Minister are deeply troubling when examined

under all the facts available to

us where Aisha Huang is concerned.

The relationship of Ghana to foreign

nations and investors should have little

to do with the enforcement of the rule

of law, the punishment of perpetrators

of serious wrongdoing, and the critical

deterrent effect such prosecutions have

on the actions of other would-be

wrongdoers. We expect the Senior Minister

to withdraw his remarks and apologise

unreservedly for same. Failing

that, we expect the office of the President

to dissociate itself from his misguided

comments and show proper

leadership by calling the Minister to immediate

order. Only thus will we retain

what faith we have left of this government’s

commitment to ending illegal

mining activities in Ghana.

Yours, for God and Country


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•The Red Cross helped local officials

evacuate homes around the town of Sokndal

where the fires were most dangerous

Europe wildfires: Norway police evacuate hundreds in Sogndal

HUNDREDS OF people have

had to leave their homes in Norway

as emergency services try to

extinguish forest fires raging in

the south of the country.

Some 148 homes were evacuated

around the town of Sokndal,

where fires have been burning

since Tuesday.

Police said the fires were still

out of control and warned that

heavy winds could help them to


April is very early for forest

fires in Norway, and experts have

warned of a dramatic increase

across the continent.

This month alone, wildfires

have broken out in Sweden, Germany

and the UK.

Fires in Europe "are way

above the average" for this time

of year, an official at the EU's European

Forest Fire Information

System (Effis) told the BBC.

"The season is drastically

worse than those of the last


The official added that a "very

dry winter in most of Europe"

and persistent drought had contributed

to the rise in forest fires,

and that the "long term forecast is

not promising for an improvement".




World news in 4 stories

South Africa floods: Death toll

after Durban rains rises to 60

FLOODS AND mudslides

in the South

African city of Durban

and the wider KwaZulu-

Natal province have

killed at least 60 people,

officials say.

A six-month-old baby and a

young child are among the dead.

More than 1,000 people have

been displaced according to President

Cyril Ramaphosa who has

flown into the region to visit the affected


Southern and eastern parts of

• President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has

led Algeria since 1999

• Riek Machar (l) and Salva Kiir shook hands in their "final final" peace deal last year

•The rains have led to landslides destroying property and roads

the country have been badly hit by

torrential rain in the last few days.

More flooding and strong winds

are expected in coastal areas and a

severe weather warning is still in


The raging floods damaged

businesses, homes and at least two

universities - while hundreds of

people have been displaced.

South Africa's President Cyril

Ramaphosa has been visiting those

who lost family members in the


The BBC's Nomsa Maseko reports

that the president laid a

wreath at a place where eight died.

He was also seen pushing away his

bodyguards who tried to block people

from talking to him.

"It was important to come and

see what has happened. We pass

our condolences to the families of

those who have died in this disaster.

We are saddened by what has happened

here. The loss of life is never

easy, especially when so unexpected,"

he said on the ground.


•Most of the victims were children

More than 200 rescued

from human traffickers

ALMOST 220 victims of

human trafficking have been

rescued by police in Benin

and Nigeria, in an operation

coordinated by the International

police agency Interpol.

Those affected include

157 children aged between 11

and 16 and the victims were

from Benin, Burkina Faso,

Niger, Nigeria and Togo.

Many of the rescued minors

were moved across the

border between Nigeria and

Benin as "merchandise" and

made to work in markets, or

as housemaids, according to


Some were the victims of

sexual exploitation.

The police found a boy

who had been forced to carry

bags of rice weighing up to

40kg (88lb) across the border

between Nigeria and Benin.

The victims were rescued

in the first half of April.

About 100 officers carried

out raids and identity checks

at markets, air and sea ports,

as well as in settlements at

the border between Nigeria

and Benin.

Some 47 people have

been arrested, and their possessions


The operation was part of

an Interpol Global Task

force, set up to increase international

cooperation in combating

human trafficking.


Egypt president could rule until 2030

EGYPTIANS HAVE overwhelmingly

approved in a referendum

constitutional changes

that could allow President Abdul

Fattah al-Sisi to stay in power

until 2030.

The National Election Authority

said 88.8% of those who

took part endorsed the proposals.

The turnout was 44.3%.

Mr Sisi's second term has

been extended from four to six

years, and he will be allowed to

seek one more term in 2024.

The changes also expand the

military's power to intervene in

politics and give Mr Sisi more

power over the judiciary.

In 2013, Mr Sisi led the military's

overthrow of Egypt's first

democratically elected president,

Mohammed Morsi, following

protests against his rule.

Since then, he has overseen

what human rights groups say is

an unprecedented crackdown on

dissent that has led to the detention

of tens of thousands of


National Election Authority

chairman Lashin Ibrahim announced

on Tuesday night that

26.4m valid votes were cast in

the three-day referendum, which

took place from Saturday to

Monday. Another 831,000 ballots

were deemed to be void.


• More than 23.4 million people voted in favour of

the constitutional changes, officials said





Avoid delay in prosecuting corruption cases

CORRUPTION has become a

huge bane to the country’s

development in that it siphons

state funds into private pockets,

thereby depriving us of the muchneeded

resources to advance our


Corruption seems to be

acceptable in our society because

values such as honesty and hard

work have been ignored. The norm

now is “get rich no matter what”

because our society applauds

riches, no matter the sources. No

wonder there are Ponzi schemes

here and there, inflation of cost of

government contracts, bribery,

commercialisation of spiritual

gifting, shoddy work resulting from

wrong aggregate of materials for

projects, robberies, internet fraud

and the like.

The absence of specific laws

and laxity of existing ones, coupled

with our society’s proclivity to hail

riches, have created fertile grounds

for people to love trying one

corrupt way or another to make


Though we cannot just wake up

and begin to attack people for

corruption because they are rich or

wealthy, it becomes worrying when

corruption cases in the public

domain are not prosecuted by the


It is on record that among their

campaign messages in the run-up

to the 2016 elections, the New

Patriotic Party (NPP) vehemently

spoke about the corrupt practices

of National Democratic Congress

(NDC) appointees and that they

would have them prosecuted if

they (NPP) won the elections.

An article on page 6 of today’s

issue of our paper points out some

of the cases that must be

prosecuted but are enjoying



would like to inform the

government that one of the

common conversations about its

performance has to do with the

prosecution of appointees of the

administration it came to

overthrow who were involved in


And while we all wait for what is

going to happen, whether to

prosecute or not to prosecute, the


want the government to feed the

public with information as to what

preparation it is doing, at least

concerning such cases that are

already in the public domain

because the rumours and half

truths do not help the public,

especially those who hate

corruption to the core.

3 Students injured


• As rainstorm rips off Girls’

Dormitory of St. Stephen’s SHS

THREE FEMALE students of

St. Stephen’s Presbyterian

Senior High School

(STEPSS) at Asiakwa in the

East Akyem Municipality of

the Eastern Region sustained minor injuries

in a heavy rainstorm disaster which

ripped off the Girls’ Dormitory.

The injured students were yet to be

sent to the hospital. Also affected in the

rainstorm disaster that hit the school on

Tuesday around 5p.m. are the school canteen,

classrooms and a modern notice

board recently erected.

The destruction of the classroomturned-dormitory

has displaced dozens of

students as they are struggling to have a

place to sleep. Last Tuesday, the displaced

students have been perching in classrooms

since the disaster.

The students were seen salvaging their

soaked books, school uniforms, mattresses

and learning material on Tuesday

during DAILY HERITAGE’s visit


The headmaster of the school, Samuel

Asante Anarfi, told the DAILY HER-

ITAGE that the disaster had worsened

the already distressful infrastructure challenges

in the school, disrupting academic


He appealed for urgent aid to help reroof

the affected buildings to enable academic

exercise to resume with alacrity.

“The disaster has affected academic exercise.

Now, we are struggling to find a

• Scenes at the St.

Stephen’s Presbyterian

Senior High

School at Asiakwa

in the East Akyem


place for the students to sleep. Yesterday

for instance, they slept in a classroom. We

urgently need packets of roofing sheets to

re-roof the affected buildings. Exams time

is also near.”

The Headmaster appealed to the government

to help expand the limited infrastructure

in the school for adequate

facilities to accommodate the growing

population as a result of the Free SHS


Officials of National Disaster Management

Organisation were yet to visit the

scene for assessment at the time of our


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Missing Takoradi girls’ saga taints

Ghana’s brand and reputation




used to tell me

that Ghana was

the safest

country in

Africa; they believed

in the assertion and always

took pride in it. Is it still the case

in recent times…? I really don’t

think so!

My country of birth is now

synonymous with insecurity

spurred on by a recent wave of

vigilante and now kidnapping


Kidnapping is a growing menace

in Ghana and other parts of

the world, especially Nigeria and

it comes as no wonder that a

Nigerian is in custody for the

kidnapping cases that have

rocked Ghana in the last couple

of months.

It has been eight months since

three girls were kidnapped in

Takoradi in the Western Region,

a region referred to as the oil region

of Ghana. Since the ladies

went missing almost a year ago,

all measures put in place to find

them have proven futile. The

main suspect – Samuel Wills –

keeps changing his narration to

the police every single day.

Are we, the citizens, going to

sit aloof and watch while he

keeps playing with our emotions

and intelligence? When are we

getting our girls back? Are we

going to continuously apportion

blame to our political leaders and

allow our girls to wail wherever

More jobs should be created to get our youth employed

so they desist from indulging themselves

in such unlawful acts because our elders always

tell us that “the devil finds job for an idle hand”.

Let’s not sit idle and watch on while our future

leaders are taken away from us, No!!...this must

not happen.

they find themselves now? These

girls are crying for our help, their

parents are wailing and are fed up

with the cock and bull stories,

our future leaders are being taken

away by some greedy and wicked

souls, whose only interest is


On August 15, 2018, a 16-

year-old senior high school student

was kidnapped just 100

metres from her home in the

Takoradi metropolis. Two days

after, a 21-year-old lady too got

kidnapped in the same town and

on December 4, 2018, an 18-

year-old girl also went missing.

Till date we do not know the

whereabouts of these girls.

The question I keep asking is

“where are our girls after the

huge sums collected from their

parents?” My biggest fear and

worry is, what happens to them

as they are kept away by these

criminals? My guess is that some

may get molested, raped, abused

and tortured in all kinds of inhuman

manner. My heart aches because

it could have been me, your

sister, daughter or your girlfriend.

I am gradually losing trust in the

security agencies as they seem

not to double their efforts to find

these young girls. Sometimes I

ask myself, have they been trafficked

out of the country?

The seeming inaction on the

part of those responsible for

finding the girls taints the country’s

brand and reputation, particularly

to those who are living

outside but know Ghana to be a

land of peace.

Today, it is happening in

Takoradi, but tomorrow it might

happen in Accra or any other

part of the country and it could

be your relative. What does the

future hold for us as a country?

My humble plea to the government

is to scale up the reward to

citizens who aid with information

pertaining to kidnapping and

other criminal activities. This will

aid in making us responsible citizens

and more vigilant about

what goes on in our surrounding.

More jobs should be created

to get our youth employed so

they desist from indulging themselves

in such unlawful acts because

our elders always tell us

that “the devil finds job for an

idle hand”. Let’s not sit idle and

watch on while our future leaders

are taken away from us,

No!!...this must not happen.

Let’s come together and fight

to get our girls back. We can be

each other’s keeper. We are one

people and one great country.

*Bring Our Taadi Girls Back!!!

*We Stand Against Kidnapping!!!

*Say No To Kidnapping.

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5 Reasons why water is preferred to soft drink

• Soft drinks steal water

from the body

They work very much like a diuretic

which takes away more

water than it provides to the body.

Just to process the high levels of

sugar in them, soft drinks steal a

considerable amount of water

from the body. To replace the

water stolen by soft drinks, you

need to drink 8-12 glasses of water

for every one glass of soft drinks

that you consume.

• Soft drinks never

quench your thirst

Constantly denying your body

an adequate amount of water can

lead to ‘Chronic Cellular Dehydration’,

a condition that weakens

your body at the cellular level.

This, in turn, can lead to a weakened

immune system and a

plethora of diseases.

• Soft drinks can remove


Soft drinks can remove rust

from a car bumper or other metal

surfaces. Imagine what it's doing

to your digestive tract as well as




Do frequent check-ups

• Doctor appeals to men


AMEDICAL Consultant

at the Medi-Moses

Prostate Centre, Dr

Prince Osei, has urged

the public, especially

men, to frequently check

their health status, particularly that of

the prostrate, in order to reduce

prostate-related sicknesses.

According to him, prostate sickness,

when identified early, could be rectified,

adding that it will be improper for one

to wait for signs and symptoms before

seeking medical advice.

Dr Osei said this during an interview

with the DAILY HERITAGE during a

free prostrate screening for workers of

the Kaneshie Market Complex in Accra.

The exercise was organised by the

Accra Market Limited, Kaneshie Market

Complex Branch, and supported by

Medi-Moses Prostate Centre and the

Ghana Private Road Transport Union

(GPRTU), Kaneshie branch.

In his statement, Dr Osei indicated

that though prostate enlargement could

be a natural phenomenon due to age,

there are some activities that cause the

incidence, and advised against excessive

taking of alcohol and smoking.

“Men are likely to have an enlarged

prostrate from age 35. However, there

are some activities that can cause this,

like drinking a lot of alcohol, excessive

smoking, and eating fatty foods.

•Some of the drivers going

through medical screening at

the Kaneshie Lorry Park

“That notwithstanding, any man at

all can still have an enlarged prostate and

the key way to manage it is to do frequent

check-up,” he said.

He further explained that it was

likely for one to experience late symptoms

for their conditions, hence the

need for frequent check-up.

“If you are waiting for symptoms

before you take any action, then it might

be too late. That is why it is better for

people to take advantage of free screenings

in the community.

“This type of exercise gives the ordinary

Ghanaian the opportunity to know

the state of his prostate, which is encouraging,”

he said.

He expressed his delight about the

exercise and indicated that the opportunity

to help improve the health conditions

of the public motivated people like

him to join the exercise.

Also speaking to the paper, Mrs

Anita Aihoon, Human Resource/Administrative


Accra Market Limited,

Kaneshie Market Complex,

said the exercise formed

part of their Social Corporate


She added that the

health of their clients were

paramount to them, hence

the exercise.

“We realised that good

health is important for

people from all walks of

life. We realised that we

needed to do something

for our people so we organised

this program to

give back to our clients,”

she said.

Explaining their decision

to deal with male-related

sickness, Mrs Aihoon

said it was time for the

public to pay attention to

the health of men, adding

that the market had had

health programs for the female

in the past.

“In our society, the men are the head

of the family and if they are affected

with this prostate cancer, then it’s going

to affect both the women and the children.

So, the exercise is to promote

men’s health,” she said.

She further reiterated the need for

frequent check-up, stating that “knowing

your medical condition will help you live

a healthy life.”

Mr Kweku Amoah, Welfare Operations

Commander, GPRTU, Kaneshie

Branch, lauded the management of the

market for the initiative.

According to him, the lack of time

for people in the market made it difficult

for them to visit health facilities on regular

basis, and indicated that the exercise

would help to improve their health conditions.

“When we were told about this initiative,

we were happy and fully supported

it because it was for our benefit,”

he said.

He added that, “Most of our drivers

have some form of health problems so

exercises like this will only better our


A beneficiary, Mr Kwame Issaka, a

porter at the market, expressed his gratitude

to the organisers of the exercise.

He said, “This is my first time checking

for the state of my prostate, and this

was possible because the market authorities

have made it free for us.”

Madam Harriet Anita Abaidoo, a

community activist, and a former Progressive

People’s Party Member of Parliament

aspirant for the Okaikoi

Constituency, expressed her displeasure

about the lack of education by the Nation

Commission on Civic Education on

ways of improving the sanitation of the

market places.

She called for adequate measures to

ensure that the market is kept clean always,

saying, “I think the government

has a lot to do in terms of advocacy and


‘Don’t microwave these foods’


greatest inventions, but putting

certain foods in a microwave is the

worst thing you do.

Microwaves are usually for the

easy fixes and quick reheats but it

might not always be the safe alternative.

There are five things you

should never place inside a microwave

– for your own good.


Even though you may be just

reheating for a few minutes, avoid

the temptation. Styrofoam containers

are made from polystyrene

foam, which is a type of plastic.

And we all know we are not

supposed to microwave plastic.

Notice how it looks different after


It's releasing toxic chemicals

that will be harmful to you inside

the food.


Don’t try to boil water inside a

microwave unless it has something,

like a teabag inside it to defuse

the energy.

Otherwise, the water will superheat

but would be unable to physically

boil, with the vessel

remaining cool, which would result

in an upward explosion once you

dip anything inside it.

Hot peppers

The microwave vaporizes the

capsaicin and retains it inside. Capsaicin

is the active compound

which makes peppers spicy. The

moment you open the microwave

door, the vapour will come out

and burn your face.

Aluminium foil

Just like metal, placing aluminium

foil in a microwave can

send supercharged plasma shooting

through your appliance which

could start a fire. Preferably, transfer

your leftovers from the foil

into a microwave safe bowl.


The bread won't result in

flames, but you will be left with

dry soul-less bread.

•Some foods are dangerous when microwaved

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Review Essential Herbal

Medicines list - GHAFTRAM


THE PRESIDENT of the Ghana

Federation of Traditional Medicine

Practitioners Associations

(GHAFTRAM), Kojo Odum Eduful, has

called for the establishment of a

permanent body for the review of the

Essential Herbal Medicines list.

Speaking on Thursday, April 4, at a

workshop, under the auspices of the

Business Sector Advocacy Challenge

(BUSAC) Fund Phase III, alongside the

European Union, USAID and DANIDA,

MrEduful said evidence abounded to

show that traditional medicine was not

only cheaper but also more accessible

than its allopathic counterpart in Ghana.

“There is also evidence to show that

most traditional medicine practitioners

operate from small and largely unhygienic

environments using very crude

production methods that result in

relatively higher levels of toxicity and

microbial contaminants which have

resulted in some fatalities or future health

complications for some patients.

Improved monitoring and education has

seen significant improvement in the

situation,” he added.

He said studie had shown that about

3,000 herbal formulations had been

documented as being efficacious for

specific conditions in Ghana, out of

which over 600 were circulating as herbal

medicine products, with a number of

them having undergone preliminary

phyto-chemical analysis and safety test at

the Centre for Scientific Research into

Plant Medicine with a lot more

undergoing various scientific tests.

He added that the proven efficacy of

herbal medicine made it important for the

government to formulate anational policy

as well as regulation for the proper use of

traditional medicine and its integration

into the national healthcare system.

Mr Eduful also called for the establish

•Dr Thomas Mensah

of a regulatory mechanism to control the

safety and quality of products and of

practice and the creation of awareness

about safe and effective TM/CAM

therapies among the public and


He recalled that 10 years ago, the

Ministry of Health, working in concert

with the Traditional and Alternative

Medicine Practice Directorate, began the

process of compiling an Essential Herbal

Medicines List (EHML). However, he

lamented that this process had stalled

much to the disappointment and

detriment of herbal medicine practitioners

and producers in the country.

Mr Eduful urged participants at the

workshop to deliberate on building

consensus on the way forward for the

compilation of the EHML, which will be

consistent with international standards

and best practices to ensure that the

herbal medicine sub-sector of the

traditional medicine industry contribute

more significantly to the delivery of

quality affordable and accessible

healthcare to the Ghanaian populace.

He added that the

proven efficacy of

herbal medicine

made it important for

the government to

formulate anational

policy as well as

regulation for the

proper use of

traditional medicine

and its integration

into the national

healthcare system.

•Mr Kojo Odum Eduful, GHAFTRAM president, addressing attendants


Parliament of Subin

Constituency in the

Kumasi metropolis,

Eugine Boakye

Antwi, has

expressed worry over the high

frequency at which major markets

within the Kumasi metropolis are

razed down by fire on Easter


On Friday, April 19, part of

Kumasi Central Market, known as

‘Bode’, was engulfed in violent fire

which destroyed many goods in the

market despite the timely response

from a joint team of of fire fighters

from Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly,

the Komfo Anokye, and the Regional

Fire Command.

Surprisingly, the famous Asafo

Market also had its share of the fire

disaster twice within 42 hours,

between Saturday and Sunday, April

20 and 21, 2019 respectively

destroying properties worth thousands

of Ghana cedis within that short time.

This raised suspicion among the

populace in the metropolis,

particularly the direct victims of the

disaster , who did not rule out arson.

Fire fighter say they believe the

GROUP calling itself ‘Asylum Down

Union’ has, as part of activities lined

up to make themselves useful in the

area, donated assorted items to the

Accra Psychiatric Hospital estimated

at GH¢5000.

According to the group, the

donation to the mental hospital was

to start its intended projects from

home (Asylum Down), which are

targeted at growing the welfare of its

members and needy persons in the


Stephen Martey, the president of

the union, in an interview with the


donation, said there were many of

such activities the union had lined up

to execute in the coming days.

“When we started this

programme, we decided as youth of


fires could have been stopped on time

due to their prompt response to

distress calls to the fire scene, if they

had secured direct access to the area

without having to encounter illegal

structure on roads to the inside of the


Here was massive destruction of

sewing machines, food items, cloths,

and leather material use for making

belts and shoes.

Victims, in interviews with

Ultimate News, called on the

Asylum Down to try and support

each other to grow the community

and also to ensure that things that

are needed to improve our welfare as


Subin MP consoles Asafo

Market fire victims




•Eugine Boakye Antwi (R), Member of Parliament of Subin

Constituency, interacting with fire victims in the Kumasi metropolis

youth are provided.

Touching on the choice of the

Psychiatric Hospital, he said, “we

wanted to start this from home and

government for support to enable

them to restart life the market.

“Currently we have lost all our

capital to the fire which started last

night as traders and artisans in this

market, we seriously need

government support to restart our

operations in the market,’’ Zonal

president of tailors and dressmakers

association, Kwaku Amankwah, told


However, Member of Parliament

for the area, Eugene Boakye Antwi,

who expressed shock at the level of

destruction in the market, after

touring the area with National

Disaster Management Organisation

Ashanti Regional Director, Kwabena

Asylum Down Union donates to Accra Psychiatric Hospital

•President of the Asylum Down Union, Stephen Martey, presenting the items on

behalf of the group to Francisca Ntow, PRO of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital

psychiatric hospital

is also our home

so we decided to

donate to them as

the first step of

our first project we

intend doing this

year. There are

others we will roll

out within the year

in question.”

The union,

according to the

president, has a

membership of 55

and it is opened to

anybody within

Asylum Down



Francisca Ntow,

the Public

Relations Officer of the hospital,

after receiving the items, said, “We

received it so heartedly because in

this house we don’t reject any gift.

Nsenkyire, assured the victims of

government support to enable them

to restart their work as soon as


“Burning of some portions of the

Central Market and Asafo Market

continuously within a matter of 48

hours during the Easter holidays is

unfortunate. I think the security

agencies, including NADMO, must

intensify their intelligence gathering,”

he said.

“I have seen the level of

destruction by the fire in the market

personally. Let me use this

opportunity to console the victims; I

will personally meet the NADMO

boss in Accra to assist you victims,”

he assured.

Mr Nsenkyire said markets in the

Ashanti Region required improved

security systems and other


He said security personnel in the

various markets in the Kumasi

metropolis were old for security jobs.

“Our markets need young and

serious security personnel who are

proactive, not the old ones we have

now. We need strong personnel who

will be patrolling the markets to

identify any security threat for quick

action, so I am going to work on it,”

he said.

“Mental health is supposed to be

free in Ghana but unfortunately we

don’t have subventions regularly so

some of these gestures come in to

supplement what we have one way

or another.

She, however, expressed gratitude

to the union saying, “We are very

grateful because it has actually come

in handy when you look at the items,

especially the drinks. These are

things that are not on our daily

menu. Some of these things help us

a lot.”

She appealed to the general

public, corporate organisations,

philanthropists and churches to

come and support us. We have so

many needs and anyone who wants

to extend a hand of support, we are

ready to welcome them.”

The items included sachets of

water, oil, toiletries, bags of rice,

drinks, biscuits, tins of Tasty Tom


NUACA wants national

buffer zone policy for

Ghana enforced



National Union of Aquaculture

Associations (NUACA), Mr

Francis Garbrah, has made a

passionate appeal to all relevant

duty bearers, especially the Water

Resources Commission,

Traditional Authorities and the

Ministry of Fisheries and

Aquaculture, to act in concert for

the review and strict enforcement

of the National Riparian Buffer

Zone Policy for Ghana.

Speaking at a media campaign

under the auspices of the Business

Sector Advocacy Challenge

(BUSAC) Fund as well as the

European Union, DANIDA and

USAID, Mr Garbrah explained

that the buffer zone policy had

been designed as a harmonized

document of all the dormant and

fragmented regulations in the

country concerning buffers

bordering water bodies or river


“It is also designed to provide

comprehensive measures and

actions that would guide the

coordinated creation of vegetative

buffers for the preservation and

functioning of our water bodies

and vital ecosystems,” he added.

He explained that Riparian

vegetation along the catchment

landscapes of the water bodies in

Ghana provided a wide range of

socio economic, biophysical and

ecological functions. However,

human-induced activities such as

uncontrolled logging and mining

activities, human settlements,

urbanization, livestock

populations, illegal mining and

poor agricultural practices had

degraded the vegetation cover at

head waters and along the banks

of many river systems and other

surface water bodies.

“These poor, unsustained

management practices are

jeopardizing not only the

aquaculture potential

of Ghana, but also the

physical quality of the

environment, the

hydrological and

ecological support

systems and the

livelihoods of local

inhabitants around

these water bodies.

These activities have

further exposed most

of Ghana’s rivers and

water bodies to the

vagaries of the

weather, and as a result

the many streams and

rivers, which used to

be perennial, but are

now experiencing

periodic drying up and

thereby constricting the

opportunities for aquaculture

development in Ghana,” he said.

He said the buffer zone policy

was intended to protect,

regenerate and maintain the native

vegetation in riparian buffer zones

to improve water quality by

instituting proper procedures for

managing and controlling the

above activities along riverbanks

and generally in catchments of

surface water bodies.

“The document, among others,

serves to clarify the requirements

for water quality and quantity and

to outline a national policy on

buffer zones as part of managing

Ghana’s river basins in an

integrated manner and to

harmonize traditional and existing

public institutional standards on

buffer zones in Ghana,” he


The National Secretary of

NUACA, Siaw Danso, stated that,

“reduced vegetative cover along

waterbodies, coupled with

increasing pollution from

domestic and, in some cases,

industrial waste have resulted in

increased sediments and nutrient

loading of streams and the

consequent deterioration in water

quality of the natural water bodies

and their suitability for


“Under the Water Resources

Commission Act 522 (1996)

Section 35(f), the Water Resources

Commission (WRC) may, by

legislative instruments, make

regulations to facilitate a proper

operational environment for its

mandated functions, hence the

buffer zone policy intangible

terms should be backed politically

and administratively in the form

of the enactment of appropriate

legislative instrument (LI) to

ensure compliance of stipulations

in the policy, and consequently

aim at correcting conditions,

which adversely affect water

quality and quantity from land

degradation,” he added.

•Mr Francis Garbrah, president

of the National Union of

Aquaculture Associations

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US Dollar USDGHS 4.7871 4.7919

RATES Pound Sterling GBPGHS










CyberGhana to host Cyber security

conference, awards tomorrow



A non-profit

cyber security organisation,


host the second

edition of the Cybersecurity

Conference and

Awards tomorrow at the Benjilo

Auditorium at Achimota, Accra.

The event, which will be happening

on the theme ‘Expanding

Cyber Security Knowledge, Skills

and Services in Ghana’, is expected

to sensitise the public to

the need for cyber security skills

and services in Ghana and while

awards will be given to the people

who have created technology tools

that have solved real problems.

Mr Samuel Owusu, Executive

Director at CyberGhana, spoke


ahead of tomorrow's event, he

stated that "One of our main objectives

of this event is to inform

the teeming unemployed youth

about the free cyber security programs

they can take advantage of."

He added that there would be

workshops at the conference

where a wide range of cyber security

topics and information would

be deliberated on.

"We will discuss choosing the

right security creek and consultancy

services, promoting cyber security

talents in Ghana and other

•Flashback: Panel discussion after that year’s event

cyber-related issues."

Keynote Speaker will be Mr

Eric Akumiah, Chief Executive

Officer, AI Consulting Limited.

Some distinguished guests that will

be present are Desmond Israel,

Solicitor and barrister at the

Supreme Court of Ghana; and

Eric Pope Ackaa, Software engineer

and cyber security architect

from Virginia, United States of


He expressed the hope that this

year's event will attract more people

as compared to the 825 attendance

last year, he then showed

gratitude to the main sponsor of

•Mr Christian Chammas, CEO, Vivo Energy

the event Advanced Evidence Discovery

Ghana for their unrelenting


MTN hosts technology experts to discuss ‘Location Intelligence’

MTN GHANA and Business

World will host leading Technology

Experts at the 25th MTN

Business World Executive Breakfast


The much-anticipated event,

on the theme ‘Location Intelligence:

The Driver for Business

Success’, will take place on March

28, 2019 at the Kempinski Hotel

Gold Coast City in Accra.

The event seeks to uncover

how businesses and organizations

can take full advantage of Location

Intelligence to identify new

customer markets, optimize sales

territories, manage risk, and boost


According to Business Intelligence

experts, companies that

don’t adopt insight-driven, customer-centric

strategies will struggle

to stay alive. Technology and

customer expectations are evolving

too rapidly for non-adopters

to keep up.

The panel of experts who will

be speaking include Karthik

Raman, an IBM Executive who

has over 25 years of experience

•Mr Noel Kojo-Ganson, Chief Marketing Officer of MTN

across Telecom and Media Industry.

He leads IBM’s Industrial

Services in Telco and extensively

covers the “One IBM” approach

According to Business

Intelligence experts,


that don’t adopt insight-driven,


strategies will struggle

to stay alive.

Technology and customer


are evolving too rapidly

for non-adopters

to keep up.

into key Telcos in the Africa region.

Amerley Ampofo, Senior Manager

Customers Analytics at

MTN, who is currently leading

the company to the path of a

Business Intelligence Centre of

Excellence, is also one of the

speakers. The third is Nana Osei

Kwasi Afrifa, Chief Executive

Officer of Vokacom, the company

driving Ghana’s Digital addressing

solution, Asaase GPS.

In discussing the importance

of location intelligence and the

reasons why MTN is excited

about this forum, the Chief Marketing

Officer of MTN, Mr. Noel

Kojo-Ganson, said. “As a telecoms

organization providing cutting

edge data in this industry, we

are confident that our resource

persons will share valuable insights

into the use of Location

Intelligence for business growth.”

The Executive Breakfast series,

which is in its eighth year, is the

leading thought leadership and

networking platform for Ghanaian

business executives and entrepreneurs

attracting over 1000 executives


It has hosted a number of international,

motivational and business

leaders, including Mac

Attram, Robin Banks, Brian Tracy,

Siya Xuza, Elikem Nutifafa

Kuenyehia, Jason Njoku, Sharon

Lechter, Mr Yaw Nsarkoh, Rosa

Whitaker and many more.

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Do not mind anything that anyone tells you about

anyone else. Judge everyone and everything for

yourself —Henry James

I’ll continue to fulfil my promises – Akufo-Addo


Addo Dankwa Akufo-

Addo has said the government

is fully committed to

the well-being and welfare

of the men and women of

the Ghana Armed Forces.

Speaking at the end-of-year Wassa

of the Ghana Armed Forces, at

Burma Camp, on Thursday, March 21,

2019, President Akufo-Addo stated

that “we will continue to stay true to

the pledges we made in the 2016 manifesto

that brought my party, the New

Patriotic Party, and I into office.”

Outlining some of the measures

put in place to improve the welfare

and well-being of the Ghana Armed

Forces, the President stated that his

Government, upon assumption of office,

increased the United Nations

Peacekeeping Troops contribution allowances

from $30 to $35 per soldier

per day.

“We cleared the outstanding arrears

of $13 million for all peacekeeping

personnel; we are now paying your

allowances at the place of operations.

As you wished, we have also settled

the 11.1% of arrears due to the civilian

employees, and effected a 10% upward

salary review for all personnel,”

he added.

•President Akufo-

Addo serving some

army personnel

after the event

President Akufo-Addo indicated

further that the completion of the

third phase of the 37 Military Hospital

is on course, and that the Government

was also going to complete the

500-bed Military Hospital in the

Ashanti Region, and begin the third

phase of this project soon.

“’Work is on-going on the barracks

regeneration projects, with the

four blocks of 16 flats, each between

60% to 75% complete. Nearly a

month ago, in fulfilment of an October

2018 pledge, I presented 50

ANKAI buses, 40 Toyota Land

Cruiser Hardbody vehicles, and 50

Toyota Hilux pickups, which form

part of the first tranche of 138 staff

and operational vehicles of various

categories, to the Armed Forces,” he


He continued, “During the year,

we will provide the Army with 30

Otokar Armoured Personnel Carriers

(APC), and six fast patrol boats for

the Navy. We are also making systematic

efforts to protect our offshore hydrocarbon

assets, now of great value,

by establishing a Forward Operating

Base at Enzulebu, in the Western Region,

for their protection. Construction

of the base will begin this year.”

With respect to the Air Force, the

President stated that two of the M.I

17 helicopters were sent for overhauling

and returned to the jurisdiction,

and funds had been released to extend

the flying hours for the third helicopter.

“Similarly, when we took office, all

three of the CASA C295 transport

aircraft had broken down. We have

fixed one of them, and the remaining

two have been sent out of the country

for overhauling. One is due back in

the country next month, and the other

in October,” he added.

President Akufo-Addo reassured

that Government would not relent in

its efforts in transforming the Ghana

Armed Forces into a formidable

force, and would continue to help enhance

the capacity and capabilities of

the Armed Forces towards the development

of our nation.

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CDD raises concerns over voter

verification during referendum

THE DEPUTY Executive

Director of

Ghana Centre for

Democratic Development

(CDD), Dr

Franklin Oduro, has

raised issues with the resort to

manual verification of voters during

last December’s referendum,

saying that was not good for the

integrity of the election.

He said although it was not illegal

to do manual verification of

voters during voting, the mass

level at which this was carried out

raised questions about the credibility

of the polls.

Dr Oduro, however, said he

was not surprised that the two

main political parties – New Patriotic

Party (NPP) and National

Democratic Congress (NDC), did

not complain because they both

supported the creation of the new


The CDD Deputy Executive

Director was speaking on the

•Dr Franklin Oduro,

Deputy Executive

Director of CDD

topic: ‘The 2018 referendum: lessons

for 2019 referendum and

election 2020’, at a strategic partners’

learning event organised by

NORSAAC, a civil society organisation

(CSO), in Tamale.

The programme formed part

of NORSAAC’s “Referendum We

Want” project, supported by

STAR-Ghana Foundation.

It brought together state institutions,

CSOs, political parties, traditional

authorities and the media.

The aim was to share NOR-

SAAC’s observation report on the

December 2018 referendum on

the creation of new regions, for

the participants to assess the conduct

of the poll, and make recommendations

to help improve the

conduct of the upcoming referendum

in September.

Dr Oduro cautioned that “if

we use discredited means to get a

certain outcome against the will of

the people, the consequences will

be dire for the country”.

The referendum, to be held in

September on the election of

Metropolitan Municipal and District

Chief Executives (MMD-

CEs), was complex in terms of

the issues involved and he called

for more resources for state bodies

to undertake effective public


This was necessary to make

sure that the people become wellinformed

to make the right decision.

The NORSAAC’s report

faulted electoral officials for the

wrong placing of voting booths,

something it said did not allow for

the secrecy of voting.

It also deplored the situation

where polling officials help some

voters to thumb-print ballot papers

and proceed to drop them in

the ballot boxes themselves.

Alhaji Abdul Razak Saani,

Northern Regional Director of

National Commission for Civic

Education (NCCE), highlighted

the need to deepen efforts in

building public confidence in the

Electoral Commission (EC) to

help the people to believe that it

was doing a good job.

Mr Alhassan Mohammed Awal,

Executive Director of NOR-

SAAC, said measures should be

taken to ensure that flaws identified

during the December 2018

referendum were not






The General Public is kindly informed that the Ghana Health Service and Teaching Hospitals (Amendment)

Bill, 2019 has been introduced in Parliament and referred to the Committee on Health for consideration

and report.

Interested persons, groups and organizations willing to make submissions on the Bill are kindly requested to

submit memoranda to the Clerk to the Committee within two (2) weeks after publication.





Soft copies of the Bill may be accessed from the Website of the Parliament of Ghana - www.parliament.gh

The Clerk to the Committee may be contacted on 0244715438 for further information.



Fimfim exposes the

‘forces’ in music industry


FIMFIM THE Rapperman,

an artiste, has

stated that the entertainment

industry in the

country needs reformation

because of some acts that undermine

its growth to the expected


The prolific Ghanaian sound

engineer, known in private life as

Isaac Adu Buxton, calls those acts


Firmfim the Rapperman, who

is also a producer, said the entertainment

industry does not support

originality, a development he attributed

to laziness among some of its


The prolific artiste, who is leading

a-one-man crusade to correct

these malicious acts in the industry,

said, “The industry is not paying;

the industry is on its last legs.”

Firmfim the Rapperman has

composed a new tune dubbed

‘Forces’, which exposes the forces

that work against talents and creativity

in the Ghanaian entertainment


In an interview with DAILY

HERITAGE, Fimfim explained

that ‘Forces’ was inspired by challenges

faced by the artistes in the

music industry.

“The industry has been compromised

to the point where one

artiste needs to sound like the next

in order to be given audience.”

He added that, “Several artistes

pay a lot of money to get a record

done, huge sum to shoot music

videos and even pay to get it played

on the radio, yet the fans are hesitant

to click on buy links to support

the act.

“Diversity breeds expansion

and that's what the various stakeholders

are failing to appreciate.

The industry needs fresh breed of

artistes to grow and proper structures

to function, hence the inspiration

behind the choice of name

for the song. ‘Forces’ targets every

stakeholder of the industry, Government


Fimfim, who is also known as

the conceptual lyricist, in the song,

addressed artistes to go back to

writing songs.

He said “the torchbearers of

the industry should point the light

to the right direction, with the government

introducing working

structures that will check and protect

the intellectual properties of

the creative arts as a whole.

Hammering on the fact that

some industry players do not support

talents, but support individuals

based on how controversial

they get by either exposing some

parts of their bodies or doing

something to get attention.

“Sex sells but what happens

when these same features that

made you sexually attractive

fades due to aging? Real talent

never dies; thus. I will urge

these female artistes to work

on their talent to sell rather

than focusing on their sexuality

as a means of breaking

through. The art goes beyond

the fame.”

‘Forces’ was written and

produced by Fimfim and it

features DJ Huarache, who

did the scratch works during

the interludes.

“I am a "conceptual lyricist"

who loves addressing

issues,” Fimfim said.

The song is available on

all digital distribution platforms

like sound cloud,

iTunes, spotify, deezer, and


The video to the song will be

dropped soon.

• Fimfim the


Miss Ghana UK shows love to psychiatric patients


THE WINNER of Miss Ghana UK,

Akua Ohenewaa Anim, and the first

runner-up, Sherrie Gauld Akoto, on

Easter eve led the Miss Ghana Foundation

to donate assorted items to the

Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

The annual gesture from the

foundation is one that they intend to

keep going since mental health sits at

the very top of the foundation’s priorities.

Miss Anim told the DAILY

HERITAGE after the donation

that, “We’re filled with such great

pleasure and love as we stand here

today to present these items to the


“…And we’re aware all this

wouldn’t be impactful if not for the

amazing works the nurses and caretakers

here are doing.”

She called on corporate bodies, institutions

and individuals to contribute

their quota to the

improvement of the hospital.

• Miss Akua Ohenewaa Anim (R), presenting the items to Madam Beatrice Nyarko (L)

Miss Akoto said coming back to

give to the hospital was destined because

her grandmother was a nurse

there years back.

“My Grandmother Georgina

Ohene Akoto was a psychiatric nurse

in this hospital sometime in the 60’s.

And I am a newly-qualified psychiatric

nurse, so it runs in the blood actually,”

she said with a grin.

Miss Akoto added that it was a

very insightful moment for her because

she had got to understand the

difference between mental health systems

in the United Kingdom and


“This has made me decide to return

sometime soon to merge some

experiences from the UK with that

of Ghana and implement certain

policies to help improve mental

health here.”

Items donated to the hospital included

food, toiletries and medical


Beatrice Nyarko, Deputy Director

of Nursing Services, receiving the

items on behalf of the hospital, said,

“It is interesting that every year the

Foundation thinks about us, especially

the children who are quite unfortunate

and abandoned by their parents.

This donation is a relief because

whatever we do for them comes

from the hospital’s coffers and it gets

stressful at times.

“We would like to say a big thank

you to them and ask God to replace

everything they lost, and we believe

this will not be the end of our relationship.”

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Water is life, but faces domestic violence


IPERFECTLY remember the

ordeal I went through waiting

for hours before, to my

surprise, I could collect unclean

brownish water, whose

impurities had to settle

down to make it a little attractive

for any domestic activities like

cooking, drinking or bathing.

This was my experience in my

hometown for some weeks. It was

like a vacation on the Sahara

Desert, where water is very scarce

and so with the little available, one

would have to manage to be able

to survive for the rest of your life

time. I am very certain that you

might have gone through a similar

situation which made you to realize

that indeed ' Water is life'.

In sub-Saharan Africa, one of

the the numerous resources we

boast of is water unlike places

such as Yemen, Libya, Jordan, and

Djibouti. But as to whether we

really appreciate it is the headache

of the government and some sanitation


Nature, in its own wisdom, has

blessed us with streams, lakes,

•A water scene

rivers, the seas and other water

bodies to serve as home for

aquatic beings, and for farming,

domestic activities such as drinking,

washing, and cooking, and

other uses.

Today, it is so sad that water,

with its numerous benefits, is undergoing

unfair hard punches

from humans who need it most to

survive. According to Mr. Ben

Ampomah, Executive Secretary of

Water Resources,

"about 60% of

Ghana's water bodies

are polluted". (source


Iceland's Blue Lagoon,

for instance, is

one of the beautiful

lagoons and its beauty

attracts more tourists

and serves as a source

of income for the

country. However, the

Korle Lagoon in

Accra, on the other

hand, has lost its

beauty to becoming

the principal receptacle

into which all

major drainage channels

in the city empty

their wastes and it, in

turn, empties everything

into the sea.

Large amounts of untreated

industrial waste

emptied into the

drains have led to severe

pollution of the lagoon and

disrupted its natural ecology.

As the government spends

huge sums of money to dredge

the river to get rid of its silt and

loads of garbage from it, residents

are also in full force throwing all

manner of waste materials into the

Odaw river, thus cutting back all

effort put in place to clear its


Many of our beautiful rivers

are ironically polluted by individuals

who live near and depend on

them as major sources of drinking

water. Take, for example, the pollution

from galamsey. Our seas

too have consumed a lot of plastic

waste and faecal matter, which is

killing our fishes. Fishermen now

go to the sea and return home

with nets full of plastics instead of

fish and this is ripping apart

tourism in Ghana in a way and

soon, the beaches would not be an

attractive place anymore.

A Sustainable Development

Goal is clear that there should be

water for all by 2030, which means

"leaving no one behind ". If so,

why don't you and I join forces to

save what we have since other

people in other parts of the world

are struggling to have water.

The writer is a level 300 student

of the Ghana Institute of


Can we win the sanitation war at Labadi?


ON A visit to any city in Ghana

today one would see heaps of

garbage everywhere, including

streams and gutters.

The problem of solid waste

management is a direct result of

challenges, including the rapidly

growing urban population, few

waste treatment options in Ghana,

irregular collection of solid waste,

negative habits and apathy of the

general public towards the environment.

The rate at which solid waste is

growing on our streets and in

drainage is so menacing that it is

difficult to tell when “Accra is

going to be the cleanest city in

Africa” as declared by the Akufo-

Addo-led administration since it

assumed power after the 2016

general elections would be


Speaking at a recent sanitation

launch, Sanitation Education

Everywhere, by Walcourt Green, a

non-governmental organization

which aims at promoting sanitation,

at the International Press

Centre, Patrick Buamah, the

Deputy Minister for Sanitation

and Water Resources, said, “Most

recent data indicates that only

15% of Ghanaians have access to

improved sanitation whilst about

19% defaecate in the open”, a situation

which is not encouraging.

He gave the assurance that, “In

as much as we feel so bad about

our poor sanitation situation, we

hope in the new commitments

that we have made in the Global

Development Agenda -- the Sustainable

Development Goal 6 --

of ensuring access to improved

sanitation and hygiene for all by


For some decades now, at

Labadi in the LA Dadekotopon

Constituency, there have not been

rubbish-collecting centres at vantage

points, where the residents

dump their solid wastes. Until the

waste collectors who do house-tohouse

with sacks and sometimes

carts to collect the waste come

around, refuse would be heaped

in plastic bags and containers in

various corners in the households,

attracting flies and other insects to

feed on. When this persists, diseases

related to poor sanitation

such as malaria, diarrhoea, intestinal

worms and cholera are reported

at the local hospital.

Solid wastes are seen in every

• A poor

sanitaation area

nook and cranny of this part of

the city. The Labadi beach is an

eyesore as the first scene to welcome

you there is cluster of solid

wastes, wastes which were not

generated by nature but by the the

residents of the town.

As a result of dumping of

solid wastes in drains and intentional

littering around, the wastes

found their way into the sea,

which all drains are linked to, thus

making the place very unhealthy

to patronize.

The residents admitted that indiscriminate

dumping of waste

has to do with bad habit this must

change. They said, “We need to

change our attitudes towards sanitation

in Labadi and its environs.

Some people in the community

openly defaecate in the drains and

the sea in the evenings. Dumping

of refuse and other solid waste

materials in the drains during

rainy periods must be stopped.”

They also

opined that,

“Since there is

no provision of

dustbins by the

District Assembly

and a place

where we can go

and dump solid

wastes, residents

have no choice

but to throw

them in the sea.”

However, Mr.

John Alexis Pwamang,


Executive Director

of the Environmental


Agency, has expressed


that, “Majority

of the populace believe that waste

management is a sole responsibility

of the government. It is, however,

stated in Article 41(k) of the

1992 Constitution of Ghana that

it is the duty of every citizen to

protect and safeguard the environment.”

The writer is a level 300 student

of the Ghana Institute of


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Is Nyantakyi’s ‘ghost’ haunting

Dan Kweku Yeboah?


• Dan Kwaku Yeboah, PRO NC

• Anas Aremeyaw Anas



ING fans on

September 13,

2018 came to

the realization

that Ghana football was expected

to go through reforms to pave

the way for excitement, joy and

ecstasy that once characterized

our game.

The Normalization Committee

(NC), since its inception late

last year, have had their own issues

with how to deal with the

public and I believe my elder

brother and colleague Dan

Kwaku Yeboah was hired to

bridge that gap.

How events have unfolded

over the period is there for the

public to judge because I believe

that if someone wants to

progress in life or embark on

whatever he or she deems fit, he

or she will always need to stay focused

by discarding past events

which will not bring any positive

results that will help to achieve


When my brother Dan Kweku

Yeboah was handed the PRO job,

I said to myself “now cometh the

hour for the astute sports journalist

to showcase what he’s got all

these years”.

I wouldn’t want to side with

what many people had said just

because they believed he was a

staunch critic of the previous administration.

Fast-forward, the level of inconsistency

in that department

headed by Kweku Yeboah ever

since the Normalization Committee

came into force clearly beats

my imagination.

My little knowledge about

Public Relations (PR) says you

work ethically even when all the

media wants is headlines because

PR fails when there is no integrity.

Ironically, considering how

much of our work involves in

maintaining and improving reputations,

Public Relations doesn’t

always have the best representative

when it comes to ethics.

Does that mean my good

brother fall in that category? I

should think so, because maybe

he is being measured by the same

standards he set for the previous


On Wednesday, April 17,

2019, Power Distribution Service

(PDS) had come visiting the previous

night so my phone and laptop

batteries had all run down.

I went to the office around

2:00 p.m. on Wednesday only to

find out on social media after

charging my phones and laptop

that my elder brother was trending.

Apparently he was the guest

on Songo’s ‘Fire for Fire’ show

and had tagged those criticizing

and asking the NC to stick to

their core mandate and speed up

activities as those who lost their

‘chop money’ due to the collapse

of the Nyantakyi-led administration.

I kept asking myself “so [was

it the reason why] when the

Nyantakyi administration was in

power, Kweku Yeboah was always

criticizing and chastising them

even when they had made some

good scores in some areas of

their administration?”

So will one also be fair to conclude

that Kweku Yeboah was

not getting his “chop money”

from the Nyantakyi administration

or he was also getting his

“chop money” from somewhere

to always see everything wrong

with the Nyantakyi-led administration?

Well, that won’t be at my call

since the public will decide for


“They are creating an impression

that the mandate of the

Normalization Committee has

been extended because they failed

to deliver.

“If you check the record,

there is nowhere in the world that

Normalization Committee has

executed their mandate within the

first six month.

“The Normalization in

Uruguay went beyond six

months, same for Zimbabwe;

Cameroun had two years. You

have used 13 years to destroy it,

how do you expect us to use six

months to fix the mess created;

are we magicians?

With these comments attributed

to my big brother, I clearly

felt that Nyantakyi’s “ghost” is

still haunting my colleague.

Whether fans, followers or

even haters of Nyantakyi like it

• Kwasi Nyantakyi, a former GFA boss

or not, the former GFA president

is history and a goner.

He will never come back to

active football activities, so

Kweku Yeboah should better

wake up from his sleep.

I believe the NC led by Dr

Kofi Amoah gave him the nod to

speak for them because they

might have seen something good

in him.

So if you get the chance to educate

Ghanaians on what you intend

to do to normalize football,

Nyantakyi is history so stay focused

and work to deliver on

your mandate, my brother.

As the Normalization Committee

once said, they would not

allow the inherent greatness of

our football to die on the “altar

of selfishness, greed and braggadocio.”

So do many and all soccer-loving

fans want to see clear-cut interventions,

and submissions

from you that will in no time save

our once loved sports, which is


Inasmuch as the previous administration

led by Nyantakyi had

several issues, the 13 years my

brother is claiming nothing good

came out of, Ghana at least

recorded some positives which I

wouldn’t like to go into because

as I said we should rather be

using our energies and strength to

look into the future with lots of

positives, which starts with you

and all of us in the industry.

“The very foundation of

Ghana football will collapse in a

heap, to be rebuilt by the concerned

sports journalists and the

honest football people who will

remain standing.”

This was the famous quote

“The Normalization

in Uruguay

went beyond six

months, same for


Cameroun had

two years. You

have used 13

years to destroy it,

how do you expect

us to use six

months to fix the

mess created; are

we magicians?

from investigative journalist Anas

Aremeyaw Anas prior to the premiering

of the Number 12 Expose.

But as things stand now, I am

tempted to believe that the socalled

concerned sports journalist

and the once honest ones who

were touted to remain standing

have all fallen.

Let me borrow this famous

quote from Abraham Lincoln

which says “what kills a skunk is

the publicity it gives itself.”

Maybe the greatest mistake the

NC made was to have appointed

my good brother as its spokesperson

but my advice to Kweku

Yeboah is that some of your utterances

in the past might have

cost you some discomfort in your

role as the GFA’s Spokesperson

but as once said by Warren Buffet,

“It takes 20 years to build a

reputation and five minutes to

ruin it. If you think about it, you

will do things differently.”

Both past and present sports

journalists in the country have a

core mandate to make our industry

thrive again. Because once

again as said by the great Malcom

X, “the media is the most powerful

entity on Earth.”

“They have the power to make

the innocent guilty and make the

guilty innocent and that’s power

but we must use it positively to

benefit mankind.”

God save our motherland

Ghana and make the once noble

and respected sports journalism

job great again.

The writer is a sports journalist

at Starr FM, a unit of

the EIB Network



THURSDAY. DAILY HERITAGE | Email: info@dailyheritage.com.gh

Facebook: facebook.com/dailyheritagegh Twitter:@dailyheritagegh



wins best



She indicated that

it would be

appropriate for

the government to

construct at least

a factory for the

production of

herbal medicine in

each region, an

initiative she

explained would

help reduce

unemployment in

the country.

• Dr Daud Hamidu, CEO,

Daud Herbal Hospital,

with the award

•Dr Daud Hamidu (L), CEO, Daud Herbal Hospital, Dr

Mary Dei-Zanga (2nd R), CEO, Ropheka Clinic and Brand

Ambassador, and a member of the team presenting

their award to the Asantehemaa, Nana Ama Konadu

Yiadom III, at the Manhyia Palace



product of the Daud

Herbal Hospital, has

been adjudged the best

ointment at the second

edition of the Herbal Awards held in

Kumasi last Monday.

The award scheme, was instituted

by Nyamedua Herbal Foundation, is

aimed at awarding and supporting

outstanding individuals in the herbal

industry in Ghana.

At the Kumasi event, Madam

Cecilia Gyaase Konamah, Founder of

the Ghana National Herbal Awards,

called on the government to include

herbal medicine in their 'One-district,

one-factory' project.

She indicated that it woukd be

appropriate for the government to

construct at least a factory for

the production of herbal

medicine in each region, an

initiative she explained

would help reduce

unemployment in the


Madam Konamah,

popularly known as

Abena Ghana, pleaded

with the government to

provide financial

assistance to herbal

medicine practitioners,

adding that, “people in

the industry need


In his speech, Dr

Daud Hamidu, Chief

Executive Officer,

Daud Herbal Hospital, urged herbal

medicine practitioners to focus on

the quality of their products.

He expressed the opinion that

herbal medicine practitioners have a

role in the

development of the country, adding

that, “we can help build the country.”

Dr Hamidu further lauded the

efforts of the organisers of the

awards for recognising and rewarding

players in the herbal industry.

The management of Daud Herbal

Hospital paid a courtesy call on the

Queen of the Ashanti Kingdom,

Nana Ama Konadu Yiadom III, at

the Manhyia Palace.

Nana Yiadom congratulated

the team on their achievement

and urged them to keep up

their hard work.

She further entreated

them to ensure the survival

and efficacy of herbal

medicine, and pleaded

with them to teach

the younger

generation herbal


• Daud Ointment was

adjudged the best

ointment at the ceremony

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