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Connecting Your Community


emerged on a young New

Brighton man who features in a

war exhibition at the museum

in Hardy St.

Geoffrey Bargrove (inset),

who was 16 when he went down

Wartime fallen

remembered at

Anzac Day service

Pages 2 & 3 Page 15

with the ship Aparima, is a great

uncle of city councillor David


And Jan Bargrove (above),

whose late husband was Geoffrey’s

great-nephew still has the

teenager’s memorial plaque, also

known as a ‘dead man’s penny,’

which was given to the next of

kin of everyone who died at sea

during World War 1.

Geoffrey’s story and the sinking

of the Aparima features on

pages 4 & 5.

Get crafty with

others at a

knit ’n’ yarn group

And on another sad note,

Margaret Kelso, who researched

the material for the museum

exhibition passed away on April


A tribute to her is on page 7



Lisa Lynch 021 800 809




for graffiti

around mall

• By Sophie Cornish

A CLIMATE change protest

group admitted it “misjudged”

how the New Brighton

community would react after its

supporters used graffiti to convey

its message.

Extinction Rebellion Otautahi

is asking the community for “forgiveness”

after members of the

group used chalk, chalk paint,

and normal paint to tag its logo

and name around New Brighton


Messages reading ‘Rebel 4 Life’,

‘Extinction Rebellion’ and posters

about climate change were put up

on store fronts and messages were

sprayed and written on the footpath,

shop windows and on seats.

A post with more than 200

comments was made on a New

Brighton community page, blasting

the taggers with many people

complaining the graffiti was not

an appropriate way for the group

to get their message across.

Local resident Robbie Baigent

said he has no problem with the

group having a cause or drawing

on pavements with chalk.

•Turn to page 7


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9am – 9:40am - Linwood, Linwood Avenue,

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10:40am – 11:20am - Stanmore/Richmond,

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11:30am – 12:10pm - Shirley, Cnr Marshlands

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Parliament Buildings, Wellington

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from the editor’s desk

WE PAY tribute today to a New Brighton

stalwart who has sadly passed away (see

page 7).

Margaret Kelso featured in last week’s

Pegasus Post over her research for The New

Brighton Boys project at the local museum.

It’s a well documented history of those from the area who

went to war – a number of whom never made it home.

Margaret told us she was not well and couldn’t be photographed

for our article. But as usual she was happy to talk in

order to give the exhibition the promotion it deserved.

Lifelong friend and New Brighton Museum secretary Peggy

Butterfield sums it up: “If it was in New Brighton, she did it.”

We also have more on one of those Brighton Boys (pages 4-5).

– Barry Clarke

get in touch



Star Media, a division of Allied Press Ltd

PO box 1467, Christchurch

Wartime fallen remembered

The Anzac Day service at the New Brighton War Memorial Cenotaph was attended by a large

crowd. Those who showed their respect included about 30 veterans, teenage military cadets,

Scouts, Girl Guides and Cubs, the New Brighton Silver Band and guest speakers

FULL NOISE: The New Brighton Silver Band and teenage military



Matt Slaughter

Ph: 021 910 788


Elaine Moon

Ph: 364 7436




Girl Guides

and Cubs






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Tuesday April 30 2019 3

at Anzac Day service in New Brighton




In Brief

Fire rages, homes at risk


Work to repair damage to

Stapletons Rd between Averil

St and Dudley St has been

completed. Work is under way

to repair Petrie St and Randall

St. Work still to be completed

will include the planting of

14 trees along Randall St and

Stapletons Rd, new grass on the

berms, landscaping and new



Teenage military

cadets from all over

Christchurch took


HISTORY: Reverend

Katrina Hill of St

Faith’s Anglican

Church addressed

the crowd.

MESSAGES: New Brighton RSA

patron Rex Kirk (left), spoke alongside

president Bill Lochrie.


A new path for walkers

and cyclists has been

installed between South

New Brighton and the

Southshore estuary edge. It

runs through Caspian St,

Ebbtide St and Godwit St. The

stretch of land had previously

been overgrown, which led

residents to ask the city council

for the path.


A new ticketing system for

the car park at Taiora QE II

Recreation and Sport Centre

will not mean any extra charges

for pool or gym users. Pool and

gym users will be able to use

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4 Tuesday April 30 2019

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The tragic fate of young Geoffrey

• By Sophie Cornish

“TORPEDO SIR! The stern’s

blown off, sir! Oh Lord – the poor


It was 12.52am, November 19,


A torpedo from the German

submarine UB-40 had just struck

the stern of the S.S Aparima near

the Isle of Wright, off the south

English coast.

In command was Captain

Gerald F Doorly, who was

thrown into the door of the chart

room, listening to the shout from

his second that they’d been hit.

Below deck in the stern, young

cadets, many of them just out of

high school, had been sleeping.

Of the 30 cadets on board,

17 were killed, including three

from Christchurch – Geoffrey

Bargrove, 16, Donovan O’Bryen

Hoare, 18, John Frederick

Proudfoot, 16, and Ernest

Sutherland (age unknown).

There was a roar of rushing

water and the stern sunk, sending

the bow of the ship upwards.

In a matter of minutes, the

Aparima slipped below the


Bargrove had been on the

vessel for less than three months.

The Aparima was a New Zealand

slow steamer used by the English

admiralty to ferry cargo around

Geoffrey Bargrove

the British coast.

A year earlier, the Germans

had started targeting merchant

vessels, and parents of cadets

were told they could take their

sons off the ships. Many families

didn’t; they did not want to be

seen as letting their country


The cadets were unpaid,

instead gaining seagoing

experience on the cargo steamer,

as part of training for their threeyear


Captain Doorly had set the

Aparima on a zig-zag course, as

close to the coast as he dared,

after being warned there had

been a sighting of an enemy

submarine near the French coast

TRAGIC LOSS: The S.S. Aparima (above) was hit by a torpedo

from the UB-40, a German submarine similar to the UB-45

(below). The tragedy, which killed 56, happened on November

19, 1917.

– and within striking distance.

Submarine warfare was

relatively new and the UB-40 was

one of the best in the business.

After the war, it would be

revealed the submarine had sunk

100 ships.

The slow Aparima was easy

pickings. Steaming at 12 knots,

she had moved slowly from

London to Barry in South Wales

for coaling. She had no chance.

Fifty-five were killed in

the attack, including 24 New

Zealanders. The crew also

included men from Britain, India

and Australia.

Fifty-four – including Captain

Doorly – survived, clinging to

row boats and wreckage in the

icy waters. There were 26 on one

lifeboat and 17 on a gig boat.

They rowed looking for other

survivors, a bright blue flare went

up and soon they found a raft.

Clinging to it was Thomas

Ewart Bevan, 15, of Wellington,

the youngest cadet on the


Later he would describe being

flung off this bunk when the

torpedo hit.

“Something hurled me out of

my bunk into the sea, I thought.

But in a moment I knew I was

still in what was left of our cabin,

because as I swirled round and

round in water, I bumped against


Bevan survived by being

sucked up a 3m ventilator in the

centre of the cabin deckhead. He

was shot up out of a cowl and

landed on top of a life raft in the

ocean. “It seems a wonderful

thing, but it was on that raft; it

must have slid off the boat deck

and hit against the ventilator just

as the stern began to sink.”

An evening of great music with the

UC Christchurch Youth Orchestra

The UC Christchurch Youth Orchestra presents

Worlds Apart

Saturday 11 May

Christchurch Boys’ High School Hall,

Straven Rd, 7.30pm

Featuring music by:

Lilburn, Gershwin, Greig, Tichelli

and Prokofiev

Tickets from Eventfinda

$20 adults

$15 Seniors

$5 Students


There’s something very special about hearing

a full orchestra of young people perform

some of the great classics.

So come and join our young musicians,

conducted by Helen Renaud, in a concert

of wonderful music from around the world.

From the beautiful lakes and mountains

of New Zealand with Lilburn’s Aotearoa

Overture to the noisy and bustling streets of

Paris in Gershwin’s American in Paris this

will be a concert of wonderful melodies and

great contrasts.

Our talented strings will perform Holberg

Suite by Greig, a five-movement work based

on 18th century dances before the wind,

brass and percussion of the concert band will

entertain with a rollicking and humorous

jazz inspired Blue Shades by Tichelli. Finally

from Russia, one of Prokofiev’s most wellknown

works and his first foray into film

music, the Lieutenant Kijé Suite. A concert

not to be missed.

The UC Christchurch Youth Orchestra

was founded in the 1970s and is the senior

orchestra of the Christchurch School of

Music. The orchestra is a musically and

technically advanced orchestra for the city’s

musical youth to widen and develop their

musical and performing experience.

Each year the orchestra performs 3-4

concerts and can often be called on to

perform at corporate and community events.

Professional players from the Christchurch

Symphony Orchestra and the New Zealand

Symphony Orchestra regularly work with

students at sectionals to coach them in the

nuances of orchestral playing.

In 2015 the CSM signed a sponsorship

agreement with the University of Canterbury

for the youth orchestra which is an exciting

development in the orchestra’s history. This

sponsorship gives naming rights to the

university and ensures the players can have

access to interesting repertoire and essential


The musicians of the UC Christchurch

Youth Orchestra under their conductor have

worked hard to bring this concert to life so

come along and enjoy a wonderful evening

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Fire rages, homes at risk

Bargrove and the S.S. Aparima

Bevan later went on to become

the Hawkes Bay harbourmaster.

Bargrove’s death was a

“devastating blow” for his New

Brighton family. He was the

youngest of four children.

His parents lived in Seaview

Rd, running the Bargroves

Drapery and Clothing


He was survived by his brother

Stanley, who was a radio operator

during the war,

and two sisters,

Violet and Grace.


attended New

Brighton District

School, where he

David East

received prizes

for attendance in

1912 and 1913,

and Christchurch Boys’ High

School for one year.

Coastal Ward city councillor

David East is also a descendant of

the Bargrove family.

His grandfather was Stanley

Bargrove, Geoffrey’s brother.

“My great-grandparents were

still alive (when Geoffrey passed).

I think it was quite a devastating

blow to the family. He was never

really spoken of . . . for my greatgrandparents,

it was a bitter


GIFT: Members from Geoffrey Bargrove’s family donated two

brass vases to the St Faith’s Church in New Brighton following

his death.

“We never really found out a

huge amount about the family

. . . it was probably just how death

was treated in those days. You

had a period of grieving and

mourning for someone who was

lost, but you didn’t commemorate

it eternally afterwards,” East said.

Due to the cadets being unpaid,

their parents were unable to

claim ‘Seaman’s Compensation’

from the Government.

Hoare’s mother, Florence,

said of the loss: “Although not

actually a dependent, I was

looking forward to the expiry of

his three years’ cadetship when

my son and only child would

make such progress in life as to

enable him to make some money

spent on his education and later

on help to keep me from poverty

in old age.”

Proudfoot’s mother, Mary

Proudfoot, who was also a

widow, said following his

death “the awfulness of it is too


“I wish to state that I am a

widow without any means. This

boy whom I have lost was an only

child and I was expecting his

assistance to help me in my old


Bargrove was posthumously

awarded the British War Medal

and the Mercantile Marine


Bargrove is commemorated at

London’s Tower Hill Memorial

for Merchant Marine casualties,

along with Hoare and Proudfoot.

There is no detail about


The memorial is for those

whose bodies were never


Due to a lack of information

available, it is unclear whether

some of the other cadets were

also from Christchurch.

The next of kin of every person

who died at sea during the war

was given a memorial plaque,

also known as a ‘dead man’s


Bargrove’s penny is now with

one of his descendants in their

Redcliffs home, overlooking the


Jan Bargrove’s late husband

Robert, was a joiner and

woodwork teacher and made an

ornament out of it, by placing

it inside a small wooden ship’s


As for the Aparima, she lies

on the seafloor, 42m deep off

the south coast of England. It is

possible to dive down to see the


The UB-40, which had

been under the command of

Oberleutnant Hans Howaldt

during the attack, was

commissioned in August 1916. It

was scuttled in the Belgian city of

Ostende in October 1918 as the

Germans retreated.

•Some information in this

story was obtained from an

article on –

They received no pay. Office

Cadets of the Steamship

Aparima by Phil Lascelles.




SAT 4 MAY 8AM - 6PM • SUN 5 MAY 8AM - 4PM







Tuesday April 30 2019

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Margaret’s legacy lives on in Brighton

• By Matt Slaughter

“IF IT was in New Brighton, she

did it.”

This is how New Brighton

Museum secretary Peggy

Butterfield describes the

contribution her best friend

Margaret Kelso made to the


Mrs Kelso died on April 19,

aged 76.

Born at Nurse Grant Nursing

Home in Union St, Mrs Kelso

was a New Brighton resident

and community contributor for

many years.

She was educated at Central

New Brighton School and New

Brighton District High School.

She married Roger Kelso at the

New Brighton Methodist Church

in 1966.

Mr Kelso died in 2014.

Her primary school classmate,

bridesmaid and friend of about

73 years Mrs Butterfield said

Mrs Kelso was a third generation

New Brighton resident who

followed in the footsteps of her

grandparents and parents – the

Cockles and the Penroses.

Mrs Kelso lived and breathed

the area and was involved in too

many community groups to list,

Mrs Butterfield said.

“Anything that was in

Brighton, she was involved in.”

Mrs Kelso was honoured at the

2017 New Zealander of the Year

awards, when she was named

in the local hero category for

her contribution to the seaside


She had two children – Shireen

and Andrew; six grandchildren

– Elliot, Josephine, Tazia, Riley,

Ashton and Zoe, and was the

sister of Ranfurly Shield-winning

Canterbury rugby player

Ian Penrose.

Some of Mrs Kelso’s most

valuable work and Mrs

Butterfield’s fondest memories

were during their time as

volunteers at the New Brighton

Museum, where Mrs Kelso was

the treasurer for more than 10


“Her memory here at the

museum, I just relied on it.

Relied on it that she remembered

BIG LOSS: Peggy Butterfield (left) with her best friend Margaret Kelso who died on April 19.

(Below) – Mrs Kelso was the New Brighton Museum treasurer for more than 10 years and worked

on displays including a bound volume of Pegasus Post’s dating back to 1966.

things that I’d forgotten,” Mrs

Butterfield said.

“People would come in just to

see her. We very rarely got any

work done on a Tuesday and

Thursday when we were on duty

because it was constant visitors

who came in just to see her and

to catch up.”

She said Mrs Kelso developed

health problems after the

earthquakes and would be

missed by many in New

Brighton and across the city.

“It’s a loss like a huge hole,” she


“I think there will be a lot of

people who remember her for a

long time and we’ll do our best

here with the museum to keep

her memory going.”

Mrs Kelso spoke to

Pegasus Post on April 15

about her involvement in The

New Brighton Boys display,

which is on show at the museum

today and tomorrow from


It tells the stories of 62 soldiers

from New Brighton who fought

in World War 1 and 2.

Mrs Butterfield said Mrs

Kelso had become involved in

the display and other projects

at the museum because the

district was “really important” to

her. “They’re very notable people,

very brave people. They fought

for us and I think they deserve


Mrs Kelso was a long-time

Pegasus Post reader and put

together a volume of the

newspapers, which includes

editions dating back to 1966. The

collection can be viewed at the


TAGGED: Shop windows

were sprayed with paint.

‘The people

who did it made

a misjudgement’

•From page 1

“It wasn’t just drawing on

pavements with chalk and pushing

their point, it was drawing

on shop windows, putting

posters on shop windows and

rubbish bins. Some of the stuff

on the footpath was done with

enamel paint, so it is still there.”

“Yes, New Brighton might not

look the best but it doesn’t give

anyone the right to come in and

make the place look even more

disgusting than what it is . . .

It’s not how it should be. When

you turn people against you, the

cause is lost, because nobody

cares,” he said.

Extinction Rebellion Otautahi

spokesman Rowan Brooks said

the group is a “bunch of passionate

people who have made a


“The people who did it made

a misjudgement and have really

upset some people,” he said.

Mr Brooks said the group’s

action is about changing to conversation

so people understand

there is a climate emergency.

“That’s where the motivation

is for us to go and write these

messages . . . it is really urgent

that people can come together

and talk about this stuff. The

way we approached things

is causing division between

people that we want onboard.

Hopefully the New Brighton

community will forgive us . . .

their voices are the ones we want

to be hearing in our movement,”

he said.

Sergeant Jim Currie said witnesses

who reported the graffiti

said a man and a woman aged

between 50-65 were seen tagging

and police inquiries into

the incident were ongoing.



“ We had been advised to engage the services of Cameron and his team

for the marketing of our home. He and his team were most professional

and everything about the whole process was made as straightforward

and pleasant as possible for us. The result at our auction was

outstanding, and we are very appreciative of all the time spent towards

that and all the effort, skill and advice from Cameron and his team.”

Jan and David Mann





Tuesday April 30 2019

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start, alloys, fog

lights, electric

seats, airbags.

$12,990 or $68 p/w

2007 Nissan Fuga

450GT Sports Package

4500cc, auto, 94,442kms,

keyless entry and

start, climate control,

heated and cooled

seats, Bluetooth,

reversing camera.

$66 p/w



$68 p/w



$63 p/w



$104 p/w



2009 Toyota Wish 1.8 Sport

1800cc auto, 88,688kms, facelift model,

8x airbags, climate air con, keyless entry.

2013 Toyota AQUA S (Prius C) Hybrid

1500cc, petrol, 81,748kms, black and

grey interior, A/C, liftup tailgate, alloys.

2008 Toyota Auris 150G

1500cc, auto, petrol, just 23,105kms,

A/C, keyless entry, security system.

2012 Mazda CX-5 SkyActiv 4WD

2200cc auto, 4WD, keyless entry & start,

reversing cam, climate air con, HID lights.






$82 p/w $93 p/w $66 p/w $53 p/w




2008 Subaru Forester XT

2000cc auto, 52,295km, keyless entry

and start, climate air con, reverse cam.

2008 Toyota Vanguard 7 Seater

2400cc, auto, 87,177km, 4WD, keyless

entry & start, reversing cam, leather.

2007 Toyota Blade Master

3500cc, auto, 95,955kms, 9x airbags,

keyless entry & start, alloys, dual air con.

2012 Mazda Demio 13C SkyActiv

1300cc, auto, facelift model, 55,382kms,

climate air con, keyless entry and start.

$93 p/w



$53 p/w



$73 p/w



$68 p/w



2016 Suzuki Swift XG

1200cc auto, low 11,985km, cam chain,

Bluetooth, facelift, keyless entry.

2012 Nissan Tiida 15G FACELIFT

1500cc, auto, petrol, 41,874kms, A/C,

keyless entry, electric windows

2012 Nissan JUKE 15RX TYPE V

1500cc, petrol, 81,118km, auto,

17" alloy wheels, keyless start/entry.

2012 Toyota Aqua L Hybrid (Prius C)

1500cc, auto, 51,693km, climate air

con, eco mode, keyless entry, EV mode.






$53 p/w $49 p/w

$77 p/w $66 p/w




2008 Honda Fit Jazz RS

1500cc, auto, 29,000km, 5 star fuel

rating, alloys, keyless entry, aircon.

2007 Honda Stream 7 Seater

1800cc, petrol, auto, 72,000km, parking

sensors, keyless entry, climate A/C.

2011 Suzuki Swift XL

1200cc, petrol, 22,581km, auto, alloy

wheels, cruise control, keyless entry.

2013 Nissan Latio

1200cc, auto, low 21,575kms, ABS, cam

chain, air con, keyless entry, alloys.


Tuesday April 30 2019

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Book now

Don’t miss your opportunity to

showcase your business in front of

10,000+ qualified attendees or 021 800 809

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Tuesday [Edition April 30 datE] 2019 27 11

spoilt for


Four decades of quality

baking and business growth

One of our city’s most well-known and

highly regarded bakery brands, the French

Bakery, celebrated its 40th anniversary

last year, and over the four decades it

has undergone a number of changes and


The bakery was established by Warner

Barber in May 1978 as a partnership with

three Auckland businesspeople, who were

running a similar operation there. Within a

few years, they sold their shares to Warner

and it became an independent, local family

business in Christchurch.

Initially operating from a retail site in

Hereford Street, the bakery moved its

manufacturing operation to an Opawa

location in 1984, and as business grew,

that site was twice extended before the

last move was made in 2007 to a purposebuilt

production facility in Port Hills Road,

New cafe

in the east...

• Savouries and pies

• Cakes and sandwiches made onsite

• Barista coffee - try our house speciality -

a delicious Black Forest Mocha!

• Gluten free and dairy free options

fully equipped with the latest European


Through the 1980s and ‘90s, the French

Bakery had up to 10 retail outlets around

the city. Today, the bakery and a large

factory shop are consolidated on the one

site at 238 Port Hills Road, Heathcote, with

the business now being run by Warner’s

son Gary and his wife Lee, and employing

more than 100 staff across all areas of

the operation. These include packers,

distribution, sales reps and customer

service people.

During the mid-2000s, a new

shareholding brought added capital into

the business, allowing for the further

expansion, and in 2010 a sales and logistics

office was established in Auckland to cater

for growing demand in the upper North


Great food

at affordable prices!

Try our savoury waffle bowls

Rubys Girls Cafe

Shop 7/317 Pages Road, Aranui | Phone 027 257 1062

Open Monday to Friday 7am-3pm and Saturday 9am-1pm




The French Bakery’s

extensive product range

of breads, buns, rolls,

pastries, croissants,

muffins, savouries

and specialty items are

produced by the factory’s

skilled bakers, who are

trained in the traditional

French bread-making and

baking techniques, and distributed to hotels

and restaurants throughout New Zealand.

The over-runs and seconds are sold at

the factory shop, with customers from

right around the city calling in there to

purchase from the wide range of products

available. The shop also sells a delicious

selection of freshly made sandwiches, rolls

and other lunch items to customers in the

surrounding industrial area.

238 Port Hills Road,


corner of Port Hills and Chapmans Rds

shop hours

Monday to Saturday

8am - 6pm

Sunday 9am - 4pm

Bakery Factory Shop manager Gail Lightburn

checks the well-stocked shelves.



& factory


Crispy Crunchy Batter

Try a tasty crispy chicken

souvlaki or crispy

chicken burger today!

*Specialty fish cooked to order... Blue Cod, Gurnard, Sole, Hoki, and more!


Ph: 388 2531, QEII Shopping Centre, 251 Travis Rd

Mon - Wed 11.30am - 8.30pm (Tues from 4.30pm), Thurs - Sat 11.30am - 9.00pm

Sun 12noon - 8.30pm, Daily break 3.15 - 4.30pm

Your local friendly Bar

200gm Steak, Salad & Fries

Just $15.50 or 2 for $25

With a drink purchase on Monday nights

Buy a main meal & get another

for $5 Sunday nights. Conditions Apply

Chats Bar

251 Travis Road,

QEII Shopping Centre

Ph: 388 1566

Tuesday quiz nights

Wednesday karaoke

Thursday live music

Sky Sports

Courtesy van


Tuesday April 30 2019

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2019 CM LASER 650

2019 CM LASER 675

4 Berth, Alde Heating,

Rear East West Island

Bed, Mid Washroom,

includes Satellite,

2 TV’s and 2 AL-KO

Secure Wheel Locks.


4 Berth, Alde Heating,

Rear Washroom, East

West Island Bed,

includes Satellite,

2 TV’s and 2 AL-KO

Secure Wheel Locks.






6 Berth, Fixed French

Bed, Stereo System, 100w

Solar Panel, External 240v

and Gas BBQ outlets,

Alloy Wheels, includes

24” TV and Satellite Dish.

Self-Contained for Six.

4 Berth, Alde Heating,

Rear Washroom, East

West Island Bed,

includes Satellite,

2 TV’s and 2 AL-KO

Secure Wheel Locks.


$64,999 $80,735


4 Berth, East West

Island Bed, End

Washroom, External

240v outlet, Tall

Fridge, Alde Heating,

Stereo System,

Alloy Wheels.



4 Berth, Blown

Air Heating, End

Island Bed, Stereo

System, External

Gas BBQ outlet,

Side Washroom,

Alloy Wheels.



4 Berth, Alde Heating,

End Washroom, Island

Bed, Integrated Rear View

Camera, 30 litre onboard

tank External 240v and

Gas BBQ outlets, Full

Fridge, Alloy Wheels.

WAS $63,499 NOW $59,999


4 Berth, Blown

Air Heating,

End Washroom,


in stunning

condition, comes

with used awning.

$32,999 NOW $29,999


4 Berth, Blown Air

Heating, Fixed Rear

End Bed, Awning

Warmer, External

240v and Gas

BBQ outlets,

Alloy Wheels.

4 Berth, Blown Air

Heating, L Shape Club

Lounge, Fixed Rear End

Bed, Stereo System,

External 240v and

Gas BBQ outlets,

Alloy Wheels.

$32,999 NOW $27,999 $29,999 NOW $26,999


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Tuesday April 30 2019 13


Joint pain: Do I have arthritis or

could it be mainly my muscles?

The team at Physical Sense in Sydenham sees clients with

a range of symptoms but many of their middle-aged and

senior clients visit complaining of pain in one of their joints.

Physiotherapist Ietje van Stolk suggests

that a major part of the pain could be due

to muscle pain rather than simply arthritis.

“Even if an x-ray shows arthritis, the reason

for the pain may be the muscles around

the joint,” she explains. The images show

how a muscle knot (the crosses) in a back

muscle can give hip pain (aches and pain

are the red areas in the drawings), a knot

in a muscle on the back of the shoulder

blade can give a deep pain in the front of

the shoulder and a muscle knot all the way

near the groin can give an ache in the knee

(especially at night in bed).

Ietje recalls one case where an 89 year

old client with severe arthritis who walked

with a stick, told her, “I will end up in

a wheelchair, I cannot put any weight

through my right leg due to pain in my hip

and buttock”. “Within 4 treatments, she

was walking with her stick but without the

severe pain,” says Ietje. “The arthritis was

one of the factors that made her muscles

spasm but the other was that older people

move less and the flexed position the hip

is in when we sit is particularly bad for

the hip.” Ietje is happy with the fact that

although the client was 89 and could have

been “given up on” or told to live with the

pain, she made a difference to her health

and wellbeing.

The same lack of movement can be the

reason for your knee pain or your shoulder

pain and the same few treatments could

make a huge difference for you.

At Physical Sense, hands-on techniques

(massage and triggerpoint deactivation

techniques) are used to release the muscles.

The client also gets a home exercise

program designed to mobilize and stretch

the joint, strengthen the important core

muscles and increase general strength and




(the crosses are the areas of the muscle spasms, the red areas is where the pain is felt)

balance. They teach a movement sequence

that stretches the joint in all directions

whilst the client is able to lie safely on their

bed, perfect for older or less mobile clients.

In many cases having the muscles

released and being taught how to maintain

it, is enough to stay on top of the problem.


If severe arthritis is the underlying cause,

some maintenance therapy may be

necessary, but that is often more affordable

and, for older patients, better tolerated than

surgery. In very few treatments the client

will know if it is going to work for them or

not, without financial commitment.

Physical Sense Gym and Physio is located at 300 Colombo Street, Sydenham. The Blue Line Bus stops in front of the door and there is ample

parking. To enquire about specialised exercise classes or physiotherapy treatment, phone 377-2577 or visit

3 issues $20

6 issues $44.50

10 issues $65


0800 77 77 10


Tuesday April 30 2019

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Check out these Autumn Savings

$24,999 $39,990







Audi Q7 S-Line Quattro

3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel, 7 seater, full leather,

Auto/Tiptronic, tow bar, backing sensors, auto,

tail gate.

2015 BMW i3 Full Electric

Auto, NZ sat nav/maps, partial leather, ABS

brakes, reversing camera, parking sensors, alloys,

mint condition, digital dash, 19,505km.

2012 Audi A4 1.8 TFSI New Model

Full leather interior, Bluetooth hands free, Cruise

Control, Full service history, backing sensors, auto

tiptronic, 66,551kms.

2008 BMW X3 2.5I M Sport

2.5 6 cylinder, auto/tiptronic, sunroof, cruise

control & parking sensors, climate air con,

stunning in white.









2013 Mercedes-Benz Cla180 AMG Spec

NZ Sat/Nav, Bluetooth, dual climate, leather/

suede, 1.6 turbo, rear camera and sensors,

only 55,000km.

2005 Chrysler 300C 5.7L Hemi

Factory Body Kit, Leather Heated Seats, Cruise

Control, All Electrics, Factory Electric Sunroof,

20" Alloys, Bentley Grill, AA Appraised.

2008 Audi A5 3.2 FSI Quattro Coupe

Facelift model, 3.2L V6 FSi, leather seats, heated

seats, all electrics, parking sensors, reversing

camera, alloys, superb vehicle!

2012 Mini Countryman

1590cc tiptronic auto, body kit, sports exhaust,

airbags, immobilisers, air cond, traction control,

all electrics, spot lights.

$15,999 $28,799 $8,999






2013 VW Jetta 1.4 TSi

1390cc, parking sensors, intercooler, leather seats,

electric mirrors and windows, alarm, ABS brakes,

alloys, digital dash, only 46,823km.

2012 Infiniti Q70 M35 Hybrid Premium

3498cc tiptronic auto, heated/cooling seats,

sunroof, full leather interior, Bluetooth, cruise

control, parking sensors, only 43,356km.

2003 Audi Allroad 2.7 V6 Quattro

Auto/tiptronic, full leather/heated, sunroof, nz sat

nav, height control, cruise control, only 88kms, 1 nz

owner, the best we’ve seen.

2013 Jaguar XJ V6 Supercharged

2995cc tiptronic auto, sunroof, NZ maps, parking

sensors and Camera, facelift model, Bluetooth,

Meridian audio system, only 65,429km.









2015 Volkswagen Passat R Line TDi

5 door station wagon, diesel, auto, tiptronic,

reversing camera, all electrics, digital dash, parking

sensors, roof rails, turbo, only 46,600kms.

2012 Volvo S60 T4 R-Design

1600cc tiptronic auto, heated leather seats,

all electrics, parking sensors, traction control,

intercooler, climate control, only 79,000km.

2015 Citroen C4 Cactus 1.2 Puretech

1199cc tiptronic auto, ABS brakes, traction

control, factory body kit, EFI, climate control,

alloys, electric mirrors, only 42,011km.

2008 Porsche Boxster

2.7 litre, tiptronic auto, only 1 NZ owner, ABS

brakes, parking sensors, heated seats, immobiliser,

leather seats, air cond, only 71,153kms.



$7,999 $7,999






2005 Holden Commodore Calais V6

3565cc tiptronic auto, all the extras with this one,

memory electric seats, paddle shift, full leather,

alloy wheels, parking sensors, leather seats.

2005 Subaru Legacy B4 2.0

4wd, Auto/tiptronic, 2 litre, alloys, air con,

central locking, climate control, immobiliser, all

electrics, CD stereo, only 59,600kms.

2008 Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI 6DSG

1896cc diesel turbo, tiptronic auto, ABS brakes,

alloys, electric mirrors and windows, air cond,

airbags, intercooler, remote locking.

Inch Quality European

*Finance calculation based on a 60 month term, 1/4 deposit and with an example annual fixed interest rate of 13.95%. Actual interest rate may be higher or lower.

Includes an establishment fee of $295 and a monthly maintenance fee of $2.90. Estimate only, not an offer of finance, terms, conditions & lending criteria apply.

2005 Volkswagen Golf GT

2.0 FSI, Auto/Tiptronic, Heated Leather seats, 12

airbags, cruise control, immobiliser, auto lights,

dual climate air con, new cambelt.

541 Moorhouse Ave, Christchurch | 03 3799529 | 0274366076

AH Jordan 0223807893 | Sharon 0272709954 | Email:

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Tuesday April 30 2019 15

Email by

5pm each Wednesday

JP Clinic at Shirley Library

Tuesday, 10am-1pm

A justice of the peace will

be available to members of

the community to witness

signatures and documents,

certify document copies, hear

oaths, declarations, affidavits

or affirmations as well as sign

citizenship, sponsorship or rates

rebates applications. No charge.

Shirley Library

SAYGo Steady As You Go falls

prevention exercise Class

Tuesday, 10am

This is a specially-designed

class to help you not to fall. There

will be a $2 koha entry. There is

no booking fee required, those

interested are invited to just turn

up on the day and see what the

class can do for them.

Parklands Community

Centre (opposite the shops

in Queenspark Drive)

Ascot Sit and Be Fit

Wednesday, 1-2pm and on

Thursday, 9.30am-10.30am

Go along and complete a

class, which lets you complete a

number of exercises without even

leaving your chair. The cost of the

class is $4 and with this, you’ll

get a cup of tea or coffee.

Ascot Community Centre on

Ascot Ave in Parklands.

Scrabble Club

Tuesday and Wednesday, 1.30-

3.30pm and 1-2.45pm

Go along to the Scrabble

club. No obligation, just go

along when you can and join the

friendly group. All materials are

supplied. No fee.

Tuesday at Parklands Library

and Wednesday at Shirley Library

Reading to Dogs

Tuesday and Wednesday, 3.30-


This programme is designed

to provide an atmosphere which

encourages children to develop

their reading skills and a love for

reading in front of some furry


Tuesday at Shirley Library,

Wednesday at New Brighton


Parklands Library Book Club

Wednesday, 11am-12pm

Go and join other book lovers

in a friendly, relaxed library


Parklands Library

CV help

Thursday, 10am-11.30am

A librarian will be on hand to

assist customers who need help

with their CV or resume. They

will offer guidance on creating,

updating and editing your CV.

New Brighton Library

Technology Help drop-in


Thursday, 3.30pm-4.30pm

Go along to drop-in sessions

for help with email, searching

the internet, using the library

catalogue, eBooks, and general

computer queries.

Shirley Library

Cards Club

Friday, 1.30–3.30pm

This weekly club will be held

every Friday, just go along and

join the fun. Free, no bookings


Shirley Library, 36 Marshland


Shirley Library’s Culture


Friday, 3.45-4.45pm

Go along and make new

friends, practice English and

learn about New Zealand and


Shirley Library, 36 Marshland Rd

New Brighton Seaside Market

Saturday, 10am-2pm

Go and enjoy a warm and fun

atmosphere beside the seaside.

With live entertainment, food,

free face painting and a great

variety of stalls.

New Brighton Pedestrian Mall

Mahjong Group

Saturday, 2-4pm

Knit ’n’ yarn

will be held

at Parklands

Library on

Monday from

10.30am until

11.30am. Go

along to knit

and have a chat

in a relaxed

and friendly


Learn to play Mahjong at

Shirley library. For beginners and

advanced players alike. If you

have your own set, please take

it along, otherwise go along and

join in a friendly game.

Shirley Library

Golden oldies movie

screening – The Dam Busters

Monday, 1.30pm

Richard Todd and Michael

Redgrave star in this 1955 war

film, which follows the story of

how the British attacked

German dams in World War 2.

$2, go early for a cuppa and a


New Brighton Museum, 8

Hardy St


Tuesday April 30 2019

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Calling for exhibitors


Sunday 25th August, 2019 Air Force Museum, Christchurch

To exhibit at this fantastic show, please email for more info.

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Tuesday April 30 2019 17


The peace train…

17 Law Lane, Mount Pleasant

Enquiries over $649,000

3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 2 living rooms | 2 car-garage | Listing Number: SMT10401

Mt Pleasant is a peaceful place to live.

Awake to the picturesque views of

the sunrise over the Bay Harbour while

enjoying the feeling of space this cool

210m 2 property offers.

This is a home for family or professionals

set on 878m 2 built in 2004 and is

complimented by fresh contemporary

décor, while three double bedrooms and

two bathrooms ensure there’s plenty

of room to accommodate every family


The living spaces are equally as versatile,

the separate lounge offers utterly stunning

views with large windows that blend in

with the peaceful surrounds, while the

expansive light filled open plan kitchen/

dining/living area houses a well-appointed

kitchen a real treat for the chef of the family.

A log burner, a pallet burner, a heat pump,

double glazing make the winter months

warm and inviting.

Pull back the sliding doors leading to

the outside and chill on the deck, a perfect

place for entertaining, while the children

laugh and play on the grassed areas.

A separate laundry, and double garage

complete the appeal.

The section incorporates easy drive on


Located close to all walking tracks, the

ocean and all shopping amenities are a

short drive. In zone for Mt Pleasant school.

Private school buses interconnect at the

bottom of the hill.

Contact Debra for viewing times.

Marketed by Debra Hakaraia

Smart Real Estate

Call 0275620420 033848600

Licensed Agent Reaa 2008

growing with you June 2018 | 100%

Plants For

winter wow

Cool Choices

For Colour

& Contrast

From swamp

to sea views

The journey

begins with sarah

the Gardener

$7.90 incl. GST

Snap it up

Enter our annual

Birdlife Photo

Competition to win

great prizes!

clear the air

Why groWing

indoor PLAnTs is

so good for you

give it a grow

from gArLic

To chinese


We hAve your

groWing TiPs


the latest releases

into the rose world

+ rose care

through winter

The magazine for

gardeners who like to get

their hands dirty


$43. 50*

*6 issues/6 months


0800 77 77 10


18 Tuesday April 30 2019

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit and search the ID#

Stoneware Drink Jars

2005 Toyota Voxy

Aluminium Boat & Warranted Trailer

AMW Heavyduty Scooter

Toyota Reflet X Starlet

Nov 2017 Roadchief Teardrop Caravan


ID 28348


ID 28343


ID 28339


ID 28336


ID 21544


ID 28309

Rockwell Leaf Blower

Liteace Van

Mamaku Boccia balls

Pool Cue

6m Motorboat, 40hp Yamaha

Toyota Corolla 1.6 Hatchback


ID 24381


ID 28328


ID 28325


ID 28324


ID 28310


ID 28308

South Westland Whitebait Stand

Push Lawnmower

1999 Ford Econovan Maxi

Pure Wool Wall Hanging

Holden Commodore Ute

2 Kids Motorcycles


ID 16313


ID 28274


ID 28253


ID 19025


ID 28218

See Seller

ID 25782

Wooden Memory Game

1999 Subaru Legacy

Cobra Eliminator Kayak

Flymow Ride-on Mower

Wanted: 1973-1979 Honda Civic Parts

Datsun 260Z Motor


ID 26120


ID 27954


ID 26166


ID 28273

See Buyer

ID 27900


ID 19063

1981 Suzuki Super Carry 2 Kids Motorcycles

Jeep Grand Cherokee

1950s Oak Table & Chairs

2 Kettle Bells (8kg)

Outdoor Seat/Coffee Table


ID 28199

See Seller

ID 25782


ID 25717


ID 27243


ID 27205


ID 27199

Toyota Caldina Engine

Bench Saw

Tandem Trailer

Nissan Atlas

Samsung Fridge Freezer

Hot Stones & Slow Cooker


ID 27173


ID 27115


ID 27074


ID 27062


ID 27070


ID 23629

1910 Vintage Westinghouse

Cute Bear For Mother’s Day Gift

Mercedes-Benz 240

25ft Crusader Caravan

Used Truck Trailer Hubs

Subaru Impreza


ID _5559


ID 28275


ID 27804


ID 28159


ID 15848


ID 26829


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Tuesday April 30 2019 19

Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Career Training

Public Notices

Public Notices

Trades & Services

Don’t have the right

the job you want?

FREE 20 week Business Admin

and Computing course.

Get that job you really want!


0800 834 834


TO 027 557 8839

Caravans, Motorhomes

& Traliers

CARAVAN Wanted to

buy. Up to $5000 cash

today 027 488-5284.



experience. All styles, all

levels. Ph 0274 677 457

Proof read by:_______________________________


buyer, ph 355-2045

with you to recycle, of candidates’ names, as

advertising proof sell and dispose of they come to hand, for 1 2 3 4 5

Myth # 1

No one reads print

anymore right?

Wrong! Over 2.7 million Kiwis read the

newspaper every week.

If you’re going to believe everything

you read, make sure you’re reading a


*Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 18 - Q4 18 (Base: AP 15+; Weekly coverage all Daily or Sunday newspapers)


Nominations are invited for the election of parent

representatives to the Board of Trustees of the following


A nomination form and information will be posted to all

eligible voters. Nomination forms can be obtained from

the school office. Nominations close at 12 noon 24th

May 2019 and should be accompanied by a candidate

statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the

school and can be viewed during normal school hours.

There will also be a list of candidates’ names for inspection

at the school. The poll closes at 12 noon 7th June 2019.

5 elected parent representatives:

Bromley School

New Brighton Catholic School (Chch)

Parkview Párua

South New Brighton School

Wayne Jamieson, Returning Officer:

CES, 89 Nazareth Ave, PO Box 414, CHRISTCHURCH

Phone: (03) 338 4444 - Fax: (03) 338 4447


Letterbox Advertising

Flyers and Newspaper Inserts


We offer professional

design services.


We print your gloss

mailers and letterbox



Canterbury wide

coverage or targeted

zone deliveries.

Board of Trustees


Nominations are invited

for the election of five (5)

parent representatives to

the board of trustees.

A nomination form

and a notice calling for

nominations will be posted

to all eligible voters.

You can nominate another

person to stand as a

candidate, or you can

nominate yourself. Both

parts of the form must be


Wanted To Buy Trades & Services Additional nomination

forms can be obtained

AAA Buying goods

from the school office.

quality furniture, beds,

Nominations close at

stoves, washing machines, HOUSE noon on 24 May 2019

fridge freezers. Same day

and may be accompanied

service. Selwyn Dealers. CLEARING

by a signed candidate

Phone 980 5812 or 027 Are you

statement and photograph.

313 8156

moving house The voting roll URL is open for

With: TOOLS _______________________________

Garden, Date:_______________________________

or trying to

inspection at tested: the school

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash


Call All Clear

Canterbury. We work

and can be viewed during

normal school hours.

There will also be a list

unwanted items.

inspection at the school.

Collision Repairs Community Events Trades & Services Ph: 03 260 0934 Voting closes at noon on 7


QEII Collision Repairs. C63980

or 021 078 4553 June 2019. PLEASE NOTE:


CARPET Kim Hillson, Returning Officer

Free Courtesy :ezis Cars


ANONYMOUS, If you :tamrof


(conditions apply), all want to have a drink that’s CLEANING

Insurance publication

work, rust your business. If you want run date sPECIAL position BUILDER sort QUALIFIED cost (excl gst) Trades & Services

repairs & private work.

to stop, we can help. Phone

Decks, T & G Flooring,

Pegasus 0800 229-6757 Post Tues 3 Rooms 30 April & hALLwAy public notices Villa Restoring, $ New 111.02

Spray-painting. Free

fRom $59.00

pickup & delivery. Ph.

over 20 years experience

Homes, Weatherboards.

03 388 5187

027 220 2256

Free Quotes. Bennet &

Sons Ltd Sam 027 496-

9362 or Tony 027 224-




Laying. Exp Repairs,

uplifting, relaying,

restretching. Email ph

John on 0800 003 181 or

027 2407416


25 yrs exp. Fencing, all

styles & gates. Ph Mark

0273 313 223


Glass repairs - pet doors

- conservatory roofs. Exp

Tradesman. Call Bill on

022 413 3504 or 981-1903



All int /ext painting.

Comp rates. I stand by

Canterbury. Wayne 385-

4348, 027 274 3541

your contact:

★Garden Clean-ups


★Lawn Mowing

★Garden Maintenance

Closing date


$0 $0 $25 $50 $75

that we have prepared this

advertisement proof based on our

understanding of the instructions

received. In approving the

advertisement, it is client’s responsibility

to check the accuracy of both the

advertisement, the media and the

position nominated.

Cancellation of adverts booked with

media will incur a media cancellation

fee of $50.



Call us today for a FREE quote

PH 0800 4 546 546

(0800 4 JIMJIM)


A Top Plumbing job

completed at a fair price,

prompt service, all work

guaranteed, ph Brian 960-

7673 or 021 112-3492


A Top Plumbing job

completed at a fair price,

prompt service, all work

guaranteed, ph Brian 960-

7673 or 021 112-3492


Call your local plumber

Whether you’re

looking for advice,


urgent repairs or a

FREE quote contact

Aquapro now.

0508 AQUA PRO |



Locally owned & operated with

over 30 years experience.

• Extensions & repair • Roof coating

• Concrete & clay tiles • Butynol

• Malthoid • Asbestos Certified

• Coloursteel • Old iron • Guttering

Phone Dave 981 0278

or 021 223 4200




PLUMBING Certifying


Plumber for all types of

plumbing, maintenance,

spouting, alterations etc.

Phone 352-7402 or 0274-



Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034





Earthquake Repairs, Grind

Out & Repoint, River/

Oamaru stone, Schist,

Volcanic Rock, Paving,

all Alterations new & old,

Quality Workmanship,

visit www.featureworks. or ph 027 601-3145


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027



Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379



& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655

FREE QUOTES Contact: Michaela Malloch

P: (03) 379 7100 or 021 932 177



Tuesday April 30 2019

Latest Christchurch news at


Dining Chair


85 Club Chair


135 Tractor Seat Barstool NOW $


Grey Espresso Ivory Navy Espresso Grey


Mix it up. Match it up.

Retro is back and better

than ever.

Round Dining Table NOW $

459 School Chair

NOW $ 120



Z Barstool


89 Gaslift Barstool


99 Dining Table

NOW $ 399






Ends 06.05.19. Sale

excludes Manchester &








Cnr Blenheim & Curletts Rds, Christchurch

Ph: 0800 TARGET (0800 827438)

Offers and product prices advertised here expire 06/05/19.

Sale excludes Manchester and Accessories.

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