May 2019 Foster Care Special Edition



Fostering Self-Care

By: Patrick Wager, LCSW

Self-care is a term that has crept into the

zeitgeist over the last several years. As

additional research continues to expose the vital

need of taking care of ourselves, teachers and

other direct care professionals are constantly

trying to adapt to keep up. In a recent study, it

was reported that an average of 16% of teachers

leave their school or the profession every year;

this is roughly half a million teachers. The loss of

a teacher in the middle of the year can not only

be stressful for the students and staff, but also

has huge implications on academic success.

Losing a teacher mid-year could result in the loss

of up to 72 instructional days. That’s almost half

the year! It should also be noted that the study


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