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The Star Thursday May 9 2019

super gold card

The value of

the Gold Card

The SuperGold Card is a discounts and

concessions card for seniors and veterans,

in recognition of their contribution to

New Zealand society.

What you receive by being a SuperGold

Card member:

• discounts and offers from more than

8,900 businesses and more than 13,700

outlets nationwide

• government concessions (including

free off-peak public transport)

• discounted services from your local


The SuperGold Card offers a connection

to people who become new friends as well

as a trusted resource for information about

life’s daily questions.

The website is located at https://www. for an application or to

sign up for their newsletter. Their website

it a tremendous resource which provides

answers for topics of interest or concern.

Their monthly newsletter offers

information about important topics.

This month mentions that the shingles

immunisation has been added to the

National Immunisation Schedule and will

be free for people aged 65 from 1 April this

year. Under the changes the shingles

immunisation will also be free for the

next two years for people aged 66 to


Every year one in three people

aged 65 and older will have a fall.

For those aged 80 and over, the risk

increases to one in two people. But a

new movement has been launched to

help people over 65 stay healthy, active

and independent. ‘Live Stronger for

Longer’ is an initiative by government

agencies and health providers across

New Zealand aimed specifically at

people over 65. The aim is to provide

people practical advice – whether

they’re still working, recently retired,

or happily enjoying retirement. Falls

prevention is key and regular exercise

is one of the best things you can do

to help reduce the risk of falls. And

you don’t have to do it alone. The

‘Live Stronger for Longer’ website has

links to local groups who run strength

and balance classes. All the classes

are designed to support Seniors to

build their leg and core strength and

improve their balance. There’s something

for everyone, from Pilates, tai chi, chair

yoga and light circuit classes. Find out if

there’s a class in your area and look for the

approved quality tick logo. This ensures

that the class has been approved as safe

and effective for older people. For more

information, go to

nz. Plan ahead Falls can happen at any


The Minister for Seniors Tracey Martin

mentions the growing problem of social

isolation for older people. It comes after

new research shows that one in five frail

elderly New Zealanders identify as lonely.

Loneliness has become a bit of a public

issue recently, although people generally

think of it as a problem for senior New

Zealanders, actually it isn’t. Loneliness

actually decreases as people get older

(11.3% of people aged 48-59 felt lonely,

compared to 6.6% aged 79-90). But

loneliness (a lack of quality and closeness

in relationships) and isolation (where

people simply don’t have relationships) are

still major issues for older people and the

SuperGold Card has some solutions which

can be read online at their website.


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Opening of the new

To celebrate the

anniversary of the

inaugural opening of the

Diabetes Christchurch

Society (the first ever

diabetes society in New

Zealand) and finally the

relocation of our diabetes

society premises to 21

Carlyle Street, Sydenham David Meates

we are having our Grand

Opening on Friday, May 17th, 2019

starting at 3.00pm. The CEO of the

CDHB, David Meates will be our special

guest who will open the new premises.

In Canterbury we have over 21,000

people with known diabetes and another

20,000 people have pre-diabetes,

and many of these don’t know it.

Approximately 11% have type 1 diabetes

and around 86% have type 2 diabetes.

There is correspondingly a significant

rise in gestational diabetes. People with

diabetes account for 4.1% of the enrolled

population. Maori, Pacific and Indian

populations are more than 50% more

likely to have diabetes than the enrolled


Diabetes Christchurch Inc is a support

organisation for people in Canterbury

who have diabetes, their family and

friends. We offer support, information,

advocacy and non-clinical education

on all aspects of diabetes. Our shop

has a wide range of products including

blood glucose meters, strips, lancets,

fingerpickers, ketone test strips, diabetes



30g NET






100% natural wool

blister prevention

for walkers, athletes,

diabetics and other

blister prone feet


of New








and gluten free cookbooks, hypo

treatments, medical grade shoes and

socks, travel bags, Jok ‘n Al sauces and

toppings, and sugar-free treats. Via our

website: www.diabeteschristchurch. all these diabetes products are also

available online.

Our programmes span from awareness

to prevention, to engagement and

support. The society is about supporting

people with diabetes and is about making

meaningful connections with those people

affected by or at risk of diabetes. We want

every person affected by, or at risk of

diabetes in Canterbury to have access to

the support needed to live a full and active


Diabetes is the result of the body not

creating enough insulin to keep blood

glucose (sugar) levels in the normal range

(between 4 and 8). Everyone needs some

glucose in their blood, but if it’s too high it

can damage your body over time.

The four most common

types of diabetes are

type 1, type 2, gestational

and pre-diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is an ‘auto-immune’

condition where the body attacks the insulin

producing cells in the pancreas. Insulin must

therefore be delivered several times daily

by injection or insulin pump. There is no

known cause and no cure to date.

On 31st May,

1956, 43 people

attended a meeting

convened by Mr C.

Maitland Sheppard

and Emeritus

Professor Sir Don

Beaven to form

the Christchurch

Diabetes Society ~

the first lay group

for diabetes to be

established in

New Zealand.

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