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community boards?


“I think the level of pay for the

Banks Peninsula Community

Board is not adequate and

is certainly out of line when

compared to other city boards,”

he said.

City councillor Sara Templeton

said she would also be open to

city councillor salaries

being used to better

remunerate the community


She said she is concerned the

current model was preventing

people from running for

community boards.

“We need to enable a wide

range of people to stand for our

community boards, not just

in Banks Peninsula but across

the city, part of that is better

remuneration,” Cr Templeton


City councillor Aaron

Keown felt the current level of

remuneration going to the Banks

Peninsula Community Board

needed to change.

“It’s like mum and dad saying

they love you and your sister

equally but when they die your

sister gets 70 per cent of the

house and you get 30 per cent,”

he said.

City councillors Jimmy Chen,

Anne Galloway, Vicki Buck,

Glenn Livingstone, Pauline

Cotter, Raf Manji, Deon Swiggs

and Phil Clearwater also

Andrew Turner Sara Templeton Ali Jones

said they would be open to a

discussion after the elections

about sacrificing a portion

of their salary to supplement

community boards.

City councillor Yani Johanson

did not respond to calls from The


Ms Dalziel was unavailable for


However, city councillor Mike

Davidson said the remuneration

of community board chairs as

well as city councillor salaries

needed to be looked at.

“What I always think is

potentially the chairs may be over

remunerated when you see

that they get double what

community board members get,”

he said.

Papanui-Innes Community

Board chairwoman Ali Jones

earns $46,310 a year, while board

members are paid $23,155.

But Ms Jones said she would

completely reject a reduction in

her remuneration.

“I feel that what I’m paid is

appropriate for the number

of hours, the accessibility, the

knowledge and experience

that I bring to the role,” she


However, Ms Jones believed

community board members

did deserve to be better


“You can’t rob Peter to pay

Paul, you need to remunerate

people correctly in the first place

and you should not be cutting

wages of city councillors who are

already doing a huge job for the

money they are paid,” Ms Jones


ALERT: Additional security measures have been

implemented at Christchurch Hospital.

More security put

in place at hospital

•From page 1

Mr Khan said the woman

told him she had been “working

on her own for a long time”

and every time she went to

the hospital, someone would

ask her what organisation she


“She seemed very disappointed.

I told her our work hadn’t been

that organised, so we took her as

part of our volunteer team and

then later we found out she was a

bit of a problem.”

Mr Khan said because of the

enormity of the March 15 attack,

many people were needed to

provide support.

There were a lot of people

helping us in this time of panic

and chaos and we were just coordinating

with them.”

The woman is no longer

volunteering for the association

since they were alerted she

“wasn’t behaving properly,” Mr

Khan said.

He wasn’t sure about the

specifics of what the problems or

her behaviour was.

“It is a very sensitive time,

victim support can’t keep up.

Because the sensitivity is so high,

any small thing can hurt the

families . . . we do sometimes

have people get upset over small

things and we do apologise for

that, we didn’t intend to mean any

harm,” he said.

•Online care survey, page 8



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