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Ross Morrison, owner of Mr Mod and midcentury

furniture expert.


LCM (Lounge Chair Metal) moulded

plywood chair, designed by Charles &

Ray Eames in the 1940s, sometimes

called the ‘potato chip’ chair. Born from

technologies the husband and wife used

in the Second World War when they

worked for the military making surgical

splints out of laminated veneer. The Eames

then pioneered the moulding of plywood

in making furniture for the masses. They

spent two and a half years in production,

perfecting a virtually indestructible chair

designed to follow the body’s contours.

The original design is still manufactured

today by Vitra and Herman Miller.

Why I love it?

I really like the simplicity of the design, the

comfort, and that it was one of the first

pieces they designed. It was so advanced,

though the Eames name is pretty up there

in the world of mid-century furniture now.

When you look at the 1940s and what else

was being produced, it was way ahead of

its time.

It’s also one of the most comfortable

chairs, even though it’s got a very firm

seat and back – you can tell the difference

between this, which is an original, and a

fake, which they make in China, by sitting

on this. You can sit on this for hours,

whereas the other ones are far too hard

because the design is wrong.

It’s got really nice patina, it’s unrestored,

it’s laminated ash so you can see the grain

even though it’s ebonised. It’s stamped with

LCM underneath, has the original metal feet

and equally inventive rubber shock mounts

flexing between the ply and metal frame.

When and where did you get it?

I’ve had it for 13 or 14 years. Bought off a

friend in California and he got it from an

architect’s house in the Oakland Hills. It

probably sat in the same house until I got it.

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