Dive Pacific 171 Oct- Nov 2019


Winners in the men’s division

Photos by Ben Cook

Winners in the women’s division

next athlete, but about striving to do better yourself.

The deeper goal is to bring out one’s own best, and

hopefully set a new personal record, either as a top

performer or as a novice trying out a competition for

the first time in recreational grade.

Freediving is about mastering mental and emotional

challenges as well as pushing physical limits.

The better you understand yourself and your

body, the better your dives.

Competing together

Just as much, our sport is about sharing the

triumphs and the bad days within a tightknit

community. During the Pool Nationals

we helped each other reach our potential,

celebrated victories together, and gave advice

and hugs when things didn’t go so well. As

coaches and safety divers we kept each

other safe in the water, proving that trust is

definitely a big part of the sport of freediving.

course we love celebrating the longest dive times and

greatest distances! They’re inspiring and just plain


In addition to his 7:30 min in Statics, Guy Brew also did

a 223m dive with a monofin. And swam 128m without

fins in the underwater, which earned him first place

Photo by Ben Cook


Despite this unusual attitude towards competitions of

Amber Bourke doing a turn during her

Dynamics With Fins dive

and the title of National Champion (again). He was

flanked on the podium by Australian divers Matthew

Chew, second, and Benjamin Eckert, third.

In the women’s, Kathryn Nevatt regained the National

Champion trophy with a Statics dive of 6:42min, a

stunning 192m in Dynamics With Fins, and 150m in

Dynamics No Fins. Amber Bourke from Australia came

second, and I managed to sneak third.

Thanks everyone who helped out with this successful

and memorable championship, and a special big thank

you to our supporters and sponsors.

Underwater videos of all dives are on the Auckland

Freediving YouTube channel:


Find more at freediving.co.nz and


Never dive alone.

Always dive with a safety-trained buddy.

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