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Day 5

God is in control, so do not worry...


There are times during the year that veterans

can dread. November 5th and New Years Eve

come to mind. As the nation celebrates with

fireworks, veterans stay indoors doing their

best to block out the bangs, fighting back

memories from their past. For me, last

November was a total nightmare. I was

caught off guard a number of times and it

seemed to be every time I managed to get

myself relaxed. Of course, it resulted in lots

of unwanted memories. However, one particularly

loud bang brought back a memory that

I have actually found useful. Northern Ireland

was the land of IED's during the time of the

troubles. Thankfully most call outs or finds

turned out to be hoaxes but I remember how

we were taught to deal with them. We used

to use a drill called the 4C's. Confirm, Clear,

Cordon Control. By doing this we could keep

ourselves and everybody else safe. It was a

set drill, everybody knew what to do, like a

well oiled machine, it was smooth and efficient.

Yet we would do this in the times of

threat and danger. If things are that easy to

deal with in times of conflict when the proverbial

heat is on and we are under immense

pressure to act in order to save life then why

is it so difficult to control our actions, thoughts

and emotions in times of peace when we just

hear bangs, or anything else that reminds us

of the past. To be honest, I don't have the answers

of how our minds work, I have a few

theories but not being an expert it wouldn't be

right for me to comment. But one thought occurred

to me, if the 4C's worked in times of

conflict then couldn't a similar drill help us in

1 Peter 1: 13-25

peace times when we find it hard to cope? Although

these experiences are directed at veterans

there is no reason why anyone cant

benefit from this. So here is a new version of

the 4C's.

Confirm: Confirm to yourself that there is a

problem. Take a little time just to think it

through and admit to yourself you need a little

help. This is by far, the most important step.

Do remember though, by doing this you are

not admitting to yourself that you are weak,

rather telling yourself you've been strong for

too long and it's time to give yourself a break.

Clear: Clear out anything that is hampering

you from addressing your concerns. It is very

easy to get wrapped up in day to day life and

let ourselves get washed away. Move away

from any dangers, or remove dangers from

your area so you can focus on dealing with

the problem in hand.

Cordon: Cordon yourself off from distractions.

Take a little time out to rationalise your

thoughts. You may be able to sort things out

here. By having a little 'alone time' you'll be

amazed how life seems to slow down a little.

Control: Control your environment. Be prepared

for anything that you know may be approaching

and take steps to lessen the

effects. If possible, don't be alone. Have

someone around to talk to and tell them how

you feel. This will help to control your own

thoughts and emotions.

Finally, remember there is always someone

to turn to who watches over you constantly.

He is always there and always willing to listen.

Try it out? What have you got to lose.

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