The Good Life Men's Magazine - November/December 2019


On the cover - West Fargo Fire Chief Dan Fuller, Local Hero - Fargo Police Sergeant Kevin Pallas, Having a Beer with Radio Host, Scott Hennen, Hunting with Bret Amundson and more in Fargo Moorhead's only men's magazine.

Ultimately, the program acts as a liaison between the

police department and the school district. Contrastingly,

the PLO program is fairly new at just over a year old.

PLO Josh Marvig works to make a connection with

the parks, to be visible in the parks, and during park

engagements with the community.

Sgt. Pallas cites the most motivating part of his work

as the officers he supervises and works with daily.

“I’ve been a supervisor for 18 years out of my 23 years

here and working with officers that do everything

that they possibly can to provide the best service is

extremely inspiring. They always come up with great,

positive ideas. That’s what’s so inspiring about working

with officers who have vision, energy, excitement, and

youth, I might add. It’s fantastic seeing some of these

guys that are in their 20s and 30s have that energy

and motivation to make Fargo a better place,” said Sgt.


Coping With The Job

Working in law enforcement for 34 years does not come

without its challenges. As such, Sgt. Pallas has been

exposed to several difficult situations and experiences.

“Having somebody in my life

over the course of my career

who has been with me right

from the very start of the

academy – she’s been my

rock.” – Kevin Pallas


“We see the darker side of things. Especially when it

comes to people hurting each other, people passing

sooner than they obviously should due to violence or

automobile accidents. Anything like that is always

tough to see. Abuse and domestic violence, of course,

are always difficult to be a part of too,” said Sgt. Pallas.

Resources available to Fargo police officers include

the Employee Assistance Program through the

Village available for communication needs and the

Peer Assistant Crisis Team which is comprised of

nearly a dozen officers available to be confided in and

for conversation when needed. Talking with those

resources, along with family, has proven extremely

helpful for Sgt. Pallas in working through some of the

tougher situations he’s been exposed to.

“I’m very fortunate; I’ve been married to the same girl,

my high school sweetheart, for my whole career. Kris

and I dated in high school and we got married a year

after graduation. Having somebody in my life over the

course of my career who has been with me right from

the very start of the academy - she’s been my rock. My

colleagues have been supportive as well. We’re very

close in law enforcement so to be able to talk through

things is important.

So, over the years to have that connection with my

wife and to be able to communicate with her has been

huge. I’m not necessarily sharing all the details, but I

am able to communicate generalities of some of the

darker things, and, of course, all the great things too,”

said Sgt. Pallas. / THE GOOD LIFE / 33

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