Nor'West News: November 26, 2019



Connecting Your Community



• By Claire Booker

AFTER 360,000km patrolling

the streets and stopping crime,

‘Ten’ the Christchurch North

Community Patrol car has had


Ten was bought 10 years ago

for $2500, and since then, about

Health centre

approved for

Memorial Ave

Page 5 Page 6

Tough kids

get wet

and muddy

360,000km – Ten now destined for the crusher

OUT WITH THE OLD: Christchurch North Community Patrol chairman Sam Hall says it is time for patrol car Ten to be replaced

after 360,000km patrolling the streets.


$7000 has been spent on keeping

it running.

The Honda CRV was once the

10th car in the fleet, hence the

name, but now, she has reached

the end of her life.

Said patrol chairman Sam

Hall: “She’s a bit noisy, she’s a

bit rattly, she’s safe, but we are

very careful about the bumps

we go over.”

It was decided the well-used

vehicle had to go when the patrol

could no longer patch

her up, and the bills got too


The mechanic who has

been servicing the car for years

told Mr Hall it would cost a

couple of thousand dollars in

repairs to renew the warrant,

which is due at the end of the


“He told me: I’ve done all I

can, but it won’t pass the next

warrant,” Mr Hall said.

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liquor store



• By Claire Booker

IT WAS a win for the Fendalton

community when the application

for a liquor store on Memorial

Ave was withdrawn.

A record-breaking 207 objections

were submitted to the city

council over the proposed bottle

shop on Memorial Ave.

Last week, the applicant

Manpreet Kaur, who also owns

Sockburn Bottle-O, withdrew

the application for an off-licence

consent for the store after an

independent adviser told her the

process would be a “waste of time

and money.”

Said Mrs Kaur: “We were

expecting objections, but not that

many. We respect the community,

if they do not want it, we don’t

want to annoy them.”

Mrs Kaur said at the end of the

day, it is just a business, and there

would be no hard feelings.

“If people don’t like it, it’s not a

good idea for us to go in there.

“I am happy people do look

after their community,” she said.

Fendalton resident and

neighbour of the proposed shop,

Isobel Anderson, was “absolutely

ecstatic” the application had been


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2 Tuesday November 26 2019

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community events

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Students raise funds for charity

An organisation that supports children of prisoners is $1250

better off thanks to three St Andrew’s College students.

After school activity zone

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Tuesday November 26 2019 3


Big Showbiz shoes to fill

for Ilam’s Sarah Buchanan

• By Georgia O’Connor-Harding

“BIG SHOES to fill.”

That is how Ilam’s Sarah

Buchanan describes taking on

the role of Showbiz Christchurch

president following the

resignation of Markham Lee

about three weeks ago.

Having a strong association

with the company since 1989,

Mrs Buchanan said taking

on the role is an exciting new


Mr Lee has served as president

of Showbiz on and off since 1990

with his association with Showbiz

beginning in 1973 at age 11

when he performed in Oliver!

But it isn’t the only major

change to the strong musical

theatre company – which has

been operating since 1938.

Paul Christ will take over as

general manager in January following

Michael Bayly finishing

in the role in mid-September.

Mr Bayly, who served as

general manager since May

2015, has gone onto become the

national on-premise manager at

Cassels Brewing Co.

Mr Christ has a wealth of

experience in musical theatre

having supervised, conducted

and directed productions for

Disney Theatrical Productions,

Cameron Mackintosh and Vienna

State Opera.

He said Showbiz offers the

perfect opportunity to draw on

his professional musical theatre

experience along with his work

in commercial

and not-forprofit

art sectors.

“I have

travelled extensively

for a

large part of my

Paul Christ

career . . . it was

time to come

home and reconnect with family

and put to use that industry

experience to the advantage of

the New Zealand performing

arts sector.”

Mrs Buchanan has a longstanding

relationship with

Showbiz having served as vicepresident

for the past five years

and been on the board since 2010.

She said her role as president

will be made easy due to having

a “marvellous” team and board

she has been able to delegate

tasks to take the pressure off.

BIG STEP: Sarah Buchanan will take over

the reins as the new president for Showbiz

Christchurch. ​

“We are really lucky we have

all these exciting shows coming

through from the West End

and we are able to stage them

here which is fantastic,” Mrs

Buchanan said.

In September, Showbiz announced

a dazzling season to be

staged at the Isaac Theatre Royal

next year starting off with My

Fair Lady from April 3.

In June, the music of Chess

will be staged in

concert with the

Christchurch Symphony


The final show of

the year to be staged

will be Buddy – The

Buddy Holly Story

featuring the music

of American musician

and singersongwriter



Mrs Buchanan

said the talent in the

city is phenomenal

and Showbiz has

fantastic creatives

who know how to

put on a show.

She has led an

exciting career

both on and off the

stage including touring as a personal

dresser with English singer

Elaine Paige twice.

Although she has taken on a

major role at the company, Mrs

Buchanan’s days in the spotlight

are far from over.

She will play the Queen

of Transylvania and perform

in the ensemble as part of My

Fair Lady.

In Brief


Renewal of the sewers and laterals

in Canon St between Barbadoes

and Geraldine Sts was set to begin

yesterday. A reduced speed limit

will be in place near the site,

and there may be restrictions to

property access. Work is expected

to be complete by December 24.


The opening of Hills Rd near QE

II Drive will be further delayed

due to technical issues with the

machinery used to seal the road.

It was expected to open yesterday,

but now it is expected to open in

early December.


The paddling pools at Avebury

and Abberley Parks are now open.

Parents are reminded there are

no lifeguards at these pools, so

children must be supervised at

all times. Both pools will be open

until early March.


Seventeen young people and the

Canterbury University athletics

club received grants from the


Community Board last week.

The board granted $3940 towards

sports trips, academic exchanges

and a Scout jamboree to be held

in Hamilton in December.




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4 Tuesday November 26 2019

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for patrol car

• From page 1

The main issues with the vehicle

are rust, from years of being used

for off-road driving following the

earthquakes, and in floods.

“We will find an option that will

provide the most money to put

towards a new vehicle. Our options

are selling it as is where is, parts, or

sending it to the wreckers,” Mr Hall


The patrol has nearly raised

enough to upgrade to a Suzuki Vitara

– the standard vehicle for community

patrols across the country

– but it has started a givealittle page

to raise the remaining $5000.

In recent years, radiator troubles

had caused the patrol to be called

off, and Mr Hall said they have

been getting more callouts from

police which they need to attend.

Mr Hall said a highlight of the

regular patrol meetings is hearing

the car is still running but said it

has just done its dash.

“We will be a little bit sad to see

it go, it will be the end of an era,

but it will mark the start of a new

era of looking out for the community.

It’s been a hard 360,000km,”

Mr Hall said.

•To make a donation towards

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Healthy trees to be chopped for drain renewal

• By Claire Booker

A DRAIN which has not been

maintained since the 1960s will

be renewed next year.

But it will mean about 100

healthy trees and shelterbelts

will get the chop.

The Papanui-Innes Community

Board voted on Friday to

approve the removal of the trees

along the Canal Reserve Drain

on Marshland Rd between

‘Clearly there was no, or little, support’

• From page 1

“I just didn’t think that [application

withdrawal] could ever


“It was so frightening someone

could come in and upset a whole

community. It’s just such a relief,”

she said.

Those who made submissions

against the liquor licence were

notified about the withdrawal by

the district licensing committee

on Wednesday last week.

Fendalton resident Ashley

Seaford said the result was good

news for the community and its

young people.

“From the number of submissions

clearly there was no, or

little, support for this business in

our neighbourhood,” he said.

Prior to the application being

withdrawn, the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood


Board requested the right to voice

its opposition to the planned

bottle shop at a district licensing

committee hearing.

City councillor and board

member James Gough said it was

clear the community was fundamentally

opposed to the liquor

store and said the site appeared

to be “a completely inappropriate

place for a liquor outlet.”

“This is a superb outcome, but

I think the outcome was always

going to be the same. I think

[the applicants] made a good

decision,” Cr Gough said.

Mairehau and Hawkins Rds.

City councillor and board

member Pauline Cotter said

council staff worked closely

with the community regarding

the tree removal.

Said Cr Cotter: “Nobody

wants to cut down healthy trees

unless we have to. It’s for the

greater benefit.”

About 600m south of the

Hawkins Styx river intersection

is a spawning habitat for

Lamprey, a type of jawless fish

similar to eels.

The city council will work

with NIWA, the Department of

Conservation, and local ecologists

to decide the best way to

renew the drain in this area.

The drain is to be renewed to

reduce the potential flood risk

and associated damage with the



Work is set to begin early next

year and run until 2021.

Tree removals include two

native totara trees, weeping

willows, silver birch, cypress,

cherry plum trees and magnolia,

among others.

Once the renewal is complete,

the waterway will be landscaped

with riparian planting,

including native shrubs and

larger growing native and exotic

trees where space allows.

RELIEVED: Isobel Anderson delivered thousands of flyers

alerting her neighbours of the proposed liquor store on

Memorial Ave, last week the application was withdrawn.



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Tuesday November 26 2019 5


Two-storey health centre

approved for Memorial Ave

• By Claire Booker

A NEW health centre in Ilam

has been given the green light.

Resource consent has been

granted for the new two-storey

health centre on Memorial Ave.

Doctors, physiotherapy, podiatry,

mental health services, a

pharmacy and gift shop are earmarked

for the complex which

will be called Ilam Health.

The new centre will be 1267 sq

m in total on two levels, with 46

car parking spaces and nine cycle

parking spaces.

It is predicted the centre will

generate more than 940 vehicles

movements per day at the site on

Memorial Ave near Ilam Rd.

Ilam Health will be open 7am-

9pm seven days a week, and may

request additional consent to be

open for a 24-hour surgery in the


The medical centre will increase

from nine clinical spaces

to 16, meaning there will be six

doctors on hand.

Pegasus Health has endorsed

the clinic on the basis that population

growth in the north of the

city has put pressure on many

practices, meaning they are no

longer taking new patients.

BRAND NEW: A concept drawing of the new Ilam Health centre, which will consolidate multiple

health services on Memorial Ave. ​

“This includes Ilam Medical

Centre and has resulted in patients

having to travel further for

health care. The expansion of Ilam

Medical Centre to larger rooms

as part of Ilam Health will aid in

alleviating this issue,” a Pegasus

Health spokeswoman said.

Neighbouring residents raised

some concerns over the size of

the proposal, causing adverse effects

on the residential character

of the area, but hearings panel

commissioner Justine Ashley


“While the proposal is substantial,

it is able to be absorbed

into the mixed character of the

receiving environment, which retaining

a high-quality residential

amenity,” the commissioner’s

report said.

Pegasus health said its goal for

the future is that primary health

care services are moving in the

direction of more integration,

bringing together a number of

services within one complex.

It is expected construction will

begin on Ilam Health next year.


responds to

mall review

• By Claire Booker

THE CITY council has made a

response to the judicial review

over the proposed expansion of

Merivale Mall.

Merivale residents were shocked

and angry the resource consent

had been granted without any

form of public consultation, and

described the process as “rushed

and not needed.”

Mall owners have been granted

consent to increase the size of the

mall by 87 per cent, and build a

three-level car park and 24 twostorey

homes in the area.

But a group of residents decided

to challenge the process which

granted the non-notified consent

in a bid to get the consent revoked.

Last week, the city council issued

its response to the judicial

review in the district court.

The hearings panel, which

granted the resource consent for

the mall expansion found there

would be no adverse effects on the

community, and the expansion

would have “negligible” impact on

Papanui Rd traffic volumes.

City council head of resource

consents John Higgins said the

panel appreciated the public

concerns but was bound by the

statutory process under the

Resource Management Act.




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6 Tuesday November 26 2019

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Tough kids get wet and muddy

MORE THAN 5000 primary and

intermediate school pupils took

on mud pits, obstacles and tyre

runs as part of the annual MASH

Tough Kid challenge held in

South New Brighton last week.

The event first started following

earthquakes to encourage sports

participation and boost morale,

now it also helps reduce screen

time and improve mental health.

Schools from across Canterbury

got involved, with some

coming from as far as Hanmer

Springs and Windwhistle.

The 2.7km course included

waterslides, mud pits, inflatable

obstacles and tyre runs. It ran

through the forest and followed

the estuary, finishing in the South

new Brighton Domain.

Said event co-ordinator, Isaac

Sutherland: “It has been so exciting

to see the number of schools

getting involved with this event.

We have schools that have been


Isleworth School

year 5 pupils

Gabby Arona-

Robinson (left)

and Manaia

Tavelangi raced

to the finish line

hand in hand.

with us from the beginning,

schools who send the entire roll,

and new schools who have come

on board to sample what the

event has to offer.”

Said Cathedral Grammar

School teacher Kirsty Bond: “The

kids love getting out and getting

wet and muddy. The smiles on

their faces speak for themselves.”

Readers respond to the

November 12 article in

the Nor’West News about

increased police presence

in Bishopdale

Rosalie Griffith – I am

delighted to hear that there is

supposed to be a reduction of

crime in Bishopdale, but the

truth of the matter is that it

doesn’t seem to be happening.

Over last weekend alone there

were car and house windows

targeted with eggs, and two

homes had windows broken by

thrown stones in Cotswold Ave

and Harewood Rd.

A silver sedan was seen racing

away from one area and we heard

of one car being stolen recently

from Harewood Rd. The egging

activities are happening between

9 to 10pm Wednesday to Sunday

and the stones were thrown,

breaking windows on Sunday


We are aware that the police

cannot be everywhere, so

everyone travelling after dark

in Bishopdale please keep an

eye open and help the police to

apprehend these unkind and

cruel bullies.

Sandra Ann Dougall –

Further to your article regarding

rocks being thrown through

windows in the Bishopdale area,

on Sunday night, November 10,

I had a rock thrown through

my lounge window, I live on

Highsted Rd.

The glazier who replaced the

window said that day he had

also attended to the same thing

happening in Cotswold Ave and

Sawyers Arms Rd.

Doesn’t look under control to


The Russley Village invites you to view our

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10AM – 3PM

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ourselves on the level of compassion we provide for every one of our residents, ensuring the care they receive meets

their individual needs.

From our one and two bedroom serviced apartments offering an extensive range of personalised medical and support

services to deluxe care suites for health and medical care, all available in the elegant surroundings of the village.

73 Roydvale Avenue, Christchurch I 03 982 8280


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8 Tuesday November 26 2019

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School raises funds for charity

supporting children of prisoners



ethics win for

St Margaret’s

• By Claire Booker


students have raised more

than $1250 for an organisation

that supports the children of


Year 11 middle school leaders

Isabella Galvan, Jack Calder

and Oscar Bloom organised a

mufti day last term for Pillars,

an organisation started by Verna

McFelin who was left to look after

her four children alone when

her husband was sentenced to 11

years in prison.

Pillars is supported by several

schools each year, and Mrs

McFelin said the organisation

does not have the resources to

travel around schools to promote

the work they do, because the

money they have goes directly

to supporting the children who

need it.

Said Mrs McFelin of the donation:

“This will have a major

effect. It will ensure that mentors

and children are supported

where it is most needed.”

Oscar said the trio worked

hard to make sure the cause was

well-known around the secondary


HELPING OUT: Year 11 St Andrew’s College pupils Isabella

Galvan (left), year 11 dean Liz Gormack, Jack Calder and Oscar

Bloom raised more than $1250 for Pillars, which supports

children of prisoners. ​

“We wanted people to know

what they were fundraising for

and be able to buy into the amazing

work Pillars does. By the end

of the mufti day, we felt people

all around the school knew about

Pillars and that was probably

what made it such a success.

“The work [Pillars] does is so

incredible and makes a profound

difference to the families in its

care. We wanted to fundraise

for a charity that was based

in Christchurch and did stuff

that helped

improve the


of people

our own age

as we felt

teenagers are



Oscar said.

The pupils Verna McFelin

met with

Michelle Mathijssen, who is

the project manager based in

Christchurch for Pillars, and Oscar

said it was great to sit down

and learn more about the work

Pillars does.

“We felt that we learnt more

about people less fortunate than

ourselves who deserve dignity,

respect and opportunity,” he said.

There are 23,000 children in

New Zealand at the moment

who have parents in prison, Mrs

McFelin said those children are

9.5 times more likely to end up in

prison without good support.

“We are very grateful and

thankful that the young people

and staff at St Andrew’s College

recognise Pillars services as a

vital community need,” Mrs

McFelin said.

• By Claire Booker

A GROUP of St Margaret’s

College Year 9 students took

home gold medals from

Christchurch’s Middle School

Ethics Olympiad competition.

And it was only the first year

the competition has been held

in New Zealand, with previous

ones being in Australia.

The group of five students

beat Hillmorton High School

in a close finish, answering

questions on subjects including

lying, donations, tracking apps,

relationships, dog ownership, the

environment and charities.

Said Hannah Wylie: “Preparing

for the competition was slightly

tricky because we didn’t know

which one of three questions they

would ask for each case.”

The students practised every

Monday and Tuesday in their

lunch hour for more than a

month prior to the competition

and went over questions in their

term 3 school holidays.

Hannah said the students look

forward to competing in the senior

competition next year.

“It has been such a great

experience competing and

preparing for these events.”

mAg & tURBO



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StREEtStOcK chAmpS

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34 on

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Tuesday November 26 2019 9

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4.4kW 36v lithium battery.

Hard to beat at this price.


oNLY $299

AvAnti Metro e CruiSer

Alloy frame with Shimano gears and shifters

beautiful to ride and so easy to get on and off.


Receive $500 FREE Accessories.

tHe CHopper e SCooter

2000w motor max speed 50-60km with a

range 40-50km. Save $500

Choice of 3 colours.


250W e SkAteBoArd



*conditions apply

More choice, more brands, more service plus

bike mechanic instore for help and advice.

484 Cranford Street, Christchurch

Phone 03 925 8987

Simply Furniture now trading upstairs on mezzanine floor

10 Tuesday November 26 2019

Latest Canterbury news at

Criterium title claimed



by Pithie of CBHS


School’s Laurence Pithie claimed

his first elite national title by

claiming the criterium title in a

sprint finish in Christchurch.

Pithie was part of a six-strong

break on the 1.1km course

around Cashel St and Oxford

Terrace, that featured his

Canterbury teammate Andrew

Bidwell, Marlborough’s Ethan

Batt, Manawatu’s Joel Yates,

Dutchman Antonie van Noppen

and Vantage New Zealand track

squad rider, Josh Scott.

They pushed clear after a crash

split the 41-strong field.

The chasing group worked hard

to close to just 7sec behind in the

race over the following 40min but

eventually ran out of time.

Bidwell and Pithie had worked

hard in the middle stages of the

race but it was Batt who made the

break in the home straight, only

to be out-kicked by Pithie, who

adds a national champion jersey

to his two rainbow jerseys won

on the track.

“It was awesome to bring it

home in front of a home crowd,”

he said.

“I am really stoked with it.

“I have to thank Andrew Bidwell.

If it wasn’t for him, I would

not have had the energy at the

end. He towed me around all day.

It was great teamwork.”

In spite of leading for four laps

and setting the pace, Pithie was

pleased with his tactics.

“I played it pretty cagey,” he


“I knew there were such strong

guys like Ethan Batt and Joel

Yates who have raced overseas

STAR: CBHS cyclist

Laurence Pithie won

a sprint finish to claim

the national criterium

title in Christchurch. ​

Laurence Pithie

and done all the criterium circuits.

I knew I had to follow and

stay with them.

“Ethan went for it in the sprint

and I managed to go with him

and hold his wheel. It was the

perfect leadout and I managed to

kick around him in the end.

“It has certainly been a year to


Medbury earns

national cricket title

THE MEDBURY 1st XI cricket

team won this year’s national

primary school tournament on


The twenty20 round-robin

tournament was held at Lincoln

University at the New Zealand

Cricket High Performance Centre,

and at the Lincoln Domain.

Medbury competed against

teams from Auckland, Northern

Districts, Central Districts,

Wellington and Otago.

They finished the competition

with three wins, one loss and

one abandoned game with their

superior run-rate seeing them

win the competition over Havelock

North’s Hereworth School

and Auckland’s King’s School

who both had the same record.

Coach John Ogston said his

team applied themselves well



School’s cricket

team celebrate

their national

title at Lincoln.




under the scrutiny of the tournament,

“It was a pleasure for all

involved in the Lincoln-based

tournament to be able to use

the impressive facilities New

Zealand Cricket has to offer.

“The standard of cricket was

extremely competitive with

the six teams involved having

qualified from the their respective


What pleased me most was

seeing our boys respond under

pressure and the support they

gave their team mates in tightly

fought contests.”

Headmaster, Ian Macpherson

is delighted for the boys who

clearly applied the Medbury

values of perseverance, loyalty

and respect for the opposition

throughout the tournament.

Study with Vision













WWW.VISION.AC.NZ | 0800 834 834

50 Hazeldean Road, Addington, Christchurch

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Tuesday November 26 2019 11

Christmas Market

Saturday, 10am-2pm

The annual Edgeware Village Christmas

market will be held by the St Albans

Residents Association. Go along for the

annual community event, where there will

be free face painting, a BBQ- including

vegetarian options, and plenty of Christmas

goodies for sale.

1062 Colombo St

Knit ’n’ Yarn

Tuesday, 1-3pm, at Bishopdale, Wednesday,

1-2.30pm, at Redwood, Thursday,

1.30-3.30pm, at Fendalton, and Friday,

10am-noon, at Papanui

Take your knitting, crochet or other

craft projects and have fun with a social

group. This is a free, drop-in event.

Bishopdale, Redwood, Fendalton and

Papanui libraries


Wednesday, 7.15pm

Go along for a social night out and play

housie as a fundraiser for the Christchurch

United Football Club. Food and

drink available for purchase.

Papanui League Clubrooms, 53 Sawyers

Arms Rd


Wednesday, 10am at Upper Riccarton,

10.30am at Papanui

SeniorNet Garden City and SeniorNet

Papanui will host classes for seniors (65-

plus) to learn about all things technology.

Learn how to use your smartphone, tablet

Email by

5pm each Wednesday

or laptop and the mysteries

of the internet. Phone

348 4499 for Garden City

and Phone 359 9586 for


3 Brake St, Upper Riccarton,

310 Sawyers Arms

Rd, Papanui


Tuesday, 12.15-12.45pm

If you have questions about your iPad,

smartphone or tablet, head down to

GenConnect where Papanui High School

students will help you for free.

Papanui Library


Thursday, 1-2.30pm at Fendalton, Monday,

1-3pm at Bishopdale.

Play rummikub – an exciting, interactive

strategy game. Free, drop-in event.

Fendalton and Bishopdale libraries


Tuesday, 10.30-noon, at Redwood,

Wednesday, 1-3pm, at Bishopdale, and

1.30-3.30pm, at Shirley

Play Scrabble with a friendly group.

Head along when you can. No bookings

required. All materials supplied. Free


Redwood, Bishopdale and Shirley libraries

Bolivia card game

Thursday, 1-3pm

Learn a new game. Cards and cardholders

are supplied. Phone 941 7923 for more


Bishopdale Library

Senior men’s exercise group

Friday, 11-11.45 am

Low impact exercise classes designed

for seniors. Wear something comfortable

and turn up – no registrations required.

Participants are asked to bring a $3 koha

as a donation. Phone 375 0850 for more


Northcity Church, 95a Sawyers Arms

Rd, Papanui.

JP Clinics

Tuesday, 10am-1pm, at Papanui and

Shirley, Wednesday, 10am-1pm, at Bishopdale,

Saturday, 10am-noon, at Fendalton

A justice of the peace will be available to

witness signatures and documents, certify

document copies, hear oaths, declarations,

affidavits or affirmations, as well as sign

citizenship or rates rebates applications.

Papanui, Shirley, Bishopdale and Fendalton



Saturday, 1-3.30pm at Shirley, Monday,

2-4pm at Papanui

Go along if you are interested in playing

Go along to Shirley

Library on Monday

from 3.45-4.45pm

to take part in the

Activity Zone after

school club. This is

suitable for children

aged six to 10, and

the club will include

technology, games,

crafts, and books.

Caregivers are

asked to remain in

the library during

the session, no

bookings are

required for this

free event. ​

or learning about mahjong. Free. Register

for the Shirley Library event.

Shirley and Papanui libraries

After School Activities

Friday, 3.30-4.30pm

Suitable for ages eight to 13. Go along

for an interactive session with technology,

games, crafts and books. Take your

friends, or make some new ones.

Papanui Library

Super Saturday Storytimes

Saturday, 11-11.45am

Encourage learning through stories.

This is an interactive programme with

stories, songs, rhymes, craft and play. Free.

Shirley Library

Tabletop Games

Monday, 11am-5.15pm

Play some tabletop board games. Free

event, no bookings required.

Shirley Library

Cards Club

Friday, 1.30-3.30pm

The weekly cards club is on every Friday,

join the fun. Free, no bookings required.

Shirley Library

black friday

15% OFF


Friday 29th & Saturday

30th November

Excludes already discounted items. Range may vary by store.

Discount not available in conjunction with existing promotional

offers. No rain checks. While stocks last.

If you’re going on your

summer holidays....

Don’t forget to take

your togs along....

Summer is upon us early and there are

plenty more long hot days to look forward

to. This year you can hit the beach,

bach or pool in a comfortable well

fitting suit. Come in and see us for

a suit that you want to wear, not

just one that “will do”.

You will get friendly

help and advice from

experienced staff that can

help you make the choice

that’s right for you and your needs.

Chlorine Resistant is our specialty!!

Call in and see us

Tuesday - Friday 9am -5pm

and on Saturday 10am-1pm


Eastgate Shopping Centre

Phone (03) 389 8408


Cnr Riccarton Rd / Waimairi Rd

Phone (03) 348 4038

239 Colombo Street | 379 0009


Tuesday November 26 2019

Tasty Bites

Latest Canterbury news at


Board it and they will come

Whether for an easy family

breakfast on a Sunday

morning or part of a brunch

party with friends, this parfait

board is sure to please even

the pickiest of palates

Fruit and dips board

Serves 6-8

Use 46cm x 28cm board


1½ cups plain Greek yoghurt

1½ cups strawberry Greek


1½ cups blueberry Greek


¼ cup honey with honeycomb

¼ cup pomegranate seeds

¼ cup Grape-Nuts cereal

¼ cup slivered almonds

¼ cup cacao nibs

¼ cup multiseed ancient grains


¼ cup peanut butter or almond


1 cup raspberries

1 cup blackberries

¾ cup blueberries

8 strawberries, with some sliced

and some cut in half

1 banana, peeled and sliced

1 cup fruit and nut granola

1 cup granola clusters

1 cup chocolate almond granola

¼ cup toasted coconut chips

½ cup chopped dried fruit


Place the yogurts in large

(473ml) Mason jars on 3

different areas of the board.

Put the honey with honeycomb

in a serving bowl and place the

bowl on the board.

Put the pomegranate seeds,

Grape-Nuts, slivered almonds,

cacao nibs, ancient grains blend,

and peanut butter in small

serving bowls and place the

bowls across the board.

Add the berries and sliced

banana to the board, followed

by the granolas. Fill in any gaps

with the toasted coconut chips

and chopped dried fruit.

Charcuterie and cheese


Serves 12+

Use 51cm board


1 whole pineapple

1 cup raspberries, divided

1½ cups blueberries, divided

1½ cups blackberries, divided

1½ cups chocolate pudding

¾ cup caramel dip

1½ cups plain or vanilla Greek


¾ cup mixed berries

whipped cream cheese

1 cup chunky granola

2 cups red grapes, in bunches

2 cups green grapes, in bunches

2 medium oranges, sliced into


12 small watermelon wedges,

with rinds

1 mango, peeled, pitted, and

thinly sliced

2 kiwifruit, peeled and thinly sliced

1 medium starfruit, sliced

15 whole strawberries

1 red apple, thinly sliced

1 cup fresh cherries, with stems

2 bananas, peeled and sliced


Vertically slice the pineapple

in half, keeping the stem on one

half. Hollow out the half with

the stem to be used as a bowl.

Reserve the pineapple flesh.

Place the pineapple bowl in the

centre of the board.

Cut the reserved pineapple

flesh into chunks. Mix the

pineapple chunks with quarter

cup of the raspberries, quarter

cup of the blueberries, and

quarter cup of the blackberries.

Put the pineapple and berry fruit

mixture into the hollowed-out

pineapple bowl.

Put the chocolate pudding,

caramel dip, yoghurt, cream

cheese, and granola in small

serving bowls and place the

bowls across the board.

Arrange the grape bunches

on the board, followed by the

orange slices, watermelon

wedges, and sliced mango.

Fan kiwifruit slices around

the yoghurt bowl, the starfruit

around the cream cheese bowl,

the strawberries around the

chocolate pudding bowl, and the

apple slices around the caramel

dip bowl.

Place the cherries near the

top of the pineapple stem and

the banana slices next to the


Fill in the gaps on the board

with the remaining threequarters

of a cup raspberries, 1¼

cups blueberries, and 1¼ cups


SHoW Home open noW

CoppeR RidGe

HAlSWell ,

Wednesday to Sunday


1 Albert Wills Ave

(off Halswell Junction Road)

Brand new, modern and stylish.

New home and land packages

available, FREE upgrades *

Like us on Facebook: Generation Homes Christchurch


Terms and conditions apply


NOR’WEST [Edition NEWS datE]

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Tuesday November 26 2019 13


Shops bursting with

festive gift ideas

The countdown to the big day is well underway, so making up the

Christmas gift list will now be a top priority… if you haven’t already done so.

Finding those special gifts and stocking fillers as

well as the Christmas treats for the table is so easy at

our city’s malls and shopping centres, where the shops

are bursting with festive merchandise.

Every woman likes to receive body pampering

gifts, and there is a huge selection of these priced

to suit all budgets at the many pharmacies and gift

shops around the city. Perfume is another favourite

and again there is a wide selection to choose from,

ranging from exciting new releases to the well-known

fragrances that have stood the test of time. Lingerie,

jewellery, fashion accessories, homewares and decor

items – there’s no end to the ideas for the women on

the list.

The men are equally well catered for, from the

sophisticated metro-male boyfriends, to the car-crazy

Go Karting at Christchurch’s

Premier Indoor Track

brothers and the DIY enthusiast and keen gardener

husbands and dads. Choose from clothing, books,

tools, personal grooming items and gadgets to put a

smile on their face on Christmas morning.

Speaking of smiles, nothing gives families more joy

than seeing the excitement of the children opening

their presents. Whether they are delivered by Santa

or snuck under the tree by mum and dad, the cuddly

toys, games, dolls and building blocks, the candy

canes, toy trucks and pretty dresses currently filling

the shops will bring squeals of sheer happiness from

the smallest family members.

The tweens and teens usually have their own ideas

about what they want for Christmas, so the gift cards

offered by a wide range of retailers are the perfect way

to please.




91 Buchan Street,


Phone 03 374 9425

Designer Fashion

New Zealand’s Largest

Recycled Clothing Retailer

472 Cranford Street, Papanui. Ph: 354 6296

Open 7 days 10am - 4pm

• Designer Brands

• Family Clothing

• Menswear

• Footwear

• Bric-a-brac

• Books

• Household Goods

• Workman Outdoor Clothing

• See the Retro Section

AND Formal Wear


cranFord street







Weekdays only


Food to go • Barista Coffee

Confectionary • Groceries • Icecreams

500 Cranford Street, Papanui

Phone: 03 352 8705

Mon-Fri 6am–10pm Sat-Sun 7am-10pm

See Our








Baby On The Move

Christchurch has an

extensive range of

carseats, buggies,

portacots, highchairs and

more, available for hire.

Littlies coming

for Christmas?

Book now for your Christmas visitors

CENTRAL / 03 421 3243

87a Gasson Street, Sydenham.

NORTH / 03 960 9752

Unit 3 & 4, 515 Wairakei Road, Burnside.


New Zealand's

largest aquatic ride


Tuesday November 26 2019

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McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

Open Day

november 30th 2019

FINALLY, our “new build” is complete and we’d love to personally

show you all around on our OPEN DAY, which is fast approaching.

We are very proud of what we have achieved,

something that hasn’t been seen in small

animal practice before - completely separate

cat and dog reception, consulting, surgical

and ICU treatment areas.

This new edition has been seven years in

the making - a lot of time and energy has

been dedicated to this project as well as

decisions to be made on a daily basis. We

bought the old house next to the clinic in

2012 anticipating we would expand one day.

It was so exciting to finally see foundations

being laid.

grow it, but we have. We now we have a

staff of 27, a team of eight veterinarians with

different skill sets and interests - something

we are very proud of and have tried hard to

achieve. We want our clients to have all their

needs met, and those of their precious pets,

all under one roof.

Old house converted to new extension.

Demolition time.

To go back 20 years ….. In 1999 we took over

the reins of Rozens Vet Clinic ( which was an

old house situated in our carpark). We have

very fond memories of our early days there

and we were a small yet enthusiastic staff

of six back then. Our small garage doubled

as a cattery, our carpark was flooded most

of winter and inhabited by Mallards, X-rays

were manually developed in the toilet and

often we were so busy cages were stacked

on top of each other in the surgical area.

Our young sons, Connor and Dylan, often

watched their mum and dad perform

surgeries, cuddling and playing with kittens

in the small staffroom. They were good times

and we got to know some terrific, animal

mad clients, who are still with us 20 years on.

The Practice we work out of now was built

in 2008 and never thought we would out

Smartflow patient monitoring.

Cat ICU and treatment area.

Aside from the separate cat wing, our new

280 square metre addition will feature

space for rehabilitation and physiotherapy,

a state off the art theatre and surgical wing

for referral surgeries, a double dental room,

another feline ward, large ultrasonography

room and extra kennelling for about 20 dogs

plus storage galore.

We are very proud to now be able to offer

Referral Surgery at McMaster & Heap Vets. Dr

Helen Milner has now joined the team who

is an Australian and New Zealand Registered

Specialist in Small Animal Surgery. She will

be able to offer a wide array of soft tissue,

orthopaedic and neurological surgeries.


are proud to support

McMaster & Heap with

their hospital and NEW cat

only treatment extension.


Dog and Cat food range

are available in the


Trusted by


Proudly suPPorting McMaster and HeaP Veterinary Practice

Visit for

promotion details terms and conditions.

Bayer New Zealand Limited, 3 Argus Place, Hillcrest,

Auckland, New Zealand. | 0800 446 121

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Tuesday November 26 2019 15

McMaster & Heap

Veterinary practice

We are also very fortunate to have the

services of Dr Richard Lucy who does

all the Echocardiography, Endoscopy

and Abdominal and Musculoskeletal

Ultrasonography in the Practice. Richard

has also put pacemakers in dogs, performs

our spinal taps and can also interpret MRI’s

and CT scans. He’s consulted a lot by us all.

Richard and Helens ethics, empathy, genuine

love of all animals, professional style and

incredibly high skill level fits with our aim of

becoming a “Centre of Excellence”.

Our other vets are also skilled up in areas

of interest and passion to them - Steve

with Ophthalmology, Dentistry and

Reconstructive Surgery, Sara enjoying

Dermatology and Exotics, Olivia a whiz at

all tricky Dentistry, Kirsty is very competent

in Soft Tissue Surgery, Chemotherapy and

Transfusion Medicine and Catherine is a

fantastic Medicine and Intensive Care expert

as well as performing Ultrasounds whenever

Richard is away. Me, I’m a jack of all trades,

doing a little of everything but my passion

lies with consulting and meeting new pets

and people, radiography and surgery.

Michele and steve in the cattery.

In the past 20 years we have learnt heaps

about running a successful business and

working together as a team. One of our goals

is to lead by example and empower our staff

to be their best, enjoy what they are good

at and love coming to work for us every day.

The right people, with the right set of skills

and attitude, are the key to our success.

The NZL Veterinary industry is rapidly

changing with many Practices being bought

by Corporate Entities and amalgamating with

practices. The need to keep up, diversify,

provide flexibility and options for people

and find your niche area is our future aim.

We will never stand still and be complacent.

We will listen to our clients and staff and see

what they want from us going forward in the


Cat clinic entrance.

Theatre preparation & surgical scrub area.

We have also moved fast with regards to

technology. I’m not really a starter for change

but Steve persisted and eventually had me

sold on our new veterinary software system,

EzyVet and our new patient monitoring and

billing system, Smartflow. We are virtually

paperless and you’ll see our nurses walking

around with iPads updating flowsheets and

monitoring anaesthetics. Now I couldn’t

go back. This system is so accurate, very

professional and way more efficient.

I hope McMaster & Heap will stand the test

of time, cementing itself in Christchurch, as a

hospital who pride themselves on excellence,

expertise, quality patient care and full

commitment to our people and their pets.

We would love to see you on Saturday

30th November between 12-3pm for a look

around at where your special furries stay

when they are with us and enjoy a coffee,

sausage sizzle and get advice or just enjoy

a chat from our super staff and industry

representatives who will be present on the

day also. There will also be cat and dog

goodie bags, raffles and discount vouchers

on some foods.

Hope to see you real soon.

steve, Michele and Lola

Open 7 days

Cnr Hoon Hay & Coppell Place | Phone 338 2534 | Fax 339 8624 |

McMaster & Heap


Tuesday November 26 2019

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WHY CHoose

for Your next VeHICLe?

It’s in our name

- Value!

A vehicle from

Value Cars will have

the best presentation,

best mileage and best

price combination.

We have been

trusted in Canterbury

for over 25 years and a

majority of our customers

are referral or repeat

customers. We stand by

every vehicle and we are

proud of our service.

One location for

every type of vehicle

and under cover makes

for a pleasant buying

experience. Our colour

and low mileage selection

is something we work

hard to provide.










2010 toyota ractis


Very popular 5 door hatch, features a 1.5 litre

engine with tiptronic trans and travelled very low

ks, looks great finished in dark purple, features

taller seating and higher roofline for easier entry/

exit, rear wiper, black interior, reverse camera, ABS

and airbags. Hurry - won’t last long!



2008 nissan cube


Super cool and funky 5 door hatch, features a 1.5

litre engine with automatic trans and 5 star fuel

efficiency. Looks awesome in blue, driving lights, rear

wiper, push button start, reverse camera, spacious

interior, ABS and airbags, if you prefer to stand out

from the crowd the cube is the perfect choice!



2011 honda fit


The Fit is a popular, versatile, economical and spacious

5 door hatch, features a 1.3 litre engine with Honda's

IMA hybrid technology and automatic trans, stands out

in lime green, cruise control, reverse camera, smart

keyless ignition, rear wiper, very low kms, ABS and

airbags, never lose your vehicle in the carpark again!



2010 fiat 500 pop


Super cool European hatch, 4 seater, features an

economical 1.4 litre engine and a semi automatic/

tiptronic type trans, looks awesome in blue

metallic with driving lights and 17" alloys, two

tone interior, travelled low kms, keyless entry, ABS,

T/C and 6 airbags, inspection is a must!



2013 ford focus


Tech savvy 5 door family hatch, features a 2.0 litre

engine, automatic trans with sport shift option,

looks stunning in wine red with driving lights and

alloys, travelled very low kms, ABS and airbags,

the Focus has long been one of the best in terms

of handling and this model doesn't disappoint!



2012 suzuki splash


Spacious late model 5 door hatch, features a 1.2 litre

engine with automatic trans and

5 star fuel efficiency, looks great and stands out finished

in blue, taller seat access height, super low kms, factory

alloys, ABS and airbags, immaculate example!



2012 nissan skyline


Stylish and well sought after sports sedan, features

a 2.5 V6 high response engine with tiptronic trans,

travelled low kms, looks sleek in silver with driving

lights and 17” alloys, black partial leather interior,

push button start, reverse/side camera, rear parking

sensors, ABS, T/C and airbags, won’t disappoint!



2008 mazda atenza


Very popular family sport sedan, features a 2.5 litre

engine with tiptronic trans and 4 star fuel rating,

looks absolutely stunning in dark purple metallic

with driving lights and 17” alloys, leather interior,

heated front seats, rear parking sensors, push

button start, Bose sound system, low kms.



2008 honda inspire


Luxury inspired 4 door sedan, features a powerful

3.5 litre engine with automatic trans, looks smart

in white with driving lights and 17” alloys, black

leather trim with woodgrain accents, cruise control,

heated front seats, smart keyless ignition, reverse

camera, light up kick panels, ABS, multiple airbags.



2012 toyota camry


Popular mid-sized sedan combining practicality

with a bit of luxury, 2.5 litre engine, hybrid

synergy drive, automatic trans with 5.5 star fuel

rating, grey metallic with chrome detailing, driving

lights and 16” alloys, cruise control, push button

start, ABS, T/C and 9 airbags, very impressive!



2009 toyota vellfire


7 seater with plenty of room to transport a large

family or small group, finished in deep purple with

driving lights and 18” alloys, spacious cabin with

black interior, a 2.4 litre engine with tiptronic trans,

parking sensors, reverse camera, sliding rear doors,

ABS and airbags, travel in style and comfort!



2006 honda cr-v


Stylish and spacious family SUV, features a 2.4 litre

engine with automatic trans, looks great in b lack

with driving lights and 18” alloys, black interior,

reverse camera, rear wiper, low kms, ABS and

airbags, come and inspect today!



2004 nissan murano


Powerful family SUV, features a 3.5 litre engine

with tiptronic trans, 4wd, looks awesome finished

in copper with driving lights and factory 18” alloys,

black leather interior, heated front seats, smart

keyless ignition, rear wiper, low kms, rear spoiler,

ABS and airbags, worth a look!



2011 toyota vanguard


7 seater family SUV, features a 2.4 litre engine with

tiptronic trans and paddle shift option, 4 star fuel

efficiency, dark wine metallic with driving lights at

17” alloys, black interior, push button start, reverse

camera, descent control, ABS and multiple airbags,

renowned Toyota reliability and construction!



2016 ford ranger wildtrak


Ever popular Ranger Wildtrak, NZ’s best selling

vehicle 5 years in a row! Sat nav, radar, cruise,

doublecab, good kms, reverse camera, 6 speed

auto, powerful 3.2 litre turbo diesel, towbar,

finished in white, come down and check it out,

super tidy example!

Registration for 6 months is $301

Value Cars Warehouse


32 Moorhouse Ave, P: (03) 366 7768 IMVDA

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Tuesday November 26 2019 17


Opportunity knocks

21a Augusta Street, Redcliffs

Deadline Sale, all offers will be presented Tuesday 3rd December 2019 at 6pm, unless sold prior

2 bedrooms | 1 bathrooms | 1 living room | 1 car garaging | Listing SMT10487

Positioned to capture the all-day

sunshine and perfect for professionals,

retirees, investors this two double

bedroom 90m2 street facing unit built in

2016 is a sure winner.

Let’s look inside, the open planned

living area with modern kitchen faces

North West and offers a great flow

via sliding doors to the outdoor patio

and courtyard, perfect for outdoor

entertaining. Two double bedrooms

positioned close to the bathroom and

separate wc add to the appeal.

Fully fenced this lovely home is set

in a peaceful setting, you will enjoy

sitting in the Bali themed courtyard

with established gardens. So quiet as

you listen to the sound of birdsong and


Easy drive on access to the single

internal access garage. The garage with

pull down attic storage and laundry

offers great storage options.

This is an unbelievable convenient

location. Enjoy a short stroll to Moncks

Bay waterfront, Barnett Park, the local

bowling club, New World super market,

cafes and bus transport.

Those seriously considering its

purchase are advised to register their

interest as it may be sold at any time.

Deadline Sale, all offers will be

presented Tuesday 3rd December 2019

at 6pm, unless sold prior.

Please call Debra Hakaraia

Smart Real Estate

Call 0275620420 or 033848600

Licensed Agent Reaa 2008


Tuesday November 26 2019

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If you want more information about an item or to contact a

seller, visit and search the ID#

“Trump-Bundle” Books

2004 Toyota Vitz

Toyota Estima

Honda CB750F 1979

Sunbeam Frying Pan

Ford 3000 Y


ID 32440


ID 32458


ID 32425


ID 32309


ID 32457


ID 32441

Johnson 8hp Outboard Motor

Slide Projector

Suzuki Escudo 1989

Victorian Table

STX 38 John Deere Ride-on Mower

Cane Furniture


ID 32376


ID 32455


ID 32416


ID 32408


ID 32452


ID 32392

Ford Fiesta 1.6 LX

Wooden Ladder

9-piece Period Dining Suite

Garden Bike Plant Stand

Honda Accord Euro

Toyota Caldina


ID 32435


ID 32223


ID 32202

See Seller

ID 32164


ID 32147


ID 32035

Solid Rimu Desk by Gavin Cox

1993 Toyota Estima Emina

1896 Roper Steam Bicycle Replica


NZ New Corolla Wagon

Victorian Porcelain


ID 31910


ID 31970


ID 31942


ID 31888


ID 31967


ID 31848

1992 Gibson Firebird V, Mint Mazda MX-5

Small Dehumidifier

Bell Decanters

Tidy VY SS Commodore

Coffee Table - Recycled Hardwood


ID 31883


ID 26396


ID 31875


ID 31865


ID 31800


ID 31869

Ryobi Hedge Cutter

AMW Heavy Duty Scooter

Samsung Fridge/Freezer

FREE Piano

Alloy Jet Boat

Fish Tank, Cabinet & Equipment


ID 31826


ID 28336


ID 31746


ID 31744


ID 28259


ID 31653



2005 Nissan Tiida Latio

Kawasaki ER 650N

Sofa Bed

Leather Recliner


ID 31705


ID 31703


ID 31840

See Seller

ID 31693


ID 31687


ID 31666


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Classifieds Contact us today Phone our local team 03 379 1100

Community Events

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Trades & Services

Vehicles Wanted



want to have a drink that’s

your business. If you want

to stop, we can help. Phone

0800 229-6757


& Supplies



UP? Shrub, hedge &

tree pruning, Lawns,

Gardening, consistently

reliable general property

upkeep, Dip. Hort. 10

yrs experience, One off

tidy ups or on-going

service. Nick’s Garden

Maintenance. Keeping

your garden beautiful.

Free Quote. Ph. 942-4440

& 022 264 7452



Australia QLD





All Units Have Ocean Views.

Heated Pools, Spa & Sauna,

Free Wifi, Tennis &

Mini Golf.




0061 7 5443 5011




In NW area, Finan OK,

seeks a slim stylish affable

lady for company. Ph/TXT

027 6594425

Trades & Services


EST. 1998 NZCN 933020


& Co-ordination

Specialising in Commercial, Industrial & Domestic

FREE Job Appraisal

Police Vetted

• Waterblasting: fences, paths, decks & equipment etc

• Equipment installation, removal

• Importing & Customs Clearing

• Process machinery installation

• Something else? Please call

027 433 8575

No job too small, we consider them all.



concrete & paving

• Driveways

• Earthquake repairs

• New Home Specialists

• Patios & Paths

tel: 0508 873 7483


Trades & Services



Are you

moving house

or trying to


Call All Clear

Canterbury. We work

with you to recycle,

sell and dispose of

unwanted items.

Ph: 03 260 0934

or 021 078 4553

Black & White

Tree and Garden


Qualified Arborist,

Landscape Gardener

and all other

garden services

Contact Rick: 02041454337

Trades & Services



Rope & harness

a speciality,

no scaffolding


30 years of




Exterior staining,

exterior painting,

moss and mould

treatment and


Phone Kevin

027 561 4629



complete service from

start to finish, free quotes,

ph Dave 027 334 4125


full renovations

specialists, LBP builder,

free quote, all building

property maintenace ph 03

383 1927or 027 245 5226


George Lockyer. Over

40 years bricklaying

experience.Uk trained.

Insurance work, EQC

repairs. Heritage

brickwork & stonework

a speciality. No job too

small. Governers Bay.

Home 329 9344. Cell

027 684 4046. E mail

Trades & Services

house and garden




Exposed Aggregate

Stamped Concrete Plain

Concrete Resurfacing

Things we offer...

Competitive/affordable pricing

Attention to detail

Professional service

free quotes/insurance scopes

Cell 0278 145 848


services available



your one stop shop for home services

0800 535 355


Michael Kelly Painters

Locally owned and

operated family


25+ years Experience

• Painting • Wallpapering

• Interior • Exterior

Free Quotes


Michael 0212 649 492



Call us now for fast friendly service.

Get your problems sorted out

quick smart - on time!!

Phone for a


quote now.

Phone 03 377 1280 | Mobile 021 898 380



No job too small. Install

heat transfers, repair/

replace fences, floor

boards, decks. Russ

027 884 2330. Liability



Exp. Repairs, uplifting,

relaying, restretching.

Phone John on 0800

003181, 027 240 7416


Prompt & reliable

registered electrician

with 24 years experience

for all residential and

commercial work, new

housing and switch board

replacements. Phone Chris

027 516 0669


Registered, electrical

installation and repairs,

Gorbie Electrical, ph 021

026 73375 or 03 322 4209


Push mow & Ride On.

Fully insured. Ph John or

Jo on 021 027 99392



local professional, int/

Ext,roofs, wallpaller, call

or text Corban 027 846



50 yrs combined exp.

New, older homes, int, ext.

Locals working for locals.

We stand by Canterbury.

Ph Wayne 027 274 3541 /

385 4348


Qualified & licensed

applicator. Spiders, flies,

ants. Ring Bob 0800



Gib Stopping, Small

job specialty. 30 + years

experience. Ring 0800



Vege gardens, new

sections. Ph Dave 382


sHOe RePAiRs

Belfast engraving. Shoe

repairs, key cutting &

engraving. (10 yrs exp)683

Main North Rd, ph 027




Spouting Unblocked,

Cleaned Out and Flushed

Out. Call Trevor 332 8949

or 021 043 2034


Best price guarantee

Tony 0275 588 895


Best price guarantee Tony

0275 588 895


Flooring - Splashbacks -

Wall incl tile removal, reg

master tiler, ph Dave 027

334 4125


35 years exp, no job

too small. Ph Ross 027


T.v. seRviCe


Repairs, tvs, microwaves,

audio amps, soundbars.

.Aerial & satellite

installations, kitsets, 480D

Moorhouse Ave, ph 03 379


vHs viDeO TAPes

& all camera tapes

converted to DVD, video

taping special occasions,

ph 03 338-1655

CASH/CASH for any

unwanted vehicles, ph

347 9354 or 027 476 2404

Wanted To Buy

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

fridge freezers. Same day

service. Selwyn Dealers.

Phone 980 5812 or 027

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

stoves, washing machines,

313 8156

AAA Buying goods

quality furniture, beds,

stoves, washing machines,

313 8156

TOOLS Garden,

garage, woodworking,

mechanical, engineering,

sawbenches, lathes, cash

buyer, ph 355-2045

Public Notices

We’re for



From Kaikoura,

to Christchurch,

to Ashburton,

we have it covered

20 Tuesday November 26 2019

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24 months

interest free

on everything $499 and over #

101 DAYS

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- pay nothing till m,arch 2020




when you

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Some products on display in selected stores only – please call your local store to check for availability. Black Friday Deals start Wednesday 27th November and end Tuesday 3rd December 2019, while stocks last or unless otherwise stated.

#Apple products, selected computers, game consoles, gift cards, flooring, clearance items and some promotional items are not available in conjunction with interest free offers. Carpet available on a maximum of 18 months interest free.

Exclusions, fees, terms, conditions and credit criteria apply. Equal instalment amounts over finance period of 36 months (unless otherwise stated) and exclude insurance. Booking fee $45.00, Annual fees $45.00 P.A., Security registration

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from 27 November – 3 December 2019. Available in-store and online. No minimum spend. Current interest rate of 23.95% applies to any unpaid balance after the expiry of the interest free period. Standard exclusions, terms, conditions, and

credit criteria apply. See in-store or visit for details. Extra VIP savings available on purchases charged to EasyCard accounts in-store 27 November – 3 December only. Not available in conjunction with any other

offer. Conditions and exclusions apply, ask in-store for details.


550 Colombo Street | Cnr Belfast and Radcliffe Road Northwood, CHRISTCHURCH MEGASTORES

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Summerset at Wigram serviced apartment resident, Alma with daughter Maree

Serviced apartments,

the best of both worlds

Discover how Summerset living allows

Alma to stay active and thrive


22 Tuesday November 26 2019

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“ Since Mum’s been here,

she’s just blossomed”

From growing up in a big family in Christchurch to being happily married for 63 years, Alma’s had

plenty of company throughout her whole life.

So, when the option to move to a Summerset serviced apartment came up, Alma and daughter

Maree were naturally a little nervous it might be a bit on the quiet side for her. But, since the move,

they’ve discovered it’s been anything but quiet.

“I don’t think you’d ever need to feel lonely here. It’s just like a big family and there’s always

something going on,” remarks Alma.

When she first arrived at her serviced apartment, Alma had her husband by her side. Sadly, he

passed away shortly after due to on-going health issues. “I thought it might take her a little while to

deal with the loss of dad and… the new surroundings, but it was quite amazing really how quickly

she settled, and I think that was down to the staff,” recalls daughter Maree.

Alma with Maree as a toddler

While the move was a big decision, the whole family feel that Alma has “blossomed” since and

has become more herself again.

“ She’s involved herself in things that she hadn’t done for years, Choir. Exercising.

She’s just taken it with both hands, made friends and it’s all been just amazing.”

Maree and Alma both admit that the stigma of retirement living put them off for longer than it

needed to. “I think mum was just so delighted when she came here and realised how welcoming

and how well-run [the place was] and what care was here for her. I think it was an eye-opener, really.”

Having Alma living at home with her would have been a dream for Maree, but with the reality of

working all day, she worried her mum would be very bored. But Alma hasn’t had time for boredom

at all since moving to Summerset. “There’s so much to keep you occupied. Music. Happy Hour, little

outings. It’s a lovely place to be.”

Alma also fills her time with a cheeky bit of cleaning, even though she doesn’t need to lift a finger.

“I don’t think she leaves a lot for the staff to clean, but that’s mum,” laughs Maree.

“It’s a relief for us to know that she’s taken care of. Dad would be so pleased to see she’s in a

place like this. It’s just been a godsend.”

To hear Alma’s full story, visit

Alma and Maree enjoy quality time

together at Summerset at Wigram

Serviced apartments pre-selling*

now at Summerset on Cavendish!

View our show home, plans and pricing today!

Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook

*Licence to occupy.

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Tuesday November 26 2019 23

Love serviced apartment living

The best of both worlds: Independent retirement living with support on hand

Summerset serviced apartments are modern, purpose-built homes designed for the over 70s. Serviced apartments are light and

spacious with open plan living, a kitchenette and a separate double bedroom with a large ensuite.

Move in and make it your own

You can furnish it as you like and there’s plenty of room to entertain family and friends.

Summerset serviced apartments, offer:

• Some of the largest serviced apartments in Christchurch

• Patio or balcony homes offering amazing indoor-outdoor flow

• Open plan living

• Located in the heart of the village, close to all the facilities.

You’re welcome to take a tour of our stunning show home, view plans and pricing at a time that suits you, we’re open 7 days!

For more information visit, or call 0800 SUMMER (786 637)

Artist Impression

Artist Impression

View our show home, plans and pricing today!

Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook


24 Tuesday November 26 2019

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Serviced apartments pre-selling* now!

Artist Impression

Artist Impression

Discover Summerset

on Cavendish

Apartment living in the heart of our community

Summerset serviced apartments are located in the heart of our village,

close to all of the facilities.

With options for couples and singles, serviced apartments are designed

to create the perfect balance between independence and support to suit

your needs.

Our homes are low maintenance, free from all the hassles of upkeep.

It’s all about stress-free living, where time is yours to live the life you choose.

Serviced apartments

pre-selling* now

View our stunning show home,

plans and pricing today!

Summerset on Cavendish

147 Cavendish Road, Casebrook

Take bus route 28 straight to our gate

*Licence to occupy.

As a Summerset on Cavendish resident, you’ll have access to a range of community facilities, including;

Divine Café

Exercise room

Communal vegetable


Hair and beauty

Residents’ bar

All-weather bowling green

Residents’ workshop

Swimming pool and/or

spa pool

To find out more about Summerset on Cavendish serviced apartments,

visit or call 0800 SUMMER


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