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Local doctors

launch plan

Covid-19 dashes more plans, P2-4

Medical practices and health

professionals in Mid Canterbury

have joined forces in the fight to

prevent the community spread of


Since the outbreak began, they

have swabbed at least 10 people for

the coronavirus, none were positive,

and consulted many more concerned

they might have the disease.

People needed to practise social

distancing and remain vigilant, said

Three RiversGPSarah Clarke. ‘‘No

positives does not meanwehave no


She said people neededto be kind,

watch out for the vulnerable and

elderly, and follow trusted

information sources, like the

Ministry of Health.

Medical centre staff were wearing

personal protective equipment and

conducting assessments in carparks if

people were showing Covid­19

symptoms, which includefever, adry

cough and shortness of breath.

Ajoint press releasefrom the

Ashburton Covid­19 team advises

people to stayuptodate with local

information, and phone ahead

before going to any medical centre.

‘‘If you arrive without an

appointment thenyou will likely be

asked to go to your carand to phone

in, as we needtotriageevery person

so we can offer the best treatment

without exposing people

unnecessarily to one another in our

clinics and waiting rooms.

‘‘You will speakwith ahealthcare

worker who can discuss your concern

and arrange the best management.’’

People with Covid­19 questions

needed to ring the dedicatedhealth

line 0800 358 5453 and be prepared

to wait. Those feeling very ill could

ring their usual GP. The campaign

against Covid­19 emphasises social

distancing and keeping yourself safe.

Prescriptions can be faxed to

pharmacies and and in some

circumstances may be delivered,

people feelingunwell should stay at

home and physical contact with nonhousehold

membersshould be

minimised. ‘‘Don’t shake hands and

wash your hands for at least20

seconds or use sterilising hand gel as

often as you can and then definitely

if you touch something you are

worried about.’’

Flu vaccinations will be earlythis

year for vulnerable people and GPs

will contact those eligible directly.

Others will be vaccinated after the

vulnerable. Don’t phone in to ask

about the flu vaccine, lines are busy

dealing with Covid­19 inquiries.

Dr Clarke said frontline staff were

meeting regularly, collaborating and

behaving like abig healthcare family.

Panic buying was notnecessary.

‘‘Supply lines are intact and you only

need what you would for two weeks

in case you have to isolate. Groceries

can be delivered.’’

Hinds School pupils Kezia Fox (holding Scottish Thistle), Matisse Eccelstone (kale) and Fabian Tipacti

(fodderbeet) with school parent and dairy farmer Todd Halliday (ryegrass) talk pasture and grass

types for the AgriKids competition, which was moved from the cancelled Methven A&P Show to an

online quiz.

A&P show feeling the love

The Methven A&P Show may

suffer a financial blow with the

cancellation of this weekend’s show

but community support has been

humbling, says president Adam


Organisers pulled the pin on the

show, just days out from their 106th

annual event.

“Obviously we are gutted.”

There had been alot of work and

effort by alot of people to get ready

for the show, he said.

But he was particularly thankful

to the trades and sponsors who had

opted to leave entry money in, as a

way to support the association and

keep it afloat.

‘‘It’s really quite humbling,” he


Continued Page 4

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Page 2, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

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Motor racingfan in isolation

Ashburtongraphic designer

Murray Thompson will spend the

nexttwo weeks in self­isolation

after travelling to Melbourne for

the abandoned Grand Prix motor

racing event.

His familyisstaying at least2m

awayand his workmates are now

managing his unexpected


It’sascene that willhave

played out in thousands of family

homes and workplacesafterNew

Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda

Ardern announcedall people

entering the country will have to

self­isolate,inanattempt to

prevent the spread of the

coronavirus, COVID­19.

Murray planstofollow the

rules set out by the Ministry of

Health and says others who find

themselvesinthe same situation

needtodothe same. He is

disappointed the holiday he

planned ayear ago with his son

Daniel did not pan out as

expected, but says preventing

community spread of the disease

is moreimportant.

Murray,abig motor racing fan,

had been lookingforwardtothe

trip. He woke up Friday morning

in Melbourne to the news one of

the McLaren team membershad

tested positive for the virus; the

event was cannedlater that day.

He was amonghundreds of

thousands of motor racing fans

Murray Thompson’s empty plane returns to Christchurch.

that had headed to Melbourne

for the opening eventofthe

Grand Prix. The border controls

for self­isolation came as ashock.

He headed onlinetofind out

more information and

investigated changing his flightto

make it back before the new

restrictions kickedin. He and

Danieldecided eventually to

returnontheir booked flightson

Tuesday night.

The pair took ariver cruise on

the Yarraand visited the

Melbourne Museum; other

motor racing fans stayed in the

city and alsotried to fill in their


But by Monday, tourist

attractionswere closingdown.

Victoria declared astate of

emergency later that day.

Murray saidmany people wore

masks as theymoved around the


He carried handsanitiser and

used it after touching door

handlesand other public

surfaces. ‘‘I was touching the

escalator buttons with my jacket

and being abit paranoid, but life

had to carryon.’’

He was pleased to be home.

Workingfrom home may be



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possible, but Murray is

planning how to spend his daysin

self­isolation. He is well and has

no symptoms of the virus.

New Zealanddirector­general

of healthDrAshley Bloomfield

said self­isolation was a‘‘high

trustarrangement’’ but he had

greatconfidence Kiwiswould act

collectively for the public good.

Self­isolation was aprovenand

effectiveway to keep

communitieshealthyand safe

and stop the spread of COVID­

19, he said.

‘‘It means taking simple,

commonsense steps to avoid

closecontact with other people as

much as possible. You can go

outside, but you need to limit

your contact withothers.’’


face­to­face contact closer than

two metresfor more than 15


He saidpeoplecould go for a

bike,orawalk or arun, but on

theirown, and avoid close contact

with anyone.

‘‘Youcan livewith others

during your 14 days, but you need

to avoid close contact with them.’’

People who developed

symptoms, including fever,a


should contacttheir GP and

follow instructions.

The COVID­19Healthline

number is 0800 358 5453.

Boost lost as bike champs canned

By Mick Jensen

There will be no South Island

Schools’ MTB Championships at

the Mt Hutt Bike Park next week

and no big financial boost for the

Methven economy after the cancellation

of the event due to the

threat of coronavirus.

The 2020 championships was

set to be the biggest New Zealand

schools’ mountain bike

event to date, with record numbers

entered into enduro, downhill

and cross country competitions


Last year’s very successful

event at Mt Hutt brought inan

estimated $500,000 into the

Methven economy and more

was anticipated this year.

Bike Methven has been

working onthe event management

side of the championships

for a number of months and

spokesperson Clare Harden

said the need to cancel had

been confirmed earlier this


‘‘Sadly it’s has been out of

our control.

‘‘We’ve been following the

Government health advice and

the event is ultimately

regulated bythat.

‘‘We are definitely disappointed.

Our aim for this event

was to bring economic benefit

to Methven, it now looks like it

willbeaveryhardtime over the

next few months for this town.’’

Mrs Harden said Bike Methven

was still working through

the logistics with suppliers, but

it looked like there would be a

financial hit.

She said it was hoped to

reschedule the event, but the

ability todothat was restricted

by the upcoming ski season on

Mt Hutt.

March next year was earmarked

as apossibility, she said.

This year’s event had maximum

confirmed entries of 320

in the enduro, 275 in the

downhill and 300 in the cross


Some 30 volunteers were

lined up to carry out driving,

marshalling, registration, timing

and parking duties, and

more were being asked to lend


Therewas to be free entryfor

spectators, food and music on

offer and some big jumps

expected from talent young


Hours of work had also gone

into track preparation and

other logistics.

Bike Methven used last

year’s event profits for a new

shuttle trailer and track maintenance.

This year’s profits

were earmarked for more track

development and maintenance.

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Dr Michael Mosley’s health, wellbeing

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Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 3

College halts

mass events

Ashburton College,with

1200 students and 150

staff,has suspended

assemblies and events in

itsauditorium after

Government announced

new rules aboutmass

gatherings in the fight

against community spread

of the coronavirus, Covid­


Studentathletes have

also been told theywill

not be going to national

secondary school sports

events likerowing’s

Maadi Cup at Lake

Ruataniwha, softball’s

tournament at Nelson and

basketball’s 3x3


Principal Ross Preece

said it wasdisappointing

for the students after

months of trainingbut the

sporting competitions had

been suspended following

government advice

against holdingevents

that would bringmore

than 500 people together.

SchoolSport New

Zealand will review the

situation on April 6.

Mr Preece said the

college would not be

holding campus events

that involved large

numbers of students and

staff in an enclosed space.

That meant the

cancellation of AshDance

in the auditorium,

involving 250 students,

and house assemblies,

which involved around

300 people.

The move was good

practiceand in line with


advicetoavoid an

outbreak of Covid­19, he


Staff havealso been

gauging the ability of

students to work


‘‘We have32familieswho

do not have the internet.’’

Mr Preece and other

Canterbury secondary

school principals will

meetonFridayfor ahui

devotedentirely to

dealingwith the disease.

Theywould be guided by

the ministry.

He said the school was

taking practical,

commonsense measures

and encouraging


who wereill were being

askedtostay at home.

It wasimportant to

keep the virus in

perspective and notpanic,

he said.

‘‘Wehave made sure

soap is available in our

toilets and put up signsto

remindpeople aboutthe

importance of


It wastoo early to make

decisions on other

international trips by

studentslater in the year,

he said.

Science students were

due to headtoIndonesia

in July and the school’s

FirstXIcricket team was


tour to Australia aheadof


Events postponed

Ashburton Aviation

Museum members have

postponed their popular

school science programme

due to Covid­19


They are among some

of the many district’s

older community members

who are taking

notice of the Government’s


and limiting potential

exposure around Covid­


The programme offers

pupils a chance to visit

the airport­based

museum and learn how

science and flight combine

from museumvolunteers

learning about the

mysteries of flight including

cold fronts, air flow,

drag, navigation and

flight checks.

The Mid Canterbury

Choir’s performance of

the Messiah on April 5is

also postponed. Choir

manager Carol Gunn said

it would be rescheduled

to November, orinApril


Rowers disappointed over Maadi

Rowing's Maadi Cup has been

cancelled as aresult of the

coronavirus outbreak.

One of the biggest school

events in the southern

hemisphere and due to be held

on Lake Ruataniwha, Twizel,

later this month, the huge

regatta attracts over 2000

secondary school rowers and

many more supporters.

Sixteen rowers from

Ashburton College have been

training and racing for the past

six months in preparation for

the season­ending premier


At last week’s South Island

Secondary School

Championships at Twizel

rowers were told that Maadi was

at risk of being cancelled

because of Covid­19.

Rowing NZ it would have a

significant impact upon school

rowing programmes, but

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Ashburton College rowers were all smiles at Lake Ruataniwha last weekend and before the

news of Maadi’s cancellation.

remains supportive of the

containment initiatives.

Ashburton College Rowing

president Andrew Leverton said

the decision to cancel was the

right one based on the current


‘‘Our rowers have been




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training hard and building for

Maadi for the past six months,

just like hundreds of other

school rowers around the


‘‘They were really looking

forward to the five­day event,

both from the rowing and social

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•6kg -good mid sized

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•OLEDqualitywith 8million pixels and abillion colours

•Freeview with liveTVondemand –catch up or binge

when desired

•Easy connectivityfor soundand media playback

$16.65 weekly

aspects, and are rightly

disappointed not to be going.’’

Ashburton College Rowing

had an open day at Lake Hood

on Sunday at 9.30am when any

new rowers could jump into a

boat and could find out more

about the sport.





Andrew Falloon

MP for Rangitata

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Page 4, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Ag show online for kids

Hinds School pupils wereamong

the hundreds of childrenregionwide

to be affected by the

cancellation of the Methven

A&P show.

The showwas due to hostthe

Aorangi regionalfinal for the

Young Farmer of the Year,

which also includes the AgriKids

and Junior Young Farmers

competitionsfrom around the


Adozen schools fromthe

Aorangi region, including eight

from Mid Canterbury and

Geraldine,each had multiple

teams participating in the

AgriKids event. Therewere

multiple teams in the Junior

Young Farmers.

They were notifiedmid­

Tuesday morning of achangein

formattoanonlinequiz and

some were scrambling to

complete theirentries by the cutoff


Hinds School had an

impressive 30 children entered


Watched by teacher Sonya

Hurst,the Hinds pupils –in

teams of three –completedthe

quiz under timepressure. They

Hinds School pupils (from left) Kate Sheppard, Alison Harbutt

and Morgan Harbutt take the AgriKids online quiz hoping to

make it to the Face-Off regional final online.

had eight minutesbefore

incurring pointpenalites. The

pupilshave had training time

with parents giving up their time

to help them get up to speed with

aspects of farming coveredin

past events.They included

drenching knowledge, animal

husbandry, crops and pasture


At least half the pupils were

involved in AgriKids last year so

were building on their


The bestteam from each

school, with an additional two

teams region wide with best

overall rankings, will go on to

take part in an online Face­Off

event,anonline live quiz



Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Support for show

From Page 1

The Methven A&P Association runs

other events during the year to help pay

some bills but also to raise the profile of

farming, or to raise money for community

groups and individuals. They include

an on­farm heifer competition, the

annual wheat growing competition and a

gift lamb auction, with lambs donated

from farmer’s around the district.

Money from the auction,which will go

ahead albeit in another form, also

supports local services, organisations

and tertiary education scholarships.

Mr Glass said the popular primary

school Spud in aBucket competitionwill

also go ahead as usual, which was good

news for the hundreds of pupils at local

area schools.

The undisturbed buckets were due to

be collected as usual and judged Friday

morning. The results will be up at the

A&P association pavilion at the showgrounds

on Friday afternoon.

As in past years any unclaimed

potatoes would be donated to aged­care

facility Methven House.

Mr Glasssaid people who had entered

the home industries competitions can

also collect their submitted entries, such

as art, photographs or paintings as well

as any entry cost refunds, from organisers

at the pavilion tomorrow. It will be

open between 2pm and 5pm.

The Aorangi and Tasman FMG

Young Farmer of the Year regional

finals, also to have been held at the

Methven show, have been postponed

until further notice.

NZ Young Farmers chief executive

officer Lynda Coppersmith said the new

date would be confirmed later.

“It is for the safety of our competitors,

staff and spectators and imperative that

we don’t put anyone at risk and help

prevent the spread ofCovid­19.


Reviewed by Rowena Hart

Military Wivescentres on agroup of women from

different backgrounds whose partners areaway

serving in Afghanistan. Faced with their loved

ones’ absences,they come together toformthe

very first militarywives choir,helping each other

through some of life’smost difficult moments.

Remember the hilarious movie ... “The Full

Monty”?Peter Cattaneo made that. Andhemade

this one too, choosing KristinScott Thomas and

Sharon Horgan as the leading ladies.

It wasinspired by true events.Iunderstand there

aremanychoirs like this one around the world


It’s areal crowdpleaser.

Although youmay have to take your tissues with


*MilitaryWiveshas beendelayed and will return.

bookings ph 307 1230





Celebrity chefs (from left) mayor Neil Brown, Pup Chamberlain, Bernard

Egan and Susan Spencer united for agood cause in apie bake-off.

Celebrity chefs face off

Apumpkin pie baked by local celebrity

Bernard Egan fetched top price at the St

Andrew’s church fair at the weekend.

Bernard’s dessert pie sold for $31 at

an auction that followed abake­off that

also included Ashburton mayor Neil

Brown, health promoter Pup

Chamberlain and performer Susan


The four shared asmall kitchen at the

Sinclair Centre, where the church fair

was held, rolling out pastry and filling

pie dishes with favourite fillings before

popping them into the oven.

The mayor created abacon and egg

pie, as did Susan and Pup, though in the

end there were six pies for auctioneer

Jarrod Ross to sell. Bernard had enough

ingredients to make two pies, while Pup

bought apie on the way to the fair in

case his was aflop.

Fair organiser Maureen Maginness

said the banter between chefs in the

kitchen was hilarious and helped make

the event ahuge success. Several

thousand dollars was raised for the


She said members of the parish and

local businesses had donated items for

raffle prizes, which were popular among

the many stalls that spread out in the










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266 Havelock Street,Ashburton

Telephone 308 7149






10:00am -8:00pm

10:00am -9:30pm

10:00am -6:00pm


from March 19

to March 26


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 5

Truck­driving Trevor parks up

By Linda Clarke

Trevor Begg reckons he’s driven

about 4.5 million kilometres in the

course of his truck driving life.

The Ashburton man retired from

the big rigs this month after 48 years

with Rural Transport (previously

Burnetts Motors).

Trevor has carted hay, stock,

buildings, machinery and once a

large concrete elephant, destined for

life in aMid Canterbury garden. The

elephant generated afew odd looks

on the highway.

The 68­year­old has been

reflecting this week on aworking

lifetime spent largely on the roads of

the South Island. He was encouraged

to join Burnetts by his father­in­law

and spent 18 months working as an

off­sider to Bruce Scott, who was a

good teacher.

His first truck was alittle two­axle

Commer truck, painted green in

Burnetts colours, and equipped with

ahiab for lifting heavy things.

He treated it well and it was the

first 10 trucks (three brand new) he

would go on to drive, hiab on the


Trevor has huge respect for the

trucks he has driven, in the early days

the maximum weights were around

30 tonne but some units now weigh

60 tonne. It is ahuge responsibility

sharing the road with other users and

he says the secret is keeping acool

Trevor Begg has parked up his big truck and hiab for the last time.

head when others on the road

around him are making risky


He favours afour­lane highway

between Ashburton and

Christchurch and says there are

plenty of idiots on the road already,

Autumn 2020






Open Mon-Fri 9-5, Sat-Sun 10-4

19 Peters St


(03) 303 7621

especially those who pass at the end

of the passing lanes.

Trevor has been in acouple of

crashes, neither his fault, and has

been first on the scene of some

serious accidents, two involving

trains. He helps and tries to forget


what he has seen.

An unusual incident on the

Killmog hills north of Dunedin sticks

in his mind. He was driving atruck

laden with heavy containers of meat

back to Ashburton and going slowly

down one of the final hills when he

was passed by an elderly man on a

bicycle ­the cyclist was trying to

brake and had broken the chain of

his bike.

Trevor eventually found him intact

on the side of the road, white as a

sheet, after the road flattened out.

He put the bike on the back of his

truck and gave him aride to Cherry


Trevor’s love of trucks and

vehicles is seen in his private life too.

He is the president of the

Ashburton Vintage Car Club and

also amember of the Mid

Canterbury Vintage Machinery


He drives amodern red Holden

Commodore, but he also has a1937

Chev and a1958 Morris Minor that

he also drives as often as possible.

The Chev once belonged to his

grandmother and was sold out of the

family to be afarm hack. Trevor

bought it back, loved it and made it

mechanically sound.

The Morris Minor is still going

strong too, thanks to regular

servicing and grease and oil changes.

Keeping up the maintenance is key

for along, happy, motoring life.

Tiger Moths gather at Ashburton Airport

Eight Tiger Moths, aGypsy Moth,

three Chipmunks and one Auster

were among some of the classic

aircraft to touch down at the Ashburton

Airport last weekend.

The planes were flown by members

of the Tiger Moth Club of New

Zealand and among them was Jan

Chisum, of Hawkes Bay, who owns a

1929 Gypsy Moth.

The Gypsy was predecessor to the

Tiger Moth aircraft.

Jan was in the Gypsy’s pilot seat,

while husband Jerry was flying one

of the Tiger Moths, owned by friend,

Des Strong, of Palmerston.

The couple have owned the

rebuilt Gypsy for eight years, but

more than 85 years ago it was owned

by Jan’s father, Stan White.

Jan took up flying after her father.

He was apilot prior to enlisting in

the Royal Air Force and owned the

Gypsy back in the early 1930s.

The Gypsy has a120 horsepower

engine and flies up to 85 miles per

hour; it was flown from London to

Sydney by Jan’s father in 1934. It was

then shipped across to New Zealand.

While her dad eventually sold it,

Jan kept an eye on it and finally

convinced the owner to sell.

She says flying gives a huge

amount of pleasure and has become


She took it up at age 23, back in

1987, because it seemed like fun,

and was achange from horses she

was used to being around. One of

Jan’s favourite competition events is

the non­instrument circuit flying;

she often competes against her


She concedes to being a bit

bonkers when it comes to owning an

older aircraft.

“We are all nutters to be involved

with old aeroplanes,” she said.

Although they can do some basic

maintenance, specialist maintenance

is also needed on the aircraft.

Jan was due to leave her Gypsy in

storage at the Ashburton Airport for

Pilot Jan Chisum and her 1929 Gypsy Moth in Ashburton.

next month’s Warbirds over Wanaka,

but with the event cancelled

due to COVID­19, she has flown it


The Tiger Moth Club members

get together twice ayear, including

for their annual general meeting.

They like to hold their AGMs in a

different location each year and had

the added bonus of the Ashburton

Aviation Museum members catering

their Saturday evening meal.

During the weekend they also

took part in air races, flying challenges

and events to showcase their

vintage aircraft.




Letters have been sent to 200

people inviting them to take

part in the Ashburton District

Council’s annualresidents’

survey; council is canvassing

800 people this year, in four

waves of 200.

Spreading the survey gives a

more accurate description of

people’s feelings about council

services and facilities, instead

of one issue topical at the time

of survey dominating the


The number of residents to

be surveyed in the new wave

system has risen from 400, with

the second wave of 200 letters

sent at the start of March.

Residents are given asurvey

identification numberand told

they have been randomly

selected to take part in the

resident survey. Everyone who

completes the survey goes into

adraw to win one of two $50

Prezzy cards.

The online survey takes

15­20 minutes to complete and

people needtodothat by

March 27.

The survey invitation letter

says council wants to hear if it is

spending hard­earned

ratepayer money in the right

places and on the right things.

‘‘By sharing your thoughts

about council’s services and

facilities, you can help shape

our community and make

Ashburton abetter place to


Council’s business covers

roads, footpaths, drinking

water, wastewater, recycling,

street lighting, community

recreation facilities, animal

control, building consents,

policy development and town

planning. Electedmayor and

councillors allocate resources

and monitor maintenance and

delivery of facilities and


The survey is conducted by

independent research company

Key Research on council’s


Council CEO Hamish Riach

said the new survey system

better reflected how residents

felt about council services

throughout the year. Eachwave

was selected to represent ‘‘a

sensible cross­section of the


Do youneeDinsect

anDsecurity screens,

warDrobe DoorsanD


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Page 6, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Vallenders active in the community

Badge for 50 years of service

Elaine Vallender was just 16years

old when she became aGirlGuiding

Brownie leader with Shirley

Brownies, in Christchurch. It was


Since then she’s had alife­long

association with the youth organisation,

aiming to empower girls as

they explore their world.

It’s seen her make some great

friends and travel the world.

And it’s now earned her a

GirlGuiding 50 Years Service


‘‘Through GirlGuiding I have

had opportunities I would never

have had and I’ve made some

amazingly good friends…people

you keep in contact with who have

similar values, such as being loyal,

supporting each otherand respect.”

They are the same values she

tries to install in her charges.

‘‘You see it coming out with the

girls’ development.’’

And she has been fortunate to

‘‘watch girls develop into leaders of

the future’’.

But it’s been a two­way street

Elaine Vallender has earned a50

years service badge.

with GirlGuiding giving her personal

development and a raft of


She has taken on roles such as

national board member, national

membership committee chair, been

anational youth adviser, regional

co­ordinator and trainer, and been

on two national Rangers event


She has also represented New

Zealand at an Asia Pacific

Regional Conference and travelled

to India, Fiji and Hong Kong.

Elaine came from aGirlGuiding

family. Her older sister was a

Brownie so it was no surprise when

Elaine and her twin sister joined at

age eight.

Elaine worked her way up

through the ranks and was in

Rangers while studying atuniversity.

She moved to Ashburton in 1975

to take up her first teaching role at

Ashburton College; as music

teacher. She eventually went on to

be head of music department, then

arts co­ordinator. She started work

at St John Ashburton around six

years ago.

But the move toMid Canterbury

saw her continue asaGirlGuiding

leader, learning the ropes working

alongside Muriel Lay and the late­

Helen Bell at Allenton Brownies.

She then became Rangers leader

at Ashburton Rangers, with girls

aged 12 to 17 years old.

It’s where she has stayed. She has

been their long enough to see the

secondgeneration of Rangerscoming

through the organisation.

GirlGuiding may have changed

in the past few years and become

more corporate, but Elaine puts

that down to more competition for

youth attention now than ever

before. There are also morewomen

working, with lesstime to volunteer

than before.

Elaine does plan to retire this

year –her and husband, Glenn are

planning amove closer to Christchurch

–but she will not step down

until the end of the year. And it’s a

good time, the Ashburton Ranger’s

have new leaders being nurtured to

pave the way for the future.

She will also finish in her paid

role at St John, but continue

volunteering with St John, as a

health shuttle team leader and

promoting the St John of Jerusalem

Eye Hospital.

Glenn sharing passion for geology

By Mick Jensen

Glenn Vallender taught science and

biology to teenagers at Ashburton

College for 38 years, but for the last

five years he’s been sharing his

knowledge and passion for the

subject of geology with amuch older


He is amember of the Ashburton

University of Third Age (U3A)

group and regularly hosts talks for


U3A is a learning community

organised by and for the people in

retirement or semi retirement.

Mr Vallender has been educating

seniors locally on all aspects of

geology through a special interest

group he set up in 2015.

His knowledge has also been

shared with Geraldine and Ellesmere

U3A groups and he will soon

speak to members of anew Temuka

U3A group.

Mr Vallender said U3A was set

up to ‘‘expand the horizons’’ of

older people.

His subject of geology was about

‘‘digging deep beneath your feet’’

Passionate about geology: Glenn Vallender logs on to access up to

the minute seismology data from the seismograph held at

Ashburton Museum.

and often appealed to people who

enjoyed the outdoors or ‘‘had a

curiosity about the natural world’’.

Mr Vallender talks focus on areas

such as urban geology, New Zealand

seismology, fossils and geo heritage


His series concludes with afield

trip that could take in avisit to a

riverbed, the beach or afavourite

spot like Mt Somers.

‘‘I present the material, but there

is a‘show and tell’ element to things

as well,’’ said Mr Vallender.

Seismology has been one area of

growing interest for people in recent


Mr Vallender, who has adoctorate

in geo science education, is able

to show people the seismograph that

belongs to Auckland University and

kept at Ashburton Museum.

He can access data from it

remotely and then drill down to

demonstrate what is happening

around the country.

He likes to put alocal angle on his

material whenever possible and is

keen to see new members join

Ashburton U3A and his interest


Anew geology series starting on

April 22 will focus on urban geology.

Other talks will be held in June,

September and November and a

field trip to either Onawe peninsula,

Kaitorete Spit or the Geosciences

Department at University of Canterbury

will run in December.

For more information on the

geology special interest group contact

Glenn Vallender on 308 8373.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


work set

to begin

The southern exteriorwallofthe

AshburtonArt Galleryand

HeritageCentrewill be painted

and sealed first as the Ashburton

District Council begins remedial

work on the facility.

Council discovered intermittent

waterleaks in the building during

extreme weather afterthe building

became fully occupied.Council

alsofound the air conditioning

system was notworking to its


Internaland externalworks over

coming weeksand months will

occur, as council beginsa

programme to address the issues



Thefirstwork to be undertaken

will be painting and sealing the

southernexterior wallofthe

building as this wasidentified as in

most need for treatment, with

other walls being painted and

sealed wherenecessary. The three

upstairsbay windows facing State

Highway1will also be

weatherproofed (and ventilatedif


Other works includeinspecting

and repairing the roof membrane,

installingnew heating and

ventilation equipment,including

the installationofbuffer tanks.

Chief ExecutiveHamishRiach

sayscouncil is pleased to beginthe

work,which hasbeenbudgeted for

in the 2019/20 Annual Plan.

‘‘Our first priority is completing

the paintingand roof membrane

work beforewinter,then moving

on to the work needed inside the


‘‘It's importantthat we get this

required workunder way sooner

ratherthan later, as we know the

Art Gallery andHeritageCentre is

an important facility to our


Council has takenadditional

steps to ensure the protectionof

the art gallery and museum assets

whilework has been waiting to

begin. This has included regular

monitoring of temperatures and

moisturelevels and installing a

temporarydehumidifier system

where neededtomaintain

appropriate levels of climate


Thework is not expected to

affectthe centre'sopeninghours.

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LPG Deliveries from the

Rangitata to the Rakaia –

From the


to the sea.



LPG Refills at:




TEL 308 5397


Charlie returns to gardening roots

Gardening influencer Charlie

McCormick likes to plan trips down

under to coincide with the Mayfield

A&P Show.

It’s his old stomping ground and

where he grew up.

And last weekend, nearing the end

of atwo­week holiday, he got to be

guest judge in the children’s cut

flower section at the annual event.

Charlie, who lives in Dorset,

England, was once listed in the top

30 gardening influencers and had his

garden mentioned in last year's top

10 of most popular United

Kingdom's gardens. He has 98,200

followers on Instagram; the Mayfield

A&P Show home industries entries

and the Ashburton Dahlia Show

made it to his page.

He has shown at the Dorset

Country Show and enters around 17

shows aseason, showing cut flowers

and vegetables, with some baking.

He moved to England on an

overseas adventure, found his future

love, got married and now lives there.

As agardening author he writes

for the Times, The Sunday Times,

House and Garden, and Pleasure

Garden Magazine. He has also

appeared on BBC Gardeners’


The 30­year­old got to see many

familiar faces at the show, including

those of his gardening mentor Jackie

Ryan, his aunty Catherine from

Ashburton, and sister Annabel who

was visiting from Christchurch.

And he got to see all the floral

entries in the home industries


Charlie McCormick checks out the cut flowers at the Mayfield A&P Show. Photo Toni Williams

“They are very well judged,” he


He still tries to be aregular to the

Mayfield show, which most of his

family have adeep­rooted

association with, including Mayfield

stalwart, and one of the gardening

influences in his life, his grandfather

Hamish McCormick.

Charlie was encouraged to have

entries in the A&P show from an

early age and was keen to encourage

the next generation to pick up the

tradition of entering shows and

keeping shows alive.

At this year’s show, the

McCormick clan had awide range of

entries from those of 96­year­old

Hamish in the cut flower section, to

those of youngest family member

Charlotte McCormick, aged 18

months, with an entry in the painting

section and afirst place in the

floating flower section.

Surprise service badge brings Jude to tears

Women’s Institute stalwart Jude

Vaughan was the unsuspecting

recipient of aWIGood Service

Badge recently.

Mrs Vaughan was surprised when

the award was presented at the Mid

Canterbury Federation of WI’s

annual general meeting after asecret

nomination by her peers at Lowcliffe


“It just blows you away, it’s not for

me, it’s for the organisation. The

acknowledgement from your peers,

that means so much,” she said.

Lowcliffe members say she is a

proactive and inspirational colleague

that they are lucky to have.

Mrs Vaughan has been amember

of Lowcliffe WI for 10 years but

before immigrating to New Zealand

she had been amember of the

United Kingdom WI for 32 years.

In New Zealand, she has served on

the National Executive Committee

and, in the past two years, has been

New Zealand Federation of WI’s national executive committee

member Kathryn Hopkinson (left), badge recipient Jude Vaughan and

Mid Canterbury president Mavis Wilkins. Photo Supplied

vice­president, remits convener and

handcraft and communications


And for the past seven years has

been on the Mid Canterbury

Federation holding positions of

president, minute secretary and

federation secretary.

She was also on the Canterbury

Belles organising committee for the

2017 National AGM.

As the final speaker at that AGM,

her insights and aspirations for the

organisation touched so many WI

members attending, she got a

standing ovation.

Her badge was presented by friend

and fellow national executive

committee member Kathryn

Hopkinson, of North Canterbury

WI; it brought afew tears.

“The recognition by your peers is

the biggest honour,” she said.

Awoman with many interests,

including arts and crafts, quilting and

textiles, Mrs Vaughan’s handcraft is

described as outstanding and earned

her national recognition.

Mrs Vaughan is on the Lowcliffe

WI committee and helps with Meals

on Wheels, catering, organising

annual Bay and Tray competition

entries and enters federation


She has also represented WI at

Civil Defence and Rural Support

Trust meetings.

Harvest party

Popular Christchurch band

Assembly Required will playatthe

Pendarves Young Farmers after

harvestpartynextmonth. The

event, at the Ashburton

Racecourse, has aBlack Tie

Opshop theme and is R18 to

celebrate the annual harvest

season. More than 350 people

turned out last year andorganisers

are hoping that asimilar number

will turnuptoenjoy the event

again. Tickets are available

through the Pendarves Young

FarmersFacebook page.

Old consents

Ashburton District Council staff

are workingtheirway through

thousands of old consents for

building work thatstill has no code

of compliance certificate. The

issue came to lightin2017, when

changes to the Building Act

imposed atwo­year limit. The

backlog has gone from around

5000 to 3389, with council staff

contacting owners as they worked

through old files when they had


Bovis boss off

Mycoplasma bovis programme

director Geoff Gwyn has

announced he is leaving the

programme. Mr Gwyn has spent

almost three years leading the

response and effort to eradicate

Mycoplasma bovis from New

Zealand. It is understood Mr

Gwynhas beenseconded to

another position with no plans to

return at the end of the

secondment. There is atransition

plan in placefor Mr Gwyn’s

replacement (yet to be

announced), whowill be on board

before his departure on April 3.

Diversity display

Cultural diversity will be

celebrated at Mount HuttCollege

next weekasthe school hosts its

annual diversityevening. It is open

to the community and supported

by Mid Canterburygroups,

families and organisations also

invited to be part of the event.

There will be arange of stalls

showcasing adiverse rangeof

cultures through food (available to

purchase), culturalactivities,

displays and performancesto

appeal to youngand old. Money

raised will be used to welcome

refugees to the district. Diversity

Day will be heldinthe college hall

and school grounds on March 26

from 5pm to 7pm.

Mid/South CanterburyContinuous Spouting





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Page 8, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Mayor suggests red paint

warnings at intersections

Ashburton mayor Neil Brown has suggested

painting red warnings on the road

at problem intersections in the district.

He said large red warnings squares

had been painted on State Highway 1on

either side of the Chertsey rail crossing

and they did a good job alerting

motorists a change in the road was


The same warnings could be painted

on roads at intersections what are

known crash spots.

According to crash analysis data, 39

per cent of intersection crashes on local

roads in the past five years were caused

by drivers failing to give way or stop.

Sixty­three per cent of drivers who

caused crashes were male and almost

half of those 34 years or younger. Thirtyone

per cent of women who crashed

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at the same time

Spend a couple of hours

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Ashburton Courier and Realty in

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were in the 45­64 year age group.

Mr Brown said council had been

looking at ways ofreducing intersection

crashes using rumble strips and stop

signs, but red warnings painted on the

road could also help attract adriver’s


‘‘It’s avery effective way of lettingyou

know there is apotential hazard coming


Mr Brown’s suggestion came at council’s

infrastructure committee meeting

last week, where minutes of a recent

road safety meeting were discussed.

Cr LynetteLovett said the road safety

committeewas awaiting areport on how

effective that, and other measures, had

been on changing driver behaviour.

‘‘If it works, we should be looking at

it,’’ Mr Brown said.

Kids duathlon lined up

Argyle Park will host the third Figure

Fitness Ashburton kids duathlon on

April 5.

The event will be run in three age

group sections, each starting at a

different time, and the first beginning at


Three to eight year olds will tackle a

800m bike ride and 600m run, those

aged eight to 10 years have a1.7km bike

ride followed by 800m run, and a3.4km

pedal and 1.7km run is lined up for those

over 10.

The laid back event is held to

encourage participation and fun.

Entry costs $10 and proceeds will be

donated to the Australian Bush Fires


More information on the Figures

Fitness Ashburton Facebook page.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Rakaia Gorge trust set up

By Mick Jensen

The Fantail Trust has been set up

with the aim of making an area of

the Rakaia Gorge predator­free

by 2050.

The trust has been set up by

local residents Christine and

Robert Koller who are keen to

establish anative bird and plant

sanctuary on the true left side of

the Rakaia River in order to

encourage repopulation and the

protection of native birds, animals

and plants.

The couple, who run

Quickenberry Guesthouse at

Terrace Downs, have already laid

four traps on private farm land

near the popular Rakaia Gorge


Arecent email drop to friends

and guests has also received a

positive response and yielded five

more traps.

Mr Koller said the traps were

well­designed and efficient, and

targeted possums, stoats and rats.

‘‘We use GoodNature traps,

Timm’s traps and the DOC traps

for stoats and rats.

‘‘We try not to use poison such

as cyanide, fluoroacetate or


He said the project would take a

number of years, and would keep

The Fantail Trust has been established to help make the area

alongside the Rakaia Gorge Walkway predator-free by 2050.

the couple busy in retirement, but

it needed community input and

support as well.

‘‘It is an exciting project and

hopefully some day in the future

we have birds like the bellbird, tui

and kereru thriving again in the


‘‘The walkway area is an

amazing place with ahuge variety

of native plants still growing, but it

needs our help to become alittle

paradise on our doorstep.’’

With more bird life, more

planting was also needed to feed

the birds, he said.

‘‘Neighbours at Washpen Falls

have run asimilar conservation

project for anumber of years, and

the sound of bird song there can

be heard as soon as you get out of

the car.’’

The public can become

members of the Fantail Trust by

giving asmall donation of $10, or

can sponsor aGoodNature trap

for $185.

The first 200 donations will go

into adraw with aprize of dinner,

bed and breakfast at


The Fantail Trust bank account

is 02 0868 0110730 025 and more

information can be obtained by

emailing to quickenberry@xtra.


Book pays homage to wool

By Mick Jensen

Ruapuna author Val Taylor’s latest

book is ahomage to the natural

fibre of wool and abook to

encourage more people to knit.

Called Perfect Companions, the

book is dedicated to sheep farmers

around the world, and also to past,

present and future knitters.

The front cover shows apicture

of wool, aspinning wheel and

knitting wool and needles,

Mrs Taylor, who grew up on a

sheep and crop farm, is akeen

knitter and her book features

patterns and advice, short stories,

and also baking recipes and

homecraft snippets.

Square knits are aparticular

favourite for the author who has

been aknitter for seven decades.

‘‘I’m tired of seeing all the

synthetic clothing out there.

‘‘We need to promote wool and

wool products more as far as I’m


The 80­year­old said the variety

Ruapuna author Val Taylor with

her latest book Perfect


and snippets in Perfect

Companions was based on the girls’

annuals she used to read when

growing up.

She said the book was an easy

read and the ‘‘perfect book to

browse and relax with’’.

The book offers abrief history of

the Early’s of Witney, England, a

business that started making fine

wool blankets in 1669 and later saw

family members move across the

world to New Zealand.

Another chapter outlines local

success story, Ashford Handicrafts,

and its spinning wheel.

The 123 page book is Mrs

Taylor’s 32nd.

Previous books have focused on

self­help stories, Christian

testimonies, abook penned with

local rugby legend John ‘‘Bigsy’’

McLay, and homecraft.

Mrs Taylor was diagnosed with

Parkinson’s late last year, but is

already part way through another

knitting book.

She intends presenting Perfect

Companions to anumber of

resthomes for seniors to enjoy and

also to use for square knit patterns.

More focus on biodiversity

There will be abigger focus on indigenous

biodiversity in the Ashburton District,

from both local and central government.

New national policy coming from

Government will mean the Ashburton

District Council must protect areas of

significant indigenous vegetation. The

Ashburton Biodiversity Advisory Group

also wants council to consider abusiness

case for abiodiversity officer.

The advisory group includes farmers,

conservationists and landcare groups, all

concerned about the loss of native plants

and animals in the district, which has

been highly modified over the past

century. Little original vegetation


The group has recommended to

council that a business case for a

biodiversity officer be prepared and

considered for council’s longterm plan

in 2021.

Council currently does not have afulltime

person in the role.

Abiodiversity officer with specialised

knowledge to look after indigenous

plants was going to become imperative,

the advisory group said.

Cr Lynette Lovett, who chairs the

Ashburton Biodiversity Advisory

Group chair Caption Lynette Lovett.

group, said the business case should

include areport about other groups and

agencies working in the same space in

Mid Canterbury.

The request is likely to be overtaken

by new national policy around biodiversity

expected soon.

Council chief executive Hamish Riach

said council would be legally obliged

under the new policy to devote resources

to biodiversity

Bev clocks up 50 years

Bev Jackson has been a

member of the Netherby

Women’s Institute

(WI) for just on 50


She joined in 1969

after being encouraged

by her neighbour Iris

Taylor, who was also a

member at the time.

It was an intimate

group with less than 30


At the time Bev was

mother to three young

children, a daughter

aged seven, and twin

boys aged three, so it

was agreat way to learn

skills. They held

demonstration events,

learned about floral

decorations, cooking

and sewing.

The meetings were

originally held in agiant

shed, with a big fireplace,

along Bridge

Street, near Mill Creek,

and Bev vividly remembers

being surprised by

acow which lived in the

paddock next door.

Even now decades

later it still makes her


The WI then moved

to the Savage Hall

before meetings moved

Bev Jackson has been with the Netherby

Women's Institute (WI) for 50 years.

to the Senior Centre.

Bev, 83, says joining

the WI was one of the

best things she ever did,

that and marrying husband,


The couple celebrated

their Diamond

wedding anniversary on

February 6.

‘‘It did me good to

(join), Iwas aquiet wee

thing,’’ she said.

The branch this

month has been around

for 56 years and 21 of

the Netherby WI got

together to celebrate

over lunch at the

Speight’s Ale House

before holding their

regular meeting at the

rear of the premises.

Some of them added

atouch of green to their

clothing ­orhair ­asa

tribute to the upcoming

St Paddy’s Day.

President Adrienne

Hodson said the Netherby

WI hosted interesting

speakers, enjoyed

music, housie, craft and

floral competitions but

was looking to include

more trips on their itinerary

to pique members


Helicopter trial ending

The trial ofthe police helicopter Eagle

in Canterbury endsonFridayand police

say it has been a valuable asset in

response toorganised crime.

Nine gang members were arrested

and charged following abusy fortnight

for Eagle; firearms, drugs and ammunition

were seized.

The helicopter has been based in

Christchurch but available to assist

police inAshburton if needed.

Superintendent John Price said technology

on board the helicopter could

provide police with intelligence on gang

movements and activities.

In the most recent incident, Eagle

observed amember of alocal gang exit

a vehicle holding what looked like a


Eagle provided information on the

person and his movements to ground

staff who then co­ordinated aresponse.

When the offender fled in his vehicle,

Eagle tracked it from the air, providing

real time location information until

police stopped the vehicle and arrested


Eagle was earlier used at Lincoln

when eight patched gang members were

seen surrounding aresidential property;

theywere stopped. Cannabis andmoney

was also recovered from cars, linked to

gang, reported for bad driving.

Superintendent Price said Eagle had

ensured the safety of police staff and

enabled them to be more effective and

efficient and remain safe, without the

requirement to use other tactical


‘‘I cannot stressenough howgood it is

to see these gang members dealt with

safely and swiftly.’’

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Page 10, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020


DRUMMOND,Jean Frances:

On March 17, 2020 passed

away peacefully, atTerrace

View Retirement Village,

Ashburton. Aged 93 years.

Dearly loved wife of Ian.

Loved mother of Ross, Keith

and Inna, and Andrew.

Adored grandma of Lisa

and Natasha. Messages to

P O Box 361, Ashburton

7740. Special thanks to the

wonderful staff at Terrace

View for their loving care of

Jean. Aservice to celebrate

Jean’s life will be held at our

Chapel, Cnr East and Cox


March 20, commencing at

2.00pm. Followedbyprivate

cremation at the Ashburton





03 3077433

MacPherson, Doreen Ann

(nee Gluyas)

at Ashburton Hospital on

March 17, 2020. Aged 78


Loved wife of the late

John W R MacPherson,

third youngest child of

the late Dora and Claude

Gluyas, loved sister of Bill,

the late Mary, the late

Pat, Judy, Anne, and Pam.

Doreen leaves behind

her children John, Nicky,

Stuart, and Teresa and her

grandchildren and great


Messages to: c/- The

MacPherson family, POBox

6035, Ashburton7742.

A service for Doreen will

be held at the Holy Name

Catholic Church, 58 Sealy

Street, Ashburton on Friday,

March 20at11am followed

by interment at the


0800 2MEMORY

027 637 1229



Inquiries phone

Jann or Leonie

on 308 7664

or call into

199 Burnett Street.

Family Notices



9July 1945 –6March 2020

At Wellington Hospital. As

aresult of an accident near

his home townofPicton.

Loved husband of Valerie

(nee Vincent) and father of

Deborah, Rachel, the late

David and Adelle and loved

brother in law and friend

of the Vincent family; Leslie

and Elizabeth, Daphne and

John Syme, Pauline and Lex

Douglas, Shirley and Colin

Kelson, Carol, and Martyn

Seay and Peterand Jill.

Gary was honoured and

farwelled at a funeral

service inPicton onFriday

13th March.

’Home is the sailor, home

from the sea,

And the hunter home from

the hills.’


DOLBEY,Wilfred Keith

Rosy and Peter, Shirley

and the late Tim and Don,

Carolyn and Richard, Lenny

and Trina, Robert and

Merran, Emelia, Michael,

Issy and Wayne would like

to warmly thank the many

friends, family members,

neighbours and health

professionals who have

offered support toour Dad,

father in law and Grandad,

and us as a family, over

his long, happy and full


Special thanks to the

DistrictNursing team, Meals

on Wheels volunteers,

Cathy Wright and Jane

Hurley, DrPenny Holdaway,

Dr Charlotte Cox, Alan Dick,

Karen Shurroch, and all the

wonderful Cancer Society

visitors and drivers who

supported Keith in his later


Thank you all for the

flowers, cards, letters and

emails. Your thoughts and

kindness are very much


A very special thanks

to Bernard Egan and Jo

Metcalf and her team from

Memory Funerals for their

compassion, support and


Sadly missed but will be in

our hearts forever. Alife well


Supporting the


96 Tancred Street,Ashburton.


Phone 307 8317




at lake

A flotilla of classic and

traditional boats, big and

small, took to the waters in

cooler weather conditions

at Lake Hood on Sunday.

It was the Canterbury

Classic and Traditional

Boat Club’s annual rally

and included boating enthusiasts

from around Mid


The rally is hosted by

members of the Ashburton

Sailing Club and saw a

good turn­out of model

boat crafts also grace the




Knitted or crocheted poppies

and stars for The

Poppy Flight project, due

in Ashburton next month

but now postponed, are

still being collected by

local contact Dellwyn


The nationwide project

was organised to support

the work of the Returned

and Services Association

(RSA), Starship Foundation

and New Zealand


The official tour will

now take place at alater


On display as part of the

tour will be alarge knitted

star and poppy artworks

and being added to by

community knitters keen

to support the event.

Aperfect venue for





Trott’s Garden

371RacecourseRoad, Ashburton

www.trotts.co.nz |Email: info@trotts.co.nz


Family owned,

locally owned

22 MooreStreet,


0800 2636679


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Beary nice work by WI

It’s teddy­ous work, with aneed

to be un­bear­ably particular, but

the end result is worth it.

It’s perfecting the art of teddy

bear making.

And six members of the Mid

Canterbury Federation of

Women’s Institute’s (WI) have

taken on the challenge to make a

dressed teddy bear in two piece

winter pyjamas, with no

accessories, under 40cm tall for

the WI’s Robert Young/May

Martin Trophy in the national

competition in Stoke, Nelson at

the end of May.

The ladies have attended

sessions on the art of teddy bear

making during the past two

weeks, guided by Ash­Bear­ton

Teddy Bear Club’s Judy


The bears, all different shades

of brown, are being crafted using

sewing machines and hand


Mid Canterbury Federation of Women’s Institute’s Dianne Carter (of Wakanui WI) and Joan

Henderson (of Netherby WI) are taught the bear-necessities by tutor Judy Skevington (right).

Photo Toni Williams

Netball called off

Mid Canterbury Netball

has called off the last two

rounds of its Fast 5competition

following Covid­

19 advice.

Have A Go day on

March 21 is also off, along

It’s detailed work and, at

stages, appears quite macabre

with decapitated, or pin­struck

bears mid­production.

Once finished, the best teddy

bear of the six ladies will go

forward as part of acombined

Mid Canterbury entry into the

competition alongside apeg halfapron

and across­stitched hand

towel and facecloth set decorated

with 5cm Aida cloth trim also

made by members.

with ajunior tournament

scheduled for March 28.

There will be no walking

netball until at least May

2. Holiday programmes

will also not be going



Local Care

Since 1982

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 11

Upgrades at salmon site

Upgrades to the Rakaia Salmon site began thisweek, with

the old toilets to be removed and the caravan effluent

dump station closed until anew location can be secured.

Council is removing the old public toilets at the park

and will replace them with anew 10­pan facility, which is

intended to help meet demand on the facilities,

particularly from visitors to the district.

Council infrastructure services group manager Neil

McCann said council was keen tobegin delivering the

upgrades, which have been made possible through

combined funding from the Government's Tourism

Infrastructure Fund (TIF), Rakaia Lions and council.

"These new public toilets will make abig difference to

the salmon site. With many people, particularly tourist

buses stopping to use the toilets each day, we want to

ensure there are ample facilities available.

‘‘A lot of work has beengoing on behind the scenesto

secure asupplier for the toilets and with this and other

planning work now complete, we're ready to start


Permaloohave been awarded the tendertodeliver and

install the new toilets, which will begin on April 1.

Portable toilets will be available atthe site until the new

facilities are ready. The old toilets are having to be

removed first due to parking spaceneedsand to allow for

the new toilets to be built where the current ones are


As part of the upgrades, the caravan effluent dump

station is being relocated to another site, yet to be

determined. In the meantime, the Rakaia dump station

will be closed from Monday, but caravans and campervans

will still be able to access the Ashburton and Methven

dump stations.

The historic jail will also be relocated tothe other side

of the Bridgeman's hut and piling for this will be carried

out as the old toilets are removed.

Council is investing $198,000 from existing budgets to

install new toilets and carry out arange of landscaping

upgrades, including providing solar­powered rubbish bins,

additional seating, concrete footpaths, Rakaia history

signage and additional playground equipment.

A$740,000 grantfrom the TIF and $20,000 generously

donated by the Rakaia Lions is alsohelping to deliver the


More information about the location ofthe Rakaia

caravan effluent dump station will be provided when a

new site issecured.

Art exhibition in Geraldine

The rolling hills and valleys of the

Geraldine district, the softness of the

evening skies and the ties that bind us

provided the combined inspiration for

Philippa Wilson's upcoming exhibition

Into The Great Wide Open.

Opening in Geraldine's McAtamney

Gallery this Saturday, the exhibition

features 12 painted works and one

sculpture reflecting the artist's interest

in connectivity, the human condition

and our transitioning.

The cyclical nature of life and nature

is explored, putting down roots,

spreading our branches and the germination

of new ideas and beginnings,

before they burst forth.

Philippa Wilson is also asculptor. In

2006 she made a piece called Bud

which features the poem Time Out by

Hone Tuwhare.

Included in this exhibition is a

marquette, amodel of alarge sculpture

the Tree of Life she has made.

“The seed that spreads throughout

the land,” says Philippa.

“We don't stand alone, we are

interconnected, and the most important

thing is people, and we all have a

story to tell.”

Her story and association with the

South Canterbury skyscapes that feature

in these works, began when her

(now) husband, fellow sculptor Bryn

Jones and she would visit his family in


Philippa was struck by the huge soft

The Tree of Life is one of the

sculptures in this weekend’s

exhibition by Philippa Wilson.

skies, the “great wide open” and the

evening light.

Into the Great Wide Open opens at

10.30am on March 21 at the McAtamney

Gallery in Geraldine, with artist

Philippa Wilson, giving afloor talk at


Resilience speaker offers advice

Lance Burdett

Everyone feels fearful, overwhelmed

or anxious at times, says

resilience speaker and crisis negotiator

Lance Burdett.

But with a default setting of

anger, hesaid people need to“just

breathe” ­ giant slow breaths, in

through the nose out through the

mouth and again.

It calms the body and slows the

brain which, given the pace of life

today, isdefinitely needed.

Mr Burdett, the founder of

WARN International, was guest

speaker of Rural Support Trust

Mid Canterbury speaking to 180

peopleatanopen community event

at the Hotel Ashburton.

It is the second time the trust

have brought Mr Burdett to Mid

Canterbury, hoping togive people

insight into how their brain works

and the skills toswitch off and stop

negative thoughts.

He also spoke at multiple events

to students at Ashburton and

Mount Hutt colleges.

“Our brain is working five to

eight times faster than before, it’s

in continual fight or flight mode.

“It’s way too much information

going in, way too fast. Urban or

rural it doesn’t matter everything

we do today has become so complicated.”

“Life has got too busy … our

default setting isanger, that’s how

we survive.”

It has led to overthinking with

increased negative thoughts, sleep

problems and much worse.

There are 2.8million apps and

counting, he says waving his phone.

He said as aresult of life’s fast

pace, there was more internal

narrative going on in our own


It needed to stop, or be directed

into more positive thought.

“Sleep’s not important, it’s critical,”

he said, as away to combat

mind fatigue.

In explaining ‘‘the science

behind our brains” he offered tips

to handle different situations and

also encouraged people to deep

sigh, so as to release pressure in the

body and create oxygen flow.

Mr Burdett said times had

changed since the days of our

prehistoric brains; we did not talk

to others like we used to, there was

too much information being processed

by our brains, and we had

higher expectations on ourselves,

wantingmore for less while looking

after the environment.

He encouragedpeople to “run to

the fire. Do something about whatever

you’re worrying about,’’ rather

than letting the small things fester.

His suggested writing down a

problem or issue,then listing‘‘what

could happen’’, followed by ‘‘what’s

likely to happen’’, with a list of

‘‘what can be done’’ about it.

He also said speaking to others

used to be the first thing we did

when we needed aproblem sorted,

but now we internalised them.

“We are just not talking with

each other the way we did before.”

With our brains overloaded with

everyday life choices, it was on

heightened alert and on the lookout

for signs of danger ­another

hark back toour prehistoric brain.

‘‘We have relaxed. We don’t

have to think anymore. We have

technology. We’ve lost control.’’

He said itwas natural for people

to talk to themselves but ‘‘we all

have anegative bias’’ and most of

that talk is going to become negative


Any negative emotion caused a

state of alertness ­with the default

position being anger ­but positive

emotion was calming.



0800 86 22 44




Chippers Generators Access Gear Trailers Excavators Toilets Forklifts Mowers &more


Page 12, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 7

19 March 2020

Message From ThePrincipal


This week we have started a campaign to

reinforce our expectations around correct


Our community and staff have made it clear that

students wearing acorrect and tidy uniformisan

importantpartofour Ashburton Collegeidentity,

and it also acts as asocial leveler.

Thereare four aspects thatare receiving particular attention.


•having correctouter garments(i.e.school jersey or plain navy blue or


•hoodies (not allowedatall);

•correct footwear (totally blackorbrown, and abletobepolished);

•only aplain navy blue or whitet-shirtunderthe Collegeshirt.

While these are areas to be smartened first, all items of uniform will be

checked. Additionally -

•facialpiercingsare not allowed,and will needtoberemovedor

replacedwith aclear,discreet retainer.

•boys aretobeclean-shaven.

Thereissupport available forfamilies regarding uniformitems,

if required.

We appreciateand value parental supportwith this campaign.

WorldVision Conference

At the time ofwriting this report, our Student Executive Committee

members were scheduled to attend the World Vision Conference in

Christchurch. Our Student Executive has along history insupporting

various good causes,with WorldVision and the40HourFamineamongst

them. We arealways inundatedwith good causes thatour students are

asked tosupport, and they choose at least one charity per term.These

choices are made by the Student Exec themselves and, unfortunately,

we arenot abletosupport everycharitythatapproachesus.

College AshDance

Regretfully, this popular cultural event, scheduled for tonight, was

cancelled due to Covid-19 precautions and avoiding 200-300 people

together in acombined space, at the Auditorium.

Rebuild Master Plan

The Architects appointed toconstruct our Master Plan for our new

build have had aseries of huis with key stakeholders to ensure that

they understand the needs ofour College staff and students. Part of

this planning is to ensure that our campus is future-proofed. Weare

delighted with the level of community support and interest in our new


AshburtonCollege as aHub School

We were approached recently to ascertain our willingness to be

involved as a‘Hub’school to prepare for the future NCEA changes that

will begin next year. Ten schools have been chosen from throughout

New Zealand and theyrepresentavarietyofdeciles and locations. The

Ministry ofEducation is keen to explore possible changes before they

areimplemented, by actually talking with the staffinvolved.

As aHub Schoolwewill be asounding-boardfor possible changes. The

MinistryofEducation would also like to talk to aselectionofparents or

whānau about some of the proposed changes. Ifyou are approached,

please consider making yourselfavailable.

Kind regards.


NewStaff –Welcome


Principal .Tumuaki


Learning SupportAssistant,

CommunityEntry Programme

Transition DepartmentNews

Liaison Visits

Various tertiary institutions and community groups visit the College

during our Year 13 Ako time (Wednesdays, Period 4) to share

information with students about courses and programmes theyoffer.

Year 12 students are welcome to attend also, but need to register their

names at the Transition Office beforethe visit.

BoardofTrustees News ...

The Ashburton College Board ofTrustees has

endorsed AshburtonCollege’s Annual Plan for

the 2020 academic year.

Some of the key headlines that our College

Senior Leadership Team, Teaching and

SupportStaffare focussedoninclude:

Rebuild focus –and working with the Ministry

of Education and Architects to complete the

design ofthe new school to meet the needs

and expectations of the next generations of learners.

Maintenance ofour school -wehave a$400,000 budget available to

tidy-up the College to ensure the best possible spaces are available

to teach and learn inover the next five years, preceding use of new


Recognition, and meeting the challenges and opportunities of a

culturally diverse college and community. We anticipate welcoming

anumber of new students in July as part ofNew Zealand’s and Mid

Canterbury’srole in accepting refugees.

Continuing to build on the success to date for innovative learning for

Year 9and 10 students, extensions of this, and catering for different

learning styles and suiting the individual needs of all our students.

Continuedfocus on the 'AshColl Way', encompassing Pride,Qualityand

Respect, and ensuring AshburtonCollege is aschool our communityis

proud of.

Ongoing support ofstudents in arapidly evolving space, including

resourcing, and engagement with key providers and supporters in our


Student achievement –ongoing academic tracking and support of

students, including communication with parents and caregivers on

their child’s progress.

Aspecial mention is giventoour Pasifikacommunity. In 2019 the NCEA

Pasifika student Level One pass rate sat atavery good 92.3%, above

average forour College.Team-work between the community, teachers,

parents providing homework study nights, ESOL (English for Speakers

of Other Languages), and hardworkfromthe students has all combined

to achieveagreatresult.





As at Tuesday 17 March the following

additionalinformation wastohand.


School Sport NewZealand has suspended all events on its

national calendar,includingrowing’sMaadi Cup.

This decision cameafter the Government advised against holding events

thatwould bring more than 500 peopletogether.

School Sport NZ’sdecision will be reviewedon06April.

This willnaturally have an impact on many sporting events

College studentswerescheduled to be involved in.

Theholdingofcultural events will also be reviewed on adaily basis.

Anumber of Regional Events arelikely to followthis process.

Continuing Events: On aCase-by-Case Basis

At College weare committed to continuing toprovide as rich and varied


Thereare somescheduledeventswhich cancontinue.

Wherenon-continuation is decided on, this is relatedtothe ‘how’students

will be transported, the nature of the event and the ability tomaintain

logical personal distances, the number of peopleinvolved.

For instance Senior Management has decided to stop the use of the

Auditorium for large groups –this meant the regretful cancellation of

AshDance, andcurrently we arenot holdingYear LevelorHouse Assemblies,

because they involve large numbers of students and staff in one enclosed


Future Information

Obviously this situation is evolving daily. The College will continue to

adheretothe MinistryofHealth and MinistryofEducation information and

advice, and advise families and students accordingly.

Currently the Ministry ofEducation is instructing schools to explore the

feasibilityofproviding distancelearning should this be required.

The following visits remain scheduledfor Term Oneand into Term Two:

25 March Ara Institute

01 April Otago University

08 April CanterburyUniversity

24 April(Term 2) Lincoln University

06 May VictoriaUniversity

13 May Auckland University


StudentExecutiveMembers Help at County

Swimming Sports

College StudentExecutivemembers (pictured above,lefttoright):

Lucy Moore, Jonty Small and PoppyKilworthassisted as timekeepers at this

year’s Mid Canterbury Primary Schools’County Swimming Sports held on

Tuesday03March,atthe EA NetworksCentre. Competitors came from the

majorityofthe MidCanterburyDistrict’sschools.

Jonty said they all thoroughly enjoyedsupporting the best swimmers from

around the district, and helping out with the 2½ hour programme.

(Pictured below): Theteam recording afinisher.

(Pictured left,

leftand right):

Lucy and Poppy

recording the


Year 13 GeographyClass to HakatereRiver


On Tuesday03March College's Year 13 Geographyclass took atripdownto

the mouth of the Hakatere River. Teacher Annie Lees said that, currently in

Geography, students arestudying Coastal Processes and looking at coastal

features like spits,and also the process of Long ShoreDrift (LSD).

(Pictured right, back


Estēe Aiolupotea,

Josh Ackerley,

Ryan Gosling.

(Middle row,leftto

right):Ronan Kenny,

Jestena Raj,

Harriet Leverton,

Paddy Dekker.

(Front row, lefttoright):

Lachlan Kingan,

Isaac Bazley,

Henrik Tawatao.

Themouth of

the Hakatere

(pictured left)

shows well how

Long ShoreDrift

and the Hakatere



the coastline.

This visit wascompared against photos taken on 21 July last year when the

riverwas in full flood,and theriverbed looked very different.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 13

Ashburton College

Individual Excellence in aSupportive Learning Environment


Issue 7

19 March 2020


Fundraising for Laptops

Currently at College,with the supportofLiz Carrick,AssistantHead of Senior

School, wehave anumber of students undertaking supervised baking onsiteafter

school as aprojecttoraisemoney to purchase their owndevice.

The baking is then available to stafffor purchasing,with supplies replenished

asaprevious batchissold. This is proving to be averysuccessful venturefor

all,although staff waistlines maytell adifferentstory of course!

Given Ashburton College encourages

students to ‘Bring Their Own Device’

it is heartening to see this group of

students showing such initiative and

giving their own time to achieve an

outcome. Additionally, the students

will ‘bake to order’.

(Pictured above,leftand right): With an

appetising caramel sliceready forthe

oven, areMariz Bravoand


(Pictured right, leftand right):

TiffanyAgacer and Julianna Apoldo

with abrownie,marshmallowand

m&ms mixture.

LanceBurdett –Safety, Wellness and


Ashburton College was very fortunate to be able to have Lance Burdett

(pictured right) speak to both Year 12 and Year 13 students on Monday 09

Marchand to all staff afterschool on the same day.

This opportunity was made available to College through the generosity

of the Mid CanterburyRural SupportTrust who had brought LancetoMid

Canterburytospeak at acommunityevening.

Across the sessions Lance talked about his employment and health

background, and his current neurological studies of the brain and

how itinfluences our human responses to situations, particularly to a

negative bias. Included in the ‘how to manage’toolkit were anumber of

mindfulness and relaxation strategies, plus reminders of the benefits

of talking and socialising with others and seeking support. High on

the importance list were sleep challenges, tips on how to ensure a

good night’s sleep and how toavoid the ‘wake-up/worry time’ around

3:00am! Managing the ‘internal voice narrative’ and recognising the

signs of people under stress added to the value of the presentation.

He advised thatour primitivebrains arebeing asked to operate eighttimes

more quickly than previously, highlighting the challenges of information



AshColl Swimming Sports

This annual event, inclusiveofthe fine traditionofHouseCompetition,

was held on Wednesday 11March at the EANetworks Centre, with

eighty swimmers competing. There was great encouragement and

House spirit, alongwith somefine performances across the age groups.

Agood number of entries in the Year 9age groups led to some great

competition. Hannah Joyce was dominant inthe Year 9Girls’ events,

winning allfive of her races and claimingthree newrecords in the process.

Izacc Carr had agreat battle with Thomas Robertson to take the Year 9

Boys’Championship out with Thomas as the runner-up.

Year 10 student, Hannah King, repeated her strong performance from last

year and again wonfive events to take outthe Year 10 Girls’Championship

claiming five new records along the way. Meagan Binnie also claimed

new records in the 50m and 100m backstroke to finish as the runnerup.

For the Year 10 Boys, Logan Scammell won five events to win the

championship,followedbyDanielThompson as runner-up.

Low numbers of swimmers in the Year 11 age group meant that many

events were not contested. Cody Robin emerged as the Boys’Champion

and Caendal Harris won five events to convincingly win the Girls’


Blake Farr was dominant inthe Year 12 and 13 Boys’events to win the

overall championship. However, the Senior Girls’ Championship was

hotly contested with PoppyKilworth and Victoria Binnie finishingtied on


Perhaps the most hotly contested races ofthe day were found in the races

forswimmers with disabilities.Itwas greattosee our students from the SLSU

(StudentLearning SupportUnit) fully involved in this fine House competition

alongside their peers,and producing some excellentperformances.


Raglan Patrick set a new record in the 25m Freestyle event after a tight

tussle with Cody Robin. Not to be outdone, Cody Robin then broke the

records in both the 25m backstroke and 25m breaststroke, edging out

Raglan in both races. Every record available was broken in the events for

swimmers with disabilities (SWD).

Overall bragging rights on the

daybelonged to Blue House who

were the 2020 Swimming Sports

winners by just 11 points from

Green House,with Orange House

in third place, and Red House in


(Pictured left): Cody Robin on the

starting block,prior to an event.

(Far left) Is organiser Carolyn Clough.

(Pictured below):

Raglan Patrick in the 25m Freestyle.


Abig thank youisgiven to staff members Darion Gray (SportsCo-ordinator),

Sue Johnstone, Ron Carlson (Head of Sport); Staff House Leaders Sarah

Lassen, Pete Lee, James List and StaceyMonk, and all of the other helpers.

Overall Results and NewRecords were –

Year 9Girls Champion: Hannah Joyce Runner-up: Leah Reid

Newrecordsset by Hannah Joyce were: 50m Freestyle (32.63);

50m Backstroke (38.24); 50m Butterfly (37.94).

Year 9Boys Champion: IzaccCarr Runner-up: Thomas Robertson

Year 10 Girls Champion: Hannah King Runner-up: Meagan Binnie

Newrecords set by Hannah King were: 100m Freestyle (1:07.41);

50m Backstroke (38.16); 100m Backstroke (1:21.21);

50m Breaststroke (40.46); 100m Breaststroke (1:27.38);

50m Butterfly (34.65); 100m Individual Medley (1:15.64).

Year 10 Boys Champion: Logan Scammell Runner-up: Daniel Thompson

Year 11 Girls Champion: Caendal Harris Runner-up: Chinatsu Hunt

Year 11 Boys Champion: Cody Robin Runner-up: Chris Angus

Newrecords set by Cody Robin were: 25m Freestyle (19.44);

25m Backstroke (24.72); 25m Breaststroke (29.01).

Year 12/13 Girls JointChampions: PoppyKilworth, Victoria Binnie

Runner-up: Marlese Schoonderbeek

Year 12/13 Boys Champion: Blake Farr Runner-up: Kalen Tait

Relay Events /ResultsSummary

No new records were set in the relay events this year, and the House

Championship 8x25m Freestyle Relaywas wonbyGreen House.

Relayeventswere100m Medley and 100m Freestyle distances with winning

results interestingly going to the same House at each level in each event.

Junior Girls-Green House; Junior Boys - Blue House;

Senior Girls-Orange House; Senior Boys - Green House.

Championship 8x25m Freestyle -Green House (as above)

From these competitors,asmall team will nowcontest the Aoraki Secondary

Schools’Swimming Championships on Wednesday25March.

(Pictured aboveleft): Year 11 Girls’Champion Caendal Harrisinaction.

(Pictured aboveright): Blue House Co-captain, LiamSullivan.



Played at the Waitikiri Golf Course in Christchurch on Monday 09March,

forty five golfers contested the individual competition, of which

Josh Ackerley and Hiromune Kakada were from Ashburton College,along

with teacher Liz CaboutasCoach/Manager.

Liz said thatboth students playedwell, with Hiromune shootingone under

his handicap. However the winning gross score was 68 by aplayer from

St Andrew’sCollege.Both Josh’s and Hiromune’sgross and nett results were

in the middle of the field, with Joshua (pictured belowleft) scoring 83 for a

nett of 76; and Hiromune (pictured below right) 79 for anett of71togain

College’s best gross and nett individual.

SpecialOlympics Athletics Day

This eventwas held in Timaru with schools from Oamaru,Timaru,Geraldine

and Ashburton participating. Teacher-in-Charge Cheryl Hardy said that,

once again, it was apleasure totake the SLSU (Student Learning Support

Unit) students to the event and that all staff who attended were extremely

proud of the students’behaviour,attitude and achievements. Theycertainly

personified all that’s good about an all-encompassing, inclusive sports


Each student excelled in the way that they did their very best and supported

each other. Itwas adayfull of fun and sporting ‘highs’.

Theevent is completedinheats only andresults for Ashburton

College were as follows:

Chelssea Cheesman 2 nd 50m Walk,4 th Girls’Standing Long Jump,

4 th 100m Walk.

Stacey Cooper 3 rd Girls’Standing Long Jump,

4 th Girls’Softball Throw, 4 th 50m Walk.

DannyGlanville 2 nd 100m Run, 3 rd Boys’Long Jump,5 th Boys’Shot Put.

Jonathan Hardy 6 th 50m Walk,6 th Boys’Shot Put.

Hayden Miller 1 st 50m Wheelchair Race,3 rd Boys’Softball Throw.

JacobOlsen 1 st 50m Walk,4 th 50m Run, 5 th Boys’Softball Throw.

Raglan Patrick 1 st 100m Run, 1 st 200m Run, 2 nd Boys’Shot Put.

TomRoberts Forbes 2 nd 50m Wheelchair Race,4 th Boys’Softball Throw.

Cody Robin 1 st Boys’Softball Throw, 1 st Boys’Standing Long Jump.

Delta Taeauga 1 st Boys’Shot Put, 2 nd Boys’Long Jump,2 nd 100m Run.

Harrison Thorpe 3 rd 50m walk,5 th 100m walk,6 th Boys’Softball Throw.

Dominic Wayman 2 nd 50m Walk,2 nd 100m Walk,3 rd Boys’Softball Throw.

Rebecca Wilson 2 nd 50m Walk,3 rd 100m Walk,5 th Girls’Softball Throw.

4x100m AshColl Avengers RelayWinners –Sixth ConsecutiveYear

Forthe sixth year in arow,the 4x100m Relayteam, AshColl Avengers,won

the event.

This year therewerenew members in the

team, made up of - Delta Taeauga,

Cody Robin, DannyGlanville and

Raglan Patrick. Well done boys,you did

us all proud!

(Pictured right): Delta Taeauga poised

as first runner in the relay.

Coming Events

(Pictured left):

Dominic Wayman

in the Softball


(Pictured right,

front and back):

Chelssea Cheesman

at the Standing

Long Jump,

watched by

Stacey Cooper.


19-20 Year 11 Outdoor Education, Woolshed Creek

20 CanterburySecondary Schools’Triathlon, Sumner

24-25 ForwardFoundation Girls’Cricket,Christchurch

Year 12 Outdoor Education trip

25 Aoraki SecondarySchools’Swimming Championships,Timaru

CanterburySecondary Schools’ Dressage competition, Christchurch

Year 13 Ara Instituteliaison visit,Auditorium

Mountain biking –Singletrack series week 4, Halswell Quarry Park,


26 Aoraki Volleyball Championships,Timaru

Year 11AGS Group 1Animal Handling,Lake Heron Station

Year 11AHA visit to Salmon Smolt NZ, Kaiapoi

Postponementday:Year 11 Geographytrip, Mt Hutt

27 Year 13 ChemistrytripRavensdown, Christchurch and Lincoln


27-29 SISS Mountain Bike Championships,MtHutt

28-30 SISS Touch Championships,Christchurch

Please note: at the time of publication, these events were taking place.

This maychange.

Term Dates2020

Term One - Thursday09April

Term Two Tuesday 28 April - Friday03July

Term Three Monday20July - Friday25September

Term Four Monday12October - Thursday29October (Year 13)

- Tuesday03November

(Years11and 12)

- Thursday03December (Year 10)

- Friday04December (Year 9)

Page 14, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Fun day out at the Mayfield show

The Mayfield A&P Show drew a

large crowd who enjoyedagreat

community day out with events and

activitiestosuityoungand old.

The sun was shining and people

fromthe community ­and beyond ­

weredrawntothe 95thannual

event last Saturday, which

organisers are hailing as a‘‘huge


The show continuedwith their

point of difference fromother

shows with noveltyevents such as

wobbly bike riding, pig racing,

tractor tyreflipping, tug of war

competitionand people againsta

teamofClydesdale horses.

But it also had all the core

aspectsofanA&P show, with

animal judging,alargehome

industriespavilionwith baking,

floral,art, vegetables among some

of the competition entriesand

carnival entertainment.

Other crowd pleasers included

popular equestrianevents, dog

trials run by the Mayfield Collie

Clubaswell as atwo day tractor


Maisey Dunlea, 2, Tilly Taylor, 8, and Maggie Taylor, 4, watch the

action in the main ring.

There was plenty to keep the kids busy at the show.

The Mackenzie Highland Pipe Band in action.

There were attractions for young and old on the day.

Darryl Sutton puts his all into afun tractor tyre flipping event at the show.

Participants in the show’s grand parade..


• Domestic electrical services

• New house wiring

• House rewiring &maintenance


• TV &Datawiring

• Solar installation

• HeatPumps

Call todayfor an obligation free quote

0800287 423


Comedy festival

at Event Centre

AshburtonTrust Event

Centre has astellar line

up of performersata

comedy festival evening

in July.

Well known

ComediansBen Hurley,

Michele A'Court and

DavidCorreos are on

stage,and local girl Bec

Sandys will also



comedy lastyear sold

out quickly,sotickets

are expected to sell fast.

Ticketsfor the July11

evening are available

from thevenue or


We can all

slow the


We all need to work together ifwe want to slowthe spread

of COVID-19. Youcan unite againstthe virus nowby:

Washing and drying

your hands

Wash often. Usesoap.

20 seconds. Thendry.

Washingkills the virus by

bursting itsprotectivebubble.

Coughing or sneezing


It keepsthe virus off

yourhands, so youwon’t

spread it to other people

andmake themsick too.


if you’re sick

Stay homeifyou have

anyofthese symptoms:

afever, acough,shortness

ofbreath, sneezing or

arunny nose.

Checking-in on others,

especially the elderly

and vulnerable.


needs help.Dropsupplies

to thoseathomesick.

Find out moreat


Page 16, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Rowers in the medals

Mid Canterbury's Sarah Wilson shows her form during the Mid Canterbury

versus South Canterbury cricket match at Ashburton Domain on Sunday.

Girls win on domain wicket

The Mid Canterbury girls cricket team

convincingly won their match against

South Canterbury at the Flying Fox

pitch at the Ashburton Domain on


Under the guidance of coach Kathryn

Clark, the players, with arange of

experience from Year 7toYear 12,

worked well together during the 30­over


Mid Canterbury took to the crease

first and scored 134 runs for 8out;

Emma Begg top scored with 41 not out.

South Canterbury were all out

without making 100.

It is the second time the young side

has effortlessly beaten their South

Canterbury opposition. They played in

Timaru on February 23 and kept South

Canterbury limited to just 55 runs.

Mid Canterbury won the game

without the loss of awicket. Top scorer

for that match was Sasha Arnold with 41

not out.

AshburtonCollegerowers have

won silver and bronze at the

SouthIsland SecondarySchools

Rowing Championships.

Senior rower Ged Wall won

silver in the boys U17single

sculls event on Saturday,

finishing less thanthree

seconds behind Otago Boys

High School rower Reuben

Cook who recorded atime of


Wall was also fourth in the

U18 single sculls finalraced on


Also in the medals was the

boys U18 novice coxed quad

sculls boat of Matthew Pearce,

Mitchell Taylor, Henry Wallis,

RileyHarris and cox Jed Amos.

The Year11students

finished in afast timeof

7m:12.33s, coming in behind

Timaru Boys and John

McGlashanCollege boats.

The Ashburton College boys

U18 novice coxedfour made

Sunday’s Afinal, finishing fifth

in atime of 7m:30.14.Inthe

boat were Zane Cameron,

Parker Bradford, Henry Wallis,

Charles Savage and cox Jed


Ashburton College rower Ged

Wall (right) with his silver

medal from the boys U17

single sculls event and

(below) on the podium, and all

smiles are Ashburton College

rowers bronze medal winners

Matthew Pearce, Jed Amos

(cox) Mitchell Taylor, Henry

Wallis and Riley Harris with

assistant coach Fran


Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon

Cost of Covid­19will be felt bycommunities for years

So much can change in so shorta

time. In recentweeks our district has

beengearing up for big eventslike

the MethvenA&P Show, aterrific

showcase of our ruraland


Withthe escalation

internationally of Covid­19, and the

risks that presents to people in New

Zealand,particularly the elderly and

those especially vulnerableto

viruses, the decision was made by

the Governmenttocancel all events

involving more than500 people.

The effectsofthe virus, and the

response to it, go further. With the

decision to enforce 14 days selfisolation

on all peopleenteringNew

Zealand fromSundaynight, our

tourism industry has understandably

been hit hard. I’ve spokentoa

number of tourism operatorsand

accommodation providers who’ve

seen their forward bookings by

international tourists shrink nearly

to zero.

For some the recovery will be

hard. Placeslike Methvenrely

heavily on the ski season to survive.

One local business owner I’ve heard

from in recent days stands to lose

$317,000. Another earns 80 per cent

of their revenue during the winter

months. They’re now staring down

the barrelofthe equivalent of three

consecutive summers, enough to

drive themout of business without


To their credit, the Government

have stepped in to offer some

support. On Tuesday they

announced a$12 billion package,

capped at $150,000per business.

Akey part of the package is a

wage subsidy,akin to someofthe

work the previous Governmentdid

after the Canterbury earthquakes

and thenthe Kaikouraearthquake.

Employed by Government at the

time, Iworked with businesses cut

off by road closures in Kaikoura,

and others affected in Hanmer and

communitiesright acrossNorth

Canterbury and Marlborough. The

aim of the subsidy was simple: to

keep peopleemployed.

It’s achallenge for any

Government, and naturally acostly


But the alternative is aknock­on

effectthroughoutthe economy,

lengthening adownturn and tipping

us into recession.

The reality is arecession may

happenanyway. Evenbefore anyone

had heard of Covid­19 economic

forecastersatTreasury were

projecting that the Government

would fall back into deficit this year.

Increased spending on programmes

like fees­freefor universitystudents

and Shane Jones’ Provincial Growth

Fund had put pressureonthe

Government’s finances.

Employment growth had already

stalled, from 10,000 additional jobs

everymonthin2017, to afractionof

that in the latterhalf of last year.

Necessary spending on Covid­19,

and an inevitableimpact on

employment, will heighten those


We all hopethat the viruswon’t

become establishedhere, but even if

it doesn’t, we’re not immune to the


The response to that is likely to

take years,rather than months, and

requires aclear and comprehensive


Delivering your vision for abetter future

We need to hear from the peopleofCanterbury aboutwhatisimportanttoyou andyour children in this beautiful region.

Our role includesfreshwater management,air quality,biodiversity and biosecurity,natural hazardresponse andresilience,

public transport,the regional parks... essentially, the environment thatweall livein. We want to know your viewsonwhere

we arespending your ratesinthe coming year,and well intothe future.

To givefeedback on the draft2020/21 Annual Plan and our futuredirection go to:haveyoursay.ecan.govt.nz/betterfuture

before5pm 25 March 2020 #betterfuture

Facilitating sustainable

development in the

Canterbury region


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 17

ACL staff behind WorkWell

ACL human resources and compliance manager Jane Jolly, ACL WorkWell leader,

Health and Safety administrator Emma Prichard, and WorkWell adviser, Community

Public Health health promoter Carly McDowell progressing through the

accreditation process in the WorkWell programme.

Weight loss, healthy eating and a few wellplaced

‘carrots’ were among the benefits for

Ashburton Contracting Ltd (ACL) staff getting

behind the company’s continual involvement in

the national WorkWell programme.

The company has just passed its silver

accreditation, the second step in the four level

programme. The gold level isfollowed bya

maintenance level.

Working toward their silver accreditation

staff chose to focus on a healthy eating

challenge, to continue with mental health and

wellbeing, and physical activities. It tied in with

employee assistance programmes already in

place such asinjury focus and better manual

handling, discounted gym memberships and

physio prevention rehabilitation, which has

been in place for quite some time.

Fifteen people took part in the company’s

Lose to Win Challenge losing an impressive

total combined weight of93.6kg.

But it was ACL’s RussellWarlowwho lost an

impressive18.4kg on the individual challenge

and it earned him, and his wife, afully paid

Hanmer Springs getaway weekend.

The incentivewas one of many the company

offeredtostaffaspart of theirinvolvement, but

WorkWell adviser, Community Public Health

health promoter Carly McDowell says incentives

do not have to cost anything.

They are generally setbythe companyand its


Benefits have also included a change in

eatingculture among staffand, around the type

of foodprovided for morningtea shouts. In the

past there may have been just savouries and

sandwiches but now offerings will ahealthier

option such as fruit, cheese and crackers or


ACL, which was the first Ashburtonbusiness

to sign up for the free WorkWell workplace

wellbeing programme, wanted to create a

happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

Theprogramme’s needs fit in around the

existing health and safety committee.

Other companies have since followed.

The newly gained silver level will see staff at

the contracting company complete anew staff

survey in the coming months tofind priority

areas, but they will work toward adrug and

alcohol awareness.

ACL WorkWell leader, Health and Safety

administrator Emma Prichard said the understanding

of the programme had become easier

as staffwere more aware of the process. But the

accreditations were definitely earned because as

the levels advanced there was more work tobe


She said the support offered though the

programme had been vital, as was the backing

of staff.

It was the staff who gave direction on the

accreditation level focus through aconfidential

survey,which allowed them to voice opinions on

priority wellbeing areas they felt needed to be


ACL has around 135 employeesand it’s up to

them whether they take the information on

board or not, but working through the

programme has helped make workplace discussion

more open.

‘‘WorkWell’’ is afree, workplace wellbeing

initiative with step by step support and

mentoring, easy to use resources, workshops

and networking opportunities.

Airport has new

fuel supplier

More aircraft could be

filling up at the Ashburton

Airport when

the Ashburton District

Council grants

resource consent for

RD Petroleum to

install a refuelling

depot there.

BP currently have

underground tanks

which supply one type

of fuel, but the tanks

have reached the end

of their uesful life and

the company wants to

remove them, relinquish

their lease and

discontinue supplying


RD Petroleum have

agreed to supply and

install a 20,000­litre

AV gas tank (current

fuel) and a20,000­litre

Jet A1 tank.

The airport is owned

by council,whose planning

department will

consider the resource

consent application.

The company plans

to lease land near an

existing children’s

playground atthe airport,

though rent will

be minimal to recognise

the cost of the


Council commercial

manager Colin Windleborn,

in areport to

the Ashburton Airport

Authority subcommittee,

said the installation

of both fuels

would mean an

increase in refuelling

activity at the airport.

Existing users, plus

helicopters and gas

turbine aircraft, would

be able to fill up due to

the availability of both


Council would

receive additional

landing feesasaresult;

its only cost would be

to install asmall concrete

apron in front of

the refuelling depot

for a hard stand for


He said the proposed

refuelling depot

location was the best

spot for users and for

the tankers that would

refill the above­ground

storage tanks. The

tanks will be bunded

and protected.

Mr Windleborn said

a new playground

could be installed as

the airport was further




Help protect yourself andyour

whānau with simple tips like

washingand drying your hands

thoroughlywithsoap andwater.

Your health is in your hands.

Formoreinfoand tips on staying

well visit health.govt.nz/COVID-19

Page 18, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Burn research work ateam effort

Controlled burn research up the

Rakaia Gorge is aproject that has

taken scientists and fire and emergency

crews working alongside staff

from Department of Conservation

and Environment Canterbury more

than ayear to prepare.

And once the wind conditions

were just right and each of the fires

were set the tinder­dry metre­high

gorse­land along Double Hill Run

Road went up in flames in minutes.

It’s an impressive sight, marred

only by thick black and grey smoke

billowing off into the atmosphere.

The project, led by Crown research

institute Scion, who specialize in

research, science and technology

development for the forestry, wood

product, wood­drived materials and

other biomaterial sectors, has

included agroup of researchers from

the US Forest Services, Missoula

Fire Sciences Laboratory, San Jose

State University and University of

Canterbury geography department.

There have also been Fire and

Emergency New Zealand (FENZ)

crews from Mid Canterbury, Canterbury,

West Coast and Otago getting

invaluable on­the­ground operational

training experience, and a

chance to network with other fire

crews during a co­ordinated


But the hundreds of man hours to

get permits and approvals, to prepare

the 80 hectare site with burn­off grids

across six burn plots, complete with

10­metre wide firebreaks and buffer

zone, as well as the ground work

done on burn days by fire crews were

worth it.

There was valuable insight in to

how “free­running fires” behave in

gorse scrub fuels to add to existing

knowledge from other experimental

burns done around New Zealand.

Scion Rural Fire Research Group

fire scientist Grant Pearce said the

focus was on the ‘fine scale dynamics

happening right in the flame zone”

and, among other things, to investigate

a US Forest Service theory

about how heat was transferred from

flames to unburned fuels ahead.

He said it meant the movement of

heated air (convection) was “much

more important than previously

thought” and it was hoped the burns

would prove it.

Using a series of instruments

within the burn sites, including

30­metre towers, video recordings

and drones to capture the fire

spread, measurements were being

taken on everything from flame

temperatures, to the turbulence happening

within the flame zone, right

out to the turbulence above the fires

and in the atmosphere.

Lidar was also being used to track

particles in the smoke produced.

The information will help improve

models for predicting how fires will

spread and how hot they will burn.

Information that can be used by


“The research collaboration with

these international and local partners

allows us to tap in to all that

expertise and really add to the

experiments in New Zealand,” he


The fires only took place under

specified weather conditions, had a

helicopter on standby, and with the

final approval of Fire and Emergency

New Zealand. Water was collected

for fire trucks and water storage

tanks from an on­site stream. Prior to

the burns it was used to douse the dry

spots neighbouring the fire zone to

prevent fire spread.

It was also used to mop up the fire,

and prevent flare ups, once the burnoff

had burnt through.

On the morning of burn days, fire

crews signed in at the operations site

and gathered for meetings which

All personnel at the site sign in as part of the co-ordinated incident management system.

included burn plot information,

weather updates and on site conditions.

They were supplied apacked

lunch and bottles of water, which

along with the portable toilets on

site, were able to sustain them for the


The location of everyone on site

was identified using aco­ordinated

incident management system and

placed on card on acentral management

board. The cards were removed

as each person cleared the site.

The effects of wild fires and bush

fires can be devastating and every

year New Zealand has around 3000

wildfires which burn around 6000

hectares of rural lands. It’s an annual

cost to New Zealand of $100m, which

includes firefighting response and

readiness costs, and immediate

damages to property. It does not

include indirect losses such as damage

to rural lands or conservation

resources, personal property or lives.

“As our climate changes and

extreme fire conditions become

more common, our research findings

will hopefully help prevent loss of

life, property and our native vegetation

and wildlife.”

The fire burns will help fire

managers predict where fires are

likely to occur, how severe they will

be, how they are likely to behave

based on vegetation type and other

conditions, and what resources are

needed to control them and put them


Information such as fuel loadings,

fire spread rates and smoke behaviour

for gorse vegetation, a highly

fire­prone fuel­type common across

the country, will aid understanding

of fire behaviour to improve training

information and prediction tools for

firefighters and rural land managers.

The Rakaia Gorge burn follows

earlier experimental burns done in

crop stubble fields and would look at

standing wild pine fires in the future.

Mature gorse was considered particularly

interesting as it can contribute

aheavy fuel load to fire and

burn intensely.

“The economic, social and

environmental costs of wildfire are

growing, and will continue to grow as

communities increasingly spread into

rural and forested areas, and as the

changing climate results in hotter,

drier conditions and an increasing

number of extreme fire­risk days.”

Scion’s rural fire research is done

Instruments in the burn site measure fire activity (above), using drip line ignition (below).

to provide FENZ and other rural fire

and emergency response agencies

with the knowledge and tools to

prevent fires from occurring and to

put wildfires that do occur, out more

quickly and safely. The team as

completed over 140 similar burn

experiments in different vegetation


McKenzie HealthCare


Expansion will lift care levels

Anew extensionatMcKenzie

HealthCarewill increase bed

numbers at the Geraldine facility

by nearly50%.

Buildingofthe extension began

in December2018,and it is

expectedtoofficially open next


It includes24new beds,

including twoextra-large palliative

carerooms, afamily/whanauroom

withakitchen to enablefamily

memberstosleep over,anew

administrationarea, asmall cafe

thatwill be opentovisitors, staff

and residents,ahairdressing

room, newdining andlounge area.

General managerKim Entwistle

saysthe extensionisawelcome

addition,allowing an opportunityto

increasedementia-levelbeds, and

improved palliativecarefacilities.

The currentaged care facility

has 49 beds, including six

dedicated D3 levelrest-home

dementiabeds and dual-purpose

hospitalorrest-home beds,and a

dedicated respite carebed.

Every newroom has aprivate

ensuite,and is largerthana

standardroom, at 19sq m,

including theensuite.

Rooms comefullyfurnished, but

residents areencouraged to bring

their own furniture if theywish, and

all haveasmarttelevision and



Seventeen of therooms have

overheadhoisting systems,

makingiteasier forthe resident

and staff.

Withalight, bright colour

schemeand furnishings,the

rooms have atranquil feel,and will

allow each resident to puttheir

own markontheirroom and make

it theirspace.

The extension also provides for

the developmentofoutdoorareas

and safe internalcourtyard areas

as well.


HealthCare have the first option of

rooms in the new wing, and several

are looking forward to moving in.

The extension has beenaboost

Nearing completion ... The new 24­bed extension at McKenzie

HealthCare in Geraldine is nearly completed, and will increase bed

numbers by 50% at the facility.


for local tradespeople, and

McKenzie HealthCarehas been

supporting localoperators as much

as possibleduring the build.

Community support is afeature

of the facility,from residents’

families, to volunteers who come to

help with various activities and


Staff numbers will increase with

the extension,cementing

McKenzie HealthCare’s positionas

amajoremployer in the town.

At present, thereare 65 to 70

staff,amix of full-time, part-time

and casual, and including nursing

staff,healthcare assistants and

support staff. They work underthe

direction of general managerKim

Entwistle, clinical co-ordinator

Cathie Orange,and asenior

registered nurse.

As wellascaringfor residentsat

McKenzie HealthCare, staff are

also looking to providecare for

residentsinthe 10 assisted care

unitsinthe McKenzie Lifestyle


High tech ... McKenzie Health­

Care general manager Kim

Entwistle and senior registered

nurse Jenny Hall, in one of the new

rooms with the overhead hoist


Horrell Construction are proud to

have worked with HPA tobuild The

MHC Hospital for our community

027 750 8926



Page 20, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Expansive operation

This aerial image shows the scale ofthe McKenzie

HealthCare operation, including the existing

facility, the new extension, and the McKenzie

Lifestyle Village behind.





Because when the need is there, so arewe.

We have what youneed,when and whereyou need it.

0800 660 660


call us now on

0800 367 494

Inspection, Design, Installation


•Sprinkler System Certifier Approved Contractor

•Independant Qualified Person

•Locally Owned

•Fire Alarms, Extinguishers


to McKenzie

Health Care on the

completion of their



Page 29, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Get your



Everyhome, every

week —that’s





we love

Suppliers of

Office Furniture

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Cafe &Cleaning Equipment

your work

DowellsOfficeProducts Depot

9Church St, Timaru

0800 4TWINK or 03 688 1189

admin@dowells.co.nz |www.opd.co.nz


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 21

5Baring SquareWest,Ashburton |POBox 94, Ashburton, NewZealand 7740 | Telephone (03) 307 7700 | Facsimile (03) 308 1836

19 March2020 | ISSUE 144




Demolition well underway

Rakaia Salmon site upgrades

kicking off

Upgrades to the Rakaia Salmon

sitehavestarted this week,with

the old toilets being removed

from Monday 16 March and the

caravan effluent dump station

closing until anew location can

be secured.

TheCouncil is removing the oldpublic

toilets at the park and is replacing them

with anew 10-pan facility, which is

intendedtohelp meetdemand on the

facilities,particularly from visitors to the


Council Infrastructure Services Group

Manager, Neil McCann says the

Council iskeen to deliver the upgrades,

which have been made possible

through combined funding from the

Government's Tourism Infrastructure

Fund (TIF), Rakaia Lions and the


"These new public toilets will make a

big difference tothe salmon site. With

many people, particularly tourist buses

stopping to use the toilets, we want

to ensure there are ample facilities


"A lot of work hasbeengoing on behind

the scenes to secure asupplier for the

toilets and with thisand otherplanning

work now complete, we're ready to

start building."

Permaloo hasbeen awarded the tender

to deliver and install the new toilets,

which will begin on 1April. Portable

toilets will be available at the site until

the new facilities are ready. The old

toilets are having toberemoved first

dueto parkingspace needsandto allow

forthe newtoilets to be built wherethe

current onesare located.

As part of the upgrades, the caravan

effluent dumpstation is being relocated

to another site, yettobedetermined.In

the meantime, the Rakaia dump station

is closed from 16 March, but caravans

and campervans are still be able to

2 Capsules in Ashburtoncenotaph 4 Rural roads


access the Ashburton and Methven

dump stations.

The historic jail is also being relocated

to the other side of the Bridgeman's

hut,and piling forthis will be carried out

as the oldtoilets areremoved.

The Council is investing$198,000 from

existing budgets toinstall new toilets

and carry out arange of landscaping

upgrades, including providing solarpowered

rubbish bins, additional

seating, concrete footpaths, Rakaia

history signage and additional

playground equipment.

A $740,000 grant from the TIF and

$20,000 generously donated by the

Rakaia Lions is also helping to deliver

the upgrades.

More information about the location

of the Rakaia caravan effluent dump

stationwillbeprovidedwhen anew site

is secured.

to receiveimportant

Ashburton District

Council alerts.


The free service is

available to all New

Zealand phone numbers.

To opt-out, simply text

‘STOP’ to 4196.



Text your

postcode to



Page 22, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


From the Mayor: Have your sayonplansfor

the Ashburton Domain

AshburtonDistrictMayor,Neil Brown

The Ashburton Domain is

undoubtedly one of our most

important local facilities.

Looking back over the years, it's

provided many great memories

like Christmas events, sporting


the familyintheplayground,but

now weare turning our eyes to

the future and looking ahead to

what the Domain could be over

the next 30 years.

The Council has adopted a draft

Ashburton Domain Development Plan

that seeks to future-proof the Domain

for our community for many years to

come, and we need your help to ensure

we'reonthe right track.

Thechanges proposed addressalmost

every activity, facility and attraction

at the Domain. There are proposals

for sports clubs, the playground

and paddling pool, gardens, lawns,

waterwaysand even theway people get

in and out of theDomain.

For instance, there are proposals to

move the paddling pool closer to

the playground; build heritage and




café and outdoordining area;construct

an entranceway from Walnut Avenue;

andimprove connectivity to Ashburton

town with better access across State


With these various proposals in mind,

I'm sure there are ideas that would

be of interest to every person inour

district,whetheryou take thekids to the

Domain on weekends,enjoy abarbecue

or picniconthe lawns,gotoevents,or

playsportatone of thefields or facilities

throughout the year.

It's crucial that residents take alook at

the draft proposalsand tell us whatthey

think beforeafinal DevelopmentPlanis


We need to know ifwe're making the


when the work for each individual

project would begin and which items

should be prioritised.

Youcan have your say bycompleting

a feedback form on the Council

websiteuntil 5pmonSunday5Aprilat



to speaktoyour submissionatahearing

that will take place after consultation

closes. This is agreat chance tovoice

your opinion directlytoCouncillorsand

forthemtoask youquestionsfor more


This is your Domain, so please playyour

part and have asay on its future.


Development Plan

Our Place:OurDomain



We aredeveloping a30-yearplan forour Domain to

ensureitisfuture-proofedfor theyears to come.We

want to knowwhat youthink of our ideas -thisis

your chance to shapewhatthe Domainwill look like.

Full maps andinformation on theproposed

plans, alongwithaform to provideyour

feedback canbe foundat


We areaccepting feedback until 5pm, Sunday 5April 2020.


Councillor Comment-Carolyn Cameron

Over the past few months,

Ihaveenjoyedviewing apart

of the Ashburton District from

aby-gone era. Ihave been

visitingsome of the hallsand

reserve boards in ourdistrict,

of which there are 19under


I’ve experienced awonderful sense


carefully maintained buildings offer

aview ofwhat our world was like

over acentury ago: one hall, which

was formally Greenstreet School

was opened in 1876 and isnow a

sizeable combined districthall.

Avisit reminds us of the sacrifices

many people made in the Great

War and the Second World War as

we take in the names listed on old

boards hanginginsolemn reminder

of past sacrifices.

The halls ofour district are often

generally adorned with well-used

stages and beautiful wooden

floors, lovingly maintained and

restored by volunteers putting

hours into cleaning, painting

and tending these remnants of a

previous era. These are the people

our district depends on to preserve

an important part of our heritage.

To paraphrase Isaac Newton,

we progress by “standing onthe

shoulders of giants”.

Iurge everyone to visit our Museum

and look at the photographs and

exhibits of an earlier Ashburton

and imagine the lives our great

grandparents enjoyed. Follow this

experience upwith adrive around

the district and view these old

halls, reserves, playgrounds and

tennis courts and appreciate an

earlier time in our districts history.

Appreciating and understanding

the past is important and we need

to constantly remindourselvesthat

what we enjoyisherebecauseofthe

efforts of thosewho went beforeus.

Our new Civic Centre, housing the

Council and Library, will be agreat

monument forthe future butlet us

ensure we retain aportion of the

past andacknowledgethese earlier

achievements.Ibelieve it would be

appropriate to incorporate some

sort offormal recognition of those

thathavehelped to makeAshburton

and its surrounding areas the

thriving region that we enjoytoday.

This could, for example, involve

installation of significant pictures

of our past into the pavements

or gardens of this new building. I

would welcome ideas from others

interested in this issue.

2 19 March 2020 |ISSUE 144


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 23




newYouth Council

Above ground upgrades

startinginAshburton CBD


Youth Councillor


Submission Coordinator

I’m a17year

old student



Year 13 at




who enjoys



travel, volunteer work with children

andspending time with friendsand

family.Ialso haveapart time job as

alifeguardand swim tutoratthe EA

Networks Centre. 2020 is going to be a

big year forme, having been selected

formyschool’sGreen House Executive,

and being offeredaposition on the

Ashburton Youth Council.

As this is most likely my lastyearliving

in thedistrict beforeIgo to university to

pursue acareerinmedicine, this is my

year to makeachangeinAshburton.

Ibelieve Ihavemany things to offer

theAshburton Community this year,

especially astrong advocate voicefor

mental health,and whatbetterway

to do that thantobethe youth voice

communicating ideas straighttothe


My nameis

Maddie Page

and Iamthe



on the



Council. I

am 12years

old andam

aYear8student at Ashburton Borough

School. Ilove readingand creative

writing, Ialso enjoyplaying Hockey. I

really care aboutthe environment.I

am very excitedtobeonthe Ashburton

YouthCouncil becauseitshows me that

Ihaveavoiceand it showsother young

people in the districtthattheir voice

canbeheard too.

Progress on the Ashburton CBD

streetscape revitalisation is

moving ahead on track, with

above ground upgrades on Cass

Street nowunderway.

The new underground infrastructure,

including water pipes are almost

finishedbeinginstalledalong bothsides

of Cass Street (between Havelock and

MooreStreets) and atemporary coat of

chip seal has been applied to the road.

The contractors, TruLine Civil began

constructing rain gardensand newkerb

this week (16March)and onceall above

ground upgrades are completed, the

permanent road surfacewill be applied.

The roundabout at the Cass Street/

Havelock Street intersection has been

removed. Atemporary roundabout has

been installed, but this will become a

give-wayintersection in comingweeks,

with priority given to Havelock Street


Some driver confusion continues in

the area, particularly at the Burnett

Street intersection. It's understood

that the traffic flow issues are being

compounded by the rebuild working

happening at the Ashburton Club &

MSA. Due tothe ongoing work inthis

area,residents arebeing remindedthat

stop/go regulations will be in place at

times and to be mindful of the roadwork


Learn more about the Ashburton

CBD Streetscape Revewal project at


Council to begin maintenance on Art Gallery


The Ashburton Art Gallery &

Heritage Centre will be the

focus of internal and external

repairs over coming weeks and

months, as the Council begins a

programme to remedy building

defects identified through an


The Council discovered intermittent

waterleakissues in the building during

extreme weather conditions after the

building became fully occupied. The

Councilalso foundthe air conditioning

system was not working to its


The first work tobeundertaken will

be painting and sealing the southern

exterior wall of the building as this was


with other walls being painted and

sealed where necessary. The three

upstairs bay windows facing State

Highway1will also be waterproofed.

Other repairs include inspecting

and repairing the roof membrane,

installing new heating and ventilation

equipment,includingthe installationof

buffer tanks.

Chief Executive Hamish Riach said the

Council ispleased to begin the repair

work, which has been budgeted for in

the2019/20 Annual Plan.

"Our first priority is completing the

painting and roof membrane repairs

before winter, then moving onto the

work needed insidethe building.

"It'simportant that we getthisrequired

work underway sooner rather than

later, asweknow the Art Gallery &

HeritageCentreisanimportant facility

to ourcommunity."

The Council has taken additional

steps to ensure the protection ofthe

Art Gallery and Museum assets while

work has been waiting tobegin. This

has included regular monitoring of

temperatures and moisture levels and

installing a temporary dehumidifier

system where needed to maintain

appropriatelevels of climate control.

Themaintenance work is not expected

to affect the centre'sopening hours.


19 March 2020 |ISSUE 144


Page 24, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Maintenance work

uncovers timecapsules in


A thorough deep-clean of

the Ashburton war memorial

in Baring Square West has

uncovered two time capsules,


in the cenotaph for almost 100


Behind one of the tiles that have been

carefully removed and cleaned by

hand, the team from Stoneface Ltd

came across twoairtightcopperboxes

encasedinthe memorial.

The first time capsulewas laid whenthe

memorial wasunveiled in June 1928.It

is reportedtoinclude the namesofthe

97,335 members ofthe New Zealand

Expeditionary Force who served

overseasduring World WarI.

It is also said toinclude acopy ofthe

proclamation of peace issued byKing

George V and several local books,

newspapers and items from the time.

Jubilee booklets and catalogues from

the Ashburton A&P Association and

Ashburton County are inside, asisa

history ofAshburton compiled by the

Ashburton AAand aMāori souvenir of

NewZealand booklet.

Schools and churches contributed

with magazinesand souvenir booklets.


produced in the district arealsoinside.

Thesecondtime capsule is understood


Zealand soldierswho fought overseasin

World WarII.

Both copper boxes have remnants of

pitch coating them.

The capsules were entrusted to the

care of the Ashburton Museum who

have been looking after them until

they are reinstated after cleaning

and maintenance on the cenotaph is

finished. Neither of the capsules have

been opened.

ANZACDay services 2020

Please note, these services may

be subjecttochange.

Thefollowingservices havebeen

arrangedfor the AshburtonDistrict,and

allresidents arewelcome to attend.


Dawn Service

When: 6.30am

Where: Ashburton cenotaph, Baring

Square West,Ashburton

Speaker: MP Andrew Falloon

Service conducted by Brigadier Mike

Allwright of the Salvation Army



Where: Services Plot, Ashburton


Speaker: MP Jo Luxton

R.S.Amembers assembleatnorth end

of ServicePersonnel plot at 8.45am



Where: Ashburtoncenotaph, Baring

Square West,Ashburton

Speaker: Ashburton DistrictMayor Neil


Limitedseatingavailable forelderly

citizens. 150seats reserved forreturned

andservicepersonnel. Ex-service

personnel andother groups(Scouts,

Guides etc.) assembleatthe cornerof

Havelock and Park Streetsby10.45am.


When: 9.30am, assemble at Panther

Rock Cafécar park.

When:9.45am, parade leaves

When: 10.00am, service

Where: Mayfield Memorial Hall

Collection foracharity and morning

Teatofollow, aplate appreciated.

12.00 noon. Golf match at Mayfield



When:9.15am, assemble at the

Memorial Arch on McDonaldStreet

When: 9.30am, march

When: 10.00am, service

Where: Mt HuttMemorial Hall, 160Main


Morning Teainthe supperroom of the

Memorial Hall.


When: 10am

Where: Hinds Hall

Ex servicepersonnel andScout &

Guides assemble at Scout Den at



When: 10.00

Where: Rakaia Community Centre,

Mackie Street, Rakaia.

From the CEO: Heeding advice, bestprotection

ChiefExecutiveHamish Riach

As the impacts ofcoronavirus

CONVID-19 continue to unfold

each day, we are all assessing

our ownsituationsand thinking

about what we need to do to best

prepare and protect ourselves

andthe wider community.

You'll have seen that there are now

bright postersatthe entrances of the EA

Networks Centre,Museum, Libraryand

Council buildingaskinganyone who is

feeling unwell to please return home

and to contact their GP or Healthline for


We have introduced these and other

sensible precautions based on the

advicecoming from NewZealand'slead

agency onthe COVID-19 response, the

Ministry of Health (MoH). As notonlya

public serviceand facility provider,but

also alocal employer, the Councilhas a

responsibility to do allwecan to protect

the welfare ofour residents and staff.

It is aresponsibly other organisations

and businesses are actively assessing

as well.

We havereinforced sanitiser messages

to our staff to regularly wash or clean

their hands, are advising our teams

to reduce hand-to-hand contact with

others and to stay at home ifthey are

feelingunwell.Wehavealso increased

our cleaningand sanitisingactivities at

all our facilities.

Advice from the MoH experts is that

washing our hands thoroughly,

avoiding touching our faces, sneezing

and coughing into tissues or our

elbow, and staying athome ifweare

experiencingpossiblesymptoms areall

practicaland effective measures to help

protect ourselves and our community.

These are measures we should all

adopt in our efforts toberesponsible

and reduce thespreadofthe virus.

From a Council perspective, we are

refreshing our Business Continuity

Plans toensure wecan keep critical

Councilservicesopen and cansupport


and have set up an internal Pandemic

PlanningGroup whichismeeting daily

to keep abreast of developments and

respond accordingly. Additionally,

we are working with industry leaders

whoare working on behalf of allLocal

Authorities to coordinate advice ona


and their services forcommunities.

The MoH remains the single source of

truth on coronavirus COVID-19, and

I urge everyone in our community

to check their website (health.govt.

nz/COVID-19) for information. The

MoH stresses anyone who has been

overseaswithinthe last14days andhas

developed afever, cough or shortness

of breath should phone Healthline’s

dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358

5453 or contacttheirGP.

4 19 March 2020 |ISSUE 144


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 25



Roll up your sleevesfor working bee activities

this NeighboursDay

"WorkingBee in Your Neighbourhoodis

awonderful opportunity tomake new

friends and beinvolved in something

that will benefit our local facilities,"

Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown


"Sign uptoday to play your part and

help makeapositivedifferenceinyour


and Hakatere Multicultural Council's


Working bee locations will nominate

someone from their group or

organisation that will coordinate

the event, incollaboration with the

Neighbours Day Committee. Some

clubs may incorporate a‘have ago’

elementtotheir event as well.

Neighbours Day 2020 is set to

spark the district's community


on Saturday 28 March thanks

to anew Working Bee in Your

Neighbourhood initiative.

The Mid Canterbury Neighbours

Day Committee, comprised of the

AshburtonDistrict Council's Welcoming

Communities Programme, Hakatere

Multicultural Council, Neighbourhood

Support and Mid Canterbury TimeBank

are promoting Working Bee in Your

Neighbourhood to foster connections,

build community morale and raise

awarenessoflocal community groups.

Schools, groups and clubs who

participateinthe district-wide initiative

will not only be giving back totheir

community but willgointothe draw to

win aDominos Pizza delivery for their

event. Photosoftheir eventwill also get

themintothe draw.

Five working bee projects are already

proposed at Community House,

Hinds School, Our Lady of the Snows

Methven, Netherby School andAllenton

School. Projects are set to include

gardenplantings, sandingand painting,

weeding and general tidying and repair


The NeighboursDay Committee willbe

encouraging their members, staff and

stakeholders to roll up their sleeves

and take part in theworking bees. This

includesbusinesses who featured in the


Workplaces' video series; ACL, Subway

Ashburton, ANZCO,Talley'sand Rakaia

Island Dairies; as well as Council staff,

TimeBankers,Neighbourhood Support

To learn more about the working bees

in various neighbourhoods, people

areencouraged to visitthe Welcoming

Communities - Ashburton District

Facebook page overthe comingweeks.

Lists of registered organisations will be

promoted on the Facebook page.

To register a school, club or group

with the Mid Canterbury Neighbours

Day Committee, contact any of the

coordinators, e-mail Janice.McKay@

adc.govt.nz or visit tinyurl.com/


Neighbours Day 2020 will take place

on Saturday 28 March. Learn more

about Neighbours Day at www.


Council receives AA+

credit rating

The Ashburton District could

save hundreds of thousands of

dollars in interest repayments

over the coming years after it

wasrevealed this month that the

Ashburton District Council has

received an AA+ credit rating.

Independent credit rating company,


Council's ability to service debt against

arange of criteria anddeterminedthat

the Council and district are inastrong

financial position that should provide


The rating will assist the Council to

secure lower interest rates when

borrowing from lenders, which will

help offset the financial burden on


Council Chief Executive, Hamish Riach

says the AA+ credit rating means the

Council can now access lower interest

rates from the Local Government

Funding Agencyofupto20points.

"Fitch Ratings'assessment is apositive


and the effortsofcurrentand previous

elected Councils to operateresponsibly

and efficiently forour community.

"We are very pleased to receive this

rating. It will certainly have good

outcomes forratepayers, and residents

should be proud of theirdistrict'sgood


In the last financial year, the Council

achieved its Financial Strategy targets

to not exceed rate and external debt


Its goals for the next 10 years are to

ensure the Council remains financially

stable; spend money prudently to

deliver services, cater for growth and

manage assets soundly; ensure rates

and fees arekept to areasonable level;

and provide clear financial parameters

forwork programmes.

Information on the Council's financial

performance inthe last financial year

are available in the 2018/19 Annual



19 March 2020 |ISSUE 144


Page 26, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Councils seek funding to investigatefuture

water services

Five CentralSouth Island district

councils haveapplied forfunding

to investigate changes to water

services as part of a major

Government review.

TheCentral South WaterCollaboration

(CSW), which comprises of staff

from Ashburton, Mackenzie, Timaru,

Waimate and Waitaki district councils,

is investigating whether acollaborative

approach to three waters services

delivery could benefit their councils

and communities, leading to improved

public health and environmental


Three waters encompasses drinking


sewage transport, treatment disposal

and stormwater management.

TheGovernment setupaThreeWaters

Review team in parallel with the inquiry

into the drinking water contamination

incidentinHavelock North. It has been

considering solutions to the wider

affordability and capability challenges

facing local councils, and has mooted

that there islikely to be significant

change to how these services are


CSW has applied for $120,000 from

aGovernment fund set aside tohelp

investigate regional, multi-regional or

sub-regional service delivery models.

The five councils will split the other

$120,000 cost of the work on aper

rateable unitbasis.

The five councils collectively serve

around 115,000 people. The districts

are like-minded and share similar

sector and populationprofiles, as well

as common issues and opportunities

regarding three waters.

Ashburton District Council

Infrastructure Services Group Manager,

Neil McCann said, "The Government

has made itclear that the delivery of

three waters across the country will

change, and wethink it’s important

to collectively take the opportunity to

investigate and propose options using

our local knowledge and experience,

ratherthanhavealess tailoredsolution


“This project will build on work

already begun byCSW to understand

key principles and objectives for

collaborative water services, identify

options for collaborative service

delivery, and understand costs and

widerimpacts to ensureservices across

the sub-region are delivered to ahigh

quality and in an affordable manner.”

Councils in the Mid and South

Canterbury area havealonghistory of

collaboration on major cross boundary

infrastructure, most recently the Aoraki

Roading Collaboration which helped

standardiseand bringbenefits of scale

to roading serviceprocurement.

Details of whichprojects will be granted

the funding from the Department of

Internal Affairs are predicted to be

announced in early April.

Romanian giftfinds

home in Ashburton

A family trip to Romania in

June last year has established

an unexpected relationship

between Ashburton and the

ancientcity of Constanta,thanks

to local school girl, Alexandra


Alexandra (10) who attends Hampstead

School, and her father Leonard visited

the family's home country in June

and July last year, and whilst visiting

relatives was introduced to the Deputy

Mayor of Constanta. Upon hearing of

the vast distancethe family'snew home

wasonthe othersideofthe world, the

Deputy Mayor asked if Alexandrawould

deliver aletterand bookabout the city

to the mayor of herhome in Ashburton


Last month, Alexandra presented the

gifts to Mayor Neil Brown, who was

delighted at the show ofinternational

friendship and diplomacy.

"It was Children's Day in the city, and

her grandfather knew some local

politicians," Leonard said. "When they

heardshe wasaKiwi, shewas asked if

she would meetthe Deputy Mayor."

Constanta is the oldest continually

inhabited city in Romania, and was


to one of the greatest poets in Roman

history, Ovid.

The Romanian book now resides

proudly at the Ashburton District


Pictured:Alexandrapresentingthe book

to Ashburton Mayor Neil Brown.

6 19 March 2020 |ISSUE 144


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 27



Rural roads getfinal


Several rural intersections in the

Ashburton District are receiving

afinal layer of protectiontokeep

theroadsurfaceingood order for



the roads, makingthe surface resistant

to flushing, the name giventodescribe

bitumen rising to the road surface and

resulting in asmooth pavement. This

smoothness can beslippery inwinter

and soft inextreme heat.

The finallayer of asphalt is applied after

a'milling' treatment, where the road

surfaceisdug back to allowfor the new

and old asphalt layers to seamlessly

blend with no overlap.

The intersectionsofMaronan, Cracroft,

Lismore Mayfield and McDougalls

Roads, as well as Melcombe, Moranan

and Hendersons Road, and asection

along Melcombe Street have been the


Milling depth starts at 50 millimetres


metres,creating agradualblend.

The final layer of asphaltisthenapplied

andprovides extrastrengthtothe road


Some of the programmed works

were completed in February, with the

reminderto takeplaceover thenext two


AshburtonLibrary &

CivicCentre project

progressing on track

Progress on Ashburton's

new Library & Civic Centre is

developing on track, with the


to beginatthe endofthe year.

The Council and its project manager,

Logic Group are now inthe developed

stage ofthe design process, which is

expected to wrap up in April before

detailed designs arecraftedand putout


Council Chief Executive, Hamish Riach

says whileresidents will not have seen

much happening since the site for the

newcentrewas clearedlastyear, there

has been alot of work goingonbehind

the scenes.

"The design process and timeline

was established atthe very start of

this project in 2018, and we are still

operating on track.The work completed

to-date, including the site preparation,

has allowed for further technical

investigation to inform the detailed

design phase. This comprised of geotechnical

and contaminationsurveys."

The Council approved concept

designs for the building in August

2019, which included progressing with

environmentally sustainable features,

such asanartesian well and chilled

beam cooling/heating system, and


Pioneer Hall, aheritagebuilding on the

site will also be incorporated into the


Mr Riach continued that with concept

plans established, the work is now

focusingonhowtotranslate thoseideas

intomoreconcrete designs.

"It's all about how we make each

of the components work to deliver

Ashburton's new Library and Civic


Ashburton District Mayor, Neil Brown

is encouraging residents to stay up-todate

with the project by signing up to

theCouncil's free e-newsletter.

"This is an exciting project for our

community, and the end result will

be quite anupgrade from what we

currently have. Make sure you're

hearing the latest about this project

and other Council news with the

help of our e-newsletter by visiting


11 :1 5a m

Home Snap



Include a photo of the


Add anotherphoto


19 March 2020 |ISSUE 144


Page 28, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


Community Noticeboard



Pursuant to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic RoadClosure) Regulations

1965, noticeisherebygiven that the following roads will be closed to

ordinaryvehicular traffic to allowthe following:

Flying Kiwi Motorcycles Ltd, forthe purpose of attempting the Land

Speed Record Attempt event,proposestoclosethe followingroadto

ordinaryvehicular traffic forthe period indicated hereunder.

Roadproposed to be closed:

• McCRORYS ROAD betweenAwaroaSchool Road &Kyle Road


Period of Closure:

• 8.00am and 4.30pm on Friday, 03 April 2020

• 8.00am and 4.30pm on Saturday, 04 April 2020

• 8.00am and 4.30pm on Sunday, 05 April 2020 (Extraday in case

of rain on either day above)

Any person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodgenoticeof

their objection and grounds thereofinwriting or email to Council by

4.00pm on 20 March 2020.

Neil McCann

ServiceDeliveryGroup Manager


Pursuant to the Transport (Vehicular Traffic RoadClosure) Regulations

1965, noticeisherebygiven that the following roads will be closed to

ordinaryvehicular traffic to allowthe following:

AshburtonReturnedand Services’Association to hold ANZACDay

services,proposes to close the followingroads to ordinaryvehicular

traffic forthe period indicated hereunder.

Road to be closed

• HAVELOCK STREET,fromPark StreettoEast Street

• BARING SQUARE WEST,fromHavelock StreettoCameron Street

• SH 1(WESTSTREET),fromHavelock StreettoCameron Street

• CAMERON STREET, from West StreettoParkStreet

Period of Closure:

• From 6.00am to 8.30pm and 10.00am to 12.30pm on Saturday,

25 April 2020

Any person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodgenoticeof

their objection and grounds thereof in writing or email to Council by

4.00 pm, Friday 27 March 2020.


Group Manager ServiceDelivery


Manager –System Management

Up &Coming

Council Meetings

Meetings arenow held in the new

CouncilChambers, 137Havelock Street,

Ashburton unless stated otherwise.


APRIL 2020

Council meeting

Thursday 9April, 10.30am

Environmental Services Committee,

Thursday 23 April, 10.30am

Community ServicesCommittee,

Thursday 23 April, (tofollow

Environmental Services)


Thursday 23 April, (tofollow



Keep up with thelatest

Council news by following

us on social media!

Community Services)

Audit,Riskand Finance Committee,

Thursday 30 April, 9.30am

Bylaw and PolicyCommittee,

Thursday30April (tofollowAudit,Risk


Methven Community Boardmeeting

Monday 6April, 10.30am

Mt Hutt MemorialHall,Methven

All meetings areopen to thepublicunless

otherwise stated. Meeting start times

may be subject to changeand will be

notifiedonCouncil’swebsite. Council and

Committeemeetings, and Hearings now

livestreamedonYouTube and Facebook.

Carol Johns of behalf of the Ashburton Wheels Week Committee to

hold the Wheels Week StreetParade,proposes to close the following

roads to ordinaryvehicular traffic forthe period indicated hereunder.


• KERMODESTREET from East StreettoMona Square, including all

of Mona Square

• EASTSTREET from SH1 at the southern end to Cameron Street

• MOORE STREET from SH1 to East Street

• CAMERON STREET from East StreettoVictoria Street

• BARING SQUARE EAST from Cameron StreettoHavelock Street

• HAVELOCK STREET from Baring SquareEASTtoSH1

Period of closure: From 9.30 am until 12.00 noon on Sunday,

17 May 2020.

Any person objecting to the proposal is called upon to lodgenoticeof

their objection and grounds thereof to Council by 4.00 pm on Thursday,

30 April 2020.

Neil McCann

ServiceDeliveryGroup Manager


5Baring SquareWest




8.30am -5.00pm

9.00am -5.00pm

8.30am -5.00pm


20 RiverTerrace

Monday -Friday



6.00am -9.00pm

7.00am -7.00pm

7.00am -7.00pm


327 West Street

Monday -Sunday 1.00pm-4.00pm

Open daily, close Public Holidays

McKenzie HealthCare


Room with a view ... One of the rooms in the new extension at

McKenzie HealthCare, which opens on to acourtyard area.

Taking abreak ... The new extension features asmall cafe, which

will be open to visitors, staff and patients.


Kind and compassionate aged care

Whether it is respite,long-orshorttermhospitalcare,rest-home,


McKenzieHealthCare offers the

highest standardofholisticnursing

carewith kindness, compassionand


While mostpeople prefertoremain

in theirown home, for about 6% of

peopleoverthe age of 65, thisisnot

the safest or most practicaloption.

Sales • Hire • Service

Stockists of

•Mobility Scooters

•Walking Frames

•Wheel Chairs

•Toilet &BathroomEquipment

•Electric Lift Chairs &Beds



PH 03 688 4121



42 Theodosia Street


03 688 4121

McKenzieHealthCare provides

specialised nursingcare for people

fromGeraldine andthe surrounding


Specialised, trainedhealthcare

assistantssupport the registered

nursestodeliver ahighlevel of care

tailoredfor eachresident’sparticular


About 70 staffwill care for up to 74

residents in thefacilityand the




22 Chalmers Ave


03 307 7455


Proudly supporting

McKenzie HealthCare

assisted careunits in theadjacent

McKenzie LifestyleVillage.

Registered nurses are on duty at

all timestoensure allmedical and

nursingneedsare met.

Familyand welfare guardians are

actively encouraged to be part of

eachclient’scare planningand


Familyretain an importantrole by

being the carer advocate,actively


working with the McKenzie

HealthCare team, teaching staff

about the individual likes and

dislikesofeach client,which

helps to ensure deliveryofthe

bestcare practicablefor them.

Staff willdiscuss medication

and keepittoaminimum, notify

family of health events and aim

for quality of life decisions to

support independence and



encourages feedback, whether it

be concerns,complimentsor



mechanismtoensure anyissues

areproperly addressed, andclient

satisfaction surveysare


strengthsand weaknesses and to

prioritise futureimprovements.

Family feedback also helps

improveservicesfor future clients,

andthere is alsoaresidents’


McKenzie HealthCareis

certifiedbythe MinistryofHealth

to providehospital,rest-homeand

dementia level careservices,

includingpalliative, short stay,

convalescent andrespite care.

Otherservicesinclude daycare,



McKenzie Healthcarehas a

focusoncontinual improvement

andregular internaland external

audits ensure it meetshigh



site for

more than

60 years

For 60 years, staff at 2McKenzie St in

Geraldine havebeen caring for the

community—from babies to the

district’s elderly residents.

Now the aged-care facility

McKenzie Healthcare, with a

neighbouring retirement village, the

facility had its beginnings as a

maternity hospital for the South

Canterbury town.

The site, originally knownasThe

Pines, was purchased in 1946 for a

planned 20-bed general hospital, at a

cost of £2575.

In 1955, plans for ageneral hospital

werewithdrawn and substituted with

plansfor an eight-bed maternity

hospital on the site, to replace the

16-bed Rawhiti House in the township.

At acost of £57,000, the Geraldine

MaternityHospital was completed in

1960, andRawhiti House ceased

operating as amaternity hospital and

became ageriatric home.

For 26 years, this was the Geraldine

MaternityHospital, run under the

leadership of Sister MaryOram. Sister

Oramretired in 1986 and was

succeededbySister Shirley Garnett.

But Geraldine’s reputationgrewas

that of aretirement town, and in March

1988, those at apublic meeting asked

the hospitalboard to investigate the

provision of beds for the terminally ill,

and holiday relief for the elderly.

The hospital board agreed it made

economic senseand in July 1988, the

maternityhospital ceased as abirthing

unit.The hospital and redundant

nurses’ accommodationwere turned

into a24-bed geriatric hospitalknown

as The Pines.

In the late1980s, Anne Whittaker

boughtthe Pines from the South

CanterburyDistrict Health Board, and

under herownership,McKenzie Lodge

—as it became known —grew.

In 2007, ashareholder group,

McKenzie,purchasedthe facility,and

has drivendevelopment of the facility,

and the adjacent McKenzie Lifestyle





MarketPlace,Otematata•Ph(03) 438 9650






Fordesign &supply contact:

United Scaffolding Group

Email: office@unitedscaffolding.co.nz

Phone: 0800 27 22 33





Freshwater find off Canty coast

Scientists have discovered an extensive

body of freshwater off the

Canterbury coast between Timaru

and Ashburton.

NIWA marine geologist Dr Joshu

Mountjoy says the discovery is one

of the few times a significant

offshore aquifer has been located

around the world and may lead to a

new freshwater resource for the


The aquifer lies just 20 metres

below the seafloor, making the find

one of the shallowest in the world. It

extends up to 60 kilometres from

the coastline and may contain as

much as 2000 cubic kilometres of

water which is equivalent to half the

volume of groundwater across Canterbury.

Derived from rainfall, the aquifer

is partly being replenished by

groundwater flow from the coastline

between Timaru and Ashburton.

However, most of the freshwater

became trapped offshore during the

last three Ice Ages, when sea level

was more than 100 metres lower

than it is today.

First indications that the offshore

groundwater was there was achance

find that arose when a scientific

drilling project in 2012 found brackish

water –orsalt and freshwater

mixed together –50km off the coast

and about 50m below the seafloor.

Dr Mountjoy says that discovery

led to a2017 voyage aboard NIWA

research vessel Tangaroa to carry

out further investigation in which

scientists collected electromagnetic

data. An electrical source was towed

behind the ship and behind that was

a line of receivers which record

different signals depending on the

electrical resistivity of the ground.

Resistivity is strongly influenced by

the amount of salt in the water

locked up in sediments beneath the

seafloor. This was then integrated

with seismic reflection profiling and

numerical modelling to determine

Massey Uni to do Mbovis research

The Mycoplasma bovis Programme has

appointed Massey University to do research

into the direct impacts of the cattle disease as

part of efforts to help accelerate its eradication.

The Programme is a collective of the

Ministry for Primary Industries, DairyNZ and

Beef +Lamb New Zealand.

MPI chief science adviser and chair of the

M.bovis Strategic Science Advisory Group

(SSAG) Dr John Roche said the university

researchers will investigate the impact of

Mbovis on individual animals and herds

within farms know to be infected with the


They will measure how M.bovis affects

infected animals and herds, including any

physical signs, effects on milk yield and

composition, and the duration of these


Dr Roche said this will help accelerate

eradication of the disease from New Zealand

farms and minimise the negative impacts.

‘‘The results of this project will contribute

evidence to help in the detection of M.bovis,

improve our surveillance tools, and increase

our understanding of how the disease spreads

under different New Zealand farming systems,

which is key in terms of eradication. It

will also help us to quantify the impacts, which

supports some of the recommendationsmade

in a recent Technical Advisory Group


The study is expected to take one to two


Only properties already known to be

Dairyshed yard work including topand backing gates

Rotaryboom irrigatorrepairs and service, including

wirerope &splicing

Mainline installation and repairs

Anyother general engineering/fabrication requirements

Bale feeder –calf feeders Standardorcustom-made

the amount of freshwater beneath

the seabed.

The findings have been published

this week in leading scientific journal

Nature Communications.

“One of the most important

aspects of this study is the improved

understanding it offers to water

management,” Dr Mountjoy says.

“If you’re going to manage the

groundwater on shore and near the

positive for M.bovis will be used.

No cattle will be intentionally infected, and

properties will only be studied up until agreed

dates for depopulation.

New Zealand is the first country in the

world to attempt to eradicate M.bovis, a

bacterial disease that can cause animal

welfareand productivityissues, particularly in

dairy cattle, including mastitis that doesn’t

respond totreatment, severe lameness, and

late­term abortions.

Dr Rochesaid the direct impacts study was

identified as apriority in the M.bovis science

plan, developed by the SSAG to help

accelerate eradication of the disease in New

Zealand. The M.bovis Programme has allocated

up to $30 million for M. bovis research

projects, guided by the science plan.

Synlait expanding Dunsandel facility

Synlait Milk Limited (Synlait) is expanding

its process to acquire farmland adjacent

to its Dunsandel facility for $25.7


Collectively, the farmland forms a

582­hectare unit.

The land enables Synlait to pursue

several strategic supply chain and sustainability

initiatives that support.

These include greater control over

Overseer review

Eight independent

experts have been

appointed tolead atechnical

review of the Overseer


modelling software.

It’s an effort, announced

by the Ministries for

the Environment and

Primary Industries, to

improve decision­making

tools for use on­farm.

The panel members,

led by chairman Dr Ian

Johnson, were selected

based on their depth of

knowledge and their collective

range of skills and


MOE deputy secretary

water and climate change

Cheryl Barnes said the

eight independent and



specialists will look

‘under the bonnet’ of

Overseer to critically

assess its modelling capability

and explore potential

improvements for its


water rights, developing a rail sliding

adjoining Dry Store 4and opportunities to

evaluate and trial sustainable farming

practices and carry out on­farm research.

This supports Synlait’s 10­year sustainability

targets, which include a commitment

to evolve best practice farming in

New Zealand through the company’s Lead

With Pride programme.

Synlait CEO Leon Clement said “the

land provides a unique opportunity to

pursue on­farm sustainability initiatives

and reduce our environmental footprint

whilst creating further supply chain efficiencies

in our business.

He said it fit with the company purpose

of doing milk differently for a healthier


Synlait required Overseas Investment

Office consent for the acquisition.

Phone 308 5903 weekdays l Email: agserve@xtra.co.nz

On call 7days:Doug: 027 282 2245, Matt (Tomo): 021 518 538

15 Malcolm McDowell Avenue, Ashburton




Brought to you by your

local insurance brokers

coast, you need to understand what

the downstream limits are.”

The structure of the aquifer has

been mapped in 3D and reveals

complex variations in shape and

salinity, according to paper leadauthor

Aaron Micallef of the University

of Malta who also says the

approach to characterising this

aquifer could potentially be used to

revise estimations of their number

and volume globally.

Dr Mountjoy says while there are

other places where offshore groundwater

is known about, this is only

the second time such intensive

surveying has been carried out to

define the extent of the water body.

Dr Mountjoy says there are

several places around New Zealand

facing significant issues with their

groundwater, such as Christchurch

and Hawke’s Bay which are feeling

the pressure of increasing populations

and regular prolonged dry


“We need to set the groundwork

in place for the future. Our primary

goal is to help people manage their

onshore resources.’’


workshop on

More than 20 people have

signed up for aBalancing

Biodiversity workshop at

Dorie tomorrow but more

are welcome. The free

workshop, organised by

Kanuka Trust and open to

anyone with abiodiversity

interest or looking to

understand more about

biodiversity, will focus on

native plants and beneficial


Kanuka Trust connector

Angela Cushnie

said the Mid Canterbury

rural community, and

businesses with a vested

interest in protecting ecosystems

for their industry,

were already aware ofthe

benefits of planting for

purpose and were well

ahead of most of the


This workshop would

give them information to

extend their knowledge.

Arable farmers Kai

Tegel and John Evans, of

Tregynon Farm, will

share their experiences

and show the benefits of

balanced biodiversity in

action on their farm during

avisit to the property.

The on farm trip will

follow after speakers who

include native planting

specialist Stephen Brailsford,

Plant and Food

Research’s Brad Howlett

and Foundation for

Arable Research’s Abie

Horrocks. The 2pm workshop

is in the Dorie Hall.

Monday, March 23

• Temuka

Tuesday, March 24

• Canterbury Park All

Stock excl. Store Cattle

Thursday, March 26

• Temuka Store Cattle

Monday, March 30

• MtArrowsmith Weaner

Deer, Ashburton Gorge

• Temuka

Tuesday, March 31

• Canterbury Park All



Bold, new look for Toyota’s C­HR

By Ross Kiddie

An acquaintance asked

me recently did I like

Toyota’s C­HR, she was

thinking of buying one.

I said it is a funky,

trendy car that will never

let her down, I also

presented her with a

couple ofother options,

but the Toyota won out

and she is now ahappy

C­HR owner.

The C­HR (coupe

high­rider) landed here

around three years ago

and it immediately stood

out for its edgy styling

and bold presence, it is a

small sport utility vehicle

that punches above its

weight interms of looks,

it appeals to those who

want fashion in theirnew

car purchase and want to

make astatement.

The C­HRhas just had

afacelift for 2020; itgets

some new kit, while


gives it more of an

extreme look.

Importantly, it has

also had a major

mechanical enhancement,

the C­HR is now

available with hybrid

power –asanoption.

Thereare five variants

in the C­HR line­up, this

evaluation doesn’t

encompass the hybrid,

I’m due to drive that

model soon, however,

the base model vehicleis

agood starting point in

the series and after driving

it for a week I

certainly feel it is a

worthy consideration at


That price is competitive,

and if you take into

account that the range

spans to $37,990, then

there isaC­HR for all


Of course the C­HR

won’t befor everyone, at

just 4.3m it’s on the small

side and it’s compact

inside. I’m not saying it’s

cramped, far from it,

rear passengers have

good leg room and more


Your safety is our concern!

Don’t wait for your WOF to expire ifyou think

there issomething wrong with your car!

•WOF •Servicing •Tyres •Suspension •Steering •Brakes

• Exhaust specialists •Batteries •Mechanical repairs

Cnr Cass and South Streets, Ashburton

P 03 308 9984 F 03 308 9910

M 0274 999 565

E undercars@robbies.co.nz

OPEN SATURDAYS FOR WOF, 8.00am to 12 noon

Toyota’s C-HR isn’t big, but has great presence.

than enough height, it’s

just that if there are five

in the car, those broad

shouldered in the rear

will be cosy.

However, cargo space

is generous at 318­litres

and if there’s just two on

board the rear seats fold



flattooffer more storage


Under the bonnet of

the base model sits an

element of surprise –a

1.2­litre four­cylinder

petrol engine. Ifyou are

thinking that would be a

bit wimpy, think again,

there is aturbocharger to

lift the power outputs

and also provide economy.

It is rated by Toyota at

85kW and 185Nm with

the power outputs developed

low in the rev band

from 5200rpm to

5600rpm. Maximum

torque is also developed

all of the way from

1500rpm to 4000rpm

which provides a solid

Quality European

Vehicle Servicing





Bruce McIlroy Limited

309 MethvenHighway,Ashburton7776

Tel: 03308 7282•E: bruce.mcilroy@xtra.co.nz



Everything to do with vehicle inspections,

we candoitfor you!

• WOF •COF •Registrations

• Removalofpink &green stickers

• Complianceinspections forimported

vehicles,lapsed registrations and motorcycles ...

and alot more!

From motorcycles,light and heavy vehicles,

to agriculturemachinery,

forklifts and other heavy vehicles.

Your FULLYINDEPENDENT inspecting organisation.


106 South Street,Ashburton

Telephone: 03 308 2275

Email: admin@vehiclecompliance.co.nz


Monday–Friday8am to 5pm



amount of energy right

through the mid­range,

exactly where it is

needed for everyday


Drive thereafter is

channelled through a

seven­step continuously

variable automatic transmission.

Together, the

driveline is very smooth

and seamless, no surprises

there, that’s the way

it is with CVT. While the

base model C­HR looks

Call us for a





in Ashburton


like a four­wheel­drive

vehicle, it’s not, however,

there is an all­corner

drive model and that will

add $4500 to the price.

Nevertheless, the base

model is the quintessential

urbanjungle challenger.

Performance is satisfactory.

The power and

torque figures are delivered

low in the rev band

(5200 and

1500­4000rpm), the

engine has no hesitation

of hauling quickly

through tothe red line if

needed. Against the

clock the non­hybrid

model will reach 100kmh

from astandstill in 9.8sec

and will make 120km/h

from 80km/h in6.4sec.

On the subject of

figures, you’d also expect

the C­HR to be economical

and you’d be quite

right. Toyota claims a

6.4­litre per 100km

combined cycle fuel

usage average. The

evaluation car’s trip

computer was constantly

reading around

7.6l/100km during my

time with it, that helped

by an economical

4.8l/100km figure sitting

at 100km/h on the open

road, the engine turning

over at a leisurely


Even though Icarried

out my normal highway

open road run, the C­HR


was mostly used in an

around­the­city environment,

a busy new year

period necessitated alot

of short runs which are

never good for fuel

economy soIwas pleasantly

surprised by the


The C­HR is also

pretty sharp when presented

with afew quick

corners. It rides and

handles with much dignity,

the ride isn’t severe,

bumps and ruts are well

absorbed throughawonderful

four­corner independent


thanks to the engineering

that is needed for its

four­wheel­drive stablemate.

That is something I

pay alot of attention to,

the chassis dynamics are

well engineered.

Providing the grip isa

substantial amount of

Michelin rubber. At

225/50 x18in, there is a

good surface cover, and

that helps promote a

strong steering feel and

positive corner turn in.

Gravitational movement

is well contained,

at 1440kg in total there

isn’t alot of stress over

the suspension, the

C­HR feels like asports

car, it’s not of course,but

that’s something Toyota

does well, there is a

dynamic within the setup

that the driver feels

comfortable and at ease


With the changes for

the new decade, the

C­HR could well be

described as wellspecced.

There are afew

extras such as a multimedia

8in touch screen

system, full smartphone

integration that incorporates

Apple CarPlay

and Android Auto,

which are new inclusions.

They sit on top of

the normal features

you’d want inacar such

as this.

In keeping with the

extreme look of C­HR,

Toyota also offers it in

bright colours, the combination

is very alluring

and the entire package

reeks of desire.

That had a lot to do

with the choice my

acquaintance made. The

C­HR isn’t big, but it is

big on value and presence.

Price: Toyota C­HR,


Dimensions: Length,

4385mm; width,

1795mm; height,


Configuration: Fourcylinder,


1197cc, 85kW,

185Nm, continuously

variable automatic.


0­100km/h, 9.8sec.




Plug­in hybrid

proving popular

By Bob Nettleton

Over 60,000 OutlanderPHEVs(Plugin

Hybrid Electric Vehicle)have been

sold globally since it wasfirstlaunched

in 2014withsalesnow headingwell

north of thatfigure. Februarysaw the

highest­evermonthly sales figure for

theOutlanderPHEV,just sixmonths

after thelatestmodel’srelease.

Also makingthismodel more

appealing is abiggerchunkof

household incomes being spent on

petrol, an expandingnational network

of chargingstations andamarked

increaseinpureelectric vehicle sales

acrossthe country.

More Kiwis are considering making

theswitchand,whenthey start doing

theirresearch intowhat’savailable,

they soonappreciateaPHEV SUV

offers thebest of bothworlds.

There’s an EV­only option forshort

around­townrunningand aclaimed

range of over 600kmfor thoselonger

road trips.

The2020version of the Outlander

PHEV is easilythe bestwith alarger

2.4L petrol engineand higher output

rear electricmotor, increasingthe

collective might of the petrol and

electric engines to 130kW ­ahandy

10kw gain over theold model.

Plug this vehicleinto astandard

powersocket overnight,thenenjoy up

to 54kmsofelectriconly driving,

perfect, given theaverage commute in

this countryis38kilometres aday.

Icouldonly manageanall­electric

driving range of about35km,although

to be fairmydailycommute involves

some batterysapping hillwork. A

week of electric­only commuting costs

up to $10.

Being the most affordable full size plug-in hybrid you can buy in this country has the Mitsubishi’s

Outlander perfectly positioned to cash in on surging buyer interest in these vehicles.

The RUN OUT is on so don’t MISS Out

SAVE ridiculous amounts off the entire NEW Holden Range

The prices are too HOT to print so get in TOUCH with usTODAY

Contact Richard or Shane

PLUS remember every new Holden comes with

3years/100,000km FREE scheduled servicing


027 889 3870


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Offer available strictly while stocks last. Not available with any other offer. Free scheduled service 3years/100,000kms

(whichever occurs first) for Holden vehicles sold in New Zealand by aHolden dealer. See Holden.co.nz for details.










ASHBURTON: Main South Road, Tinwald \ 03307 9028 \ Facebook: SmallboneAshburton

Mon -Fri: 8am -5pm \Sat: 9am -12noon



Plan well for big day

Rings ­symbols of love

Planning awedding can be fun, it may

involve abit of work and organizing, but

if it’s planned well the day will always be


It’s also important to note that even

the best weddings have the odd hiccup

along the way just like the marriage you

are entering ­but deal with it as best you


Remember the people you invite are

there to support your future happiness

as amarried couple.

They don’t mind if the bridesmaid’s

have different shoes under their long

dresses! Or if there are more

bridesmaids than groomsmen!

Or if the wedding breakfast is afancy

barbecue and the wedding reception is in

the backyard of Aunty Barb’s ­she has a

great garden!


There are alot of tasks both big and

small that can sometimes be overlooked.

Start with the big things that are the

most important to you, then move on to

the next important.

If it all seems too daunting, consider a

wedding co­ordinator, or aclose friend,

to ease the workload.

If you do decide to plan your own

wedding, here’s ahelpful checklist to


Six months prior: Discuss your budget

and type of wedding. Choose venues for

ceremony and reception. Set time and

date and then book time off work!

Compile the guest list, including those in

the wedding party. Book or plan your

catering, florists, entertainment,

photographers, transport etc

Three months prior: Decide on the

choice of wedding dress. Choose attire

for the rest of the wedding party. Choose

wedding theme and colours. Select

stationary: Invitations, envelopes, place

names etc. Send out save the date cards.

Decide on and order wedding cake. Plan

honeymoon and make reservations.

Book accommodation for wedding night

and work out whether guests will need

accommodation. Choose and purchase

wedding rings.

Two months prior: Decide on order of

service and assign responsibilities for

speech making, reading etc. Write the

vows. Send out invitations. Confirm ­

flowers with florist, menu with caterer or

venue, and accommodation for yourself

and guests.

One month prior: Apply for marriage

licence. Discuss ceremony with minister

or celebrant and plan rehearsal date.

Confirm and finalise guest numbers.

Organise seating arrangements.

Purchase wedding favours and assemble.

Final dress fittings. Trial run of bridal

hair and make­up.

Two weeks prior: Confirm bookings

and numbers for caterers, florists,

entertainment, photographers, transport


One week prior: Final dress fitting.

Wedding rehearsal. Pick up hire items

such as groom’s suit. Final check on

arrangements and plan for the day itself.

On the day: Relax, enjoy the day as it

comes. The day will be over all too soon,

but you will continue to be apart of

something new ­amarried couple.

As wedding and engagement rings are asymbolof

everlasting love, it is important to dedicateabit of

time to finding the perfect ones.

There is alot to consider ­colour,stones, cuts ­

and don’t forgettaking careofitonce it is on your


Diamonds come in avariety of colours, although

white are the mostpopular and common. Aperfect

white diamondshouldbecrystal clear. The clearer

it is the more valuable. Atotally colourless

diamond allows light to pass throughiteasily,

resultinginthe light being dispersed as the colour

of the rainbow.

The clarity of adiamond is determined by the

amountand location of flaws, or blemishes in the


Nearlyall diamonds containflaws which

diminish their brillianceand value. They are rated

from flawless to imperfect.

Adiamond’s weight and massismeasured in

carats. As the caratweight of adiamond increases,

so does its rarity and therefore its price. A

diamond’s cut is its most importantfeature. Every

diamond gets its brilliance by cutting and polishing

the diamond facets to allow the maximumamount

of lighttobereflected and dispersed.Apoorly cut

diamond will allow light to escapeout of the back.

Insureyour rings againsttheft, loss or damage

and take careofthem.

Never wear your rings when doing rough work or

going to the gym. Even thoughadiamond is

durable, it can be chippedbyahard blow.

Don’t store your diamond jewellery next to other

jewellery pieces as this can causescratches. A

fabric­lined jewel casewith separate compartments

is ideal.

Regularly inspect your diamondjewelleryto

make sure the setting is secure.Dosee your

jewelleratleast once ayear and have him check

yourring and otherprecious piecesfor loose

prongs and wear of mountings. He’ll usually give

themaprofessional clean,too.

Every day exposure to creams, skin oils,

hairspray,household chemicals and other

substances can causebuild­up that willdull your

diamond’s brillianceand sparkle.

Use asolution of warm water mixed with afew

drops of ammonia in which to soakyour diamond

jeweller. Gentle scrubbing with an old,soft­bristled

toothbrush is usefulfor more extensivecleaning.

Rinse and dry with aclean soft cloth.

Don’t let your diamond come in contact with a

chlorine bleach when you’re doing household

chores. It can damage and discolour the mounting.

Don’t leave your ring on the rim of asink when

you removeittowash your hands.

Unique Creations

If you can dream it, I can bake it!

Customized cakes for

weddings, birthdays, and

special events.

Tharina Nel

027 502 7606


Visit my Facebook page

The Cakelady Ashburton



only on-site


163 Tancred Street


Phone 307 6663










Our experienced team are ready

to help you find the perfect hair

to suit your dream style

Coach &Minibus available

• 10-50 seaterair

conditioned coaches

• Tours &charters

• School trips/camps

• Sportstrips

• Weddings

• Conference/

Special eventtransport

• Minibus rentals

Phone: 03 308 2992

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160 Burnett Street,


Phone (03) 308-4504


Farmhouse Boutique

Celebratingthe perfectimperfections of nature

to showcase youasacouple.

Bespokefloralsfor your weddingand events

throughout Canterburyand CentralOtago.

Phone 027 697 0483


Pass on the good news

Everyone loves it when couples decide

to get engaged and these days news

carries fast.

Apriority for couples when announcing

the news is to tell the parents. Visit

them if they are close, or phone or Skype

them if they live at adistance.

Children from previous marriages

should also be one of the very first to

know, having been prepared for this


In following an age­old tradition,

some men still enjoy asking the prospective

father­in­law for his daughter’s hand

in marriage before proposing; the dad

gets akick out of it too.

It’s important the couple is there to

share the news with both sets of parents.

Then come the siblings, the grandparents

and other close relatives.

Phone calls to close friends generate

equal excitement and emotion.

Today the good news can be transmitted

across the world in seconds, by

email, text message and social media

contacts. Couples can also set up their

own website.

This canbeused in an informal way to

Hire the quaint Waterton Church and Function Room –

which comfortably holds up to 80 persons, in the privacy

of the Museum Complex complete with off-street Parking.

In our Village, find endless photoopportunities and add the

unique experience of Heritage Rail Travel by hiring atrain

to entertain attendees.

For further information, or to arrange aviewing of our

facilities, contact us.

12 Maronan Rd, Tinwald.

Phone 3089600



announce the engagement, after letting

friends and family know the address, and

to keep the wedding guests updated on

wedding plans.

An engagement announcement in the

local newspaper also remains as effective

and popular as it did acentury ago.

And then plans for the wedding begin,

starting with the engagement party.

Often couples, parents or both

arrange aparty to either announce or

celebrate the engagement with friends

and family.

In turn, the engaged couple may

throw aparty to introduce their various


Remember, this is ahappy time and

many people like toshare in the joy.

Even though less emphasis isput on

the concept ofengagement gifts today,

many people still enjoy sending acard

and athoughtful gift.

They will always be appreciated.

Even ifthe big day is ayear ormore

away, there aredetails thatneed addressing

almost immediately ­especially if the

wedding istobeheld in peak wedding

season between January and April.

Finding the right celebrant

If you want to be married by amarriage

celebrant, finding the right person is a

crucial part of planning a wedding,

whether you’re exchanging vows in a

simple garden setting or having agrand

traditional ceremony in achurch.

But demand for wedding celebrants is

high so avoid disappointment and book

early. As with most things, the good ones

can be booked out ayear in advance due

to limited weekends during ‘‘wedding


To perform weddings and civil unions,

a celebrant must apply to and be

registered with the Department of

Internal Affairs, Births Deaths and


Celebrants are appointed by the

registrar­general and need to be aNew

Zealand citizen or show that there are

exceptional reasons why they should be


Celebrants officiate at about half the

20,000 marriages and civil unions held in

New Zealand each year. About another

quarter of marriage ceremonies are held

at registry offices and the rest are held in

churches or conducted by celebrants of

approved organisations.There are two

ways to get married or have acivil union

in New Zealand.

If you chose a registered marriage

celebrant, which includes ministers, rabbis,

pastors, priests and independent

marriage celebrants, you can choose

when and where you’ll get married and

to write your own vows. Registry office

wedding and civil union ceremonies are

only held during normal office hours,

usually Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm,

take about 10 minutes and use standard


You can’t customise the ceremony.

Some registry offices in New Zealand,

such as in Ashburton, are in the same

building as the local court. How many

guests you can invite to the ceremony

depends on the office you’re getting

married in, but you need to bring at least

two witnesses.

You need amarriage licence to get

married or have acivil union in New

Zealand. It must be arranged at least

three working days before you want to

get married. It costs $150 if using a

celebrant and $240 if getting married at

aregistry office.

If you are being married by a

celebrant, you will need their name and

the location and approximate date of the

wedding when you apply.

You can only get married inthe place

you have put on the marriage licence

form, so includeaback­up venue in case

of wet weather or if something else goes


Amarriage licence will take at least

three days to be issued.

Looking foracompleteHeritage

Venue to hold your event?

Book your venue early

Once you’ve decided on

that all important date,

choosing and booking a

venue is one of the first

steps to organising awedding.

While there are plenty

of venues to choose from,

the more popular will

need to be bookedwell in

advance, especially if

you’re planning to marry

on aSaturday during the

popular wedding season.

Of course, the type of

wedding planned will

usually dictate the styleof

reception venue.

Ask yourself, will the

wedding be a lavish,

seated affair with set

courses and traditional

seating arrangements, or

will it be amix and mingle

cocktail­style celebration?

While a small, classy

restaurant or boutique

hotel is perfect for an

intimate soiree with close

friends and family, larger

weddings are easy when

held in a venue, which

specialises in wedding


They can provide

everything from achoice

of menus and drinks to

tableware and staff.

As many of these

venues are set in beautiful

landscaped grounds,

couples may also decide

to hold the ceremony

close by, while enjoying

plenty ofscope for photo


CnrGrahams Rd

and McMurdo St

Excellent Venuefor





This arrangement also

means guests have only

one venue to drive to and

can easily make theirway

to the reception after the


Alternatively, bridal

couples could always hire

acommunity hallorclubrooms

or ‘‘borrow’’ a

friend’s gorgeous home

or garden. These options

will mean organising a

catering firm totake care

of food and drink.

There are catering

firms to choose from

with extensive menus

covering everythingfrom

predinner canapes to the

latest in Pacific rim

cuisine. It all dependson

what you want, and how

much you would like to


If you plan to marry in






Large hall,large kitchen plus 3meeting rooms.

Reasonable rates,plentyofparking -inspection invited

Booking agentBarbaraHarris

Phone 308 1562

We go that extra mile to ensure that you are

100% satisfied with all your function liquor

requirements and non alcoholic drinks.

Glassware, a chiller trailer and other

requirements can be arranged with our

friendly staff.

Ashburton MSA Liquor Centre

Havelock Street, Ashburton.

Phone 308 7149. www.ashburtonclub.co.nz




achurch, consider hiring

areception venue that’s

reasonably close by.

If it’s alittle way out,

consider hiring mini vans

or buses toshuttle guests

to and from the venue no

drink driving, and afun,

convivial atmosphere


Vineyards have

become increasingly

popular for wedding


Just imagine relaxing




among the vines with

friends and family, enjoying

the sounds of gentle

jazz music and pairing

fine wines with cuisineon

your special day.

The spacious dimensions

of museums and art

galleries also make perfect

wedding venues.

But do remember if

you choose an outdoor

location make sure you

have a back­up plan in

case of rain.

Alpine Florist


Wedding Bouquets



Flower Crowns

Table &Venue decoration

03 302 8832


Talk to

us about your

personalised cake

Main South Rd, Tinwald, Ph: 308 5774



Page 36, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Watch for road changes

Motorists are being urged to be

alert for single lane restrictions and

stop/go measures as work

continues on the Ashburton CBD

streetscape renewal project.

Work is progressing to schedule

on Cass Street and traffic is moving

around atemporary roundabout at

the intersection of Havelock and

Cass streets. In coming weeks, the

intersection will become agive way

intersection, with priority to

Havelock Street traffic.

Council and the contractors say

they are aware that there is some

traffic confusion and congestion at

times in the Cass Street area,

particularly around Burnett Street,

compounded by the Ashburton

Club and MSA rebuild.

Spraymarks are responsible for

the traffic management for both

the MSA and CBD projects, and

are working hard to ensure that

there is as little disruption to local

businesses as possible. There will

be times where single lanes with

stop/go regulations will be in place,

Club news

as well as roads being closed for the

installation of the new MSA


The initial CBD work started

with the installation of new

underground infrastructure

including new water pipes along

both sides of Cass Street. The water

pipeline was also extended down

Burnett Street to William Street.

Cass Street has received a

temporary coat of chip seal to

protect the road surface until the

permanent surface is laid. This will

be done once all of the kerb and

channel, footpath and garden bed

work has been completed.

Contractors will soon begin

constructing rain gardens and


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Methven reservoir funds

Ashburton council has

allocated additional

funds of $221,700 forthe

upgrade ofthe Methven


The reservoirprovides

an essential buffer for

Methven’s treated water,

and without it, the

scheme would not be

able tosupply water at

times of peak demand.

Supplywouldalso be lost

if the treatment process

needed to shut down for

any reason.

Following recommendations

by council staff,

the additional funds will

ensure the upgrade project

can be completed

and objectives such as

the provision of an adequate


of water met.

The 810m3 concrete

reservoir is the only

Locals win environment awards

Mt Somers farmers Mike and Nicky Salvesen, of

Wakare, and Richard and Chrissie Wright, of

Tamara Farm have won awards at the Canterbury

Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

Mike and Nicky Salvensen won the Environment

Canterbury Water Quality Award and the

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Livestock Farm


And Richard and Chrissie Wright won the

Norwood Agri­Business Management Award.

The Ballance Farm Environment Awards

champion sustainable farming and growing

through their awards programme which sees one

Regional Supreme Winner selected from each of

the 11 regions involved. That title went to Tony

Coltman and Dana Carver of Canlac Holdings at


They also won the Bayleys People in Primary

Sector Award, DairyNZ Sustainability and

Stewardship Award, Synlait Climate Stewardship

Award and the WaterForce Wise with

Water Award.

The couple and their farm will be profiled at

the Awards’ National Sustainability Showcase in

Wellington on June 4, and go up against other

regional finalists for the Gordon Stephenson


In deciding the competition, judges said the

Salvensen’s progressive vision for the future was

guiding their Canterbury beef and deer farm,

allowing it to adapt to changing conditions and

reduce its environmental footprint.

Their main block runs calving cows and

Mike and Nicky Salvesen.

breeding bulls for dairy herds, deer for venison

production and around 1,000 lambs. Genetic

measurements are tracked as the business strives

to continually improve the quality of the animals.

Asecond block runs dairy grazers and Wagyu

beef, providing capital protection and forming

part of the succession planning.

Numerous improvements have been made to

the property in terms of both production and

protecting the environment including a significant

tree­planting programme.

All activities were guided by an acute

awareness of how it could affect the local and

wider environment.

On the Wright’s farm, judges said scale was no

barrier and attention to detail paramount in a

property which had grown considerably since

Richard and Chrissie Wright.

purchased in 2002.

The farm was self­contained in terms of stock

replacements and grazing, ensuring aprofitable

and productive business with very healthy

animals. The hands­on managers passionate

about farming and proud of their team members

actively advancing them into farming.

A significant number of trees had been

planted on the property, including shelter belts,

ornamental and native plantings. The farm has

responsible grazing practices and crop rotation,

afocus on energy efficiency and technology, and

excellent management of nutrients.

The business is an inspiring example of a

family committed to advancing good people into

farming and providing options for family succession.

water storage for the

Methven supply and has

been assessed as aseismic

risk. The top water

level has now been

reduced to around

700m3 because of that


There are also anumberofsignificantleaksin

the reservoir and the

state of its interior is


To do a thorough

investigation it is necessary

to drain the reservoir,

which is not a

practical option without


Ashburton council has

decided toinstall and a

commission a new

500m3 seismically resilient


Work will then be

carried out on condition

assessments and repairs

to the existing main concrete

water reservoir.

The additional tank

will bring the total water

storage volume up to


So far around $8,000

had been spent on the

options study and related

work, before the request

for additional funds, said

Ashburton District

Council group manager

service delivery Neil


The estimate toconstruct

the new reservoir

was approximately

$720,000 and the repair

of the existing tank was

around $270,000.

The total of $990,000

was $220,000 more than

the original budget,

hence the request for

additionalfunds, saidMr


Land speed

plans going


Plans are on schedule for motorcyclist

Phil Garret and his team in an attempt

on the national land speed record in

Mid Canterbury next month.

Two turbo bikes, one ridden by

Garrett, and another by former Ashburton

man Rob Small will attempt to

clock 320kmh on a rural road near

Pendarves in two weeks time.

Other teams will also aim to break

class records and Garrett himself will

ride ahomebuilt electric motorbike that

he hopes to take to over 160kmh.

Arecent meeting at the Pendarves

Hall with local landowners and afew

others to explain the record attempt

had gone well, said Mr Garrett.

‘‘We’re 100 per cent on schedule and

we’ve got all the people we need.

‘‘We’ll set up and test on the Friday

and plan to go for it on Saturday and


In 2005 Garrett and Flying Kiwi team

mate Glenn Hayward broke the world

and New Zealand land speed record for

1000cc sidecars over aflying kilometre.

Aspeed of 272 kmh was recorded on

another section of road near Pendarves.

Ashburton Combined Friendship


The March 17bus trip toKaiapoi

to cruise on the River Queen

already has 42 people paid up.

The AGM was held where President

Alister reported onthe activities

of the 20192020 year. The

financialreport showedthe club was

in ahealthy financial position.

The new officers are: President:

Andrew Brown. vice­president: Joe

Butchard. Secretary: Alister Brown.

Treasurer: Linda Osborne. Life

Member Ron Wootton nominated

the current Secretary Joe Butchard

for Life Membership of the Club.

Our guest speaker was Mayor

Neil Brown who was asked to tell us

how he got to where he is today

before touching on council business.

Neil was one of the younger

children in alarge family who grew

up on a small farm near Rakaia.

Primary schooling was in Rakaia

then Ashburton College to the sixth


He worked onasheep farm then

on one of the earliest Mid Canterbury

dairy conversions before attending

Lincoln. He was keen to go

farming but knew he had to do it by

his own efforts.

Lincoln farm budgets showed

dairy offered the best prospects. He

share­milked for several years

before buying aDorie crop farm to

convert. This was successful and as

time progressed, he was able tobuy

more neighbouring land.

Sharemilking helped Neil get

started so these days he employs

sharemilkers to give anew generation


He was asked to stand for the

council in 2004 when one of the

ward representatives retired. The

moreexperienced councillorswere a

big help in his first term. He served

for five terms and considered retiring

at the 2019 election.

When other challengers to the

mayor emerged, he agreed to accept

nomination for the mayoralty. He

prefers to delegate where possible

and the smaller council makes decisions

more quickly and with more


Most of the cost of the CBD

development is undergroundreplacing

old pipes and services while the

new sewage pipe under the river is

another major project which will

serve the town for the next 100


The new library and administration

building are necessary because

seismic strengthening the library is

too expensive and the administration

building, while sound, is too

small for today’s needs.

Meetings second Tuesday of

month, Senior’s Centre 206 Cameron

St, 9.30 am. Visitors welcome.

Phone Andrew 3085972, ashcomboclub@gmail.com.

Ashburton Golf Club

It was acloudy start to last week’s

nine­hole competition, but the

weather soon warmed upand it was

alovely day to be out on the course.

Thirty­two players enjoyed the

conditions with several good scores

for stroke and putting.

The winner of Round 2,Marion

Marshall Trophy (Stroke) is Dorothy

Knight with a score of 31.

Runner upisColin Fleming with a

score of 33. Well done, Dorothy,

who has just returned after many

months away!

The winner of Round 2, Jean

Drummond Trophy (Putting) isVal

Ferrier with a score of 14. Three

players had scores of 15 putts,

necessitating acount­back, resulting

in Kevin Walker being the runner


Dorothy and Val won Sega Golf

voucherssponsored by Accountannz

Ltd and Runners Up won Club


On Thursday 19th March the

Ashburton Golf Course will be

closed for maintenance, so we will

play at Lake Hood. Arrive by 9:15

for 9:30 tee­off. Therewill be aBBQ

lunch afterwards.

Ashburton MSA Petanque Club

Saturday we hosted the Ashburton

Doubles and included visiting

players from Alexandra, Dunedin,

Christchurch, and Papanui. What

was really pleasing was that half the

players were fromAshburton.Great

to see. The event was won by two

Christchurch players and Neville

Bensdorp was in the partnership

that were runners up.

Richard Browne, Johnny Wright,

Peter Marriott, Nicky Foden and

Jonathan Crum all finished inthe

top 8.

The previous weekend wehas 4

players take part in the National

Triples at Herne Bay. Jan Guilford

was in the team that came third in

the Women’s Triples consolation,

and Karen Bensdorp in the team

that came third in the Plate in the

same event.

The National Triples was atwoday

event and Neville Bensdorp was

in the team that finished in the top

8. Karen Bensdorp's team and also

Richard Browne's team finished in

the top 16.

Richard Browne finished second

in the National Shooting competition.

We will be holding our Club

Men’s and Club Women’s doubles at

the end of the month. An event that

is always popular.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 37



orviewany of our homes in 3D from the comfortofyourhome!


Trevor Hurley Real Estate Ltd LREA 2008 -MREINZ

101 Trevors Rd (E668)

•Lovelythree bedroom

brick home

•Pleasant ruraloutlook

•Sunnyliving area with

outdoor living

•Spacious family sized


•Ample parking with

garage and carport

•Bonus of buying




15 Charles Street


•Hidden affordable

gem offering plenty

of scope

•Freshly painted

•Renovated bathroom

•Fantastic entrylevel

home orinvestment


$265,000 -$280,000

OpenSat 21 March,

10.00 -10.30am

Offers Over $299,000

OpenSat 21 March,

1.00 -1.30pm

From 10% Deposit $345pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 1

From 10% Deposit $290pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 2


133 Belt Rd (W691)



three bedroom home

in soughtafter Allenton


•Decent sizesection

with room to add value.

•Currently tenantedat

$340 per week,with

greattenants who

would like to stay.

48 Cambridge Street


•Recently renovated

inside andout

•Sunnyliving areas with

greatindoor outdoor


•Semi attached hobby

or rumpus room

•Bequick to view,this



Offers Over $289,000


OpenSat 21 March,

1.00 -1.30pm

OpenSat 21 March,

2.00 -2.30pm

From 10% Deposit $315pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 1

23 WardsRd, Chertsey


•Tranquil countrysetting

nestled on over 2000m²

•SituatedSouth side of

Chertsey on twotiles

•Lovinglymaintained for


•Large bedrooms,open

plan living

•Well heatedwith

heatpumpand “Fatso”


•Covered outdoor

entertaining area

•Three bayshed,chicken

coop and storage shed

From 10% Deposit $280pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 0

4Andrew Street


•Lovely characterhome

with some renovations


•Two extrafully

insulated rooms

•Several patios foryou

to enjoy

•Close to schools &

shopping centre


$349,000 -$379,000

OpenSat 21 March,

11.00 -11.30am

Offers Over $259,000

OpenSat 21 March

10.30 -11.00am

From 10% Deposit $280pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 3 From 10% Deposit $380pw (Conditions apply)

4 1 2

49 Lane Street


• Appealing home built

in the 1980’s

•Positioned nicely for

all daysun



•Double garage with

internal access


OpenSat 21 March,

11.00 -11.30am

65 Buckleys Terrace


•Fivebedrooms plus

office, twoliving areas


with spaceand



double glazed with

good heating options

•2066m2 backyard

offering many



$459,000 -$479,000

Open Sat21March,

10.00 -10.30am

From 10% Deposit $410pw (Conditions apply)

3 1 2

Proud supporters of the HeartFoundation of NewZealand! Wedonatefromevery property sold!

5 2 1

Trevor Hurley

0275 435 799

Tracey Henderson

027 405 8064

Manu Otene

022 308 6885

Linda Cuthbertson


Stephen Watson

027 433 9695

Julie Srhoy

021 354 885

Deborah Roberts


Page 38, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


9Kerr Street,Ashburton 9:45-10:15am 3 1 2 AHB22685

39a Cox Street,Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 3 1 1 AHB22546

63 Grove Street,Tinwald 10:00-10:30am 3 1 2 AHB22719

95 Cameron Street, Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 5 2 2 AHB22716

11 Charlesworth Dve, Ashburton 10:00-10:30am 4 3 3 AHB22611

103 Forest Drive, Methven 10:00-10:30am 3 2 1 AHB22668

109 Walnut Avenue, Ashburton 10:30-11:00am 6 2 3 AHB22659

65 Davis Crescent, Ashburton 10:45-11:15am 4 1 2 AHB22688

76 Allens Road, Ashburton 10:45-11:15am 3 1 2 AHB22720

7Beach Road, Ashburton 11:00-11:30am 4 1 2 AHB22696

4Cushmor Drive, Methven 11:00-11:30am 3 2 2 AHB22708

9Allison Street, Ashburton 11:00-11:30am 4 2 2 AHB22661

24 Charles Street, Ashburton 11:15-11:45am 5 2 2 AHB21619

119a Racecourse Road, Ashburton 11:30-12:00pm 4 2 2 AHB22588

31 Beach Road, Ashburton 11:30-12:00pm 2 1 1 AHB22691

19 Whiteoak Grove,Tinwald 12:00-12:30pm 4 2 2 AHB22718

12 Charles Street,Ashburton 12:00-12:30pm 4 1 1 AHB22540

14 Williamson Place, Ashburton 12:15-12:45pm 2 1 1 AHB22711

170 Seafield Road, Ashburton 1:00-1:30pm 3 1 2 AHB22447


98 Pages Road, Ashburton 10:15-10:45am 4 2 2 AHB22698

119 William Street,Ashburton 11:15-11:45am 2 1 1 AHB22709

119 William Street, Ashburton

Lovely warm and comfortable cornertownhouse

unit located centrally forease to town, schools and

social events. Youwill enjoycooking up astorm in

this spacious modern kitchen that has been updated

and opened up foropen plan living to the dining and

lounge, the decor is in pleasant neutral tones making

it easytomatch your tastes. An added feature ofa

wet floor bathroom and separate toiletwith good

double sized bedrooms all makes this home aneasy

place tolive. Enjoythe wonderful sun room to sit and

rest or use as an office /workroom.


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


closing 24 March 2020 at

2:00pm (unless sold prior)


Sunday11:15am -11:45am

2 1 1

Lynne Bridge

027 410 6216

Open Home

9Kerr Street, Ashburton

3 1 2

*Ideal forFirst Home Buyers

*Updated. Modern. Spacious. Affordable

*Open plan kitchen, dining, living

*Updated bathroom

*Kitchen Double Glazed




Saturday9:45- 10:15am

Armandvan derEik

021 597 527



Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Open Home

95 Cameron Street, Ashburton

5 2 2

76 Allens Road, Ashburton

3 1 2

*1116sqm subdividable with shared access drivewayto

rear of section

*4bedrooms plus office, master with ensuite &walk

through robe.

*Separate lounge offentrance and dining/kitchen


Price bynegotiation


Saturday10:00 -10:30am


027 438 4250

Denise McPherson

027 242 7677

*Freshly paintedwith newkitchen


*Modernised kitchen (new cabinetry)

*Spacious north facing lounge

*Double glazed (except for lounge slider)




Saturday10:45 -11:15am

Kim Miller

07 236 8627


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)


Mid Canterbury Real Estate Limited LICENSED (REAA 2008)

Jill Quaid


027 437 6755

Mark Totty

Sales Consultant

021 664 113

Kim Miller

Sales Consultant

027 236 8627


Sales Consultant

027 290 6606

Margaret Feiss

Sales Consultant

021 751 009


Sales Consultant

027 220 1528

Denise McPherson

Sales Consultant

027 242 7677

Cheryl Fowler

Sales Consultant

027 461 2614

Armand vander Eik

Sales Consultant

021 597 527

Lynne Bridge

Sales Consultant

027 410 6216

Mike Grant ncre

Sales Consultant

021 272 0202

Dulcie Ellis

Sales Consultant

027 629 3260


Sales Consultant

027 438 4250

Justin Waddell

Sales Consultant

027 437 1111

Jarrod Ross

Sales Consultant

027 259 4644


Sales Consultant

021 224 4214

96 TancredStreet, Ashburton 03 307 8317 Main Road,Tinwald 03 307 8317


36 McMillan Street,Methven 03 303 3032

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 39

Page 40, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Until Sold

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 41

109 Walnut Avenue,Ashburton




Finally available

It’s been 30 years sincethis masterpiecewas last sold and NOW it’s time again to findnew owners.In

this most enviable location you’ll be amazed at whats on offer here, having been designed and built

forSir William Nosworthyinthe 1920s.Fromthe solid Kauriweatherboardexterior,tothe picturesque

swimming pool and grass tennis courtwhich adornthis property,viewing will definitely not disappoint.

With 6bedrooms,2bathrooms and 2living areas all retaining the original characterofthe home,your high

expectations will be comfortably met with qualityyet subtle upgrades including double glazing throughout,

ductedheatpump system and modernkitchen.

Thereisample privateoffstreet parking foryour campervanorboat, along with triple car garaging and

workshop space. Sitting on one of Ashburton’slargest centraltownsections at 2476sqm and overlooking

the iconic AshburtonDomain whilst featuring its ownmagnificenttrees,gardens and lawn. This sortof

opportunityisincredibly rare indeed to purchase and occupysuch amagnificentproperty,which will

undoubtedly be atrue delightfor the new owner.

Deadline Sale concluding

21 March2020 at 3pm

unless sold prior

Open Home

Saturday21March 10:30 -11:00am

ArmandVan DerEik

021 597 527


This property is offered to the market as aDeadline SetSale concluding on the

21st March2020 at 3pm unless sold prior.

Iamextremely proud to bring this stunning property to the market and would love to arrange aprivate

viewing foryou.Please contactArmand van-der-Eik on 021 597 527 or armand.vandereik@raywhite.com

RayWhiteAshburton 03 3078317 96TancredSt, PO Box443,Ashburton7700, NewZealand rwashburton.co.nz

MidCanterburyReal Estate Limited Licensed REAA (2008)



Page 42, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz


trades &services

2020 GUIDE

• Annual Accounts

• Tax Returns

• GST Returns

• CertifiedXeroAdvisor

Andrea Matthews

027415 9880


JukeBox Hire



Sound Systems &Lighting Hire

Phone DJ Dave

03 308 5106

027 251 0015











P 03 308 7298

E mark@dpi.co.nz

dpi embroidme ashburton


Lubes WOF

Allmechanical repairs

Need storage?

we CAN STORE it!

Convenient, affordable

self storage solution

Interior and Exterior Painting

Interior Plastering




Victoria Street,


Phone: (03) 308 6772


Phone 307 0213

•185 Alford Forest Road •behind





Phone Quentin andPhil on

027282 8908 or 027282 8909









027310 6521





Help in person by appointment

Thursday9.15am -1.45pm

Ph 0508 CANLAW

(0508 226 529) to makean


Help by phone Infoline

03 371 3819 or 0508 226 529

215 Tancred Street,Ashburton





•Feature Walls



Chris Godsell

027 274 2533

AH 308 7117







Jann, Roselle or

Karenacall on



Need help with BOOKKEEPING or


Youdidn’tgointobusiness to do the

books, butwedid!

Let’shaveachatovercoffee andsee howIcan help

Silvia Haddock 027 2169478

silvia@bradleyrural.co.nz l solutionsbusiness.co.nz


“we clean to a


not aprice”

UNDER NEWAshburton


Same exceptional CleaningServices

level of service

&quality cleaning

• regular full house cleans

• one off spring cleans

• farm houses

• builders cleans

100% LOCAL

•New builds •Renovations

•All types of engineering

•Small or large projects


03 307 2656




Rob021 124 4268 l Sam022 5428927

email: robsue@hotmail.com





and Laptops



Does your garden need monthly

maintenancetokeep it tidy and

looking good through the seasons?

Or perhaps just need aone off tidy

or pruning completed?

We can help!

Allgarden wasteremoved

ContactCAROLYN Phone: 027 2675403 or 3082333

Email: cccolt@xtra.co.nz


We service and repair all makes and models

of sewing machines and overlockers

Your local Bernina

service team

John Robbie Rachel

OPEN 7DAYS9.30am -4.30pm

Main South Road, Tinwald Ashburton | Phone 307 6277



PC Repairs, Set-up and Tutoring

Icome to youday or evening!

•PCRepairs/Sales •Networks/Servers

•Firewalls/Security •Spyware Clean-up •Training

20 YearsExperience Microso Cerfied Professional


Robin Johnstone 67 Aitken Street, Ashburton

P: 03 308 1440 C: 027 768 4058





Jann, Roselle or Karen acallon

308 7664

Forall your tyre requirements,

see the localexperts



197Wills Street,Ashburton l www.neumannstyres.co.nz

Phone 03 308 6737 (24 hrs –after hours call out applies)


Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 43


trades &services

2020 GUIDE


Giving you time back

Doyou have office admin that you just don't have the time for?

Iamproficient in the following

Data Entry and Processing

Time management

Virtual Assistant

Customer Support

CRM updates

Order Processing

Google Suite

Email Handling

Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook and Powerpoint



027 226 1428





Diamond Painters and

Decorators Ltd

Qualityinterior and exterior

painting and decorating

• Wall papering • Airlessspraying

• Water blasting • Residential and small commercial

• Roof painting • Freenoobligation quotes

Gutterguardinstallation and gutter cleaning

Phone Duncan 027 370 2453 l Jeanette 027 318 5055

email: diamondpaintersdecorators@gmail.com



*Awnings/Shadesails/Dropblinds*Auto seat covers &repairs

*Hay &bin covers *PVC covers &repairs

*Ute tonneau covers *Furnitureupholsteryrepairs









• New homes • Alterations • Light commercial • Farm buildings

• General maintenance • Paths • Tiling

Solar powerwhenyou need it most

We are experts at installing solar

power systems for motorhomes.






South Island


03 307 4777 -027 4423103





Fully qualified licensed building practitioner

No job toosmall! Phone Peteron:

308 7133 or 027 220 8257




Ashburton, Rolleston &Christchurch

Email –Aaron@theoutdoorspace.co.nz

Phone 0800 688365 /021 542402







We areyour one stop glass shop for


REPAIR or REPLACE 152 Wills Street,

“Your placeorours”


•Paving •Irrigation•Lawns

•Planting •Fences


•Outdoor fires

•Raised planters

•Decks •Stonework

•Brick &blockwork

•Artificial grass andmore...



Ph.308 8485



Always in stock:

• Birdaccessories,food &treats

• Rabbitand guinea pig food,bedding &treats

• Cat accessories,collars &treats

• Dog collars,leads,toys, accessories &treats

• Aquarian accessories &food

• Dog crates &cat crates

• Raw,fresh &frozenpet food

• All sorts of dried products














“Come andsee our friendlystaffin-store today”

Phone (03) 307 8996

027 312 5756 l 99 Archibald Street,Tinwald


4WD Diesel &ElectricScissorlifts

Rough terrain and electric lifts available

On site collection or deliveryavailable

Nowat6Range 403 West Street St,Riverside

PO Box 60, Ashburton 7740

Phone: 03 308 8155

Mobile: 0273 529909


Astute Maintenance

Elite Service –Astute Prices

Handyman Services





Rubbish Clearing





Raised Vege Gardens


Call Vaughan 021 242 6419

Email: sales@astutemaintenance.co.nz



We offer the following:

• Gutter and DownpipeCleaning • Weed Spraying

• Moss,Mouldand Lichen Spraying • Spider Proofing

• Gorse and BroomSpraying • FenceLineSpraying

• Chimney/Flue Cleaning $75 • Heat Pump Service$90



Call Allan on 027 209 5026 an let us know howwecan help


NEEDS, phone Gasolo!




9Hugh Street,Ashburton7700

027 953 5099


















Buying or Selling?

Callone of ourexperienced agentstoday

We’re100%locally owned &operated







308 6173

Page 44, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Methven golfers enjoy good form

Methvengolfers have

enjoyed some good

results recently,

including winning the

ColeridgeCup for the

first time in 10 years.

The cup is played

annually between

Methven, Hororata,

Waimak and Greendale

and is a20players

stableford competition.

Methvenwon thisyear


was second with 631pts

and Waimak third with


Other recent

highlights for Methven

GolfClub members

include Steve Schwass

and Greg Overall


tournament at Tinwald

lastmonth, Schwass and

Members of Methven Golf Club’s winning Coleridge Cup team. (Photo


GrahamGunn finishing

first and runner up

respectively at the fourday

West Coast

Challenge, and afifth

place for Methven at the

14 club Bristol Cup

tournamentheld at the

Timaru Golf Club.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz

13 clubs at Rakaia tourney

Astrong field with 58 players from 13

different clubs (Canterbury and Aorangi

golf) enjoyed asunny day at the Rakaia

Golf course recently and handed in

some sharp scores.

Men ­Gross Mike Markillie (Methven)

46, best nett Gordon Clinton

(Ashburton) 31, r/u nett Donald Neutze

(Charteris Bay) 33, putting Alister

Goodwin (Methven) 15, r/u putting John

Barwell (Methven) 16 by lot from Paul

Baird (Ashburton), closest to the pin #8

Paul Baird.

Ladies grade 1­Gross Tonee Hurley

(Ashburton) 49, best nett Barbara May

(Greendale) 35, r/u nett Gill Taylor

(Ellesmere) 38 by lot from Jill Ludemann

(Mayfield), putting Sue Lamb

(Ashburton) 15 r/u putting Jill Ludemann

16, closest to the pin #8 Maaike

Kikstra (Greendale).

Ladies grade 2 ­ Gross Val Bell

(Rakaia) 52, best nett Adrienne

Goodwin (Methven) 32, r/u nett Lillian

O’Hanlon (Rakaia) 36, 3rd nett Angela

Williams (Tai Tapu) 37 by lot from Ann

Fleming (Ashburton), putting Sharon

Golfers on the Rakaia Golf Course.

Smith (Timaru) 14, r/u putting Alycen

Cournane (Pleasant Point) by lot from

Jan Chisholm (Geraldine) and Avis

Sutherland (Greendale), 2nd shot to the

pin #6 Adrienne Goodwin.

Ladies grade 3 ­ Gross Judith

McDonald (Tai Tapu) 56, best nett

Susan Johnstone (Tai Tapu) 35, r/u nett

Beverley McHugh (Tai Tapu) 35, putting

Nancy Costin (Tinwald) 14, 2nd

shot to the pin #6 Diane Gebbie (Tai


Zonta art winners chosen

A brightly coloured, glazed porcelain

piece called Totter has been

chosen as the winning artwork of

the 2020 Zonta Ashburton Female

Art Award.

The piece was created by

Christchurch­based Janna van Hasselt.

Judges Sarah McClintock,

Cheryl Lucas and Lydia Baxendell

noted the “honesty, energy, tension,

joy and the immense skill”

that the artwork displayed, saying

“it was incredibly memorable” for

each of them.

Along with a cash prize of

$3,500, van Hasselt has also won

the invaluable opportunity to create

asolo exhibition at Ashburton

Art Gallery in 2021.

Her winning work was one of 41

created by artists for the annual

awards exhibition.

The Young Generation Award

this year went to Catherine Anderson

for her photographic entry

Power over Forest.

The Zonta Ashburton Female

Art Awards exhibition will be on

display until April 12. Visitors to

the gallery are encouraged to

choose their favourite artwork for

the People’s Choice award.

Zonta Ashburton Female Art Award winner (from left) Janna van

Hasselt, Zonta Ashburton president Judith Early and Young

Generation Award winner Catherine Anderson. (Photo: Emmily

Harmer/Ashburton Art Gallery)

Students try out the new school playground at Longbeach School.

New playgroundat

Longbeach School

An impressive new playground has

been added atLongbeach School, but

it’s been three years in the funding.

The new playground islocated near

the school tennis courts and has been

funded through proceeds from the

Longbeach Challenge, which the

schoolhelps run,and from aLotteries

Commission grant of $24,000.

School principal Neil Simons said

the new playground had cost around


Part of the school’s proceeds from

the LongbeachChallenge over the last

three years had been put aside and

used topart fund the project.

Installation had been relatively

quick and some 75m3 of bark chip had

been put down.

Over the years, proceeds from the

Longbeach Challenge had enabled

the school to purchase audiovisual

equipment and ahitting wall, and had

also helped with staffing costs, pool

maintenance and IT equipment.

The new school playground is

aimed at students aged eightyears and


Swimmers at Sunday’s open water swim event.

Open water swimmers mix

Ashburton Master Swimmers group has hosted

another successful open water swim event.

Held in apond on Coldstream Road, Hinds, the

gathering featured 18 swimmers, with locals joined

by a good contingent from the Christchurch QE

Masters group.

Ashburton Master Swimmers group secretary

Helen Argyle said the water was flat and not too


Swimmers had enjoyed the eventand the area and

were keen to return.

Swim distances ranged from 1km to 3km and

featured anumber of age group categories.

The fastest 1km swim was 14m:25s, while EA

Networks Centre manager Steve Prescott powered

home in atime of 42m:30s in the 3km race.





Build customers,sales and

profits,with us ...

Over 16,065 copies delivered everyThursday




1. Suffering (8)

6. Story (4)

8. Fraction (4)

9. Tip(8)

10. Flat (5)

11. Rubble (6)

13. Generator (6)

15. Firework (6)

17. Reptile (6)

19. Entrance (5)

22. Trouble-maker (8)

23. Carefor (4)

24. Cheese (4)

25. Trade (8)


2. Silly (5)

3. Fabric(7)

4. Border (4)

5. Flag (8)

6. Digit (5)

7. Trellis (7)

12. Servant(8)

14. Junior (7)

16. Chuckle (7)

18. Name (5)

20. Garment(5)

21. Stern (4)



1. Could be spoken, one argued (3,5). 6. Run off with a

Pole (4). 8. Called from the step (4). 9. There’s sun and I

take atray out, alone (8). 10. The tough guy holding the

mother bird (2-3). 11. Jack and Jock on the road (6). 13.

In the main, it gives guidance (6). 15. The others, when

one’s captured, fight back (6). 17. Makes it obligatory in

the services (6). 19. Adear building material (5). 22. At

five to nine, see off the foreigners (8). 23. Carl left the

carnival drunk, with aRussian (4). 24. Where Iamat this

point (4). 25. In awhile the rose becomes wild, which is

aggravating (8).


2. “A someone to inspire you” does make you giggle (5).

3. The comedian, at the end, gets the bird (7). 4. Got up as

agirl (4). 5. In apay cut, reducing by ahundred would be

beneficial (8). 6. Left ajagged tear afterwards (5). 7. Possibly

wrapped in papers, with ahard centre (7). 12. View

as alikely site for gold? (8). 14. The one getting the dole

is in love (7). 16. Begins to hold one up, creating difficulties

(7). 18. Boat in astormy ocean (5). 20. Little gift from

the jeweller’s that will entrance? (5). 21. The better half

concealing asign of sorrow (4).


MEDIUM No. 5212

1 5

9 6 7

4 5 6 3 8

4 8

5 7 6 8

5 1

2 9 8 6 1

1 8 2

8 7

Solutiontoprevious Sudoku




Fill the grid

so thatevery

rowand every

3x3 square

contains the

digitals 1to9

4 8 2 5 9 3 1 6 7

9 5 6 1 2 7 4 3 8

3 7 1 6 4 8 9 2 5

2 3 7 4 5 9 8 1 6

6 4 8 7 3 1 2 5 9

5 1 9 8 6 2 7 4 3

8 9 3 2 1 6 5 7 4

1 6 5 9 7 4 3 8 2

7 2 4 3 8 5 6 9 1

Solution to previous crossword


Across -1,Cite. 7, Carnation. 8, Push. 9, Urdu. 10, Pull.

11,Ibis. 14, Artificial. 16, Atmosphere. 19, Fret. 22, Trip.

24, Lope. 25, Plan. 26, Alligator.27, Free.

Down -1,Capri. 2, Tosti. 3, Carrot. 4, Engulf. 5, Stop. 6,

Colleague. 12, Butterfly. 13, Sago. 15, Chef. 17, Pillar.

18, Employ.20, Ruler.21, Tense. 23, Pail.


Across -1,Reed (rev). 7, Scarecrow. 8,Know (no). 9,

Heed (he’d). 10, Data. 11, Stem. 14, On the wagon. 16,

Lashing out. 19, Over. 22, Char. 24, Tail (tale). 25, Firm.

26, Pre-vented. 27, Felt.

Down -1,Rakes. 2, ‘E-rode. 3, A-c-cent. 4, Bridge. 5,

Iced. 6, Boat-house. 12, Tr-eacher-y.13, Mot-(lli)h (rev.).

15, Al-to. 17, N(ew)-oting. 18, O-liver. 20, V-o-ile. 21,

Remit (rev.). 23, Rave(n).

ContactJann Thompson 03 308 7664 jann.thompson@ashburtoncourier.co.nz

Menopause -The Musical

Wed 8th April 7.30pm

The original New York and Las Vegas hit Menopause

The Musical® returns to NZ! Four Women at alingerie

sale that have nothing in common but ablack lace bra,

memory loss, night sweats, hot flushes and more.A

hilarious show that will have you in fits oflaughter.

WE value the service we

provide - The Courier for

advice on how you can

reach potential customers.

Call us today on 308 7664.

All tickets $69.90*

TALK to us today about ways

you can improve your business.

Professional, reliable

service with a smile. The

Courier 308 7664.



MAKE money selling your

unwanted items. Up to 24

words for only $8. Can’t get

better than that. The Courier.

For more information


It’s Only Rock “n’Roll Baby –


15th to 23rd May :Fri/Sat 7:30pm,

Sun 17th 2pm,

Tues-Sat 7:30pm

Father and daughter team

are this year’s director and

musical director. Joining

them is Jessie Thompson

as Choreographer who is a

pro having choreographed

the likes of Oliver,Adams

family and Sister Act to

name afew. This exciting

show has some new and exciting faces alongside

some of your favourite familiar faces. With songs like

‘Love Shack’ and ‘This is me’ you will be dancing in the


Adults $59* / Senior or Student $49*

03 307 2010 211A Wills Street, Ashburton 7700 admin@ateventcentre.co.nz *Service fees apply

LOOKING to earn extra

money, even while you’re

out walking? Delivery

people required. Phone

The Courier 308 7664.


sports reporter


Who we are

Allied Press Limited employs over450 people on apermanent basis

acrossits 15 sitesinthe South Island. Weoperate across multiple

media platforms (print, on-line,digital)deliveringnews,informationand

entertainment throughour variousregional and city publications, including

Star Media in Christchurch.

The role:

Reporting to the editor,the main purpose of theposition is to writesports

articles for our stable of newspapersand our website.

Someofthe keyaccountabilitiesinclude:

•Providing accurate,lively and fairarticles.

•Write articles coveringavariety of sport from junior to men’s and



•Beingateam player.

Your skills and experience:

We arelookingfor ajournalist whoiscurrentlyworkingasasports reporter,

or has hadsports reporting experience,oriscurrently ageneral reporter

whohas apassion for sport.

In additiontoyour interest in sport you will demonstrate:

•Aneye foragoodsports angle

•Anability to tell thestorybehind thestory

•Good storytellingability

•Awriting style that can be adaptedtosports newsstories,

features and the quirky



acakefor your

special person with

Main South Rd, Tinwald. Phone 308 5774

Birthdays this week

Lincoln Thomas,20th March, aged 3

Oliver Polson, 22nd March, aged 7

ShamikaEpilo,23rdMarch,aged 6

Justin Bennett,24th March

Ponty, 24th March

Congratulations to last weeks winner!

Amelia Arps

If youhave aspecial friend who youwouldlike like to see

win acake,put their name in the BirthdayBooks at Sims

Bakery, Tinwald or Ashburton’sThe Courier,199 Burnett St.

N.B: Names forbirthdays next week

must be with us by 10.00am TUESDAY



LOOKING for the best way to

spend your advertising dollar?

Think The Courier.

FOR advice on advertising

call The Courier 308 7664.

Thisisafull-time permanentposition.

We can offeryou agreat teamenvironment andthe opportunity to grow.

If you think this role is foryou, apply by way of CV and acoveringletter to


Informal inquiriesabout the role arewelcomeand shouldbedirected to


Acopyofthe positiondescriptioncan be requested from HR

at recruitment@alliedpress.co.nz

Applications close on Friday 27 March 2020but willbeprocessed on a

rolling basis.

All applications willbetreated in the strictestconfidence.



Ideal as an extra


Fully insulatedand

double glazed forwarmth.


Standard3.6m x2.4m,

Large 4.2m x2.4m

Xtra-large 4.8m x2.4m.

Visit our displaycabin

418WestStreet or callfor a



0800 58 78 22

Please note thatyou must havethe righttowork in NewZealand to

apply for this role.

Disclaimer: AlliedPress doesnot accept unsolicited agencyrésumés. Allied

Press is notresponsiblefor any feesrelated to unsolicited résumés.


AWESOME office space for

lease, rent or hire. Park like

setting. Indoor and outdoor

areas. North-west town

boundary. Must view.

Phone 027 475 4241.

STORAGE and space leasing

for vehicles, motorbikes,

bicycles, boats,

motor-homes, caravans,

tractors, trucks, trailers and

containers. Indoor, outdoor

or under cover. Call Peter

027 333 3626.

STORAGE available, Ashburton.

Self storage, variety

of sizes. Phone Rainbow

Storage 03 307 0401.

STORAGE: Secure self storage

units available long or

short term at Ashburton

Storage Facilities. Contact

us on 027 436 2636 or www.



Refugee SettlementSupport Team:

Job Vacancies


Safer Mid Canterbury

Together we’re safer

As part of the Government’s decision to increase the annual refugee quota itidentified

Ashburton as one of five new settlement locations. Contract funding was made available

for the development of anew Refugee Settlement Service for Ashburton. Safer Mid

Canterburywas successfulinits bidtodevelopand run this service for Ashburton.

This is an exciting opportunity tobepart ofthe new Refugee Settlement Support Team,

workingdirectlywith refugees as they embark on their new life settling intoanewcountry

andcommunity.All positions are parttime and will require family engagement, casework,

direct supportfor the refugee familiesand collaboration with othersupportagencies.

Theideal candidates will have the following keyattributes:

•Willingnesstoembrace,seek and understand specificcultural knowledge

•Enthusiasm and commitment to work as ateam member

•Excellent oral, listening andwritten communication skills

•Pastexperienceworkingwith refugees and/or minority or diverse populations would be

an advantage

We are now seeking to fill the following four settlement team job vacancies:

Caseworker/Youth: Must beaqualified and registered Social Worker with experience in

workingwith Youth.

Caseworker/Housing: Must have experience and knowledge of Housing and Tenancy


Caseworker/Volunteer Coordinator: Experience in coordinatingand managing volunteer


Caseworker/Cultural Navigator: Seeking aperson who is fluent in Dari or asimilar

language (i.e. Farsi).

These positions are allpart time (24 hours per week) with some flexibilityrequiredaround

when the hours will be worked. In return we offer asupportive and flexible family friendly

work environment. If this sounds like you then we would love to hearfrom you.

To apply please go to ourwebsite career section to download an application formand

view the positiondescription. Please follow all instructions on the form. Youcan call us

on 03 3081395ifyou requirefurtherinformation www.safermidcanterbury.org.nz

Applicationsclose Monday 6th April,2020, at 4.00pm



3 2 2 2 811m 2


Sat21&Sun 22 –11.00am-11.45am



Plains Rotary




per bale



Small bales

Phone or txt Alisdair 027 410 6882

Ian 027 432 0438; Murray 307 0353



SELL - Nine black faced

lambs, ideal for alifestyle

block. Phone 027 642 1595



POTATOES, Nadine &Agria

$2 per kilo. Phone 308

3195 or 027 531 9103. 81

Elizabeth Street.

LOOKING for work or staff?

Advertise in The Courier.

Call 308 7664.








types, specializing in

Decramastic and Long Run

Iron, Coloursteel etc, steep

roofs not a problem. —

Spraymaster 027-433-7780.


LOST: Hearing aid on Moore

Street, between Cass and

William Streets, on 16th

March. Phone 308 8795.




groomer now



Call nowtobooka



9kg cylinders


Askabout our



17 Grey St,Ashburton

Phone 307 2707



Small LPG cylinders

Off Street Parking


Arthur Cates Ltd

26 McNally Street

Ph 308 5397

Riverside Industrial Estate

pamper foryour pooch

Ph 0800454 654



PEA STRAW Conventional

Bales $6 per bale Medium

Square Pea Straw bales for

Sale $40 a bale delivery

$10 per bale. Ph


EVERY week, every home.

The Courier, 199 Burnett

Street. Ph 03 308 7664.




From the Wellington St, CambridgeSt,

Hugh St area since Tuesday10thMarch.

Half grown silver/grey tabbywith white

feet, wearing areflective collar with a

teal bell attached.

Please checkyour properties inside

and out, sheds,garages etc. andask

neighbourstodothe same.

Anysightings with good news or bad, please phoneortext:

022 026 1211 or if youcan pickhim up and take him indoors,

please contact me and Iwill collect him.

Ijust want this boyhome.Iappreciate allyour help,thank you.


TREES wanted suitable for

logging/firewood. 20 ton

digger for clean-up. Phone

Shane James 027 611


ANIMALS to good homes

every week in The Courier.






Forall other medicalassistance outsideofnormal

hours please phone your generalpracticeteam, 24/7,

to speak with ahealth professionalwho will giveyou

free healthadviceonwhattodoorwhere to go if you

need urgentcare.

If youdon’t have aregular general practice, call any

GP team 24/7 forfreetelephone health advice.

All non-residents and visa holders please bring your

passporttoyour surgeryappointment.

New Zealanders’tobring some form of ID.

TheAshburtonDutyPracticefor ...

Saturday21st March is

MooreStreet Medical Centre,MooreStreet.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Sunday22nd March is

AshburtonHealth First,308 Havelock Street.

Consultations will be by appointmentonly.

To make an appointmentcall your regular GP 24/7.

Methven and Rakaia: Formedical attention on the

weekend and public holidays please telephone

MethvenMedical Centre on 03 302 8105

or Rakaia Medical Centre on 03 303 5002.

Details foraccessing the afterhours services will be on the

answer phone.


Wises Pharmacy,CountdownComplex,

East Street will be open on ...

Saturday from 9.00am until 1.00pm

Sunday from 10.00am until 1.00pm

At Geraldine: TheGeraldine Pharmacywill be open

normal trading hours during the week,and on

Saturdaymorning from 9.30am to 12.30pm.

Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Forfree24hour Telephone Health Advice

Phone the healthline on 0800 611 116


CountdownComplex, East Street, Ashburton

Phone: 03 308 6733 Fax: 03 308 6755



Tues 9am-5pm

03 308 9516




SUPERIOR 2bedroom flat.

Close in westside, available

from Easter. Underfloor

heating, log burner, heat

pump. Small garden

maintained by landlord.

$300. Phone 308 7493.

Forkliftand Dangerous GoodsCourses

NZTAApproved Course Provider,MITO&Competenz Assessor

Classes 2&4,Endorsements F&D

ForkliftF&OSH, Saturdays and other days as requested

Dangerous Goods Course,½day Mondaymornings

CommunityHouse,Ashburtonoryour work place

Forfurther information

Phone Christine 027 245 2563





Specialising in




Cars,Trucks,Buses,Horse Floats &Motorhomes,

Caravans,Trailers,Farm Machinery, Jet Boats,

LightEngineering and Aluminium Welding

17 Range Street (IndustrialEstate)


Phone 307 0378 l 0274 274 007

Email: busandtruckbodywork@xtra.co.nz


and trouser hemming, curtain

alterations and curtain

making. Call Michelle on

027 352 7248.


glass. Qualified flat glass

glazier now in-house. Anything

glass, give us acall.

Your place or ours. Wilson

Windscreens, 152 Wills

Street, Ashburton. Phone

03 308 8485.

CARPET cleaning -Powerful

equipment & fast drying.

Upholstery, mats and rugs.

Experienced owner/operator.

Phone John Cameron

at Supersucker, 027 435

1042 or 308 1677.

CARR’S Chimney Cleaning,

servicing Ashburton and

surrounding districts, $60

per chimney. Phone

Rodney on 03 324 2999

and leave amessage.

CHARLIE’S Blind Cleaning

Service -same day service

and repairs. Charlie can

supply new blinds and

tracks, will hang drapes.

Phone 03 307 1936 or 020

4169 0342.

CHIMNEY sweep - For a

professional service call

Dan McKerrow Chimney

Sweep and Repairs on 021

118 7580.

COMPUTER problems? For

prompt reliable computer

servicing and laser engraving

contact Kelvin, KJB

Systems Ltd, 4 Ascot

Place, Ashburton. Phone

308 8989. SuperGold discount

card accepted.

COMPUTER repairs, sales,

training, setup -wireless -

networks, spyware cleanup.

On-site day or evening.

LOW FEES. Call Robin

Johnstone, Networks

Firewalls & PC’s Ltd, 308

1440 or 027 768 4058.

CONCRETE pavers direct to

you - Best prices, many

sizes, textures and colours

- Paveco, 13 Robinson

Street, Industrial Estate.

CONCRETE Services -

Driveways, paths, patios,

mowing edging. Decorative

Concrete specialist 30

years servicing Canterbury.

Free quotes. No job too big

or small. Phone Paul 021

152 1966.


Rumping repairs existing

dentures and also provides

new dentures. Phone 027

220 9997.

FLY control and spider

proofing. For all domestic

and industrial pest control

needs phone AJ Kerr at

Ashburton Pest Control on

03 308 8147 or 027 432


FURNITURE removals -For

all your household removal

needs call Nudges Furniture

Removals, phone 027

224 0609.

GARDENING, mowing,

pruning, fertilising, projects

or general spruce ups? Call

Andrew at Spruce Gardens

to get the job done right.

027 765 2899 or 03 307 1693.


GUTTER cleaning. Book in a

clean now and tell me when

you want the job done. You

may have trees around.

Call Allan 027 209 5026.


Bennett -Onsite hydraulic

hose repair service 24/7.

Stockists of Aero Quip

hoses &fittings, Commercial

hydraulics, Dynacool,

Spool valves etc., MP Filtri,

Walvoil. Call Justin on 308






•Garden Maintenance

•Gutter Cleaning

•Rubbish Removal

Call us TODAY

foraFREE quote


Ph 0800 4546 546

(0800 4jimjim)



Rockcote. Waterproofing.



The Finishing Company

03 307 8870 2238800

ENGINEERING repairs, fabrication,

farm equipment

service and maintenance,

W.O.F. repairs, machining

and welding. Odd jobs a

speciality. Mobile workshop.

Can collect. Phone

Malcolm 027 475 4241.

LEGAL work -Phone Peter

Ragg (Ashburton Law) for

house sales, purchases

and refinances. Will call at

home evenings for wills,

enduring powers of

attorney. Phone 308 0327.

PAINTER for all your painting

needs. No job too small,

inside or outside. Professional

friendly service.

Phone Pete 03 308 1672 or

027 200 1619.

PAINTING wallpapering,

plastering - No job too

small. Interior, exterior.

Professional, prompt, competitive

service. Phone

Tony Sivier at Paint It Ashburton

on 021 878 794 or

307 7289.

PLUMBING, drainlaying,

blocked drains. Phone

Lindsay at Doaky’s Plumbing

on 027 555 5575 or 308

1248 (Master Plumbers &


SUN Control Window Tinting:

Privacy, UV, glare, heat

control for homes -offices -

and cars. Phone Craig

Rogers 307 6347, member

of Master Tinters NZ.

TILING - For all your tiling

requirements including kitchen

splash backs, flooring

etc. (full water proofing),

call Kevin on 027 496 8314.


block, glare, heat control,

safety, security, privacy,

frosting films, solar protective

window films. Free

quotes, 20 years local service.

Phone 0800 368 468

now, Bill Breukelaar, www.


TV Reception Specialists for

all your digital freeview

installations and repairs,

TV wall mounting, Smart

TV set-up, home theatre

installation. Call John at

Ashburton TV &Audio Ltd

03 308 7332 or 027 277


BUILDING and property

solutions. For your complete

alteration or renovation.

We project manage

the whole process. Home

and small commercial.

Qualified tradesmen.

Phone Kiwi Building &

Maintenance Ltd. Gary 308

4798, 027 207 1478 or

Cawte 027 418 7955.

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020, Page 47









Noticeisgiven that Fire and Emergency

NewZealand has revokedthe

previously declared RestrictedFire

Season from midnightTHURSDAY 19

MARCH2020inthe following areas

which arenow in an OpenFireSeason:

• OPEN FIRE SEASON for the High

CountryZone AshburtonCoastal,

TimaruCoastaland Waimate

Coastal zones

This nowmeans the whole area of the

Mid-South Canterbury districtfromthe

Rakaia Rivertothe WaitakiRiver,sea to

the Alps is in an open fireseason.

No permits arerequired forburning,

howeverthere is still an expectation that

all outdoor burning is conductedinasafe




• Geraldine and Waimate Forest


Apermit is required to lightafire in

open air in these areas.

See www.checkitsalright.nz to apply for

apermit online or call 0800 658 628. You

can also check fortypes of firewhich have

been authorised as not being fires in open

air and do not need apermit.

Youcommit an offenceifyouknowingly

or recklessly light, or allowanother

person to light, afire in open air in an area


under apermit

R.A. Hands


Mid-South CanterburyArea22

To apply forapermit online or check the

season status in an area please visit


or call 0800 658 628.



Peter Blacklow

Call in atalk to the people who know

. . .



Blacklows TradeZone Ashburton your locally

owned &operated family business for 67 years

Full range of engineering supplies and accessories forall your repairs

&maintenance. Kerrick hot &cold waterblasters &industrial vacuum cleaners.

Esseti welders &accessories. Stockists and distributors of Trailer Equipment.


South Street, Ashburton PHONE (03) 308-3147

Email office@blacklows.co.nz FREEPHONE 0800 452 522

Take up the challenge!



FREE 8Day Adventure, Outdoor&

Physical Pursuits Course

May8th -16th 2020

The Lions Club of Ashburton isagain sponsoring

6local people toparticipate inthis proven course

designed to teach self-reliance, motivation and


If youare aged 18 years and over with areasonable

standardoffitness,here’syour opportunitytopush

the boundaries, test limits and achieve personal

andprofessional goals.

But be quick ...applications close 27 March 2020

To find out moreabout this free course,check out

www.berwickoutdoorexperience.co.nz or contact

BarryVesseyon027 353 7185or308 6247

Alternatively,pickupyour application form from

Neil at Riverside Food Bar, Robinson Street.

Due togovernment

announcement, the

106th Methven A&P

Show that was to be

held this Saturday

has been


HospiceMid Canterbury


with alife



We can help with:



•Sittingand companionship

•Counselling and bereavement



•Massage,reiki and reflexology

•Activityand support


Phone 307 8387 or 027 227 8387

email manager@hospicemc.nz www.hospicemc.nz





2700psi. 11.33 litre.

6.5HpHonda engine.



(formerly SPCA)




Plenty of tabby

kittens ready now.

2year old tabby

ready fornew home.

Free barncats.

Allanimals microchipped

Kindl sponsore b

Adrienne Patterson

Ph308 4432


Please note: As at 31stMarch 2020,

our PO Boxwill be closed.

Futureposted creditor invoices should be

mailed c/- Allied Press,POBox 517,

Dunedin 9054.

Allother mail can be posted to

AshburtonCourier Newspaper,

199 Burnett Street,Ashburton7700.

Thank you.



SCVCC Annual Swap Meet

Winchester Domain SH1, April 4th,

gates open 7.30am

All makes car display

Something for everyone

Sites –Michelle Munro Ph 03 6864824

Or Email scvccswapmeet@hotmail.com

No dogs allowed

AshburtonBorough School


Bookings areopen forthe next

School Holiday Programme

14th to 24th April

Forthe plan and bookingsgoto:





Thur 19th &Fri 20th














10.00 Sonic


10.00 Dolittle


11.50 Call of the Wild PG

11.50 ThePeanut Butter Falcon M

1.40 LesMiserablestheStagedConcert PG

1.50 Sonic


3.40 Chal Mera Putt 2 G

4.35 Guns Akimbo R16

6.00 TheInvisibleMan R16

6.20 Bombshell


8.15 Bloodshot


8.15 DarkWaters M

Sun 22nd

10.00 Sonic


10.00 Dolittle


11.50 Emma


11.50 Call of the Wild PG

1.40 Chal Mera Putt 2 G

2.10 Sonic


4.00 TheInvisible Man R16

4.00 Dark Waters M

6.15 Guns Akimbo R16

6.30 LesMiserablestheStagedConcert PG

8.00 Bloodshot















ThePeanut Butter Falcon


Call of the Wild



Guns Akimbo



TheInvisible Man




Mon23rd&Tues 24th

ThePeanut Butter Falcon


Call of the Wild



Guns Akimbo







10.00 ThePeanut Butter Falcon

10.00 LesMiserablestheStagedConcert

11.45 Call of the Wild

1.00 Bloodshot

3.00 DarkWaters

3.30 Emma

5.45 Bombshell

5.50 Bloodshot

8.00 TheInvisibleMan

8.00 DarkWaters






































Enhances your

body’s own natural


Pain relief/Speeds recovery

from illness, injury and surgery.

•Noneedles/safe for all ages

•Good-Health Maintenance

•Affordable/flexible hours

•Home visits on request

Janet Hayes

Ph 308 6951

registered practitioner


ASHBURTON Society of

Arts ’Summer show’, Short

Street Studio. Opening

Sunday 23rd February

11am - 4pm. Guest:

Christine Lang, plus 15

local members. Saturdays

& Sundays, Monday &

Wednesday when sign out,

until 22nd March. Enquiries

308 4533 or 027 313 5178.



painting of cars, trucks,

buses, horse floats &

motorhomes, caravans,

trailers, farm machinery, jet

boats. Light engineering

and aluminium welding.

Bus &Truck Bodyworks, 17

Range Street, Ashburton.

Phone 307 0378.



4WD and slab lifts available

for daily or weekly hire.

Pickup or delivery. Phone

North End Engineering 308

8155 for abooking.

Page 48, Ashburton's The Courier, Thursday March 19, 2020

Local news at www.starnews.co.nz





















$9,995 $10,995 $6,995



1999 DAIHATSUTERIOS SUV, manual,petrol,4x4, 5door,central locking,

rear spoiler,1300cc, 159,788 kms........................................................ $3,995


2001 FORDFALCONXR6,4100 cc,Auto, rear spoiler,tidy,high kms$3,995


2009 HONDA CR-V X, auto, 5door,air con, ABS, alloys,twin air bags,

86,000 kms, 2400cc.....................................................................................SOLD

2013 HONDA CR-V 24G, auto5door,ABS, cruise control, alloys,tow bar,

66,000 kms, 2400cc................................................................................$22,995

2004 HONDA CR-V ZX, auto, petrol,5door,SUV,ABS, rear spoiler,78,100

kms, 2400cc................................................................................................. $9,995

2007 HONDA ELYSION PRESTAGESZ, auto, petrol,8seater, 5door,ABS,

foglights,105,000 kms, 3500cc................... ARRIVING SOON $11,995

2007 HONDA STEPWAGONG,5door,8seater, ABS, air con, rear spoiler,

95,000 kms, 2000cc..............................................ARRIVING SOON $7,995


2008 MAZDAAXELA 15C, ABS, body kit, spoiler,air con, 34,600 kmx,

1500cc.......................................................................ARRIVING SOON $8,995

2008 MAZDAAXELA 20C, 5door,air con, ABS, rear spoiler,48,500 kms,

1990 cc.............................................................................................................SOLD

2008 MAZDADEMIO SPORT, 5door,ABS, climate control, air con, body

kit, 19,800 kms, 1500cc.................................. . ARRIVING SOON $11,495



changer,climate control,97,400 kms, 1800cc................................ $9,995


2006 NISSANBLUEBIRDSYLPHY20S, 4door,ABS, air con, climate

control, 11,800 kms, 2000cc.................................................................. $9,995

2006 NISSANCUBE 15M, 5door,petrol,air con, ABS, CD changer,42,300

kms, 1500cc................................................................................................. $7,495

2008 NISSANNOTE15X, auto, 5door,air con, climate control, petrol,

14,800 kms, 1500cc, ready to go.......................................................... $8,995

2012 NISSANSYLPHY, 4door,auto, petrol,ABS, air con, 29,200 kms,

1800cc.................................................................... ARRIVING SOON $11,995

2005 NISSANTIIDA18G, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, rear spoiler,60,500

kms, 1800cc.............................................................ARRIVING SOON $8,995

2014 NISSANLATIO B, auto, idling stop,twin air bags,ABS, 4door,petrol,

air con, 31,100kms.................................................................................... $9,995

2006 NISSAN BLUEBIRD, 2L, sedan, wine red, twin air bags,

ABS ............................................................................ARRIVING SOON $9,995

2005 SUBARUFORESTER 2.0X, 5door,4x4, ABS, air con, petrol,82,500

kms, 2000cc.............................................................ARRIVING SOON $8,995

2001 NISSANCUBE, 1300 cc,5door,auto, 136,000 kms..................... $3,495

2007 NISSANSKYLINE350 GT,3500 cc,auto, paddle shift, 18in alloys,

76,000 kms.................................................................................................$11,995


2008 SUBARUIMPREZA15S, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, rear spoiler, ......

78,200 kms, 1500cc.................................................................................. $8,995

2005 SUBARULEGACY OUTBACK, petrol,6air bags,ABS, air con, cruise

control, foglights,rear spoiler,3000 cc............................................. $6,995

2007 SUZUKI SWIFT 1.5 XS, 5door,6air bags,ABS, air con, body kit, rear

spoiler,49,500 kms, 1500cc................................................................... $9,995


2007 SUZUKI SX4XG, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, climate control, rear

spoiler,roof rails,alloys,97,200 kms, 1500 cc ................................. $8,495

2007 SUZUKI SWIFT 1.5XS,1500 cc,white,auto, body kit, air con, 68,000

kms.............................................................................ARRIVING SOON $9,995


2007 TOYOTA BLADEG,5door,ABS, air con, body kit, rear spoiler,push

button start, 70,500 kms, 2400cc................. ARRIVING SOON $10,995

2006 TOYOTA COROLLARUNX S, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, body kit,

rear spoiler,43,850 kms, 1800cc.............................................................SOLD

2009 TOYOTA ESTIMAHYBRID X4WD, 5door,8seater, Abs, air con, auto,

rear spoiler,cruise control, 133,450 kms,

2400cc.................................................................... ARRIVING SOON $14,995

2013 TOYOTA PRIUSL,5door,ABS, air con, petrol,parking sensors,rear

spoiler,auto, 71,810 kms, 1800cc......................................................$16,995

2012 TOYOTA RACTIS G, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, rear spoiler,cruise

control, 45,400 kms, 1500cc................................................................$11,995

1999 TOYOTA RAV4,3door,petrol,ABS, air con, rear spoiler,

1800cc........................................................................................................... $7,995

2006 TOYOTA RUSH G, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, climate control, rear

spoiler,59,500 kms, 1500cc.................................................................$11,995

2008 TOYOTA WISH XLIMITED, 5door,petrol,ABS, air con, auto, climate

control, 72,500 kms, 1800cc.................................................................. $9,995

2004 TOYOTA FUNCARGO,1300cc, auto, air con, rear spoiler,

148,000 kms................................................................................................ $4,495

1994 TOYOTA HILUX, petrol,alloydeck,ute,2000cc..............................SOLD

2006 TOYOTA RACTIS, twin air bags,ABS, cruise control, air con,















$8,495 $8,995



Ph: 308 1396


470 West Street,


A/H Keith Drummond

0274 367 646


-about our range of rental vehicles

Family,Sports,School or Social Trips

We have 8, 10 &12seaterminivansavailable.

Cars and 3trucks forsmall orbig loads also available.


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