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Grim news continues for

North Canterbury as the

effects of the Covid­19

lockdown bite.

The Hanmer Springs

Heritage Hotel is being

mothballed, Hanmer Springs

Horse Treks is suspending its

operations for ayear, and a

cloud hangs over when the

Hanmer Springs Thermal

Pools and Spa can reopen.

Tourists destinations

across North Canterbury

understandably face the

greatest hit, but as the

country moves towards lessrestrictive

level­2 trading

conditions, many previously

viable businesses face an

uncertain future.

Hanmer Springs Business

Association chairman

Michael Malthus warns other

businesses in the North

Canterbury town also face a

bleak future.

He says their future hangs

on the Government offering

further help to boost business

viability once the wage

subsidy ends.

‘‘Otherwise, we will be

starting to look at acold

winter in more ways than

one,’’ he says.

Hanmer Springs did not

have an agricultural sector to

help it through the lean times,

like other North Canterbury

towns. It relied on the visitor

industry, had asmall local

population, and had abig

problem around how to get

open and do business again.

But Malthus warns that

even if the whole village is

open, visitors from

Christchurch will not come

without the Hanmer Springs

Thermal Pools and Spa.

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Jobs losses ... The mothballingofthe Hanmer Springs Heritage Hotel

will cost59full and part­timejobs.


Trading ... Suzie Lambert welcomes customers back to Kaiapoi Florist

and Gifts. It was among araft of local businesses operating under tight

level­3 restrictions.



try hand

at level 3


The Rangiora and Kaiapoi

central business districts have

sprung back to life after the

movetoalevel­3 lockdown.

After almostfiveweeksunder

strict level­4restrictions,rules

wereeased allowing cafes,

takeaway food restaurantsand

someother businesses to


But it was far from normal

trading, as customers were not

permitted to entershops. Social

distancing was mandatory, with

contactless payment and ‘‘click

and collect’’ rules applying.

There werequeues in many

places and hand sanitiser aprepurchase


In Rangiora, the North

Canterbury Seafood Market

welcomedcustomers back,but

not through the front door.

Instead, customers were

served outside throughaside

window, with awide serving

table helping to maintain asafe


Manyother Rangiora firms

werealso trading again but most

wereoperating frombehind

closed doors,offering online or


Janine Rogers, who owns the

North Canterbury Seafood

Market withher partnerShayne

Garbes,said it was good to be


‘‘The response has been good

and people are thrilled to have

fresh fish back on their tables.

‘‘Itfeelsgreat to be so

appreciated and it is atwo­way


the loyalty of our customers.’’

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Rockgas NorthCanterbury

We areanessentialservice andstill

operatingwith reduced filling hours

9amto12midday as required MondaytoFriday, no Saturdays

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• Please phone the office, we areopen forfillingbut credit cardor

debit cardremotepayments only



2 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020

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Businesses in cautious

comeback under level 3

From Page 1

Customers can access

information about

what fish is available

on the North

Canterbury Seafood

Market’s Facebook

page, website, or

answerphone. They

can also requesta

daily email.

‘‘Theyorder their

fish via phone or

email and then we

pack it up and have it

ready for them.

‘‘On arrival at the

outdoor set up, they

sanitise their hands,

we inform them of the

price and pop it in

our eftposinsidethe

shop and they

complete the

transaction on a


‘‘We placetheir

order on the table,

stand back and they

take the order,’’

Janinesays. ‘‘We are

also keepingrecords

of customers, as

required for contact


In Kaiapoi,the Port

and Eagle Brewpub

has openedfor

business, as has

Kaiapoi Florist and

Gifts.Most other


town, including


Store, are also

open for business but

trading from behind


offering onlineand/or

phone­order options.


of Blackwells

Department Store,

says trading is ‘‘pretty



‘‘We are not able to

open the doors to the

publicuntil we reach

Covid­level two, so

trading is limitedbut

at least we are all

heading in the right

direction now.

‘‘If everybody plays

their part in fighting

off the virus it

shouldn’t be too long




‘‘Whatthat will be

at thisstageis


At work... Jessica Hofacher ready to serve

customersunder level 3trading rules, fromaside

window at the North Canterbury Seafood Market.


Enterprises feel pinch from lockdown

From Page 1

The hotel closurealone has hit

59 staff, filling 40 fulltimeequivalent


Rumours had been swirling

around the villagefor many

weeksabout its future.

Mr Malthus saysall staff

were being paid the wage

subsidy until the end of June,

but had nowhere to go after


Therewere also some

people on visaswho did not

qualify for the subsidy, who

needed to be looked after.

‘‘Their visas probably won’t

be renewed,sowhat happens

to them?’’

The business association

was running afood bank and

doingwhat it couldtohelp

thosewho were findingthe

going‘‘pretty difficult’’.

The mothballing of the hotel

was ahuge loss for the

community. It was not only

used for conferences and

business meetings,but was a

popular wedding venue.

The 66 privately owned

units, some in the hotel and

some on the grounds, were run

as abody corporate and leased

❛Their visas probably won’t be renewed,sowhat

happens to them?❜

—Hanmer Springs Business Association chairman Michael Malthus

backtothe hotel. ‘‘The owners

may get together and do

something, but in the

meantime the operatorhas

saidit’s not profitable, would

not be reopening, and would

needsomeoneelse to come

along and pick it up.’’

Hurunui Mayor MarieBlack

saysthe closure and job losses

weregut­wrenching. ‘‘It is abig

shock because of the personal

impact its closure will haveon

manyfamilies in the Hanmer

basin and further afield.

‘‘Itwill be hard for themto

findotheremployment in this

environment in the district.

Somemay have to makethe

choice to move, whichinturn

has knock­on effectsfor other

parts of the district.’’

It was sad that such amajor

building,apart of the village’s

history, was now empty.

Meanwhile, at the council’s

thermal pool complex, staff

layoffs were possible if the

pools cannot opensoon.

Seniorstaff aretrying to

unravel the protocolsoflevel 2,

at which point it hopestoopen.

General manager Graeme

Abbot saystravel restrictions

have put the brakes on plans,

even thoughlevel 2allows

gatherings of up to 500 people.

Travelrestrictions would

mean people from Christchurchcouldn’t

visit Hanmer

Springs or the pools, he says.

Tourism New Zealand was

seeking clarificationofthe

level­2 protocols, which would

also affect Akaroa and Tekapo.

‘‘We need adefinition of the

travelrestriction. Whereitis

cloudyison non­essential

travel. You can havea

gathering of 500 people, but

how do you achievethat by

minimising travel?Weare

askingfor someguidance and

tryingtoget non­essential


Meanwhile, work was being

doneonhow to contact­trace

customers in the event the

doors can open soon.

Further south, á la carte

dining at the Pegasus Bay

Winery at Waipara is off the

menu, with the restaurant to

openfrom springasaprivate

events venueonly.

The cellardoor will reopen

on weekends at level2.

Marketing managerEdward

Donaldson says opening for

private eventswill allowthe

Donaldson familytouse the

space more effectively

compared with operating a

lunch­time restaurant,given

likely border restrictions, as

wellasother Covid­19 factors

thatwork against it. ‘‘We may

wellrevisit the á la cartemodel

again sometime in the future,

but for now we feel it’s the best

use of this beautifulsetting.

‘‘Even though it has been

manyyears since we’ve offered

private functions, we still

receivefrequent enquiries,

and as afamily have decided

now is the right time to explore

thisnew direction.’’

Belinda Donaldson,who has

managed the restaurant for 15

years, will be eventsmanager.

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Memorial park concept ... Rangiora Baptist Church member Trevor Wright outside the

gates of Rangiora’s East Belt Cemetery, which is now closed for burials. The church is

hoping to transform the cemetery into amemorial garden.


Plans to transform

historic cemetery


The Rangiora Baptist Church wants to

transform the town’s East Belt Cemetery

into amemorial park by removing

headstones and grave surrounds.

The cemetery is owned by the town’s

Baptist Church, Methodist Church and

John Knox Presbyterian Church.

However, it is now closed for burials

and many of the headstones and grave

surrounds have fallen into disrepair.

Rangiora Baptist Church member

Trevor Wright says it is obvious none of

the graves are being cared for by family


‘‘So Iamguessing there are few people

who have any abiding interest in

maintaining the graves as they are.’’

Trevor has documented the names of all

the deceased known to be buried at the

cemetery, and he would like to see a

memorial wall created at the park to

remember the dead, after the

headstones and grave surrounds are


Other options are also being

considered. ‘‘The Baptists have decided

they shall proceed to look seriously into

turning their part of the cemetery into a

lovely memorial park,’’ he says.

‘‘We would be delighted if the other

two denominations decided to come

alongside to work on their part of the


Because the cemetery is privately

owned by the three churches, any

planning and development costs for the

memorial park would be covered by the


Representatives for the town’s

Methodist and John Knox Presbyterian

churches could not be contacted for

comment, but anyone interested in

having asay about the Rangiora Baptist

Church’s plans for the cemetery can

contact senior pastor Kerry Brewerton

at the church office on (03) 313 4997.

Park plans ... Grave surrounds and headstones at Rangiora’s East Belt Cemetery.

Canty cases

now sporadic

NorthCanterbury is preparing for a

lessening of restrictions as the prospect

of moving to alert level 2looms, amid

growing evidence that community

transmission is firmly under control.

The Waimakariri, Hurunui and

Kaikouradistricts sparked into lifelast

week as the country moved out of the

tightlevel­4 restrictionsinto level3.

Aboost in traffic and business was

noticeable,althoughmany non­essential

businesses remainedshuttered, either

unable to tradeorwith staff working

from home.

The easing of restrictions allowedan

estimated 5000 people in the

WaimakaririDistrict to return to work,

1000 in the HurunuiDistrict, and just

over 300 in the KaikouraDistrict.

The highest number of Covid­19 cases

in Canterbury is predictably in

Christchurch, which had recorded123

casesasofTuesday.The Waimakariri

has recorded17cases since the virus was

firstdetectedinthe country. The

Hurunui has recordedjust three and the

Kaikouradistrict four.The Canterburywide

tally, including 16 cases across

Selwyn and Ashburton,is163.

The number of remaining active cases

in each territorial authority is not

available from the Ministry of Health, but

figures updated as of Tuesday show that

just 29 casesinthe Canterbury District

Health Board region remain active.

Atotal of 123 individuals have

recovered and 11 in the regionhave died,

all part of the Rosewood Rest Home

cluster in Christchurch. It is the

deadliest cluster in the country.

Ministry of Health figures shows that

confirmed Canterbury­related infections

are now sporadic. The most recentcase

in the region was recorded on May 1, in

awomaninher 20s.The last case

recordedprior to thatwas April24, in a

man in his20s. The day before, two cases

in women were confirmed.

Axe falls on show

Uncertainty surrounding the Covid­19

outbreak has prompted the axing of this

November’sNew Zealand Agricultural

Show in Christchurch.

It is the firsttimethe annual showhas

been cancelled by the Canterbury A&P

Association sinceWorld War 2.

It attracts more than100,000visitors

over the three days and brings in

millionsofdollars to the local economy.

“We are committedtomaking 2021 the

best showwe've had becausefinancially

we havetomake it work,”association

presidentChrisHerbert says. He saidthe

associationhad already spentabig sum

preparing for the show.


North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020



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4 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020

Tahlia to play football in Arizona


Talented striker Tahlia

Herman­Watt has earneda

scholarship to play footballfor

Arizona State University.

The 19­year­old, whoplays

her club football for Coastal

Spirit and is in the Mainland

PrideCanterbury squad, will

head to the division­one school

in August, provided the Covid­

19 pandemic is brought under


She saysthe chance to play

in America’s toughest women’s

college football conference, the

Pac 12, was enticing.

‘‘I feel veryluckytoplay in

the topleague. To be playing

against teams like Stanford

and UCLA willbehuge.


I'm excited to be part of it for

the next fouryears.”

The New Zealand under­20

representative saidshe started

looking at her college options

last yearasshe looked to

continueher physical

education degree.

Ambitious comeback plan for Hurunui tourism


Alofty goal has been setby

Hurunui Tourism to get the

district up and running again

afterthe impactsofCovid­19.

Product development

manager GraemeAbbot says

the organisation put apeg in

the ground and told the

‘‘It’s avery big school but

alsothe coaches made me feel

likethey really wanted me

there,’’she says.

‘‘I’d heard from some of my

former team­mates like Lauren

Dabner and Emma Clarkethat

theywere enjoying their

experienceatcollege, so I

thoughtI'd give it ago.”

‘‘They watched some of my

Pride and Coastal Spirit

matches and Igot avirtual tour

of everyaspectofthe campus,

which was awesome.”

Herman­Wattsays she feels

her form cametogether for the

Pride duringthe finalsand she

was hopefulofnot losing too

muchmatch fitness duringthe


‘‘I’m justathome at

Leithfield Beachsothere’s

beenalot of drills by myself

and kicking aball against a


She says she looksforward to

progressing as aplayer in a

new environment in an effort

to improve her international

hopes in the future.

council it will get the Hurunui

regionback up to 80 percent of

the spend it had beforethe

Covid­19 pandemic.

‘‘There is so much stuffwe

don’t know, so it might be a

lofty goal,’’hesays.

Twentypercent of visitors to

the district were

international, which ‘‘we

Arizona­bound ... Mainland Pride striker Tahlia Herman­Watt

hopes to swap her Leithfield Beach family home for Arizona in three



won’t get backthis year’’.

‘‘But if we get all our


might reach that targetin

terms of spend.That is our



with an advertisingagency

andviewing different

scenarios to get people into

the regionassoon as possible.

‘‘Itisabout getting cash

flowing, literally,’’ he says.

‘‘Wehave oureye on agoal

without knowing what the

future looks like.

‘‘But by the end of next

summer we are goingtostrive

to be back as close to this year

as possible.’’

Park and ride

delay proposed


Dan Gordon wants Environment

Canterbury (ECan)todelaythe

proposed “park andride”commuter bus

service duetothe uncertainty created

by the Covid­19outbreak.

The WaimakaririDistrict Council

backed theservice, which would link

Rangiora andKaiapoi with central


consultationlast year.

But the Waimakariri mayor

recommendedthe implementation be

delayed12months to July2021,during

an oral submissionmadeonlinelast


He expresseddisappointment at the

proposed increase to theurban public

passengertransport services charge for

Waimakariri residentsof$57,higher

thanthe $30 consulted on.

“We went outasacouncil and

consultedonitand we werenot awareof

the other additional charges.

“I appreciate things change, but that

representsa73percentincrease in the

urban passenger transportchargeand I

don't thinkthat'sappropriateatthis


He alsocalled on ECantoreconsider

its proposed averageratesincrease of

9.8 percent.

Implementationofthe parkand ride

service wastimedtolinkinwiththe

completionofthe Christchurch

Northern Corridor,with thethirdlane

in eachdirection,whichisnow

expected to be delayed until the end of

the year.

“Thecouncilstill supportspark and

ride, but IthinkECannow needs to have

another look at the timingand the



Underthe government’sAlertLevel 3, NCTIR’ssite-based staff are

returning to work on the Kaikōuratransportnetworkstodeliver

the existing work programme,under strict newhealth and safety

measures. Office-basedstaff will continue to work from home.

ThesafetyofNCTIR people,the Kaikōuracommunityand road users

is our priority. At Level3,NCTIR be following the official

NewZealandconstruction COVID-19protocols including restricted

access to sites, requirementsfor workerstomaintain physical

distancing, and the use of additionalprotectiveclothing. These

standards will be the same acrossthe construction and building


All sitecrews will go through aNCTIR COVID-19REBOOTinduction

and learn the newpractices and protocols to keep them,the

surrounding communityand road userssafe.

Work crews will form small working ‘bubbles’ that willstick together

throughout the daywhile maintaining social distance,and will also

shareaccommodation and travel bubbles.

TheNCTIR VillageinKaikōurawill reopen during this time to

accommodateworkers,who will be isolated to theirrooms or work

bubbles, and catered for.

Although mostofthe programme’sroadworks(apart from critical

maintenanceand emergency works) were put on hold duringAlert

Level4,manyteam membershavebeen working hardfromhome

duringlockdown to ensureNCTIR is fully prepared forasmooth

and safereturn to site. We’relooking forwardtobeing back out on

the road, and seeing our projectsprogressagain through these final

months to completion.

We will continuetokeep the communityinformedregularly about

our work programme. If youhaveany questions pleasecontact us on

0800 628 4737 or


at level 2


The Hurunui District Council

is waiting for alert level 2

beforeholding aby­election in

its WestWard.

Aby­election to fill the

vacancy on the Hurunui

District Council,afterthe

resignationofWest Ward

councillor JasonFletcher,

will thenbeheld.

Hurunui District Council

electoral officerNaomi

Woodham says the district’s

accesstoelectoral rolls is up

to dateand electionz.comhas

been briefed. is on standby

for the by­election, including

preparing public notices,

printing voterpacks,

accessingmail systems, and

engaging justices of the peace.

“As we get the

announcement from the

governmentthat we are

movingtolevel 2, we will be

able to get under way,” she


“Although the by­electionis

apostal vote, we determined

that democracywouldnot be

best served at level 3or4.

“A key partofelections is

the opportunity for votersto

meet their candidates at

publicforums and for


with theirprospective

constituents if they wish.

‘‘These opportunities are

not permissible under levels3

or 4.”

Ward is in, boots and all


Supporting youth ... Ward Shearman is enjoying working with Hurunui's

young people.


Ward Shearmanhas hadan

interesting start to his role as the

Hurunui DistrictCouncil's youth

development officer.

Theformer soldier wasbarely

twomonths into his newrolewhen

the countrywent intolockdown.

“It’sbeen amassivechange for

the youth across thedistrict,”

Ward says.

“Adultsthink they’ve gotit

tough, butyoungpeople are going

through allthe usualteenage

changes, while stayingintheir

bubble,and then they’vegot their


He says he hasbeen impressed

with howthe HurunuiYouth

Council has adapted, meeting

usingthe videoconferencing app

Zoom and makinguse of social

media to connect with others.

Theyouthcouncil has created a

dance competition,with


videos,while Noah Wilson has

begunacooking show, Disaster

Chef,livestreaming on Fridaysat


“Hedoesn’t knowhow to cook,

buthegets in thereand gives it a

go.The first week he made‘simple

burgers’and thefeedback has

been amazing.”

Young people areunderstandablymissingthe



Ward, whosaysheis“acountry

boyatheart”, servedinthe Royal

NewZealandInfantry for 21 years,

with thelastdecade in theyouth

development unit.

He worked with at­riskyouth,

taking18to24­year­oldsfor sixweekcourses,


He foundthe experience


“I never thought Iwouldsee

myself working withyouth,but to

see thechange thatyou madein

justsix weeks,that wasthe lightbulbmoment.”

Since the lockdown, Wardhas

beenconnectingonZoom and

bouncing ideasaroundwith

WaimakaririDistrict Council

youth developmentfacilitator

Sam Redman, andSarah

Beadmore andVicki Gulleford,

who workwith Kaikourayouth.

He hopesitwill lead to more

regularcontactbetween thethree

North Canterbury youth councils

in thefuture.

Wardsays it is important that

young peoplecontinue to havea

say in decision­making,

particularlyaround addressing

climate change and theCovid­19


“I know withthe youth council,



‘‘Theydon’t gettomake thebig

decisions, but their voices are

heard andtheycan make a


National Youth Week runsfrom

May 9to17, with thetheme:

“We’re talking, areyou listening?”


North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020


Option to

defer rates


Hurunui ratepayers

struggling to pay the

fourth instalment of rates

can now apply to postpone


The council decision

will also apply to the first

instalment due next year.

The council approved

the deferment policy at its

meeting last week after

considering ways to help

people hit hard by the

Covid­19 lockdown.

Ratepayers have until

July 31 to apply.

Mayor Marie Black

urges residents

concerned about paying

their rates to reach out to

the council.

“We want ratepayers to

contact council to discuss

their situation so that we

can structure apayment

plan that works for each

individual position,’’ she


The meeting, the first to

be held under level­3

protocols, began with a

video of aspecial poem to

acknowledge Anzac Day.

It was written and read

by 6­year­old Ziggy Gould

from Broomfield School,

as part of her online

learning curriculum, as

the majority of the

district’s children

continue their schooling

at home.

Stuart Smith

MP for Kaikoura

Keep it local-Support


22 ScottStreet, Blenheim 7240

03 5793204


Authorised by StuartSmith MP,Parliament Buildings,Wellington.


6 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020

In the Electoratewith


MP forWaimakariri

Authorised by MattDoocey,Level1ConwayLane,188 High Street,Rangiora.

We are in this together

Last week Ireturned to Parliament as a

member of the Epidemic Response

Committee, where we heardfrom Sir

PeterGluckman, the Prime Minister’s

former chief science adviser.

Professor Gluckman spoke to the

committee about his report indicating

that those directly affected by income

loss,unemploymentorill­health will

experience ahigher rate of mental


We now know the impacts of Covid­19

have included business closures,which,

for some, have resulted in incomeloss

and unemployment.

This means thatlifting restrictions,

allowingour businesses to operate safely,

will not only protectincomesand save

jobs but could alsoprevent thousandsof

people from experiencing mental


Our local community services in

Waimakariri will be at the frontlineof

this response,soIwouldurge anyone

who has somefree timetovolunteer to do

so. We are all in thistogether.

Not only supporting our local

community services but also our local

businesses willbeimportant at this


With our community’s transition to

alertlevel3,weare seeingour shops

open for safe and contactless trading, and

some residents returning to work.

Working with our local businesses,asI

have been doing over the pastfew weeks,

Iknow how important your support is

going to be for them. It is important we

continuetostay safe, heed the

restrictionsand shop local.Let’ssupport

ourbusinessestoget backontheir feet


The chalk drawings on the pavements

andthe poppies on display on our

residents’houses on Anzac Day were

reminders that we can stand together

even during the worst of times.

Ijoined our community in making

poppies with my children and standing

togetherat6am withmyneighbours fora

moment of silence to showrespect and to

reflect on the sacrifices made by those

whocame before.

Ienjoyed being invited by CompassFM

station manager Kerry Treymane to chat

on the radioafter Ireached out by phone

to our local businessestoask them what

Icoulddoas local MP to help them. We

arelucky to havealocal radio station in

North Canterbury and Iwould liketo

thank themfor keepingour communities

connected duringthe lockdown.

My team and Ihave been working

remotely from day one, ready to connect

by phone and email to respond to our

communities’ needs.

We have helpedwith arangeofissues,

from families needing assistance to

businesses havingquestions aroundhow

they can operate. If you needhelp, please


Funded by the Parliamentary Service.Authorised

by MattDoocey, Parliament Buildings,Wellington. 03

3270514; Email:


Focus from Dan Gordon, Mayor

Aspecial Anzac Day

We commemorated Anzac Day on April

25. It is our national day of remembrance

for all of those who have served, are still

serving, and who paid the ultimate


This year was different in that we were

not able to observe remembrance as we

normally do.

However, as we have in our daily lives,

we found away to adapt.

Ijoined the 6am moment of silence

before dawn on Anzac Day.

From my driveway, Icould hear a

bugle playing in the distance. It was very

moving. As Iwent for my daily walk I

could also see the efforts that the

community had gone to in creating

poppies on their fences and chalk

drawings on pavements.

On Facebook Isaw members of

McAlpines North Canterbury Pipe Band

and Brass Bands playing from their

homes, and neighbours watching from

their driveways.

This clearly displayed the strong

community spirit we have in our district

and, from what Ican see, this has been

echoed across New Zealand.

We can never thank those who gave the

supreme sacrifice during the world wars

and other conflicts, but this can be done

by remembering them always, and never

forgetting the supreme sacrifices made

for us so we are able to enjoy the

freedom we have today.

Poet John Maxwell Edmonds wrote:

‘‘When you go home, tell them of us and

say, for your tomorrow we gave our


We must never forget their service.

Lest we forget.

We’ve made it through six weeks

together, but apart.

We have made it out of level 4and now

are at level 3.

Thank you to you all for playing your

part in making the lockdown successful.

While we have gone down alevel, we

still need to obey the rules to ensure we

don’t face similar restrictions in the


Iwould like to acknowledge local

businesses, who have quickly updated

their business models to allow them to

operate at level 3.

Iencourage you to shop local, to show

your support, while staying safe.

When you buy local you directly

support alocal resident and play apart

in creating local jobs.

Ihave personally enjoyed getting a

takeaway coffee, and indulging in some


Just areminder that the council

remains here to support you, and can

help put people in contact with

organisations that will help them

through tough times.

For the most recent update on

available services, go online to or call us on

0800 965 468.

Iwelcome contact from anyone who

needs assistance.

Email me at, or

phone (021) 906 437. Iamhere to help.

Be kind. Stay safe. And look after one


Full circulation returns: It'sgreat to be back in mailboxes


Welcome to all of North


This week we return to our

full circulation, with the North

Canterbury News returning to

mailboxes throughout the


Ateam effort has ensured we

continued to publish our

newspaper each week and

delivered it to all remote rural

delivery addresses, as allowed

under lockdown rules.










Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday

May 7 May 8 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 12 May 13

Rise 7:26am

Set 5:24pm

Best 12:05pm


Set 6:30am

Rise 5:30pm

Light Wturning



It was also available at

supermarkets, grocery stores,

fuel stations and dairies

during lockdown.

We are extremely grateful to

all businesses who have

supported us in our efforts to

bring local news and

advertising to our loyal


The North Canterbury News

has been the only community

paper in North Canterbury to

have published through the

four­week level­4 lockdown, as

Rise 7:27am

Set 5:22pm

Best 12:33am

Times 1:01pm

Set 7:49am

Rise 6:05pm

Light Wturning



Rise 7:28am

Set 5:21pm





Set 9:06am

Rise 6:46pm

Light Wturning



well as at level 3.

It has been ahands­on

exercise, with staff stepping

out of their usual roles to

ensure delivery of your local,

North Canterbury­based


Ihave enjoyed my trips from

Amberley, up through the

Weka Pass and Waikari to the

Hawarden Four Square each

Thursday, to ensure that part

of the world had the

opportunity to pick up apaper

while getting their groceries.

Rise 7:29am

Set 5:20pm





Set 10:19am

Rise 7:34pm

Light Nturning



Rise 7:30am

Set 5:19pm





Set 11:24am

Rise 8:29pm

Fresh NW easing

to moderate SW


Rise 7:31am

Set 5:18pm



Star Media, whose parent

company, like the North

Canterbury News is Allied

Press (publisher of the Otago

Daily Times), has also helped

spread the word, with their

team helping us to deliver

papers throughout North


My apologies to those who

have not managed to find a

copy, but back copies are

available via the Digital tag

under the masthead on our

website,, if you



Set 12:19pm

Rise 9:29pm

Light Sturning



Rise 7:32am

Set 5:17pm





Set 1:04pm

Rise 10:32pm

Light Nturning


want to catch up on what has

been happening across the


Ihope you enjoy your read,

and, once again, thank you for

your support, news tips and

amazing photos from lockdown

through to Anzac Day.

We will continue to grow

together as life returns to some

sort of normality over the

coming weeks.

Robyn Bristow

The Editor,

North Canterbury News


Pegasus Bay

Tide Chart



SE 0.5 m SE 0.6 m SE 0.8 m SE 0.6 m SE 0.6 m E0.8 m E1.0 m

3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9 3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9 3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9 3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9 3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9 3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9 3 6 9 NOON 3 6 9



Highs Lows Highs Lows Highs Lows Highs Lows Highs Lows Highs Lows Highs Lows

Waimakariri 3:57am 2.5 10:11am 0.3 4:53am 2.5 11:08am 0.3 5:49am 2.5

6:47am 2.4 12:38am 0.3 7:45am 2.4 1:33am 0.4 8:42am 2.3 2:28am 0.4 9:38am 2.3 3:24am 0.5


4:28pm 2.6 10:47pm 0.3 5:25pm 2.6 11:43pm 0.3 6:22pm 2.6 12:04pm 0.3 7:18pm 2.6 12:59pm 0.3 8:14pm 2.5 1:54pm 0.4 9:08pm 2.4 2:48pm 0.5 10:02pm 2.4 3:43pm 0.6

Amberley 3:57am 2.5 10:11am 0.3 4:53am 2.5 11:08am 0.3 5:49am 2.5

6:47am 2.4 12:38am 0.3 7:45am 2.4 1:33am 0.4 8:42am 2.3 2:28am 0.4 9:38am 2.3 3:24am 0.5


4:28pm 2.6 10:47pm 0.3 5:25pm 2.6 11:43pm 0.3 6:22pm 2.6 12:04pm 0.3 7:18pm 2.6 12:59pm 0.3 8:14pm 2.5 1:54pm 0.4 9:08pm 2.4 2:48pm 0.5 10:02pm 2.4 3:43pm 0.6

4:06am 2.5 10:20am 0.3 5:02am 2.5 11:17am 0.3 5:58am 2.5

6:56am 2.4 12:47am 0.3 7:54am 2.4 1:42am 0.4 8:51am 2.3 2:37am 0.4 9:47am 2.3 3:33am 0.5

Motunau 4:37pm 2.6 10:56pm 0.3 5:34pm 2.6 11:52pm 0.3 6:31pm 2.6 12:13pm 0.3 7:27pm 2.6 1:08pm 0.3 8:23pm 2.5 2:03pm 0.4 9:17pm 2.4 2:57pm 0.5 10:11pm 2.4 3:52pm 0.6

4:08am 2.5 10:22am 0.3 5:04am 2.5 11:19am 0.3 6:00am 2.5

6:58am 2.4 12:49am 0.3 7:56am 2.4 1:44am 0.4 8:53am 2.3 2:39am 0.4 9:49am 2.3 3:35am 0.5

Gore Bay 4:39pm 2.6 10:58pm 0.3 5:36pm 2.6 11:54pm 0.3 6:33pm 2.6 12:15pm 0.3 7:29pm 2.6 1:10pm 0.3 8:25pm 2.5 2:05pm 0.4 9:19pm 2.4 2:59pm 0.5 10:13pm 2.4 3:54pm 0.6

4:02am 1.9 10:13am 0.3 4:59am 1.9 11:10am 0.3 5:57am 1.9

6:55am 1.8 12:46am 0.2 7:54am 1.8 1:44am 0.3 8:52am 1.8 2:42am 0.3 9:48am 1.7 3:39am 0.4

Kaikoura 4:31pm 2.0 10:49pm 0.2 5:29pm 2.0 11:47pm 0.2 6:26pm 2.0 12:07pm 0.3 7:23pm 2.0 1:04pm 0.3 8:20pm 1.9 2:01pm 0.3 9:16pm 1.9 2:57pm 0.4 10:11pm 1.8 3:52pm 0.4

*Not for navigational purposes. Wind and swell are based on apoint off Gore Bay. Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa. Graphic supplied by OceanFun Publishing Ltd.


Shop from home with us!

Online shopping and phone orders are

now available in North Canterbury

from the retail and service businesses

advertised below.

All have worked hard to ensure they

can offer contactless pick up and

delivery options, as prescribed under

the Level 3, Covid-19 protocols.

These local businesses are now reliant

on North Canterbury supporting them

by shopping local, and safely, from the

comfort of their couch.

Spending our dollars locally helps the

viability of businesses and services

who support their local communities,


produce |meat |eggs

milk |bread

Phone Orders 03 312 7564

Online Orders

Contactless delivery

73 Main NorthRoad,Woodend

Home deliveries


Please email us at

or phone us on 03 315 6124


and will help to kick-start the economy

when the pandemic emergency is over.

Many of us have been reminded how

important it is to have alocal retail

store or service industries close to

home during lockdown, particularly

for food and trade supplies.

When appliances have called it a

day, having alocal retailer or service

agent, has proved invaluable.

Now it is time to show our

appreciation and shop local.

Under Level 3options to shop locally

are broadening and we need to back


Our support now for local businesses,

is more important than ever for their

long term future and for the vitality of

our region.

Shopping local can be afantastic

experience, with the opportunity to

form long lasting relationships with

trusted and loyal local businesses.

Local business owners strive to

provide more personable, hands-on,

and memorable customer service.

And by buying local it helps grow other

businesses in North Canterbury’s

urban areas and small towns.


Memberofthe BeautyTherapy Association




I.T.E.C. London

Committed to providing top quality feed

and supplements for your animals.

During these unprecedented times we look

forward to having you shop by phone, txt or email

for contactless pick up orastrict one-in-one out

policy from our store.

Payment can be made via internet banking &

Eftpos is available for personal callers.

We thank you for supporting our store.

Keep well!

Ph: 03 327 5127 or 027 686 1922


Is your business

operating via online

or phone orders?

We canhelp youlet your clients

knowhow you’re operating

during Covid-19

Contact us on

Helping youtosupport local


Age-friendly goals beyond lockdown


North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020



It is not just children who are

going on Teddy Bear hunts.

We older folk are enjoying

them, too, and as we

approached Anzac Day some

teddies were donning red


We have such abear

hanging in our window, even

though we live in the country

in ahouse on ahill, nowhere

near the road. We have done

it for us.

February 25 seems along

time ago and in adifferent

world, when the Age­friendly

Plan was launched at a

function attended by Mayor

Dan Gordon and the Minister

for Seniors, Tracey Martin.

The Age­friendly Advisory

Group met and we had begun

our process of implementing

the plan. Then along came


We all shut our doors and

stayed at home.

Our Waimakariri District

Council offices may be

closed, but staff are still

working at home.

AHelp Line has been set

up, 0800 242 411, for anyone

needing help.

Waimakariri is agreat

place to live and my

accolades go to council staff.

Madeleine Burdon from

the council’s community

team is our age­friendly


The current situation has

got us thinking about our Agefriendly

Plan, which may

need tweaking.

The advisory group will

meet soon via Zoom to

discuss how we can further

Age­friendly... WaimakaririDistrict Councilchief executive Jim

Palmer, left, age­friendly facilitatorMadeleine Burdon, Mayor Dan

Gordon, age­friendlyadvisory group chairwoman Joanne Grumbell,

and Seniors Minister Tracey Martinatthe Age­FriendlyPlan launch in



progress the plan. We would

value your input. One way we

are staying connected is

digitally and we need to stay

safe here too.

Go well, be kind and stay in

your bubble.

Joanne Gumbrell is

Waimakariri Age­friendly

Advisory Group chairwoman.

Residents take lockdown in their stride

Anzactribute ... Residents show off their

Anzacprojects,which enabledthem to mark

the day in absence of the usual Poppy Day.

Residents at Woodend’s Bloomfield

Court Retirement Home had been

gracious about the Covid­19 lockdown

and the protocols required to keep them

safe, nurse manager Lyn Black says.

She says it has been apleasure to work

through the lockdown, with staff

working hard keep residents safe.

Staff allayed any anxiety residents

had and talked to them about being

caring and kind to one another.

The doors of the home were locked on

March 24 after the prime minister’s

announcement of level 4.

Residents had not seen family for

several weeks, but the home ensures

they still stay in contact through phone

calls. ‘‘We have also been supportive of

families who needed to visit to drop off

goodies. They have been able to give

their loved one awave from the front

door,’’ she says.

There was no illness in the home

which was encouraging and supported

the home’s practices. ‘‘We are not being

smug about anything, and continuing to

ensure that everyone remains well.’’


RegTradesman • Interior,exterior.

North Canterbury Painters

specialising in decorating for

over 65.


for Seniors

Free quotes.

Covering North Canty,Oxford,

Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Amberley.

Robin Driver 03 327 7899

or 027 432 3520


love your hearing


Small,familyfriendlyRest Home,

providing personalised care within a


Single ensuited rooms with garden

outlook nowavailable.

Privatelyownedand operated.

Within the heartofNorth Canterbury.

134 Rangiora-Woodend Road,Woodend

Forfurther information phone Lyn-Nurse Manager 03 312 7088




New to





18 years


& One less sound,

one less memory

Hearing loss &dementia are linked, reduce your risk

Did you know that untreated

hearing loss leads to accelerated

cognitive decline and increases the

risk for dementia?

Hearing loss that begins in the mid

years of life may account for as

many as 9.1% of diagnosed

dementia cases worldwide**.

If you’ve noticed any difficulty

understanding or find yourself

asking people to repeat, it’s time

for ahearing check.

Your local hearing expert, Vera

Setz, is here to listen to your

story and she’ll see you at your

appointment -every time.

022 1726 049



Schedule your hearing check today

Call (03) 423 3158

Amberley |Rangiora

Hanmer Springs |Cheviot

*Free checks determine if you have hearing loss but do not replace diagnostic exams.


**Ford AH, Hankey, GJ, Yeap, BB, Golledge J, Flicker L, Almeida, OP. (2018). Hearing loss and the risk of dementia in later life. Maturitas.

**Lin FR, Yaffe K,Xia J, Zue QL, Harris TB, et al. (2013). Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline Among Older Adults. JAMA Intern Med. 173(4). doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.1868.

**Thomson RS, Auduong P, Miller AT,Gurgel RK. (2017). Hearing Loss as aRisk Factor for Dementia: ASystematic Review. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology. doi:10.1002/lio2.65.



10 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020



Nestle Scorched

Almonds 240g

Puhoi Valley

Yoghurt 450g

Fresh NZ Skinless

Chicken Breast




or Artisan

100g Range


5 99 $

3 79 ea


The Peoples Wine

$ 4 99 750ml


12 99 ea


$ 12 99










Mandarins Loose,

Product of NewZealand $ 5 49


SpecialsavailableSouthIsland only from Monday4th Mayuntil Sunday17th

May 2020 or while stocks last.Wine andbeeravailable at storeswith an off

licence. Wine andbeerpurchases restrictedtopersons aged18yearsold andover.

Taking the time ... David Rea, far right, and his band Electric Temples can’t wait to get

back to the recording studio.


Timewill tell: David

lookstothe future


DavidRea says he is “humbled” that

people are talkingabout his music.

The formerRangiora High School

student releasedhis debutalbum Time in

March, just before lockdown.

Afterplaying in coverbands for years,

Davidsays it is ‘‘quite liberating releasing

my ownmusic”.

He was drawn to music fromayoung age

playing on his grandparent'spianofrom

when he was 3. First he had singing

lessons, then learned pianoand guitar.He

laterpicked up the bass guitar.

Davidstudiedcommerceand education

at the University of Canterbury, then

worked for afamily engineering business

in Rangiora for two years before deciding

to concentrate on musicfull time.

“I thought Icouldn’tmake muchmoney

from music, butIwas probably doing

better supportingmyself withmusicwhile

studying than Iwas when working.”

He enrolled at the Ara Instituteof

Canterbury’s Jazz Schoollast year, before

leaving covers band The Preservatives to

pursue his own music and forminganew

band, Electric Temples.

He earns moneyplaying gigs,asasound

engineer, working at student radio station

RDU, royaltiesfrom radio playing his

music, and selling music through iTunes

and Spotify.

Mayor casts vote in deadlock


Finding the rightbalancebetween

protecting local amenities andproviding

for the legal rightsoffreedomcampers

has been difficult, Hurunui Mayor Marie


Mrs Black was commentingaftera

council meeting last week whereshe had

to exercise her casting vote to finalise

aspects of the council’s Freedom

Camping Bylaw.

The bylaw now bans freedom camping

at Gore Bay, and restrictsthe two

freedom camping spacesonCheltenham

Street, Hanmer Springs,toself­contained

vehicles only.

Both these decisions reliedonthe

casting vote of the mayor.

‘‘Thesplit votes were reflectiveofthe

complex range of issues thatneed to be

considered,” she says.

The statusquo willremaininthe

Chisholm Crescent Car Park at Hanmer

When registeringhis songs through

Spotify,herealised he wasn’t the only

DavidRea. “I honestlythought that my

name was unique enough. Imean Rea is

normally speltRae.”

American folk singer named David Rea

performedinthe 1960s and 1970s. “Spotify

was goingtopay me his unclaimed


David’s musical influences are “great

lyricists”such as Bob Dylan and Bonnie

Raitt. “I’vebeen trying to write about

Covid­19 andglobal warming to give the

worldwhat thoseguys gave me.”

The songs for his debutalbumwere

written following arelationship break­up,

wherehe“went on ajourney” exploring a

fascination with time.

“Leo Tolstoy, in his book War and Peace,

describes patience and time as thetwo

most powerfulwarriors and it certainly

took alot patience to make Time.”

His single Howling Wind has 17 vocal

tracks, eight guitartracks,12keylines, a

tromboneand drums. David'ssecond

album, Phoenix,due out later thisyear, will

be “a more uplifting, rock album”.

He is also recording arock albumwith

Electric Temples and says the band can’t

wait to get back to the recordingstudio.

Electric Temples'first single, Ship Song,

whichthe bandperformed at WaiYouth's

CentreStage teen talent competition last

October,was due for release this month.

Springs, where there will be no

restrictions other than the vehicle having

to be acamper, but it does not have to be


The three amendments had previously

been postponed untilafter this year’s


The council has askedofficers to report

to the council on the feasibilityof

reviewing the locationoffreedom

campingspaces in Hanmer Springsby

August 2020.

Meanwhile, it is pleasedwith the

impactoffundingsecured from the

Ministry of Business,Innovationand

Employment’sResponsible Camping

Fund. It saysithas helped monitor

camping, rubbish bin usage, and allowed

it to putupappropriate signs about

responsiblecamping andwhere freedom

campers can stay.

The funding also allowed it to employ a

camping ambassador for the GoreBay/

Cheviot area.


More Services Available at

Alert Level 3

As we settle into Alert Level 3 Council services are changing to respond

better tothe needs of our wider community.

Library Click and Collect Book Bags

You can now goonline or call and request a

book bag which can be collected from either our

Kaiapoi or Rangiora libraries.

Our librarians will pick aselection of books from

aspecific genre or customise abag for you. The

bags can be for preschool, primary, teenage

or adult readers and can have upto10items

including DVDs, magazines, audiobooks and CDs,

if requested.

Once you’ve placed your order staff will arrange

asafe contact-less collection from outside

the libraries.

You can fill out the form here:

drop us an

email or call 027 381

5906 or 03 311 8901.

Changes to Kerbside Recycling

Residents are being reminded to put the right

items in their yellow bin with kerbside recycling

restarting. Your yellow bin now only accepts

rigid plastic containers and bottles marked with

a1,2or 5.

• Type 1plastics include most so drink

and salad dressing bottles, meat trays and

soap bottles.

• Type 2plastics are frosted milk bottles and

cleaning containers.

• Type 5plastics include ice-cream containers,

fabric soener bottles and family sized

yoghurt tubs.

• All other plastic types need to go in the

rubbish, as well as lids and tops.

Other items that shouldn’t go in the yellow

recycling bin include takeaway coffee cups,

anything that says ‘compostable’ and any plastic

that has contained car engine oil or chemicals,

regardless of the plastic type.

Because of the machinery used atthe sorting

facility, plastic bottles and containers need to

be bigger than the size of an individual yoghurt

pottle, but smaller than three litres.

Clean cardboard, paper, aluminium cans, metal

tins, glass bottles and jars are the only nonplastic

items that should go in the yellow bin.

Other Alert Level 3Changes

You will see more of our contractors out and

about across the District as infrastructure

projects and maintenance work restarts.

Facilities like playgrounds, skate parks, dog

parks, tennis courts and sports areas remain

closed. Please don’tuse these facilities and

make sure your kids don’t either.

If you are unsure what services are available

in the District at Alert Level 3pop on to our

website and find out


Please stay home, follow the rules, be kind

and take care of each other.

Upcoming Meetings

Meetings will be livestreamed on the

Council website and agendas will be

available online two working days

before the meeting.

• Audit &Risk Committee

Tuesday 19 May at 9.30am

• Utilities &Roading Committee

Tuesday 19 May at 4pm

• Council Dra Annual Plan


Tuesday 26 May at 9am

• Council Dra Annual Plan

Deliberations (Continuation Day)

Wednesday 27 May at 9am.

Sarah Nichols

Governance Manager

We are here to help. You can contact us

in anumber of ways:

• Rangiora Service Centre, 0800 965 468

• Orsearch for us on facebook


• Try our online options


• Snap Send Solve App.

There’s been an

important change…

Your yellow bin now only accepts rigid plastic

containers and bottles marked with a1,2or 5.

We canall

slow thespread

We all need to work together if we want to slow the spread

of COVID-19. Unite against the virus now.

All other plastic needs to go in the rubbish along with

tops and lids.

Check the bottom ofthe container for atriangle with a

number in it. Ifthere is no number, or if you’re in doubt–

throw it out.

Be kind. Check-in

on theelderly

or vulnerable

Washing and

drying your hands

killsthe virus


into your elbow

Stay home

if youare sick

Find out moreat


12 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020

Pam to take helm at Lions

Pam Harvey is taking over the reinsofthe

Amberley Lions Club,becoming the first

female presidentofthe clubsincethe

inception of the movement 43 yearsago.

Pam, the president­elect,takes over the

office officiallyatthe end of Juneata

change­over evening.

She saysitisabig step

forward for the clubwhichhas

only had membership for

womenfor about the past four

or fiveyears.

She is joined by Helen

Lodge, who is the club

secretary, and GillianLoomes,

the treasurer.

‘‘I don’t seebeing awoman as

abig challenge. It is anatural


‘‘Leadership rolesgoto

members who have particular

expertiseand show leadership

whether they are awoman or aman,’’ says


Pam, who taught in Amberley before

heading to Christchurch,moved back to

Amberley because she wantedtoget outof

Feds delay annual meeting

Federated Farmers North Canterbury's

annual meeting has been postponed

until spring.

President Cameron Henderson says

his executive committee considered

holding it online, but as this year is the

province's 75th anniversary, it opted to

hold off until later in the year.

The annual meeting and celebrations

were due to be held on Friday, May 8, in


“It’s pretty difficult to celebrate

anything at the moment.

‘‘Everyone just needs to focus on

Pam Harvey

the cityand back into agood­sized

community which she could contribute to.

‘‘I yearnedtobebackhere and to

participate in acommunity. Ilove working

in teams for thegreater goodand the


‘‘WhenIwent to the city Ipromised

myself it was justfor alittle

while,’’ she says.

But it was 20­odd years

before she came back home.

Pam’scity job was fulltime,

with alot of responsibility, and

whileshe belonged to afew

organisations, shedid nothave

alot of spare time to commit to


‘‘This is the first service club

Ihave been apart of. Ichose it

for thatreason because serving

acommunity is something I

have wantedtodofor along


She has beenamemberofthe club for

three and halfyears.

The clubhas 47 members, and would

welcome anyonewantedtojoin.

themselves, on their own health and

their farm's health.”

The delay will also give the executive

committee extra time to lock in a

successor to Mr Henderson as he begins

the final year of his three­year term.

The North Canterbury Rural Support

Trust is going ahead with its annual

meeting on May 12 using Zoom, with

chairman Andy Munro standing down.

“We're going to make it fairly short

and sweet, and when we get to alert

level 2wewill look at having aface­toface

meeting,” Mr Munro says.

The Widest Music Variety

New approach ... Sustainable resource educators LesleyOttey, owner of Eco Educate,

and Justin Fletcher,during the OhokaGardenTour and Fete last November. PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP

Lesley has arethink


The need to find new income to offset

the financial impactofCovid ­19

restrictions has led Eco Educate owner

Lesley Otteytoanew global audience.


sustainable resource education. Lesley

worksalongside councils in

Waimakariri and Ashburton,providing

hands­onworkshops for hundreds of

preschool, primary schooland high

school pupilsacross Canterbury.

‘‘When we hit level 2(of the lockdown)

my preschool visits were cancelled and

then the schools followed.

‘‘It has been areal rollercoaster ride.

Itravel all over Canterbury interacting

with hundreds of students each week

and Ididn’twant to put anyone at risk,

so Iknew Iwould need to rethinkmy

entire business plan in order to survive.”

Afterseeing pages of bookings being

deleted in her work diary, Lesley

decided to take afresh look at her


She discovered Outschool, an online

video­learning marketplacefounded in

the United States for primary and high

school students.The programme

connects students and parents with

teacherswho provide lessons in their

chosen subject in exchange for a

payment for each class.

‘‘I realised that theydidn’thave any

environmental educators on the site and

thought Imight as well give it agoasthe

service has expandedfrom the USA to

Canada and the UK, and is now launching

in Australia and New Zealand.

“It is verypopularamong the homeschoolingcommunity,

so Iamkeen to

see where it takes me. By being forced to

go outside my comfort zone andgetting

into the cornersofmybusiness and

shaking it apart, Ihavediscovered new

opportunities which will continue to

complement my existing business

regardless of whathappens.

‘‘I have had the chance to rethink how

Idoalot of things and Iamreally open

to new ideas.”

Lesley hopes to resume onsite

workshops later this year.

Tune in nowtolistenon104.9 North Canterbury

and103.7 Hanmer Springs andKaikoura


The followingpropertyhas been

reported as lostinNorth Canterbury:

Ared nylon backpack with “Special

Olympics Junior” on the back, multiple

keys, including aToyota car key and an

electric garage opener,ablack Samsung

S8 in abroken case (all in Rangiora),a

black wallet,ablack AppleiPhone in a

lifeproof case, ablack­headed silvercar

key with buttons, aSamsung S10 in a

black cover, amountainbike front

mudguard, aSamsungGalaxy S8, a

colourful leatherwallet, agrey garage

dooropener, ablackNike schoolbag

with ashoulder strap, ablackleather

“Claude”wallet, ablack Quicksilver

wallet (all at various stations),ablack

leatherwallet (Oxford).

The following found property is being

held at the various stations:

Asilverround charm in three pieces,

ablue/blackDunlop backpack/Dunlop

chair/fishing net, asilverbangle, a

Skoda key, and alady’s gold watch with

ablackface, all at the Kaiapoi Station;

two keys, one with red plasticonitwith

aremote; and two surfboards


Are you ready to grow?

Kiwi Gardener is your practical

guide to gardening in New Zealand.





0800 77 77 10



Live Lines

Issue 184 May 2020

Supporting KaikōuraHealth

MainPower has teamed up with the MāiaHealth Foundation to deliver agame

changing project that willbenefitthe peopleofNorth Canterbury.A$22,000donation

willcontributetowards astateofthe artultrasound machine for Kaikōura Health.

This means thatKaikōura residents will have access to crucial acute ultrasound

scanning andmorerapid diagnosticassessments.

Kaikōura Healthprovidesthe only 24/7 health care betweenAmberley and Blenheim

and serves both its own rural community and the hundreds of thousands of tourists

that visitthe region each year and whotravel alongStateHighway One.

KaikōuraHealth’spreviousultrasoundmachine wasabasic portable machine, and

deemed ‘notfitforpurpose’, which meant its uses were very limited. Manypatients

had to be referred to Christchurch for the high-quality ultrasound examining they


MainPower Chief Executive Andy Lester said,“It waseasy for us to understand the

benefit it would provide. Given what Kaikōurahas been throughover thepast few

years, itwould have been difficult for them to come up with the funds,when they’ve

already hadtodosomuch forthemselves.This is agreatway for us to makesure

we’recontinuing to provide extrasupport to thecommunity and our staff in thearea,

over andabove providingthem withasafe,secureand reliable electricity network.”

Formore information, visit



When doing DIYaround the home,always

think aboutelectricity. Usearesidual

currentdevice (RCD) whenusingelectrical

appliances outdoors.Dial beforeyou dig

to check forundergroundcablesand call

MainPower to get afree safety isolation

if you are working nearservice mains or

other lines on yourproperty.

24 hourfaults line

0800 30 90 80

Kaikōura GP, DrAndrea Judd using the

new ultrasound machine on CDHB Medical

RadiationTechnologist Amy Hislop.



As an essentialservice provider,

MainPower is responsible for maintaining

asecure supply of electricity to North


3, all plannedoutages willproceed as

scheduled. We recognise outages may be

difficult for some customerstomanage,

however our priorityisensuring we can

maintain asafeand reliable supply of

electricity throughoutthe network.

Please do not approach ourteams while

they areworking as we have strict safety

guidelinesin placetomaintainthe health

and wellbeingofour team and the


If your property willbeaffected by a

planned power outage, you willreceive

anotification letter fromyourchosen

electricity retailer.You can also check the

MainPower website for alist of upcoming

outages in theregion

( During Alert

Level3,you may also receiveaphone call

or letter from us to confirm anyplanned

power outages that will affect you.

MainPower 24 Hour Faults Line

0800 30 90 80


14 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020



Dozer and Digger








021 640 748



Servicing North Canterbury for over 25yrs!

•Sales, Servicing &


•All Makes &Models

•Qualified Motorcycle



•Electrical &Mechanical

fault testing

•Quality 2nd Hand Bikes


•Repairs &Dismantling

•Insurance Repairs


163 Stokes Road, Balcairn

Ph (03) 312 9844 or 027 205 5724 (AH)

Let your clients

knowhow youcan

help them with their

rural needs.

Email us at

to findout howwecan help you.

Authorities are best to bank on

Governmentpolicies around freshwater, climate

change,and native biodiversity are simply not fit for

purpose, suggestsRural Advocacy Network

chairman Jamie McFadden.

The current crisis we are

navigating is agood

opportunity to re­evaluate how

the Government works with,

and for,one of New Zealand’s

mostcritical industries.

It was not that longago that

governments provided

financialincentives for

farmers to maximise land

development and production

by clearingnative bush and

draining wetlands.

Subsidies included fertiliser,

supplementary minimum

prices and the well­known

skinny sheep scheme.

The more stock afarm could

carry, the more afarmer got

paid. Great for thebank

balance, but not so good for the


Towards the end of the

subsidy era of the 1970s to

1980s, farmerswere breaking

rankfrom the production­atall­costs


Manystarted to recognise

the value of retaining native

bushand wetlands on their

farms. With thischange in

attitude,the landsustainability

Catchment Board system

flourished. Tailored farm

plans that integrated

conservation, erosion control

and farmingbecamethe norm.

Today, many hillcountry

farmers arestillimplementing

the environmental actions

from these plans put in place

more than 40 years ago.

Complementing the

Catchment Board system was

another farmer­led initiative,

the QEIITrust, established in

1977. Today, thereare 4608

covenants totalling187,202

hectares, and demand from

farmers continuestogrow.

As testament to the efforts of

farmers, arecentstudy by the

University of Canterbury

revealed 2.4 million hectares of

indigenous vegetation remains

on sheepand beeffarms.

Farming andconservation can


The positiveenvironmental

attitude change amongfarmers

has acceleratedinthe past 10

years across all primary

sectors. The LandcareTrust

has helped establish farmerdrivencommunity


groupsthroughout the country,

including23inthe past three

years covering most of the

Southland region.

Today,Waikato has more

than 40 environmental action

groupsacrossits region.

Individual initiativesare on

the increase —thousands of

projects restoringwetlands,

fencing and planting

waterways,and protecting


Our SouthIslandeast coast

hill country district of Hurunui

Jamie McFadden ... ‘‘There are also challenges, the biggest being

the government’s environmental policies around freshwater,

climate change, and indigenous biodiversity.’’


has manyfarmer­led

environmental initiatives

including an erosiontree

planting projectinvolving

morethan 70 farmers; one of

the largest Landcare groupsin

the country; the recently

formed Hurunui Biodiversity

Trust and AmuriRange

WildingTree Trust; and


The local council has taken a

hands­off approachto

regulation, preferring to

encourageand support its

rural communitytotake the

lead in addressing

environmental issues.

Looking forward, thereare

many chances to build on this

nationwide momentum as part

of the recovery fromCovid­19.

Farmers and the

Department of Conservation

are spending millions on pest

control programmes.

Continued Page 15




We’ve totally got you covered with awide

range of farm buildings, garages, sheds, barns,

commercial buildingsand more.

“Enquire for a FREE on-site

visit & build quote!”

Visit us at Totalspan North Canterbury

127 Main North Road, Woodend.




farmers’ goodwill

From Page 14

Findingenoughlabour resourceisa

struggle and projectssuch as wilding

conifercontrol,predator trapping and

native restoration projects are obvious

examples for job opportunities. An

advantage of these types of environmental

projects is they can be rolled out quickly.

However, there are also challenges, the

biggestbeing the government’s

environmental policies around

freshwater, climate change, and

indigenous biodiversity.

All havefailed to recognise the positive

attitudechange among New Zealand

farmers and the need to have the buy­in of

those people subject to the regulations.

Undereach policy, farmers who have done

the most to look after the natural

environment face the greatestpenalties.

The Indigenous Biodiversity policy, as

proposed, undermines the goodwillofour

most conservation­mindedfarmers,turns

indigenous biodiversityinto aliability,and

is adisincentive for farmers to be

proactive in environmentalactions.

Districtcouncils have raised concerns

about the significant cost implications, the

inflexible one­size­fits­all requirements,

and the reduced likelihood of

environmental benefits. Acommonview is

that this policy is backward­looking rather

than forward­thinking.

Recently,there have been calls for the

government’s environmentalpolicies to be

deferred for fearsthey will hinder our

economic recovery from Covid­19.

We believe rather than be deferred,

these policies are not fit for purpose and

shouldbetaken back to the drawingboard.

Farmers should continuethe

momentum to proactively address

environmentalissues while advocating for

policies that enable the farming of the

future,rewarding best practice and not

repeating the mistakes of the past.

Over the past 50 years farmers have

proven they are, under the right policy

framework, prepared to embrace and


custodians of theland. New Zealand is at

acritical juncture in ourenvironmental

journeyand we need alegislative

framework that supportsand empowers

our farmers to continuetolead the world

in environmentally sustainable farming.

Jamie McFadden is an environmental

consultant who undertakes riparian,

wetland, native bush and erosion control

projects for landowners. He chairs the

RuralAdvocacy Network, based in

Canterbury, representingrural people and

businesses on awide rangeofissues.


North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020


Diversifying. .. Drew Parkinson, left, and business partner Joshua Pirika­Coburn have

used the lockdown to chart the next chapter for their business, Winthrop Design and



New excavator marks

anew chapter for firm


The Kaikoura PlansRecovery Projectis

on hold. A“wrap­up” workshopwas due

on May 13, with funding to end in June.

But projectmanager Jodie Hoggard

Less Stressfor youand yourLivestock!

-Competent stock handling by professional


-Modern fleet of code compliant trucks and crates

-Competitive pricing, planning and logistics.


56 St Leonards Rd, Culverden


Ph 03 315 3033 -Fax 03 315 8413


Bulk Grain –Shingle –Coal –Golden Bay Cement -Daily Freight Services


CULTIVATING? All agricultural &cultivation work

Local Business Serving The Local Area.

• Direct drilling -Giant discing -Ploughing

-Power harrow -Air seeding

• All heading and windrowing requirements

• Hay -Baleage -Straw

Medium square, round, conventional.

Double mower conditioners, wrapping.

We look after your needs like we look after our own!

Full Cultivationand Drilling Service

Skilled operators of large, efficient, modern equipment

•Horsch Terrano 4-metre Primary Cultivator

•Amazone Catros 6-metre Multi Discs with Roller

•Amazone Cayena Fine TipTyne Drill 6-metrewith Roller

•Maxitill andVaderstad Roller Combination6-metre

Accurate GPS-controlled tractors in auto steer

McHale Fusion Round Baler Wrapper Combi Unit for

individual wrap

Straw,Hay,Baleage, large 4x3 sqs and round bales.

Full Cereal Crop Managementoptions

saidthe project had been placed on hold

due to the Covid­19 crisis. It has been

working to help farmersrecover from the


• Daily Freight Run to Ch-Ch &Return.

Ph: 0274 517 063 (Darran)

0274 321 581 (Bus)

03 314 4565 (H)


WinthropDesign andConstruction is


The Waikari­based architectural

design business run by DrewParkinson

andbusiness partner Joshua Pirika­

Coburn is now offering landscape design

and construction as well as smaller

earthmoving jobs.

Drew says Winthrop had been looking

at contractingforthe past 12 months, but

Covid­19hadforcedits handto diversify.

“Intheleaduptolockdown we had

alreadynoticedadownturn in our core

business. That reallyjust gave us the

pushwe neededtochange things up.”

They have used the time over

lockdown to start preparing forthe next

chapterintheir businessbybuyinga

new 2.6­tonne excavatorand spreading

thewordaboutwhattheycan offer.

‘‘Wewantedtocome outofthis andhit

theground running,’’hesays

‘‘It’sgoing to be achallengingnew

economyandIthink flexibility and

diversity will be the key to survivingthe

nextfew years.’’

With backgroundsinboth civiland

residentialconstruction, the two can



“We’ve been lucky to have worked on

adiverserange ofprojects in previous


‘‘Josh has finished floorsinmultimillion

dollar houses and I’vebuilt

stormwateroutlets in tidal estuaries.

Waikari based servicing the greater

Hurunui and Waimakariri Districts.

We have our own modern 2.6 tonne

excavator on a trailer and access to

any other size or type machine.

Competitive Rates and

Senior Discounts.

❛In the leadup to lockdown

we had already noticed a

downturn in our core

business. That really just

gave us the push we needed

to change things up.❜


‘‘We’re hopingclients can see us as a


Drew and Josh, who were mates at

high school, both have aconstruction


Drew had been working as aproject

engineerinChristchurch before starting

the business in 2018, while Josh worked

as aspecialistfloorfinisher inAustralia

before moving back to New Zealand to

join the company in early 2019.

Originally based in Rangiora, the pair

moved to Waikari lastyeartoenjoythe

country lifethat North Canterbury has

to offer.

Theyhavebecomeinvolved withthe

localcommunity through volunteering

with the Amuri Ski Club, and Drewwith

therural fire brigade.

Winthrop Design and Construction

can be contacted on 0224249 660orby

• Project Management & Consulting

• Landscape Design & Construction

• Culverts & Crossings

• Site Tidys & Cleanups

• Retaining Walls

• Stock Water Installations

• Farm Track Maintenance

• Architectural Design - LBP Licensed


HURUNUI PH 0274 360 342

Sam Bethell (0274) 360-342 or Cameron Gray (027)373-1814


Get in touch today to discuss your project

0224 249 660

North CanterburyNews


Modern lifestyle

88 Bush Road, Oxford

Purchasers looking to upscale to alifestyle block will be delighted with the opportunity to secure astunning family home, neat as a

pin and low-maintenance.

This 236sqm home on apicturesque 4hectare lifestyle block presents an opportunity to relish the peace and privacy of the rural life.

Located just minutes from Oxford town centre and walking distance to the School, lovingly maintained and immaculately presented,

this property will attract interest from awide range of buyers

Built to the highest standards, this comfortable family home boasts afabulous open-plan kitchen which is well-appointed with quality

appliances, butler’s pantry, generous bench and cupboard space to warmthe heartofeven the most discerning cook. The open-plan

dining/living area is built to the north and stretches on allowing glorious warmth from the sun, breath-taking views and plenty of space.

Sliding doors ensure you can make the most of the outdoors during the warmer months and awoodburner with wetback keeps you

toastie warminthe cooler months

Accommodation is by way of four spacious bedrooms (including master with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe), complemented by a

well-appointed family bathroom and separate toilet, separate laundry and adouble internal garage. There is also a5-bay shed with

two bays enclosed.

Just 20 minutes to Darfield, 25 minutes to Rangiora and 45 minutes to Christchurch International Airport, Oxford enjoys awonderful

community spirit and boasts asupermarket, wine bar as well as several popular cafes.

For more information contact:

Leigh Miller

021 308 202

Malcolm Garvan

027 231 4425

Offers over


Property Brokers Ltd

Website ID #RL75406

Arealchange in

real estate.

The Property Brokers and Farmlands partnership means

great things forprovincial real estate*

Together our combinedstrengths complement

eachother to createbiggernetworks, more

buyers andbetterresults.

For more informationcall0800367 5263




*Farmlands will continue to administer its property management portfolioand its West Coast real estatesites, pendingCommerce Commission clearance.

Property BrokersLtd Licensed REAA 2008


Property Brokers Limited Licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008 222 High Street Rangiora 03 313 8022

Oxford foothills opportunity

If you wait, you'll be too late!



WEB ID RR74886


121 Mountain Road

Nestled at the base ofMount Oxford sheltered by the

sleeping giant, as it is known to locals -isahidden

gem, aversatile 87.92Ha farm in aspectacular location

featuring agood balance of flats combined with gently

rolling to steeper contours, and captivating views of the

mountains and across the plains. With agenerally

higher rainfall, and acombination of both grazing land

and some regenerating native bush with an excellent

mix of flowering natives that boundary the Oxford

Forest. This property presents many options, hunting,

farming, forestry, bees, alifestyle hideaway or retreat.

Entry level farm


View By Appointment

DEADLINE SALE closes Thursday 21st May, 2020 at2.00pm,

(unless sold prior)

Leigh Miller

Mobile 021 308 202

Office 03 310 6471

Malcolm Garvan

Mobile 027 231 4425

Office 03 310 6471


WEB ID RR74876


74 Topps Road

Property Brokers are proud topresent this attractive and

productive 83ha farm with 3bedroom home. The soils

on the flat are predominately Ayreburn Deep Clay, with

the balance Waipara Moderately Deep Silty Loam.

Currently the flats are being irrigated with hard hose

irrigators from hydrants down the central lane. There

are 45 Amuri Irrigation Company shares, which provide

27 litres/sec.

VIEW By Appointment

TENDER closes Thursday 28th May, 2020 at

4.00pm, (unless sold prior)




WEB ID RU75620


27 Melford Close

On aquiet cul-de-sac in ahighly sought-after pocket of

Rangiora, this solid home represents awonderful

opportunity for astute purchasers totake several steps

up the property ladder. Presented in immaculate

condition throughout after extensive modernising, this

delightful home boasts 4bedrooms (master with

ensuite), agood-sized family bathroom &alarge

modern kitchen complete with all the bells &whistles. 2

heatpumps, DVS system &anew pellet fire promise

year-round comfort, while excellent indoor/outdoor

flow ensures you'll spend plenty of time outside.

View By Appointment

Aaron Clark

Mobile 027 873 5121

Office 03 313 8022


Spectacular Views $255,000

WEB ID RL74936


587a Domain Road

Five, quality four hectare blocks, situated on aquiet tar

sealed road, just minutes from Oxford. They have

exceptional views of the hills, good quality pastures,

with agood fertiliser history. Good free draining soil,

without being too stony. Most have shelter belts at the

eastern and western ends and some have additional

trees and shelter. Most fence lines deer fenced, with all

blocks to have asealed entrance off Burnt Hill Road.

Two units of Council water and power to aboundary


VIEW By Appointment





Hamish Anderson

Mobile 027 678 8888

Office 03 310 6471

Maurice Newell

Mobile 027 240 1718

Office 03 310 6471

Entry level equestrian $430,000

WEB ID RL74616


476 Bush Road

This attractive 4ha lifestyle block is situated on peaceful

Bush Road. Improvements include a45sqm relocatable

dwelling, with additional verandah area. 14m x7m

concrete floor shed with loose boxes as well as atack

room, office and hay storage and a7m x7mshed as

well as sheep-yards and aconcrete wash down area.

There is power and aphone line to the buildings, with a

caravan plug in the shed. The Oxford Silt Loam soil is

very productive and is fenced into 7paddocks.

VIEW By Appointment




Maurice Newell

Mobile 027 240 1718

Office 03 310 6471

Hamish Anderson

Mobile 027 678 8888

Office 03 310 6471

Live the Lifestyle $499,000

WEB ID RL73406


127 Smarts Road

This fantastic entry-level lifestyle property boasts

privacy, river access and unique land contours. The

home is freshly painted and carpeted throughout. The

sunny kitchen/dining/ living area with high ceilings and

wooden beams leads outside tothe sun-drenched deck.

There is anew three bay barn complete with power,

one bay enclosed, and plenty of paddock space for

grazing animals with new fencing and safe road riding

for horse lovers. It is very rare that an entry level lifestyle

property comes to the market in Loburn, so don't miss


VIEW By Appointment

Maurice Newell

Mobile 027 240 1718

Office 03 310 6471


Hamish Anderson

Mobile 027 678 8888

Office 03 310 6471


Leigh Miller

Mobile 021 308 202

Office 03 310 6471




18 North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020

Student volunteers

off to supermarket

The Student Volunteer Army (SVA)

has returned to Waimakariri to

support the Covid­19 response.

Student volunteershave takenover

the grocery deliveryservice,in

partnershipwith Rangiora and

Kaiapoi New Worlds, says Cr Kirstyn

Barnett,who has been liaising with

the SVA.

The SVAlaunched anational

volunteer response to support the

vulnerable following the Covid­19

outbreak,including agrocery

delivery service.

As of lastFriday,the SVA was

working with 38 storesnationwide,

with more than 3000volunteers


The SVAsays the service is

available to those overthe age of 65,

the medically vulnerable,essential

workers, and anyone who needs it

because of personal circumstances.

Orderscan be made onlineatshop. or by calling0800005902.

Volunteers visit the New World

supermarket the nextday to

complete the order, which is

delivered contactlessly to the

customer’sdoor within 48 hours.

There is a$6delivery fee.

Anyonewho wants to volunteer can

go to and scrolldown to the

“I want to volunteer” button.

All volunteers are screened. They

do not havetobeastudent.



for smaller dogs. We look

after your dog in our home.

"No kennels". Phone today

03 314 6110.



ewe hoggets suitable for

breeding /lifestyle blocks.

Phone 021 626 449 or 03

385 4966.


ram hoggets suitable for

breeding. Ph 021 626 449

or 03 385 4966.

Stock Feed

BALEAGE 50 medium

squares, good quality, $50

each. Phone 027 739 1218.


GARDEN heges cut to

perfection. Tree & arbor

work. Also spraying. Free

quotes. Ph 03 312 0668 or

021 111 4322.


FIREWOOD dry split pine

2cum $180 plus cones and

delivery, ph 027 739 1218.

$95M3, Dry firewood. Ph /

Text 027 335 3189,

GUM 3m3 $340, 6m3

$640 dry. Free Delivery

Rangiora/Amberley. Small

cut gum special rate 3m3

$280, 6m3 $530 (limited

supply). Ph: 03 312 9394,

027 919 8074 or email:

Within reach ... Student Volunteer

Army member Sam Barnett reaches

for groceries in Kaiapoi New World last



Wanted To Buy

FORESTRY plantations

and shelter belts wanted for

export and local market.

Please ph 029 773 1001.

For Sale

HONEY 4kg bucket

cooking honey, $30 special.

Available at Gracebrook,

Amberley. Telephone 03

314 7076.

Situations Wanted


wide ranging experience

and dependable work ethics

looking for work in or

around North Christchurch

/Canterbury. Part­time preferred

but all opportunities

considered. Enquiries welcome

to 027 339 5850 or 03

548 8622. Thank you.

Keep up to date -view us

online at

Public Notices

Tiromoana Bush Walkway

Transwaste Canterbury Ltd are pleased to advise

that the Tiromoana Bush walkway on Mt Cass Rd at

Waipara, will re-open on Friday 8May.

Transwaste however remind all potential users to

ensure they fully comply with the current Level

3 lockdown procedures, including the following

general guidelines:

•Itisfor low-risk activities

•A2-metre social distance is maintained

•Personal contact is limited to yourbubble, and

•Any associated travel is kept local

The Mt Cass walkway will remain closed at this

time, however.

Further provisions related to the re-opening of the

walkway, can be found by visiting the Transwaste

website –you are encouraged to view these before

embarking on your walk.

-orbycalling 0800 87 26 79



for food



totalling $5000are

being distributed to


who are finding it

tough makingends

meetdue to the Covid­

19 lockdown.


president Dorothy

Stewartsays the

lockdown has

stretched the incomes

of manyfamilies

withinthe Rangiora

community,and the

clubisreachingout to

themtooffer a

helping hand.

‘‘Foodvouchers will

be avery welcome

addition to family


The fundsfollowa


application by the

clubtothe Covid­19



Preparedness Fund.

Schools, police,

foodbanks and

medicalcentres will

be approached to

identify familiesin


Public Notices




Section 101,Sale

and Supply of

AlcoholAct 2012

Barkshire Ltd has made

application to the District

Licensing Committee at

Rangiora for the issue of

an OffLicence in respectof

the premises situated at 16

Southbrook Rd, Rangiora

known as Liquorland


The general nature ofthe

business conducted under

the licenceisbottlestore.

The days on which and the

hours during which alcohol

is sold under the licence

are 8am -10pm Monday

-Sunday, excluding Good

Friday, Easter Sunday,

Christmas day & before

1pm AnzacDay.

The application may be

inspected during ordinary

office hours at the office

of the Waimakariri District

LicensingCommittee at 215

HighStreet, Rangiora.

Any person who is entitled

to object and who wishes

to object to the issue of

the licence may, no later

than 15working days after

the date ofthe publication

of this notice, file anotice

in writing of the objection

with the Secretary of

the Waimakariri District

Licensing Committee at

PrivateBag 1005, Rangiora.

No objection to the issue

of alicence may be made

in relation toamatter other

than amatter specified in

section 105(1) of the Sale

and Supply of Alcohol Act


This isthe first publication

of thisnotice.

Public Notices




Fireand EmergencyNew Zealand revokes the


• Those lands encompassed by the

Christchurch City Council (including


Council; and

• Those lands encompassedbythe

Hurunui andWaimakariri District


effectivefrommidnight Saturday 2May



North Canterbury

David Stackhouse

Area Commander


David Berry

Area Commander


To check theseason statusfor yourlocation


or call 0800 658 628

available on



“The Key of Knowledge ..“(Luke 11:52)


The Lord Jesus Christ said:

“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no

man comes to the Father,but by me”.

Dear valued advertisers, readersand contributors of

the North CanterburyNews

As of 24 th March2020our Rangioraand Amberley offices are closed due to the

Covid-19 alert levelrestrictions. We aim to continue to produceour newspaper to

keep youup-to-datewith local news.

Editorial enquiries please phone Robyn on 027 312 1581

Advertising enquiries, please phone Daynaon027 312 0089

For general enquiries email

To keep up to datecheck out our website followusonFacebook








Will be held on Monday

18th May 2020 at 5.45pm.

If affected by Covid 19

will be held

electronically. Please

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John 14:6.

Public Notices

WarMemorial Hall

1AlbertStreet, Rangiora 7400

PO Box 351, Rangiora 7440

Covid -19 and maintaining asafe space for all

Dear Clients and prospective clients,

•Weremain open and ready to provide you with

budgeting supportand advice.

•However,the way we provide this service will be a

little different to normal.

•Wewon’t be abletocome to your home or meet face

to face.

•Wewon’t be able to see walk-in clients.

•PLEASE call us on 03 313 3505 and we’ll contact

you as soon as we can.

•We’ll contact you by phone, mobile, text or email.

•Wewill trytocontinue advocating on your behalf with

WINZ, banks, creditors etc.

•Wewill attempt to work with all the other agencies and

food banks and trytodeliver all our normal services.

Phone: 03 313 3505

(please leave amessage and we’ll get back to you)


Monday to Thursday

09:00 am to 4:00 pm


•Ifyou cannot wait to talk with us please call the

MoneyTalks helpline on 0800 345 123 as they are

open 64 hours aweek

Budgeting Services North Canterbury Inc., gratefully

acknowledges the support of:

Ministry of Social Development, Oranga Tamariki -

Ministry for Children and the Rātā Foundation.

Affiliated member of: The National Building Financial

Capability Charitable Trust

Registered Charity Number: CC10710



North Canterbury News, May 7, 2020

Cars Wanted


and 4WD'S




03 313 7216





Meetvia Personalphone calls not

computer matchups

25+ yearsofmatchmakingexperience.

City/Ruralmembers of all ages (seniors


Call 0800315 311

to see who is waitingtomeet you!




cutting with quality and

removal work. Free quotes.

No job too small. Ph 027

442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052

or A/H 03 359 4605.

BRIAN’S Tree Services.

Tree felling, topping,

shaping, firewood cut, rubbish

removed, stump grinding,

branch chipping.

Affordable rates. Phone 03

327 5505 or 021 124 4894.


specialisinginalterations &

renovations, repairs &

maintenance,35plus years,

experienced licenced

builder. Telephone Trevor

313 5013 or 027 431 1864.



Sew Good Services. For all

your alterations, repairs,

dressmaking, curtains.

Phone 327 5535.

ABEL &Prestige Chimney

Cleaning. Nth Cant owned

& operated. Covering all

areas from Waimak to Hanmer.

Professional, guaranteed,

service. Firebox

repairs, carry most parts. Ph

0800 661 244.


Tree Care. Qualified

Arborist specialising in big

trees in small places, long

term tree plans, Riparian &

shelter planting, land clearing,

stump grinding, branch

chipping, fully insured, free

quotes. Ph0800 873 336.

PAINTER, qualified local

professional, Int / Ext,

roofs, wallpaper. Call or txt

Corban 027 846 5035.


Lilybrook Decorators. Now

semi­retired looking for

those odd jobs. Phone

Gordon 027 430 2938.


Winter’s coming!!! Time to

service your fire. From $80

+ gst single storey. 0800

SWEEP MEor021 0277


BUILDERS father &son

team. Amac Builders are

available to help you with

your building needs. High

standards, low overheads.

No job too small. Check us

out on fb. Amac builders

Ltd. Ph 027 318 4400.

Automotive &Recovery



North Canterbury specialist.

All plastic &fibreglass

repairs. Telephone James

021 180 5103.

PAINT & wallpaper

services. Wayne Bryant.

Exterior, interior. Qualified

tradesman. Free quotes. Ph

313 5337 or 027 654 4568.

METAL WORX. Flashing,

Sheetmetal Fabrication,

Wrought Iron,

Welding, Custom Trailers,

General Metalwork. No job

too big or too small. Ph 021

265 5428 or 03 314 6908.

Find us on facebook/

Glenmark Metal Worx.

PAINTER & Decorator.

Semi retired painter. Small

jobs. Ph Peter 03 312 7945

or 027 693 8360.

POWER TOOLS repairs,

parts &sales for over 30

years. All main brands serviced.

Grossman Trade

Tools, 31A Watts Road,

Christchurch. Ph 389 9230.


Removal and RRR skips.

Wheelie bins any frequency

and skips from 1.5 cube to

9cube. Skips and wheelie

bins for any use, rubbish,

greenwaste, building sites

or just cleanups. Give us a

phone call 313 6957 or for

skips 021 313 255.


For all your printing

requirements. T­shirts,

Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and

polos, Overalls, Caps etc.

Please phone Heather 03

313 0261 or email



SHEARER. Hap’s Farm &

Lifestyle Services. Shearing,

crutching, drenching,

tailing, feet trimming &

health check. Trailer, generator

&mobile handpiece

available. Experienced,

reliable and honest. Ph 03

312 1214 or 021 267 4025.


Specialising in North Canterbury.

Contact Geoff at

Maxwell Valuation. Phone

03 310 8541 or email


Professional tile cleaning,

tiled shower restorations,

mouldy silicone, shower

glass & we can even

recolour your old grout!.

For all your tile and grout

issues call Grout Pro for a

free no obligation quote. Ph

Darryl 0800 882 772.


Reg Tradesman


North Canterbury Painters

specialising in decorating for

over 65 at adiscount rate.

Free quotes.

Covering Nth Canty,Oxford,

Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Amberley.

Robin Driver 03 327 7899

or 027 432 3520 1859949

Pride &Quality Painting

&Decorating Services

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly

service. For all your painting

needs, phone: Martin 310

6187 or 021 128 9867

Log Fires

Pellet Fires

Heat Pumps




Free Quotes

03 343 1651

472 Blenheim Rd

House &Garden

Property services Ltd

Tree and hedge trimming

Stump grinding

Tree removal



CALL us021 405 277

Trade &Services






Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle,

horse, all types of animals.

Fences, yards, sheds, arenas,

shelters, runs.

30+ years contract fencing.

Steve is available to help with

your design &planning.

Ph office03312 4747




Bill’s Liquid


You dump it...

Blair pumps it...

Blair Tavendale

Ph 03 314 9371

0275 379-694



Forall your painting &

plastering requirements

Local with 30 years


All workmanship


Phone 021 344 023




• WOF Cars &Trailers

• Vehicle Servicing &


• Tyres &Punctures

• Jump Starts

Towing &Salvage

• Courtesy Car Available

Ph Aaron Rowlands

0272 588 366

13 Stone Eyre Place,


Eftpos available Mon –Fri 8am –5pm, Sat 9am –1pm

Construction &Concrete



Garry WMechen

Registered Clinical DentalTechncian

Phone (03) 313-9192

38a Ashley Street, Rangiora


Shane and Leanne Frahm

We cankill&process yourstock

FourGenerations of Frahms

since 1957

Ph 312 4205



Number one

old-fashioned bacon

&ham curing.

A/H 312 4709

All Construction & Concrete Work

•Driveways, patios &paths

•Bridges and Culverts

•Floors, foundations

•Sheds and buildings

•Dairy Sheds, Herd homes

•Silage pits, effluent ponds

•Excavation and cartage

•Precast concrete

•Insulated panels

Daryl Power

027 230 9401


Thursday,August 2, 2018 | Issue 808 |



Visit now to view the paper online &more!



* I S


8.30am -12noon

- Monday to Friday




For a/h repairs

phone (03) 310-3044






your business

in our Trades

and Services


Amanda Keys


03 313 2840


For all


aspects of


Discounts for over

65 years old

Fast friendly service

All work guaranteed

Aaron McCartney

Certifying Plumber

Cell 027 366 9091

A/H 03 310 2137

Free Call:

0508 44EVER




Scrap Metal


•Car Bodies •Scrap Steel•Specialists in Farm

Machinery•All non Ferrous



Ph (03)338 7000

Mike0274 818544 •Robbie 0274818 027

Locally owned and operated


Allan Pethig

For all your electrical needs. Residential &Commercial

Phone 03 313 7144

027 432 1534

Fax 03 313 2144

PO Box 69, Rangiora




“Specialists in all aspects of plastering

from traditional to modern”

• Stucco finishes

• Exterior and interior • Foundations

• Landscape walls • Insurance work

No job too small,

free quotes.

Ph 021 193 2073

Windows &Doors


•New &Used


•Windows &Doors


8am-2pm Saturday

215 Waltham Rd,Sydenham

Ph (03) 3796159

Fax(03) 962 1012


We’re for



From Kaikoura,

to Christchurch,

to Ashburton,

we have it covered

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