Annual Report of Euram Bank 2019


A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 9

Shares in affiliated companies

Euram Bank has a 100% holding in Euram Invest Holdings 3 GmbH headquartered in Munich,

Germany (line of business of the GmbH: management of participations).

In the fiscal year 2019, as already in fiscal year 2018, no dividends were distributed to Euram Bank.

Pursuant to section 238 (2) of the UGB (Austrian Business Code), the equity and results of the last

fiscal year of the affiliated undertakings are as follows:

Euram Invest Holdings 3 GmbH

in EUR thousand

Capital 597.9

Share of capital 100%

Result last FY 3.7

Participating interests

This item includes the share in the deposit guarantee fund of Banken und Bankiers Gesellschaft

m.b.H. in Liqu., Vienna, in the amount of EUR 70.0 (EUR 70.0 as at 31/12/2018) as well as the share

in Einlagensicherung AUSTRIA Ges.m.b.H., Vienna, in the amount of EUR 1.0 thousand (EUR 1.0

thousand as at 31/12/2018).

Intangible and tangible assets

Fixed intangible and tangible assets are measured at cost of acquisition or production, less

scheduled depreciation. Low-value assets are capitalized and written off in full in the year of

acquisition. Assets are depreciated on a straight-line basis.

The following useful life is assumed for the purposes of scheduled depreciation:

Company motor vehicles

Office equipment


Office machines



8 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

Under applicable tax regulations, a full year’s depreciation for acquisitions in the first half of the

year, and half a year’s depreciation for acquisitions in the second half of the year are effected.


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