Annual Report of Euram Bank 2019


8.) In the fiscal year 2019, the company did not conclude any currency futures (none as at

31/12/2018). These are basically used to hedge foreign currency positions. The maturities of the

foreign exchange futures are basically less than one year.

9.) In the fiscal year 2019, Euram Bank had not issued any loans to officers and related persons

(none as at 31/12/2018) in the amount of EUR 0.0 thousand (EUR 0.0 thousand as at 31/12/2018).

10.) In the fiscal year 2019, Euram Bank reports a return on assets (annual result after taxes / total

assets) in the amount of 0.83%.

3. Explanatory note on the income statement

In the fiscal year 2019, the breakdown of income by geographical markets as per section 64 (1) (9)

BWG is essentially the following:

Interest income:


The Caribbean EUR -728.9

Asia EUR 140.5

Europe – EU EUR 10,763.6

CEE EUR 65.2

America EUR 22.1

Africa EUR 13.0

Income from securities and investments:


Europe – EU EUR 172.7

Commission earned:


The Caribbean EUR 1,720.7

Asia EUR 470.7

Europe – EU EUR 11,030.7

CEE EUR 150.8

America EUR 33.2

Africa EUR 34.2

Australia EUR 10.8


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