CosBeauty Magazine #90

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia and New Zealand. In this issue: - Summer Body; Meet this season's glow getters - 80+ Products to up your skincare game - 2020 Beauty lovers Christmas gift guide - Face-to-Face; the non-surgical tweakments turning heads

CosBeauty is the #BeautyAddict's guide to lifestyle, health and beauty in Australia and New Zealand.
In this issue:
- Summer Body; Meet this season's glow getters
- 80+ Products to up your skincare game
- 2020 Beauty lovers Christmas gift guide
- Face-to-Face; the non-surgical tweakments turning heads


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ISSUE 90 NOV-JAN 2021<br />

Summer<br />

Body<br />


SEASON’S<br />

GLOW-<br />


2020<br />

80+<br />


TO UP YOUR<br />


GAME<br />

Christmas<br />

Gift Guide<br />

face<br />

face<br />

to<br />



&<br />

Radiate<br />

beauty<br />

confidence<br />

Using the latest technologies, our team of experts<br />

is committed to help you achieve natural-looking<br />

results in a relaxed and friendly setting.<br />

Come in and experience the Skin Renu difference.<br />

Our comprehensive treatment menu includes:<br />

world-class wrinkle reduction and<br />

lip enhancement<br />

laser skin rejuvenation<br />

CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction<br />

Thermage non-surgical face lifting<br />

medical peels<br />

clinic-only premium skincare<br />

Call us to book a complimentary consultation<br />

02 9555 9506<br />

www.skinrenu.com.au<br />

16B Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney

Australian owned cutting-edge skincare<br />

designed for Australian conditions<br />

Three premium collections boasting high quality active ingredients<br />


1800 242 011 skinvirtue.com.au<br />



now<br />

available<br />

with<br />

nicole<br />

As we age, the amount of maintenance required to keep a youthful look will increase,<br />

but getting started early is a huge advantage. Filling the gap between over-the-counter<br />

treatments and more aggressive laser offerings, Clear + Brilliant creates and defi nes an<br />

entirely new category of laser aesthetic treatments for clients moving along the skincare<br />

continuum. Clear + Brilliant helps prevent and address early signs of ageing, resulting in a<br />

brighter, more even skin tone. Treatments are comfortable, fast, effective and suitable for<br />

all skin types. The results are both immediate and progressive, depending on the age and<br />

condition of the skin. It is also great for those who are looking for short downtime and a quick<br />

skin ‘pick-me-up’. Call Nicole now to take advantage of an opening offer.<br />

02 9327 7728<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

mobile 0410 627 767<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

nicole@nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Shop 8, 401 - 407 New South Head Rd,<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

Double Bay NSW 2028<br />

www.nicolesbeautysalon.com.au<br />


Let’s Get Physical<br />



Now in<br />

SPF 50+<br />


www.medik8.com.au<br />

1800 242 011<br />



8 Editor’s Letter<br />

10 Beauty Insider<br />

122 Ed’s Faves<br />


28 7 Celebs Who Flaunt<br />

Their Fillers<br />

In a sea of celebs who deny<br />

they’ve had any ‘work’ done, we<br />

applaud the handful of stars<br />

who admit they’ve gone under<br />

the needle for anti-wrinkle<br />

injections and dermal fillers.<br />

34 Is Your Phone Giving<br />

You Wrinkles?<br />

Research suggests the blue<br />

light emitted from our phones<br />

and screens is damaging<br />

the health of our skin and<br />

accelerating ageing.<br />

60 High Protein Diets & Weight<br />

Loss: Why They Work<br />

The science of eating is<br />

complex, but the bottom line is<br />

that eating a high-protein diet<br />

helps weight loss.<br />

90 Face to Face<br />

Enhancing your looks has never<br />

been easier. We bring you the<br />

advancements, techniques and<br />

trends of minimally invasive<br />

cosmetic procedures.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

46 The Skincare Edit<br />

Understanding the basics<br />

of skincare products – and<br />

knowing how to use them – is<br />

the first step in implementing an<br />

effective skincare regimen<br />

64 Summer Body Essentials<br />

Our round-up of best-in-class<br />

summer body products to<br />

smooth skin and turn up<br />

the glow.<br />

70 Day & Night Makeup<br />

From sun-kissed days to<br />

steamy summer nights, these<br />

powerhouse products will have<br />

you looking fine and flawless<br />

around the clock.<br />

82 Hair with Flair<br />

The impressively simple hair<br />

hacks to make you dazzle this<br />

holiday season.<br />

100 Christmas Gift Guide 2020<br />

No matter who you need to buy<br />

a gift for this christmas, we’ve<br />

got you covered. If you end up<br />

spoiling yourself in the process,<br />

that’s okay too!

112 Summer Notes<br />

Fragrance can create a mood,<br />

evoke powerful memories or<br />

just make you smell really good.<br />

But how do you know which<br />

scent is the best fit for you?<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 7

From the<br />

EDITOR<br />

As we wrap up the emotional rollercoaster that was 2020, we’re excited to<br />

ring in the New Year with hope for a fresh start. Many of us are doing it<br />

tough, so if there’s one thing we want to take with us into 2021, it’s the focus<br />

on self-care – looking after ourselves should always be a priority. Our quotes<br />

in this issue (page 14) are all about drawing on our inner strengths as well as keeping a<br />

positive attitude.<br />

Beauty rituals have been all-important during this tumultuous year, helping to<br />

boost our moods and provide a creative outlet, and we have packed the pages of this<br />

issue with the season’s must-have beauty products and wellness advice.<br />

To help get you get in the festive spirit, we’ve curated our favourite makeup musthaves<br />

for sun-kissed days and steamy summer eves in our Day to Night Makeup<br />

feature on page 70, alongside the impressively simple hair hacks to make you dazzle<br />

this holiday season (page 82). We also round up the best-in-class summer body<br />

products to smooth skin and turn up the glow (page 64) and take a closer look at a<br />

new and nano-free physical sunscreen (page 56).<br />

If 2021 is the year to put your best face forward, you won’t want to miss our indepth<br />

feature on non-surgical facial enhancement on page 90. From ‘tox and fillers<br />

to laser and microneedling, these are the ‘tweakments’ to help you turn back time<br />

and enhance your natural beauty. Quality skincare goes hand in hand with facial<br />

rejuvenation – and we get the lowdown on why a skincare routine is our biggest<br />

weapon against ageing on page 42.<br />

We had so much fun putting together our Christmas Gift Guide (page 100) – no<br />

matter who you need to buy a present for this holiday season, we’ve got your covered.<br />

For more gift inspiration, you’ll also want to read our Summer Notes fragrance feature<br />

on page 112, where we examine the power of perfume and tips for choosing the<br />

right fragrance.<br />

It feels like it’s extra important this year to embrace the sense of sanctuary the<br />

holiday season offers us and to be grateful for our health and loved ones. Do things<br />

that inspire you and give you joy, flaunt your authentic self and never save the “good”<br />

stuff for later. With the right attitude – and beauty tools – anything is possible. Here’s<br />

to a much happier and safer 2021.<br />

Issue 90<br />

Nov – Jan 2021<br />

Editor-in-Chief<br />

Michelle Kearney<br />

Art Director<br />

Debbie Pilarinos<br />

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does not purport to be a substitute for medical advice. All readers<br />

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cosmetic surgery. The publisher and the authors do not accept<br />

any liability whatsoever in respect of an action taken by readers in<br />

reliance on the recommendations set out in this magazine. Except<br />

where specified in captions, photographs depict models who have<br />

not necessarily received treatments described in this magazine.<br />

Any ‘before and after’ photographs in <strong>CosBeauty</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong><br />

articles are of genuine patients. It is important to understand<br />

that they represent one person’s experience and there is<br />

no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.

The World’s Only<br />

Skincare Powered by<br />

Ethically Derived Red<br />

Deer Umbilical Cord<br />

Lining Stem Cells<br />

Created by Scientists,<br />

Trusted by Doctors<br />

Rebuilds and renews skin’s<br />

structural layers<br />

For skin that looks healthy,<br />

visibly lifted and radiant<br />


Advanced Cosmeceuticals<br />

TEL 1800 242 011 advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au

@cosbeauty<br />

Beauty insider<br />




Congratulations to Melanie<br />

Gleeson, founder and CEO of<br />

Endota Spa, who has been awarded<br />

a 2020 World of Difference Award<br />

by the International Alliance<br />

for Women (TIAW) in the<br />

Entrepreneurship category.<br />

Celebrating its 40th anniversary,<br />

TIAW is one of the leading global<br />

charitable foundations dedicated to<br />

the advancement of women all over<br />

the globe.<br />

The World of Difference Awards<br />

recognise extraordinary women<br />

and men from around the world<br />

who have contributed to the<br />

economic empowerment of women,<br />

leadership and innovation, across<br />

categories including education,<br />

community, entrepreneurship,<br />

government, NGOs and more.<br />

Melanie Gleeson, the<br />

Entrepreneurship Award recipient,<br />

founded Endota Spa in 2000 and it<br />

is now the largest day spa network in<br />

Australia with over 100 spas across<br />

the country.<br />

Endota Spa is 100% founded by<br />

women with an over 95% female<br />

team – many of whom are working<br />

flexible hours to achieve their dual<br />

goals of career and family.<br />

The majority of the spas are<br />

franchises owned by women in their<br />

local communities, employing mostly<br />

women in all roles.<br />

The ethos of the Endota Group<br />

is to live consciously and give<br />

back wherever possible. Besides<br />

providing women with opportunity<br />

pathways from training (by way of<br />

its Wellness College) through to<br />

employment in, and/or ownership of<br />

one or more of the spas, Endota is<br />

financially empowering an inspiring<br />

group of Indigenous women<br />

located in Fitzroy Crossing, Western<br />

Australia, whose artwork appears on<br />

product packaging and who receive<br />

a percentage of sales in return.<br />

Over the years, many thousands of<br />

Australian women have found their<br />

way to a better financial future in a<br />

uniquely female-focused business.<br />

TIAW President Diane Tompson<br />

explains the organisation’s focus is<br />

on building an ‘inclusive economy’<br />

for all, driven by increasing women’s<br />

participation and contribution.<br />

“TIAW has been uniting, supporting<br />

and promoting women and<br />

their chosen networks across all<br />

continents, and in turn supporting<br />

and strengthening the global<br />

economic fabric for 40 years,” she<br />

says. “As Ruth Bader Ginsburg<br />

stated: ‘Women belong in all places<br />

where decisions are made’ and we<br />

are seeking to ensure that they are in<br />

those places.”<br />


@cosbeauty<br />



Charlotte’s moisturising globally<br />

loved Collagen Lip Bath is now<br />

available in berry-red Walk of No<br />

Shame for a healthy-looking rush of<br />

colour.<br />

This luscious lip bath is Charlotte’s<br />

secret to deliciously just-bitten,<br />

fuller-looking lips. It’s infused with<br />

marine collagen to moisturise<br />

and enhance the look of your lips,<br />

coconut oil to nourish and soften<br />

your lips, and pearlescent pigments<br />

to create a light-reflecting sheen to<br />

make lips look fuller. Magic!<br />


It’s not every day something<br />

groundbreaking is introduced to<br />

the beauty market, so when we<br />

heard about CALECIM® Professional,<br />

a skincare range that’s turning<br />

heads thanks to its revolutionary<br />

use of stem cell technology, we<br />

couldn’t wait to trial it. And it’s<br />

surpassed our expectations. And it<br />

hasn’t disappointed.<br />

CALECIM® Professional is a new<br />

range of professionally prescribed<br />

skincare products that will rejuvenate<br />

your skin faster than you can<br />

say “crow’s feet”. Developed by<br />

CALECIM® Cosmeceuticals, a<br />

Singaporean biotech company<br />

specialising in stem cell research, it is<br />

the only skincare range in the world<br />

that has gone beyond plant stem<br />

cells to harness cord lining stem cell<br />

technology derived from red deer<br />

umbilical cord (ethically, of course).<br />

And it’s backed by some pretty<br />

heavyweight science and doctors.<br />

Professor Mitchel P Goldman,<br />

American double-board certified<br />

cosmetic dermatologist and known as<br />

the ‘Grandfather of Growth Factors’,<br />

is Chairman of the CALECIM®<br />

Professional Medical Advisory Board.<br />

‘This is the first time that umbilcal<br />

cord lining stem cells, or stem cells<br />

in general, are being truly utilised in<br />

a topical skincare to promote skin<br />

health,’ he says.<br />

CALECIM® Professional harnesses<br />

the benefits of this unique and<br />

patented source of cord lining<br />

stem cells, which secrete a potent<br />

mix of proteins, growth factors and<br />

cytokines that make up the active<br />

ingredient found in all CALECIM®<br />

Professional products. These stem<br />

cell proteins help activate skin repair<br />

and regeneration, improve the<br />

appearance of lines and promote<br />

skin fullness. In high concentrations,<br />

they deliver significant, fast-acting<br />

benefits for the skin.<br />

In a CALECIM® consumer survey,<br />

conducted in Singapore, it was found<br />

that over 95 percent felt their skin<br />

looked healthier, fresher and with an<br />

overall improvement in skin condition.<br />

Nine out of ten women over the age<br />

of 35 noticed the appearance of fine<br />

lines had improved.<br />

The range includes CALECIM®<br />

Professional Serum, $498 (6x5ml),<br />

Multi-Action Cream, $190 (20g) &<br />

$435 (50g), Restorative Hydration<br />

Cream $160 (20g) & $359 (50g), and<br />

Recovery Night Complex, $145 (60g).<br />

CALECIM® Professional<br />

is distributed by Advanced<br />

Cosmeceuticals. To find a stockist<br />

call 1800 242 011 or visit www.<br />

advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 11

@cosbeauty<br />



Luxury Italian haircare label Davines<br />

have announced the Australian launch<br />

of SU, a comprehensive before and<br />

after sun collection designed to<br />

protect, hydrate and nourish both<br />

the hair and skin.<br />

Epitomising the Davines ethos of<br />

sustainable beauty, each formulation<br />

is enriched with the finest active<br />

ingredients that are rapidly<br />

biodegradable and of natural origin,<br />

developed with the environment<br />

in mind to minimise impact and<br />

combine sustainability with highlevel,<br />

professional results. As well,<br />

each product in the range has been<br />

formulated entirely free from sulphates<br />

and parabens.<br />

To strengthen their commitment<br />

to the environment, Davines has<br />

established a collaboration with the<br />

non-profit Slow Food Foundation for<br />

Biodiversity by joining the Presidia<br />

Project, a non-profit foundation that<br />

protects selected places in order to<br />

safeguard the Earth’s biodiversity,<br />

building bridges between ecology,<br />

gastronomy and ethics.<br />

The SU collection has been<br />

formulated with Savona Chinotto<br />

extract, an active ingredient from the<br />

farm of Alessandro Parodi, a Slow<br />

Food Presidium. This contributes<br />

to fighting the disappearance of<br />

native plants with an inestimable<br />

biological value, and ultimately assists<br />

in relaunching the economy of such<br />

areas and avoiding the extinction of<br />

local artisanal traditions.<br />

Housed in carbon-neutral<br />

packaging, the range contributes<br />

to Davines’ role in the Ethio Trees<br />

project, where carbon dioxide<br />

emissions generated by the<br />

production of each container are<br />

offset by contributing to the creation<br />

and protection of forests in various<br />

parts of the world.<br />

The exquisite hair and skincare<br />

range includes Hair & Body Wash,<br />

$40.95 (250ml), Hair Mask, $46.95<br />

(150ml), Hair Milk, $49.95 (135ml),<br />

Tan Maximiser, $49.95 (150ml) and<br />

Aftersun, $49.95 (150ml).<br />

Davines can be purchased at<br />

www.salonstyle.com.au.<br />




Just when you thought you couldn’t<br />

love Trinny Woodall more, she goes<br />

ahead and adds this gem to her<br />

bestselling line-up. BFF De-Stress<br />

Tinted Serum, $79, is a part makeup,<br />

part skincare product designed<br />

to combat the effect cortisol (the<br />

stress-releasing hormone) has on<br />

your skin. Offering coverage (in 12<br />

shades) alongside skincare benefits,<br />

BFF De-Stress is formulated with<br />

a unique a blend of NP-TriOX<br />

technology and hyaluronic acid to<br />

visibly reduce the short and longterm<br />

signs of stress on your skin.<br />

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a<br />

multi-tasking product three years in<br />

the making, offering coverage and<br />

skincare benefits and since it went<br />

live on the Trinny London siteit’s<br />

already sold out.<br />

Our advice? Get your hands<br />

on some BFF De-Stress stat! Check<br />

out trinnylondon.com/au/ for<br />

more details.

@cosbeauty<br />



New from Medik8, Press & Glow, $55<br />

(200ml), is a hydrating exfoliating toner,<br />

packed with PHAs and enzymes and<br />

gentle enough to be used twice daily to<br />

reveal glowing skin.<br />

We all know that regular exfoliation is<br />

key to ensuring healthy-looking skin, but<br />

when AHA/BHAs are used twice daily,<br />

skin can easily become overwhelmed.<br />

This is because AHAs/BHAs are incredibly<br />

effective at their job, so are best used 2-3<br />

times a week. Constant overuse of AHA/<br />

BHAs can compromise our skin’s barrier<br />

function leading to sensitised, flaky skin.<br />

With Press & Glow, Medik8 has<br />

developed a solution: a high-performing<br />

PHA toner that can be used twice daily.<br />

Why PHAs? PHAs, or polyhydroxy acids,<br />

are a next-generation acid group that<br />

enable a slower, more gradual exfoliation<br />

process.Thanks to their large molecular<br />

size, they are non-irritating and don’t<br />

sting, unlike some other acids.<br />

Medik8’s choice of PHA is<br />

Gluconolactone. This gentle<br />

acid helps to exfoliate the<br />

uppermost dead skin cells<br />

to reveal fresh, healthylooking<br />

and glowing skin.<br />

When applied to the skin,<br />

it converts to gluconic acid,<br />

an active acid within the<br />

skin. This conversion acts<br />

as a form of time-release,<br />

slowly releasing the acid<br />

into the skin, meaning<br />

irritation is unlikely.<br />

An additional benefit<br />

of Gluconolactone is its<br />

hydrating properties – the<br />

multiple hydroxy groups<br />

attached to the molecule<br />

essentially act as water<br />

magnets. The result? Skin<br />

that’s more resilient and<br />

better able to optimise<br />

vitamin C and A – both core<br />

ingredients in Medik8’s CSA<br />

skin philosophy.<br />

For more, visit<br />

medik8.com.au.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 13


Not fragile<br />

like a flower,<br />

Fragile<br />

like a bomb<br />

Bader Ginsburg<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 15

Don’t be afraid.<br />

Be focused.<br />

Be determined.<br />

Be hopeful.<br />

Be empowered.<br />

michelle obama

www.cosbeauty.com.au 17


A woman is like a<br />

tea bag. You never<br />

know how strong<br />

she is until she<br />

gets in hot water.<br />

Eleanor<br />

Roosevelt<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 19

I believe in being strong<br />

when everything seems<br />

to be going wrong.<br />

I believe that happy girls<br />

are the prettiest girls.<br />

I believe that tomorrow<br />

is another day, and<br />

I believe in miracles.<br />

Audrey<br />


www.cosbeauty.com.au 21<br />

credit: Lucian Milasan / Shutterstock.com

I figure, if a girl<br />

wants to be a legend,<br />

she should go ahead<br />

and be one.<br />

calamity jane<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 23

You cannot<br />

shake hands with<br />

a clenched fist.<br />

indira<br />


www.cosbeauty.com.au 25<br />

credit: mark designers / Shutterstock.com

AestheticAdvisor is Australia’s<br />

trusted online resource to<br />

research procedures, find a skilled<br />

practitioner, read real reviews and<br />

have questions answered.<br />


cutting edge sun protection for all skin types<br />

The new mesoprotech ® technology provides complete protection from a broad<br />

solar spectrum. Innovative formulas combining UVA and UVB filters with biological<br />

filters to protect from oxidation. Textures suited to the needs of every skin type.<br />

Dermatologically tested.<br />

#Itrustmesoestetic<br />

Advanced Cosmeceuticals<br />

1800 242 011 | advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au


7who<br />

flaunt<br />

their<br />

Celebs<br />

fillers<br />









1.<br />

Kylie Jenner<br />

While Kylie’s lips are usually<br />

sealed when it comes to<br />

questions about cosmetic<br />

enhancement, in 2015 she<br />

famously (ahem, finally) admitted<br />

that her perked-up pout was the<br />

result of fillers – after intense<br />

media and fan speculation.<br />

Photo: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 29


Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com<br />

2.<br />

Cindy Crawford<br />

If we can look half as gorgeous as Cindy<br />

Crawford in our mid-50s, we’ll have what<br />

she’s having, thanks very much. ‘Past a<br />

certain age… all I can really count on is<br />

vitamin injections, Botox and collagen,’<br />

she once shared. ‘I have a very simple,<br />

healthy life, which works miracles. I drink<br />

a lot of water, watch what I eat, and<br />

exercise… but I owe the quality of my<br />

skin to my cosmetic surgeon… Now it’s<br />

just a part of our society where so many<br />

people are doing it.’<br />

Photo: Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

3.<br />

Chrissy Teigen<br />

We love Chrissy’s honesty about<br />

her cosmetic procedures, including<br />

anti-wrinkle injections. Pointing to her<br />

forehead, nose and lips, she once said<br />

at a 2017 event: ‘Everything about me<br />

is fake except my cheeks.’<br />

4.<br />

Katy Perry<br />

Plastic surgery rumours have<br />

followed Katy Perry around for<br />

close to a decade. While denying<br />

she’s had any work to her quoteon-quote<br />

“assets”, she does say<br />

she’s not averse to less invasive<br />

procedures. ‘I’ve done lasers and<br />

got injections [fillers] under my<br />

eyes for the hollowing, which I’d<br />

recommend for everyone who<br />

wants a solution to their dark<br />

circles,’ she said in a 2018 interview.<br />

Photo: Tinseltown / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 31


5.<br />

Kylie Minogue<br />

We didn’t think we could love<br />

the pint-size singing powerhouse<br />

more, but her refreshing comments<br />

on cosmetic enhancement has well<br />

and truly cemented our love affair:<br />

‘I’ve tried Botox, I’ve tried them<br />

all,’ she once confessed.<br />

Photo: Twocoms / Shutterstock.com<br />

6.<br />

Linda Evangelista<br />

90s mega-babe Linda Evangelista says it how<br />

it is. She attests to being the first celeb to<br />

ever admit to using anti-wrinkle injections.<br />

In a 2018 interview she said, ‘I am pro Botox,<br />

pro filler, pro laser, pro everything – if that’s<br />

what you want.’ Bravo, Linda!<br />

Photo: Ovidiu Hrubaru / Shutterstock.com

7.<br />

Kaley Cuoco<br />

The Big Bang Theory actress has<br />

been open about her rhinoplasty<br />

and breast augmentation<br />

procedures, and also her<br />

experience with fillers.<br />

‘As much as you want to love<br />

your inner self … I’m sorry, you<br />

also want to look good. I don’t<br />

think you should do it for a<br />

man or anyone else, but if it<br />

makes you feel confident,<br />

that’s amazing.’ No, *you’re*<br />

amazing, Kaley!<br />

Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 33


Is Your<br />

Phone<br />

Giving<br />

You<br />








In recent years, our beloved digital devices<br />

have been credited with limiting our<br />

attention spans, raising our anxiety levels<br />

and, perhaps worst of all, ruining our beauty<br />

sleep. But since this hasn’t been enough to<br />

send us into a prolonged state of digital detox,<br />

experts are now suggesting our hand-held<br />

BFFs are playing havoc with our skin.<br />

High Energy Visible Light (HEV) is the<br />

official name for the blue glare that comes<br />

from phones, laptops and tablets. Until now,<br />

researchers have primarily been concerned<br />

with the way blue light impacts the eyes;<br />

but interest is growing in how HEV may<br />

be affecting the skin, with emerging data<br />

indicating that prolonged exposure to blue<br />

light can accelerate the visible ageing process.<br />

HEV Light makes up the blue portion of<br />

visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum<br />

and is a natural part of sunlight. Unlike UVA<br />

and UVB light, blue light is not linked to<br />

skin cancer, but it does share UV’s potential<br />

for accelerating free radical damage. When<br />

exposed to free radicals, the proteins which<br />

support the skin’s strength and elasticity,<br />

collagen and elastin, grow weak, which in<br />

turn gives fine lines and wrinkles a chance<br />

to take hold. Continuous exposure to HEV<br />

Light also impairs the skin’s protective<br />

barrier function, a situation that can result in<br />

inflammation and hyperpigmentation.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 35



DONE?<br />

Since blue light penetrates deep into the<br />

skin, sunscreen will not keep it from damaging<br />

the complexion. With this in mind, a slew of<br />

brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Murad, Ilia,<br />

Coola and BareMinerals have become<br />

focused on developing products that include<br />

HEV Light protection. The secret to existing<br />

blue light resistant products is their antioxidant<br />

ingredients, which help shield the complexion<br />

from environmental nasties and limit the extent<br />

to which blue light can penetrate<br />

the skin.<br />

Blue light filters are also available for phone<br />

and laptop screens. Switching your devices to<br />

night mode can limit their blue light emissions<br />

by counteracting HEV Light with a yellow filter.<br />

Keeping your phone away from you face by using<br />

headphones when chatting is a simple way to<br />

minimise blue light exposure. Or, of course,<br />

ditching your device altogether and creating a<br />

bit of digital distance could do the trick.<br />


AWARE<br />

Unfortunately, blue light isn’t the only issue<br />

at play when it comes to screen-related skin<br />

ageing. While postural problems and shoulder<br />

pain are among tech neck’s most frequently<br />

discussed symptoms, constantly looking down<br />

at your screen also creates the perfect<br />

environment for neck wrinkle formation.<br />

As New York dermatologist Dr Jeanette Graf<br />

told Elle: ‘The horizontal creases on the neck<br />

have a lot to do with positioning. The more<br />

movement, the more you’re going to reinforce<br />

the way those lines are falling. If you’re going to<br />

always be on your phone, it’s best to bring it eye<br />

level, rather than looking downward.’<br />

Stress is another factor that can be linked to<br />

both phone use and skin health. According to<br />

the American Psychological Association’s 2017<br />

Stress in America survey, almost 20 per cent of<br />

Americans cite the use of technology as a ‘very<br />

or somewhat significant source of stress’. Just as<br />

constantly furrowing your brow can create future<br />

lines, ‘smartphone scowl’ could lead to facial<br />

tension and premature ageing. CBM






fine lines<br />

Unfortunately, our hand-held friends can mess<br />

with our complexions in more ways than one. If you<br />

suffer from breakouts or contact dermatitis, your<br />

phone could be to blame.<br />

ACNE<br />

Our phones have become our technological<br />

shadows, joining us everywhere we go. This<br />

includes some less than hygienic places like the bus<br />

and the bathroom, which means our devices are<br />

often covered in germs. Bacteria is one of the main<br />

causes of acne.<br />

As New York-based dermatologist Debra Jaliman<br />

told Cosmopolitan, ‘when you hold your phone<br />

up to your face…there is a mechanical stimulation<br />

(the pressure against the oil glands) that triggers<br />

them to produce more oil…Then, the bacteria<br />

from the screen – and the heat that it gives off that<br />

breeds more bacteria – mixes together and results<br />

in a blemish.’<br />

References: Blue light study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.<br />

nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4337113/. Elle: https://www.<br />

elle.com/beauty/news/a43443/neck-wrinkles-phoneposture/.<br />

Stress in America: http://www.apa.org/news/<br />

press/releases/stress/2017/technology-social-media.<br />

PDF. Cosmopolitan: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/<br />

style-beauty/beauty/how-to/a11048/is-your-smartphonecausing-acne/.<br />

Acne: https://www.allure.com/story/<br />

phone-ruining-skin. Contact Dermatitis: https://<br />

home.liebertpub.com/publications/pediatric-allergyimmunology-and-pulmonology/48<br />


Believe it or not, it is possible to be allergic to<br />

your phone. According to a study published in the<br />

Pediatric Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonology<br />

Journal, using a phone for 30 minutes or more<br />

every day can increase the risk of allergic contact<br />

dermatitis (ACD) for those with nickel, cobalt and<br />

chromium allergies. Because chromium and nickel<br />

are found in phone cases, covering your mobile and<br />

its screen with a plastic case and screen protector<br />

can prevent the itchy rash that accompanies ACD<br />

from forming.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 37

SKIN<br />

Skin<br />

Virtue<br />

THE NEW<br />



BAR IN<br />


WITH MORE THAN 100<br />









Nina Gajic, Founder<br />

Skin Virtue – The Art of Dermatology<br />

is an exciting anti-ageing skincare<br />

brand that helps protect against<br />

environmental aggressors, strengthen<br />

the skin’s barrier function and promote a<br />

healthy looking complexion.<br />

Merging science and nature to deliver<br />

professional anti-allergen and anti-ageing<br />

skincare products, this clean-beauty<br />

range is formulated with clinically tested<br />

natural active ingredients that are proven<br />

to work. The focus of Skin Virtue is to<br />

help heal sensitive, problematic, irritated<br />

and allergic skin while incorporating skin<br />

science to deliver anti-ageing efficacy<br />

and results.<br />

The Skin Virtue story evolved from<br />

founder Nina Gajic’s struggle with the<br />

effects of the harsh Australian weather

on her skin. She has devoted decades<br />

of her life to clinical medical research<br />

and formulation science – the result is a<br />

skincare brand focused on performancebased<br />

solutions that deliver dramatic<br />

results for even the most sensitive,<br />

allergic and irritated skin.<br />

‘Having sensitive skin has actually<br />

been a blessing in disguise – it made Skin<br />

Virtue possible,’ says Gajic. ‘Now I can<br />

look after my skin properly and people<br />

think I’m much younger than I am.’<br />

‘By leveraging multiple multi<br />

functional active ingredients into each<br />

individual product we produce, we are<br />

able to help strengthen the skin barrier<br />

function, support and address age-related<br />

concerns with full potency and full<br />

efficacy.’<br />



Understanding the complexity and<br />

functionality of the different layers of<br />

the skin and how they interact is at the<br />

heart of Skin Virtue’s approach. Their<br />

team of biochemists and dermatologists<br />

analysed the physiological process of<br />

the skin and its functionality to identify<br />

the triggers that manifest skin ageing.<br />

They then developed the Skin Virtue<br />

formulations around these findings<br />

to help slow down this deterioration<br />

to help promote younger looking and<br />

functioning skin.<br />

‘Our range incorporates a complex of<br />

natural active ingredients along with<br />

potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants<br />

and soothing marine and botanical<br />

extracts to deliver long and lasting<br />

results efficiently. Utilising active<br />

liposome and ionosome delivery systems<br />

further enhances the administration and<br />

therefore efficacy of our formulations,’<br />

says Gajic.<br />

All Skin Virtue products are noncomedogenic,<br />

anti-irritating, antiallergen<br />

and formulated without<br />

parabens or mineral oils.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39



Each product in the Skin Virtue range is<br />

formulated with their 3 phase approach:<br />

SKIN<br />

1.<br />


Skin Virtue’s philosophy is to provide the skin<br />

barrier with the tools it needs to keep it in<br />

optimum condition, protected and immune<br />

to everyday aggressors so that the skin’s<br />

regeneration process improves. Skin Virtue<br />

products are formulated with skin-identical<br />

emollients, humectants and barrier restoring<br />

lipids that help to protect the skin barrier lipid<br />

balance. This helps restore and regulate the<br />

moisture content of the skin, and helps to<br />

preserve youthful and healthy looking skin.<br />

2.<br />


Depletion of skin stem cells is the primary<br />

intrinsic cause of skin ageing. The Skin Virtue<br />

range helps support the maintenance of the<br />

epidermal stem cells characteristics and its<br />

capacity to build new tissue in the basal layer<br />

of the skin.<br />

3.<br />


As we age, supporting the structural and<br />

functional changes of the skin is essential to<br />

help ward off or minimise the signs of ageing.<br />

Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Collection is<br />

formulated to achieve exactly this, zeroing in<br />

on skin ageing concerns by analysing each<br />

layer of the skin and identifying its ageing<br />



The Super Clear Collection and Pure Anti-Ageing Collection are<br />

dedicated to the different skin types, while the specialised Future<br />

Advanced Treatment Collection is dedicated to age-related<br />

concerns. All three ranges promote supple, vibrant and healthy<br />

looking skin.<br />


The Super Clear Collection has been developed for<br />

oilier skin types. It is formulated with the highest quality<br />

purifying and soothing active ingredients. It targets skin<br />

concerns such as sensitivity, blemishes, irritated, inflamed,<br />

and allergic skin, pigmentation and fine lines. It provides<br />

optimal anti-inflammatory regenerating, nourishing and<br />

soothing properties and protects against environmental<br />

factors, helping to correct skin concerns for clear, calm, and<br />

glowing skin.<br />


The Pure Anti-Ageing Collection is developed for normal to<br />

dry skin types. The lipid-rich formulations feature humectants<br />

and emollients that improve moisture levels within the skin,<br />

supporting skin barrier function and reducing dehydration.<br />

It targets early signs of age-related skin concerns such as<br />

the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, under-eye circles,<br />

discolouration, environmental damage, sensitive, irritated and<br />

allergic skin, pigmentation, and a dull skin tone and texture.<br />

This entry level anti-ageing collection imbues a deep hydrating,<br />

nourishing and calming effect to skin, helping to prolong the<br />

appearance of supple, younger-looking skin.<br />


The Future Advanced Collection can be used with both the<br />

Super Clear Collection and Pure Anti-Ageing Collection.<br />

It incorporates potent active ingredients and innovative<br />

delivery systems and is suitable for all skin types. It features<br />

targeted anti-ageing technologies that are designed to<br />

zero in on specific concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles,<br />

loss of elasticity, structural volume loss, discolouration and<br />

environmental damage, helping to prevent and improve skin<br />

ageing and rejuvenate the overall complexion. CBM<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

For the complete list of products and to<br />

purchase, visit www.skinvirtue.com.au<br />

Skin Virtue is distributed in Australia by<br />

Advanced Cosmeceuticals. For information<br />

call 1800 242 011.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41

SUPER<br />


SKIN<br />














Dr Simone Matousek is<br />

a plastic, reconstructive<br />

and cosmetic surgeon<br />

based in Sydney. She<br />

is also the founder of<br />

Skintillation, a new<br />

skincare range that<br />

combines the most<br />

powerful anti-ageing<br />

ingredients available in<br />

the right concentrations<br />

to help reverse ageing<br />

as well as make your<br />

skin look better upon<br />

application.<br />




SM: Great skin is the foundation<br />

upon which all other anti-ageing<br />

treatments should be administered.<br />

Despite having the tools to perform<br />

procedures with more dramatic antiageing<br />

effects, there is no substitute<br />

for excellent skincare.<br />

Being disciplined about daily<br />

application of skin creams with the<br />

right anti-ageing formulations can<br />

both prevent and reverse the visible<br />

signs of ageing over time. It is one of<br />

the simplest, most affordable things<br />

you can do to slow the course of<br />

ageing as well as see improvements in<br />

skin quality.<br />





ROUTINE?<br />

SM: Broadly, we want our skin<br />

ingredients to:<br />

1. Assist in triggering collagen<br />

synthesis, which declines as we age<br />

2. Protect our existing collagen<br />

and elastin against sun and<br />

environmental damage<br />

3. Improve skin irregularity and skin<br />

texture (reduce pore size)<br />

4. Hydrate – dry skin makes all aged<br />

skin look even older.<br />

An effective skincare routine<br />

should include vitamins A, B, C and<br />

E, AHAs/BHAs, antioxidants and<br />

hyaluronic acid.<br />

Vitamins A, B, C and E each have<br />

an impact on improving the skin and<br />

slowing the ageing process.<br />

Vitamin A works by increasing<br />

cell turnover, reversing sun damage<br />

and increasing collagen synthesis;<br />

it is one of the most researched<br />

ingredients in skincare. Vitamin B3,<br />

C and E work as antioxidants, as well<br />

as reducing age spots, pigmentation<br />

and inflammation – all of which<br />

contribute to poor skin texture and<br />

the appearance of aged skin.<br />

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are<br />

water-soluble substances that act as<br />

chemical, as opposed to physical,<br />

exfoliants (which are grains or seeds<br />

in cleansers and also help with cell<br />

turnover). Chemical exfoliators<br />

break bonds between dead skin cells,<br />

making them easier to be shed from<br />

the skin.<br />

Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are fat<br />

soluble and penetrate deeper than<br />

AHAs and are beneficial for oily<br />

skin and clogged pores. The most<br />

commonly found beta hydroxy acid in<br />

skincare is salicylic acid which helps<br />

with acne management.<br />

Antioxidants – in addition to<br />

the antioxidant activity of the<br />

vitamins mentioned above – such<br />

as astaxanthin and coenzyme<br />

Q10 help protect the skin against<br />

environmental damage that<br />

accumulates throughout our lifetimes.<br />

In times of stress, or due to UVinduced<br />

damage, environmental<br />

damage or poor diet, ROS (reactive<br />

oxygen species, some of which are<br />

know as free radicals) measurably<br />

increase. These cause DNA damage,<br />

increased inflammation and collagen<br />

degradation. Daily application of<br />

antioxidants is the best way to help<br />

prevent this damage accumulate.<br />

Another essential skincare<br />

ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 43

SKIN<br />










AGEING.<br />

glycosaminoglycan or sugar molecule<br />

found in our own bodies and, like<br />

collagen and elastin, declines with<br />

age. The highest amount of hyaluronic<br />

acid in the body is found in the<br />

skin extracellular matrix (a jellylike<br />

material that surrounds your<br />

skin cells).<br />

Hyaluronic acid with a lower<br />

molecular weight penetrates deeper<br />

into the skin, and therefore hydrates<br />

the deeper layers of the skin. A higher<br />

molecular weight stays closer to the<br />

surface (makes visible wrinkles look<br />

immediately better). A product with<br />

a mix of molecular weights is best to<br />

ensure hyaluronic acid is delivered to<br />

all layers of the skin (on the surface for<br />

immediate improvement of lines and<br />

deeper for immediate hydration).<br />

CB: WHY IS THE<br />



SM: Every skincare ingredient<br />

has a minimum concentration at<br />

which it will have a proven scientific<br />

effect on the skin. If placed in lesser<br />

concentrations, it will not have enough<br />

of an effect on the skin.<br />

Increased concentrations of<br />

active anti-ageing ingredients can<br />

be effective but they also have<br />

increased side effects. For example,<br />

high concentrations of Vitamin A<br />

compounds are not well tolerated in<br />

some skin types as they cause increased<br />

dryness, skin flaking, irritation and<br />

exfoliation.<br />

Starting with lower concentrations,<br />

or using these types of products a few<br />

times a week, and then working up to<br />

using a higher strength is the best way.<br />

Many skincare products can have<br />

a long list of ingredients that are in a<br />

lower concentration than needed to<br />

be active. They are nominally there<br />

on the package, but not actually doing<br />

anything for the skin. This is why<br />

it is important to check both active<br />

ingredients and their concentrations.<br />



SM: Peptides can be thought of as<br />

micro-proteins or chains of amino acids,<br />

which are the simplest building blocks<br />

of protein. As the skin (ie, collagen and<br />

elastin) is made up largely of proteins,<br />

peptides can target specific aspects of<br />

collagen synthesis and degradation.<br />

The term ‘peptide’ is a broad term for<br />

thousands of different compounds. It<br />

is their specific structure and activity<br />

that determines whether they are<br />

effective or not in anti-ageing. Not<br />

all peptides are created the same and,<br />

again, they need to be in a high enough<br />

concentration to have an effect.<br />

The ways in which peptides can work<br />

are numerous, and include helping<br />

to boost collagen synthesis, inhibit<br />

enzymatic destruction of collagen, and<br />

ensure fibrils of collagen have a uniform<br />

diameter and are regularly spaced.<br />

Skintillation’s Wrinklase® range<br />

contains one of the most powerful<br />

peptides that can be delivered through<br />

the skin to reduce muscle activity, one<br />

of the most important causes of wrinkle<br />

development. By mimicking a native<br />

peptide, it weakens muscle contraction<br />

at the junction of the muscle and nerve<br />

and helps to improve the appearance of<br />

wrinkles.<br />

CB: HOW CAN WE<br />



SM: With warmer weather comes<br />

more sun exposure, especially in<br />

Australia. The impact of sun damage<br />

is cumulative and gets worse as we age







as we lose the ability to repair collagen<br />

as well as we did when we were young.<br />

A tan is a sign of DNA damage, not<br />

health.<br />

Australia has some of the harshest<br />

sun in the world with little ozone<br />

protection, so remaining focused on<br />

covering up is extremely important.<br />

Even walking around for short periods<br />

of the day and exercising outside can<br />

take its toll on the skin. It is important<br />

to regularly apply and reapply sunscreen<br />

as it is easy for it to rub or come off in<br />

water or while exercising.<br />

In terms of the different types of<br />

sunscreen, zinc oxide or physicalblocking<br />

agents are better at protecting<br />

against both skin cancer and the<br />

ageing effects of the sun than chemical<br />

blockers. Covering up, such as wearing<br />

a hat and sleeves, is even better than<br />

sunscreens.<br />

Increased humidity can trigger acne<br />

or make it worse in some individuals.<br />

Incorporate exfoliating products<br />

(vitamin A, AHAs and BHAs) and<br />

avoid heavy moisturisers or oils if your<br />

skin is naturally oily.<br />





SM: A staged and sustained approach<br />

to anti-ageing is key. The best way to<br />

look young is to prevent yourself from<br />

looking old! Skin ageing is a gradual<br />

process over many years – the earlier<br />

you begin a quality skincare regimen,<br />

the better your head start<br />

on ageing.<br />

Quality skincare packed with active<br />

ingredients should be started in your early<br />

20s (or even earlier for problem skin)<br />

and continued throughout your lifetime,<br />

adapting to the different stages of your<br />

life.<br />

Other measures such as sun protection,<br />

exercise, diet, stress and sleep, are often<br />

overlooked but play a huge part in the<br />

appearance of your skin and rate at which<br />

you age. It’s been shown that exercisers<br />

have skin at least 10 years younger than<br />

non-exercisers.<br />

As well, refined sugars have been<br />

shown to speed up the ageing process<br />

through direct damage to collagen,<br />

while stress has been shown to shorten<br />

telomeres and magnify the signs of<br />

skin ageing.<br />

There is no substitute for adequately<br />

looking after your skin diligently and<br />

consistently. It’s all about trying to slow<br />

down the ageing process. CBM<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 45

BEAUTY<br />

S kincare the<br />

E dit<br />







www.cosbeauty.com.au 47

cleanse.exfoliate.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Cleansers are an essential part of a<br />

basic skincare routine. They wash<br />

off makeup, dirt and oil, unclog<br />

pores and leave your skin feeling<br />

clean and smooth. Your skin should<br />

be cleansed twice a day – in the<br />

morning and in the evening.<br />

When it comes to cleansers, there<br />

is no ‘one type fits all’. Gel cleansers<br />

are typically recommended for oily,<br />

blemish-prone skin; cream cleansers<br />

for dry, sensitive skin; foam,<br />

charcoal or clay cleansers for oily,<br />

combination skin; and oil-based or<br />

micellar water cleansers are suitable<br />

for most skin types.<br />

To up your cleansing game,<br />

apply a toner afterwards. Today’s<br />

toners are very different to the<br />

some of the harsh ones of the past<br />

and are packed with skin-repairing<br />

ingredients such as antioxidants,<br />

hyaluronic acid, amino acids and<br />

ceramides, depending on what skin<br />

concern you’re targeting.<br />

Exfoliants should be included<br />

at least weekly to your skincare<br />

routine. Exfoliation removes the<br />

dead surface cells which contribute<br />

both to dryness and oiliness and can<br />

cause blocked pores and problems<br />

like acne. Exfoliation also improves<br />

circulation and stimulates blood flow<br />

– and improved blood flow means<br />

improved collagen production, vis-àvis<br />

plumper, smoother, tighter skin.<br />

In addition to long-term benefits,<br />

by removing surface cell debris, your<br />

trusty exfoliator will also leave your<br />

skin looking instantly fresher, rosier<br />

and brighter.<br />

1. 2.

3.<br />

5.<br />

4.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

6.<br />

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.<br />

1. Minenssey Rejuvenating Nutritious Facial Essence 240ml, $75, 2. Clarins Nutri-Lumiere Renewing Treatment<br />

Essence 200ml, $88, 3. Jurlique Activating Water Essence $75, 4. Carbon Theory Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil Breakout<br />

Control Facial Cleansing Bar, $14.99, 5. Skin Virtue Super Clear Clarifying Solution, $66, 6. Ella Bache’s Refining<br />

Exfoliating Gel 75ml, $70, 7. Medik8 Clarifying Foam 150ml, $59, 8. Medik8 Press & Glow Daily Exfoliating PHA<br />

Tonic with Enzyme Activator 200ml, $55, 9. Mesoestetic Hydratonic Facial Tonic 200ml, $62.50, 10. Image Skincare<br />

Iluma Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder, $59.95, 11. SkinCeuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser 150ml, $64, 12.<br />

Neostrata Resurface Foaming Glycolic Wash 125ml, $54.95, 13. Sisley Radiance Foaming Cream 125ml, $150, 14.<br />

Skinstitut L-Lactic Cleanser 200ml, $49, 15. Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Peeling Gel 100ml, $75, 16. QED Skincare<br />

Deep Hydration No Rinse Cleanser 250ml, $48.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 49

moisturise.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

While you can use a single face<br />

moisturiser for day and night, it’s<br />

advisable to use a richer moisturiser<br />

at night as the skin absorbs products<br />

more effectively while you sleep,<br />

undisturbed by environmental factors<br />

such as the sun and wind. During the day,<br />

it is imperative to also apply a broadspectrum<br />

sunscreen.<br />

Which type of moisturiser suits you is<br />

personal – it’s worth getting samples to<br />

try them out. Your skin therapist can help<br />

you establish if you have dry, normal,<br />

combination or oily skin. If your skin is<br />

dry, you want humectants and ingredients<br />

such as plumping lipids.<br />

For sensitive skin, look for antiinflammatories.<br />

For combination or oily<br />

skin, you also want anti-inflammatories as<br />

well as ingredients that prevent oil slicks<br />

from breaking out. There are also firming<br />

moisturisers to help with sagging tissues.<br />

Formulations vary from emulsions<br />

(water-based and better for oily skin)<br />

to dense creams (oil-based, better for<br />

dry skin).<br />

1. 2. 3.<br />

4. 5. 6.<br />

1. Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Light Water Anti-aging Veil SPF 50+ 50ml, $79.80, 2. Mesoestetic Energy C Intensive<br />

Cream 50ml, $157.80, 3. Skin Virtue Pure Protect Pollution Defence, $80, 4. Aspect Sun Hydrating Face SPF 50+<br />

75ml, $59, 5. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light Minimalist Daily Light Moisturiser 40ml, $38.14, 6. Peter Thomas<br />

Roth Potent-C Bright & Plump Moisturizer 50ml, $106, 7. Medik8 Physical Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+<br />

60ml, $69, 8. Medik8 Advanced Day Protect 50ml, $119, 9. Ella Baché Spirulines Firming Day Cream 50ml, $125, 10.<br />

Sisley Restorative Facial Cream 50ml, $210, 11. Clarins Nutri-Lumiere Nourishing Day Cream 50ml, $170, 12. The<br />

Jojoba Company Multi-Defence Moisturiser SPF 15 50ml, $39.95, 13. DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Tinted Moisturizer

8. 10.<br />

7.<br />

9.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

13.<br />

15.<br />

17.<br />

14.<br />

16.<br />

18.<br />

19.<br />

24.<br />

20.<br />

25.<br />

21.<br />

22.<br />

23.<br />

59ml, $126.50, 14. Skinstitut Age Defence 50+ 75ml, $49, 15. Minenssey Rejuvenating Nutritious Face & Neck<br />

Cream 50ml, $90, 16. Invisible Zinc Sheer Defence Tinted Moisturiser SPF 50 Medium, $25, 17. SkinBetter Science<br />

AlphaRet Overnight Cream 30ml, $145.20, 18. Ella Baché Sportsbloc Great SPF 50+ 130ml, $39, 19. Arbonne<br />

BioHydria Gel Cream, $59, 20. Avène Antirougeurs Unify SPF 30 40ml, $41.95, 21. Arbonne RE9 Advanced Prepwork<br />

Overnight Face Jelly, $59, 22. Clinicals MINC Natural Moisturising Zinc 50ml, $89, 23. Flawco Australian Dewy<br />

Moisturiser, $39.99, 24. Arbonne Intelligence Pollution Defense CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $56, 25. CeraVe<br />

SA Smoothing Cream 177ml, $21.95.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 51

serums.masks.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Serums are the multi-tasking heroes<br />

of skincare. These lightweight<br />

moisturise-binding products can be<br />

targeted to address a myriad of skin<br />

concerns, including pigmentation,<br />

sun damage and premature ageing.<br />

A quality serum penetrates deep into<br />

the skin to deliver a concentrated<br />

dose of active ingredients.<br />

Depending on the ingredients,<br />

serums can be applied in the<br />

morning, at night or both, and are<br />

worn under your moisturiser.<br />

Traditional serums are water-based,<br />

but many now come in oil form. Antiageing<br />

serums deal primarily with<br />

fine lines, wrinkles and dehydration,<br />

but also tone, texture and dark spots.<br />

The ingredients to look out for in a<br />

serum are similar to those of day and<br />

night creams (vitamin c, retinol and<br />

hyaluronic acid to name a few).<br />

Masks also have a place in a quality<br />

skincare regimen. Using a facial<br />

mask can soothe and nourish skin,<br />

oxygenate, hydrate, improve skin<br />

circulation, help clear up blemishes<br />

and even reduce the appearance<br />

of fine lines and wrinkles. Generally,<br />

a mask should be used weekly<br />

after exfoliating.<br />

1.<br />

5.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

2.<br />

6.<br />

1. COSMEDIX Micro Defense Microbiome Sheet Mask x 5 sheets, $120, 2. Société Rejuvenating Peptide Gel Mask x 5 pack,<br />

$155, 3. Mask Society K-beauty Sheet Masks, Chill Out and Vegas Fix, $5.99 each, 4. Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask,<br />

$49, 5. Flawco Australian Blue Clay Mask, $54.99, 6. Avéne Hydrance Aqua-Gel Night Hydrating Sleeping Mask 50ml, $56.95.

3.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

16. 17.<br />

18.<br />

15.<br />

19.<br />

13. 14.<br />

1. Aspect Sun CC Cream SPF 50+ 75ml, $59, 2. Aspect Dr Complete Pigment PLUS 30ml, $159.50, 3. Aspect<br />

Extreme B17 30ml, $135, 4. Biologi Br Organic Rosehip Oil, $28, 5. Alkira Vitamin C + Facial Oil 30ml, $19.95, 6. Sisley<br />

Botanical D-Tox 30ml, $300, 7. Sisley Hydra-Global Serum 30ml, $320, 8. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Brightening,<br />

$100, 9. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Serumist, $116, 10. Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic 30ml, $199, 11. Alpha-H<br />

Hyaluronic 8 25ml, $70, 12. La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermallergo Serum, $55.95, 13. SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective<br />

Gel, $100, 14. Clinicals SHIFT AM Anti-Aging Pigmentation Serum 30ml, $115, 15. Clinicals SHIFT PM Anti-Aging<br />

Pigmentation Serum 30ml, $125, 16. Ella Bache Hydra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum 30ml, $95, 17. Neostrata Resurface<br />

Glycolic Renewal Serum 30ml, $74.95, 18. PCA Skin Vitamin B3 Brightening Serum, 30ml, $198, 19. Aesthetics Rx<br />

Ultimate Serum $109, 20. E.S.K Enlighten AM/PM Pigmentation Serum 50g, $95.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 53

extra care.eyes.lips.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Our eyes and lips are our most<br />

expressive features and they<br />

deserve some extra attention with<br />

when it comes to keeping them<br />

looking their best.<br />

With fewer oil glands and less<br />

subcutaneous tissue, not only is the<br />

skin around the eyes thinner but it is<br />

also naturally less hydrated, leaving<br />

the eye region prone to premature<br />

ageing. Using an eye-specific<br />

product can help strenghthen<br />

the delicate skin around the eyes,<br />

keeping it smooth and firm.<br />

The lips also benefit from a lipspecific<br />

product. In our harsh Aussie<br />

climate, our lips are quick to fall prey<br />

to dehydration and sun damage.<br />

Many lip products today are<br />

formulated with SPF and come<br />

packed with highly moisturising and<br />

collagen-boosting ingredients. A<br />

nourishing lip serum or balm can<br />

keep lips smooth and soft, while<br />

the added hydration can give the<br />

appearace of a fuller pout.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

1. Jurlique Herbal Recovery Signature Eye Serum 15ml, $65, 2. Minenssey Rejuvenating Repairing Eye<br />

Balm 15ml, $90, 3. Clarins Total Eye Lift 15ml, $100, 4. Burt’s Bees All-Weather SPF 15 Lip Balm, $6.95,<br />

5. Aspect Hydrating Lip Balm, $16, 6. Biologi Bl Nourish Lip Serum, $24, 7. Skintillation Liptease Lip<br />

Plumping Balm, $25 8. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Hydra-Gel Eye Patches, $80,

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

9. Beauty Fridge – preserves the active ingredients in products extending the shelf life of skincare and cosmetics<br />

and reduces the presence of harmful bacteria, $129.99, 10. Beauty Fridge Gua Sha – (authentic/natural stones)<br />

relives tension in the muscles of the face, promotes blood circulation, and encourages lymphatic drainage to reduce<br />

puffiness, $25, 11. ActivLayr Nano Collagen Boost Eye Patch $89.95.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 55

SKIN<br />

Medik8<br />



A<br />










Did you know that 80 percent<br />

of all signs of skin ageing<br />

– manifested as lines and<br />

wrinkles, sun spots and pigmentation,<br />

and poor skin texture and tone – are<br />

caused by the sun?<br />

Don’t fall victim to sun-damaged<br />

skin or, worse yet, skin cancer.<br />

Avoiding UV exposure and wearing<br />

sunscreen each and every day is<br />

absolutely vital to keeping your skin<br />

protected and youthful for longer.<br />

Just in time for a long hot Aussie<br />

summer, Medik8 has reformulated its<br />

famed Physical Sunscreen – and it’s<br />

quickly become our new favourite<br />

sun-smart product.<br />

The new and improved Medik8<br />

Physical Sunscreen is a highperformance<br />

SPF 50+ sunscreen<br />

that provides powerful broadspectrum<br />

protection from UVA<br />

and UVB rays. Perfect for daily<br />

protection and rich in antioxidants,<br />

the innovative sunscreen is<br />

reinforced with anti-pollution,<br />

anti-infrared, and anti-glycation<br />

technologies to shield skin from<br />

environmental aggressors and help<br />

prevent fine lines and wrinkles.<br />

Medik8’s Physical Sunscreen is<br />

light enough for everyday use and<br />

strong enough to defend against<br />

all signs of photoageing, without<br />

leaving any residue or tackiness – a<br />

huge breakthrough when it comes to<br />

physical (also known as mineral or<br />

inorganic) sunscreens.<br />

We caught up with Daniel Isaacs,<br />

Director of Research at Medik8,<br />

to ask him a few questions about<br />

sunscreen and learn more about<br />

how we can keep our skin protected<br />

in the sun.<br />

CB: WHAT’S THE<br />




DI: There are two main types of<br />

sunscreens: chemical and physical.<br />

Both chemical and physical<br />

sunscreens work by absorbing UV<br />

light and converting it into heat. The<br />

more accurate way of differentiating<br />

between sunscreen filters is by<br />

describing physical as ‘inorganic’<br />

filters and chemical as ‘organic’ filters.<br />

Physical sunscreens (inorganic) can<br />

actually absorb up to 95 percent of<br />

the UV rays they are protecting you<br />

from. 1 The main difference between<br />

physical and chemical (organic) is<br />

that physical sunscreens can scatter<br />

a small amount of the UV spectrum,<br />

around five percent.<br />

There are some more differences<br />

between physical and chemical<br />

sunscreens. For example, physical<br />

filters are often recommended for<br />

sensitive skins – this is because zinc<br />

oxide and titanium oxide are very<br />

non-reactive, and they are often<br />

mattifying on the skin, which is<br />

perfect for oilier skin types.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 39







SKIN<br />

DI: Having a non-nano physical<br />

sunscreen with an SPF of 50+ is<br />

very rare but something we consider<br />

to be important while the safety of<br />

nano-sized filters and their potential<br />

impact are still being discussed in the<br />

scientific community. We choose to<br />

use micronised physical filters expertly<br />

blended into the lightweight, high<br />

protection formula. They give an<br />

optimal light-scattering ratio and<br />

decrease the whitening effect, while<br />

being larger than nano so that the<br />

particles do not penetrate deep into the<br />

skin. Our non-nano formula also keeps<br />

our sunscreens coral reef-friendly – we<br />

do not use controversial filters like<br />

oxybenzone, octinoxate and nano-zinc<br />

oxide, which have all been linked with<br />

coral reef damage.<br />





DO THIS?<br />

DI: Medik8 Physical Sunscreen has<br />

broad spectrum UVA protection. UVA<br />

has a significantly damaging effect on<br />

skin, and its rays are the primary cause<br />

of premature skin ageing. It is the only<br />

UV ray which penetrates into the<br />

dermis, where collagen is found. For a<br />

‘broad spectrum’ UVA protection, the<br />

UVA protection factor should be at<br />

least one-third of its UVB protection,<br />

and its critical wavelength is >370nm.<br />

Medik8 Physical Sunscreen contains<br />

mineral sunscreen filter zinc oxide.<br />

Zinc oxide is able to block UV light by<br />

both absorbing UV rays and converting<br />

them to heat, and reflecting UV waves<br />

away from the skin. This protects the<br />

skin from contact with UV waves. It is<br />

known for its protecting properties and<br />

is very gentle on the skin.<br />





AGES ARE?<br />

DI: Around 70 to 80 percent of skin<br />

ageing is attributed to photoageing<br />

and UV radiation, however around<br />

10 to 20 percent is attributed to<br />

glycation. Glycation is the reaction<br />

between sugar molecules and protein<br />

molecules, resulting in advanced<br />

glycation end-products (AGEs).<br />

This is caused by accumulated sugar<br />

molecules from the diet and from free<br />

radical damage.<br />

AGEs can be damaging when they<br />

accumulate in the skin, and deposition<br />

of AGE products in the upper dermis<br />

can cause a yellowing to the skin. One<br />

way to reduce unwanted glycation is to<br />

provide ingredients which inhibit the<br />

binding of sugar to proteins, binding to<br />

lysine in its place. Carnosine is an<br />

anti-crosslinking agent and thus is<br />

used in Medik8 Physical Sunscreen<br />

to help the build up of crosslinked<br />

collagen proteins.<br />

CB: HOW MUCH<br />







DI: Every morning, as the final<br />

step in your skincare routine, apply<br />

one-quarter of a teaspoon sized amount<br />

of Physical Sunscreen to the face, neck<br />

and décolletage, avoiding the eye area.<br />

Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes<br />

before sun exposure, and reapply during<br />

the day for maximum protection.





– WE DO NOT USE<br />











DI: Medik8 Physical Sunscreen is<br />

ideal for all skin types, including<br />

sensitive skins, who struggle to use<br />

chemical sunscreens that penetrate<br />

into the skin. Our physical formulas<br />

sit on top of the complexion, forming<br />

a nourishing, protective barrier over<br />

skin from external, environmental<br />

stressors. Physical Sunscreen also helps<br />

to minimise hyperpigmentation, as it<br />

successfully blocks UV light (SPF 50+).<br />

This sunscreen is perfect for preventing<br />

the visible signs of premature ageing.<br />

Physical Sunscreen is non-sticky and<br />

non-greasy on the skin. The formula<br />

is lightweight, breathable and blends<br />

seamlessly, leaving a semi-matte finish on<br />

the skin. CBM<br />

Medik8<br />

Physical<br />

Sunscreen<br />


Non-nano mineral filter zinc oxide reflects<br />

and absorbs UV rays to protect the skin<br />

from sun damage. Marrubium vulgare<br />

extract provides superior anti-pollution<br />

defence to limit the damage caused by<br />

environmental pollutants, while carnosine<br />

helps inhibit the glycation reaction and<br />

keep skin protected from glycationderived<br />

skin ageing.<br />


A non-nano, mineral sunscreen filter with<br />

broad spectrum protection against UVA<br />

and UVB rays.<br />



A powerful antioxidant that provides<br />

essential protection to shield delicate<br />

skin from pollution-induced damage.<br />


A protective peptide that is naturally<br />

produced in the body. It blocks skindamaging<br />

sugars from binding to<br />

collagen in the skin (glycation).<br />

WHERE<br />

TO GET IT<br />

Medik8 Physical Sunscreen Broad<br />

Spectrum SPF 50+ - $69, 60ml<br />

is available at medik8.com.au<br />

1. C. Cole et al, Metal oxide sunscreens protect skin by absorption, not by reflection or scattering,<br />

Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine, 2015, 32(1), pp 5-10<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 41


HIGH<br />


DIETS &<br />

WEIGHT<br />

LOSS: DO<br />

THEY<br />

WORK?<br />






Most of us know someone<br />

who has dropped the kgs<br />

on a high-fat, low-carb<br />

diet such as Keto, Atkins or Dukan.<br />

But even if you haven’t eaten a<br />

slice of bread since 1997, it doesn’t<br />

necessarily mean you’re getting<br />

enough of the important stuff.<br />

Cutting out whole food groups may<br />

even lead to nutrient deficiencies<br />

and health complications. As well,<br />

many followers of low-carb diets<br />

find it too restrictive and difficult to<br />

follow. Although they have kudos as

effective weight-loss tools, some of<br />

these carb-cutting plans overlook the<br />

importance of protein.<br />

Recent research has shown just<br />

how important high-protein diets<br />

are to healthy weight loss, even<br />

opening the door to new preventative<br />

treatment strategies<br />

for obesity.<br />

In a 2017 study, researchers from<br />

Imperial College London in the UK<br />

revealed how an amino acid called<br />

phenylalanine – produced by the<br />

digestion of protein – boosts levels of<br />

a hormone that tells us when we are<br />

full, leading to reduced food intake.<br />

The study shows how phenylalanine<br />

reduces food intake by affecting the<br />

gut and the brain.<br />

According to lead author Mariana<br />

Norton and her team, uncovering the<br />

mechanisms by which protein curbs<br />

hunger could lead to simpler weightloss<br />

strategies.<br />


Protein could be the single-most<br />

important nutrient for weight loss.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 61


High-protein foods take more<br />

work to digest, metabolise and use,<br />

meaning you burn more calories just<br />

by processing them. What’s more,<br />

they make you feel fuller for longer<br />

because they take longer to leave your<br />

stomach. Protein is also essential for<br />

making sure you lose fat, not muscle.<br />

Protein is comprised of smaller<br />

molecules known as amino acids,<br />

which are linked together in a long<br />

chain that can be moulded into<br />

different shapes. Your body uses the<br />

amino acids to build lean muscle,<br />

which not only makes you stronger<br />

and more toned but also burns<br />

calories even when you’re not active.<br />

This means your metabolism keeps<br />

truckin’ along so you can burn off the<br />

odd indulgent snack.<br />

If you wish to sport a leaner<br />

physique, the goal isn’t just ‘weight<br />

loss’ – it’s fat loss. That is, the goal<br />

is to lose fat and not muscle, and<br />

research shows that a high-protein<br />

diet is better for both losing fat faster<br />

and preserving muscle. You simply<br />

lose more fat and less muscle on<br />

a high-protein diet than a low-protein<br />

one.<br />

62 www.cosbeauty.com.au

LOSS OF<br />


TO SUGAR<br />


A 2017 study found that rapid eye<br />

movement (REM) sleep loss leads to<br />

increased consumption of unhealthy<br />

foods, specifically sucrose and fat. REM<br />

sleep is a unique phase of sleep in<br />

mammals that is closely associated with<br />

dreaming and characterised by rapid<br />

eye movement and almost complete<br />

paralysis of the body.<br />

The front part of your brain (the<br />

prefrontal cortex) plays a role in judging<br />

the palatability of foods through taste,<br />

smell and texture. People who are<br />

obese tend to have increased activity in<br />

the prefrontal cortex when exposed to<br />

high-calorie foods.<br />

The lead author on this project,<br />

Kristopher McEown, says: ‘Our results<br />

suggest that the medial prefrontal<br />

cortex may play a direct role in<br />

controlling our desire to consume<br />

weight promoting foods, high in sucrose<br />

content, when we are lacking sleep.’<br />

How much protein do<br />

we need?<br />

Protein is essential for the structure, function and regulation of the body’s<br />

cells, including muscles, skin, hair, nails, hormones and enzymes and<br />

antibodies. But how much of it do we need? This differs according to age,<br />

gender, weight and health. Generally it is recommended that most adults<br />

need up to three serves of protein per day – for example, 65 grams of lean<br />

meat, two eggs, one cup of milk, or half a cup of nuts or seeds.<br />

While it is beneficial to meet the daily protein requirements, too much<br />

protein can have the opposite effect. Eating a diet too high in protein can<br />

result in protein being stored by the body as fat and could even put heart<br />

health at risk.<br />

The risks of using a high-protein diet with carbohydrate restriction for the<br />

long term are still being studied. A new study published in early 2020 found<br />

that an excessive intake of a certain kind of amino acid — present in proteinrich<br />

foods — may affect the health of the heart and the cardiovascular system.<br />

Which sources are best?<br />

Protein comes from two different sources – plant based (such as soy, nuts,<br />

legumes and grains) and animal based (such as meat, dairy and eggs).<br />

Remember, not all protein is created equal. For example, processed meat<br />

such as bacon, sausages and fast food should be limited as they contain<br />

saturated fat. Vegetable sources of protein offer healthy fibre, vitamins and<br />

minerals. The best animal protein choices are fish, skinless chicken, eggs, lowfat<br />

dairy and lean cuts of red meat – all of these options have just one to three<br />

grams of fat per 50-calorie serving.<br />

It’s important to rember that while a protein-rich diet can help aid weight<br />

loss, those that are low in carbohydrates or excessively high in protein may<br />

not be a healthy long-term approach. Combining sensible portions of good<br />

quality, lean protein with low GI carbohydrates in every mean is the way to<br />

go. Along with regular exercise, your body will be more in balance, as well as<br />

looking and functioning at its best. CBM<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 63

BEAUTY<br />

S U M M E R<br />

BODY<br />






After the ordeals of 2020, we’re determined<br />

to make this summer our best yet! A<br />

staycation in our own backyard doesn’t<br />

actually sound so bad – we’re going to make the<br />

most of Australia’s hot and steamy weather, wide<br />

open skies and coastlines upon coastlines of big,<br />

beautiful beaches.<br />

But first, the prep work. This curated list of<br />

body exfoliators, moisturisers and tanners are<br />

our top picks for smooth and radiant skin –<br />

and guaranteed to shift your gears into<br />

summer mode.

www.cosbeauty.com.au 65


BEAUTY<br />

1. Sisley Energizing Foaming Exfoliant for the Body, $160, 2. Pure Fiji Coconut Crush Scrub, $21.95, 3. mesoestetic<br />

body shock total reducer, $129, 4. Happy Skin Co Gen.2 IPL hair removal handset, $299, 5. Sisley Cellulinov Intensive<br />

Anti-Cellulite Body Care, $290, 6. Invisible Zinc Face + Body Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50, $31.99, 7. The Jojoba Company<br />

Jojoba Glow, $39.95, 8. Biologi Bf Restore Face and Body Serum, $72, 9. Sisley Velvet Nourishing Body Cream $190,<br />

10. Jurlique Smoothing Body Exfoliating Gel, $48, 11. Miss Koko Chilli and Grapefruit Anti-Cellulite Body Mask, $36,<br />

12. Medik8 Smooth Body Exfoliating Kit includes Smooth Body Lotion 200ml, Smooth Body Scrub 150ml and Smooth<br />

Body Mitt, $99, 13. Miss Koko Coffee & Orange All-Natural Espresso Scrub, $23.95, 14. QED Skincare The Body<br />

Exfoliator, $68. 15. Uma Absolute Anti-Ageing Body Oil, $127.

1.<br />

4.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

9.<br />

8.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

15.<br />

13. 14.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

1. Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Body<br />

Highlighter, $88, 2. Arbonne Liquid Sunshine<br />

Tinted Self-Tanner, $74, 3. Sisley Self<br />

Tanning Hydrating Body Skin Care, $165, 4.<br />

Sunescape Instant Self-Tan Mousse in Maui,<br />

$44.95, 5. Davines SU Aftersun, $49.95,<br />

6. DAVINES SU Tan Maximizer, $49.95, 7.<br />

Seed & Sprout Tinted Sunscreen SPF50,<br />

$35, 8. Sunescape Gradual Tan Extender,<br />

$33, 9. Jbronze by Jennifer Hawkins Dark<br />

Tan Mousse, $21.24, 10. Ella Baché Great<br />

Mousse Tan, $29, 11. Bali Body Ultra Dark<br />

Self Tanning Mousse, $30.95, 12. St.Tropez<br />

Purity Vitamins Bronzing Water Body Mist,<br />

$49.99, 13. Sun Bum Cool Down Aloe Spray,<br />

$16.99, 14. Sun Bum SPF 30 Sunscreen<br />

Lotion, $20.99. 15. Jergens Natural Glow<br />

Firming Daily Moisturiser (available in fair to<br />

medium and medium to tan), $14.99<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

9.<br />

10. 11.<br />

8.<br />


13.<br />

14. 15.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 69


DAY&<br />

NIGHT<br />






1. Mavala Disco Collection in Night Fever, $8.50,<br />

2. Charlotte Tilbury Jewel Pot, $48, and Jewel<br />

Lips, $46, in Walk of No Shame<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 71


Y<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

Most of us prefer our daytime makeup to look soft and natural,<br />

incorporating universally flattering hues of peach, plum, rose and gold.<br />

Awaken and enlarge the look of your eyes with warm, neutral colours.<br />

A sweep of eyeshadow coupled with a highlighter on your brow bone will<br />

illuminate your features and project radiance. Try lining your eyes with<br />

shadow and resserve the more dramatic liquid liner for after dark.<br />

For a fresh, dewy look, try a cream blush blended lightly on the apples<br />

of your cheeks, or a stain that can dress both your lips and your cheeks.<br />

Speaking of lips, hydration is key. Look for products that will moisturise<br />

and gloss in delicate nude tones.

8.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

4.<br />

10.<br />

12.<br />

11.<br />

9.<br />

1. Trinny London Lip2Cheek in Pia, $45, 2. Karen Murrell Nude Lip Palette,<br />

$49.95, 3. Trinny London Lip Glow in Thea, $30, 4. Fenty Beauty Slip Shine<br />

Lipstick in Quartz Candy, $35, 5.Clarins Lip Milky Mousse in Milky Pink, $32,<br />

6. Jane Iredale Beyond Matte Lip Fixation Lip Stain in Blissed-Out, $66, 7.<br />

Jane Iredale Gold Refillable Compact, $20 and Bronzer Refill in Rose Dawn,<br />

$83, 8. Ardell Professional Lift Effect Defined Curled Lashes in Style 740,<br />

$12.99, 9. Bobbi Brown Get Glossy Lip Gloss Kit with 4 shades, $81, 10.<br />

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes! Mascara Super Black 10ml,<br />

$48, 11. Colorescience Sunforgettable Lip Shine, $40.50, 12. Arbonne Eye<br />

Shadow Palette Volume 1, $86.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 73

1.<br />

2.<br />

4.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

3.<br />

5.<br />

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.<br />

1. Arbonne AM Starlight Glow Palette, $100,<br />

2. Clinique Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup<br />

SPF 15, $55, 3. Colorescience Sunforgettable Tint Du<br />

Soleil SPF 20 30ml, $99, 4. Mavala Poolside Collection<br />

Nail Colour in Phuket, $8.50, 5. Bobbi Brown Bronzing<br />

Duo in Telluride Medium, $69, 6. Charlotte Tilbury<br />

Dreamy Glow Face & Body Highlighter, $75, 7. Clarins<br />

Milky Boost in Milky Cashew 50ml, $50, 8. Clinique<br />

Moisture Surge Sheertint Hydrator SPF 25 in Medium<br />

Deep, $52, 9. Sisley Phyto Hydra Teint 40ml, $145, 10.<br />

Ella Baché Superfluid Great SPF50+ 30ml $55, 11. Stila<br />

One Step Illuminate Highlighter, $53.22, 12. Lycogel<br />

Breathable Tint SPF 30, $89, 13. Clinique Powder Pop<br />

Flower Bronzer in Solar Pop, $52.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />


DAYwww.cosbeauty.com.au 75

BEAUTY<br />

Transform your look from day to night<br />

with a few simple alterations. For a quick<br />

eye colour update, select a shade several<br />

shades darker than your day hues. A<br />

shimmery or shiny metallic shade adds a<br />

dramatic flair while a lusty charcoal lends<br />

a sultry stare.<br />

Nothing steals the show like a perfect<br />

pout, so pay heed to dressing your<br />

lips for a night out. For dramatic lips, a<br />

richly pigmented red, pink or burgundy<br />

lipstick is a makeup bag must. If you’re<br />

colour shy, go for a gold or bronze hue<br />

to add depth to your lips without being<br />

excessive. If you’ve gone for bold eyes,<br />

steer clear of loud lips – a coloured gloss<br />

or more delicate nude tones overlayed<br />

with gloss will leave you subtle yet sexy.<br />

1. Sisley Le Phyto Rouge in Rose<br />

Bolchoi, $70, 2. Clarins Lip Comfort Oil<br />

Intense in Intense Raspberry, $35, 3.<br />

Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion<br />

Lip Gloss in Fireball, $36, 4. Mavala<br />

Disco Collection in Dancing Queen,<br />

$8.50, 5. Charlotte Tilbury Bejewelled<br />

Eyes to Hypnotise Instant Eye Palette,<br />

limited edition, $120, 6. Trinny London<br />

eye2eye Eyeshadow in Empress, $34,<br />

7. Bobbi Brown Midnight Waltz Eye<br />

Shadow Palette, $65, 8. Trinny London<br />

eye2eye Eyeshadow in Wisdom, $34, 9.<br />

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP Brow Sculpting<br />

Wax and Pencil & Styler in Light Brown,<br />

$32, 10. The Quick Flick Quick Lash<br />

Pack, Night, $40, 11. The Quick Flick<br />

Hot Fudge Eyeliner Stamp, $35, 12. Jane<br />

Iredale Soft Black PureBrow Brow Gel,<br />

$37, 13. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Nights<br />

Long-Wear Set, $45, 14. Clinique Lash<br />

Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula,<br />

$39, 15. Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to<br />

Die For Lash Enhancer, $132.<br />

NI<br />

G<br />


3.<br />

2.<br />

1.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

12. 13. 14.<br />

15.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 77

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

BEAUTY<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

9.<br />

6.<br />

8.<br />

10.<br />

7.<br />

1. Nikkia Joy Cosmetics Perfecting Sponge Duo, $35, 2. Nikkia<br />

Joy Cosmetics Illuminate Highlighting Palette, $51, 3. Nikkia<br />

Joy Cosmetics Velvet Finishing Powder, $55, 4. QVS Compact<br />

Powder Brush, $13, 5. Youngblood Illuminator with Diamond<br />

Powder, $79.95, 6. Sisley Phyto Poudre Compacte 12g, $130,<br />

7. Sunescape Illuminating Body Tint, $39.95, 8. ILIA Beauty<br />

Illuminator for Women, Polka Dots & Moonbeams $21.38, 9.<br />

Youngblood Light Reflecting Highlighter, $69.95, 10. Napoleon<br />

Perdis Cheek Switch Crème Blush Stick Save The Coral, $49

NIGHT<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 79

ASKO<br />

BEAUTY<br />




Health authorities recommend wearing<br />

face masks in high-risk areas such as<br />

shopping centres, public transport, bars<br />

and crowded events as we all strive to<br />

contain COVID-19 – which means we<br />

need to adapt our makeup routines.<br />

While bold lips are taking a backseat<br />

(hello, smudging and transferring), play<br />

up the drama of the eyes and keep your<br />

brow game strong.<br />

Avoid breakouts, or ‘maskne’, by<br />

keeping your mask and face clean –<br />

look for longer-lasting or waterproof<br />

products, so you don’t touch your face<br />

for makeup maintenance during the<br />

day. A setting spray will help seal in<br />

makeup and minimise it from smudging.<br />

Makeup transfer is however inevitable,<br />

so a thin disposable mask underneath<br />

your cloth one will help keep it clean<br />

and makeup-free.<br />

And remember to prioritise your<br />

skincare routine. Hydrating, soothing<br />

and fortifying your skin’s protective<br />

barrier has never been more important.<br />

1.<br />

6.<br />


N<br />


Our good friends at Morphe have devised a mask-friendly<br />

makeup playbook. Keep your makeup game strong with<br />

these handy tips and product recommendations.<br />

2.<br />

1. HYDRATE<br />

Making sure you hydrate your skin before makeup is the<br />

most important step in your routine for mask-friendly<br />

makeup. Ensuring your skin is hydrated will help prevent<br />

your makeup from becoming cakey and strengthen your<br />

skin’s protective barrier. Try Paula’s Choice RESIST Skin<br />

Restoring Moisturizer with SPF 15, $39.<br />

3.<br />

2. SET IT<br />

A great trick to really locking in your moisturiser is setting<br />

it with translucent powder. This will help create a barrier<br />

between your skincare and makeup. Try Morphe Bake & Set<br />

Setting Powder, $18.<br />

3. PRIME<br />

Prep your skin for foundation and help blur imperfections<br />

with a long-lasting primer like Morphe Revitalizer<br />

Foundation Primer, $18.<br />

4.<br />


If you want all-day coverage, now is not the time to go light<br />

with a thin tinted moisturiser. Morphe Fluidity Full-coverage<br />

Foundation, $27, available in a whopping 60 shades,<br />

promises to stay on your skin for up to 16 hours.<br />

5.<br />

5. EYES<br />

Since half your face is covered, this is the time to really focus<br />

on your eyes, so get out of your comfort zone and add some<br />

colour to your look with the new Morphe 35C Everyday Chic<br />

Artistry Palette, $36. <br />

6. SET IT AGAIN<br />

Set and forget with a long-lasting setting spray like the<br />

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist, $24. <br />

7. MASK UP<br />

Now that your makeup is done and not going anywhere, all<br />

that’s left is to don a mask. If you’re in need of one, Morphe<br />

have a cute selection of masks, at $12 each, that will help<br />

protect you all day long.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 81


Hair<br />

f lair<br />

with<br />



www.cosbeauty.com.au 83




low pony<br />

For all those times when your hair just<br />

isn’t cooperating, mastering a loweffort<br />

low pony is one of the easiest<br />

and quickest ways to glam up your<br />

look. Using a natural bristle brush,<br />

simply pull your hair back sleek and<br />

tight or keep it loose and boho at<br />

the nape of your neck for an elegant,<br />

perennially on-trend hairdo.<br />

For added drama, apply a nourishing<br />

styling oil or clay and set it with spray.<br />

1. evo Bradford Pin Bristle Brush, $50,<br />

2. Philip Kingsley Finishing Touch<br />

Polishing Serum 75ml, $46.50, 3. OGX<br />

Shine + Argan Oil of Morocco Tame &<br />

Shine Cream 177ml, $21, 4. Sisley Hair<br />

Ritual Precious Hair Care Oil Glossiness<br />

and Nutrition 100ml, $135, 5. Olaplex<br />

No.7 Bonding Oil 30ml, $49.95, 6. Pump<br />

Frizz No More 125ml, $32, 7. evo Love<br />

Touch Shine Spray 100ml, $34, 8. evo<br />

Cassius Styling Clay 90g, $38.<br />

2.<br />

1.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />


MESSY<br />

up-dos<br />

Whether it’s a messy bun or a modern take on<br />

the beehive, this style can give you a day to<br />

evening look faster than you can say ‘See you<br />

later, 2020!’.<br />

For a messy bun with lots of volume, start<br />

by spraying a fine mist of volumising hairspray<br />

or dry shampoo to add texture and gripping<br />

power. Pull your hair into a ponytail, as high<br />

or as low as you like. Twist the hair, and spin it<br />

around the base of the ponytail, continuing to<br />

wrap so that it forms a loose bun. Secure with a<br />

hair tie and bobby pins. To make it extra messy,<br />

selectively loosen sections of hair and pull out<br />

pieces to frame your face.<br />

1. evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo 100ml, $16.25,<br />

2. Fudge Professional Skyscraper Hairspray<br />

300ml, $13.20, 3. Grow’s Thicker Fuller<br />

Volumising Dry Shampoo, $16.99, 4. KLORANE<br />

Detox Dry Shampoo with Aquatic Mint 150ml,<br />

$15.95, 5. John Frieda Day 2 Revival Dry<br />

Shampoo, $16.99, 6. OGX Refresh & Renew +<br />

Argan Oil of Morocco Dry Shampoo 200ml, $20.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4. 6.<br />

5.<br />

1.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 85

DIY<br />

blowout<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />


There’s nothing quite like that ‘fresh from the<br />

salon’ blowout. If you can’t make it to your<br />

hairdresser’s, it’s easy to recreate the look at<br />

home with the right tools and products.<br />

The first trick is to make sure you shampoo<br />

your hair twice. The first washes, the second<br />

nourishes (and really scrub at that scalp to help<br />

remove product build-up). Follow up with a<br />

moisturising conditioner.<br />

Next add a heat protectant spray to damp hair.<br />

By adding a heat protectant to your DIY blow-dry,<br />

you can help seal in moisture and protect against<br />

damage. Most of your favourite haircare brands<br />

should carry a heat protector in their range.<br />

To achieve a salon-worthy oomph with plenty<br />

of extra volume use a volumising spray on your<br />

roots. Not only will this add volume but it will also<br />

help your bounce stay around longer.<br />

Using a bristle brush, dry your hair away from<br />

your face, back on itself, and then downwards,<br />

which will help your hair cuticles lie flatter and<br />

make it smoother at the root. Add bounce<br />

by brushing the mid-lengths and ends in<br />

alternating directions.<br />

For loose, tousled waves, use a curling wand on<br />

sections of the hair and style away from your face.<br />

7.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

4.<br />

8.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

11.<br />

1. Pump Haircare Thickening Shampoo &<br />

Conditioner 250ml, $34.95 each, 2. OGX Frizz-<br />

Defying + Coconut Miracle Oil Flexible Hold<br />

Hairspray 177ml, $21, 3. OGX Frizz-Defying +<br />

Coconut Miracle Oil Air Dry Cream 177ml, $21, 4.<br />

Pump Volume Mist 125ml, $32, 5. Schwarzkopf<br />

Osis+ Beach Texture Dry Salt Spray Soft Touch,<br />

$27.95, 6. Schwarzkopf Osis+ Texture Blow<br />

Powdery Blow Dry Spray Extra Bounce, $27.95, 7.<br />

evo Haze Styling Powder 50ml, $38, 8. evo Icon<br />

Welder Heat Protection Mist 200ml, $34, 9. Sisley<br />

Hair Ritual Volumizing Spray Texture Density<br />

150ml, $125, 10. John Frieda Day 2 Revival Curl<br />

Reset Spray, $16.99, 11. evo Conrad Natural<br />

Bristle Paddle Brush, $37, 12. Aveeno Almond<br />

Oil Blend Shampoo & Conditoner 2oz, $15.99<br />

each, 13. ColorWOW Dreamcoat Supernatural<br />

Spray 200ml, $57.<br />

12.<br />


Remington 4-in-1<br />

Adjustable Waver, $79.95<br />

Remington<br />

Hydraluxe<br />

Volumising Blow<br />

Dry Brush, $69.95<br />

Cloud Nine The Textured<br />

Wand, $245<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 87


your hair<br />


The sun’s ultraviolet rays are just as<br />

bad for our hair as they are for our skin.<br />

Ultraviolet rays chemically break down<br />

the building blocks of hair – keratin<br />

proteins – making them weaker, drying<br />

them out and making hair more likely<br />

to break.<br />

Sun protection for our hair is vital to<br />

keeping it looking its best. Look for<br />

shampoos, conditioners and sprays<br />

that shield your hair against the harmful<br />

effects of the sun and provide muchneeded<br />

nourishment.<br />

Summer, sun and swimming can<br />

make a magnificent trio, but beware the<br />

dreaded “post-swim hair”. The cortex,<br />

or inner layer, of hair is protected by<br />

the cuticle, or outer later. Sebum is a<br />

natural lubricant that protects the cuticle.<br />

Chlorine in pools sucks the sebum out<br />

of the hair, which may cause the cuticle<br />

to crack. This damage causes the hair’s<br />

natural sheen to diminish and the<br />

unprotected cortex to split (creating split<br />

ends). Using a protective hair product<br />

and an anti-residue shampoo can do<br />

wonders to help keep the effects of<br />

chlorine at bay.<br />

Simiarly, when you swim in salt water,<br />

salt minerals stick to the hair, which can<br />

cause severe dehydration and fading and<br />

can often alter your hair colour. Apply<br />

a leave-in conditioner and as soon as<br />

you’ve finished swimming in the ocean,<br />

rinse your hair immediately and reapply a<br />

conditioning treatment.<br />

1. Davines SU Hair & Body Wash 250ml,<br />

$40.95, 2. Davines SU Hair Mask 150ml,<br />

$46.95, 3. Davines SU Hair Milk 135ml,<br />

$49.95, 4. Tangle Teezer Original<br />

Detangling Hairbrush $21.39.<br />

1. 2.<br />

3.<br />


feature<br />

WE are the experts in your industy<br />

so we know what works!<br />

• content marketing<br />

• graphic design<br />

• Event management<br />

• clinic brochures<br />

• newsletters<br />

• website design & content<br />

• social media<br />

Contact Michelle Kearney now for a no-obligation quote<br />

on 0419 624 246 or email michelle@bellamedia.com.au<br />

1 www.cosmeticsurgerymagazine.com.au










The desire to refresh the face through<br />

subtle rejuvenation has made nonsurgical<br />

cosmetic procedures a familiar<br />

part of today’s beauty arsenal. This reflects a<br />

preference for less-invasive procedures, with<br />

shorter downtime and a lean towards the ‘less<br />

in more’ attitude.<br />

If you’re looking to turn back the clock or<br />

enhance your natural beauty, this guide will<br />

help you navigate your way around today’s<br />

treatment options.<br />

It’s important to read widely and research<br />

thoroughly before deciding to undergo any kind<br />

of cosmetic enhancement treatment, even if it<br />

doesn’t involve surgery. Make sure it’s for the<br />

right reasons and not in the impossible pursuit<br />

of perfection.<br />

Whether it’s non-surgical skin tightening,<br />

anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers, the<br />

modern approach to cosmetic enhancement<br />

involves tailoring a procedure or combination<br />

of procedures to each patient’s individual<br />

requirements and goals.<br />

TOFACE<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 91



SKIN<br />


Non-surgical skin tightening<br />

treatments are becoming<br />

increasingly popular for those who<br />

want to combat the signs of ageing<br />

without going under the knife.<br />

While a facelift is still considered<br />

the gold standard in tightening<br />

and lifting sagging, crepey skin,<br />

many may not be ready either<br />

psychologically or physically for such<br />

invasive surgery, or simply want to<br />

involve the costs and risks associated<br />

with surgery.<br />

For suitable candidates presenting<br />

with a small to moderate degree<br />

of skin laxity, non-surgical skin<br />

tightening modalities can offer<br />

an effective, natural-looking<br />

improvement and postpone or<br />

even negate the need for surgical<br />

procedures.<br />

Non-surgical skin tightening<br />

typically involves minimal<br />

discomfort and downtime, meaning<br />

you can continue with your daily<br />

routine as quickly as possible after<br />

treatment.<br />

These modalities utilise<br />

radiofrequency, ultrasound or infra<br />

red energy to target deeper levels of<br />

the dermis and induce new collagen<br />

formation and remodelling. This<br />

improves skin texture and reduces<br />

sagging skin, as well as offering<br />

subtle contouring of the jaw line<br />

and softening wrinkles around the<br />

mouth, eyes and forehead.<br />

Skin tightening devices typically<br />

use radiofrequency or ultrasound<br />

technology to target the skin’s<br />

deeper dermis and subcutaneous<br />

layers, tightening the underlying<br />

tissue structure without damaging<br />

the outer layers of skin.<br />

This heating of the skin’s deep<br />

dermis and sub-dermal layers<br />

damages collagen in a controlled<br />

way, causing instant collagen<br />

contraction and promoting the<br />

body’s own healing mechanisms<br />

to produce new collagen over the<br />

ensuing months.<br />

It is commonly used to lift the<br />

brow and forehead, the under-eye<br />

area, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line<br />

and neck. This type of treatment<br />

is best suited for patients with mild<br />

to moderate sagging facial tissues,<br />

usually those in their mid-30s to<br />

50s, and can be used on any skin<br />

colour. It is not suitable for those<br />

with more extensive redundant and<br />

loose skin.<br />

Results are typically long lasting,<br />

depending on skin condition and<br />

severity of facial ageing and usually<br />

1-3 treatments are required. There<br />

is a small risk of swelling, redness<br />

and mild short-term blistering;<br />

however in skilled and experienced<br />

hands, these complications can<br />

be minimised and most patients<br />

experience little or no downtime.<br />

Non-surgical skin tightening<br />

modalities are also commonly<br />

combined with other treatments,<br />

such as anti-wrinkle and filler<br />

injections for a comprehensive<br />

rejuvenation approach.

DERMAL<br />


The ‘radiant glow’ associated with<br />

being young and healthy is often put<br />

down to the fullness and smooth,<br />

plump contours evident in the upper,<br />

lower and mid-face regions. In seeking<br />

to restore this glow, practitioners<br />

often call on one or more of a variety<br />

of dermal fillers that can be injected<br />

under the skin to smooth and fill deep<br />

folds and lines.<br />

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances<br />

injected into these areas to plump out<br />

wrinkles and smooth the face. They are<br />

also used to restore volume to the face<br />

where tissue has degenerated with<br />

age, or where lipoatrophy (fat loss<br />

triggered by disease) has caused the<br />

cheeks to collapse.<br />

Fillers can also be used to fill<br />

pockmarks and acne scars, contour or<br />

reshape facial features, add volume<br />

to lips and cheeks, and as an adjunct<br />

to botulinum toxin injections for a<br />

cumulative and complementary result.<br />

More permanent fillers can even be<br />

used to reshape the nose and jaw<br />

line, to create a more balanced and<br />

harmonious face shape.<br />

There is a multitude of different<br />

fillers on the market that range in<br />

longevity, composition and viscosity,<br />

and this can be quite confusing.<br />

While a cosmetic doctor is the best<br />

person to advise on the most suitable<br />

filler for specific needs, it’s important<br />

to educate yourself before the<br />

consultation. This will ensure you feel<br />

more comfortable and confident when<br />

it comes to discussing options.<br />



Anti-wrinkle injections are an<br />

effective non-surgical alternative for<br />

reducing lines such as frown lines and<br />

wrinkles, to rejuvenate the face and<br />

help reverse an aged appearance.<br />

As a muscle relaxant, botulinum<br />

toxin is commonly used to treat frown<br />

lines between the eyebrows (glabellar<br />

lines) and the worry lines across the<br />

forehead, as well as crow’s feet around<br />

the eyes. In addition, it can be used<br />

to produce the effect of a brow lift by<br />

relaxing the muscles that drag down<br />

the brow and can even sculpt the jaw<br />

or create the look of a lip lift.<br />

A few tiny injections are<br />

administered into the correct muscles<br />

just under the skin, reducing nerve<br />

stimulation to the targeted muscles.<br />

The procedure takes about 10 minutes<br />

with only slight discomfort during<br />

treatment for most people.<br />

The effects are not obvious<br />

immediately after treatment. Over the<br />

next few days, the muscles start to relax<br />

and it often takes around five days for<br />

results to become visible, normally<br />

reaching their full results by two<br />

weeks. For example, after treatment<br />

for lines on the forehead patients are<br />

physically unable to frown, preventing<br />

the dynamic wrinkles that are usually<br />

present.<br />

Anti-wrinkle injections are gradually<br />

resorbed by the body over time,<br />

so repeat injections are necessary<br />

about every three to five months in<br />

order to maintain results. With<br />

continued use, the effects may start<br />

to last longer because the targeted<br />

muscles have ‘unlearned’ the response<br />

that originally contributed to the<br />

development of the lines.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 93




Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy<br />

can be used to treat overall<br />

loss of volume in the face and<br />

an ageing complexion. A PRP<br />

treatment involves the use of your<br />

own blood plasma to rejuvenate<br />

a tired complexion. Platelet Rich<br />

Plasma contains certain growth<br />

factors that are central to tissue<br />

regeneration and repair, and also<br />

take part in stimulating new blood<br />

vessel formation and connective<br />

tissue (collagen and elastin) repair.<br />

The treatment involves several<br />

injections of 10 to 20ml of your<br />

own plasma, which is taken via<br />

a blood sample and centrifuged<br />

to separate and concentrate<br />

the platelets from the blood.<br />

The whole treatment takes<br />

approximately one hour, with<br />

results taking about three months<br />

to appear.<br />


Skin needling is a treatment used to<br />

improve the appearance of wrinkles,<br />

scars, stretch marks and skin texture<br />

by creating tiny punctures in the skin<br />

to stimulate the skin’s natural healing<br />

response. It is usually performed using a<br />

roller embedded with very fine needles<br />

that make multiple pinpoint puncture<br />

wounds in the dermis, stimulating the<br />

production of new collagen and elastin.<br />

The dermal damage created leaves<br />

the epidermis primarily intact; so<br />

the healing period is rapid. A topical<br />

anaesthetic cream is usually applied<br />

before the procedure so there should be<br />

little, if any, discomfort.<br />

After treatment, the skin is usually red<br />

and swollen for around one to two days,<br />

with a light graze-like scabbing effect<br />

forming over the treated area. Most<br />

patients are able to return to work and<br />

normal activities within 48 hours<br />

of treatment.<br />

With age, the rate at which our skin<br />

expunges dead cells slows down<br />

dramatically, which leads to a build-up<br />

of hardened cells on the top layer of<br />

the skin. Microdermabrasion removes<br />

the outer layer of the corneum stratum<br />

(outermost layer of the skin) to aid this<br />

process, improving the appearance of<br />

fine lines, sun damage and scars, and<br />

creating a more even tone and texture of<br />

the skin.<br />

Generally the procedure is carried out<br />

via jets that blast fine crystal particles<br />

onto the face to dislodge hardened skin<br />

cells, although a wand can also be used<br />

on the skin’s surface to create the same<br />

effect. A handpiece is used to vacuum<br />

up the stripping agent and skin particles<br />

during and after treatment.<br />

Traditional microdermabrasion<br />

treatment is generally well tolerated<br />

and can be compared to a more intense<br />

A series is recommended for noticeable<br />

improvement in the appearance of<br />

lines and scars. Treatment effects are<br />

cumulative and can be seen six to eight<br />

weeks after the initial treatment.<br />

In comparison to the prolonged<br />

recovery time required by laser<br />

resurfacing and chemical peels, the<br />

short recovery period makes skin<br />

needling an effective alternative<br />

method for improving lines and scars.<br />

Modified skin needling rollers that<br />

do not require anaesthetic cream or<br />

recovery time are also available for<br />

home use, to extend the effects of a<br />

professional treatment.<br />

Skin needling can also be used to help<br />

deliver other products containing active<br />

ingredients to cells in the dermal layer<br />

of the skin. As well as this, it is suitable<br />

to treat sensitive areas such as the neck,<br />

backs of the hands and under the eyes,<br />

and can used on all skin types.<br />


exfoliation. After treatment, the skin<br />

can feel hot and appear slightly red, but<br />

this usually settles over a few hours.<br />

Hydradermabrasion is a newer<br />

technique of microdermabrasion,<br />

combining water and oxygen to remove<br />

impurities from the pores and maximise<br />

blood flow to the skin.<br />

HydraFacial is the most well-known<br />

type. This gentle in-clinic treatment is<br />

a step up from your standard facial<br />

and microdermabrasion.<br />

What makes this treatment stand<br />

out is its special combination of<br />

exfoliation, acid peel, extractions<br />

and antioxidant infusions (including<br />

hyaluronic acid), to thoroughly<br />

cleanse, nourish and brighten the<br />

complexion. After just one treatment,<br />

skin feels clean, smooth and hydrated,<br />

with a refined texture and smoother,<br />

clearer complexion.

PEELS<br />

Peels are solutions applied to the surface of the skin to<br />

strip away the outermost layers, revealing the fresh new<br />

skin beneath. Used to treat a variety of skin conditions,<br />

peels can improve problems from dryness or skin dullness<br />

to acne, rosacea and pigmentation. Ingredients range from<br />

naturally occurring chemicals and herbal extracts to synthetic<br />

chemicals, and their effects range from mildly brightening to<br />

aggressive resurfacing.<br />

Depending on the strength, peels can be administered<br />

by dermatologists, cosmetic practitioners and skincare<br />

professionals, and are usually recommended as a course<br />

of treatments.<br />

Peels are now so refined, the classification is no longer just<br />

light, medium or deep. There are peels specifically to treat<br />

every different skin complaint and skin type.<br />


Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peels are the mildest option,<br />

available in salon treatments and can be used on most skin<br />

types. They use lactic, fruit or glycolic acids to treat dryness<br />

and improve skin texture.<br />

Beta hydroxy acid (BHA) peels use salicylic acid to speed<br />

the skin cell shedding process and improve blemished skin.<br />


Chemical peels are higher strength solutions that use<br />

different grades of acid to strip the skin of dead skin cells<br />

and promote the production of collagen and elastin in the<br />

skin. These chemicals – ranging from alpha hydroxy, kojic and<br />

salicylic acids to trichloroacetic acid and phenol – also vary<br />

in their depth of penetration, causing them to directly target<br />

specific concerns. Typically, the stronger the strength of the<br />

peel, the deeper the penetration and the more severe the<br />

post-treatment side effects.<br />

The treatments usually cause stinging during application<br />

and various degrees of flaking after treatment as the new<br />

layers of skin start to form. Chemical peels can be quite<br />

aggressive, so skin analysis during consultation is required to<br />

decide which peel is most suitable and whether any allergic<br />

reactions will occur.<br />

Dryness, redness and peeling, which feels similar<br />

to sunburn, can be expected for up to a week after most<br />

peels. It is imperative the peeling skin is not picked at or<br />

rubbed, as it may cause scarring. Makeup may be worn to<br />

cover this, depending on the practitioner’s instructions.<br />

Using an unscented moisturiser can help relieve the tight<br />

sensation of treated skin, and a mild topical steroid cream<br />

or ointment can be used to soothe temporary swelling or<br />

redness. Sunscreen should be worn at all times while outside.<br />

www.cosbeauty.com.au 95


IPL<br />

IS MOST<br />


USED FOR:<br />

Superficial pigmentation,<br />

such as age spots<br />

and freckles<br />

Lightening and reducing<br />

redness, rosacea and<br />

spider veins<br />

Overall skin rejuvenation<br />

for mild to moderate<br />

sun-damaged skin<br />

Hair removal<br />

LASER<br />

IS MOST<br />


USED FOR:<br />

Pigmentation,<br />

including melasma<br />

Tattoo removal<br />

Acne and surgical scars<br />

Improving skin texture,<br />

pore size and skin firmness<br />

Rosacea and<br />

broken capillaries, port<br />

wine birthmarks<br />

Wrinkles<br />

Hair removal<br />

LASERS & IPL<br />

Laser is an acronym for Light<br />

Amplification for the Stimulated<br />

Emission of Radiation and is used<br />

in the aesthetics industry for an<br />

array of treatments, ranging from<br />

the correction of skin irregularities,<br />

pigmentation and wrinkles to<br />

permanent hair reduction.<br />

Pulsed-light machines and lasers<br />

basically work in the same way. Put<br />

simply, a wavelength is selected that<br />

is readily absorbed by the target<br />

tissue. Both aim to heat the target to<br />

a temperature high enough to destroy<br />

it without damaging the adjacent<br />

normal tissue.<br />

WHAT’S THE<br />


The difference between the two is<br />

that a laser emits a single frequency of<br />

light that is coherent. This means all<br />

the light waves are travelling in the<br />

same direction, allowing the target<br />

tissue to absorb the maximum amount<br />

of heat.<br />

The target tissue is all-important<br />

when treating skin problems<br />

with a laser. The target tissue for<br />

pigmentation is melanin, for spider<br />

veins it is blood and for wrinkles<br />

it is water. Each of these target tissues<br />

absorbs a different wavelength of<br />

light, meaning a different laser is<br />

needed for each specific problem.<br />

Unlike lasers, IPL devices produce<br />

a broad spectrum of light in a<br />

range of wavelengths. While IPL<br />

can be used for many different<br />

types of skin concerns, such as<br />

pigmentation and sun damage, it is<br />

not specifically designed to treat<br />

any of these conditions.<br />

In other words, lasers tend to be<br />

very specific to the conditions they<br />

treat, whereas IPL devices are more<br />

generalist in their offering.<br />

Intense pulsed light uses light<br />

wavelengths that target either<br />

melanin or haemoglobin in the skin.<br />

It can be utilised to permanently<br />

reduce unwanted hair, fade brown<br />

spots and cauterise enlarged<br />

or broken capillaries and port wine<br />

stain birthmarks. Some treatments<br />

have been developed specifically to<br />

treat rosacea.<br />

The advent of fractionated laser<br />

– where microscopic columns of<br />

skin are treated while surrounding<br />

skin is left intact – made it possible<br />

to achieve results comparable to<br />

traditional CO 2<br />

laser resurfacing<br />

(which aims to take up to 10 years<br />

off your appearance) with fewer<br />

side effects and significantly<br />

less downtime.<br />

Fractional laser technologies break<br />

up light beams to allow columns of<br />

untreated tissue to activate healing<br />

mechanisms beneath the skin’s<br />

surface, treating skin conditions<br />

ranging from scars and birthmarks<br />

to wrinkles.<br />

These lasers work by creating<br />

microscopic thermal injuries<br />

that trigger collagen production,<br />

stimulating cell renewal and<br />

plumping out the tissues. The<br />

anti-ageing benefits of fractional<br />

laser technology include improving<br />

evenness of skin tone and texture,<br />

reducing pore size and the appearance<br />

of lines and wrinkles, and helping to<br />

reverse the effects of sun damage.<br />

A more mild treatment may take<br />

several sessions, while one procedure<br />

is usually sufficient for a more<br />

aggressive treatment.<br />

Another difference between laser<br />

and IPL is the size of the area that can

e treated in one session. Generally<br />

IPL treatment heads are much larger<br />

than the small spot size produced<br />

by lasers, which means treatments<br />

are quicker, but not as targeted as<br />

laser and typically require more<br />

treatments.<br />


FOR ME?<br />

When it comes to choosing between<br />

laser and IPL, it’s important to keep<br />

in mind that what works best for one<br />

person isn’t necessarily what works<br />

best for the next. An experienced<br />

practitioner will advise you what is<br />

most suited to your specific needs, and<br />

should offer a variety of treatment<br />

options to select from (including both<br />

IPL and laser devices).<br />

It is also important to be aware that<br />

IPL systems are available in different<br />

strengths and vary in how high the<br />

energies can be set. Many IPLs in<br />

the non-medical marketplace are not<br />

capable of reaching energies necessary<br />

to treat certain conditions adequately<br />

and may even lead to burns and<br />

other avoidable complications. So<br />

always ensure you are in the hands<br />

of an experienced and accredited<br />

practitioner in a medical-based clinic.<br />

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The term ‘cosmeceuticals’ refers to<br />

a class of cosmetic products with<br />

pharmaceutical benefits. Cosmeceuticals<br />

are topical skincare formulations<br />

containing active ingredients, which<br />

enable them to act on the skin’s<br />

cellular structure. In some cases such<br />

as exfoliants, this action is limited to<br />

the surface of the skin, while other<br />

formulations can penetrate to the<br />

cellular level and enhance or inhibit<br />

natural activities.<br />

Cosmeceutical products are<br />

commonly used at home and<br />

incorporated into a regular skincare<br />

regimen. They can help alleviate<br />

the symptoms of ageing such as fine<br />

lines, pigmentation, skin tone and<br />

texture. Components to look for<br />

in cosmeceutical products include<br />

antioxidants, cell-communicating<br />

ingredients, exfoliants, skin-lightening<br />

constituents and intercellular substances<br />

(that mimic skin structure). For the<br />

products to work, these need to be at<br />

sufficient concentrations and synergies<br />

to allow them to retain their active<br />

properties.<br />

For example, antioxidants reduce<br />

free-radical damage and inflammation,<br />

counteracting cellular damage, collagen<br />

destruction and immune suppression.<br />

Studies suggest antioxidants in<br />

combination can exert a cumulative<br />

synergistic action on the skin that is<br />

more effective than single-ingredient<br />

formulations.<br />

Cell-communicating ingredients use<br />

receptor sites or cellular pathways to<br />

interact with skin cells to signal them<br />

to function optimally. Retinoids, which<br />

are derivatives of Vitamin A, are the<br />

best known. They act as antioxidants<br />

and neutralise ‘free radicals’ that result<br />

from exposure to ultraviolet light. In<br />

addition, they increase cellular turnover,<br />

stimulate a thickening of the epidermis<br />

and promote the removal of excess<br />

pigment.<br />

Exfoliants encourage surface skin<br />

cells to shed, mimicking the function<br />

of young skin and increasing collagen<br />

production. Exfoliant ingredients<br />

include alphahydroxy acids (AHAs)<br />

such as glycolic and lactic acid,<br />

polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) such as<br />

gluconolactone and lactobionic acid,<br />

and beta hydroxyacids (BHAs) such as<br />

salicylic acid.<br />

Intercellular substances are<br />

ingredients that exist naturally in skin<br />

and can be depleted by health, ageing<br />

and environmental factors. Ingredients<br />

such as ceramides, cholesterol, fatty<br />

acids and glycosaminoglycans are key to<br />

skin function and should be included in<br />

moisturisers if they are to be effective<br />

in promoting skin functionality.<br />

Hyaluronic acid is known to hydrate<br />

and moisturise the skin from the<br />

inside, helping to smooth out<br />

wrinkles. CBM<br />

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Christmas<br />

GIFT<br />

GUIDE<br />






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BEAUTYsummer<br />

notes<br />







While it may only take a second<br />

to spray your perfume on in<br />

the morning, your choice of<br />

fragrance can be a powerful statement,<br />

revealing who you are and the type of<br />

person you aspire to be.<br />

Some of us are consistent in the type<br />

of fragrance we prefer, be it floral,<br />

romantic, woody or oriental, while others<br />

select from a broad repertoire to enhance<br />

or evoke a mood.<br />

Once upon a time, a “signature scent”<br />

was the norm, but nowadays we are more<br />

likely to treat fragrance as an accessory,<br />

changing at whim to suit our diverse<br />

lifestyles and shifting moods.<br />

Perfumes assume a slightly different<br />

smell on each person because of our unique<br />

body chemistries. This includes the level<br />

of acidity in the skin as well as the amount<br />

of oil present in the skin. People with fair<br />

skin generally have less oil, meaning even<br />

rich fragrances may not be as long lasting<br />

compared to those with olive skin.<br />

As a fragrance evaporates, it can be<br />

smelled in three stages, starting with the<br />

top notes and ending with the base notes.<br />

Some fragrances have additional elements,<br />

which fall under the category of middle<br />

notes, while others are more top or base<br />

heavy.<br />

Temperature and humidity play a huge<br />

role in how a scent comes across. A good<br />

rule of thumb is to wear a lighter fragrance<br />

when the temperature and humidity are<br />

higher. A heavy scent can become overly<br />

sweet and cloying in<br />

hot weather.<br />

Always store perfume in a cool place out<br />

of direct sunlight. Fragrance in all forms<br />

can be affected by direct sunlight and<br />

extreme temperatures.<br />

Fragrances have a shelf-life that lasts<br />

only a few years, so don’t save them for a<br />

special occasion. Life’s short – wear the<br />

expensive perfume!<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Which<br />

family do you<br />

belong to?<br />

The Fragrance Wheel, created in<br />

1992 by internationally revered<br />

perfumery taxonomist Michael<br />

Edwards, is a classification system<br />

based on four major groups –<br />

Florals, Fresh, Woods and Orientals<br />

– and 14 subcategories, or families.<br />

The outer ring shows which<br />

ingredients are added to move<br />

a scent from one family to the<br />

next. For example, adding orange<br />

blossom and sweet spices to Soft<br />

Florals transforms them into Floral<br />

Orientals, incense and amber then<br />

transform Floral Orientals into Soft<br />

Orientals, and so on.<br />

FLORAL<br />


FRESH<br />


Fresh<br />

The scale of fresh notes is broken<br />

down into greens, aquatics and<br />

citrus, with notes on either side of<br />

those blurring into the floral and<br />

woody categories that make up the<br />

Fragrance Wheel.<br />

Green notes are often associated<br />

with the crisp scents of the outdoors<br />

– newly cut grass, green flowers and<br />

herbs. Water notes invoke the spirit<br />

of the sea or the smell of rain.<br />

One of the oldest fragrance<br />

families, citrus is comprised of the<br />

juices of lemons, oranges, bergamot,<br />

grapefruit and mandarins.<br />

Woody<br />

If you didn’t already guess, the Woody<br />

group consists of your aromatic wood<br />

notes – sandalwood, cedarwood and oak.<br />

You will commonly find patchouli mixed<br />

in with the woody notes as well.<br />

Floral<br />

Probably the most popular fragrance<br />

category, florals encompass a wide range<br />

of blooms, from a single rose petal to a<br />

medley of floral bouquets.<br />

Most of these scents will be romantic<br />

and feminine, but depending on the<br />

ingredients can be soft (subtle whiffs<br />

and powdery notes), fresh (like newly<br />

cut flowers) or intense (with hints of fruit<br />

and sweet spices). Common floral notes<br />

include jasmine, rose, gardenia and iris.<br />

Oriental<br />

Just like its name suggests, the<br />

Oriental group is comprised of<br />

notes that are sweet, spicy and<br />

overall exotic and tend to be richer<br />

and bolder.<br />

Notes like amber and vanilla are<br />

common in the Oriental group.<br />

Spices like cardamom and clove<br />

also make up the oriental notes, as<br />

well as chocolate.<br />

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Things<br />

to note<br />

BEAUTY<br />

Each parfum, eau de parfum, eau de<br />

toilette or eau de cologne consists of<br />

different ‘notes’ that determine the<br />

overall scent and work in synergy to<br />

create a specific smell:<br />

• Top notes are otherwise called<br />

the head notes. Perceived immediately<br />

upon application of a perfume, top<br />

notes consist of small, light molecules<br />

that evaporate quickly. They form a<br />

person’s initial impression of a perfume<br />

and are therefore important in the<br />

selling of the product. The scents of<br />

this note class are usually described<br />

as ‘fresh’, ‘assertive’ or ‘sharp’. The<br />

compounds that contribute to top notes<br />

are strong in scent, very volatile and<br />

evaporate quickly.<br />

• Middle or heart notes make up the core<br />

of a fragrance and usually act as a buffer<br />

for the base notes, which might not<br />

smell quite as pleasant on their own.<br />

They are generally composed of more<br />

robust oils because they need to hold<br />

up longer on the skin. And because<br />

they’re the main fragrance, they also<br />

have to win you over – this has to be<br />

a scent you can live with. Heart notes<br />

usually evaporate within two to four<br />

hours, leaving the base note to react<br />

with your skin.<br />

• Base notes linger the longest on the<br />

skin – some essential oils can last for a<br />

couple of days. While there is a wide<br />

variety of scents that make up top and<br />

heart notes, there’s less diversity among<br />

base notes. This is because there aren’t<br />

all that many scents heavy enough<br />

to stick around for as long as base<br />

notes need to. Base notes generally<br />

comprise about 20 percent of any<br />

given fragrance. They’re often from the<br />

woodsy family – sandalwood, amber,<br />

musk and vanilla are among the most<br />

popular – but vetiver and patchouli are<br />

common too.

The skin<br />

youre in<br />

Our skin has a unique code of hormones and pheromones that can<br />

slightly – or extremely – alter the way a fragrance smells. When<br />

choosing a perfume, it’s a good idea to spray a small amount on the<br />

wrist, wait a few moments and then smell the scent. Depending on your<br />

chemical makeup, it can enhance or diminish the smell.<br />

As soon as you spritz a perfume and it reacts with your skin, you’ll<br />

smell the top note. It’s like an introduction to the fragrance. It might<br />

be fleeting, but it’s your first impression, the first scent listed on the box,<br />

and often the selling point for the perfume. After about 30 seconds or<br />

so, you’ll start smelling the middle and base notes and the fragrance<br />

will be noticeably different.<br />

The top notes are meant to evaporate within a couple<br />

of hours, so they’re usually made up of lighter oils. Citrus, herbal<br />

and subtle florals are common top notes, so you tend to notice<br />

lots of grapefruit, anise, lavender, chamomile and rose as you<br />

spray your way around the perfume department.<br />

Choose<br />

your<br />

concentration<br />

• The highest concentration is simply called<br />

perfume, or parfum. This level usually will<br />

last all day with just one application to the<br />

wrists or pulse points.<br />

• The next level is eau de parfum (EDP),<br />

which typically can last about six hours after<br />

application.<br />

• The third level is called eau de toilette<br />

(EDT). It typically requires more than one<br />

application throughout the day to last.<br />

• The fourth and lowest fragrance<br />

concentration is eau de cologne, which<br />

typically only lasts a couple of hours.<br />

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1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

7.<br />

6.<br />

9.<br />

10.<br />

8.<br />

11.<br />

12.<br />

1. Chanel No.5 100ml, $240, 2. Glasshouse Rendezvous Amber & Orchid EDP Travel 14ml, $24.95, 3. Juliette Has<br />

a Gun Vanilla Vibes 100ml, $209, 4. Salvatore Ferragamo Amo Per Lei 100ml, $167, 5. Paco Rabanne Lady Million<br />

Empire Glitter Collector EDP 80ml, $164, 6. Versace Pour Femme Dylan Turquoise EDT Spray 100ml, $165,<br />

7. L’Occitane Herbae Par L’occitane EDT 50ml, $94, 8. Recreation Bondi Beach Sunkissed Eau de Parfum 50ml, $109,<br />

9. Jean Paul Gaultier La Belle EDP 50ml, $138, 10. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Supreme EDP 50ml, $157, 11. Creed<br />

Virgin Island Water 100ml, $389, 12. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream EDT 50ml, $90.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

pour<br />

homme<br />

1. Missoni Wave Eau de Toilette 100ml, $110, 2. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Parfum EDP 50ml, $109, 3. Dolce &<br />

Gabbana K EDT 100ml, $140, 4. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Le Parfum 125ml, $149, 5. Jo Malone London<br />

Midnight Musk & Amber Cologne 100ml, $204.

1. diptyque Figuier Room Spray 150ml,<br />

$89, 2. Palm Beach Collection Coconut &<br />

Lime Candle 420g, $42.95, 3. Palm Beach<br />

Collection Coconut & Lime 250ml Fragrance<br />

Reed Diffuser $42.95, 4. Jo Malone London<br />

Orange Bitters Liquidless Diffuser, $286.<br />

home scents<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

E d’s<br />

fa<br />


Sisley Le Phyto Rouge in<br />

Rose Bolchoi, $70<br />

Clarins Lip Comfort<br />

Oil Intense in<br />

Intense Red, $35<br />

Trinny London Lip<br />

& Cheek T-Tone,<br />

Lip2Cheek and Lip<br />

Glow T-Pot in Freddie +<br />

Maddie, $43<br />

Morphe 35XO<br />

Natural Flirt<br />

Artistry Palette, $36<br />

Morphe Color<br />

Pencil in High<br />

Voltage, $4<br />

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Duo<br />

in Telluride Medium, $69<br />

Juliette Has a Gun<br />

Vanilla Vibes 100ml, $209<br />

Missoni Wave EDT 100ml, $110<br />

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BEAUTY<br />


emepelle Serum<br />

35ml, $175<br />

emepelle<br />

Night Cream<br />

48g, $195<br />

Aspect Sun<br />

Envirostat ‘On<br />

The Go’ SPF 50<br />

75ml, $30<br />

Happy Skin Co Mini<br />

Shaver in Pink, $49.95<br />

Jurlique Activating<br />

Water Essence $75<br />

mesoestetic<br />

aox ferulic<br />

30ml, $199<br />

Skintitut<br />

Limited Edition<br />

Gold Standard<br />

Brightening Mask<br />

75ml, $49<br />

CALECIM ® Multi-Action<br />

Cream 20g, $190<br />

Avène Sunscreen<br />

Emulsion SPF 50+<br />

50ml, $26.95<br />

Sand & Sky<br />

Australian Pink Clay<br />

Smoothing Body<br />

Sand, $49.90<br />

Mavala Tinted Lip<br />

Balm Collection in<br />

Candy, $12.95<br />

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