Year 6 The Circulatory System


Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 

Chapter 4 – the lungs

My mum said that my diary should have

facts so here are some facts about the

lungs. All the key buildings like the hospital

and the police station are here. Everyone

who comes via the PA Line has to be

oxygenated and given a carbon dioxide free

check. My mum and dad help in the

hospital. At oxygen postal service, I get

given a bag of oxygen to provide the body in

exchange of my carbon dioxide bags I have

been collecting from the body. Having

responsibility is exciting.

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