Year 6 The Circulatory System


Year 6 have been investigating the circulatory system and have studied its structure and functions. They were tasked with imagining the journey of a blood cell through the different parts of the heart and body. They could be as imaginative and dramatic as they liked. They have brilliantly combined their creative writing skills with their scientific knowledge. 

It was time. I flowed through the inferior vena cava into the

heart, beating loudly every second or two. I shot into the right

atrium, and I was pumped through the valve into the right

ventricle. The right ventricle pumped me so hard and I flew up,

through the giant ribcage, inside the lungs. “I survived part 1 of

the heart!” I gasped, taking in oxygen. But I was still going,

flowing back down the body into the pulmonary vein, straight

through to the left atrium and slid through to the left ventricle.

That was the point when I thought it was over, but then a huge

BOOM sound rung in my ears and I was whooshed at what felt

like 500 miles per hour, round the body, delivering oxygen to

organs. I flew through the intestines, into the liver, and all over

the place. “So that oxygen wasn’t for me.” I thought, terribly

upset that I didn’t get to keep it.

I finally flowed back through the inferior vena cava back to the

heart, ready to start all over again.

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