SHA letter from Colleen McNichol - nov 20 2021

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Kim McKechney November 8, 2021

Vice President

Community Engagement & Communications

Saskatchewan Health Authority

Graham Fast

Executive Director

Community Stakeholder Engagement

Corinne Slobodian

Primary Health Care Manger

Integrated Rural Health

Saskatchewan Health Authority

Holly Srochenski


Primary Health Care SE

Saskatchewan Health Authority

RE: Nokomis Health Centre

The Nokomis and Area Community Health Council request to meet with you to discuss and resolve our concerns

that the SHA in managing The Nokomis Health Centre is not honouring the Terms of Engagement as

agreed to at our last meeting held virtually January 14th, 2021.

Over the last number of months Council has been made aware of significant changes made to the services

offered at the Nokomis Health Centre. These changes are in serious conflict with our joint SHA’s and Nokomis

and District Council’s Goals and Guiding Principles.

In not sharing information and eroding trust through a lack of transparency and communication, Council feels

the SHA is failing our community and the 4000 patients that seek our Physician’s care in the surrounding region.

Along with not being informed of significant changes to services, the temporary wall erected in response

to Covid-19 blocks access to bathroom facilities and residents from the care of their own Physician.

We have cooperated and worked together to fight the battle against Covid-19. Our facility and the thousands

of people relying on it for their physician and for our residents who call The Nokomis Health Centre “home”-

we need services reinstated and trust rebuilt.

We expect that these changes will be removed and proper access to services returned so that staff, residents

and clients can fully utilize their Health Facility and the accompanying services

We expect a timely response to begin arranging a date and time to meet to begin addressing our concerns.


Colleen McNichol


Nokomis and Area Community Health Council

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