Lot's Wife Edition 1 2022

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<strong>Edition</strong> 1

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong>.<br />

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land, the people of the<br />

Kulin Nations. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.<br />

Sovereignty has never been ceded.<br />

As we reach the beginning of the new university year, with new students,<br />

returning students and students yet to have set foot on campus, students are understandably<br />

excited to start a new. “New Beginnings” is the theme that is found throughout<br />

the Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> Magazine this edition. The idea of New Beginnings can bring on an<br />

onslaught of different emotions such as feelings of hope, fear,<br />

excitement and uncertainty.<br />

With a new team of writers, designers, and editors we welcome you all to the first edition<br />

of Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> <strong>2022</strong>. Filled with poems, short stories, political essays, information about<br />

clubs and societies, and cultural & contemporary reviews this edition is sure to insight,<br />

validate and question those feelings that come with new beginnings.<br />

Here at Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong>, we want to mirror all of the voices that make up our diverse Monash<br />

student community and to project them into the world beyond, no matter where you are<br />

and no matter what barriers may be preventing you from being on-campus or in-person.<br />

We value your voice and believe it should be heard. Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> is intended to be a<br />

publication that intermingles unique perspectives and allows different bubbles to<br />

interact, discuss and debate in a safe and inclusive environment, so we would love to<br />

hear from you to ensure that your voice is included as well.<br />

Overall, we hope you enjoy reading <strong>Edition</strong> 1, <strong>2022</strong> as much as we enjoyed editing,<br />

designing, and compiling the amazing work from our contributors. Thank you to all who<br />

made it possible, and we look forward to sharing more of our students’ skills and talents<br />

in the near future.<br />

-Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> Team <strong>2022</strong><br />

Co-Managing Editors<br />


Content Editors<br />

Olivia Tait, Dimitri Tsivelekis, Kathy Lee, Ben Chaney, Sohani Goonetillake, Desna Ramjee<br />

Visiual Editors<br />


msa-lotswife@monash.edu lotswife.com.au @lotswifemag @MSA.Lots<strong>Wife</strong> @Lots<strong>Wife</strong>Mag Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong><br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Contents.<br />

Creative<br />

Analysis<br />

4 Too Soft to Hear<br />

6 The Risk of Flight<br />

8 we are okay<br />

10 David, Son of Jesse<br />

12 The Eternal Museum<br />

14 The Light in the end<br />

16 Gecko on the Wall<br />

18 Too Many to Count: How I would<br />

improve the SDG’s<br />

Culture<br />

20 Shoujo & Sakura: Youth is Beautiful,<br />

Youth is Blue<br />

Clubs & Societies<br />

24 Clubs and Societies<br />

Introduction<br />

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> is the student magazine of the Monash Student Association (MSA). The views expressed herein are not necessarily the views of the MSA, the<br />

printers or the editors. All writing and artwork remains the property of the creators. This collection is © Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> and Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> reserves the right to<br />

republish material in any format.<br />


Too soft to Hear<br />

Words by Harrison Wilson<br />

Art by @0ojin_<br />

Only now looking back, with the<br />

benefit of a little perspective and a small<br />

amount of maturity do I remember the trips<br />

to the river with fondness and tenderness.<br />

For much of the time between then and now<br />

it has either been painted in broad brushes<br />

or cherry picked. Specific incidents, “when<br />

he fell in the river”, “the hat trick on boxing<br />

day of 2007” “sunburns of biblical severity”,<br />

were spoken about in great detail but the<br />

broad strokes of our experience were left to<br />

each on their own to grapple with in private<br />

reflections.<br />

It wasn’t a tradition. Tradition implies<br />

regularity, and while certain trips could be<br />

anticipated, Christmas, some birthdays, an<br />

unexpectedly warm day in the term three<br />

holidays, most times, however, Mum would<br />

simply call the Hendersons.<br />

“Wanna take the kids to the river?”<br />

Mum would put down the phone.<br />

“Kids pack your swimmers and if you<br />

don’t put sunscreen on I swear to God.”<br />

Dad would always silently pack the<br />

car.<br />

We’d drive down the dirt track from our<br />

house to where the buffer of farms between<br />

us and town offered expansive paddocks<br />

of hay bales. They seemed to go on forever,<br />

sometimes I would imagine what it would<br />

be like if they did, daydreaming about what<br />

it would be like if we drove on in perpetuity<br />

surrounded by unfolding hills of hay bales<br />

with no chance of anything changing.<br />

It took us roughly three chapters of an<br />

audio book, two if we had to change the CD,<br />

to get there. We would pull up, always before<br />

the Hendersons, and get the cricket set, the<br />

bag with all our swimmers and towels and<br />

the green shopping bag with the necessary<br />

ingredients for the obligatory barbeque and<br />

set up.

The river came down from the<br />

mountain, snaked out of the bush, through<br />

paddocks and all the way through to town.<br />

It was quite a thing to have a house near the<br />

river, with a little gravel driveway coming<br />

down from the main road. But this section<br />

of the property market back home has now<br />

almost been taken up by retirees making a<br />

sweet living of negative gearing. The place<br />

we always went to had a large picnic area, a<br />

playground, a big toilet block and was one of<br />

those places that everyone thinks is their little<br />

secret despite everyone knowing about it.<br />

The Hendersons would always arrive<br />

later than we did. They’d come, adults would<br />

greet adults and then kids would greet kids<br />

after encouragement by the adults. There<br />

were two of each on both sides, my sister and<br />

I and the two Henderson boys and parents.<br />

The father was the lawyer of the town and the<br />

mother was one of those people who seemed<br />

to make “keeping up appearances” occupy<br />

forty hours a week.<br />

I always felt a subtle sense of pressure<br />

around them, a feeling that I had something<br />

to prove, like if we didn’t get along it would<br />

somehow reflect poorly on our parent’s<br />

independent friendship. Sometimes we’d go<br />

down to the river, try and set up dams in the<br />

shallows or adventure as far up into the bush<br />

as we dared. The Hendersons had a pool their<br />

parents had put in when they moved to our<br />

town and so all decisions regarding water<br />

based activities tended to be ceded to them.<br />

When we played cricket, dad was always<br />

brought down the little hill to the flat part of<br />

the picnic area from where the adults were<br />

busy cooking up the barbeque, consoling my<br />

sister who never liked cricket and gossiping.<br />

Both my father and I were competitive in a<br />

manner that would slip into poorly concealed<br />

anxiety. With him you had to dig around to<br />

deduce new information, a cryptic clue, an<br />

incidental hint such as a new opinion about<br />

a previously settled matter. He would calmly<br />

bowl to whoever had picked the number<br />

he was thinking of until they got out or he<br />

decided it was someone else’s turn.<br />

Cricket or river based activities would<br />

continue until the barbeque would be ready<br />

for everyone to come eat what was always<br />

a late lunch, “Go help your mother with the<br />

food I’ll pack up”. We’d sit down at the table<br />

all around, I’d always try to sit next to the<br />

Mums while the Dads discussed football,<br />

their respective employment and other things<br />

where there was no chance of inflection.<br />

Both men would make their points and listen<br />

politely while the other either agreed and<br />

elaborated or disagreed with conscious<br />

politeness.<br />

Sometimes, if it was very hot and only after<br />

the kids had reapplied sunscreen, we’d go<br />

down to the river to eat. Dad liked to roll up<br />

his shorts so they looked humorously like<br />

Speedos and wander into the middle of the<br />

river and eat his sausage in bread while we<br />

sat on the bank.<br />

Leaving was always an extended ordeal.<br />

“Ok fifteen more minutes” would become<br />

twenty minutes until all us kids got back<br />

to the barbeque after putting the final<br />

touches on the dam so that it was sure to<br />

not let anything out. We’d pack up the picnic<br />

table and each of the kids would be given<br />

something to carry back to the car. Dad<br />

always took a big armful of things and said<br />

he was going to go organize the boot of the<br />

car.<br />

As we drove off in the early evenings, my<br />

sister and I would normally fall asleep in the<br />

backseat. The sporadic conversation we’d<br />

hear from the front was rarely intelligible to<br />

a semi-conscious child. Once I fell asleep<br />

until a big truck passed us, probably filled<br />

with sheep that had no idea where they were<br />

going. I looked up from my half-laying, halfsitting<br />

position and saw my Mother’s hand on<br />

Dad’s leg, the bumpy dirt road would further<br />

obscure my sleepy eye’s ability to see.<br />

As we arrived home, tangled in the backseat,<br />

sand from the river on our legs and on the<br />

ground, our parents would calmly carry us<br />

inside, place us in our beds without getting<br />

changed or brushing our teeth.

Words by Erin Schubert<br />

The Risk of Flight

Lately, finding my voice seems like the only thing that matters.<br />

I fantasise about how it might feel to fan this flicker of something,<br />

The thing that burns at the back of my throat.<br />

It throbs at the tip of my tongue, too.<br />

I taste it in my mouth. The bittersweetness of it. The salty seduction of it.<br />

The thrill of it aches in me and I crave to meet her, become her -<br />

The woman who speaks her mind.<br />

I’m not even certain of what she has to say. I only know she has to say it.<br />

I exist in the space between stagnation and growth.<br />

Enthralled by the possibility of a bigger me,<br />

Tethered still to the promise of old safety.<br />

I’ve been balanced on this precipice for the longest time,<br />

Willing myself to lean into the risk.<br />

I’m so afraid to fall,<br />

Because who do I become if I do?<br />

What if I fly, though?<br />

What if I fly?<br />

Isn’t she me, and I, her?<br />

She’s the woman I become, if I fly.<br />

Art by @0ojin_

we are<br />

okay<br />

Words by Bella<br />

Art by Kathy Lee

in another universe we are okay<br />

and we don’t hurt like this<br />

maybe that universe is one of our possible<br />

futures<br />

or maybe we missed that exit a long time ago<br />

whatever happens to us now<br />

i know that we are okay<br />

maybe not in this universe<br />

maybe not as the ‘us’ we are now<br />

but someday<br />

somewhere<br />

i promise we are okay<br />

one day<br />

we are running through fields of long grass<br />

and sunflowers<br />

barefoot,<br />

wind in our hair<br />

sun on our backs<br />

we are baking bread and sipping tea that has<br />

been brewed for just the right amount of time<br />

we sit in a cottage<br />

made of hardwood and grit<br />

and it feels like home<br />

like our souls were made for this place<br />

we have animals and humans that love us<br />

we bake bread and cakes and soups<br />

from the things we planted and grew<br />

with our own bare hands<br />

to read<br />

and there is no pain in coming back to reality<br />

when the final page is turned<br />

we live near a river<br />

where we swim and wash our clothes<br />

and where the animals drink their fill<br />

we are content<br />

we laugh and we cry and we truly, deeply,<br />

wholly live<br />

and we are okay<br />

i promise<br />

with all the blood in my heart and air in my<br />

lungs,<br />

every inch of my body knows that<br />

someday,<br />

somewhere,<br />

we are okay<br />

----<br />

with a conviction i never knew i had<br />

i told them<br />

we are okay<br />

hoping with everything i am<br />

that i am right<br />

we are nourished<br />

we run hot baths and our only worries<br />

are what jams we shall make the next day<br />

our couches and beds are covered in hand<br />

knitted blankets<br />

and we warm ourselves by the fire and with<br />

hot chocolates when it is cold<br />

we dive into all the books we have ever wanted

David, Son of Jesse<br />

Words by Joshua Strauss<br />

Content warning: body image issues<br />

I have learnt to love the vessel<br />

gifted for my occupation,<br />

and the soft bars of chocolate-like soap<br />

I use to nourish it.<br />

This body sustains me with unbelievable power<br />

transporting nutrients and compounds and<br />

minerals and pure life like a steam-train<br />

that has laid its tracks<br />

through my arteries and veins, nerves and organs<br />

unstoppable, fuelled by its burning passion<br />

to render me alive.<br />

I have learnt to love the way it moves<br />

in the sunlight that graces our patio<br />

with a maternal touch and<br />

in the soft darkness as I sneak<br />

from my bed to the bathroom mirror.<br />

Its ripples and curves and stretches:<br />

there is no shame in how it has<br />

protected me, shaped me, housed me;<br />

there is no shame. Breakage of its shell<br />

may yield barossa tears, fore<br />

swathes of collagen bandages heal me.<br />

I promise I did not mean to hurt it:<br />

my ornaments apologies for inadvertent betrayal.<br />

Decorations, titanium bars and fluorescent dyes<br />

and my favourite shirt, my Canaanite heritage<br />

David’s brow blown over chest, goliath in size.<br />

Unblemished but no gentile<br />

my body cut like his is not<br />

but we are both beautiful<br />

for I have learnt to love my body.

Art by James Spencer

The Eternal<br />

Museum<br />

Words by Oliver Cocks<br />

Content warning: themes of absence<br />

Midnight in the Eternal Museum, and Harry is rubbing his eyes. It was a big night the night<br />

before, and he’s needed to gulp down several cups of coffee. At least they were cheap.<br />

He’s sitting in the Aquatic Exhibit. Spectral fish swim through the air, and the rumble of<br />

waves thunders in the background. The walls are hung with fish trophies and paintings of<br />

the ocean. Harry yawns, glances around, blinks.<br />

He’s been working here four years and still only knows a fraction of the Exhibits and Galleries.<br />

His favourites to visit are the Gallery of Infernos and the Subterranean Exhibit. The<br />

former features ghostly simulations of all depictions of Hell in human cultures, and the<br />

latter large photos of everything beneath the Earth’s surface. However, there are several<br />

others he enjoys seeing.<br />

Harry yawns again.<br />

His thoughts return to Saria. She sits in the garden, reading, then turns to him and smiles.<br />

He would give anything to see that smile again, to look out upon that sun-lathered garden<br />

once more. As it is, it’s been five years and he’s moved to a new house. New life.<br />

Another memory: a beach in summer, salt breeze, turquoise waves, radiant sun. Saria<br />

clasped his hand. They’d only recently met. Nearby, the splash and whoops of others at<br />

the beach.<br />

“Having a good day?” she said.<br />

“You bet.”<br />

They returned to gazing at the ocean. Waves rumbled, and children screeched and tumbled<br />

as their families looked on. Finally, Theodora said, still gazing into the ocean: “Did<br />

you ever come much to the beach as a child?”<br />

“No, hardly ever, to be honest. We lived in the City of Murmurs during the Diamond Wars,<br />

and only the Chosen could leave the City walls until I was an adult.”

“I see.” She turned to face him.<br />

Harry smiled, drew closer. Her fingers felt warm against his own. “So I’m even luckier to be<br />

here with you.”<br />

When he comes to a young woman, red-haired, is standing over him. He starts, and she<br />

backs away.<br />

“So sorry!” she says. “But I’m afraid I’ve become lost.”<br />

“You scared me,” Harry says, then gets to his feet. “Lost, are you?”<br />

“That’s right. I was just in the Gallery of Mythologies, and I wanted to get to the Room of<br />

Sighs but seem to have found myself here.”<br />

“I see. So you want to go to the Room of Sighs? You’ll need to turn down the hallway over<br />

there to the right and take the nearest left into the Gallery of Labyrinths, which is itself<br />

a labyrinth, so once you’ve figured out how to escape you’ll need to continue straight<br />

through the Hall of Fornication and then turn left through the Mountainous Exhibit and<br />

then continue straight to the nearest door on your right, and you’re there.”<br />

“Ah… I see,” she says. “Could you possibly write it down for me?”<br />

“No worries,” Harry says, then pauses. In strictest confidence, the Museum staff have<br />

been informed that the Voiceless Enemy have their sights set on a robbery of the Museum.<br />

Even if the Museum is open at all hours and days, it’s suspicious that someone would be<br />

visiting so late. But he reasons he shouldn’t ask too many questions, so he rips a scrap of<br />

paper from a notebook he has with him and writes down the instructions.<br />

“Having a good night?”<br />

“Yes, very much, thanks,” she smiles back.<br />

“Great, great. Well, here you go,” he says, handing her the paper. “Good luck making it<br />

out of the Gallery of Labyrinths.”<br />

“Thanks,” she says, still smiling. Harry gazes at her more intently. He hadn’t noticed before,<br />

but she is certainly pretty, pretty in a way that reminds him of Saria.<br />

“Have a good night,” he says.<br />

“You too.” And with that, she’s gone.<br />

Art by James Spencer

The Light In<br />

The End<br />

Words by Tehseen Huq<br />

Content warning: anxiety<br />

The best things in life appear when you<br />

least expect it, when you think that the<br />

world turned its back on you and that ray of<br />

hope has diminished in the haze of all your<br />

misfortunes. Imagine it’s a dark and stormy<br />

day. The rain pours down relentlessly, turning<br />

the street into a dismal watercolour painting<br />

of an artist with clumsy brushstrokes. You’re<br />

on a train observing two water droplets on<br />

the windowpane cascading down like rivulets,<br />

you wonder which water droplet will dissolve<br />

first. With a jolt, you ponder over something.<br />

Is God like this? A silent observer waiting to<br />

see who will fall first and surrender to the<br />

interminable black hole of misery. You shake<br />

your head to eliminate that analogy. No,<br />

you think. God is kind. Right? At least that’s<br />

what your mother taught you. Your mother.<br />

You don’t want to hear her voice laced with<br />

disappointment and condescension. You<br />

love her, of course you do. But sometimes<br />

it hurts, how she dismisses your pain and<br />

trivializes your trauma. You think maybe it’s<br />

because you haven’t been open with her. You<br />

contemplate on how much her approbation<br />

means to you. But your vexation increases<br />

as you heedlessly hurl yourself towards the<br />

depths of oblivion and her familiar voice in<br />

your subconscious mind screams at you to<br />

stop. Stop being so weak. Stop crying. Stop<br />

making yourself suffer in the hands of your<br />

own mind. What do you do when your mind is<br />

your worst enemy?<br />

Sometimes, it feels like you’re walking down<br />

a dark hallway which leads nowhere. Just<br />

making your way through the perilous depths<br />

and swirls of darkness. You think you see<br />

shadows in the underbelly of the darkness.<br />

Gray shapes materializing and indolently<br />

disintegrating in your surroundings. The<br />

darkness rearranges itself and forms the<br />

shape of a malevolent face with a virulent<br />

gaze. The gaze is directed at you with a<br />

sneer. You hear echoes from all around you.<br />

Disembodied voices whispering mantras to<br />

incite your self-loathing tendencies. “You’re<br />

not good enough”, “you’re detested”, “you’re<br />

an inconsequential speck of dust with<br />

nothing to contribute”, “you’re repulsive and<br />

unworthy, inside and out”. You kneel and<br />

cover your ears. You question your sanity.<br />

You feel like the darkness is sentient. It will<br />

envelop you in its claws and eviscerate<br />

you until you’re hollow. You can’t endure<br />

this anymore. Your fight or flight instincts<br />

kick in. The voices are getting closer and<br />

louder. Slowly approaching you like a lion<br />

approaches its prey just before devouring<br />

them. The shadows are merely an inch apart

from your body now. You feel a war raging<br />

inside you. You feel their icy breaths on your<br />

warm skin. You’re sobbing involuntarily. Just<br />

before their hands grab your neck, you wake<br />

up gasping for air.<br />

The train is still moving at a snail’s pace,<br />

slowly jerking from side to side. It was just<br />

a nightmare, you console yourself. The rain<br />

still drums along the windows, the rainwater<br />

creating rippling effects on the glass. You<br />

feel exhausted. Your emotional resilience<br />

slips away to make room for a dull ache of<br />

loneliness. No one can ever comprehend the<br />

violent battles you fight with yourself. Your<br />

mind is just an empty vessel. Suddenly, you<br />

realise the train has lurched to a stop. You<br />

step out onto the platform.<br />

The station is crowded. People are running<br />

towards their destinations, coats flapping,<br />

arms wiggling to make way. It’s all a blur of<br />

black, white and brown. You’re a tiny dot of<br />

humanity amidst the cacophony of faceless<br />

voices. Then you see her. Raven black hair<br />

dancing to the wind’s rhythm, the belt of her<br />

white trench coat flapping alongside her<br />

body after it came undone. You haven’t seen<br />

her face yet. But in your eyes, she’s encircled<br />

in a halo. A golden light surrounds her striking<br />

figure, distinguishing her from the crowd. Her<br />

posture exudes confidence and her glorious<br />

aura beckons you to step into her space.<br />

Your mind is filled with visions of colours<br />

and sunrises. You don’t know who she is, you<br />

haven’t even seen her face yet. But you know,<br />

oh you just know that she’ll paint your world<br />

in a burst of colours and leave an indelible<br />

mark on your soul. You can almost hear a<br />

kind voice in your mind. “You matter, you<br />

have stardust swimming in your veins. A part<br />

of the infinite universe is contained within<br />

you, you deserve to take space in this world”.<br />

Sunlight streams in through the windows<br />

of the station, the rain let up. You let the<br />

sunshine kiss your skin and close your eyes.<br />

After a blissful sigh, you run towards her.<br />

Art by Olivia Tait<br />

Art by Kathy Lee

Art by Mon

Gecko on the Wall<br />

Words by Wayne Foo<br />

“Mummy loves you [Heart]”<br />

I stood there dumbfounded, transfixed, stationary amidst a transient population of<br />

students rushing to their classes.<br />

The word feels familiar and foreign.<br />

Are we going to become one of those families that use it casually on a day-to-day basis<br />

without careful deliberation? Do I have to say it now every time I leave the house? Are we<br />

abandoning our subtle, indirect, traditional way of expressing affection?<br />

Mum was only leaving the city for a few days. Probably the first time since I entered<br />

adolescence, but still. I wondered for a split second whether this is a culmination of some<br />

sort, or if this is even opportune. I’ve always thought it would be a bigger occasion. But to<br />

be fair, it’s not like I’ve been able to picture it. Whatever I picture is never weighty enough.<br />

Rather than an elephant in the room, it’s more like a gecko on a wall in my Southeast<br />

Asian home. You know it’s there somewhere, but you might only be able to see it for a<br />

second if you’re lucky. You’re not scared of it per se, but you might flinch if it appears too<br />

close. It’s a little icky, I guess.<br />

I looked up and stared blankly at the ebbing tide of students, leaving me to drift further<br />

into the tricky waters of modern Chinese filial piety.<br />

Obviously, I love my mum. But we keep these feelings to ourselves, like a little treasure<br />

box. Ironically, we don’t always hold the key to it. Sometimes we do. Other times, we’re<br />

not even sure who holds it. In this sense, our deep feelings of affection are explosive,<br />

volatile, and stormy. A little like the stochastic movements of a gecko.<br />

I know the correct response. The letters connect themselves like one of many sequins to<br />

a dress, the needle traversing in and out in a consistent rhythm. My grandma cuts the<br />

remaining thread. A gecko appears in the corner of my vision. I snap my head towards it,<br />

catching it for a second, and it dashes off. I feel warm and fuzzy.<br />

“Love you too, mum”

Too many to<br />

count: How<br />

I would improve<br />

the<br />

SDG’s<br />

Words by<br />

Isabelle Zhu-Maguire<br />

I<br />

have been working for the<br />

United Nations Sustainable<br />

Development Solutions Network<br />

(SDSN) for 6 months. SDSN is the<br />

UN organisation that is in charge<br />

of sharing, localising and acting<br />

upon the Sustainable Development<br />

Goals (SDGs) around the<br />

world. Even before I worked with<br />

SDSN, I was using the SDGs all<br />

the time to shape my understanding<br />

of sustainability. I use these<br />

goals so much because they are<br />

fantastic. They are an amazing<br />

tool with groundbreaking ambition,<br />

clarity, comparability, and<br />

accessibility.<br />

However, they are not without critique.<br />

Through my experience using<br />

these goals, I have compiled<br />

three ways that I would improve<br />

the next lot of global goals as it<br />

becomes clear that we will not<br />

be achieving these SDGs by their<br />

due date.<br />

Suggestion 1: Merge the goals<br />

to make them make sense.<br />

I have recently been working on<br />

a research project on how the<br />

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Sustainable Development Goals<br />

(SDGs) can be used to assess<br />

the damage caused by the Taliban’s<br />

2021 takeover of Afghanistan.<br />

The structure of this paper<br />

follows three of the SDGs that<br />

have been identified as the most<br />

affected by the invasion. My section<br />

is focused on SDG 3, Good<br />

Health and Wellbeing. I have<br />

found that the health of Afghans<br />

has been devastated by this crisis<br />

with the main cause of death<br />

and illness being food insecurity.<br />

Writing this section, it dawned<br />

on me that food insecurity, whilst<br />

devastating to health and wellbeing,<br />

is more accurately encapsulated<br />

by SDG 2, Zero Hunger.<br />

I acknowledge that these goals<br />

are purposefully interlinking as<br />

all sustainable development issues<br />

are connected. However, in<br />

a report where I was using a goal<br />

to define a problem, I had an extremely<br />

difficult time separating<br />

the two in my writing.<br />

I think this is where my first issue<br />

lies - the proliferation of goals<br />

makes using them more difficult.<br />

I propose that the goals themselves<br />

should be overarching with<br />

the specific targets (of which<br />

there are already over 160) specifying<br />

certain aspects. For example,<br />

“Good Health” should be<br />

the global goal. This would then<br />

include all facets of health such<br />

as zero hunger. Another example<br />

is that “Reduced Inequalities”’<br />

should remain the goal with gender<br />

equality being a clear target<br />

of that goal.<br />

Minimising the number of goals<br />

will not only make them easier<br />

to remember but will make them<br />

more accessible. Fewer goals<br />

mean fewer people being overwhelmed<br />

and feeling overcommitted.<br />

Suggestion 2: 17 is a bad<br />

number<br />

Not only is 17 too many goals,<br />

but ‘17’ is a bad number. The Millenium<br />

Development Goals that<br />

came before were 8. A simple,<br />

even number that carries a lot of<br />

auspicious value. But 17 has none<br />

of that.<br />

Firstly, 17 is an awkward number.<br />

It is a reasonably large odd,<br />

prime number that for many<br />

people is difficult to remember.<br />

Prime numbers are often hard<br />

for people to picture and many<br />

people find odd numbers less appealing.<br />

I for one have been using<br />

the goals almost daily for 3<br />

years and still do not have them<br />

memorised.<br />

Furthermore, 7 is not a great number.<br />

Western folklore is riddled<br />

with things that can give you ‘7<br />

years of bad luck’. 7 can also be<br />

considered an unlucky number<br />

since July, the 7th month, is seen<br />

as a “ghost month” to many.<br />

Furthermore, 7 sounds like “to<br />

deceive” ( 欺 , pinyin: qī) in Mandarin.<br />

Therefore, future sets of goals<br />

should prioritise a number that<br />

is more appealing and easier to<br />

remember to ensure maximum<br />

engagement.<br />

Suggestion 3: One colour for<br />

each goal<br />

There are 4 red goals, 4 blue<br />

goals, 3 green goals and 4 vaguely<br />

yellow goals. Except for a gloriously<br />

pink goal and an orange<br />

one, all of the SDGs share a colour<br />

with at least 2 others. Whilst<br />

this seems like a trivial complaint,<br />

having goals that look so similar<br />


can be problematic when trying<br />

to communicate them.<br />

Colours are one of the first things<br />

you learn when you are learning<br />

a new language. They are something<br />

that can easily help guide<br />

you through a spoken language.<br />

Pointing to something and then<br />

describing its colour is extremely<br />

helpful. For example, I am learning<br />

Italian but I have no idea how<br />

to say the phrase “Good health<br />

and well-being” in that language.<br />

However, I could tell someone<br />

that I am referring to the “verde”<br />

(green in Italian) goal. However, in<br />

the SDGs, there are three “verde”<br />

goals! This becomes more problematic<br />

when you consider that<br />

one of the aims of these goals<br />

is to make global issues easier<br />

to communicate across cultures<br />

and languages, Therefore, ease<br />

of communication is a key reason<br />

the colours of these goals need<br />

to be separated.<br />

Furthermore, the colours do not<br />

link the goals together. For example,<br />

the yellow goals are ‘zero<br />

hunger’, ‘affordable and clean<br />

energy’ and ‘responsible consumption<br />

and production’. Even<br />

though they share a colour, they<br />

don’t share the same core goal.<br />

This could give people who are<br />

learning the goals for the first<br />

time a false impression that only<br />

the yellow goals are linked with<br />

other yellow goals. This might<br />

confine people’s thinking and the<br />

way that they innovate around<br />

the goals.<br />

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

are running the “slightly darker,<br />

less orange-red” campaign is<br />

a waste of your time when you<br />

are campaigning for something<br />

so important. Like how pink is<br />

associated with breast cancer<br />

foundations, colours should be<br />

able to unite campaigns that are<br />

working towards the same goals<br />

but should also distinguish the<br />

campaigns that are different.<br />

Conclusion<br />

The SDGs are a fantastic tool<br />

which help the global community<br />

enormously. I recently ran a<br />

breakout room where I discussed<br />

human rights issues with people<br />

who work with SDSN from Syria,<br />

South Africa, the USA, India and<br />

Malaysia. We found common<br />

ground by being able to refer<br />

to human rights encapsulated<br />

by the SDGs which aided our<br />

cross-culture communication immensely.<br />

However, the SDGs still<br />

seem overwhelming to many people<br />

who are not already working<br />

in the sustainable development<br />

space. More clarity is required if<br />

we are to connect the world by<br />

common goals to advance sustainable<br />

development.<br />

Lastly, from a visual perspective,<br />

it is difficult to separate these<br />

goals. If you are doing a campaign<br />

on SDG 1, No Poverty, you<br />

can use that hue of red to show<br />

what you are campaigning for.<br />

But then if someone else is running<br />

a seperate SDG 5, gender<br />

equality campaign using another<br />

red, you might find people will get<br />

confused. Telling people that you<br />

Art by Olivia Tait<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Shoujo & Sakura: Youth is<br />

Beautiful, Youth is Blue<br />

Words by Xenia Sanut<br />

Those who watch Japanese animated films or<br />

TV or read Japanese comics, especially those<br />

set at school or with a touch of slice-of-life,<br />

know that the sight of sakura trees in bloom<br />

is richly symbolic. It symbolises not only a<br />

time for new beginnings since the trees bloom<br />

during the spring-time, but also the fleeing<br />

nature of life since they only bloom for two<br />

weeks. Hence why sakura is the perfect<br />

metaphor for adolescence and growing up<br />

in many shoujo manga. Shoujo manga are<br />

Japanese comics mainly targeted towards<br />

young women but which contain lessons that<br />

everyone can appreciate, regardless of age,<br />

gender or sexuality.<br />

Emerging in Japan during the 1960s, shoujo<br />

manga typically explores feminine dreams<br />

and fantasies, often romantic in nature. Think<br />

of them being like popular young-adult (YA)<br />

romance novels and movies which can range<br />

from being dark and brooding, like Twilight<br />

and After, to will-they-won’t-they comedies<br />

in a similar vein to To All the Boys I’ve Loved<br />

Before and 10 Things I Hate About You. The<br />

plot and setting can reach the magical, the<br />

historical, and the fantastical. But, of course,<br />

one of the things that shoujo manga has<br />

in its pocket is its illustrations which tend<br />

to be like an early Taylor Swift song: soft,<br />

sparkling, and subtly conveying feelings that<br />

characters are desperate to hide in fear of<br />

how others would react, as shown through<br />

the example below. But overall, these are<br />

feelings that we all resonate with, regardless<br />

of whether high school life is now behind us.<br />

Some Shoujo manga, like YA romance, can<br />

have problematic messaging imbued in their<br />

stories with the main culprit being that you<br />

can change an aloof love interest with a bad<br />

attitude into a committed partner (Wolf Girl<br />

& Black Prince, Blue Spring Ride). But just as<br />

there are thousands of YA romance stories,<br />

there are thousands of shoujo manga so it’s<br />

hard to generalise and say that if you’ve<br />

read one, you’ve read them all. While many<br />

of them, even the healthier stories, tend to<br />

be idealistic and dramatic, a theme that<br />

lies at the heart of every shoujo manga is<br />

connection, not just romantic connection<br />

but every connection imaginable. How do<br />

young people try to become closer to their<br />

friends, their family and to their current and<br />

future self? How do they form meaningful<br />

relationships and strive to maintain them?<br />

So, like with anything we read, watch, and<br />

consume, take shoujo with a grain of salt,<br />

but as you scour through the range of<br />

different stories, take it as an opportunity<br />

to learn from the characters’ struggles<br />

without having to experience their pain and<br />

heartbreak yourself. Understand the many<br />

forms a relationship can take, how healthy<br />

relationships can be built, and how unhealthy<br />

ones can manifest.<br />

Many shoujo manga heroines are also often<br />

portrayed as innocent and naïve, attributes<br />

which are celebrated within the story not<br />

because the heroines are considered more<br />

desirable for demonstrating these qualities,<br />

but because adolescence is a time where<br />

none of us really know anything and these<br />

heroines embrace that and use it as an<br />

opportunity to learn. Sure, we might look at<br />

the heroines’ journeys and think we know a<br />

bit more in our 20s than we did in our teens,<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

but it’s still exciting to watch<br />

someone make that journey<br />

to discovery and perhaps<br />

we’ll discover something<br />

new about ourselves along<br />

the way. Additionally, being<br />

innocent or naïve does not<br />

make these heroines weak or<br />

helpless, instead it highlights<br />

how traditionally feminine<br />

ideals of love, compassion, and<br />

vulnerability can be a strength.<br />

It can empower these heroines<br />

to help a friend, embrace who<br />

they are, openly share their<br />

feelings to the people they<br />

love and guide themselves and<br />

those they care about through<br />

all the problems that we think<br />

are so small in hindsight, but<br />

which eventually coalesce to<br />

make the story of our lives.<br />

In Japanese, the word for<br />

youth, 青 春 , or seishun, is<br />

made up of the characters<br />

for ‘blue’ and ‘spring’ which<br />

is the perfect analogy for<br />

what youth is and how shoujo<br />

depicts it. Like a sakura tree<br />

in bloom, life, love, happiness,<br />

and heartbreak when we’re<br />

young is wonderful because it<br />

cannot last forever. We should<br />

learn from it, embrace it, and<br />

appreciate it, even when life<br />

feels beautiful, even when life<br />

feels blue. Let’s cherish this<br />

new year, this new beginning<br />

with all its transience and<br />

effervescence and discover<br />

a world like we are wearing<br />

shoujo-coloured glasses: one<br />

side pink, the other side blue.<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

MSA Clubs & Societies:<br />

The Key to Student Life<br />

Clubs and Societies are truly the lifeblood<br />

of the student experience, and this<br />

is certainly the case at Monash Clayton.<br />

Run by MSA Clubs and Societies (C&S),<br />

the diversity of activities and services<br />

that our clubs offer will certainly make<br />

your time at Monash the best it can be!<br />

With a growing list of over 100 clubs and<br />

societies at the Clayton Campus, there<br />

is definitely one (or more!) for you. If you<br />

wish to join one of the many academic<br />

clubs, which represent every faculty, then<br />

you will find yourself a support network of<br />

peers who aim to provide both great events<br />

and tailored support services to improve<br />

your educational experience. Or perhaps<br />

you’re looking for a community of students<br />

who share a common background<br />

and experience with you and join one of<br />

the diverse cultural or spiritual clubs. Or<br />

maybe you want a space to share and enjoy<br />

a particular interest alongside others<br />

with our incredible special interest clubs.<br />

The C&S calendar is jam packed with a<br />

whole assortment of events and offerings,<br />

from academic based events, that<br />

help you grasp concepts to ace that test<br />

or broaden your current knowledge of the<br />

world, or social events - from camps to<br />

competitions, or balls to beach days, the<br />

list is endless!. Make sure to follow your<br />

favourite clubs’ social media platforms to<br />

keep up to date with everything going on.<br />

Becoming a member and attending events<br />

is just the tip of the clubs’ iceberg. As all of<br />

our clubs are student run, the opportunity<br />

to join club committees and become an office<br />

bearer is certainly an incredible step.<br />

The benefits gained from being a part of<br />

these organisations are multifaceted and<br />

not limited to management skills, public<br />

speaking, event planning, leadership, governance,<br />

financial management, and most<br />

importantly joining an incredible team of<br />

like-minded, passionate student leaders.<br />

All of our clubs at Monash Clayton are affiliated<br />

with the MSA Clubs and Societies Division,<br />

an autonomous section of the Monash<br />

Student Association, that is headed by a<br />

9-student C&S Executive. Elected by our<br />

Club Presidents, the C&S Executive is assisted<br />

by staff consisting of a Coordinator,<br />

Support Officer, Administration Officer, and<br />

Finance Officer, who all have the aims of:<br />

- Developing and creating a growing<br />

community of student leaders in which<br />

cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing<br />

can flourish,<br />

- Support clubs in providing and improving<br />

incredible activities and services through<br />

extensive and relevant resources, advice<br />

and connections,<br />

- Provide administrative and financial assistance<br />

to allow clubs to achieve previous<br />

unattainable goals and successes,<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

- Establish new initiatives and training that<br />

allows clubs to effectively evaluated and<br />

adapt their actions in an ever changing<br />

world,<br />

- Advocate and represent clubs on both the<br />

MSA and the highest levels of the University<br />

allowing for the fostering of new collaborations.<br />

Just like a club, the C&S Executive has a<br />

calendar of events throughout the year to<br />

both support and celebrate the incredible<br />

work our club leaders achieve. From the<br />

Clubs Awards Night and Club Officer Bearer<br />

Appreciation events, to individual training<br />

sessions and the Student Leaders Retreat,<br />

C&S is truly non-stop all year round.<br />

Personally, joining the C&S community has<br />

completely changed my University experience<br />

to be the most rewarding it could be,<br />

more than I could have ever hoped for. With<br />

C&S aiming to make sure that this year be<br />

the most incredible year for clubs, now is the<br />

best time to sign up to a club and change<br />

your time at university for the better. Make<br />

sure to rock up to O-Week or check out the<br />

MSA Clubs website to sign up to any of our<br />

amazing clubs and don’t be afraid to send<br />

us through any questions you may have.<br />

Love,<br />

Matthew Chipman<br />

C&S President<br />

23<br />

Art by Kathy Lee<br />

Artwork Artwork by Kathy by Kathy Lee Lee

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Clubs & Societies<br />

ACES<br />

The Association of Civil Engineering<br />

Students (ACES) is the academic club for<br />

Monash University Civil Engineering students<br />

on the Clayton campus. The club’s<br />

primary focus is to connect students to<br />

the Civil Engineering industry via a variety<br />

of different events and initiatives. ACES<br />

annually hosts events such as careers<br />

fairs, industry-focused professional development<br />

sessions, various information<br />

evenings and social events; in addition to<br />

providing useful information and resources<br />

to our members. In this way, ACES aims to<br />

inform students about the Civil Engineering<br />

profession and potential opportunities for<br />

vacation and graduate work. Our flagship<br />

event is our Industry Night, where representatives<br />

from a broad range of companies<br />

visit the campus and present what their<br />

company has to offer. The night begins<br />

with presentations and is followed by a<br />

networking session, which allows students<br />

to gain insight into career pathways and<br />

connect to potential future employers. We<br />

post frequent updates to our social media<br />

regarding employment opportunities as<br />

well as information about our events, and<br />

faculty-lead programs. Follow our Facebook<br />

and LinkedIn pages and become a<br />

member to receive the ACES Civil Banter<br />

newsletter. Visit https://www.acesmonash.<br />

com/ to view our past events, learn more<br />

about the club, and sign up for membership!<br />

ACYA<br />

ACYA represents the aspiration to build<br />

a stronger bond between Australia and<br />

China. We provide a platform for Monash<br />

students to learn more about Australian<br />

and Chinese culture through educational,<br />

social and careers related activities.<br />

Our education pillar aims to combat bias<br />

and misinterpretation through language<br />

lessons, conversation sessions and cultural<br />

workshops. Our careers pillar aims to build<br />

professional skills through CV workshops,<br />

networking nights and presentations about<br />

work opportunities in the Australia-China<br />

space. Our social pillar aims to create<br />

lasting bilateral friendships through games<br />

and trivia nights, balls and cultural festivals.<br />

Testimony from the President, Susie<br />

Lei: “As someone who has been a part of<br />

the ACYA family for three years now, I’ve<br />

not only found a group of people who I<br />

can identify with, but I’ve also become<br />

more deeply connected with my Chinese<br />

background. I encourage anyone who is<br />

interested in Australian or Chinese culture<br />

to take the leap and come chat with us at<br />

O-Week and at our future events!”<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

ALP<br />

The Monash Labor Club is a club that is founded<br />

on progressive politics. We engage in activism on<br />

social issues including climate change, asylum<br />

seekers and youth employment, among other<br />

issues that impact students and the broader community.<br />

Throughout the year, we host a variety of<br />

events - such as social events, campaigns, and<br />

educational forums, which provide our members<br />

with the opportunity to meet like-minded students,<br />

as well as other members of our movement. If<br />

you’re interested in the Australian Labor Party,<br />

progressive politics, or are keen to know more,<br />

then join the Monash ALP Club!<br />

AMICI<br />

Whether you are a passionate about Italian<br />

culture, want to find out more about Italy, or just<br />

want to meet amazing people whilst making unforgettable<br />

memories – the Monash Italian club<br />

is the place for you! We host a range of events<br />

encompassing free food & drinks, soccer, outdoor<br />

cinema, cooking classes, and more. Most of all,<br />

you will not want to miss our Sem 1 Bar Night<br />

and Sem 2 Ball which guarantees to be one of<br />

the cheapest, most worthwhile and least overrated<br />

events in the Monash clubs calendar. All are<br />

welcome to enjoy the fun and we cannot wait for<br />

you to come say ciao!<br />

AIESEC<br />

Hello everyone! AIESEC is a global not-for-profit<br />

organisation created in 1948, focusing on creating<br />

better leaders for tomorrow through developing<br />

young people’s leadership potential and<br />

providing a supportive environment to challenge<br />

each other and grow. Our programs are run by<br />

youths for youths, and we are present in over 14<br />

universities across Australia and more than 100<br />

countries worldwide. We believe that leadership<br />

is the fundamental solution in creating a better<br />

future and we strive to achieve peace and fulfilment<br />

of humankind’s potential. How do we do<br />

this? We create upskilling events and workshops<br />

that centre around pressing global problems and<br />

innovative solutions, common struggles of youths,<br />

and cross-cultural understanding. Our committee<br />

members are also around to guide participants,<br />

therefore leading to wholesome friendships and a<br />

close-knit community, which is one of the most rewarding<br />

experiences to have in AIESEC. By pushing<br />

one another to step out of our comfort zones<br />

and developing self and global awareness in the<br />

process, we, as youths, can create a long-lasting,<br />

positive impact on our lives, our communities and<br />

the world at large.<br />

BCSS<br />

Calling all Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> Readers! The Monash<br />

Business and Commerce Student Society (BCSS)<br />

is a premier student-run society committed to<br />

assisting members in their transition to University<br />

through providing both social and professional<br />

development opportunities. We run a plethora<br />

of diverse social events, from our popular Orientation<br />

Camp to the highly anticipated annual<br />

Commerce Ball. On top of this, our career<br />

advancement opportunities span from Corporate<br />

Cocktail events to our annually published<br />

careers guide. Look out for our popular event<br />

‘The Art of Networking’, one of the best opportunities<br />

out there to connect with industry leaders.<br />

At BCSS we believe that all students should feel<br />

comfortable in making the transition to life after<br />

high school and we are here to be that stepping-stone<br />

to help pave the way. Look us up on<br />

all your favourite socials, keep in the loop, and<br />

become a BCSS member today!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Clubs & Societies<br />

BiolSoc<br />

At the Biological Society, we run a variety<br />

of events and activities that fit broadly into<br />

two categories: environmental biology and<br />

human biology. For those majoring in Biology,<br />

we incorporate as many areas as we<br />

can into our academic events by connecting<br />

you with real people who have made<br />

biology their career. We also run social<br />

and conservation events that any lover of<br />

organisms can enjoy, no matter their biology<br />

background! This year, we plan to run<br />

study sessions and networking events as<br />

well as environmental volunteering camps,<br />

games nights, competitions, and hikes.<br />

You can read all about it in our fortnightly<br />

newsletter, and maybe even become a contributor!<br />

This club is propelled by what our<br />

members want and we are always eager<br />

for your input.<br />

CU<br />

CCA<br />

The Computing and Commerce Association<br />

(CCA) is the only joint IT and Commerce<br />

Association in Victoria, helping to unite<br />

business and technology students since<br />

its founding in 2000. Despite the turbulent<br />

COVID-19 era, CCA continues to grow each<br />

year, offering more events and opportunities<br />

for its members. It is through this that<br />

we strive to achieve our aim: ‘to foster a link<br />

between the professionals of today and the<br />

professionals of tomorrow’. By creating opportunities<br />

for students to connect with industry<br />

representatives and equipping students<br />

with knowledge about latest trends,<br />

CCA is able to create a well-connected<br />

community of like-minded individuals with<br />

essential skills or experiences that are<br />

highly regarded. The following core values<br />

reflect our vision and goals: Community,<br />

Career Development, and Awareness. We<br />

provide many resources for students such<br />

as events, articles, newsletters and our all<br />

new Careers 101 podcast series! Feel free to<br />

check out our socials to keep updated on<br />

CCA: Instagram - @ccamonash, and our<br />

Facebook page - https://www.facebook.<br />

com/ccamonash. Keep an eye out for<br />

our O-Week stall for free goodies and the<br />

chance to sign up to CCA!<br />

“Jesus.” It’s something to yell in an argument or say when you find out your assignment’s<br />

due tomorrow and you haven’t started. If you’ve ever done anything more than used Jesus’<br />

name to curse, it was probably to say he was a moral teacher or never existed. Or that he’s<br />

outdated and irrelevant. Did we mention bigot? Monash Clayton Christian Union (CU) exists<br />

because we want you to take a fresh look at Jesus. There’s plenty of views about Jesus<br />

and what he did. But we believe what the Bible says about who Jesus is. We believe Jesus<br />

is God’s Son. And we believe Jesus changes everything. We run small groups that explore<br />

how Jesus lived and what he said; hold weekly bible talks, studies and prayer groups; and<br />

organise camps and social events. Visit our social media pages to learn more.<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

DISNEY<br />

Second Star to the right and straight onto Disney<br />

Society! We are a small but mighty special interest<br />

club here to help you hakuna matata away<br />

your days. Hundreds of members join us every<br />

year for fun ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’ like activities,<br />

making us one of the largest non-academic<br />

clubs on campus. With frequent movie nights on<br />

campus and in cinemas we are always bringing<br />

you the latest and greatest from Disney itself. We<br />

also ‘Break Free’ and dabble in a lot of Disney<br />

related trivia and karaoke (You should hear our<br />

committee belt out high school musical!). Not only<br />

that but every year we bring the magic of Disney<br />

to our award-winning ball with themes to absolutely<br />

knock your socks off! If you are looking for<br />

loving, inclusive, like-minded people than Disney<br />

Society is the club for you. Don’t stay ‘Frozen’<br />

out in the scary tundra of Arendelle, come join us<br />

at our events this year! We can’t wait to see you<br />

there ! Much Love, Disney Committee<br />


‘Empower others through education and inspire<br />

yourself through making a difference’ Every student<br />

deserves an opportunity to access quality<br />

education. We are a community of uni students<br />

aiming to inspire and empower disadvantaged<br />

high school students to realise their potential.<br />

Our volunteers provide high school students<br />

with free tutoring in three programs: Homework<br />

Clubs, In-School Support and Individual Tutoring.<br />

We also run ‘Hands on Health’ seminars, other<br />

social events and workshops. Especially if you’re<br />

in first year, this is a great opportunity for you<br />

to contribute to the community and feel good by<br />

helping others. As a volunteer tutor, you’ll learn<br />

valuable life skills (including communication and<br />

cross-cultural understanding), all while empowering<br />

your students. You’ll also join a community of<br />

like-minded individuals and expand your social<br />

network. No tutoring experience or superb grades<br />

are required, just a passion for learning and<br />

helping others. To learn more about Embrace,<br />

check out our website www.embrace-education.<br />

org or email us with any questions you may have<br />

embrace@monashclubs.org<br />

ESSA<br />

The Economics Students’ Society of Australia (ESSA) was founded at Monash in 2013. It is now the largest<br />

economics society of its kind in Australia, spanning across Melbourne, Monash, and La Trobe universities.<br />

We constantly strive to push the boundaries on what a student society can achieve – to engage with members,<br />

to give them a voice, and to connect students, professionals, and academics. ESSA strives to be the<br />

point of difference in your university experience. We innovatively connect likeminded students to ignite a<br />

passionate economics community that is more informed, engaged and aware of the breadth of opportunities<br />

and unique multidisciplinary relevance of economics. We run a range of social and professional events<br />

throughout the year. We are passionate about economics, and we look forward to sharing that passion with<br />

you!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Clubs & Societies<br />

FEM<br />

This year marks 10 years of Female Engineers<br />

at Monash (FEM) inspiring and<br />

supporting women-identifying engineering<br />

students! In honour of our 10 year<br />

anniversary, FEM is undergoing a major<br />

rebrand, but whilst our club name, logo<br />

and aesthetic will change, our mission will<br />

remain the same! At FEM, we work hard to<br />

deliver industry & networking, academic<br />

and social events that are meaningful to<br />

the minority we represent. Our International<br />

Women’s Day celebrations, Women &<br />

Diversity in Engineering Panels, Industry<br />

Guide Launch and Engineering Workshops<br />

were among our most popular 2021 events.<br />

Not to mention that FEM was awarded<br />

Most Outstanding New Event (High Tea Networking)<br />

and Most Popular Club Event for<br />

Category C (Cocktail Night) by Monash<br />

Clubs & Societies last year! We look forward<br />

to bringing back some old favourites<br />

as well as some exciting new events in<br />

<strong>2022</strong>! FEM is just such a wonderful support<br />

network for women-identifying individuals<br />

who may feel daunted by the prospect<br />

of being a minority in engineering - if you<br />

have any questions or concerns, feel free<br />

to reach out to us anytime. Keep an eye<br />

out for information about O-week with FEM<br />

- we can’t wait to meet all our FEMbers in<br />

person!<br />

FMAA<br />

The Financial Management Association of<br />

Australia is one of the most dynamic and<br />

well-supported student bodies on campus<br />

which exhibits a strong reputation for professionalism<br />

and connectivity between students.<br />

Our mission is to connect students<br />

and graduates within finance and business-related<br />

areas. Furthermore, we aim to<br />

foster professionalism among our members<br />

and facilitate the interaction between our<br />

members and firm employers by organising<br />

networking events, case competitions,<br />

professional skill development workshops<br />

and other firm-tailored events. Our events<br />

aim to give a competitive edge to our members<br />

seeking work in the finance field, further<br />

enhancing their career awareness and<br />

extending their professional development.<br />

Currently, we have over 40 firm sponsors<br />

with over 5500 student members spread<br />

across 6 of the top 8 Australian universities.<br />

If you want insight into business and<br />

finance as a career and become equipped<br />

with skills necessary for your professional<br />

development, becoming a member with us<br />

is a must! Follow our Facebook or Instagram<br />

page to stay up to date with us & find<br />

sign-up links to our member-only events.<br />

GLEAM<br />

GLEAM aims to provide queer+ students at Monash with professional and industry connections<br />

to further their academic career as well as regular social events<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

GERMAN<br />

Willkommen zum Monash German Club! The<br />

Monash German Club celebrates German culture<br />

and people. As a club we aim to spread knowledge<br />

and appreciation for the language and to<br />

embrace German traditions. We hold many small<br />

and larger events throughout the year. Our academic<br />

events include regular German talk classes<br />

and educational based workshops focusing on interesting<br />

areas of German culture and history. We<br />

also host social events regularly with Würste und<br />

Biere days to Fußball tournaments. Perhaps our<br />

biggest event of the year is of course Oktoberfest,<br />

which is a must for everyone. There is no need to<br />

be German or speak German to be a part of the<br />

club, so we encourage anyone to come along<br />

and sign up! By becoming a member you will get<br />

access to our regular newsletter and discounted<br />

membership to all club events. Don’t forget to<br />

follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to keep<br />

up with all our updates. Auf Wiedersehen!<br />

KASA<br />

Are you interested in Korean culture? Then the<br />

Korean Appreciation Student Association is for<br />

you! The Korean Appreciation Student Association<br />

(KASA) is a club for students to learn and<br />

share their love for Korean culture, whether that<br />

is traditional or popular Korean culture (music,<br />

dance, dramas, food and more). Any student<br />

can come and join KASA, regardless of whether<br />

you are Korean, speak Korean or just want to<br />

participate in an event that interests you. KASA’s<br />

K-ommunity is a safe space to meet friends with<br />

common interests to experience social, cultural<br />

and competition events. Now more than ever, we<br />

are providing more ways to appreciate Korean<br />

culture together! Some examples of events that<br />

KASA has had include Kbbq Night, RunningMan<br />

and Kpop Dance classes. This year’s planned<br />

events include Korean Fried Chicken Night,<br />

Ice-skating Night and our much anticipated <strong>2022</strong><br />

KASA Camp. If anything we mentioned interests<br />

you, make sure to follow our social media to<br />

learn more and keep up with all our events and<br />

updates!<br />

LingSoc<br />

Hi! We’re LingSoc, the Monash Linguistics Society - a small academic and special interest club offering a<br />

variety of academic and social events throughout each semester. Our club is for anyone with an interest in<br />

language and how language works, though you don’t have to speak lots of languages or even study linguistics<br />

at Monash to get involved (although those are also great reasons to join). We run events ranging from<br />

academic talks and discussion groups, to more relaxed social events like language themed movie nights<br />

and games nights. You can stay updated on club goings-on by joining our Facebook group, or by joining<br />

our Discord server (accessible through our Facebook), which often has lively discussions about linguistics<br />

and is a great place to chat with other students about any linguistics units you’re studying!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

Clubs<br />

New<br />

&<br />

Beginnings<br />

Societies<br />

LSS<br />

As one of the oldest and largest societies<br />

at Monash, Monash Law Students’ Society<br />

(LSS) are committed to making law school<br />

more accessible, interesting and fun! The<br />

LSS has five portfolios, each of which offer<br />

members wonderful opportunities and<br />

support. • Our Activities Portfolio arranges<br />

events (such as our famous Law Ball)<br />

and provides informal opportunities to<br />

meet new people – plus, LSS members get<br />

discounts on ticketed events! • The Competitions<br />

team provides opportunities to test<br />

out your ‘lawyering’ skills in a number of<br />

mock competitions – including mooting,<br />

negotiations, client interview and witness<br />

examination • Through our Education portfolio,<br />

students are provided with a range of<br />

invaluable academic support. LSS members<br />

can access weekly tutorials run by<br />

previous HD students - the perfect way to<br />

consolidate knowledge from class and ace<br />

your exams! • If you’re interested in Social<br />

Justice issues, you are able to get involved<br />

through the various seminars, programs<br />

and panel events run by the Social Justice<br />

and Equity team, including our esteemed<br />

Just Leadership Program. • Last but not<br />

least, our Careers portfolio offers extensive<br />

insight into commercial and non-commercial<br />

career paths, as well as putting on<br />

mentoring and networking events. We look<br />

forward to seeing you around!<br />

MAC<br />

We are Monash Association of Coding (we<br />

call ourselves “MAC” for short), and we aim<br />

to impart valuable technical skills to students<br />

and to bridge the gap between the<br />

classroom and industry. We want to make<br />

coding a fun experience for all—regardless<br />

of area of study, year level, or experience—<br />

through providing collaborative learning<br />

opportunities for our members. Our events<br />

run throughout the semester and are all<br />

about giving you newfound knowledge<br />

that you can’t just Google, and something<br />

tangible that you can take home and add<br />

to your portfolio (could be a new website or<br />

prototype!). On our social media, you will<br />

find how-tos, resources, exclusive opportunities<br />

from our industry sponsors, and fun<br />

stuff to help break the tediousness of study.<br />

Our lovely Discord community often has<br />

games nights, tech-related chats, career<br />

advice, and other wonderful conversations.<br />

MAFS<br />

Monash African Society (MAFS) aims to fortify and expand on the current African community<br />

in Monash University while celebrating African heritage. Our primary objective is to<br />

provide a platform for students to learn about African heritage, share their knowledge and<br />

celebrate our culture.<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

MAD<br />

The Monash Association of Debaters (MAD)<br />

provides students with an opportunity to debate<br />

philosophical, ethical, and current affair topics<br />

with likeminded students. Trainings on Tuesday<br />

and Thursday evenings at 5:00pm are a great<br />

place to practice the public speaking and critical<br />

thinking skills that are fundamental in debating,<br />

but also in your career. They are tailored to first<br />

year students and require absolutely no experience<br />

or knowledge in debating. If you find you<br />

enjoy debating in this relaxed and social environment,<br />

MAD also provides you with the opportunity<br />

to take you talent further and compete in the Australian<br />

National Championships, the Australasian<br />

Championships, the Australasian Women and<br />

Gender Minority Championships and the World<br />

Championships against universities from around<br />

the globe such as Oxford, Harvard and Stanford,<br />

as well as other inter-university tournaments specifically<br />

catered to first years. MAD is also a great<br />

place to make friends and build social networks<br />

that are integral to getting through university.<br />

MAD attracts students from a wide range of different<br />

faculties, so it provides a unique opportunity<br />

to make friends with people from other faculties.<br />

Every training session is accompanied by free<br />

pizza and an opportunity to socialise with your<br />

fellow students. Thus, MAD tries to create a fun,<br />

social and inclusive atmosphere for all first years<br />

to come and make friends, while practicing skills<br />

which are integral to their academic and professional<br />

success!<br />

MASA<br />

The Monash Accounting Students’ Association<br />

(MASA) is Monash’s premier Business and Commerce<br />

Students’ association, which aims to<br />

foster a high level of professional development<br />

and employability amongst its members. MASA<br />

is tailored to all Business and Commerce students,<br />

providing students with opportunities and<br />

resources to help bridge the gap between the<br />

academic and professional world. Throughout<br />

the year, MASA runs both professional and social<br />

events, which offers members the opportunity<br />

to gain insights into the professional landscape,<br />

learn more about specific career opportunities,<br />

and to connect with industry representatives<br />

and students alike. This year, MASA has an array<br />

of exciting events planned, such as our annual<br />

Corporate Cocktails, as well as new events, including<br />

an early Professional Services night and<br />

CA ANZ’s Accounting/Finance Case Study. From<br />

the team at MASA, we hope to see you in-person<br />

at our events throughout the year, and we hope<br />

your <strong>2022</strong> is off to a great start!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

Clubs<br />

New<br />

&<br />

Beginnings<br />

Societies<br />

MASS<br />

Monash Actuarial Students Society (MASS)<br />

welcomes all members of the Monash<br />

community. The majority of our members<br />

major in Actuarial Science but you will also<br />

find that many study a double degree.<br />

With such a diverse cohort, MASS offers a<br />

range of social and personal networking<br />

opportunities for all members. MASS acts<br />

as a facilitator for both peer support and<br />

professional networking for each of our<br />

members. We provide our members with<br />

a valued source of information regarding<br />

academic guidance, accreditation, the<br />

actuarial profession and career opportunities.<br />

Additionally, we strive to build a<br />

cohesive membership community around<br />

our social and corporate events. Our three<br />

main goals are: - Connect our members<br />

with professional actuaries - Enhance our<br />

members’ employment skillset - Providing<br />

a peer support network for our members<br />

These goals are achieved through the<br />

variety of professionally run networking<br />

events aimed at increasing our members’<br />

exposure to the industry and providing<br />

opportunities for members to enhance their<br />

“soft skills”. Furthermore, we provide our<br />

members with the latest job and internship<br />

openings directly from our sponsor firms<br />

and deliver opportunities to showcase their<br />

skills through case competitions and mock<br />

interviews.<br />

MATES<br />

The Materials Engineering society (MATES)<br />

is a group run by and for materials engineering<br />

students of Monash University. We<br />

are a community of like-minded students<br />

to meet and grow with. MATES provides<br />

plenty of social and industry-based events<br />

curated to give you a leg-up on your career<br />

and uni life. We’ve held site tours, vacation<br />

work and final year project talks helpful for<br />

networking, as well as ice-cream, bowling,<br />

trivia night, and barbecue events for fun<br />

and socialising! MATES is about bringing<br />

materials engineers together for a brighter<br />

future. Our common room is located on 18<br />

Alliance Lane of the Monash Clayton campus<br />

and we’ll also be at orientation week,<br />

so be sure to say hi to your MATES!<br />

MCJAF<br />

The Monash Club of Juggling and Firetwirling (MCJAF) is a friendly group of circus-folk<br />

who meet every week to share skills. If you have an interest in juggling, poi, staff spinning,<br />

unicycling, or any other circus art, we are the club for you! MCJAF is a great place to meet<br />

new people and learn new skills, and beginners are always welcome. We also offer opportunities<br />

for members to be involved in volunteer and paid performances. Other events we<br />

hold include camps, MCJAF Olympics and various skill workshops! We meet every Monday<br />

at 5pm on the Lemon Scented Lawns, Clayton campus. See you there!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

MDS<br />

Monash Dance Society (MDS) is a student-run<br />

dance club based at Monash University Clayton<br />

Campus offering online and or on-campus professional<br />

dance classes for both partner styles and<br />

solo styles. Some of our more popular styles include<br />

Salsa, Street Choreography, and Jazz. MDS<br />

also hosts a variety of social events from Intervarsity,<br />

Street-Latin Workshops to Get Bodied which<br />

encourages members to express themselves whilst<br />

engaging with others through shared passions<br />

for dance. Keep an eye out on our socials and<br />

connected communities webpage for more details<br />

on our upcoming events. Our aim is to encourage<br />

and promote our ethos for diversity and multiculturalism<br />

across Monash University’s dance scene.<br />

This association also provides a supportive, friendly,<br />

and welcoming community for its members. Additionally<br />

we emphasise the value of collaboration<br />

and cooperation, and we work alongside other<br />

associations to expand the foundations of expression<br />

through art and movement in our combined<br />

events. So join the groove-ment today and meet<br />

your fellow dance mates!<br />

MESS<br />

MECC<br />

Mechatronics is a relatively new area of engineering,<br />

uniquely combining areas of Mechanical,<br />

Electrical, Computer Systems and Control<br />

Systems Engineering. Mechatronics engineers<br />

have a broader knowledge of each of these<br />

disciplines and an understanding of how they<br />

can relate to each other. This allows for more<br />

viable, reliable, economic and versatile solutions<br />

to fairly complex problems. Robotic solutions<br />

tend to be multifunctional, and we are seeing<br />

more and more of these systems integrated into<br />

industry now than we did previously. Mechatronics<br />

Engineering Clayton Club (MECC) was<br />

formed to popularise and promote awareness of<br />

Mechatronics Engineering among students and<br />

companies. MECC assists students to develop<br />

and apply traditional classroom theory in practical<br />

fields. This is achieved through providing<br />

support for their projects and organising competitions,<br />

which encourage the Mechatronics way<br />

of thinking. We also promote opportunities for<br />

students to undertake industry experience and<br />

which strengthens the bond between university<br />

students and industry. We endeavour to act as a<br />

platform for Mechatronics students and students<br />

of other engineering disciplines to share their<br />

ideas. To help Australia become a forerunner in<br />

the field of Mechatronics we invite companies to<br />

actively take part in our programs and support<br />

us through sponsorship, ideas, infrastructure,<br />

etc. To know more about mechatronics and<br />

MECC contact us via email at mechatronics@<br />

monashclubs.org or visit our website http://meccmonash.weebly.com/<br />

and follow us on Facebook<br />

(Mechatronics Engineering Clayton Club)<br />

and instagram (mecc_monash). Don’t forget to<br />

drop by and see us at O-Week at LTB Lawn<br />

The Monash Engineering Students’ Society, better known as ‘MESS’, is a student run, not-for-profit organisation<br />

that seeks to enrich the educational experience of students at Monash University through providing a<br />

variety of social, industry and academic events and opportunities. While we focus our energy on Engineering,<br />

we aim to serve the best interests of all students, the University and the wider community.<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

Clubs<br />

New<br />

&<br />

Beginnings<br />

Societies<br />

META<br />

The Monash Education & Teachers’ Association<br />

(META) is the peak representative body<br />

for all students in the Faculty of Education<br />

at Monash. META is run by current students<br />

with the goal of developing Monash Education<br />

students professionally, personally<br />

and socially, and helping students achieve<br />

their aspirations on their professional and<br />

personal paths. We host a wide range of<br />

social and professional events, including<br />

course advice, LANTITE advice, professional<br />

development, trivia and pizza nights, bar<br />

nights, and of course our annual Education<br />

Ball! META is only $5 to join for MSA members<br />

and $10 without, so if you are interested<br />

in joining a group of like-minded individuals<br />

at all points in their path to teaching,<br />

and want to get the most out of university<br />

life, then please check out our socials and<br />

upcoming events. Learn more and join at<br />

www.metamonash.com/<br />

MICS<br />

MFS<br />

The Monash French Society (MFS) is the<br />

home of all things French at Monash! Composed<br />

of French speakers, those learning/<br />

studying French and lovers of French<br />

culture, all students are welcome to join<br />

and get involved in whatever events interest<br />

them most. As part of our aim to bring<br />

French culture to Monash students we offer<br />

a wide variety of opportunities and events<br />

which allow our members to sample French<br />

culture. We first offer a solid French educational<br />

element, represented by our weekly<br />

conversation classes to build on and challenge<br />

your French skills with like minded<br />

students. Of course, another intrinsic<br />

part of French life is a love of good food.<br />

We offer regular events and occasions to<br />

indulge in French cuisine, including a wine<br />

and cheese night, cooking classes and<br />

fortnightly crepe days (who doesn’t love a<br />

Nutella crepe!). At the heart of our club are<br />

our wonderful members, many who have<br />

attended a number of events organised by<br />

our club over the years. An MFS membership<br />

will entitle you to priority access to<br />

all our events, conversation classes, and<br />

even club discounts (including discounts to<br />

other French organisations around Melbourne)!<br />

So if you love French language,<br />

culture, and food, this is the club for you!<br />

The Monash Indian Cultural Society (MICS) is one of our university’s esteemed clubs born<br />

out of our extensive Indian community. We are rapidly expanding and run many successful<br />

and popular events throughout the year. We aim to promote cultural, social, educational<br />

interaction and understanding among students of the Indian diaspora. Through cultural,<br />

social and charity events, MICS provides students from various cultural backgrounds and<br />

universities the opportunities to come together and meet in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.<br />

Movie nights, formal galas, cultural festivals and more social events are a few of<br />

the experiences that MICS offers its members. We look forward to seeing you at our events!<br />

Keep an eye on our socials for regular updates!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

MIAS<br />

The Monash International Affairs Society (MIAS)<br />

aims to ‘Inspire Future Leaders’ through our three<br />

core pillars of Academics, Socials, and Model United<br />

Nations (MUN). We also run an online student<br />

publication and a podcast. Our aim is to provide<br />

you with unique opportunities to engage with<br />

international affairs. We host panels and roundtables<br />

with Ambassadors, High Commissioners and<br />

leaders in the international affairs space, allowing<br />

you to learn about global issues, foreign policy<br />

and the future of our international order from<br />

those in the field. Our social events are designed<br />

for you to meet like-minded people. We provide<br />

opportunities to mingle with diplomats and leaders<br />

in the field alongside meeting young professionals<br />

who have just begun their international<br />

relations career. Our MUN programs facilitate the<br />

development of negotiation and public speaking<br />

skills whilst delving into topical international<br />

issues. We train and send delegations to compete<br />

in interstate and overseas conferences alongside<br />

hosting our annual 2 day MUNash conference on<br />

the Clayton campus. Ultimately, we aim to be a<br />

welcoming club that can enhance your university<br />

experience through providing a space where you<br />

can make genuine friendships, explore your interest<br />

in international affairs and gain some valuable<br />

experiences along the way.<br />

MJC<br />

The Monash Japanese Club (MJC) welcomes all<br />

Monash students regardless of whether or not<br />

they are studying Japanese, as well as to all<br />

Japanese exchange students wishing to engage<br />

in some cultural exchange. MJC is the perfect<br />

opportunity to meet others who share a common<br />

interest in Japanese culture, history, politics,<br />

society, or language. MJC aims to advance the<br />

education of students about all things Japanese<br />

through an interesting and less demanding medium,<br />

while providing students with the opportunity<br />

to socialise and meet other peers who also<br />

have a common interest in Japan. MJC also acts<br />

as a tool for students to look into career opportunities<br />

with the Japanese language, as well as<br />

connect them to cultural activities happening<br />

around Melbourne. MJC has become the centre<br />

for local students to connect with Japanese<br />

exchange students who study abroad at Monash,<br />

giving students the opportunity to foster international<br />

relationships and make real connections to<br />

Japan.<br />

The Monash Marketing Students’ Society (MMSS) is a student-led club that exists to provide the Monash<br />

community with an enhanced university experience. Since 1971, the MMSS has provided a diverse range of<br />

students with many exciting social and professional opportunities. If you’re looking to attend rewarding,<br />

fun, and engaging events, then the MMSS is the club for you! This year you can look forward to and be a<br />

part of our White Night, Corporate Connections, and the annual Marketing Ball, among many more spectacular<br />

initiatives. We provide our members with a way to access valuable resources, enriching events, and<br />

many networking possibilities. Here at the MMSS we support you in your journey, and deliver you the best<br />

opportunities for an incredible career in marketing. Come along to make life-long friendships, new memories,<br />

and gain insight into the marketing world! If you’re interested in a future in marketing, want to learn<br />

something new, or just want to have some fun then check us out on social media and at our website https://<br />

www.themmss.com.au/ We hope to make this year a memorable one with you. See you around!<br />

35<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Clubs & Societies<br />

Monash Biomed<br />

Society<br />

The Monash Biomed Society aims to enhance<br />

the university experience of Biomedical<br />

Science students through facilitating<br />

lifelong friendships and providing industry<br />

networking opportunities. By providing<br />

valuable experiences and resources for students,<br />

we make the transition into university<br />

life as smooth and effortless as possible.<br />

Providing students with opportunities and<br />

insight through information seminars and<br />

networking events with industry professionals,<br />

Monash Biomed Society aims to deliver<br />

all you need to know about the Biomedical<br />

Science course and potential post-graduate<br />

opportunities. Additionally, we foster<br />

social interactions by providing an array<br />

of accessible and inclusive social events.<br />

The variety of social events include trivia<br />

nights, Biomed cAMP and the award-winning<br />

Biomed Ball, with a range of both<br />

in-person and online events on offer.<br />

Monash MSS<br />

Hey guys, this is Hannah writing to you as<br />

the secretary of the Monash Music Students’<br />

Society! As you might guess, we’re a<br />

society catered to the music and performing<br />

arts students, music lovers, theatre lovers,<br />

and performing artists of the Monash<br />

community! Each semester we host educational<br />

events for current performing arts<br />

students, performance opportunities and<br />

showcases, and fun events for the whole<br />

community. Previously, we’ve hosted events<br />

like murder mysteries, trivia nights, games<br />

nights, musical bingo, music theory help<br />

sessions, motivational Q&A nights with<br />

guest speakers, live performance showcases,<br />

BBQs, and digital music premieres of<br />

new works by Monash students. We’re a<br />

very open community and welcome everyone<br />

inside and outside of the performing<br />

arts to come check us out at O-week – we’ll<br />

have a stall set up with more info on our<br />

upcoming events, and on Friday the 25th<br />

of February we’ll be getting together for<br />

a society meet-and-greet, so if you’re new<br />

to the university (or the community!) we’d<br />

love to see you there! We hope to see you<br />

all soon!<br />

MonJSS<br />

As part of the Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS), MonJSS is represented by our<br />

four pillars: Activism, Judaism, Pluralism and Zionism. By facilitating an inclusive and fun<br />

space, we hope to develop and strengthen Jewish identity and understanding on campus.<br />

We run events ranging between social, political and educational; including our infamous<br />

‘Beers and Bagels’, Falafel lunches and guest speaker seminars - not to be outshone by our<br />

inaugural cocktail evening in semester break! We offer a number of perks and discounts<br />

to various Kosher restaurants, as well as provide Kosher lunches with Chabad on Campus<br />

each week, or at our delicious events! You’d hate to miss it!!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

MPS<br />

The Monash Philosophy Society (MPS) provides<br />

an open and welcoming space for like-minded students<br />

from all walks of life to come together and<br />

explore the questions that matter most to them.<br />

We invite our members to learn and engage with<br />

philosophy on their own terms, through our many:<br />

- Discussions on a wide range of philosophical<br />

topics and texts - Seminars with guest speakers<br />

from Monash University and beyond - Philosophically<br />

themed social events - Personal development<br />

initiatives founded on philosophy. No background<br />

in philosophy? No problem! We welcome all levels<br />

of experience, and you might be surprised by just<br />

how many of our members have never enrolled<br />

in a philosophy unit! We could tell you more, but<br />

we really hope you will want to come and see<br />

for yourself. We Kant wait to meet you! (Bonus<br />

brownie points if you see what we did there )<br />

MRSS<br />

Monash Radiation Students’ Society (MRSS) aims<br />

to create an inclusive environment for students<br />

studying Radiation courses. Despite being a relatively<br />

new club, significant development has happened<br />

in the last few years. MRSS was previously<br />

targeted towards Radiography students but we<br />

are now actively encouraging Radiation Science<br />

students to get involved. As new beginnings<br />

pose new challenges, we help ease new students<br />

into university life. With a number of academic<br />

events, we aspire to advance our members’ education<br />

with a particular emphasis on professional<br />

development and employability in the workforce.<br />

MRSS provides a safe haven to ask informal questions<br />

alongside exclusive access to alumni and<br />

tutors adept in the clinical environment, an experience<br />

exclusive to MRSS members. Complemented<br />

by our social event calendar, we encourage<br />

interaction across year levels and courses and<br />

give our members an opportunity to network and<br />

foster meaningful relationships. We strive to assist<br />

our members in achieving a balance between<br />

social and academic life. Become a part of MRSS<br />

for an enhanced university experience.<br />

MonSEC<br />

Ever wondered how hackers break into... anything? At MonSec, we teach practical cyber security skills, so<br />

you know how all things tech work and how to better defend yourself online. Our meetings run weekly at<br />

6PM on Mondays during semester. For more information and to join, head to our website at https://monsec.<br />

io/join/<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

Clubs<br />

New<br />

&<br />

Beginnings<br />

Societies<br />

MSS<br />

Monash Science Society (MSS) is a student-run<br />

club, focused on bringing both<br />

science and non-science students many<br />

magical memories and helpful course<br />

advice. Here at MSS, we do our best to give<br />

you a University experience like you see in<br />

all the movies. We throw the best parties<br />

on and off campus that you’ll reminisce on<br />

for years. Join us at our O-Week party to<br />

get a taste of University life and make new<br />

friends before the semester starts or come<br />

along to our future events to give yourself<br />

a break from studying. Not only do we<br />

provide the best social experience, but we<br />

are dedicated to making sure that at the<br />

end of it all, you have an improved chance<br />

at getting a dream start to your career by<br />

hosting academic events to give advice as<br />

well as chances to network with members<br />

of industry. We are committed to providing<br />

students with a smooth University experience<br />

and to ensure that they make the<br />

most out of it.<br />

Muggles<br />

Monash Science Society (MSS) is a student-run<br />

club, focused on bringing both<br />

science and non-science students many<br />

magical memories and helpful course<br />

advice. Here at MSS, we do our best to give<br />

you a University experience like you see in<br />

all the movies. We throw the best parties<br />

on and off campus that you’ll reminisce on<br />

for years. Join us at our O-Week party to<br />

get a taste of University life and make new<br />

friends before the semester starts or come<br />

along to our future events to give yourself<br />

a break from studying. Not only do we<br />

provide the best social experience, but we<br />

are dedicated to making sure that at the<br />

end of it all, you have an improved chance<br />

at getting a dream start to your career by<br />

hosting academic events to give advice as<br />

well as chances to network with members<br />

of industry. We are committed to providing<br />

students with a smooth University experience<br />

and to ensure that they make the<br />

most out of it.<br />

MUGS<br />

With the federal election fast-approaching there is no better time to get involved with the<br />

Monash Uni Greens Society (MUGS). We are a community of like-minded students who are<br />

passionate about social and environmental justice and greens politics. We will be holding<br />

a range of great events in <strong>2022</strong>, such as our collaborative meet-your-candidate pub nights,<br />

panel events and food & games nights. We work with all the big names in the Greens who<br />

love to see young people getting involved and are keen to connect. Our committee are<br />

a welcoming and passionate bunch, keen to hold fun, uplifting and engaging events to<br />

bring students together. If you’d like to get involved with MUGS please shoot us an email at<br />

greens@monashclubs.org, visit our Instagram and Facebook pages, and keep an eye our<br />

for openings on our committee! There is no better way to to get involved in uni life, meet<br />

other passionate students and fight for our future than with MUGS. We are excited to see<br />

you in <strong>2022</strong>!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

MUMSU<br />

Established in 1972, Monash University Malaysian<br />

Students’ Union (MUMSU) has grown to become<br />

one of Monash University’s (Clayton campus) biggest<br />

non-faculty organisations. Here at MUMSU,<br />

we seek to not only represent all Malaysian students<br />

within the Clayton campus but also to share<br />

our rich Malaysian culture and traditions with the<br />

community around us. As a non-profit students’<br />

union run by students, our events cater to our fellow<br />

Malaysians and other international students<br />

as well! We hope to be a part of your journey here<br />

in Monash, creating priceless experiences and<br />

timeless memories together as you embark into<br />

a fresh beginning in <strong>2022</strong>! Interested? Go ahead<br />

and hit us up on Facebook & Instagram or check<br />

out our website for more info! We look forward to<br />

seeing you in our events! Cheers!<br />

MUNZA<br />

Kia ora! We are the Monash University New Zealand<br />

Students’ Association (MUNZSA), a student<br />

club at Monash Clayton dedicated to everything<br />

New Zealand. This is a club for New Zealanders<br />

on campus to meet and get to know each other<br />

and to support New Zealanders who have moved<br />

here to study with settling in at uni. Some successful<br />

events have been our NZ Trivia Night and<br />

Rugby Game Viewing sessions. Follow our page<br />

for updates regarding events throughout the<br />

year.<br />

OCF<br />

MVS<br />

Monash Vegan Society (MVS) strives to promote a<br />

plant-based lifestyle to students and staff through<br />

education, community and, importantly, the sharing<br />

of food. We provide a supportive community<br />

for everyone (vegan or otherwise) to explore a<br />

plant-based lifestyle on campus, providing information/events<br />

throughout semester.<br />

Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a community<br />

that gathers to worship Jesus Christ,<br />

learn from the Bible, pray and fellowship with<br />

one another. We meet regularly on Friday evenings<br />

for worship and Bible studies from 7-10pm<br />

(though we often stay longer for supper xD), as<br />

well as Tuesday evenings for prayer meetings<br />

from 6-7pm. We also hold exciting events such as<br />

sports days, outings and camps where everyone<br />

can make new friends, eat good food and have<br />

lots of fun. And beyond our official events, we<br />

meet throughout the week to spend time together,<br />

eat more food and do life with each other. Despite<br />

placing a focus on international students,<br />

we welcome everyone! International or domestic,<br />

Christian or not, we have a place for you. In our<br />

Discovery Group, we provide a safe space for<br />

those who are looking to find out more about<br />

the Christian faith. Our Chinese Group is also<br />

available for our Chinese-speaking friends. OCF<br />

is not just a club but our home away from home<br />

and we invite you to join our family today!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

Clubs<br />

New<br />

&<br />

Beginnings<br />

Societies<br />

PLN<br />

The Progressive Law Network (PLN) is a<br />

network of people passionate about social<br />

and environmental justice within the law.<br />

We encourage university students and professionals<br />

to engage with legal challenges<br />

to bring about positive change in the law<br />

and political systems. We run seminars and<br />

workshops to bring awareness to important<br />

issues in public interest law, encourage<br />

intelligent and informed legal advocacy,<br />

and strive to connect students with volunteer<br />

and career opportunities. Recognising<br />

that many students don’t fit the traditional<br />

commercial law stereotype of law school,<br />

the PLN provides a community for those<br />

interested in non-commercial, public interest<br />

law pathways. Some of our areas of<br />

focus include environmental law, refugee<br />

law, family law, disability rights, LGBTQIA+<br />

rights and gender equality. PLN have some<br />

exciting plans for this year including: -<br />

Social events and networking opportunities<br />

- Our annual mentoring program - Parliamentary<br />

submissions projects - Legal skills<br />

workshops - Seminars and panel events<br />

- Book club Club memberships are on sale<br />

now from the C&S website and can be purchased<br />

for $10 (without MSA+) or $5 (with<br />

MSA+). We’d love to see you get involved<br />

with the club and look forward to seeing<br />

you at some of our events and meetups<br />

over the year!<br />

SAS<br />

Welcome to the Society of Arts Students<br />

(SAS)! We are a welcoming, exuberant<br />

and supportive student society at Monash<br />

Clayton, ready to bring you a range of<br />

unforgettable social events and handy academic<br />

support in <strong>2022</strong>. We are well-known<br />

for our fun-loving social events - such as<br />

our O’Ch3lla party - a great way to get<br />

involved and meet other students! Our<br />

workshops and career events also provide<br />

great networking and skill-building opportunities<br />

to bolster that Arts Degree. We<br />

love fresh faces and welcome all with open<br />

arms! We’d love for you to get involved!<br />

If you’d like to know more, check out our<br />

website, Facebook or Instagram or pages<br />

to stay up to date and learn more about<br />

our committee, initiatives, and upcoming<br />

events. Also check out our fun annual publication,<br />

the Simian, and our chockablock<br />

Careers Guide. If you’re interested in getting<br />

involved, become a member and keep<br />

an eye out our First Year Representative<br />

and Sub-Committee applications. If you’re<br />

not convinced already, let me tell you that<br />

there’s no better way to get involved in uni<br />

life and meet cool, like-minded people than<br />

with SAS. We can’t wait for you to join us<br />

for an unforgettable <strong>2022</strong>!<br />

SNAPS<br />

The Students Neuroscience and Psychology Society (SNAPS) is a student-run society<br />

dedicated to supporting Psychology and Neuroscience students at Monash University. We<br />

aim to help both the social and academic parts of your university life - from educational or<br />

career based seminar to creating exciting social events just for you!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

SCA<br />

Monash Medieval is a special interest club focusing<br />

on medieval reenactment, which includes<br />

everything from medieval-style fighting to activities<br />

such as sewing, embroidery, calligraphy<br />

and leatherworking. The club is affiliated with a<br />

worldwide medieval reenactment group known as<br />

the Society for Creative Anachronism. We have<br />

events, including overnight camping events, where<br />

we dress up in medieval clothing, eat medieval<br />

food and watch or participate in tournaments, including<br />

archery. If you are at all interested in medieval<br />

times, fighting in armour, sewing or other<br />

medieval skills, this is the club for you! Check out<br />

our website https://stmonica.lochac.sca.org/ and<br />

our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/<br />

groups/246223282137955/ for more information,<br />

including meeting times and event details!<br />

SLAC<br />

¡Hola! Everyone, the team at Spanish and Latin<br />

American Club (SLAC) is so excited for <strong>2022</strong><br />

and have a lot of awesome events planned to<br />

get everyone together again and experience<br />

Latin culture. This year we plan to host a diverse<br />

range of events including showcasing Latin food,<br />

bar nights, trivia nights to test your knowledge,<br />

conversational sessions for both beginners and<br />

advanced to practice their Spanish and even<br />

meetings with ambassadors. SLAC prides itself<br />

on being open and welcoming to all and seeks<br />

to promote cultural diversity and awareness at<br />

Monash, to build an environment where students,<br />

regardless of their background, can share, and<br />

have a good time while enjoying everything the<br />

region has to offer. The club main areas of focus<br />

are: 1. Academic – Giving assistance to students<br />

undertaking units or degrees in Spanish. 2. Cultural<br />

– Hosting events to showcase food, dance,<br />

music, and literature of the region. 3. Social -<br />

Providing a safe space for students to develop<br />

friendships and interact with one another. We<br />

love making friends and seeing new faces, so<br />

Hasta Luego! And we hope to see you soon.<br />

SoCS<br />

Every good relationship needs some chemistry. So if you’re looking for your next club to join, then look no<br />

further than SoCS, because we’ve got plenty of chemistry ;) SoCS, the Society of Chemistry Students, is<br />

a friendly community of budding chemists who gather at social, academic, and industry-based events.<br />

Previous events have included exciting Trivia and valuable networking opportunities such as ChemLunch<br />

and Industry Nights, in order to promote an appreciation for the world of chemistry around us. At SoCS, we<br />

represent undergraduate chemistry students, but encourage anyone who is passionate about science to<br />

join us; whether you’re interested in crazy chemicals, funky formulations, explosive experiments or just good<br />

old bunsen burners, SoCS is the place for you! If we have tickled your inner mad scientist, check out our<br />

socials and send us a cheeky DM/email.<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

O-CH3LLA<br />


SAS x MESS x MSS<br />

Beginning university can be incredibly daunting,<br />

however there’s no better way to start<br />

than with a fun night out and making a few<br />

new friends to end your summer holidays!<br />

If you’re keen on student clubs, socialising and<br />

endless exciting events, come along to one<br />

of the first events of the year - O’ch3lla (23rd<br />

of February at the Royal Melbourne Hotel)!<br />

This SAS (Arts), MESS (Engineering) and MSS (Science)<br />

collab event is your perfect opportunity to<br />

mingle, dance and down a few drinks at 2021’s<br />

‘Most Popular Club Event’! The event is sure to sell<br />

out quick so stay tuned on either three of the club<br />

facebooks for ticket release information soon!<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

43<br />

Art by @0ojin_

Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> Three<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> Three<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

Art by<br />

Morgana Damian<br />


Lot’s <strong>Wife</strong> • <strong>Edition</strong> One<br />

New Beginnings<br />

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