petfood pro 2/2022

PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums. We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.

PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums.

We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.


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International Magazine May <strong>2022</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing 2/22<br />

Ingredients: Trusting Suppliers, Stress Relief, Humic Acids for Gut Health, Wheat Textures<br />

Processing: Customized Solutions for BARF, Safe Processing, Cutting, Grinding and Mixing<br />

Packaging: Perfect Packs, Fastening Solutions, Bags and Pouches, Sustainable Sealing<br />

Marketing: Interzoo <strong>2022</strong>, Insect Breeding, Competence in Packaging, Too Much Protein?

Does Licking Mean Liking?<br />

Pet parents are more likely to repurchase a food their cats enjoy. That’s why cat food<br />

palatability is so important to both pet food manufacturers and pet parents.<br />

Typical two-bowl or one-bowl trials are a valuable way to evaluate food preference and<br />

acceptance. Additionally, AFB International wanted to develop new methods to assess cat<br />

food enjoyment that would represent what a pet parent might experience at home.<br />

To learn more about how these behavior measures can <strong>pro</strong>vide insight to <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

performance, download our white paper “Cats’ Eating Enjoyment Informs Preference for<br />

Food Components”.<br />

Argentina | Australia | Brazil | China | Mexico | Netherlands | United States | afbinternational.com


The World of Pet Care<br />

Following the reduction of serious cases<br />

and increased vaccination figures, it<br />

seems that the Covid pandemic is coming<br />

to an end. This is especially good news<br />

for trade fairs and conferences. Whilst last<br />

year’s Interzoo Digital in June was good,<br />

the reduced sized Zoomark International<br />

in November was better, now the return<br />

to a full sized Interzoo in Nuremberg<br />

this month is a relief to everyone in the<br />

industry. There is a lot to catch up on!<br />

Interzoo <strong>2022</strong> will have around 1300<br />

exhibitors from sixty countries. Many of<br />

them are related to pet food, either as<br />

equipment or raw material suppliers, or as<br />

specialist food manufacturers themselves.<br />

Almost half of the <strong>pro</strong>ducts on display will<br />

be for cats and dogs, but small mammals,<br />

rodents and reptiles, birds and fish are<br />

also well represented. There are exhibitors<br />

related to accessories for pets, such<br />

as cages and terraria, toys and snacks,<br />

collars and leads, as well as clothing and<br />

grooming. The full range of options has to<br />

be seen to be believed!<br />

Visitors are trade specialists from all<br />

over the world including suppliers,<br />

manufacturers and trading outlets for<br />

pet food, but also veterinarians and pet<br />

nutritionists.<br />

The <strong>petfood</strong> sector is one of few to<br />

have actually <strong>pro</strong>fited from the global<br />

lockdown situation, as more individuals<br />

and families have found extra time and<br />

capacity to care for a pet. As people<br />

found themselves in their home office,<br />

pets became companions and partners;<br />

this has largely continued afterwards,<br />

although with some exceptions. Since the<br />

market is growing, innovations have been<br />

fuelled and new <strong>pro</strong>ducts developed. I<br />

expect we will discover many of them at<br />

Interzoo and in the months to come.<br />

Some of the main topics in <strong>petfood</strong> reflect<br />

on society in general and can also be found<br />

in these pages. They include sustainability<br />

– meaning saving and im<strong>pro</strong>ving uses<br />

of packaging, energy and resources.<br />

Other topics centre around <strong>pro</strong>teins and<br />

mostly meat-free alternatives. Insects<br />

are featured widely, but also plant and<br />

algae <strong>pro</strong>teins are <strong>pro</strong>lific. For pets with a<br />

vegetarian or even vegan diet, this means<br />

that their nutrition still has to be balanced.<br />

Ian D. Healey, Editor-in-Chief<br />

Where some minerals and nutrients are<br />

also found in plant <strong>pro</strong>teins, others may<br />

need to be supplemented in some form.<br />

Petfood is a science, too! What does your<br />

pet say to this? “Give me as much as<br />

possible, but at least what I need.“ If it’s a<br />

dog, with the prefix “Please…“<br />

My whole team and I look forward to<br />

meeting you at Interzoo. Safe travels.<br />

Sincerely<br />

If you like it subscribe!<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



International Magazine May <strong>2022</strong> ISSN 2628-5851<br />

Technology & Marketing 2/22<br />

Issue 2 May <strong>2022</strong><br />

Anticipation is growing for the forthcoming Interzoo <strong>2022</strong>, to be held in Nuremberg<br />

from 24 to 27 May: Theorganizer, WZF GmbH, has confirmed itcurrently has<br />

registrations from about1,300 exhibitors from more than 60countries. With a gross<br />

exhibition areaof around 105,000 square meters, theworld’s leading fair for pet<br />

supplies willoffer trade visitors a unique overview ofthe global market for the latest<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ductsfor dogs, cats, fish and other pets. See the introduction on page 6 and the<br />

preview on page 28.<br />

Ingredients: Trusting Suppliers, Stress Relief, Humic Acids for Gut Health, Wheat Textures<br />

Processing: Customized Solutions for BARF, Safe Processing, Cutting, Grinding and Mixing<br />

Packaging: Perfect Packs, Fastening Solutions, Bags and Pouches, Sustainable Sealing<br />

Marketing: Interzoo <strong>2022</strong>, Insect Breeding, Competence in Packaging, Too Much Protein?<br />

Cover: "Lucy the cat" www.sarahbfotografie.de, dog: Adobe Stock - 130400705,<br />

Budgie: Adobe Stock - 496107704, Logo Interzoo<br />

Ingredients<br />

Processing<br />

8 High-Quality Petfood Needs Good and Trustworthy<br />

Suppliers of Raw Materials<br />

11 Happy Pet – Happy Family<br />

15 Have You Ever Heard of Humic Acids?<br />

18 Global Survey Shows Consumers Want Recognizable and<br />

Health-Promoting Ingredients in Pet Food<br />

21 A No Com<strong>pro</strong>mise Ap<strong>pro</strong>ach to More Sustainable Pet Foods<br />

24 Poland: WEDA Supplies Feeding System for Europe’s Largest<br />

Insect Breeding Facility<br />

36 Customized Solution for Pet Food Processing<br />

38 Solutions for a Sustainable Planet<br />

40 Efficient and Safe Production of Pet Food<br />

"Pets as well as farm animals should be fed the required amounts of<br />

nutrients according to their needs," says Sandra Stuhr of animalPro<br />

Nutrition GmbH in our interview on page 8. "Furthermore, the<br />

feed should be as free as possible from undesirable substances<br />

and environmental toxins, such as heavy metals, pesticides and<br />

fungicides. Product safety is our top priority."<br />

The demand for high-quality pet food is increasing, and<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction of pet food requires efficient <strong>pro</strong>duction lines with<br />

high availability rates and re<strong>pro</strong>ducible quality. This only works<br />

with optimal system technology and <strong>pro</strong>cesses that are designed<br />

to meet the specific requirements of the <strong>pro</strong>duct in question.<br />

The article on page 40 shows what else is important.<br />

4<br />

Technology & Marketing

Departments<br />

3 Editorial<br />

52 Upcoming Events<br />

52 Impressum<br />

Marketing<br />

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6 Welcome Back to Interzoo <strong>2022</strong><br />

Perfec<br />

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28 Interzoo <strong>2022</strong> – Highlights to check out in Nuremberg,<br />

May 24th to 27th<br />

- Technology & Marketing -<br />

34 PetFood Success through Packaging Competence<br />

48 A Wide Range of Innovative Bag Packaging Solutions<br />

Perfectly<br />

50 Events: PetXpert Processing Conference, Zoomark Int. 2023<br />

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51 Events: 25 Years of CIPS<br />

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Packaging<br />

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42 Perfect Packs for Quality Pet Food<br />

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45 Sustainable Packaging and Sealing Machinery Solution for<br />

Hug PET FOODS<br />

46 Inline Tray Sealer is the Natural Choise for Premium Dog<br />

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Easylock by Aplix® is a range of intuitive and sensory closures<br />

for flexible packaging. This patented hook-to-hook closure is<br />

made from food-grade, heat-sealable polyethylene material,<br />

designed to be sealed on film. Self-mating micro hooks engage<br />

on multiple levels, making it easy for anyone to open and<br />

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Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Welcome Back to Interzoo!<br />

Nuremberg, Germany, May 24-27<br />

Anticipation is growing for the<br />

forthcoming Interzoo <strong>2022</strong>, to be held<br />

in Nuremberg from 24 to 27 May: The<br />

organizer, WZF GmbH, has confirmed it<br />

currently has registrations from about<br />

1,300 exhibitors from more than 60<br />

countries. With a gross exhibition area<br />

of around 105,000 square meters, the<br />

world’s leading fair for pet supplies will<br />

offer trade visitors a unique overview of<br />

the global market for the latest <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

for dogs, cats, fish and other pets.<br />

“Despite the challenges created by<br />

Covid-19, the global pet industry has<br />

developed positively during the past two<br />

years,” comments Norbert Holthenrich,<br />

President of the German Pet Trade &<br />

Industry Association (ZZF), the honorary<br />

sponsor of Interzoo. But since the<br />

pandemic began, supply chains have<br />

been severely disrupted, with <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

<strong>pro</strong>blems and delivery bottlenecks<br />

as a consequence. Holthenrich views<br />

Interzoo as an opportunity to change<br />

focus and pave the way for new business:<br />

“Manufacturers and buyers can meet<br />

again in person at the world’s leading fair<br />

in Nuremberg in order to establish new<br />

business contacts and discover <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

of interest.”<br />

The strong international make-up of the<br />

exhibition will guarantee a global market<br />

overview, with more than 80 percent of<br />

exhibitors coming from outside Germany.<br />

The largest international contingents<br />

represent Italy, the UK, US, Netherlands<br />

and Spain. There will be a total of eleven<br />

national pavilions, some of them larger<br />

than previously, from Brazil, the UK, India,<br />

Italy, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, the<br />

Czech Republic and the US, with France<br />

and South Korea being new additions this<br />

year.<br />

WZF has recorded growth in registrations<br />

for stand space from a number of countries<br />

in Europe, such as Turkey (+114%) and<br />

Spain (+15%), with about 60 exhibitors<br />

each. There is also stronger demand from<br />

outside Europe, such as South Korea (+33<br />

%) and India (+22%) with well over 20 and<br />

40 exhibitors respectively.<br />

Segment breakdown<br />

As in the past, items for dogs and cats<br />

make up the largest share of the <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

on offer (47%), followed by small animals<br />

and rodents (10%), then pet birds and<br />

aquariums (8% each). The range of<br />

supplementary items for the specialty<br />

pet retail sector accounts for 6 percent,<br />

as does <strong>petfood</strong> technology. Items for<br />

garden animals represent 5 percent, with<br />

smaller shares for other segments such as<br />

subject-area literature, shop fittings and<br />

packaging.<br />

Strong international visitor<br />

numbers expected<br />

With the lifting of travel restrictions and<br />

the <strong>pro</strong>ven hygiene strategy in place, Dr<br />

Rowena Arzt, Director Exhibitions for WZF<br />

GmbH, also expects strong international<br />

visitor numbers: “At previous Interzoo<br />

events, more than a quarter of the visitors<br />

came from Germany and three-quarters<br />

from other countries – about 42 percent<br />

from other parts of Europe and a little<br />

over 30 percent from outside Europe.<br />

We expect the structure will be similar<br />

6<br />

Technology & Marketing


at Interzoo <strong>2022</strong>, with fewer visitors<br />

from some eastern European and Asian<br />

countries in view of the situation there.<br />

This does not affect the importance of<br />

Interzoo as the world’s leading fair in this<br />

sector, and it continues to offer many<br />

opportunities for international contacts,<br />

interaction and business.”<br />

Connecting with the new<br />

Interzoo app<br />

The new Interzoo app is now available<br />

to <strong>pro</strong>vide a link between the digital and<br />

physical worlds and offer a convenient<br />

overview. It is available for immediate<br />

download from the usual app stores for<br />

Apple and Android platforms to help<br />

participants prepare for their attendance<br />

at the fair. The app offers visitors the key<br />

information on exhibitors, <strong>pro</strong>ducts and<br />

brands, an interactive floor plan, and a<br />

personal fair planner. Another practical<br />

function is the “Ticket Wallet”, in which<br />

visitors can store their entrance tickets and<br />

other documents as ap<strong>pro</strong>priate. Digital<br />

contact management, a popular feature<br />

at Interzoo.digital, is also available via<br />

the app: Visitors can network with other<br />

visitors or exhibitors, make appointments<br />

or swap business cards digitally. The<br />

ability to simply scan in QR codes from<br />

name tags makes this last function easier.<br />

Supporting <strong>pro</strong>gramme<br />

<strong>pro</strong>vides insights and stimuli<br />

In addition to the wide-ranging<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts and services on offer from the<br />

exhibitors, the accompanying supporting<br />

<strong>pro</strong>gramme comes with further benefits<br />

for the participants. For example, just the<br />

day before the actual fair begins, a wholeday<br />

conference is being held on 23 May in<br />

the form of Petfood Forum Europe, where<br />

experts will speak on the latest trends,<br />

research and innovations on the <strong>petfood</strong><br />

market in Europe. The conference, being<br />

held in collaboration with WATT Global<br />

Media, <strong>pro</strong>vides an opportunity for<br />

interaction and networking.<br />

Further highlights on the supporting<br />

<strong>pro</strong>gramme will follow the opening of<br />

the exhibition halls on Tuesday 24 May,<br />

with five Interzoo Country Sessions<br />

discussing trends and market data in<br />

western Europe, Brazil, Scandinavia, China<br />

and the US. The Interzoo Sustainability<br />

Session emphasises the importance of<br />

sustainability in the pet industry. Trends<br />

and developments will be illustrated<br />

and considered in greater depth with<br />

Norbert Holthenrich, President of<br />

the German Pet Trade & Industry<br />

Association (ZZF)<br />

the aid of best-practice examples. The<br />

session will start with a presentation by<br />

the Sustainable Transformation Lab of<br />

the Antwerp Management School (AMS),<br />

which will share the results of the latest<br />

Interzoo sustainability study and <strong>pro</strong>vide<br />

an overview of the current situation<br />

in the pet industry. Examples from the<br />

industry will be shown, along with tips<br />

as to how businesses can make an even<br />

greater commitment to sustainability.<br />

Plans are also in <strong>pro</strong>gress for a Petfluencer<br />

session, contributions on aquarium<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts and start-up presentations. Each<br />

session is followed by an opportunity for<br />

participants to interact on the theme in<br />

question and expand their own networks.<br />

The world’s leading fair is also the<br />

meeting place for international industry<br />

organizations. Interzoo will also be the<br />

umbrella event for this year’s International<br />

Pet Associations (IPAC) Summit and the<br />

annual meeting of the European Pet<br />

Organization (EPO) and Ornamental Fish<br />

International (OFI).<br />

Dr. Rowena Arzt, Interzoo<br />

Exhibitions Director<br />

To make it possible to experience every<br />

aspect of the world’s leading fair, selected<br />

presentations will be made available on<br />

demand following the event as part of the<br />

Interzoo Academy.<br />

WZF GmbH and the German Pet<br />

Trade & Industry Association (ZZF), as<br />

the organizer and honorary sponsor<br />

of Interzoo, respectively, are also<br />

represented with a stand in Hall 4. As a<br />

contact for the German pet industry and<br />

an agent and lobbyist for political matters,<br />

the Association will present its services for<br />

members, those in the area of training<br />

and <strong>pro</strong>fessional development and also<br />

information on the pet market. This stand<br />

is also the place to go for any questions<br />

on sustainability in the pet industry,<br />

aquarium <strong>pro</strong>ducts and trends in pet care.<br />

This issue of PetFood PRO includes a<br />

longer preview on Interzoo 2002, starting<br />

on page 28. Please refer to the magazine<br />

when you visit the exhibitors to find out<br />

more information.<br />

For more information<br />

www.interzoo.com<br />

www.interzoo-academy.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



High-Quality Petfood Needs<br />

Good and Trustworthy Suppliers<br />

of Raw Materials<br />

Photos: animalPro nutrition GmbH<br />

PetFood Pro recently talked with Sandra Stuhr, Sales Director at animalPro nutrition GmbH in Bad Oldesloe,<br />

Germany. The company has decades of experience in international food and feed ingredients trade for the<br />

European market and aims to im<strong>pro</strong>ve the animal feed industry, making it fairer for <strong>pro</strong>ducers, more reliable for<br />

manufacturers and more valuable for animals.<br />

What do you consider to be<br />

particularly important in<br />

animal nutrition?<br />

Pets as well as farm animals should be<br />

fed the required amounts of nutrients<br />

according to their needs. Furthermore,<br />

the feed should be as free as possible from<br />

undesirable substances and environmental<br />

toxins, such as heavy metals, pesticides<br />

and fungicides. Product safety is our top<br />

priority.<br />

Have you observed any<br />

changes in the market in recent<br />

years, if so, which ones?<br />

In addition to grain-free ingredients<br />

such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, millet,<br />

amaranth and tapioca, which have been<br />

used in premium feeds for many years,<br />

we are increasingly seeing the use of<br />

so-called "functional" and "superfood<br />

ingredients", some of which are linked<br />

to health-<strong>pro</strong>moting effects from the<br />

human sector. These include algae, plant<br />

extracts and herbs, but also pre- and<br />

<strong>pro</strong>biotics.<br />

How do you think animal feed<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction will develop or<br />

change in the coming years?<br />

A lot of work is currently being done<br />

on the development of alternative<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein sources. In particular, the<br />

area of insect <strong>pro</strong>teins is being<br />

researched more intensively.<br />

The supply of <strong>pro</strong>teins<br />

from meat by-<strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

has been declining, not at<br />

least due to the pandemic,<br />

and the trend towards<br />

vegetarian and vegan diets<br />

is more an expression of the<br />

consumer's critical attitude<br />

towards livestock farming.<br />

We believe this will contribute<br />

to shortages in the supply of raw<br />

materials for pet food <strong>pro</strong>duction. In<br />

addition, we are observing an increasing<br />

valorization of slaughter <strong>pro</strong>ducts into<br />

the food sector. Here, the pet food<br />

industry is increasingly competing with<br />

food manufacturers.<br />

8<br />

Technology & Marketing


Meet the All-in-One<br />

Cutting Solution<br />

The Affinity® Dicer with built-in<br />

precutter is specially designed to<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess formed meat logs.<br />

The dicer reduces <strong>pro</strong>cessing time<br />

and increases labor cost-savings<br />

by eliminating the need to precut<br />

logs before entering the machine.<br />

Contact Urschel to learn more.<br />

#1 Best selling <strong>pro</strong>vider of<br />

industrial cutting machinery<br />

throughout the world.<br />

The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology<br />

Set up a free test-cut of your <strong>pro</strong>duct.<br />

www.urschel.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

® Urschel, Urschel logo symbol, and The Global Leader in Food Cutting Technology are registered trademarks of Urschel Laboratories, Inc. U.S.A.<br />



What do you see as the biggest<br />

challenges in the pet food<br />

sector?<br />

When sourcing raw materials, especially<br />

from non-European countries, there is<br />

always the risk of contamination with<br />

residues that exceed the legal values of<br />

the corresponding EU regulations. Here,<br />

a close-meshed control system, which<br />

starts with the selection of suppliers and<br />

extends to the analysis of purchased raw<br />

materials, is enormously important. In our<br />

opinion, a close connection to <strong>pro</strong>fessional<br />

associations and quality standard setters<br />

is very important. However, it is always<br />

ultimately the responsibility of the<br />

companies involved in the supply chain to<br />

constantly monitor <strong>pro</strong>duct quality.<br />

What about the ability to<br />

deliver in the face of changing<br />

global challenges?<br />

The pandemic in particular and the<br />

temporary interruption of supply flows<br />

have shown how important it is to have<br />

good and trustworthy suppliers who,<br />

despite the difficult situation, do their<br />

utmost to supply the industry with the raw<br />

materials in the required quality. Here it is<br />

important to act together with foresight<br />

and ensure that sufficient quantities can<br />

always be made available for <strong>pro</strong>duction.<br />

What do you think research<br />

should or could focus on in the<br />

coming years?<br />

The effects of plant extracts and<br />

functional raw materials, especially in<br />

animal nutrition, are far from being fully<br />

developed; in our opinion, there is still a<br />

great deal of potential here.<br />

What does “wholesome”<br />

nutrition mean for certain<br />

animals?<br />

For pets, wholesome nutrition means a<br />

plus in well-being, a well-groomed outer<br />

appearance and agility.<br />

Do you think organic food in<br />

jars for cats is excessive or is it<br />

good?<br />

I think this is a personal decision that each<br />

pet owner should make for themselves.<br />

What should be fed additionaly<br />

in certain intervalls?<br />

This is very individual depending on the<br />

basic care of the animal, as well as the age<br />

and breed and cannot be explained in<br />

a few words. Here, good advice<br />

should be given by the<br />

specialized trade or the<br />

veterinarian. Pet food<br />

manufacturers<br />

also offer a lot of<br />

information and<br />

advice here.<br />

Sandra Stuhr, animalPro nutrition GmbH,<br />

Sales Director<br />

For more information<br />

www.animal<strong>pro</strong>-nutrition.de<br />

10<br />

Technology & Marketing


Happy Pet – Happy Family<br />

Bluenesse® a special lemon balm extract for stress-relief in dogs and cats<br />

by Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner<br />

Relationship<br />

Cats and dogs are some of the most<br />

popular pets around the world. They<br />

support a healthy lifestyle of the whole<br />

family by adding structure and daily<br />

routines. For example, taking the dog for<br />

a walk, ensures daily exercise supporting<br />

a healthy heart for the parents, and trains<br />

grandpa mental ability when interaction<br />

with other dog owners. Playing and<br />

cuddling with the cat leads to stress-relief<br />

and immediate joy for all family members.<br />

The emotional support pets can <strong>pro</strong>vide<br />

is increasingly important for the society<br />

and recently published studies have<br />

begun to explore the science behind it.<br />





24-27 May <strong>2022</strong> | Nuremberg, Germany<br />

Come to discover<br />

our range of natural<br />

ingredients at booth<br />

No. 12.0-310 | Hall 12.0<br />


Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

© Kemin Industries, Inc. and its group of companies <strong>2022</strong>. All rights reserved. ® Trademarks of Kemin Industries, Inc., U.S.A.<br />



The love hormone oxytocin (1, 2) and the stress hormone cortisol<br />

(3) were investigated in cats, dogs, and humans interacting with<br />

each other. The strongest relation was found between humans<br />

and dogs. Both exhibit a surge in oxytocin, when interacting<br />

in a positive way. In dogs even a synchronization of the stress<br />

hormone cortisol with their owners was identified. Results in cats<br />

were not so clear because a positive interaction led to elevated<br />

love hormone as well as increased stress hormone. Cats’ owners<br />

may say, sure, cats are much more complex than dogs.<br />

Today, the majority of the pet owners are millennials and most<br />

of them believe that pets should be treated similar to children,<br />

which may cause additional stress for the pets. Important is that<br />

pet owners take care to recognize when their pets are stressed<br />

to eliminate the cause or to reduce the negative effects of stress<br />

on their pet’s health. This way both can benefit from a long-term<br />

relationship and a happy pet allows a happy family.<br />

Bluenesse® is clinically <strong>pro</strong>ven to relieve anxiety and stress and to<br />

<strong>pro</strong>mote a calm and focused behavior.<br />

Bluenesse®<br />

Bluenesse® is a Melissa officinalis L. extract. Melissa is commonly<br />

known as lemon balm, which has been known for its ability to<br />

relax and reduce tension. Vital Solutions combined traditional<br />

know-how and innovative technologies to develop Bluenesse®<br />

- a unique lemon balm extract, which supports focus, a good<br />

mood, and stress-relief.<br />

Bluenesse® balances the concentration of neurotransmitters and<br />

the activity of receptors in the nervous system. This im<strong>pro</strong>ves<br />

neuronal communication and avoids information overflow.<br />

Scientific studies have shown that Bluenesse® helps to balance<br />

Stress in dogs and cats<br />

Stress in dogs and cats is more common than you may think.<br />

Occasionally stressed or anxious pets can show undesirable or<br />

aggressive behaviors. For some pets, stressful events like storms,<br />

car rides, or visits at the vet can result in behavior that makes<br />

home life difficult.<br />

While dogs suffer from noise sensitivity, particularly fireworks and<br />

thunder, are afraid for heights and uncertain surfaces, cats are<br />

most tensed by other cats or restricted access to hiding places.<br />

Both do not like big changes in the house or novel situation and<br />

show separation related behavior. (4)<br />

Signs of stress in dogs are licking, barking, whining, and whale<br />

eyes, up to chronic symptoms like skin irritation and changes<br />

in eating habits. Cats try to hide and disappear, when they are<br />

stressed. The tail is closed to the body, ears are flattened, the<br />

body is immobile and eyes are fully open up to hair loss, urination<br />

and digestive discomfort, when suffering from chronic stress.<br />

How to support stress-relief in cats and dogs<br />

Diversion by physical exercise, mental stimulation or chewing a<br />

tasty bite supports stress-relief of dogs. When cats are stressed,<br />

they are stressed and a zero stress strategy is the best. Do not<br />

change daily routines, be predictable and never initiate physical<br />

contact.<br />

Pet supplement containing vitamins and natural ingredients,<br />

formulated into a tasty treat for dogs and cats, are an effective<br />

solution to <strong>pro</strong>vide comfort for common stressors such as:<br />

fireworks, thunderstorms, hyperactivity, boarding, loud noises,<br />

environmental stress, separation anxiety, grooming and travel.<br />

Stress and calm relief pet supplements, help to balance negative<br />

effect of stress, reduce anxiety, support a calm behavior and curb<br />

destructive attitude. A good choice for such pet supplements is<br />

to include Bluenesse® by Vital Solutions.<br />

Vital Solutions GmbH is a fast growing company specialized in the<br />

development and marketing of high quality, innovative, sciencebased,<br />

and IP <strong>pro</strong>tected natural ingredients, for application in<br />

food, functional food, and dietary supplements, dedicated to<br />

support a healthy lifestyle. Pet supplement ingredients are the<br />

latest addition to their portfolio and they offer a special lemon<br />

balm extract, called Bluenesse®, which is made in Germany.<br />

the stress hormone cortisol, GABA which aids relaxation, and<br />

dopamine to im<strong>pro</strong>ve mood and reduce anxiety. Furthermore,<br />

it im<strong>pro</strong>ves the sensitivity of muscarinic receptors enabling<br />

cognitive function, like focus, alertness and memory. (5)<br />

Bluenesse® helps with anxiety-related behavioral <strong>pro</strong>blems and<br />

supports that cats and dogs are calm, happy and enjoy walk or<br />

plays with focus and coordination.<br />

Bluenesse® could be used for:<br />

• Thunderstorms / Fireworks<br />

• Environmental stress<br />

• Being home alone<br />

• Stressful family situation<br />

• Pets showing stress<br />

• Visit to the vet<br />

• Travel in car, planes<br />

• Meeting new people<br />

• Grooming<br />

• Agility<br />


July 10–13, <strong>2022</strong><br />

McCormick Place, Chicago, IL and Online<br />

Why you should attend:<br />

This event is where<br />

innovation in food<br />

tech happens!<br />

FIRST= Food Im<strong>pro</strong>ved<br />

by Research, Science,<br />

and Technology<br />

More than 1800<br />

ingredient, manufacturing,<br />

and trend booths and<br />

18,000 global participants<br />

A scientific stage,<br />

a business stage,<br />

a cooking stage,<br />

and a startup pavilion<br />

Key theme: Hacking the<br />

Food Supply: Can We<br />

Synthesize a More<br />

Sustainable Future?<br />

Connect. Learn. Innovate.<br />

Register at IFTevent.org


Benefits summary<br />

Dosage & Application<br />

The dosage for small dogs (~10 kg) is<br />

100 mg, for medium dogs (>20 kg) is 200<br />

mg, and for larger dogs (>30 kg) 300 mg.<br />

Small cats (~4 kg) require 50 mg, medium<br />

cats (>8 kg) 100 mg, and larger cats (>12<br />

kg) 150 mg. The recommended dosage<br />

for pets could be calculated referring to<br />

human study results. (6) Bluenesse® can be<br />

easily formulated in tasty and convenient<br />

bites, chews or liquid formulations. For<br />

example a chew of 50 mg would be a<br />

good unit for flexible dosages.<br />

Quality<br />

Bluenesse® is a natural ingredient, based<br />

on lemon balm (Melissa officinalis (L.), an<br />

annual edible herb native to Europe.<br />

• The raw material, lemon balm leaves,<br />

used for Bluenesse® come from<br />

controlled cultivation and are of<br />

highest quality to ensure safety and<br />

efficacy<br />

• The extract is obtained by a<br />

careful water extraction and<br />

consequently dried together with<br />

tapioca maltodextrin. No additives,<br />

preservative or solvents are used.<br />

• Bluenesse® is made in Germany. The<br />

manufacturing is done in a modern<br />

state of the art <strong>pro</strong>duction facility,<br />

which is GMP and cGMP certified.<br />

• Each batch undergoes phytochemical<br />

and bioassay-guided efficacy<br />

testing – this is a new dimension of<br />

quality control, which differentiates<br />

Bluenesse® from all other generic<br />

lemon balm extracts.<br />

• Bluenesse® is a water soluble fine<br />

beige powder of 3 years stability<br />

Regulatory<br />

• Bluenesse® qualifies as pet food<br />

ingredient in Europe as it is an<br />

ap<strong>pro</strong>ved food ingredient for human<br />

consumption and because Melissa<br />

officinalis leaves extract is listed in<br />

European Union Register of Feed<br />

Additives pursuant to Regulation<br />

(EC) No 1831/2003, on additives for<br />

use in animal nutrition.<br />

• Bluenesse® qualifies as pet food<br />

ingredient in the U.S., as it is generally<br />

recognized as safe (GRAS) listed in<br />

CFR.21, part 582.<br />

• The quality of Bluenesse for pet<br />

food or animal feed, complies with<br />

the regulation (EC) No 1881/2006<br />

and the Directive 2002/32/EC on<br />

undesirable substances in animal<br />

feed and with Regulation EC<br />

References<br />

(1) S. Marshall-Pescono et al.; The role of oxytocin in the dog-owner<br />

relationship, Animal 2019<br />

(2) T. Nagasawa et al.; The urinary hormonal state of cats associated<br />

with social interaction with humans, Frontiers in Veterinary Science,<br />

2021<br />

(3) A.S. Sundman et al; Long-term stress levels are synchronized in<br />

dogs and their owners<br />

(4) M. Salonen et al.; Prevalence, comorbidity and breed differences<br />

in canine anxiety in 13,700 finish pet dogs, Nature, 2020<br />

(5) A. Scholey, et al.; Anti-Stress Effects of Lemon Balm-Containing<br />

Foods, Nutrients, 2014<br />

(6) A.B. Nair et al.; A simple practice guide for dosage conversion<br />

between animals and humans, Journal of Basic and Clinical<br />

Pharmacy, 2016<br />

The Author Dr. Sybille Buchwald-Werner<br />

is Pharmacist, PhD in pharmaceutical<br />

chemistry, with Vital Solutions in<br />

Langenfeld, Germany.<br />

For more information<br />

www.vitalsolutions.biz<br />

14<br />

Technology & Marketing


Have You Ever Heard of<br />

Humic Acids?<br />

A natural biotic to strengthen the intestinal function of pets<br />

by Dr. Margit Strohmaier<br />

What are humic acids?<br />

Humic acids are ubiquitous in nature and were formed through humification of organic material over millions of years. The molecular<br />

structures of the former plants, which are still active today, are partially preserved. These various reactive groups and flavonoid<br />

structures are critical for functionality and activity in the animal. The starting material is leonardite, a type of soft lignite that is<br />

particularly rich in humic acids. We look back to six decades of humic acid research and <strong>pro</strong>duction. Our many years of know-how<br />

finally led to a patented <strong>pro</strong>cessing step. The humic acids of type WH67® are manufactured using this <strong>pro</strong>cess and are the subject of a<br />

large number of research <strong>pro</strong>jects in the human and animal sector. These and other aspects determine the standardized quality and<br />

activity as well as safety for naturally healthy pets.<br />

Firewall intestinal barrier<br />

Normally, a healthy intestinal barrier is strong enough to block<br />

toxic substances such as endotoxins or mycotoxins, but also<br />

allergens, while allowing nutrients to pass through the intestinal<br />

cells towards the blood. However, there are factors that impair<br />

the normal cohesion of the cells in this thin tissue layer, so that<br />

undesirable substances can pass between the cells and enter the<br />

blood stream. This is also referred to as “leaky gut”. Those factors<br />

can be stress (e.g. change of owner, visit to the vet, transport, but<br />

also high temperature in a car) or feeding-related (e.g. changing<br />

food, treats or toxins from unsuitable material caught on a walk).<br />

Inflammation of the intestine caused by viruses, bacteria or<br />

parasites also causes tissue damage that allows toxic substances<br />

to pass through more easily. These then have to be detoxified by<br />

the liver, upregulate inflammatory mediators and impair general<br />

well-being.<br />

Figure 1: Impaired gut barrier, toxins and bacteria can enter more<br />

easily into the blood stream "Leaky gut" (left), healthy mucosa cells<br />

strenght by a <strong>pro</strong>tective layer of humic acids of type WH67® (right)<br />

(schematic illustration, Scource: GITES GmbH)<br />

We booked this ad<br />

to make you curious.<br />

(There’s transparency in everything we do.)<br />

Discover our premium, quality-controlled and 100%-retraceable raw ingredients and<br />

semi-finished <strong>pro</strong>ducts for the pet and livestock industry. Visit us at Interzoo <strong>2022</strong> in<br />

hall 4, booth 339, from 24 - 27 May in Nuremberg.<br />

www.animal<strong>pro</strong>-nutrition.de<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Figure 2: Selective<br />

mucosa <strong>pro</strong>tection<br />

and neutralisation<br />

of harmful<br />

substances by<br />

WH67 ® (Scource:<br />

GITES GmbH)<br />

How does WH67® stabilize the intestinal barrier?<br />

Humic acids WH67® are able to form a continuous <strong>pro</strong>tective<br />

layer, a colloidal film on the intestinal mucosa. The tiny particles<br />

also slide into the spaces between the villi and cover the entire<br />

surface of these sensitive tissue parts. They adhere particularly<br />

to damaged areas, seal them and <strong>pro</strong>tect them like a plaster. This<br />

strengthens the intestinal barrier and reduces the passage of<br />

toxins into the bloodstream.<br />

Detoxifying <strong>pro</strong>perties of WH67®<br />

The chemisorptive <strong>pro</strong>perties of humic acids enable the<br />

neutralization of toxic substances. Nutrients remain unaffected by<br />

these <strong>pro</strong>cesses, so that full nutrient availability is retained or even<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ved. In addition to physical <strong>pro</strong>cesses, neutralization also<br />

takes place through chemical reactions. Particularly interesting<br />

is the extraordinarily high in-vitro neutralization capacity for<br />

endotoxins (E. coli and S. typhimurium), which play a major role<br />

in endogenous inflammatory <strong>pro</strong>cesses or also occur in various<br />

diseases to a large extent. Very high neutralization capacities<br />

could also be demonstrated for the mycotoxins aflatoxin B1<br />

and zearalenone, and moderate neutralization capacities for<br />

ochratoxin. A Europe-wide patent is held for WH67® for the<br />

neutralization of glyphosate in the body of warm-blooded<br />

animals.<br />

How does WH67® interact with the gut<br />

microbiome?<br />

Several studies have shown that the humic acids of type WH67®<br />

influence the intestinal microbiome in favour of the main<br />

physiological flora. For example, the <strong>pro</strong>portion of facultative<br />

pathogenic bacteria, like E. coli, C. perfringens and other<br />

Enterobacteriaceae are significantly reduced, but at the same<br />

time the <strong>pro</strong>portion of desirable bacteria such as Enterococcus<br />

spp., Lactobacillus spp. and Bifidobacterium spp. is significantly<br />

increased. A stable and rich microbiome ensures robust digestion<br />

and contributes to general well-being.<br />

Scientific evidence<br />

In over 60 years of research, over 70 studies have been<br />

published with humic acids WH67® and a large number of other<br />

Figure 3: In-vitro neutralisation capacity for selected myco- and endotoxins of WH67 ® (Scource: TUENTE et al. 2020)<br />



functionalities have been scientifically <strong>pro</strong>ven, which has also led<br />

to the ap<strong>pro</strong>val of various veterinary pharmaceuticals and human<br />

medical <strong>pro</strong>ducts in the DACH region by our sister company WH<br />

Pharmawerk Weinboehla GmbH.<br />

As a multi-functional component, humic acids have a wide field of<br />

application in <strong>petfood</strong>, reaching from maintenance to veterinary<br />

diets, from prevention to support during health issues. Humic<br />

acids are thermostable and available in powder and liquid form.<br />

As a multi-functional component, humic acids have a wide field of<br />

application in <strong>petfood</strong>, reaching from maintenance to veterinary<br />

diets, from prevention to support during health issues. Humic<br />

acids are thermostable and available in powder and liquid form.<br />

The Author<br />

Dr. Margit Strohmaier, GITES GmbH, Germany<br />

“We see im<strong>pro</strong>vements in the intestinal health of our farm<br />

animals every day. Therefore, we have developed a <strong>pro</strong>duct that<br />

makes these benefits accessible to pets as well.”<br />

Let´s talk about the benefits of humic acids at the Interzoo,<br />

exhibition hall 12, booth 12.0-125!<br />

Literature is available from the author upon request:<br />

m.stohmaier@gites-gmbh.de<br />

For more information<br />

www.gites-gmbh.de/en/<strong>pro</strong>ject/humic-acids-for<strong>petfood</strong><br />

Are you<br />

Looking for...<br />

· Expertise in Oils and Maritime Specialities?<br />

· Competence in Oil Mixtures and Private Label?<br />

· Natural Colorants and Flavorings?<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

lamotte-oils.de<br />

Welcome to<br />

24. – 27. May 22<br />

Nuremberg, Germany · Hall 1, 1-532<br />



Global Survey Shows Consumers<br />

Want Recognizable and Health-<br />

Promoting Ingredients in Pet Food<br />

Female feeding her dog Copyright Shutterstock - Africa Studio<br />

A recent global study, conducted by<br />

market research company Wizer on behalf<br />

of BENEO, has found that the primary<br />

interest of dog and cat owners is for<br />

natural pet foods with additional health<br />

benefits. With the majority of pet owners<br />

expecting their pet’s food to be the same<br />

quality as their own, there is significant<br />

demand for high quality, natural and<br />

healthy ingredients. The survey included<br />

2,500 dog and cat owners in the UK, USA,<br />

Brazil, Germany and China.<br />

The research highlights how pet food<br />

trends continue to mirror those in human<br />

nutrition. It demonstrates the vast market<br />

potential for the use of clean label, health<strong>pro</strong>moting<br />

and no- or low-allergenic<br />

ingredients, with sustainability and plantbased<br />

origin also now of increasing<br />

importance.<br />

Naturalness and clean label<br />

drives pet food purchasing<br />

According to the survey, consumers are<br />

increasingly considering natural aspects<br />

when buying food for their pets. Using<br />

less or no additives makes pet food appear<br />

healthier for more than 4 in 5 pet owners.<br />

BENEO’s findings also demonstrate that<br />

pet foods featuring natural ingredient<br />

claims have a significant influence on<br />

their purchase <strong>pro</strong>spects, with 79% of<br />

pet owners checking the label for any<br />

ingredients they dislike. Many potential<br />

customers are also calling on brands to<br />

make it easier to track what’s contained<br />

within pet foods, making this an<br />

important area of focus for <strong>pro</strong>ducers.<br />

Alongside the demand to eliminate<br />

additives from pet foods, a spotlight is also<br />

being placed on allergenic ingredients:<br />

three quarters of pet owners agree that<br />

using no allergens, such as soy or corn,<br />

makes food for pets seem healthieri¹.<br />

BENEO’s rice ingredients are a viable way<br />

to reduce the allergenic components in<br />

pet foods and enhance their appeal to<br />

consumers.<br />

Support of healthy digestion a<br />

priority<br />

As in human nutrition, healthy digestion<br />

is also driving buying behaviours in pet<br />

foods. More than 90% of pet owners say<br />

that supporting digestive health im<strong>pro</strong>ves<br />

the likelihood of them purchasing a<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct, inducing them to actively look<br />

for easy-to-digest <strong>pro</strong>ducts. Notably the<br />

demand for prebiotics is gathering pace<br />

and their benefits are widely perceived,<br />

with 70% of respondents agreeing that<br />

adding such fibres to pet food makes it<br />

seem healthier. A recent Mintel study<br />

further confirms this interest in prebiotic<br />

ingredients for pets, with half of the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct launches of dry cat and dog food<br />

in Europe now containing inulin, fructooligosaccharides<br />

or chicory derived<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts2.<br />

Increasing sustainable focus<br />

Another consumer trend that is further<br />

shifting into the realm of pet foods is<br />

that of sustainability, with more than<br />

half of owners now stating that they pay<br />

attention to sustainability and the carbon<br />

footprint in purchase decisions of their<br />

pets’ food. According to the survey, using<br />

claims such as “environmentally friendly”<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ves consumer interest in buying a<br />

pet food <strong>pro</strong>duct.<br />

BENEO offers a range of chicory root<br />

fibres and rice ingredients that help<br />

manufacturers address the increased<br />

demand for clean label and healthy pet<br />

foods. Besides their nutritional benefits,<br />

BENEO’s range of rice ingredients have<br />

outstanding technological <strong>pro</strong>perties,<br />

making them suitable as natural<br />

alternatives to modified starches and<br />

hydrocolloids or enhancers of physical<br />

characteristics in many types of pet foods<br />

and snacks. The company has also built its<br />

business around the sustainable sourcing<br />

of all its plant-based ingredients.<br />

Maygane Ronsmans, Product Manager<br />

Animal Nutrition at BENEO, comments:<br />

“The findings of this latest pet survey<br />

highlight the rising demand from owners<br />

for understandable, cleaner ingredients<br />

labels and for healthier nutrition for their<br />

pets. We are also seeing this reflected<br />

through the rising number of customers<br />

favouring BENEO’s clean label and<br />

hypoallergenic rice starches and <strong>pro</strong>teins,<br />

which are the ideal plant-based solutions<br />

for premium pet foods.<br />

“The technical <strong>pro</strong>perties of our functional<br />

rice ingredients allow <strong>pro</strong>ducers to use<br />

them as natural ingredients, and their<br />

nutritional benefits make them suitable<br />

for sensitive pets, or those with allergies.<br />

The combination of BENEO’s natural and<br />

plant-based ingredients and its expertise<br />

in healthy nutrition help manufacturers<br />

bring to market new and relevant pet<br />

food <strong>pro</strong>ducts that meet these consumer<br />

demands.”<br />

References:<br />

1. BENEO Consumer Research on Attitudes<br />

towards Pet Food (Online survey) conducted<br />

in local language by Wizer for USA n=510 /<br />

Brazil n=515 / UK n=505 / Germany n=514 /<br />

China n=512 Field work conducted in July<br />

2021<br />

2. Mintel GNPD, Share of New Product<br />

Launches in Europe for the year 2021<br />

(extraction date: Jan <strong>2022</strong>)<br />

For more information<br />

www.beneo.com<br />

18<br />

Technology & Marketing



We look forward to seeing you.<br />

24th to 27th May <strong>2022</strong><br />

Nuremberg<br />

Hall 5, stand 5-207<br />

Your partner for solutions with line and <strong>pro</strong>cess expertise.<br />

You have ideas – we have just the right solution for them. From <strong>pro</strong>duct preparation to filling<br />

and portioning technology and <strong>pro</strong>duct handling – our <strong>pro</strong>cess solutions to match your needs.<br />

Benefit from our many years of in-depth expertise, our <strong>pro</strong>cess-reliable technology and our<br />

excellent service. Let us turn your ideas into solutions.<br />

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The modularity of Handtmann <strong>pro</strong>cess solutions caters to a large variety of pet food,<br />

from wet pet food to cooked or fresh meat dosed into a wide variety of containers<br />

to sausage <strong>pro</strong>ducts and dry pet food sticks, bars, pellets and much more deposited into<br />

a wide variety of containers.<br />


Inotec I-iT<br />

The ultimate ultra-fine<br />

grinding technology<br />

FS 510 forming system<br />

For multi-lane forming with<br />

flow divider onto belt/racks/trays<br />


Inotec VarioMix<br />

Uniquely flexible mixing technology<br />

for a wide variety of <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

SV 424 cutting valve<br />

Portioning straight into forms, trays<br />

or thermo-forming machines<br />


PVLH 228 PLUS sausage line<br />

For hung sausages in natural, collagen<br />

and peel-off casing<br />

Inotec WT 99-iT<br />

For the separation of sausages in<br />

artificial, collagen or natural casing<br />


Inotec I-iT<br />

The ultimate ultra-fine<br />

grinding technology<br />

Inotec VarioMix<br />

Uniquely flexible mixing<br />

technology for a wide<br />

variety of <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

DV 85-3 depositing system<br />

Accurate-to-the-gram dosing<br />

of pasty filling <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

into containers<br />

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A No Com<strong>pro</strong>mise Ap<strong>pro</strong>ach to<br />

More Sustainable Pet Foods<br />

Why wheat texturates make sense in hybrid pet foods and other applications<br />

Coypright: iStock/chendongshan<br />

The plant-based revolution has already<br />

significantly impacted the human food<br />

market and, in recent years, this growing<br />

trend has increasingly spilled over into the<br />

animal feed industry. And, although vegan<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts for pets are still considered to<br />

be a niche market, they’re becoming<br />

more and more relevant because of the<br />

EU’s environmental goals and changing<br />

consumer behavior. Product development,<br />

especially when it comes to ingredient<br />

suppliers, now offers a broader scope of<br />

opportunity to create entire ranges of dog<br />

and cat food that – without losing sight of<br />

animal health and <strong>pro</strong>duction modalities<br />

– are also planet friendly. One example<br />

of a functional and sustainable ap<strong>pro</strong>ach<br />

comes from Trigea; their hybrid or vegan<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts made with wheat texturates have<br />

been well received, are easily digested<br />

by pets and offer numerous application<br />

possibilities.<br />

A growing market for optimized<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

With the environment in mind, many<br />

people are trying to make more sustainable<br />

purchasing decisions. Naturally, this goes<br />

way beyond the individuals themselves<br />

and also applies to items that are bought<br />

for their loved ones, including of course,<br />

pets. Whether these consumers are doing<br />

their pet food shopping online or on the<br />

high-street, current research shows that<br />

demand for plant-based feed is increasing,<br />

and is <strong>pro</strong>jected to be worth nearly USD<br />

15.7 million by 2028¹. The trend is definitely<br />

upwards; but, measured against the entire<br />

segment, which is expected to reach a<br />

value of about USD 137 billion by 2028, the<br />

overall share of completely animal-free pet<br />

food still only represents a fraction – for the<br />

time being2.<br />

“For many people, making the transition<br />

to vegan pet food can be daunting,” says<br />

Maximilian Hegge, Sales Manager at Trigea.<br />

“When buying hybrid <strong>pro</strong>ducts, however,<br />

consumers feel like they’re making a small<br />

but meaningful change with very little<br />

risk. Reducing the meat content of these<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts represents a real opportunity to<br />

meet consumer demand in the medium<br />

and long-term.”<br />

Perhaps as a side-effect of humanization,<br />

the factors affecting both human and<br />

pet food are becoming more and more<br />

similar; after all, for many pet owners,<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



only the best is good enough for their<br />

furry friends. In Maximilian’s opinion, a<br />

more sustainably formulated feed has<br />

the best chance of actually <strong>pro</strong>viding<br />

“added value.” He says: “The <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

need to be high-quality, well tolerated<br />

and accepted by the animal itself, and<br />

be just as healthy as conventional<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts. At the same time, it must also<br />

contain more sustainably sourced, plantbased<br />

ingredients.” Often, the greatest<br />

concern is that the pet will not like the<br />

meat analogue. “I’m happy to dispel this<br />

fear,” adds Maximilian: “TVP [texturized<br />

vegetable <strong>pro</strong>tein] from wheat is neutral<br />

in taste and smell and takes on the taste<br />

of the rest of the components of the<br />

feed.”<br />

Technological advantages<br />

The wheat-based texturized <strong>pro</strong>teins<br />

from the Trigovit® Tex range perfectly<br />

replicate the textures of many meats<br />

and even fish. Available as chunks,<br />

flakes, granules, fibres and in powder<br />

form, they can also be <strong>pro</strong>cessed with<br />

meat to create hybrid <strong>pro</strong>ducts with<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ved nutritional value and stability.<br />

For example, they can be used in dry<br />

kibbles, as a fibrous component in feed<br />

croquettes or to give a special twist to<br />

treats. Additionally, they can act as the<br />

solid particles in semi-moist applications<br />

and give a firm texture to wet pet food.<br />

dry <strong>pro</strong>ducts that can be individually<br />

hydrated,” says Hegge: “Depending on the<br />

ratio of water to dry texturate, the firmness<br />

can be adapted so that it matches the<br />

requirements of the <strong>pro</strong>duct. Finding the<br />

right texture can be challenging, but we’re<br />

here to help and answer any questions.”<br />

Compared with meat <strong>pro</strong>ducts, handling<br />

dry raw materials is less <strong>pro</strong>blematic. It<br />

requires no special storage conditions<br />

and is simply added to the feed when<br />

dry. And whereas sufficient water must be<br />

available to ensure complete hydration,<br />

no additional equipment is required for<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cessing.<br />

Nutritional value<br />

Traditionally, reflecting what wild cats<br />

and wolves eat, the primary source of pet<br />

food has always been meat. Yet, with the<br />

constantly increasing global demand for<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein, plant-based varieties are rising in<br />

popularity because cultivation is generally<br />

less resource-intensive. In a sustainable<br />

supply chain, there is a strong case for<br />

using the nutrients contained in wheat<br />

and other cereals directly … and not using<br />

them as feed for livestock.<br />

Proteins play a crucial role in supporting<br />

a healthy metabolism. And whereas dogs<br />

must have an adequate supply of <strong>pro</strong>teins<br />

to maintain their body muscles, the<br />

not <strong>pro</strong>vide a completely balanced<br />

diet5. Supplementation with vegetable<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein, in the form of wheat-based TVP,<br />

for example, could therefore be useful.<br />

“Ultimately, however, owners should refer<br />

to a trained veterinarian to determine the<br />

individual needs of their cat or dog. Plantbased<br />

supplements in pet food, or even<br />

individual vegan meals within a diversified<br />

diet, are just that – supplements,” advises<br />

Hegge.<br />

Extruded and functional<br />

To make texturized <strong>pro</strong>tein, an extruder<br />

is used. A base material is pressed<br />

through a previously defined die by<br />

applying pressure and temperature. The<br />

subsequently shaped intermediate offers<br />

a multitude of design possibilities for<br />

the end <strong>pro</strong>duct. Furthermore, <strong>pro</strong>cess<br />

parameters and the composition of the<br />

raw material mixture can be adapted<br />

to influence both the form and the<br />

nutritional composition and colour of the<br />

extrudates.<br />

The <strong>pro</strong>duction of texturized <strong>pro</strong>teins<br />

does, though, require special technological<br />

know-how and <strong>pro</strong>found raw material<br />

expertise. As Trigea is part of the Crespel<br />

& Deiters Group, one of the leading wheat<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cessors in Europe, the team boasts both<br />

the necessary skills and access to a reliable<br />

source of high-quality raw materials.<br />

With no meat at all (as pictured) or mixed with meat, dogs will not notice the difference. (Copyright: Crespel & Deiters)<br />

Regarding technological advantages,<br />

TVP benefits from a consistent level of<br />

quality that outcompetes most animal<br />

derivatives. First, it’s very important that<br />

the ingredients are sterilization-stable<br />

because canned feed, in particular, is<br />

usually autoclaved at a temperature<br />

of 120°C or higher. “We <strong>pro</strong>vide TVP as<br />

needs of cats are much higher3. As more<br />

research is done on plant-based diets,<br />

studies show that even carnivorous cats<br />

can metabolise at least small amounts of<br />

plant-based raw materials4.<br />

Dogs, by contrast, are considered to be<br />

omnivores. As such, meat alone does<br />

The company only uses European wheat<br />

that is free from genetically modified<br />

components and characterised by reliable<br />

availability and short transport distances.<br />

By covering the entire supply chain, every<br />

stage of <strong>pro</strong>cessing can be controlled and<br />

adapted as required: the grain is split into<br />

separate components at the company’s<br />

22<br />

Technology & Marketing

headquarters in Germany, whereas the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein-rich fractions are extruded at the<br />

group’s own plant in the Netherlands. As<br />

physical <strong>pro</strong>cesses are not declarable,<br />

only the raw materials used can be listed<br />

on the label, such as wheat gluten and<br />

wheat flour, which makes the textured<br />

wheat <strong>pro</strong>teins of the Trigovit® Tex range<br />

a declaration-friendly ingredient. The<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess of extrusion breaks down the<br />

wheat <strong>pro</strong>teins, which further im<strong>pro</strong>ves<br />

digestibility.<br />

Origin and purpose<br />

Through further development and<br />

research into extrusion technology, many<br />

more <strong>pro</strong>duct innovations are bound<br />

to reach the market. It goes without<br />

saying that the potential for extrudates<br />

is far from exhausted. Hybrid <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

give sustainability minded shoppers<br />

the chance to make better decisions<br />

when shopping for both themselves and<br />

their pets. Furthermore, it also enables<br />

manufacturers to increase their <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

portfolio and contribute to the circular<br />

economy. Thanks to advanced and highly<br />

functional ingredients such as texturates,<br />

the innovative new <strong>pro</strong>ducts of the future<br />

can be delivered using the <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

technologies of today to im<strong>pro</strong>ve the<br />

health and well-being of consumers, their<br />

pets and the planet.<br />

Only INGREDIENTS the best for<br />

our loved ones!<br />

Coypright: iStock/chendongshan<br />

Real brewers‘ yeast!<br />

Really effective!<br />

Leiber YeaFi ®<br />

| unique synergy of brewers‘ yeast<br />

and functional fibres<br />

CeFi ® <strong>pro</strong><br />

| best values in bioavailability<br />

References<br />

1. www.marketresearch.com/TIP-Knowledge-Services-v4095/Vegan-Pet-<br />

Food-Forecast-COVID-14738638/. Latest access 19 April <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

2. www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/industry-reports/pet-foodmarket-100554.<br />

Latest access 19 April <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

3. www.fediaf.org/prepared-pet-foods/nutritional-requirements.html.<br />

Latest access 19 April <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

4. Iben et. Al (2021): Ernährung der Katze. Grundlagen – Fütterung – Diätetik<br />

[Engl.: Nutrition of cats. Basics – Feeding – Dietetics], 2021, S. 95f.<br />

5. Vgl. Zentek (2021): Ernährung des Hundes. Grundlagen – Fütterung –<br />

Diätetik [Engl.: Nutrition of dogs. Basics – Feeding – Dietetics]; 2021; S. 16f.<br />

Biolex ® MB40<br />

| prebiotic. gut health. MOS<br />

Leiber ® Beta-S<br />

| pure beta-glucans for strong<br />

immune defence<br />

Leiber NuTaste ®<br />

| Natural. Pure. Delicious.<br />

For further information<br />

just get in touch with us!<br />

Visit our new website:<br />

leibergmbh.de<br />

For more information<br />

www.crespeldeitersgroup.com/applications-solutions/pet-food/<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

23<br />

Leiber GmbH | Hafenstraße 24 | 49565 Bramsche<br />

Germany | info@leibergmbh.de


Poland: WEDA Supplies Feeding<br />

System for Europe’s Largest<br />

Insect Breeding Facility<br />

Fly larvae as an efficient source of <strong>pro</strong>tein for the animal feed of the future<br />

WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH supplies the complete insect feeding system for the Polish feed<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducer HiProMine. The company from Robakowo near Poznań breeds insect-based <strong>pro</strong>teins on an industrial<br />

scale using the black soldier fly. With WEDA’s new plant, 550 tonnes of substrate are <strong>pro</strong>duced and fed there<br />

every day. The technology creates a food chain in which the insect forms a bridge between plant waste and<br />

sustainable animal feed.<br />

Feeding the growing world<br />

population<br />

The use of the soldier fly as a feed insect<br />

can thus make an important contribution<br />

in the future to feeding the growing<br />

world population in a resource-saving<br />

way. Compared to other feedstuffs, insects<br />

are the only source of <strong>pro</strong>tein for<br />

which the raw material can be utilised<br />

one hundred percent. Moreover, no waste<br />

is <strong>pro</strong>duced during the manufacture of<br />

animal <strong>pro</strong>teins. On the contrary: during<br />

their growth, the larvae feed exclusively<br />

on organic waste. The soldier fly Hermetia<br />

illucens is also characterized by extremely<br />

rapid development, with larvae fattening<br />

in about seven days.<br />

Photo: WEDA<br />

About WEDA<br />

For more than 80 years, the name<br />

WEDA has stood for innovation and<br />

consistency. Established as a company<br />

for the <strong>pro</strong>duction of wood gas<br />

generators is WEDA Dammann &<br />

Westerkamp GmbH with 150 employees<br />

at the headquarters in Lutten, meanwhile<br />

world market leader in the field of<br />

liquid feeding.<br />

In its function as a full-service <strong>pro</strong>vider<br />

for modern pig farming, WEDA<br />

also looks after the areas of feeding<br />

technology and barn equipment also the<br />

segments air conditioning technology<br />

and liquid manure <strong>pro</strong>cessing. With its<br />

broad dealer network, the company is<br />

represented in over 50 countries.<br />

Proven technologies of WEDA<br />

“In addition, the end <strong>pro</strong>ducts are free<br />

of antibiotics and genetically modified<br />

organisms,” argues WEDA <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

manager Jens Feldhaus in favor of<br />

expanding the breeding method. In the<br />

insect feeding systems of HiProMine, the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ven technologies of WEDA Dammann<br />

& Westerkamp are used for this purpose.<br />

Inexpensive, nutrient-rich and<br />

ecological <strong>pro</strong>tein source<br />

Insect-based feeds are currently already<br />

ap<strong>pro</strong>ved for domestic animals, poultry,<br />

pigs and aqua-culture. If the technology<br />

becomes established worldwide,<br />

insects have the potential to become an<br />

inexpensive, nutrient-rich and ecological<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein source for all animal feed. Prof. Dr.<br />

hab. Damian Jozefiak, one of the founders<br />

of HiProMine and <strong>pro</strong>fessor at the Poznań<br />

University of Life Sciences, is very satisfied<br />

with the <strong>pro</strong>spects and the cooperation<br />

so far: “With WEDA, we have found exactly<br />

the right technology partner who offers<br />

us the <strong>pro</strong>duction security we need for<br />

the sustainable de-velopment of this<br />

business field,” he sums up.<br />

For more information<br />

www.hi<strong>pro</strong>mine.com/<strong>petfood</strong><br />

https://insect.weda.de/en<br />

24<br />

Technology & Marketing

High Protein Dog Food: How<br />

Much Protein is Too Much?<br />

by Kasey Dunn, Co-Founder HOPE Pet Food, Canada<br />


With so many options out there, how can<br />

we know what’s the best for our furry<br />

family members? It’s no secret that high<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein dog food is a huge trend, but that<br />

led us to question: is there such a thing<br />

as too much <strong>pro</strong>tein? If so, how much is<br />

too much? We asked our pet nutrition<br />

specialist to do a deep dive into the<br />

research to tell us more.<br />

So bear with us, this one gets a little<br />

science-heavy – but we think it’s worth<br />

it! As a pet parent, we want you to be<br />

empowered with as much knowledge<br />

as possible to help you navigate the<br />

challenge of finding your bff the best diet<br />

for them.<br />

First off we know that sometimes the best<br />

option isn’t so clear. This is especially true<br />

when it comes to the amount of <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

in pet food!<br />

What we know<br />

Commercial dog foods have different<br />

amounts of crude <strong>pro</strong>tein, ranging from<br />

18% to over 60%! What may surprise you<br />

is that the ideal range of <strong>pro</strong>tein required<br />

for a healthy adult dog hasn’t been<br />

determined.<br />

The Association of American Feed Control<br />

Officials (AAFCO) and the European pet<br />

food industry (FEDIAF) recommend a<br />

minimum crude <strong>pro</strong>tein concentration<br />

of 18.0% on a dry matter (DM) basis for<br />

adult maintenance dog food 1-2 . These<br />

associations have minimums, but there<br />

is no clear “best” concentrations or even<br />

an upper limit suggested. So, how do pet<br />

owners choose what’s best for their dogs?<br />

With no concrete answers from<br />

associations, let’s look at some factors and<br />

how <strong>pro</strong>tein levels can affect our dog.<br />

The Canine Microbiome<br />

You may have heard of the<br />

microbiome before. Well, like<br />

you or I, our dogs also have<br />

a gut microbiome. This<br />

wonderful microscopic<br />

world inside us is known<br />

to influence our health<br />

but to what extent remains<br />

to be established. However,<br />

what we do know is that<br />

it does have some degree<br />

of influence. Studies have<br />

investigated the effects of high<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein levels on the canine microbiome<br />

(Yay!), the bad news is not a lot of studies<br />

have looked into a range of <strong>pro</strong>tein levels.<br />

This makes it hard to gain any concrete<br />

answers.<br />

But, here’s what we do know:<br />

Studies looking into high <strong>pro</strong>tein levels<br />

found that high dietary <strong>pro</strong>tein leads<br />

to increases in fecal pH along with<br />

metabolites like branched-chain fatty acids<br />

(BCFAs) and indole sulfates in dogs 3–7 .<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



This indicates that a higher amount of<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein in the diet leads to increased<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein available to the microorganisms<br />

found in microbiomes.<br />

Well, what the heck does<br />

this mean?<br />

This means that higher<br />

concentrations of<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein also lead to<br />

more circulating<br />

urea in the body<br />

8<br />

. Urea is an end<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct <strong>pro</strong>duced<br />

when <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

is broken down<br />

in the body. It’s<br />

found in urine,<br />

blood, bile, milk and<br />

even sweat. Increases<br />

in uremic toxins can come<br />

from <strong>pro</strong>tein fermentation in<br />

the colon 9 . Some of these toxins are<br />

indole sulfates and p-cresol: and neither<br />

are great for health 10 .<br />

Eating more <strong>pro</strong>tein is also associated<br />

with a higher fecal pH because more<br />

of it must be broken down by the gut<br />

microbiome.<br />

So studies indicate that feeding dogs<br />

a high amount of <strong>pro</strong>tein can lead to<br />

a shift in gut bacteria to favor <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

breakdown and a higher fecal pH; both<br />

of which are associated with higher levels<br />

of metabolites linked to inflammation<br />

and kidney dysfunction 9 . That said:<br />

whether or not this is ultimately harmful<br />

to dogs needs to be further investigated.<br />

Unfortunately, most of the current<br />

research available has been done in<br />

other mammals so it’s difficult to make<br />

a firm conclusion when it comes to our<br />

furry best friends. One study also found<br />

that lean dogs may be more resilient to<br />

changes in dietary <strong>pro</strong>tein levels than<br />

obese dogs 13 .<br />

The long-term health effects of these<br />

changes in the microbiome should be<br />

further researched before we can draw<br />

fully formed conclusions.<br />

So, what is the right <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

content for your dog?<br />

It is likely not in the range of over 60%<br />

or even 40% DM. However, this question<br />

could be more complicated. It also<br />

depends on your dog’s age, current<br />

weight, health and re<strong>pro</strong>ductive status<br />

(check out How to Choose the Best High-<br />

Quality Dog Food).<br />

Sometimes there are benefits to high<strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

diets. For instance, if your dog<br />

is overweight, they could likely<br />

be consuming a weight<br />

management diet<br />

that is higher in<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein and<br />

higher in<br />

fibre. This<br />

diet can<br />

be useful<br />

for dogs<br />

to lose<br />

weight due<br />

to the high<br />

fibre content<br />

which makes<br />

your dog feel full<br />

and satiated eating<br />

less. They will not lose<br />

muscle mass because of the<br />

high <strong>pro</strong>tein content.<br />

What <strong>pro</strong>tein content is the<br />

best for your dog also likely<br />

depends on their size.<br />

Are they miniature, small, medium, big or<br />

a giant breed?<br />

Recent studies investigating some<br />

essential amino acids have shown<br />

different requirements for different dog<br />

sizes 14–16 . Therefore, the right <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

content likely varies due to these factors<br />

as well. Nonetheless, current research, as<br />

well as current guidelines, do not state<br />

the “right” <strong>pro</strong>tein content for any dog as<br />

of right now.<br />

More Protein Isn’t Necissarily<br />

Better For Your Pupper or for<br />

the Planet<br />

We know the minimum requirement for<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein is 18% DM.<br />

We also know the research points to a<br />

shift in the gut microbiome from too<br />

much <strong>pro</strong>tein linked to inflammation<br />

and kidney dysfunction 9 . So, choosing<br />

something in the middle of the road is<br />

likely your best starting point. And of<br />

course, we recommend monitoring your<br />

dog’s health and consulting their vet<br />

whenever there’s a concern.<br />

From a health perspective, more research<br />

is needed to learn the optimal amount<br />

of <strong>pro</strong>tein for your dog based on these<br />

factors. However, with the growing<br />

trend of high <strong>pro</strong>tein diets, we think it’s<br />

important to ask ourselves: is all that<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein really necessary, or is it just<br />

wasteful? We know the environmental<br />

cost of the <strong>pro</strong>duction of animal <strong>pro</strong>tein is<br />

a high one and based on the current body<br />

of research, most dog foods offer <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

levels well above nutrient requirements.<br />

With more animal <strong>pro</strong>tein comes more<br />

damage to the planet so we recommend<br />

focusing on nutrients not just ingredients<br />

when it comes to choosing your dogs’<br />

food.<br />

Focusing on Nutrients, Not<br />

Ingredients, Is Key<br />

Undigested <strong>pro</strong>tein is far from ideal.<br />

It’s not utilized through the digestive<br />

system and is just excreted in feces which<br />

Kasey Dunn, Co-founder, with Jasper, Food Tester, at HOPE Pet Food<br />

Photos: Hope Pet Food<br />

26<br />

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can <strong>pro</strong>duce a more unpleasant smell.<br />

Excess <strong>pro</strong>tein can also increase nitrogen<br />

excretion in urine without any benefit to<br />

your pet (and kill your lawn!). This excess<br />

nitrogen elimination can negatively<br />

impact our environment because of<br />

increased acidification and eutrophication<br />

of soil. One of the most important<br />

considerations is the digestibility of<br />

the amino acids being <strong>pro</strong>vided by the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein sources. Dogs, like humans,<br />

require specific nutrients, not ingredients.<br />

These nutrients can be reached with a<br />

variety of different ingredient sources,<br />

including animal <strong>pro</strong>ducts, novel <strong>pro</strong>teins,<br />

grains, pulses, etc. At HOPE, we aim to use<br />

accurate <strong>pro</strong>tein contents and digestible<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein sources in our pet foods to help<br />

your pet thrive while also reducing their<br />

ecological paw print. Learn more about<br />

our ingredients below.<br />

References<br />

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oxidation technique. J. Anim. Sci. 98, 1–10 (2020).<br />

For more information<br />

www.hope<strong>petfood</strong>.ca<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Interzoo <strong>2022</strong> – Highlights<br />

to Check Out in Nuremberg,<br />

May 24th to 27th<br />

AFB International (Hall 6 Stand 6-321) is always looking for new ways to better understand the taste preferences of pets and<br />

increase the palatability of food, treats and nutritional supplements. In doing so, the company is constantly<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ving results, whether it's evaluating the palatability-enhancing effects of <strong>pro</strong>duct components,<br />

analysing sensory feedback from discerning pets or conducting benchmark tests against competitor<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts. www.afbinternational.com/<br />

AM Nutrition (Hall 2 Stand 2-615) is a global supplier of natural pea ingredients. AM<br />

Nutrition fractionates yellow peas into AMN Pea Protein Concentrate, AMN Pea Starch<br />

Concentrate, AMN Pea Flour Concentrate and AMN Pea Hull Fiber for use in food, feed,<br />

pet food and technical applications. The <strong>pro</strong>ducts are obtained by air-classification, a dry<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess technology that is environmentally friendly, sustainable and preserves the high<br />

nutritional and functional quality of the peas. The <strong>pro</strong>duction <strong>pro</strong>cess uses no water or<br />

chemicals and has low energy consumption. AM Nutrition’s texturized and extruded <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

are based on dry yellow peas. These ingredients are healthy, functional and cost effective alternatives for a<br />

wide range of food applications. AMN also offers extruded <strong>pro</strong>ducts with high functionality for the pet food,<br />

feed and non-food industry. www.am-nutrition.no<br />

AMBROSIA PET FOOD (Hall 9 Stand 9-436) offers holistic, hypoallergenic, grain-free, dog and cat food, rich in<br />

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats and antioxidants, suitable for all breeds of dogs and cats. It combines digestible <strong>pro</strong>tein from fresh fish<br />

with high nutritional meat <strong>pro</strong>tein and the addition of vegetables, superfoods and herbs. All raw materials are Human Grade and<br />

certified for human consumption. https://ambrosia<strong>petfood</strong>.com/<br />

animalPRO nutrition (Hall 4 Stand 4-339) With decades of experience in the international food and feed raw-ingredients trade for the<br />

European market, animalPro nutrition delivers premium, quality-controlled and 100%-retraceable raw ingredients and semi-finished<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts for the pet and livestock industry. The company has the claim of im<strong>pro</strong>ving the animal feed industry in three areas: making<br />

it fairer for <strong>pro</strong>ducers, more reliable for manufacturers and qualitatively more valuable for the animals. www.animal<strong>pro</strong>-nutrition.de<br />

Barentz (Hall 7 Stand 7-731) is a global distributor of life science ingredients, specializing in animal nutrition and other areas, creating<br />

unique synergies across all disciplines. The ingredients and concepts aim to help im<strong>pro</strong>ve feed efficiency, raise <strong>pro</strong>ductivity, reduce<br />

waste and contribute to the animal health and wellbeing. This happens with functional- and nutritional ingredients. Every feed<br />

formulation is different and Barentz can help to find the right combination of ingredients. The foundation of single ingredients and<br />

commodities is complemented with several specific concepts and even, if required, ready-blended solutions. www.barentz.com/<br />

animal-nutrition<br />

Boréal Pet Food (Hall 10 Stand 10.-0-409c)is a line of dry and wet pet foods. The dry food range includes the fresh meat varieties<br />

Boréal Original and Boréal Functional, as well as a selection of grain-free or grain-containing varieties such as Boréal Proper. The Boréal<br />

Functional line is aimed at pets with special needs, such as senior or indoor cats or large breed puppies. www.boreal<strong>petfood</strong>.com<br />

bosch Tiernahrung (Hall 1 Stand 1-124) <strong>pro</strong>duces high-quality pet food <strong>pro</strong>ducts for dogs and cats. With modern <strong>pro</strong>duction and<br />

packaging facilities and according to scientifically sound recipes, diverse and select raw materials with good digestibility and high<br />

acceptance are <strong>pro</strong>cessed. When developing new types of food, only <strong>pro</strong>jects that are based on sufficiently scientifically researched<br />

and recognized principles are considered. Animal testing that would lead to serious interventions on the animals or that would be<br />

associated with pain or suffering is strictly rejected. The IFS (International Featured Standard -Food) certification makes it clear that<br />

bosch pet food is <strong>pro</strong>duced according to food standards. www.bosch-tiernahrung.de<br />

Cama Group – Pet Food Competence<br />

Network (Hall 7A Stand 7A-516) Since 1981, CAMA is an<br />

international leading company whose core business is the engineering and the <strong>pro</strong>duction of<br />

complete high technology secondary<br />

packaging systems for major multinational groups both in<br />

the food and non-food markets. Its<br />

outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique<br />

machine range (Packaging Division)<br />

and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), represent CAMA<br />

28<br />

Technology & Marketing


capability to <strong>pro</strong>pose complete lines starting from the handling of primary packages such as flow-wraps, bags, trays…up to the supply<br />

of final carton/corrugated packaging ready for palletizing. www.camagroup.com/<br />

Cetec Industries SAS (Hall4A Stand 4A-423) With over 40 years of experience in various fields such as pet food, animal feed Cetec<br />

Industries is specialized in complete packing lines from weighing to palletizing. Our multiformat baggers equipped with the latest<br />

generation magazines can handle any type of bags. Several closing solutions may be <strong>pro</strong>posed (stitching, impulse sealing, sealing<br />

tape...). And palletizing is offered through cartesian palletizer technology or robot. Because preserving your <strong>pro</strong>ducts is our<br />

priority, our machine come with optional vacuum and gas flushing stations. https://www.cetec.net/<br />

Clevertech - Pet Food Competence Network (Hall 7A Stand 7A-516) The Clevertech Group develops,<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duces and distributes machines and systems for automation in the final packaging<br />

sector. Over the years, the company has constantly evolved. Today, Clevertech's main<br />

goal is to be a partner to its customers in the development of integrated end-ofline<br />

packaging solutions. www.clevertech-group.com/de/<br />

CONSTANTIA FLEXIBLES INTERNATIONAL GmbH (Hall 9 Stand 9-209) is one of<br />

the leading manufacturers of tailor-made flexible packaging solutions. The company<br />

has developed from a supplier with strong European regional focus into a global supplier<br />

which is active in the fast-growing market for flexible packaging. Constantia Flexibles stands for<br />

premium positioning, leading technology, customer <strong>pro</strong>ximity and highly efficient <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

facilities. https://www.cflex.com/<br />

Coveris Management GmbH (Hall 6 Stand 6-254) is a leading European packaging company that manufactures flexible and<br />

sustainable solutions for some of the world’s most respected brands. Together with their customers, the company develops attractive<br />

and easy-to-use packaging that <strong>pro</strong>tects pet care. Through industry leading technical know-how, Coveris Management develops<br />

optimal packaging solutions that work to minimize waste and maximize impact. https://www.coveris.com/<br />

Dogs FOOD&Supplements (Hall 4 Stand 4-520) offers an extensive range of multi-vitamins and dietary supplements for dogs and<br />

exclusively serves the B2B trade. The nutritional supplements are made from natural raw materials in 100 % food quality and round<br />

off a healthy diet for dogs. Some of these <strong>pro</strong>ducts can be used<br />

preventively and as a supplement to the daily diet. www.dogsfoods.de<br />

Elif (Hall 9 Stand 9-226) offers new flexible packaging solutions<br />

for the pet care market. Laminated packaging films and pre-made<br />

pouches <strong>pro</strong>vide im<strong>pro</strong>ved packaging functionality, reduced<br />

spoilage, im<strong>pro</strong>ved odor control, and opportunity for enhanced<br />

graphics. Elif’s laminated packaging films and pre-made pouches<br />

<strong>pro</strong>vide im<strong>pro</strong>ved packaging functionality, reduced spoilage,<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ved odor control, and opportunity for enhanced graphics.<br />

While biodegradable and recyclable packaging materials like<br />

ElifCare match consumer demands for more sustainable packaging<br />

in pet food, the market has also shifted the type of aesthetic appeal<br />

of its packaging. Consumers also demand convenient packaging<br />

solutions when it comes to their pet food, especially for the ones<br />

in big sizes. Elif uses different types and sizes of pouches for the<br />

pet care industry and offers zippers, tear notches, different types<br />

of handling features, closures, and fitments. https://elif.com/<br />

Ever Heard of Humic<br />

Acids WH67 ® ?<br />

Supports gut functions and<br />

gut microbiota!<br />

• Strengthens gut barrier<br />

• Im<strong>pro</strong>ves belly comfort<br />

• Supports detoxification<br />

• Im<strong>pro</strong>ves bioavailability<br />

of nutrients<br />

Meet us at<br />

Interzoo!<br />

Booth<br />

12.0 – 125<br />

GA Pet Food Partners (Hall 7 Stand 7-343) offers its partners<br />

around the world the opportunity to <strong>pro</strong>duce and distribute ownbrand<br />

dog and cat food. To ensure full traceability, the company<br />

sources fresh meat from well-known and trusted farms and<br />

fisheries. The meat is then gently cooked in a special <strong>pro</strong>cess.<br />

www.ga-<strong>petfood</strong>partners.co.uk<br />

Gascogne Sacs SAS (Hall 4 Stand 4-148) offers a wide range of<br />

paper, plastic, hybrid & customized bags (sizes, compositions,<br />

shapes, prints, finishes, options…) and also <strong>pro</strong>vides a full range<br />

of monomaterial sustainable solutions (plastic & paper). Due to its<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

info@gites-gmbh.de<br />

+49 25 81 / 94 10 20<br />

gites-gmbh.de<br />



network in 70 countries on on five continents, Gascogne is able to offer global and international, customers local services and tailored<br />

solutions. As a pioneer in forest certification and <strong>pro</strong>duct traceability, Gascogne is a long-standing player in sustainable development<br />

for its sector. www.gascognesacs.com/en/<br />

GELITA AG (Hall 12 Stand 12.0-523) is a supplier of pet food ingredients and <strong>pro</strong>vides premium fats, <strong>pro</strong>teins, minerals, gelatin and<br />

collagen peptides for easy to digest pet foods. GELITA also offers nutritional supplements to im<strong>pro</strong>ve the nutritional <strong>pro</strong>file of pet<br />

foods and also pet food <strong>pro</strong>duction <strong>pro</strong>cess due to their techno-functional <strong>pro</strong>perties. The ingredients are natural, renewable raw<br />

materials, only derived from high quality animal <strong>pro</strong>ducts. They are made from only one species and are grain-free, gluten-free and<br />

allergen free. www.gelita.com/en<br />

GITES GmbH (Hall 12 Stand 12.0-125) To im<strong>pro</strong>ve intestinal health, Gites offers natural supplementary feedstuffs for the farm animal<br />

and pet food industry. The natural ingredients are refined by patented <strong>pro</strong>cesses in premium quality. To support and <strong>pro</strong>tect the<br />

animal’s key organs of the intestines and liver, GITES has developed a holistic <strong>pro</strong>duct concept based on natural substances. The<br />

complementary feeds can be used in a variety of ways and are therefore efficient solution components for every feeding concept.<br />

www.gites-gmbh.de<br />

H von Gimborn GmbH (Hall 1 Stand 1-324) was foundet 1855 as a chemical-pharmaceutical factory by pharmacist Heinrich von<br />

Gimborn. Initially, the company focused on <strong>pro</strong>ducing pastes and tablets for human consumption – analogous to today's <strong>pro</strong>ducts for<br />

animals. In 1965 the company created the first lactose-reduced milk for rearing kittens. Over time, the company expanded its focus to<br />

include dogs and its brand GimDog entered the pet food snack sector alongside GimCat. Since 1997, H von Gimborn creates cat litter<br />

from betonite, a naturally occurring clay found in Bavaria. https://www.gimborn.eu/de<br />

Handtmann, Albert Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 5 Stand 5-207) develops modern systems for new <strong>pro</strong>duction <strong>pro</strong>cesses<br />

in the manufacture of pet food and at the same time <strong>pro</strong>vides impetus for new types of trend <strong>pro</strong>ducts and <strong>pro</strong>duct innovations.<br />

Handtmann's range includes, for example, sausages in alginate casings or meat bars, dental cookies or pet food sausages in collagen<br />

casings. https://www.handtmann.de/<br />

Henry Lamotte Oils GmbH (Hall 1 Stand 1-532) offers over 60 certified organic <strong>pro</strong>ducts for animal nutrition and care. From hemp<br />

seed, shea nuts, linseed, sunflower seeds and many other natural <strong>pro</strong>ducts natural oils and related <strong>pro</strong>ducts are extracted such as<br />

vegetable butters, waxes, seed flours and oleoresins. With its raw materials, the company supplies essential ingredients for highquality<br />

feed and animal care <strong>pro</strong>ducts. The <strong>pro</strong>ducts are supplied as premixes, as mixed feed for your wet and dry feed <strong>pro</strong>duction,<br />

as supplementary feed or as high-quality, natural care <strong>pro</strong>ducts, right up to private label fillings. https://www.lamotte-oils.de/de/<br />

HiProMine S.A. (Hall 4A Stand 4A-205) The biotech company was founded in 2015 by scientists in animal nutrition, is the answer<br />

for increasing meat and <strong>pro</strong>tein demand based on natural, circular, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions thanks to a unique insect<br />

farming model. HiProMine is focused on insect <strong>pro</strong>tein as an alternative for regular meat and meal. Regarding innovative technology<br />

of insect breeding, hatching and rearing the company is able to convert low energy organic by-<strong>pro</strong>ducts into high-quality nutrition<br />

material for pet food, aquaculture and livestock. HiProMine offers healthy and well-balanced insect <strong>pro</strong>tein in many forms as insect<br />

meat, insect meal, insect oil and also fertilizer made from insect's residues. ttps://hi<strong>pro</strong>mine.com/<br />

Photos/Adobe Stock: Page 28/29 (273162497, 97589769, 277828530), Page 30 (270102054), Page 32 (51216074)<br />

Huhtamaki Flexible Plackaging Germany GmbH & Co.KG During the past 435 years, Huhtamaki developed from a modest paper<br />

mill in Ronsberg, Germany, to one of the world's most sophisticated packaging manufacturers, from a supplier of local dairy <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

to a global supplier of flexible packaging material, carving a niche in innovation and technology. Huthamaki offers smart packaging<br />

solutions for a strong, distinctive market presence and a long-term sales success of pet food <strong>pro</strong>ducts. Huhtamaki develops innovative<br />

packaging concepts for wet pet food that are safe<br />

and convenient for the consumer. https://www.<br />

huhtamaki.com/en-de/flexible-packaging<br />

JBT FTNON - Pet Food Competence Network (Hall<br />

7A Stand 7A-516) For more than 35 years, JBT FTNON<br />

has supplied the wet pet food industry with an<br />

economical and effective way of <strong>pro</strong>cessing through<br />

steam technology. In combination with meat<br />

preparation, mixers, emulsifiers, breakers, hoppers,<br />

extruders and color injection, is the high-end partner<br />

in the industry. With a wide range of installations, our<br />

systems have been used very satisfactorily by many<br />

leading pet food manufacturers worldwide. Thanks<br />

to our advanced pet food technology our customers<br />

have been able to im<strong>pro</strong>ve efficiency and optimize<br />

the quality of their <strong>pro</strong>ducts. To gain a foothold in<br />

30<br />

Technology & Marketing


Scan<br />



Email: info@<strong>petfood</strong>competencenet.com<br />


24 - 27 MAY<br />

N U R E M B E R G, GERMANY<br />

HALL 8 / 8-40 4<br />

MonoFlex<br />

Recyclable monomaterials range<br />

MEET US AT<br />


HALL 6 / 6-254<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



this market or to take existing <strong>pro</strong>ducts or plant to the next level or to exploit new technologies and discover greater economies,<br />

JBT FTNON offers full-spectrum supply and support at every single stage – from raw ingredients in, to pallets out – this is where the<br />

Petfood Competence Network becomes your most powerful ally. https://www.ftnon.com/<br />

KARL SCHNELL - Pet Food Competence Network (Hall 7A Stand 7A-516) For more than 70 years the name KARL SCHNELL has<br />

become an international term in the food industry. Nowadays, the key business activities of KS are seen in the development and<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction of machines and lines for the industrial <strong>pro</strong>cessing of meat, delicate food and pet food. KS offers a wide range of food<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cessing machinery to the market, which encompasses a diversity of systems: from individual machines to complete <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

lines, from intake of raw materials to portioning, including the necessary planning and implementation, the installation and setting<br />

up, plus operator training for customers. https://www.karlschnell.de/en/<br />

Kemin Nutrisurance Europe srl (Hall 12 Stand 12.0-310) offers industry-leading solutions for pet food manufacturers, renderers and<br />

ingredient suppliers. With specialized expertise in oxidation control, food safety, palatability and nutrition, Kemin Nutrisurance Europe<br />

<strong>pro</strong>vides support through every step of of pet food <strong>pro</strong>duction. When creating a new pet food brand, it is necessary to understands all<br />

phases of the pet food and rendering manufacturing <strong>pro</strong>cess because changes to a single formula specification can affect everything<br />

from pet food diet stability to palatability. Kemin Nutrisurance appreciates and understands how raw materials, <strong>pro</strong>duction <strong>pro</strong>cesses<br />

and other factors can impact the final pet food diet and is focused on <strong>pro</strong>viding industry-leading <strong>pro</strong>ducts and services that meet<br />

stabilization, palatability, ingredient exclusion and formulation needs. https://www.kemin.com/eu/en/markets/<strong>petfood</strong>-rendering<br />

Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG (Hall 4A Stand 4A-318) Founded in 1843, Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG has been driving<br />

forward the development, <strong>pro</strong>duction and distribution of high-performance machinery for food <strong>pro</strong>cessing for more than 175 years.<br />

Seydelmann has a leading global position as a manufacturer of machines for food <strong>pro</strong>cessing. Customers in small and medium-sized<br />

businesses, as well as in large corporations on all five continents and in more than 150 countries rely on Seydelmann cutters, mixers,<br />

grinders and emulsifiers. The company also has many years of expertise in the development of entire <strong>pro</strong>duction lines. https://www.<br />

seydelmann.com/<br />

Middleby Processing and Packaging, Maurer-Atmos (Hall 1 Stand 1-319) Middleby GmbH Global manufacturing, sales and support<br />

meet increasing demands for advanced technologies in food pet <strong>pro</strong>duction. Innovative, best-in-class equipment solutions for both<br />

high volume and smaller <strong>pro</strong>ducers. We cover <strong>pro</strong>cesses from raw material preparation and <strong>pro</strong>duction to <strong>pro</strong>duct packaging for retail<br />

and food service applications. Our equipment im<strong>pro</strong>ves pet food <strong>pro</strong>duction to maximize performance and output to the highest<br />

quality standards. http://www.midd<strong>pro</strong>cessing.com/<br />

Protix BV (Hall 2 Stand 2-633) is the leading insect company in circular, natural, and sustainable <strong>pro</strong>teins from insects. Our mission is<br />

to bring the food system back in balance with nature. Insects are part of the solution to the <strong>pro</strong>tein crisis while building a natural and<br />

circular food system with minimized food waste. The larvae of the black soldier fly (hermetia illucens) <strong>pro</strong>vide us with a unique source<br />

of <strong>pro</strong>tein for food and feed. We are the market leader when it comes to high-quality and scalable insect ingredients <strong>pro</strong>duction. Our<br />

belief in the power of the insect inspires the passion and creativity that makes us successful. https://<strong>pro</strong>tix.eu/<br />

Symrise Pet Food (Hall 2 Stand 2-423) Since March <strong>2022</strong>, Diana Pet Food, ADF, IsoNova and Schaffelaarbos joined forces to become<br />

Symrise Pet Food. Symrise Pet Food, part of the Taste, Nutrition & Health segment of Symrise, is the global leader of high-value solutions<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ving pets’ well-being. The division <strong>pro</strong>vides multiple <strong>pro</strong>ducts and services im-<strong>pro</strong>ving pet food palatability, pet nutrition and pet<br />

food <strong>pro</strong>tection. Symrise Pet Food is present on five continents with 1,500 employees, 31 industrial sites, and four expert measurement<br />

centers with 1,100 cats and dogs. Within the Symrise Group, Symrise Taste, Nutrition & Health leverages Group capabilities to <strong>pro</strong>vide<br />

advanced natural health & well-being nutrition solutions for the human food, pet food and aquafeed industries. https://<strong>petfood</strong>.<br />

symrise.com/emea-en/<br />

VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH ( Hall 4A Stand 4A-320) is one of the leading machine manufacturers for filling, portioning, dividing,<br />

shaping and depositing pastes, doughs<br />

and mixes. Its portfolio ranges from small-scale solutions to highly industrialized<br />

applications and modular <strong>pro</strong>duction lines. Gentle, economic handling of raw materials and efficient<br />

flexibility in<br />

meeting individual customer requirements are two of the company's significant<br />

success factors. The concept is to establish a modular system comprising standard<br />

fillers and tailored attachments that can be flexibly adapted to specific user<br />

requirements. This allows efficient solutions covering <strong>pro</strong>duction capacity for all users -<br />

from artisan <strong>pro</strong>ducers to large companies - as well as applications ranging from the<br />

filling or portioning <strong>pro</strong>cess, shaping and grinding applications, the splitting of dough<br />

and mixes, through to innovative portion-to-pack solutions. https://www.vemag.de/<br />

32<br />

Technology & Marketing


Whole range of<br />

extruded pet<br />

food solutions.<br />

High sanitation standards, excellent<br />

workmanship and an outstanding<br />

price performance ratio make the<br />

Single-Screw Extruder the ideal<br />

solution in the field of Pet Food<br />

Extrusion.<br />

Find out more:<br />

www.buhlergroup.com/sse<br />

extrusion@buhlergroup.com<br />

Innovations Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong> for a better world.<br />



PetFood Success Through<br />

Packaging Competence<br />

Photos: CETEC<br />

The French company CETEC Industries<br />

was founded 50 years ago in Périgueux in<br />

the beautiful Dordogne region of southwestern<br />

France. Started in 1971, Jean-<br />

Claude Labrue has seen the company<br />

grow and become a valued specialist in<br />

weighing, bagging and palletizing for<br />

dry pet food, with customers all over the<br />

world.<br />

Following years of manufacturing<br />

customized equipment for fruits and<br />

some pet food, including <strong>pro</strong>viding<br />

services, a breakthrough came in 1982<br />

when a well-known <strong>petfood</strong> manufacturer<br />

commissioned a new bag filling machine;<br />

this machine became a reference for other<br />

companies for different bag sizes and<br />

expanded to include weighing equipment<br />

and later also a palletizer.<br />

Nowadays specialist weighers are<br />

integrated into the lines as unique designs<br />

including specific patents are developed.<br />

Some complete packaging lines are made<br />

up of 4-5 individual machines. Major<br />

<strong>petfood</strong> manufacturers in France equip all<br />

their new factories with CETEC packaging<br />

lines.<br />

Régis Labrue started working in the<br />

company in 1996 and followed his uncle<br />

as CEO in 2009. “In the meantime we have<br />

installed over 2500 machines. Petfood<br />

equipment is almost half of our total<br />

business, with cereals, dried fruit, rice and<br />

milk powder also important to us, as well<br />

as some non-food applications. We can<br />

work with all dry <strong>pro</strong>ducts that need to<br />

be bagged. We sell equipment all over the<br />

world, and were especially <strong>pro</strong>ud to help<br />

United Petfood in Spain recently increase<br />

their capacity by 1800 bags per hour with<br />

a new machine.“<br />

CETEC’s 90 employees cover the whole<br />

range of packaging technology, including<br />

the design of new machinery, the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction and assembly of whole lines,<br />

as well as the complete service support<br />

until the function is assured on site at the<br />

customer. Training is also guaranteed, as<br />

well as regular preventive maintenance<br />

checks and spare parts where necessary.<br />

In 2019 capacity at the original workshop<br />

was extended by 2000 m2. The company<br />

<strong>pro</strong>vides apprenticeships and vocational<br />

training for local workers in a variety<br />

of jobs; this can cover all aspects of<br />

the business, both commercial and<br />

technical from mechanical and electrical<br />

engineering, design and laser technology<br />

and even painting the equipment,<br />

according to customer wishes.<br />

Tha packaging lines are mostly custombuilt<br />

to meet individual manufacturer’s<br />

needs. These start with bag closing,<br />

where industry standards are exceeded,<br />

through patented versions such as some<br />

easy open and closing technologies.<br />

Weighing equipment, including<br />

checkweighing, can be supplied from the<br />

smallest to the largest amounts and for all<br />

kinds of packages and sizes, such as preformed<br />

paper and plastic bags as well<br />

as tubular film and big bags. Everything<br />

can be controlled by touchscreen and is<br />

easily dismantled for regular cleaning and<br />

the avoidance of cross-contamination.<br />

Wrapping and palletization solutions are<br />

also designed to meet customer needs<br />

and are adapted to size, height, pallet<br />

patterns and materials with or without<br />

inlay or <strong>pro</strong>tective sheets. The line controls<br />

are also state-of-the-art electronics with<br />

stored <strong>pro</strong>duct recipes and automatic<br />

34<br />

Technology & Marketing


format changes. Maintenance can be<br />

local or remote. More and more lines are<br />

automated and also supplied by CETEC<br />

with the required robotic technology.<br />

Petfood is especially important for<br />

CETEC, as discussed by Valérie Lapierre,<br />

Export Sales Manager: “Requirements in<br />

the <strong>petfood</strong> sector are very precise and<br />

challenging. Product security is especially<br />

important. Snacks such as dog biscuits are<br />

a good example of this.“<br />

Régis Labrue admits to being surprised<br />

by the current growth in the pet food<br />

industry, but trusts in CETEC’s readiness to<br />

serve the industry: “The <strong>petfood</strong> market is<br />

very dynamic and customers are always<br />

looking for new options. Green solutions<br />

are being sought, with a return to paper<br />

packaging wherever possible. Since<br />

we <strong>pro</strong>vide customized equipment, we<br />

are prepared to grow in all geographic<br />

regions. In Europe we have customers<br />

in all countrires. There are also many<br />

potential discussions in the USA, which<br />

is of course, an enormous market. Since<br />

our equipment is always different, we are<br />

used to meeting new challenges and look<br />

forward to the coming years. In France it<br />

is quite typical that the machine has to<br />

adapt to the client. We grow with them.“<br />

For more information<br />

www.cetec.net<br />

We will be in hall 4A / booth 423<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Customized Solution for Pet Food<br />

Processing<br />

Multi-lane Dosing of Chunky Fresh Food (BARF) Direct Into Thermoformed Trays<br />

Photos: Handtmann<br />

BARF <strong>pro</strong>ducts in thermoformed trays<br />

A common trend in dog food is raw feeding.<br />

On the context of which the abbreviation<br />

“BARF” stands for “Biologically Ap<strong>pro</strong>priate<br />

Raw Food”. The nutrition is based on what<br />

dogs have naturally eaten for thousands<br />

of years: fresh meat, offal, bones, fur,<br />

plant components and fat. The sinewy<br />

and tough components pose a major<br />

challenge for the accurate-to-the-gram<br />

portioning within the <strong>pro</strong>duction <strong>pro</strong>cess.<br />

The customer requirement was thus<br />

an automated, multi-lane and highperformance<br />

depositing station for filling<br />

chunky and sinewy BARF fresh meat<br />

directly into a thermo-forming packaging<br />

line. A team of internationally experienced<br />

technical experts worked exclusively for<br />

this Handtmann Customized Solutions<br />

at the Biberach and the Netherlands<br />

Amersfoort sites, developing a customized<br />

solution needed for this individual<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction <strong>pro</strong>cess – from <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

filling and dosing all the way through to<br />

packaging. The standard Handtmann DV<br />

85-3 dosing valve featuring the patented<br />

“pulling cut function” already met these<br />

requirements very well and was the basis<br />

for the customised depositing station.<br />

In close cooperation with the customer,<br />

a customised 4-lane depositing station<br />

was developed, each lane with two<br />

dosing valves positioned in series. In one<br />

dosing <strong>pro</strong>cess, eight portions are filled<br />

directly and synchronously into a thermoforming<br />

packaging line. Portioning<br />

using a Handtmann VF 838 vacuum<br />

filler in combination with the FST 546-<br />

8 flow divider enables precise and clean<br />

portioning at each of the eight dosing<br />

points. As a cost-efficient <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

starts with accurate portioning the basic<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess step of portioning remains the<br />

critical link in the <strong>pro</strong>cess for cost-efficient<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction and the decisive criterion<br />

for the quality of the final <strong>pro</strong>duct. With<br />

this in mind, the aim is to eliminate the<br />

unnecessary over-portioning and giveaway<br />

of expensive material such as BARF<br />

fresh meat and to convey the <strong>pro</strong>cessed<br />

HCS Dosing Solution for BARF<br />

36<br />

Technology & Marketing


<strong>pro</strong>duct in a very careful way that retains<br />

its quality. The cost-effectiveness of<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction therefore depends decisively<br />

on the accuracy of the portioning<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess, which in turn depends heavily<br />

on the underlying conveying principle.<br />

Handtmann vacuum fillers work on the<br />

portioning principle of the vane cell feed<br />

system, which sets standards in terms<br />

of portioning accuracy and <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tection. This weight accuracy remains<br />

the decisive feature in cost-optimised<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction, as every gram too much<br />

represents an unnecessary increase in<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction costs.<br />

About Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik<br />

GmbH & Co. KG:<br />

Handtmann Maschinenfabrik is part of the widely<br />

diversified Handtmann Group of Companies and business<br />

division of filling and portioning systems. Worldwide<br />

sales and distribution are currently conducted through<br />

14 sales and service companies in the core markets as<br />

well as 60 commercial agents. The customer base of the<br />

two manufacturers includes both small-scale <strong>pro</strong>ducers<br />

and start-ups as well as medium-sized companies and<br />

industrial enterprises from all over the world.<br />

For more information<br />

www.handtmann.com/food<br />

We will be in Hall 5 / 5-207<br />

hall 8 booth 8-110<br />


OF THE DAY.<br />

Discover high quality and reliable<br />

bulk material handling for<br />

pet food <strong>pro</strong>duction.<br />

Plant engineering<br />

from a single source.<br />

Our innovative systems and<br />

solutions for the <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

of dry and wet pet food will<br />

fascinate you. We offer you<br />

highly efficient technologies<br />

for almost all <strong>pro</strong>cessing steps,<br />

with decades of experience in<br />

bulk material handling and food<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cessing.<br />

Plus, 24/7 service and a spare<br />

parts supply for many years to<br />

come. For permanently smooth<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction.<br />

Catchy, isn’t it?<br />

zeppelin-systems.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Solutions for a Sustainable Planet<br />

Bühler builds large-scale insect plant for Agronutris in France.<br />

commissioning. “The new <strong>pro</strong>ject with<br />

Agronutris is a milestone for us. It confirms<br />

our goal of establishing ourselves as a key<br />

solution <strong>pro</strong>vider for the insect industry<br />

and to increase the inclusion of insect<br />

<strong>pro</strong>teins in animal feed. Our solutions<br />

contribute to more sustainable feed<br />

supply chains,” says Andreas Baumann,<br />

Head of Market Segment Insect<br />

Technology at Bühler.<br />

Agronutris Plant Processing<br />

French insect <strong>pro</strong>ducer Agronutris has<br />

chosen Bühler Group as its <strong>pro</strong>cess<br />

solution <strong>pro</strong>vider for its first commercial<br />

scale black soldier fly plant. Bühler will<br />

deliver a full-scope solution for the facility,<br />

which will be built in Rethel, France. This<br />

collaboration is a major milestone for<br />

both organizations. It reinforces Bühler’s<br />

commitment to ambitious targets that<br />

will help mitigate climate change and<br />

build a more sustainable food system<br />

and supports Agronutris’ goal to establish<br />

itself as a world leader for sustainable<br />

nutrition. The plant is planned to go into<br />

operation in 2023.<br />

The 16,000 square meter insect plant in<br />

Rethel, France, when operating at full<br />

capacity, will <strong>pro</strong>cess up to 70,000 tons<br />

of organic residues and <strong>pro</strong>duce highquality<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein for the aquaculture and pet<br />

food markets every year. “With the launch<br />

of this new site, Agronutris is entering<br />

its industrial deployment stage. The<br />

facility of Rethel will be our springboard<br />

for the further industrial development<br />

of our activity,” says Mehdi Berrada, CEO<br />

of Agronutris. “Bühler is a world-leading<br />

company with a tremendous experience<br />

in the food and feed sector. We trust in<br />

their capabilities to support us in the<br />

insect industry. This allows our teams<br />

to focus on our core activities: insect<br />

biology and operational management<br />

of our <strong>pro</strong>duction flow. Our research<br />

and development activities make for our<br />

competitive advantage.”<br />

Bühler’s solutions for Agronutris will cover<br />

the entire supply chain. This includes<br />

feedstock preparation to <strong>pro</strong>vide safe,<br />

palatable, and nourishing feed to the<br />

larvae and a fully automated larvae<br />

growth system with sophisticated climate<br />

control. Bühler will also deliver the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cessing line to efficiently transform the<br />

grown larvae into <strong>pro</strong>tein meal and lipids<br />

with consistent quality, as well as the frass<br />

(excrement) handling system for a secure<br />

offtake of the rearing residues.<br />

In addition, Bühler will be responsible<br />

for the entire automation and the<br />

timely <strong>pro</strong>ject execution. The latter<br />

encompasses engineering, <strong>pro</strong>curement,<br />

manufacturing, supply, installation, and<br />

Agronutris Plant Rearing<br />

Growing demand<br />

To feed 10 billion people who are expected<br />

to live on our planet by 2050, about 250<br />

million metric tons of additional <strong>pro</strong>tein<br />

will be necessary every year. This is an<br />

increase of 50% compared to today. The<br />

industry must address this challenge<br />

with a more sustainable <strong>pro</strong>duction of<br />

existing sources of <strong>pro</strong>tein as well as<br />

alternative sources for direct human<br />

and animal consumption. Edible insects<br />

can play a unique role in upcycling food<br />

waste streams to high-quality <strong>pro</strong>teins,<br />

which makes them an increasingly<br />

important source of <strong>pro</strong>tein while being<br />

environmentally friendly.<br />

The market of insect <strong>pro</strong>teins as feed is<br />

expected to significantly grow in the next<br />

ten years. The total turnover of insect feed<br />

operators is expected to achieve EUR 2.2<br />

billion per year by the end of the decade.<br />

This growth will be led by two main<br />

Photos: Bühler Group<br />

38<br />

Technology & Marketing


sectors: the aquaculture sector, which<br />

will make up for 30% of sales volumes of<br />

insect <strong>pro</strong>ducers by 2030, and the <strong>petfood</strong><br />

sector, which will account for 40% of the<br />

insect <strong>pro</strong>tein sales volumes by 2030.<br />

Agronutris aims to contribute to the<br />

emergence of this industry and to<br />

become one of the global leaders of the<br />

sector. The growth of its team (joined<br />

by entomologists and agro-industry<br />

experts), its recent fundraising of EUR 100<br />

million, and the collaboration with major<br />

companies such as Bühler, are some of<br />

the factors that will allow the company to<br />

live up to this ambition.<br />

Bühler is committed to reduce water,<br />

energy, and waste by 50% in its<br />

customers’ value chains by 2025. This will<br />

help mitigate climate change and be the<br />

foundation of a more sustainable food<br />

system. Insects offer a unique opportunity.<br />

They are not only a healthy source of<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tein for food and feed, but they can be<br />

fed on waste, therefore converting food<br />

waste into <strong>pro</strong>tein. And their frass can be<br />

used as a fertilizer. That is why they are<br />

an important pillar in Bühler’s strategy to<br />

become the leader in sustainable <strong>pro</strong>teins<br />

for food and feed.<br />

Agronutris Plant<br />

Andreas Baumann,<br />

Head of Market<br />

Segment Insect<br />

Technology, Bühler<br />

Mehdi Berrada, CEO of<br />

Agronutris<br />

For more information<br />

www.buehlergroup.com<br />

> extruders > feeders > components > pneumatic conveying > complete systems<br />




+ Innovative sanitary design ideal for quick changeover and cleaning<br />

+ High accuracy feeders for optimal ingredient delivery<br />

+ Integrated systems controls for all operations – including Coperion’s ZSK extruder<br />

+ All systems designed in accordance with GFSI and FSMA safety standards<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

Safe pet food and ingredient handling. Coperion and Coperion K-Tron’s line of<br />

feeding and pneumatic conveying components offer the highest in efficiency<br />

and safety standards for pet food <strong>pro</strong>cessing. www.coperion.com/<strong>petfood</strong><br />



Efficient and Safe Production of<br />

Pet Food<br />

Avoiding interface <strong>pro</strong>blems through efficient and safe <strong>pro</strong>duction of pet food<br />

from Zeppelin Systems every day.<br />

by Ingo Pütz<br />

The <strong>pro</strong>duction of pet food requires<br />

efficient <strong>pro</strong>duction lines with high<br />

availability rates and re<strong>pro</strong>ducible<br />

quality. This only works with optimal<br />

system technology and <strong>pro</strong>cesses<br />

that are designed to meet the specific<br />

requirements of the <strong>pro</strong>duct in question.<br />

This article shows what else is important.<br />

Pets have not only been popular<br />

companions since the Corona pandemic;<br />

in Germany alone, almost every second<br />

household has some sort of pet. As a<br />

result, the demand for high-quality pet<br />

food is increasing, and this is happening<br />

worldwide. "The USA, Europe and Asia are<br />

still growing markets in terms of pet food,<br />

and this means that we are in demand<br />

as plant manufacturers," says Ingo Pütz,<br />

responsible for global sales at Zeppelin<br />

Systems in Rödermark, describing the<br />

market situation.<br />

In addition, the technological demands<br />

on plants and components are growing,<br />

as Pütz explains, "Pet food formulas now<br />

consist of 20 to 50 different raw materials,<br />

each of which has its own unique<br />

<strong>pro</strong>perties." This can be extruded material<br />

that is mixed in particularly gently or a<br />

moisture-sensitive raw material that has<br />

to be conveyed in a very dry state. Smooth<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction therefore requires not only<br />

knowing the <strong>pro</strong>perties of a wide range<br />

of <strong>pro</strong>ducts, but also understanding<br />

the <strong>pro</strong>cess down to the last detail.<br />

"Ultimately, the consumer must be able to<br />

rely on the feed always having the exact<br />

composition as well as the same shape<br />

and consistency. The feed must neither<br />

stick nor crumble," says Pütz, describing<br />

the difficult balance.<br />

Flexibility in plants is a<br />

necessity<br />

In general, the <strong>pro</strong>duction quality<br />

requirements for pet food are similar<br />

to those of human food. Among other<br />

things, this means eliminating or<br />

minimizing cross-contamination, easy<br />

to clean, maintaining clean <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

and compliance with hygiene standards.<br />

And as with food for humans, pet<br />

food is subject to special scrutiny and<br />

requires, for example, extremely accurate<br />

measurement technology. Moreover,<br />

in pet food, new formula concepts are<br />

being developed to meet the needs of<br />

individual animals, whether young, old,<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ne to obesity, wheat intolerant, etc.<br />

At the same time, manufacturers must be<br />

able to deal with changing raw materials<br />

- for example, some raw materials used<br />

to be available as powders, but are now<br />

marketed as granules. Raw materials<br />

may also vary from region to region.<br />

Photos: Zeppelin Systems<br />

These variations can, for example, affect<br />

different bulk densities, which in turn<br />

affects handling. Manufacturers therefore<br />

require a very high degree of flexibility in<br />

their plants. It must be possible to adapt<br />

them without major conversions. High<br />

reliability and availability of the plants,<br />

which run around the clock, are a given.<br />

Coordinated plant <strong>pro</strong>cesses<br />

Zeppelin Systems accompanies<br />

almost every <strong>pro</strong>cessing stage in pet<br />

food <strong>pro</strong>duction. This starts with raw<br />

material intake, through filling into<br />

the silos, grinding technology, up to<br />

recipe-accurate dosing including inline<br />

screening machines upstream of the<br />

mixers and gentle dense phase conveying.<br />

Drying and coating <strong>pro</strong>cesses have to<br />

be integrated just as much as systems<br />

40<br />

Technology & Marketing


for dust removal, temperature control,<br />

quality assurance measures, and concepts<br />

for explosion <strong>pro</strong>tection. A striking feature<br />

of developments in recent years: Plants<br />

are being operated ever closer to their<br />

peak performance without diminishing<br />

any accuracy. "This can only be achieved<br />

by keeping an eye on the entire raw<br />

material handling <strong>pro</strong>cess. We master all<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess steps and the respective <strong>pro</strong>cess<br />

and measurement technology. That's why<br />

we can offer comprehensive, perfectly<br />

coordinated solutions from a single<br />

source," Pütz explains further.<br />

Kibbles without break<br />

At first glance, the individual <strong>pro</strong>cess<br />

steps do not appear complicated, yet<br />

the <strong>pro</strong>cesses are changing. For example,<br />

gentle pneumatic conveying of dry feed<br />

now plays an increasingly important role.<br />

Neither the animal lover nor the <strong>pro</strong>ducer<br />

wants to find crumbs in the feed. With<br />

Dense-Tec conveying and sometimes<br />

extended lines, conveying succeeds<br />

without destroying the structure of the<br />

raw materials. Dense-Tec is mainly used<br />

in the pet food industry as a continuous<br />

conveying system, because the individual<br />

<strong>pro</strong>cess steps, such as cooling or coating,<br />

are also mainly carried out continuously.<br />

Precise dosing of even the<br />

smallest quantities<br />

When weighing and dosing very small<br />

quantities, such as vitamins, components<br />

in the 2-3 kilogram range have to be<br />

added evenly distributed throughout<br />

mixtures weighing several tons. "We<br />

have developed innovative manual<br />

and automated solutions especially<br />

for these small components," reports<br />

Pütz. For example, Zeppelin Systems<br />

offers customized solutions ranging<br />

from components for batch weighing<br />

to differential scales including controls.<br />

For handling liquids, on the other hand,<br />

volumetric systems or gravimetrically<br />

operating components such as liquid<br />

scales and mass flow meters are used. "It<br />

is crucial that the dosing and weighing is<br />

done accurately contamination-free," Pütz<br />

lists additionally. "After all, ingredients are<br />

being scrutinized more and more critically<br />

by consumers."<br />

High demands on hygiene and<br />

quality<br />

Hygiene requirements have also<br />

increased in the pet food sector and are<br />

now oriented toward the food industry.<br />

"For example, we have long relied only<br />

on stainless steel in our plants," says<br />

Pütz "Batches have to be traceable just<br />

as they are in human food. This is where<br />

the <strong>pro</strong>cess management system we<br />

developed helps." This logs every change<br />

in the recipe and allows all raw materials<br />

supplied and batches delivered to be<br />

traced. All <strong>pro</strong>duction data, batch records,<br />

etc. are archived and can be retrieved at<br />

any time. Accordingly, there is greater<br />

focus on control, automation and<br />

documentation. This gives the consumer<br />

peace of mind.<br />

Summary and outlook<br />

Regional differences require countryspecific<br />

solutions. Since <strong>pro</strong>duction<br />

follows the customer, plant engineering<br />

know-how is needed directly on site.<br />

Zeppelin Systems is globally oriented,<br />

which ensures nationwide support.<br />

Moreover, digital services, such as remote<br />

access to the plants, are now part of<br />

everyday life.<br />

Another topic of concern to the pet food<br />

industry is energy use and efficiency levels.<br />

This is particularly important for large<br />

plants with higher conveying capacities,<br />

for example, 40 to 60 tons per hour. "We<br />

supply solutions that allow more output<br />

from the plants. For example, we replace<br />

mechanical conveyors with pneumatic<br />

ones because they deliver faster and<br />

display higher performance with larger<br />

volumes. They also work more energyefficiently,<br />

can cover greater distances,<br />

and require less maintenance," says Pütz,<br />

listing one example, but concluding<br />

with a completely different yet decisive<br />

factor for success: "Our customers don't<br />

really care how their <strong>pro</strong>cess works;<br />

they want <strong>pro</strong>cess reliability and high<br />

plant availability. We ensure this with<br />

on-site service, but also with intelligent<br />

automation technology and a wide range<br />

of sensors that safeguard the <strong>pro</strong>cess.<br />

The Autor<br />

Ingo Pütz ist General Manager Sales Food<br />

Processing Plant at Zeppelin Systems<br />

GmbH<br />

For more information<br />

www.zeppelin.com/de-en/<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Perfect Packs for Quality Pet<br />

Food<br />

Coveris Group specializes in paper<br />

and plastic based flexible packaging<br />

solutions for all kinds of <strong>pro</strong>ducts –<br />

from food to pet food, from medical<br />

devices to agricultural <strong>pro</strong>ducts.<br />

Through a broad range of technical<br />

expertise, the high-quality packaging<br />

extends <strong>pro</strong>duct shelf-life and this<br />

helps to reduce waste and save<br />

resources. Coveris works together<br />

with customers to develop new and<br />

sustainable packaging solutions. The<br />

pet food packaging core is in Firminy,<br />

near Lyon in France. Ian Healey went<br />

to visit.<br />

Under the leadership of CEO Jakob<br />

A. Moser, Coveris has bundled its<br />

solutions in three Business Units,<br />

specialized in films, flexible packaging<br />

and paper with 29 <strong>pro</strong>duction sites and<br />

4100 employees in six countries.<br />

In Firminy, Montfaucon and Saint-Palde-Mons,<br />

films for dry pet food are<br />

extruded, printed and converted on<br />

site. Nicolas Plantec is the Segment<br />

Lead Pet Food: “Coveris has invested<br />

around EUR 230 million upgrading<br />

existing <strong>pro</strong>duction lines and bringing<br />

in new technology. In addition, the<br />

business grew through strategic<br />

acquisitions. With its R&D centers and<br />

labs Coveris anticipates market trends,<br />

tests and develops state-of-the-art,<br />

high quality and sustainable packaging<br />

solutions.<br />

“Changing specifications of packaging<br />

and structures are continually updated,<br />

tested and validated, through technical<br />

labs. This ensures that the best<br />

possible shelf-life can be achieved.<br />

Quality certification is complete and<br />

up to date: ISO 9001, FSSC 22000<br />

and the SMETA 4 pillar ethical audit<br />

assessments."<br />

Eric Valette, R&D Director BU Flexible,<br />

added: “In Coveris’ Pack Positive<br />

Center, ideas and brainstorming<br />

sessions can quickly lead to customized<br />

solutions, following which<br />

mock-up packages can be made to<br />

test customers innovation wishes. In<br />

Coveris’ Pack Innovation Centre, pilot<br />

lines run tests on equipment similar to<br />

the customer’s own, which irons out<br />

potential <strong>pro</strong>blems and saves time at<br />

final trials."<br />

“Sustainability is important to Coveris,<br />

as a packaging company. Our NO<br />

WASTE vision sees a target of reducing<br />

waste in packaging, in <strong>pro</strong>ducts and in<br />

operations. Employees are challenged<br />

and invited to send ideas which can<br />

support this vision,“ summarized Marion<br />

Schmitt, Marketing Communications<br />

Manager.<br />

Coveris in Firminy is <strong>pro</strong>ud to be a<br />

pioneer in pet food packaging. The<br />

company was one of the first to <strong>pro</strong>duce<br />

pre-made plastic bags and have<br />

channeled this extensive experience<br />

to offer a full range of packaging on<br />

state-of-the-art machinery. The range<br />

includes quadroseal, pouches, flat<br />

bottom bags and FFS. These can be<br />

manufactured, printed and supplied<br />

on reels or as pre-made bags and<br />

delivered with a full range of closures,<br />

including zip fasteners.<br />

Monomaterial developments<br />

MonoFlexE is a mono-material option,<br />

which is easy to recycle. It is available<br />

for dry pet food packaging, including<br />

snacks and treats. Designed using<br />

100% polyethylene, it works for both<br />

form-fill-seal and pre-made bags.<br />

MonoFlexE stands out on the shelf<br />

with various finishing options, including<br />

both matt and high gloss finish, and<br />

im<strong>pro</strong>ved printing possibilities, ensuring<br />

the graphics catch the consumer’s<br />

eye. Moreover, the increased stiffness<br />

of the material and the equivalent<br />

machinability as standard PET/<br />

PE makes it very straightforward<br />

to introduce MonoFlexE to existing<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction lines. The advantages of<br />

Coveris films are retained including<br />

enhanced convenience for opening<br />

and reclosing, as well as an attractive,<br />

Photos: Coveris<br />

Among many potential<br />

packaging materials available<br />

for pet food, the MonoFlex<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct range stands out,<br />

since it is recyclable and much<br />

thinner than standard films.<br />

42<br />

Technology & Marketing


premium look at POS. These strengths<br />

– combined with 100% recyclability,<br />

thanks to the mono-material – meet<br />

the needs for more flexible and<br />

sustainable solutions in the pet food<br />

market.<br />

Demavic bags<br />

for therapeutic<br />

pet food range<br />

are made from<br />

MonoFlexE film.<br />

Coveris offers a wide range of<br />

MonoFlex solutions depending on the<br />

respective <strong>pro</strong>duct requirements.<br />

Together with customers we<br />

find the best solution for pet<br />

food<br />

When the French manufacturer<br />

Demavic looked for a unique package<br />

design to meet new recycling<br />

regulations, they turned to Coveris.<br />

Demavic needed help in designing<br />

bags for their new <strong>pro</strong>duct launch<br />

that answer these demands. "When<br />

we decided to launch a new range of<br />

therapeutic pet food, we had to think<br />

about the distribution channels we<br />

would select. To attract consumers<br />

to buy this type of <strong>pro</strong>duct, we<br />

had to take into consideration their<br />

expectations, particularly with regards<br />

to packaging and environmental<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tection," explained Olivier Poupon,<br />

Demavic Buyer.<br />

Coveris' response was a quadroseal<br />

bag, designed using the <strong>pro</strong>ven<br />

MonoFlexE polyethylene film, which<br />

monomaterial structure allows easier<br />

recycling in the existing plastic<br />

streams. Additionally, Coveris’ team<br />

manufactured two variants of the<br />

bags from three up to 10 kilograms,<br />

which includes a front zip to allow<br />

easy opening and resealing for<br />

extended freshness of the kibbles for<br />

the three kilogram format. The new<br />

solution offers customers the same<br />

convenience and <strong>pro</strong>duct <strong>pro</strong>tection<br />

as the standard designs, while<br />

minimizing waste.<br />

The biggest challenge was to <strong>pro</strong>duce<br />

monomaterial bags in 10 kilograms<br />

as it was the first enquiry from a<br />

customer for monomaterial bags<br />

in this size. With the support of<br />

Coveris’ R&D team, the bigger bags<br />

successfully met all the <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

tests. The equivalent machinability as<br />

standard PET/PE material convinced<br />

Demavic that introducing MonoFlexE<br />

to existing <strong>pro</strong>duction lines will<br />

be a straightforward <strong>pro</strong>cess. The<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts, 100% made in France,<br />

including the kibbles, packaging and<br />

label, were launched on the French<br />

market in the summer of 2021 in<br />

large and in specialized food stores.<br />

“The combination of full recyclability<br />

of the monomaterial, the <strong>pro</strong>longed<br />

freshness thanks to the front zip<br />

and the enhanced graphics met all<br />

the customer's needs. As a result,<br />

the new bag created a user and<br />

environmentally friendly image for<br />

Demavic's therapeutic pet food<br />

brand,” summarized Jérôme Detais,<br />

Commercial Manager at Coveris.<br />

"Thanks to the dedication of our<br />

team in Firminy, we were able to<br />

help Demavic successfully launch<br />

the new therapeutic pet food range<br />

to French supermarkets and fulfil all<br />

requirements in terms of sustainability<br />

with our new MonoFlexE <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

range " said Nicolas Plantec.<br />

Coveris and Ultra Premium<br />

Direct present new recyclable<br />

pet food bags<br />

In France, one person in two owns<br />

a pet, which totals 14.2 million cats<br />

and 7.4 million dogs. Just like their<br />

European neighbors, the French<br />

people prefer natural pet food with<br />

minimal <strong>pro</strong>cessing and without<br />

unnecessary additives. The healthy<br />

lifestyle trend keeps rising thanks to<br />

the recent growth of the e-commerce<br />

market in France. Since the beginning<br />

of the pandemic, it reached a turnover<br />

of EUR 460 million, which represents<br />

12% of the overall pet food turnover<br />

in France.<br />

Nicolas Plantec<br />

Segment Lead Pet Food<br />

Jérôme Detais<br />

Commercial Manager<br />

Eric Valette<br />

R&D Director BU Flexibles<br />

Marion Schmitt, Marketing &<br />

Communications Manager<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Photos: Coveris<br />

PROTEIN BOOST is packed in single<br />

material polyethylene which is easily<br />

recycled. Kibble preservation and<br />

freshness is guaranteed to ensure perfect<br />

organoleptic <strong>pro</strong>perties.<br />

Ultra Premium Direct, a French<br />

manufacturer of natural premium pet<br />

food, has taken into account the needs<br />

of modern pet lovers and developed<br />

a new <strong>pro</strong>duct range in France called<br />

PROTEIN BOOST. This innovative<br />

food line offers the best nutrition<br />

by combining kibbles made without<br />

cereals and freeze-dried pieces of raw<br />

chicken and trout dried in the cold.<br />

The new <strong>pro</strong>duct range is available for<br />

online purchase at the Ultra Premium<br />

Direct’s website from December 2021.<br />

Ultra Premium Direct ap<strong>pro</strong>ached<br />

Coveris, one of Europe's leading pet<br />

food packaging manufacturers, for<br />

their expertise in forward-thinking,<br />

sustainable packaging to support the<br />

launch of PROTEIN BOOST. Coveris’<br />

MonoFlexE monomaterial solution for<br />

bags is fully recyclable, offers <strong>pro</strong>duct<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tection and achieves premium<br />

shelf appeal. The premade bags are<br />

manufactured from a single material,<br />

polyethylene, which allows easier<br />

recycling. Additionally, they guarantee<br />

the same <strong>pro</strong>perties as standard PET/<br />

PE materials, i.e. preservation and<br />

freshness of the food, keeping all the<br />

organoleptic <strong>pro</strong>perties of the kibbles<br />

for better taste.<br />

The range is available in two bag<br />

sizes: 3 and 8kg. "In order to meet<br />

the growing need for convenience, we<br />

equipped our bags with a top slider<br />

to allow them to be opened and<br />

closed easily and safely", said Jérôme<br />

Detais. The matte finish of the bag<br />

allows the graphic visuals to stand out<br />

more, including the dog of the famous<br />

French blogger Coralie, author of the<br />

Elles en Parlent blog, who <strong>pro</strong>motes<br />

the new pet food brand.<br />

"We are delighted to collaborate with<br />

Coveris in the launch of our new<br />

PROTEIN BOOST range. With French<br />

manufacturing of our kibbles and<br />

packaging bags, we are offering a<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct that is 100% made in France,"<br />

emphasised Clémence Lavenu,<br />

Product Manager at Ultra Premium<br />

Direct.<br />

The new bags will be on display at<br />

Coveris stand no. 254 in hall 6 at the<br />

upcoming Interzoo <strong>2022</strong> trade show<br />

between 24-27 th May in Nuremberg,<br />

Germany.<br />

Exciting future ahead<br />

Nicolas Plantec: “The pet food industry<br />

continues to develop. Different ingredients<br />

have different effects on<br />

packaging. New food formulations<br />

bring different specifications regarding,<br />

for example, aroma and odors.<br />

Also the new recipes with less meat<br />

<strong>pro</strong>teins mean <strong>pro</strong>ducts have different<br />

densities and weights. All these bring<br />

new packaging challenges.“<br />

Jérôme Detais underlines these<br />

changes: “The growth in insect<br />

<strong>pro</strong>teins is huge. Also vegan and vegetarian<br />

recipes have an increasing<br />

potential. This leads, however, to<br />

more specific <strong>pro</strong>ducts and shorter<br />

packaging runs. Premium solutions<br />

become more important. In packaging<br />

technology flexibility is sometimes<br />

more important than volume. This is<br />

a new kind of challenge for packaging<br />

manufacturers. We can adapt to this!“<br />

Eric Valette is very much in favor<br />

of reducing waste: “The switch to<br />

monomaterials makes recycling much<br />

easier. With some <strong>pro</strong>ducts a minimum<br />

order is necessary, since the set up on<br />

a 70 m long machine creates a certain<br />

amount of waste. On the other hand<br />

PE is something of a closed loop,<br />

since the off-cuts from the bags can<br />

be collected and recycled, through<br />

regrinding. This supports Coveris’ NO<br />

WASTE strategy.“<br />

The final word belongs to Nicolas<br />

Plantec: “We are here to serve our<br />

customers with our state-of-theart<br />

packaging solutions and our<br />

understanding of the market trends.“<br />

The new technical development center<br />

offers the latest state-of-the-art packaging<br />

and testing machinery for a wide range of<br />

industrial trials.<br />

For more information<br />

www.coveris.com<br />

44<br />

Technology & Marketing

Sustainable Packaging and<br />

Sealing Machinery Solution for<br />

Hug Pet Foods<br />


Demonstrating the versatility of its packaging, Colpac has customised its award winning, recyclable Stagione®<br />

range to create a future-<strong>pro</strong>of solution for Hug PET FOODS.<br />

A cost effective and agile solution was<br />

also required for the branding of the<br />

pots. Not only should the branding reflect<br />

the quality of the brand but again Hug<br />

required flexibility as the ingredients<br />

within its dishes are continually evolving.<br />

Colpac’s solution was a full colour printed<br />

sleeve to be fitted onto the packs for each<br />

of the different flavour combinations with<br />

a space for an inkjet label for ingredients,<br />

best before date and serving/cooking<br />

instructions.<br />

Hug PET FOODS also uses the same<br />

solution in the smaller 225ml and 450ml<br />

Souper Pots with sleeves for cat food.<br />

Hug PET FOODS is a premium <strong>pro</strong>ducer of high quality, ethically sourced and nutrientrich<br />

whole food for cats and dogs<br />

The result not only meets the premium<br />

pet food <strong>pro</strong>ducer’s high quality and<br />

sustainable objectives, but responds to<br />

demands for flexibility, catering to the<br />

evolving ingredients of the company’s<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct range.<br />

A premium <strong>pro</strong>ducer of high quality,<br />

ethically sourced and nutrient-rich whole<br />

food for cats and dogs, Hug PET Food<br />

ranges are formulated to maximise pets’<br />

quality of life and are sold online and<br />

through pet food suppliers across the UK.<br />

The company required a packaging<br />

solution which was simple, effective,<br />

and represented the premium Hug<br />

brand, whilst also being multifaceted in<br />

its performance to manage the diverse<br />

range of pet food dishes <strong>pro</strong>duced.<br />

recycle the packaging within current and<br />

future guidelines was equally important.<br />

Initially the <strong>pro</strong>position was for sealed,<br />

lidded, individually printed packs.<br />

However, with 28 different recipes and<br />

a continual <strong>pro</strong>cess of scientifically<br />

adjusting and im<strong>pro</strong>ving these recipes,<br />

bespoke printing the bases, was not an<br />

economical or flexible enough option for<br />

Hug’s business model.<br />

Colpac worked closely with Hug to find a<br />

future-<strong>pro</strong>of solution. The first stage of this<br />

was the sealing of the Stagione® bases.<br />

Due to the rigid roll top construction of<br />

the range, they are ideal for this, and with<br />

the same top out size for the selected<br />

750ml and 1000ml Stagione® bases, only<br />

one size tool was required.<br />

“When it comes to feeding healthy, happy<br />

pets, Hug PET FOODS don’t believe in<br />

com<strong>pro</strong>mise,” comments Kate Berry,<br />

Colpac’s Head of Marketing & Product.<br />

“Colpac are well placed to meet this<br />

ap<strong>pro</strong>ach as we can customise our<br />

ranges to meet the specific needs of our<br />

customers. Our Stagione® range is highly<br />

versatile and meets the complex needs of<br />

manufacturers with a range of different<br />

dishes.”<br />

Due to the success of the Stagione® packs,<br />

last year Colpac doubled the size of the<br />

range and there are now seven different<br />

sizes ranging from 150ml to 1250ml.<br />

Reflecting Colpac’s ongoing commitment<br />

to sustainable food packaging solutions,<br />

the recyclable Stagione® range is<br />

manufactured from mixed FSC® certified<br />

board, meeting the coating levels for CPI<br />

and OPRL’s recyclability thresholds and is<br />

future <strong>pro</strong>of for 2023 and beyond.<br />

Hug were immediately drawn to Colpac’s<br />

award winning Stagione® range for<br />

its unique shape, stack-ability and<br />

performance that allowed both freezing,<br />

and microwave heating. The ability to<br />

Colpac initially recommended the Colseal®<br />

SL1200, however additional functionality<br />

was required such as Inkjet Coding and a<br />

conveyor unit, and an alternative solution<br />

was developed.<br />

For more information<br />

www.colpacpackaging.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Fastening the Future of Pet Food<br />

Photos: Aplix<br />

The French family company APLIX is now in<br />

the third generation and has perfected the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duction and commercialization of hook<br />

and loop fastening systems. As a global<br />

partner, APLIX has six <strong>pro</strong>duction plants<br />

and sales offices all over the world.<br />

“Our position as a major player on the<br />

international market<br />

allows us to<br />

support our<br />

customers<br />

across the<br />

world and<br />

<strong>pro</strong>vide<br />

them with<br />

innovative<br />

solutions<br />

tailored to<br />

their specific<br />

needs.” said<br />

Sandrine PELLETIER,<br />

APLIX Group CEO.<br />

Among all its innovations, APLIX has<br />

developed a reclosable technology<br />

especially favored by dry pet food<br />

packages.<br />

Easylock: an intuitive & sensory<br />

closure for flexible packaging<br />

Easylock by Aplix® is a range of intuitive<br />

and sensory closures for flexible packaging.<br />

This patented hook-to-hook closure is<br />

made from food-grade, heat-sealable<br />

polyethylene material, designed to be<br />

sealed on film. Self-mating micro hooks<br />

engage on multiple levels, making it<br />

easy for anyone to open and reclose<br />

their flexible packaging.<br />

“The origins of Easylock came from a<br />

need on the market,“ said Aude Cellerier,<br />

Product Manager for Easylock at APLIX.<br />

“A tobacco <strong>pro</strong>ducer was looking for an<br />

alternative to an adhesive or zip fastener.<br />

They wanted a solution which would<br />

maintain their pouch sealed despite<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct contaminating the closure.<br />

After discussing hook and loop options,<br />

the new hook-to-hook closure was<br />

designed. It has<br />

evolved<br />

into<br />

today’s Easylock and become a leading<br />

option in pet food applications.“<br />

Easylock is a patented solution that brings<br />

functionality to packaging, added value<br />

to brands and satisfaction to consumers.<br />

It runs on all automated packaging<br />

machines and is manufactured in BRCGS<br />

grade AA certified facilities.<br />

Key benefits for pet food and<br />

pet treats<br />

Easylock by Aplix® is the ideal closure for<br />

pet food and pet treats bags.<br />

Intuitive<br />

Unlike other zip closures and press-toclose<br />

systems, precise alignment is not<br />

required for closing. It's so easy to use<br />

that anyone can open and close it every<br />

time.<br />

Sensory<br />

Easylock's distinctive audible<br />

and tactile features <strong>pro</strong>vide<br />

consumers confidence that<br />

their package is closed<br />

<strong>pro</strong>perly every time. Its<br />

sensory appeal makes it<br />

both fun and functional for<br />

the entire family!<br />

Freshness preserved<br />

Other benefits of the Easylock<br />

closure include freshness<br />

preservation and the retention<br />

of flavor, aroma and smell. Easylock<br />

46<br />

Technology & Marketing


keeps the flavor and smell locked in.<br />

It preserves the freshness of kibble by<br />

<strong>pro</strong>tecting them against humidity intake.<br />

Even freezing of bags is an option; this is a<br />

trend in meat for pet food <strong>pro</strong>ducts.<br />

Powder and crumb <strong>pro</strong>of<br />

Thanks to its unique hook-to-hook<br />

technology, it closes securely despite<br />

fatty particulates in the hook area. It is<br />

also much easier to get rid of particulates<br />

stuck in the hook track than with a regular<br />

zip. This makes it also suitable for ‘pouring‘<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct into pet bowls.<br />

Reliable for all bag sizes<br />

Matching solutions for small and big bags<br />

ensure a seamless consumer experience<br />

from pet treat pouches to large pet food<br />

bags. Its narrow format is particularly<br />

suitable to pet treat packaging, while the<br />

larger one can be found on kibble bags<br />

over 15kg.<br />

Recyclable<br />

Made of LDPE and sealable with PE films,<br />

Easylock is already used for recyclable<br />

packaging. Easylock by Aplix® is accredited<br />

by Trex® in North America.<br />

A recyclable closure<br />

One of the main challenges for consumer<br />

packaging at the moment is the need to be<br />

recyclable. Easylock by Aplix® addresses<br />

the consumer, retailer, and consumer<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct companies’ demands for more<br />

environmentally friendly packaging. It is<br />

a 100% polyethylene recyclable closure<br />

which makes it compatible with mono-PE<br />

films developed to be recycled in the PE<br />

stream.<br />

Brands such as Tribal pet food have chosen<br />

to balance sustainability and a great<br />

consumer experience by using Easylock<br />

on their pet treats and pet food packaging.<br />

Recyclability is achieved while ensuring<br />

great shelf appeal. The combination of PE/<br />

PE film and APLIX’s LDPE Easylock closure<br />

ensures the bag can easily be recycled<br />

through PE channels. With Easylock’s<br />

range of closures, Tribal Pet Foods offers<br />

the most convenient reclose solutions for<br />

each packaging format. Tribal Rewards<br />

pet treats are packaged in 125g stand-<br />

up pouches with Easylock 973-16mm<br />

closures, while Tribal Fresh Pressed dog<br />

food comes in a 2.5kg up to 12kg flatbottom<br />

bag with Easylock 971-26mm.<br />

For more information<br />

www.easylock-aplix.com<br />

packaging@aplix.com<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



A Wide Range of Innovative Bag<br />

Packaging Solutions<br />

With a <strong>pro</strong>duction capacity of 550 million<br />

units, Gascogne is the third largest bag<br />

manufacturer in Europe. In this interview,<br />

Olivier Tassel, General Director of the<br />

Packaging Division, explains the strategy<br />

of the group from Landes. His comments<br />

are completed with the testimony from<br />

Virginie Algay, Market Manager for<br />

Petfood.<br />

An Introduction to the<br />

Gascogne Group<br />

Olivier Tassel explains: Gascogne is a<br />

landes-based company which was born<br />

in 1925. We have two activities: wood<br />

and packaging. The second one, the most<br />

important, is divided into three poles.<br />

The first one is the paper mill. We are the<br />

European leader in natural kraft friction<br />

paper. This technical paper can be found<br />

in the food markets for small and medium<br />

capacity bags. As we manufacture the<br />

pulp, our papers can be used for direct<br />

contact with food.<br />

We are also the leader in anti-slip<br />

interleaving paper. These <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

especially allow glassmakers to transport<br />

pallets without the loads slipping. The<br />

second pole concerns flexible packaging.<br />

We make multi-material laminates<br />

(paper, aluminium, etc.) which are used<br />

to manufacture semi-finished <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

destined for thermal insulation of<br />

buildings and for dry and fatty food.<br />

We also manufacture siliconized <strong>pro</strong>ducts.<br />

These are technical supports on which<br />

the industrialists who come after us in<br />

the value chain install a certain amount of<br />

materials to get to the finished <strong>pro</strong>duct. In<br />

addition, we make gumming <strong>pro</strong>ducts that<br />

can be found on checkout tape terminals<br />

and on garbage bag surrounds. Finally, we<br />

are the third largest bag manufacturer in<br />

Europe.<br />

Valve paper bags are self-sealing and are<br />

used for building materials. Open mouth<br />

bags are closed after filling by the one who<br />

uses them. These <strong>pro</strong>ducts can be found<br />

in human and animal food. Pet food is an<br />

Virgine Algay<br />

Sales & Market Manager Pet Food at<br />


important activity with the Pinch Bottom<br />

bag, also used in animal feed.<br />

In addition, we <strong>pro</strong>duce small and medium<br />

capacity bags for animal feed, pet food,<br />

litter and wood<br />

charcoal. Furthermore, we are a major<br />

operator for plastic bags with two<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts : the Square and the Single Lip.<br />

These are caracterized by a very high level<br />

of printing, an significant shelf life and an<br />

odour and grease barrier, which pet food<br />

manufacturers need.<br />

Our ap<strong>pro</strong>ach to the<br />

environmental challenge<br />

For paper bags, we supply ourselves a PEFC<br />

or FSC certification, depending on the type<br />

of paper and its origin. In addition, in our<br />

different activities, we have calculated the<br />

carbon footprint of most of our <strong>pro</strong>ducts.<br />

Our supplies are biosourced so that our<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts can be recycled.<br />

The part of animal feed and<br />

<strong>petfood</strong> in our activity<br />

The Petfood sector represents between<br />

25% and 30% of our activity and it is<br />

experiencing strong growth which<br />

Olivier Tassel<br />

CEO Packaging division<br />

corresponds to a societal phenomenom :<br />

people need to take care of their pets. On<br />

the other hand, animal feed is relatively<br />

stable.<br />

Our company’s <strong>pro</strong>jects for the<br />

coming years<br />

Gascogne is an atypical group. With<br />

several activities, we invest in all of our<br />

industrial sites. Over the last fifteen years,<br />

the group would have invested 100% of<br />

its turnover. Regarding bags, we have<br />

followed the growth of our customers<br />

with the Single Lip. Very watertight, this<br />

one is targeted for the pet food industry.<br />

And as we quickly reach bottlenecks, we<br />

have invested in printing. Next July, we will<br />

introduce a small and medium capacity<br />

line. A second Single Lip line will follow in<br />

2023-2024.<br />

Focus on <strong>petfood</strong> industry, a<br />

testimony from our market<br />

manager<br />

According to Virginie Algay, Market<br />

Manager for Petfood industry: "The pet<br />

food market premiumized itself."<br />

In Mimizan (Landes), Gascogne <strong>pro</strong>duces<br />

35 million bags for the <strong>petfood</strong> industry<br />

48<br />

Technology & Marketing


every year. Virginie Algay, sales manager,<br />

explained:<br />

"For the past twenty years, the market has<br />

become more premium. Manufacturers<br />

have practically transformed food into<br />

medication.<br />

Thus, we have complicated the<br />

composition of the bags by adding more<br />

barriers and we have im<strong>pro</strong>ved the esthetic<br />

with high definition printing and quality<br />

coatings. Gascogne started the <strong>petfood</strong><br />

business forty years ago with a few million<br />

bags. Contracts with big brands allowed<br />

us to invest in specific machines."<br />

"We manufacture paper and plastic bags.<br />

Each of these categories is divided into<br />

two subtypes. For the first one, we offer<br />

a bag for capacities from 500g to 6kg, the<br />

SOS bag. We also have a bag for capacities<br />

from 7kg to 25kg, the Pinch Bottom bag.<br />

Regarding plastic bags, we started with<br />

the Square bag, equipped with gussets,<br />

for capacities from 800g to 25kg. The<br />

<strong>pro</strong>duct evolved into the Single Lip bag.<br />

Esthetically, this one holds better because<br />

it is sealed with a patch on the top. The bag<br />

opens by the mouth and not by the face,<br />

facilitating the operation. The marketing<br />

of the large bags is better exploited since<br />

we print on the flat bottom."<br />

"In 2025, food manufacturers will have<br />

to bring recycled, recyclable or reusable<br />

packaging onto the market. In <strong>petfood</strong><br />

and food in general, reusable packaging<br />

is neither possible nor in our interest. Until<br />

the end of 2021, the law did not allow us to<br />

use recycled materials.<br />

Therefore, we have oriented ourselves<br />

towards recyclable materials. The bags will<br />

have to be monomaterial, paper or plastic.<br />

In the second case, we are working on<br />

poly<strong>pro</strong>pylene and polyethylene. We favor<br />

the latter because the French sectors are<br />

more developed.<br />

As for the full paper bags, they match the<br />

Gascogne DNA and preserve the planet.<br />

The <strong>petfood</strong> market demands barrier and<br />

grease<strong>pro</strong>ofness. The 100% paper bags<br />

do not allow this yet. The objective, in the<br />

long term, is to be at 95% paper. Currently,<br />

we are at 92% : we are not so far away."<br />

For more information<br />

www.groupe-gascogne.com/<br />

de/verpackungs-division/<br />

The European meeting place<br />

for innovation in Food, Feed,<br />

Nutrition and Health<br />

8 TH EDITION<br />


October 4 th & 5 th , <strong>2022</strong><br />

IN-PERSON | Nantes, France<br />

October 11 th , <strong>2022</strong><br />

100% ONLINE<br />

3 DAYS<br />




www.nutrevent.com |<br />

@NutrEvent<br />


650+ international players from:<br />

Feed<br />

Food supplements<br />

Clinical nutrition<br />

Active ingredients<br />

& Excipients<br />

Finished food <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />


One-on-one meetings<br />

Conferences<br />

Pitch sessions<br />

Exhibition<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sponsored by:<br />


EVENTS<br />

PetXpert Processing Conference<br />

June 1-2 at Victam International <strong>2022</strong>, Utrecht, The Netherlands<br />

IThe Nordic Pet Food Events team<br />

will present a two day <strong>pro</strong>cessing<br />

conference at VICTAM International.<br />

The aim of the Conference is to present<br />

technical solutions, new techologies<br />

and know-how for quality and efficient<br />

pet food manufacturing. There will be<br />

ten Speakers who will cover topics on<br />

formulations, ingredient <strong>pro</strong>cessing /<br />

handling, manufacturing, and innovation<br />

solutions.<br />

Nordic Pet Food Events aims to bring<br />

experts together, stimulate innovation<br />

and growth, share knowledge, create<br />

opportunities for pet food <strong>pro</strong>ducers,<br />

ingredients suppliers and industry that<br />

serves pet food market. A further event<br />

is planned for October 4-5 in Barcelona,<br />

Spain. Nordic Pet Food Events is<br />

Norwegian company located in Ålgård,<br />

Rogaland.<br />

For more information<br />

nordic<strong>petfood</strong>.com<br />

www.victaminternational.com<br />

Zoomark International 2023<br />

15 - 17 May 2023, at BolognaFiere, Italy<br />

Italy's only pet industry trade show returns,<br />

offering its signature innovative business<br />

experience, now a point of reference for<br />

the global market.<br />

Zoomark International, the international<br />

trade show for pet <strong>pro</strong>ducts and<br />

equipment, has officially announced<br />

its dates: from 15th to 17th May 2023,<br />

Europe's leading pet industry event will<br />

be back in Bologna gathering the world's<br />

leading companies and the pet business<br />

community, to tap into the latest trends,<br />

forge alliances, tackle the new challenges<br />

and keep up to date with topical issues<br />

and strategies.<br />

"Zoomark International is pursuing<br />

increasingly ambitious objectives, aiming<br />

to outdo the excellent results unexpectedly<br />

achieved in November 2021 (the show<br />

saw more than 60% of international<br />

exhibitors and visitors from 83 different<br />

countries), in spite of all the complications<br />

created by the pandemic" – commented<br />

Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager of<br />

BolognaFiere. “It is our intention to confirm<br />

Zoomark International’s role as a focal point<br />

for <strong>pro</strong>fessionals in the pet industry to<br />

come together and do business: a genuine<br />

show experience that enables attendees<br />

to get a preview of the main innovations,<br />

explore the mega trends of the present<br />

and future, and keep up to date with all the<br />

developments in a continuously evolving<br />

market that is constantly being called on to<br />

respond rapidly to new challenges."<br />

The forthcoming edition of the event will<br />

be officially presented to the international<br />

press on Wednesday 25 th May at 12.30, in<br />

the Hong Kong Room of the Press Suite<br />

at Interzoo in Nuremberg. The German<br />

event’s hosts, Rowena Arzt, Interzoo Head<br />

of Exhibition, and Gordon Bonnett, CEO<br />

of WZF/ZZF, will be "passing the torch"<br />

between the two shows, which are the key<br />

European events for the international pet<br />

industry, one taking place in even years,<br />

the other in odd years.<br />

The press conference on 25th May at<br />

Interzoo will also present a round-up of the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Assalco-Zoomark Report on pet food<br />

and pet care, as always <strong>pro</strong>viding an up-todate<br />

snapshot of one of the most dynamic<br />

sectors of the Italian economy.<br />

The spokespersons of BolognaFiere and<br />

Zoomark International will illustrate the<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ject for 2023 to the international press.<br />

Some of the most popular initiatives with<br />

exhibitors and visitors during past editions<br />

have been reconfirmed, such as Pet Vision,<br />

the innovative take on the new <strong>pro</strong>ducts<br />

area, and the Aqua Project space, along<br />

with new events for trade <strong>pro</strong>fessionals<br />

who see Zoomark International as a<br />

source of indispensable insight for doing<br />

business in the industry and embracing an<br />

innovation-oriented vision.<br />

"The new edition of Zoomark<br />

International will be throwing the focus<br />

on innovation, sustainability and social<br />

awareness," confirmed Domenico Lunghi,<br />

Business Unit Director of BolognaFiere<br />

– "The show will build on the valuable<br />

experience gained in its 19 past editions<br />

and the positive feedback from the<br />

extraordinary edition of November 2021,<br />

while clearly looking to the future."<br />

For more information<br />

www.zoomark.it<br />

50<br />

Technology & Marketing

EVENTS<br />

25 Years of CIPS: Successful<br />

Digital Edition of Gathering Place<br />

for Pet Industry in Asia<br />

From November 17 to 20, 2021, the 25 th China International Pet Show, or CIPS for short, was held for the first<br />

time as a complete digital event due to the Corona pandemic. Asia's most important industry gathering for<br />

pet supplies was also convincing online across the board. Over 600 exhibitors gathered on the CIPS digital<br />

platform over four days, meeting pet manufacturers, brands, buyers and service <strong>pro</strong>viders from all over<br />

the world. CIPS is organized annually by China Great Wall International Exhibition Co. in cooperation with<br />

NürnbergMesse.<br />

With its 25-year history, the China<br />

International Pet Show is one of the<br />

most important trade shows for pet and<br />

aquarium supplies in Asia. In 2021, it was<br />

held for the first time as a digital-only<br />

event and also was a complete success.<br />

On the online platform (https://online.<br />

cipscom.com/), more than 600 exhibitors<br />

from all over the world presented a<br />

total of more than 6000 <strong>pro</strong>ducts, 35%<br />

of which were novelties. The spectrum<br />

ranged from food, care and medicine<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts to housing, toys and digital pet<br />

gadgets.<br />

In addition to the exhibitors, the online<br />

edition of CIPS gathered buyers from<br />

a total of 73 countries and regions; in<br />

addition to China, the most important<br />

nations included Germany, the United<br />

States, Japan, Russia, the United<br />

Kingdom and Italy. In order to network<br />

supply and demand in a targeted<br />

manner, CIPS organized several match<br />

meetings via Zoom, which were very<br />

well received.<br />

Attractive digital supporting<br />

<strong>pro</strong>gram<br />

Asia's industry gathering for pet<br />

supplies also had an attractive and<br />

varied supporting <strong>pro</strong>gram in digital<br />

form. The GlobalPETS<br />

Forum Asia (GPFA) was<br />

also held online this<br />

year. Organized by CIPS<br />

and GlobalPETS, the<br />

conference featured<br />

inspiring keynote<br />

speakers from China,<br />

Germany, France, Italy,<br />

the Netherlands and<br />

the United States.<br />

Presentations took a<br />

look at opportunities<br />

and challenges facing the global pet<br />

industry during the Corona pandemic<br />

and <strong>pro</strong>vided an outlook on future<br />

developments as well as trends. The<br />

future topic of "innovations" also played<br />

a major role at the digital event. For the<br />

fifth time in total, the CIPS Innovation<br />

Award was presented to particularly<br />

innovative <strong>pro</strong>ducts by a jury of national<br />

and international experts. A total of 18<br />

<strong>pro</strong>ducts were honored in six categories,<br />

including feed, ingredients and<br />

additives, snacks, design, accessories<br />

and equipment, and aquariums.<br />

Register now!<br />

The next China International Pet Show<br />

will be held from November 17-20, <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

then again, as always in even years,<br />

Photo:nuernbergmesse.de/CHIPS<br />

in Guangzhou at the China Import &<br />

Export Fair Complex. "If you want to gain<br />

a foothold as an exhibitor on the Asian<br />

market or expand existing contacts,<br />

we are happy to support you with<br />

an exhibition participation in China,"<br />

says Katharina Neumann, Manager<br />

International Events at NürnbergMesse.<br />

For more information<br />

en.cipscom.com<br />

Pet expertise worldwide<br />

In addition to CIPS, NürnbergMesse<br />

supports or organizes other trade fairs<br />

for the pet industry worldwide:<br />

Interzoo, Nuremberg / Germany<br />

World's leading trade fair for the<br />

international pet industry, organized by<br />

Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft Zoologischer<br />

Fachbetriebe GmbH (WZF);<br />

24 to 27 May <strong>2022</strong>, Nuremberg / Germany<br />

PET South America, Sao Paulo /<br />

Brazil<br />

International Trade Show for Pet Industry<br />

Suppliers in Latin America;<br />

17 to 19 August <strong>2022</strong>, Sao Paulo / Brazil<br />

Issue 2 <strong>2022</strong><br />



Upcoming Events<br />

May 24 - 27, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Interzoo <strong>2022</strong><br />

Nuremberg, Germany<br />

www.interzoo.com<br />

June 1 - 2, <strong>2022</strong><br />

VICTAM International (co-location VIV Europe)<br />

Utrecht, The Netherlands<br />

www.victaminternational.com<br />

August 29 - 30, <strong>2022</strong><br />

India International Pet Trade Fair<br />

New Delhi, India<br />

www.creature-companions.in<br />

September 27 - 29, <strong>2022</strong><br />

PPMA TOTAL SHOW <strong>2022</strong><br />

NEC, Birmingham, UK<br />

www.ppmashow.co.uk<br />

October 4 - 5, <strong>2022</strong><br />

NutrEvent <strong>2022</strong><br />

Nantes, France<br />

www.nutrevent.com<br />

October 4 - 5, <strong>2022</strong><br />

Nordic Pet Food Conference & Exhibition<br />

Barcelona, Spain<br />

www.nor<strong>petfood</strong>.com<br />

November 17 - 20, <strong>2022</strong><br />

CIPS <strong>2022</strong> China Inaternational Pet Show<br />

Guangzhou, China<br />

en.cipscom.com<br />

May 15 - 17, 2023<br />

Zoomark International 2023<br />

Bologna, Italy<br />

www.zoomark.it<br />

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Ingredients: Vegetables, Proteins, Minerals, Hydrocolloids, Color, Texture<br />

Processing: Quality Management, Cooking, Extrution, Testing, Sorting<br />

Packaging: Accessories, Cans, Pouches, Sacks, Jars, Logistics, Shelf-life<br />

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