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Did your fights decrease after he went to

rehab then?

He was not violent after he went to

rehab. Our arguments after rehab

declined. He checked out. He didn’t

talk anymore to me.


When he got out of rehab, for the first

three months I was going to meetings

with him, AA meetings with him

and stuff like that. And then all of a

sudden, he didn’t want me to be at the

AA meetings with him, and he stopped

communicating and talking.


That’s kinda what happened.

So that would cause some problems.

Yeah the lack of conversation, that

lack of communication. And so after,

so that would have been probably

the middle of 2013. He stopped


So sometime after about a year of him

not talking much about anything, I set

up that once every two weeks we would

go out for date night and talk.

So even though he wouldn’t talk in

between there, we would maybe have

conversation on date night. We did

that for... a couple of years he was still

very distant and then he got into do in

the pornographic movie.

Mhm. Yes I, uh, I remember that.

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