Sync December 2022

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Data Select is a trading division of Westcoast Limited<br />

ISSUE 45 | DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Samsung One<br />

Awards <strong>2022</strong><br />

Data Select win Solutions Provider of<br />

the year for the second year running.<br />

PG 10<br />

TCL 30 SE<br />

Stylish, smooth and solid.<br />

Your customers can create striking<br />

images and pictures anytime with ease.<br />

PG 48<br />

Meet the <br />

Pixel 7 Pro<br />

and Pixel 7<br />

Powerful productivity<br />

in a Pixel phone for<br />

all your customers’<br />

business needs

Contents.<br />

Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 04<br />

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 06<br />

10 ways the Galaxy Z Fold4 can boost mobile productivity 08<br />

Samsung One Awards <strong>2022</strong> 10<br />

Samsung Knox – The portfolio explained 12<br />

The place to be for Samsung mobile 16<br />

Samsung 990 PRO SSD HDD 18<br />

What’s Hot! 20<br />

Mobile Solutions Partner Event 22<br />

Otterbox Case Study 24<br />

Otterbox Drop + Protection 26<br />

CAT 28<br />

Samsung Rugged portfolio 30<br />

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro 36<br />

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro 38<br />

Google Pixel Buds 40<br />

Chromecast with Google TV 42<br />

Data Select own brand accessories 44<br />

TCL 48<br />

Samsung A series smartphones 50<br />

Doro – Easy to use devices for older customers 52<br />

<strong>Sync</strong> Magazine 54<br />

Editor<br />

Adam Sweeney<br />

Creative Director,<br />

Photography and Advertising<br />

Chris Brookfield<br />

Artwork<br />

Lawrence Heward<br />

<strong>Sync</strong> is published by Data Select<br />

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Data Select<br />

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Welcome to<br />

our <strong>December</strong><br />

edition.<br />

We hope you enjoy our final <strong>Sync</strong> for <strong>2022</strong> and<br />

whilst we still have a few weeks of <strong>December</strong><br />

to go, will take this opportunity to thank you<br />

for partnering with Data Select and making us<br />

your first choice for all things mobile!<br />

We strive to deliver a strong and consistent<br />

service to you and are always looking at ways<br />

we can support your business, as we bring<br />

together and simplify mobile technology.<br />

Check out the<br />

new Samsung 990 PRO<br />

SSD HDD<br />

Page 18<br />

A review of our first Mobile<br />

Solutions Partner Event<br />

Page 22<br />

Easy to use Doro devices<br />

for your older customers<br />

Page 52<br />

Being an integral part of your success is so<br />

important for us and makes us want to go<br />

that extra mile. And in doing so, we were<br />

recently recognised by Samsung and awarded<br />

‘Solutions Provider of the year’ for the second<br />

year running.<br />

The demand for the latest in-demand Android<br />

smartphone and tablet brands, along with the<br />

best-in-class MDM solutions is why we only<br />

ever partner with those leading in their fields<br />

and cover Samsung, Google, TCL, CAT and<br />

Doro in this issue.<br />

With an emphasis on constantly adding value<br />

to our device offering, our multi-award-winning<br />

Mobile Solutions team continues to support<br />

and deliver innovative options covering MDM,<br />

managed services, B2B finance, insurance,<br />

trade-in and so much more.<br />

Despite the economic challenges we all face,<br />

we remain positive as we move towards<br />

2023, after all, who would have thought we<br />

would claw our way back and manage a draw<br />

against the All Blacks or be facing France in<br />

the Quarter Finals of the World Cup!<br />

Enjoy.<br />

PAGE<br />


Google Pixel 7 Pro<br />

and Pixel 7.<br />

Googles most<br />

advanced phones<br />

Powered by Google Tensor G2, they’re<br />

fast and secure, with a 72 hour battery<br />

life. 1 The Pixel Camera with Real Tone<br />

takes authentic photos and stunning<br />

video. And with the Titan M2 security<br />

chip and a built-in VPN, Pixel helps<br />

protect your customers’ personal data. 2<br />

No-stress security.<br />

Secure to the core<br />

With Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 security<br />

chip, Pixel is built with multiple layers of security<br />

to help keep your customers’ personal info safe.<br />

Security updates help keep Pixel safe<br />

To protect your customers and their sensitive<br />

data, Pixel comes with at least five years of<br />

security updates. 3 So your Pixel gets even<br />

more secure over time.<br />

Extra protection when they’re online<br />

With a VPN by Google One built in, Pixel helps to<br />

protect your customers online activity no matter<br />

what app or web browser they use. 4<br />

Security and privacy, made simple<br />

The Security hub helps protect your customers’<br />

phones, accounts and passwords. With all their<br />

security and privacy settings in one place, they’re<br />

easy to see and control.<br />

The Google Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7 can be ordered with Android zero-touch<br />

Android zero-touch enrolment enables the seamless deployment of corporate-owned<br />

Android devices over the air, from online management configuration to simple setup for employees*.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or email mobilesolutions@dataselect.com for further details<br />

*MDM/EMM required<br />

1 Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data, standby and use of limited other features that are default in Extreme<br />

Battery Saver mode (which disables various features including 5G connectivity). Battery testing conducted on a major operator network. Battery testing conducted in California in mid-<strong>2022</strong><br />

on pre-production hardware and software using default settings, except that Extreme Battery Saver mode was enabled. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features<br />

will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower 3 Android security updates for at least five years from when the device first became available on the Google Store in the US. See<br />

g.co/pixel/updates for details.4 Coming soon. Restrictions apply. Some data is not transmitted through VPN. Not available in all countries. All other Google One membership benefits sold<br />

separately. Use of VPN may increase data costs depending on your plan. See g.co/pixel/vpn for details.<br />

PAGE<br />


Meet the Pixel 7 Pro<br />

and Pixel 7<br />

Powerful productivity in a Pixel phone<br />

for all your customers’ business needs<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Designed for<br />

business.<br />

Innovative in design, with a<br />

premium look, the Galaxy Z Fold4<br />

and Z Flip4 are bold, compact and<br />

yet still incredibly strong.<br />

Galaxy Z Fold4<br />

https://youtu.be/e67nPY4qCZ8<br />

Pair any Samsung device<br />

with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy Z Flip4<br />

https://youtu.be/REajy10jJcc<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


10<br />

ways the Galaxy Z Fold4 can boost<br />

your customers’ mobile productivity.<br />

Pair any Samsung device<br />

with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

PAGE<br />


When your customers are on the move all day, keeping up with<br />

business can be difficult. That’s why switching to foldables like<br />

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Fold4 can be a real game changer<br />

for your their mobile productivity.<br />

1. Launch apps side by side<br />

Quickly open a second app for more<br />

effective multi-tasking.<br />

2. Drag and drop<br />

Easily drag and drop content from one<br />

app to another.<br />

3. Toggle from the taskbar<br />

Use the task bar to quickly open apps<br />

and toggle between them.<br />

4. Work in Microsoft Office<br />

Make full use of the expansive screen<br />

by working across three apps.<br />

5. Open a second browser in a snap<br />

Quickly open a second browser window<br />

by dragging and dropping any link.<br />

6. Take notes with S Pen<br />

S Pen allows your customers to take notes<br />

and instantly convert their handwriting to text.<br />

7. Video conference hands-free<br />

Flex Mode allows the Galaxy Z Fold4 to stand<br />

unsupported on its own.<br />

8. Host a whiteboard session<br />

Galaxy Z Fold4 enhances productivity making<br />

collaboration and sharing ideas easier.<br />

9. Handwritten emails<br />

The S Pen conveniently converts handwriting<br />

to text within Outlook or Gmail.<br />

10. DeX desktop experience<br />

Connect wirelessly to a monitor or TV and<br />

pair a keyboard and mouse.<br />

The content featured above has been adapted<br />

from an article written by Daniel Gordon on the<br />

Insights by Samsung website.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />



Samsung One<br />

Awards <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Data Select wins Solutions Provider of<br />

the year for the second year running.<br />

PAGE<br />


https://vimeo.com/772342533/e559043eea<br />

On Thursday the 17th November <strong>2022</strong>, Samsung held their<br />

second Samsung One Awards evening.<br />

As an authorised UK distribution partner,<br />

we were joined on the night by our key B2B<br />

reseller customers, and the Samsung B2B<br />

team headed up by Joe Walsh.<br />

Adam Brown, Samsung Head of Business<br />

Development was joined this year by host,<br />

Fearne Cotton.<br />

We were delighted to have been awarded<br />

‘Solutions Provider’ of the year, for the<br />

second year running, reflective of the<br />

immense work that our Mobile Solutions<br />

team have delivered and continue to deliver<br />

throughout the channel.<br />

PAGE<br />



Samsung<br />

Knox<br />

The portfolio explained.<br />

Staging and configuration, enterprise-grade<br />

device management and OS upgrade support.<br />



Samsung HQ Team<br />

1 year of Knox Suite can be reclaimed as part of an Enterprise Edition purchase.<br />

Within our 5 Stages to a successful deployment, we can help support you with the process of licence<br />

reclaim, how you apply add-ons to these reclaimed licences and the upload of IMEI’s to the Samsung<br />

portals that enable enrolment.<br />

PAGE<br />


Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME)<br />

KME simplifies enrolment of MDM/EMM over -<br />

-the-air and supports all major device management<br />

vendors. KME significantly reduces staging and<br />

provisioning time in relation to deployments.<br />

Knox Configure<br />

Allows business to stage and prepare devices<br />

for deployment prior to receiving them.<br />

Knox Manage<br />

Provides secure, remote management for<br />

both Android and ioS devices, a best-in-class<br />

MDM/EMM.<br />

Knox E-FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air)<br />

This is a tool to enable how software updates are<br />

delivered to Samsung devices over the air. Updates<br />

can be provided without user interaction and prevents<br />

downtime from an unsupported OS version.<br />

Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE)<br />

This is a multi-layered defence grade security<br />

platform from the hardware up, designed for large<br />

enterprise, banking and government departments.<br />

Knox Suite<br />

The Knox portfolio has been recently enhanced<br />

with the introduction of Knox Suite. This includes;<br />

Knox Asset Intelligence, Knox Manage, Knox<br />

E-FOTA and Knox Platform for Enterprise<br />

Knox Asset Intelligence<br />

Monitor real time usage of assets and provide<br />

analysis for better visibility along with data-driven<br />

actionable insights.<br />

Knox Capture<br />

Provides Enterprise-grade barcode scanning,<br />

seamlessly integrated on Samsung tablets<br />

and smartphones.<br />

This table provides a succinct overview of the Knox portfolio, including<br />

the capability of each solution and service<br />

1) Knox Manage/Knox Suite support cross-platform: Android, iOS.<br />

2) Available with EMM, Samsung Knox device only<br />

Knox<br />

Suite<br />

Knox<br />

Platform for<br />

Enterprise<br />

Knox<br />

Mobile<br />

Enrolment<br />

Knox<br />

Manage<br />

Knox<br />

E-FOTA<br />

SECURE<br />

End-to-end device security<br />

Advanced and ever-evolving security<br />

Samsung’s security governance<br />

Samsung devices, Secured by Knox<br />

Automated device provisioning • • •<br />

DEPLOY<br />

Mandatory EMM enrolment & configuration • •<br />

Fit for purpose with ease • • 2) •<br />

Wide range of IT policies and devices • 1) • 2) • 1)<br />

MANAGE<br />

Complete OS update management • •<br />

Available through various partner solutions • • • •<br />

Knox Asset Intelligence Analytics<br />

•<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email mobilesolutions@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />



Samsung Knox – The portfolio explained<br />


Dedicated device<br />

Entertainment – Casinos<br />

The requirement<br />

Kiosk mode, restricted usage for Samsung<br />

Tab A 10.1 tablets into casino environments.<br />

Used by staff in situ to track sign ups, age<br />

verification and for on-line training purposes.<br />

Restriction for approved applications and<br />

URL white lists.<br />

Work use only<br />

Healthcare – NHS<br />

The requirement<br />

To provide devices for patients use with<br />

communication apps but ensuring security and<br />

prevention of misuse. Swift enrolment and ease<br />

of use was also a priority as the nature of the<br />

locations meant there is little IT support available.<br />

Requirement for deployment and usage of approved<br />

apps but no general internet usage allowed.<br />

Number of devices<br />

466 200<br />

Number of devices<br />

Solution used<br />

Solution used<br />

KME and Knox Manage<br />

KME and Knox Manage<br />

Deployment set-up and how<br />

it helped the customer<br />

Samsung Knox Manage was enabled overthe-air<br />

using KME to deploy and enrol the<br />

devices into Manage. Enrolment involved a<br />

branded, locked down screen with restricted<br />

usage of various apps, to meet internal and<br />

external compliance for regulatory purposes.<br />

Deployment set-up and how<br />

it helped the customer<br />

Samsung Knox Manage was enabled over-the-air<br />

using KME to deploy and enrol the devices into<br />

Manage. This achieved reduced support on-site<br />

in deployment. Enrolment involved a locked down<br />

screen with restricted usage of communication<br />

based apps such as WhatsApp, Now TV and<br />

BBC News.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email mobilesolutions@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Mobile<br />

Solutions<br />

simplified.<br />

PAGE<br />


The place to be<br />

for Samsung mobile.<br />

Find the latest Samsung mobile devices, designed to meet<br />

and exceed the diverse needs of modern hybrid workforces,<br />

along with all the accessories and extras you need under<br />

one roof, on our new site.<br />

PAGE<br />


On the site, you can find<br />

out more about our services<br />

and take a closer look at the<br />

Samsung devices we have<br />

in our range.<br />

We put everything<br />

Samsung mobile<br />

under one roof.<br />

PAGE<br />


Meet the new<br />

990 PRO SSD HDD<br />

from Samsung.<br />

Optimised for Gaming and Creative Applications<br />

A high-performance NVMe SSD based on PCIe 4.0. Delivering lightningfast<br />

speeds and superior power efficiency, the new SSD is optimised for<br />

graphically demanding games and other intensive tasks including 3D<br />

rendering, 4K video editing and data analysis.<br />

1 PCIe 4.0’s highest theoretical sequential read speed is 8000 MB/s — 990 PRO reaches 7,450 MB/s as of Q3 <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

2 Sequential and random performance measurements are based on<br />

IOmeter1.1.0. Performance may vary based on SSD’s firmware version, system hardware & configuration. * Test system configuration: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor CPU@3.80GHz,<br />

DDR4 3600MHz 16GBx2 (PC4-25600 Overclock), Windows 10 Pro 64bit, ASRock-X570 Taichi<br />

3 FORSPOKEN © Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. FORSPOKEN, LUMINOUS<br />

PRODUCTIONS and the LUMINOUS PRODUCTIONS logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Square Enix Co., Ltd. * Test system configuration: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor<br />

3.70 GHz, AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB, DDR4-2666 (16GB x2), Windows 11 Pro 21H2<br />

4 980 PRO provides power efficiency of 1,129/877 MB per watt for sequential read/write while 990<br />

PRO’s is 1,380/1,319 MB per watt for sequential read/write, based on internal test results of the 1TB capacity model.<br />

5 1GB=1,000,000,000 bytes by IDEMA. A certain portion of capacity may<br />

be used for system file and maintenance, so the actual capacity may differ from what is indicated on the product label.<br />

6 Samsung Electronics shall not be liable for any loss, including but not<br />

limited to loss of data or other information contained on Samsung Electronics product or loss of profit or revenue which may be incurred by user. For more information on the warranty, please<br />

visit samsung.com/SSD or semiconductor.samsung.com/internal-ssd/.<br />

7 Five years or total bytes written (TBW), whichever comes first. For more information on the warranty, please refer to<br />

the enclosed warranty document in the package.<br />

PAGE<br />


“With continuing innovations in<br />

gaming, 4K and 8K technology<br />

as well as AI-driven applications,<br />

consumers’ need for highperformance<br />

storage is growing<br />

exponentially,” said KyuYoung<br />

Lee, Vice President of the<br />

Memory Brand Product Biz Team<br />

at Samsung Electronics. “The 990<br />

PRO provides an optimal balance<br />

of speed, power efficiency and<br />

reliability, making it an ideal<br />

choice for avid gamers and<br />

creative professionals seeking<br />

uninterrupted work and play.”<br />

Extreme Performance for an<br />

Immersive Gameplay Experience<br />

Featuring Samsung’s latest<br />

V-NAND and a new proprietary<br />

controller, the 990 PRO series<br />

offers the highest speed currently<br />

available from the PCIe 4.0<br />

interface 1 . The SSD delivers<br />

sequential read and write speeds<br />

of up to 7,450 megabytes per<br />

second (MB/s) and 6,900 MB/s,<br />

respectively, while random<br />

read and write speeds come<br />

in at up to 1,400K and 1,550K<br />

IOPS 2 , respectively. With up to<br />

a 55% improvement in random<br />

performance over the 980 PRO,<br />

the 990 PRO is particularly wellsuited<br />

for heavy gaming as well<br />

as creative and productivity tasks.<br />

High-performance NVMe SSDs<br />

are also critical in reaping<br />

the full benefits of the latest<br />

game console and gaming<br />

technologies. Powered by<br />

NVMe, the 990 PRO brings<br />

faster loading times to PCs and<br />

consoles for a more immersive<br />

gaming experience. When tested<br />

with Forspoken 3 , Luminous<br />

Productions’ forthcoming action<br />

role-playing game supporting<br />

the latest game-loading<br />

technology, the map loading<br />

time was about one second,<br />

compared to four seconds for a<br />

SATA SSD and 28 seconds for<br />

a hard disk drive (HDD).<br />

Ultimate Power Efficiency<br />

and Reliable Thermal Control<br />

Built on a low-power architecture,<br />

Samsung’s newly designed<br />

controller dramatically improves<br />

the SSD’s power efficiency by<br />

up to 50% compared to the 980<br />

PRO 4 . Additionally, the 990 PRO<br />

employs a nickel coating on the<br />

controller and a heat spreader<br />

label on the drive for reliable<br />

thermal management. Samsung’s<br />

Dynamic Thermal Guard<br />

technology further ensures that<br />

the drive’s temperature stays in<br />

the optimal range.<br />

The 990 PRO provides an optimal balance of speed,<br />

power efficiency and reliability, making it an ideal choice<br />

for avid gamers and creative professionals seeking<br />

uninterrupted work and play!<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


What’s Hot!<br />

Looking for inspiration<br />

or want to know what’s<br />

in-demand in the<br />

channel?<br />

We bring you just some of the products<br />

that we know your customers will want<br />

to hear about.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

Meet Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the most<br />

advanced Google phones.<br />

Powered by Google Tensor G2, they’re fast and secure, with a 72 hour battery life. 1<br />

The Pixel Camera with Real Tone takes authentic photos and stunning video. And with<br />

the Titan M2 security chip and a built-in VPN, Pixel helps protect your personal data. 2<br />

1 Estimated battery life based on testing using a median Pixel user battery usage profile across a mix of talk, data, standby and use of limited other features<br />

that are default in Extreme Battery Saver mode (which disables various features including 5G connectivity). Battery testing conducted on a major operator<br />

network. Battery testing conducted in California in mid-<strong>2022</strong> on pre-production hardware and software using default settings, except that Extreme Battery<br />

Saver mode was enabled. Battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features will decrease battery life. Actual battery life may be lower.<br />

PAGE<br />


Samsung Galaxy A04s<br />

Your customers can maximise their<br />

productivity with a larger screen, more<br />

powerful cameras and a longer-lasting<br />

battery available on the Galaxy A04s.<br />

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4<br />

Your customers can become multi-tasking<br />

masters. The all-new PC-like taskbar lets them<br />

launch apps and switch between them, without<br />

interrupting their work.<br />

View the latest<br />

smartphones<br />

from TCL<br />

TCL 30<br />

TCL 30 SE<br />

TCL 306<br />

Life is for living<br />

A range of easy to use smartphones,<br />

feature phones and watches designed<br />

especially for older users.<br />

See page 52<br />

for more details.<br />

PAGE<br />



Mobile Solutions<br />

Partner Event.<br />

#MOSO22<br />

The UK’s mobile and IT resellers recently gathered<br />

with those brands leading the way in mobile solutions<br />

for our first ever Mobile Solutions Partner Event.<br />

Bringing together and<br />

simplifying mobile technology<br />

The UK’s mobile and IT resellers recently<br />

gathered with those brands leading the way<br />

in mobile solutions for our first ever Mobile<br />

Solutions Partner Event.<br />

Over 100 people networked during the day<br />

Our delegates, brand partners and the Data<br />

Select team networked throughout the day and<br />

explored opportunities from MDM to managed<br />

services, insurance to extended warranty, 5G<br />

devices to in-building connectivity, mobile voice<br />

recording to trade-in and so much more.<br />

Building the partnership between Samsung and Data Select remains incredibly<br />

important to our team, and we’re proud to sponsor the first-ever Mobile Solutions<br />

Partner Event. Not only did it provide us with the opportunity to engage with many<br />

different resellers, it also gave us the chance to hero our Knox portfolio. In turn, this<br />

ensures we align with Data Select’s multi-award-winning team to communicate<br />

our expertise and dedication to the channel, and ultimately our customers.<br />

Barry Hall, Head of Mobility Solutions at Samsung<br />

PAGE<br />


The feedback from all delegates<br />

and supporting brands involved has<br />

been so positive that we are already<br />

looking at #MOSO23!<br />

Interactive and engaging<br />

The Theatre at the prestigious Sofitel London<br />

Heathrow was packed as we delivered four<br />

interactive sessions, each with its very own<br />

panel of experts and a further two mini pitches<br />

exploring how to enhance margins, keep<br />

customers sticky and maximise hybrid working.<br />

Solutions Zone<br />

Conversations took place before,<br />

during, and after lunch, while all of the<br />

delegates explored the Solutions Zone<br />

and investigated the many opportunities<br />

for growth that were available to them<br />

directly from our brand partners.<br />

Data Select never fail to provide a platform for our business to engage<br />

and explore exciting opportunities to bring something new to our customers.<br />

We loved the format of the day, the chance to speak directly with the brands<br />

and the interactive nature of the short panel sessions.<br />

Tye Jennis, Sales Director at Comm-Tech<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email mobilesolutions@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />



Protecting the Police Force’s<br />

Investment in Technology<br />


Avon & Somerset, UK<br />

SECTOR<br />

Government<br />


An integrated system<br />

means broken devices<br />

puts pressure on the<br />

whole team, as well as<br />

consuming budget and<br />

taking additional time to<br />

set up new devices.<br />


Defender Series case for<br />

Galaxy Xcover Pro.<br />


Ensures uninterrupted<br />

workforce collaboration.<br />

The Defender Series offers<br />

premium protection that<br />

eliminates costs and time<br />

spent on having to repair<br />

or replace devices.<br />


James Coburn looks after the smartphone needs for 3,920 front-line<br />

police officers across Bath, Bristol and Somerset in the United Kingdom.<br />

These Police Officers use their Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro devices to<br />

ensure their day-to-day work can be completed.<br />


All applications, email, communication, electronic pocket notebooks,<br />

task assignment and navigation tools are all tied to their devices.<br />

James explains “It’s a fully integrated system – if a problem arises,<br />

if a device is broken and being repaired or replaced it puts pressure<br />

on the team as well as costing unnecessary time and money. In the past<br />

we have had a lot of broken devices and unfortunately, we do not have<br />

an in-house repairs centre. This has meant that the broken phones would<br />

be written off. The cost to replace the devices had been consuming my<br />

budget and taking additional time to set up new devices.”<br />

He continues “Initially we had trialled a cheaper ‘protective’ case,<br />

but we had a bad experience with these as they did not meet the<br />

requirements when it came to protecting the devices.”<br />

“ Buying quality that will last<br />

the test of time. It is the best<br />

investment you can make. ”<br />

PAGE<br />




James had used OtterBox protection in the past on his own<br />

personal devices and had a positive experience, he recognised<br />

OtterBox as a premium option in terms of rugged protection.<br />

James contacted OtterBox and was provided with a set of samples<br />

to run a trial to ensure that the case met his needs. “The OtterBox<br />

team were very helpful. They not only gave me all the information<br />

on what products were available, they also sent me samples and<br />

continued to support and follow up with me after the trial.”<br />

After considerable testing took place James confirmed that the<br />

Defender Series met the needs of the business. It was due to the<br />

rugged nature of the case, the holster that doubles as a belt clip,<br />

as well as the OtterBox port covers that protect devices from dirt,<br />

dust and lint that cemented his decision.<br />

He believes in investing upfront rather than buying a cheaper<br />

alternative multiple times because “buying quality will last the test<br />

of time. It is the best investment you can make”.<br />


• OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection with 4 times as many drops<br />

as military standard (MIL-STD-810G 516.6)<br />

• Port covers block dirt, dust and lint from getting into jacks and ports<br />

• Holster works as a belt clip and a hands-free kickstand<br />

• Raised edge screen bumpers protect your touchscreen<br />

• Compatible with Alpha Glass fortified screen protector<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />





PAGE<br />


OtterBox DROP + is our technical seal of<br />

approval, proving that all of our OtterBox<br />

cases undergo more than 24 different tests<br />

for 238+ hours to ensure lasting and proven<br />

protection. We test our cases for everything<br />

you can think of, and much more that you<br />

would probably never think of.<br />

Every OtterBox case must pass all of these<br />

tests before being DROP + certified. OtterBox<br />

protects your customers investment in the<br />

technology, so they never have to worry<br />

about drops, bumps, or scratches.<br />

Series<br />

• Drop Protection<br />

• Multi-layer Protection<br />

• Port Covers<br />

Utility Latch<br />

• Handstrap Rotates 360º<br />

• Flexible Corner Straps<br />

• Removable Accessory Bag<br />

Now in stock<br />

DEFENDER TAB A8 10.5" | DEFENDER IPAD 10.2"<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


THE NEW<br />



CAT ® Q10<br />

CAT ® S62 PRO<br />

CAT ® S42 H+<br />

CAT ® B40<br />

CAT ® B40<br />

CAT ® B26<br />

© <strong>2022</strong> Caterpillar. All Rights Reserved. CAT, CATERPILLAR, LET’S DO THE WORK, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow”, the “Power Edge” and Cat “Modern Hex” trade dress as well as corporate and<br />

product identity used herein, are trademarks of Caterpillar and may not be used without permission.<br />

Bullitt Mobile Ltd a licensee of Caterpillar Inc. Bullitt Mobile Ltd.’s and third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.<br />

All other trademarks, trade names, product names and logos are the property of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.<br />

PAGE<br />



THE CORE<br />

Every aspect of a Cat ® phone’s construction is<br />

designed to improve robustness and durability.<br />

The need to achieve core strength is the primary<br />

consideration in the selection of materials, for<br />

example, with their formulation extensively tested<br />

and optimised through extensive research and<br />

development. There are no short-cuts to building a<br />

truly rugged phone. Built from 10 years of research<br />

and experience in rugged design and materials<br />

science, all Cat phones have been engineered to be<br />

tough from the inside out.<br />

Each of Cat’s smartphones are not only built to<br />

exceed the MIL-SPEC 810H and IP68 standards as a<br />

bare minimum, but also constructed with the highest<br />

quality materials, from strong aluminium frames<br />

to ultra-tough Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass display<br />

protection.<br />

Buy once and buy well. Avoid the disruption and cost<br />

of replacing cheap products that inevitably break<br />

under stress.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy XCover6 Pro.<br />

The stylish, durable Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro.<br />

Samsung’s toughest rugged phone yet, it’s built<br />

to perform in harsh environments and keep up<br />

with the most demanding jobs. With an attractive,<br />

premium design, the Galaxy XCover6 Pro is tough<br />

enough to handle a hard day’s work – wherever<br />

your customers are working.<br />

Designed to meet extreme durability standards,<br />

it can take whatever they throw at it – from<br />

bumps and scrapes to dust and water. Intuitive<br />

and simple to use, it’s packed with tools and apps<br />

to help them work wonders in the warehouse,<br />

office, shop floor or out on site.<br />

Pair any Samsung device<br />

with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

PAGE<br />


Fast charging and a replaceable battery 1<br />

help it power through even the toughest<br />

workday. It’s Samsung’s first rugged device<br />

to feature 5G connectivity. And with Wi-Fi 6E,<br />

your customers can easily stay in touch with<br />

their teams. Plus, of course, with Enterprise<br />

Edition, they get all the security, support and<br />

services they would expect from a Samsung<br />

Rugged device.<br />

1<br />

Additional batteries sold separately.<br />

https://youtu.be/jwb0EnfJGeQ<br />

Not sure on the right rugged device<br />

for your customers?<br />

Our dedicated Samsung rugged team are always<br />

on hand to help you make the right choice.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


The Galaxy<br />

Tab Active4 Pro.<br />

Light to carry, easy to use<br />

Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro is designed inside and out to help your customers simplify their days.<br />

Its slim and light body makes it easy to carry in any work environment. They can manage their<br />

tasks quickly with the intuitive and easy-to-use One UI.<br />

Pair any Samsung device<br />

with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

PAGE<br />


Your customers can get to<br />

work faster and smarter with<br />

the Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro.<br />

With up to 1TB of external<br />

storage and the power of the<br />

Octa-core advanced processor,<br />

they can multi-task even with<br />

big apps and files. Wi-Fi 6 and<br />

5G (Sub-6) make sure they stay<br />

connected whether they’re in<br />

the office or on the go.<br />

https://youtu.be/OzoDCXsBlfU<br />

Not sure on the right rugged device<br />

for your customers?<br />

Our dedicated Samsung rugged team are always<br />

on hand to help you make the right choice.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy XCover 5.<br />

The Galaxy XCover 5 has a large<br />

screen, a long-lasting battery, and<br />

plenty of memory for frontline work.<br />

Many frontline workers face daily disruptions<br />

because they don’t have the right tools or information<br />

at arm’s reach. This not only slows them down, it’s<br />

also frustrating. The solution isn’t just to give them<br />

a device – it’s to give them one that will help them<br />

get the job done.<br />

With the programmable key on the Galaxy XCover 5,<br />

your customer can transform it into a barcode scanner 1 ,<br />

a walkie-talkie and more. They can also access these<br />

features faster using the customisable short-cut button.<br />

Galaxy Tab Active3.<br />

Built strong from the inside out<br />

Your customer will discover a tablet that’s strong<br />

inside and out. They have complete peace of<br />

mind with rugged water and dust resistance,<br />

1.5m drop resistance with inbox cover and<br />

a replaceable battery.<br />

Then they can get more done with Samsung DeX<br />

and enhanced NFC for productivity. And with<br />

touch sensitivity settings, an Active key and S Pen,<br />

they can get to work with gloves on.<br />

Not sure on the right rugged device<br />

for your customers?<br />

Our dedicated Samsung rugged team are always<br />

on hand to help you make the right choice.<br />

1 2<br />

Additional license required. 5 years security and maintenance updates<br />

from first global market launch for XCover 5 and Tab Active3. XCover Pro and<br />

3<br />

Tab Active Pro offer 4 years security and maintenance updates. POGO<br />

Charging Dock sold separately. Supports USB Type C, POGO Pin fast charging.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Samsung T7 Shield.<br />

The new rugged portable SSD Shield T7 USB – super fast<br />

external storage that’s up to 9.5 times faster than external HDDs.<br />

Supremely tough, fast, and compact<br />

The new T7 Shield gives your customers<br />

superior performance on the go, even in<br />

challenging environmental conditions. Superspeed<br />

on the inside with durable protection<br />

outside to keep your customers’ work flowing<br />

wherever they are.<br />

Transfer huge files instantly<br />

USB 3.2 Gen 2 and PCIe ® NVMe achieve soaring<br />

sequential read/write speeds of 1,050/1,000MB/s<br />

for lag-free editing direct from the drive. The hightech<br />

rubber exterior with Dynamic Thermal Guard,<br />

controls heat to maintain steady performance<br />

even for giant projects.<br />

Ready for the rough and tumble<br />

Your customers can shoot on location and<br />

wander the wild, while feeling confident their<br />

data is securely resistant against water and<br />

dust with an IP65 rating. The rugged design<br />

and advanced outer elastomer add extra<br />

durability to even endure a 3-metre drop.<br />

For your customers’ devices<br />

Your customers can effortlessly connect to<br />

the tech they use throughout the day: Macs,<br />

PCs, Android devices, gaming consoles, and<br />

more. Add portable convenience to every<br />

part of their life.<br />

PAGE<br />


Coach, companion, champion.<br />

Galaxy Watch5<br />

Staying on top of your health has never been easier or<br />

looked so good. Your customers are able to maximise<br />

their performance and optimise their lifestyle with<br />

Galaxy Watch5 – much more than a fitness tracker.<br />

By monitoring sleep quality 1 , body composition 2 (BIA,)<br />

heart rate and blood pressure 3 , Galaxy Watch5 can<br />

coach them to be the best version of themselves 4 .<br />

Get the most from a Galaxy Watch<br />

when used with any Galaxy smartphone<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy Watch5 Pro<br />

Watch5 Pro is designed to take every workout<br />

to the next level. Long-lasting battery life, offline<br />

turn-by-turn GPS, and track-back navigation<br />

makes small work of hiking, rambling and trail<br />

running off the beaten track. With a tough<br />

sapphire crystal glass display on both Watch5<br />

Pro & Watch5, durability and style will have<br />

to find a way to share the limelight.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

1 2 Compatible Smartphone required. Do not measure your body composition if you are pregnant, have an implanted pacemaker or other<br />

3 implanted medical devices. ECG and BP feature only to be used by 22 years+. For accurate BP readings, monthly calibration required by<br />

4<br />

GP or BP monitor & arm cuff. Requires a Galaxy smartphone running Android 8.0 or above. Intended for general wellness and fitness<br />

purposes. Not intended for use in detection, diagnoses, treatment of any medical condition or disease.<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy<br />

Buds2 Pro.<br />

keeping your customers’ lives in sync<br />

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)<br />

is better than ever<br />

With 3 high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)<br />

microphones, Galaxy Buds2 Pro track and<br />

eliminate more outside sound — even soft<br />

sounds like wind. 1<br />

Switching to in-person conversations is<br />

easy with Voice Detect. Your customers can<br />

simply start talking and Voice Detect will turn<br />

off ANC and activate Ambient sound — allowing<br />

them to clearly hear the conversation without<br />

removing their Buds2 Pro. 2<br />

1<br />

Requires Voice Detect function to be turned on under settings on the Galaxy Wearable application.<br />

2<br />

Requires Voice Detect function to be turned on under settings on the Galaxy Wearable<br />

application.<br />

3<br />

Auto Switch feature only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets with OneUI 4.1 or later and Galaxy Watch4 series or later. Samsung Galaxy devices must be<br />

logged in to Samsung Account to enable Auto Switch feature. Auto Switch feature for Samsung TV is only available on Samsung TVs launched Feb ’22 or later after getting a firmware update<br />

from July ’22. Autoswitch with TV is only available for making and receiving phone calls.<br />

4<br />

When the battery runs out, it tracks based on the last connected location.<br />

5<br />

The SmartThings Find<br />

application is only available on Samsung Galaxy devices with Android 8 or later.<br />

6<br />

SmartThing Find is not supported in China.<br />

7<br />

To receive notification from SmartThings Find, you must turn<br />

on the notification under settings.<br />

PAGE<br />


Easy pairing, just pop open and tab in<br />

Galaxy Buds2 Pro automatically pops up on your<br />

customers Samsung Galaxy devices and are ready to<br />

connect with a tap. As simple as that.<br />

Auto Switch on Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro intelligently<br />

detects mobile activity and seamlessly shifts its connection<br />

to your customers’ Samsung Galaxy devices and watches.<br />

Switching to answer the phone works even when they’re<br />

connected to a Samsung TV. Once the Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

are connected to the Samsung TV via Bluetooth, there<br />

is no need to take the earbuds out to answer the phone.<br />

Incoming calls can be answered simply by tapping the<br />

Galaxy Buds2 Pro twice. 3<br />

Your customers can keep track<br />

of their buds with SmartThings Find<br />

Are your customers worried about losing their<br />

Galaxy Buds2 Pro? With SmartThings Find, they<br />

can trace their coveted Galaxy Buds2 Pro with the<br />

location detection feature. They can even do it with<br />

4, 5, 6, 7<br />

or without the case.<br />

They can walk away from their Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

and the integrated alarm is ready to let them know<br />

— their phone will send them a notification so that<br />

they don’t accidentally leave them behind.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Google<br />

Pixel Buds.<br />

1<br />

Call quality depends on signal strength, environment, network traffic, and many other factors. Actual results may vary.<br />

2 Google Assistant requires a Google Assistant-enabled Android 6.0 or newer device, Google Account<br />

and an Internet connection. Data rates may apply. Subscriptions may apply. For available languages and minimum requirements go to g.co/pixelbuds/help. 3 All listening times are approximate and were measured using<br />

music playback with pre-production hardware and software, with fully charged Pixel Buds Pro and case, and other features disabled (including active noise cancellation). Case is used to recharge Pixel Buds Pro. Charging<br />

times are approximate. Use of other features will decrease battery life. Battery life depends on device, features enabled, usage, environment and many other factors. Actual battery life may be lower.<br />

PAGE<br />


Google Pixel Buds A-Series<br />

Rich sounds for less<br />

Sound that’s music to your customers’ ears.<br />

Crisp audio from music, videos, and phone calls. 1<br />

Made to stay in while your customer works out.<br />

They look great and will stay firmly in place.<br />

Hands-free help when they need a hand.<br />

Google gives your customer answers and updates<br />

whenever they need them. 2<br />

A battery that barely needs a break.<br />

Thanks to a charging case that lasts all day. 3<br />

Google Pixel Buds Pro<br />

Premium, adaptive sound<br />

Everything they listen to sounds amazing.<br />

Active noise cancellation with Silent Seal.<br />

Truly comfortable.<br />

Pliable eartips conforms to the shape of their ear.<br />

Help is in your customers’ ears.<br />

Automatically helpful. They just say ‘Hey Google’<br />

for a little help. 2<br />

A battery that keeps up with their life.<br />

Up to 31 hours of listening time. 3<br />

Live translation feature<br />

How to translate with the Pixel Buds Pro<br />

https://youtu.be/7ist0_mPSYM<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Chromecast<br />

with Google TV.<br />

PAGE<br />


Entertainment that your customers<br />

will love. With a little help from Google.<br />

https://youtu.be/gDhjUpkk5Hc<br />

Google TV organises all your customers’ content<br />

across all their streaming services on one screen.<br />

So it’s easy to find what they want to watch.<br />

They can cast from hundreds of compatible<br />

Android and iOS apps directly from their devices<br />

and mirror their Chrome browser tab on their TV.<br />

Chromecast works with almost any TV with an<br />

HDMI port. Your customers can just plug it in,<br />

connect to Wi-Fi and start streaming.<br />

They can group Chromecast with their Nest<br />

speakers or displays to fill their home with sound.<br />

Then control them by using their voice or the app.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


A case for<br />

rugged.<br />

iPhone 14 cases<br />

Now in stock<br />

Designed to perfectly fit the new iPhone 14 range.<br />

TCL TAB 10<br />

iPhone 14 Pro shown above. Also available for<br />

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max<br />

PAGE<br />


TCL tablet cases<br />

Now in stock<br />

Rugged protection for the<br />

TCL TAB 10 and TCL TAB 8 4G.<br />

TCL TAB 8<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Protective phone cases<br />

TPU protective case<br />

Power accessories<br />

Lightning cables<br />

Your customers can charge the device of their choice with<br />

this 1m USB-A or USB-C to Lightning cable.<br />

USB-A to Lightning cable<br />

USB-C to Lightning cable<br />

USB-C cable not shown.<br />

Available for all current devices.<br />

Contact your Account Manager for availability.<br />

Rugged military mobile case<br />

USB cables<br />

Your customers can charge their device of choice with<br />

these 1m cables.<br />

USB-A to USB-C cable<br />

USB-C to USB-C cable<br />

USB-A to micro USB cable<br />

This 3-in-1 cable offers the versatility to charge<br />

either an Android or Apple device.<br />

3-in-1 cable (1.5m)<br />

Available for all current devices.<br />

Contact your Account Manager for availability.<br />

PAGE<br />


Protective tablet cases<br />

Rugged tablet case<br />


With built-in screen protector<br />


Snug fit<br />

NON-SLIP<br />

Anti-scratch<br />


Protective inner shell<br />


Drop and shock resistant<br />


Adjustable and detachable<br />

Product branding options<br />

Our protective cases support your customers in avoiding expensive<br />

mobile phone and tablet repairs and associated downtime.<br />

With an optional logo imprint, your customers can increase<br />

their brand awareness at the same time as intensifying<br />

their employee branding.<br />

Personalised mobile covers are also<br />

perfect as promotional gifts.<br />

Tempered glass<br />

screen protectors<br />

Clear<br />

Curved<br />

Printed<br />


LOGO<br />

HERE<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Meet the<br />

TCL 30 SE<br />

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2y95a8OLsU<br />

• Stylish design<br />

• 8MP HDR Front Camera<br />

• 50MP AI Triple Camera<br />

• Micro SD up to 512GB<br />

• 5000mAh high capacity battery<br />

• Supports 15W fast charging<br />

• NXTVISION technology<br />

• 6.52" HD+ vast display<br />

TCL is a global device manufacturer committed to<br />

providing customers with smart devices and ultimate<br />

experiences across budget-friendly smartphones,<br />

tablets and smart connectivity solutions.<br />

PAGE<br />


PAGE<br />

49<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com

The affordable<br />

Galaxy A Series.<br />

Galaxy A04s<br />

Galaxy A23 5G<br />

Bringing your customers the very<br />

best mobile experience<br />

The A04s comes with a large 5000mAh battery as<br />

well as 15W fast charging. Your customers can enjoy<br />

taking superb photos on the high-resolution camera,<br />

as the A04s welcomes a 50MP system for taking clear<br />

photos and videos. Your customers can now make the<br />

most of these enhanced features at a fraction of the<br />

price with Samsung’s latest addition.<br />

Fully packed with the most<br />

impressive innovations<br />

Growing the 5G portfolio, the new A23 5G offers<br />

an immersive visual experience that enriches<br />

streaming and gaming, and a versatile camera<br />

to capture their everyday, the Samsung Galaxy<br />

A23 5G is a powerful device with an improved<br />

120Hz refresh rate designed for hours of<br />

smooth scrolling.<br />

Pair any Samsung device<br />

with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy A33 5G<br />

Don’t forget your customers<br />

can buy A33 5G and A53 5G as<br />

Enterprise Edition<br />

Designed with productivity in mind<br />

Samsung has increased the CPU and GPU<br />

performance by 27% and 50% respectively,<br />

so nothing can slow your customer’s teams<br />

down. And with the 6.4" FHD+ Super AMOLED<br />

Infinity-U Display, they won’t miss a thing.<br />

Galaxy A53 5G<br />

Benefits of Enterprise Edition<br />

The best of Samsung. Packed for business.<br />

Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a complete package<br />

of mobile technology and services designed to<br />

give your customers more — more choice, more<br />

control and more protection.<br />

• Consistent and timely security support<br />

• Extended product lifecycle<br />

• Enhanced support<br />

• Security and maintenance<br />

• 3 Year enhanced support<br />

• 5 year security and maintenance release<br />

Fast – to the point innovation<br />

The Galaxy A53 5G looks and behaves like a<br />

premium device. It features an impressive 6.5"<br />

Full HD+ Super Fluid 120Hz Infinity-O Display and a<br />

5,000mAh (typical)* long-lasting, super fast charging<br />

battery that can keep your customer’s teams<br />

powered for up to two days. It brings the latest<br />

innovation to their entire team, so everyone can work<br />

the way they want, without blowing their IT budget.<br />

Control for your customers with Knox Suite<br />

With Knox Suite, your customers get everything<br />

they need to make their IT team’s life simple,<br />

and their employees as productive as they can<br />

be. Enterprise Edition includes a Knox build by<br />

Samsung to get them started and options to<br />

further enhance your customers security and<br />

control. They can deploy a new device, remotely,<br />

in just minutes, with all the settings, apps and<br />

company branding they need.<br />

* Typical value based on testing under third party conditions. Rated capacity is 4,860mAh.<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


Live life.<br />

Doro makes<br />

life easy<br />

Doro 8100<br />

The easy to use, easy to love smartphone.<br />

Optimised loud and<br />

clear sound for calls<br />

you can hear.<br />

Easy to use interface<br />

based on Android<br />

with Google Assistant<br />

voice control.<br />

Triple camera for<br />

stunning photos with<br />

streamlined menu.<br />

Response by Doro<br />

powered assistance<br />

button.<br />

TeamViewer preinstalled<br />

for trusted<br />

contacts to help<br />

users from afar.<br />

Doro Watch<br />

The multi-functional companion<br />

for activity, convenience and<br />

peace of mind.<br />

Large, clear icons and<br />

watch face<br />

Keeps users motivated<br />

with activity tracking<br />

and daily steps counter<br />

Pairs with all Android<br />

or iOS smartphones*<br />

Doro Companion app to<br />

see activity and data in<br />

more detail<br />

Additional Response by<br />

Doro trigger when paired<br />

with a Doro 8100.<br />

*Compatible with Android version 6.0 and iOS 9.0 onwards.<br />

PAGE<br />


Doro 1380<br />

Easy to use 2G device<br />

for talk and texts.<br />

Loud and clear sound for<br />

calls you can hear.<br />

Large, well-spaced<br />

buttons for confident<br />

dialling.<br />

Assistance button for<br />

help when you need it.<br />

Doro 5860<br />

A simply brilliant and<br />

easy to use 4G device.<br />

Enhanced loud and<br />

clear sound with HAC<br />

2MP camera with<br />

flash for taking and<br />

sending photos<br />

Easy to use menu<br />

Assistance button<br />

for help when you<br />

need it most<br />

Doro 6820<br />

Stylish 4G flip phone for<br />

clearer conversations.<br />

Easy to use device with large<br />

2.8" screen<br />

Loud and clear sound<br />

with HAC<br />

Large, well-spaced and high<br />

contrast buttons<br />

Assistance button for getting<br />

help quickly<br />

Contact your Account Manager or<br />

email marketing@dataselect.com<br />

PAGE<br />


PAGE<br />


SYNC.<br />

Our flagship digital publication<br />

(available every other month)<br />

covers the latest in our<br />

mobile portfolio, as well as<br />

topical editorial on hybrid<br />

working, rugged solutions,<br />

and everything for the<br />

mobile workspace.<br />

Do you know of someone within your<br />

business who could also benefit from<br />

receiving <strong>Sync</strong>?<br />

Let <strong>Sync</strong> help them navigate their<br />

way around the latest mobile tech<br />

and solutions.<br />

Why not forward them a copy of <strong>Sync</strong>,<br />

so they can subscribe themselves.<br />

PAGE<br />


Galaxy XCover 6 Pro<br />

Galaxy<br />

XCover6 Pro<br />

Designed for work, built to last<br />

Introducing the stylish, durable Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro. Samsung’s toughest rugged phone yet,<br />

it’s built to perform in harsh environments and keep up with the most demanding jobs.<br />

PAGE<br />


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