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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Lifting Africa To The World

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Lifting Africa To The World


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JANUARY <strong>2023</strong><br />

10 Fashion<br />

Trends To<br />

Adopt In<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Spring <strong>2023</strong><br />

Shows<br />

at Lagos<br />

Fashion<br />

Week<br />

adele:<br />

on the<br />

correct<br />

pronunciation<br />

of her<br />

name<br />

New Year<br />

Resolutions<br />

to Consider<br />

in <strong>2023</strong><br />

Exclusive<br />

Beauty<br />

Hacks to<br />

Guide You in<br />

the New<br />

Year<br />

Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi Adichie:<br />

Lifting Africa To The World<br />

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Inside<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong><br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2023</strong><br />

BEAUTY<br />

Beauty Hacks<br />

to Guide You in<br />

the New Year<br />

FOOD<br />

70<br />

18<br />

Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi<br />

Adichie:<br />

Lifting Africa To The World<br />

74<br />

Healthy Foods<br />

That Help You<br />

Burn Fat<br />

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New York Fashion Week<br />

S/S <strong>2023</strong>: The Best Looks<br />

H<br />

ello there, and happy new<br />

year.<br />

It is the wishes and prayers<br />

of the entire team that this<br />

year is a better and more fulfilling<br />

year for you and all that is yours,<br />

amen.<br />

As you can see from the<br />

cover, we are starting the year<br />

with a BIG BANG! No, I do not<br />

have the credit for this one. The<br />

idea of a Chimamanda Ngozi<br />

Adichie cover was the idea of<br />

our amiable Editor-in-Chief, Remi<br />

Diagbare.<br />

A meeting with the team to<br />

review the cover suggestion took<br />

less than 10 seconds! Everyone<br />

said yes – this is a testament<br />

to Chimamanda’s robust<br />

persona. The Fashion, Lifestyle,<br />

Entertainment, and Feature<br />

editors were buzzing with content<br />

suggestions for the internationally<br />

renowned Content Creator.<br />

To start the year, I am proud of<br />

the work the team put together<br />

to deliver this cover. It takes us a<br />

step further as a team to position<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> where we want to<br />

see it – at the top!<br />

As usual, we always have a<br />

complete package. We touched<br />

on Adele and her new album,<br />

40<br />

the New York Fashion Week,<br />

Lagos Fashion Week, beauty<br />

and fashion trends, health<br />

and wellness tips, and lots<br />

more.<br />

On behalf of the team,<br />

I want to especially thank<br />

everyone who has followed<br />

us in 2022 and started<br />

the new year with us. I am<br />

also glad to welcome all<br />

those who are new to the<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> family and<br />

reading your first edition –<br />

we exist because of you.<br />

I love you loads and will<br />

continue to bring you the<br />

best!<br />

Our next edition? You will<br />

be wowed! This year, we are<br />

raising the bar higher and<br />

leading in style.<br />

Lots of love,<br />

A .<br />

Ameena Dayo<br />

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We pay for exclusive celebrity stories.<br />


10<br />

Fashion<br />

Trends<br />

To Adopt<br />

In <strong>2023</strong><br />

6<br />

Disclaimer:<br />

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<strong>Glamsquad</strong> maintains no rights over the images/<br />

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We remain committed to supporting intellectual<br />

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A Breath of Fresh Air<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

To bring in the New<br />

Year, we must first<br />

remember the year<br />

that was (if you dare).<br />

2022 was a big year,<br />

but it has been the<br />

year for self-discovery<br />

and self-love. It made<br />

us appreciate our<br />

loved ones even more<br />

and showed us how<br />

important listening to our<br />

mental state is.<br />

We had the opportunity<br />

to pause the hustle and<br />

bustle of our daily lives<br />

and slowly learned how<br />

to take in and enjoy the<br />

little things.<br />

Ringing in the New Year<br />

is a reminder to hold<br />

on to the new habits<br />

learned (the good ones,<br />

of course) while also<br />

setting goals to take on<br />

the year! But don’t be<br />

hard on yourself if you<br />

didn’t achieve all your<br />

resolutions this year<br />

- you’re only human,<br />

and <strong>2023</strong> has been<br />

particularly challenging!<br />

We have devised the top<br />

3 New Year’s resolution<br />

ideas to help you start<br />

<strong>2023</strong> with a bang! Take<br />

them as they are, or<br />

weave them into your<br />

own list. The choice is<br />

yours!<br />

Just Do It!<br />

(Thanks Nike) To quote Nike’s famous tagline,<br />

‘Just Do It,’ it’s a saying that can come across as<br />

inspirational or somewhat aggressive. However<br />

you take it, it’s a simple line to live by that will stop<br />

you from procrastinating and get you moving.<br />

If you want something, just do it! If you want to<br />

get fit or ask the postman out on a date, we<br />

won’t judge. JUST DO IT. We’ve had a year of not<br />

being allowed to do so many of the things we<br />

wanted to do, and it’s time to reclaim that by<br />

pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones! If<br />

you want to go camping, meet new people, ask<br />

for that promotion or have pancakes for dinner,<br />

JUST DO IT!<br />

4<br />



Make the Switch!<br />

Self-Love Club<br />

Self-love can mean different<br />

things to different people.<br />

To some, it means lighting a<br />

candle and taking a long,<br />

hot bath after a day’s work. To<br />

others, it’s ordering the truffle<br />

fries with dinner because ‘we<br />

deserve it’.<br />

Whatever it means to you, selflove<br />

encompasses all things<br />

relationships, health, fitness,<br />

and well-being. It’s the starting<br />

point that requires us to shift<br />

our focus inward and work on<br />

becoming better versions of<br />

ourselves.<br />

Transforming the concept of<br />

self-love into an action that you<br />

can be accountable for can<br />

be tricky. But it can start small,<br />

such as setting daily habits<br />

like waking up with a purpose<br />

or making the bed. Then you<br />

can move to focusing on a<br />

healthier diet or signing up for<br />

a gym class. Or it can be as<br />

simple as shutting your laptop<br />

at 5 PM on the dot to enjoy a<br />

nice walk in the summer sun.<br />

Whatever it is, it begins with<br />

self-love!<br />

‘My New Year’s Resolution is to be<br />

fit and healthy’ - This is a line we tell<br />

ourselves all too often (guilty). It’s a<br />

cliche that many of us are guilty of<br />

setting at the start of the year, but<br />

after the summer holidays are over,<br />

it’s easy to fall back into old habits.<br />

Well, this year will be different. With<br />

a new mindset and appreciation<br />

for how short and beautiful life really<br />

is, setting small habits to introduce<br />

into your daily routine doesn’t seem<br />

as far-fetched after all. And we say<br />

small habits because it’s the little<br />

things that make a huge difference.<br />

Starting small allows us to turn little<br />

actions into habits. If it’s waking<br />

up and going for a walk or run<br />

before you start your day instead<br />

of scrolling TikTok or subbing the<br />

sausage roll and can of Coke for a<br />

salad and juice instead.<br />

Switching out these little things and<br />

making small changes will have a<br />

dramatic effect on your health, not<br />

just physically but mentally. You’ll<br />

feel stronger, have more energy,<br />

be more confident, and be able<br />

to focus more. Don’t contemplate<br />

it. Just switch it, and you’ll thank us<br />

later!<br />

Now with that all said and done,<br />

we want to know… What do you<br />

want to achieve next year?<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5


10 Fashion<br />

Trends To<br />

Adopt In <strong>2023</strong><br />

Kabirat Opoola<br />

Over the years, the fashion world<br />

has grown, and fashion has<br />

become a lifestyle and a habit<br />

for quite a lot of people. Maintaining a<br />

good fashion reputation is nowadays<br />

considered a basic necessity. Apart<br />

from dressing nicely and looking<br />

good, which elevates mood and one’s<br />

confidence, it is also a basis that<br />

determines the way one is addressed.<br />

The fashion world evolves frequently,<br />

and new designs and styles are<br />

introduced to keep the fashion world<br />

active and interesting. People’s taste in<br />

fashion also changes frequently, and<br />

this leads to the creation of new trends<br />

in the fashion world.<br />

However, these frequent changes<br />

in trends might sometimes be a<br />

bit difficult, especially for fashion<br />

enthusiasts who strive to look good<br />

at all times to catch up to. As we<br />

welcome a new year, here is a list of 10<br />

fashion trends to adopt in <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

1<br />

Cargo Pants<br />

Cargo pants have been in<br />

existence for quite a while now,<br />

but they aren’t going out of<br />

trend anytime soon. Designers<br />

are coming out with new and<br />

creative cargo designs that<br />

we cannot get enough of.<br />

Nowadays, cargo pants exist<br />

in different fabrics, including<br />

denim, satin, leather, and so on.<br />

They have become so trendy<br />

in the fashion world and are<br />

perfect for a smart casual look.<br />

If you haven’t tried out cargo<br />

pants, this is the time to give<br />

them a try. They are absolutely a<br />

fashion trend to adopt in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

6<br />


TRENDS<br />

Low-Rise Pants<br />

Love it or hate it, the trend of low-rise pants is<br />

on the rise, and you might consider giving it a<br />

try. Low-rise pants are pants below your waist to<br />

several inches under your navel. Although low-rise<br />

pants are back in trend, they are not a fashion<br />

for everyone to adopt. Body shapes like shortwaisted,<br />

straight bodies, inverted triangle bodies,<br />

and athletic bodies can consider adopting this<br />

particular trend as it looks good on them.<br />

2<br />

Blazer<br />

A fashion trend you should add<br />

to your wardrobe in <strong>2023</strong> is the<br />

blazer. Gone are the days when<br />

blazers were restricted to corporate<br />

looks alone. These days, they exist<br />

in different sizes and designs and<br />

are considered timeless outfits. For<br />

example, the oversized blazer can<br />

both be rocked as a dress and also<br />

as a jacket. Crop blazers are also in<br />

style and can be the perfect fit for<br />

your jean trouser, wide-leg pants,<br />

mini skirts, and so on. Blazers play a<br />

versatile role in your fashion game<br />

and should not be underestimated.<br />

3<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7


Belts<br />

Another fashion trend to adopt<br />

in <strong>2023</strong>, if you haven’t yet, is the<br />

addition of belts to your outfits.<br />

Belts are no longer only used to<br />

give fitting to a trouser but have<br />

nowadays become a fashion<br />

accessory. Belts help to give style<br />

to an outfit and also do wonders<br />

in highlighting your body shape,<br />

especially when rocking baggy<br />

cloth. Belts can be used around<br />

an oversized blazer or a dress.<br />

You can also spice up your<br />

look by adding a chain belt in<br />

situations where you are dressed<br />

in a tummy-revealing outfit.<br />

5<br />

4<br />

Bright-colored outfits<br />

The year 2022 introduced brightcolored<br />

outfits into the fashion<br />

world, and this fashion trend will<br />

definitely continue into <strong>2023</strong> and<br />

is not yet late for you to adopt it<br />

if you haven’t already done that.<br />

Bright-colored outfits are fun to wear<br />

and make your outfit feel alive. You<br />

can consider going monochrome<br />

8<br />


TRENDS<br />

6<br />

if you fear a complicated<br />

color combination or tuning<br />

the color down a bit with<br />

neutral-colored outfits.<br />

One of the best<br />

color combinations<br />

in trend now is the<br />

mixture of red with pink.<br />

The combination is<br />

mesmerizing.<br />

Maxi Lengths<br />

Maxi-length outfits have been in<br />

existence for some time but have<br />

nowadays been spotted on<br />

the front of fashion. One of the<br />

latest fashion trends which you<br />

can consider adopting is the<br />

maxi length or floor length<br />

outfits. These features were<br />

not only dominant in the<br />

designer’s collection<br />

for <strong>2023</strong> but were<br />

also spotted in<br />

celebrities.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


7<br />

Baggy Jeans<br />

We are moving towards the fashion era,<br />

where comfort is an important aspect to<br />

consider when choosing an outfit. Every<br />

fashion enthusiast dreams of looking stylish<br />

in a comfortable outfit hence the coming<br />

back of baggy jeans, which were quite<br />

common in the 90s. Baggy jeans can be<br />

rocked in different ways. For someone<br />

whose desire is comfort, it can be worn<br />

alongside an oversized top. Baggy jeans<br />

are also a perfect fit for a crop top, a<br />

strapless top, and many other tops.<br />

Sheer and seethrough<br />

outfits<br />

Sheer outfits have been in<br />

trend for over a year now and<br />

are still very much in trend.<br />

The designer’s collection for<br />

<strong>2023</strong> debuted different sheer<br />

looks and some with little<br />

see-through features. From<br />

sheer tops to gowns and<br />

skirts, they are a fashion trend<br />

to adopt in <strong>2023</strong>. Celebrities<br />

are nowadays rocking sheer<br />

fashion in different stylish<br />

looks.<br />

8<br />

Leather outfits<br />

Leather fashion came and<br />

completely took over the<br />

fashion realm. From leather<br />

pants to skirts, jackets, and<br />

dresses, they are on top<br />

of the fashion trend and a<br />

recommendation for you to<br />

adopt this year if you haven’t<br />

already. Leather outfits,<br />

when nicely styled, create a<br />

chic, classy and stylish look.<br />

They also make you look<br />

fashion-forward. However,<br />

styling your leather outfits<br />

10<br />


TRENDS<br />

Knee-High Boots<br />

90s knee-high boots have<br />

made a comeback and<br />

have been predicted to be a<br />

fashion trend for <strong>2023</strong>. These<br />

pairs of leather boots are<br />

versatile and can be rocked<br />

to spice up different looks.<br />

The knee-high boots come<br />

in pointed-heel boots and<br />

platform boots. They are a<br />

great piece to add to your<br />

shoe collection.<br />

10<br />

9<br />

matters the most. For example,<br />

leather pants nowadays exist<br />

in different designs and colors<br />

and can be rocked for a chic<br />

casual or corporate appearance.<br />

Although mostly high-waisted, one<br />

of the unique features of leather<br />

pants is how they can be rocked<br />

alongside different tops.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


Fashion Styling 101<br />

10<br />

Fashion Tips To<br />

Ensure You Always<br />

Look Stylish In<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Kabirat Opoola<br />

Avoid mixing too<br />

many patterns<br />

Mixing too many patterns sometimes<br />

ends up giving you a complicated<br />

appearance. Another important<br />

fashion tip to take note of to look<br />

stylish this year is to avoid mixing too<br />

many patterns in your outfit. Some<br />

outfit pattern combinations are just<br />

1<br />

not it. Mixing too many patterns makes<br />

your outfit look busy, which might<br />

end up diminishing the beauty of<br />

your appearance. In some pattern<br />

outfit combinations, camo and floral<br />

patterns can be mixed as well as plaid<br />

and stripes.<br />

Fashion nowadays has<br />

become an essential<br />

way of living. Your<br />

appearance is one of the first<br />

things people notice about<br />

you. Like Miuccia Prada<br />

once said, “what you wear is<br />

how you present yourself to<br />

the world, especially today<br />

when human contacts are so<br />

quick. Fashion is an instant<br />

language.”<br />

A new year has just begun,<br />

and it’s never too late for you<br />

to upgrade your appearance<br />

beautifully. Looking good<br />

does not only give you a<br />

good reputation but also<br />

makes you feel good and<br />

confident about yourself.<br />

Although being fashionable<br />

and stylish can be quite<br />

complicated at times, it<br />

doesn’t always have to be.<br />

With some simple fashion<br />

and wardrobe tricks here<br />

and there, you can maintain<br />

a stylish appearance without<br />

stressing yourself out. To<br />

assist with this, here are ten<br />

fashion tips to ensure you<br />

always look stylish in <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

12<br />



3<br />

Explore colors<br />

2<br />

To look stylish, you might want to pay<br />

attention to the color of the clothes you<br />

wear. Although exploring different colors<br />

is regarded as fashionable, you need to<br />

be careful with your color combination<br />

and avoid too many colors in one outfit.<br />

It is also recommended to try more<br />

neutral-colored outfits as they pretty<br />

much never go out of style, and they<br />

help you look effortlessly stylish.<br />

Wear clothes that compliment<br />

your body shape and size<br />

The first fashion tip is to wear<br />

clothes that complement<br />

your body shape and size.<br />

There exist different body<br />

shapes and sizes, and<br />

each has a particular outfit<br />

that fits it the most. First,<br />

understand the type of<br />

body you have and wear<br />

clothes that highlights that<br />

body beautifully. Because<br />

you are plus-sized doesn’t<br />

mean you shouldn’t look<br />

fashionable. The fashion<br />

world is large, and there<br />

are different outfits for each<br />

body size and shape. There<br />

are lots of gorgeous outfits<br />

you can wear as a plussize<br />

lady. Also, women are<br />

shaped differently, from<br />

rectangle shape to apple<br />

shape, oval shape, pear<br />

shape, hourglass shape,<br />

and diamond shape.<br />

Understanding the shape of<br />

your body will assist you in<br />

making the right decision on<br />

the type of cloth you should<br />

wear.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


Take care of your<br />

clothes<br />

Another fashion tip to look<br />

good this year is to take good<br />

care of your clothes. Wearing<br />

a wrinkled cloth will diminish<br />

the beauty it is supposed to<br />

give compared to wearing a<br />

neatly ironed cloth. Take your<br />

time in ironing the clothes<br />

that need to be ironed. Also,<br />

wash them well and spray<br />

a nice scented perfume<br />

to make them smell nice.<br />

Having a nice<br />

smell also<br />

helps to boost<br />

your fashion<br />

reputation.<br />

Create An<br />

Interchangeable<br />

Collection<br />

4<br />

Creating an interchangeable collection<br />

provides you with different choices of<br />

outfits to pick from. Having a wardrobe<br />

where nearly all your outfit matches<br />

each other will make dressing easier for<br />

you. This would also save the stress of<br />

spending much on your clothes if you<br />

cannot afford them.<br />

6<br />

14<br />



5<br />

7<br />

Explore accessories<br />

Accessories are one of the<br />

highlights of your outfit. Perfect use<br />

of accessories can change the<br />

tone of your outfit positively. After<br />

putting together your outfit, spice<br />

it up with some accessories like<br />

dangling earrings for a gettogether,<br />

chic casual, date<br />

night type of look, or stud<br />

earrings for a corporate look.<br />

Different types of accessories<br />

have a role they play in your<br />

appearance. A necklace is<br />

never a bad choice to spice<br />

up that outfit neither is a<br />

knuckle ring.<br />

Invest in quality, not<br />

quantity<br />

A lot of people make the mistake<br />

of focusing on quantity rather than<br />

quality. Quality black pants, for<br />

example, can be rocked out with<br />

different stylish tops and accessories.<br />

The quality of your clothes matters a<br />

lot. Instead of buying fake designer<br />

outfits, invest in one and style it in<br />

different ways.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


Makeup and neatness<br />

The last tip to ensure you always<br />

look stylish this new year is how your<br />

makeup is used and how neat your<br />

appearance is. Making up your face<br />

is considered a form of fashion, and<br />

how you apply, it matters. The type of<br />

makeup you do should also conform<br />

to your dress theme. If dressed for a<br />

Take care of<br />

your hair<br />

Apart from the outfit you wear, looking<br />

stylish also has to do with the type of<br />

hair on your head and how neat and<br />

stylish it looks. All these factors help<br />

contribute to a stylish appearance.<br />

Rocking nicely braided or packed hair<br />

will complement the beauty of your<br />

outfit. Depending on your choice, you<br />

can invest in some nice wigs and if<br />

you are rocking a low cut, go for styles<br />

that make you look good. A low cut<br />

with parting or short curly hair doesn’t<br />

seem like a bad choice. Remember,<br />

a bad hairstyle drastically reduces the<br />

beauty of your outfit.<br />

8<br />

corporate event, simple makeup will<br />

do, while full makeup can be used for<br />

a party outfit. Also, it is mostly perceived<br />

that looking stylish equals being neat.<br />

Apart from your makeup, having neat<br />

nails and appearance will help all<br />

these tips work hand in hand for a<br />

better and more stylish look.<br />

16<br />



10<br />

9<br />

Choose An<br />

Appropriate Outfit<br />

For Each Occasion<br />

Understanding the type of occasion<br />

you are attending and picking the<br />

right outfit is one of the things that<br />

makes you look stylish. There are<br />

different outfits for every occasion.<br />

What you wear to a party is different<br />

from what you wear to a formal<br />

setting. What you wear for a casual<br />

event will also be different from<br />

what you wear to attend a party.<br />

Understanding the type of occasion<br />

you are attending will help you<br />

decide to choose an appropriate<br />

outfit.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi Adichie:<br />

Woman. Writer. Warrior<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was<br />

born in Enugu, Nigeria in 1977.<br />

She grew up on the campus of<br />

the University of Nigeria, Nsukka,<br />

where her father was a professor and her<br />

mother was the first female Registrar.<br />

She studied medicine for a year at<br />

Nsukka and then left for the US at the<br />

age of 19 to continue her education on<br />

a different path. She graduated summa<br />

cum laude from Eastern Connecticut<br />

State University with a degree in<br />

Communication and Political Science.<br />

She has a Master’s Degree in Creative<br />

Writing from Johns Hopkins University and<br />

a Master of Arts degree in African History<br />

from Yale University. She was awarded a<br />

Hodder fellowship at Princeton University<br />

for the 2005-2006 academic year, and<br />

a fellowship at the Radcliffe Institute of<br />

Harvard University for the 2011-2012<br />

academic year. In 2008, she received a<br />

MacArthur Fellowship.<br />

She has received honorary doctorate<br />

degrees from Eastern Connecticut<br />

State University, Johns Hopkins University,<br />

Haverford College, Williams College, the<br />

University of Edinburgh, Duke University,<br />

Amherst College, Bowdoin College,<br />

SOAS University of London, American<br />

University, Georgetown University, Yale<br />

University, Rhode Island School of Design,<br />

Northwestern University, University of<br />

Pennsylvania, Skidmore College and<br />

University of Johannesburg.<br />

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Chimamanda’s wedding<br />

Her Marriage<br />

In 2009, Adichie married Ivara Esege, a<br />

Nigerian doctor. They have one daughter,<br />

who was born in 2016. Adichie divides her<br />

time between the United States and Nigeria,<br />

where she teaches writing workshops.<br />

“I have always felt that Western wedding<br />

traditions sideline the mother of the bride<br />

— the father walks the bride down the<br />

aisle, the father has the first dance with the<br />

bride, often the father gives a speech while<br />

the mother doesn’t,” the renowned writer<br />

responded when asked why she asked her<br />

father and mother to walk her down the<br />

aisle on her wedding day.<br />

When she married her husband,<br />

Dr. Ivara Esege in 2009, Chimamanda<br />

decided to break several conventional<br />

norms associated with weddings. “Our<br />

wedding, many years ago, was small and<br />

lovely, just as we wanted it.’ She revealed.<br />

“I asked family and friends not to post<br />

any photos publicly. I wanted privacy.”<br />

20<br />



Despite her global status, you will<br />

hardly come across a picture<br />

from Chimamanda’s wedding. In<br />

fact, her wedding was so private<br />

that many are still unaware of<br />

her marital status. Recently, she<br />

decided to grant the public eye<br />

two photographs of moments<br />

from her wedding she considers<br />

most memorable. “… My need for<br />

privacy is now superceded by my<br />

desire to publicly honour the rare<br />

and wonderful woman I called my<br />

mother. And I hope this perhaps<br />

inspires any young women (and<br />

men) out there who are questioning<br />

any kind of convention.” she wrote.<br />

She encouraged people to<br />

take action when they do not feel<br />

aligned with societal norms, “We<br />

can make changes. We can try<br />

and craft small slices of the life we<br />

want. We can unmake convention<br />

to make things more just, more<br />

complete, more beautiful. Not<br />

everyone will be happy with you,<br />

because it is human nature to try<br />

and conserve things as they are,<br />

but your spirit will feel full, and there<br />

is nothing more meaningful than<br />

knowing you have been true to<br />

yourself.”<br />

Adichie’s favourite purchase, a white She’s<br />

Deluxe dress, which she wore to the American<br />

Academy of Arts and Letters induction in New<br />

York © Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie/Instagram<br />

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Losing her<br />

Parents<br />

Adichie would lose both parents<br />

between a short period of time.<br />

Months after losing her father<br />

James Nwoye Adichie in summer<br />

of 2020, author Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi Adichie shared a heartfelt<br />

note on the sudden demise of her<br />

mother Grace Ifeoma on March 1,<br />

2021.<br />

Putting her grief to words,<br />

Adichie wrote “How Does A Heart<br />

Break Twice?”, as she shared the<br />

news of losing her mother on social<br />

media recently.<br />

“How does a heart break twice?<br />

To still be immersed in grief, barely<br />

breathing again, and then to be<br />

plunged callously back into a<br />

sorrow you cannot even articulate.<br />

How can my mother be gone<br />

forever, and so soon after my<br />

father?,” Adichie wrote. Incidentally,<br />

Grace Ifeoma died on the day<br />

of her late husband’s birthday.<br />

Adichie’s father James Nwoye<br />

Adichie passed away in mid-2020<br />

and a few months later the author<br />

paid her written tribute to him in her<br />

new book ‘Notes on Grief’.<br />

Expanded from her original<br />

piece for the New Yorker, ‘Notes on<br />

Grief’ is a powerful essay wherein<br />

Adichie writes about her father, and<br />

the layers of loss and grief.<br />

Remembering her mother and<br />

her achievements, Adichie further<br />

shared, “My warm, loving, funny,<br />

kind, quick-witted, beautiful mother.<br />

Unconditional supporter and<br />

22<br />



cheerleader of her children, fun<br />

and funny, source of delicious<br />

sarcasm, style icon, so sharply<br />

observant she never missed<br />

a thing. She made history as<br />

the first female registrar of the<br />

University of Nigeria. She was<br />

a permanent board member<br />

of the Anambra State Basic<br />

Education Board ASUBEB.”<br />

Having lost both her parents<br />

in a short period of time, Adichie<br />

keeps wondering “How does<br />

a heart break twice?” in her<br />

post. “You discover emotions<br />

you cannot name. There is<br />

an emotion more hollow than<br />

sorrow. There is an acceptance<br />

drenched in disbelief. Language<br />

fails. Clichés come startlingly<br />

alive: the heart is truly heavy, it is<br />

no mere metaphor.<br />

The mornings so dark you<br />

cannot get up from bed, the<br />

erratic pulse, the anger, the<br />

surprise, the tiny moments<br />

of forgetting, the regrets, the<br />

doomed attempts at escape.<br />

But the pain is waiting. The pain<br />

is inescapable. The desperate<br />

longing to turn back time, just to<br />

see her again, hear her laugh<br />

one more time, hug and kiss her.<br />

Even if just to say goodbye,<br />

even if just to have the chance<br />

to say goodbye, to say thank you<br />

for everything you did for me and<br />

everything you were to me, to<br />

say I love you, again,” she further<br />

wrote.<br />

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Her Books,<br />

Honours, and<br />

Talks<br />

Her first novel, Purple Hibiscus<br />

(2003), won the Commonwealth<br />

Writers’ Prize, and her second<br />

novel, Half of a Yellow Sun (2006),<br />

won the Orange Prize. Her 2013<br />

novel Americanah won the US<br />

National Book Critics Circle Award<br />

and was named one of The New<br />

York Times Top Ten Best Books of<br />

2013.<br />

Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist<br />

Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions,<br />

was published in March 2017. Her<br />

most recent work, Notes On Grief,<br />

an essay about losing her father,<br />

was published in 2021.<br />


UNION. NEW YORK, NY. MARCH 2017.<br />

24<br />





Ms. Adichie’s work has been translated<br />

into over thirty languages.<br />

She has delivered two landmark TED<br />

talks: her 2009 TED Talk The Danger of A<br />

Single Story and her 2012 TEDx Euston<br />

talk We Should All Be Feminists, which<br />

started a worldwide conversation about<br />

feminism and was published as a book<br />

in 2014.<br />

Ms. Adichie divides her time between<br />

the United States and Nigeria, where<br />

she leads an annual creative writing<br />

workshop.<br />

She was named one of TIME<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>’s 100 Most Influential People<br />

in the World in 2015. In 2017, Fortune<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> named her one of the World’s<br />

50 Greatest Leaders. She is a member of<br />

both the American Academy of Arts and<br />

Letters and the American Academy of<br />

Arts and Sciences.<br />

at her coronation as odeluwa of abba<br />

United Nations Foundation 2019<br />

Global Leadership Dinner in New York,<br />

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019. (Photo/Stuart<br />

Ramson for UN Foundation)<br />

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The Case of<br />

Ferminism<br />

In general, feminism can be<br />

seen as a movement to put an<br />

end to sexism, sexist exploitation,<br />

and oppression and to achieve<br />

full gender equality in law and in<br />

practice.<br />

Adichie uses her work to inspire<br />

women around the world in<br />

breaking gender constructions,<br />

stereotypes, and sexualities that<br />

have been made to subjugate<br />

women in society. Adichie has<br />

described feminism as part of<br />

the consensus knowledge on<br />

human rights.<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s<br />

feminism, that of letting the<br />

other be the way the want to<br />

and not fit into certain molds or<br />

check certain categories reflects<br />

throughout her personal essay.<br />

She encourages us to dream of<br />

a world that is just and that has<br />

26<br />



men and women who are<br />

happier because they are true<br />

to themselves.<br />

Keenly, Adichie emphasizes<br />

how men will benefit from<br />

femi- nism just as women<br />

do—that the pressures that<br />

patriarchy places on the<br />

masculine role can be just as<br />

det- rimental as those placed<br />

on women. Hence, the title’s<br />

argument—We Should All<br />

Be Feminists—rings true for<br />

persons of all genders.<br />

In essence, we should all<br />

be feminists not only as a<br />

commitment to women’s<br />

liberation but also as a way<br />

of encouraging men to hold<br />

conversations with women on<br />

sexuality, appearance, roles,<br />

and success. Being a feminist<br />

entails championing for the<br />

rights of women and trying to<br />

make the world a better place<br />

for women.<br />

Lola Baej dress, worn to the Women In<br />

The World Summit in New York in April ©<br />

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images<br />

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Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi Adichie:<br />

Lifting Africa To The World<br />

By Ngozi Ekeledo;<br />

Edited by Amenna Daayo<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie<br />

is one of Nigeria’s most<br />

prominent faces. She’s<br />

the author of Americanah, and<br />

We Should All Be Feminists, winner<br />

of the O. Henry Prize and the<br />

National Book Critics Circle Award,<br />

and the recipient of a MacArthur<br />

Genius Grant. Some might<br />

know Adichie as “the feminist<br />

featured on a Beyonce track.” Her<br />

accomplishments are staggering.<br />

Around the world, though, the<br />

award-winning author has also<br />

achieved a rare feat for a writer<br />

— she’s crossed over dynamically<br />

from being solely a literary icon<br />

to becoming a force in popular<br />

culture.<br />

While we don’t usually think of<br />

writers as fashion icons, Adichie’s<br />

put-together elegance, grace,<br />

and exquisite taste helped<br />

her earn that distinction. She<br />

decided to launch Project Wear<br />

Nigerian in response to the<br />

country’s recent challenges.<br />

“When Nigeria’s economy went<br />

into a recession as a result of<br />

the decline in oil prices and a<br />

retrograde government policy,<br />

there was a lot of rhetoric<br />

about ‘buying Nigerian-made<br />

products’ to help the economy,”<br />

Adichie is quoted as saying.<br />

“I already bought Nigerian<br />

fashion, but I thought it might be<br />

interesting to wear only Nigerianmade<br />

clothes. I hoped to bring<br />

a bit of attention to Nigerian<br />

fashion, especially to the smaller<br />

names, and I also wanted to do<br />

my bit in supporting Nigerianmade<br />

things.”<br />

Adichie says she’s worn mostly<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie<br />

and ngozi okonjo-iweala<br />

28<br />



The Muse Factory top, Tailor Razak<br />

shorts © Chimamanda Ngozi<br />

Adichie/Instagram<br />

Nigerian-made clothing to<br />

public and private events over<br />

the last few years. In the rare<br />

instance when she doesn’t<br />

wear Nigerian clothing (like at<br />

the recent Glamour Women<br />

of the Year Awards, where she<br />

wore Dior to honor Chiuri), she<br />

incorporates Nigerian-made<br />

accessories.<br />

“I wanted very much for the<br />

project to feel organic and<br />

accessible, and not terribly<br />

‘exclusive,’” she said. “For<br />

the Glamour event I wore a<br />

beautifully inspired coat by The<br />

Ladymaker and an ethereal<br />

bag by Dot fashions.”<br />

To help the project take<br />

flight, Adichie enlisted her<br />

nieces Chisom and Amaka<br />

to create an Instagram page<br />

documenting her looks.<br />

“My aunt’s always been<br />

hopeless with social media,”<br />

Chisom said via email. “[My<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


sister and I] wanted to have a say<br />

in which pictures were posted<br />

because some of the pictures she<br />

liked looked really, really dodgy to<br />

us.”<br />

Adichie’s nieces taught her the<br />

tricks to nailing a great Instagram<br />

photo (“She’ll ask us, ‘Okay, so how<br />

should I pose?’ and we’ll give her<br />

directions like ‘Okay hands down,<br />

turn to the side, look up, one leg<br />

behind,’ Chisom said, “and good<br />

lighting”), and the page has since<br />

blossomed.<br />

“Since we started this, we’ve<br />

gotten a ton of messages from<br />

people all over the world,” Chisom<br />

said. “[It’s] a very nice feeling to<br />

know that many people like this<br />

project and are inspired by it.”<br />

Social media also helped<br />

Adichie discover even more new<br />

designers. When choosing looks,<br />

the author says she “makes the<br />

decision from photos I see online.”<br />

Her cousin Ogechukwu then<br />

reaches out to the designers to<br />

place the orders. This method has<br />

created quite a magical surprise<br />

for benefactors of Adichie’s interest.<br />

“I thought it was a prank because I<br />

was like, ‘If it’s Chimamanda, how<br />

come she can’t just email me<br />

herself?’” said Ladunni Lambo, one<br />

of the young designers Adichie<br />

had worn numerous times. When<br />

the author posted a picture to<br />

Instagram wearing Lambo’s<br />

designs, reality set in.<br />

Lambo’s collections include her<br />

signature touches of layering and<br />

the use of aso-oke, a stiff fabric<br />

used by the Yoruba people of<br />

Nigeria. These elements are part of<br />

what attracted Adichie’s attention.<br />

And her interest drew others to the<br />

brand as well.<br />

“A lot more people have wanted<br />

30<br />



to know more about the brand,<br />

about me, and Chimamanda<br />

definitely brought more awareness<br />

to the brand — which I’m<br />

definitely happy about,” Lambo<br />

said. The two have since met in<br />

person, and Lambo’s admiration<br />

of and appreciation for Adichie<br />

and her project have only grown.<br />

“She’s a great person and she’s<br />

timeless, as far as I’m concerned,”<br />

Lambo said. “It can be a bit<br />

tricky having your own business<br />

and being young in Nigeria, so<br />

whichever little help that we can<br />

get is fine. She’s doing us a huge<br />

favor.”<br />

GREY co-founders Rukky Ladoja<br />

and Obida Obioha also benefited<br />

from the “Adichie effect.” The<br />

author has worn five outfits from<br />

the affordable ready-to-wear line<br />

that the duo launched in 2009.<br />

Once customers saw the brand<br />

featured on Adichie’s Instagram<br />

page, Ladoja noticed an<br />

immediate increase in sales,<br />

especially from an international<br />

audience. GREY even opened<br />

up its annual summer sale to<br />

international customers online for<br />

the first time ever, and during the<br />

six-day stretch, it received an eyepopping<br />

80 orders.<br />

“That week was a proper eyeopener<br />

for us about the impact,”<br />

Ladoja said. “People kept<br />

reaching out and saying, ‘Hi,<br />

do you have this style? I want to<br />

buy it. I want to wear that dress<br />

Chimamanda is wearing, do<br />

you have it?’ It’s opened us up<br />

to a new market, mostly, like, the<br />

African diaspora, who did not think<br />

they could shop Nigerian brands.”<br />

For these Nigerian designers, the<br />

project’s impact through social<br />

media also provided a new<br />

gateway to consumers.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31


My Fashion<br />

Nationalism<br />

By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie<br />

My mother always<br />

dressed us well. Me<br />

in little girl dresses<br />

cinched at the waist,<br />

my brothers in suits and wellironed<br />

shirts. To go out, she said,<br />

we had to “di ka mmadu”, which<br />

translates literally to “look like a<br />

person”.<br />

We spoke both Igbo and<br />

English at home, but she always<br />

said this in Igbo, the more<br />

poetic language, as though<br />

to validate with metaphor her<br />

belief in dressing well. There were<br />

frequent market visits to buy<br />

yards of fabric, trips to the tailor<br />

to be measured.<br />

But store-bought clothes<br />

— we called them “readymade”<br />

— were the highlights,<br />

preferred partly because the<br />

sewing had no imperfections,<br />

and partly because tailors were<br />

cheap and ubiquitous, and so<br />

the less common became the<br />

more desirable. If my professor<br />

father travelled to Europe for a<br />

conference, I looked forward<br />

to dresses from abroad, and<br />

I loved them more fiercely for<br />

being foreign.<br />

My much-older sisters, Ijeoma<br />

and Uche, were stylish figures, one<br />

in medical school and the other<br />

studying pharmacy, and I spent<br />

my teenage years wearing their<br />

hand-me-downs. I remember a<br />

silver-coloured skirt suit from the<br />

conservative Ijeoma, with an<br />

elegantly adult peplum.<br />

I wore it to church at 15. And<br />

from the more inventive Uche,<br />

a fitted dress in cream jersey,<br />

two sashes draped in front, from<br />

shoulder to hip, crossing at the<br />

middle. And black harem trousers,<br />

with ruching that gathered at<br />

my calves, so strange that my<br />

classmates giggled when I wore<br />

them to a friend’s birthday party. I<br />

loved those clothes, incongruous<br />

though they might have been.<br />

In them, I felt free of selfconsciousness,<br />

comfortable<br />

enough to laugh along to the wellmeaning<br />

puzzlement of my peers.<br />

When I studied medicine for a year<br />

at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka I<br />

was voted “Best Dressed Girl”.<br />

A classmate said:<br />

“Congratulations, even though<br />

you wear some things that I don’t<br />

understand.” I laughed. Perhaps he<br />

meant the green crochet top and<br />

black bell-bottom trousers I had<br />

found in my mother’s old trunk from<br />

the 1960s. I was drawn to clothes<br />

that were slightly unusual, quietly<br />

quirky, as long as they never sank<br />

to the level of costume. If I had a<br />

style mantra it was to wear what I<br />

liked.<br />

Yet when I moved to the US to<br />

attend college, I began to wear<br />

clothes I disliked. My fiction was<br />

getting published, I was keen<br />

to be taken seriously, and I had<br />

noticed the backward treatment of<br />

women in western culture: women<br />

interested in clothes or makeup<br />

were labelled frivolous, their<br />

intelligence became suspect, and<br />

they risked being easily dismissed in<br />

intellectual circles. So I wore what<br />

I imagined would make me look<br />

worthy of seriousness.<br />

It took years, and success,<br />

before I began again to wear<br />

the clothes I truly wanted to<br />

wear. I gloried in buying “readymade”<br />

clothing at American<br />

discount stores, and later, when<br />

I could afford to, in department<br />

stores. I discovered online<br />

shopping. I browsed and ordered<br />

and returned. But I soon grew<br />

disillusioned. It began with a<br />

longing for pockets. Why did so few<br />

32<br />



women’s clothes have pockets,<br />

usable pockets that did not<br />

impinge on style? And why were<br />

so many dresses sleeveless?<br />

And where did adult women for<br />

whom attractive did not equal<br />

too tight shop? And why did the<br />

style of so many dresses assume<br />

the absence of non-flat breasts?<br />

When I found clothes I liked, I<br />

longed to tweak them.<br />

I began to resist some<br />

standard ideas and language<br />

of global — which is to say<br />

narrowly western — fashion.<br />

The depiction of bright colours<br />

as bold or daring, black as<br />

the unimpeachable hallmark<br />

of sophistication, and beige<br />

as neutral, for example, were<br />

based on a specific pale-skinned<br />

standard. For a dark-skinned<br />

person, blue might be a better<br />

black, brighter colours more<br />

ordinary than daring, and neutral<br />

negotiable. My greatest gripe<br />

was with the word “modest”,<br />

used to describe clothes for<br />

what they were not — short<br />

or body-baring — rather than<br />

for what they were. “Modest”<br />

brought a moral, frumpy taint<br />

to what was often an aesthetic<br />

choice. I loved midi lengths<br />

because I found them sexy,<br />

sleeves because they were more<br />

flattering, higher necklines for<br />

their air of confident chic.<br />

I designed my own clothes,<br />

and my tailor, Razak, made them<br />

in Lagos. Razak was talented and<br />

distracted and unreliable. He was<br />

also convinced that he was an<br />

undiscovered music star. It was<br />

2016 and Nigeria’s economy<br />

was in chaos. President Buhari’s<br />

government had instituted a<br />

retrograde currency policy, the<br />

value of the naira plummeted,<br />

and suddenly everyone was<br />

talking about “buy Nigerian<br />

products to grow the naira”.<br />

The political rhetoric gave<br />

me an idea: what if I wore only<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33


34<br />



Nigerian designers to public<br />

events? I would be supporting the<br />

different layers of the industry, from<br />

the button-sewer to the delivery<br />

person, and I hoped to bring other<br />

buyers to Nigerian brands.<br />

Nigeria has always had a<br />

thriving fashion scene. I admired,<br />

early on, the seamless structures<br />

of Deola Sagoe, the unusual flair<br />

of Zizi Cardow, but they seemed<br />

unreachable. Now there was a<br />

new generation of designers, with<br />

a grassroots vigour and visibility<br />

made possible by social media.<br />

Most were in Lagos, the most stylish<br />

city in the world, where fashion is<br />

the one true democracy: from the<br />

western-label-loving elite class, to<br />

the working poor in their beautifully<br />

put-together outfits bought<br />

second-hand.<br />

Looking at Nigerian designs<br />

online became my favourite timewaster.<br />

Here was bliss: clothes cut<br />

to account for breasts, an ethos<br />

of clothing as pleasure rather<br />

than status, the casual presence<br />

of sleeves. I took screenshots of<br />

what I liked. My cousin Ogechukwu<br />

placed the orders. They were<br />

delivered to my Lagos home. If I<br />

happened to be in the US, they<br />

would be sent to me there.<br />

Some of the clothes I fell for as<br />

soon as I put them on. Others did<br />

not live up to their promise. There<br />

was an abundance of poor-quality<br />

zippers that needed changing. I<br />

discovered, above all else, that<br />

price is not an accurate gauge<br />

of quality and that there is far<br />

more talent than opportunity and<br />

infrastructure, a fact perhaps true<br />

of most industries in Nigeria.<br />

So far, my favourite brands<br />

are Fia Factory and Grey, the<br />

former beautifully offbeat, the<br />

latter timeless with deft touches<br />

of originality, both careful about<br />

fabric and finish. To a Dior fashion<br />

show in Paris, I wore a dress by<br />

Ladunni Lambo, a young designer<br />

who might well become a star<br />

because of her rare mix of<br />

consciousness and introspection.<br />

Her deconstructed dresses<br />

made from stiff aso-oke feel like<br />

exquisite armours. I thought I<br />

disliked sequins until I found a top<br />

by Wanger Ayu, with self-assured<br />

furry green sleeves and a silversequinned<br />

bodice.<br />

I wore it, with patterned trousers<br />

by Grey, to the New York Times’<br />

“Times Talks” conversation series,<br />

and felt vainly pleased at the<br />

surprise of people who did not<br />

think the clothes were Nigerian. But<br />

“<br />

If I had a<br />

style mantra<br />

it was to<br />

wear what I<br />

liked.<br />

my best-loved purchase is a white<br />

dress from the improbably named<br />

label She’s Deluxe, owned by a<br />

young woman in Abuja.<br />

A modern long-sleeved<br />

cotton shift with a sly cut-out at<br />

the shoulder, which I wore to the<br />

American Academy of Arts and<br />

Letters induction in New York. I<br />

recently ordered another dress<br />

from her. “Pay a deposit so I can<br />

go to the market and buy the<br />

fabric,” she told my cousin, which<br />

I found an endearing example of<br />

Nigerian striving. I decided to call<br />

it my “project wear Nigerian”, and<br />

planned to have photos put up<br />

on my Facebook page, the only<br />

social media I have.<br />

But my 20-year-old twin nieces<br />

Chisom and Amaka, full of that<br />

terrifying millennial savoir faire,<br />

laughed. “Aunty you should have<br />

an Instagram page,” Amaka<br />

said. “We’ll handle it for you.”<br />

They were unhappy with the first<br />

photos I took. Not bright or clear<br />

enough, they said. Their eyes are<br />

conditioned to the ersatz poses<br />

and stylised photos of social<br />

media, where people dress<br />

specifically to be photographed<br />

in well-lit spaces. Book events are<br />

not usually photo-friendly, too<br />

dark, too indifferent to optics. And<br />

it doesn’t help that I loathe being<br />

photographed. A camera before<br />

me results automatically in my<br />

being knotted with awkwardness:<br />

finger-twiddling, breath-holding,<br />

mouth-twisted, body off-kilter.<br />

Now, six months later, my<br />

nieces have made peace with<br />

the photos not being Instagramperfect.<br />

“At least they’re real,”<br />

they said, as scant consolation.<br />

We have a routine: I have<br />

pictures taken at my events and I<br />

send them to my best friend Uju,<br />

my cousin Ogechukwu and my<br />

nieces. They make the selection,<br />

as I am known to have terrible<br />

taste in my own photos, and the<br />

photo is put up, with the brands’<br />

Instagram handles.<br />

I have practical hopes for my<br />

project, that it shows Nigerian<br />

fashion as it is, not a museum of<br />

“traditional African” clothes but<br />

a vibrant and diverse industry,<br />

and that it brings recognition<br />

to the brands. But it is also a<br />

personal and political statement.<br />

At a time of political uncertainty,<br />

when I find myself questioning<br />

the future of the two countries<br />

I call home — Nigeria and the<br />

US — this project is an act of<br />

benign nationalism, a paean<br />

to peaceful self-sufficiency,<br />

a gesture towards what is still<br />

possible; it is my uncomplicated<br />

act for complicated times.<br />

CREDIT: My fashion nationalism,<br />

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie<br />

Copyright © 2017 Chimamanda<br />

AdichieAll rights reserved<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35


5 + 2 Times<br />

Chimamanda<br />

Ngozi Adichie<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

It is one thing to like fashion; it is a<br />

different ball game to be a fashion<br />

icon. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie<br />

is one of the few non-fashion<br />

personalities who can command that<br />

respect.<br />

For god’s sake, this lady is a writer and<br />

feminist – persons who are known<br />

to have very poor fashion taste<br />

(apologies if this went too hard!)<br />

She has exciting views on beauty<br />

and fashion. In an Instagram post,<br />

she expresses what she thinks about<br />

feminists being fashionable;<br />

“There are intelligent women all over<br />

the world who like fashion, but feel<br />

the pressure to pretend otherwise,<br />

because they want to be taken<br />

seriously by a mainstream world that<br />

has decided that intelligent women<br />

cannot possibly like fashion.<br />

“A woman does not have to be one<br />

or the other. She can be both.” I<br />

cannot agree more, and honestly;<br />

she is so right about this – like many<br />

other things.<br />

She is also known for mostly sticking to<br />

African designers. In the most recent<br />

times, here are five of her looks we<br />

love. Guess what? We added two<br />

extra picks just because we love you!<br />

Check out the seven times<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie<br />

channeled the fashionista within.<br />

dress by<br />

Totally Ethnik<br />

36<br />



dress by<br />

MsBeefab<br />

dress by<br />

Style Temple<br />

dress by iola to the<br />

Dior 70th Anniversary<br />

celebration in Paris<br />

dress by The<br />

Ladymaker<br />

top and wrapper by<br />

Ada by Alter Ego<br />

top and trousers<br />

by Ndidiamaka Elile<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37


Our Cover Girl,<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi<br />

Adichie Honoured<br />

With The Chieftaincy<br />

Title Of Odeluwa<br />

(One Who Writes For The World)<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

Just when we thought our<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2023</strong> edition<br />

couldn’t get any better,<br />

we get rocked with the<br />

exciting news that our cover girl<br />

is now a Chief!<br />

Please take note that<br />

when next you refer to the<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> Cover Girl for<br />

<strong>Jan</strong>uary <strong>2023</strong>, be sure to add<br />

“Chief” to her name – Chief<br />

Chimamanda Ngozi!<br />

The celebrated writer was<br />

honoured with the title of<br />

Odeluwa 1 of Abba kingdom,<br />

which, when translated, means<br />

– the one who writes for the<br />

world. For us, this title is a<br />

confirmation that our choice of<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> covers is inept with<br />

their contribution to humanity<br />

and society.<br />

She received the chieftaincy<br />

title in recognition of her<br />

contributions to the welfare and<br />

development of her hometown,<br />

Abba, Anambra State.<br />

Chimamanda received<br />

the title in a lavish event in her<br />

hometown that was organized<br />

to mark the traditional 45th<br />

edition of the Ofala festival and<br />

the 80th birthday celebration of<br />

HRH. Igwe Sir Leonard Nwankwo<br />

Ezeh (Eze Abba).<br />

Among the dignitaries who<br />

graced the ceremony was the<br />

Executive Governor of Anambra<br />

State, Charles Soludo, Obi<br />

of Onitsha, Igwe Nnaemeka<br />

Alfred Achebe, amongst other<br />

notable personalities.<br />

Congratulations, cover girl!<br />

See photos from the event<br />

below:<br />

38<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39


Model To<br />

Celebrate<br />

40<br />



Chanel Iman<br />

Robinson<br />

Shepard<br />

Sasha Bokomoso<br />

Our model to celebrate for<br />

this edition – the first in <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

is none other than Chanel<br />

Iman Robinson. Iman is an<br />

American model best known for her<br />

work as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Vogue<br />

Paris declared her as one of the top 30<br />

models of the 2000s.<br />

She was born on 1 December 1990<br />

in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, to<br />

China Robinson and Tic Price. Her mother<br />

is of mixed heritage, being half African<br />

American and half Korean, while her<br />

father is African American. She grew up in<br />

Los Angeles, California.<br />

She is 1.78 m tall and married Sterling<br />

Shepard on 3 March 2018. She has<br />

two daughters – Cali Clay Shepard and<br />

Cassie Snow Shepard.<br />

Chanel Iman began modeling as a<br />

child with Ford Models in Los Angeles,<br />

California, when she was 12 years old.<br />

She also traveled to New York in 2006 and<br />

placed third in Ford’s Supermodel of the<br />

World competition.<br />

Iman is also very active on social<br />

media. Iman has a sizable following<br />

on social media platforms such as<br />

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 41

EVENTS<br />

New York<br />

Fashion Week<br />

S/S <strong>2023</strong>: The Best<br />

Looks<br />

Sasha Bokamoso<br />

From a raft of homegrown<br />

talent to star-studded<br />

international imports, the New<br />

York Fashion Week S/S <strong>2023</strong><br />

presented the best fashion has to<br />

offer, as reported by editors in the<br />

city.<br />

After several seasons of treading<br />

carefully and cautiously, New York<br />

Fashion Week S/S <strong>2023</strong> arrived with<br />

fresh vigour.<br />

An influx of international imports<br />

may have helped – Fendi made<br />

its way to Manhattan to celebrate<br />

the 25th anniversary of its Baguette<br />

bag. At the same time, Marni<br />

staged its first US show in Brooklyn,<br />

right in view of the Brooklyn Bridge.<br />

But really, it was the hometown<br />

pride for New York talent that was<br />

palpable across the board, from<br />

Collina Strada’s gathering of their<br />

close-knit community at an underthe-radar<br />

nature reserve to an<br />

intoxicating collection from Eckhaus<br />

Latta that poignantly featured<br />

prints from the late artist Matthew<br />

Underwood, who was a friend of the<br />

brand.<br />

Here, reported by fashion<br />

editors – Pei-Ru Keh, and Tilly<br />

Macalister-Smith, we present to<br />

you the best of New York Fashion<br />

Week S/S <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Area<br />

Carolina Herrera<br />

Batsheva<br />

Coach<br />

Collina Strada<br />

Fendi<br />

42<br />


EVENTS<br />

Deveaux<br />

Dion Lee<br />

Eckhaus Latta<br />

Gabriela Hearst<br />

Jonathan Simkhai<br />

Khaite<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 43

EVENTS<br />

Marni<br />

Luar<br />

Michael Kors<br />

Peter Do<br />

Sandy Liang<br />

Tommy Hilfiger<br />

Tom Ford<br />

Fendi<br />

44<br />


EVENTS<br />

Puppets and Puppets<br />

Private Policy<br />

Eckhaus Latta<br />

Tory Burch<br />

Zankov<br />

Willy Chavarria<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45


Adele:<br />

‘I Drink Wine’ Song and<br />

Right Pronunciation of<br />

Her Name<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

Adele released the<br />

hotly-anticipated<br />

music video for the<br />

song ‘I Drink Wine’ nine<br />

months after her album ‘30’<br />

dropped in November 2021.<br />

The ‘I Drink Wine’ video<br />

sees Adele float down a<br />

dreamy river as she tells the<br />

story of a couple who have<br />

changed and grown apart<br />

as they struggle to accept<br />

each other for who they are.<br />

The long-awaited footage<br />

– dubbed a ‘short film’ at<br />

seven minutes long – has<br />

been released weeks before<br />

she begins her Las Vegas<br />

residency.<br />

As the footage unfolds, the<br />

singer can be seen decked<br />

in a sequin gold gown with<br />

a glass of wine in one hand<br />

and a bottle in the other, as<br />

she’s joined by synchronised<br />

swimmers and a potential love<br />

interest.<br />

Adele reflects on her<br />

relationship as she bitterly<br />

watches couples on the river<br />

bank as she floats by, but by<br />

the end of the video, Adele<br />

has let go of her wine glass<br />

and has submerged herself<br />

in the water, floating serenely<br />

surrounded by flowers.<br />

‘I Drink Wine’ is only the third<br />

video to be released from her<br />

30 album, after ‘Oh My God’<br />

dropped nine months ago,<br />

and her video for ‘Easy On<br />

Me’ was released in October<br />

2021 – the star’s first video in six<br />

years.<br />

The album was one of her<br />

most personal yet, where she<br />

46<br />



delves into her 2021 divorce<br />

from husband, Simon Konecki,<br />

whom she married in 2018.<br />

Yet according to the singer,<br />

the new video for ‘I Drink Wine’<br />

was shot before either of those<br />

two videos.<br />

“The ‘I Drink Wine’ video<br />

was the first one I shot for this<br />

album. And it’s finally coming<br />

out tomorrow!! I’m excited for<br />

you to see it and I can’t wait<br />

to see some of you tonight!”<br />

Adele tweeted the day before<br />

the video’s official release.<br />

Fans of the star have<br />

proclaimed it’s her best<br />

music video yet, with<br />

hundreds of thousands<br />

taking to social media to<br />

praise Adele’s creation.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 47


48<br />



“<br />

The album was<br />

one of her most<br />

personal yet, where<br />

she delves into her<br />

2021 divorce from<br />

husband, Simon<br />

Konecki, whom she<br />

married in 2018.<br />

Pronouncing her name wrong all<br />

this while….<br />

Have you been pronouncing<br />

Adele’s name correctly? Apparently<br />

not everyone has, as the singer<br />

revealed the correct pronunciation,<br />

admitting that she is used to hearing<br />

different variations of her name.<br />

Adele went on to show her<br />

appreciation for one of her fans in<br />

London, who pronounced her name<br />

correctly while asking a question<br />

during a Q&A on the release of her<br />

new music video for the song ‘I Drink<br />

Wine’ from her latest album.<br />

“Love that,” she shared. “She said<br />

my name perfectly!” Adele said<br />

when the fan pronounced the name<br />

“ uh-dale “ instead of “ud-del.”<br />

“I have never ever known anyone<br />

with the name ‘Adele’ being called<br />

‘Uh-dale’ it’s always been ‘A-del,” one<br />

person wrote after many online users<br />

were left surprised about the right way<br />

to say the singer’s name.<br />

Adele, it’s an Italian name,<br />

forget British pronunciation,” a<br />

different person commented, while<br />

someone else wrote, “I’m Literally<br />

Flabbergasted.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 49

EVENTS<br />

Our Verdict On<br />

Johnny Depp’s<br />

Runway Cameo<br />

At Rihanna’s<br />


Fashion Show<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

Johnny Depp made a<br />

controversial Cameo<br />

in Rihanna’s Savage X<br />

Fenty Fashion Show. In his<br />

appearance, the actor wore a<br />

monochromatic pajama in the style<br />

spectacle.<br />

In these images released after the<br />

show, Johnny Depp is seen during<br />

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Vol.<br />

4, presented by Prime Video in Simi<br />

Valley, California.<br />

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor<br />

appears in Rihanna’s famed fashion<br />

event wearing Savage X Fenty<br />

loungewear while Outkast’s “So Fresh,<br />

So Clean” plays in the background.<br />

He struts through a forest-like setting<br />

while staring at the camera before<br />

hugging a tree to end his stint.<br />

Depp’s Savage X Fenty look is<br />

a monochromatic pajama set,<br />

complete with a short robe. He wore<br />

it with layered necklaces and his hair<br />

tied back in a ponytail.<br />

TMZ first reported that Depp would<br />

make a guest cameo in the singer’s<br />

hotly anticipated fashion show, noting<br />

that he will take part in one of the<br />

celebrity segments, which, in the past,<br />

has included Cindy Crawford and<br />

other famous faces.<br />

Depp, 59, is the “first male in Savage<br />

X Fenty show history to take the role,”<br />

according to TMZ. A source also<br />

told the outlet that Rihanna and her<br />

team “invited” Depp to participate in<br />

the show and that both teams were<br />

“excited to make it happen.”<br />

Following the announcement that<br />

Depp would be involved in the<br />

Savage X Fenty show, some people<br />

took to social media to share their<br />

dismay with Rihanna and her brand.<br />

50<br />


EVENTS<br />

Now that the show is streaming,<br />

fans on social media have shared<br />

mixed reactions to the actor’s<br />

involvement. Some of Depp’s fans<br />

have shown support, saying he<br />

“deserves” the spot in the show,<br />

while others have called out the<br />

brand for working with him. But, as<br />

one fan put it, Rihanna “does what<br />

she wants” and doesn’t care what<br />

the internet thinks.<br />

Depp’s Savage X Fenty<br />

appearance comes just months<br />

after his surprise appearance at the<br />

MTV VMAs following his defamation<br />

trial with ex-wife Amber Heard. The<br />

actor appeared in a brief cameo<br />

toward the show’s beginning, with<br />

his face digitally superimposed<br />

into the helmet of a floating<br />

moonperson.<br />

The appearance came months<br />

after a seven-person jury sided<br />

mainly with the actor, finding that<br />

Heard defamed Depp in her 2018<br />

Washington Post op-ed about<br />

domestic violence, though she<br />

didn’t mention him by name. As a<br />

result, he was awarded more than<br />

$10 million in damages.<br />

Heard, meanwhile, won one of<br />

her three defamation countersuit<br />

claims and was awarded $2 million.<br />


We loved seeing Johnny<br />

Depp in his effortless aura<br />

and charm on the big<br />

screen again. Appearing in<br />

a show by Rihanna made it<br />

even more awesome<br />

SCORE:<br />

This is a<br />

10/10<br />

Photos Credit: KEVIN MAZUR/GETTY<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 51


Bovi<br />

9ice<br />

How Your Top<br />

Their Christmas<br />

Holidays<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

Mercy Aigbe<br />

Christmas is undoubtedly the best family<br />

holiday worldwide. Even more exciting<br />

is that it is no longer considered a<br />

religious event for Christians alone.<br />

As you would see from the beautiful Christmas<br />

photos, Muslims and other non-Christians are<br />

sharing in the happiness and joy that comes<br />

with this beautiful season.<br />

Below, we have attached 37 photos to show<br />

you how your favourite celebrities spent their<br />

Christmas in 2022. Whoever brought about<br />

the Christmas Pajamas Photo idea is a genius<br />

and should be proud!<br />

Check out the beautiful photos.<br />

52<br />



Dj Cuppy<br />

P-Square<br />

Celebrities Spent<br />

& New Year<br />

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu<br />

Mercy Johnson<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 53


Iyabo Ojo<br />

Gov. Seyi<br />

Mercy Makinde Aigbe<br />

Jude Okoye<br />

Amedu Peter Osh<br />

Basketmouth<br />

family<br />

54<br />



Yomi Casual<br />

Obi Cubana<br />

Kemi Adetiba<br />

Bruno and Luca<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55


The Best Stree<br />

Spring <strong>2023</strong><br />

Lagos Fashi<br />

Praise David<br />

As usual, street stylers at the<br />

Lagos spring <strong>2023</strong> shows did<br />

not disappoint. They did not<br />

fail to put their foot (many of<br />

which were clad in the newly released<br />

Bottega boots – made for the<br />

streets) forward.<br />

Guests brought the drama in<br />

head-to-toe monochromatic<br />

looks in bold colorways<br />

and lots of ruffles, fur, and<br />

textures. Most of the photos<br />

we have featured were<br />

shot by the celebrated<br />

Stephen Tayo and<br />

Adedamola Odetara<br />

, while others were<br />

sourced from open<br />

source on social<br />

media and the<br />

internet.<br />

As the Lagos Fashion<br />

Week 2022 kicked<br />

off, all eyes turned to<br />

Lagos’ buzzy fashion<br />

scene, which was in<br />

full swing over the<br />

past few days. But it’s<br />

not just the talented<br />

designers that<br />

piqued our interest;<br />

it’s the street style,<br />

too - the pieces<br />

that the fashion<br />

cognoscenti wore to<br />

pound the pavements.<br />

And this season, as<br />

fashion enthusiasts<br />

56<br />



t Style from<br />

Shows at<br />

on Week<br />

descended upon the famous Lagos<br />

Fashion Week Tents to watch our<br />

homegrown designers reveal their<br />

spring/summer <strong>2023</strong> collections, the<br />

street style was better than ever.<br />

This season, street-style<br />

fashion enthusiasts brought in<br />

the A-game. We were wowed<br />

with vibrant maximalist<br />

hues, the incorporation<br />

of prints with bold block<br />

colours, exaggerated<br />

sleeves, effortless layering,<br />

and accessories that made<br />

a statement, and all made<br />

waves on the streets of Lagos<br />

this fashion week.<br />

Check out our selection<br />

of the most stylish street-style<br />

moments from said LFW 202<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 57


58<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 59


10 Health<br />

& Wellness<br />

Tips to Live<br />

By in <strong>2023</strong><br />

By Dr Nkechi Juliet<br />

The start of a new year brings<br />

with it new resolutions to<br />

improve one’s life, including<br />

a healthier lifestyle. Here are<br />

10 practical health and wellness<br />

tips to help you start off towards<br />

healthy living in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Be Active<br />

1<br />

Physical activity is defined<br />

as any bodily movement<br />

produced by skeletal<br />

muscles that requires energy<br />

expenditure. This includes<br />

exercise and activities<br />

undertaken while working,<br />

playing, carrying out<br />

household chores, travelling,<br />

and engaging in recreational<br />

pursuits. The amount of<br />

physical activity you need<br />

depends on your age group<br />

but adults aged 18-64 years<br />

should do at least 150 minutes<br />

of moderate-intensity physical<br />

activity throughout the week.<br />

Increase moderate-intensity<br />

physical activity to 300 minutes<br />

per week for additional health<br />

benefits.<br />

Practice<br />

Safe Sex<br />

Looking after your sexual<br />

health is important for<br />

your overall health and<br />

well-being. Practice<br />

safe sex to prevent<br />

HIV and other sexually<br />

transmitted infections like<br />

gonorrhoea and syphilis.<br />

There are available<br />

prevention measures<br />

such as pre-exposure<br />

prophylaxis (PrEP) that<br />

will protect you from HIV<br />

and condoms that will<br />

protect you from HIV and<br />

other STIs. 2<br />

60<br />


3<br />


Avoid<br />

Harmful Use<br />

of Alcohol<br />

There is no safe level for<br />

drinking alcohol. Consuming<br />

alcohol can lead to<br />

health problems such as<br />

mental and behavioural<br />

disorders, including alcohol<br />

dependence, major NCDs<br />

such as liver cirrhosis, some<br />

cancers and heart diseases,<br />

as well as injuries resulting<br />

from violence and road<br />

clashes and collisions.<br />

Eat a Healthy Diet<br />

Eat a combination of different foods,<br />

including fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts<br />

and whole grains. Adults should eat at least<br />

five portions (400g) of fruit and vegetables<br />

per day. You can improve your intake of<br />

fruits and vegetables by always including<br />

veggies in your meal; eating fresh fruit and<br />

vegetables as snacks; eating a variety<br />

of fruits and vegetables; and eating<br />

them in season. By eating healthy, you<br />

will reduce your risk of malnutrition and<br />

noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such<br />

as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and<br />

cancer.<br />

4<br />

Reduce Intake<br />

of Harmful Fats<br />

Fats consumed should be less<br />

than 30% of your total energy<br />

intake. This will help prevent<br />

unhealthy weight gain and<br />

NCDs. There are different types<br />

of fats, but unsaturated fats are<br />

preferable over saturated fats<br />

and trans-fats. WHO recommends<br />

reducing saturated fats to less<br />

than 10% of total energy intake;<br />

reducing trans-fats to less than<br />

1% of total energy intake; and<br />

replacing both saturated fats and<br />

trans-fats to unsaturated fats.<br />

5<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 61


Consume Less Salt and Sugar<br />

X<br />

Filipinos consume twice the recommended amount of<br />

sodium, putting them at risk of high blood pressure, which<br />

in turn increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Most<br />

people get their sodium through salt. Reduce your salt<br />

intake to 5g per day, equivalent to about one<br />

teaspoon. It’s easier to do this by limiting<br />

the amount of salt, soy sauce, fish sauce<br />

and other high-sodium condiments when<br />

preparing meals; removing salt, seasonings<br />

and condiments from your meal table;<br />

avoiding salty snacks; and choosing lowsodium<br />

products.<br />

6<br />

X<br />

Check Your Blood<br />

Pressure Regularly<br />

7<br />

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is called a<br />

“silent killer”. This is because many people who have<br />

hypertension may not be aware of the problem as<br />

it may not have any symptoms. If left uncontrolled,<br />

hypertension can lead to heart, brain, kidney and<br />

other diseases. Have your blood pressure checked<br />

regularly by a health worker so you know your numbers.<br />

If your blood pressure is high, get the advice of a<br />

health worker. This is vital in the prevention and control<br />

of hypertension.<br />

Get Tested<br />

Getting yourself tested is an<br />

important step in knowing your<br />

health status, especially when it<br />

comes to HIV, hepatitis B, sexuallytransmitted<br />

infections (STIs) and<br />

tuberculosis (TB). Left untreated,<br />

these diseases can lead to<br />

serious complications and even<br />

62<br />



9<br />

Get Vaccinated<br />

Vaccination is one of the most<br />

effective ways to prevent<br />

diseases. Vaccines work with<br />

your body’s natural defences<br />

to build protection against<br />

diseases like cervical cancer,<br />

cholera, diphtheria, hepatitis<br />

B, influenza, measles, mumps,<br />

pneumonia, polio, rabies,<br />

rubella, tetanus, typhoid, and<br />

yellow fever.<br />

10<br />

8<br />

death. Knowing your status means<br />

you will know how to either continue<br />

preventing these diseases or, if you find<br />

out that you’re positive, get the care<br />

and treatment that you need. Go to a<br />

public or private health facility, wherever<br />

you are comfortable, to have yourself<br />

tested.<br />

Don’t Smoke<br />

Smoking tobacco causes NCDs such as lung<br />

disease, heart disease and stroke. Tobacco<br />

kills not only the direct smokers but even<br />

non-smokers through second-hand exposure.<br />

Currently, there are around 15.9 million<br />

Filipino adults who smoke tobacco but 7 in 10<br />

smokers are interested or plan to quit.<br />

If you are currently a smoker, it’s not too late<br />

to quit. Once you do, you will experience<br />

immediate and long-term health benefits. If<br />

you are not a smoker, that’s great! Do not start<br />

smoking and fight for your right to breathe<br />

tobacco-smoke-free air.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 63


10<br />

New Year<br />

Resolutions to<br />

Consider in <strong>2023</strong><br />

Written by Megan Smith,<br />

Edited by Amenna Daayo<br />

As we begin a new year, it’s only<br />

natural to start thinking about what<br />

we want to work on moving forward.<br />

For many of us, this future planning goes<br />

hand in hand with making (and inevitably<br />

breaking) New Year’s resolutions. But what<br />

if you set yourself more realistic, healthy,<br />

and enjoyable goals?<br />

Instead of rounding out another year<br />

feeling tired and disappointed, you’d be<br />

left with a sense of accomplishment and<br />

empowerment. Plus, you would’ve had<br />

some fun and learned something along<br />

the way.<br />

Well, we’ve done some digging and<br />

uncovered the 10 most famous — and<br />

achievable — New Year’s resolution ideas.<br />

So read on and take note.<br />

Cut<br />

Back on<br />

Alcohol<br />

After a month of<br />

festivities, it’s no surprise<br />

that you might consider<br />

reducing your alcohol<br />

consumption. So<br />

whether aiming to<br />

engage in Dry <strong>Jan</strong>uary<br />

or just in search of some<br />

satisfying alcohol-free<br />

alternatives, give your<br />

liver a wee break — it will<br />

thank you for it!<br />

Set Up a Sleep<br />

Routine<br />

Are you sick of feeling tired?<br />

You’re not alone. Sleep hygiene<br />

is something most of us can<br />

improve upon, and it’s easier<br />

than you think to get started.<br />

Minor changes to your nightly<br />

routine, like switching off the TV<br />

earlier, investing in comfortable<br />

pillows and lavender pillow<br />

spray to assist with relaxation,<br />

and using a good eye mask to<br />

block unwanted light, can make<br />

a big difference. So if you want<br />

to create a better sleep routine,<br />

this is the year.<br />

64<br />



Become a Plant Parent<br />

This resolution may be a bit of fun, but it’s essential.<br />

As reported by the Royal Horticultural Society, studies<br />

have shown that adding a little plant life to your home<br />

office, bedroom, living room, balcony, or patio can<br />

help reduce stress, improve your mood and even<br />

assist with concentration and productivity. Plus, with so<br />

many funky and functional indoor and outdoor pot<br />

plants, you can easily create your own aesthetically<br />

pleasing oasis.<br />

Stick to a Budget<br />

Guilty of setting savings goals only to watch your<br />

bank balance dwindle into nothingness, anyway?<br />

Yep. Setting a budget and sticking to it takes a lot<br />

of work. Let alone save anything these days. But,<br />

with the proper bank account, travel cards, and<br />

insurance plans, managing your money can be a<br />

smooth process.<br />

So, start the year on the right track by sorting your<br />

accounts and making sure they work for you, your<br />

family, and your lifestyle, not the other way around.c<br />

Read Every<br />

Night<br />

A great way to wind down at the<br />

end of the day, improve your<br />

vocabulary, feel inspired and<br />

exercise your imagination — why<br />

not incorporate 20 minutes of<br />

reading into your nightly routine?<br />

From fun and frivolous holiday<br />

reads to page-turning horrors,<br />

inspirational biographies, and<br />

self-help reads, there is a style of<br />

story for everyone. So, stop those<br />

excuses and break out that Kindle<br />

or library card now!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 65


Try New Recipes<br />

It’s all too easy to eat out and<br />

order these days. But, between<br />

neverending restaurant openings<br />

and Deliveroo deals, you might<br />

find your kitchen needs to be<br />

more and more used.<br />

But, with the turn of the year<br />

comes an opportunity to break<br />

out the apron and embrace the<br />

joy of cooking at home. And the<br />

best and easiest way to do this?<br />

By investing in an air fryer. These<br />

babies take all the pain out of<br />

meal prep and ensure you can<br />

whip up delicious and nutritious<br />

meals in no time.<br />

Book a Holiday<br />

Resolutions can’t ALL be practical<br />

or about the day-to-day. It’s just<br />

as important to reward yourself,<br />

have something on the books to<br />

look forward to, and get out into<br />

the world. So, we’re all for locking<br />

in your next getaway now. Whether<br />

you’re after an intrepid snow-filled<br />

adventure, a dreamy sun-soaked<br />

vacay, or an exciting city break —<br />

your next trip awaits!<br />

66<br />



Try Out a New<br />

Hairstyle<br />

New year, new you — right? It might be<br />

cliche, but we’re always here to try a new<br />

look. After all, what better way to feel<br />

refreshed and ready for the year to come<br />

than by permitting yourself to try<br />

something new?<br />

The new year is the perfect time to<br />

embrace change, whether finally<br />

learning to braid or blow out your<br />

hair, updating your go-to makeup<br />

picks, or going bold with your fashion<br />

choices. So, go for it, we say!<br />

Lift Weights<br />

Yes, yes, you knew this was<br />

coming. In every resolution<br />

list — ever — there’s a<br />

commitment to exercise<br />

more regularly. But, unlike<br />

goals of visiting the gym<br />

every day or running a<br />

marathon, this one is more<br />

reasonable. And you can<br />

even do it from the comfort<br />

of your home. Lifting weights<br />

is an oft-forgotten (or<br />

avoided) part of keeping<br />

our bodies healthy and<br />

preventing injury, but now’s<br />

the time to incorporate it into<br />

your exercise routine.<br />

Practise Mindfulness<br />

For years, you’ve probably heard about the<br />

benefits of embracing a mindful lifestyle.<br />

From reducing stress to improving sleep,<br />

mood, and general enjoyment, we should<br />

all practice mindfulness.<br />

Rather than diving straight in with long<br />

meditation sessions, we suggest starting<br />

small. Set aside five minutes each day to<br />

sit and reflect or use a mindfulness journal<br />

to jot down a few things you’re grateful for.<br />

You’d be amazed at how quickly these<br />

seemingly small activities lead to a change<br />

in outlook!<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 67

BEAUTY<br />

Beauty Hacks<br />

to Guide You<br />

in the New<br />

Year<br />

Sasha Bokamoso<br />

Here are 10 hacks to make<br />

your day-to-day beauty<br />

ritual easier and complete<br />

your look in the new year.<br />

Make your own<br />

pore strips<br />

Buying pore strips<br />

regularly can be heavy<br />

on the pocket and it’s<br />

not always effective.<br />

You can make your own<br />

pore strips at home that<br />

will clean out your pores,<br />

leaving the skin soft and<br />

smooth – all you need is<br />

two ingredients.<br />

Mix one teaspoon of<br />

unflavored gelatin and<br />

one tablespoon of milk in<br />

a glass container.<br />

Stir well until you get<br />

1<br />

a thick and chunky<br />

consistency then pop<br />

it in the microwave for<br />

exactly 20 seconds.<br />

The texture will remain<br />

thick but creamier. Grab<br />

an old make-up brush<br />

and apply the mixture all<br />

over your nose. Let it sit<br />

for about 20 minutes until<br />

it completely hardens.<br />

Then, remove the strip<br />

and it will take out all of<br />

your blackheads and<br />

clean out the pores.<br />

68<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Adjust the<br />

shade of your<br />

foundation<br />

2<br />

If you accidentally purchased<br />

a foundation that’s too dark<br />

or too light for you, adding a<br />

bit of “Shade Adjusting Drops”<br />

can help to get the perfect<br />

shade without wasting your<br />

foundation. The “Darkening<br />

Drops” helps to darken while<br />

keeping the natural depth<br />

and the “Lightening Drops”<br />

helps to neutralize yellowness<br />

and lightens the foundation<br />

shade at the same time.<br />

Make your hair<br />

appear thicker with<br />

eye shadow<br />

Many women (and men) suffer from thinning<br />

hair and it’s most likely to appear when your hair<br />

is parted. To make your hair look instantly thicker,<br />

brush a little eye shadow in the same color as<br />

your roots on your part. It’s a trick that many<br />

celebrity hair stylists use such as Jen Atkin; her<br />

clients include Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen<br />

and Jessica Alba. You can also use this hack<br />

along your hairline if you wear it in a ponytail.<br />

3<br />

4<br />

Create your<br />

own hair mist<br />

Spray perfume onto your<br />

hairbrush to leave your<br />

locks with a light but lovely<br />

scent. Whenever you flick<br />

or rearrange your hair, a<br />

pleasant smell will be released<br />

to those around you.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 69

BEAUTY<br />

Make your blow<br />

out last longer<br />

If the front section of your hair is<br />

greasy but the rest of your strands<br />

aren’t, pull the back section of your<br />

hair out of the way and wash only<br />

the front section in the sink. Blow-dry<br />

the front section again, this way it<br />

looks like you got a fresh blow out.<br />

5<br />

6<br />

Use tape to get the<br />

perfect winged liner<br />

If you have shaky hands, then you’ve probably<br />

found that drawing on a cat liner is extremely<br />

challenging. With this beauty hack you can now<br />

create the perfect winged liner with the help of<br />

some tape. Take an inch-long piece of Scotch tape<br />

and press it to your hand a few times to dull some<br />

of its adhesive power. This will help it from sticking too<br />

strongly to your delicate eye area. Place the tape<br />

underneath your bottom lashes at the outer corner<br />

of your eye and angle it towards your temple.<br />

Use a<br />

toothbrush to<br />

control flyaways<br />

Tame those annoying<br />

fly-aways with a little bit of<br />

hairspray on an old toothbrush<br />

and brush the edges of your<br />

hair. Your baby hairs will stay<br />

put all day.<br />

7<br />

70<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Make your lipstick<br />

last all day<br />

After you have applied<br />

your lipstick, hold a tissue<br />

over your lips and lightly<br />

dust translucent powder<br />

over the tissue using a<br />

fluffy brush. This will help<br />

to mattify and make your<br />

lipstick last all day long.<br />

8<br />

Create wavy, beach hair<br />

by using two ingredients<br />

You might have one of those expensive texturizing<br />

hair sprays that you love. With this easy hack, you<br />

can create some texture in a pinch that’s easy<br />

on the pocket too. Mix together 1 cup of sparkling<br />

water and a teaspoon of sea salt in a spray bottle to<br />

make your own ocean spritz at home.<br />

9<br />

Brighten your smile<br />

using Baking soda<br />

Using baking soda can whiten and brighten your<br />

teeth! Simply sprinkle some baking soda on your<br />

toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual. Allow<br />

the toothpaste mixture to sit on your teeth for<br />

around 5 minutes then rinse it out. The results vary<br />

from per person, but you will most likely notice a<br />

difference after one week.<br />

10<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 71

ESCAPE<br />

Barbados:<br />

Experience<br />

True Caribbean<br />

Heritage<br />

Photo Credit: © Ingolf Pompe / Image Professionals GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo<br />

By Sarah Holt<br />

Edited by Amaka Obiena<br />

Barbados is a siren for celebrities,<br />

who are lured to the island by its<br />

icing-white beaches and luxury hotels.<br />

However, there’s much more to this<br />

country than sand, sea, and star ratings.<br />

It is home to the world’s best surfing<br />

and scuba diving sites, the hallowed<br />

cricketing ground of Kensington Oval,<br />

and a collection of the Caribbean’s<br />

leading rum distilleries. Here are just<br />

a few reasons Barbados is not to be<br />

missed.<br />

Rum is the national drink<br />

of Barbados – the firewater<br />

has been produced on the<br />

island for over 350 years. If<br />

you’re interested in learning<br />

more about it, you can<br />

visit a distillery. Mount Gay<br />

in Bridgetown is one of the<br />

oldest. Here you can tour<br />

the molasses, fermentation,<br />

and distillation houses before<br />

settling down to a rum flight.<br />

Connoisseurs can also add<br />

the Foursquare Rum factory<br />

and the West Indies Distillery to<br />

their itinerary.<br />

72<br />


ESCAPE<br />

During the 17th and<br />

18th centuries, Barbados<br />

was one of the sugar<br />

capitals of the Caribbean,<br />

and there were more than<br />

700 sugar estates on the<br />

island. One of them, St<br />

Nicholas Abbey, has been<br />

fully restored and is open<br />

to the public today. Visitors<br />

can explore the Jacobean<br />

mansion, ride through the<br />

plantation grounds on a<br />

heritage railway, discover<br />

the on-site distillery and<br />

learn all about the abbey’s<br />

history, which was as bitter<br />

as it was sweet.<br />

Photo Credit: © Frank<br />

Fell / robertharding /<br />

Alamy Stock Photo<br />

Cricket is more than<br />

a sport in Barbados. It’s<br />

like a religion – and the<br />

prominent place to go for<br />

a pilgrimage is Kensington<br />

Oval, near Bridgetown.<br />

To get an insight into the<br />

history of the cricket ground<br />

– and to get a photo next<br />

to the pitch – you can take<br />

a guided tour on most<br />

weekdays. If you’re still<br />

hungry to learn more after<br />

the experience, head to<br />

the Legends of Barbados<br />

Cricket Museum across<br />

the road. It’s packed full of<br />

memorabilia.<br />

Photo Credit: © guy harrop / Alamy Stock Photo<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 73

ESCAPE<br />

Photo Credit: © Simon Dannhauer / Alamy Stock Photo<br />

The sea around Barbados<br />

is tousled by trade winds<br />

almost all year round,<br />

giving the island some<br />

prime surfing, windsurfing,<br />

and kitesurfing spots. Peak<br />

season runs from November<br />

to June, when the winds<br />

consistently blow between<br />

20 and 25 knots. The<br />

waves at the Soup Bowl,<br />

off Bathsheba Beach, are<br />

amongst the most popular<br />

with experienced surfers.<br />

The water off Silver Rock<br />

Beach on the south coast is<br />

a magnet for wind and kite<br />

surfers.<br />

Photo Credit: © Buzz Pictures / Alamy Stock Photo<br />

74<br />


ESCAPE<br />

There’s more to Barbados<br />

than the beaches. The<br />

interior is dotted with<br />

technicolour botanic<br />

gardens – pick from Hunte’s<br />

Garden, Andromeda, and<br />

the Flower Forest – and<br />

reserves like Barbados<br />

Wildlife Reserve, where you<br />

can spot green monkeys<br />

and love birds. The island’s<br />

beauty is more than skindeep,<br />

too. Underground,<br />

in the centre of Barbados,<br />

there’s Harrisons Cave. You<br />

can take a tram tour here to<br />

see its fang-like stalactites,<br />

underground waterfall, and<br />

natural plunge pools.<br />

Photo Credit: © guy harrop / Alamy Stock Photo<br />

At around 6 pm every Friday, mushroom clouds of smoke<br />

plume into the air above Oistins Bay Garden – marking the start<br />

of the weekly fish fry. Dozens of street food stands and shacks<br />

are open for the event, selling jerk chicken, flying fish, mahi mahi,<br />

and even lobster hot from the grill. Plates are always piled high,<br />

and rum punches are served strong. Plus, ska, reggae, and<br />

calypso music lilt out until late.<br />

Photo Credit: © WaterFrame_tfr / WaterFrame / Alamy Stock Photo<br />

Parrotfish, trumpet fish,<br />

and bright blue tang are<br />

some fish species you’ll<br />

see when you snorkel in<br />

Barbados. Going a little<br />

deeper beneath the<br />

surface on a scuba dive,<br />

you can explore shipwrecks,<br />

see turtles, and even swim<br />

with sharks. Carlisle Marine<br />

Park, near Bridgetown, is<br />

one of the top spots for<br />

both snorkeling and scuba.<br />

There are six shipwrecks here<br />

that thousands of stripey<br />

sergeant major fish and<br />

fluorescent damsel fish call<br />

home.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 75

FOOD<br />

10<br />

Healthy Foods<br />

That Help You<br />

Burn Fat<br />

Chef Amaka Obiefuna<br />

Weight is not the end all<br />

be all, and many other<br />

factors are equally if<br />

not more important, when it<br />

comes to overall health.<br />

But if you’re trying to manage<br />

your weight and lose weight<br />

safely, certain low-calorie but<br />

nutrient-dense foods can help.<br />

Heavily processed foods that<br />

are high in excess calories<br />

and saturated fat can make<br />

it difficult to maintain steady<br />

weight loss, but some of the<br />

best foods to help you lose<br />

weight are foods high in fiber,<br />

protein, and water.<br />

Chickpeas<br />

This legume is a vegan powerhouse filled<br />

with fiber and plant-based protein, which can<br />

assist in your weight loss efforts. Our nutrition<br />

pros love that chickpeas are also packed with<br />

folate, iron, immune-boosting antioxidants, and<br />

bloat-busting minerals. In addition, they’re a<br />

rich source of complex carbohydrates, which<br />

can help provide sustained energy throughout<br />

your day.<br />

Pumpkin<br />

With more fiber than quinoa and<br />

potassium than a banana, pumpkin puree<br />

is an antioxidant-rich choice that’s naturally<br />

low in calories. One cup has only about 80<br />

calories and contains vitamins and minerals.<br />

Pumpkin gets its bright orange color from betacarotene,<br />

a carotenoid the body uses to make<br />

vitamin A.<br />

76<br />


Oats<br />

As part of<br />

a balanced<br />

diet, oatmeal<br />

can be a<br />

great weight<br />

loss tool.<br />

The fiber<br />

and protein<br />

content of oats can enhance<br />

satiety and keep you full. Just ½<br />

cup of uncooked oats has at least<br />

4 grams of fiber and only 150<br />

calories — and it expands when<br />

cooked to yield 1 cup. In addition,<br />

data from the National Health and<br />

Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)<br />

suggests that individuals who eat<br />

oatmeal tend to be healthier in<br />

general and have a lower body<br />

weight than those who don’t eat<br />

oatmeal.<br />

Kefir<br />

With a tart<br />

and tangy<br />

flavor, kefir is<br />

a fermented<br />

milk drink<br />

with a thin<br />

consistency<br />

that has<br />

been around for over 2,000 years.<br />

Since it is a fermented beverage, it<br />

is a rich source of probiotics to help<br />

regulate a healthy gut and contains<br />

other essential nutrients, including<br />

protein. One cup of kefir has over<br />

100 calories and 10 grams of protein,<br />

depending on the brand and variety.<br />

Raspberries<br />

All<br />

berries are<br />

packed with<br />

antioxidant<br />

polyphenols<br />

and<br />

vitamins, but<br />

raspberries<br />

reign supreme<br />

in the fiber department compared<br />

to other berries. They boast 8 grams<br />

of fiber per cup, making them the<br />

perfect low-calorie, nutrient-dense<br />

food. They are an excellent addition<br />

to an already balanced breakfast<br />

— oatmeal, yogurt, or even a quick<br />

smoothie — to make the meal feel<br />

even more substantial. One cup has<br />

only about 64 calories.<br />

Walnuts<br />

Walnuts are rich in<br />

monounsaturated fats — they’re an<br />

extremely hearthealthy<br />

snack<br />

compared with<br />

other graband-go<br />

items<br />

like chips or<br />

pretzels. One<br />

ounce comes<br />

in at under 200<br />

calories and<br />

provides 4 grams of protein and 2<br />

grams of fiber. But you’ll find that this<br />

nut happens to be quite satiating.<br />

Previous research has established<br />

that walnuts, in particular, help to curb<br />

cravings that you may experience in<br />

between meals.<br />

Salmon<br />

This popular<br />

protein is<br />

relatively low<br />

in calories at<br />

under 200 for<br />

a 3-ounce<br />

serving, and<br />

it’s packed<br />

with omega-3<br />

fatty acids. Omega-3s are essential.<br />

The body can’t produce them, so<br />

we must get them regularly from<br />

our diet. These nutritious fatty acids<br />

can contribute to a healthy heart<br />

and benefit cholesterol, triglycerides,<br />

inflammation, and even blood<br />

clotting. Plus, the healthy fats and<br />

protein in salmon make it very<br />

satisfying. What’s more, incorporating<br />

seafood like salmon may increase<br />

weight loss, according to recent<br />

research, when combined with a<br />

calorie-controlled diet.<br />

Dark Leafy Greens<br />

Spinach,<br />

kale, and<br />

other dark<br />

leafy greens<br />

are lowcalorie<br />

and<br />

low on the<br />

glycemic<br />

FOOD<br />

index, making them ideal foods for<br />

achieving and maintaining healthy<br />

body weight. More importantly,<br />

adding more green veggies to a<br />

balanced diet can increase dietary<br />

fiber intake, improve digestive health<br />

and assist in weight management.<br />

In addition, plant-based foods that<br />

are rich in nutrients and fiber, like dark<br />

leafy greens, help enhance satiety.<br />

Eggs<br />

Some<br />

initial research<br />

indicates<br />

that eggs,<br />

which are low<br />

in calories<br />

and rich in<br />

other dietary<br />

nutrients,<br />

may aid in<br />

weight loss over time. High-protein<br />

breakfasts, including omelets and<br />

veggie-forward skillet scrambles, can<br />

be pretty satiating; but even adding<br />

a hard-boiled egg atop a salad at<br />

lunch can help keep you full until<br />

dinner.<br />

Pistachios<br />

One of<br />

the highest<br />

protein<br />

snack nuts,<br />

pistachios<br />

offer 6 grams<br />

of plant<br />

protein per<br />

serving and<br />

fuel your body<br />

with essential<br />

amino acids. In addition, they pack<br />

in 3 grams of fiber per serving at only<br />

160 calories per ounce. Pistachios<br />

also give you more nuts per serving;<br />

you can eat about 49 pistachios<br />

compared to 23 almonds or 18<br />

cashews, making them feel like a<br />

more substantial snack.<br />

Credit: STEFANI SASSOS, M.S.,<br />

R.D.N., C.S.O., C.D.N., NASM-CPT,<br />

and JACLYN LONDON, M.S., R.D.<br />

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