Natural Awakenings Twin Cities February 2023

Read the February 2023 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine. This is our annual Heart-Centered Living issue which features articles on mindfulness tips to deepen relationship, nourishing foods that heals the heart, heart-healthy kids, awakening to the heart’s Intelligence and so much more! Be sure to check out our local content, including News Briefs announcements, Community Resource Guide with providers throughout the metro who can meet your individual wellness needs, and all the happenings in the Calendar of Events. There is additional online-only content that can be found at NATwinCities.com.

Read the February 2023 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine. This is our annual Heart-Centered Living issue which features articles on mindfulness tips to deepen relationship, nourishing foods that heals the heart, heart-healthy kids, awakening to the
heart’s Intelligence and so much more!

Be sure to check out our local content, including News Briefs announcements, Community Resource Guide with providers throughout the metro who can meet your individual wellness needs, and all the happenings in the Calendar of Events. There is additional online-only content that can be found at NATwinCities.com.


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Heart-Healthy Living<br />

Mindfulness Tips to<br />

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Nourishing Foods<br />

That Heal the Heart<br />

Heart-Healthy Kids<br />

Setting a Course for<br />

Cardiovascular Wellness<br />

Awakening to the<br />

Heart’s Intelligence<br />


FEBRUARY <strong>2023</strong>

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Greetings friends:<br />

<strong>February</strong> is the month we celebrate all things love. For many,<br />

Valentine’s Day means spending time appreciating our romantic<br />

relationships, but for some, it is the disappointing realization that there is<br />

a lack of love in our life. Love comes in all shapes and forms. It can be love<br />

for a child, caregiver, friend, family member, business associate, animal or<br />

an endless number of possibilities, and especially important is self-love.<br />

One of the most important (and sadly neglected) ways to show Candi Broeffle<br />

ourselves love is to care for our complete/whole self—body, mind and<br />

spirit. Here in the <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong>, we are blessed with an abundance of leading-edge, innovative<br />

practitioners who provide wellness services like massage, reiki, chiropractic care, holistic<br />

dentistry, acupuncture, coaching, naturopathic remedies and more. All you need do is peruse<br />

the pages of this magazine to find highly qualified providers and events to meet your selfcare<br />

needs. Experiencing most of these services personally, I can highly recommend with<br />

confidence that you reach out to those that resonate with you in the moment.<br />

Another way to attract more love into our life is something over which we have<br />

complete control: Our willingness and ability to show love to others. So many of us have<br />

been hurt and disappointed in sharing our love, but this is not a reason to withdraw.<br />

Continue to take chances. One’s heart and its energy field must be open to both generate<br />

and receive the energy of love.<br />

Many people find it is easier to love an animal than it is to love a human. Animals are<br />

pure spirit, and when treated with kindness, lavish unconditional love on their companions.<br />

They are forgiving when we make mistakes and understanding of our difficult emotions.<br />

I have known people in the depths of deepest depression who keep moving forward only<br />

because they are a guardian to a beloved pet. Loving (pets) gives our life purpose and<br />

receiving their love gives us hope. Experiencing this kind of love is proof we are lovable.<br />

For those who are still hesitant to put their hearts on the line, the next step may be to<br />

volunteer with children—perhaps holding infants in a NICU, reading to preschoolers, or<br />

becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. There are so many ways to volunteer our time and<br />

expand love exponentially.<br />

Win-win: Showing kindness to others is the greatest form of Love. What if we all<br />

commit to one act of kindness a day? Imagine how it will change our world—how it will<br />

change us. Consider it done.<br />

In Love,<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong><br />

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Contents<br />

12 BRUCE CRYER<br />

on His Love Affair With the Heart<br />

12<br />

14<br />

14 A NEW CHAPTER—<br />

Nexus for Consciousness,<br />

Healing and Hope<br />



AND LOVE<br />

18<br />

18 LOVE IN THE<br />


Mindfulness for Couples<br />


Foods That Promote Cardiac Healing<br />

24<br />



Improving Mood With Vagus Nerve Toning<br />


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<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


news briefs<br />

©Kurhan<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> Smiles Dental Care Now<br />

Offers LBR Therapy<br />

Madelyn Pearson, of <strong>Natural</strong> Smiles Dental Care, in<br />

Shoreview, is now providing a new service available at<br />

patients’ checkup and cleaning appointments that will significantly<br />

contribute to improving overall health. Laser Bacterial<br />

Reduction (LBR) therapy positively impacts periodontal health<br />

beyond the capability of traditional ultrasonic scalers and hand<br />

instruments. However, the impact of LBR does not end in the<br />

mouth. Periodontal disease affects nearly 80 percent of adults<br />

in the United States. Numerous studies have linked periodontal<br />

inflammation and the resulting increased levels of anaerobic<br />

bacteria to an increased likelihood of heart disease, kidney<br />

failure, diabetes and stroke.<br />

At any given moment, our mouths are occupied by approximately<br />

6 billion bacteria. Many of these bacteria are<br />

beneficial aerobic bacteria, but within the periodontal pockets<br />

exist a high concentration of harmful anaerobic bacteria that<br />

cause periodontal disease. LBR brings the numbers of those<br />

harmful bacteria from the billions down into hundreds for a<br />

period of six to eight weeks, resulting in dramatically reducing<br />

both inflammation and sulfurous gasses (halitosis) and creating<br />

a healthier mouth.<br />

Mouth rinses also contribute to reducing these harmful<br />

bacteria, but they only reach areas approximately one millimeter<br />

below the gum line, whereas LBR reaches as deep as five to<br />

six millimeters below the gum line where the highest concentrations<br />

of anaerobic bacteria exist.<br />

In addition to reducing bacteria, the laser stimulates bone<br />

growth, collagen formation and circulation by the process of<br />

photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation works primarily by<br />

positively affecting the mitochondria in our cells. When cells<br />

get stressed (due to disease, injury or aging), the mitochondria<br />

produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide competitively displaces<br />

oxygen consequently reducing levels of ATP, an essential cellular<br />

energy and signaling molecule, and increasing production<br />

of Reactive Oxygen Species, leading to oxidative stress.<br />

Oxidative stress is well known to lead to inflammation and<br />

cell death.<br />

Zachary Bailey, DDS, who recently joined <strong>Natural</strong> Smiles<br />

Dental Care, recommends LBR therapy. “LBR reduces oxidative<br />

stress by disassociating nitric oxide from the cells’ mitochondria,<br />

allowing oxygen to replace it,” explains Bailey.<br />

“Just as composite fillings were not covered by insurance<br />

plans for decades, because LBR is a newer treatment modality, it<br />

is also not currently covered by insurance plans,” shares Pearson.<br />

“All of our hygienists are trained in LBR and will only recommend<br />

its use when they feel it would provide a significant benefit<br />

to the patient.”<br />

LBR is relatively inexpensive and is performed at the regular<br />

checkup and cleaning appointment. It is a pain-free procedure,<br />

requires no anesthesia and is an additional step that can be taken<br />

on the road to better overall health.<br />

Location: 3434 Lexington Ave. N., Ste. 700, Shoreview. For more<br />

information, call 651-483-9800, or visit <strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com.<br />

See ad, page 23.<br />

Thousands of candles can be lighted from<br />

a single candle, and the life of the candle will<br />

not be shortened. Happiness never decreases<br />

by being shared.<br />

~Buddha<br />

6 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Broeffle, CPC<br />

Candi<br />

ComposureCoaching.com<br />

business spotlight<br />

Pure Dental<br />

Amy Ha Truong, DDS, of Pure Dental, in Oakdale, is a<br />

compassionate and caring dentist who enjoys treating<br />

patients of all ages. Born and raised in St. Paul, she received<br />

her doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Minnesota,<br />

School of Dentistry, in 2009.<br />

Truong is the first accredited member of the International<br />

Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology<br />

in Minnesota, and is accredited in advanced training of<br />

biological dentistry, including certification in the Safe<br />

Amy Ha Truong<br />

Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique.<br />

“When I started my practice, it was important to me to<br />

focus on holistic and biological dentistry,” Truong explains. “We not only treat our clients<br />

holistically, but we educate our patients how the mouth is connected to the body and<br />

how the body influences the mouth.”<br />

Pure Dental offers a full suite of wellness services, including preventative and restorative<br />

care, BPA-free white fillings, mercury-free fillings, ceramic/porcelain crowns, biocompatibility<br />

testing, ozone therapy, teeth whitening, veneers, Invisalign, myofunctional<br />

therapy, and lip- and tongue-tie release.<br />

“At Pure Dental, we combine conventional and holistic health to guide our patients<br />

towards dental wellness,” shares Truong. “We take pride in providing each patient with<br />

the individual attention needed by practicing high-quality care dentistry.” They do this<br />

by using the most up-to-date technology and continually seeking educational opportunities<br />

to ensure they remain abreast of the latest techniques and treatment options in<br />

holistic and family dental care, serving their patients optimally.<br />

The practice is accepting new patients at this time.<br />


march<br />

food &<br />

nutrition<br />

april<br />

sustainable living<br />

Location: 6230 10th St. N., Ste. 520, Oakdale. For more information, call 651-731-3064 or<br />

visit PureDentalMN.com or Facebook.com/PureDentalMN. See ad, page 6.<br />

The first rule of sustainability is to align with natural forces,<br />

or at least not try to defy them.<br />

~Paul Hawken<br />

may<br />

women's wellness<br />

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for a free Discovery Session<br />

learn about marketing<br />

opportunities at:<br />

763-270-8604<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


health briefs<br />

Zinc for Colds<br />

and Flu<br />

A study published in BMJ Open<br />

evaluated the use of zinc for<br />

the prevention or treatment<br />

of acute viral respiratory tract<br />

infections (RTI) in adults. As a<br />

treatment for colds and flu, zinc reduced<br />

symptoms by two days, compared to the placebo. The<br />

researchers surmised that of 100 people with upper respiratory<br />

infections, 19 of them recovered by day seven as a<br />

result of the zinc treatment. Symptom severity appeared to<br />

be lower for those treated with zinc—with improvements<br />

seen by day three. Those taking zinc experienced an 87<br />

percent lower risk of developing severe symptoms.<br />

In terms of the prevention of colds and flu-like illness,<br />

taking zinc was found to have a modest effect compared<br />

to the placebo, with one out of 20 infections<br />

prevented. Preventive effects were most significant in<br />

reducing severe symptoms. Overall, there was evidence<br />

suggesting zinc might prevent RTI symptoms<br />

and shorten its duration. Researchers were unable to<br />

clearly ascertain the efficacy of different dosages and<br />

delivery (oral or nasal spray).<br />

8 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

Mental Health Benefits of Breastfeeding<br />

Add maternal mental health benefits to the well-documented physical advantages<br />

that breastfeeding offers to moms and their infants. A systematic<br />

review published in the Journal of Women’s Health found that breastfeeding<br />

was associated with overall improved maternal mental health outcomes. A<br />

majority of the studies concluded that breastfeeding was connected to fewer<br />

mental health symptoms. Thirty-six of the 55 articles reported significant<br />

relationships between breastfeeding and reduced symptoms of postpartum<br />

depression and anxiety. Notably, when breastfeeding challenges arose or<br />

when the actual experience of breastfeeding didn’t meet expectations, five<br />

studies reported negative mental health symptoms.<br />

The researchers suggest that breastfeeding may have protective effects<br />

on mental health due to the release of oxytocin—also known as the love<br />

hormone—which is associated with decreased maternal stress levels<br />

and anxiety. This suggests that breastfeeding may have immediate,<br />

short-term effects on maternal mood. Further research is needed<br />

to help provide better personalized breastfeeding and mental health<br />

counseling to moms.<br />

Weighted<br />

Blanket<br />

for Better<br />

Sleep<br />

Weighted<br />

blankets may<br />

be a non-drug option to<br />

help ease conditions like insomnia and anxiety<br />

by allowing the body to release more melatonin<br />

(a hormone that promotes sleep) at bedtime.<br />

In a new study published in the Journal<br />

of Sleep Research, researchers from Uppsala<br />

University in Sweden measured the amount of<br />

melatonin, oxytocin and cortisol in the saliva of subjects<br />

after sleeping with either a light blanket or a weighted<br />

blanket. They found that using a weighted blanket helped<br />

naturally increase production of melatonin by 32 percent.<br />

There were no significant changes in the levels of oxytocin,<br />

cortisol or sympathetic nervous system activity.<br />

Wellness is the complete integration of body,<br />

mind and spirit—the realization that<br />

everything we do, think, feel and believe<br />

has an effect on our state of well-being.<br />

~Greg Anderson<br />

SvetlanaFedoseyeva/ShutterStock.com<br />

Kabardins photo/AdobeStock.com<br />

Maksym Yemelyanov/AdobeStock.com

shootingtheworld/SAdobeStock.com Marina Lohrbach/ShutterStock.com<br />

Dean Drobot/ShutterStock.com<br />

Herbal Toothpaste Deemed<br />

Safe and Effective<br />

Toothpaste containing certain plant-derived extracts<br />

was found to be effective in the prevention or treatment<br />

of gingivitis and early-stage periodontitis, according to a<br />

study published in Dentistry Journal. The authors noted that<br />

people should still get regular, in-depth cleanings and<br />

treatments to maintain oral hygiene, and that antibacterial<br />

herbal extracts have safer toxicity profiles for human use.<br />

In the double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, patients<br />

with a previous diagnosis of gingivitis or initial stages of<br />

periodontitis were given an experimental toothpaste or the<br />

control toothpaste for a 60-day trial period, during which<br />

time they brushed twice daily. The experimental toothpaste<br />

contained chemical components and extracts of<br />

German chamomile, sage, arnica and echinacea. The control<br />

toothpaste contained only chemical active ingredients.<br />

The herbs used in the study showed positive antiinflammatory,<br />

antioxidant, antiseptic and antibacterial<br />

actions. Patients in the experimental group experienced<br />

diminished bleeding of the gums and teeth whitening. The<br />

indices of gingivitis, general oral hygiene, plaque, tartar<br />

buildup and mild periodontitis decreased in both groups<br />

over the trial period. While both toothpastes eliminated<br />

several bacterial periodontal pathogens, the experimental<br />

one was more efficient against several of them.<br />

Put On a Happy Face<br />

According to a new study led by Stanford University and<br />

published in Nature Human Behaviour, positioning our facial<br />

muscles into a smile can actually cause us to feel happier.<br />

Researchers collected data from 3,878 participants across<br />

19 countries, using three techniques:<br />

n Mimicking facial expressions of actors seen in photos<br />

n Moving the corners of their mouths to their cheeks using<br />

only their facial muscles<br />

n Using the “pen-in-mouth” technique,<br />

which moves facial muscles<br />

in a simulated smile shape<br />

The study found a noticeable increase<br />

in feelings of happiness from<br />

people that mimicked smiling photographs<br />

or pulled their mouth<br />

toward their ears.<br />

JOIN<br />



A FREE<br />


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Mastel’s<br />


EST. 1968<br />

vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, grocery,<br />

personal care, homeopathy, tcm<br />

1526 ST. CLAIR AVENUE, ST. PAUL, MN 55105<br />

T. 651-690-1692 • WWW.MASTELS.COM<br />

OPEN WEEKDAYS 9-8 • SATURDAY 9-6 • SUNDAY 12-5<br />

Health Coaching with Leah<br />

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while fostering joy and satisfaction<br />

along the way.<br />

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Unburden your mind,<br />

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7801 E BUSH LAKE RD, #240, BLOOMINGTON<br />


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<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


global briefs<br />



ologist Intuitive<br />

Mindset Coach<br />

Teacher Speaker<br />

www.neaclare.com<br />

Reforestation Is More Than<br />

Planting Trees<br />

The United Nations designated 2021 to<br />

2030 the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration<br />

to prevent, halt and reverse<br />

the degradation of ecosystems on every<br />

continent and in every ocean. To that<br />

end, the European Union and 26 nations,<br />

along with donor support,<br />

recently pledged $16 billion to<br />

protect, restore and sustainably<br />

manage forests. A significant portion<br />

of the monies will be spent on<br />

reforestation.<br />

Many reforestation projects<br />

focus on the number of trees<br />

planted, with less attention<br />

to how well they<br />

survive, how diverse the<br />

resulting forests are or<br />

how much carbon they<br />

store. A study of data from<br />

176 reforestation sites found<br />

that on average only 44 percent<br />

of newly planted trees last more than five years, with some sites<br />

reporting a sapling survival rate of less than 20 percent.<br />

Several studies have explored ways to improve survival rates.<br />

Promising measures include planting near mature trees, fencing<br />

out cattle, improving soil conditions, planting native species first<br />

to pave the way for other tree species and involving local people<br />

to support reforestation efforts.<br />

10 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

IT'S TIME<br />


LIFE<br />

Book your FREE<br />

Discovery Session<br />

today.<br />

Good health is not<br />

something we can buy.<br />

However, it can be an<br />

extremely valuable<br />

savings account.<br />

~Anne Wilson Schaef<br />

Finding<br />

Hydrogen in<br />

Oil Wells<br />

Climate change has spurred<br />

researchers and companies<br />

to develop fuels with zero<br />

carbon emissions. A simple<br />

solution is hydrogen because<br />

it burns without carbon<br />

emissions and is seemingly<br />

everywhere—under<br />

our feet and in every glass<br />

of water. The challenge is<br />

obtaining a reliable, safe<br />

and sustainable volume<br />

of hydrogen at a reasonable<br />

cost. There are several<br />

methods used today to produce<br />

pure hydrogen in large<br />

quantities. Most hydrogen<br />

is a byproduct of natural<br />

gas or coal gasification.<br />

Cemvita Factory, a Texas<br />

biotech firm, field-tested<br />

a new method of hydrogen<br />

production in July, 2022, by<br />

injecting a propriety combination<br />

of bacteria and nutrients<br />

into a depleted oil well.<br />

Once inside, the microbes<br />

broke down the oil dregs<br />

to generate hydrogen and<br />

CO2. Cemvita Factory estimates<br />

there are more than<br />

1,000 depleted oil wells in<br />

the United States that are<br />

suitable for their microbial<br />

treatment. While hydrogen<br />

production using depleted<br />

oil wells is getting some<br />

interest and attention, it still<br />

appears to be at a relatively<br />

early stage of development.<br />

One challenge faced<br />

by Cemvita Factory and<br />

other innovators in this area<br />

is how to prevent the CO2<br />

from leaking into the atmosphere<br />

and contributing to<br />

climate change. Methods to<br />

capture, store or neutralize<br />

the CO2 byproduct will<br />

need to be developed.

Alarming Decline of the Hawksbill Turtle<br />

Dispersed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic<br />

oceans, the hawksbill sea turtle helps maintain high coral cover on reefs by removing<br />

invasive prey. Their ornate, beautifully patterned shells make them a favorite attraction<br />

for snorkelers and divers around the world. But those beautiful shells also<br />

make them a target for illegal harvesting to be carved into combs, jewelry and<br />

other trinkets.<br />

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the population<br />

of hawksbill turtles has declined by 84 to 87 percent over the last three generations,<br />

and their numbers continue to fall. Illegal poaching is not the only threat facing<br />

these turtles. Excessive hunting, loss of coral reef habitats due to warming oceans and acidification,<br />

light pollution in nesting areas due to development, marine pollution and fatal run-ins with commercial<br />

fishing have contributed to their decline.<br />

Conservation efforts are underway in places like Australia and the Caribbean, including working with commercial<br />

fishers to develop sustainable, turtle-friendly fishing methods. Laws are in place in many parts of the world to deter<br />

and prosecute the illegal trade of turtle products. Consumers can do their part by learning to identify, avoid and report<br />

hawskbill shell products. For tips, check out this video by Travel for Wildlife at Tinyurl.com/HawksbillHelp.<br />

Rich CareyShutterStock.com<br />

New Africa\ShutterStock.com<br />

Turning Vegetable Waste<br />

into Plastic<br />

The World Economic<br />

Forum estimates that<br />

about 400 million<br />

tons of plastic<br />

waste are produced<br />

globally<br />

each year and<br />

that 98 percent<br />

of single-use plastic<br />

products are made from fossil fuels. So, the prospect of<br />

replacing the petroleum in plastic with a plant material is<br />

exciting news for the planet and humanity.<br />

Toresyoku, a Japanese firm, has developed technology<br />

that efficiently removes cellulose (dietary fiber) from plant<br />

material for use in plastic production. Using<br />

vegetable waste, such as cabbage cores, rice husks, coffee<br />

grounds and the leaves and stems of tomatoes and<br />

broccoli from local farms, the company extracts the cellulose<br />

through hydrolysis (heating under pressure in water)<br />

and component decomposition (using enzymes).<br />

Not only does the cellulose reduce the use of petroleum-based<br />

materials, but it may also increase the<br />

strength of the plastic being made for products such as<br />

plastic bottles, appliances and car bumpers. The company<br />

expects to start operating their factory soon and be able<br />

to process up to a ton of plant waste a day. While other<br />

companies have been able to extract cellulose from wood<br />

chips, Toresyoku’s technology is more efficient and can be<br />

done for a fraction of the cost of competing technologies.<br />

The best and most beautiful things in the world<br />

cannot be seen or even touched —they must be<br />

felt with the heart.<br />

~Helen Keller<br />

Myofascial Release Bodywork<br />

Barb Ryan, CMT<br />

612-922-2389<br />

Annette Rugolo,<br />

Soul Coach<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

612-394-3736<br />

“Years of pain now diminished...”<br />

~R.S.<br />

“The doctors didn’t help; this did.”<br />

~L.H.<br />

wisdomsisterstudio.com<br />

barb@wisdomsisterstudio.com<br />

Are You Ready for<br />

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<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


wise words<br />

BRUCE CRYER on<br />

His Love Affair With the Heart<br />

by Kirby Baldwin<br />

Bruce Cryer has been called a Renaissance man<br />

because of a varied, four-decade career as a<br />

singer, actor, dancer, publisher, author,<br />

marketing executive, teacher and coach.<br />

In New York City, he played The Boy<br />

for 800 performances in the world’s<br />

longest running musical, The Fantasticks.<br />

He co-authored the book, From<br />

Chaos to Coherence: The Power to<br />

Change Performance, was lead writer<br />

of the Harvard Business Review article<br />

titled “Pull the Plug on Stress”<br />

and taught at the Stanford Graduate<br />

School of Business.<br />

Cryer was part of the original<br />

leadership team and former<br />

CEO of the HeartMath Institute,<br />

which has scientifically studied<br />

heart-brain communications<br />

and deepened our understanding<br />

of how the workings of the heart can<br />

influence human perceptions, emotions,<br />

intuition and health. For three<br />

decades, he has dedicated himself<br />

to developing and teaching stress<br />

reduction and resilience techniques<br />

that tap into the power<br />

and intelligence of the heart.<br />

12 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

As one of the leaders of<br />

HeartMath, what did<br />

you hope to achieve?<br />

Part of what motivated me to join the<br />

original HeartMath team was the notion<br />

that the heart is much more than a<br />

pump. The values we associate with the<br />

heart—courage, wisdom, love, compassion—were<br />

being viewed as completely<br />

separate from the physical heart. Before<br />

founding HeartMath, Doc Childre<br />

discovered that anything he did in life<br />

that succeeded—a job, a diet, an exercise<br />

program, a relationship—worked better<br />

if he “put his heart into it”. Childre<br />

also realized that every major religion,<br />

culture and civilization revered the heart<br />

throughout history. However, the Western<br />

scientific method had reduced the<br />

human body to individual components<br />

and viewed the heart as a “fantastical<br />

machine”. This perspective was inadequate<br />

to explain the profound feelings of<br />

love, care and even grief we experience<br />

in the heart.<br />

How has HeartMath evolved<br />

through the years?<br />

The core message of HeartMath has<br />

always been this: Human beings have a<br />

remarkably well-integrated system with<br />

physical, mental, emotional and spiritual<br />

dimensions. The heart’s intelligence<br />

helps to coordinate all these aspects. The<br />

phrase “follow your heart” has actual<br />

scientific meaning.<br />

HeartMath’s work has been validated<br />

through more than 400 peer-reviewed<br />

studies. When we started in the early<br />

1990s, we were a research, education and<br />

training organization. Our discoveries<br />

using heart-rate variability proved to<br />

a mainstream, scientific audience that<br />

individuals can regulate their hearts,<br />

minds and emotions to produce profound<br />

changes in health, well-being, brain function<br />

and performance.<br />

How can HeartMath positively<br />

impact people’s lives?<br />

HeartMath is a beautiful and simple<br />

system that allows people to adapt to life’s<br />

relentless change and uncertainty and find<br />

balance. The brain directly benefits from<br />

the heart’s balancing capacity, which then<br />

facilitates expression, communication,<br />

listening, reaction times, coordination and<br />

emotional strength.<br />

Having survived two life-threatening<br />

conditions and then rediscovering many<br />

sources of creative expression in myself,<br />

I’ve learned that our capacity to keep<br />

growing and learning is one of the greatest<br />

gifts of being human. Research is now<br />

confirming that the more we stay active,<br />

interested and curious in life, the more<br />

we continue to create a flexible, youthful<br />

brain. A childlike spirit of delight and<br />

wonder is something we can tap into our<br />

entire lives.<br />

How do you practice Heart-<br />

Math in your own life?<br />

I use heart-focused breathing many<br />

times each day. The idea is to inhale<br />

for about five seconds and then exhale<br />

for about five seconds while keeping<br />

your focus in the area of the heart. This<br />

10-second cycle is the optimal pace allowing<br />

our systems to find balance and<br />

coherence. Sometimes I sit and radiate<br />

love to someone I care about or a situation<br />

in trouble. Heart-focused breathing<br />

has been an integral part of my life for<br />

30 years. I do this not only to maximize<br />

my own health physically, mentally and<br />

emotionally, but also to connect with<br />

humanity as one family, one heart.<br />

Why do you encourage<br />

people to develop heartfocused<br />

coherence?<br />

The heart is a key center of intelligence<br />

for our human system. The practice of<br />

breathing and focusing our attention<br />

on the heart is the first step to bring the<br />

heart and brain into coherent alignment.<br />

As we breathe in qualities we value—kindness,<br />

compassion, love—and<br />

then exhale worries, tension, anxiety or<br />

fear, a surprising power is unleashed.<br />

More than 30 years ago, I dedicated<br />

my life to this path of the heart. It’s an<br />

incredible journey.<br />

Kirby Baldwin writes and edits<br />

for KnoWEwell, the Regenerative Whole<br />

Health Hub and the parent company of<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> Publishing Corp.<br />

Love is composed of a single soul<br />

inhabiting two bodies.<br />

~Aristotle<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


A New Chapter—<br />

Nexus for Consciousness,<br />

Healing and Hope<br />

by Brooke Goode<br />

In 1994, the same year Jeff Bezos founded<br />

Amazon and Deepak Chopra laid the first<br />

bricks on his path to enlightenment, Sharon<br />

Bruckman created <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> magazine.<br />

Each a visionary. Each ahead of their time.<br />

By the late 1990s Americans had developed a<br />

voracious appetite for well-researched, practical<br />

information about the latest natural approaches<br />

to nutrition, fitness, personal growth and<br />

sustainable living. The <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong><br />

franchise was born, expanding into the largest<br />

franchise publishing network in the health<br />

and wellness industry.<br />

As the magazine’s 25th anniversary issue,<br />

published in 2019, explained, <strong>Natural</strong><br />

<strong>Awakenings</strong> was woven from the threads of<br />

grit, inspiration and serendipity, creating<br />

a tapestry of health, healing and mindfulness.<br />

In an interview appearing in that<br />

issue, Bruckman clarified her purpose, saying,<br />

“The why that has been keeping me ‘on<br />

purpose’ can be found in the same mission<br />

14 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

statement that inspired me to create<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>: to inspire and<br />

empower people to awaken to their<br />

highest potential, so together we<br />

can create a world that works for all<br />

living things.”<br />

The world’s delicate ecosystem,<br />

now in crisis, was also in need of<br />

help. “The critical issues we now<br />

address in <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>—<br />

like genetically modified foods and<br />

climate change—were just emerging<br />

in serious public discourse then,<br />

but have since grown in urgency,”<br />

Bruckman said. “The good news<br />

is that in the past 25 years, viable<br />

solutions in renewable technologies,<br />

organic farming methods and holistic<br />

healthcare practices have made great strides; now they just have to<br />

be implemented on grander scale.”<br />

Shortly after the 25th anniversary issue was published, Joe<br />

Dunne, <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>’ COO, had a serendipitous meeting<br />

with Kimberly Whittle, founder and CEO of KnoWEwell.<br />

One conversation later, he was certain that Whittle and Bruckman<br />

should meet, given their shared vision and mission. Dunne<br />

describes KnoWEwell’s online Regenerative Whole Health Hub<br />

as “WebMD, NEJM [New England Journal of Medicine], Match.<br />

com, Home Advisor, LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, Quora,<br />

Medium and Apple News all rolled into one for health.” A week<br />

later, Whittle was on a plane to Florida to visit Bruckman at her<br />

home. It was the start of a providential relationship between two<br />

visionaries determined to bring natural healing, health and hope<br />

to individuals and families.<br />

A decade earlier, in 2009, Whittle was driven by a series of family<br />

health crises to embark on a search for solutions. Deep diving<br />

into evidence-based research, she traveled the country to multiple<br />

integrative and functional medicine practitioner conferences. “I<br />

was blessed to find tremendous success in the prevention and<br />

healing of chronic conditions through what today is defined as<br />

Regenerative Whole Health, a broad spectrum of global healing<br />

approaches and therapies that consider the whole person—mind,<br />

body and spirit—connecting the dots between soil, food, lifestyle<br />

choices, planet and personal health to help prevent and address<br />

the root causes of chronic diseases,” she explains. “I began as a<br />

mom on a mission. As I grew into my family’s healer, and then<br />

a health and well-being resource for my friends, I felt a deep<br />

yearning to go beyond my community and help more people.”<br />

Combining her entrepreneurial spirit, professional<br />

experiences, passion and purpose, Whittle formed<br />

KnoWEwell as a force for good in the world, to pay it<br />

forward and make it easier for others facing their own<br />

health crises, and to pay it back to the professional organizations<br />

and providers that helped her family heal. Much like <strong>Natural</strong><br />

<strong>Awakenings</strong>, KnoWEwell’s mission is to transform health care by<br />

Virinaflora/shutterstock.com<br />

inspiring and empowering individuals<br />

with the knowledge, resources and<br />

community to proactively prevent<br />

harm, address chronic diseases and<br />

create “WELLthier Living” for themselves,<br />

their families, humanity and<br />

the planet.<br />

Last December, KnoWEwell acquired<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>, creating<br />

an integrated ecosystem that is committed<br />

to community, spanning the<br />

information gaps, providing immersive<br />

multimedia educational experiences<br />

and fostering trusted connections<br />

locally and globally. Together,<br />

these two companies are set to be the<br />

solution for consciousness, healing<br />

and hope.<br />

A World in Crisis Needs Our Collective Help<br />

Individually and collectively, we are facing unprecedented<br />

challenges. Human and planetary health are in crisis, and they<br />

are inextricably linked. According to the World Health Organization,<br />

climate change is the biggest global health threat confronting<br />

humanity.<br />

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations<br />

estimates that 33 percent of the Earth’s soils are already degraded,<br />

and more than 90 percent could become degraded by 2050. Soil<br />

erosion decreases agriculture productivity and contributes to a<br />

host of environmental threats. It can take up to 1,000 years to<br />

produce just two to three centimeters of soil.<br />

While gene-edited crops are being promoted by the world’s<br />

largest chemical companies as “giving mother nature a boost,”<br />

Jeffrey Smith, founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology,<br />

warns, “With gene editing techniques, such as CRISPR, nature<br />

could be permanently corrupted by countless GMOs, and our<br />

food supply—including organic—could be overrun.”<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


sector of the U.S. workforce with annual spending power of $600<br />

billion. Close to 60 percent of millennials research information<br />

about health and nutrition online and on social media. This<br />

health-conscious generation believes good health is both a personal<br />

and social responsibility. They are early adopters of wearable<br />

technology and prefer organically grown, locally sourced and<br />

ethically raised foods. But consumers of all ages are overwhelmed<br />

by information and unverified online sources in the fragmented<br />

whole health market.<br />

Meanwhile, six in 10 adults and more than half of all children<br />

have a chronic health condition. The problem, Whittle believes,<br />

is that while our conventional medical system excels at<br />

acute care for an injury or a heart attack, it was never designed<br />

to treat chronic conditions, focusing more on the symptoms<br />

than the root cause of disease. Studies show there is a roughly<br />

17-year lag between new research and mainstream health and<br />

medicine practices.<br />

Hope for People and Planet<br />

Evidence-based research is proving that while our DNA may<br />

be our ancestry, it is not necessarily our destiny. According to<br />

Dr. Jeffrey Bland, the father of functional medicine, “Our gene<br />

expression is altered by numerous influences including environment,<br />

lifestyle, diet, activity patterns, psycho-social-spiritual<br />

factors and stress. These lifestyle choices and environmental<br />

exposures can push us toward (or away from) disease by turning<br />

on—or off—certain genes.” Ninety percent of the risks of chronic<br />

disease are due to non-genetic factors, and with the right knowledge<br />

and resources, individuals can change their lifestyle and<br />

environment to prevent and reverse chronic health conditions.<br />

Rodale Institute, a leader in organic farming education and<br />

research, points to the importance of farming methods in<br />

addressing the health and planet crises. According to the organization,<br />

“Hope is right below our feet. Healthier soil grows<br />

healthier plants, and healthier plants are more nutritious plants.<br />

In our work at Rodale Institute, we’re investigating the links<br />

between soil health and human health and proving that organic<br />

[farming] can feed the world.”<br />

Research by Rodale Institute has confirmed that adoption<br />

of regenerative organic farming practices could capture more<br />

than 100 percent of current, human-caused emissions of carbon<br />

dioxide in the atmosphere. Rodale Institute researchers concluded,<br />

“We now know enough to have real hope, and with this<br />

hope comes the responsibility to journey down a new path.”<br />

Millennials are leading the way on conscious living, flocking to<br />

integrative options and opting for more “natural” care, long<br />

advocated by <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>. They now constitute the largest<br />

16 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

Virinaflora/shutterstock.com<br />

Looking Forward<br />

The World Economic Forum reported in 2021 that health care is<br />

undergoing a digital revolution that requires multi-stakeholder<br />

collaboration and the bridging of information gaps by fusing<br />

the digital and analog worlds. The 2017 industry white paper<br />

“The Rise of Wellcare”, by PricewaterhouseCoopers, concluded<br />

that integrated ecosystems for the consumer in the healthcare<br />

industry are essential. This paradigm would include products,<br />

services, social media, community and environmental activism.<br />

The good news is that the local <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> print<br />

magazines, together with KnoWEwell's Regenerative Whole<br />

Health Hub, a global digital ecosystem, are forging the paradigm<br />

shift. Whittle is honored to be continuing Bruckman’s legacy.<br />

“We are kindred spirits; I have the same purpose and unwavering<br />

drive that Sharon had founding <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> nearly 30<br />

years ago. I am deeply committed to multi-stakeholder collaboration<br />

that benefits all—our families, communities and the planet.<br />

We will educate to bring consciousness of connections into daily<br />

practices and respect for Mother Earth so all can thrive and prosper.<br />

Together, we will inspire, empower and achieve a WELLthier<br />

Living World.”<br />

Brooke Goode is KnoWEwell’s national editor.<br />


©Allistair/peopleimages.com<br />

Healing Through<br />

Awareness, Connection<br />

and Love<br />

by Leah Martinson<br />

In <strong>February</strong>, many turn their focus to love, romance and relationships. Some are celebrating<br />

with a special someone, while others experience heavy emotions around the absence<br />

of a romantic partner. Others take little to no notice of the National Day of Love. Wherever<br />

Valentine’s Day lands for each person, it is important to keep sight of the true nature of<br />

love and that we are all inherently loveable and worthy of love.<br />

It is in our earliest experiences with love that we form our beliefs and narratives<br />

around worthiness and deserving love. The most formative relationships are between<br />

children and their parents or primary caregivers. It is within these relationships that we<br />

form our first impressions and understanding of what love is.<br />

Many of the popular mainstream religions teach about the value, importance and power<br />

of unconditional love. Though there seems to be a common understanding that unconditional<br />

love, especially for our children, is the way to go, putting it into practice is easier said<br />

than done. Many may even believe they offer unconditional love because they feel unconditionally<br />

loving, but often our behavior and reactions do not match the true nature of unconditional<br />

love. Too often when a loved one behaves in a way that is undesirable or upsetting, the<br />

reaction is to temporarily sever the connection, isolate them or cast judgement. For example,<br />

when a child exhibits a behavior that is perceived by the parent as challenging or “naughty”,<br />

a common disciplinary measure is to put the defiant child in a time-out. While this may<br />

curtail the behavior, it also sends the message that when you make a mistake, you need to be<br />

by yourself, or that others only want to be with you when you are behaving in a way that is<br />

pleasing to them.<br />

These messages are not consistent with unconditional love. In fact, it puts conditions<br />

on how one must behave to gain love and acceptance. Because this is such a popular method<br />

for controlling our children’s behavior, most of us have experienced isolation brought on<br />

by a behavior that others perceived as problematic. We take these experiences into adulthood<br />

and use similar measures to resolve conflict.<br />

In truth, when a child or adult is “acting out”, there are underlying emotions and<br />

unmet needs causing the behavior or actions. Often, in the case of children acting out, they<br />

are actually in need of connection and are unable to communicate that verbally. When<br />

we react by severing the connection rather than seeking to understand the behavior, this<br />

causes a stress response in the child, leading to an intensified reaction.<br />

This stress response leaves a mark<br />

on the nervous system and can go on to<br />

develop into a stress trigger for adults.<br />

Often in times of conflict, even adults<br />

struggle with feeling triggered, activating<br />

the stress response and impairing their<br />

ability to respond from a calm and clear<br />

mind and body. When we shut down the<br />

conflict through judgement and severed<br />

connection, it represses the emotions and<br />

drives unmet needs even deeper within.<br />

The conflict is never actually resolved; the<br />

behavior has just stopped in that moment.<br />

Imagine how the world would change<br />

if, in times of conflict, we were able to pause,<br />

reflect, seek to understand and connect,<br />

to truly practice unconditional love. We<br />

could soften to each other, lean in and seek<br />

to understand rather than shut down or<br />

overpower to avoid the discomfort. In opening<br />

our hearts to see the pain or unmet need<br />

behind the person’s behavior, something that<br />

we perceive as conflict or bad behavior could<br />

actually bring us closer together.<br />

Cultivating the ability to soften in the<br />

face of conflict or challenging behavior<br />

takes a great deal of self-awareness and<br />

self-compassion. When we are able to give<br />

space and time for understanding our<br />

reactions and triggers, we can meet them<br />

with compassion and extend this compassion<br />

and understanding to others. This, of<br />

course, does not mean allowing others to<br />

treat us poorly or not having any boundaries.<br />

It is simply a practice in noticing what<br />

comes up in you when someone else exhibits<br />

an undesirable behavior, and tending to<br />

your own wounding with love and compassion<br />

so that you can extend that love and<br />

compassion to another.<br />

An open and heart-centered approach<br />

to living and relationships could be the key<br />

to less conflict, more connection and a collectively<br />

higher level of social-emotional<br />

well-being.<br />

Leah Martinson is a<br />

board-certified health and<br />

wellness coach, licensed<br />

massage therapist, reiki<br />

practitioner and owner of<br />

Visionairium, in Minneapolis.<br />

One of her greatest<br />

joys in her practice is guiding people<br />

through the process of falling in love with<br />

themselves and watching their dreams<br />

unfold from a place of compassionate<br />

allowing. For more information, visit<br />

Visionairium.com. See ad, page 9.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


healing ways<br />

Love in the<br />

Present Moment<br />


by Marlaina Donato<br />

Jam-packed schedules and answering the demands of everyday life can<br />

trip us up and break the spell of even the most solid intimate partnership.<br />

With dulled senses, it is easy and all too common to go on autopilot. Like<br />

abandoned gardens, heart-unions can become casualties of neglect and the<br />

absence of joy.<br />

Mindfulness—awareness and cultivation of the present moment—has<br />

been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and depression and deepen<br />

our appreciation of what we have. Relationships can expand and strengthen<br />

when couples practice the art of being in the “now”. A 2021 study involving<br />

1,360 heterosexual couples published in the Journal of Sex &<br />

Marital Therapy indicates that gratitude and forgiveness also<br />

contribute to satisfaction, both relational and sexual.<br />

Conscious Hearts<br />

“Mindfulness practice comes in many forms: journaling,<br />

meditation, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy,<br />

tai chi or breathwork, to name just a few. By routinely<br />

practicing mindfulness, we are able to deepen our own<br />

awareness of what we are feeling and how we want to<br />

respond to someone we care about,” explains Moraya<br />

Seeger DeGeare, in-house relationship expert for<br />

Paired, an app for couples.<br />

Maci Daye, the author of Passion and Presence:<br />

A Couple’s Guide to Awakened Intimacy and<br />

Mindful Sex says, “Even a few minutes a<br />

day of mindfulness practice can rewire<br />

the brain, build new habits<br />

and help us dis-identify<br />

from our limiting beliefs,<br />

stories and<br />

intense emotions.”<br />

This is a critical factor<br />

in transcending<br />

personal triggers<br />

and promoting conflict<br />

resolution. She<br />

lissa93/Shutterstock.com<br />

18 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

emphasizes that couples often go into fightor-flight<br />

mode because they feel threatened<br />

by their partner’s non-verbal behavior or<br />

are triggered by old, painful wounds.<br />

Daye, a licensed professional counselor<br />

and certified sex therapist, notes, “Mindful<br />

couples are less attached to being ‘right’<br />

and explore their own sensitivities instead<br />

of blaming their partners.” Once “awakened<br />

intimacy” is put into practice, couples become<br />

interested in each other’s perspectives<br />

and team up to heal and grow. In addition<br />

to formal training, she suggests bringing<br />

presence to all aspects of life. “Couples can<br />

engage their senses when they hug, touch or<br />

hold hands,” Daye explains. “They can pause<br />

to look at each other when they say hello and<br />

goodbye. They can slow down and taste their<br />

food, savoring every bite. These behaviors<br />

also make sexual experiences more sensual,<br />

intimate and connecting.”<br />

Taking a few moments for eye contact,<br />

the brush of a hand or compassionate<br />

interaction can strengthen bonds. DeGeare,<br />

who is also a couple’s therapist at BFF<br />

Therapy, in Beacon, New York, recommends<br />

slowing down together to get in<br />

sync. “This could be going for a walk,<br />

cooking or listening to the same podcast<br />

and talking about it later. It helps the<br />

body tune into your partner a bit and<br />

connect. The time you spend doing this<br />

outside of the bedroom will deepen your<br />

connection in the bedroom.” She suggests<br />

bringing movement like a shared<br />

dance or yoga class into the mix to foster<br />

connection, as well as setting “dedicated<br />

times to check in through the week or<br />

month, uninterrupted.”<br />

A Deeper Dive<br />

Daily verbal exchanges beyond the<br />

mundane can amplify resonance between<br />

two people. “Asking questions is vitally<br />

important, as it cultivates curiosity—but<br />

not the day-to-day questions, such as,<br />

‘What are you doing today’ or ‘What do<br />

you want for dinner?’” says Debbie Lambert,<br />

co-author of The Mindful Couple.<br />

The Del Mar, California, couples counselor<br />

and life coach encourages people<br />

to ask, “What scares you today? What is<br />

the most important thing that you would<br />

like to create today? What was one thing<br />

that made you grateful today, and what is one thing that disappointed or frustrated you<br />

today? What is one thing I can do for you today? These types of questions scrape the<br />

surface of knowing and create intimacy and connection.”<br />

Lambert compares the practice of mindfulness to a beautiful dance—flowing, loving<br />

and creative—that can change future generations. “The energy from such a dance<br />

extends far beyond the couple,” she says. “It can be felt intimately by anyone in its<br />

presence. When parents dance this dance, their children are bathed in a high-vibrating<br />

energy. They feel safe and loved. Most importantly, they learn a model for how to be in<br />

a loving relationship.”<br />

Marlaina Donato is an author, visionary painter and recording artist. Connect at<br />

WildflowerLady.com.<br />

Accelerate Healing<br />

with Energy.<br />

Using light energy through distance healing, your<br />

healing process can move forward more smoothly.<br />

“My knee was warm for about 3 full hours after I<br />

left. It seemed to heal further after I slept the first<br />

couple of nights. While my knee was not healed<br />

100%, it was significantly better and I was able to<br />

go on my Montana ski trip the next week.<br />

P.S. Another month after my ski trip my knee has<br />

continued to improve.”<br />

Robert, Gainesville, GA<br />

Practicing by donation for nearly 10 years.<br />

Questions? Call Bill at 770-990-9191 or<br />

visit https://www.distancehealer.me<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


conscious eating<br />

Nourish the Heart<br />



by Steven Masley, M.D., FAHA, FACN, CNS<br />

The<br />

right<br />

food choices don’t<br />

just prevent heart<br />

disease and help<br />

shrink artery plaque,<br />

they also nourish and heal the heart. For<br />

a healthy ticker, enjoy these five food<br />

groups every day.<br />

Fabulous Fiber<br />

Fiber is the roughage in vegetables, fruits,<br />

beans and nuts, and it is loaded with agebusting<br />

nutrients. Eating fiber suppresses<br />

appetite, promotes weight loss, improves<br />

blood sugar and cholesterol levels, decreases<br />

inflammation and feeds a healthy<br />

gut microbiome.<br />

The challenge is to get more fiber every<br />

day. Too often, people consume fiber from<br />

processed grains and flour, and the sugar<br />

load that comes with grain fiber has many<br />

adverse impacts on heart health. The best<br />

option is to enjoy daily fiber from the<br />

following sources: three cups of colorful<br />

vegetables; two pieces of fruit, such as one<br />

cup of berries and one apple; two handfuls<br />

of nuts and seeds; and one-half to one cup<br />

of beans.<br />

20 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

Smart Fat<br />

Clinical studies<br />

show that<br />

enjoying fats<br />

from seafood,<br />

extra-virgin olive oil and<br />

nuts decreases the risk of a heart attack<br />

and stroke without causing weight gain.<br />

Healthy fats improve cholesterol levels,<br />

assist with blood sugar control, are<br />

critical for the brain, improve hormone<br />

balance and reduce inflammation.<br />

Fats enhance the texture of food, adding<br />

that smooth, creamy mouth feel to a meal<br />

that makes eating a pleasure. Enjoy healthy<br />

fats from avocados, seeds and dark chocolate<br />

daily.<br />

Clean (Not Mean) Protein<br />

Raising animals in large-scale conventional<br />

operations with cruel living conditions<br />

is not just mean, it also produces<br />

less nutritious meat that can be loaded<br />

with hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.<br />

Choose clean protein instead, which does<br />

not contain added hormones, pesticides<br />

and other toxins. Good sources of protein<br />

are organic dairy products and eggs, wild<br />

seafood and animal protein that has been<br />

grass-fed or organically fed while living<br />

on open pasture. Beans are also a great<br />

protein-packed choice that improves blood<br />

sugar and cholesterol profiles. They are the<br />

most powerful anti-aging food ever tested.<br />

Beneficial Beverages<br />

Start with at least four cups of water per<br />

day. It doesn’t matter whether it’s flat or<br />

sparkling, so long as it’s pure. Pure water<br />

can be purchased or made at home or at<br />

work with a reverse osmosis filter system.<br />

Except for people that are caffeine sensitive,<br />

one to two servings of caffeinated<br />

beverages can be enjoyed daily. In moderation,<br />

those tea and coffee pigments are<br />

good for us.<br />

Don’t forget a fiber- and protein-rich<br />

smoothie to stay satisfied and revved up all<br />

morning. A balanced and delicious recipe<br />

includes one serving of protein powder,<br />

frozen organic cherries or blueberries,<br />

almond milk and chia seeds.<br />

Take advantage of the option to enjoy<br />

wine with dinner—just be sure to limit wine<br />

intake to no more than two servings daily.<br />

Avoid any beverage with added sugar or<br />

commercial sweeteners. Don’t be fooled<br />

into drinking juice; without the fiber, fruit<br />

juice is much closer to drinking soda than<br />

to eating fruit.<br />

Powerful Probiotics<br />

Not only do probiotics help gut function—<br />

a healthy gut microbiome decreases<br />

inflammation and supports weight control.<br />

The latest research reveals that the microbes<br />

in the gut have a dramatic impact on the<br />

risk for heart disease, as well. Because<br />

healthy microbes feed on fiber, eating fiber<br />

is good for the gut microbiome, too.<br />

The right gut microbes offer numerous<br />

benefits. They lower harmful cholesterol levels,<br />

improve blood sugar levels, lower blood<br />

pressure to normal levels, assist with weight<br />

loss, decrease inflammation and decrease<br />


production of trimethylamine N-oxide (also<br />

known as TMAO), a marker for heart disease.<br />

Support the gut microbiome by eating<br />

probiotic food sources daily, such as yogurt,<br />

kefir, sauerkraut, pickled veggies and miso.<br />

Dr. Steven Masley is a physician, nutritionist,<br />

trained chef, clinical professor at the<br />

University of South Florida and creator of<br />

health programs for public television. He is<br />

the author of The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up.<br />

Learn more at DrMasley.com.<br />

Ryzhkov/AdobeStock.com<br />




½ lb fresh spinach, washed and drained,<br />

stems removed, chopped<br />

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil<br />

½ medium sweet onion, finely chopped<br />

2 cups mushrooms, sliced<br />

½ tsp sea salt<br />

1 tsp Italian herb seasoning<br />

2 medium garlic cloves, finely<br />

chopped<br />

8 large cage-free, organically fed eggs<br />

2 Tbsp organic, whole fat milk (or sour<br />

cream)<br />

½ cup organic Comté (or Gruyère) cheese,<br />

grated<br />

¼ cup Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, grated<br />

Preheat oven to 375° F.<br />

Place spinach in a saucepan with<br />

½ cup of water. Cover with a lid and allow to<br />

steam on high heat for 5 minutes. Remove<br />

from heat and drain; squeeze out excess water.<br />

Set aside.<br />

Heat a sauté pan to medium heat; add olive<br />

oil, then onion; stir occasionally. After 1<br />

minute, add mushrooms and continue<br />

heating for about 3 to 4 minutes until the<br />

onion is translucent and the mushrooms<br />

have softened. Add garlic and Italian herbs<br />

and heat 1 minute, then remove from heat.<br />

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and milk<br />

together. Stir in the Comté or Gruyère<br />

cheese, steamed spinach and sautéed onions<br />

with mushrooms.<br />

Grease a pie dish with extra virgin olive oil,<br />

then pour the egg and vegetable mixture<br />

into the pie dish. Sprinkle Parmigiano Reggiano<br />

cheese over the top.<br />

Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until it has the<br />

texture of custard—trembling and barely<br />

set. For a golden crust, turn on the broiler<br />

for the last couple minutes of baking, but<br />

don’t over-bake, or it will get tough. Check<br />

it 5 minutes before it’s supposed to be done.<br />

This recipe and photo were excerpted from<br />

The Mediterranean Method. ©2019 Steven<br />

Masley, M.D. Used with permission of Harmony<br />

Books. All rights reserved.<br />

Africa Studio/AdobeStock.com<br />



1 medium eggplant (remove ends and any<br />

damaged skin), cut into 1-inch cubes<br />

2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil<br />

1 medium sweet onion, diced<br />

½ tsp sea salt<br />

¼ tsp ground black pepper<br />

½ tsp oregano, dried<br />

½ tsp fines herbes (or Italian herb seasonning),<br />

dried<br />

3 small zucchini, chopped into ½-inch cubes<br />

(about 2½ cups)<br />

2 small yellow squash, chopped into ½-inch<br />

cubes (about 2 cups)<br />

2 Tbsp white wine<br />

3 medium tomatoes, chopped (about 2½ cups)<br />

4 medium garlic cloves, minced<br />

1 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley<br />

1 tsp fresh rosemary, diced<br />

1 Tbsp fresh basil, chopped<br />

⅛ tsp paprika or cayenne powder (or to taste)<br />

1 lb firm tofu, cubed, or 15 oz cooked cannellini<br />

beans (optional)<br />

Fresh herbs for garnish (parsley, basil, and/<br />

or thyme)<br />

This fragrant side dish from southern<br />

France is packed with nutrients. It goes<br />

well with chicken or fish, and especially a<br />

soufflé. To convert this from a side dish to a<br />

complete meal, add 1 pound of cubed tofu<br />

or 15 ounces of cooked cannellini beans.<br />

Can be served hot or cold and usually<br />

tastes better when served the next day.<br />

Steam eggplant on the stove top for 6 minutes<br />

or microwave in a glass container for 4<br />

minutes. Cook until tender.<br />

Heat a pan on medium heat and add<br />

olive oil; add the onion, salt, black pepper,<br />

oregano and fines herbes. Sauté for 2<br />

to 3 minutes or until onions are soft and<br />

translucent. Add zucchini, yellow squash,<br />

eggplant and wine; stir. Cover and heat for<br />

3 to 4 minutes, until the vegetables soften,<br />

stirring occasionally. Add the tomatoes,<br />

garlic and fresh herbs; cover, reduce heat to<br />

low and simmer for 4 to 10 minutes, until<br />

squash softens and the flavors blend.<br />

For a touch of heat, add paprika or cayenne<br />

pepper. Garnish with fresh herbs.<br />

Excerpted from The 30-Day Heart Tune-<br />

Up. Copyright © 2021 Dr. Steven Masley,<br />

Used with permission from Little, Brown<br />

Spark, New York, NY. All rights reserved.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


fit body<br />





by Kirby Baldwin<br />

While most people consider the brain to be the power center of the body, the<br />

heart is stronger in several ways. In research pioneered by the HeartMath<br />

Institute in the 1990s, the heart has been found to be 40 to 60 times stronger<br />

than the brain electrically and about 100 times stronger magnetically.<br />

HeartMath studies heart rate variability (HRV), which measures the naturally occurring<br />

beat-to-beat changes in heart rate and rhythms, and is a key marker of overall<br />

health, resiliency and longevity. HeartMath discovered people could train themselves to<br />

improve their HRV and, as a result, their ability to regulate emotions by using breath as a<br />

type of biofeedback.<br />

Central to this work is the vagus nerve, a main component of the parasympathetic<br />

nervous system that carries signals at an unconscious level between the brain, heart<br />

and digestive system. Due to its<br />

many functions, particularly<br />

controlling mood, researchers<br />

have targeted the vagus<br />

nerve in treating depression,<br />

anxiety and other psychiatric<br />

disorders.<br />

According to a 2018 study,<br />

“Vagus Nerve as Modulator of<br />

the Brain-Gut Axis in Psychiatric<br />

and Inflammatory Disorders,”<br />

published in Frontiers in Psychiatry,<br />

“Treatments that target the vagus nerve<br />

increase the vagal tone and inhibit cytokine<br />

production. Both are important mechanisms of<br />

resiliency. The stimulation of vagal afferent fibers<br />

in the gut influences monoaminergic brain systems in<br />

the brain stem that play crucial roles in major psychiatric<br />

conditions, such as mood and anxiety disorders. Since the<br />

vagal tone is correlated with capacity to regulate stress<br />

responses and can be influenced by breathing, its increase<br />

through meditation and yoga likely contribute to resilience<br />

and the mitigation of mood and anxiety symptoms.”<br />

Vagal tone tells us how well the vagus nerve is functioning,<br />

and it is measured indirectly by HRV. A toned vagus<br />

nerve can help regulate the nervous system and improve<br />

digestion, heart health and breathing<br />

rate. It can also counter the body’s<br />

“fight” response and help us relax and<br />

bounce back from daily stresses by<br />

boosting the “rest-and-digest” response,<br />

which also boosts HRV.<br />

Because the vagus nerve is integral<br />

to the gut-brain connection, Michael<br />

Ruscio, DNM, DC, writes that lifestyle<br />

practices that are good for the gut<br />

and brain, like diet, exercise and deep<br />

breathing, can improve vagal tone. The<br />

Cleveland Clinic states that the vagus<br />

nerve can be naturally strengthened<br />

through meditation, massage, music<br />

therapy and cold-water immersion.<br />

Other non-invasive methods of stimulating<br />

the vagus nerve include lightly tapping<br />

the chest while holding the breath,<br />

as well as light-to-moderate massage in<br />

areas near the vagus nerve. Because the<br />

nerve connects to the throat, gargling<br />

with salt water and laughing have also<br />

been proposed as potential interventions.<br />

Marem/AdobeStock.com<br />

22 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration<br />

has approved electrical vagus nerve stimulation<br />

(VNS) for the treatment of drugresistant<br />

epilepsy and depression, and<br />

there are ongoing studies to expand its use<br />

for other health conditions and disorders.<br />

This is an invasive solution, as the device<br />

is surgically implanted under the skin on<br />

the chest.<br />

Bruce Cryer, co-founder and former<br />

CEO of HeartMath, says, “We could all<br />

use a helping hand to get into our happy<br />

place” in these uncertain times. The 40-<br />

year wellness leader recently turned to<br />

Sensate, a new personal device designed<br />

to help people improve HRV and derive<br />

calming benefits without the need for<br />

extensive training in meditation or<br />

breathing techniques.<br />

Developed by Stefan Chmelik, a physician,<br />

Sensate is a palm-sized device that<br />

is simply placed on a person’s chest as<br />

it emits stress-relieving sound waves<br />

directly to the nervous system using<br />

bone conduction. Similar to the comfort<br />

a person experiences when a purring cat<br />

lies on their chest, Sensate causes the<br />

chest to resonate sound, which signals<br />

the vagus nerve to relax. When used<br />

over time, the device can train (or retrain)<br />

the vagus nerve to default to this<br />

calming state.<br />

In a 2022 study, adults with and<br />

without anxiety and depression disorders<br />

used Sensate for an average of three<br />

and a half months, five to six days per<br />

week. After the test period, more than 70<br />

percent of the participants reported low,<br />

mild or normal stress levels. More than<br />

65 percent of the participants with anxiety<br />

disorder and over half of those with a<br />

depressive disorder reported an improvement<br />

in their condition.<br />

Chmelik says, “Stress is a ‘global catastrophe’,<br />

and with a chronically stressed<br />

public, there is no will or ability to address<br />

all the other issues facing us. My<br />

goal in developing Sensate was to enable<br />

people to self-regulate more efficiently. I<br />

want to create a tipping point to create a<br />

more conscious world. As more people<br />

become aware of their breath and its connection<br />

to stress, and take advantage of<br />

the powerful tools of meditation, breath<br />

and other tools like Sensate, hopefully<br />

that tipping point is reached.”<br />

Kirby Baldwin writes and edits for<br />

KnoWEwell, the Regenerative Whole<br />

Health Hub and the parent company of<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> Publishing Corp.<br />

The one thing we can never<br />

get enough of is love. And the one<br />

thing we never give enough is love.<br />

~Henry Miller<br />

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They can last as<br />

long or longer<br />

than mercury<br />

fillings with no danger of releasing<br />

harmful heavy metals.<br />

As noted on Dr. Mercola,<br />

Dr. Oz, and 60 Minutes...<br />

Mercury fillings may have a<br />

significant negative impact on your<br />

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<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


healthy kids<br />

Heart-Healthy Kids<br />



by Ana-Maria Temple, M.D.<br />

When a middle-aged, thin adult comes to the hospital with heart attack symptoms,<br />

the doctors will ask about family health history; alcohol, drug and<br />

cigarette use; current medications; and cholesterol levels. But because the<br />

person is thin, they may not question their diet. In reality, the food choices we’ve made<br />

since childhood may determine our likelihood of developing heart disease as adults. Hearthealthy<br />

diets for kids can establish a healthful baseline and set them on a path to lifelong<br />

wellness and longevity.<br />

Studies have demonstrated that the development of coronary atherosclerosis begins in<br />

childhood. These findings have been replicated in studies of children<br />

of different ethnic backgrounds across the globe. Characterized<br />

by the deposition of fatty material (plaques) on the inner<br />

walls of arteries, atherosclerosis contributes to heart<br />

disease and heart attacks.<br />

The immediate reaction may be to blame genetics for<br />

heart disease in young children and assume it is outside<br />

of our control, but this assumption would be wrong.<br />

Genetics are only a blueprint. What we eat, how we<br />

sleep, our stress level and our exposure to environmental<br />

toxins determine how<br />

VasitChaya/AdobeStock.com<br />

24 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

our house is built. “Genetics load the gun,<br />

but the environment pulls the trigger,”<br />

wrote Judith Stern, professor of nutrition<br />

and internal medicine at the University of<br />

California, Davis.<br />

According to the Centers for Disease<br />

Control and Prevention, epigenetics is the<br />

study of how our behaviors and environment<br />

can cause changes that affect the<br />

way our genes work. Researchers at Duke<br />

University Medical Center demonstrated<br />

the effects of genetic malleability in a study<br />

involving agouti mice that have genetically<br />

mutated to produce obese offspring that<br />

develop heart disease, diabetes and cancers.<br />

The scientists fed two groups of these<br />

unhealthy mice different diets. One group<br />

ate standard mouse food. The other consumed<br />

standard mouse food plus vitamin<br />

supplements, including choline, folic acid,<br />

B12 and betaine.<br />

The agouti mice mothers that were<br />

given a vitamin-supplemented diet produced<br />

offspring that were healthy, without<br />

evidence of heart disease or other problems,<br />

while the mice that ate a regular<br />

diet without nutritional supplementation<br />

continued to produce terribly unhealthy<br />

mice. What humans can surmise from<br />

this study is that parents have the power<br />

to alter their children’s gene expression<br />

and subsequent heart disease risk.<br />

To raise healthy adults, a child’s nutrition<br />

is where to start. As Mark Hyman,<br />

M.D., an internationally recognized<br />

leader in the field of functional medicine,<br />

says, “Chronic disease is a food-borne<br />

illness,” and one of the biggest dietary<br />

culprits is sugar. It leads to the development<br />

of plaque in the arteries and wreaks<br />

havoc on the health of Americans. In the<br />

1980s, the low-fat craze prompted food<br />

companies to remove fat from foods and<br />

replace it with sugar to preserve taste. A<br />

whopping 240 sugar alternatives followed,<br />

including corn syrup, rice syrup<br />

and dextrose.<br />

The liver can process only 24 grams of<br />

added sugar per day. Any extra sugar gets<br />

turned into fat, which contributes to the<br />

development of atherosclerotic plaques.<br />

In the U.S., adults consume an average of<br />

77 grams of sugar per day, according to<br />

the American Heart Association. That’s<br />

more than three times the amount the<br />

liver can handle.<br />

Parents can begin to shield their children<br />

from this dangerous ingredient by<br />

steering them away from sugary drinks.<br />

We all know that sodas are full of sugar,<br />

but even organic juice boxes, sports<br />

drinks, flavored waters and coconut<br />

waters contain loads of the stuff. Choose<br />

water or coconut water without added<br />

sugar, and wean kids off of juice by gradually<br />

diluting it. Also consider fruit-infused<br />

waters or bubbly, carbonated water<br />

with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.<br />

Start reading food labels and encourage<br />

kids to become sugar detectives. It is not<br />

about categorizing food as evil or bad.<br />

It’s about learning together which foods<br />

and drinks help their little hearts become<br />

stronger and more resilient. When they<br />

grow up to be heart-healthy, middle-aged<br />

adults, they will be thankful.<br />

Dr. Ana-Maria Temple is an integrative<br />

pediatrician and wellness educator in<br />

Charlotte, North Carolina. Learn more at<br />

DrAnaMaria.com.<br />

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calendar of events<br />

featured event<br />

Discover Your Highest<br />

Purpose<br />

Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader<br />

of Eckankar, shares wisdom through<br />

stories and spiritual insights that bring<br />

meaning, connection and humor to the<br />

workings of Spirit in everyday life.<br />

FEBRUARY 4<br />

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and social media. Free. 400 10th St. N.W., New<br />

Brighton. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAYS, FEBRUARY 7, 14, 21<br />

Job Search and Resume Help – 1:30-4pm. Drop<br />

in and meet with a representative from CareerForce<br />

MN who will give you one-on-one job search help,<br />

evaluate and critique your résumé, help you navigate<br />

job applications and discuss interview strategies.<br />

Free. 6125 Shingle Creek Pkwy., Brooklyn Center.<br />

Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Conscious Mothering Virtual Class with Annette<br />

Rugolo – 7-8:30pm. The tools taught in this class<br />

will help you parent more consciously and deepen<br />

your connection with your child. It will also help<br />

you to understand who your child is, from both a<br />

personality level and soul level, and better understand<br />

their experience as a soul in the world at this time.<br />

$98 early registration. Online. AnnetteRugolo.com.<br />

26 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

Resources for Laid-off Workers – 3-5pm. Stop by<br />

the Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota table in the<br />

Highland Library lobby to learn about the benefits<br />

of enrolling in the Dislocated Worker Program. Find<br />

the help you need to land your next job or career.<br />

Free. Highland Park, 1974 Ford Parkway, Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


15, 22<br />

Crafternoon – 2-4pm. Join us for a different craft<br />

each session or bring your own knitting, beading, felting<br />

or other craft project to work on. Free. 620 Rice<br />

St., Wayzata. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


English Conversation Circle – 4-5:30pm. The University<br />

Retirees Volunteer Center and the Partners in<br />

English program present free English practice in the<br />

lower level auditorium at Saint Anthony Park Library.<br />

All levels of English are welcome. Free. 2245 Como<br />

Avenue, Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

THURSDAYS, FEBRUARY 9, 16, 23<br />

Career Services – 10-12:30pm. Open to everyone<br />

for drop-in job search assistance and career planning<br />

including: resume development, applying to<br />

job postings, interview tips, networking, LinkedIn,<br />

upcoming job search related workshops and<br />

events, information and referral to employment and<br />

training programs offered by Ramsey County and<br />

partner providers. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave.,<br />

Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Coordinated Entry Housing Assessment – 1-4pm.<br />

Single adults 25 years or older, currently experiencing<br />

homelessness and not staying in a shelter, will<br />

need to complete a housing assessment to determine<br />

long-term housing options. Free. George Latimer<br />

Central Library, 90 West 4th Street, Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Talk to a Social Worker – 1-5pm. Get one-to-one<br />

assistance and referrals for shelter/housing options,<br />

mental health/short-term counseling, Food/<br />

SNAP benefits, government resources, community<br />

resources, legal resources. Free. George Latimer<br />

Central Library, 90 West 4th Street, Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Knitting for Good – 6-7:30pm. Join us for this<br />

unique opportunity to gather with your crafty<br />

neighbors as we Knit for Good. Our drop-in group<br />

encourages you to bring your creative talents to support<br />

good causes, such as hats for premature babies<br />

and welcome blanket. Free. 4560 Victoria St N.,<br />

Shoreview. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Maker Adult – 10am-1pm. Use the library’s laptops to<br />

design a 3D model, create your own stickers, cards, or<br />

other cardstock cutouts, or utilize the video and photo<br />

editing software. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave.,<br />

Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Sacred Geometry Level 1 – 1-6pm. Sacred Geometry<br />

is the study of the language of the universe<br />

and discovering how to activate these energies to<br />

raise the vibration within you and your space. $175.<br />

Modern Mystery School. 7801 East Bush Lake Rd.,<br />

Suite 240, Bloomington. GenevieveWachutka.com/<br />

Sacred-Geometry-Academy.<br />

SATURDAYS, FEBRUARY 11, 18, 25<br />

Pregnancy, Childbirth, Postpartum and Baby<br />

Classes – 6-7pm. Classes are held virtually online<br />

throughout the month and are led by our top AID instructors<br />

who presen the latest evidence-based material<br />

on each topic. $35. Online. Childbirth-Classes.com.<br />


League of Extaordinary Makers – 2-4pm. Bring<br />

your knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch, quilting,<br />

rugs, weaves, or other fiber arts projects to work<br />

on and meet other local fiber artists. All levels of<br />

experience welcome. Free. 12601 Ridgedale Dr.,<br />

Minnetonka. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Fix-It Clinic – 12-4pm. Bring your broken<br />

household items to a free Fix-It Clinic and work<br />

together with friendly, skilled volunteers to diagnose,<br />

troubleshoot and fix your item. We can<br />

help you with small appliances, clothing that is<br />

clean, electronics, mobile devices and more. Free.<br />

7001 York Ave. S., Edina. Hclib.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

Black History Month Dinner Series – Shrimp<br />

Creoler – 6-7:30pm. Celebrate Black History<br />

Month and learn to make a hearty shrimp creole or<br />

chicken & sausage jambalaya with the Holy Trinity<br />

of green peppers, onions and celery, straight from<br />

the Bayous of Louisiana. $5 non-member, free for<br />

members. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />


Keystone FoodMobile Distribution – 10am-12pm.<br />

The Keystone Community Services FoodMobile<br />

will be distributing free groceries in the parking lot.<br />

This service is available to anyone in need. Free.<br />

2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

MONDAYS, FEBRUARY 13, 27<br />

Sewing Circle – 3-5pm. Drop in to sew or mend by<br />

hand or machine. Bring your own project or start<br />

something new. We’ll provide basic supplies, equipment,<br />

and a supportive learning environment. Free.<br />

461 N Dale St., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Lactation Lounge with Ramsey County Health<br />

– 10am-12pm. A free drop-in breastfeeding/ chestfeeding<br />

support service. Come share tips and socialize<br />

with other expecting, breastfeeding/chestfeeding<br />

and pumping families. ​Free. Highland Park, 1974<br />

Ford Parkway, Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

Love in the Wild Date Night – 6:30-8:30pm.<br />

Animals celebrate Valentine’s Day all year round.<br />

Join farmer Don Oberdorfer and naturalist Pam<br />

Welisevich as they reveal the “love” secrets of<br />

a variety of animals. $60. Main Property, Farm<br />

Entrance 3, 1701 Charlton Street, West St. Paul.<br />



Virtual Hiring Event – 1-2pm. Everyone is welcome<br />

to attend this free virtual hiring event which features a<br />

variety of jobs in the Mpls/St. Paul metro area. Free.<br />

Online. https://hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Walker Library Chess Club – 5:30-7:45pm. Open to<br />

adult and teen chess players of all abilities from complete<br />

beginners to the more advanced. Play for learning<br />

or for friendly competition. Teaching new players available<br />

upon request. Free. Walker Library, 2880 Hennepin<br />

Ave., Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Virtual Class – Budget Cooking: Braised Carrot<br />

Grain Bowls – 5:30-6:30pm. This virtual Budget Cooking<br />

class features a delicious, braised carrot grain bowl<br />

with spiced chicken thighs that can feed four people<br />

for less than $15 and can be adapted based on what is<br />

in your pantry. Free. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />


I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams “I am. I am. I<br />

am.” How to Get Everything You Want in Life – 10am-<br />

12pm. Creative entrepreneur and personal consultant,<br />

Illona Iris shares practical and empowering information on<br />

manifestation using profound teachings of universal principles.<br />

Required: I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams<br />

by Thomas L. Pauley and Penelope J. Pauley. $20 payable<br />

cash or check. RSVP to 612 387-4610 or IllonaIris33@<br />

gmail.com. Gifts of Love Shoppe, 750 2nd Street NE,<br />

Excelsior Tech Center, Suite 217, Hopkins.<br />

Genealogy Research: Drop-in Clinic – 10am-<br />

12pm. Whether you are a beginner in climbing your<br />

family tree or you have hit a “brick wall” that is<br />

blocking your path in your research, you can drop in<br />

to find a solution. Free. Linden Hills, 2900 W. 43rd<br />

St., Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Open Door Support Group – 10:30am-12pm.<br />

NAMI Minnesota’s Open Door support groups provide<br />

ongoing support for individuals with an anxiety<br />

or panic disorder. Groups are a place to find support,<br />

learn new skills and strategies, and better understand<br />

and manage anxiety in daily life. Free. 5100 34th Ave.<br />

S., Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Black History Month Dinner Series – Fried Catfish<br />

and Spaghetti – 6-7:30pm. Celebrate Black<br />

History Month and learn how to make fried catfish<br />

with a side of spaghetti – a Black Northern staple dish<br />

that’s easy and affordable. $5 non-member, free for<br />

members. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />


East Lake Vegan Recipe Club – 6:30-7:30pm. If<br />

you are curious about vegan cooking, this virtual<br />

club is for you. Each month participants make recipes<br />

from popular cookbooks prior to meeting, then<br />

share their reflections with the group. Free. Online.<br />

HCLib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Virtual Class – Garden Planning: Spring into Summer<br />

– 6:30-8pm. Learn how to wake up your garden in<br />

this class, with information about what to do for your garden<br />

and landscape. Free. Online. MSMarket.coop/event.<br />

featured event<br />

Virtual Sacred Journey<br />

to England with<br />

Annette Rugolo<br />

Are you ready to free your mind and<br />

body from limitations? Do you want to<br />

receive the gifts our planet has to offer<br />

through these sacred journeys to these<br />

power centers? Then join Annette and<br />

other kindred spirits as we remember and<br />

reclaim our special connections to these<br />

sacred places: Stonehenge, Avebury,<br />

Glastonbury’s Chalice Well, Tintagel.<br />

Saturday, <strong>February</strong> 25<br />

10am-4pm.<br />

$68 early registration.<br />

Online: AnnetteRugolo.com.<br />



Bloomington Homework Connection – 4:30-<br />

6:30pm. Free homework help for students of all ages,<br />

to complete homework, practice reading and study<br />

math. Caregivers must be present for elementary<br />

students to attend. Free. Penn Lake, 8800 Penn Ave.<br />

S., Bloomington. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


21, 28<br />

Baby Storytime – 9:30-10am. For children from<br />

birth to 24 months and their caregivers. Talk, sing,<br />

read, write and play together. Share books, stories,<br />

rhymes, music and movement in a format especially<br />

designed for babies. Free. Nokomis, 5100 34th Ave.<br />

S. Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Preschool Storytime in the Gym – 10:30-11am.<br />

Join us in the gym for stories, songs, rhymes, and<br />

fun. Following storytime, stay for Tot Time, which<br />

runs until noon. Free. 1200 Payne Avenue, Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Indoor Family Storytime – 11:15-11:45am. Join<br />

the St. Anthony Park Library for stories, songs,<br />

rhymes, and puppets indoors in the library’s auditorium.<br />

Designed for children ages birth to 5,<br />

their caregivers, and siblings. Free. St. Anthony<br />

Park, 12245 Como Avenue, Saint Paul. Sppl.Biblio<br />

Commons.com/events.<br />

featured event<br />

The Light Up<br />

with Nea Clare<br />

This Live Channeling Event with<br />

Nea Clare is an opportunity for you<br />

to connect with a community of<br />

like-SOULed beings for inspiration,<br />

connection and alignment.<br />

Sunday, <strong>February</strong> 26<br />

from 3-6pm<br />

Cost: $20<br />

Strike Theatre, 824 18th Ave NE.,<br />

Minneapolis. YesWardCoaching.com/LightUp.<br />

Despite everything, I believe that<br />

people are really good at heart.<br />

~Anne Frank<br />


Cosmic Gaming Wednesday – 4-6pm. Join us<br />

to play video games on systems like the Nintendo<br />

Switch and Xbox One, eat snacks and hang out.<br />

Free. 4560 Victoria St. N., Shoreview. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


15, 22<br />

FunLab – 3-5pm. Hang out, play games, and<br />

make some cool stuff at FunLab. Featuring crafts,<br />

science experiments, engineering projects, video<br />

games, and more. This STEAM drop-in program<br />

is designed for ages 7-11. Free. Rondo Community<br />

Library, 461 N. Dale St., Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Level Up at the Library – 3-5pm. Whether you<br />

enjoy video games, arts and crafts, or tech – we<br />

have something for you, Free. Rondo Community<br />

Library, 461 N. Dale St., Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Maker Kids – 4:30-5:30pm. Create. Think. Craft.<br />

Tinker. Build. Learn. A new activity each week.<br />

Come make with us. A tutor will be on hand to help<br />

keep you on track. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave.,<br />

Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Homework Center – 4-7pm. Homework Centers<br />

are comfortable spaces at the library where<br />

students of all ages can drop in and work on their<br />

homework independently or with the help of volunteer<br />

tutors. Free. Rondo Community Library,<br />

461 N. Dale St., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Paws to Read with Duke or Trevor – 10-11:30am.<br />

Work on your reading skills in a low-stress environment<br />

with Duke or Trevor, licensed therapy dogs<br />

who welcome school-age readers who need that<br />

extra practice to participate in this special program.<br />

Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Warrior Cats – 1-2pm. Have you read the Warrior<br />

Cat books by Erin Hunter? Continue the<br />

adventure through a role-playing game and create<br />

your own cat character. Free. 2576 Mounds<br />

View Boulevard, Mounds View. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

SUNDAYS, FEBRUARY 12, 19, 26<br />

Virtual Dungeons and Dragons for Teens – 2-3pm.<br />

For teens and tweens in grades 6-12. No experience<br />

needed. We will be using the programs Zoom and<br />

Roll20 to run our sessions, both are free to use. Free.<br />

Online. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

MONDAYS, FEBRUARY 13, 27<br />

Baby and Me Storytime - White Bear Lake – 9:45-<br />

11:15am. Share stories, songs, rhymes, and engage<br />

in play with your baby at this storytime designed for<br />

the youngest learner. For ages 6-23 months and their<br />

caregivers. Free. 2150 2nd Street, White Bear Lake.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

AniMondays –3:30-5pm. For tweens and teens<br />

in grades 6-12. Please join us for a fun hang out<br />

space to watch and geek out about your favorite<br />

anime. Free. Roseville Library, 2180 North Hamline<br />

Ave., Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

Homework Center – 4-7pm. Homework Centers<br />

are comfortable spaces at the library where students<br />

of all ages can drop in and work on their homework<br />

independently or with the help of volunteer tutors.<br />

Free. Sunray, 2105 Wilson Ave., Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Youth Restorative Circle Movie Night – 4:30-<br />

7pm. Great opportunity for youth ages 8 and up<br />

to come together to develop community through<br />

building relationships with one another. Light<br />

refreshments provided for participants. Free. 347<br />

E. 36th St., Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Outdoor Winter Play – 10-11:30am. Layer up<br />

your favorite winter wear and come join in the fun<br />

Kari Seaverson DDS<br />

John Seaverson DDS<br />

outside in our reading garden. Different winter<br />

activities every week. Showshoes for toddlers<br />

and kids up to age 7 will be available to try out.<br />

Free. 2576 Mounds View Boulevard, Mounds<br />

View. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Gaming Thursdays for Teens: Virtual Gaming<br />

– 5-7pm. For tweens and teens grades 6-12.<br />

Please join us on Zoom for a variety of fun board<br />

games and video games. Free. Online. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Nature Playdate: O is for Owl – 10-11am. Look<br />

for signs of these silent hunters on an owl prowl<br />

around the nature center. Engage your senses<br />

to experience the sounds, colors, and textures<br />

of owls. $10. Main Property, Farm Entrance<br />

3, 1701 Charlton Street, West St. Paul. Dodge<br />

NatureCenter.org/event.<br />


Kids Chess Club – 10-11:30am. Play for fun and<br />

to learn chess basics. Open to all children in grades<br />

K-6. All levels are encouraged to attend, and new<br />

players will be offered help to learn the rules and<br />

get started. Free. 2880 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis.<br />

Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Shake Your Sillies Out – 10:30-11:30am. Designed<br />

for children ages 2-5 and includes a story, stretching,<br />

movement, and lots of fun. Little ones can jump, crawl,<br />

balance, and twirl with these specially designed activities.<br />

Free. St. Anthony Park, 2245 Como Avenue, Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Young Rembrandts: Cartoon Character Creation<br />

– 10:30-11:30am. Learn the basics of cartooning<br />

and create your own characters. Subjects like<br />

characteristics, features, exaggeration, action and<br />

personification will contribute to your child’s artistic<br />

advancement! Free. 4560 Victoria St N., Shoreview.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Tooth by the Lake<br />


1401 Mainstreet<br />

Hopkins, MN 55343<br />

952-475-1101<br />

ToothByTheLake.net<br />

community resource<br />

guide<br />

Connecting you to the leaders in natural<br />

health care and green living in our<br />

community. To find out how you can be<br />

included in the Community Resource<br />

Guide, email Publisher@NAtwincities.<br />

com to request our media kit.<br />




Barb Ryan, CMT, CSD • 612-922-2389<br />

Bhakti Wellness Center<br />

7550 France Avenue S, #220, Edina<br />

WisdomSisterStudio.com<br />

Specializing in persistent and<br />

chronic pain and mysteries of the<br />

body. Also for people seeking the<br />

experience of deep relaxation<br />

and increased self-connection.<br />

Skilled and compassionate care.<br />

See ad, page 11.<br />



Soul Coach, Author and Teacher<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

We are in a time of fast evolution<br />

and we have the opportunity to release<br />

deeply held emotional and<br />

mental patterns along with karmic<br />

lifetimes that are keeping us stuck.<br />

The tools I have acquired and honed<br />

for more than 20 years will help you<br />

move beyond the stuck places in<br />

your life and help you align with the light of your soul.<br />

You will receive tools of empowerment that will help<br />

you continue on your life’s path and soul’s journey.<br />

See ad, page 11.<br />


Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC<br />

Candi@ComposureCoaching.com<br />

763-270-8604<br />

ComposureCoaching.com<br />

Master your business so you can<br />

practice your passion. Business<br />

coaching for purpose-driven entrepreneurs<br />

to clarify your vision,<br />

build your confidence and create<br />

a soul-centered strategy. Call today<br />

for a free Discovery Session<br />

and get on your path to business<br />

success. See ad, page 7.<br />

Experience healthier dentistry<br />

28 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com




Nea Clare<br />

NeaClare.com • Nea@NeaClare.com<br />

Would you like to say “YES” and<br />

make your dreams come true? If<br />

so, I can help! Book a strategy<br />

call with me today. I work exclusively<br />

for extraordinary women<br />

who are tired of waiting on the<br />

right time or circumstances before<br />

pursuing their dream career<br />

path – we’ll explore how life<br />

coaching has tremendous transformative power in<br />

strengthening self-confidence while also giving one<br />

unshakeable faith in your capability to achieve your<br />

goals. What you want is on the other side of your<br />

hesitation. If it is time to breakthrough, schedule a<br />

call today at 612-227-3854 or email Nea@NeaClare.<br />

com. See ad, page 10.<br />


Leah Martinson, Health Coach<br />

23 4th St SE Suite 201, Minneapolis<br />

Visionairium.com • 651-315-1347<br />

Leah’s superpower is intuition and<br />

insight, and she uses it to teach<br />

people how to use their bodies as<br />

a guide to wellness. Instead of<br />

kicking tired, overwhelmed people<br />

in the butt, her mind-body,<br />

medicine-based health coaching<br />

process touches on all areas of<br />

well-being in your life. Schedule<br />

your free discovery session today. See ad, page 9.<br />



N7915-902 St<br />

River Falls, WI • 715-426-7777<br />

HealthCenteredDentistry.com<br />

Whole Person Dentistry observes<br />

and deals with the mind,<br />

body and spirit, not just your<br />

teeth. This approach to dentistry<br />

encompasses both modern<br />

science and knowledge<br />

drawn from the world’s great<br />

traditions in natural healing.<br />


3434 Lexington Ave. N., Suite 700<br />

Shoreview • 651-483-9800<br />

<strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com<br />

We’re an integrative<br />

practice committed to<br />

promoting dental wellness<br />

and overall assistance to<br />

the whole person. We<br />

desire to participate in the<br />

creation of healthier lives,<br />

while being sensitive to physical, philosophical,<br />

emotional and financial concerns. See ad, page 23.<br />



Dr. Amy Ha Truong<br />

6230 10th St. N., Ste 520, Oakdale<br />

651-731-3064 • PureDentalMN.com<br />

Pure Dental offers integrative,<br />

holistic, alternative and biological<br />

dentistry for your dental health.<br />

We take pride in providing<br />

quality, holistic dental care and<br />

service for our patients. See ad,<br />

page 6.<br />


1815 Suburban Ave, St. Paul<br />

ToothBuilder.com • 651-735-4661<br />

We are a holistic dental practice<br />

devoted to restoring and enhancing<br />

the natural beauty of your smile<br />

using conservative, state-of-the-art<br />

dental procedures that result in<br />

beautiful, long-lasting smiles! We<br />

specialize in safe removal of<br />

infected teeth as well as placing<br />

ceramic implants and restorations. See ad, page 13.<br />


1401 Main St, Hopkins<br />

952-475-1101 • ToothByTheLake.net<br />

We build a foundation of trust<br />

by treating our patients as<br />

individuals. Understanding<br />

how uneasy some patients<br />

may feel about their dental<br />

visits, we make a difference<br />

by providing a relaxing and<br />

positive experience. See ad, page 28.<br />



Master Hong<br />

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner<br />

11012 Cedar Lake Rd., Minnetonka<br />

952-513-7285 or 914-708-9463<br />

Chronic pain? Suffering from<br />

emotions? Relationship problems?<br />

Life not going as planned? The<br />

Emotion Code is a tool I use to<br />

help you break through any<br />

emotional and spiritual blocks so<br />

you can live your best life. Trial<br />

session only $35.<br />



Mary Rice<br />

YourHealingConnection.com<br />

YourHealingConnection@gmail.com<br />

Mary uses The Body Code* to<br />

transform the lives of her clients.<br />

This comprehensive energetic<br />

healing method, developed by Dr.<br />

Bradley Nelson, allows her to<br />

quickly and easily identify specific<br />

imbalances that can underlie<br />

chronic ill health, pain and<br />

discomfort, dysfunction, and stress. Dr. Nelson<br />

discovered that you can access the wisdom of the<br />

subconscious to identify and address the energetic<br />

imbalances that cause health problems. The “hidden”<br />

root causes of disease and dysfunction are these<br />

emotional and physical imbalances that can drain<br />

energy and prevent healing, leaving you unable to live<br />

the life you deserve. The best part is, you can do this<br />

from the comfort of your own home via phone or<br />

Zoom. Set up a free 20-minute consultation today!<br />


Leah Martinson, Reiki Master<br />

23 4th St SE Suite 201, Minneapolis<br />

Visionairium.com • 651-315-1347<br />

Our bodies store all our memories<br />

and experiences just as much, if<br />

not more than our minds. Sometimes<br />

we need support to release<br />

the emotions and stressors that get<br />

stuck in our bodies. Leah offers<br />

both massage and energy healing<br />

to help facilitate this release, calm<br />

the nervous system and relieve<br />

tension. See ad, page 9.<br />



Master Dowser<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

Is the energy of your home depleting<br />

you or supporting you?<br />

If you feel like you are hitting<br />

your head against a brick wall, it<br />

may be the wall of dense energy<br />

in your home. To more easily<br />

expand into our light and our<br />

soul purpose, it is important that<br />

the spaces we live energetically<br />

support us. Contact me for more<br />

information on dowsing, environmental healing and<br />

space clearing. See ad, page 11.<br />



Sara Shrode, Graphic Designer<br />

612-554-6304 • CampfireStudio.net<br />

Sara@CampfireStudio.net<br />

Ignite the possibilities of<br />

your next project by<br />

having Campfire Studio<br />

design it! Innovative, fullservice<br />

graphic design studio that takes the essence<br />

of a campfire—warmth, stories, community—and<br />

infuses it into every design project we do.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />




1526 St Clair Ave, St Paul<br />

Mastels.com • 651-690-1692<br />

Mastel’s Health Foods is Minnesota’s<br />

oldest health and wellness<br />

store. We carry a full line of<br />

vitamins, minerals, supplements,<br />

herbs and more. We emphasize<br />

organic, biodynamic, biodegradable,<br />

holistic and hypoallergenic<br />

products and pride ourselves on<br />

stocking hard-to-find items. See<br />

ad, page 9.<br />



AprilJonesND.com<br />

Info@AprilJonesND.com • 952.373.1173<br />

Dr. Jones is a registered naturopathic<br />

doctor providing virtual<br />

naturopathic medicine and holistic<br />

nutrition appointments. She<br />

works alongside patients to identify<br />

the root cause of health concerns<br />

while supporting them in<br />

becoming the healthiest version<br />

of themselves. Dr. Jones’ clinical<br />

areas of focus include health optimization, disease<br />

prevention, preconception and postpartum care,<br />

gastrointestinal health, and natural support for anxiety.<br />

Schedule a free introductory call to learn more.<br />


food &<br />

nutrition<br />



763. 222.8600 • GenevieveWachutka.com<br />

7801 East Bush Lake Rd., Suite 240,<br />

Bloomington<br />

Genevieve specializes in the<br />

practical application of timetested<br />

tools and metaphysical<br />

wisdom to embody more of your<br />

potential, and experience greater<br />

clarity, joy, and purpose in life.<br />

Benefits include increased intuition<br />

and clarity; upleveled daily<br />

baseline of joy; peace within<br />

your heart and mind; improved relationship with<br />

self; and the ability to navigate a path of self-mastery<br />

to realize your greatness. Text 763-222-8600 or<br />

email hello@genevievewachutka.com to schedule<br />

a complimentary discovery session. See ad, page 9.<br />




NAtwincities.com/Pages/Advertise<br />

763-270-8604<br />

Multiple advertising<br />

opportunities allow you to<br />

build and maintain your<br />

brand’s presence within your target market of<br />

health-conscious individuals. Through cutting-edge,<br />

inspiring print content and dynamic online<br />

presence, <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> helps you get<br />

connected and stay effective. Online advertising is<br />

also very attractive, with great rates and<br />

opportunities to promote your business. Maximize<br />

your visibility and take advantage of unique<br />

opportunities to promote your business.<br />



PartneringUpVa.com • 763-270-8604<br />

As a business owner, you’re<br />

expected to be available 24<br />

hours a day, seven days a<br />

week to run your business,<br />

leaving you little time to<br />

focus on what you do best; strategize for growth, market<br />

your services and serve your clients. Partnering Up takes<br />

pride in helping small business owners outsource their<br />

tasks to our top notch, trained and highly skilled Virtual<br />

and Marketing Assistants that can help you automate<br />

your business. See ad, page 3.<br />



Kathy Kiss<br />

Sr. Account Manager<br />

KKiss@StandardProcess.com<br />

Standard Process is a<br />

Wisconsin-based, familyowned,<br />

whole food-based<br />

nutritional supplement<br />

company that partners with<br />

health care practitioners to address issues related to<br />

health conditions. See ad, page 2.<br />



BarbBarb Ryan, CSD • 612-922-2389<br />

Wisdom Listening<br />

WisdomSisterStudio.com<br />

Longing for someone who will<br />

listen without judgment? Facing<br />

a tough decision and need a<br />

space to explore possibilities?<br />

Have some secrets corroding<br />

your being? Need a place to vent<br />

about loved ones without repercussions?<br />

Wisdom Listening can<br />

help. It’s not therapy or coaching.<br />

My sole objective is to provide a safe and<br />

supportive space for you to unburden and explore<br />

your mind, heart, and soul. Book your virtual session<br />

now. See ad, page 9.<br />




AM950Radio.com<br />

The only Progressive Talk Radio<br />

station in Minnesota. We strive to<br />

provide the best progressive<br />

programming available and<br />

feature national talkers Thom<br />

Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Mike<br />

Crute and Brad Friedman. We are<br />

also dedicated to local programming that creates a<br />

community forum for important Minnesota Progressive<br />

issues. See ad, page 32.<br />



7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen<br />

952-380-2200 • Eckankar.org<br />

Are you looking for the<br />

personal experience of<br />

God? Eckankar can help<br />

you fulfill your dream. We<br />

offer ways to explore your<br />

own unique and natural<br />

relationship with the Divine<br />

through personalized study to apply in your<br />

everyday life.<br />

30 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

<strong>Natural</strong> Virus Killer<br />

Copper can stop a virus<br />

before it starts<br />

Scientists have discovered a<br />

natural way to kill germs fast.<br />

Now thousands of people<br />

are using it against viruses and bacteria<br />

that cause illness.<br />

Colds and<br />

many other<br />

illnesses start<br />

when viruses<br />

get in your<br />

nose and<br />

multiply. If<br />

you don’t stop<br />

them early,<br />

they spread<br />

and cause<br />

misery.<br />

Hundreds of studies confirm copper<br />

kills viruses and bacteria almost<br />

instantly just by touch.<br />

That’s why ancient Greeks and<br />

Egyptians used copper to purify water<br />

and heal wounds. They didn’t know<br />

about viruses and bacteria, but now we<br />

do.<br />

“The antimicrobial activity of copper<br />

is well established.” National Institutes<br />

of Health.<br />

Scientists say copper’s high<br />

conductance disrupts the electrical<br />

balance in a microbe cell and destroys it<br />

in seconds.<br />

The EPA recommended hospitals use<br />

copper for touch surfaces like faucets<br />

and doorknobs. This cut the spread of<br />

MRSA and other illnesses by over half,<br />

and saved lives.<br />

The strong scientific evidence<br />

gave inventor Doug Cornell an idea.<br />

He made a smooth copper probe<br />

By Doug Cornell<br />

with a tip to fit in the bottom of the<br />

nostril, where viruses collect.<br />

When he felt a tickle in his nose<br />

like a cold about to start, he rubbed<br />

the copper gently in his nose for 60<br />

seconds.<br />

“It<br />

worked!” he<br />

exclaimed.<br />

“The cold<br />

never<br />

happened.<br />

I used to<br />

get 2-3 bad<br />

colds every<br />

year. Now<br />

I use my<br />

device whenever I feel a sign I am about<br />

to get sick.”<br />

He hasn’t had a cold in 10 years.<br />

New research: Copper kills viruses in seconds.<br />

Users say:<br />

“It works! I love it!”<br />

“I can’t believe how good my nose<br />

feels.”<br />

“Is it supposed to work that fast?”<br />

“One of the best presents ever.”<br />

“Sixteen flights, not a sniffle!”<br />

“Cold sores gone!”<br />

“It saved me last holidays. The kids<br />

all got sick, but not me.”<br />

“I am shocked! My sinus cleared,<br />

no more headache, no more<br />

congestion.”<br />

“Best sleep I’ve had in years!”<br />

After his first success with it, he<br />

asked relatives and friends to try it.<br />

They all said it worked, so he patented<br />

CopperZap® and put it on the market.<br />


Soon hundreds of people had tried it.<br />

99% said copper worked if they used it<br />

right away at the first sign of germs, like<br />

a tickle in the nose or a scratchy throat.<br />

Longtime users say they haven’t<br />

been sick in years. They have less<br />

stress, less medical costs, and more time<br />

to enjoy life.<br />

Soon people found other things they<br />

could use it against.<br />

Colds<br />

Flu<br />

Virus variants<br />

Sinus trouble<br />

Cold sores<br />

Fever blisters<br />

Canker sores<br />

Strep throat<br />

Night stuffiness<br />

Morning congestion<br />

Nasal drip<br />

Infected sores<br />

Infected wounds<br />

Styes<br />

Warts<br />

Ringworm<br />

Other microbial threats<br />

The handle is curved and textured to<br />

increase contact. Copper can kill germs<br />

picked up on fingers and hands after you<br />

touch things other people have touched.<br />

The EPA says copper works just as<br />

well when tarnished.<br />

Dr. Bill Keevil led one of the science<br />

teams. He placed millions of viruses on<br />

a copper surface. “They started to die<br />

literally as soon as they touched it.”<br />

CopperZap® is made in the USA of<br />

pure copper. It has a 90-day full money<br />

back guarantee. Price $79.95. Get $10<br />

off each CopperZap with code NATA35.<br />

Go to www.CopperZap.com or call<br />

toll-free 1-888-411-6114.<br />

Buy once, use forever.<br />

Statements are not intended as product<br />

health claims and have not been evaluated<br />

by the FDA. Not claimed to diagnose,<br />

treat, cure, or prevent any disease.<br />

<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


<strong>February</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


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