Natural Awakenings Twin Cities September 2023 Issue

Read the September 2023 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine. This is our annual Inspired Living Issue which features articles on traveling with purpose, medical tourism, understanding light pollution, helping kids cope with anxiety, embracing the winding road, and so much more! Be sure to check out our local content, including News Brief announcements, Community Resource Guide with providers throughout the metro who can meet your individual wellness needs, and all the happenings in the Calendar of Events. There is additional online-only content that can be found at NATwinCities.com.

Read the September 2023 edition of Natural Awakenings Twin Cities magazine. This is our annual Inspired Living Issue which features articles on traveling with purpose, medical tourism, understanding light pollution, helping kids cope with anxiety, embracing the winding road, and so much more!

Be sure to check out our local content, including News Brief announcements, Community Resource Guide with providers throughout the metro who can meet your individual wellness needs, and all the happenings in the Calendar of Events. There is additional online-only content that can be found at NATwinCities.com.


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Traveling<br />

With Purpose<br />

Nine Destinations for<br />

Spiritual Enlightenment<br />

Medical Tourism<br />

Navigating the Risks<br />

and Rewards<br />



Environmental Concerns<br />

and Achievable Remedies<br />

How to Help Kids Deal<br />

Effectively With Anxiety<br />



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Ron Torrance, DO<br />

James Leiber, DO Ignatios Papas, DO Lisa Valastro, DO Duron Lee, DO<br />


Mycelium Mysteries<br />

Women’s Mushroom Conference<br />

<strong>September</strong> 22, 23 & 24, <strong>2023</strong><br />

• A full weekend of communing with mushrooms: the<br />

Grandmothers of our Ecosystem<br />

• Workshops delving into mushrooms as food & medicine<br />

• Understanding mushrooms and their mycelium as healers<br />

• Topics range from beginner to advanced including fungal<br />

ecology, ethnomycology, foraging and identification<br />

• Wonderful, locally sourced, deeply nourishing food<br />

Registration Now Open!<br />

Join us for Amazing Herbal & Health<br />

Learning Experiences<br />


We’re here for YOU throughout each season! Explore these upcoming events,<br />

created to connect women with nourishment, knowledge, and wisdom.<br />

New! Curated & Guided Online Courses<br />

Build a herbal foundation, explore liminal space, learn Wise Woman<br />

Ways, and so much more, online in the Herb Women Classroom!<br />

Explore the possibilities at HERBWOMENCLASSROOM.COM<br />


In Our Own Hands: Women’s Wellness<br />

Series | January - April, 2024 | Virtual<br />

featuring Robyn Klein, Julie Charette Nunn, Phyllis Light,<br />

Bevin Clare, Sheri Winston, Cornelio Cho, and Linda Conroy!<br />

• Learn from the cozy comfort of your own home<br />

• Workshops that encourage, nurture, and empower women led<br />

by renowned teachers from across the country and world<br />

Midwest Women’s Herbal<br />

Conference | May 24-26, 2024<br />

featuring keynote speakers Tieraona LowDog MD,<br />

Mimi Hernandez, and Susan Leopold<br />

• 3 days of celebrating the feminine in herbal traditions<br />

• Featuring a wide spectrum of acclaimed herbalists and speakers<br />

• 60+ incredible workshops, plant walks, and immersions<br />

• Profound community building in a beautiful, retreat-like venue<br />

• Delicious, locally sourced, deeply nourishing food<br />

i f<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



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A Heartfelt Farewell: Reflecting on<br />

Six Incredible Years Together<br />

Dear Beloved Readers,<br />

As I sit down to pen this letter, my heart is brimming with<br />

gratitude, nostalgia and a touch of melancholy. It is with a mix<br />

of emotions that I announce my departure as the publisher of <strong>Natural</strong><br />

<strong>Awakenings</strong> <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong>. After six remarkable years of being a part of<br />

this vibrant community, the time has come for me to pass the torch to<br />

a new chapter of leadership.<br />

Reflecting on this journey, I am filled with profound appreciation<br />

for the opportunity to have served as a steward of this magazine. What Candi Broeffle<br />

began as a professional endeavor quickly transformed into a deeply<br />

personal connection. <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> has not only been a publication, but<br />

rather a hub of inspiration, growth and community, and I am deeply honored to have been<br />

part of this vertical movement.<br />

The lessons I’ve learned over these years are immeasurable. Every issue, every story<br />

and every interaction has shaped me in ways I could never have foreseen. I’ve learned<br />

that the true essence of individual wellness is not merely physical health, but must include<br />

mental and emotional well-being via conscious living, including the profound importance<br />

of community support.<br />

The memories I’ve incurred are a tapestry of laughter, challenges overcome and milestones<br />

celebrated. From the passionate contributors who poured their wisdom onto these<br />

pages to the dedicated team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes, each one involved has<br />

left an indelible mark. Our community events, workshops and gatherings were more than<br />

just occasions—they were opportunities to forge connections, share insights and create<br />

lasting memories.<br />

Yet, after it all, what truly stands out as the heart of this journey are the people. It’s<br />

you—cherished readers, advertisers, contributors and partners—who have breathed life<br />

into these pages. The countless conversations, emails and letters sharing your stories,<br />

successes and challenges have affirmed the impact of <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> in<br />

your lives. Your unwavering support fueled our passion and fortified our commitment to<br />

delivering content that resonated with your quests for wellness and mindful living.<br />

Thank you, dear readers, for allowing me to be a part of your lives. Thank you for<br />

your trust, your loyalty and your unwavering support. I leave this role with a heart full of<br />

gratitude and a sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing I’ve been a part of something<br />

truly special, shared.<br />

As I embark on a new chapter, I carry the memories of our time together. May your paths<br />

be filled with health, happiness and the continued pursuit of wellness.<br />

With deepest gratitude,<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong><br />

Magazine is ranked<br />

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Candi Broeffle<br />

Publisher (former)<br />

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Nine Destinations for<br />

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Environmental Concerns and<br />

Achievable Remedies<br />

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Navigating the Risks and Rewards<br />


Simple Poses and Tips for Travelers<br />

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Guiding Children Through Trauma<br />

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<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


news briefs<br />

Unveiling the Sound of Your Soul<br />

Women’s Retreat: A Journey to<br />

Self-Discovery and Empowerment<br />

Calling all women seeking a profound connection with their<br />

inner selves and a life infused with purpose. The upcoming<br />

Sound of Your Soul Women’s Retreat, led by acclaimed mindset<br />

coach and life mastery teacher Nea Clare, alongside expert energy<br />

and sound healer Barb DeMers, is a transformative event set to<br />

unfold October 26 to 29 in the scenic town of Wabasha.<br />

This retreat is designed for women who are seeking a deeper<br />

connection with Divine self and longing for connection with<br />

other women claiming their YES life. This is an intimate escape<br />

to a modern abode set on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River<br />

Valley. Clare explains, “The elevated view of the space supports<br />

taking on new perspectives, helping the group to think bigger<br />

thoughts and dream bigger dreams.”<br />

The retreat itinerary offers a balance of self-discovery and<br />

healing. Guided meditation sessions will gently navigate participants<br />

toward their inner wisdom, while invigorating discovery<br />

activities will unveil hidden passions and untapped potential. Led<br />

by DeMers, the rejuvenating power of sound healing will wash<br />

away stress, fostering a sense of inner equilibrium.<br />

From guided meditation to reflective exercises and the<br />

transformative practice of sound healing, every facet is designed<br />

to nurture personal growth and forge connections among<br />

like-minded women.<br />

Cost: $650/includes lodging and nourishing meals. $599/early<br />

registration ends <strong>September</strong> 21. For more information, email<br />

Nea@NeaClare.com. or visit YeswardCoaching.com/sound-ofyour-soul-retreat.<br />

See ad, page 7.<br />

Myofascial Release Bodywork<br />

Barb Ryan, CMT<br />

612-922-2389<br />

“Years of pain now diminished...”<br />

~R.S.<br />

“The doctors didn’t help; this did.”<br />

~L.H.<br />

Bhakti Wellness Center in Edina<br />

barb@wisdomsisterstudio.com<br />

The Adventure Begins:<br />

Win Tickets to the Minnesota<br />

Renaissance Festival<br />

Experience the magic at the <strong>2023</strong> Minnesota Renaissance Festival<br />

every weekend, from August 19 through October 1, in Shakopee.<br />

The seven weekends of huzzah and cheers include a reimagined<br />

Mermaid Cove where these playful, inquisitive creatures are sure to<br />

amaze; Children’s Realm where they can slay a dragon, race fellow<br />

knights and tend to butterflies; and Clover Cottage wherein the<br />

O’Brennan family celebrates the harvest festival.<br />

There are many new events, theme weekends and vendors<br />

for attendees’ enjoyment. Food vendors offer more than 23 new<br />

food choices, including the Cuban sandwich, Jamaican beef pastry,<br />

Nordic meatballs with lingonberries, vegetarian black bean<br />

burger and more mouthwatering treats.<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> is offering a drawing for 10<br />

lucky readers to win a pair of tickets to this year’s festival. Drawings<br />

will be held randomly throughout <strong>September</strong>. Ten people will<br />

each win two tickets (20 tickets total) to be used at any time during<br />

this year’s festival.<br />

To enter, interact with <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> ticket<br />

giveaway posts on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Each entry will<br />

be numbered and a winner will be drawn at random in <strong>September</strong>. If<br />

preferred, interested parties can mail their name and address along<br />

with a mention of #MNRenFest to <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> Magazine,<br />

P.O. Box 27617, Golden Valley, Minnesota 55427.<br />

Winners will be contacted via a private message depending<br />

on how they entered the contest. Winners who enter through the<br />

mail will be sent their tickets immediately upon being selected.<br />

For contest questions, contact Candi Broeffle at 763-270-8604.<br />

Location: Renaissance Festival Grounds, 12364 Chestnut Blvd., Shakopee.<br />

For more information, visit RenaissanceFest.com. See ad, page 26.<br />

6 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Silver Fillings:<br />

Just ugly?<br />

Or harmful too?<br />

This is a picture<br />

of a “Silver”<br />

or “Amalgam”<br />

filling. It is 50 -<br />

52% MERCURY!<br />

If the mercury in<br />

this filling were spilled in a school,<br />

it would be evacuated....<br />

This is a picture<br />

of a “light cured”<br />

composite filling.<br />

They can last as<br />

long or longer<br />

than mercury<br />

fillings with no danger of releasing<br />

harmful heavy metals.<br />

As noted on Dr. Mercola,<br />

Dr. Oz, and 60 Minutes...<br />

Mercury fillings may have a<br />

significant negative impact on your<br />

overall health.<br />

Make <strong>2023</strong> 2017 YOUR year<br />

for healthy choices!<br />

Dr. Madelyn Pearson is the<br />

current president of the<br />

Holistic Dental Association and<br />

has advanced training in safe<br />

mercury removal.<br />

Call or visit our website for<br />

more info: (651) 483-9800<br />

www.<strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com<br />

Priceless lifetime, life-changing<br />

whole health benefits for less than<br />

the cost of a smoothie a week!<br />



ologist Intuitive<br />

Mindset Coach<br />

Teacher Speaker<br />

www.neaclare.com<br />

IT'S TIME<br />


LIFE<br />

Book your FREE<br />

Discovery Session<br />

today.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


health briefs<br />

Impacts of Radio<br />

Frequency Radiation<br />

The introduction of 5G mobile<br />

phones and infrastructure<br />

has given rise to concerns<br />

about their safety,<br />

as more than 1 million new<br />

antennas will be required<br />

in the U.S. Currently, the<br />

Federal Communications<br />

Commission and International<br />

Commission on<br />

Non-Ionizing Radiation<br />

Alex photohub/ShutterStock.com<br />

Protection consider only<br />

the thermal effects (tissue<br />

heating) from electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure<br />

as potentially harmful.<br />

A group of researchers led by Ariel University, in Israel,<br />

evaluated the non-thermal effects of exposure to EMF<br />

radiation on biological systems and human populations<br />

by reviewing in vitro [outside a living organism] and in vivo<br />

[inside a living organism] studies, as well as clinical studies<br />

on electromagnetic hypersensitivity and the epidemiological<br />

evidence for cancer due to the action of mobile-based<br />

radiation exposure. Although data derived from these<br />

studies was inconsistent, the researchers found supporting<br />

evidence that this radiation may contribute to cancer,<br />

endocrinological, neurological and other adverse health<br />

consequences. The researchers call for a more targeted,<br />

interdisciplinary research effort by national governments to<br />

ensure public health.<br />

Testing Acupuncture for<br />

Long-Term COVID<br />

Long COVID affects nearly 14<br />

percent of adult patients that had<br />

COVID-19. It is characterized<br />

by symptoms lasting at least 12<br />

weeks after the initial infection,<br />

including fatigue, brain fog and<br />

breathlessness. Although there<br />

is no standard treatment for this<br />

Andrey_Popov/ShutterStock.com<br />

clinical diagnosis, researchers in<br />

the UK are currently studying the<br />

impact of acupuncture on this lingering<br />

condition, as the practice has been successfully used<br />

to treat similar symptoms associated with other ailments.<br />

The randomized trial began in 2022 and is expected to<br />

collect data from 160 participants until the year 2025. Participants<br />

with long COVID are selected if they have a fatigue<br />

score greater than five on the COVID-19 Yorkshire Rehabilitation<br />

Scale. The experimental group will be offered weekly<br />

15-minute acupuncture treatments for six weeks, while the<br />

control group will receive no acupuncture treatments. Both<br />

groups will be required to complete questionnaires on their<br />

general physical and mental fatigue at baseline and at two,<br />

six and 12 weeks. Throughout the study, both groups will<br />

be provided with general advice on managing their symptoms.<br />

As reported by NBC News, the participants receiving<br />

acupuncture so far “do seem to be responding” positively<br />

to the treatments, according to Dr. Imogen Locke, a clinical<br />

oncologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital, in London, who is<br />

leading the study.<br />

Dentistry: Are You Missing Vital Information?<br />

Avoid Putting Toxic Materials In Your Mouth / Body!<br />

Doctors have said, “99% of Disease Starts In The Mouth,” How Is Your Oral Health?<br />

Holistic Dentistry is an<br />

important component in ANY<br />

health & wellness program<br />

An approach to dentistry that<br />

promotes health and wellness instead<br />

of only treating “dis”ease.<br />

Call or visit our website for more info: (715) 426-7777<br />

Dr. Laughlin has spent thousands of hours in continuing<br />

education over his 45+ years in practice. His knowledge,<br />

combined with advanced technologies, provide the best<br />

chance to improve your oral health and positively impact<br />

your overall wellbeing.<br />

Dr. Musser is passionate about Holistic Dentistry.<br />

He has a deep understanding of the importance of oral health<br />

as it relates to overall health and a wide knowledge base in the<br />

field of Biological Dentistry.<br />

www.Health Centered Dentistry.com<br />

8 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Maryna_Auramchuk/ShutterStock.com<br />

Rise in Children With Autism<br />

The U.S. Centers for Disease<br />

Control and Prevention (CDC)<br />

released updated statistics on the<br />

rate of children diagnosed with<br />

autism spectrum disorder (ASD),<br />

which has been on the rise. The<br />

data is based on reviews of developmental<br />

evaluations and records<br />

from medical and educational service providers.<br />

One in 36 children was diagnosed with autism by age 8<br />

in 2020, or about 2.8 percent of children, up from one in 44<br />

children in 2018 and one in 150 children in 2000, when the<br />

CDC first began tracking ASD prevalence in this country.<br />

Autism was also 3.8 times as prevalent among boys as girls,<br />

and for the first time the prevalence was slightly lower among<br />

white children compared to other racial and ethnic groups,<br />

which is a reversal of racial and ethnic differences observed<br />

in the past. However, Black children with ASD remain more<br />

likely than white children with ASD to have a co-occurring<br />

intellectual disability.<br />

The CDC partially attributes these patterns to improved<br />

screening, awareness and access to services. They highlight<br />

the importance of accessible and equitable ASD diagnostic<br />

treatment and services for children of different backgrounds<br />

and call for more research to comprehend the emergence of<br />

diagnostic differences across states.<br />



October<br />



Sucralose May Damage<br />

DNA<br />

Sucralose is an artificial sweetener<br />

600 times sweeter than table<br />

sugar. The U.S. Food and Drug<br />

Administration has approved its<br />

use in baked goods, beverages,<br />

Fuss Sergey/ShutterStock.com<br />

chewing gum, gelatins and frozen<br />

dairy desserts. A recent study conducted<br />

by scientists at the University of North Carolina found<br />

that ingesting sucralose may cause the formation of a genotoxic<br />

chemical called sucralose-6-acetate. Genotoxicity refers<br />

to the breaking up of DNA, resulting in damage that could<br />

potentially contribute to health problems. Researchers also<br />

found trace amounts of this dangerous chemical in sucralose<br />

itself, even before it was consumed and metabolized.<br />

The study included eight projects that exposed human<br />

blood cells to sucralose-6-acetate, which researchers<br />

found induces the expression of genes associated with inflammation,<br />

oxidative stress and cancer. Exposure to certain<br />

concentrations of sucralose-6-acetate and sucralose also<br />

appeared to impair the gut lining, and sucralose-6-acetate<br />

inhibited certain enzymes, which could interfere with the<br />

body’s ability to metabolize medications.<br />

November<br />


December<br />


& HOLIDAYS<br />

763-270-8604<br />

<strong>Natural</strong><strong>Awakenings</strong>.com<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


global briefs<br />

Harvesting Solar Power<br />

in Space<br />

Ayurvedic Cosmetics<br />

on the Rise<br />

Dinusha/ShutterStock.com<br />

Anna Ok/ShutterStock.com<br />

Space-based solar power (SBSP) is the concept of<br />

collecting solar energy during a space orbit and beaming<br />

it safely to a fixed point on Earth. Recently, the British<br />

government sponsored an SBSP competition to award<br />

more than $5.5 million in grants to the most promising<br />

innovators of this novel technology, which may be the key<br />

to producing cost-effective, cleaner, more renewable energy.<br />

The goal is an array of spacecraft to collect sunlight<br />

and convert it into microwaves before beaming them to a<br />

receiver on Earth, where it is converted into electricity.<br />

Because space has no atmosphere, the sunlight is undiluted,<br />

which means that a space-based solar panel would<br />

be able to generate more energy than a comparable panel<br />

on Earth. The other potential benefit to collecting solar<br />

power in space is that there are no day-night cycles, cloud<br />

cover or seasonal variations to contend with.<br />

Among the grant winners were two British schools:<br />

Cambridge University, which is developing ultra-lightweight<br />

panels that can withstand high radiation levels,<br />

and Queen Mary University, which is working on a wireless<br />

system to safely beam the energy to Earth. In related<br />

research, scientists at the California Institute of Technology<br />

were able to successfully transmit power wirelessly<br />

in space and to beam detectable power to Earth using an<br />

experimental spacecraft.<br />

In Sanskrit, Ayurveda translates to “the science of everyday<br />

living,” and it is one of the world’s oldest systems of medicine.<br />

Offering a holistic path for cultivating health and<br />

well-being, Ayurveda promotes balance and harmony with<br />

the use of natural herbs, plant-based medicines and spices.<br />

According to a recent comprehensive research report by<br />

Market Research Future (MRFR), the worldwide Ayurvedic<br />

products market size is expected to grow from $12.6<br />

billion in <strong>2023</strong> to $31.8 billion by 2032. MRFR analysts<br />

ascribe this impressive growth to increased availability<br />

and public awareness of such goods, as well as a deepening<br />

distaste for the adverse side effects of conventional<br />

medicines and products.<br />

Demand for Ayurvedic cosmetic products is also on the<br />

rise, according to the same MRFR report. Supporting the<br />

idea that outer beauty reflects what is going on inside the<br />

body, beauty brands like Kama Ayurveda, RANAVAT and<br />

Forest Essentials are expanding into the global sector.<br />

Their increasing popularity follows broader trends toward<br />

organic and natural medicines and “clean beauty”, as well as<br />

increasing awareness about toxic ingredients in some Western<br />

products. Ayurvedic components have been used recently<br />

to balance Western formulas. For instance, in skincare,<br />

sandalwood is added as an antioxidant, and turmeric is combined<br />

with topical retinoid medications to reduce irritation.<br />

10 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Global Warming May<br />

Threaten Heart Health<br />

Light-Emitting<br />

Technology on the Horizon<br />

antishock/ShutterStock.com<br />

EugeneEdge/ShutterStock.com<br />

As temperatures rise due to global warming, scientists are<br />

worried about how extreme heat may impact heart health.<br />

Research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology warns<br />

that air temperatures as low as 93° F may lead to a steady increase<br />

in heart rate under humid conditions. This increase,<br />

referred to as cardiovascular heart strain, can occur even<br />

before a person’s internal temperature starts to rise.<br />

The study involved healthy participants engaging in light<br />

physical activity inside an environmental chamber. As the<br />

chamber got hotter, participants’ heart rates increased and<br />

then plateaued. However, when the chamber continued to<br />

heat up, heart rates began to rise again and continued to<br />

rise even after the experiment. This rapidly increased heart<br />

rate indicates cardiovascular strain.<br />

A related study published in Physiological Reports reported<br />

that even at rest, heat can affect the heart. Researchers<br />

found that at 50 percent humidity, the heart rate of participants<br />

at rest was, on average, 64 percent higher at 122° F<br />

than at 82° F. These findings are concerning, as extreme<br />

heat events are becoming more common around the world<br />

and could be lethal for vulnerable and older populations.<br />

Researchers from Japan and Germany are developing<br />

eco-friendly light devices that use a single layer of organic<br />

film mixed with light-emitting materials and an electrolyte.<br />

These light-emitting electrochemical cells (LEC)<br />

are gaining attention due to their simplified structure and<br />

because they consume less energy and cost less than the<br />

organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) currently on the<br />

market.<br />

The research team is using molecules called dendrimers,<br />

new organic materials that can extend the life of LECs.<br />

The electrolyte in an LEC can be made from inexpensive<br />

materials, such as biomass-derived cellulose acetate, a<br />

compound used in clothing fibers and eyeglass frames,<br />

whereas OLEDs use rare or heavy metals. Researchers are<br />

also using graphene, a single layer of carbon atoms, as<br />

the electrode. While the progress is exciting, the developers<br />

of this new lighting technology note that more<br />

research is needed before it goes to market in order to<br />

make the devices brighter and capable of illuminating in<br />

three primary colors.<br />

Hummingbirds That<br />

Don’t Pollinate<br />

Ondrej Prosicky/ShutterStock.com<br />

Every day, hummingbirds must drink nearly their body<br />

weight in nectar to survive. Most hover above their food<br />

by beating their wings up to 80 times a second and<br />

inserting their beaks into the tubes of flowers. As they<br />

consume their food, grains of pollen stick to their foreheads,<br />

pollinating the next flowers they encounter.<br />

Scientists from the University of Connecticut recently<br />

identified 66 species of hummingbirds that may be<br />

harvesting nectar without pollinating flowers by using<br />

tiny toes to cling to a nearby branch rather than hovering<br />

above. These birds, which have a longer hallux claw to<br />

hold on to a stem and a shorter beak to get in closer, are<br />

able to save energy and obtain nectar from previously<br />

inaccessible flowers by poking into the side of the flower<br />

tube. This method, however, appears to prevent pollination<br />

from occurring.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


eco tip<br />

Eco Travel 101<br />

While checking places off the travel<br />

bucket list, keep in mind these traveling<br />

tips for leaving small footprints<br />

across the Earth.<br />


Burning up jet fuel to fly to places<br />

represents a large affront to the<br />

environment. Staycations are the most<br />

eco-friendly. The shorter the distance<br />

we travel from home, the lower our<br />

carbon footprint. Because takeoffs and<br />

landings use the most fuel, fly direct<br />

whenever possible.<br />


Some sites are so popular that they are<br />

prone to being overrun and abused.<br />

To avoid becoming part of the trampling<br />

herd and minimize tourist impact,<br />

visit the most popular tourist destinations<br />

during off-peak months or avoid them<br />

altogether. A green travel agent can help<br />

find less-trafficked destinations, book<br />

hotels with green certifications and secure<br />

eco-friendly tours and adventures.<br />


Put together a travel kit that doesn’t<br />

include throwaway plastics. Pack soap,<br />

shampoo and conditioner bars, as well<br />

as soap sheets that fit in a wallet, lather<br />

up with water and disintegrate. Invest<br />

in a reusable travel bottle—collapsible<br />

types use less space—along with a<br />

filter or purifier, in case of non-potable<br />

water. Pack a few lightweight cloth<br />

bags for souvenir shopping.<br />


Most transportation tickets can be purchased<br />

online and stored on a phone,<br />

with no paper needed. The same is true<br />

for maps, brochures and guidebooks.<br />


Help the local economy by using less<br />

of the area’s resources. Turn off the<br />

lights and air conditioning when not in<br />

the hotel room. Take short showers.<br />

Don’t get the bed remade with fresh<br />

sheets every day, and reuse towels as<br />

much as possible.<br />


To support community talent, purchase<br />

from local artisans for unique<br />

gifts. While a chain restaurant might<br />

seem fun, a local restaurant is more<br />

likely to serve authentic dishes. Ask<br />

residents where they would go, or hire<br />

a guide that lives in the area.<br />


Rental cars and taxis use more resources<br />

and may not give the best<br />

travel experience. Taking a local bus<br />

or train across town helps the environment<br />

and provides a great way to<br />

experience the culture. Biking and<br />

walking are even more environmentally<br />

friendly and allow for some of<br />

the best meandering and sightseeing.<br />


Leave nothing behind. Place trash<br />

in receptacles, or, better yet, carry<br />

a bag and pick up trash to beautify<br />

the landscape.<br />

den-belitsky/AdobeStock.com<br />

12 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Nature’s Germ Killer<br />

Stop germs before you get sick<br />

Stop germs in nose, on skin<br />

Science proves<br />

pure copper kills<br />

germs fast.<br />

CopperZaps®<br />

are made of pure<br />

copper, shaped to<br />

reach bad germs<br />

where they gather<br />

in your nose. The<br />

inventor has gone 11 YEARS without a cold. Now<br />

many thousands of people use CopperZaps.<br />

Pure copper<br />

is scientifically<br />

proven to kill<br />

germs by touch<br />

in seconds,<br />

including<br />

viruses,<br />

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fungus.<br />

That’s why<br />

ancient Greeks<br />

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Use a CopperZap against:<br />

Colds, Flu, Covid.<br />

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Sleep loss due to Congestion<br />

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Infected sores or skin lesions<br />

Cuts or wounds getting infected<br />

Getting sick after Air Travel<br />

Users say:<br />

“It works! I love it!”<br />

“Is it supposed to work that fast?”<br />

“One of the best presents ever.”<br />

“Sixteen lights and not a sniffle!”<br />

“Cold sores gone!”<br />

“The kids all got sick, but not me.”<br />

“I am shocked! My sinus cleared.”<br />

“Best sleep I’ve had in years!”<br />

used copper to purify water and heal wounds. They<br />

didn’t know about germs, but now we do.<br />

The National Institutes of Health, the EPA and the<br />

American Society for Microbiology vouch for the<br />

power of copper to kill germs, including antibiotic- resistant<br />

ones.<br />

Longtime<br />

users say they<br />

haven’t been<br />

sick in years.<br />

Less stress, less<br />

medical cost,<br />

more time to<br />

enjoy life.<br />

Independent<br />

scientists placed millions of viruses on copper. “The<br />

viruses started to die literally as soon as they touched<br />

it,” said head scientist Dr. Bill Keevil.<br />

The handle is curved and textured for maximum<br />

contact with your fingers and hands in case you touch<br />

things a sick person touched and pick up their germs.<br />

EPA tests show copper works just as well when it<br />

is tarnished. Easy to clean. Easy to use. Comes with<br />

Directions. Use over and over again. Never wears out.<br />

90-day Money-back Guarantee. Top BBB rating.<br />

Price $79.95. Get $10 off each with code NATA37.<br />

See CopperZap.com or call 888-411-6114 toll-free.<br />

Live people answer 9-4 Pacific on business days.<br />

Statements not evaluated by FDA. Not claimed to<br />

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Unburden your mind,<br />

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Locally owned and independent since 1968!<br />

Mastel’s<br />


EST. 1968<br />

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<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



WITH<br />




by Kiki Powers<br />

Seeker rests on Machu Picchu while viewing<br />

Huayna Picchu in Peru<br />

Amy Wilinski/SpiritOfTheOwl.com<br />

14 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Edwin Verin/Shutterstock.com<br />

DavideAngelini/ShutterStock.com<br />

Throughout history, humans have embarked on pilgrimages<br />

in pursuit of wealth, good fortune, divine intervention,<br />

spiritual enlightenment and other blessings. These journeys<br />

could be considered the earliest manifestations of one type<br />

of adventure travel, while today some of these would be defined as<br />

spiritual tourism.<br />

The notion of “spirit” refers to both our conscious and subconscious<br />

minds. A spiritual practice, then, is any activity that enables<br />

us to step away from the noisy parade of life and explore our emotions,<br />

where any concept of the human spirit resides. This spiritual<br />

self-care includes any ritual or practice that helps connect us with<br />

our most authentic higher self.<br />

Travel can be an amazing way to explore metaphysical interests<br />

with new people, sites and scenes, in order to invigorate the<br />

senses, stimulate the imagination, refresh the mental framework<br />

and invite new ideas and personal insights. Some places qualify<br />

for spiritual travel by virtue of their natural beauty, or due to<br />

some historical, mythological or religious significance. For a trip<br />

that fosters mind-body-spirit self-care with a generous portion of<br />

adventure, check out these sacred sites.<br />

Mount Shasta<br />

This Northern California treasure is believed to be a powerful<br />

spiritual vortex that has long captured the imagination of spiritual<br />

seekers. By some accounts, Mount Shasta is reputed to be the<br />

Earth’s root chakra, in keeping with the belief that, like the human<br />

body, planet Earth possesses chakra energy centers.<br />

This majestic mountain, which is associated with healing, transformation<br />

and spiritual awakening, is a stunning backdrop for the<br />

many spiritual retreats and workshops offered locally that include<br />

meditation, energy healing, yoga, sound therapy and other restorative<br />

modalities.<br />

Spiritual guide Andrew Oser, who has led Mount Shasta retreats<br />

for decades, says, “I can help you allow Mount Shasta’s transforming<br />

energies into the core of your very being, and by utilizing my<br />

direction to harness the mountain’s heightened vibration, you will<br />

feel it almost magically dissolve all of your fears.”<br />

Maddy M/ ShutterStock.com<br />

Sedona, Arizona<br />

Surrounded by red rock canyons, whimsical forests and waterfalls,<br />

Sedona’s natural beauty inspires spiritual reflection. It<br />

is also part of one of the most powerful energy vortexes in the<br />

world and a New Age Mecca for those seeking transcendence<br />

through energy healing, yoga, sound baths and a host of other<br />

spiritual offerings.<br />

From venturing to the bright turquoise waters at Havasu Falls<br />

nearby to visiting the Chapel of the Holy Cross, there are many<br />

activities in Sedona for those wishing to connect more deeply to<br />

nature and themselves.<br />

Bali, Indonesia<br />

Known as the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is a captivating destination<br />

with a serene, spiritual ambiance. Nestled amidst lush greenery<br />

and terraced rice fields, the town of Ubud, in the uplands of Bali,<br />

enjoys international recognition for its spiritual offerings and welcoming<br />

vibe for those seeking inner peace and self-discovery.<br />

Holistic healing options in Bali include energy therapies, sound<br />

healing and traditional Balinese massage. Yoga enthusiasts will be<br />

delighted with the varied class options, immersive programs and<br />

specialized workshops. Along with wellness spas offering rejuvenating<br />

treatments that harmonize the body, mind and spirit, Bali<br />

offers beautiful meditation areas for quiet contemplation.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Machu Picchu, Peru<br />

Spirituality runs deep in the Peruvian culture, from the ancient<br />

temples of the Incas to the living history of shamanism in the<br />

Amazon jungle. Machu Picchu has long been a revered site, and<br />

historically the place for worshipping the sun, the main Inca deity.<br />

Seekers can explore Machu Picchu on their own or participate in<br />

guided spiritual meditations—either way, it is a beautiful destination<br />

for a mind-body-spirit getaway.<br />

For those seeking a deep mystical experience, Peru Sacred<br />

Tours provides a safe haven for spiritual advancement with the<br />

individualized attention and guidance of indigenous practitioners,<br />

including the herbalist shamans of the rainforest, Q’ero Inca<br />

priests of Cuzco or Moche San Pedro shamans of Chiclayo.<br />

Egypt<br />

If this strikes a chord, renowned author and spiritual teacher<br />

Andrew Harvey is offering a 14-day pilgrimage to the artistic,<br />

historical and spiritual soul of North India in November. He is the<br />

founder and director of the Institute for Sacred Activism, an international<br />

organization that inspires people to take up the challenge<br />

of our contemporary global crises by becoming effective, practical<br />

agents of institutional and systemic change.<br />

Roop Dey/ShutterStock.com<br />

Egypt is considered a land of majesty and mystery, attracting treasure<br />

hunters, history buffs and adventure seekers, as well as those<br />

searching for spiritual transformation. This world-renowned destination<br />

has a long history of spirituality, with a colorful tapestry<br />

of beliefs and practices. The ancient Egyptians were convinced<br />

of the existence of a spiritual plane, while also maintaining deep<br />

reverence for the natural world, and these concepts continue to<br />

inform contemporary Egyptian culture and spirituality.<br />

In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for spiritual<br />

tours in Egypt, particularly for meditation workshops in iconic<br />

places like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Valley of the Kings, Mount<br />

Sinai and Nile River. One of the more well-known tour guides is<br />

Freddy Silva, a leading researcher of ancient civilizations, sacred<br />

sites and their interaction with consciousness, as well as the bestselling<br />

author of The Divine Blueprint.<br />

Kanuman/ShutterStock.com<br />

Kyoto, Japan<br />

Imbued with the rich heritage and history of Zen Buddhism, this<br />

enchanting city is an ideal destination for seekers to explore close<br />

to 2,000 Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, as well as the iconic<br />

Golden Pavilion, where centuries of devotion and wisdom have been<br />

housed. Many of these sites also provide inspiring settings for quiet<br />

contemplation, meditation and discussions of The Buddha’s teachings.<br />

The traditional tea ceremony offered at numerous venues<br />

around the city is a refreshing, meditative practice that cultivates<br />

a sense of tranquility and connection to the present moment.<br />

Kyoto is also home to exquisite Japanese gardens that illustrate<br />

the profound relationship between nature and spirituality in this<br />

gentle culture.<br />

Varanasi, India<br />

Varanasi may be the world’s oldest city, settled more than 4,000<br />

years ago. Located on the banks of the Ganges River, it is regarded<br />

as the spiritual heart of India, with a tradition of Hindu mythology,<br />

as well as Buddhism. Religious, humanist and secular visitors frequent<br />

the evening aarti ceremony, when sadhus [sages] show their<br />

devotion by raising flaming lamps amid the aroma of incense.<br />

Nataliya Hora/ShutterStock.com<br />

16 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Filip Fuxa/ShutterStock.com<br />

Italy<br />

As there are many sacred sites in Italy, a guided experience or<br />

well-planned itinerary may help facilitate an immersive spiritual<br />

journey. This is a labor of love for Phil Cousineau, author of more<br />

than 40 books, teacher, editor, independent scholar, documentary<br />

filmmaker, travel leader and storyteller. His lifelong fascination<br />

with art, literature and history of culture has taken him on journeys<br />

around the world.<br />

Author of The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide to Making<br />

Travel Sacred, Cousineau has stated, “To shine the light of your<br />

own natural curiosity into the world of another traveler can<br />

reveal wonders—to remember the mysteries you forgot at home.<br />

What matters most on your journey is how deeply you see, how<br />

attentively you hear, how richly the encounters are felt in your<br />

heart and soul.”<br />

In partnership with Sacred Earth Journeys, Cousineau has<br />

prepared a guided tour in November entitled The Sweet Life of<br />

Mythic Italy, which will explore sacred locations in Rome, Perugia,<br />

Assisi, Montepulciano, Florence, Verona and Venice. To learn<br />

more, visit Tinyurl.com/SweetLifeTour.<br />

Shaiith/ShutterStock.com<br />

Stonehenge, England<br />

Every year, more than a million people make the spiritual voyage<br />

to Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, England. Archaeologists are still seeking<br />

a plausible explanation as to how the stones weighing multiple<br />

tons were transported to the site. This ancient masterpiece of prehistoric<br />

engineering remains shrouded in mystery to this day.<br />

There is further spiritual charm in myths around the purpose of<br />

Stonehenge. People ask, “Was it intended as a funeral monument,<br />

an astronomical observatory, a tool to predict the seasons or a<br />

sanctuary where the sun was worshipped?” Stonehenge is believed<br />

to be an epicenter of Earth energy with as many as 14 ley lines<br />

converging on the site—powerful channels of energy associated<br />

with places of ancient and primordial significance.<br />

It is plain to see that when we are ready to invest in our spiritual<br />

well-being in a fun, mind-expanding way, many mind-body-spirit<br />

travel options abound.<br />

Kiki Powers is a health writer, blogger and national speaker specializing<br />

in plant-based nutrition and healthy green living. Learn more<br />

at RawKiki.com.<br />

Making the Most of a Spiritual Vacation<br />

by Linda Sechrist<br />

Phil Cousineau, author of The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker’s Guide to Making Travel Sacred, specializes<br />

in creating meaningful travel experiences and leading tours to sacred sites. “All pilgrimages are a<br />

search for meaning and purpose, which is why I prepare groups on how to travel deliberately, ways to<br />

experience it and how to integrate the experiences into daily life so they are not forgotten,” he says.<br />

Cousineau recommends getting off the bus, putting away the video recorder and simply walking<br />

into the landscape. “Remind yourself why you traveled to there,” he says. “Take the deepest, most<br />

probing question in your life with you. Chronicle your answer for two to five minutes daily. At the site,<br />

look for one detail that represents your entire visit that day and take a photo. Use active imagination to<br />

open your heart, rather than waiting for something to happen. Don’t compare your travels. When you<br />

are comparing where you are with where you’ve been, there’s no meaning—it becomes just one more<br />

purposeless tour.”<br />

To share the experience with traveling companions, Cousineau says, “I begin mornings over breakfast with a long conversation<br />

that includes any stories about where we’re visiting. We’re reminding ourselves that we’re forming a small community by traveling<br />

together and studying the same stories so that we can continue our long conversation over dinner. This is where the meaning starts<br />

to form and deepen.”<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


green living<br />

Understanding Light Pollution<br />


by Sheryl DeVore<br />

best works/ShutterStock.com<br />

At Montana’s Medicine Rock State Park, visitors have a rare opportunity to look<br />

up at the night sky and see an awe-inspiring display of planets and constellations,<br />

as well as the Milky Way, our spiral-shaped galaxy that contains about 100 billion<br />

stars, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is a magnificent<br />

sight, but those of us that live in or near cities with artificial lights beaming out of buildings<br />

and cascading over parking lots and highways may never get the pleasure.<br />

“Because of light pollution, up to 80 percent of people living in North America are<br />

unable to see the Milky Way where they live,” says Sabre Moore, executive director of the<br />

Carter County Museum, in Ekalaka, Montana. “Medicine Rock State Park is designated as<br />

an International Dark Sky Sanctuary, and the Carter County Museum has committed to<br />

safeguarding it in perpetuity.”<br />

The park’s sanctuary certification was<br />

issued by the nonprofit International Dark-<br />

Sky Association, based in Tucson, Arizona,<br />

with a grassroots network throughout the<br />

world. The organization offers five dark-sky<br />

designations based on stringent outdoor<br />

lighting standards and relies on the help of<br />

community stakeholders, such as Moore,<br />

who serves as a volunteer dark-sky preservation<br />

advocate. At Medicine Rock, she<br />

helps host sky-parties for people to enjoy<br />

18 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

the celestial show and learn about the negative<br />

impacts of light pollution.<br />

Threats Posed by<br />

Artificial Lighting<br />

The skies around cities are hundreds, if<br />

not thousands, of times brighter than they<br />

were 200 years ago, according to 2017<br />

research published in Science Advances.<br />

In addition to robbing us of the Earth’s<br />

nocturnal skyscape, outdoor illumination<br />

negatively affects many plants and animals,<br />

including humans. Human-made lighting<br />

threatens approximately 30 percent of<br />

nocturnal vertebrates and 60 percent of<br />

nocturnal invertebrates, and it “is increasingly<br />

suspected of affecting human health,”<br />

writes scientist Christopher Kyba, lead<br />

author of the report.<br />

The mechanisms by which these life<br />

forms are affected vary. For example, when<br />

birds migrate, they fly into buildings that<br />

are lit up at night. Scientists estimate that at<br />

least 100 million bird deaths in the United<br />

States annually are related to light pollution.<br />

“Bobcats and bats rely on the cover<br />

of darkness for their survival and are also<br />

being affected,” says Moore, adding that<br />

artificial light interrupts human circadian<br />

rhythms, thereby affecting our REM<br />

[rapid eye movement] sleep, which is vital<br />

for our well-being. The flight patterns<br />

of night-active insects are disrupted by<br />

outdoor lighting, which partially explains<br />

their declining numbers worldwide.<br />

A Simple Switch<br />

Saves Turtles<br />

It is possible to reduce these negative<br />

impacts, as the Sea Turtle Conservancy<br />

has proven. By getting people to modify<br />

the positioning and types of lights used in<br />

buildings along Florida and Texas beaches,<br />

the nonprofit has been able to rescue<br />

loggerheads, leatherbacks and green sea<br />

turtles from the brink of extinction.<br />

Female turtles have evolved to instinctively<br />

lay their eggs on the beach, allowing<br />

the hatchlings to emerge at night and head<br />

toward the light of the horizon into sea. Humans,<br />

however, have interrupted this natural<br />

course with artificial light emanating from<br />

the windows of high-rise condominiums,<br />

garden spotlights and outdoor lamps.<br />

“When hatchlings erupt out of their<br />

nests in the middle of the night, the bright<br />

horizon today is in the direction of the<br />

land. They go the wrong way into roads,<br />

parking lots, swimming pools or dunes,<br />

where they are run over by cars or subject<br />

to predation,” explains David Godfrey,<br />

executive director of the conservancy.<br />

Researchers have discovered that lights<br />

with longer wavelengths that are amber,<br />

orange and red in color do not disturb<br />

the turtles, as opposed to outdoor fixtures<br />

that emanate shorter-wavelength blue and<br />

white light. According to Godfrey, the<br />

good news for these sea creatures is, “LED<br />

can be programmed to emit the specific<br />

wavelength you want.”<br />

The conservancy works with coastal<br />

counties, beachfront property owners and<br />

others to switch to turtle-friendly lighting, and<br />

the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation<br />

often provides grants to pay the retrofitting<br />

costs. As a result, Godfrey reports, there<br />

has been increased nesting in areas with<br />

changed lighting and greater survivorship<br />

by the hatchlings.<br />

“We are saving tens of thousands of<br />

hatchlings every season, and homeowners<br />

are seeing a reduction in their utility bills.<br />

People love it. They’ve found the longer<br />

wavelengths are more pleasing to the eyes,”<br />

Godfrey asserts. “Since we know that light<br />

pollution affects various other forms of<br />

wildlife and humans, the managed use of<br />

lighting at night is something that everyone<br />

should pay attention to.”<br />

Tips to Address<br />

Light Pollution<br />

n Avoid blue-light fixtures.<br />

n Turn off unnecessary lights in<br />

the evening.<br />

n Use dimmers, timers and motion<br />

detectors.<br />

n Close curtains and blinds at night to<br />

stop indoor lights from beaming to the<br />

outdoors.<br />

n Visit Lights Out: Recovering Our Night<br />

Sky, an exhibit at the Smithsonian<br />

National Museum of <strong>Natural</strong> History,<br />

in Washington, D.C. (<strong>Natural</strong>History.<br />

si.edu/exhibits/lights-out).<br />

n Get involved at GlobeAtNight.org, a<br />

citizen-scientist group that monitors<br />

light pollution.<br />

n Support dark-sky designated areas<br />

(Tinyurl.com/DarkSkyPlace).<br />

Before sea turtle-friendly lighting<br />

Photo by David Godfrey<br />

After sea turtle-friendly lighting<br />

Photo by David Godfrey<br />

Sheryl DeVore is a frequent contributor<br />

to national and regional publications and<br />

has authored six books on science, health<br />

and nature. Learn more at SherylDeVore.<br />

wordpress.com.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


healing ways<br />

Medical Tourism<br />


by Sheila Julson<br />

Many Americans have<br />

experienced sticker shock<br />

upon receiving a medical or<br />

dental bill, whether or not<br />

they have health insurance.<br />

As healthcare costs continue<br />

to rise in the United States,<br />

patients are grabbing their<br />

passports and turning to<br />

medical tourism—the act of<br />

crossing borders to obtain<br />

quality medical care at<br />

a lower cost.<br />

Sergey Nivens/ShutterStock.com<br />

20 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

Andrew Angelov/ShutterStock.com<br />

“We have a great healthcare system in<br />

the United States, but it is priced out of<br />

the market for millions of people at the<br />

bottom of the economic pyramid,” says<br />

Josef Woodman, CEO of Patients Beyond<br />

Borders, a medical tourism resource. He<br />

estimates that to date, 2.1 to 2.4 million<br />

Americans have intentionally crossed borders<br />

specifically for medical care. Approximately<br />

65 percent of those people sought<br />

complex dental treatments.<br />

The town of Los Algodones, Mexico,<br />

located just over the U.S.-Mexico border<br />

near Baja California, has approximately<br />

300 dental clinics. Known as “Molar City”,<br />

the town is a mecca for people looking<br />

for more affordable dentistry. U.S. travelers<br />

also head to Costa Rica, Turkey and<br />

Thailand for elective cosmetic surgery,<br />

bariatrics, infertility treatments, orthopedic<br />

medicine, cardiology and cancer care, or to<br />

obtain low-cost pharmaceuticals.<br />

Add holistic treatments to the list, says<br />

David G. Vequist IV, Ph.D., the founder<br />

and director of the Center for Medical<br />

Tourism Research at the University of the<br />

Incarnate Word, in San Antonio. “People<br />

are very interested in how Asian countries<br />

naturally combine both alternative and<br />

traditional medicine. Philosophies like<br />

‘food as medicine’ are commonly used in<br />

treatments there,” says the 15-year scholar<br />

of medical tourism trends.<br />

Planning for the<br />

Best Outcomes<br />

According to Vequist, “The best Mexican<br />

hospitals are using the same standards that<br />

we have in the U.S.” In 2009, for example,<br />

when Mexico’s General Health Council<br />

set out to create national hospital certification<br />

standards in their country, officials<br />

followed protocols established by Joint<br />

Commission International, an influential<br />

U.S.-based nonprofit that has served as a<br />

global driver of health care quality improvement<br />

and patient safety for the past<br />

20 years.<br />

Nevertheless, it is important to understand<br />

that complications may arise during<br />

a healthcare procedure regardless of where<br />

it is performed. Vequist cautions that<br />

the farther a patient travels from home,<br />

the more likely they will be exposed to<br />

bacteria that is unfamiliar to their body.<br />

Also, traveling in a pressurized airplane<br />

after complex surgical procedures should<br />

be avoided, and seeking medical care<br />

outside of a patient’s regular care network<br />

may break the continuum of care, leading<br />

to miscommunication and errors in the<br />

transfer of medical records.<br />

“Although global health care isn’t for<br />

everyone, those who try it will find the<br />

quality is the same or better than at home,<br />

with modern facilities at a fraction of the<br />

cost,” says Paul McTaggart, founder of two<br />

specialized travel agencies—Medical Departures<br />

and Dental Departures—that help patients<br />

become informed about the best and<br />

most appropriate clinics and doctors around<br />

the world for their medical needs. They<br />

also book appointments, forward medical<br />

records and make travel arrangements.<br />

McTaggart vets medical providers<br />

outside of the U.S. by verifying doctor credentials<br />

with local regulatory authorities;<br />

measuring web reputations; conducting<br />

onsite inspections when possible; posting<br />

authentic, patient-verified reviews; removing<br />

partners that consistently receive poor<br />

reviews; and checking the web for legal and<br />

other claims against hospitals or clinics.<br />

Woodman advises that extensive research<br />

of foreign hospitals, clinics and providers<br />

is crucial for a positive medical-tourism<br />

outcome and cautions against making a decision<br />

based solely on cost. “There are some<br />

bad actors out there that advertise mostly<br />

on price to attract U.S. patients. If a clinic<br />

advertises that you’ll save 80 or 90 percent<br />

off U.S. healthcare prices, be wary—that’s<br />

way too high of a discount.”<br />

Other red flags include clinics that are<br />

located in strip malls or a lack of verifiable<br />

credentials for a provider. “A medical tourist<br />

needs to be a little more adaptable and<br />

critical of their surroundings,” Woodman<br />

says, adding that even if they’ve made the<br />

trip, when the circumstances seem off, a<br />

patient should never feel pressured to go<br />

through with the treatment or procedure.<br />

Jonathan Edelheit, president of the Medical<br />

Tourism Association, recommends<br />

using healthcare providers that are certified<br />

or accredited by international organizations<br />

like Global Healthcare Accreditation.<br />

“Be careful of trusting any website,” he<br />

warns. “Some medical tourism facilitators<br />

are middlemen or agencies that receive a<br />

commission. Some will refer you to the<br />

best provider, but some will refer you to a<br />

provider that provides the largest commission,<br />

but who isn’t the best.”<br />

Edelheit believes that with proper<br />

research and planning, cost-effective,<br />

quality health care is possible. He reminds<br />

travelers to avoid countries where the U.S.<br />

Department of State has issued a travel advisory,<br />

and he recommends speaking with<br />

several patients that have gone through the<br />

same procedure to get a firsthand review<br />

and manage expectations. He asserts,<br />

“The value you receive and being able to<br />

immerse yourself in another culture and<br />

integrate a vacation is something that most<br />

medical tourists treasure and cherish.”<br />

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and frequent<br />

contributor to <strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong>.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


fit body<br />

Yoga on Vacation<br />



by Carrie Jackson<br />

Travel can broaden our perspective<br />

of the world and take us on<br />

breathtaking adventures. These<br />

new experiences, however, often come with<br />

unexpected mental and physical challenges,<br />

stresses and anxieties. By incorporating<br />

yoga into the itinerary, we can cultivate<br />

a sense of peace, allowing us to show up<br />

as our best selves. From asanas after long<br />

hours of sitting to breathing exercises while<br />

waiting for a flight, yogic techniques can<br />

open the body and mind, letting us enjoy<br />

both the journey and destination.<br />

According to Jenny Kaufman, a Chicago-based<br />

yoga professional who leads international<br />

retreats and manages yogaview,<br />

in Wilmette, Illinois, a mindful yoga practice<br />

is different from stretching and is available<br />

for anyone, regardless of physical flexibility.<br />

“Yoga encompasses well-being, mindfulness,<br />

breathing and spiritual awareness. It leads<br />

you to pull inward, notice what and where<br />

you feel a sensation, and mindfully progress<br />

to another asana, or pose. Increased flexibility<br />

might be the byproduct of the practice,<br />

but that is not the point,” she explains.<br />

22 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com<br />

“Long layovers,<br />

changing time zones<br />

and different foods<br />

can confuse our internal<br />

clocks and wreak havoc on<br />

sleep and digestion,” Kaufman<br />

says. She recommends some<br />

poses to mitigate disruption and<br />

bring renewed vigor to body and mind: “To<br />

wind down before bed, incorporate cooling<br />

postures, such as Seated Forward Bend and<br />

Child’s Pose, that encourage the body to<br />

fold in and rest. For a burst of energy, try<br />

warming poses and heart openers, such<br />

as Cobra, Sphinx and Backbends. If space<br />

is limited, stand with fingers interlaced<br />

behind the back and gently press the pelvis<br />

forward. If digestion is slowed, simple twists<br />

and Wind-Relieving Pose can help move<br />

things along.”<br />

Kim Larkin, a New Jersey-based certified<br />

yoga teacher, leads international retreats<br />

as a way to share heart-opening cultural<br />

adventures with other curious beings. “My<br />

main practice when travel stress is creeping<br />

in is to drop my attention into my breath,”<br />

she says. “Just focusing on one breath cycle<br />

at a time will help to settle my attention into<br />

my body, begin to quiet my nervous system<br />

and bring me to a more grounded place. It<br />

can also be helpful to count the breath, as in<br />

Sama Vritti Pranayama or “box breathing”.<br />

Like a square, box breathing has four evenlength<br />

parts to it. Inhale to a count of four<br />

or five; hold the inhale for the same count;<br />

FamVeldShutterStock.com<br />

exhale to four or five; and hold at the bottom<br />

of the exhale. Repeating this as needed<br />

helps to calm both the mind and body.”<br />

Margi Young, an Oakland, California-based<br />

yoga instructor and retreat<br />

leader, says, “When traveling, it’s natural<br />

to want to jump into a busy schedule of<br />

exploring new destinations, but starting<br />

the day with a few conscious breaths and<br />

Sun Salutations can set the foundation for<br />

a more grounded experience. This allows<br />

you to be your best self and move through<br />

your journeys with less anxiety and fresh<br />

eyes. Or, get off the traditional yoga script<br />

and take a few minutes to put on your<br />

favorite tunes and dance to get into your<br />

body.”<br />

Young also recommends incorporating<br />

yoga throughout the day while traveling<br />

to reset from any physical and mental<br />

stress. “In an airport, find a secluded place<br />

you feel comfortable doing a Downward<br />

Dog. Instead of putting your hands on the<br />

ground, you could put them on the seat of<br />

a chair. This grounding pose lengthens the<br />

spine, opens the shoulders and draws your<br />

attention inward,” she explains. “On a plane<br />

or bus, reaching your arms overhead gives<br />

space to condensed organs; ankle circles<br />

help increase circulation; and seated Figure<br />

Four opens up tight hips,” she advises.<br />

If time allows, Young also suggests<br />

finding a yoga studio and popping in for a<br />

class. “Taking a yoga class in a new country<br />

or city can provide an immediate sense of<br />

community and is often a uniting gateway<br />

Sun Salutations_Art Alex/ShutterStock.com

to other connections when navigating new<br />

and different surroundings,” she asserts.<br />

Yoga helps to develop patience, an aptitude<br />

that Kaufman says can serve us throughout<br />

our travels. “Mindfully moving through a<br />

practice encourages us to listen and be patient<br />

with our bodies, and it provides valuable<br />

feedback on where we are and what we need.<br />

Instead of jumping into a deep stretch, purposefully<br />

encourage the hamstring to open<br />

up and notice how that feels. Cultivating that<br />

patience for ourselves changes the chemistry<br />

in your brain and becomes a microcosm for<br />

how you put yourself into the world. You’re<br />

able to be more patient with flight attendants,<br />

travel partners and everyone else you may<br />

encounter,” she shares.<br />

For Larkin, practicing yoga while traveling<br />

cultivates inner peace. “The stress of travel<br />

can bring out the worst in us, but we can<br />

do our best to stay kind and considerate<br />

by keeping in mind the yoga teaching of<br />

Ahimsa: non-harming,” she says. “Most<br />

things work out, even if you lose your luggage<br />

or miss your flight. And most people<br />

are good, wanting to help you find your luggage<br />

or rebook your flight or commiserate<br />

when your vacation didn’t go quite to plan.”<br />

Kari Seaverson DDS<br />

John Seaverson DDS<br />

Let's Talk <strong>Natural</strong> Wellness<br />

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professionals who share the latest<br />

information for you to lead a<br />

healthier, happier life.<br />

Sundays from 10-11 am<br />

Podcasts available at AM950Radio.com<br />

Tooth by the Lake<br />


1401 Mainstreet<br />

Hopkins, MN 55343<br />

952-475-1101<br />

ToothByTheLake.net<br />

Carrie Jackson is a Chicago-based freelance<br />

writer. Connect at CarrieJacksonWrites.com.<br />

Experience healthier dentistry<br />

Oostendorp/peopleimages.com<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


healthy kids<br />

Helping Kids Cope<br />


by Carrie Jackson<br />

Maria/AdobeStock.com<br />

Children today are facing ever-increasing amounts of<br />

stress and anxiety. In addition to academic pressure,<br />

bullying and family dynamics, kids are worried<br />

about navigating social media, climate change and<br />

school shootings. While a certain amount of stress is<br />

normal and healthy, too much can cause debilitating<br />

physical, emotional and cognitive effects.<br />

24 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com

A 2010 study published by the National Scientific Council on<br />

the Developing Child, at Harvard University, reports that persistent<br />

fear and chronic anxiety can have lifelong consequences<br />

by disrupting the developing architecture of the brain. Parents<br />

can help anxious kids by modeling stress-management and<br />

problem-solving techniques, and inviting their children to talk<br />

about their feelings.<br />

Acknowledging and Coping With Fear<br />

While each child’s anxiety is unique, the themes are often universal.<br />

“Children fear not being liked, being made fun of, failing when<br />

they try new things, getting hurt, losing a loved one, being left out<br />

and not fitting in. If this list seems familiar, it’s because they are all<br />

the same fears adults have too,” says Michelle Nelson-Schmidt, an<br />

author and illustrator of 32 children’s books, including What If I<br />

Know My Feelings? and The Whatif Monster series. “It is debilitating<br />

when we don’t talk about our fears and anxieties. Children often<br />

don’t have the vocabulary to verbalize their fears, so they bottle it<br />

up, letting fears get bigger and scarier. The earlier they learn that it’s<br />

okay to be scared, to talk about their fears and to ask for help, the<br />

less power fear and anxiety will have over their brains.”<br />

According to Dr. Carol Penn, author of Meditation in a Time of<br />

Madness: A Guidebook for Talented Tweens, Teens, Their Parents<br />

& Guardians Who Need to Thrive, “Fear is a natural phenomenon.<br />

It’s how we’re hardwired to survive as a species. However,<br />

when fear turns into anxiety and the body enters a chronic state<br />

of hyper-arousal with raised cortisol levels, it can be debilitating.<br />

This shortens attention spans and disrupts the hypothalamic loop,<br />

which deals with creating short-term memory, causing kids to<br />

lose the ability to engrain long-term learning.”<br />

Penn notes that kids can pick up on their parents’ anxiety, so it<br />

is imperative to model self-care and create a soothing home environment.<br />

“Children are unsettled when their parents are unsettled.<br />

By observing body language and energy, kids can intuitively<br />

gauge when something is wrong, and they often make up stories<br />

about why,” she explains. “Teaching kids to take regular breaks<br />

throughout the day for relaxed awareness encourages them to<br />

notice a mind-body connection. Take two minutes before getting<br />

out of the car or starting a new activity to pay attention to your<br />

breath and observe and label pain or tension in the body. If you<br />

are hunching your shoulders or clenching your jaw, make mindful<br />

adjustments to reset and settle the body and nervous system.”<br />

an awareness of self and make healthy decisions. By practicing<br />

coping skills with everyday stressors, our students are learning to<br />

develop feelings of control, safety and resiliency as they navigate a<br />

traumatic experience or event.”<br />

According to Fleischer, “While there is little control of one’s<br />

outside world and circumstances, kids can find calm in a storm<br />

through strategies like deep breathing, recognizing your five<br />

senses, listening to music, reaching out to loved ones, using ice<br />

packs for sensory intervention and giving oneself a strong bear<br />

hug. Students will get to know which ones work for them. It is also<br />

essential to disrupt maladaptive coping mechanisms like avoidance,<br />

which do not allow for the practice of these healthier ways<br />

of self-management.”<br />

Building Resilience for the Future<br />

“Thoughts are the language of the mind, and feelings are the<br />

language of the body,” Penn counsels. “When stress develops, have<br />

kids draw three pictures identifying what it looks like for them.<br />

The first is a picture of themselves right now; the second is the<br />

challenge they’re facing; and the third is how they will feel when<br />

the challenge is resolved. This gives children control over their<br />

feelings, allowing them to self-soothe and creatively work through<br />

challenging situations. When children learn to be adaptable, flexible<br />

and imaginative critical thinkers, they can respond to even the<br />

darkest days and move forward with grace and hope.”<br />

Carrie Jackson is a Chicago-based freelance writer. Connect at<br />

CarrieJacksonWrites.com.<br />

Maria/AdobeStock.com<br />

Overcoming Anxiety After a Traumatic Event<br />

Last year, Highland Park, Illinois, experienced the improbable<br />

yet possible event of a mass shooting during their Fourth of July<br />

parade. “While the community worked to rediscover a sense of<br />

safety, our school focused on the necessary structures and initiatives<br />

to help students heal and rebuild,” says Holly Fleischer, the<br />

assistant principal of diversity, equity and inclusion at Highland<br />

Park High School. “As we started the school year, we recommitted<br />

to a focus on social-emotional learning by teaching strategies<br />

to manage emotions, sustain healthy relationships, develop<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


inspiration<br />

Embrace the<br />

Winding Road<br />

by Marlaina Donato<br />

Life’s transitions can feel like a broken bead necklace, with scattered pieces of ourselves<br />

waiting to be restrung. When we pack up our lives to move into a new home<br />

or organize neglected drawers, we may stir up clouds of bittersweet memories.<br />

Watching our kids leave the nest, we might wonder where the time has gone. As a new self<br />

struggles to emerge from the chrysalis, our hormones might take us on a rollercoaster ride<br />

before unveiling breathtaking wings.<br />

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock.com<br />

At times, we have one foot on shifting<br />

sands and the other in midair, waiting<br />

to connect to solid ground. Inspirational<br />

author Neale Donald Walsch says,<br />

“Life begins at the end of your comfort<br />

zone”—wise words for those of us that<br />

are halfway across the rickety swinging<br />

bridge of change.<br />

Breaking our own rules can gift us with<br />

a brand of freedom that we’ve only imagined.<br />

Seasoned travelers and weekend<br />

adventurers might agree that setting aside<br />

plans and maps invites unforeseen magic.<br />

Ordering something we cannot pronounce<br />

on the menu, turning left instead<br />

of right or revisiting an old dream might<br />

be a wonderful decision.<br />

When we take our hands off the wheel<br />

and float into possibility, the universe<br />

smiles and nudges our secret longing for<br />

something new, something more harmonically<br />

aligned with our own unique<br />

frequency. Meeting life in the moment,<br />

wherever we happen to be, can be a challenging<br />

but rewarding spiritual discipline.<br />

When we take a deep breath and turn<br />

the page, life deepens in color and gets<br />

more interesting. When we resist the<br />

well-meaning way that has been carved<br />

out for us and choose to go off the beaten<br />

path despite the uncertainty ahead, we<br />

will meet ourselves more deeply, no<br />

matter what happens. Perhaps this is the<br />

meaning behind it all—the magical door<br />

we seek. Honoring the sanctity of change<br />

is the key to fulfillment.<br />

Marlaina Donato is an author, visionary<br />

painter and composer. Connect at<br />

JaguarFlower.art.<br />


7 Weekends of Huzzah & Cheers!<br />

Open Weekends Aug 19 - Oct 1<br />

Plus Labor Day Monday, <strong>September</strong> 4th<br />

& Festival Friday, <strong>September</strong> 29th<br />

9am - 7pm Rain or Shine<br />

Park & Ride Recommended<br />

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See Website for More Information<br />

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Traditional<br />

World Medicine<br />

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calendar of events<br />

featured event<br />

Discover Your Highest<br />

Purpose<br />

Sri Harold Klemp, the spiritual leader<br />

of Eckankar, shares wisdom through<br />

stories and spiritual insights that bring<br />

meaning, connection and humor to the<br />

workings of Spirit in everyday life.<br />

Fridays at 7pm<br />

Watch on Channel 6 or via MCN6.org<br />

For more information, visit Eckankar.org,<br />

TempleOfECK.org or<br />

Facebook.com/Eckankar.<br />


West 7th Mississippi Market Blood Drive – 10am-<br />

4pm. The “bloodmobile” donation bus will be in<br />

the parking lot of Mississippi Market’s West 7th<br />

store. Due to limited space, donors must schedule<br />

an appointment. Free. 1500 West 7th St., Saint Paul.<br />

MSMarket.coop/event.<br />


Community Cooks @New Salem Lutheran<br />

Church – 5-7:30pm. Community Cooks workshops<br />

bring community members together to cook, eat,<br />

learn and discuss social change. All are welcome<br />

and dinner is on us. Bring your friends, neighbors,<br />

and family. Free. 4150 Dupont Avenue, North Minneapolis.<br />

AppetiteForChangemn.org/event.<br />


21, 28<br />

Career Services – 10am-12:30pm. Open to everyone<br />

for drop-in job search assistance and career<br />

planning including resume development, applying<br />

to job postings, interview tips, networking, LinkedIn<br />

and more. Free. 2180 North Hamline Ave.,<br />

Roseville. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Magnet Senior Center – 5-7pm. Join for conversation,<br />

read the newspaper, or do a crossword puzzle. This is<br />

a drop-in program. Each week will feature an activity.<br />

All individuals age 50+ are welcome. 300 Nicollet<br />

Mall. Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


22, 29<br />

Spanish Group - 1-2:30pm. Meet with other adults for<br />

friendly conversation while speaking in Spanish. Open<br />

to anyone who is interested in learning, speaking or<br />

practicing their Spanish skills. Free. 15700 36th Ave.<br />

N., Plymouth. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


23<br />

Maker Adult – 10am-1pm. Use the Library’s<br />

laptops to design a 3D model, create your own<br />

stickers, cards, or other cardstock cutouts, or<br />

utilize the video and photo editing software. Free.<br />

2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Citizenship Class - 3:30-5pm. Join Literacy Minnesota<br />

and the Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota<br />

for free citizenship classes to understand the<br />

process, study for the interview, learn about U.S.<br />

history and government, and get free help from a<br />

lawyer. Free. 1200 Payne Avenue, Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

SUNDAYS, SEPTEMBER 10, 17, 24<br />

League of Extraordinary Makers – 2-4pm. Bring<br />

your knitting, crochet, sewing, cross-stitch, quilting,<br />

rugs, weaves, or other fiber arts projects to work<br />

on and meet other local fiber artists. All levels of<br />

experience welcome. Free. 12601 Ridgedale Dr.,<br />

Minnetonka. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Green Seniors: Minnesota Prairies, Past and<br />

Present – 10-11am. Join naturalist Teresa Root to<br />

learn about Minnesota’s prairies in the past and<br />

what’s happening now to restore this amazing biome.<br />

$5. Main Property, Farm Entrance 3, 1701 Charlton<br />

Street, West St. Paul. DodgeNatureCenter.org/event.<br />

Keystone FoodMobile Distribution – 10am-12pm.<br />

The Keystone Community Services FoodMobile<br />

will be distributing free groceries in the parking lot.<br />

This service is available to anyone in need. Free.<br />

2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Karen Chan Art: Sunflowers in Acrylic – 5:30-<br />

7:30pm. Come meet other gardeners to exchange<br />

ideas, problems, tips and tricks all about the plant<br />

world. Free. 4560 Victoria St., N. Shoreview.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Highland Park Book Club – 6-7:30pm. Join for<br />

a discussion of The Color of Water: A Black Man’s<br />

Tribute to His White Mother by James McBride.<br />

Kirkus Reviews says “McBride’s mother should<br />

take much pleasure in this loving if sometimes<br />

uncomfortable memoir, which embodies family<br />

values of the best kind. Free. 1974 Ford Parkway,<br />

Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

MONDAYS, SEPTEMBER 11, 18, 25<br />

Drop-in Computer and Tech Help – 1:30-3:30pm.<br />

If you need extra help on the computer, tablet or other<br />

piece of technology and are searching for a job or<br />

working on a resume. Staff are available to help and<br />

answer your questions. Registration not required.<br />

Free. 4560 Victoria St., N., Shoreview. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Lactation Lounge with Ramsey County Health -<br />

10am-12pm. A free drop-in breastfeeding/ chestfeeding<br />

support service. Come share tips and socialize with<br />

other families. Free. Highland Park, 1974 Ford Parkway,<br />

Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Seed Talk: How to Save Seeds – 6:30-7:30pm. This<br />

Seed Talk will show you how to save common vegetable,<br />

flower and native plant seeds for your own<br />

garden or to donate to the White Bear Lake Seed<br />

Library. Free. 2150 2nd Street, White Bear Lake.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

TUESDAYS, SEPTEMBER 12, 19, 26<br />

Small Business Consultations – 10:30am-12:30pm.<br />

Bring your small business idea/problem and experienced<br />

SCORE counselors will offer free, one-on-one<br />

confidential counseling on all aspects of small business<br />

start-up and management. Free. 300 Nicollet Mall,<br />

Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Puzzle Pals – 12:30-4:30pm. Join every third<br />

Sunday of the month for a day of making friends<br />

and making puzzles. Puzzles will be provided at the<br />

library, though you’re welcome to bring your own.<br />

Free. 4560 Victoria St., N. Shoreview. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


East Lake Vegan Recipe Club – 6:30-7:30pm. If<br />

you are curious about vegan cooking, this virtual<br />

club is for you. Each month participants make recipes<br />

from popular cookbooks prior to meeting, then<br />

share their reflections with the group. Free. Online.<br />

HCLib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Creating a Successful Etsy Shop: Introduce<br />

Your Shop – 1:30-3:30pm. Learn how to establish<br />

an online business to sell your handcrafted or vintage<br />

products using Etsy. Understand Etsy fees,<br />

track your business expenses, package and ship<br />

your item, and price your item for profit. Free.<br />

2180 North Hamline Ave., Roseville. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

featured event<br />

Women’s Mushroom<br />

Conference<br />

This weekend-long women’s mushroom<br />

conference focuses on understanding<br />

fungi as the Grandmothers of our<br />

ecosystems. Silently shaping the soil<br />

beneath our feet, fungi are key players<br />

in Earth’s health and the trajectory of<br />

human culture around the globe. Still, we<br />

find ourselves in a time where the study<br />

of fungi is considered to be a neglected<br />

megascience, their mycelium, a mystery.<br />

<strong>September</strong> 22-24<br />

Almond, WI<br />

For more information, visit<br />

MyceliumMysteries.com.<br />


Babycake’s Bookmobile – 10am-2pm. Babycake’s<br />

Book Stack is coming back to the co-op. Owner<br />

Zsamé particularly focuses on bringing in books in<br />

different languages that feature a wide variety of<br />

cultures and stories on immigrants, refugees and<br />

people of color. Free. 740 East 7th St., Saint Paul.<br />

MSMarket.coop/event.<br />

Be Your Own Publisher – 1-2:30pm. Self-publishing<br />

is one respected way for authors to publish. In<br />

this session, you will learn how to move your project<br />

forward and launch your book into the world. Free.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


2200 Central Ave., N.E., Minneapolis. HCLib.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Family History Digital Preservation - 2:30-5pm.<br />

Join for a brief talk on best practices for preserving<br />

family history, then registrants will have the<br />

opportunity to make digital copies of their memories.<br />

Free. 90 West 4th Street, Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Graphic Design with Photoshop – 1:30-2:30pm.<br />

Learn about Adobe’s Photoshop and its many uses in<br />

graphic design and digital art creation. This demo will<br />

explore commonly used tools and features providing a<br />

foundation for getting started. Free. 15700 36th Ave.,<br />

N., Plymouth. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related<br />

Behavior – 1-2pm. Learn to decode<br />

behavioral messages, identify common behavioral<br />

triggers, and discover strategies to help intervene<br />

with some of the most common behavioral challenges<br />

of Alzheimer’s disease. Free. 8800 Penn Ave. S.,<br />

Bloomington. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Sage Health Screening Program – 2-4pm. Drop<br />

in to learn more about free screening and diagnostic<br />

services available related to breast and cervical<br />

cancer from the Minnesota Department of Health’s<br />

Sage Screening Program. Free. 8800 Penn Ave., S.,<br />

Bloomington. Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Striving for Resilience: Building Healthy Soil<br />

Workshop – 6-7pm. Join entomologist and soil health<br />

evaluator, Dr. Ann Marie Journey, to learn about soil<br />

ecology in the urban environment. Find out what<br />

actions you can take to build healthier soils at home,<br />

support farmers using soil health practices to grow our<br />

food, and more. Free. 12601 Ridgedale Dr., Minnetonka.<br />

Hclib.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

save the date<br />

Sound of Your Soul Retreat<br />

Discover Your Inner Voice - this retreat<br />

will help you discover what’s been holding<br />

you back and keeping you stuck.<br />

You will learn how to listen to your<br />

inner wisdom, and get in touch with<br />

what’s most important to you. Finally,<br />

you will receive tools for deepening<br />

your connection with yourself and<br />

others. Sound of Your Soul Retreat is<br />

about helping you trust and honor your<br />

Divine self.<br />

October 26-29<br />

Cost: $650<br />

(Special offer $599<br />

ends <strong>September</strong> 21)<br />

Wabasha, MN<br />

For more information, visit YeswardCoaching.<br />

com/sound-of-your-soul-retreat<br />



MakerKids Take-and-Make Kit: Climbing Origami<br />

– All Day. Drop by RCL-Mounds View for a<br />

take-home Maker Kids activity while supplies last.<br />

No registration required. Best for ages 5 and up.<br />

Free. 2576 Mounds View Boulevard, Mounds View.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


13, 20, 27<br />

FunLab – 2:30-3:30pm. Drop in anytime to hang<br />

out and make cool stuff. Featuring crafts, science<br />

experiments, engineering projects, and more. Free.<br />

2245 Como Ave., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

Level Up at the Library – 3-5pm. Hang out, mess<br />

around and geek out at the George Latimer Central Library.<br />

Whether you enjoy video games, arts and crafts,<br />

or tech – we have something for you. Free. 90 West<br />

4th St., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Bluey Three Ways – 10:30-11:30am. Join for a morning<br />

craft buffet where you can make three different<br />

Bluey craft projects. No registration necessary, while<br />

supplies last. Best for ages 3 and up with an adult<br />

caregiver. Free. 2300 North St. Paul Drive, North St.<br />

Paul. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

Early Reader’s Book Club – 1-3pm. Get excited<br />

about reading by exploring great books and fun activities<br />

at the library. We will investigate a new book,<br />

explore its elements and read a portion, and do a fun<br />

activity at each meeting. Free. 2150 2nd Street, White<br />

Bear Lake. RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


21, 28<br />

Pajama Storytime at Sunray – 6-6:30pm. Wear<br />

your PJs to the library for this special evening storytime.<br />

Sing, play, read stories under twinkle lights, and<br />

get our wiggles out before we wind down for bedtime<br />

with stretches and calm music. Free. 2105 Wilson<br />

Ave., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Movie on the Library Lawn: Space Jam –<br />

7-8:30pm. Grab a blanket or some lawn chairs and<br />

set up on the library lawn for a special free screening<br />

of the basketball-meets-the-Looney-Toons movie,<br />

Space Jam. Free. 2245 Como Ave., Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events<br />


22, 29<br />

Shake Your Sillies Out – 10:30-11:30am. This Early<br />

Childhood Playtime is designed for children ages 2-5<br />

and includes a story, stretching, movement, and lots<br />

of fun. Little ones can jump, crawl, balance, and twirl<br />

with these specially designed activities. Free. 2245<br />

Como Avenue, Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Mini Latch-Hook Rug – 4:30-6pm. Learn to use a<br />

latch hook tool, yarn and a gridded rug backing to<br />

design your very own contemporary or vintage-inspired<br />

mini rug, perfect to hang on your wall or<br />

use as a coaster. Materials provided. Free. 347<br />

E. 36th St., Minneapolis. Hclib.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />

MONDAYS, SEPTEMBER 11, 18, 25<br />

Minecraft Mondays – 4-5:30pm. Entering grades<br />

4-8. Collaborate as we learn new skills, take on<br />

new challenges and explore STEAM subjects in<br />

exciting Minecraft worlds. Free. 8500 W. Broadway<br />

Ave., Brooklyn Park. Hclib.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Nature After Dinner: Buzzing Bees – 6:30-<br />

7:30pm. Learn about honeybees and the sweet treat<br />

they make – honey. Visit Dodge’s buzzing beehives,<br />

learn about bee life, and taste different kinds of honey<br />

on your adventure into all things honeybees. $5.<br />

Main Property, Main Office Entrance 1, 365 Marie<br />

Avenue W, West St. Paul. DodgeNatureCenter.<br />

org/event.<br />

TUESDAYS, SEPTEMBER 12, 19, 26<br />

Board Game Tuesday at Sun Ray – 4-6pm.<br />

Tuesdays are for board games! Come play an<br />

old favorite or try something new. All ages welcome.<br />

Free. 2105 Wilson Ave., Saint Paul. Sppl.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Library After Dark – 12-1pm. Play board games<br />

at the library. All ages welcome. Assortment of card<br />

and board games. Free. 90 West 4th St., Saint Paul.<br />

Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Nature Playdate: Bugs, Butterflies and Bees<br />

– 10-11am. Hunt for bugs on the prairie, visit<br />

Dodge’s buzzing beehives and learn all about how<br />

insects help people—and how you can help them,<br />

too. $10. Main Property, Main Office Entrance<br />

1, 365 Marie Avenue W., West St. Paul. Dodge<br />

NatureCenter.org/event.<br />


Saturday Vibe: Mid-Autumn Festival – 11am-<br />

12pm. This program covers reptiles both large<br />

and small, common and rare. We slither around<br />

the world to meet reptiles from every continent<br />

they’re found on. Free. 90 West 4th St., Saint<br />

Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Family Storytime Guest - Learning Tree Yoga<br />

– 10:30-11am. Join for a special yoga storytime<br />

featuring Ms. Jessie from Learning Tree Yoga. Appropriate<br />

for ages 2-5. No registration is required.<br />

Free. 4560 Victoria St., N., Shoreview. RCLReads.<br />

BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

28 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com


Teen Dungeons and Dragons – 6:30-8pm. A<br />

safe space for both experts who want to join a<br />

campaign and newbs who want to learn the game.<br />

D&D is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game<br />

where participants join forces to tell epic stories<br />

and go on amazing adventures together. Free.<br />

645 E 7th St., Saint Paul. Sppl.BiblioCommons.<br />

com/events.<br />


Sensory-Friendly Sunday – 11am-12pm. The<br />

library in Shoreview will open an hour early for<br />

youth and families who have special sensory<br />

needs or who are looking for a quieter, more<br />

adaptive environment than regular library hours<br />

provide. Free. 4560 Victoria St., N., Shoreview.<br />

Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Family Storytime: Special Guest Lake Johanna,<br />

Fire Department – 10:30-11am. Join for a special<br />

storytime featuring your local fire department.<br />

Learn about fire safety, meet a firefighter and explore<br />

a fire truck. Free. 4560 Victoria St., N., Shoreview.<br />

RCLReads.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />


Textile Center: Wet Felted Geodes – 10:30-<br />

11:30am. Learn to make colorful felted beads with<br />

the Textile Center. Online registration required, appropriate<br />

for ages 7-12. Free. 2150 2nd Street White<br />

Bear Lake. Sppl.BiblioCommons.com/events.<br />

community resource<br />

guide<br />

Connecting you to the leaders in natural<br />

health care and green living in our<br />

community. To find out how you can be<br />

included in the Community Resource<br />

Guide, email Publisher@NAtwincities.<br />

com to request our media kit.<br />




Barb Ryan, CMT, CSD • 612-922-2389<br />

Bhakti Wellness Center<br />

7550 France Avenue S, #220, Edina<br />

WisdomSisterStudio.com<br />

Specializing in persistent and<br />

chronic pain and mysteries of the<br />

body. Also for people seeking the<br />

experience of deep relaxation<br />

and increased self-connection.<br />

Skilled and compassionate care.<br />

See ad, page 6.<br />



Soul Coach, Author and Teacher<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

We are in a time of fast evolution<br />

and we have the opportunity to release<br />

deeply held emotional and<br />

mental patterns along with karmic<br />

lifetimes that are keeping us stuck.<br />

The tools I have acquired and honed<br />

for more than 20 years will help you<br />

move beyond the stuck places in<br />

your life and help you align with the light of your soul.<br />

You will receive tools of empowerment that will help<br />

you continue on your life’s path and soul’s journey.<br />

See ad, page 13.<br />



Candi Broeffle, MBA, CPC<br />

Candi@ComposureCoaching.com<br />

763-270-8604<br />

ComposureCoaching.com<br />

Master your business so you can<br />

practice your passion. Business<br />

coaching for purpose-driven<br />

entrepreneurs to clarify your<br />

vision, build your confidence<br />

and create a soul-centered strategy.<br />

Call today for a free Discovery<br />

Session and get on your path<br />

to business success.<br />



Nea Clare<br />

NeaClare.com • Nea@NeaClare.com<br />

Would you like to say “YES” and<br />

make your dreams come true? If<br />

so, I can help! Book a strategy<br />

call with me today. I work exclusively<br />

for extraordinary women<br />

who are tired of waiting on the<br />

right time or circumstances before<br />

pursuing their dream career<br />

path – we’ll explore how life<br />

coaching has tremendous transformative power in<br />

strengthening self-confidence while also giving one<br />

unshakeable faith in your capability to achieve your<br />

goals. What you want is on the other side of your<br />

hesitation. If it is time to break through, schedule a<br />

call today at 612-227-3854 or email Nea@NeaClare.<br />

com. See ad, page 7.<br />



N7915-902 St<br />

River Falls, WI • 715-426-7777<br />

HealthCenteredDentistry.com<br />

Whole Person Dentistry observes<br />

and deals with the mind,<br />

body and spirit, not just your<br />

teeth. This approach to dentistry<br />

encompasses both modern<br />

science and knowledge drawn<br />

from the world’s great traditions<br />

in natural healing.<br />



3434 Lexington Ave. N., Suite 700<br />

Shoreview • 651-483-9800<br />

<strong>Natural</strong>SmilesDental.com<br />

We’re an integrative<br />

practice committed to<br />

promoting dental wellness<br />

and overall assistance to<br />

the whole person. We<br />

desire to participate in the<br />

creation of healthier lives,<br />

while being sensitive to physical, philosophical,<br />

emotional and financial concerns. See ad, page 7.<br />


Dr. Amy Ha Truong<br />

6230 10th St. N., Ste 520, Oakdale<br />

651-731-3064 • PureDentalMN.com<br />

Pure Dental offers integrative,<br />

holistic, alternative and biological<br />

dentistry for your dental health.<br />

We take pride in providing<br />

quality, holistic dental care and<br />

service for our patients. See ad,<br />

page 10.<br />


1815 Suburban Ave, St. Paul<br />

ToothBuilder.com • 651-735-4661<br />

We are a holistic dental practice<br />

devoted to restoring and enhancing<br />

the natural beauty of your smile<br />

using conservative, state-of-the-art<br />

dental procedures that result in<br />

beautiful, long-lasting smiles! We<br />

specialize in safe removal of<br />

infected teeth as well as placing<br />

ceramic implants and restorations. See ad, page 31.<br />


1401 Main St, Hopkins<br />

952-475-1101 • ToothByTheLake.net<br />

We build a foundation of trust<br />

by treating our patients as<br />

individuals. Understanding<br />

how uneasy some patients<br />

may feel about their dental<br />

visits, we make a difference<br />

by providing a relaxing and<br />

positive experience. See ad, page 23.<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />




Master Hong<br />

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner<br />

11012 Cedar Lake Rd., Minnetonka<br />

952-513-7285 or 914-708-9463<br />

Chronic pain? Suffering from<br />

emotions? Relationship problems?<br />

Life not going as planned? The<br />

Emotion Code is a tool I use to<br />

help you break through any<br />

emotional and spiritual blocks so<br />

you can live your best life. Trial<br />

session only $35.<br />


Mary Rice<br />

YourHealingConnection.com<br />

YourHealingConnection@gmail.com<br />

Mary uses The Body Code* to<br />

transform the lives of her clients.<br />

This comprehensive energetic<br />

healing method, developed by Dr.<br />

Bradley Nelson, allows her to<br />

quickly and easily identify specific<br />

imbalances that can underlie<br />

chronic ill health, pain and<br />

discomfort, dysfunction, and stress. Dr. Nelson<br />

discovered that you can access the wisdom of the<br />

subconscious to identify and address the energetic<br />

imbalances that cause health problems. The “hidden”<br />

root causes of disease and dysfunction are these<br />

emotional and physical imbalances that can drain<br />

energy and prevent healing, leaving you unable to live<br />

the life you deserve. The best part is, you can do this<br />

from the comfort of your own home via phone or<br />

Zoom. Set up a free 20-minute consultation today!<br />



Master Dowser<br />

AnnetteRugolo.com<br />

Is the energy of your home depleting<br />

you or supporting you? If you<br />

feel like you are hitting your head<br />

against a brick wall, it may be the<br />

wall of dense energy in your home.<br />

To more easily expand into our<br />

light and our soul purpose, it is<br />

important that the spaces we live<br />

energetically support us. Contact<br />

me for more information on dowsing, environmental<br />

healing and space clearing. See ad, page 13.<br />



Sara Shrode, Graphic Designer<br />

612-554-6304 • CampfireStudio.net<br />

Sara@CampfireStudio.net<br />

Ignite the possibilities of<br />

your next project by<br />

having Campfire Studio<br />

design it! Innovative, fullservice<br />

graphic design studio that takes the essence<br />

of a campfire—warmth, stories, community—and<br />

infuses it into every design project we do.<br />



1526 St Clair Ave, St Paul<br />

Mastels.com • 651-690-1692<br />

Mastel’s Health Foods is Minnesota’s<br />

oldest health and wellness<br />

store. We carry a full line of vitamins,<br />

minerals, supplements, herbs<br />

and more. We emphasize organic,<br />

biodynamic, biodegradable, holistic<br />

and hypoallergenic products and<br />

pride ourselves on stocking hardto-find<br />

items. See ad, page 13.<br />



AprilJonesND.com<br />

Info@AprilJonesND.com • 952-373-1173<br />

Dr. Jones is a registered naturopathic<br />

doctor providing virtual<br />

naturopathic medicine and holistic<br />

nutrition appointments.<br />

She works alongside patients to<br />

identify the root cause of health<br />

concerns while supporting them<br />

in becoming the healthiest version<br />

of themselves. Dr. Jones’<br />

clinical areas of focus include health optimization,<br />

disease prevention, preconception and postpartum<br />

care, gastrointestinal health, and natural support<br />

for anxiety. Schedule a free introductory call to<br />

learn more.TH<br />


7801 East Bush Lake Rd., Suite 240,<br />

Bloomington<br />

763-222-8600 • GenevieveWachutka.com<br />

Genevieve specializes in the<br />

practical application of time-tested<br />

tools and metaphysical wisdom<br />

to embody more of your<br />

potential, and experience greater<br />

clarity, joy, and purpose in life.<br />

Benefits include increased intuition<br />

and clarity; upleveled daily<br />

baseline of joy; peace within<br />

your heart and mind; improved relationship with<br />

self; and the ability to navigate a path of self-mastery<br />

to realize your greatness. Text 763-222-8600 or<br />

email Hello@GenevieveWachutka.com to schedule<br />

a complimentary discovery session. See ad, page 13.<br />




NAtwincities.com/Pages/Advertise<br />

763-270-8604<br />

Multiple advertising<br />

opportunities allow you to<br />

build and maintain your<br />

brand’s presence within your target market of healthconscious<br />

individuals. Through cutting-edge,<br />

inspiring print content and dynamic online presence,<br />

<strong>Natural</strong> <strong>Awakenings</strong> helps you get connected and stay<br />

effective. Online advertising is also very attractive,<br />

with great rates and opportunities to promote your<br />

business. Maximize your visibility and take advantage<br />

of unique opportunities to promote your business.<br />




PartneringUpVa.com • 763-270-8604<br />

As a business owner, you’re<br />

expected to be available 24<br />

hours a day, seven days a<br />

week to run your business,<br />

leaving you little time to<br />

focus on what you do best; strategize for growth, market<br />

your services and serve your clients. Partnering Up takes<br />

pride in helping small business owners outsource their<br />

tasks to our top notch, trained and highly skilled Virtual<br />

and Marketing Assistants that can help you automate<br />

your business.<br />



651-228-0632 • PetFoodShop.com<br />

Want your cats & dogs to live their very healthiest &<br />

longest life? Cats and dogs that were fed Evolution<br />

Diet dry kibble foods & moist<br />

canned food were found to<br />

have the highest percentage<br />

of best health and longest life<br />

expectancies compared to all<br />

cats and dogs eating other types<br />

of animal and plant based pet<br />

foods, accordingly to an international study. In<br />

addition, Evolution Diet pet food ingredients use<br />

80-90 percent less land mass and water, and produce<br />

no CO2, methane or nitrous oxide gases that are<br />

causing climate crisis. See ad, page 9.<br />

30 <strong>Twin</strong> <strong>Cities</strong> Edition NAtwincities.com



BarbBarb Ryan, CSD • 612-922-2389<br />

Wisdom Listening<br />

WisdomSisterStudio.com<br />

Longing for someone who will<br />

listen without judgment? Facing<br />

a tough decision and need a<br />

space to explore possibilities?<br />

Have some secrets corroding<br />

your being? Need a place to vent<br />

about loved ones without repercussions?<br />

Wisdom Listening can<br />

help. It’s not therapy or coaching.<br />

My sole objective is to provide a safe and<br />

supportive space for you to unburden and explore<br />

your mind, heart, and soul. Book your virtual session<br />

now. See ad, page 13.<br />




AM950Radio.com<br />

The only Progressive Talk Radio<br />

station in Minnesota. We strive to<br />

provide the best progressive<br />

programming available and<br />

feature national talkers Thom<br />

Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Mike<br />

Crute and Brad Friedman. We are<br />

also dedicated to local programming that creates a<br />

community forum for important Minnesota Progressive<br />

issues. See ad, page 32.<br />



7450 Powers Blvd., Chanhassen<br />

952-380-2200 • Eckankar.org<br />

Are you looking for the<br />

personal experience of<br />

God? Eckankar can help<br />

you fulfill your dream. We<br />

offer ways to explore your<br />

own unique and natural<br />

relationship with the Divine<br />

through personalized study to apply in your<br />

everyday life.<br />

If a metal does this to your skin...<br />

Imagine what it will do implanted<br />

inside of your body?<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

<strong>September</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


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