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Jada Pinkett Smith: What Manner of Love?

Jada Pinkett Smith: What Manner of Love?


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february <strong>2023</strong><br />

Best Street-<br />

Style<br />

Moments<br />

10 Gift<br />

Ideas For<br />

That Special<br />

Someone This<br />

Valentine<br />

Foods<br />

to Avoid<br />

Before a<br />

Big Date<br />

Night<br />

Exclusive<br />

Adesua<br />

Etomi and<br />

Banky:<br />

love<br />

actually<br />

The Naked<br />

Dress & 30<br />

Wardrobe<br />

Essentials to<br />

Consider in<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Matthew<br />

Ashimolowo<br />

predicts the<br />

president<br />

Jada<br />

Pinkett Smith:<br />

What Manner of Love?<br />

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Inside<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

66<br />

5 French Girl-Inspired<br />

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FOOD<br />

Jada<br />

Pinkett<br />

Smith:<br />

What Manner of Love?<br />

24<br />

74<br />

Foods to Avoid<br />

Before a Big<br />

Date Night<br />

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Paris Fashion Week S/S <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

From Christian Dior to Chanel<br />

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F<br />

ebruary is the month of<br />

love. You know, I thought<br />

of something interesting<br />

today – <strong>Feb</strong>ruary is a<br />

unique month of the year.<br />

Not only does it have 28 days<br />

(instead of 30 or 31), it gets<br />

29 days every four years. How<br />

unique is that? It is like the month<br />

is alive and can make changes<br />

to itself – how awesome!<br />

It is not a coincidence that this<br />

is the month dedicated to love.<br />

The fact that it is different from<br />

others and not definite in terms<br />

of the number of days every four<br />

years makes it even more unique.<br />

This, although unconsciously – I<br />

must admit, makes our cover<br />

special.<br />

Our cover – “Jada Pinkett<br />

Smith: What Manner of Love,” is a<br />

reflection and refraction of love in<br />

a different light, and there is none<br />

other that fits the bill perfectly like<br />

Jada – want to know how? Then<br />

dive in to find out.<br />

For our sub-feature, we chose<br />

Nigerian celebrity love birds –<br />

Banky W and Adesuwa Etomi, as<br />

we ask the hard questions – Love<br />

actually?<br />

As you know, <strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

remains the most balanced<br />

fashion and lifestyle<br />

magazine – sorry, Vogue!<br />

We have taken that crown,<br />

and I am not just saying this<br />

because I am the editor. So<br />

check out our magazines,<br />

and you be the judge.<br />

This edition also has a full<br />

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We love you – and we<br />

know you are aware of this!<br />

Lots of love,<br />

A .<br />

Ameena Dayo<br />

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Accessories<br />

Every Chic<br />

Lady Should<br />

Have in Her<br />

Wardrobe<br />

14<br />

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The Best It Girl<br />

– Approved Looks That<br />

Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day<br />

Praise David<br />

Look2<br />

Look1<br />

Given the ubiquity of<br />

Barbiecore and the rise<br />

of pavlova dressing, we<br />

believe this is going to be a big<br />

year for Valentine’s Day outfits.<br />

After a few years of low-key<br />

(a.k.a. couch-oriented) date<br />

nights and Valentine’s Day gift<br />

exchanges in wrinkly pajamas,<br />

you and your partner may want<br />

to kick things up a notch by<br />

getting dressed up and locking<br />

in a buzzy restaurant reservation<br />

in advance.<br />

Or maybe you’re thinking of<br />

reuniting with the girls at a big<br />

bougie brunch—whatever your<br />

plans are, outfit prep is key.<br />

Even if you aren’t the biggest<br />

fan of Valentine’s Day, it’s still<br />

a fun excuse to celebrate<br />

your significant other or your<br />

friends—even if it is a Hallmark<br />

holiday. Let us tell you. Wearing<br />

anything adorned with hearts or<br />

flowers will make you look like a<br />

Valentine’s Day enthusiast.<br />

But, in case that’s not exactly<br />

the vibe you’re going for, we’re<br />

here to show you a selection of<br />

outfits that are on the subtler<br />

side.<br />

Check through the beautiful<br />

pictures to see the most stylish<br />

outfits to wear this Valentine’s<br />

Day.<br />

4<br />



Look5<br />

Look 3<br />

Look6<br />

Look4<br />

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10<br />

Gift Ideas<br />

For That Special<br />

Someone This<br />

Valentine<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

1<br />

Initial Pendant<br />

Necklace<br />

This dainty and modern<br />

initial necklace will soon<br />

become their go-to<br />

accessory. They will think<br />

of you every time she<br />

puts it on.<br />

2<br />

Silk Sleep Mask<br />

Your king or queen deserves<br />

this silk sleep mask to help<br />

them dream about you.<br />

3<br />

Temperature Control<br />

Smart Mug<br />

If his/her coffee or tea is always<br />

getting cold before they are<br />

done with it, this high-tech<br />

temperature-control mug<br />

would be such a thoughtful gift.<br />

4<br />

Alexis Sunglasses<br />

Upgrade his/her frames with these<br />

classically elegant sunglasses that<br />

go with every outfit.<br />

There’s so much to love about<br />

Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a<br />

day about honouring love in all of<br />

its forms. And there are so many<br />

fun ways to celebrate. Maybe the<br />

centerpiece of your day is a romantic<br />

dinner with your honey, or maybe it’s<br />

cocktails and conversation with the<br />

girls for a Galentine’s Day bash.<br />

No matter what you do on the big<br />

day — and no matter the special<br />

person in your life — thoughtful<br />

Valentine’s Day gifts for them (and<br />

Valentine’s Day cards with meaningful<br />

messages, of course) make the day<br />

extra memorable.<br />

Our list of the best Valentine’s Day<br />

gifts for that special someone includes<br />

picks anyone who means the world<br />

to you. From timeless classics like<br />

roses and jewelry to personalized,<br />

sentimental gifts created with love<br />

just for that special someone, these<br />

presents are sure to please.<br />

The options on<br />

our list are budgetfriendly,<br />

like beauty<br />

products, self-care gifts, and<br />

chocolate all items you can afford no<br />

matter your budget.<br />

Of course, the most important gift<br />

of all is your love for each other. But<br />

choose a little something from our<br />

list to go with it and you’ve got all the<br />

makings of a flawless Valentine’s Day!<br />

6<br />



Mini Heart Waffle Maker<br />

Nothing says “I love you” like<br />

a stack of homemade heartshaped<br />

waffles.<br />

6<br />

5<br />

7<br />

Active Noise Cancelling<br />

Bluetooth Headphones<br />

Whether he/she needs to focus<br />

while working from home or likes<br />

listening to podcasts while she’s<br />

doing household tasks, these<br />

affordable noise-cancelling<br />

headphones are perfect.<br />

Rose Heart<br />

Bath Bomb<br />

8<br />

Give that special someone the gift<br />

of self-care with this luxe bath bomb<br />

made with organic ingredients<br />

including rose petals and rose<br />

essential oil.<br />

Converse Chuck Taylor<br />

Hidden Heart Low Topa<br />

Sneaker<br />

If they are in need of some new<br />

sneakers, these stylish Converse<br />

with a peekaboo heart are the<br />

perfect upgrade.<br />

9<br />

Heart Linzer Cookies<br />

If you’re hopeless when it comes<br />

to baking but still want to get your<br />

person something sweet, these<br />

cookies are here to save the day.<br />

They’re spiced almond butter<br />

cookies, sandwiched with<br />

homemade raspberry jam and<br />

dusted with confectioners’ sugar,<br />

and they come with this heart<br />

design that’s just perfect for V-Day.<br />

10<br />

Chandelier Candle<br />

This champagne, saffron,<br />

and leather-scented candle<br />

is hand-poured signature<br />

coconut and soy wax blend,<br />

and has a 55-hour burn<br />

time. It is subtle, soft and<br />

quiet - the perfect backdrop<br />

scent whether you are home<br />

alone reading a book, or<br />

entertaining family and<br />

friends. It’s always my first<br />

choice to light, or to share<br />

with others.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7


The Naked Dress &<br />

30<br />

Wardrobe<br />

Essentials to<br />

Consider in<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Kabirat Opoola<br />

The<br />

Naked<br />

Dress<br />

Alongside a new year comes<br />

a new beginning; some<br />

changes either to your<br />

routines or wardrobe.<br />

We have noticed the naked dress<br />

crawling back into the fashion light<br />

and this particular fashion trend is<br />

not for the weak. Giving off sexy,<br />

spicy, and skin, the naked dress is<br />

the go to dress of the season.<br />

The naked dress is a dress often<br />

made from sheer fabric. You know<br />

it when you see it or don’t see it. It<br />

is a garment that reveals as many<br />

details as they conceal. The dress<br />

was first worn by burlesque artists<br />

and showgirls before it migrated to<br />

the movie studios and was worn by<br />

famous actresses including Marlene<br />

Dietrich, Mae West, and Theda Bara.<br />

Since then, the runways and red<br />

carpets have been graced by<br />

different shades and designs of<br />

the naked dress. The naked dress<br />

emerged out of the era’s neutral<br />

shades and sleek, unembellished<br />

silhouettes that exposed fresh areas<br />

of the female body.<br />

Apart from the naked dress, here<br />

are 30 other wardrobe essentials to<br />

consider in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Slip Dress<br />

The slip dress is an essential<br />

you should consider<br />

adding to your wardrobe<br />

this year. For summer, the<br />

slip dress gives a chic<br />

appearance. You can also<br />

layer the slip dress over<br />

with knitwear during fall.<br />

8<br />



Black Pants<br />

Black pants would<br />

forever remain a classic<br />

wardrobe piece. For<br />

<strong>2023</strong>, you should<br />

consider adding classic<br />

black pants that you can<br />

wear for any occasion.<br />

Black pants are versatile<br />

and can be worn with a<br />

white t-shirt, round neck,<br />

denim, and sweaters<br />

Minimalist<br />

Earrings<br />

Always confused<br />

about which jewelry to<br />

wear with your outfits?<br />

Minimalist earrings are<br />

a wardrobe essential<br />

you should consider<br />

embracing this year.<br />

Denim Trousers<br />

No wardrobe is complete without<br />

a pair of denim trousers. Denim<br />

trousers are scared for every<br />

wardrobe and they are a go<br />

to outfit for every season. Tuck<br />

in a white t-shirt or pair with a<br />

crop top, the denim trousers<br />

are an item for a versatile look.<br />

If you don’t already have a pair<br />

of denim trousers, you should<br />

consider adding one to your<br />

wardrobe. They come in different<br />

designs including high waisted<br />

jeans, low waisted jeans, and<br />

baggy jeans. Baggy jeans and<br />

low waisted jeans are in trend.<br />

A Classic<br />

Shoulder Bag<br />

Every lady in one way<br />

or another needs a<br />

sophisticated bag to<br />

fit all her belongings<br />

either for a casual<br />

outing or a date.<br />

Silk Dress<br />

Silk fashion is in trend and<br />

one to own in <strong>2023</strong>. A mini or<br />

maxi, high-silt silk dress for any<br />

party emergency.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


Tweed Jacket<br />

Tweed jackets are another outer layer<br />

outfit you can add to your wardrobe.<br />

The tweed jacket has more structure<br />

than a cardigan and would work<br />

wonders for your wardrobe.<br />

Evening Bag<br />

A clutch, pouch, or mini bag is<br />

essential for an evening event,<br />

formal event, or wedding ceremony.<br />

They are little details that give your<br />

dress a glamorous look.<br />

Cardigan<br />

Cardigans are<br />

essential, especially<br />

during fall. You can<br />

style your cardigan<br />

over baggy jeans<br />

or layer it over a<br />

dress.<br />

Timeless<br />

Wristwatch<br />

Adding a timeless<br />

wristwatch to your<br />

wardrobe is never<br />

a bad option.<br />

Something you can<br />

wear and still look<br />

good irrespective of<br />

the recent trend.<br />

10<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Invisible Underwear<br />

Invisible underwear is comfortable and<br />

lay perfectly flat. You do not have to<br />

worry about your pant line showing.<br />

Neutral-<br />

Colored Blouse<br />

Another essential wardrobe<br />

addition for you this year is<br />

a neutral-colored blouse. A<br />

blouse that has the power<br />

to look good on any color of<br />

trousers. Nude, black, and<br />

white are some options you<br />

can consider for a capsule<br />


Tote Bag<br />

Every lady needs<br />

a tote bag. They<br />

are durable and a<br />

great carry all bag.<br />

Tote bags exist in<br />

different designs<br />

and<br />

sizes.<br />


Versatile Belts<br />

Belts are essential to add fittings<br />

and shape to an outfit. When<br />

choosing a belt, consider belts<br />

designed with sleek leather<br />

and elegant buckles. They are<br />

timeless accessories to use<br />

over and over again.<br />

A Black Dress<br />

One of the outfits essential<br />

for every wardrobe is a<br />

black dress. Either as a<br />

mini, maxi, or a little black<br />

dress, a black dress sure<br />

works many wonders.<br />

Oversized Blazer<br />

Oversized blazers are of the<br />

latest fashion trends and are<br />

being rocked in different ways.<br />

An oversized blazer is essential<br />

for every wardrobe this <strong>2023</strong>. You<br />

can style your oversized blazer as<br />

a dress or rock it as a jacket.<br />

Elevated<br />

White<br />

T-Shirt<br />

An elevated<br />

white t-shirt is<br />

essential for your<br />

wardrobe. You<br />

can pair them<br />

with a jean, or<br />

joggers and<br />

they can also<br />

be styled as an<br />

inner during fall.<br />

Silk Scarf<br />

Silk scarves are<br />

considered a fashion<br />

statement piece.<br />

Either styled as a<br />

scarf, neckpiece, or<br />

top, they add some<br />

glam to your outfit.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


Knitwear<br />

Sweater<br />

Knitwear sweaters<br />

can be worn across<br />

different seasons. Pair<br />

it with your jeans for<br />

a casual corporate<br />

look or layer it over<br />

with a coat during<br />

winter.<br />

Black<br />

Leather<br />

Jacket<br />

Leather jackets<br />

are back in trend<br />

and this time<br />

better than ever<br />

before. A leather<br />

jacket creates an<br />

opportunity for a<br />

chic look and also<br />

a baddie look.<br />

Oversized<br />

Shirt<br />

Oversized shirts are<br />

versatile and can<br />

be rocked as a<br />

dress or styled for a<br />

casual look. Belt an<br />

oversized shirt and<br />

there! You have a<br />

chic dress.<br />

Relaxed<br />

Tailored Pants<br />

Soft tailoring outfits were a<br />

highlight of the spring summer<br />

<strong>2023</strong> collection. The fashion<br />

world is gearing towards<br />

comfortable fashion. Relaxed<br />

tailored pants make an outfit<br />

looks almost effortless.<br />

Leggings<br />

Like it or not, owning a<br />

legging makes a lot of<br />

things easier. For summer,<br />

you can layer your leggings<br />

over with a light chiffon top<br />

and in winter can be worn<br />

underneath a pant or jean<br />

trousers. They can also be<br />

paired with white t-shirts,<br />

coats, and blazers.<br />

Loafers<br />

Loafers are comfortable<br />

to wear and match<br />

numerous outfit<br />

combinations.<br />

12<br />



Turtleneck Tops<br />

Turtleneck tops can be worn in<br />

different ways. For a corporate<br />

look, you can consider layering a<br />

blazer over it. The turtle neck top<br />

can also be worn with a pair of<br />

jean trousers or pant trousers.<br />

Sleeveless Sweater<br />

Sleeveless sweaters are another<br />

essential you should consider<br />

adding to your wardrobe this<br />

<strong>2023</strong>. They can be rocked alone<br />

or layered over a white t-shirt.<br />

Tank Top Or<br />

Camisoles<br />

Tank top serves the<br />

function of an inner top<br />

for a blazer, leather jacket,<br />

and denim jacket. A black<br />

tank top would make<br />

fashion easier and less<br />

stressful.<br />

White Button-Up<br />

Shirt<br />

Every wardrobe needs a white<br />

button-up shirt. Whether for a casual<br />

or corporate appearance, the white<br />

button-up shirt is ready to play any role.<br />

For a chic night out, the shirt can also<br />

be styled as a dress. White button-up<br />

shirts will forever remain a classic in<br />

every lady’s wardrobe.<br />

White Sneakers<br />

Every wardrobe needs a<br />

pair of white sneakers.<br />

The comfort and<br />

versatility they<br />

give are<br />

captivating.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


6 Accessories<br />

Every Chic Lady<br />

Should Have in Her<br />

Praise David<br />

Wardrobe<br />

Every stylish woman knows that accessories are her best friend. They<br />

can pull your outfit together in an instant and make even the most<br />

boring everyday outfit look glamorous.<br />

And there are those must-have accessories for women that we just can’t<br />

do without and those over-the-top few we save for special occasions.<br />

Here’s a list of 6 core accessories that you need to complete your<br />

wardrobe to ensure you always look your best…<br />

Shoes<br />

Just as with handbags, shoes<br />

should be another top pick<br />

in your ultimate accessories’<br />

checklist. Everything else may<br />

be additional, but shoes are<br />

the one accessory that you<br />

can never go without. Since you<br />

have to slip on a pair of shoes<br />

before heading out, why not<br />

match it to your outfit for extra<br />

style points?<br />

Having a few different styles<br />

means complementing each<br />

outfit perfectly. Sneakers or laceups<br />

for your casuals or athleisure,<br />

ballerinas for dressed-up<br />

casuals, heels for evening events<br />

or mules for ethnic wear, find the<br />

styles that fit your wardrobe.<br />

For sneakers, Ginger’s Light<br />

Pink pair with lace-up detailing<br />

has a sleek design that can<br />

be paired with everything from<br />

denims to joggers. And for<br />

something dressy? The opentoe<br />

block heels in Black will<br />

complement your western wear<br />

and ethnic wear alike.<br />

Jewellery<br />

From<br />

necklaces<br />

and bracelets<br />

to earrings and rings,<br />

there is so much you can choose<br />

from in this category of<br />

must-have accessories<br />

for women. You don’t<br />

have to pick every type<br />

of jewellery to elevate<br />

your outfit; even a<br />

single statement piece<br />

can give it the elegant<br />

touch it needs.<br />

Whether your<br />

jewellery consists of<br />

those everyday earrings<br />

you are always wearing or<br />

that shining layered necklace<br />

you wear with an evening dress,<br />

you can always find what suits your<br />

style and wardrobe. If you’re new<br />

to matching jewellery, choosing a<br />

complete set will take the thinking<br />

out of it. Estele has some gorgeous<br />

necklace and earrings sets that can<br />

be paired with anything casual,<br />

formal or even with your ethnic<br />

ensembles.<br />

14<br />



Handbags<br />

Bags come in a variety of<br />

colours, sizes, fabrics and designs<br />

– each with its own purpose and<br />

each adding its own value to your<br />

outfit. That’s why they are at the<br />

top of the list of must-have basic<br />

accessories. A large statement tote<br />

to put everything you need into<br />

or a stylish clutch for an evening<br />

out, pick a few handbags that are<br />

versatile enough to go with different<br />

occasions and outfits.<br />

A great everyday choice is the<br />

colour-blocked handheld bag<br />

from Code. The Brown, White and<br />

Mustard Yellow panels make it<br />

easy to match various looks, while<br />

the spacious compartments will<br />

make carrying everything you need<br />

less of a task. You could also add<br />

backpacks to your list of essential<br />

handbags to own – such as the<br />

Navy Blue backpack from Caprese.<br />

The playful floral print and denimlike<br />

texture give it that casual vibe<br />

that will go well with your weekend<br />

looks.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


Fragrances<br />

A very subtle yet one of the<br />

essential fashion accessories,<br />

perfumes go far beyond just<br />

making you smell good. Unlike<br />

other accessories whose<br />

colour or style needs to suit<br />

your body shape or outfit,<br />

perfume is that one accessory<br />

that is universal. It goes with<br />

every outfit, every body type,<br />

every occasion and definitely,<br />

can enhance every mood.<br />

Finding a signature scent you<br />

can turn to will make it easier<br />

to apply perfume every day,<br />

while you can save a few<br />

fragrances for those special<br />

moments. Choose from floral,<br />

citrus, woody, fruity, oceanic<br />

and the many other aromas<br />

that blend well with the natural<br />

smell of your skin.<br />

If you’re picking your<br />

signature scent, you can<br />

opt for some of the biggest<br />

perfume brands like Bvlgari,<br />

Burberry, Hermes, Michael<br />

Kors and more. Bvlgari’s<br />

Goldea Eau De Parfum<br />

has a sweet oriental scent<br />

that comes from the Ylang-<br />

Ylang and Orange Blossom,<br />

while My Burberry Blush<br />

from Burberry is more floral<br />

with hints of pomegranate,<br />

lemon, rose petals, jasmine<br />

and wisteria for a delicate<br />

feminine scent.<br />

16<br />



Sunglasses<br />

Regardless of the season,<br />

sunglasses are those<br />

fashionable and functional<br />

must-have accessories for<br />

women. They not only add a<br />

touch of style to your outfits,<br />

but they also protect your<br />

eyes from harmful UV rays and<br />

the glare of the sun that can<br />

cause damage in and around<br />

your eyes. Depending on<br />

your lifestyle, you can choose<br />

different coatings and lens<br />

technologies that can further<br />

protect your eyes.<br />

Apart from sun-blocking<br />

purposes, sunglasses can<br />

also make an edgy fashion<br />

statement. Pick from classic<br />

styles like Aviators, Wayfarers<br />

or round sunglasses, or if you<br />

like to keep up with fashion<br />

trends, you could try something<br />

oversized or micro. For versatile<br />

looks, the oval sunglasses from<br />

Kosch Elemente with Brown<br />

lenses in a metallic Gold frame<br />

will complement any look, while<br />

Kate Spade’s square sunglasses<br />

with a translucent Pink frame<br />

will add some colour to pep up<br />

your outfit.<br />

Watches<br />

One of the more classic essential<br />

fashion accessories a woman could<br />

have in her wardrobe, watches have<br />

been around for a long time. Like<br />

sunglasses, what started off as a<br />

functional piece to help you tell time has<br />

become a fashion favourite and a big<br />

part of people’s personal style.<br />

You can style a watch that is<br />

beautifully crafted and speaks of your<br />

overall style – a watch you can wear<br />

with every one of your outfits – or go for<br />

a more customised look that is curated<br />

to the event you are attending or the<br />

mood you’re in. Suppose you’re looking<br />

for a watch that will become a part of<br />

your everyday wardrobe or something<br />

you can style with anything. In that case,<br />

a metallic watch in Silver or Gold with<br />

a minimalistic analogue dial is a good<br />

way to go – like the Kenneth Cole watch<br />

with a Black analogue dial encrusted<br />

with crystal indexes has a stainless-steel<br />

strap. The embellished watch from Titan,<br />

on the other hand, is what you need for<br />

those special events.<br />

The Rose Gold strap is<br />

encrusted with Purple<br />

and Pink crystals,<br />

while the simplistically<br />

designed dial has a<br />

marble-like finish in the<br />

same hues – a luxurious<br />

touch to your outfit.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17

10 Key Spring /Sum<br />

Fashion Trends<br />

TRENDS<br />

To Watch Out For In <strong>2023</strong><br />

Kabirat Opoola<br />

1<br />

Coco Chanel once said; you<br />

live, but once, you might as<br />

well be amusing. The spring<br />

summer <strong>2023</strong> fashion is almost<br />

upon us. The collection runway<br />

show debuted lots of captivating<br />

styles, which took us quite some<br />

time to digest. The fashion trends<br />

for this year are mesmerizing.<br />

From heavy cargo pants to sheer<br />

dresses, creative denim, and<br />

oversized power blazers, the<br />

spring-summer <strong>2023</strong> collections<br />

brought back nostalgic trends but<br />

with a modern and fresh twist.<br />

The New York, Paris, London,<br />

and Milan fashion week took us<br />

through different amazing fashion<br />

moments to lead a new fashion<br />

trend.<br />

One of the highlights to take<br />

note of is the 80s fashion is back<br />

in trend big time, and leather<br />

jackets are becoming an almost<br />

inevitable option. That being said,<br />

here is a list of 10 key spring/<br />

summer <strong>2023</strong> fashion trends to<br />

watch out for:<br />

Soft Shade Tailoring<br />

It isn’t spring if the dressing<br />

isn’t relaxed and comfy. Soft<br />

tailoring and relaxed, colored<br />

outfits are among the key<br />

fashion trends to watch out<br />

for. Unlike before, outfits for<br />

spring and summer <strong>2023</strong> are<br />

all about pastel blues, greys,<br />

and greens. Neon-coloured<br />

dressing isn’t left out too.<br />

18<br />


TRENDS<br />

mer<br />

2<br />

Heavy Cargo<br />

Spring and summer fashion is<br />

always geared towards comfortable<br />

fashion. Cargo pants are still in trend<br />

and are getting heavier than ever<br />

before. Cargo pants are spotted in<br />

different colors and are also made<br />

from fabric, including denim cargo<br />

pants. Collections debuted by Dion<br />

Lee, Fendi, and LaQaun Smith, to<br />

name but a few featured highquality<br />

and creative cargo designs.<br />

Fendi silk cargo pants made quite a<br />

statement piece.<br />

3<br />

Shimmering Sequins /High<br />

Octane Sequin<br />

Like it or not, sequins are one of the key<br />

spring summer <strong>2023</strong> fashion trends to<br />

watch out for. And for this year, they are<br />

available in different colors, with lighter<br />

color palettes, nudes, and pastels being<br />

commonly spotted color trends among<br />

designers. Valentino, Michael Kors, and<br />

Tom Ford, to mention but a few kept us<br />

captivated with their shimmering sequin<br />

designs.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


4<br />

Brighter Shade Outfits<br />

The world has moved towards a form<br />

of fashion where color has become<br />

very important. Although blackcoloured<br />

outfits remain a classic and<br />

always will, brighter shade and neoncoloured<br />

outfits have become a trend<br />

all over the world. Fashion houses,<br />

including Gucci, Valentino, Bottega<br />

Venetta, Versace, and Chanel,<br />

highlighted this trend in their springsummer<br />

collection for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

5<br />

20<br />


TRENDS<br />

Belts<br />

Another fashion trend to<br />

adopt in <strong>2023</strong>, if you haven’t<br />

yet, is the addition of belts to<br />

your outfits. Belts are no longer<br />

only used to give fitting to a<br />

trouser but have nowadays<br />

become a fashion accessory.<br />

Belts help to give style to an<br />

outfit and also do wonders in<br />

highlighting your body shape,<br />

especially when rocking<br />

baggy cloth. Belts can be<br />

used around<br />

Fringes<br />

Fringes always add an interesting<br />

look to an outfit. Whether full-on<br />

fringing or towards the edge,<br />

fringes give an outfit the drama<br />

and creative look it requires.<br />

Different styles of fringes were<br />

spotted on the spring-summer<br />

runway debut. Bottega Venetta<br />

debuted statement color fringe<br />

dresses. Fashion houses, including<br />

Victoria Beckham, Etro, Balmain,<br />

and Jacquemus, were not left out<br />

of the fringe game.<br />

6<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


Sheer Outfits<br />

What is spring and summer<br />

without a bit of skin? Sheer<br />

fabrics have been spotted in<br />

recent fashion trends but are<br />

at the forefront of the spring/<br />

summer <strong>2023</strong> fashion trend.<br />

From sheer dresses or sheer<br />

tops to sheer everything, these<br />

sheer trends were spotted in<br />

collections debuted by Prada,<br />

Bottega, Chanel, Tom Ford,<br />

and Valentino. The sheer outfits<br />

range across a sheer dress<br />

which can serve as an overlay<br />

over a dress or for a super<br />

sexy look. Sheer outfits are the<br />

perfect way to show a little or<br />

a lot of skin this spring. They<br />

are considered one of the big<br />

key spring and summer <strong>2023</strong><br />

fashion trends to watch out for<br />

7<br />

Creative Denim<br />

While designers have<br />

always featured denim in<br />

their collections, there was<br />

a reported 64% increase<br />

in the spring summer <strong>2023</strong><br />

collection debut. And<br />

apparently, the denim<br />

is not your usual denim<br />

but a more creative and<br />

upgraded version. Denim<br />

mini dresses, denim fulllength<br />

maxi skirts, denim<br />

cargo pants, layered denim<br />

pieces, and co-ord denim<br />

sets were spotted across<br />

different fashion brands,<br />

and they appear to be one<br />

of the spring and summer<br />

trends to watch out for.<br />

8<br />

22<br />


TRENDS<br />

Super-Sized Blazers/<br />

Oversized Power<br />

Blazers<br />

No doubt, blazers are a real<br />

fashion piece for an elegant and<br />

classy appearance. For the spring<br />

and summer <strong>2023</strong> collection,<br />

blazers are getting oversized and<br />

designed with power-padded<br />

shoulders. Oversized and supersized<br />

blazers are back in trend,<br />

highlighting comfort as an<br />

important aspect of fashion. The<br />

oversized blazer is styled over a<br />

jacket, while some are spotted<br />

being rocked as a dress.<br />

9<br />

Low Rise Waist<br />

The evolution of low rise waist has<br />

been quite an interesting topic.<br />

From being a highly soughtafterafashion<br />

in the early 000s to<br />

declining in the 2010s, low-rise<br />

waisted outfits are back in trend.<br />

We noticed the collection for spring<br />

and summer <strong>2023</strong> has low-waisted<br />

outfits in different designs. Jeans,<br />

maxi skirts, and cargo pants are<br />

becoming sexier than usual. Baggy<br />

jeans are also gaining ground. Hello,<br />

80s fashion!<br />

10<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


Jada<br />

Pinkett Smith:<br />

What Manner of Love?<br />

By Amenna Daayo<br />

With Credits to Amy Francombe & Laura Hampson<br />

From 2Pac to Will Smith, to August<br />

Alsina – and then back to Will Smith,<br />

there is no denying that Jada Pinkett<br />

attracts only the best! Well, with such<br />

a figure and ageless beauty that Jada<br />

adorns, even the toughest of them all will<br />

melt at her presence.<br />

“Here is how I will change my statement...<br />

Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we<br />

want, because we TRUST each other to<br />

do so. This does NOT mean we have an<br />

open relationship...this means we have a<br />

GROWN one,” this was how Jada Pinkett<br />

Smith addressed the rumours she and<br />

her husband, Will Smith, were in an open<br />

relationship.<br />

This wasn’t the only time the two referred<br />

to their marriage in fluid and confusing<br />

terms. In a 2018 episode of TIDAL’s Rap<br />

Radar podcast, Smith said they don’t<br />

see themselves as married. “We refer to<br />

ourselves as life partners, where you get<br />

into that space where you realise you are<br />

literally with somebody for the rest of your<br />

life. There’s no deal breakers. There’s nothing<br />

she could do – ever. Nothing that would<br />

break our relationship.”<br />

However, in a 2021 GQ cover story, Smith<br />

finally confirmed that “for the large part<br />

of our relationship, monogamy was what<br />

we chose,” however, they were now “not<br />

thinking of monogamy as the only relational<br />

perfection.”<br />

Later that year, Oprah Winfrey interviewed<br />

the Men in Black star about his relationship<br />

with Jada. “I think the difficulty that people<br />

have and difficulty in discussing it is people<br />

only think in terms of sex,” he told the<br />

billionaire talk show host. “People are trying<br />

to put something on it: ‘Will and Jada—<br />

what they doing with other people?’ Will and<br />

Jada ain’t really doing too much of nothin.<br />

Will and Jada are on a spiritual journey to<br />

cleanse the poisonous, unloving parts of our<br />

hearts. And we’re doing it together in this<br />

lifetime no matter what.``<br />

24<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


The<br />

Entanglement<br />

The year 2018 was termed the year<br />

of ‘entanglement’ all thanks to Jada<br />

and Will, after their explosive round table<br />

interview where Jada opened up about<br />

her relationship with a 27-year-old R&B<br />

singer named Agustus Alsina.<br />

The two reportedly met in 2015 at her<br />

children Jaden and Willow’s concert in<br />

London, and they struck up a friendship.<br />

“He asked me that day, ‘Man, I could<br />

really use some help dealing with life,’”<br />

Pinkett Smith said on a 2018 episode of<br />

her Red Table Talk. “And then [I came] to<br />

find out that he was abusing Percocet<br />

[prescription painkiller].”<br />

The friendship eventually turned<br />

romantic, with Alsina revealing that they<br />

had been together for four and a half<br />

years and that he “truly and really, really,<br />

deeply loved” her.<br />

“I just wanted to feel good, it had been<br />

so long since I felt good,” Pinket Smith<br />

told viewers on Red Table Talk on July 10.<br />

“And it was really a joy to just help heal<br />

someone. I think that has a lot to do with<br />

my co-dependency.”<br />

The romance made several headlines<br />

in the past years, memes surfaced on<br />

the internet, and even the rumours of<br />

the Smiths regarding an open marriage<br />

surfaced.<br />

“I truly and deeply have a ton of love<br />

for [Jada]. I devoted myself to her and<br />

gave myself to her-so much so to the<br />

point that I can die right now and be okay<br />

with knowing that I truly gave myself to<br />

somebody,” he said.<br />

During the tell-it-all episode of Red<br />

Table Talks, Smith said, “we decided that<br />

we were going to separate for a period<br />

of time and you go figure out how to<br />

26<br />



make yourself happy and I’ll figure out how<br />

to make myself happy.” While Pinkett Smith<br />

added, “From there, as time went on, I got<br />

into a different kind of entanglement with<br />

August…Yes, it was a relationship absolutely.”<br />

That said, Pinkett Smith denied that Smith<br />

ever gave permission to August, saying,<br />

“One thing I want to clean up…about<br />

you giving ‘permission,’ which is…the only<br />

person that can give permission in that<br />

circumstance is myself.”<br />

The relationship between Pinkett Smith<br />

and Alsina had since ended, and the Smiths<br />

remain happily married. “Me and Jada,<br />

to this day, if we start talking, it’s four hours.<br />

It’s four hours if we exchange a sentence.<br />

It’s the center of why we’ve been able to<br />

sustain [our relationship] and why we are still<br />

together, not choking the life out of each<br />

other—the ability to work through issues,”<br />

said Smith during his 2021 interview with<br />

Winfrey. “I’ve never met another person that<br />

I connect with in conversation more blissfully<br />

and productively than Jada.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


Did Alsina Get<br />

Will’s Approval to<br />

Get ‘Entangled’<br />

with Jada?<br />

Alsina said Will gave him and Jada<br />

his “blessing”, adding: “I actually sat<br />

down with Will and had a conversation<br />

due to the transformation from their<br />

marriage to life partnership that<br />

they’ve spoken on several times and it<br />

not involving romanticism.”<br />

Alsina added he “totally gave<br />

myself to that relationship for years<br />

of my life and I truly and really, really<br />

deeply loved and have a ton of love<br />

for her.”<br />

The same day Alsina’s claims<br />

surfaced Jada’s reps said they were<br />

“absolutely not true”.<br />

Less than two weeks later, Jada<br />

and Will appeared on an episode<br />

of Jada’s Red Table Talk, where<br />

Jada confirmed that she did have a<br />

relationship with Alsina, saying that she<br />

and Will were separated at the time.<br />

“We decided that we were going<br />

to separate for a period of time and<br />

you go figure out how to make yourself<br />

happy and I’ll figure out how to make<br />

myself happy,” Jada said at the time.<br />

“From there, as time went on, I got<br />

into a different kind of entanglement<br />

with August...Yes, it was a relationship<br />

absolutely.”<br />

Jada also said that Will didn’t give<br />

permission as the only person who<br />

could give her permission was herself.<br />

28<br />



The Slap For Jada<br />

True to their vows, Smith and Pinkett Smith have<br />

stayed together through thick and thin. After all, even<br />

following last night’s incident, the two held hands<br />

throughout the ceremony, and we’re sure they’ll<br />

continue to do so for many decades more.<br />

Then just when we thought we had heard it all about<br />

Jada and Will, the pair will grab the headline again in<br />

2022 when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the 94th<br />

annual Oscars before he yelled at the comedian to<br />

“keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth.”<br />

It quickly became the most talked-about moment<br />

of the evening, with the pair initially appearing to laugh<br />

off the tense moment.<br />

The altercation came after Rock said: “Jada, I love<br />

you. GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see you,” referring to<br />

Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, and her shaved head.<br />

The comment prompted Smith to walk up on stage<br />

and hit the comedian, a reaction that has not been<br />

confirmed to be an act or not.<br />

Will and Jada have had very public ups and downs<br />

during their 28-year relationship, so where do they<br />

stand now?<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


How Did Will Smith<br />

and Jada Pinkett<br />

Smith Meet?<br />

Will and Jada met after she<br />

auditioned for the role of Will’s<br />

girlfriend on The Fresh Prince of Bel-<br />

Air. While she did not get the part,<br />

the pair hit it off - despite Will being<br />

married to Sheree Zampino at the<br />

time, with whom he shares a son<br />

Trey.<br />

“I had a realisation I wasn’t with<br />

the person I was supposed to be<br />

with,” he told Jada’s Red Table Talk<br />

in 2018. “I was sitting in a [bathroom]<br />

stall and I was crying and laughing<br />

uncontrollably, and I knew [Jada]<br />

was the woman I was supposed to<br />

be with.”<br />

30<br />


1995: The pair officially begin dating<br />

It wasn’t until 1995 that Will and Jada<br />

began seriously dating after Will finalised<br />

his divorce from Zampino.<br />

1997: Will and Jada get engaged<br />

and married<br />

Will popped the question to Jada in<br />

November 1997 before getting married<br />

just one month later in Baltimore.<br />

Jada wasn’t initially sold on the idea<br />

of marriage. She told People in 2019:<br />

“I never wanted to get married. But<br />

my mother was like: ‘You have to get<br />

married’ - she’s so old-school - and<br />

Will wanted a family. So I said: ‘All right,<br />

maybe it’s something I should do.’”<br />

1998: Their first child is born<br />

Jada and Will’s first child together, son<br />

Jayden, was born in July 1998.<br />

2000: Their second child was born<br />

Jada and Will welcomed their<br />

daughter Willow in 2000. Willow is now a<br />

singer.<br />

2013: Jada denies open marriage<br />

rumours (sort of)<br />

After a quiet decade and a half<br />

making movies and raising their children,<br />

Jada took to Facebook to address<br />

rumours she and Will were in an open<br />

relationship.<br />

She wrote: “Here is how I will change<br />

my statement...Will and I BOTH can do<br />

WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST<br />

each other to do so. This does NOT<br />

mean we have an open relationship...<br />

this means we have a GROWN one.”<br />

2015: Will addresses divorce<br />

rumours<br />

Timeline of the Relationship<br />

Between Will Smith and Jada<br />

Pinkett Smith<br />


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31


Will addresses persistent<br />

separation rumours by clarifying the<br />

pair were not getting a divorce.<br />

“Under normal circumstances, I<br />

don’t usually respond to foolishness.<br />

But, so many people have extended<br />

[to] me their ‘deepest condolences’<br />

that I figured – ‘What the hell… I<br />

can be foolish, too!’ he wrote on<br />

Facebook at the time. “So, in the<br />

interest of redundant, repetitious,<br />

over and over-again-ness…<br />

Jada and I are… NOT GETTING A<br />

DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”<br />

2018: Will revealed that he and<br />

Jada don’t refer to themselves as<br />

married<br />

In an episode of TIDAL’s “Rap<br />

Radar” podcast, Will said he and<br />

Jada “refer to ourselves as life<br />

partners, where you get into that<br />

space where you realise you are<br />

literally with somebody for the rest<br />

of your life. There’s no deal breakers.<br />

There’s nothing she could do -<br />

ever. Nothing that would break our<br />

relationship. She has my support till<br />

death and it feels so good to get to<br />

that space.”<br />

2020: August Alsina claims he<br />

had an affair with Jada<br />

August Alsina and Jada were<br />

introduced in 2015, but it wasn’t<br />

until 2020 that he claimed that he<br />

and Jada had dated while she<br />

was married and that she and Will’s<br />

marriage was open during that time.<br />

2021: Jada discusses her and<br />

Will’s sex life, Will’s memoir is<br />

released<br />

In another episode of Red Table<br />

32<br />



Talk in October 2021, Jada said it<br />

“takes work” to maintain a<br />

spark in the bedroom.<br />

“It’s hard...The thing Will and I<br />

talk about a lot is the journey. We<br />

started in this [relationship] at a<br />

very young age, 22 years old ...<br />

I think you expect your partner to<br />

know - especially when it comes<br />

to sex. It’s like: ‘Well, if you love<br />

me, you should know. If you love<br />

me, you should read my mind.’<br />

That’s a huge pitfall,” she said at<br />

the time.<br />

The next month, Will’s memoir<br />

is released, which details several<br />

issues the couple has had over<br />

the years. He wrote they were<br />

“suffering the brutal death of<br />

our romantic fantasies, the<br />

burning away of the idealistic<br />

illusion of the perfect marriage<br />

and the perfect family. Neither<br />

of us wanted a divorce; we<br />

knew we loved each other, and<br />

some aspects of our union were<br />

magical. But the structure of the<br />

life that we had established was<br />

strangling both of us.”<br />

2022: No infidelity statement<br />

and Oscars incident<br />

During an interview on CBS<br />

Sunday Morning earlier this<br />

month, Will said he and Jada<br />

had never accused each other<br />

of cheating.<br />

On Oscars night on 27 March,<br />

Will appeared to get riled up by<br />

comments Rock made about<br />

his wife at the Oscars. During his<br />

teary Best Actor acceptance<br />

speech, Will said he was a “fierce<br />

defender of his family.”<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33

Jada<br />

Pinkett<br />

1996<br />

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith (wearing<br />

a monochroamtic black look with<br />

matching booties) and her mother in<br />

Los Angeles on June 28, 1996.<br />

and the Bhad<br />

Girl Fashion<br />

Identity<br />

Amenna Daayo<br />

1997<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith in all-black with<br />

matching boots and her husband<br />

Will Smith on a red carpet in Los<br />

Angeles on <strong>Feb</strong>. 01, 1997.<br />

2002<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith, wearing<br />

a black plungin dress with<br />

matching black pointy pumps,<br />

with Will Smith at the 7th annual<br />

Critics Choice Awards in Beverly<br />

Hills, Calif., on <strong>Feb</strong>. 03, 2002.<br />

Jada Pinkett loves events<br />

and loves to make bold<br />

fashion statements – this<br />

is so obvious! But she has<br />

this unique fashion touch and a<br />

sort of Bhad Girl Fashion Identity.<br />

Don’t you believe it?<br />

Well, we will give you an array of<br />

random photos of Jada on the<br />

red carpet to show you what<br />

we mean.<br />

She always rules the red carpet<br />

in the sleekest outfits. We look<br />

at some of her best fashion<br />

and shoe statements. Let’s give<br />

you a sneak peek into what we<br />

mean when we say Jada has a<br />

bhad girl fashion Identity.<br />

Check it out!<br />

34<br />


2011<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

in a gray jacket,<br />

black trousers and<br />

black sandals at the<br />

premiere of ‘Justin<br />

Bieber: Never Say<br />

Never’ held at Nokia<br />

Theater L.A. Live on<br />

<strong>Feb</strong>ruary 8, 2011.<br />

2010<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith, wearing<br />

a black plungin dress with<br />

matching black pointy pumps,<br />

with Will Smith at the 7th annual<br />

Critics Choice Awards in Beverly<br />

Hills, Calif., on <strong>Feb</strong>. 03, 2002.<br />

2017<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

wearing a gold, high slit<br />

gown with sharp black<br />

pumps at the BET Awards<br />

17 held at the JW Marriot<br />

in Los Angeles, California<br />

on Sunday June 25, 2017.<br />

2017<br />

Jada Pinkett-<br />

Smith in a green<br />

embellished dress<br />

with strappy silver<br />

sandals at the<br />

‘Girls Trip’ premiere<br />

in Paris, France on<br />

Nov. 20, 2017.<br />

2012<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith at the<br />

‘Men In Black 3’ premiere at<br />

La Caja Magica in Madrid,<br />

Spain wearing a minty green<br />

minidress adorned in gold<br />

accents with gold peep-toe<br />

platform sandals on May 13,<br />

2012<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35

2018<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith in a<br />

white fluffy coat, black<br />

skinny trousers and black<br />

strappy pumps at the<br />

premiere of “Skate Kitchen”<br />

during the Sundance Film<br />

Festival at the Park City<br />

Library in Park City, Utah.<br />

2018<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

seen out at dinner<br />

with newly single<br />

actor Duane Martin<br />

and her mother at<br />

‘Mastro’s Steakhouse’<br />

in Beverly Hills, CA<br />

Jada was wearing<br />

designer above the<br />

knees beige boots<br />

and a fluffy coat with<br />

a matching turban<br />

25 <strong>Feb</strong> 2018.<br />

2019<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

wearing a silver suit<br />

and black pumps at<br />

the 2019 MTV Movie<br />

and TV Awards on<br />

June 15, 2019 in<br />

Santa Monica, Calif.<br />

2019<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

in a black midriffbaring<br />

ensemble<br />

embellished with<br />

sparkles coordinated<br />

with black strappy<br />

sandals at the “Angel<br />

Has Fallen” world<br />

premiere in Los<br />

Angeles on August<br />

20, 2019.<br />

2021<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

wearing a red high<br />

low gown with red<br />

tights and sparkly<br />

sandal heels at The<br />

Matrix Resurrections<br />

in San Francisco,<br />

Calif., on Dec. 18,<br />

2021.<br />

2021<br />

Actress Jada<br />

Pinkett-Smith<br />

wearing a white<br />

off-the-shoulder<br />

Vivienne<br />

Westwood gown<br />

at the 2021<br />

AFI Fest closing<br />

night premiere<br />

of “King Richard”<br />

in Hollywood,<br />

Calif., on<br />

November 14,<br />

2021.<br />

36<br />


2019<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith in a<br />

black leather boxy suit with<br />

a denim shirt and a plaid<br />

top wrapped aound her<br />

waist paired with black<br />

strappy sandals at the<br />

screen of Apple TV+’s<br />

“Hala” in Los Angeles on<br />

Nov. 18, 2019.<br />

2019<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

wearing a scarf<br />

wrap top, leather<br />

pants, and black<br />

suede pumps on<br />

‘Late Show with<br />

Stephen Colbert’ in<br />

New York on Aug.<br />

13, 2019.<br />

2019<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith in<br />

a monochromatic<br />

orange outfit<br />

consisting of a<br />

cape top and<br />

billowing trosuers<br />

with platform heels<br />

at the “Gemini<br />

Man” premiere in<br />

Los Angeles on Oct.<br />

06, 2019.<br />

2022<br />

Jada Pinkett-Smith<br />

in a green Jean<br />

Paul Gaultier<br />

ruched gown<br />

with matching<br />

peep-toe platform<br />

sandals at the 94th<br />

Academy Awards<br />

on March 27, 2022<br />

in Los Angeles.<br />

2022<br />

Actress Jada<br />

Pinkett-Smith in a<br />

nude crystallized<br />

off-the-shoulder<br />

gown with a<br />

matching train at<br />

the 2022 Vanity<br />

Fair Oscar Party in<br />

Beverly Hills, Calif.,<br />

on March 27,<br />

2022.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37


Jada Pinkett<br />

and 2Pac<br />

Relationship<br />

Oyinkansola Fatoki<br />

In case you missed<br />

it, the late rapper<br />

Tupac Shakur is now<br />

something of a<br />

permanent figure in<br />

Jada Pinkett Smith’s<br />

decades-long marriage<br />

to Will Smith.<br />

Every time there is a<br />

drama involving the<br />

Smiths, internet users<br />

somehow find a way to<br />

link it back to Tupac —<br />

even if it’s not actually<br />

related to him at all.<br />

The Surprising Job Teri<br />

Hatcher Had Before She<br />

Got Famous<br />

Take, for instance, the<br />

recent infamous Oscars<br />

slap, where Will stormed<br />

the stage after Chris<br />

Rock made a joke about<br />

Jada’s shaved head.<br />

“Will Smith slapped<br />

Chris rock and it was<br />

all Tupac’s fault fr,” one<br />

person jokingly claimed<br />

on Twitter.<br />

Another user tweeted,<br />

“Will smith put so much<br />

strength behind that slap<br />

he probably pretended<br />

Chris rock was Tupac.”<br />

So yes, for every new<br />

Will and Jada headline,<br />

Tupac’s name is lurking<br />

just somewhere in the<br />

corner.<br />

That is because, for<br />

many years now, Jada<br />

has seemingly given<br />

people more than<br />

enough reasons to do<br />

38<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39


just that. Back in 2021, fans went<br />

wild after Jada shared an old<br />

poem Tupac wrote to her.<br />

Per the online reactions, many<br />

seem to believe that Jada and<br />

Tupac were in love at one point.<br />

But is that really the truth to their<br />

relationship? Or is this just yet<br />

another Hollywood rumor that won’t<br />

go away?<br />

Jada Pinkett Smith met Tupac<br />

back in high school<br />

Per Insider, Jada Pinkett Smith and<br />

Tupac first met back in the ‘80s<br />

when they were both students at<br />

the Baltimore School of Arts. “It was<br />

the first day and he came over to<br />

me and introduced himself,” she<br />

said of their first meeting.<br />

The two immediately connected,<br />

despite Tupac not being the kind<br />

of guy she would normally roll with.<br />

“And in high school, Pac was a<br />

little funny looking. Definitely from<br />

looking at him, wasn’t necessarily<br />

the type of cat that I would even<br />

like, deal with,” Jada added.<br />

But none of that seemed to<br />

matter, as the rapper went on to<br />

become one of her best friends.<br />

Even though the pair’s bond was<br />

mostly platonic, in 2015, Jada told<br />

Howard Stern that she once forced<br />

Tupac to kiss her — but it was a<br />

total disaster.<br />

“There was a time when I was like,<br />

‘Just kiss me! Let’s just see how this<br />

goes,’ and when I tell you it had<br />

to be the most disgusting kiss for<br />

us both,” she said with a laugh.<br />

She explained that it must’ve not<br />

worked because a “higher power<br />

40<br />



just did not want that.”<br />

This revelation has, of course, not<br />

stopped people from speculating<br />

that Tupac and Jada had<br />

something more than friendship,<br />

with Will Smith once admitting<br />

that he was jealous of the two’s<br />

friendship. “He was the image of<br />

perfection, but she was with the<br />

Fresh Prince,” Will told “The Breakfast<br />

Club” in 2020. “I was deeply<br />

insecure and I wasn’t man enough<br />

to handle that relationship.”<br />

Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac<br />

were estranged when he died<br />

When Jada Pinkett Smith first met<br />

Tupac, she was in a much different<br />

place than she is now. “One of the<br />

things that’s very interesting that<br />

I’ve never really said before is that<br />

when I first met Pac when we first<br />

met, I was a drug dealer,” Jada<br />

said during an appearance on<br />

SiriusXM’s “Sway In the Morning.”<br />

But while Jada was trying to get<br />

out of the drug-dealing business,<br />

Tupac was trying to get in. “As I<br />

was coming out of the life, he was<br />

going more into the life,” she said.<br />

With the two friends going in very<br />

opposite directions, their friendship<br />

was put to test and they ended up<br />

having a major falling-out.<br />

Jada revealed to Howard Stern<br />

that she and Tupac were not on<br />

speaking terms at the time of his<br />

death — because she was not<br />

okay with the new life he had<br />

chosen. “We had a very hardcore<br />

disagreement ... I just wasn’t in<br />

agreement with the direction that<br />

he was taking,” she explained.<br />

Jada battled guilt following Tupac’s<br />

death, but she was comforted that<br />

he knew exactly how much she<br />

loved him. “But, I know he knew<br />

that,” the “Girls Trip” star said. “It<br />

wasn’t the first time that we had a<br />

bad argument and had stopped<br />

speaking. That was kind of a<br />

constant in our relationship.”<br />

Even all these years later, it’s clear<br />

Jada had a deep level of care for<br />

her former friend.<br />

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Model To<br />

Celebrate<br />

42<br />



Adesuwa<br />

Aighewi<br />

Sasha Bokomoso<br />

Adesuwa Thongpond<br />

Pariyasapat Aighewi is<br />

a Nigerian American<br />

fashion model and<br />

filmmaker. In 2018, she was<br />

chosen as the runner up for<br />

“Breakout Star of the Year” by<br />

models.com. As of January 2019,<br />

Aighewi ranks as one of the “Top<br />

50” models by models.com.<br />

Dubbed by i-D <strong>Magazine</strong> as<br />

one who has “captured fashion’s<br />

imagination.” Adesuwa represents<br />

the epitome of a new generation<br />

of models who seek to vocalize<br />

the deep layers of culture, history,<br />

and societal impact embodied<br />

by the fashion industry.<br />

Of Chinese, Nigerian, and<br />

Thai descent, Adesuwa initially<br />

entered the modeling world with<br />

the intention to earn money for<br />

a NASA internship. Her first big<br />

break arrived when she opened<br />

the Coach Spring/Summer 2018<br />

show, a feat that earned her<br />

much momentum from the<br />

who’s-who of today’s top fashion<br />

houses.<br />

Soon, campaigns for<br />

Alexander Wang, Bottega Veneta,<br />

Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Vera<br />

Wang, and Versace became part<br />

of her repertoire, alongside covers<br />

for Numero, i-D, New York Times<br />

Style, and editorials for multiple<br />

editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar,<br />

CR Fashion Book, AnOther, Dazed,<br />

and many more. As notable<br />

global brands gradually became<br />

significant supporting forces<br />

behind her career, Adesuwa<br />

decided to utilize the new<br />

relationships cultivated within this<br />

field to amplify other pertinent<br />

issues.<br />

As her career ascended,<br />

Adesuwa’s creative potential<br />

has also extended to new<br />

heights: since 2017, she has<br />

penned think pieces for The<br />

Guardian on diversity issues within<br />

fashion, directed short films for<br />

LOVE magazine, and became<br />

Contributing Editor for i-D. In<br />

2019, the British Fashion Council<br />

recognized her as one of the<br />

leading Creatives of the “NEW<br />

WAVE.”<br />

Currently, Adesuwa works<br />

diligently on preserving African<br />

culture and promoting its<br />

legacy to the world, with<br />

numerous projects in the works<br />

simultaneously to achieve her<br />

vision. As she stated to i-D, “I<br />

want to have a summit with all<br />

the coolest Africans worldwide. I<br />

want people to come together<br />

– everyone thinks they’re alone<br />

— but I want to bring everyone<br />

together and make a plan and<br />

help our continent.”<br />

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Best<br />

Street-<br />

Style<br />

Moments<br />

Of Adut Akech, Adesuwa<br />

Aighewi & Nicolas Mayowa<br />

through the Years<br />

Praise David<br />

Adut Akech, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Nicolas<br />

Mayowa have been on the fashion circuit since<br />

they made their runway debuts many years<br />

ago. From that moment, the supermodels<br />

have racked up international covers and become the<br />

faces of premium brands worldwide.<br />

They have made their marks as one of the most indemand<br />

models of the moment and cemented their<br />

status as fashionable street stylers too.<br />

Below, we have shared the best street-style moments<br />

of Adut Akech, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Nicolas Mayowa<br />

throughout the year. Enjoy!<br />

44<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Nicolas Mayowa


Adesuwa Aighewi<br />

Adut Akech<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45


Adut Akech<br />

46<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 47


Adesuwa Aighewi<br />

48<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 49


Nicolas Mayowa<br />

50<br />



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Adesua<br />

Etomi and<br />

Banky W<br />

A Union Made<br />

in the Stars?<br />

Chioma Esui<br />

Call them the number<br />

one celebrity couple<br />

in Nollywood, and you<br />

won’t be wrong. The question<br />

on the lips of many is whether<br />

this is actually love, or would<br />

it end like the other celebrity<br />

marriages we have been used<br />

to in recent times? We hope it is<br />

not the later – sincerely, we all<br />

do.<br />

Recently, Nigerian singer<br />

Bankole Wellington, popularly<br />

known as Banky W, and his<br />

actress wife, Adesua Etomi, took<br />

to social media to celebrate<br />

their fourth wedding anniversary<br />

with the most amazing pictures.<br />

The amiable couple, who<br />

got married in Cape Town,<br />

South Africa, in 2017, took to<br />

social media to celebrate each<br />

other and say loving words for<br />

each other.<br />

The singer and actor cum<br />

politician described Adesua as his<br />

song, rhymes, heart, light, muse,<br />

melody, and everything. Adesua,<br />

on her part, stated that Banky W<br />

will always be a favourite part of<br />

her, adding that without him, she’d<br />

be living in black and white.<br />

You will recall that this is not the<br />

first time that Banky W has openly<br />

professed his love for his wife. In<br />

November last year, he revealed<br />

that marrying his actress wife,<br />

Adesua Etomi, was the secondbest<br />

decision he has made. The<br />

singer said this while celebrating<br />

his wife’s birthday on his Instagram<br />

page.<br />

52<br />



Sharing a video of himself and<br />

his wife, the father-of-one noted that<br />

his best decision was giving his life to<br />

Christ while marrying Adesua was the<br />

second.<br />

He wrote, “The second best<br />

decision I’ve ever made was to ask<br />

@adesuaetomi to be my wife (the<br />

best was giving my life to Christ).<br />

“Happy birthday to my crown, my<br />

queen, my everything, my lover, my<br />

baby mama, my partner-in-purposeand-destiny.<br />

“You’re my inspiration and support<br />

system, my motivation and source of<br />

encouragement.<br />

“Thank you for loving me and<br />

building with me. Thank you for<br />

looking out for me and praying with<br />

me.<br />

“In Jesus’ name, this will be your<br />

best year yet, and the rest of your<br />

years will be the best of them. You<br />

will shine like the star He created you<br />

to be.<br />

“You will never be held back by<br />

the limitations or expectations that<br />

others have of you.<br />

“Your validation will only ever<br />

come from who God is and who He<br />

created you to be. You will increase<br />

in wisdom, grace, strength, and<br />

anointing.<br />

“You will achieve your destiny and<br />

manifest your dreams. The peace of<br />

God will guard your heart and mind<br />

in Christ Jesus, and the purpose of<br />

God will guide your life’s journey.<br />

“We will grow old together and<br />

live to see our children’s children in<br />

abundance, joy, peace, love, and<br />

contentment.<br />

“Shuga, I will forever be your<br />

biggest fan and cheerleader. I’m so<br />

grateful for you, proud of you, and<br />

thankful that I have the honor of<br />

being your husband. You are light.<br />

You are love. You are beauty. And<br />

you’re mine.<br />

“I don’t need to win the lotto<br />

because with you, I’ve clearly won in<br />

life. Until the day we die, it’s gonna<br />

be you, me and the Most High.”<br />

You will recall that Banky W and<br />

Adesua Etomi tied the knot on<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 53


November 19, 2017 in a star-studded<br />

ceremony, and they welcomed their<br />

first son, Hazaiah, in January 2021.<br />

It appears Banky W is really<br />

enjoying his marriage to Etomi and<br />

has found the secret ingredient to<br />

sustain the union. In a recent interview,<br />

the musician cum politician shared<br />

some nuggets on why he believes<br />

couples do not enjoy their marriages.<br />

The 41-year-old singer shared his<br />

thoughts during a radio programme<br />

together with his wife, Adesua Etomi,<br />

hosted by the Nigerian media<br />

personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, in<br />

the series, the Black Box Interview.<br />

The singer, who was responding<br />

to a question on how he had met his<br />

wife, Adesua, revealed that he wasn’t<br />

able to pay attention to her after they<br />

had met a number of times because<br />

he wasn’t ready to settle down.<br />

He also pointed out that couples<br />

struggled to stay together because<br />

they rushed into marriage when they<br />

were not ready.<br />

He said, “I honestly think that God<br />

blinded my eyes until I was in a place<br />

where I would be working to be the<br />

type of man that would treat his<br />

daughter properly. Until I got to that<br />

place, God didn’t let me see her.<br />

“So I saw her, you know, and I was<br />

like, ‘nice girl, fine girl, okay nice to<br />

meet you,’ and I kept moving. I was in<br />

a different place in my life. And men<br />

know, men always know when we are<br />

ready. And until you’re ready, you’re<br />

not ready.<br />

“And if you’re not ready, it doesn’t<br />

matter how great somebody is, if you<br />

as a man, you’re not ready to settle<br />

down and be dedicated or whatever,<br />

you’re just gonna mess it up or end up<br />

in this miserable situation.<br />

“And that’s why I think today that<br />

marriage has turned into this thing we<br />

endure rather than enjoy.”<br />

Banky W and Adesua got married<br />

over four years ago on 19 November<br />

2017, and in early 2021, they<br />

announced they had a baby boy.<br />

Recently, Adesua, has for the<br />

“<br />

And if you’re not ready, it doesn’t<br />

matter how great somebody is, if<br />

you as a man, you’re not ready to<br />

settle down and be dedicated or<br />

whatever, you’re just gonna mess<br />

it up or end up in this miserable<br />

situation<br />

54<br />



first time, revealed why she agreed<br />

to marry popular singer, Bankole<br />

Wellington, aka Banky W.<br />

According to her, Banky’s first<br />

message to her made her laugh which<br />

guaranteed they were going to get<br />

along.<br />

She noted, “If you can make me<br />

laugh, I can almost guarantee that<br />

we are going to get along and his first<br />

message made me laugh. I wasn’t<br />

planning on getting married to anyone<br />

in the industry. And here comes this<br />

one (Banky), and he completely<br />

shattered all my plans. But when he<br />

proposed to me, it was yes. It was an<br />

instant yes. I didn’t even think twice<br />

about it.”<br />

Mrs. Wellington revealed this in a<br />

documentary titled, ‘The Wellingtons’<br />

which aired on DSTV.<br />

In the revealing documentary,<br />

Adesua said that she wasn’t looking<br />

out to date or marry anyone in the<br />

entertainment industry until Banky<br />

W came along and changed her<br />

perception.<br />

She added, “We are pretty much<br />

on the same page because we know<br />

what we both want, the kind of family<br />

we want. I keep emphasising about<br />

the importance of memories. It wasn’t<br />

just about us getting married; it was<br />

about sharing our experience with<br />

other people. I’m glad it came to pass.<br />

I know without a shadow of doubt he’s<br />

for me, I was more excited God gave<br />

me this person after so many months,”<br />

she said<br />

The singer, who had contested for<br />

the House of Representatives seat<br />

representing Lagos’ Eti-Osa Federal<br />

Constituency during the 2019 general<br />

elections, recently announced that<br />

he had defected from the Modern<br />

Democratic Party to the Peoples<br />

Democratic Party.<br />

He is seeking the PDP ticket to vie<br />

again for the same seat in the <strong>2023</strong><br />

general elections.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55


Paris Fashion<br />

Week S/S <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

From Christian<br />

Dior to Chanel<br />

Jack Moss &<br />

Sasha Bokamoso<br />

Acne Studios<br />

Coperni<br />

Akris<br />

Paris Fashion Week S/S <strong>2023</strong><br />

arrived as energised as<br />

ever. Here are our highlights,<br />

spanning historic houses and<br />

runway debuts.<br />

Paris Fashion Week S/S <strong>2023</strong> looks<br />

set to round out fashion month in<br />

climatic manner – from spectacular<br />

shows courtesy of France’s historic<br />

houses (Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel,<br />

Saint Laurent and Hermès among<br />

them) to a new wave of emerging<br />

designers showing across the city<br />

(Ester Manas, Ludovic de Saint<br />

Sernin, Ottolinger and more),<br />

Europe’s spiritual home of fashion<br />

feels as energised as ever.<br />

New additions to the nine-day<br />

schedule include Victoria Beckham,<br />

in her Paris debut, Ib Kamara,<br />

who reveals his vision as art and<br />

image director of Off-White, and a<br />

contingent of Japanese designers<br />

making their womenswear return<br />

after two years of Covid-19<br />

restrictions, including Comme des<br />

Garçons,<br />

Junya Watanabe and Yohji<br />

Yamamato (Issey Miyake will also<br />

show its first collection since the<br />

eponymous founder’s death earlier<br />

this year).<br />

Here is the runway report of<br />

Paris Fashion Week S/S <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Andreas<br />

Kronthaler<br />

for Vivienne<br />

Westwood<br />

Balenciaga<br />

56<br />



Chanel<br />

Courrèges<br />

Hermès<br />

Chloé<br />

Givenchy<br />

Ester Manas<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 57


Lanvin<br />

Issey Miyake<br />

Ottolinger<br />

Rick Owens<br />

Miu Miu<br />

Loewe<br />

Victoria Beckham<br />

Paul Smith<br />

58<br />



Saint Laurent<br />

Rokh<br />

Thom Browne<br />

Sacai<br />

The Row<br />

Valentino<br />

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A Beginner’s Guide to Fa<br />


Aaron Royce &<br />

Ameena Daayo<br />

No matter who you<br />

are, keeping up with<br />

the ins and outs of<br />

the fashion industry<br />

can be a full-time job in itself.<br />

For example, you might hear<br />

about a designer’s amazing<br />

creative work for a brand only<br />

to be ousted and replaced<br />

weeks later.<br />

Or, you may hear about a<br />

namesake label showing in<br />

the present day under the<br />

name of a designer who<br />

passed away years ago ––<br />

who knew Coco Chanel was<br />

still making couture in 2020?<br />

Well, she’s not.<br />

Even the best of editors have<br />

confused a Fall versus Spring<br />

collection before, it’s nothing<br />

to be ashamed about. But,<br />

we’ve done our homework on<br />

the need-to-know essentials to<br />

get you started in the industry.<br />

The more you know when<br />

starting out, the more<br />

prepared you’ll be to become<br />

the next great editor, stylist<br />

or designer (just to name<br />

a few). Think of this as your<br />

comprehensive, myth-busting<br />

guide to the basics of the<br />

fashion world-from us, to you!<br />

60<br />



shion Industry<br />

Basics that will Change Your<br />

Fashion Mindset in <strong>2023</strong><br />



Fashion Week is actually a full<br />

month, believe it or not! Though<br />

many people refer to one of the<br />

‘Big Four’ fashion capitals, New<br />

York, London, Milan, and Paris,<br />

when attending one Fashion Week,<br />

the back-to-back schedules of<br />

these cities’ womenswear shows<br />

and presentations last a full month.<br />

Editors and industry insiders will<br />

often attend all or most Weeks,<br />

though many take a day or two<br />

between each to travel to the next<br />

country, prepare their schedules,<br />

and take in the sights.<br />

Lots of local fashionistas will only<br />

attend one Week due to their<br />

sphere of influence, line of work or<br />

budget. Plus, there’s even more<br />

beyond a month: Fashion Month<br />

doesn’t include categories like<br />

menswear, pre-fall, resort, couture,<br />

or designers who show outside of<br />

the traditional Fashion Calendar.<br />

2. DESIGNERS<br />


FOREVER.<br />

Many brands still have their<br />

namesake designers at the helm<br />

(Nicole Miller, Cynthia Rowley and<br />

Tom Ford, for example), but most<br />

are no longer at the brand. Though<br />

a brand’s original designer may<br />

have a shift in duties yet remain at<br />

the brand, it’s important to know<br />

who’s the current designer for<br />

certain brands.<br />

Many will even have different<br />

designers for specific facets,<br />

such as separate womenswear<br />

(and/or menswear) and couture<br />

designers. Usually due to sales, a<br />

change of heart in said creative<br />

director or brand owner, brands will<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 61


change designers every 4-5 years<br />

depending on their contracts;<br />

John Galliano, then Raf Simons,<br />

and now MGC have all designed<br />

for Dior in recent years, and that’s<br />

just one example!<br />



What’s in a name? Similarities in<br />

brand names can be confusing to<br />

decipher as a beginner, especially<br />

when so many brands exist under<br />

the same companies or product<br />

categories. Some might rhyme,<br />

have similar syllables, or even<br />

have the same words in their<br />

names. Here’s a quick breakdown:<br />

Louboutin is not Louis Vuitton, Pucci<br />

is not Gucci, Balenciaga is not<br />

Balmain, and Fenty is not Fendi.<br />

If you’re unsure of a specific<br />

brand’s name or what they’re<br />

known for, look them up online<br />

to see what products they make<br />

or which celebrities they dress.<br />

Hearing name mix-ups is often<br />

humorous to industry vets since<br />

brands with similar names can<br />

have vastly different products or<br />

aesthetics.<br />

Of course, nobody’s perfect;<br />

mistakes happen! Just don’t<br />

say ‘Versace’ when you mean<br />

‘Valentino’ in front of Anna Wintour.<br />

4 GLAMOUR IS<br />


GAME<br />

Glamour isn’t everything in the<br />

fashion industry! Though we all wish<br />

we could be running between<br />

fashion shows and red carpets<br />

in six-inch designer stilettos as<br />

interns, that’s just not how the<br />

industry works. There’s a lot of<br />

grunt work, hard tasks and lastminute<br />

emergencies that happen<br />

to anyone, on any level of the<br />

industry, on any given day.<br />

PR firms will have seating conflicts<br />

for fashion shows, celebrities will<br />

argue at parties, and editors will<br />

need to coordinate a way to<br />

get a dress to set in a seemingly<br />

impossible timeframe.<br />

Lots of influencers and celebrities<br />

borrow clothing from designers or<br />

brands for partnerships only to be<br />

returned afterward. It might look<br />

like lots of editors and influencers<br />

62<br />



are living the glamorous life on<br />

Instagram, but know there’s always<br />

more than meets the eye when<br />

it comes to that perfectly-filtered<br />

office #OOTD post.<br />

5. SEASONS ARE S/S<br />

AND F/W<br />

This is a tricky concept for some to<br />

understand if they aren’t involved<br />

with fashion, but the two most<br />

popular “seasons” for brands to<br />

release products for are S/S (Spring/<br />

Summer) and F/W (Fall/Winter;<br />

sometimes referred to as A/W for<br />

Autumn/Winter. Pick your poison).<br />

To make it even more confusing,<br />

there’s also RE (Resort) and PF (Pre-<br />

Fall).<br />

To make sure editors, buyers, stylists,<br />

and influencers know what’s going<br />

to be trending for future<br />

seasons and plan events,<br />

shoots, and respective<br />

schedules, brands will<br />

typically show their fall<br />

collections in <strong>Feb</strong>ruary and<br />

their spring collections in<br />

September.<br />

It’s a little confusing at first,<br />

and some brands have<br />

switched to a see-nowbuy-now<br />

model, where the<br />

clothes and accessories<br />

they’re promoting at a show<br />

are just recently available, or<br />

about to be, for purchase.<br />

Nonetheless, it’s important<br />

to know the product you’re<br />

seeing on runways usually<br />

won’t be shoppable, or<br />

shown in editorials, for<br />

another 5-6 months.<br />

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5 Key Signs<br />

You’re Vitamin<br />

D Deficient<br />

and it Can Affect your<br />

Beauty, Health, and<br />

Wellness<br />

Dr Nkechi Juliet<br />

1<br />

We’re constantly being told we need<br />

to up our vitamin D intake. But, in fact,<br />

according to multiple medical surveys,<br />

across the population, approximately 1<br />

in 5 people have low vitamin D levels —<br />

a figure which isn’t helped by the fact<br />

that we’ve spent a lot of time cooped up<br />

in our houses this New Year.<br />

Vitamin D is imperative for maintaining<br />

our overall health and well-being, but it’s<br />

also needed for healthy, glowing skin.<br />

Here, we have revealed the five skin<br />

signs that you might require some<br />

Vitamin D.<br />


Much like all organs, skin needs vital vitamins to<br />

function properly, and vitamin D is one of them,<br />

Vitamin D is primarily synthesised in skin which is<br />

exposed to UV light, if not achieved by diet or<br />

supplements. A dull complexion can be a sign of<br />

a lack of Vitamin D. Your complexion may appear<br />

slightly grey, your skin not as plump or supple as usual,<br />

and you may also have darker under eye circles, this<br />

is because the skin needs Vitamin D for the skin cells<br />

to regenerate properly and remain healthy.<br />


Vitamin D can reduce<br />

inflammation on your skin, which<br />

therefore means fighting against<br />

skin conditions such as acne and<br />

rosacea. Due to its action on<br />

your blood insulin response, your<br />

acne breakouts could be vastly<br />

improved too, this lowering of<br />

inflammation will also help with<br />

your general skin health too. 2<br />

64<br />


DRY SKIN<br />


One tell-tale skin sign of a vitamin D deficiency is<br />

dry, itchy skin on the face, which may occur all over<br />

or on areas such as cheeks, chin and forehead. In<br />

some severe cases, those with a deficiency may also<br />

develop eczema, this is thought to be caused by an<br />

immune system dysfunction. Studies have shown that<br />

vitamin D can be effective in its treatment whether the<br />

vitamin comes from direct sunlight, supplement or a<br />

topical skin application.<br />

4<br />

3<br />

5<br />


A deficiency in vitamin D can cause your<br />

skin to sweat and is considered to be one of<br />

the first signs of a problem. You will sweat all<br />

over your body, including your face which<br />

can cause your skin to become dry and<br />

irritated, as well as increasing your chances<br />

of breakouts - so upping your vitamin D could<br />

help.<br />


Vitamin D acts as an antioxidant, meaning that its able to<br />

help against fine lines and wrinkles. This vitamin helps your<br />

body to fight off free-radicals which are thought to cause<br />

lines on our skin and the general deterioration that comes<br />

with age. A lack of vital vitamin D sources could mean our<br />

wrinkles appear much deeper and more visible, a lack of<br />

vitamin D may also mean that we develop new wrinkles at a<br />

much quicker rate.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

5<br />

French Girl-<br />

Inspired Make-Up<br />

Tricks To Steal in <strong>2023</strong><br />

Sasha Bokamoso<br />

Of course, crafting each character’s<br />

make-up look hinges on telling a<br />

larger story about who they are.<br />

A good make-up should translate to<br />

“simple, natural, classy” rosewood tones,<br />

balmy skin, and imperceptible faux lashes.<br />

But for some, it’s more extreme, colourful<br />

beauty codes that infiltrate scenes.<br />

To be candid, it is all about balance – a<br />

balance that can be achieved from mixing<br />

up instincts and keeping a finger on the<br />

pulse of new products. Everything is good;<br />

it’s just a question of how you use it.<br />

When it comes to beauty and make-up,<br />

you will agree with me that the French girl<br />

is the go-to girl! Here, we have highlighted<br />

5 French-girl make-up tricks to steal from<br />

the typical French girl.<br />

Embrace French<br />

nudes<br />

The key to French girl beauty is<br />

finding and wearing tones that<br />

don’t look overtly cosmetic. In<br />

France, the real specificity is the<br />

nude — they love nudes because<br />

it’s not that common to have a<br />

lot of make-up on. For the French<br />

look, it’s more like minimal makeup<br />

— natural skin, light foundation,<br />

and light concealer — just to hide<br />

tiny things, not to contour. A French<br />

nude isn’t necessarily a shade of<br />

tan or brown as one might think,<br />

but a shade that appears naturally<br />

on the face, like a pinky hue of<br />

Chanel’s lip and cheek balm<br />

dotted onto cheekbones.<br />

Parisian faux<br />

lashes are<br />

imperceptible<br />

Unlike the heavy lash extensions and<br />

strips that we’ve come to associate<br />

with American beauty queens and<br />

television stars, the Parisian faux<br />

lash is nearly imperceptible for the<br />

French. To achieve it, apply a thin<br />

line of brown or black pencil and<br />

single eyelashes in different lengths.<br />

Take singles one by one and mix<br />

the longest one with the tiniest one.<br />

The result is an optical illusion that<br />

dramatically enhances the length<br />

and thickness of natural lashes.<br />

66<br />


BEAUTY<br />

A bold mouth<br />

It’s French to have very red lips. One point to note<br />

is that when you’re doing a really beautiful red<br />

mouth as a French make-up artist does, the eyes<br />

should be less done. If you get bangs and bold<br />

lips and then something strong in the eyes, your<br />

face would get lost. So instead, a more natural<br />

gaze enhanced with black mascara brought a<br />

level of French-girl balance.<br />

Beautiful skin is always<br />

the priority<br />

Taking care of your skin should be your number one<br />

priority before make-up. Skin prep always consists<br />

of simple but consistent rituals. Start with a mask to<br />

tone down any redness, followed by hydrating eye<br />

patches and a dose of face mist and cream. The<br />

primary lesson is that beauty is natural, a seemingly<br />

bare complexion is the ultimate goal — even when<br />

it’s enhanced with cosmetics.<br />

There’s always<br />

room to play<br />

Even with the traditional guidelines<br />

of subtlety and balance, French<br />

girls take cues from global trends<br />

and relish statement beauty<br />

moments. You should have the<br />

most fun in terms of make-up<br />

— with really crazy colourful<br />

and graphic eyeliners — you<br />

are always ready for the stage.<br />

French-girl make-up doesn’t<br />

always shy away from colour. To<br />

them, it is elegant to play with<br />

make-up and be elegant and<br />

fashionable.<br />

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Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo<br />

needs no introduction. The<br />

world-renowned televangelist<br />

and global ambassador for<br />

Christ lead the largest gathering of<br />

the Christian faithful in the United<br />

Kingdom. The head pastor of<br />

Kingsway International Christian<br />

Centre (KICC), headquartered in the<br />

UK, with branches all over the world,<br />

Pastor Mathew is both a motivational<br />

speaker and a preacher of the Word<br />

of God.<br />

As Nig he sheds light on some<br />

doctrinal teachings pitching<br />

Christians on moral opposites,<br />

the elections and the leadership<br />

question in Nigeria. He talks, with<br />

passion, of his yearly celebration<br />

of widows, a charity project he<br />

organises every December, when<br />

over 1,000 widows are given money<br />

and ankara fabrics in an effort to<br />

cushion their sufferings.<br />

I started by asking if this was<br />

not a ‘failure of leadership’. He also<br />

gives prophetic insights on ‘when<br />

tomorrow dawns’ for Nigeria. An<br />

exclusive for Allure. Please, read on.<br />

Is it not a failure of leadership that<br />

people have to line up for this type<br />

68<br />

G<br />

lamView<br />

With Remmy Diagbare<br />

A President shall<br />

arise who will<br />

change Nigeria<br />

- Pastor Mathew<br />

Ashimolowo<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

of charity; and, it takes somebody<br />

like you to show appreciation to<br />

widows in your community?<br />

I think it is a potpourri of many<br />

problems; number one is leadership<br />

(then) lack of vision and lack of<br />

infrastructure to care for people who<br />

have fallen through the crack.<br />

Some children and widows have<br />

fallen through the crack. People who<br />

didn’t go through an employment<br />

system that created a pension<br />

scheme have fallen through the<br />

crack. Part of my vision which I am<br />

praying that I will achieve in the next 24<br />

months is to build a place to be called<br />

Ile Awon Agba. They will not live there<br />

but if they are 70 plus and live in the<br />

Odoomu, we will take care of them at<br />

the home.<br />

You are concerned with only those<br />

people around your state of origin<br />

but Nigeria is a big place.<br />

(Laughing)... Let us leave that for<br />

the government. How do you eat an<br />

elephant…? ...Little by little. So, I want<br />

to build this ile awon Agba. If you are<br />

elderly and over 70 years, you go there<br />

once a week. There will be doctors<br />

and nurses to take care of you. They<br />

will give you food, check your health;<br />

you will share fellowship with other old<br />

people like yourself. At a point, I will<br />

have a vehicle for the ile awon agba.<br />

I will even go and pick the ones who<br />

are very, very old. I like to celebrate the<br />

elderly; to make them feel special.<br />

For my yearly widows’ charity,<br />

once in a while, I think of a widow to<br />

celebrate and when we are talking<br />

to the widows, I bring this one widow<br />

out and celebrate her the more. Two<br />

years ago, the woman who took me<br />

to church as a young man – I was a<br />

Muslim – my name was Ahmed. My<br />

mother was Aishat, my brother was<br />

Mudashiru, my sister was Hadijaat.<br />

The woman is still alive. She is about<br />

92 years. I brought her and celebrated<br />

her. This year, the person I celebrated is<br />

the woman who follows my mum. She<br />

is 91 years. I told her son to drive and<br />

bring her from Ile-Ife to the event and<br />

celebrated her again in the presence<br />

of everyone.<br />

Let us look at the leadership<br />

question in Nigeria. It is generally<br />

believed that the problem of Nigeria<br />

is a failure of leadership. Do you<br />

agree?<br />

The challenge of Nigeria, like you<br />

said, is leadership but there are two or<br />

three things involved. If you only look<br />

at leadership and you get yourself the<br />

greatest leader on earth, he will still fail<br />

if the system is broken. Nigeria is not<br />

just a failure of leadership but also a<br />

failure of system. This is my opinion.<br />

President Barrack Obama is a<br />

gifted man but he is not exactly the<br />

most unusually gifted person on earth.<br />

However, he found himself running<br />

a water-tight system that has been<br />

perfected over three hundred years.<br />

In fact, if you put a fool in the White<br />

House, he will succeed because the<br />

system of America is on automation.<br />

Everybody knows what to do and no<br />

one is interested in grabbing what<br />

belongs to the government.<br />

I live in the United Kingdom. If you<br />

put anyone as Prime Minister, the<br />

nation is on automation. So, while you<br />

are trying to blame the President or his<br />

acolytes for failure in leadership; even<br />

if you get the smartest, wisest, greatest<br />

Nigerian, until the system is also fixed,<br />

there will be a problem.<br />

In my opinion, I will say that is what<br />

I see in a person like Governor Raji<br />

Fashola who, in his little time, tried to fix<br />

some of the broken system in Lagos.<br />

So haven fixed some of the broken<br />

systems, you find out that some things<br />

now work in Lagos. If Fashola leaves<br />

and you put Joe Block, who is not<br />

as gifted, as long as they keep the<br />

automation he started, it will work.<br />

Another thing is good education


of the public; because, you see, a<br />

Nigerian keeps blaming those at the<br />

centre of power. They do not realise<br />

that if election is going to work, ‘I am<br />

part of the processes’. Good system,<br />

good government, good citizenship.<br />

What do we do to address this<br />

problem?<br />

If you ask me what we can do, I<br />

think, number one, it seems almost<br />

late but we should stop voting people<br />

because we want to change one<br />

person. We should look at what they<br />

offer us; whether the person we want<br />

to change or the person who wants to<br />

come in can offer a better deal.<br />

Number two, what can he do to<br />

mend the fractured system? Let me<br />

give you an example of places where<br />

they have amended a fractured<br />

system. We all pack our bags every<br />

day and run to Dubai. We want to<br />

Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo<br />

enjoy Dubai. Dubai was a desert. There<br />

was nothing but sand for two hundred<br />

years until suddenly, almost 30 years<br />

ago, the late Sheikh Marktum, the<br />

father of Sheikh Marktum – who just<br />

passed – decided ‘I want to turn this<br />

desert land to a play ground of the<br />

world’. He came up with a vision that<br />

was outrageous, even for those around<br />

him.<br />

If your vision does not scare the<br />

people around you, it is not big<br />

enough. He came out with a great<br />

vision. A vision to build a harbour on<br />

the mainland; where the biggest<br />

ship on earth can berth. They dug a<br />

channel to the sea; they did not come<br />

to the sea shore, they dug it on the<br />

mainland so that they can have more<br />

space; more capacity and now dug<br />

the channel to the sea.<br />

Those are the kind of audacious<br />

dreams he had. We need visionaries<br />

who will not only see the things to<br />

be done but will be able to make it<br />

come alive. Nigeria is under a serious<br />

challenge. There is tribal arrest. There<br />

is geographical arrest, forgive me to<br />

say, and I am bold to say it. I am 62<br />

years old and I have nothing to lose<br />

anymore. I will say (that) many of our<br />

people we call leaders are not leaders<br />

but tribal chiefs; because when they<br />

come up, they speak for the region<br />

they came from. They do not speak<br />

with such robust vision that is allencompassing.<br />

They should not just say I am a<br />

Yoruba, I am an Ibo. One of the<br />

presidential candidates, at one point,<br />

just 10 months ago, said an attack<br />

on Boko Haram was an attack on<br />

the North, which is too myopic. That<br />

is what the late Dr. Azikiwe will call<br />

akatakaism.<br />

What Nigeria needs now is a<br />

visionary leader who will have a<br />

marshal plan that covers about five<br />

E’s. The E of: Education, Economy,<br />

Environment (which includes<br />

agriculture) and Engineering –<br />

everything in Nigeria is imported.<br />

We don’t fabricate anything. South<br />

Africa fabricates most things. Of<br />

course, because of sanctions, they<br />

learnt to produce most things. They<br />

build ships, aircrafts.<br />

So, where are we? There is no<br />

moving forward, is there?<br />

There is moving forward. If you now<br />

want me to speak as a prophet, I will<br />

tell you – I do not know when – but it is<br />

not going to be up to ten years, a man<br />

will rise in Nigeria that will bring this glory.<br />

It is not going to be up to ten years,<br />

a man is coming who will shake the<br />

system. He will be different. I don’t know<br />

who it is; I don’t think we know him.<br />

Not any of the presidential<br />

contenders?<br />

I am not sure if it’s one of them but<br />

before ten years, somebody is going<br />

to rise and restore the glory of this land<br />

So, Nigeria is not going to break?<br />

Nigeria will not break. Nigeria will<br />

keep her prophetic mandate of being<br />

one nation although after the March<br />

elections, twenty percent of a certain<br />

region will not submit to the President.<br />

That is what I saw. And, it will take six<br />

months to one year before he will now<br />

be able to govern that area.<br />

This interview was first<br />

published in Vanguard Allure,<br />

April 5, 2015<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

A Trip to<br />

Tenerife<br />

Island<br />

Anyone?<br />

Praise David<br />

70<br />

Tenerife is a place that<br />

should be on everyone’s<br />

bucket list. If you haven’t heard<br />

of it, and you love exploring<br />

new and unique places, you’re<br />

missing out.<br />

The largest island of the<br />

Canaries is not your typical<br />

island destination, and has<br />

something for everyone. It’s a<br />

place where you can imagine<br />

yourself in multiple places<br />

around the globe - without even<br />

stepping off the island.<br />

Picture this: the volcanic<br />

landscapes, boardwalks and<br />

resorts of Maui, combined with<br />

the food, wine, port and Spanish<br />

colonial architecture of Barcelona,<br />

and the white/black sand beaches<br />

of Costa Rica - all on one island!<br />

If you’re in the process of<br />

choosing where your next trip<br />

should be and you can’t decide, here’s<br />

why it should be Tenerife.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

Birdwatching<br />

While many travel to<br />

Tenerife to explore its black<br />

sand beaches, many also<br />

come for birdwatching. The<br />

island is home to some rare<br />

species because of the<br />

various habitats and unusual<br />

geography. One of these birds<br />

is the Blue Chaffinch, which<br />

is easily recognizable with its<br />

blue feathers and is only found<br />

in the mountain forests of the<br />

island. While birdwatching in<br />

Tenerife you’ll also probably be<br />

on the lookout for two species<br />

of laurel pigeon that live in the<br />

forests and the mountains of<br />

the island and the Great Grey<br />

Shrike, an uncommon bird<br />

in the UK but one that lives in<br />

Tenerife high on Mt. Teide.

ESCAPE<br />

Black and White<br />

Sand Beaches<br />

Featured in CNN, Forbes<br />

as a trending beach<br />

destination and the Active<br />

Times, Tenerife’s beaches<br />

live up to the hype. But with<br />

so many Tenerife beaches<br />

(there’s 70) how do you<br />

narrow down the options? It’s<br />

all about what you’re looking<br />

for. If black volcanic sand is<br />

what you’re seeking, check<br />

out the El Bollullo beaches<br />

in the north, surrounded by<br />

green cliffs and banana<br />

plantations. If you’re looking<br />

for a more traditional beach<br />

- you’ll want to be in the<br />

south in Adeje, which is filled<br />

with golden sand beaches.<br />

We teamed up with a<br />

Tenerife expert and listed our<br />

6 favorite beaches here.<br />

Waterpark<br />

Siam Park is one of the biggest and best waterparks in Europe<br />

for those seeking an adrenaline rush. So good in fact that it was<br />

rated as the #1 waterpark in the world by Trip Advisor in 2016 and<br />

2017. Set in a Thai-themed paradise, the lush, green and tranquil<br />

environment makes it great for any age to enjoy. Thrilling rides like<br />

the Tower of Power, The Dragon, and the Mekong Rapids will set<br />

your heart racing. If you’re in the mood to relax, visit the bars or<br />

restaurants on the white sandy beach.<br />

Michelin Star Restaurants<br />

And for all you foodies out there, cuisine is another great hallmark<br />

of Tenerife’s culture. Traditional food in Tenerife is rustic but simple, and<br />

the favour combinations and rustic ingredients are worth trying. Spain<br />

has 182 Michelin Star restaurants, but Tenerife is the only island in the<br />

Canaries with four Michelin Star restaurants. A Michelin Star is received<br />

after anonymous restaurant reviewers try different restaurant cuisines<br />

and come to a consensus on which restaurants will be awarded the<br />

stars. Forget Yelp and Zagat, as you can see, no consumer reviews are<br />

used in making the Michelin determination.<br />

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ESCAPE<br />

The Diving<br />

The crystal-clear<br />

waters of the Atlantic<br />

Ocean around Tenerife<br />

and the Canary Islands<br />

are internationally<br />

known for their quality<br />

and temperatures<br />

of 70 degrees. Filled<br />

with a rich diversity of<br />

marine life, the island is<br />

an undersea paradise<br />

for experienced or first<br />

time divers. Above the<br />

waves, there’s plenty to<br />

do too - you can choose<br />

from windsurfing, surfing,<br />

kayaking or deep sea<br />

fishing.<br />

Europe’s Largest<br />

Lava Tube<br />

Maybe you want to travel<br />

alone, or maybe you’re<br />

looking for an interesting and<br />

informative trip for the family.<br />

Whatever the case, the Wind<br />

Cave is a no-brainer if you’re<br />

looking for a unique and<br />

educational activity for the<br />

day. Shaped by lava flows<br />

from Pico Viejo, part of Mount<br />

Teide is The Cueva del Viento.<br />

Also known as the Wind Cave,<br />

this lava cave is Europe’s<br />

largest lava tube and the fifth<br />

largest in the world. The top<br />

four largest are all located in<br />

Hawaii.<br />

72<br />


ESCAPE<br />

Wine<br />

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll want to add some vineyards to your<br />

trip itinerary to truly experience Tenerife’s culture. Luckily for you, Tenerife is<br />

internationally recognized for its wine. The main reason why is because the<br />

island grows nine varieties of ungrafted vines that can’t be found anywhere<br />

else in Spain. Listán Blanco, Malvasiaa, Gual, Albillo Criollo, Vijariego, Moscatel,<br />

Marmajuelo and Verdello are the grapes used to make whites, whilst rosés and<br />

wines are made mostly of Listán Negro, Negramoll and Tintilla.<br />

The World’s Best Stargazing<br />

While this bustling Spanish island is<br />

widely known for its spectacular beaches<br />

and busy nightlife, Tenerife is also<br />

considered one of the best places to go<br />

stargazing in Europe. In the darkness of<br />

the Atlantic Ocean, Tenerife’s Mt. Teide,<br />

Spain’s highest peak, is also one of the<br />

few places you can see constellations<br />

and different galaxies because of its<br />

elevation. With no light pollution and cities<br />

vastly spread out, everything is completely<br />

lit up and you’ll be able to see thousands<br />

of stars. If you really want an incredibly<br />

unique experience, go up late in the<br />

afternoon to Mt. Teide National Park and<br />

go to the Parador (a hotel/ restaurant<br />

inside the Caldera) to enjoy a memorable<br />

five-star dinner from Michelin-awarded<br />

chefs. Read more about stargazing and<br />

the Sunset and Stars experience here.<br />

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FOOD<br />

Foods to Avoid<br />

Before a Big<br />

Date Night<br />

Chef Amaka Ibeme<br />

When it comes to preparing<br />

for a big date or event,<br />

we have so much to think<br />

about. From what we’re going to<br />

wear, what perfume or cologne<br />

we’ll wear, where we are going<br />

and more can wreak havoc on the<br />

stress-o-meter.<br />

What we don’t always think about<br />

is the foods we eat and their<br />

impact they have on us leading<br />

up to the date. If you’re preparing<br />

for something important on the<br />

calendar, you’ll want to check out<br />

this list of foods that you should<br />

definitely avoid.<br />

From smelly breath, acne, bad gas<br />

and bad body odor we have got<br />

you covered in what to stay clear<br />

from. So let’s dig in, oh, and good<br />

luck at that event!<br />

Onions<br />

The anticipation of an<br />

upcoming date can be quite<br />

stressful on its own. For some of us,<br />

this leads to excessive sweating<br />

especially so on the day of the<br />

event. We can also sweat to due<br />

high temperatures in the weather,<br />

and exercise.<br />

If you know you’ll be stressed<br />

before the date and believe the<br />

agenda of the date will require<br />

you to be outdoors then you’ll<br />

want to stay clear of the foods<br />

that could seep through your<br />

pores.<br />

Just like garlic, onions too can<br />

cause bad breath and body<br />

odor. The high sulfur compounds<br />

can make the odor of onion linger<br />

in your breath and your body odor<br />

days after you have consumed it. It<br />

does add flavor to many dishes but<br />

it might be wise to stay clear of it<br />

leading up to your date.<br />

74<br />


FOOD<br />

Garlic<br />

Garlic may be an obvious food<br />

to avoid that can ruin your breath<br />

but it can actually make a mark<br />

on more than just in your mouth. It<br />

can also become absorbed into<br />

the bloodstream.<br />

As a result, it can not only linger<br />

in the mouth but it can actually<br />

emit a scent out of our pores<br />

too. Garlic is still really good for<br />

us and shouldn’t be eliminated<br />

from the diet completely but<br />

when an important date or event<br />

is approaching it may be best to<br />

stay clear of anything garlicky for<br />

a little while.<br />

Alcohol<br />

Happy hour or innocent patio<br />

drinks with coworkers on a Friday<br />

seems harmless, however, if a<br />

hot date is on your agenda that<br />

weekend you may want to opt<br />

out of the bevvy that day. Most<br />

of the alcohol consumption will<br />

metabolize in our body but some<br />

of it gets released into our sweat<br />

as well as our respiratory system.<br />

We already know that you<br />

can smell alcohol on your breath<br />

after you drink it but if you drink<br />

too many bevvy’s it can start to<br />

linger when we sweat too. It could<br />

also cause less saliva production<br />

which could make our mouths<br />

the perfect habitat for bacteria to<br />

thrive. Furthermore, alcohol can<br />

be considered a natural diuretic<br />

which could result in dehydration<br />

in the body. You may not have to<br />

eliminate alcohol before you date<br />

but it is important to be mindful of<br />

your consumption.<br />

Coffee<br />

While a daily cup of joe will<br />

do no harm to your big date<br />

chugging back a cup before the<br />

date is not highly recommended.<br />

Coffee surely tastes good but<br />

the compelling smell can linger<br />

in your mouth which could be<br />

unpleasant to the person you talk<br />

to.<br />

Beware of consuming too<br />

much coffee because it could<br />

give you the jitters. Caffeine is<br />

well known to help boost our<br />

adrenaline levels. Due to this,<br />

too much caffeine could cause<br />

a jittery sensation and excess<br />

sweating which combined with<br />

the nerves you’re already feeling<br />

is just a recipe for disaster. A cup<br />

of coffee may, however, give you<br />

the extra energy you need just<br />

make sure to drink it hours before<br />

your date or simply, brush your<br />

teeth and gargle with mouthwash<br />

after.<br />

Dairy<br />

Those who are lactose<br />

intolerant know it is enough of a<br />

reason to avoid dairy products<br />

altogether, especially before<br />

something big planned. For<br />

others, dairy could be an IBS<br />

(irritable bowel syndrome)<br />

trigger which is another reason<br />

to avoid dairy before the big<br />

event, although, we know that<br />

ooey-gooey cheese dish looks<br />

tempting!<br />

Furthermore, many dairy<br />

products have loads of<br />

sugar and as we discovered<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 75

FOOD<br />

previously sugar could be the<br />

culprit to bad breath! Lastly,<br />

for some, dairy products can<br />

cause acne breakouts and we<br />

all know we try to avoid those<br />

especially when getting ready for<br />

somewhere you want to make<br />

an impression. You might want to<br />

avoid the dairy and put on a face<br />

mask instead!<br />

Horseradish<br />

Horseradish is known for its<br />

tart and unique flavor. It offers<br />

a lot of nutrition such as a great<br />

supplement of dietary fiber,<br />

folate, vitamin C, potassium,<br />

calcium, and several others. We<br />

shouldn’t cut horseradish out of<br />

our diet completely but it may<br />

be wise to stay clear of it on the<br />

day of your date.<br />

Horseradish may add the<br />

Sugar<br />

If you’re gearing up for a<br />

big date or event you’ll want to<br />

watch your sugar intake leading<br />

up to it. When we eat and drink,<br />

bacteria begins to build up in<br />

our mouths. The bacteria that<br />

causes bad breath specifically will<br />

take advantage of sugar once it<br />

perfect zing to your sandwich<br />

but it can also cause unwanted<br />

bad breath. The reason for this<br />

is due to it’s overpowering and<br />

smelly oil. Raw horseradish that<br />

is left intact will have next to no<br />

odor but once you grate it or cut<br />

it, it will emit what some claim to<br />

be the smelliest oils in the world,<br />

mustard oil. This odor can linger<br />

in the mouth and can be a<br />

huge turn off if your date comes<br />

into contact with it, uh oh!<br />

reaches the mouth and uses it as<br />

a super fuel.<br />

While we often reach for gum<br />

and mints when we feel the bad<br />

breath coming on, many of these<br />

gum packets and mints are full<br />

of sugar. It may subside your bad<br />

breath momentarily but the sugar<br />

content could actually cause<br />

the bacteria to become active<br />

long term. Not only can sugar<br />

cause bad breath but it can also<br />

contribute to gum disease and<br />

decay, yikes! Make sure to look for<br />

sugar-free gum and mints to help<br />

keep that bad breath at bay.<br />

Canned Fish<br />

It’s amazing how food is so<br />

accessible to us in so many ways<br />

which also means we can enjoy<br />

foods that aren’t in season 24/7<br />

all year round. Canning is a great<br />

way to hold onto bulk foods for<br />

long periods of time. However,<br />

when getting ready for your date,<br />

you may want to stay away from<br />

canned fish.<br />

I’m sure we’ve all been there,<br />

either opening or being present<br />

while a can of fish is being<br />

opened. Immediately you’re<br />

bombarded with a wretched fish<br />

smell. The process of canning fish<br />

will cause it to oxidize and due<br />

to this is why it has a strong scent.<br />

76<br />


FOOD<br />

Cruciferous Vegetables<br />

Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok<br />

choy and Brussels sprouts are all considered<br />

cruciferous vegetables. They all come from the<br />

same family and each offers their own unique<br />

texture and flavor but they all have one thing<br />

in common, a sulfur compound. This sulfur<br />

compound can be quickly absorbed into the<br />

body and seep back out when we sweat,<br />

resulting in body odor that smells rank.<br />

Furthermore, our bodies sometimes have<br />

a hard time digesting these foods thanks to<br />

an oligosaccharide called raffinose. We don’t<br />

have the enzymes in our bodies to digest<br />

this so in result it passes to our large intestine<br />

undigested. This then causes the large intestine<br />

to ferment them. A byproduct of fermentation<br />

in the large intestine would be gas, that<br />

combined with its sulfur compound results in<br />

not just gas, but smelly gas too. Make sure to<br />

stay clear of any of these veggies on the day<br />

of your date and if it’s completely unavoidable<br />

make sure not to eat them raw. When these<br />

vegetables are cooked they make the<br />

digestion process easier.<br />

However, this scent can linger on<br />

your breath, giving it a fishy and<br />

unpleasant odor. If you can’t cut<br />

the craving of canned fish before<br />

your date make sure to gargol<br />

with mouthwash, once or twice<br />

or 10 times, better safe than sorry,<br />

right?<br />

Refined Grains<br />

Some examples of refined<br />

grains include pasta, cereal,<br />

crackers, desserts and bread<br />

that are made out of white flour.<br />

Refined grains might not give you<br />

bad breath but you’ll still want to<br />

avoid them leading up to your hot<br />

date because they could be the<br />

cause of sudden and annoying<br />

breakouts.<br />

As we talked about earlier,<br />

dairy has been shown in several<br />

studies to be the cause of<br />

breakouts and acne and now<br />

many are looking into refined<br />

carbohydrates too. Refined grains<br />

can cause an increase in blood<br />

glucose levels up to 2 hours<br />

after eating said food. It may<br />

be obvious that someone with<br />

diabetes should avoid a diet<br />

with a high glycemic index but<br />

those seeking to avoid acne<br />

and clear acne should be wary<br />

too. Instead, try and reach for<br />

foods that are whole grain and<br />

unrefined.<br />

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