LHCH Matters - Issue 3

Read the latest edition of LHCH Matters.

Read the latest edition of LHCH Matters.


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<strong>Issue</strong> 3 2023<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong><br />

matters<br />

The newsletter for our patients,<br />

staff and communities of Liverpool<br />

Heart and Chest Hospital<br />

Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS<br />

– page 3<br />

All the latest Research<br />

News – pages 4 & 5

Welcome<br />

Welcome to the third edition of<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> <strong>Matters</strong> this year.<br />

It was lovely to mark the 75th<br />

birthday of the NHS recently and<br />

celebrate the hard work and dedication<br />

of Team <strong>LHCH</strong>. We continue to be<br />

proud of the tireless commitment the<br />

team shows to provide outstanding<br />

care to our patients, families and<br />

colleagues. Don’t forget to join us for<br />

the celebration of the NHS birthday<br />

with Maghull Wind Orchestra on<br />

17th September, 2pm at Liverpool<br />

Philharmonic Hall. Full details within<br />

this newsletter.<br />

In this edition, we are delighted<br />

to share a more extensive research<br />

update on the exciting research<br />

activities and clinical trials our team<br />

have been working on. These are<br />

important and such activity enables<br />

us to provide world class care. We are<br />

able to offer patients the most suitable<br />

treatments based upon the best<br />

available evidence and technology.<br />

We are also pleased to be launching<br />

our Patient Choice Award. If you have<br />

been a patient or family member in the<br />

last twelve months then please get in<br />

touch and let us know which member<br />

of staff or team made a big difference<br />

to your <strong>LHCH</strong> experience. You can<br />

nominate now on our website. The<br />

winner will be announced at the ‘Best<br />

of the Best’ <strong>LHCH</strong> Grand Awards later<br />

this year.<br />

We hope you enjoy reading this<br />

newsletter. If you have any feedback<br />

or suggestions for future editions<br />

please do get in touch with our<br />

Communications team by emailing<br />

CorporateCommunications@lhch.<br />

nhs.uk<br />

Best wishes<br />

Val Davies<br />

Chair<br />

Jane Tomkinson OBE<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

Happy Hearts at Eurovision<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital<br />

was pleased to partner Liverpool<br />

City Council’s Public Health team<br />

and the Pumping Marvellous<br />

Foundation to encourage people<br />

enjoying the Eurovision Festival to<br />

undertake mini health checks.<br />

Our CVD prevention team visited The<br />

Strand in Liverpool City Centre for three<br />

days of the Eurovision festival to offer<br />

blood pressure, cholesterol testing<br />

and pulse checks. This was part of the<br />

“Happy Hearts” cardiovascular disease<br />

(CVD) prevention campaign.<br />

CVD is largely preventable through<br />

a healthy lifestyle and the early<br />

detection of key risk conditions<br />

such as atrial fibrillation, high blood<br />

pressure and high cholesterol. Our<br />

team are continuing with their extensive<br />

programme of community events<br />

planned throughout the course of the<br />

year to raise awareness of the risks,<br />

signs and symptoms of CVD.<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> at the for<br />

Paula Dyce (left) and Vicky<br />

Jackson, CF Diabetes<br />

Specialist<br />

Nurse<br />

The Pumping Marvellous team are pictured at a recent visit to <strong>LHCH</strong> as part of their Heart<br />

Failure awareness campaign.<br />


Electronic prescribing<br />

goes live<br />

We wished our beloved<br />

NHS a very Happy<br />

Birthday on 5th July.<br />

Team <strong>LHCH</strong> enjoyed<br />

a celebration event on the day with hot food and ice<br />

cream! A good time was had by all.<br />

Members of<br />

Team <strong>LHCH</strong> also<br />

attended a service<br />

at Westminster<br />

Abbey to<br />

celebrate the 75th<br />

anniversary of the<br />

National Health<br />

Service (pictured<br />

right).<br />

In April, we were delighted that our Knowsley<br />

Community Respiratory Service went live with<br />

EMIS Electronic Prescribing.<br />

This new integrated system will deliver more<br />

efficient, safe and cost effective care to our patients.<br />

EMIS has significantly reduced the number of<br />

paper prescriptions, preventing unnecessary delays<br />

in treatment and avoiding duplication. Wait times for<br />

patients and families in Pharmacy will be reduced<br />

as dispensers can predict when medication is<br />

required and prepare it in advance. The new system<br />

ensures that patient safety has been enhanced as<br />

the risk of a paper prescription being lost has also<br />

been removed. GPs are now able to access the<br />

shared record which reduces the risk of duplicate<br />

prescriptions by improving communication.<br />

Our community team have described the new<br />

system as a “game changer” and one that will make<br />

a big difference to our patients, their families and<br />

our staff.<br />

efront of Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes care<br />

Over the last ten years, <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

has seen a growth in the number<br />

of patients with Cystic Fibrosis<br />

Diabetes.<br />

At <strong>LHCH</strong> we set up a service 2010<br />

to specifically meet this demand. In<br />

2023, over a third of our patients<br />

treated at <strong>LHCH</strong> for Cystic<br />

Fibrosis (CF) had Cystic Fibrosis<br />

Diabetes.<br />

The team has subsequently<br />

attracted interest from other<br />

hospitals across the country<br />

interested in replicating our<br />

service model. Our Cystic<br />

Fibrosis Diabetes clinic runs alongside<br />

our general Cystic Fibrosis (CF) clinic<br />

and plays an important part in the work<br />

of the wider CF multi disciplinary team.<br />

Since establishment of this service,<br />

Paula Dyce, Advanced Nurse<br />

Practitioner for Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes<br />

has joined forces with counterparts at<br />

Birmingham and Manchester Hospitals<br />

to set up a national Cystic Fibrosis<br />

Diabetes Committee. Paula said:<br />

“We realised that there was a real<br />

variation in the clinical practice and<br />

care of all patients with Cystic Fibrosis<br />

Diabetes right across the country. As<br />

co-founder of the committee I was<br />

asked to Chair this new committee.<br />

Despite many challenges during the<br />

pandemic, we are delighted that the<br />

new guidelines for Cystic Fibrosis<br />

Diabetes was completed late last year<br />

and has now been published. We<br />

gathered information and best practice<br />

from throughout the UK and worldwide<br />

to update and clarify the guidance,<br />

which was first published in 2004.”<br />

The guidelines can be viewed on the<br />

news pages of CF Trust website.<br />



Telehealth in Cardiac<br />

Surgery (TICS)<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> is undertaking a new randomised clinical trial called<br />

Telehealth in Cardiac Surgery (TICS), looking at the periods<br />

either side of the hospital stay for patients undergoing heart<br />

surgery, and at the time spent at home before coming to<br />

hospital and the time back at home after discharge and post<br />

surgery.<br />

For patients taking part in the study, they will either be<br />

managed as normal (current standard of care with no telehealth<br />

monitoring) or they will be given instructions and equipment on<br />

how to monitor their condition at home (telehealth monitoring)<br />

– measuring their heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels,<br />

weight and step count, and answering a series of weekly health<br />

questions.<br />

One of the aims of the study is to find out if regular monitoring at<br />

home, with a smart device (telehealth monitoring), helps to improve<br />

quality of life for a patient undergoing heart surgery. We would also<br />

like to see if regular monitoring can prevent any<br />

worsening of their condition that may require<br />

them to seek additional medical help or their<br />

surgery being delayed.<br />

One patient involved in remote cardiac<br />

monitoring, recently shared his experience<br />

with us (pictured). You can watch this now by<br />

scanning the QR code or by visiting the news<br />

pages of our website.<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> is a Research Active Trust<br />

We are delighted to be<br />

able to celebrate recruiting<br />

1,042 participants to our<br />

research studies at <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

over 2022/23.<br />

This is a great<br />

achievement, ranking us<br />

higher than any other similar<br />

sized specialist trust in the<br />

Clinical Research Network<br />

North West Coast.<br />

Thank you to our<br />

hardworking research nurses,<br />

principal investigators,<br />

support teams and of course<br />

our patients who have<br />

contributed to research.<br />

For research queries please call 0161 600 1876 or email research@lhch.nhs.uk<br />


<strong>LHCH</strong> wins Ruth<br />

Young Award<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> has been awarded the<br />

Ruth Young Award for Research<br />

Implementation at the NIHR<br />

North West Coast Research and<br />

Innovation Awards.<br />

This event was organised to<br />

recognise the best innovators and<br />

researchers in health and care in<br />

Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire<br />

and South Cumbria. Congratulations<br />

to Professor Rod Stables, Consultant<br />

Cardiologist and the rest of the team<br />

whose work made achievement of this<br />

award possible.<br />

For more information on the awards,<br />

including an interview with Professor<br />

Stables, please visit<br />

www.nwcawards.co.uk/awards<br />

International Clinical Trials Day<br />

Our Research team were out and about on International Clinical Trials Day,<br />

pictured, raising awareness of the importance of research within the NHS.<br />

A huge thank you to all our Research colleagues here at <strong>LHCH</strong> for all you do to<br />

provide outstanding care for our patients and their families.<br />


Our Research Unit are<br />

currently working on 80 active<br />

clinical trials. Plans are in the<br />

pipeline for this to increase<br />

to over 100. Our clinical<br />

trials are wide ranging and<br />

focus on cardiology, cardiac<br />

and thoracic surgery and<br />

respiratory studies.<br />

Receive your<br />

eConsent Form<br />

via Email<br />

Patients will now be given the<br />

opportunity to receive a copy<br />

of their eConsent form via their<br />

email account.<br />

If you choose to do this, your<br />

clinician will ask you to verify<br />

your email address and you will<br />

receive an email containing a link<br />

to your consent form.<br />

You will be required to confirm<br />

your email address, when you<br />

click on the link to download the<br />

file. The file will only be available<br />

to download for 6 months from<br />

the date it was sent.<br />

The email should be sent to<br />

your inbox, but you may need to<br />

check your junk or spam folders.<br />

If you have any queries<br />

regarding your eConsent please<br />

contact the clinical team involved<br />

in your care.<br />

How can robots help us feel better?<br />

Hear Professor Mark Field, Consultant Aortic<br />

and Cardiac Surgeon talk about the effects of<br />

transcranial doppler ultrasound and how this new<br />

system, funded by <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity, will ensure even<br />

better and safer patient care for those individuals<br />

undergoing highly specialised aortic arch surgery<br />

at <strong>LHCH</strong>.<br />

Scan the QR code or visit<br />

https://tinyurl.com/3te75y3w<br />


HAVE<br />

YOUR<br />

SAY!<br />

We love to hear from our patients about their<br />

experiences. If you would like to share your story<br />

please email communications@lhch.nhs.uk. A<br />

big thank you to Rachel for sharing her emotional<br />

story with us and for supporting <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity too!<br />

,<br />

Rachel’s story<br />

A mum of two from Warrington ran 13 miles, halfmarathon,<br />

from her home to <strong>LHCH</strong> on 21st May to<br />

say ‘thank you’ for the specialist care she received<br />

before and since the birth of her daughter.<br />

At 32 weeks pregnant, to hear the<br />

words, ‘heart attack, heart failure,<br />

rare heart condition and surgery’,<br />

was a frightening prospect. But that<br />

was the situation that 32-year-old<br />

Rachel Munn was facing.<br />

After experiencing some discomfort<br />

in her chest, Rachel went to her local<br />

A&E and was stunned to be told that<br />

she’d had a heart attack and was<br />

showing signs of heart failure. Rachel<br />

was immediately referred to <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

for specialist care and her clinical<br />

team discovered she had a rare heart<br />

condition, called Anomalous Right<br />

Coronary Artery.<br />

Rachel said: “To say I was petrified<br />

was an understatement and it almost<br />

felt as if my world had stopped.<br />

“The <strong>LHCH</strong> team were clear that<br />

I couldn’t go home and wanted to<br />

monitor my heart very closely until a<br />

plan could be put together for the rest<br />

of my pregnancy.<br />

“In the end they decided that the best<br />

solution for me was to be transferred<br />

to hospital in Manchester where their<br />

cardiac team could keep my heart<br />

under observation, and their specialist<br />

obstetric team could deliver my baby<br />

safely via C-section at 37 weeks.”<br />

Rachel said that the challenges only<br />

got harder, as immediately after giving<br />

birth, she was moved to the intensive<br />

care unit for 5 days, while her daughter<br />

was taken to the post-natal ward.<br />

“It was a really difficult time and<br />

6<br />

the mix of emotions was<br />

unreal. I was so happy<br />

we were both alive, but<br />

the upset of her going off<br />

without me was heartbreaking.<br />

“Eventually, following a<br />

series of further heart tests,<br />

I got the news I wanted<br />

more than anything else - I could go<br />

home and was referred back into the<br />

care of the team at <strong>LHCH</strong>.”<br />

However, a further challenge arrived<br />

within days of Rachel coming home as<br />

the first covid lockdown arrived.<br />

“After being in intensive care just<br />

days earlier, surrounded by specialists<br />

and hooked up to machines for weeks,<br />

to then be isolated at home and told<br />

to shield because of my heart, was<br />

actually pretty scary. It was almost like<br />

a battle with my mind.<br />

“But thanks to the care, support and<br />

reassurance that I received from all<br />

the clinical team at <strong>LHCH</strong>, especially<br />

the Psychology Team, I was able<br />

to slowly build my confidence and<br />

realised that a life lived in fear is not a<br />

life lived. Throughout covid, the team<br />

at <strong>LHCH</strong> were my lifeline and I’ll always<br />

be indebted to them for the emotional<br />

support that they gave me, and for<br />

making me realise that I could get back<br />

to full fitness and return to running.<br />

“That’s why I want to show my<br />

gratitude for all they did for me, by<br />

raising as much money as I can for<br />

the hospital charity, so that they can<br />

support other patients and families like<br />

me.”<br />

You can watch Rachel’s full story on<br />

the news pages of our website www.<br />


Behind the scenes with the Acute<br />

Dietetics Team<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> <strong>Matters</strong> was pleased to meet and chat<br />

to Ruth Johnson, Team Lead of the Nutrition<br />

and Dietetics Team and Critical Care Dietitian<br />

Specialist. Ruth, along with Mary-Ann and<br />

Catherine, from the Acute Dietetics team<br />

(pictured) providing a vital service for the<br />

patients of <strong>LHCH</strong>.<br />

Sadly, one in four inpatients at <strong>LHCH</strong> are admitted<br />

with malnutrition and on average these patients<br />

have a longer hospital stay of two additional days.<br />

These stark statistics make it clear that this team<br />

have an important role to play.<br />

The role of the team is to treat patients, following<br />

referral by ward staff, to improve their nutrition to<br />

aid their immediate recovery. It is also to provide<br />

education to support prevention of malnutrition in<br />

the future and to equip medical, nursing and catering<br />

colleagues with the knowledge to make good<br />

decisions to improve the patient experience.<br />

Tell us about a typical day<br />

A good proportion of the day will be visiting wards<br />

to see and treat patients. We act upon referrals<br />

received from colleagues which identifies adults who<br />

are malnourished, at risk of malnutrition or obese.<br />

It also enables us to put a care plan in place for our<br />

patients. We work very closely with the Speech and<br />

Language Therapists and often undertake these visits<br />

with them.<br />

Treatment may include providing parental nutrition<br />

which is infusing a specialised form of food through<br />

a vein. We work closely with the Pharmacists on<br />

providing this and due to its technical nature this is<br />

the most urgent treatment of the day. Other support<br />

alternatives offered include providing gastric tubes,<br />

some oral supplements and support to our Diabetes<br />

and Speech and Language teams.<br />

We are part of the Nutrition Steering Group which<br />

looks at nutrition at a strategic level and the Focus<br />

Group which looks at influencing the day to day<br />

patient experience. Through these groups patient<br />

feedback enables us to all make improvements in the<br />

quality of the food patients receive.<br />

The team are often delivering education sessions for different<br />

colleagues such as medical, nursing and catering staff. We also<br />

hold awareness events to drive forward the importance of good<br />

nutrition and hydration.<br />

What are you most proud of?<br />

The patient feedback we receive is very positive and it is heartwarming<br />

to hear the difference we have made to their lifestyle<br />

moving forward. We still receive a Christmas Card from a patient<br />

years on which is lovely.<br />

We presented at the British Association of Parenteral and<br />

Enteral Nutrition (BAPEN) national conference regarding our<br />

compliance with the national screening tool. Our presentation<br />

was well received by peers from across the country and we were<br />

able to share our experience and learning at this forum for others<br />

to benefit from.<br />

In the future we are looking forward to commencing non<br />

medical prescribing within the team and the necessary courses<br />

are being undertaken now. We are really proud of what we have<br />

achieved as a small team and are excited for the future.<br />

COMING<br />

SOON<br />

NEW <strong>LHCH</strong> Website<br />

This summer, we are pleased to be launching our<br />

brand new website so please look out for it.<br />

Coming soon to a screen near you.<br />

www.lhch.nhs.uk<br />


Employee of the Month Awards<br />

Every month, we are pleased to present a very worthy colleague with the ‘Best<br />

of the Best’ Employee of the Month Award to recognise their hard work and<br />

dedication to go above and beyond.<br />

We welcome nominations for this award from our patients, visitors and staff. You<br />

can nominate for this award the hospital website.<br />

FEBRUARY 2023 MAY 2023<br />

JUNE 2023<br />

Joe Dann, Booking Clerk. Joe was<br />

nominated by a patient’s family<br />

member for going ‘above and beyond’<br />

to help them resolve a concern. His<br />

kindness meant a lot to them during<br />

this worrying and stressful time.<br />

Lauren Farrell, Staff Nurse. Lauren<br />

was nominated for her amazing<br />

compassionate end of life care for a<br />

patient and his family recently. Her care<br />

made the experience of losing a loved<br />

one the best it could be for all at such a<br />

sad and difficult time.<br />

Claire Lee, Research Nurse. Claire<br />

was congratulated for her role in the<br />

DAPA MI study. Claire was nominated<br />

for her professionalism, dedication,<br />

approachable nature and being a true<br />

asset to <strong>LHCH</strong>.<br />

MARCH 2023<br />

Nathan Harris,<br />

TAVI Coordinator<br />

Nathan was praised<br />

for being extremely<br />

hard working and<br />

for the positive<br />

impact he has had<br />

on the TAVI service<br />

and the patient<br />

experience.<br />

APRIL 2023<br />



AWARD<br />

2023<br />

We’d like to welcome our patients, families and visitors to<br />

nominate the <strong>LHCH</strong> member of staff or team that have made<br />

a huge difference to your <strong>LHCH</strong> experience in the last twelve<br />

months. Please take this opportunity to nominate your <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

star for the Patient Choice Award!<br />

Just scan the QR code or visit www.lhch.nhs.uk to nominate<br />

the member(s) of team <strong>LHCH</strong>.<br />

Felicity Kempson, Critical Care<br />

Infection Specialist Nurse. Fliss was<br />

recognised for being the ‘backbone of<br />

IV Access’ and playing an invaluable<br />

role in continuing to provide this service<br />

and also supporting her Advanced<br />

Practitioner colleagues.<br />

8<br />

The winner will be announced at our <strong>LHCH</strong> Grand Awards<br />

at the Crowne Plaza, Liverpool City Centre later this year.<br />

Nominations close at 5pm<br />

on 12th September

Awareness Days at <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

Its been a busy period for our teams who have been raising<br />

awareness of key health messages to each other, patients and visitors.<br />

We have also been delighted to<br />

recognise and thank our dedicated<br />

staff and volunteers for the<br />

outstanding role they play each and<br />

every day through a series of events.<br />

We were excited to celebrate<br />

Nurses’ Day, the anniversary of<br />

Florence Nightingale’s birthday on<br />

12th May, when our colleagues were<br />

pampered and treated to ice cream<br />

and other goodies.<br />

We also recognised and thanked<br />

our fantastic volunteers during<br />

national Volunteers Week in early<br />

June.<br />

Our Estates and Facilities team<br />

also showcased the importance of<br />

their services on national Estates<br />

and Facilities Day on 21st June.<br />

This team works, often behind the<br />

scenes, to ensure the safe and<br />

effective care of patients, families<br />

and staff.<br />

Ellie’s Windsor<br />

Horse Show<br />

triumph<br />

Team <strong>LHCH</strong> are proud of Ellie,<br />

Targeted Lung Health Check Nurse,<br />

who won the Windsor Horse Show<br />

at Windsor Castle recently on her<br />

horse Paddy.<br />

Ellie and Paddy were overjoyed to be<br />

winners and Champions of the SSADL<br />

section qualifying them for the Royal<br />

International Horse show at Hickstead<br />

at the end of July this year.<br />

Ellie, who has worked at <strong>LHCH</strong> for<br />

three years and part of the Targeted<br />

Lung Health Check team since<br />

November, is dedicated to ensuring<br />

the best care for her horses and fits<br />

this round her busy work schedule. At<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong>, Ellie supports our outstanding<br />

Targeted Lung Health Check service<br />

which saves lives by enabling early<br />

detection and effective treatment of<br />

lung cancer.<br />

Ellie said: “I’m delighted that all<br />

our preparation has meant we have<br />

been awarded this accolade at such<br />

a special show. It was a thoroughly<br />

enjoyable experience. We’ve been<br />

competing at this show for many years<br />

now but never expected to win and<br />

qualify for Hickstead.”<br />

Congratulations Ellie and Paddy!<br />

Above: Our colleagues<br />

celebrate Nurses Day.<br />

Pictured left are members of<br />

our Volunteers Week Team<br />

and (below) our Estates and<br />

Facilities Team showcased<br />

their services on national<br />

Estates and Facilities Day.<br />


Your invitation<br />

to our Annual<br />

Members’<br />

Meeting<br />

2023<br />

25<br />


Monday 25th September<br />

2023 at 4pm on<br />

Microsoft Teams<br />

Celebrate our successes of 2022-<br />

23, receive the annual report<br />

and accounts from the Board of<br />

Directors and hear a report from<br />

our Governors along with details<br />

of our future plans and service<br />

developments.<br />

This is also a perfect opportunity<br />

to share views and ask us any<br />

questions you may have regarding<br />

the services we provide.<br />

To register your attendance and<br />

receive a Microsoft Teams link to<br />

join this virtual meeting please email<br />

membership.office@lhch.nhs.uk<br />

Disability<br />

Awareness Day<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> Governors enjoyed attending<br />

the recent Disability Awareness Day<br />

at Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington<br />

recently.<br />

The team were pleased to be able to<br />

chat with event attendees about the<br />

hospital and to promote Foundation<br />

Trust membership.<br />

Public Governors Elaine Holme, Trevor<br />

Wooding, Ray Davis and Denis McAllister.<br />

For more information about<br />

becoming a member or the role of<br />

a governor please visit the About<br />

Us section of www.lhch.nhs.uk<br />

Love<br />

your<br />

lungs<br />

21st to 27th June<br />

was Love Your<br />

Lungs Week and<br />

so as good a time<br />

as any to consider<br />

how we can love our<br />

lungs!<br />

At this time of year the weather<br />

is warmer and it is important for<br />

people with lung conditions to be<br />

aware of changes in weather, as<br />

extreme weather conditions can<br />

worsen symptoms.<br />

Inhaling hot, humid air in very<br />

hot weather can cause airway<br />

inflammation and trigger symptoms.<br />

It has also been linked to an increase<br />

in respiratory tract infections. Hot<br />

weather brings with it more air<br />

pollution, which can affect breathing.<br />

Cold, dry air and strong winds can<br />

irritate airways and cause wheezing,<br />

coughing and shortness of breath.<br />

How to stay well in hot weather<br />

In hot weather it is important to<br />

stay well hydrated. For people with<br />

certain lung conditions, dehydration<br />

can cause mucus to become thick<br />

and sticky. This can make people<br />

more sensitive to existing allergies<br />

and vulnerable to illness. Keeping<br />

your flat or house cool is important<br />

in warm or hot weather- closing<br />

curtains and using plug-in fans can<br />

help.<br />

On hot days, you should continue<br />

to eat as usual, and drink plenty so<br />

that you do not become dehydrated.<br />

Stay out of the sun if you can and<br />

avoid going out during the hottest<br />

part of the day if possible. Take cool<br />

showers and baths to help to prevent<br />

your body from overheating. Light<br />

weight, loose fitting clothing may also<br />

help you to feel more comfortable.<br />

How else can I help myself?<br />

It is helpful to monitor air quality,<br />

as people with lung conditions<br />

can be more sensitive to airborne<br />

pollutants. These may be things<br />

such as dust particles or vehicle<br />

exhaust fumes, which can become<br />

more of a problem during certain<br />

weather conditions. Air pollution<br />

can irritate the nose, throat and<br />

lungs, causing coughing, wheezing,<br />

shortness of breath, chest tightness<br />

and increased mucus. This can lead<br />

to symptoms worsening, e.g. an<br />

asthma attack or COPD flare-up. You<br />

can keep a check on the air pollution<br />

forecast for today and the coming<br />

days. Hay fever can affect some lung<br />

conditions and cause symptoms<br />

to be triggered- it is a good idea to<br />

know your pollen triggers.<br />

Keeping an eye on the weather<br />

forecast and/ or pollen forecast can<br />

help to avoid situations which may<br />

trigger symptoms. It is helpful to<br />

understand the things which might<br />

trigger your own symptoms, so that<br />

you can avoid these. For example,<br />

stay away from busy roads on high<br />

pollution days, avoid going outside in<br />

extreme heat and wrap up warm in<br />

cold weather. Take all medications as<br />

prescribed.<br />

Thank you to the Breathing Point<br />

website, supported by <strong>LHCH</strong> and<br />

the Innovation Agency, which<br />

is available now via https://<br />

breathingpoint.co.uk/. The site<br />

provides a whole host of helpful<br />

resources which has made this<br />

article possible.<br />


To find out more about <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

Charity give them a ring on<br />

0151 600 1409 or email<br />

enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

Cardiac Diagnostic<br />

Team run to<br />

improve<br />

Cardio-Oncology<br />

services<br />

Well done to our committed Cardiac<br />

Diagnostics team who completed the<br />

Liverpool Spring 5/10km race on 7th<br />

May to support <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity.<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> is one of only a handful of<br />

hospitals in the UK who offer care<br />

for those who have an existing heart<br />

condition and develop cancer or whose<br />

heart is at risk of being damaged due<br />

to chemotherapy treatments.<br />

The team raised over £1,300 to<br />

help support our appeal to purchase<br />

a dedicated 3D Echocardiogram<br />

machine for our Cardio-Oncology<br />

service. This new machine will enable<br />

us to see hundreds more people and<br />

help prevent delays in their treatment.<br />

A big thank you to all the team!<br />

The magic of music from stage and screen<br />

Join us to celebrate both 45 years<br />

of Maghull Wind Orchestra, and 75<br />

years of the NHS, on Sunday 17th<br />

September 2023, 2pm at Liverpool<br />

Philharmonic Hall.<br />

Maghull Wind Orchestra (MWO),<br />

conducted by Phil Shotton, is proud<br />

to present an extravagant afternoon<br />

of music from the world of Stage<br />

and Screen! They’ll be joined by The<br />

Trinity Catholic Academy Choir, St<br />

Andrews CofE School Choir, Maghull<br />

Before and after mucking about for<br />

a good cause... our twelve entrants<br />

who completed the Tough Mudder<br />

challenge.<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> Charity Adventurers<br />

The 15th and 16th July saw a weekend of<br />

challenges for our <strong>LHCH</strong> colleagues and <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

Charity supporters.<br />

On Saturday 15th July our incredible supporters<br />

tackled their fears head on by abseiling 150 feet<br />

down Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. The team<br />

(pictured right) collectively, at the time of writing,<br />

raised £5,455!<br />

The following day we were also tremendously<br />

proud of our twelve entrants who completed<br />

the Tough Mudder challenge at Heaton Park,<br />

Manchester. Our <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity supporters<br />

conquered the course tackling 22 obstacles<br />

through the mud raising an impressive £2,945 to<br />

date.<br />

A big thank you to all who took part in these<br />

events and for their support of <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity.<br />

High School Choir, and singers from<br />

the local Maghull community. There<br />

will be world première performances<br />

of new arrangements written by<br />

MWO musicians Adam Dutch, Dave<br />

Matthews, and Glenn Waite. This will<br />

be a concert of engaging, toe-tapping<br />

theatrical and cinematic delight that will<br />

have the whole family singing along!<br />

Tickets start from £15 (under 16s £7.50)<br />

and are available now via<br />

www.liverpoolphil.com<br />


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notice<br />

for our<br />

Members<br />

We collect and hold<br />

public and staff<br />

member information<br />

for the purposes of<br />

the Trust to meet the<br />

legal requirements<br />

set out in UK law, or<br />

exercise the official<br />

authority established<br />

for a Foundation<br />

Trust as a public<br />

body.<br />

Personal information<br />

will only be used to<br />

fulfil the requirements<br />

in relation to<br />

the individual’s<br />

membership of<br />

Liverpool Heart and<br />

Chest Hospital NHS<br />

Foundation Trust and<br />

not shared elsewhere.<br />

Staff and Public<br />

Members can opt<br />

out at any time<br />

by contacting the<br />

Membership Office on<br />

0151 600 1410 or by<br />

emailing membership.<br />

office@lhch.nhs.uk<br />

For more information<br />

please visit the <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

Privacy Notice on our<br />

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lhch.nhs.uk/aboutlhch/informationgovernance/<br />

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