Spotlight Autumn/Winter 2023

The newsletter for supports of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity

The newsletter for supports of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity


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<strong>Spotlight</strong><br />

The magazine for the supporters of<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity<br />

<strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Issue 16<br />

Our Summer of Challenges<br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> on Patient<br />

Focused Research<br />

Music from the Stage & Screen<br />

Also in this<br />

issue<br />

Recipes, quizes<br />

and Christmas is<br />


Welcome<br />

In this edition we put our <strong>Spotlight</strong> on Research and speak to Keith<br />

Wilson, our Patient Research Ambassador about the importance of<br />

research in caring for patients with heart and lung disease as well as<br />

highlighting some of our current trials that you might be able to get<br />

involved in.<br />

The Summer months have been incredibly busy and you can see what<br />

some of our supporters have been up to while the sun has been shining.<br />

You can also find details on some of our events, musical and scary as<br />

well as learning more about our latest campaign. And, yes it’s that time<br />

again – our Christmas Catalogue is enclosed here. Don’t forget to order<br />

your cards soon – we sold out so quickly last year.<br />

As always, we are incredibly grateful for all the ways you show your<br />

support. You really do make a difference to thousands of lives every<br />

year and we can’t thank you enough.<br />

Until next time, take care and see you in the Spring.<br />

Mary, Robyn,Gemma & Olivia<br />

The LHCH Charity Team<br />

Get in touch<br />

Welcome to the<br />

<strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> edition<br />

of <strong>Spotlight</strong> which<br />

brings you up to date<br />

with everything that is<br />

happening here at<br />

Liverpool Heart and<br />

Chest Hospital Charity.<br />

<br />

Call the LHCH Charity Office on 0151 600 1409<br />

Email: enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

Follow us: Facebook @TheLHCHCharity<br />

Twitter & Instagram @lhchcharity<br />

Or visit our website at www.lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

Come and join the celebrations<br />

The Magic of Music from Stage and Screen<br />

On Sunday 17th September the Maghull Wind Orchestra will not only be<br />

celebrating their 45th birthday but will also be marking<br />

the 75th anniversary of the founding of the NHS.<br />

This wonderful concert will feature the orchestra<br />

themselves as well as choirs from Trinity Catholic<br />

Academy, St Andrew's Church of England School<br />

and Maghull High School as well as world<br />

premiere performances of new arrangements<br />

of some well-loved favourites.<br />

Featuring music from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast,<br />

Over the Rainbow and many more of your favourites,<br />

this will be a toe-tapping, singalong concert for the whole family.<br />

See you there!<br />

Tickets start at just £15 and<br />

are available from the<br />

Philharmonic Box Office by<br />

clicking the link or by giving<br />

the Box Office a call on 0151<br />

709 3789.<br />

Click here<br />

to get your<br />

tickets!<br />

Charity Registration Number 1052813<br />

2 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 3

<strong>Spotlight</strong> on...<br />

Research<br />

The future is Patient Focused Research<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital is a research active trust. Why?<br />

Well, high quality research into new therapies, techniques and<br />

models of care, can significantly improve the lives and outcomes for<br />

our patients.<br />

For over 20 years Keith Wilson, the LHCH Patient Research<br />

Ambassador, has played a central role in helping to ensure<br />

that the patient’s perspective is at the forefront in the<br />

development and implementation of research at LHCH. We<br />

spoke to Keith about his work and what he sees is the future<br />

for research at the trust.<br />

Keith is clearly a passionate advocate<br />

for patient involvement in research<br />

including his work as former Chair<br />

of the SURE patient group.<br />

He says: “The SURE Group was<br />

established in 2006 at LHCH and<br />

was a pioneer in allowing patients,<br />

their families and carers to have an<br />

input into research projects. This is a<br />

vital component in developing any research<br />

as they can give a unique perspective on the<br />

relevance and clarity of the proposal, as well as looking at the<br />

feasibility in terms of what we are asking of our patients to do<br />

when participating.”<br />

The group, and indeed research generally, was obviously<br />

impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic. Keith says: “Although we<br />

had a short break due to Covid when, obviously the group couldn’t<br />

physically meet to discuss projects and the focus of our research<br />

was on COVID related studies, they are now getting back up to<br />

speed and will be working harder than ever, championing the<br />

patients' voice here at LHCH.”<br />

It’s easy to see why the group is busy<br />

with over 50 clinical trials currently<br />

taking place. From something as<br />

small as providing a new dressing<br />

that goes on the wrist, for those<br />

undergoing Angiograms, helping<br />

them to heal more quickly and<br />

shortening the time patients<br />

have to stay in hospital, to the<br />

introduction of a wearable patch<br />

that monitors the heart.<br />

The patch can be sent out to the<br />

patient and returned by post to the<br />

Trust, instead of a small ECG machine,<br />

which had to be fitted and removed by a<br />

radiologist, saving not only the patient’s time<br />

and decreasing their need to visit the hospital twice but also<br />

freeing up valuable radiography time for more diagnostic testing.<br />

The potential for research here at LHCH is limitless, Keith wants to<br />

make sure that those receiving care continue to be front and centre<br />

when new projects are being developed. Looking forward he believes<br />

that listening to patient voices is paramount and if we want to carry on<br />

delivering relevant, quality research this will be more important than<br />

ever. He says: “Patients, families and their carers have such a vital role<br />

in helping to make our research impactful for them and I am so pleased<br />

that I can play my very small part in helping to make that happen.”<br />

If you would like to get involved in or just want<br />

more information about research, you can ring<br />

0151 600 1010 or email research.lhch@lhch.nhs.uk<br />

4 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> Spring/Summer <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 5

Here are just a few examples of<br />

clinical trials currently being<br />

undertaken at LHCH, covering all<br />

conditions and diseases at the trust.<br />

Monitoring your heart<br />

at home<br />

The TICS study is a research study<br />

looking to find out if regular<br />

monitoring at home with a smart<br />

device helps to improve the quality of<br />

life for patients who are scheduled to<br />

undergo heart surgery. The aim of<br />

the study is to see if regular<br />

monitoring can prevent the patient’s<br />

condition deteriorating, stop them<br />

from needing additional medical care.<br />

Cystic Fibrosis – expanding<br />

access to treatments<br />

As one of the largest Cystic Fibrosis<br />

treatment centres in the UK LHCH has<br />

a number of research studies running<br />

to benefit our CF patients. There have<br />

been significant advances in the<br />

treatment of CF in recent years but<br />

some patients are unable to tolerate<br />

these new treatments or are ineligible<br />

to receive them because of their genes.<br />

LHCH will be leading a study into a new<br />

treatment for this cohort of patients<br />

which will, hopefully, allow them to<br />

have some of the new life-changing<br />

treatments currently available.<br />

Measuring Oxygen in<br />

Intensive Care<br />

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary<br />

Disease and Bronchiectasis<br />

Oxygen is a common treatment given<br />

to patients in intensive care. The<br />

amount of oxygen given is adjusted<br />

depending on how much oxygen is in a<br />

patient’s blood. Evidence about the<br />

levels of extra oxygen patients should<br />

receive is scarce meaning that there is<br />

no optimum standard. Some evidence<br />

has shown that less oxygen may be<br />

beneficial, but more research needs<br />

to be done to prove if this does,<br />

indeed, provide better outcomes.<br />

This study includes LHCH but also<br />

other hospitals around the UK and the<br />

rest of the world.<br />

COPD is characterised by a progressive<br />

decline in lung function and recurrent<br />

infections. Bronchiectasis is a long-term<br />

condition where the airways of the lungs<br />

become abnormally widened, leading to a<br />

build-up of mucus making the lungs more<br />

vulnerable to infection.<br />

LHCH is currently undertaking research<br />

that focusses on reducing infections and<br />

improving lung function which has the<br />

potential to make a big impact on the<br />

quality of life for this groups of patients.<br />

6 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 7

A Halloween, and all things scary and creepy, quiz!<br />

If you can’t take part in our Fright Night, why not test your knowledge<br />

of all things ghostly with our quiz?<br />

Halloween is also known as All Hallows Eve, what is another name<br />

for Hallows?<br />

Hometime<br />

<strong>Winter</strong> vegetable & lentil soup<br />

When it's cold outside, treat<br />

yourself to a healthy homemade<br />

vegetable soup, packed with<br />

immunity-supporting vitamin C and<br />

it's four of your 5-a-day<br />

Prep Time: 10 mins<br />

Cook Time: 30 mins<br />

Serves 2<br />

Method<br />

Tip 85g dried red lentils,<br />

2 quartered and diced carrots,<br />

3 sliced celery sticks and 2 sliced leeks<br />

8 - <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ingredients<br />

85g dried red lentils<br />

2 carrots, quartered<br />

lengthways then diced<br />

3 sticks celery sliced<br />

2 small leeks, sliced<br />

2 tbsp tomato purée<br />

1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves<br />

3 large garlic cloves,<br />

chopped<br />

1 tbsp vegetable bouillon<br />

powder<br />

1 heaped tsp ground<br />

coriander<br />

<br />

into a large pan with 2 tbsp tomato purée, 1 tbsp fresh thyme<br />

leaves, 3 chopped garlic cloves, 1 tbsp vegetable bouillon<br />

powder and 1 heaped tsp ground coriander.<br />

Pour over 1½ litres boiling water from the kettle, then stir well.<br />

Cover and leave to simmer for 30 mins until the vegetables and<br />

lentils are tender.<br />

Ladle into bowls and eat straightaway, or if you like a<br />

really thick texture, blitz a third of the soup with a hand<br />

blender or in a food processor.<br />

Which game involving fruit is commonly played at Halloween?<br />

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a story set around the time of<br />

Halloween. Who is the author?<br />

Who are Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Raymond Stantz, and Dr. Egon<br />

Spengler better known as?<br />

Thing was a character from The Addams Family TV series. What<br />

was the only part of the character ever seen?<br />

What is the name for a ghost responsible for physical disturbances,<br />

such as loud noises and objects being moved?<br />

Which TV series had the characters Fred, Velma, and Daphne?<br />

Answers on page 22<br />

We all “remember, remember the 5th of November” but what exactly<br />

are we celebrating. Here’s are 5 fascinating facts about Bonfire Night.<br />

1. Guy Fawkes wasn’t actually the leader of the plot to blow up the<br />

Houses of Parliament, it was Robert Catesby. Fawkes had the job of<br />

lighting the fuse on the 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars.<br />

2. November 5th – was originally known as Gunpowder Treason Day<br />

3. The tradition of burning an effigy of Guy Fawkes didn’t actually<br />

start until the 18th century<br />

4. Until 1854 it was actually illegal not to celebrate Bonfire Night<br />

5. Fawkes was a pupil at St Peter’s School in York, and it is the one<br />

place where a guy is never burnt out of respect for their former pupil.<br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 9

Events extravaganza!<br />

Our fantastic supporters!<br />

Over two days in the middle of July a group of hardy people really<br />

showed their support for LHCH Charity – in the wind and the rain they<br />

managed some amazing feats to show just how much the hospital and<br />

our care for people with heart and lung disease means to them.<br />

The Anglican Cathedral Abseil<br />

Abseiling down one of the world’s tallest<br />

non-spired church buildings is not for the<br />

faint hearted but that’s what a group of<br />

15 hardy souls did. The weather was not<br />

auspicious for leaping off a 150ft tall building<br />

- with a fair wind and steady drizzle but still<br />

they did it and, believe it or not, some of them<br />

wanted to go up and do it again!<br />

The Tough Mudder<br />

Challenge<br />

Covering 10K and 22 different, and frankly<br />

terrifying, obstacles 12 determined LHCH staff<br />

took part in the Heaton Park Tough Mudder on a<br />

rainy Manchester Sunday. From the Block Ness<br />

Monster where teams have to work together to<br />

move a 500lb block to the Augustus Gloop where<br />

runners are blasted with a fire hose while they<br />

climb up an enclosed tube – to say it was a<br />

challenge is something of an understatement.<br />

Five hours later they emerged, mud covered,<br />

exhausted and somewhat battered and bruised<br />

but triumphant. They also managed to raise the<br />

absolutely amazing sum of £3,000 for LHCH<br />

Charity<br />

If you, your workmates or family and friends<br />

want to be a part of next years action best let<br />

us know now as we already have a waiting list!<br />

Altogether they raised a magnificent £5,490 for LHCH Charity and<br />

we can’t thank them enough for conquering their fears and being<br />

brave enough to undertake one of our most demanding challenges.<br />

10 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 11

Dare you join us for<br />

Fright Night<br />

On Saturday 28th October a group of hardy LHCH Supporters<br />

and keen ghost hunters (including two quite nervous LHCH<br />

Charity Team Members) will be exploring the site of the former<br />

Newsham Park Hospital, reputedly one of the most haunted<br />

areas in the North-West!<br />

<br />

This sprawling Victorian Grade II listed building in Liverpool<br />

now lies derelict but has been the site of an orphanage,<br />

hospital, asylum and nursing home during its 138-year history.<br />

Boarded up and surrounded by perimeter fencing, we have<br />

99,000 sq. ft of terrifying corridors and rooms to explore as we<br />

enter this building in search of the ghostly inhabitants that still<br />

reside here.<br />

<br />

<br />

Your entry fee of £30 includes use of ghost hunting equipment<br />

including EMF Meters, ghost hunting vigils and experiments<br />

such as table tipping and seances.<br />

<br />

So, will you take on the challenge with us?<br />

You can find out more and sign up by clicking the link below or<br />

you can give us a call on 0151 600 1409.<br />

Look forward to seeing you there!<br />

Click here to get<br />

your tickets!<br />

Click here to visit our<br />

Christmas Shop!<br />

Well, it’s coming up to that time of year again (where does the time<br />

go!) and we are enclosing our Christmas Catalogue for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

<br />

We have a beautiful selection of cards for you to choose from, all<br />

with good quality cards and envelopes and we have even managed<br />

to hold the price again for this year – so very good value.<br />

<br />

Why not take a browse and get your order in now. Last year we<br />

had sold out of our most popular ones by the end of September<br />

and although we have ordered more stock this year, we would hate<br />

you to be disappointed!<br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong> 2022 - 13<br />

12 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Giving the gift of time<br />

for LHCH Charity<br />

Do you have a few hours to spare each week and want to help<br />

LHCH Charity raise more funds? Well, volunteering might be just<br />

the thing for you. LHCH Charity has a number of ways you can get<br />

involved and they can even be done on your own doorstep.<br />

Here’s some of the ways you can get involved<br />

Event Support<br />

Come and join us at our events to help with registration,<br />

marshalling or just having a collection box.<br />

Leaflet Drops<br />

Do you fancy letting your neighbourhood learn more about how they<br />

could play the lottery or how they could support the charity, let us<br />

know and we can arrange for you to do some leaflet dropping in the<br />

streets surrounding your house.<br />

Supermarket Collections<br />

If you could spare a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday, you could<br />

help us with one of our Supermarket collections which take place in<br />

Liverpool, Cheshire and North Wales.<br />

If you would like to learn more, please<br />

either complete the form below or give us<br />

a call on 0151 600 1409 and we can talk<br />

through what you might like to get<br />

involved in.<br />

We’re a great team and we hope that you<br />

will enjoy every second of working with us<br />

and we look forward to hearing from you.<br />

Click here to sign<br />

up for volunteering<br />

Or...organise your own<br />

Hold a coffee morning, cake sale or clear your<br />

attic, go to a car boot and donate the proceeds.<br />

14 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 15

Rachel's<br />

thank you<br />

At 32 weeks pregnant, to hear the words, ‘heart attack, heart failure,<br />

rare heart condition and surgery’, was a frightening prospect. But that<br />

was the situation that 32-year-old Rachel Munn, from Warringinton<br />

was facing.<br />

After experiencing some discomfort in her chest, Rachel went to her<br />

local A&E and was stunned to be told that she’d had a heart attack<br />

and was showing signs of heart failure. Rachel was immediately<br />

referred to LHCH for specialist care and her clinical team discovered<br />

she had a rare heart condition, called Anomalous Right Coronary<br />

Artery.<br />

Rachel says: “To say I was petrified was an understatement and it<br />

almost felt as if my world had stopped.The LHCH team were clear<br />

that I couldn’t go home and wanted to monitor my heart very closely<br />

until a plan could be put together for the rest of my pregnancy".<br />

Rachel says that the challenges only got harder, as immediately after<br />

giving birth, she was moved to the intensive care unit for 5 days, while<br />

her daughter was taken to the post-natal ward.<br />

“It was a really difficult time and the mix<br />

of emotions was unreal. I was so happy we<br />

were both alive, but the upset of her going<br />

off without me was heart-breaking.<br />

Eventually, following a series of further<br />

heart tests, I got the news I wanted more<br />

than anything else - I could go home but<br />

remain under the care of the team at LHCH.”<br />

However, a further challenge arrived within days of Rachel coming<br />

home as the first covid lockdown arrived. “After being in intensive<br />

care, surrounded by specialists and hooked up to machines for weeks,<br />

to then be isolated at home and told to shield because of my heart,<br />

was actually pretty scary. It was almost like a battle with my mind.”<br />

“But thanks to the care, support and reassurance that I received from<br />

all the clinical team at LHCH, especially the Psychology Team, I was<br />

able to slowly build my confidence and realised that a life lived in<br />

fear is not a life lived. Throughout covid, the team at LHCH were my<br />

lifeline and I’ll always be indebted to them for the emotional support<br />

that they gave me, and for making me realise that I could get back to<br />

full fitness and return to running.<br />

“That’s why I want to show my gratitude<br />

for all they did for me, by raising as much<br />

money as I can for the hospital charity, so<br />

that they can support other patients and<br />

families like me.”<br />

<br />

And what a fantastic effort it was!<br />

On 21st May, Rachel ran the 13 miles from her<br />

home to LHCH, her very own half marathon in<br />

just a few short hours. At the end she was<br />

warmly welcomed by her little girls as well as<br />

some very enthusiastic members of staff!<br />

<br />

To date Rachel has raised the amazing sum<br />

of £2,257 for LHCH Charity and we can’t<br />

thank this brave and amazing woman enough<br />

for her support.<br />

16 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 17

The difference your<br />

donations have made<br />

We are so grateful for the support you give us which truly does make<br />

an enormous difference to the hospital, our patients and their families.<br />

Take a look at just some of things we have been able to do thanks to<br />

you!<br />

Support for the Cardiac<br />

Catheterisation Centre<br />

We were able to purchase of<br />

a new Echo Navigation<br />

System which provides<br />

speedier and better results<br />

for those undergoing<br />

interventional cardiac<br />

procedures.<br />

The software enables the<br />

fusing of Live 3D<br />

Transoesophageal Echo and<br />

live Xray imaging for<br />

guidance in dealing with<br />

crossing difficult lesions and<br />

provides a more accurate<br />

placement of devices.<br />

Tomorrow’s medicine<br />

today<br />

During the past year, the<br />

charity was able to provide a<br />

grant for the purchase of a<br />

Pulse Wave Analysis<br />

System.This will be used in a<br />

study to measure blood<br />

pressure centrally via a<br />

specialist system called Pulse<br />

Wave Analysis.<br />

This measurement is more<br />

accurate in recognising “true”<br />

blood pressure in the aorta<br />

and assists clinicians to<br />

recognise when patients may<br />

have unrecognised and<br />

untreated high blood pressure<br />

(hypertension).<br />

A dedicated<br />

Echocardiography Suite<br />

Every year around 4,000<br />

patients receive an<br />

Echocardiogram. These are<br />

vital for the diagnosis and<br />

management of heart<br />

conditions. Many patients<br />

cannot be discharged without<br />

having undergone an Echo<br />

procedure, but the existing<br />

facilities were hot,<br />

uncomfortable and<br />

ill-equipped to deal with<br />

the patient numbers.<br />

By supporting the<br />

establishment of a new suite<br />

for Echocardiography LHCH<br />

Charity was able to provide a<br />

facility that addressed all of<br />

these issues, optimising staff<br />

time, reducing patient stress<br />

and accelerating patient<br />

discharge reducing pressure on<br />

bed spaces.<br />

Helping to reduce delirium<br />

in critically ill patients<br />

Building on the success of our<br />

earlier campaign to help<br />

reduce delirium amongst our<br />

most poorly patients LHCH<br />

Charity supported the<br />

purchase of an additional six<br />

Sky Ceiling Tiles for our<br />

Intensive Care Unit.<br />

One of the major contributors<br />

to the onset of delirium is<br />

disassociation (the loss of<br />

understanding of time and<br />

surroundings).<br />

The ceiling tiles provide an<br />

understanding of the passage<br />

of time, helping to maintain<br />

regular sleep patterns which<br />

is a key element in the fight<br />

against disassociation.<br />

So again, thank you for all<br />

you do and if you would like<br />

to get involved in another<br />

important campaign just<br />

turn the page to learn more.<br />

18 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 19

Why we need your help...<br />

As you know at LHCH we are a specialist centre for the treatment<br />

of heart disease. Treatments can range from cardiac imaging and<br />

diagnostics to emergency care following a heart attack.<br />

For those who require surgery we have 15 surgeons who provide a<br />

24-hour, 7 day a week service for both planned and emergency<br />

procedures. Over 2,000 of the patients who have heart operations<br />

with us will require post-operative intensive care because they are<br />

designated as high-risk. This could be because of the nature of<br />

their procedure, their age or the fact that they have other existing<br />

health issues.<br />

The monitoring of these patients is absolutely essential to ensure<br />

they make a good recovery. Often this means that they are<br />

connected to a wide range of monitoring machines including heart<br />

monitors, artificial ventilators, and instruments to measure fluids<br />

and blood gases. However, even with all this monitoring equipment<br />

it can be difficult to identify what the cause is when patients are<br />

not recovering as they should.<br />

At the present time if a patient<br />

is in this position, they will<br />

require a further invasive<br />

procedure known as<br />

pulmonary artery<br />

catheterisation.<br />

LHCH has recently trialled a new, state of the art system of<br />

minimally invasive monitoring which attaches to the existing radial<br />

artery line inserted during the initial surgery. Thanks to this system<br />

medical teams are able to have early warnings of potential problems<br />

such as detection of sepsis and shock, low blood pressure or unstable<br />

blood pressure which can lead to stroke.<br />

The benefits don’t just stop at early detection however it ensures<br />

that the patient is receiving the correct amount of fluids and drugs,<br />

providing an individual regime of care for each patient. It significantly<br />

reduces the risk of post-operative complications such as stroke or<br />

kidney injury. It leads to a shorter recovery time meaning that<br />

patients spend less time in Intensive Care reducing the risk of<br />

delirium and it's more cost-effective as it reduces the need for<br />

further major treatment.<br />

LHCH Charity wants to ensure that every<br />

patient that needs it will have access to this<br />

monitoring system so we are launching a<br />

campaign to raise the funds to purchase<br />

six of these machines, one of each of the<br />

intensive care beds set aside for high-risk<br />

cardiac patients.<br />

The cost of each machine is £25,000 so we<br />

are asking you to give whatever you can to<br />

help us make those most at risk following<br />

heart surgery have a faster and safer recovery.<br />

This is not without risk to<br />

a patient who is already<br />

very poorly but there is a<br />

way that this problem can<br />

be addressed without the<br />

need for further surgery.<br />

20 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong>- 21

How a gift in your will can make a<br />

difference for future generations<br />

THE<br />

You can help make heart and lung diseases a<br />

thing of the past by supporting one of our<br />

legacy programmes<br />



We all know that Christmas is a very special time of year, a time<br />

to be with family and friends and enjoy the time we have together.<br />

Imagine what it must be like being in hospital over that period,<br />

fearing that this might be the last festive season you will see.<br />

For those who<br />

want our<br />

dedicated staff<br />

to have the<br />

latest and best<br />

equipment<br />

For those who<br />

want us to be<br />

able to provide<br />

additional<br />

amenities for our<br />

patients and their<br />

families<br />

For those who<br />

want to support<br />

our researchers<br />

find new ways of<br />

treating and<br />

curing heart and<br />

lung diseases<br />

This year our Christmas Campaign features 3 people who have<br />

lived with that fear but thanks to the skill and dedication of our<br />

medical staff are now well and looking forward to lots of<br />

Christmases to come.<br />

All of them support our appeal to help raise<br />

the funds for the new Cardiac Output Monitors<br />

that we discuss on Pages 20 and 21.<br />

If you would like to support us then<br />

just click here.<br />

I was so grateful for all the<br />

time and effort they gave<br />

to saving my life, it felt like<br />

it was the least I could do<br />

to ensure that they can<br />

continue to help when I<br />

have gone.<br />

Mr B of Merseyside<br />

If you would like to find out<br />

more - including how you<br />

can access our free will<br />

writing service<br />

contact the Charity Office on<br />

0151 600 1409<br />

or email us at<br />

Support us today<br />

Quiz Answers from page 9<br />

Saints, Bobbing for apples, Washington Irving, Ghostbusters,<br />

The hand, Poltergeist, Scooby-Doo<br />

Thank you for helping<br />

us make sure that<br />

many more people<br />

have Christmas’s to<br />

remember!<br />

enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

and we can send you all the<br />

information you need.<br />

22 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Autumn</strong>/<strong>Winter</strong> <strong>2023</strong> - 23

If you would like to<br />

make a donation to<br />

support the work<br />

of LHCH Charity<br />

Just click here

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