LHCH Grand Awards 2023 Programme

Take a look through the programme that details the order of events during our Grand Awards.

Take a look through the programme that details the order of events during our Grand Awards.


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<strong>LHCH</strong><br />

<strong>Grand</strong> <strong>Awards</strong><br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

Friday 17th November <strong>2023</strong><br />

Crowne Plaza, Liverpool City Centre

2 3<br />

Welcome<br />

This event has been kindly supported by:<br />

We are pleased to be able to celebrate the achievements of<br />

Team <strong>LHCH</strong> in person this year with our<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> <strong>Grand</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

It has been a successful year for <strong>LHCH</strong>.<br />

We are delighted to have been rated one of the best hospitals<br />

in the country and best in the North West for ‘overall patient<br />

experience’ in this year’s national NHS Adult Inpatient Survey<br />

2022. This follows fantastic NHS Staff Survey Results, published<br />

earlier this year, where we were top in the country for<br />

‘A Place to Work’ and ‘Staff Engagement’.<br />

Each and every one of us should be really proud of what<br />

we have achieved individually and as a team.<br />

Tonight is about celebrating the achievements of our<br />

shortlisted and winning teams or individuals.<br />

However, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank<br />

every member of Team <strong>LHCH</strong> for your efforts this year.<br />

Enjoy your evening.<br />

Val Davies<br />

Chair<br />

Jane Tomkinson OBE,<br />

Chief Executive Officer

<strong>Programme</strong><br />

4 5<br />

7pm – Drinks Reception<br />

7.45pm – Guests seated in the Princes Suite<br />

7.55pm – Welcome from Masters of Ceremonies (MC)<br />

Professor Jay Wright, Director of Research/Consultant Cardiologist and<br />

Dr John Morris, Associate Medical Director – Medicine<br />

8pm – Dinner is served<br />

Menu<br />

Starter<br />

Leek and potato soup, crispy onion, truffle oil (V)<br />

Main<br />

Roast Chicken, tender stem broccoli, dauphinoise potato with a<br />

marsala jus<br />

or<br />

Root Vegetable & chickpea Wellington, lightly spiced cream<br />

sauce (vegetarian option available if pre-requested only)<br />

Dessert<br />

Chocolate orange cheesecake<br />

9.30pm – ‘Best of the Best’ <strong>LHCH</strong> Outstanding <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Compassion in Care Award sponsored by Fred & Ginger<br />

Productions Limited<br />

Quality Improvement Award sponsored by Rider Hunt<br />

Construction Consultants<br />

Outstanding Service Delivery Award sponsored by CLC<br />

Contractors Limited<br />

Outstanding Contribution Award sponsored by Isla Care Limited<br />

Significant Impact to Patient Safety Award sponsored by<br />

Evolution<br />

Non Clinical Team of the Year Award sponsored by Vale<br />

Decorators<br />

Unsung Heroes Award sponsored by HESIS<br />

IMPACT Award sponsored by CDW<br />

Enhancing Patient Experience Award sponsored by Altera<br />

Team of the Year Award sponsored by Max 20<br />

Patient Choice Award sponsored by Avrenim<br />

Employee of the Year Award sponsored by Intercity<br />

CEO Special Appreciation Award sponsored by Hill Dickinson<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> Charity Raffle Prize Draw<br />

10.15pm - Disco<br />

1am – Close

Meet the Finalists<br />

6 7<br />

Compassion in Care Award<br />

sponsored by Fred & Ginger Productions Limited<br />

Outstanding Service Delivery Award<br />

sponsored by CLC Contractors Limited<br />

Cherry Ward<br />

The feedback received by the Cherry Ward<br />

from patients and their loved ones is always<br />

second to none. Nothing is ever too much<br />

trouble for the team who go above and<br />

beyond for their patients each and every day.<br />

Palliative Care team<br />

Recently the team cared for a young patient<br />

in his last six months in life. They made this<br />

time the best it could possibly be and the<br />

patient said that they were his family. The<br />

Palliative Care team are exceptional!<br />

Knowsley Community Respiratory<br />

Service and Rapid Response team<br />

KCRS and Rapid Response team have worked<br />

tirelessly all year round, going above and<br />

beyond to ensure safe, compassionate and<br />

responsive care for patients suffering with<br />

chronic lung disease. By providing a seamless,<br />

24/7 integrated pathway, the service is<br />

frequently the first port of call for patients<br />

who have nowhere else to turn.<br />

Therapies<br />

Therapies team always put patients<br />

and families at the forefront and have<br />

endeavoured to provide the best treatment<br />

and care despite a number of challenges over<br />

the course of the year. There have been a<br />

number of achievements through the year<br />

and the patient feedback received has been<br />

outstanding.<br />

Quality Improvement Award<br />

sponsored by Rider Hunt Construction Consultants<br />

Outstanding Contribution Award<br />

sponsored by Isla Care Limited<br />

Acute Pain team<br />

The dedicated Acute Pain team have this<br />

year maintained a full 6 day service, made<br />

improvements which have led to excellent<br />

scores in the pain satisfaction audit for <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

introduced several cost saving strategies and<br />

developed the liposomal project to name a<br />

few!<br />

Delirium Steering Group<br />

The Delirium Steering Group have worked<br />

hard with the Quality Improvement team to<br />

improve the patient journey from pre to post<br />

operative and then discharge from hospital if<br />

they experience an acute episode of delirium.<br />

Cath Lab<br />

<strong>2023</strong> is a special year for Cath Lab, it rounds<br />

off the building and development works that<br />

have taken place. The outstanding building<br />

work matches that of the clinical MDT. The<br />

resilience, flexibility, professionalism and<br />

dedication that the staff have shown during<br />

the build has been outstanding.<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> Cardio-Oncology team<br />

This multi-disciplinary team consistently goes<br />

above and beyond to ensure that cancer<br />

patients from all around the region receive<br />

excellent, compassionate and safe care. They<br />

do this by constant flexibility to ensure the<br />

sickest patients are seen first. The team are<br />

engaged and invested in making service<br />


Meet the Finalists<br />

8 9<br />

Significant Impact to Patient Safety Award<br />

sponsored by Evolution<br />

Unsung Heroes Award<br />

sponsored by HESIS<br />

Coronary Care Unit<br />

CCU always provide the highest standard of<br />

care to their patients whilst ensuring patient<br />

safety. The patients are often admitted<br />

as emergencies, and this can be quite<br />

frightening for the patient and their loved<br />

ones. The staff on CCU always ensure that<br />

they reassure and explain everything in a way<br />

the patient can understand.<br />

IV Iron Service<br />

This exceptional<br />

service, provided<br />

for patients with<br />

anaemia, started as<br />

a small improvement<br />

project for pre op<br />

patients and is<br />

expanding rapidly to<br />

meet the needs of<br />

patients. The Trust<br />

receives excellent<br />

feedback about<br />

how Amy Nelson<br />

goes above and<br />

beyond daily for her<br />

patients.<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong> Admin team<br />

It is clear from the<br />

number of nominations<br />

for Admin Teams<br />

throughout the<br />

organisation that<br />

the <strong>LHCH</strong> Admin teams take<br />

pride in delivering a high quality, efficient<br />

and patient focused service. The teams offer<br />

an essential behind the scenes services and<br />

without these critical back office functions<br />

outstanding care couldn’t be provided.<br />

Medical Examiners & Bereavement team<br />

The Medical Examiner Service has had a<br />

positive impact on the bereavement service.<br />

Medical examiners are supported by a medical<br />

examiner officer and bereaved people are put<br />

at the centre of the process. Much positive<br />

feedback, from bereaved relatives, has been<br />

received following their experience speaking<br />

with this team.<br />

Non Clinical Team of the Year Award<br />

sponsored by Vale Decorators<br />

IMPACT Award<br />

sponsored by CDW<br />

Communications<br />

The Comms team has been outstanding. The<br />

breadth of projects they have been involved<br />

with is amazing and all with a tiny resource<br />

and budget. They ensure<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong>’S reputation is<br />

protected at all times<br />

and the quality of their<br />

work is superb.<br />

iDigital<br />

This year the iDigital team introduced electronic<br />

consent to ensure a safer process, expanded<br />

use of digital communications to replace paper<br />

correspondence, supported staff<br />

with faster sign on across all<br />

systems and became the first centre<br />

in the UK to implement CartoNet.<br />

Recruitment and Resourcing<br />

This year the team have been incredibly<br />

supportive to managers with recruitment,<br />

resourcing and retention. Multiple successful<br />

recruitment days have been held throughout<br />

the year for various staff groups, international<br />

and locally recruited nurses recruited and<br />

workforce systems supported.<br />

Learning & Development<br />

Over the last 12 months the Learning &<br />

Development Team have demonstrated the<br />

Trust’s values in all that they do. The Learning<br />

& Development opportunities for all staff<br />

are our outstanding contribution to the<br />

development of our staff for the benefit of<br />

our patients.<br />

Security<br />

The security team strive to ensure a safe and<br />

secure environment is maintained for patients<br />

and staff. They are diligent, conscientious<br />

and responsive. The team has an ethos<br />

of continuous<br />

improvement<br />

and have led<br />

and supported<br />

improvements<br />

in our security<br />

infrastructure as<br />

well as leading<br />

initiatives to<br />

support staff to<br />

‘feel’ safer on<br />


Meet the Finalists<br />

10 11<br />

Enhancing Patient Experience Award<br />

sponsored by Altera<br />

Employee of the Year Award<br />

sponsored by Intercity<br />

Acute Cardiac Unit<br />

They care for many patients with a variety of<br />

conditions, but over recent months have seen<br />

an increase in the number of patients they<br />

are caring for following an out of hospital<br />

cardiac arrest who may have a hypoxic brain<br />

injury. This places many challenges on the<br />

team; however, they work hard to ensure<br />

that they give the patients the very best of<br />

care.<br />

Outpatients<br />

Our Outpatients Department runs with<br />

military precision ensuring that patients who<br />

use outpatients also have a good experience<br />

and that delays do not occur. We receive<br />

multiple excellent comments about Annie and<br />

her team who provide exceptional care every<br />

day.<br />

September 2022<br />

Denis McAllister<br />

Volunteer<br />

October 2022<br />

Alexandra Stock<br />

Healthcare Assistant<br />

November 2022<br />

Kathy Watterson,<br />

Sister, Birch Ward<br />

December 2022<br />

Ameer Ramesh Dev<br />

Assistant Respiratory<br />

Physiologist<br />

Team of the Year Award<br />

sponsored by Max 20<br />

January <strong>2023</strong><br />

Stephen Douglas<br />

Healthcare Assistant<br />

February <strong>2023</strong><br />

Joe Dann<br />

Booking Clerk<br />

March <strong>2023</strong><br />

Nathan Harris<br />

TAVI Coordinator<br />

April <strong>2023</strong><br />

Felicity Kempson<br />

Critical Care Infection<br />

Specialist Nurse<br />

Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs) –<br />

Cardiology and Surgery teams<br />

This year, the cardiology ANP team have<br />

ensured patients have remained safe during<br />

junior doctor strikes, implemented new ‘nurse<br />

led rapid access chest pain clinic’ and worked<br />

tirelessly at reducing cardioversion waits<br />

despite challenges. The cardiothoracic ANP<br />

team continue to innovate in thoracic and<br />

cardiac surgery and are the envy of a large<br />

number of cardiothoracic centres who use<br />

them as a model from which to develop their<br />

own service.<br />

Oak Ward<br />

This year, Oak ward has embedded new<br />

starters and been exceptionally busy with<br />

post operative patients. The running of the<br />

ward has been exceptional with smooth<br />

patient flow and they have been a shining<br />

example of how to provide individualised and<br />

high quality care to patients; delivered with<br />

kindness and empathy whilst under pressure.<br />

May <strong>2023</strong><br />

Lauren Farrell<br />

Staff Nurse<br />

June <strong>2023</strong><br />

Claire Lee<br />

Research Nurse<br />

July <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ann Bayley<br />

Discharge Co-ordinator<br />

August <strong>2023</strong><br />

Lisa Wood<br />


12<br />

Meet<br />

the Finalists<br />

13<br />

Patient Choice Award<br />

sponsored by Avrenim<br />

Holly Suite<br />

“Nothing is too much trouble for the whole<br />

team. They go above and beyond to make<br />

you feel secure, comfortable and relaxed.<br />

Their Knowledge is unbelievable and pleasant<br />

and supportive too!”<br />

“All staff are friendly and helpful. Made<br />

me feel relaxed taking time to explain my<br />

procedure. Nothing was too much trouble,<br />

made me feel welcome like a person not a<br />

number on a list. Thank you.”<br />

“Looked after with 5 star treatment from the<br />

moment we arrived in site till the moment we<br />

left . All staff were amazing. . Very helpful<br />

and polite.”<br />

“My husband had a heart attack then a<br />

stent fitted and the staff were all so lovely<br />

and caring explained everything and kept us<br />

informed every step of the way, putting us at<br />

ease.”<br />

CEO Special Appreciation Award<br />

sponsored by Hill Dickinson<br />

Rosie Wales, Lung Nurse Specialist<br />

“Rosie was absolutely amazing from start<br />

to finish during my<br />

husband’s cancer<br />

journey. Rosie was the<br />

first person we spoke<br />

to when she rang to<br />

give my husband the<br />

bad news that there<br />

was quite a big tumour<br />

on his lung back in<br />

December 2022.<br />

“Rosie was such a<br />

calming influence,<br />

reassuring, ready to listen to our concerns<br />

and making sure all our questions were<br />

answered. She has a wealth of knowledge.<br />

“Rosie stood out like a beam of light for<br />

us, always so knowledgeable, reassuring and<br />

with a great calming soothing attitude. She<br />

really did go the extra mile and continues to<br />

do so if we ever we have to ring her. Nothing<br />

is too much trouble and she is always so<br />

reliable and professional.<br />

“We can’t praise her enough and we hope<br />

she understands just how much difference<br />

she has made to us as a family this past nine<br />

months. She truly is an outstanding member<br />

of staff and such a great ambassador for<br />

<strong>LHCH</strong>. Thank you so much Rosie from the<br />

bottom of our hearts.”<br />

Altera Digital Health is proud to be one<br />

of the leading providers of electronic<br />

patient records in the UK and supporting<br />

the sustainability of the NHS with costeffective,<br />

proven and clinically led EPRs.<br />

We believe patients and clinicians<br />

deserve solutions that don’t exhaust<br />

scarce budgets or take years to deploy<br />

and realise benefits.<br />

Avrenim is your full-service partner<br />

offering expert consultancy, innovative<br />

design, reliable facilities management,<br />

and seamless project delivery - all<br />

underpinned by a commitment to a<br />

greener planet.<br />

Solutions that are cost-effective, easier to<br />

use, and flexible.<br />

We enable you to take a fast, flexible,<br />

and clinically driven roadmap towards<br />

digital maturity across your ICS,<br />

with solutions that work smarter and<br />

more intuitively, connecting patient<br />

information so you can provide the right<br />

care, always.<br />

Learn more via uk.alterahealth.com<br />

To support our customers’ journey to net<br />

zero, we help to reduce their carbon<br />

footprint and achieve cost savings<br />

through solar, as well as providing indepth<br />

consultancy to evaluate energy<br />

requirements and enhance efficiency.<br />

Beyond solar, Avrenim specialises in<br />

facilities management, guaranteeing<br />

a well-maintained and secure<br />

environment, reducing downtime and<br />

driving productivity.<br />

Email: Hannah Davis – Business<br />

Development Manager via<br />

Hannah.davis@avrenim.co.uk<br />

Surprise winner to be announced on the evening.<br />


14 15<br />

HESIS specialise in keeping its customers safe,<br />

secure and compliant.<br />

We do this through our offerings of electronic Fire<br />

& Security systems, CCTV, Access Control, HVAC<br />

Maintenance and Special Projects.<br />

We offer Health & Safety consultancy through our<br />

sister company – Aspen Thorn.<br />

At Intercity, we help businesses Do More with technology,<br />

including Cloud & Security, Communications and Managed IT.<br />

With a world class NPS score, a host of certifications and<br />

accreditations, and 35+ years’ experience delivering amazing<br />

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you Do More.<br />

www.Hesis.co.uk<br />

Email info@hesis.co.uk<br />

Tel: 0845 200 2542<br />

www.intercity.technology<br />

www.max20.com<br />

Email: contact@max20projectsolutions.com<br />

Tel: 0161 941 5026<br />

max20 Project Solutions is a Service<br />

Delivery Partner who supports<br />

NHS Trusts with their Digital<br />

Transformation journey.<br />

As one of the leading GCloud<br />

Framework suppliers max20 is able<br />

to manage complete projects or<br />

provide consultancy via its Associate<br />

Subject Matter Experts throughout<br />

both Acute and Community settings.<br />

Thank You<br />

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting our <strong>LHCH</strong><br />

<strong>Grand</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>2023</strong>. We couldn’t have celebrated the<br />

achievements of Team <strong>LHCH</strong> tonight without you!<br />

Further thanks to the following who have donated<br />

raffle prizes for <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity raffle this evening:<br />

Royal Court, Beatles Story, Junkyard Golf, Crowne<br />

Plaza - Liverpool City Centre, Thornton Hall Hotel<br />

and Doubletree by Hilton, Chester.

16<br />

Raff le<br />

On your table you will find an envelope for you to take part in our <strong>LHCH</strong> Charity<br />

Raffle. To join in please use the envelope to make a donation and write your<br />

name on the envelope to be entered into the prize draw. Good luck!<br />

Prizes include:<br />

M&S Deluxe Christmas Hamper<br />

£100 Restaurant Voucher for Panoramic<br />

34, Liverpool<br />

2 tickets for Christmas Pantomine at<br />

the Royal Court, Liverpool<br />

Family ticket for the Beatles Story<br />

Overnight stay for two with breakfast<br />

at Doubletree by Hilton Hotel & Spa,<br />

Chester<br />

Golf pass and cocktails for two at<br />

Junkyard Golf, Liverpool One<br />

Overnight stay at the Crowne Plaza,<br />

Liverpool City Centre<br />

Spa Day pass for two at Thornton Hall<br />

Hotel, Thornton Hough, Wirral<br />

£50 Love to Shop Voucher<br />

£50 Amazon Shopping Voucher

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