Spotlight Spring Summer 2024

The Spring Summer edition of Spotlight for supporters of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity

The Spring Summer edition of Spotlight for supporters of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity


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<strong>Spotlight</strong><br />

The magazine for the supporters of<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity<br />

<strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Issue 17<br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> on LHCH in your Community<br />

School support for LHCH Charity<br />

Christmas Campaign Success<br />

Also in this<br />

issue<br />

Your <strong>2024</strong> Events<br />

Calendar<br />

Home Time,<br />

recipes, quiz and<br />

much more ...

<strong>Spotlight</strong> on...<br />

LHCH in the Community<br />

LHCH is getting out and about!!<br />

As well as providing health care for over 115,000 people who visit our<br />

hospital each year, LHCH plays a major role in keeping our<br />

communities as healthy as possible by offering preventative and early<br />

detection services in their own area. In this way we are helping to<br />

tackle heart and lung disease as soon as possible and even stopping<br />

them happening at all.<br />

In this edition we are spotlighting the work of the Liverpool Healthy<br />

Families Heart Project - a pilot service run in conjunction with Heart<br />

Research UK and the Liverpool FC Foundation.<br />

Why the Healthy Families Heart Project is important?<br />

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is the term given for conditions affecting<br />

the heart or circulatory system. The three main conditions associated<br />

with this are Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke and Peripheral Arterial<br />

Disease. CVD causes a quarter of all deaths in the UK, yet it has been<br />

identified as the biggest single area where lives can be saved through<br />

preventative education and early detection.<br />

What does the Healthy Families Heart Project involve?<br />

Firstly, we have the prevention programme which is aimed at education<br />

for primary school children in Years 5 and 6, it delivers four lessons on<br />

understanding the heart, physical activity and the heart, healthy eating<br />

and making healthy choices – all done with virtual reality goggles and<br />

computer games.<br />

For early detection we take to the road in the American style big yellow<br />

bus and visit the school to provide mini-health checks for the adults too.<br />

School staff, parents, carers and family can undergo blood pressure and<br />

cholesterol checks, have their BMI tested as well as being given healthy<br />

lifestyle advice.<br />

4 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 5

What has it done so far?<br />

On the first visit to Fazakerley<br />

Primary School in Liverpool over one<br />

hundred people attended. Forty four<br />

people were identified as having high<br />

blood pressure and one with atrial<br />

fibrillation required immediate<br />

hospital attendance as an emergency.<br />

The pupils and teachers also loved<br />

the lessons with 100% positive<br />

feedback from the surveys taken and<br />

they especially loved the PE lesson<br />

conducted by Liverpool FC staff that<br />

afternoon.<br />

What’s going to happen in<br />

the future?<br />

The whole project has been such a<br />

success we are now looking at<br />

expanding it across more areas. In<br />

addition we believe that we can do even<br />

more with this programme by running it<br />

alongside our Targeted Lung Health<br />

Check Programme (TLHC).<br />

THLC has run for some years and offers<br />

people the opportunity to have a lung<br />

health check and, if needed, a follow up<br />

CT scan. The CT scans as well as<br />

identifying potential problems with the<br />

lungs have also highlighted other<br />

potential problems such as coronary<br />

artery calcification (where calcium<br />

collects in the two main arteries of the<br />

heart). By coordinating the two health<br />

checks together it is hoped that we can<br />

provide the most comprehensive early<br />

detection service possible and help save<br />

even more lives.<br />

In future editions of <strong>Spotlight</strong> we will be<br />

covering some of the other eighteen community<br />

projects that LHCH delivers.<br />

Geraldine’s Thanks to TLHC<br />

As an LHCH member of staff, Geraldine (pictured) was well aware<br />

of the Targeted Lung Health Check service LHCH provides.<br />

However, she never thought that it would be essential to her own<br />

family when two of her sisters received diagnosis and treatment<br />

through the TLHC programme.<br />

Both Kathleen and Norma were invited, as former smokers, to<br />

attend the lung health clinic. Some abnormalities were found, and<br />

Kathleen and Norma were invited for further tests including scans<br />

and biopsies of the lung. The results, unfortunately weren’t what<br />

both sisters were hoping for as both were confirmed as having lung<br />

cancer.<br />

Thanks to early treatment, including<br />

an operation and chemotherapy,<br />

Kathleen was given the all-clear,<br />

while Norma continues to<br />

receive on-going treatment.<br />

Geraldine commented,<br />

“The services we offer<br />

within the community are<br />

just so vital for so many.<br />

Without the TLHC<br />

programme both of my<br />

sisters would have been<br />

living completely unaware<br />

of their cancer. We sadly<br />

lost a brother to cancer and<br />

so I could not be more grateful<br />

for the care both Kathleen and<br />

Norma have received.”<br />

6 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 7

Get your garden blooming lovely for<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> with our handy tips!<br />

Hometime<br />

Ingredients<br />

1. Clean up your flowerbeds by clearing away<br />

dead leaves and winter debris.<br />

2. Divide your perennials by dividing clumps. As<br />

well as being budget friendly it stops them<br />

thinning out! Then don’t forget to add a good<br />

fresh layer of mulch.<br />

3. Prune trees and shrubs by removing last<br />

year's growth to just two or three buds above<br />

healthy thick stems to provide a good<br />

framework for new growth.<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> Pesto Casserole<br />

Casseroles aren’t just for winter,<br />

this light, vibrant one-pot is packed<br />

with spring veg and herby pesto.<br />

Method<br />

Prep Time: 20 mins<br />

Cook Time: 45 mins<br />

Serves 4<br />

1 tbsp olive oil<br />

1 onion chopped.<br />

500g boneless, skinless<br />

chicken thighs<br />

300g small new potatoes<br />

425ml low-salt vegetable stock<br />

350g broccoli cut into<br />

small florets<br />

350g spring green cabbage<br />

shredded (or cabbage if spring<br />

green is not available)<br />

140g Petit Pois<br />

1 bunch spring onions sliced<br />

2 tbsp Pesto<br />

Heat the oil in a large, heavy pan.<br />

Add the onion, gently fry for 5 mins until softened, add the chicken,<br />

then fry until lightly coloured. Add the potatoes, stock and plenty of<br />

freshly ground black pepper, then bring to the boil.<br />

See how much you know about<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> Music by taking our quiz!<br />

1. Where did Cliff Richard famously perform “<strong>Summer</strong><br />

Holiday” in 1996?<br />

2. <strong>Summer</strong> Nights from Grease was a hit in what year?<br />

3. “Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of <strong>Summer</strong> was recorded by<br />

which artist in 1963?<br />

4. What sort of <strong>Summer</strong> was a hit for Bananarama in 1984?<br />

5. <strong>Summer</strong>time was the most successful single by DJ Jazzy<br />

Jeff and which other rapper?<br />

Quiz answers on page 22...<br />

Cover, then simmer for 30 mins until the potatoes are tender<br />

and the chicken is cooked. Can be frozen at this point.<br />

Add the broccoli, spring green cabbage, petit pois and<br />

spring onions, stir well and then return to the boil.<br />

Cover, then cook for 5 mins more, stir in the pesto<br />

and heat through.<br />

8 - <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 9

Events extravaganza!<br />

Thinking of challenging<br />

yourself this year?<br />

Well, if that’s the case why not take a look at some of the exciting<br />

challenges that we have on offer and don’t forget if these aren’t for<br />

you why not share with family members and friends. You never know<br />

they might be the thing they are looking for!<br />

Tough Mudder Challenge<br />

14th July <strong>2024</strong><br />

Heaton Park, Manchester<br />

A Tough Mudder is more than just an obstacle<br />

course, it’s a chance to unplug from the daily<br />

grind, experience the unexpected and<br />

accomplish something bigger than yourself,<br />

while getting the dirtiest you have ever been<br />

since you were six!<br />

to get your<br />

place!<br />

Skydive Challenge<br />

14th and 15th of September <strong>2024</strong><br />

Black Knights Skydiving Centre, Lancaster.<br />

Is jumping out of a plane on your<br />

bucket list? Imagine doing all of<br />

that whilst raising funds for LHCH<br />

Charity? Your day will involve a<br />

safety briefing and then once<br />

that’s completed a British<br />

Skydiving qualified instructor will<br />

join you for a tandem skydive<br />

where you will experience the<br />

120mph rush of soaring through<br />

the skies.<br />

It’s a £70 registration fee with a<br />

minimum of £400 to be raised<br />

through sponsorship.<br />

to get your<br />

place!<br />

It’s just £25 to register with a minimum of £100 sponsorship raised.<br />

So, what are you waiting for it’s time to see if that soap powder<br />

really can get the dirt off!<br />

For queries, call us on 0151 600 1409 or email enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

Not your cup of tea?<br />

Our events calendar is always being updated so don’t forget to<br />

check your emails and our website for details of new events<br />

when they are available!<br />

Also, if you would like to organise your own event, don’t<br />

hesitate to get in touch with the Charity Team and we will do<br />

our best to help!<br />

10 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 11

All Change Please ….<br />

At LHCH Charity we are always looking for the best ways we can<br />

provide value for the money which our supporters so generously give<br />

us. This includes checking on how we can get the best deals with our<br />

suppliers, for our merchandise, and even our bank account.<br />

So, when we found out that we could earn more in the<br />

interest by switching bank accounts to the NatWest<br />

Government Banking Service (a whopping 5.14%<br />

rather than the 1.5% we are currently earning) we<br />

were straight on it.<br />

What does this mean for you?<br />

For many of you it won’t mean too much, except for the fact that<br />

you know your donations are working even harder, you will still<br />

make your cheques payable to LHCH Charity and send them to the<br />

same place.<br />

For our regular givers however, we will need you to<br />

update your regular giving form and we will be contacting<br />

you separately with the details of how to do this.<br />

Moving giving into the 21st Century.<br />

This change of bank account also led<br />

us to think about how people give and<br />

the many new ways that you can<br />

show your support. So, we thought<br />

we would produce a handy guide to<br />

the ways you can give, so you can<br />

make your own choice.<br />

Whatever way you choose to make<br />

your donation please know how<br />

grateful we are. Times are tough and<br />

there are so many charities out there,<br />

so we really value your support.<br />

Support in the way that’s best for you:<br />

By cheque<br />

Of course we still take the good old dependable<br />

cheque. Just make sure it’s made payable to LHCH<br />

Charity.<br />

By Bank Transfer<br />

This is free and can be done at your branch or online. If<br />

you are thinking of donating to LHCH Charity this way,<br />

then please do include your name and post code in the<br />

reference so we can identify you and thank you<br />

properly. You can find our bank details on the form at<br />

the back of this newsletter.<br />

Online<br />

You can donate online at our website<br />

(www.lhchcharity.org.uk). We use PayPal to transact our<br />

donations as they are secure. There is a small fee but we<br />

think it’s worth it to be safe online.<br />

Text Giving<br />

LHCH Charity does not currently operate a text giving<br />

service, but it may be something we look into if there is a<br />

proven demand for it – so let us know your thoughts!<br />

In person<br />

If you are visiting the hospital, you can always pop in to<br />

see us in the Charity Office (we are just opposite<br />

Outpatients). Over the coming months you will also see<br />

our new contactless giving stations that will be popping<br />

up all over the hospital. You can make a payment with<br />

your card or even your ‘phone!<br />

If you have any queries regarding our change of bank details,<br />

please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Charity Team<br />

and we will be happy to help!<br />

12 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 13

Schools Step Out for<br />

LHCH Charity<br />

Grange Senior School’s 1 million metre challenge<br />

The weekend of 20th and 21st January saw pupils of Grange Senior<br />

School challenging themselves to row one million metres in memory of<br />

former pupil, John Nesbitt, who died at the young age of eighteen<br />

from arrhythmia caused by myocarditis. Their aim was to raise as<br />

much money as possible for LHCH Charity and our<br />

work with young people who have heart<br />

disease.<br />

A tough two days followed but they<br />

had the encouragement of proud<br />

parents and teachers to keep them<br />

going. In the early hours they had<br />

already smashed their target but they<br />

were determined to keep at it and by<br />

the end of the day they had reached<br />

the truly astonishing total of 1.5 million<br />

metres.<br />

Thanks to their amazing efforts they<br />

managed to raise the phenomenal sum of £3,845!<br />

What an absolutely brilliant result and we can't thank you enough for<br />

not only meeting this epic challenge but for everything you do for us -<br />

you really are amazing!<br />

Skipping Triumph for Lunt’s Heath<br />

No-one was more surprised than us to get a telephone call from<br />

Lunt’s Heath Primary School in Widnes to tell us that their Reception,<br />

Year 1 and Year 2 classes had chosen LHCH Charity as their Charity<br />

of the Year. We were nominated by five-year-old Jude following his<br />

Grandad’s successful treatment at LHCH.<br />

That’s roughly one hundred and twenty children<br />

aged between four and seven, who wanted to<br />

raise funds for people living with heart and lung<br />

disease.<br />

“What wonderful children” was our first thought<br />

but when we heard that their first fundraising<br />

challenge was a skipping marathon involving skipping<br />

a mile, Double Dutch and single skipping while getting sponsored, we<br />

were in absolute awe!<br />

So, on 26th October the Great Skipathon started and my goodness<br />

didn’t they skip their little socks off, raising an amazing £2,666 for<br />

LHCH Charity. The next challenge wasn’t quite so exhausting but it<br />

tasted absolutely yummy! On 9th February the children held the<br />

Brilliant Bake Sale selling their own range of cakes, brownies and<br />

cookies. – raising the amazing total of £340 on the day. So over<br />

£3,000 raised already with a further challenge<br />

to take place in the <strong>Summer</strong>.<br />

“We are so proud of them<br />

for showing such a<br />

commitment to helping<br />

others in their community<br />

and especially at such an<br />

early age. Now they can’t<br />

wait for their next<br />

fundraising adventure to<br />

help LHCH Charity.”<br />

Staff at Lunt’s Heath School<br />

14 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 15

Life in 3D for Cardio-Oncology<br />

You may remember back in Autumn 2022 we told you all about<br />

the Cardio-Oncology unit at LHCH, one of only six such specialist<br />

centres in the UK.<br />

To refresh your memory, cardio-oncology is a relatively new<br />

medical discipline that treats people who either have an existing<br />

heart condition and then develop cancer or alternatively those<br />

who go on to develop a heart condition due to the cardiotoxicity<br />

of some cancer treatments.<br />

LHCH has been running this vitally important service since 2019<br />

and during that time, demand has grown exponentially – going<br />

from one clinic a fortnight to two a week. The service now helps<br />

over 600 people a year.<br />

Dr Rebecca Dobson,<br />

Cardio-Oncology<br />

Consultant and LHCH<br />

Cancer Lead says:<br />

“The key to effective<br />

cardio-oncology care is<br />

monitoring those<br />

undergoing<br />

cancer treatments,<br />

especially<br />

when using the most toxic<br />

chemotherapy drugs.”<br />

Rebecca goes on:<br />

“One of the best ways of<br />

doingthis is using a<br />

3D Echocardiogram as it<br />

provides us with the<br />

accurate measurements<br />

that are so crucial in<br />

planning further care.”<br />

Now, thanks to our wonderful supporters<br />

and a very generous donation from the<br />

Ken Dodd Charitable Foundation, we<br />

have been able to provide Rebecca<br />

and her Team with the 3D Echo that<br />

they needed.<br />

Now the new machine is in operation<br />

at the clinic and Lady Dodd came to<br />

visit to see how amazing it actually is.<br />

Rebecca says: "The whole team is<br />

absolutely thrilled and we can't thank<br />

Lady Dodd and LHCH Charity supporters<br />

enough for everything they do for the hospital<br />

and especially for supporting the purchase of this new machine.”<br />

Rebecca goes on: “Not only will this wonderful machine mean that<br />

we can see more patients but it will also help us develop more<br />

research into those living with heart disease and cancer, as very<br />

often these patients miss out in taking part in research trials as they<br />

are excluded from cardiovascular trials because they have cancer<br />

and from cancer trials because they have heart disease. So, there is<br />

a real need for good research which will be key to providing even<br />

better care in the future.”<br />

So, a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported us and helped<br />

us to make lives so much better for people living with heart<br />

disease and cancer.<br />

16 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 17

What you’ve been up!<br />

12 Marathons in a month!<br />

No-one can say that our Head of Capital<br />

Projects, Dave MacMillan, is not a<br />

determined chap! He took on the<br />

challenge of running 12 marathons<br />

in a month to help raise funds in<br />

memory of his friend and colleague<br />

Gary Theobald who sadly passed<br />

away in 2023.<br />

Knitting up a storm!<br />

In December we held our ever popular<br />

knit sale which is loved by patients and<br />

staff alike. The hand crafted items went<br />

down a storm and there was even an<br />

exquisite Paddington Bear which was<br />

raffled. In total the sale raised over £700<br />

so a huge thank you to all our knitters<br />

- we think you’re amazing!<br />

If you would like to get knitting for LHCH Charity<br />

just let us know as demand for the knit sale just<br />

gets bigger every year.<br />

Running through icy blasts,<br />

pouring rain and even an Autumn<br />

heatwave, Dave was cheered on<br />

by friends, family, colleagues and<br />

even his lovely 11-year-old<br />

<strong>Spring</strong>er Spaniel, Millie.<br />

If we wore them, we would take our hats<br />

off to you Dave, you have been such a<br />

fantastic supporter and we can’t thank<br />

you enough for the £6,446 you raised<br />

towards our Cardiac Output Monitors<br />

campaign.<br />

Dave says:<br />

“Towards the end the<br />

runs were getting<br />

longer, and my legs<br />

were getting heavier<br />

but the support of<br />

everyone, especially<br />

Millie, just kept me<br />

going!”<br />

And this year's Challengers include:<br />

Sean Prendegast is running 50km from John Lennon Airport to<br />

Southport then on to Formby to support our incredible hospital!<br />

Justin Baddeley has secured a coveted spot in the London Marathon<br />

to say thank you to LHCH after his wife underwent successful open<br />

heart surgery. One marathon isn’t enough for Justin though and he<br />

has challenged himself to run multiple marathons during the year to<br />

raise even more funds.<br />

And finally Tom Hegarty is taking on the mean streets of<br />

Manchester to say thank you to LHCH for saving his cousin Sophie<br />

who was successfully treated for a tumour on her lung.<br />

To help them reach their goals you can visit their Just Giving pages<br />

by scanning the QR codes below:<br />

to support Sean<br />

to support Justin<br />

to support Tom<br />

18 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong> - 19

Your donation’s journey<br />

From you to us – how your donation makes a difference.<br />

Have you ever wondered what happens to your donation once you have<br />

sent it to LHCH? Well, we thought you would like to come with us as we<br />

change your wonderful gift to something that makes a positive<br />

difference to the lives of our patients and staff every day.<br />

Let’s begin at the beginning....<br />

Arrival - Your donation arrives at our offices, is recorded<br />

and we thank you. LHCH Charity has a number of funds<br />

underneath our charity “umbrella” so if you have<br />

expressed a preference it is placed in the appropriate fund.<br />

Checking the route - There are enough funds<br />

available to meet this need and so we ask for an<br />

Application for Charitable Funds form to be<br />

completed.<br />

This is then reviewed by our Chief Finance Officer, or if it is<br />

over £5,000 by the Executive Team and Charitable Funds<br />

Committee. Once it’s approved, then the funds are<br />

released, and the purchase of the item can go ahead.<br />

Are we there yet? The purchase has been made,<br />

equipment is ordered, tested by our Medical<br />

Devices Team and then given to the department<br />

for use.<br />

Moving along - In our ACHD Team a member of staff<br />

notices that some young people who need their heart<br />

checked but also have learning difficulties find the process<br />

frightening. So they put their thinking caps on and come up<br />

with the perfect answer, virtual reality goggles. This is a<br />

new way of treating patients so they turn to LHCH Charity<br />

to see if we can help with the cost of purchase.<br />

Home Safe and Sound - The equipment is now in<br />

the department and can be used to ease the<br />

very real distress experienced by young people<br />

who have grown up, not only with heart disease<br />

but learning difficulties as well. This makes<br />

their testing easier for them, is less upsetting<br />

for their family members and helps us to deliver<br />

world class care that goes above and beyond<br />

normal NHS provision.<br />

All thanks to you, so you see even the<br />

smallest donation can have an enormous<br />

impact on people’s lives just by us working<br />

together to make a difference.<br />

20 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> Autumn/Winter 2023- 21

Gift Aid - What’s the story?<br />

Gift Aid was first introduced over thirty four years ago in the<br />

Finance Act of 1990 and although it has undergone some<br />

amendments over the years the basic idea remains the same.<br />

How a gift in your will can make a<br />

difference for future generations<br />

You can help make heart and lung diseases a<br />

thing of the past by supporting one of our<br />

legacy programmes<br />

If people pay UK tax and they<br />

are donating to charity, then<br />

the charity can reclaim 25% of<br />

the value of the donation, at no<br />

extra cost to the person making<br />

the gift. So, for example, if<br />

someone makes a donation of £10, completes a Gift Aid<br />

Declaration and returns it to the charity then they can claim an<br />

additional £2.50 – pretty good eh?<br />

Surprisingly though charities across the UK are missing out on<br />

approximately, £560 million in Gift Aid payments due to low<br />

donor uptake every year!<br />

For those who<br />

want our<br />

dedicated staff<br />

to have the<br />

latest and best<br />

equipment<br />

For those who<br />

want us to be<br />

able to provide<br />

additional<br />

amenities for<br />

our patients and<br />

their families<br />

For those who<br />

want to support<br />

our researchers<br />

find new ways of<br />

treating and<br />

curing heart and<br />

lung diseases<br />

For LHCH Charity Gift Aid increases our income by around<br />

£30,000 each year, but we have over 1,000 donors who have<br />

never completed the declaration which equates to a further<br />

£15,000 in lost Gift Aid for us each year. For a small charity like<br />

us – that’s quite a sum to be missing out on.<br />

So, if you haven’t already done so, you can complete the<br />

form at the back of this newsletter. Or, if you would like<br />

any more information on how Gift Aid works just give us a<br />

call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help.<br />

I was so grateful for all the<br />

time and effort they gave<br />

to saving my life, it felt like<br />

it was the least I could do<br />

to ensure that they can<br />

continue to help when I<br />

have gone. Mr B of Merseyside<br />

Did you know we have a<br />

FREE Will writing service?<br />

If you would like to find out more<br />

contact the Charity Office on<br />

0151 600 1409<br />

or email us at<br />

enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

and we can send you all the<br />

information you need!<br />

Quiz Answers<br />

1.Wimbledon 2.1978 3.Nat King Cole 4.Cruel <strong>Summer</strong> 5.Fresh Prince<br />

22 - <strong>Spotlight</strong> <strong>Spring</strong>/<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

<strong>Spotlight</strong> Autumn/Winter 2023 - 23

Your support makes all the difference<br />

I would like to make a SINGLE donation of<br />

£5 £10 £20 £50 Other _____<br />

Please make all cheques payable to<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity<br />

Please return this form to:<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity,<br />

Freepost RRLL-KSHT-ZLKE, Thomas Drive,<br />

Liverpool L14 3PE<br />

Your details (Please print)<br />

Title<br />

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monthly regular gift!<br />

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account on the 1st or 16th of each month starting<br />

Address<br />

Postcode<br />

Telephone No.<br />

I give you permission to call me about this donation and to keep me<br />

up to date with the work of LHCH Charity.<br />

I would like to support the work of<br />

DD MM YYYY<br />

Account to be debited<br />

Bank Name<br />

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Account name<br />

Account No.<br />

Sort code<br />

Our bank details<br />

Bank Name<br />

Bank Address<br />

Account name<br />

Sort code<br />

Account No.<br />

Natwest Bank<br />

Natwest Building, Brampton Road<br />

Newcastle Under Lyme ST5 0QX<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital<br />

Charity<br />

60-70-80<br />

10034250<br />

Gift Aid it and make more of your<br />

donation!<br />

I want to Gift Aid my donation of £___<br />

and any donations I make in the future<br />

or have made in the past 4 years to the<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital<br />

Charity.<br />


I am a UK tax payer and understand<br />

that if I pay less Income Tax or Capital<br />

Gains Tax in the current tax year than<br />

the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all<br />

my donations it is my responsibility to<br />

pay any difference<br />

or<br />

I am NOT a UK taxpayer<br />

Signed<br />

Date<br />

Keep a copy for your records<br />

The funds you have donated will be used for the purposes you have indicated. If for any<br />

unforeseen reason we are unable to complete your request or there are surplus funds,<br />

we will use the donations for the benefit of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.<br />

LHCH Charity values your privacy and we never share your details with outside<br />

organisations. Your information will only be used to fulfill your request and keep you up to<br />

date with our activities. If you would prefer not to receive any further communications from<br />

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