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WORLD OF <strong>MOTOREX</strong> Nº <strong>126</strong> motorex.com<br />


OF L<strong>EN</strong>ZERHEIDE<br />

Meticulously prepared<br />

for the winter season<br />

#RACEPROV<strong>EN</strong><br />

20 years of <strong>MOTOREX</strong> × KTM<br />


Effects of alternative<br />

fuels on motor oil<br />


Clean, smart and scalable

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE Nº <strong>126</strong> FALL <strong>2023</strong><br />



CHALL<strong>EN</strong>GE THE LIMITS<br />

14 THE TIGHTROPE ARTIST OF L<strong>EN</strong>ZERHEIDE 20<br />


04 News from <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />


06 Fuel additives for the winter<br />

12 Savings potential in transportation<br />

30 Practical tips on Lube & Care<br />

34 Automated fluid management<br />

CHALL<strong>EN</strong>GE THE LIMITS<br />

14 The tightrope artist of Lenzerheide<br />


08 Stress test in the forest<br />

26 Effects of alternative fuels<br />

on motor oil<br />

#RACEPROV<strong>EN</strong><br />

20 <strong>MOTOREX</strong> × KTM<br />

20 years of fluid success<br />


38 Infospots, puzzle<br />

08<br />

#RACEPROV<strong>EN</strong><br />

20 YEARS OF <strong>MOTOREX</strong> × KTM<br />





Sustainability and carbon<br />

reduction are<br />

subjects on everyone's<br />

lips and are having a noticeable<br />

impact on society –<br />

including on our work as<br />

a manufacturer of performance<br />

fluids with our own<br />

Research & Development department.<br />

The requirement<br />

to optimize carbon emissions<br />

and energy consumption on<br />

an ongoing basis and in every<br />

step of our activities – no<br />

matter how small – always<br />

opens up surprising potential<br />

for savings. We investigate<br />

this closely and are able to<br />

act where it will be most effective.<br />

This starts with raw<br />

material suppliers, who are<br />

increasingly providing precise<br />

figures on their products’ carbon<br />

footprints. Saving energy is an obvious<br />

step and extends far beyond optimizing<br />

the energy consumption in our production<br />

processes and right through to our<br />

products, such as the friction-optimized<br />

and thus fuel-efficient 0W/X generation<br />

high lubricity motor oils.<br />

The use of alternative fuels that contain<br />

a share of renewable energies or are<br />

entirely renewable is highly topical. In<br />

the case of motor fuels in particular,<br />

there are a range of transitional and<br />

interim solutions. Which of these will<br />

ultimately prevail remains open to<br />

conjecture. What is clear is that this<br />

development is greatly increasing the<br />

diversity of the operating fluids being<br />

used and the demands placed on<br />

them.<br />

We can already say that the requirements<br />

in terms of data collection and<br />

testing associated with new technologies<br />

in our laboratories are growing<br />

rapidly. With an international team of<br />

experts and a high-performance R&D<br />

infrastructure, we are responding to<br />

the ever-changing demands with innovative<br />

solutions. This makes me optimistic<br />

– not least from the perspective<br />

of the dedicated <strong>MOTOREX</strong> R&D team.<br />

Our motivation is unbroken as we move<br />

forward into a future that never fails to<br />

surprise.<br />

Yours sincerely,<br />

Dr. Markus Kurzwart and team<br />

Director of Research & Development<br />

Impressum<br />

Editor:<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> AG<br />

Bern-Zürich-Strasse 31<br />

CH-4901 Langenthal<br />

Tel. +41 62 919 75 75<br />

Fax +41 62 919 75 95<br />

Customer service by phone. Advice and problem solving also in German, French and Italian Overall responsibility<br />

for content: David Bucher Language versions: Published in German, English, French and Swedish. Total print<br />

run: 60,000 copies Concept, editing and art direction: Aeschlimann, Advertising Concepts and PR GmbH,<br />

Gümligen Translation: BMP Translations AG, Basel Cover photo: Denise Wey, Lenzerheide Graphics and prepress:<br />

Burki Scherer AG, Oftringen Printing: Merkur Druck AG, Langenthal.<br />

Text contributions may be used when source is indicated. <strong>MOTOREX</strong> ® and all employed product names are internationally<br />

protected trade marks. No responsibility is accepted for printing errors or changes in the technical data.

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 4<br />


Text: Martin Aeschlimann<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 5<br />

LET’S GO BIO:<br />

ECOGREASE B300<br />

Universal grease ECOGREASE B300<br />

combines top-quality performance features<br />

with added value from sustainability.<br />

It contains over 83 % renewable<br />

raw materials. With a balanced performance<br />

profile, its benefits such as<br />

excellent pumpability in central lubrication<br />

systems across a wide temperature<br />

range (-30 to 120 ° C) make it a compelling<br />

choice. High adhesiveness dependably<br />

binds the lubricant to the lubrication<br />

point. In combination with good water<br />

resistance this ensures lasting lubrication<br />

with a high degree of protection<br />

against wear and corrosion. Rapid<br />

biodegradability in accordance with<br />

OECD 301 B meets the Environmentally<br />

Acceptable Lubricant (EAL) criteria in<br />

full, making it ideal for use in agriculture,<br />

construction, forest management, and<br />

applications near water.<br />


motorex.com/ecogrease-b300<br />



Conventional small-parts cleaning systems<br />

work using cold cleaners. These<br />

usually contain solvents and are often<br />

highly effective, but they have the usual<br />

drawbacks in terms of health and fire<br />

hazards. The heated, oxygen-enriched<br />

watery cleaning solution in the BIO<br />

PARTS CLEANER effectively removes<br />

grease and dirt with the help of tensides<br />

(surfactant substances) and uses<br />

microorganisms to continually degrade<br />

the contaminants. <strong>MOTOREX</strong> makes<br />

the switch to the new technology easy<br />

with an attractive starter kit consisting<br />

of a BIO PARTS CLEANER cleaning<br />

device with lid, 100 liters of BIO PARTS<br />

CLEANER FLUID, and the essential BIO<br />

PARTS CLEANER TABS for regenerating<br />

the cleaning fluid. Once you've worked<br />

with this device, which is especially kind<br />

to human health and the environment<br />

as well as being economical, you won't<br />

want to do without the benefits of the<br />

latest cleaning technology again.<br />


motorex.com/bio-partscleaner-starter-kit<br />



<strong>MOTOREX</strong> metal machining fluids are a<br />

success factor in many industries and a<br />

part of the Swiss culture of precision.<br />

Sustainability and environmental protection<br />

are two topics more timely than<br />

ever in industrial production. This is the<br />

moment for the new SWISSCUT DECO<br />

BX high-performance bio cutting oil!<br />

Based on renewable raw materials<br />

(> 50 %), it meets strict requirements<br />

for ready biodegradability (OECD 301 B)<br />

and negligible toxicity. The cutting oil is<br />

free of chlorine, zinc, and other undesirable<br />

materials and guarantees constant<br />

process reliability. In long-term tests<br />

SWISSCUT DECO BX displays high cutting<br />

performance as well as material compatibility<br />

and non-toxicity. It is ideally<br />

suited for working all metallic materials,<br />

for example for watch parts and implants.<br />


motorex.com/swisscut-deco-bx<br />

Foto: © TERRI<br />

10 YEARS OF GRE<strong>EN</strong> PARTNERSHIP<br />

Ten years ago, values like quality and tenacity brought<br />

Swedish forestry equipment manufacturer TERRI and<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> together. TERRI develops and produces<br />

multifunctional harvesters and forwarders in Älmhult<br />

in southern Sweden. The machines combine high performance<br />

and maneuverability with very low soil impact.<br />

The company is committed to finding the most environmentally<br />

safe solutions possible. Most of its machines<br />

are factory-filled with sustainable operating fluids like<br />

readily biodegradable ECOSYNT HEES hydraulic oil. To<br />

maximize durability and economical use of hydraulic oil<br />

charges, TERRI orders an oil analysis after 500 hours of<br />

operation. Continuing growth and high customer satisfaction<br />

are proof that TERRI's strategy has been working<br />

since the company's founding in 1971.<br />

www.terri.se<br />


Heavy-duty and highly environmentally friendly ECOSYNT HEPR hydraulic oils<br />

are very popular in the building trades. No wonder, since the high-performance<br />

hydraulic oil's ready biodegradability is an added value that the construction<br />

industry is no longer willing to forgo. In response, <strong>MOTOREX</strong> is adding two new<br />

products to the ECOSYNT HEPR range with viscosities of ISO VG 32 and 37. The<br />

latter is precisely tailored to the extreme requirements of Liebherr hydraulic<br />

components in mobile, tracked, and marine cranes. It meets the strict LIEBHERR<br />

BASIC-LEVEL LH-00-HYC standard and features extremely rapid air release. All<br />

ECOSYNT HEPR hydraulic fluids are biodegradable (EAL), heavy-duty, gentle on<br />

materials, readily miscible, and long-lasting. The two low-viscosity HEPR hydraulic<br />

oils open up a multitude of new applications. Ready for ECOSYNT HEPR? Your<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> contact person will be glad to advise you.<br />



<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 6<br />




<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 7<br />

Text: Klaus Larock<br />

Whenever temperatures fall below<br />

minus seven degrees Celsius for<br />

the first time, evildoers like condensation<br />

and paraffin precipitation<br />

in diesel fuel and heating oil demand<br />

their annual tribute.<br />

In response to high energy prices, many people fill<br />

their tanks before winter sets in and prices go up. As a<br />

result, summer diesel or a mixture with reduced cold<br />

resistance may slumber unnoticed in company storage<br />

tanks. If no one remembers until it's too late, the entire<br />

fleet may end up stranded. So specialists recommend<br />

always applying the right additive before it's too late.<br />

Applying an additive to fuel after the fact enhances<br />

certain properties that, depending on its composition,<br />

already exist in the fuel. Whether for special operating<br />

conditions, cleaning, system and cold protection, or<br />

storage, <strong>MOTOREX</strong> has best-selling, state-of-the-art<br />

winter fuel additives.<br />


Winter additive for diesel fuel and heating oil. Improves<br />

filterability (CFPP) and significantly lowers the pour point.<br />

Prevents early wax crystal formation, ensuring that the<br />

diesel system remains functional and protected even in<br />

low temperatures. Add to fuel at temperatures above<br />

+5 ° C. Not suitable for bio-diesel. EURO 6 compliant.<br />


Cleans and protects the entire fuel system and enhances<br />

anti-corrosion. The additive increases the fuel's lubricating<br />

performance. It incorporates a cetane booster<br />

to improve ignition and cold starting. Through better<br />

combustion, DIESEL IMPROVER prevents formation<br />

of deposits and problems such as coking over short<br />

distances that can result. EURO 6 compliant.<br />


Fuel additive for gas and diesel engines with a gentle<br />

cleaning effect for the entire injection system. SYS-<br />

TEM GUARD enhances anti-corrosion, binds water,<br />

and is suitable for fuel systems with or without a<br />

catalytic converter. Many OEMs prescribe periodically<br />

adding a water-binding additive as part of the<br />

maintenance schedule. EURO 6 compliant.<br />


This fuel anti-oxidation additive helps stabilize fuel<br />

during lengthy storage periods (over the winter season),<br />

binds water, and protects the system against rust and<br />

corrosion. Prevents paint-like deposits in the fuel system.<br />

Suitable for gasoline and diesel systems. Effective<br />

for periods of up to six months. EURO 6 compliant.<br />



GO TO INFO<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 8<br />





Text: Martin Aeschlimann, Photos: Ehrenbolger & Suter AG<br />

The phrase “tried & tested” also implies<br />

“proven.” When a <strong>MOTOREX</strong> product<br />

is developed, before it's considered proven<br />

in a wide range of industries, it undergoes<br />

a number of field tests. Exchanges with<br />

experienced professionals in the trades<br />

are an extremely important aspect of the<br />

process. They're the only way to get new<br />

technologies, ingredients, production<br />

processes, and ultimately products ready<br />

for market under the conditions where<br />

they'll actually be used. This guarantees<br />

that, along with top quality, <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

always stands for tried and tested lubricant<br />

solutions.<br />




<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 10<br />

One valued partner for field testing of lubricants<br />

and operating fluids for the timber industry is<br />

forestry company Ehrenbolger + Suter AG in<br />

Fulenbach, Canton Solothurn, Switzerland. Over<br />

many years of collaboration, countless findings<br />

and nuggets of industry-specific knowledge from<br />

these forestry pros have been incorporated into a<br />

wide range of lubricant solutions.<br />

Harvester chain lubrication<br />

Harvester saws place far heavier demands on<br />

chain oil than do hand-operated chainsaws. This is<br />

because the chain rotates twice as fast (at up to<br />

200 kph) as that of a handheld saw, and cutting<br />

capacity is high. Since the cutting operation is<br />

automated, large mechanical forces also act on the<br />

blade and cutting elements at high frequencies,<br />

generating large amounts of heat. With BIOGUARD<br />

PROFESSIONAL, <strong>MOTOREX</strong> has developed a chainsaw<br />

oil explicitly designed for the exacting demands<br />

of mechanical timber harvesting. Its special<br />

additive formula allows it to adhere to the chain at<br />

all temperatures. It is not flung away from the<br />

sprocket at the tip of the blade and even fully lubricates<br />

the guide bar groove on the lower edge.<br />

BIOGUARD PROFESSIONAL was fine-tuned by<br />

varying the recipe and noting details of the cutting<br />

elements used and values measured (consumption,<br />

wear, downtime of chain and blade, cross section,<br />

filterability, etc.) in field tests. BIOGUARD<br />

PROFESSIONAL's formula based on renewable raw<br />

materials and ready biodegradability (OECD 301 B)<br />

makes it ideal for total-loss chain lubrication.<br />

Long-term experience in demand<br />

In forestry equipment, complex hydraulic systems<br />

under high pressures (up to 350 bar) perform<br />

strenuous tasks for hours at a time. The hydraulic<br />

oil transmits tonnes of force at all times, even in<br />

extreme cold and heat. For years readily biodegradable<br />

(OECD 301 B) ECOSYNT HEES (Hydraulic<br />

Environmental Ester Synthetic, non-water-soluble)<br />

hydraulic oil has been an exemplary success story.<br />

But how does hydraulic oil behave over extended<br />

use, after fine filtration, or after lengthy downtimes?<br />

These are aspects that <strong>MOTOREX</strong> painstakingly<br />

investigates through long-term testing with regular<br />

lubricant analyses from work sites with different<br />

climates. Few if any other <strong>MOTOREX</strong> products<br />

combine as much know-how as ECOSYNT HEES,<br />

which with proper handling lasts three to five<br />

times as long as mineral hydraulic oils. This makes<br />

it easy on the bank account as well as on the environment<br />

and resources.<br />

Wear values were regularly measured<br />

on cutting elements during development<br />

of the new saw chain oil.<br />

In field trials, new recipes are tested<br />

to their limits on clearly defined aspects.<br />

Heinz Suter, co-owner,<br />

Ehrenbolger + Suter AG, Fulenbach, Switzerland<br />

“Innovation is vital<br />

for the future<br />

of our industry.”<br />

For equipment with two-stroke<br />

engines it makes sense<br />

to use ASP<strong>EN</strong> 2T alkylate fuel.<br />

Happy ending: With field testing<br />

complete, the equipment can be<br />

filled with the finished BIOGUARD<br />

PROFESSIONAL chainsaw oil.<br />

ASP<strong>EN</strong> 2T: new recipe for testing<br />

“Testing new recipes is always exciting,” says Heinz<br />

Suter with authority. Power saws are irreplaceable<br />

in forestry. Reducing pollutants in workers' surroundings<br />

and low-wear operation are important<br />

concerns for hand-operated devices. ASP<strong>EN</strong> 2T<br />

and 4T special-purpose gasoline for two-stroke<br />

and four-stroke engines is free of lead, benzene,<br />

aromatic substances, sulfur, etc. A test recipe for<br />

the further optimization of ASP<strong>EN</strong> 2T is currently<br />

being tested for its performance in Switzerland.<br />

For two-stroke work equipment such as chainsaws,<br />

the focus is on reducing pollutants, keeping the<br />

engine clean, protecting against wear, and other<br />

factors. Power saws used in tests are subsequently<br />

disassembled and inspected for residue formation<br />

and wear.<br />

On the safe side<br />

Whether in Sweden at –4 ° C during mechanical<br />

timber harvesting, in motorcycle racing at 230 kph<br />

in the United States, at 4:20 a.m. in a snowcat in<br />

Tyrol, or on a long truck journey on Autoroute A50<br />

near Marseille – wherever lubricants have an<br />

effect on function, people are working. They are<br />

pursuing goals and doing valuable work for our<br />

society. And in every situation, they can depend<br />

on “tried & tested” solutions from <strong>MOTOREX</strong>.<br />


youtube.com/shorts/_OMZrmyCu04<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 11

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 12<br />



HUGE POT<strong>EN</strong>TIAL<br />


Text: Martin Aeschlimann<br />

Efforts to reduce fuel consumption and CO 2<br />

emissions in transportation were a topic<br />

even before energy prices reached their<br />

current heights. Modern technologies in<br />

combination with better driving are part<br />

of the solution. One rarely considered<br />

factor in energy consumption is engine oil.<br />

Low viscosity, heavy-duty fuel economy<br />

performance engine oils can cut fuel<br />

consumption by anywhere from 1.3 to 3 %,<br />

depending on the engine generation.<br />

1.9<br />

trillion tkm (tonne-kilometers)<br />

was the EU’s total transportation volume in 2021.<br />

Source: statista.com<br />

2021<br />

saw 10 529 000 000 tkm<br />

transported in Switzerland.<br />

Especially in modern trucks, innovative motor oils are<br />

a fluid element in engine design. With three high-performance,<br />

low-viscosity Fuel Economy engine oils in the<br />

XERUS family, <strong>MOTOREX</strong> is further expanding its broad<br />

range of fuel-efficient oils for the latest generation of<br />

trucks.<br />

Extremely low-viscosity engine oils for heavy diesel trucks<br />

(note the manufacturer's instructions) are part of a comprehensive<br />

set of measures to meet ever more stringent<br />

consumption and emissions targets. Reduced HTHS (high<br />

temperature high shear) values allow XERUS high-performance<br />

fuel economy engine oils to achieve further<br />

significant fuel efficiency savings compared to normal<br />

fuel economy oils. Performance-optimized, low-viscosity<br />

base fluids in combination with innovative additives and<br />

blending processes provide the highest levels of durability<br />

and protection against wear. XERUS engine oils are<br />

formulated for the latest generation of ultra-efficient<br />

commercial vehicle engines and are not backward -<br />

compatible (i.e. they cannot be used in older models).<br />

Since XERUS engine oils are not backward-compatible,<br />

fuel-efficient fleet oils such as <strong>MOTOREX</strong> NEXUS or<br />

FOQUS QTM can be used to help reduce consumption<br />

in older trucks. Your <strong>MOTOREX</strong> representative will be<br />

glad to advise you.<br />



TO <strong>EN</strong>HANCE EFFICI<strong>EN</strong>CY BY REDUCING<br />


Dr. André Kirchhofer, Deputy Director of ASTAG (Swiss Commercial Vehicle Association), Bern<br />

28.4<br />

million liters can potentially be saved per year<br />

if diesel consumption could be lowered by 1,8 % for<br />

only 50 % of all tonne-kilometers carried in<br />

Switzerland (average consumption 30 l/100 tkm¹).<br />

Projection/assumption 1<br />

For the latest generation of especially<br />

efficient commercial vehicle engines:<br />

XERUS FE SAE 0W/20 (MB 228.71 DTFR<br />

15C140, IVECO 18-1804 TLV LS): for IVECO<br />

Heavy Duty Trucks (Cursor engines with<br />

Fuel Economy package).<br />

XERUS TG SAE 5W/20 (SCANIA LDF-5 /<br />

MAN M3977): for SCANIA and MAN trucks.<br />


228.61 DTFR 15C130, VDS-5, RLD-5):<br />

for MERCEDES-B<strong>EN</strong>Z, VOLVO,<br />

and R<strong>EN</strong>AULT trucks.<br />

GO TO INFO<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 14<br />




ACTION.<br />


youtube.com/shorts/<br />

o7dHIcUmEM4<br />

CHALL<strong>EN</strong>GE THE LIMITS<br />


OF L<strong>EN</strong>ZERHEIDE<br />

Text: Martin Aeschlimann, Photos: <strong>MOTOREX</strong>/Denise Wey/LBB AG/Fatzer AG

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 16<br />



Today is a good day – weather conditions are ideal for<br />

the work planned on the six-seat chairlift. The trek<br />

into the mountains begins with the morning dew at<br />

7:00 a.m. The materials needed were assembled the<br />

previous evening. The workers meet at the Scharmoin<br />

midstation's maintenance shop. From there the journey<br />

continues in a nimble 4 × 4 followed by a climb to<br />

2545 meters on the same lift the team will perform<br />

maintenance on. The ascent is the team members'<br />

first chance to use all their senses to assess how well<br />

the equipment is functioning. “If there are unwanted<br />

vibrations, noises, or even if the chair swings too<br />

much as we pass the pylons, we notice right away,”<br />

Denise explains adeptly at the beginning of the trip. In<br />

the past few weeks her team of three has followed a<br />

precisely defined maintenance plan, inspecting and<br />

maintaining countless assemblies such as the sheave<br />

trains on the pylons. The work is done from a maintenance<br />

gondola. At the moment the task at hand is to<br />

retest the tightening torque of the transverse bolts<br />

and properly treat the cable before the winter season.<br />

Together with a colleague, Denise starts on foot from<br />

the top station down to the uppermost pylon. She<br />

remains in radio contact with the station, which<br />

advances the cables for lubrication precisely according<br />

to Denise's instructions.<br />

Respect yes – fear no<br />

An apprenticeship with Ems-Chemie and a general<br />

mechanic's Federal Proficiency Certificate were the<br />

basic requirements for Denise's dream job in the<br />

mountains – but by themselves not enough. The<br />

needed qualifications also included physical and<br />

Lenzerheide<br />

The backpack hangs heavy on her shoulders. With an oversized socket wrench<br />

set, a 1" torque wrench plus cable grease she ascends pylon no. 11 of the<br />

Urdenfürggli chairlift. Focused on her task, Denise Wey appears to dance while<br />

working on the 10-meter tall steel structure. But a closer look reveals how<br />

carefully the 26-year-old general mechanic places her hands with every move.<br />

The young woman is a member of the Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG maintenance<br />

team, responsible for keeping a total of 22 cableways operating smoothly.<br />

mental fitness, good skiing or snowboarding skills,<br />

and no reluctance to work outdoors in all weathers.<br />

Not to mention climbing ability: depending on the<br />

equipment, cable pylons are anywhere from five (on<br />

a T-bar lift) to 50 (on a gondola lift) meters tall! Asked<br />

if she's not afraid of heights, Denise replies, “There's<br />

no room in my head for fear while I'm working. For<br />

respect and considered action, yes.” In general,<br />

everyone on the team has to be dependable. Now<br />

and then a helicopter is also used, making easy work<br />

of upkeep tasks involving heavy loads. That's when a<br />

well-practiced team is a must and, wanted or otherwise,<br />

adrenaline spurts are guaranteed.<br />

2014<br />

The Urdenbahn links<br />

the Arosa and Lenzerheide<br />

ski areas<br />

1937<br />

is when the Val Sporz –<br />

Tgantieni funicular,<br />

the first cableway<br />

in Lenzerheide,<br />

was built<br />

225<br />

kilometers of pistes<br />

cross the<br />

Arosa Lenzerheide<br />

ski region<br />

2100<br />

meters<br />

is the length of the<br />

Parpaner Rothornbahn's<br />

support<br />

rope<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 17<br />

Radio communication is a matter<br />

of safety: everyone on the team<br />

hears alerts at the same time<br />

to remain constantly informed.<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 18<br />

Major maintenance and overhaul<br />

projects are always carried out<br />

as a team. Here the work is being<br />

done from a convenient maintenance<br />

gondola.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 19<br />



MY WORK.”<br />

Denise Wey, general mechanic with Federal Proficiency Certificate; fascinated by technical<br />

infrastructure in the mountain landscape, loves to eat specialties of Grisons Canton such as<br />

capuns, enjoys skiing and riding mountain bikes and motorcycles; dreams of traveling with<br />

her partner to Norway or New Zealand<br />

Lunch from the backpack<br />

During the winter season, one member of the maintenance<br />

team is assigned to each facility on a rotating<br />

basis. “That way we can be sure that someone is there<br />

right away in the event of a malfunction.” On peak<br />

days there may be several thousand winter sport enthusiasts<br />

on the slopes. Our motto then is 'always<br />

prepared' and we have to act promptly and expertly.”<br />

If a hanger on a t-bar lift gets caught at an exposed<br />

spot, for example, Denise skis right to the location to<br />

assist the guest and readjust the equipment. And<br />

there are always lubrication points under heavy loads<br />

to be regreased. A grease gun and heavy-duty grease<br />

such as <strong>MOTOREX</strong> FETT 2000 are standard equipment.<br />

Often there's little time left for lunch, which almost<br />

always comes from a backpack to keep things simple,<br />

but still tastes good.<br />

Natural spectacles included<br />

Denise has always considered it a privilege to work in<br />

this fascinating mountain landscape. “Every day is different,<br />

if only because of the seasons. The intense<br />

winter season is followed by spring and the first overhaul<br />

jobs. Next comes the summer season with a<br />

completely different kind of tourism and transport<br />

needs. The technical circumstances on the lines are<br />

different in every season – that impacts a lot of different<br />

things. I also appreciate the shift toward more sustainable<br />

solutions for technical applications. A good<br />

example is readily biodegradable CABLE PROTECT<br />

cable lubricant from <strong>MOTOREX</strong>. Humanity should do<br />

more to apply its knowledge and skill for environmentally<br />

friendly solutions.” It's an opinion that Denise<br />

doesn't just assert at work. And when the day's work<br />

is done, Denise's efforts are often rewarded on the<br />

journey back down with an unforgettable natural<br />

spectacle: “Sunsets in winter are out of this world!”<br />

Indispensible cable care<br />

There is no lack of lubrication points on the<br />

Lenzerheide cableways. Many of them are<br />

lubricated and sealed for life. The lubrication<br />

points that require maintenance are listed on a<br />

lubrication schedule for each facility. Lubrication<br />

schedules, incidentally, are a service provided by<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> to make work easier and prevent<br />

costly lubrication outages. On all cableways,<br />

steel ropes are particularly exposed to high<br />

mechanical and weather-related loads. Cableway<br />

cables can be kilometers long and weigh several<br />

tonnes. Regular regreasing with CABLE PROTECT<br />

is essential to keep them operating reliably.<br />

Regularly relubricated cables show markedly<br />

lower signs of wear, and their quieter functioning<br />

is key to a more pleasant ride for passengers.<br />

A heavy-duty cable with compacted<br />

braiding for longer life<br />



<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 20<br />

Kevin Benavides celebrates KTM's<br />

19th Dakar Rally victory.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 21<br />

#RACEPROV<strong>EN</strong><br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> × KTM<br />


Text: Brad Graham, Photos: KTM, <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

100 % commitment to a goal is something KTM and <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

have in common. Both companies have conquered the racetrack,<br />

and their products are market leaders. The result of 20 years of<br />

close collaboration: 122 FIM world championships and counting,<br />

plus further racing triumphs like this one at the Dakar Rally.<br />

And over 2.4 million stock motorcycles filled with <strong>MOTOREX</strong>!<br />

“20 Years of <strong>MOTOREX</strong> × KTM”<br />

was celebrated with a limited<br />

special series. Both motor oils<br />

are sold out, so further orders<br />

are unfortunately not possible.

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 22<br />

Stefan Huber, (Rally Team Technical Director), with KTM since 2000<br />

“The KTM rally team comprises some<br />

40 people. We see Dakar as the most<br />

important rally of all. We just give it<br />

everything we've got.”<br />

<br />

Also protects against<br />

desert sand:<br />

CHAINLUBE ADV<strong>EN</strong>TURE<br />

chain spray.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 23<br />

Even with a high degree of automation,<br />

deft hands are always in demand.<br />

Designed to perform: the fully synthetic <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

CROSS POWER 2T for high-revving 2-stroke engines.<br />


THE SC<strong>EN</strong>ES AT KTM<br />

motorex.com/20-years-ktm<br />

INSIDE<br />

KTM<br />

KTM's powerful and sturdy one-cylinder<br />

engines are legendary.<br />

2003<br />

Richard Sainct wins the<br />

first Dakar Rally for and<br />

with <strong>MOTOREX</strong> in<br />

January 2003.<br />

Two decades ago, the two companies agreed that neither<br />

was willing to settle for second place. There could be no<br />

better foundation for building something great together.<br />

But a damn-the-torpedoes approach seldom ends well in<br />

motorcycle racing. The only way to achieve ambitious goals<br />

is through a long-term strategic approach.<br />

Triumphal start: Dakar Rally 2003<br />

No other race in the world can look back at such an extraordinary<br />

history as the Dakar Rally. Its past is filled with spectacular<br />

stories from the world's most remote regions. Fabrizio Meoni's<br />

first win in 2001 was the fulfillment of a vision for KTM. Likewise,<br />

the launch of the <strong>MOTOREX</strong> × KTM partnership in 2003<br />

could not have been more successful. The triple victory of<br />

Richard Sainct, Cyril Despres, and Fabrizio Meoni provided<br />

incontrovertible proof of KTM's dominance in the world's<br />

most grueling rally. To date KTM has collected a total of 19<br />

Dakar triumphs, 17 of them with <strong>MOTOREX</strong>. This year Kevin<br />

Benavides and Toby Price scored a double coup to win the<br />

45th Dakar in Saudi Arabia. At the end of the last of 14 stages<br />

of a race lasting 44 hours, the two KTM riders found themselves<br />

in first and second place, just 12 seconds apart!<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

A modern approach<br />

to safety includes<br />

navigation devices and<br />

a tracking system

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 24<br />

Racing director Pit Beirer<br />

congratulates a racestained<br />

Kevin Benavides.<br />

20 years<br />

of partnership.<br />

122<br />

joint world championships.<br />

2.4 million<br />

motorcycles built and<br />

factory-filled with <strong>MOTOREX</strong>.<br />

1 goal<br />

to keep the success story going.<br />

With its slogan “READY TO RACE,” KTM is known for developing<br />

and manufacturing motorcycles at its plant in<br />

Mattighofen near Salzburg, Austria that are 100 % capable<br />

of holding their own in a race straight from the factory.<br />

From the dealer directly to the track and straight into the<br />

competition for the win. Naturally there are differences<br />

between street-legal stock bikes and racing bikes for<br />

private and factory teams. But the DNA is the same.<br />

“READY TO PERFORM” lubricants<br />

We now leave the muddy, dusty race courses of the<br />

world to visit the <strong>MOTOREX</strong> racing lab and KTM research<br />

and development department. Here the two partners<br />

analyze race results together to probe the frontiers of<br />

the achievable again and again.<br />

By specializing in lubricant applications, <strong>MOTOREX</strong> has<br />

acquired valuable know-how in many areas. Together<br />

with a highly capable development team and state-ofthe-art<br />

infrastructure, this expertise makes it possible<br />

to formulate specific lubrication solutions very quickly.<br />

Lubricants have long been a fluid engineering element.<br />

“While working on improvements to the legendary LC4<br />

engine, produced for 30 years, we installed a silver-coated<br />

con rod bearing cage. Because engine oils from producers<br />

other than <strong>MOTOREX</strong> were being used in the United<br />

States, South Africa, and Australia, there were frequent<br />

problems with the bearings. In test runs with POWER<br />

SYNT 4T under the harshest conditions we experienced<br />

not even a hint of this problem. After that we required<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> in the owner's manual and dealer network<br />

worldwide. The problem was solved, once and for all,” says<br />

Tobias Koch, a KTM customer service agent since 2006.<br />

He has made a career out of his hobby. He remembers<br />

the challenge of ensuring steady torque and fine control<br />

in wet clutches operating in engine oil. “That's when I<br />

first experienced how crucial <strong>MOTOREX</strong> lubricants are in<br />

our motorcycles. Especially in clutch behavior there are<br />

enormous differences!”<br />

Andreas Hölzl (Enduro Team Project Manager),<br />

with KTM since 2003<br />

“The enduro world has changed<br />

a lot over the past 20 years.<br />

Extreme and hard enduro are pushing<br />

the limits of what's possible.”<br />

Reliable partnership<br />

Being able to depend 100 % on a partner is priceless,<br />

whether in racing or in industrial production. Since 2003<br />

the KTM and <strong>MOTOREX</strong> teams have been working together<br />

efficiently and in close contact. This collaboration has<br />

been extended and is now entering a new phase. What<br />

the partners have learned during two decades of collaboration<br />

adds value to their products. The engine holds a<br />

special place in this respect. Needless to say it is the heart<br />

of every KTM. With factory filling at the state-of-the-art<br />

engine plant in Munderfing, every KTM from the main<br />

plant in Mattighofen begins its journey with #raceproven<br />

engine oil from <strong>MOTOREX</strong>. “With 580 employees, we set<br />

a new record last year, pushing some 219,000 engines,<br />

two-stroke and four-stroke, one- and two-cylinder, out<br />

the doors of the plant,” declares Clemens Türmer, Vice<br />

President for Engine Production since 2018. While production<br />

declined from 2019 to 2020 due to Covid, the<br />

momentum soon came roaring back. <strong>MOTOREX</strong>'s uninterrupted<br />

high supply capacity was a contributing factor.<br />

Edi Fischer (CEO of <strong>MOTOREX</strong>) – also a motorcyclist<br />

“The successes from the partnership<br />

with KTM show how well <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

can meet the needs of an OEM. It's simply<br />

tremendous what we have achieved<br />

together and what we can still achieve.”<br />

LEG<strong>EN</strong>DS OF THE DAKAR<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 25<br />

Dominik Gruber (Offroad Engine Team Leader),<br />

with KTM since 2005<br />

“A 450 cc Dakar Rally engine is designed<br />

to be reliable, to use gas from a service<br />

station and have a lifetime of 8–10 000<br />

kilometers. That requires different qualities<br />

in a motor oil that in the Motocross World<br />

Championship, for example, where friction<br />

is optimized to mobilize every ounce of<br />

horsepower.”<br />

Since the start of the collaboration <strong>MOTOREX</strong> has contributed<br />

top consulting, product, and service quality to KTM.<br />

The coveted KTM Supplier Quality Excellence Award,<br />

bestowed to recognize the company's best suppliers, is<br />

testimony. The award carries a powerful symbolism:<br />

Europe's biggest motorcycle manufacturer and manytime<br />

world champion hands out a trophy of its own.<br />

The KTM Motohall special exhibition lets visitors immerse<br />

themselves in the world of the storied Dakar race. Get to<br />

know the ten historic Dakar motorcycles, numerous artifacts,<br />

and thrilling background information on the charismatic<br />

riders. With 2,600 square meters of exhibition space,<br />

a visit to the Motohall is simply a must for KTM fans.<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 26<br />




Teamwork: discussing the latest<br />

results of the ongoing HVO tests.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 27<br />

Interview: Martin Aeschlimann<br />

Efforts to reduce CO 2 emissions are<br />

wide-ranging. Alternative fuels are one<br />

example, and much is being learned<br />

from using them. Coupled with promising<br />

new technologies, these findings are<br />

spurring further innovation. Dr. Markus<br />

Kurzwart, R&D Director at <strong>MOTOREX</strong>,<br />

explains why.<br />

Twenty years ago, producing green hydrogen from<br />

solar power and CO 2 was dismissed as a pipe dream.<br />

Today the process is the basis for 100 % renewable,<br />

CO 2 -neutral fuels, albeit still in small quantities. More<br />

impressive in quantitative terms are the shares of renewable<br />

resources in commercially available fuels. In<br />

2021 these amounted to 9.1 % across Europe and<br />

even reached 30 % in Sweden! But what impact do<br />

these complex fuel cocktails have on engine oil and<br />

the inner workings of combustion engines?<br />

Passenger car fuel consumption has been falling<br />

since 2009. In 2021 a diesel vehicle used roughly 12.5 %<br />

less fuel, a gas-powered vehicle 9 % less.<br />

Source: TCS<br />

30 %<br />

In Sweden the share of renewable resources<br />

in fuels is already 30 % – and rising.<br />

Source: Eurostat<br />

B20 / HVO<br />

B20 contains 20 % bio and 80 % petroleum diesel.<br />

HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil)<br />

can be produced from 100 % renewable<br />

raw materials.<br />

Does adding renewable materials<br />

to fuels make sense?<br />

Yes, especially when the overall environmental and<br />

economic balance is right. The reduction in CO 2 is<br />

significant. And fossil resources are conserved that<br />

will still be needed in the future for hard-to-replace<br />

products.<br />

What forms of renewable energy<br />

are being used today?<br />

Biofuels can be classified into three generations: The<br />

first consists of plant oil fuels such as bioethanol and<br />

biodiesel. These use raw materials that grow back<br />

such as oilseeds (rape) and sugar cane. Their significance<br />

is waning because – for ethical reasons – arable<br />

land should be used mainly for growing food crops<br />

and feedstuffs. The second generation uses waste and<br />

residual materials from agriculture and forestry such<br />

as energy crop residues as well as animal fats. Third-<br />

generation biofuels are made from organic materials<br />

such as algae and waste materials (straw, sawdust).<br />

So-called e-fuels (synthetic fuels) are a further interesting<br />

alternative. In the future, hydrogen and CO 2 will<br />

also play an increasingly important role.<br />

Do you have a favorite fuel?<br />

As with gasoline and diesel fuel from petroleum, renewable<br />

fuels are hydrocarbon compounds with additional<br />

oxygen content. But new molecules are also<br />

being designed that have not yet found large-scale<br />

applications. The purity of these fuels, the decomposition<br />

products during combustion, and their impacts<br />

on engine oil carry both opportunities and risks. Our<br />

current focus is on admixtures for existing fossil fuels<br />

such as ethanol, B7, B20, or even MTBE (methyl tertbutyl<br />

ether) and HVO. HVO (hydrogenated vegetable<br />

oil) is a promising future alternative for diesel engines.<br />


DRIVES US.”<br />

Dr. Markus Kurzwart, Director of Research and Development<br />

holds a doctorate in chemistry and has been leading his team at <strong>MOTOREX</strong> since 2006,<br />

enjoys riding motorcycles while testing new product prototypes, listens to classical music,<br />

often spends time in the woods and heats with wood from the forest.

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 28<br />

Renewable energy share in fuels, EU 2021<br />

3 0 %<br />

20 %<br />

The share of renewable energy in fuels is rising steadily,<br />

both in the EU and worldwide. The figure for Switzerland<br />

only covers liquid fuels whereas for the EU it includes<br />

agricultural products such as rapeseed diesel as well as<br />

gases. Thus the basis for comparison is uneven.<br />

What are you most proud of?<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 29<br />

10 %<br />

0 %<br />

EU<br />

Sweden<br />

Finland<br />

Slovenia<br />

Malta<br />

Denmark<br />

What are the benefits of HVO fuels?<br />

HVO molecules have a few key advantages compared<br />

to previous alternative fuels, such as moisture<br />

resistance, aging stability, and purity. They could<br />

also significantly expand the raw material basis for<br />

obtaining HVO. Chemically, HVO is actually quite<br />

close to diesel fuel.<br />

Do alternative fuels have effects on engine oil<br />

or the engine itself?<br />

It has often been held that the higher the portion<br />

of renewable resources in the fuel, the more evident<br />

the impacts inside the engine. Combustion residues,<br />

thinning of the oil due to fuel contamination, and<br />

many other factors can lead to increased acidification<br />

of the engine oil. Corrosion, oxidation, or similar<br />

reactions can cause problems as engine mileage<br />

increases. We track down these influences through<br />

intensive in-house R&D activities and in customer<br />

projects. Then we cushion potential risks using innovative<br />

lubricant compositions.<br />

Does <strong>MOTOREX</strong> also do work<br />

under contract for OEMs?<br />

Yes, our know-how is increasingly in demand. Assessing<br />

the effects of alternative fuels on engine oil,<br />

engine components, and aging behavior is an ongoing<br />

concern. So we develop testing procedures tuned<br />

to the OEMs' requirements. These may be used to<br />

test a particular material's compatibility with B7,<br />

B20, or HVO, for example. This could be a brass axial<br />

bearing in a turbo loader or a plastic gasket.<br />

Belgium<br />

Italy<br />

Austria<br />

Spain<br />

Netherlands<br />

Slovakia<br />

Estonia<br />

Portugal<br />

France<br />

Germany<br />

Luxembourg<br />

Romania<br />

Bulgaria<br />

Czechia<br />

Cyprus<br />

Croatia<br />

Lithuania<br />

How are the findings used?<br />

The results go to leading end customers and international<br />

OEMs and are used in giving approval for<br />

those fuels, among other things. <strong>MOTOREX</strong> works<br />

with teams of top interdisciplinary researchers from<br />

various OEMs and acts as an advisor. The resulting<br />

know-how can be incorporated into engine technologies<br />

as well as <strong>MOTOREX</strong> products. In our latest<br />

engine oils, these include features that compensate<br />

for the effects of alternative fuels while guaranteeing<br />

maximum lubrication and wear reliability over<br />

extended periods.<br />

Latvia<br />

Hungary<br />

Poland<br />

Greece<br />

Ireland<br />

Switzerland<br />

With rotary speeds of up<br />

to 300 000 rpm, the turbo<br />

loader's axial shaft has<br />

hydrodynamic bearings.<br />

© Eurostat<br />

Telling: a turboloader bearing<br />

tested for oxidation and<br />

corrosion in simulated B20<br />

operation.<br />

“Of our R + D team, our wide-ranging<br />

expertise in analyzing customer<br />

specimens and our highly advanced<br />

laboratory infrastructure. We contribute<br />

to <strong>MOTOREX</strong>'s success by<br />

developing a large number of innovative<br />

products while also meeting<br />

our responsibility to the environment<br />

with sustainable lubricants. One focus<br />

is developing efficient, readily biodegradable<br />

lubricants. Often these<br />

are much superior in quality to<br />

conventional lubricants. For users,<br />

they're worth looking into.<br />

We've been doing it for over 30 years.”<br />

Dr. Markus Kurzwart, Director of Research & Development

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 30<br />

1 2 3<br />

3. Lubrication: The <strong>MOTOREX</strong> product range has the right lubricant for<br />

Just lube<br />

the chain real<br />

quick …<br />

Motorcycle chains tend to be lubricated “real<br />

quick” just before a ride – often leaving too little<br />

time for the chain lubricant to penetrate and air<br />

dry so it will adhere properly. Ideally the chain<br />

should be lubricated after use. Before winter or<br />

after intensive use, it is also best to clean the<br />

chain before lubricating it. Here's how:<br />

1. Cleaning: Good chain care starts with proper cleaning. For that, clean<br />

your chain with CHAIN CLEAN DEGREASER SPRAY after the ride. It's best to<br />

wrap the chain in an absorbent cotton rag, then point the chain cleaner's<br />

powerful stream down onto it from above. Remove residue from the chain<br />

bit by bit in the direction of rotation.<br />

2. Inspection: Once the chain is clean, visually inspect it and lift it from<br />

the sprocket to check for excess play (wear).<br />

every chain. By lubricating and reducing friction, it protects against wear<br />

4 5 6 1 2<br />

and corrosion. After cleaning, spray CHAINLUBE onto an unobstructed<br />

portion of the chain (not onto the sprocket). Apply amply to the entire<br />

width of the chain between the outer and inner bushings. Allow chain spray<br />

to penetrate. Wipe off excess chain spray with a soft cotton cloth.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 31<br />


motorex.com/<br />

moto-line-chainlube<br />


youtube.com/shorts/<br />

0EQKI6Q4YYU<br />

In general, always be sure to follow workplace health and safety rules and recycle properly.<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />


Text: Klaus Larock<br />


motorex.com/contact-consulting<br />

Good advice is worth its weight in gold, not to mention time and nerves.<br />

Over the years, <strong>MOTOREX</strong> has gathered countless helpful tips and tricks from<br />

the world of lubrication and care, contributed by pros and amateurs alike.<br />

With the aim of ensuring that work, sports, and hobbies all run like well-oiled<br />

machines, we are pleased to share them here. Do you have questions,<br />

or maybe a clever solution of your own? Just use the link above to contact<br />

our Technical Customer Service.<br />

For safety:<br />

good visibility<br />

Windshield and wipers are exposed to wind and weather liter-<br />

4 5<br />

ally 365 days a year. UV radiation, acid rain with pH values<br />

between 4.2 and 4.8, and mechanical factors such as grit<br />

particles can cause the sensitive rubber lips of wiper blades<br />

to become brittle over time. In winter, a mix of salt, snow, and<br />

ice can make things still worse. Unnoticed clogging of the<br />

delicate lip structure on the wiper blade may leave it unable<br />

to flex sufficiently in both directions. The result: dangerous<br />

smearing and poor visibility.<br />

TIP Clean wiper blades manually with a clean, soft cotton<br />

rag, ideally soaked in wiper fluid concentrate. <strong>MOTOREX</strong> WIPE<br />

& CLEAN wiper fluids are ready to use in every season and are<br />

available as concentrates. They are gentle on materials, readily<br />

biodegradable, and highly economical. Successfully tested for<br />

fan nozzles as well as polycarbonate headlight covers.<br />


motorex.com/<br />

car-glasscleaner<br />


youtube.com/shorts/<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 32<br />

3<br />

6<br />

Anyone<br />

Trailer hitch and plug<br />

During winter, many trailers, bike carriers,<br />

and campers are sent off for a well-deserved<br />

break. Where possible, removable<br />

trailer hitches are dismounted to allow more<br />

room to maneuver. Depending on the system,<br />

it may be advisable to protect the<br />

electrical parts and coupler against moisture,<br />

salt, and the threat of corrosion.<br />

These preventive measures will pay off the<br />

next time the hitch is used.<br />


motorex.com/car-sprays<br />

1 2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

1 2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

1 2 3<br />

4 5 6<br />

TIP At the end of the season, dismount and clean the trailer<br />

hitch. Before stowing the hitch ball, spray it with JOKER<br />

440 SYNTHETIC SPRAY, wrap it in cotton rags, and store it<br />

in a plastic bag. Also treat the plug on the trailer and socket<br />

on the vehicle with JOKER 440. The spray has a dielectric<br />

(non-conducting) effect and prevents leakage currents and<br />

associated frequent malfunctioning. The coupler (e.g. sliding<br />

seat) should also be protected with clingy, saltwater-resistant<br />

GREASE SPRAY. Take care to avoid stains on clothing.<br />

First grease,<br />

then wash<br />


motorex.com/intactmx50<br />

Biking in salt<br />

and snow<br />

To be able to work properly, the first step is to remove<br />

the dirt. But that's not always the case. When lubricating<br />

machinery and vehicles before winter storage,<br />

the reverse sequence is recommended.<br />

TIP Remove dirt from the grease nipple at the lubrication<br />

point before regreasing. Then use the prescribed<br />

grease, or if the precise type is unknown use<br />

a universal grease such as FETT 190 or FETT 176 to<br />

apply fresh lubricant until it leaks slightly from the<br />

lubrication point. That way you prevent water from<br />

getting in and causing corrosion damage. You<br />

should relubricate again after washing in order to<br />

protect the lubrication points against dirt, water, and<br />

corrosion with a grease collar – which you shouldn't<br />

remove.<br />

who rides their bike in the winter should give<br />

some thought to preventing corrosion. Anywhere<br />

Time for<br />

the final cut<br />

Whether for pros or hobbyist gardeners, the lawnmower<br />

is one of the most frequently used pieces of lawn and<br />

garden maintenance equipment. Since grass stops<br />

growing when the temperature dips below 10 to 5 degrees<br />

Celsius, the best time to mow your lawn for the last time is<br />

in the fall before the first freeze. Before the start of winter<br />

the lawn should not be too short or too long. Five to six<br />

centimeters is ideal.<br />

TIP Clean the lawnmower thoroughly after mowing, including<br />

the underside, washing and removing grass clippings<br />

and dirt. A pressure washer can be used, but only at<br />

reduced pressure. If compressed air is not available to dry<br />

the machine, it can be rough-dried by hand, then sprayed<br />

with INTACT MX 50. In seconds you'll see the water repelled<br />

as an invisible anti-corrosive film forms. The same procedure<br />

can also be used when cleaning during the course of<br />

the year. As a positive side effect, grass cuttings and dirt<br />

now barely adhere to the underside of the mower.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 33<br />

that salt and road dust can affect bikes, good advice<br />

is welcome and doesn't have to cost much. Mountain<br />

bikes, pedelecs and e-bikes all feature components<br />

made of anodized light metals, chrome steel, and<br />

many other materials that are sensitive to salt.<br />

TIP Before using your bike in winter, clean it carefully<br />

and thoroughly – but not with a pressure washer.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> BIKE PROTECT BIO offers exceptional protection<br />

against road salt and corrosive moisture mixes.<br />

Spray onto clean and dry components such as sprocket<br />

wheels, cranksets, wheel hubs, etc., forming a thin,<br />

invisible protective film. Frequent winter riders should<br />

repeat the process every seven to ten days or so.<br />

Lubricating the chain regularly with CHAINLUBE WET<br />

during the winter also pays off.<br />


motorex.com/farmer-forest-garden-grease<br />


motorex.com/bikeprotectbio<br />


youtube.com/shorts/<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 34<br />

Happy together: FLUIDLYNX<br />

surrounded by the production team<br />

and Verwo AG apprentices.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 35<br />

“The work environment<br />

has improved significantly<br />

with FLUIDLYNX.”<br />

Bruno Vogelsang, owner, Verwo AG<br />


SPIFFY,<br />



Text: Peter Hamberger, Photos: Verwo AG, Swiss Post Ltd.<br />

Since its acquisition by Bruno Vogelsang in 2007, Verwo AG in<br />

Reichenburg, Switzerland, has evolved from a storied craft workshop<br />

to one of Europe's most modern and innovative suppliers of<br />

high-precision metal parts. In the quest for perfection, the company<br />

chose the revolutionary FLUIDLYNX fluid management system.<br />

Verwo AG<br />

Reichenburg<br />

For chip-cutting manufacturing the<br />

company uses 21 state-of-the-art CNC<br />

lathes and CNC milling centers from<br />

leading producers. Verwo's specialists<br />

use the machines to make high-precision<br />

parts for customers in the valve, semiconductor,<br />

and medical device sectors<br />

as well as for the energy industry and<br />

mechanical engineering. These customers<br />

have extremely stringent requirements,<br />

some so extreme that every step<br />

of a process has to be documented<br />

down to the smallest detail. Certain<br />

workpieces are even produced according<br />

to “copy exactly” specifications. In these<br />

cases the entire production process is<br />

coordinated with the customer and cannot<br />

subsequently be modified in any way.<br />

A precise topic: cutting fluid<br />

Cutting fluids are an often underestimated<br />

factor in the production process,<br />

despite the fact that, perfectly tuned,<br />

they can improve surface quality, extend<br />

tool lives, increase productivity, and<br />

lower costs. But cutting fluids are also<br />

very sensitive media that need to be<br />

monitored and kept reliably in balance.<br />

Until three years ago the operator of<br />

each machine was responsible for the<br />

condition of the fluid, which they regularly<br />

measured manually. This tied up<br />

valuable capacity and was very costly.<br />

Documentation also took up a lot of<br />

time and, like any human activity, was<br />

prone to errors. The case for automating<br />

fluid management was clear. The company<br />

reached out to various manufacturers.<br />

The proposal from <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

with its proprietary FLUIDLYNX system<br />

soon emerged as the most technologically<br />

advanced. <strong>MOTOREX</strong>'s know-how<br />

as a lubricant producer and its consulting<br />

capabilities were also persuasive.<br />

Production optimized<br />

The first step was installing four COOL-<br />

ANT BOXES. One of the system's major<br />

advantages is that it can be installed<br />

without halting production. It doesn't<br />

take up a lot of room and requires only<br />

one power, water, and compressed air<br />

connection. The fluid control circuit<br />

depends on two small plastic hoses<br />

(feed and return line). This allows each<br />

COOLANT BOX to autonomously monitor<br />

and supply up to six machining centers.<br />

FLUIDLYNX measures not only the two<br />

most important parameters for a watermiscible<br />

cutting fluid – pH and concentration<br />

– but also temperature and<br />

electrical conductivity. But the system's<br />

key feature is that it not only measures<br />

these values, but also maintains the<br />

prescribed concentration on its own. By<br />

automatically adjusting concentration<br />

and tank fill level it enhances process<br />

reliability, economy, availability, productivity,<br />

and quality. Consistency in<br />

operation enables Verwo to conserve<br />

fluid concentrate and cut operating<br />

costs while extending the life of the<br />

emulsion. This in turn automatically<br />

results in lower disposal costs. Significantly<br />

improved working conditions for<br />

employees and for the environment are<br />

also highly gratifying.

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 36<br />

The fluid management initiators:<br />

Ercan Dogan, turning team leader (r.) and<br />

Martin Struger, Verwo AG production manager.<br />

Networked and ready for the future<br />

Measuring continuously, FLUIDLYNX logs<br />

all values in the background, making<br />

them available online at any time. The<br />

recorded data can either be fed into the<br />

company's own IT systems, stored in<br />

the cloud, or also archived locally on<br />

the FLUIDLYNX. This is a key factor in<br />

Verwo's quality management process.<br />

The measured values no longer need to<br />

be recorded manually but are always<br />

available in digital form for analysis or<br />

documentation. At the same time, a<br />

secure baseline is established in real<br />

time, allowing rapid intervention in the<br />

event of variances. The system is also<br />

capable of pushing the data to any<br />

smartphone through an app. Verwo is<br />

no newcomer to the digital world. All<br />

relevant production data are visualized<br />

using specialized software and available<br />

24/7 to all employees.<br />

Trust and responsibility<br />

For Verwo, a partnership built on trust<br />

is at least as important as the technical<br />

parameters. Martin Struger, head of production<br />

for Verwo, is an ardent champion<br />

of the collaboration with <strong>MOTOREX</strong>.<br />

“The collaboration is friction-free and<br />

100 % reliable. That's why, at <strong>MOTOREX</strong>'s<br />

suggestion, we have handed over responsibility<br />

for our FLUIDLYNX systems<br />

to our apprentices.” The junior staff<br />

oversee all functions, supply operating<br />

fluids, take care of required maintenance<br />

work, and stay in constant contact<br />

with <strong>MOTOREX</strong>. This keeps them<br />

actively involved in the manufacturing<br />

process, where they make a valuable<br />

contribution to the company's success.<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 37<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> is a proven part<br />

of the solution in industrial<br />

manufacturing plants.<br />

Verwo AG<br />

Founded in 1889 as Verzinkerei Wolfhausen,<br />

Verwo AG is now among the<br />

most innovative suppliers of parts for<br />

technologically complex industrial products.<br />

Some 300 employees in Switzerland<br />

and the Czech Republic manufacture<br />

high-precision metal components<br />

or even complete systems. Since 2008,<br />

moreover, Verwo has supplied Swiss<br />

Post with more than 20,000 mailboxes.<br />

With its core competency in the machining<br />

of high-alloy stainless steels, it has<br />

landed a contract with a leading vacuum<br />

technology provider for the manufacture<br />

of tens of thousands of valves per<br />

year. The success story continues.<br />

www.verwo.com<br />

Verwo AG involves qualified employees<br />

in the company's success.<br />


motorex.com/fluidlynx<br />

Powerpack: duoBlock DMC 125 FD<br />

milling machine with 5 axes, turning<br />

function and round pallet storage.

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 38<br />



Photos: wvib.de<br />


180 000 KM FOR A VISIT<br />

TO LANG<strong>EN</strong>THAL<br />

Photos: Nelson Marroquin<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAGAZINE 39<br />

What could be finer than a motorcycle tour through the Swiss Alps? A motorcycle<br />

tour combined with a visit to <strong>MOTOREX</strong>! Industry association WVIB (Wirtschaftsverband<br />

Schwarzwald AG) recently made it a reality. Entrepreneurs from the<br />

Black Forest region started off on a 3-day tour from Freiburg im Breisgau. Their<br />

first destination was <strong>MOTOREX</strong> in Langenthal. <strong>MOTOREX</strong> CEO Edi Fischer took<br />

the opportunity to lead the visitors on a tour of the factory. Afterwards the<br />

guests were treated to a practical presentation of the latest developments<br />

at <strong>MOTOREX</strong>. The next day the journey continued toward the Alps to some<br />

legendary alpine passes, including the Furka and the Grimsel.<br />


Write to us:<br />

events@motorex.com<br />

VISIT US<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> is always happy to welcome<br />

to Langenthal any groups from<br />

associations, trade schools, customers,<br />

or anyone who wants to get to know<br />

<strong>MOTOREX</strong> better.<br />

Nelson Marroquin has been riding motorcycles since<br />

age five. The Salvadoran inherited the passion from<br />

his father. It is no coincidence that someone carrying<br />

this DNA became <strong>MOTOREX</strong> distributor for El Salvador.<br />

Together with Anabella (his bike!), Nelson has achieved<br />

a lifelong dream: a trip around the world by motorcycle.<br />

Starting in El Salvador on his Multistrada<br />

he covered 180 000 kilometers through a total of<br />

25 countries, performing his own repairs and maintenance<br />

along the way. Each time, Nelson was impressed<br />

by the ready availability of MOTO LINE lubricants<br />

throughout the entire journey. In Brazil Nelson<br />

and Anabella took a flight to Spain before setting out<br />

on the final stage of their journey. Besides Anabella,<br />

Nelson was accompanied by his favorite traveling<br />

companion of all, his wife MariaRenee (photo bottom<br />

right). Their destination was a visit to <strong>MOTOREX</strong><br />

headquarters, where the bike will be on display until<br />

summer 2024. Bienvenido a Suiza!<br />

Alaska<br />

El Salvador<br />

Argentina<br />

Brazil<br />

Spain<br />

Langenthal<br />


<strong>MOTOREX</strong> MAKES<br />



youtube.com/playlist?list=<br />

PLWsx7JURcWO7xsrjen7eidt3fduAVXEwL<br />

Ferrari is known worldwide for excellence in<br />

engine design and motor sports. Emil Frey Racing<br />

will be driving not one but two Ferrari 296 GT3s<br />

this season in the famous GT World Challenge<br />

Europe, Sprint and DTM. The drivers behind<br />

the wheel regularly bring home trophies for the<br />

Swiss team – with help from <strong>MOTOREX</strong> as lubrication<br />

expert. With lubri cation from <strong>MOTOREX</strong>,<br />

the 296 GT3's brand new 120-degree V6 turbo<br />

engine effortlessly turns over at 7,000 rpm. Its<br />

2992 cc displacement yields some 600 hp, plenty<br />

for a strong showing in any race. The typical<br />

Emil Frey blue sets this racer apart from its<br />

brethren from Maranello.<br />

Flugtechnik,<br />

deft,<br />

Flug-<br />

Rotating a<br />

machine<br />

rau, trooper’s rau,<br />

Flugwesen<br />

Flug-<br />

skilful ergeben<br />

steady<br />

element<br />

uneben<br />

walk<br />

Schiffsrippe<br />

port<br />

Ukrainian<br />

rippe<br />

Nachfülltantank<br />

eines eines<br />

Füllers<br />

frz.: stone frz.:<br />

April picture April<br />

a slowmoving<br />

person<br />

Connects<br />

parts<br />

in the<br />

engine<br />

abbr.:<br />

Walliser estimated<br />

Rotwein time of<br />

departure<br />

strike,<br />

whack<br />

Hochge-<br />

Automobile birge in in Reise-<br />

abbr.:<br />

Driven<br />

ein perspiration<br />

Texas<br />

Zentralweg<br />

ein Stadt Stadt in inbirge<br />

Association<br />

pistons<br />

by weg<br />

(the)<br />

Kanton<br />

asien asien<br />

Kauf-<br />

Kaufmannssprache:<br />

heute<br />

1<br />

to make<br />

money<br />

ugs.: ugs.:<br />

Atem Atem<br />

an image<br />

abbr.:<br />

Knight<br />

abbr.: Bürde<br />

fein fein<br />

abbr.:<br />

per<br />

near<br />

regnen<br />

airborne Ärmel-<br />

9<br />

annumaufschlag<br />

7<br />

4<br />

customary<br />

a song<br />

abbr.:<br />

practice das das Un-<br />

Un-<br />

Ball Ball mit mit<br />

to buy<br />

for eight<br />

infinity<br />

sterb-<br />

liche<br />

(Tennis)<br />

22<br />

voices<br />

Unter-<br />

PC<br />

schnitt<br />

and sell<br />

44<br />

11 message liche<br />

Ver-<br />

Ver-<br />

zu zu hoher<br />

kleines Kultautauto<br />

der der<br />

Kult-<br />

offspring,<br />

technical<br />

abbr.: Ort Ort<br />

einstelliggegen<br />

Gemisch<br />

progeny<br />

knockout<br />

einkehrs-<br />

Benzin-<br />

inactive<br />

stockun-<br />

anteil im im<br />

50er-Jahre<br />

in in der der<br />

Bezeichnung<br />

Ajoie Ajoie<br />

Zahl Zahl 10<br />

a large<br />

sister,<br />

Teil Teil a der body der insect<br />

church<br />

Gepflo-<br />

living<br />

Hand<br />

politic egg<br />

abbr.: Office<br />

genheit<br />

in a<br />

11 11<br />

of Fair Trad.<br />

6 monastery<br />

Schweizer<br />

abbr.:<br />

a<br />

Kaba-<br />

European<br />

engl.:<br />

small<br />

rettist<br />

Gesetz<br />

3<br />

(Vorname)<br />

Union<br />

insect<br />

11<br />

griech.<br />

remove<br />

US- Cleans US-<br />

Berg Berg der der<br />

immediately<br />

the<br />

(the) air<br />

Vorsilbe:<br />

Längeneinheit<br />

Bernina-<br />

(before<br />

cargo<br />

gruppe<br />

zehn zehn<br />

combustion)<br />

2<br />

(Piz ...)<br />

owed<br />

(engl.)<br />

(Piz ...) 77<br />

®<br />

®<br />

Spitzname<br />

Abk.: Abk.:<br />

ital.: a book‘s ital.:<br />

e. e. ehem.<br />

respectablninic<br />

Fuel Fuel<br />

Electro-<br />

drei name drei<br />

frz. frz. Auto-<br />

55modells<br />

5 33<br />

Injection<br />

svd1310-35 see1310-35<br />

1<br />

1<br />

2<br />

2<br />

3<br />

3<br />

4<br />

4<br />

66<br />

5<br />

5<br />

6<br />

6<br />

99<br />

wirklich<br />

Krach<br />

machen<br />

7<br />

7<br />

88<br />

8<br />

8<br />

9<br />

9<br />

10<br />

10<br />

11<br />

11<br />

8<br />

10 10<br />

Send your answer to<br />

motorex.com/riddle<br />

by February 29, 2024.<br />



<strong>MOTOREX</strong> WINTER KITS.<br />


The solution to the previous puzzle<br />

in <strong>MOTOREX</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> 125 was:<br />


The winners were:<br />

· Lena Zimmermann, Bottmingen<br />

· Melanie Schmuki, Eschenbach<br />

· Stefan Stillhart, Wattwil<br />

· Reto Zeltner, Matzendorf<br />

· Daniel Estermann, Hildisrieden


AUTOMATED FLUID MANAGEM<strong>EN</strong>T<br />

With the digital Fluid Management System, water-miscible<br />

cutting fluids can be reliably monitored and managed automatically.<br />

I Fully automated 24/7 measuring system<br />

I Suitable for stand-alone or centralized systems<br />

I Online monitoring of concentration, pH, electrical<br />

conductivity and temperature<br />

STAY<br />

COOL<br />

24/7<br />


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