Blueprint - SUMMER 2023

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A publication for the policyholders of the Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and Blue Shield family of companies <strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Peace<br />

&<br />

Quiet<br />

Blue & You Foundation helps students create a calm space<br />

PAGE 4<br />

Why case managers<br />

are crucial<br />

PAGE 6<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross partnership<br />

shows students paths for<br />

behavioral health careers<br />

PAGE 8<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

employees aid in<br />

tornado recovery<br />


AWordwith Curtis Barnett<br />

Our President and Chief Executive Officer<br />

Preparing students for behavioral health careers<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue<br />

Shield recognizes that education is<br />

essential to the successful future<br />

of our youth. It’s important that<br />

students have access to safe, highquality<br />

schools and good career<br />

paths when they finish.<br />

When we learned about the<br />

Academies of Central Arkansas<br />

model from the Little Rock<br />

Chamber of Commerce, it was<br />

clear to us that our company<br />

needed to play a role.<br />

With our focus on mental and<br />

behavioral health – recognizing<br />

that physical health and mental<br />

health are intimately and<br />

completely connected, we knew<br />

Parkview Arts & Science Magnet<br />

High School was a perfect fit with<br />

its pathway focused on health and<br />

applied science with an emphasis<br />

on mental and behavioral health.<br />

We’re facing a mental and<br />

behavioral health crisis in our<br />

country. We continue to see<br />

significant increases in rates<br />

of depression, anxiety, suicidal<br />

behaviors, and substance use,<br />

especially among our adolescents<br />

and young adults.<br />

"Physical health and mental health are intimately and<br />

completely connected. There is no health without mental<br />

health," Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield President and<br />

Chief Executive Officer Curtis Barnett said during<br />

a recent announcement of the<br />

partnership with Parkview<br />

Arts & Science Magnet<br />

High School.<br />

The mental and behavioral<br />

healthcare challenges we face<br />

are layered and complex, so<br />

expanding the available mental<br />

health workforce to meet the<br />

growing demand must be part of<br />

the solution.<br />

A critical first step in growing the<br />

behavioral health workforce is to<br />

expose young people to mental<br />

health career paths while they’re<br />

in high school.<br />

We look forward to working<br />

alongside the Parkview team –<br />

teachers, administrators, and an<br />

academy coach – to develop and<br />

deploy the mental and behavioral<br />

health pathway of study.<br />

There are many rewarding career<br />

opportunities in the behavioral<br />

health field, and the need is great.<br />

We hope to provide engaging<br />

learning opportunities for students<br />

to help them not only understand<br />

and prepare for the many job<br />

opportunities in behavioral health<br />

but also to appreciate how their<br />

work helps people live better lives.<br />

Our hope is that this will be an<br />

amazing opportunity to make a real<br />

difference in the future of our city<br />

and state where these students will<br />

live, work, and play in the future.<br />

2 <strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Caring for family with Alzheimer’s disease:<br />

a true labor of love<br />

It has been called the long goodbye.<br />

When a loved one begins to show<br />

signs of Alzheimer’s disease, it can<br />

be heartbreaking. Many families go<br />

into denial. But early intervention with<br />

new treatments can offer delays in<br />

the progression of Alzheimer’s,<br />

giving families the gift of more<br />

time together.<br />

Alzheimer’s disease, the most<br />

common cause of dementia, usually<br />

affects people age 65 and older.<br />

More than 6 million Americans are<br />

living with this disease, and that<br />

number is forecast to more than<br />

double by 2050, thanks to the aging<br />

baby boomer generation. Their<br />

care is a responsibility we all carry<br />

– from individuals and caregivers<br />

to the government and the nation’s<br />

healthcare system.<br />

According to “<strong>2023</strong> Alzheimer’s<br />

Disease Facts and Figures,” a<br />

special report from the Alzheimer’s<br />

Association, better care requires<br />

conversations about memory<br />

as soon as there are reasons<br />

for concern. Knowledgeable,<br />

accessible care teams led by<br />

physician specialists can diagnose<br />

the disease, monitor it as it<br />

progresses, and treat it.<br />

Studies have consistently shown that<br />

there are ways to improve the lives<br />

of those affected by Alzheimer’s and<br />

other dementias and their caregivers.<br />

They include using available<br />

treatment options and managing any<br />

coexisting conditions.<br />

You can improve the quality of life<br />

for a loved one with Alzheimer’s<br />

by becoming educated about the<br />

disease, training to manage your<br />

loved one’s day-to-day life, and<br />

ensuring their physicians and other<br />

healthcare providers work together.<br />

Encourage your loved one to<br />

continue participating in activities<br />

that bring them joy or a sense of<br />

purpose. Help them to maintain<br />

their relationships and friendships.<br />

Connecting with others living with<br />

dementia can also be helpful.<br />

The good news is that new treatment<br />

options are on the horizon.<br />

Current treatments include seven<br />

drugs approved by the U.S. Food<br />

and Drug Administration for treating<br />

Alzheimer’s. There are no cures, and<br />

not all treatments are appropriate for<br />

everyone living with Alzheimer’s, but<br />

five of them aim to improve symptoms,<br />

and the other two work to change the<br />

underlying biology of the disease.<br />

The recent discovery that Alzheimer’s<br />

disease begins 20 or more years<br />

before symptoms appear suggests<br />

there is a large window during which<br />

the disease’s progression may be<br />

interrupted. Scientific advances,<br />

including identifying biomarkers<br />

for Alzheimer’s, allow for earlier<br />

detection. This helps identify those<br />

who may qualify for clinical trials of<br />

experimental treatments that may<br />

prevent or delay symptoms.<br />

Need more information?<br />

Contact the Alzheimer’s Association in your state.<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 3

Peace<br />

&<br />

Quiet<br />

Grant helps students<br />

create a calm space<br />

The middle school experience is a challenging time<br />

for students. Add in a pandemic, and the stress<br />

increases. When COVID-19 arrived in 2020, so did<br />

remote learning and new methods of communicating<br />

and interacting.<br />

After seeing an idea for a mindfulness room,<br />

Logan Guynn (far right) gathered with four<br />

other students to plan and create the room.<br />

Returning to school, a group of White Hall Middle<br />

School seventh-graders saw the need for a safe<br />

space, a mindfulness room where students who<br />

are upset can retreat to calm down or talk with<br />

a counselor.<br />

Logan Guynn, now 14 and an eighth grader, saw the<br />

idea for a mindfulness room on a list of unfinished<br />

projects the pandemic had prevented the school’s<br />

EAST (environmental and spatial technology) lab<br />

from creating.<br />

Each student has unique challenges in their lives,<br />

some of which intensified during the pandemic<br />

isolation, Logan said. “We were struggling with a<br />

lot of disruptive people and a lot of mental health<br />

issues, especially after not seeing each other for a<br />

very long time during the pandemic.”<br />

4<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Ordering items online to fill the room,<br />

the students also assembled the<br />

furnishings, including this small sofa.

Logan, along with other students Kaitlyn Cooper,<br />

Emily Scarborugh, Hannah Harrison, and Presley<br />

Bennett, all also now 14 and in the eighth grade,<br />

helped create the room.<br />

The students, assisted by a guidance counselor, applied<br />

for and received a $1,000 mini grant from the Blue & You<br />

Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas. Established in 2001,<br />

the Foundation is evidence of the company’s intention<br />

to provide caring solutions to the healthcare needs of all<br />

Arkansans and advances the company's commitment to<br />

corporate citizenship and the public good. The original plan<br />

to transform a smaller storage space expanded after White<br />

Hall Methodist Church's congregation also donated $1,000.<br />

An Amazon wish list, posted on the school’s PTO Facebook<br />

page, brought another $600 of items to fill the room.<br />

The inviting space, completed in spring 2022, features<br />

a calming atmosphere, soft music, journals, coloring<br />

pages, sensory objects and games for the students<br />

and teachers to use.<br />

“The room is used by students who need to ‘cool down’<br />

or de-escalate, are feeling overwhelmed or anxious,<br />

or simply need a quick, quiet moment,” said Guidance<br />

Counselor Michelle Bond, who oversees the space. It<br />

allows students to return to the learning environment<br />

feeling calmer, relaxed, and with an overall better sense<br />

of belonging and feeling more grounded, she added.<br />

“Seeing the room become a reality was great,”<br />

Logan said. “It’s way beyond what we could ever<br />

imagine. It’s become a safe place.”<br />

Guidance Counselor Michelle Bond with White Hall Middle<br />

School students (left to right) Logan Guynn, Presley Bennett,<br />

Hannah Harrison, Kaitlyn Cooper, and Emily Scarborugh.<br />

Nearly 200 students have already used the room,<br />

which is also used for small group counseling<br />

sessions, parent meetings and a relaxing retreat for<br />

teachers during their prep periods.<br />

“It gives students a place, outside of their family and<br />

apart from the rest of the school, where they can come to<br />

talk to someone or just sit down and relax,” said Presley.<br />

“Our perspective on mental health has changed<br />

drastically, seeing the room come to life and all of the<br />

people who’ve benefited from it,” said Hannah.<br />

Students’ feedback, left on a dedicated laptop, confirms<br />

they appreciate it.<br />

“All the students really respect the space and take good<br />

care of it,” Michelle said. If funds allow, the originally<br />

targeted, smaller space will be used to create a place for<br />

students to meet with counselors or therapists.<br />

Create a space for your school<br />

As part of our 75th anniversary<br />

milestone - and our commitment to<br />

mental and behavioral health - Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and Blue Shield will award<br />

funding for 75 quiet rooms in junior and<br />

senior high schools around the state.<br />

Watch for more information in August<br />

about how your school can apply for<br />

help in creating a calming space for<br />

students who are needing to take a<br />

break when feeling overwhelmed or to<br />

pull away to refocus at school. Schools<br />

will have until September 22 to apply.<br />

The mindfulness room includes small details like positive, inspirational<br />

messages and tactile objects like small toys to employ the sense of touch.<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Why do you need<br />

a case manager?<br />

When you or a loved one experience a health<br />

issue, you need an advocate – a case manager<br />

– to effectively navigate the world of doctors,<br />

hospitals, and health insurance on your behalf.<br />

There are many reasons you may need a nurse<br />

case manager:<br />

• You may be leaving the<br />

hospital after surgery.<br />

• You may have diabetes and<br />

have trouble regulating your<br />

blood sugar.<br />

• You may be caring for a child<br />

with uncontrolled asthma.<br />

• You may need help finding<br />

medical equipment.<br />

• You may have learned you<br />

have a frightening illness<br />

you don’t know much about.<br />

The reasons are endless, but the answer is the<br />

same. Nurse case managers are here to help.<br />

6<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Kathy<br />

Hendon<br />

Our registered nurses (RNs) work directly with<br />

members to ensure they get needed medical care<br />

as efficiently as possible. They keep the lines of<br />

communication open with physicians, make sure<br />

members completely understand the instructions<br />

for medications and help with any billing or<br />

claims issues.<br />

Our case managers assist members in getting<br />

help for their specific needs, ranging from<br />

pregnancy to heart disease. They also work with<br />

their families and medical care providers to<br />

address each health issue from every angle.<br />

If you struggle with a health condition, Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s case managers are<br />

ready to answer questions about your condition,<br />

help develop a plan, teach self-care techniques,<br />

and connect you to support services.<br />

Our entire team of RN case managers, dedicated<br />

to this very purpose, are ready to help you and<br />

your family navigate the stresses of challenging<br />

health situations. But they can’t share that help<br />

unless they are aware that you need it, so your<br />

first step is to call the customer service number<br />

on the back of your member ID card.<br />

Case management<br />

helps Joe with<br />

diabetes supplies<br />

Joe Killion, an Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

member in Tennessee, has type 1 diabetes. He<br />

has used a continuous glucose monitoring system<br />

for five years, but recently his supplier stopped<br />

accepting his insurance for his sensors.<br />

Joe tried to get his supplies elsewhere but was<br />

unsuccessful. That’s when he turned to Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and RN case manager Kathy Hendon<br />

for help.<br />

“It involved several calls and working with his<br />

doctor, but, after many phone calls and emails,<br />

we finally found a vendor who would provide his<br />

sensors,” Kathy said.<br />

“If Kathy would not have stepped in, I would not<br />

have received them,” said Joe, whose blood glucose<br />

levels quickly improved after receiving the sensors.<br />

“It was a pleasure to work with Mr. Killion,” Kathy<br />

said. “I’m always happy to assist members with<br />

their healthcare needs.”<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 7

New partnership<br />

introduces students to<br />

behavioral health careers<br />

Mental health and overall health go hand-in-hand. That’s why Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield is continuing its commitment to mental health with its latest partnership.<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross is<br />

partnering with the Greater<br />

Little Rock Regional Chamber<br />

of Commerce and the Little<br />

Rock School District to form<br />

the Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield Academy of Health<br />

at Parkview Arts and Science<br />

Magnet High School.<br />

The partnership will allow<br />

students interested in mental<br />

and behavioral health-related<br />

careers to gain real world<br />

experience through guest<br />

lectures, career mentors,<br />

industry tours, and job<br />

shadowing.<br />

8<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

During the announcement in<br />

March, Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

President and Chief Executive<br />

Officer Curtis Barnett shared<br />

that the partnership is a natural<br />

fit because of the company’s<br />

commitment to overall health.<br />

“Physical health and mental<br />

health are intimately and<br />

completely connected,” he told<br />

the crowd that gathered for the<br />

announcement.<br />

The Academy of Health is<br />

one of the participants in the<br />

Academies of Central Arkansas,<br />

an initiative of the Little Rock<br />

Regional Chamber being<br />

implemented in all four<br />

public school districts in<br />

Pulaski County.<br />

The Academies’ model<br />

of teaching and learning<br />

transforms the public high<br />

school experience by blending<br />

core academics with career and<br />

technical education. Students<br />

better engage with their math,<br />

science, English, and social<br />

studies when taught through<br />

the lens of an occupation or<br />

industry presented by a local<br />

business partner.

Zoe Shepherd, a ninth grader<br />

who is participating in Parkview’s<br />

Academy, spoke during the<br />

March announcement and said<br />

her future career aspirations<br />

drew her to the program.<br />

"I want to be a pediatric<br />

physical therapist when I grow<br />

up," Zoe said. "I know physical<br />

and mental health are directly<br />

connected, and the opportunities<br />

this partnership will provide me<br />

will better equip me to serve my<br />

patients in the future."<br />

Little Rock Regional Chamber<br />

President and Chief Executive<br />

Officer Jay Chesshir applauded<br />

the role Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

will have in the Academy and<br />

encouraged other businesses to<br />

join the effort.<br />

“We need businesses engaged<br />

in our public high schools to<br />

provide relevance and reallife<br />

examples to students’<br />

college and career preparation.<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

understands the important<br />

role it plays in that regard and<br />

is a shining example of that<br />

commitment. They are one of<br />

many companies stepping up<br />

to partner and lead the charge<br />

in transforming our public high<br />

schools in Pulaski County.”<br />

Little Rock School District<br />

Superintendent Dr. Jermall<br />

Wright said the Academy<br />

model provides “21 st century<br />

educational experiences that<br />

make learning real and relevant.<br />

This partnership is particularly<br />

timely in that it highlights<br />

desirable career pathways<br />

while simultaneously meeting<br />

the needs of our students and<br />

community and addressing<br />

today’s challenges.”<br />

This partnership is<br />

particularly timely<br />

in that it highlights<br />

desirable career<br />

pathways while<br />

simultaneously<br />

meeting the needs<br />

of our students and<br />

community and<br />

addressing today’s<br />

challenges.<br />

– Dr. Jermall Wright<br />

Little Rock School District<br />

Superintendent<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 9

Taking good care<br />

of the community<br />

Winter, Spring,<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> and Fall!<br />

In addition to caring for you and your family, Arkansas Blue Cross believes in taking care of our communities.<br />

Here are just a few of the many ways we work to improve all Arkansans’ quality of life. Follow the QR code<br />

to the right to visit our new community calendar and find our locations at arkbluecross.com/locations.<br />

Caring for you and baby, too!<br />

Pregnant or planning to become pregnant? Let us<br />

shower you with maternal health info, giveaways,<br />

and prizes. Join us at the ArkansasBlue Welcome<br />

Center in Rogers (4602 W. Walnut St.) for a free<br />

maternal health seminar, Take Good Care: Mom<br />

and Baby. The event is from 5:30-7:30 p.m. on<br />

July 13. You can register to WIN $150 toward<br />

your baby registry. You don’t need to be an<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross member to attend.<br />

Visit arkansasbluecross.com/<br />

support/community-events or<br />

scan the QR code to find other<br />

events our Welcome Centers<br />

are hosting.<br />

Take good care of your social,<br />

mental and physical health<br />

Let the Blue & You Fitness Challenge * help!! The<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Blue and You Fitness Challenge just wrapped<br />

up its 20 th anniversary and is gearing up for next<br />

year. Visit blueandyoufitnesschallengeark.com<br />

using our QR code to find out more and<br />

register for the 2024 Challenge. Strong starts here!<br />

Down, set, hut!<br />

To celebrate the kickoff of another great football<br />

season, the ArkansasBlue Welcome Centers<br />

statewide will be hosting a fun, free event –<br />

an ArkansasBlue Blitz!<br />

Hey batter, batter ...<br />

Join Arkansas Blue Cross at Arvest Ballpark in<br />

Springdale on July 22 and August 12 for a chance<br />

to watch some great Northwest Arkansas Naturals<br />

baseball and register to win great prizes. Look for<br />

the Arkansas Blue Cross tent when you get there.<br />

We look forward to seeing you at the ol’ ballgame!<br />

The event(s) are tentatively scheduled for<br />

3-6 p.m., Friday, September 22. The ArkansasBlue<br />

Welcome Centers will serve up hot dogs and<br />

drinks, host fun games and give away great prizes.<br />

And that’s not all. The first 30 people will receive<br />

a $25 gift card. Participants can<br />

also register to win a Blackstone ®<br />

Tailgater, pop-up canopy, cooler,<br />

camping chairs and more!<br />

10 <strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

*The Blue and You Fitness Challenge is a program of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield,<br />

the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

Mental Health First Aid Classes<br />

Free Mental Health<br />

First Aid training<br />

for Arkansans<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is<br />

offering dozens of free Take Good Care:<br />

Mental Health First Aid classes, open to all<br />

Arkansans, in our ArkansasBlue Welcome<br />

Centers throughout the state. The inperson<br />

classes, led by instructors with the<br />

Arkansas Rural Health Partnership, include<br />

two hours of online pre-work that can be<br />

done at the participant’s own pace.<br />

The classes, held from 10 a.m. to 4:30<br />

p.m., are designed to save lives and<br />

improve the well-being of Arkansans and<br />

their communities. One in five Americans<br />

live with a mental illness, and more than<br />

120 die by suicide every day.<br />

The class covers common signs and<br />

symptoms of mental health and substance<br />

use issues and how to interact with a<br />

person in crisis and connect them with<br />

help. Participants<br />

who complete the<br />

classes will receive<br />

certification from the<br />

National Council for<br />

Mental Wellbeing.<br />

JULY 15 Little Rock: 416 S. University Ave., Suite 110<br />

18 Texarkana: 1710 Arkansas Blvd.<br />

Pine Bluff: 509 Mallard Loop<br />

19 Hot Springs: 1635 Higdon Ferry Road, Suite J<br />

20 Jonesboro: 2110 Fair Park Blvd., Suite I<br />

Fort Smith: 3501 Old Greenwood Road, Suite 3<br />

29 Rogers: 4602 W. Walnut St.<br />

AUG 12 Little Rock: 416 S. University Ave., Suite 110<br />

15 Texarkana: 1710 Arkansas Blvd.<br />

Pine Bluff: 509 Mallard Loop<br />

16 Fort Smith: 3501 Old Greenwood Road, Suite 3<br />

Hot Springs: 1635 Higdon Ferry Road, Suite J<br />

17 Jonesboro: 2110 Fair Park Blvd., Suite I<br />

Fayetteville: 3013 N. College Ave.<br />

26 Rogers: 4602 W. Walnut St.<br />

SEPT 9 Little Rock: 416 S. University Ave., Suite 110<br />

Fayetteville: 3013 N. College Ave.<br />

12 Texarkana: 1710 Arkansas Blvd.<br />

Pine Bluff: 509 Mallard Loop<br />

13 Hot Springs: 1635 Higdon Ferry Road, Suite J<br />

14 Jonesboro: 2110 Fair Park Blvd., Suite I<br />

Fort Smith: 3501 Old Greenwood Road, Suite 3<br />

16 Rogers: 4602 W. Walnut St.<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Helping Arkansans<br />

the storm<br />

A fter tornadoes devastated parts of central and<br />

northeast Arkansas on March 31, Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross and Blue Shield employees stepped up to<br />

help our neighbors.<br />

Employees volunteered their time and energy in<br />

the immediate days and weeks after the tornadoes.<br />

They sorted donations at the Emergency Operation<br />

Center in Little Rock just days after the tornado;<br />

worked to clear out homes and yards in some of<br />

the hardest hit areas in Jacksonville; created boxes<br />

to meet survivors’ essential needs at the FEMA<br />

command center in North Little Rock; and provided<br />

lunch to 75 volunteers helping with tornado clean<br />

up in Wynne.<br />

Employees also pitched in financially, donating to<br />

the company’s Take Good Care of Arkansas Tornado<br />

Survivors account. Arkansas Blue Cross matched<br />

employees’ donations 2 to 1. A total of $20,000 went<br />

to the Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross<br />

for its disaster relief efforts in the state.<br />

“Arkansas Blue Cross employees have shown a<br />

commitment to volunteering in their communities time<br />

after time,” said President and CEO Curtis Barnett.<br />

“After the recent tornadoes, our team members<br />

quickly pitched in to help, giving both their time and<br />

their money. I could not be prouder of the work they<br />

are doing to help those affected by the storms.”<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its family of companies also<br />

made assistance available to members in other ways.<br />

Eligible members covered by Arkansas Blue Cross,<br />

Health Advantage or BlueAdvantage Administrators<br />

of Arkansas were given a one-time, 10-day<br />

emergency refill on maintenance medications.<br />

The company provided pharmacy benefit exceptions<br />

to our members who lost their medications in the<br />

destruction and offered counseling services to<br />

members in need of emotional support. A dedicated<br />

crisis line was also activated for members in need<br />

of emotional support at no cost to the member.<br />

12<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

After the March 31 tornadoes in Little Rock, North Little<br />

Rock, Jacksonville and Wynne, Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield employees were quick to assist. They helped<br />

receive food and other donations to send to a distribution<br />

center, unloaded donated mattresses and cleared debris<br />

from both homes and small, independent businesses.

Denied claim?<br />

What's next?<br />

If you view your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and find<br />

that your claim for services has been denied, there will<br />

be a reason listed. You have the right to file an appeal<br />

to request review of a denial in whole or in part. The<br />

first step is to submit an appeal in writing.<br />

How to appeal a denied claim<br />

If a claim is denied and you would like further information, follow these steps:<br />

Step 1: Go to the member dashboard in <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal<br />

(blueprintportal.com) to access your claims history,<br />

policy information and EOBs.<br />

Step 2: Call the customer service number on the back of your ID card<br />

if you have questions about the denial.<br />

Step 3: Complete your written appeal request and include the<br />

following or download a form from the Documents and<br />

Forms page in <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal:<br />

• Claim number being appealed and date of service<br />

• Member’s name and health plan ID number<br />

• Provider’s name<br />

• Reasons why you believe that the claim was<br />

incorrectly denied<br />

• Your request should also include any medical<br />

records relevant to the appeal, such as copies<br />

of any paperwork like an EOB, medical bills, etc.<br />

• Sign and date<br />

Step 4: Send your appeal within 180 days (about 6 months)* after the<br />

EOB is mailed to you or you access it online. You can mail, fax<br />

or email** the signed written request to your health plan.<br />

When to expect a response<br />

A review of the claim will be conducted to ensure there has not been an error processing it.<br />

A final written decision will be mailed to you within 60 days after your request is received<br />

unless unusual circumstances require more review.<br />

* Timeframes and appeals processes vary by health plan. Please call the number on the back of<br />

your ID card to speak with a customer service representative.<br />

** The mailing address, fax number and email address may vary by plan. Be sure to check your<br />

EOB to ensure you have the correct information.<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />


Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

Financial Information Privacy Notice<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

and its affiliates (including HMO<br />

Partners, Inc. d/b/a Health Advantage)<br />

understand how important it is to<br />

protect your private information.<br />

Because of the nature of our business,<br />

we often must collect highly personal<br />

information. We are committed to<br />

maintaining, securing, and protecting<br />

that information.<br />

Customer Information<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

compile only the information<br />

necessary to provide services that<br />

you (our members) request and<br />

to administer your business. We<br />

collect nonpublic personal financial<br />

information (any information that can<br />

be tied back to a specific person and<br />

is gathered by any source that is not<br />

publicly available) from:<br />

• Applications for insurance<br />

coverage. The application<br />

includes information such as<br />

your name, address, personal<br />

identifiers such as your Social<br />

Security number, and medical<br />

information that you authorize us<br />

to collect.<br />

• Your payment history and related<br />

financial transactions. This<br />

information is generated from the<br />

purchase and use of your coverage.<br />

• Your membership status. This<br />

information is related to your<br />

standing as a member.<br />

Sharing of Information<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

do not disclose, and do not wish to<br />

reserve the right to disclose, nonpublic<br />

personal information about you to our<br />

affiliates or other parties except as<br />

permitted or required by law. In some<br />

instances, Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

its affiliates may provide personally<br />

identifiable information about you<br />

to affiliates or other third parties.<br />

This information includes (but is not<br />

limited to) your name, postal and email<br />

addresses, telephone numbers and<br />

related nonpublic financial information.<br />

Such information may be shared with<br />

our affiliates and/or third parties:<br />

• To service or process products<br />

that you have requested<br />

• To provide information as<br />

permitted and required by law<br />

to accrediting agencies<br />

• To provide information to comply<br />

with federal, state or local laws<br />

in an administrative or judicial<br />

process<br />

• To provide information to a<br />

business associate (including<br />

one of our affiliated companies)<br />

in the process of serving our<br />

health plans, sponsoring groups<br />

and you, our members<br />

How We Protect Your Information<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

use various security mechanisms to<br />

protect your personal data, including<br />

electronic and physical measures and<br />

company policies that limit employee<br />

access to nonpublic personal financial<br />

information. Improper access to and/<br />

or use of confidential information by<br />

an Arkansas Blue Cross employee can<br />

result in disciplinary action up to and<br />

including termination of employment.<br />

Disclosure of Privacy Notice<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

recognize and respect the privacy<br />

concerns of potential, current and<br />

former customers. Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross and its affiliates are committed<br />

to safeguarding this information.<br />

This Financial Information Privacy<br />

Notice is provided for informational<br />

purposes and will be updated and<br />

distributed as required by law. It<br />

is also available on our website at<br />

arkansasbluecross.com or from<br />

our Customer Service call centers.<br />

Our Customer Service call centers<br />

are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,<br />

Central time, Monday through Friday.<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

800-238-8379<br />

Health Advantage<br />

800-843-1329<br />

Members of self-funded health plans<br />

should call Customer Service using<br />

the toll-free telephone number on<br />

their member ID card.<br />

14<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

If you need a passport,<br />

you need a plan.<br />

Get international health<br />

insurance for your big trip!<br />

arkbluecross.com/travel<br />

GeoBlue health plans are offered in cooperation with many Blue Cross ®<br />

and Blue Shield ® companies, including Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue<br />

Shield. You do not have to be currently enrolled in an Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

and Blue Shield medical plan to purchase most GeoBlue plans.<br />

Customer Service<br />

N U M B E R S<br />

May we help? For customer service, please call toll free:<br />

Arkansas Blue Medicare Advantage<br />

HMO Plans (H6158) 844-463-1088<br />

PPO Plans (H3554) 844-201-4934<br />

PFFS Plans (H4213) 877-233-7022<br />

Arkansas Blue Medicare Prescription<br />

Drug Plans (S5795): 866-390-3369<br />

Health Advantage Medicare Advantage<br />

HMO Plans (H9699): 877-349-9335<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

Medicare Supplement Plans 800-238-8379<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross members 800-238-8379<br />

Pharmacy questions 800-863-5561<br />

Specialty Rx pharmacy questions 866-295-2779<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross Metallic members<br />

(Gold, Silver, Bronze, Catastrophic) 800-800-4298<br />

Pharmacy questions 800-969-3983<br />

Health Advantage members 800-843-1329<br />

BlueAdvantage members 888-872-2531<br />

Pharmacy questions 888-293-3748<br />

Federal Employee Program members 800-482-6655<br />

Arkansas State Employees /<br />

Public School Employees 800-482-8416<br />

Looking for health or dental insurance? We can help!<br />

For individuals, families 800-392-2583<br />

For employer groups * 800-421-1112<br />

Visit our websites<br />

for more information:<br />

• arkansasbluecross.com<br />

• arkbluemedicare.com<br />

• hub.arkansasbluecross.com<br />

• healthadvantage-hmo.com<br />

• blueadvantagearkansas.com<br />

• blueandyoufoundationarkansas.org<br />

Prefer to speak with someone close to home?<br />

Call or visit one of our Welcome Centers near you:<br />

Fayetteville<br />

3013 N. College Ave. 479-379-5180<br />

Fort Smith<br />

3501 Old Greenwood Road – Suite 3 479-648-1635<br />

Hot Springs<br />

1635 Higdon Ferry Road – Suite J 501-620-2620<br />

Jonesboro<br />

2110 Fair Park Blvd. – Suite I 870-935-4871<br />

Little Rock (MIDTOWN)<br />

416 S. University Ave. – Suite 110 501-396-8675<br />

Pine Bluff<br />

509 Mallard Loop 870-536-1223<br />

Rogers<br />

4602 W. Walnut St. 479-973-6675<br />

Texarkana<br />

1710 Arkansas Blvd. 870-773-2584<br />

* Arkansas Blue Cross, Health Advantage and<br />

BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas<br />

<strong>SUMMER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />



U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />



72201<br />

ARHOME Members!<br />

You might be at risk of losing your<br />

health insurance coverage.<br />

Have you received a renewal form from the Arkansas<br />

Department of Human Services (DHS)? Fill it out and<br />

return it to DHS immediately to avoid losing your coverage<br />

if you are still eligible.<br />

Questions? Reach out to DHS by calling 844-872-2660,<br />

visiting ar.gov/renew or visiting a local DHS office.<br />

We are here for you if you lose coverage.<br />

You’ll qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that<br />

allows you to get a new health plan through the Health<br />

Insurance Marketplace, and you may even qualify for<br />

financial assistance.<br />

If you need assistance, visit your nearest ArkansasBlue<br />

Welcome Center, arkbluecross.com/coverage<br />

or call 800-392-2583.<br />


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