Ageless - AUTUMN 2022

A publication for active seniors from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

A publication for active seniors from Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield


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<strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Ageless</strong><br />

Open Enrollment<br />

for 2023 Coverage<br />

pg. 2<br />

The Case for Case<br />

Management<br />

pg. 4<br />

Taking on High<br />

Blood Pressure<br />

pg. 7

Open Enrollment<br />

for 2023 coverage<br />

Choosing a health plan is an important decision, and<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s experts are here to<br />

help. If you need individual or family health coverage, the<br />

Open Enrollment Period (OEP) begins November 1, <strong>2022</strong><br />

and continues until January 15, 2023. You must enroll by<br />

December 15 for coverage to begin<br />

on January 1.<br />

If you already have health coverage<br />

with us, now is the time for you to<br />

review your information and decide if<br />

you want to keep your current health<br />

plan the way it is or make changes.<br />

Updating your coverage<br />

Enroll by December 15<br />

for coverage<br />

to begin on January 1<br />

November 1 , <strong>2022</strong><br />

to<br />

January 15, 2023<br />

2 <strong>Ageless</strong> <strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Watch your mail for your annual<br />

benefit update letter, which will<br />

explain your options in detail. If you<br />

want to discuss a new health plan:<br />

• Call 800-392-2583 to talk<br />

with one of our health<br />

insurance experts.<br />

• Visit an ArkansasBlue<br />

welcome center. To find<br />

a location near you, visit<br />

arkbluecross.com / locations.<br />

During open enrollment, most<br />

welcome center locations<br />

will even be open on Saturdays.<br />

• Visit arkbluecross.com<br />

to shop for a new plan.<br />

• Call your local agent.<br />

Whether you keep your current<br />

health plan or change to a new<br />

one, Arkansas Blue Cross is<br />

happy to help your family get<br />

the coverage you need.

Always have your<br />

member ID card<br />

11:44<br />

Have you ever stood at a receptionist’s desk or pharmacy<br />

counter frantically rifling through your wallet in search of<br />

your member ID card while the long line of people behind you<br />

grows increasingly impatient? It’s happened to the best of us.<br />

Fortunately, the Blueprint Portal mobile app can make such<br />

unpleasant scenarios a thing of the past. Now you can have<br />

instant access to your digital member ID card (and the cards<br />

of your dependents) right on your smartphone.<br />

When you download the app, you get access to your health<br />

plan and features like on-demand virtual healthcare,<br />

wellness programs, health records, real-time claims<br />

information, estimated treatment costs and policy<br />

information. You’ll also have your member ID card.<br />

You can access your ID card in the app the day your<br />

coverage is effective. So, if you’re currently a member,<br />

you can download it today. Once you have the Blueprint<br />

Portal app you can email or fax your digital ID cards to<br />

doctors, family members, or anyone else who needs it.<br />

You also can order replacement IDs.<br />

MENU<br />

Medical ID Card<br />

Jane<br />

Flip Card<br />

Email Fax Mail<br />

PCP/PHONE#<br />


(501) 555-1234<br />

Copay: $20/$35<br />

Coins: 20%<br />

RX Copay: $12/35/55/100%<br />

Open Access POS<br />

Home ID Card Claims Find Care<br />

Use the QR codes to the right to visit the App Store or<br />

Google Play to download the Blueprint Portal app and<br />

carry your member ID card everywhere you go.<br />

PCP/PHONE#<br />


(501) 555-1234<br />

Copay: $20/$35<br />

Coins: 20%<br />

RX Copay: $12/35/55/100%<br />

Open Access POS<br />

<strong>Ageless</strong> <strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 3

The Case for Case Management<br />

The healthcare system can be confusing and<br />

complex. Dealing with a new diagnosis of a<br />

chronic illness, facing surgery, or multiple<br />

conditions can be overwhelming. That’s where<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield case<br />

managers can help.<br />

A case manager is your advocate, on your side,<br />

to help you. Case managers can work with<br />

Benefits of having<br />

a case manager:<br />

your doctors to help develop a plan. They can<br />

also find doctors and clinics and help make<br />

appointments. They can ask questions you<br />

might not know to ask or are afraid to.<br />

Case managers are registered nurses and<br />

certified case managers, which means they<br />

have the experience and knowledge needed<br />

to help you.<br />

Have better communication with your doctors<br />

and other providers.<br />

Get the proper healthcare. Help you see the<br />

right providers at the right time in the right place,<br />

guiding you through the healthcare system.<br />

Make better decisions by understanding your<br />

condition and your benefits. Get the information<br />

you need to make decisions about your<br />

treatment options and insurance coverage.<br />

Stay healthy through preventive care. Your<br />

case manager can share ways for you to stay<br />

healthy and avoid illness when possible. They<br />

can also connect you with a social worker to<br />

help find local resources if you need help with<br />

transportation, food, housing, utilities and more.<br />

4 <strong>Ageless</strong> <strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Is case management<br />

available for you?<br />

Medicare Advantage<br />

PFFS<br />

Most of our members have case management<br />

available if needed. There is a good chance<br />

you qualify if you have:<br />

Medicare<br />

HMO<br />

Medicare<br />

PPO<br />

For Case Management programs and information, call 800-285-6682.<br />

A Passionate Advocate<br />

“She needed an advocate and<br />

guidance,” said Ashley Stormes,<br />

an Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield social worker, about<br />

a recent member case that<br />

came to her attention. Sheila’s<br />

needs were brought to Stormes<br />

by Ann Furlow, a Registered<br />

Nurse case manager for Blue<br />

Cross and Blue Shield.<br />

“This patient came to my<br />

attention after calling customer<br />

service needing resources,”<br />

said Furlow. “Sheila had been<br />

case-managed in the past by<br />

one of my co-workers, so she<br />

was aware of the assistance<br />

the case management program<br />

could provide.”<br />

Sheila had been recently<br />

diagnosed with stage three<br />

rectal cancer and needed to<br />

receive six weeks of daily<br />

chemotherapy and radiation<br />

treatments at the University of<br />

Arkansas Medical Sciences’<br />

Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer<br />

Institute. The problem? Living<br />

two hours away from UAMS,<br />

Sheila could not drive or get<br />

transportation to Little<br />

Rock. She also dealt<br />

with multiple mental<br />

health issues that made<br />

making the necessary<br />

arrangements for the<br />

needed care impossible.<br />

This is where Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross stepped in.<br />

Stormes set on an<br />

extensive search for a<br />

place for the member to stay<br />

while going back and forth from<br />

UAMS for cancer treatments.<br />

One of the hurdles Stormes<br />

had to clear was keeping the<br />

temporary housing affordable.<br />

“After many calls and what<br />

felt like daily changes, I found<br />

an apartment complex called<br />

The Goodness Village of<br />

Little Rock,” said Stormes.<br />

“They offer very clean and<br />

assessable apartments for<br />

people and families going<br />

through medical struggles.<br />

It’s located close to UAMS.<br />

The cost is very, very minimal<br />

compared to other options.<br />

As a case manager, we<br />

can impact change and<br />

hopefully improve the<br />

outcome of the member’s<br />

healthcare experience.<br />

– Ashley Stormes<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield social worker<br />

And, in this case, the rate was<br />

able to be covered by UAMS.”<br />

The story has a happy ending.<br />

Sheila got her chemotherapy<br />

and radiation treatments and,<br />

according to Stormes,<br />

is currently “stable.”<br />

“The most satisfying thing<br />

about being a case manager<br />

is meeting so many different<br />

members and their care<br />

teams,” said Furlow. “I love<br />

that as a case manager,<br />

along with my team of social<br />

workers, we can impact change<br />

and hopefully improve the<br />

outcome of the member’s<br />

healthcare experience.”<br />

<strong>Ageless</strong> <strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 5

WAYS to<br />

SHOO the FLU<br />

We spent so much emotional and mental bandwidth<br />

dealing with COVID and its variants that it shouldn’t<br />

be any surprise we wouldn’t have much will left to<br />

fight off the flu.<br />

Despite what we might wish, a new flu season is ahead.<br />

The best way to avoid the flu and its possible serious<br />

complications? As usual, the answer is to get your<br />

seasonal flu vaccine.<br />

Who should get the flu shot?<br />

There are a variety of types of flu vaccines, making<br />

it easy for most people over the age of 6 months<br />

to receive a flu shot. Standard-dose inactivated flu<br />

vaccines are approved for people as young as 6<br />

months of age. High-dose inactivated vaccines are<br />

approved for people 65 years and older. Even people<br />

with egg allergy can get a flu shot.<br />

The flu shot isn’t the only line of defense against this contagious<br />

respiratory virus. Here are ways to lessen your odds of getting the flu.<br />

Avoid close contact<br />

Keep your distance<br />

from others if they<br />

or you are sick.<br />

Sick? Stay at home<br />

If you have the flu,<br />

don’t be a hero. Stay<br />

at home and put off<br />

errands that would<br />

expose you to others.<br />

Practice other good health habits<br />

Clean and disinfect frequently touched<br />

surfaces at home, work, or school –<br />

especially when someone is ill. Get<br />

plenty of sleep, be physically active,<br />

manage your stress, rink plenty of<br />

fluids, and eat nutritious food.<br />

Avoid touching your eyes /nose /mouth<br />

Germs can spread when a person<br />

touches something that is contaminated<br />

with germs and then touches his<br />

or her eyes, nose, or mouth.<br />

6 <strong>Ageless</strong> <strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Cover your mouth /nose<br />

Your mother was right.<br />

Cover your mouth and<br />

nose when you cough<br />

or sneeze. This way<br />

microscopic droplets that<br />

carry influenza have less<br />

chance of infecting others.<br />

Clean your hands<br />

Washing your hands often will<br />

help protect you from germs. If<br />

soap and water are not available,<br />

use an alcohol-based hand rub.<br />

Sources: CDC

Taking On<br />

High Blood<br />

Pressure<br />

Until you have high blood pressure, those<br />

numbers given out after the squeezy arm<br />

cuff is taken off don’t mean a thing.<br />

140 over 85. Is that OK?<br />

When you have high blood pressure, you understand<br />

that the higher number is the Systolic and the lower<br />

number is the Diastolic. You also understand that<br />

140 over 85 is not where you want your blood pressure.<br />

The general rule is to get the Systolic number under 120-<br />

and the Diastolic number under 80. Medicine is usually<br />

prescribed to treat high blood pressure. However, there<br />

are things that can be done outside the doctor’s office<br />

to bring your blood pressure numbers down.<br />

Lose Weight<br />

Exercise regularly<br />

Adjust your diet<br />

Limit the alcohol<br />

Even 10 pounds<br />

can make a<br />

difference.<br />

30 minutes a day most<br />

days of the week is<br />

recommended.<br />

Add in whole grains,<br />

fruits, vegetables and<br />

low-fat dairy products.<br />

High blood pressure risk goes up<br />

with more than one drink a day for men<br />

and women older than 65 and for more<br />

than two a day for men under 65.<br />

Cut back<br />

on the salt<br />

Quit smoking<br />

Get enough sleep<br />

Reduce your stress<br />

Use herbs or<br />

spices instead.<br />

Each cigarette<br />

increases blood<br />

pressure for many<br />

minutes after you finish.<br />

Fewer than six hours of<br />

sleep for weeks or months<br />

at time can contribute to an<br />

increase in blood pressure.<br />

Easier said than done but finding<br />

ways to keep stressful situations<br />

to a minimum can get your blood<br />

pressure where it needs to be.<br />

<strong>Ageless</strong> <strong>AUTUMN</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 7

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

P.O. Box 2181<br />

Little Rock, AR 72203-2181<br />

Please note: This newsletter is for health education purposes only. We do not offer medical advice or<br />

services. Always consult your treating physician(s) for any medical advice or services you may need.<br />

<strong>Ageless</strong><br />

A<br />

publication for Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

Medicare Advantage members.<br />


Blue is your plan!<br />

We’re here to help when you need us.<br />

Nurse care (Nurse24)........................................................800-318-2384<br />

Fitness (SilverSneakers)...................................................888-423-4632<br />

Hearing aids (TruHearing).................................................833-750-5898<br />

Surgery (Welvie)...............................................................866-433-1343<br />

Document medical wishes (Welvie)................................877-434-6168<br />

Telehealth (MDLive)..........................................................877-540-2082<br />

Dental (LSV)......................................................................888-223-4999

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