Blueprint - WINTER 2023

Blueprint - WINTER 2023

Blueprint - WINTER 2023


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A publication for the policyholders of the<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield family of companies <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

A 75-year commitment to<br />

Arkansas’ health continues<br />

PAGE 8<br />

The Next Step<br />

to Recovery<br />

PAGE 4<br />

“Selfie”<br />

Diagnosis<br />

PAGE 10<br />

Hitting<br />

Our Stride!<br />


aWordwith Curtis Barnett<br />

Our President and Chief Executive Officer<br />

Welcome to <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

As we look at the year ahead and<br />

beyond, it seems we’re facing<br />

challenges at every turn: a pandemic<br />

that won’t completely go away,<br />

stubbornly high inflation, the threat<br />

of a recession and an extraordinary<br />

pace of change.<br />

It would be easy to let our minds<br />

stay focused on the many<br />

challenges. But our hearts<br />

deserve better.<br />

The New Year provides a great<br />

opportunity to project and plan<br />

for positive personal change.<br />

Introducing new, healthy activities<br />

that will become habits … saying<br />

goodbye to some habits we’ve<br />

been needing to kick for a while …<br />

connecting or reconnecting with<br />

people who make your life better …<br />

being mindful to take moments to<br />

breathe in fresh air and enjoy<br />

a beautiful sunrise or sunset.<br />

Starting today, you can make subtle<br />

or spectacular changes that will<br />

impact you and the ones you love.<br />

It’s important to take good care of<br />

your physical, emotional and even<br />

social health. Your whole health.<br />

Every day.<br />

And it’s important to Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross and Blue Shield that we take<br />

good care of you. Every day.<br />

For nearly 75 years, we have been<br />

taking good care of our members<br />

and communities and we hope<br />

you have experienced that in many<br />

ways. Our goal always is providing<br />

affordable, reliable health insurance<br />

coverage that helps you have peace<br />

of mind. To just know we are here<br />

when you need us, that you can<br />

count on us … to help you stay<br />

healthy or help you heal.<br />

No, we don’t deliver care or<br />

provide treatments. We enable<br />

care by helping you manage the<br />

complexities of healthcare – from<br />

coping with health issues, to<br />

understanding how to live healthier,<br />

to locating and accessing suitable<br />

care, to financing healthcare costs,<br />

to deciphering often complex benefit<br />

plans, we enable our members to get<br />

the care they need and live the lives<br />

they deserve.<br />

Beginning in January, we will be<br />

reaffirming our commitment to<br />

provide the kind of products and<br />

service you have come to expect<br />

from Arkansas Blue Cross: our<br />

commitment to continue to take<br />

good care of you.<br />

You will begin to see Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross messages on television, in<br />

digital places and outdoor spaces<br />

sharing our continued commitment<br />

to take good care of our members<br />

and communities, and how we help<br />

our members and communities take<br />

good care of themselves. You can<br />

read more about it in this issue<br />

of <strong>Blueprint</strong>.<br />

As the only Arkansas-based<br />

health insurance provider, we<br />

truly care about the health and<br />

well-being of everyone in the<br />

place we all call home.<br />

And as we approach our 75 th year<br />

of serving Arkansas in <strong>2023</strong>,<br />

you’ll see more about how we<br />

are increasing our investments,<br />

especially in behavioral and mental<br />

health to help shore up needed care<br />

and support in our state.<br />

It’s all because we want you and the<br />

ones you love to live your best life,<br />

your whole life long.<br />

Take Good Care, Arkansas.<br />

2 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

ARHOME in <strong>2023</strong><br />

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal<br />

government put in place the Public Health<br />

Emergency (PHE) to temporarily stop certain<br />

Medicaid requirements and conditions to help<br />

people keep their ARHOME health insurance plans.<br />

The PHE will likely end in <strong>2023</strong> and your ARHOME<br />

coverage could be affected.<br />

When the PHE ends, the Arkansas Department<br />

of Human Services (DHS) will begin reviewing<br />

members to determine if they still qualify for<br />

ARHOME health coverage.<br />

DHS needs your current contact info to<br />

notify you about important plan information.<br />

Ways to update your contact info:<br />

• Online at www.ar.gov/update<br />

• Call 844-872-2660<br />

• Visit your local DHS office<br />

Dental Care is<br />

Health Care<br />

Our dental and health plans work together to help you live<br />

healthier. We have dental plans for all ages and budgets.<br />

Find the plan that is right for you and your family.<br />

• Call us at 855-547-4589<br />

• Visit arkbluecross.com/dental<br />

• Stop by an ArkansasBlue Welcome Center near you<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 3

The<br />

Next<br />

Step<br />

to<br />

Recovery<br />

4 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Rebecca Pittillo, executive director<br />

for the Blue & You Foundation<br />

for a Healthier Arkansas, gets a<br />

guided tour of Mission Life Park, a<br />

community of transitional living units<br />

for clients of Union Rescue Mission<br />

who have completed the residential<br />

program and are reintegrating into<br />

society. The newly constructed<br />

community was made possible by a<br />

grant from the foundation.<br />

Blue & You Foundation Grant<br />

Provides for Critical Transition<br />

Ask anyone struggling to overcome addiction<br />

if they have “recovered,” and they will<br />

likely respond with, “I’ve not recovered, I’m<br />

recovering.” Recovering from addiction is not<br />

a one-and-done thing. It is a lifelong, stepby-step<br />

process. And for many, the very first<br />

step is into the doors of the Nehemiah House,<br />

the drug and alcohol recovery program of the<br />

Union Rescue Mission in Little Rock.<br />

The Nehemiah House offers a 9- to 12-month,<br />

faith-based drug and alcohol recovery<br />

program for men dealing with chemical<br />

addiction with the ultimate goal of graduating<br />

them to be thoroughly equipped to be solid,<br />

contributing members of society.<br />

“We are not in the business of giving handouts<br />

to individuals,” said Keith Medlock, chief<br />

executive officer of the Union Rescue Mission.<br />

“We are in the business of giving people<br />

in genuine need a hand up, where they can<br />

become contributors to society.”<br />

Derek Jones, executive director of the Union<br />

Rescue Mission, agrees. “We focus exclusively<br />

on programming designed to facilitate life<br />

change,” he said. “We looked at what we were<br />

doing that was having the most success, and<br />

in light of that, we assessed what would be<br />

most beneficial, most effective, in order to<br />

produce long-term success for our clients.”<br />

The classes include Christian 12-Steps,<br />

Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, and<br />

Workforce Preparedness. And now, thanks in<br />

part to a $147,200 grant from the Blue & You

Foundation for a Healthier Arkansas, they<br />

offer a phase that helps clients transition back<br />

into society – Mission Life Park, a community<br />

of transitional living units for clients who have<br />

completed the residential program and are<br />

reintegrating into society.<br />

“When you are recovering from addiction it is a<br />

big help to know you are going to have to look<br />

someone in the eyes every day who is going<br />

to hold you accountable,” said Derek. “Mission<br />

Life Park is a mid-step between on-campus<br />

help and complete independence. It provides<br />

more freedom but still with accountability.”<br />

The first four units – each one housing two<br />

men – are scheduled to open in January <strong>2023</strong><br />

in Jacksonville, Ark., with more units already<br />

in the planning stage. And, to help provide<br />

accountability in this critical, transitional stage,<br />

there will be a full-time staff member residing<br />

on the property. Residents will be required<br />

to check in with staff on a regular basis and<br />

attend weekly virtual meetings.<br />

“We’re trying to teach people responsibility,” said<br />

Derek. “At Mission Life Park the residents will<br />

have to take care of themselves, utilizing the<br />

tools they’ve been given during the program.”<br />

According to Derek, it’s those small things that<br />

matter most.<br />

“Small things, over the course of time, can put<br />

you in a place where you never thought you’d<br />

be,” he said. “The discipline our clients can<br />

gain over a year or two of living at Mission<br />

Life Park will establish a pattern of making<br />

the right choices so that they have the habit of<br />

making right choices when they move on.”<br />

Men who have completed the residential program<br />

at the Union Rescue Mission’s Nehemiah House<br />

helped to construct the housing units at Mission<br />

Life Park. During the framing stage of construction<br />

many of them left biblical support along with the<br />

structural support in each housing unit.<br />

Recovery Continued on page 6<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 5

Recovery Continued from page 5<br />

But the project almost didn’t get off the ground.<br />

The property was acquired several years ago but<br />

sat vacant because the Union Rescue Mission did<br />

not have the resources necessary to move forward<br />

with their plans.<br />

“The Blue & You Foundation is what made it<br />

possible for us to build and use the property for<br />

what we needed,” said Derek. “There is no Mission<br />

Life Park opening this year without the Blue & You<br />

Foundation.”<br />

There are plans to expand Mission Life Park to<br />

include units for women from the Dorcas House<br />

(a recovery program for women who have been<br />

victims of domestic abuse or who suffer from<br />

chemical dependency), units for families, and a<br />

community center.<br />

“We can eventually build as many as 40 units,”<br />

said Derek. “That may be a 10-year vision, but it’s<br />

there.”<br />

In December, it was announced that the Blue & You<br />

Foundation approved a second grant to the Union<br />

Rescue Mission for this very project.<br />

“The Blue & You Foundation is pleased to support<br />

Mission Life Park. We recognize the need for<br />

providing not only transitional housing for<br />

individuals recovering from substance addiction,<br />

but also giving them purpose to live a productive<br />

life and people who provide a strong community of<br />

support,” said Rebecca Pittillo, executive director<br />

of the Blue & You Foundation. “Union Rescue<br />

Mission is providing the ‘three Ps’ that are crucial to<br />

recovery and healing: people, place and purpose.”<br />

According to Derek, Mission Life Park may<br />

eventually become a resource for the surrounding<br />

community, for anyone struggling with addiction.<br />

“Anyone living in the neighborhood around Mission<br />

Life Park who struggles with the exact same<br />

problems as our clients have dealt with now has<br />

a resource right next door,” he said. “Our guys<br />

are equipped to help people with those kinds of<br />

problems because they’ve been there. This can be<br />

a game-changer. The potential for the community<br />

at large is huge. And the Blue & You Foundation is<br />

the catalyst that got it all started.”<br />

6 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Email Fax Mail<br />

Always have your<br />

member ID card<br />

When you download the <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal mobile app, you get access to<br />

your health plan and features like on-demand virtual healthcare, wellness<br />

programs, health records, real-time claims information, estimated treatment<br />

costs, policy information, and instant access to your member ID card.<br />

You can access your ID card in the app the day your coverage is effective.<br />

And, once you have the <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal app, you can email or fax your<br />

digital ID card to doctors, family members, or anyone else who needs it.<br />

You also can order replacement ID cards.<br />

Use the QR codes below to visit the App Store or Google Play to download the<br />

<strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal app and carry your member ID card everywhere you go.<br />

11:24<br />

MENU<br />

Johns Medical ID Card<br />

John<br />

PCP/PHONE#<br />


(501) 555-1234<br />

Copay: $20/$35<br />

Coins: 20%<br />

RX Copay: $12/35/55/100%<br />

Open Access POS<br />

5G+ 100<br />

Flip Card<br />

Home ID Card Claims Coverage & Copays<br />

GeoBlue health plans are offered in cooperation with<br />

many Blue Cross ® and Blue Shield ® companies, including<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield. You do not have to<br />

be currently enrolled in an Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue<br />

Shield medical plan to purchase most GeoBlue plans.<br />

Explore more.<br />

Worry less!<br />

GeoBlue ® makes it easy to work<br />

and play wherever life takes<br />

you, with trusted, customizable<br />

international health plans.<br />

arkbluecross.com/travel<br />

800-392-2583<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 7

Taking good care of Arkansas … and of you.<br />

8 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

What does it mean to be taken care of?<br />

What does it feel like, to know it matters to others how<br />

you are doing?<br />

What’s weighing on your mind?<br />

If you’re happy right now.<br />

If your body’s healthy.<br />

If you’re safe.<br />

And those around you are taken care of too.<br />

What does it feel like to trust that you’ll be able to get<br />

healthcare?<br />

To prevent illness? To help you heal?<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been<br />

taking care of Arkansans for nearly 75 years.<br />

Providing health insurance. Peace of mind. It’s a<br />

job we love.<br />

Whether we are helping coordinate vaccinations<br />

throughout the Natural State to protect people<br />

during the pandemic, connecting our most<br />

vulnerable citizens to care and resources close to<br />

home, packing meals for those who are struggling<br />

to feed their families, setting students on a path<br />

to providing mental health support, or reassuring<br />

a member that we are here for them when they<br />

realize for the first time that the life they’ll live is<br />

not the life they’ve planned. Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

is committed to taking good care of Arkansas.<br />

Those words may sound unusual coming from<br />

an insurance company, but your health and wellbeing<br />

are our priority. It is the core of our mission<br />

and the focus of our new advertising campaign<br />

that you’ll see beginning in January <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

“Take good care” communicates the essence<br />

of our daily work. From our leadership to our<br />

frontline, you are the reason we strive to find better

treatments, manage resources, improve access to care,<br />

invest in communities, and innovate to transform the<br />

healthcare system. We work to make it better for you and<br />

keep this diverse, wonderful state strong.<br />

We will be highlighting people, places and processes that<br />

are helping empower and educate you and others on your<br />

health journeys. We will continue to be your champion,<br />

looking out for your physical, emotional and social health.<br />

And sharing stories of your triumph over health trials or<br />

how a most unexpected program helped you get a new<br />

perspective on well-being or how an ounce of prevention<br />

proved to help you avert a more serious medical issue.<br />

Look for opportunities to engage in meaningful and<br />

sometimes just plain fun activities with us in <strong>2023</strong> as<br />

we approach our 75 th anniversary.<br />

Most of all, we want you to know we will continue to be<br />

here to provide you peace of mind … by caring and taking<br />

good care of you.<br />

We are excited to share some of the people and places that inspire good health and wellbeing<br />

in our beautiful state, including (pictured here from left to right, top to bottom):<br />

• Downtown – Jonesboro<br />

• Barnhill Orchard – Lonoke<br />

• Tontitown Grape Festival – Springdale<br />

• Petit Jean Mountain – Morrilton<br />

Watch for more familiar Arkansas sites throughout the year.<br />

• Crystal Bridges – Bentonville<br />

• (Page 8 – Arkansas Blue Cross NWA Corporate Center – Springdale)<br />

• (On the cover: Mountain overlook – Logan County)<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 9

“Selfie”-<br />

diagnosis<br />

Smartphone-linked home test kits help<br />

bring chronic kidney disease out of hiding<br />

Is kidney failure in your future?<br />

If you’re like most people, that question may never<br />

have crossed your mind. Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield recently completed an easy, in-home<br />

testing pilot program that helps people check their<br />

risk for chronic kidney disease, so they can avoid or<br />

combat this hidden killer.<br />

Too often, chronic kidney disease is detected after the<br />

damage has been done. Chronic kidney disease can<br />

lead to serious – potentially deadly – health problems<br />

and costly treatments. According to current estimates,<br />

37 million Americans have chronic kidney disease, yet<br />

90% are unaware they have it.<br />

“As a physician, I am always in favor of early<br />

detection,” said Mark. T. Jansen, M.D., vice<br />

president and chief medical officer for Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross. “But it becomes even more vital when<br />

dealing with a disorder that is pervasive and has<br />

dire consequences for a person’s health.”<br />

Chronic kidney disease risk factors<br />

You have a greater risk for chronic kidney<br />

disease if you:<br />

• Are diabetic (a 1-in-3 chance)<br />

• Have high blood pressure (a 1-in-5 chance)<br />

• Have cardiovascular (heart) disease<br />

• Regularly take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory<br />

drugs (NSAIDS)<br />

• Have a history of chronic kidney disease<br />

in your family<br />

• Are Black, Latino or Native American<br />

Detecting chronic kidney disease<br />

So how do you know if you have chronic kidney<br />

disease? A simple urine test can give you the answer.<br />

Too much of a protein called albumin can spell trouble.<br />

Doctors use a lab test (the albumin-to-creatinine ratio)<br />

to see whether a patient may have kidney dysfunction.<br />

But the potential ill effects don’t stop there.<br />

10 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

We believe [this program will] have a measureable impact on the<br />

health of our membership.<br />

– Mark. T. Jansen, M.D.,<br />

vice president and chief medical officer<br />

of Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

Compared to people with normal albumin levels,<br />

people who have elevated levels are:<br />

• Twice as likely to have a stroke<br />

• Four times more susceptible to heart attack<br />

• Eight times as likely to have chronic kidney disease<br />

• A whopping 67 times more vulnerable to<br />

end-stage renal disease (kidney failure)<br />

Why don’t people get tested?<br />

The reasons why so many at-risk people currently don’t<br />

get tested are complicated. For starters, an albuminto-creatinine<br />

ratio is not yet part of the basic set of<br />

tests physicians routinely order. Plus, most patients –<br />

even those with significant risk factors – simply don’t<br />

know they are at risk. Others find it hard to get a test<br />

because of financial pressures and busy schedules.<br />

A “smart” solution<br />

Healthy.io, the company engaged by Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross to conduct the pilot program, looked at the<br />

factors surrounding low testing levels and developed<br />

Minuteful Kidney – the first FDA-cleared, smartphonepowered<br />

kidney test kit that provides instant, clinicalgrade<br />

results from home.<br />

The service uses claims data to identify untested<br />

health plan members who may be at risk<br />

and sends an easy-to-use test kit directly to their<br />

homes. The member then uses their smartphone to<br />

share their test results, which are instantly available,<br />

directly with their healthcare provider and health plan,<br />

so appropriate follow-up care can be initiated.<br />

Impressive results<br />

At the conclusion of the pilot program, 44% of the<br />

identified members successfully completed the test.<br />

Of that number, 35% were found to be at risk for<br />

chronic kidney disease. The program’s success may be<br />

attributable to the simplicity, convenience, immediacy<br />

and user-friendly design of the test and smartphone<br />

app, all of which received high marks from users.<br />

“We were very pleased with the results of this<br />

program,” Dr. Jansen said. “We believe it could have a<br />

measurable impact by arming healthcare providers and<br />

our members with valuable information upon which to<br />

base preventive and interventional health strategies.”<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 11

Arkansas<br />

Blue Medicare<br />

members!<br />

Take advantage of your great<br />

benefits and rewards in <strong>2023</strong>!<br />

In <strong>2023</strong>, the annual Consumer Assessment of Healthcare<br />

Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey will run from<br />

March to early June. In this survey, our Arkansas<br />

Blue Medicare members can share their opinions and<br />

suggestions. Arkansas Blue Medicare wants you to have<br />

the best experience possible by taking advantage of all<br />

our benefits. We think our members are a 10 out of 10<br />

and want them to “Take Good Care.”<br />

As your partner in health, we want you to feel your<br />

best! Start the year by scheduling your Medicare<br />

Annual Wellness Visit and talking with your primary<br />

care physician about vaccines, screenings, current<br />

medications and any concerns you may have.<br />

We’re here to support you in your wellness goals!<br />

Take advantage of your FREE benefits:<br />

• Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS)<br />

This free service is part of<br />

your Arkansas Blue Medicare<br />

plan. It can help you save<br />

money on your prescription<br />

drugs. You can easily see if more affordable<br />

options are available and compare prices at<br />

different pharmacies. To access your RxSS<br />

account, go to myrxss.com/arkbluemedicare.<br />

• SilverSneakers<br />

Improve your health and gain<br />

confidence while exercising in<br />

a way that fits your lifestyle.<br />

SilverSneakers provides<br />

Arkansas Blue Medicare members a no-cost gym<br />

membership at home, at participating fitness<br />

locations, and in your community.<br />

• Comprehensive dental, vision, hearing and<br />

prescription drug coverage<br />

Arkansas Healthy Blue Rewards<br />

You can earn rewards for healthy living!<br />

This year you can earn up to $275 for<br />

completing eligible health actions.<br />

• Complete a Medicare Annual<br />

• Wellness Visit – earn $50<br />

• Mammogram – earn $25<br />

• Colonoscopy – earn $50<br />

• Flu vaccine - earn $15 (available in Fall <strong>2023</strong>)<br />

• Register for Healthy Blue Rewards – earn $10<br />

• Submit a Health Risk Assessment –<br />

get a FarmBoxRx ®<br />

Find more <strong>2023</strong> eligible activities and ways to<br />

redeem at ArkansasHealthyBlue.Healthmine.com,<br />

call 800-960-6360 (TTY 711) or download the<br />

Arkansas Healthy Blue Rewards mobile app!<br />

Arkansas Blue Medicare is here for you anytime.<br />

Call us at 844-201-4934.<br />

12 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong>

Hitting Our Stride!<br />

The Blue & You Fitness Challenge Celebrates 20 Years<br />

It’s time to register your group for the <strong>2023</strong><br />

Blue & You Fitness Challenge, a three-month<br />

fitness competition in which participants exercise and<br />

log their activity to earn points. And <strong>2023</strong> marks our 20 th<br />

anniversary! Join us as we celebrate getting healthy!<br />

Many companies and organizations participate in the<br />

challenge as part of their wellness program. Individuals<br />

use it to encourage their friends and family members to<br />

continue working toward their personal fitness goals and<br />

have fun. Recognition and rewards are presented to those<br />

who log the most exercise in several different categories.<br />

The challenge is<br />

held March 1 through<br />

May 31. Group registration for the<br />

<strong>2023</strong> Blue & You Fitness Challenge<br />

is open. Any group can form a team<br />

– businesses, schools, book clubs,<br />

community organizations, etc. You<br />

can register your group now by scanning the QR code<br />

above or visiting blueandyoufitnesschallenge-ark.com.<br />

Registration closes on January 24, so don’t delay.<br />

The Blue & You Fitness Challenge is hosted by Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the Arkansas Department of<br />

Health, and the Arkansas Department of Human Services.<br />

Important<br />

Deadlines for<br />

the <strong>2023</strong> Blue<br />

& You Fitness<br />

Challenge<br />

January 24 – Deadline for group registration<br />

March 1 – The Challenge begins<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 13

University<br />

of Arkansas<br />

Graduate Program<br />

honors<br />

Robert<br />

Shoptaw<br />

In September, the College of<br />

Education and Health Professions<br />

at the University of Arkansas<br />

in Fayetteville announced the<br />

establishment of the Robert L.<br />

Shoptaw Master of Healthcare<br />

Business Analytics Program.<br />

The degree from this program,<br />

which was established in<br />

partnership with the Sam M.<br />

Walton College of Business<br />

and Arkansas Blue Cross, will<br />

help business and healthcare<br />

industry professionals transform<br />

large amounts of raw data into<br />

smart, analytical decisions to<br />

benefit both patients and<br />

medical professionals.<br />

14 <strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

“We’re excited to collaborate<br />

with the Walton College to offer<br />

this new master’s degree,” said<br />

Kate Mamiseishvili, interim<br />

dean of the College of Education<br />

and Health Professions. “It is a<br />

unique program that leverages<br />

the expertise of faculty from<br />

both colleges. It brings together<br />

business analytics and knowledge<br />

of healthcare to prepare<br />

professionals with big data skills<br />

to improve healthcare delivery and<br />

patient outcomes.”<br />

The program was named in<br />

honor of Robert L. Shoptaw, who<br />

joined Arkansas Blue Cross in<br />

1970 as a professional relations<br />

representative and rose through<br />

the ranks to become president<br />

and chief executive officer in 1994<br />

where he served until his retirement<br />

in 2008. Shoptaw also served as<br />

chairman of the board from 2009-<br />

2016 and now serves as a member<br />

of the board for the not-for-profit,<br />

mutual insurance company.<br />

“Arkansas Blue Cross is pleased<br />

to honor the leadership and legacy<br />

of Bob Shoptaw by making this<br />

donation to the Walton College to<br />

establish the Master of Healthcare<br />

Business Analytics Program. There<br />

is a growing need for highly skilled<br />

healthcare data analysts who can<br />

turn information into insights<br />

that allow providers, payers and<br />

researchers to develop initiatives<br />

that improve patient outcomes,<br />

enhance care management and<br />

promote a whole person approach<br />

to care that addresses a patient’s<br />

physical health, behavioral health<br />

and social needs together,” said<br />

Curtis E. Barnett, president and<br />

chief executive officer of Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross. “Bob Shoptaw has<br />

been a visionary in our industry<br />

when it comes to recognizing the<br />

critical role data and analytics<br />

can play in improving the overall<br />

healthcare system and providing<br />

people affordable coverage and<br />

quality care.”

A Monument to<br />

our commitment to<br />

family<br />

health<br />

“The Milestone”<br />

Bronze sculpture by<br />

Kevin Kresse<br />


The wheels of love for a child never stop spinning<br />

and the child, once launched, spins faster<br />

than her parents ever dreamed, the fast-spinning years<br />

sweeping her farther down the walk from where they began,<br />

where she learned to balance, fight her fear of falling,<br />

get back up when she fell, as she will fall when she’s years<br />

away from those reassuring voices, yet she will rise<br />

again and again, lifted by the love that never<br />

stops spinning.<br />

- Suzanne Underwood Rhodes<br />

Arkansas Poet Laureate 2022<br />

Written for “The Milestone” dedication<br />

Company funds 100<br />

bicycles for kids in need<br />

Arkansas artist Kevin Kresse joined members<br />

of the Northwest Arkansas community on<br />

December 19 to dedicate one of his latest<br />

works. “The Milestone” is a bronze sculpture<br />

of a man teaching his daughter how to ride a<br />

bicycle while her mother celebrates the special<br />

moment. As part of the dedication, Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced it is<br />

funding the purchase of 100 bicycles for<br />

children in need throughout the region.<br />

The sculpture stands outside the company’s<br />

Northwest Arkansas Corporate Center in<br />

Springdale. The scene captured in the statue<br />

pays homage to the region’s reputation as an<br />

active and family-friendly community with many<br />

outdoor amenities and a strong cycling culture.<br />

“’The Milestone’ is a beautiful addition to the<br />

city of Springdale, as well as our Northwest<br />

Arkansas Corporate Center,” said Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross President and Chief Executive<br />

Officer Curtis Barnett. “And we hope through<br />

the donation of these bicycles, families across<br />

the region will be able to experience their own<br />

milestones and make special memories, and<br />

perhaps develop healthy habits that will last a<br />

lifetime.”<br />

Kresse, well-known in Arkansas for his public<br />

sculptures, also sculpted “The Family,” which<br />

sits along the Little Rock river trail and was<br />

sponsored by Arkansas Blue Cross. Kresse’s art<br />

is featured in exhibitions throughout Arkansas,<br />

as well as in New York City, Washington D.C.,<br />

Memphis and Atlanta.<br />

<strong>WINTER</strong> <strong>2023</strong> 15


U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />



72201<br />

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