Preneur World March 2024

In this issue: Celebrity Interviews with business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar, much-loved comedian Alan Carr and award-winning actress Joanne Froggatt. The judges and stars of Dancing On Ice. Features on Hair & Beauty, Male Grooming, Collagen Supplements, Active Affluent, Spring Fragrances, Kitchen & Home, Family Days Out, Staycation at The Red Lion in Hellidon, Luxury Safari at Chobe Game Lodge, Gateway to the Sahara at The Residence Douz in Tunisia, Kids Fashion in Minipreneur Style, Toys & Games in Minipreneur's Playroom, Children's Book Reviews in Minipreneur's Book Corner, Ask The Expert, Food & Drink, Recipes, Restaurants and Easter Gift Guide.

In this issue: Celebrity Interviews with business tycoon Lord Alan Sugar, much-loved comedian Alan Carr and award-winning actress Joanne Froggatt. The judges and stars of Dancing On Ice. Features on Hair & Beauty, Male Grooming, Collagen Supplements, Active Affluent, Spring Fragrances, Kitchen & Home, Family Days Out, Staycation at The Red Lion in Hellidon, Luxury Safari at Chobe Game Lodge, Gateway to the Sahara at The Residence Douz in Tunisia, Kids Fashion in Minipreneur Style, Toys & Games in Minipreneur's Playroom, Children's Book Reviews in Minipreneur's Book Corner, Ask The Expert, Food & Drink, Recipes, Restaurants and Easter Gift Guide.

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Sugar<br />

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<strong>March</strong> <strong>2024</strong><br />

Features<br />

Gateway to the Sahara:<br />

The Residence Douz<br />

In this issue:<br />

Jane Torvill<br />

Christopher Dean<br />

Alan Carr


22<br />


VIP & Celebrity<br />

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ON ICE <strong>2024</strong><br />


61<br />

<strong>March</strong><br />

<strong>2024</strong><br />

Features<br />








56 HELLIDON<br />




<strong>Preneur</strong> <strong>World</strong> is the lifestyle magazine for those with the <strong>Preneur</strong><br />

Mindset featuring celebrity interviews, hotels & travel, fashion,<br />

interiors, luxury cars, health & beauty, fitness & sport, food & drink,<br />

restaurant reviews, product round ups, expert articles and much more<br />

2 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


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FUN ZONE<br />



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60<br />





Food & Drink<br />

50 RECIPES<br />

51 RUM & VODKA<br />




Spring Into Beauty<br />

1. Olverum Facial Oil £60 at Space NK<br />

2. Elemental Herbology Facial Soufflé Ultra-Rich<br />

Cream £55 at elementalherbology.com<br />

3. FaceWise Melting Cleansing Balm £39.95 available<br />

from facewiseskincare.com<br />

4. Kalme Day Defence Cream SPF25 £23.95 available<br />

from kalme.co.uk<br />

5. Kalme Night Repair Cream £23.95 at kalme.co.uk<br />

6. Emolyne Eyeshade Creme in High Atlas £24<br />

available from emolyne.com<br />

7. Emolyne Lashline Lacquer in Bobende Black £19<br />

available from emolyne.com<br />

8. theBalm Cosmetics Anne T. Dote Tinted<br />

Moisturizer £19.99 available from Amazon<br />

9. COSRX The Vitamin C 23 Serum £28 available<br />

from lookfantastic.com<br />

10. Rubis Red Classic Slanted Tweezers £28.99<br />

available from Amazon<br />

11. Evolve Organic Beauty Miracle Vitamin C Mask<br />

£28 available from evolvebeauty.co.uk<br />

12. Efamol® Evening Primrose Oil Dropper £16.99<br />

available from www.efamol.com<br />

13. Colorsport Brow Lift £13 at Amazon<br />

14. Face Facts Wonder Cream £3.49 at B&M<br />

4 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

1<br />

2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5<br />

6<br />

7<br />

8<br />

9<br />

11<br />

12<br />

10<br />

13<br />

14<br />


Eight Steps To Achieve<br />

Radiant Glowing Skin<br />

Dr Reuben Chen is a skincare expert, board-certified physician<br />

in the US and Chief Medical Advisor for Sunrider International<br />

As the days start to get longer and we look forward to<br />

the warmer weather our dietary habits and lifestyles<br />

start to change and this may be reflected in our skin.<br />

It’s a great opportunity to have a ‘spring clean’ of<br />

our skincare routine and a close look at what we are<br />

putting on our skin.<br />

For super radiant skin that makes you glow with<br />

confidence, consider implementing a four-step<br />

skincare routine introducing a double cleanse.<br />

1<br />


Starting with a cleansing oil is a great first<br />

step. It’s important to remove makeup and<br />

sunscreen, and the dirt and pollution that accumulate<br />

on our skin during the day. This collective debris<br />

not only causes oxidative damage to the skin but can<br />

also contribute to the breakdown of collagen and<br />

development of wrinkles and discoloration. An oilbased<br />

cleanser is great for dissolving excess sebum<br />

and other oil-based impurities, as well as melting<br />

away water-proof makeup and stubborn product build<br />

up.<br />

The best ingredients for a cleansing oil include<br />

natural botanicals like apricot kernel oil, aloe vera<br />

leaf, and jojoba seed oil that actively nourish your<br />

skin while giving your pores a deep cleanse. Across<br />

all of your skincare products look out for natural<br />

ingredients.<br />


Next follow with a foaming water-based<br />

2 cleanser that won’t irritate or strip the skin<br />

of vital moisture. A water-based cleanser<br />

lifts away dirt, sweat and other pore-clogging<br />

impurities. A double cleanse revs up your skin’s<br />

circulation to boost radiance while prepping it for<br />

next steps.<br />

When looking for the best water-based cleanser,<br />

bear in mind that nourishing herbal extracts from<br />

chamomile flower, inula helenium, and beetroot<br />

purify, hydrate, and protect your skin while allantoin<br />

and rose flower water help calm, tone, and revive<br />

radiance. These are not so well-known so you may<br />

want to do your research.<br />

3<br />


There’s been a lot of interest in beauty<br />

waters recently with good reason. A beauty<br />

water acts as prep for your pores. It helps thoroughly<br />

remove any residual cleanser or makeup left behind<br />

after cleansing. It also gently exfoliates your skin and<br />

helps restore its natural pH level, leaving your pores<br />

tightened and skin soothed and clear; a perfect base<br />

for moisturising. It may feel like an unnecessary step<br />

but it’s quick to add in and your skin will thank you.<br />

Look for botanical extracts that reset your skin’s<br />

natural pH level after cleansing to balance and<br />

hydrate. Formulas including Turkish rose oil, witch<br />

hazel, and chamomile flower extract calm, soothe,<br />

and revive even the most irritated skin. And if<br />

you’re curious, explore products containing the<br />

little-known Rosa Centifolia flower water. The steam<br />

distillate from the flowers of the cabbage rose is<br />

high in vitamin C and tannins, offering toning and<br />

aromatherapeutic benefits. Its astringent properties<br />

help tighten pores and calm inflammation.<br />


When it comes to moisturiser, you probably<br />

4 have a preference in terms of consistency,<br />

consider switching out heavy creams for<br />

lighter gel creams that melt into and quench the<br />

skin to create a radiant glow. Be on the lookout for<br />

sodium hyaluronate; it is well known for good reason<br />

– it’s great for locking in moisture, while less wellknown<br />

botanicals such as beetroot extract, sunflower<br />

seed oil, Arnica Montana flower and Inula Helenium<br />

extracts possess a host of skin-loving properties<br />

promoting hydration.<br />

Here are further things to consider to boost skin<br />

radiance at any age:<br />


Exfoliate once or twice a week. Look out for<br />

5 products that contain natural exfoliants such<br />

as jojoba beads or bamboo powder – give<br />

the ones with the environmentally-unfriendly plastic<br />

microbeads a wide berth.<br />

SPF<br />

If you don’t already include an SPF 20<br />

6 in your skin products, add one in – it’s<br />

important even on cloudy days and apply it<br />

to the back of your hands as well as your face.<br />


Eat healthily and your skin will be an outer<br />

7 reflection of your inner wellbeing. Consider<br />

a good quality daily multivitamin, Vitamin<br />

6 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


D (until <strong>March</strong> at least) and Omega 3 and<br />

Omega 6 to supplement if you don’t eat oily<br />

fish or consume lots of colourful vegetables<br />

and citrus fruits (rich in Vitamin C).<br />


Drink plenty of water – high quality with an<br />

electrolyte added preferably.<br />

Our skin is our largest organ so anything<br />

we put on our skin is absorbed to a lesser<br />

or greater degree and with the potential<br />

to impact our health. Ingredients to avoid<br />

include sulphates, parabens, dyes and<br />

fragrances.<br />

The beauty industry is cleaning up its act but<br />

being an educated consumer and doing your<br />

research pays dividends. Brands ultimately<br />

respond to consumer demand. There are<br />

increasing numbers of vegan products/<br />

brands out there too that are worth exploring.<br />


Dr Reuben Chen is the Chief Medical<br />

Advisor for Sunrider International including<br />

Sunrider Europe. He is passionate about<br />

developing products that work and are<br />

based on natural ingredients. He is a boardcertified<br />

physician in the United States and<br />

also qualified in the US in neuroscience.<br />

Sp r i ng Ski nc a r e<br />


Unlock the benefits of nature’s finest botanicals for<br />

healthier, radiant skin thanks to Sunrider’s Kandesn®<br />

Pure Gift Set. This gentle, four-step regimen, free from<br />

synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, parabens, and<br />

animal by-products, suits all skin types with its veganfriendly<br />

botanical formulas.<br />

Follow these four soothing steps for skin that glows:<br />

1. Detoxify with Kandesn® Pure Cleansing Oil to instantly<br />

dissolve makeup, sunscreen, and other oil-based impurities.<br />

2. Purify with Kandesn® Pure Foaming Cleanser by lifting<br />

away dirt and sweat while deep cleaning pores.<br />

3. Refresh with Kandesn® Pure Beauty Water to tone,<br />

rebalance, and prep skin for your next skincare steps.<br />

4. Quench with Kandesn® Pure Hydrating Gel Cream by<br />

giving skin the moisture and nourishment it craves.<br />

Handcrafted with precious herbal oils, extracts, and<br />

essences, Kandesn® Pure cleanses, nourishes, and<br />

balances your skin.<br />

£167.28 from uk.sunrider.com<br />


Hair Heroes<br />

1<br />

5<br />

9<br />

1. Alterna Scrub-To-Foam £36.20 available from<br />

alternadirect.co.uk<br />

2. Alterna Hemp Leave-On Treatment £36.20<br />

available from alternadirect.co.uk<br />

3. Leonor Greyl Paris - Masque Fleurs de Jasmin £42<br />

available from Amazon<br />

4. Tea Tree & Rosemary Scalp Cream £49.95<br />

available from tricoextra.com<br />

5. Hairstory - Purple Color Boost for New Wash Set<br />

£58 available from uk.hairstory.com<br />

6. Nanogen - Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum<br />

£29.95 from nanogen.com and allbeauty.com<br />

7. Philip Kingsley - Pure Colour Frizz-Fighting Gloss<br />

£27 from M&S, Boots, John Lewis & Selfridges<br />

8. Philip Kingsley - Bond Builder Lipid Shield £27<br />

from M&S, Boots, John Lewis & Selfridges<br />

9. Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind<br />

Violet Toning Shampoo & Conditioner £14 each<br />

from Superdrug nationwide, usual hair salons and<br />

lookfantastic.com<br />

10 & 11. OSMO Curl Revival Renourishing Mask<br />

(£16.60), OSMO Curl Revival Replenishing Cream<br />

(£11.60) and OSMO Curl Revival Re-Invigorating Gel<br />

(£11.60) are available from sallybeauty.co.uk and hair<br />

salons nationwide<br />

12. Hydrosil Scalp Shield Tonic £11.95 available from<br />

hydrosil.co.uk<br />

8 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

2<br />

4<br />

3<br />

6<br />

7 8<br />

10 11<br />

12<br />

Calecim Professional<br />

For those with thinning hair, dry hair or brittle hair, Calecim Professional’s Advanced Hair System<br />

is a 6-week hair restoration program that optimizes hair follicle function, stimulates hair regrowth,<br />

boosts hair density and reduces hair shedding.<br />

The formula contains powerful PTT-6® that stimulates hair growth by activating the hair follicles,<br />

and managing signs of inflammation that causes hair shedding. The derma stamp included with this<br />

revolutionary hair treatment allows you to prep your scalp for maximum results. Applied twice a week<br />

with the derma stamp, the box of ampoules is enough for 6 weeks of treatment. The maintenance<br />

phase with weekly applications means box of ampoules will last approximately 3 months.<br />

With no reported side effects, studies have shown that using this amazing product resulted in 24%<br />

increase in follicle cell growth and a 30 times reduction in<br />

follicle inflammation which has been shown to be the key cause<br />

of hair loss.Using the hair restoration program for 6 weeks has<br />

resulted in a 14% increase in the number of individual hairs on<br />

the scalp, 16% increase in hair shaft thickness and 15% increase<br />

in number of follicles per sq/cm of scalp.<br />

£315 from calecimprofessional.com

Seven Skin<br />

Saviours<br />

<strong>Preneur</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

recommends the best<br />

beauty supplements<br />

and skincare products<br />

that deliver on their<br />

promises of radiant<br />

skin, luscious locks<br />

and healthy nails<br />

2Boost your confidence and truly love the<br />

skin you’re in with Forever Marine Collagen.<br />

Formulated with key nutrients and premium<br />

hydrolysed collagen, you can achieve the<br />

appearance of the luminous, youthful and smooth skin<br />

you desire and experience glossy hair, beautiful nails,<br />

regained tone and incredible glow. This premium<br />

product brings you 3000mg of highly bioavailable<br />

marine collagen, ACE vitamins, minerals, essential<br />

antioxidants and botanicals; Goji extract, acerola,<br />

green tea and biotin, coenzymeQ10 and zinc. It<br />

maintains the skin’s hydration and texture and<br />

supports the appearance of firmer skin.<br />

Forever Marine Collagen is £90.20 for 30 sachets from<br />

thealoeveracentre.flp.com<br />

1Handcrafted in Germany, DermaRoller’s<br />

XCellarisPro Homecare Roller (£55) is a<br />

microneedling tool that perfectly complements<br />

your skincare routine. With 0.20mm stainless steel<br />

needles, it increases the blood circulation and makes the<br />

skin glow. Microneedling can enhance the absorption of<br />

DermaRoller’s skincare products like the XCellarisPro<br />

Cell Repair (£85). This night-time serum promotes skin<br />

regeneration using a powerful formulation that contains<br />

retinol, a vitamin A derivative that stimulates cell growth<br />

and boosts the production of new collagen while you<br />

sleep. Within weeks of using XCellarisPro Cell Repair<br />

every evening, you will notice that your skin looks<br />

rejuvenated and visibly younger. The XCellarisPro range<br />

by DermaRoller is available from dermaroller-uk.com<br />

10 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

3With its daily dose of rejuvenation, Kollo Health contains<br />

10 grams of premium-grade marine collagen peptides,<br />

a key to healthier, more youthful skin, diminished fine<br />

lines, and strengthened hair and nails. This collagen-rich<br />

solution is not just about outer beauty; it’s a nutritional<br />

powerhouse with vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12, Vitamin C, and<br />

l-lysine, essential for collagen formation in skin, bones, and<br />

cartilage. Beyond aesthetics, Kollo Health offers relief from<br />

joint discomfort, improved sleep, elevated energy levels, and<br />

enhanced bone density and lean muscle mass. For athletes,<br />

Kollo Health supports bone, joint, and cartilage function. Kollo<br />

Health starts from £29.87 for 14 sachets at kollohealth.com<br />

4Wassen Beauty + Collagen is packed with the power of Vollagen®<br />

(a plant-based collagen alternative) with each sip delivering<br />

1000mg of researched Vollagen®, accompanied by botanical<br />

wonders like Green Tea and Bamboo Extract. The addition of 11<br />

essential vitamins and minerals provide additional beauty benefits,<br />

including Zinc to promote healthy hair, skin, and nails. Within just 60<br />

days, witness the magic as your skin becomes more hydrated, radiant,<br />

and visibly clearer. Wassen Beauty + Collagen is priced at £17.99 for 14<br />

sachets from wassen.com and Amazon<br />

5Boost your inner collagen production<br />

and help promote your healthy beauty<br />

with Neocell Super Collagen + Vitamin<br />

C & Biotin. This super supplement<br />

gives you the power to fight the signs<br />

of ageing and reveal your inner beauty. With<br />

19 amino acids and an essential antioxidant,<br />

Vitamin C, you can nourish your skin and hair<br />

from the inside out. Neocell Super Collagen +<br />

Vitamin C & Biotin is £29.99 from Superdrug<br />

6Bioglan Beauty Collagen tablets are a Collagen<br />

boosting tablet, containing Type I Collagen, the most<br />

abundant form of Collagen found in our body. The<br />

special formula with added Hyaluronic Acid and<br />

Resveratol will ensure to help support the maintenance<br />

of healthy looking hair, skin and nails. Bioglan Beauty Collagen<br />

tablets are £30 from Holland & Barrett, Boots and Amazon<br />

7Starpowa’s Vegan Collagen Support gummies have<br />

been scientifically formulated to assist in promoting<br />

the natural collagen production within our bodies.<br />

Each gummy is packed with the vital vitamins C+E’s,<br />

minerals, BCAA’s, natural extracts, and an essential<br />

blend of amino acids, including L-Lysine – a building block<br />

of collagen production which assists with our skin’s elasticity.<br />

Formulated with hyaluronic acid, the gummies will also help<br />

with dry skin, wrinkles, and overall joint health. £19.99 from<br />

starpowa.com<br />


How To Raise Your Male<br />

Grooming Game This Spring<br />

Savannah<br />

Lockerbie is<br />

the General<br />

Manager<br />

at The<br />

Mantuary in<br />

Dundee. Here<br />

are her top<br />

tips and trend<br />

predictions<br />

for male<br />

grooming<br />

this spring<br />

The Mantuary’s CBD Face<br />

Serum (£17.95) and CBD Tea<br />

Tree Moisturiser (£21.95) are<br />

two must-have products in every<br />

man’s grooming & skincare<br />

arsenal. The luxurious, serum<br />

contains CBD Oil as well as<br />

sea buckthorn, and lemon oil<br />

to brighten. Applied before<br />

moisturising, it stimulates<br />

new cell growth. The calming<br />

moisturiser is designed to soothe<br />

skin post-shave. The Mantuary’s<br />

CBD skincare range is available<br />

from the-mantuary.co.uk<br />

12 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Over the past few years, male<br />

grooming has become something<br />

of a hot topic. Stepping away<br />

from the £10 barber chair and<br />

into the luxe surroundings of a<br />

proper salon has become much<br />

more mainstream, and the link<br />

between grooming and wellness<br />

has never been deeper. Despite<br />

this widening of services on offer,<br />

there are a few questions our team<br />

deals with daily.<br />


For years, salt and pepper hair has<br />

been one of signs of aging men<br />

have looked to cover-up with tints<br />

and dyes. Now, more men than<br />

ever are looking to embrace the<br />

silver fox. We’ve seen even young<br />

chaps opt to dye their hair grey<br />

and silver.<br />

Don’t try this at home. If you’re<br />

working with a mix of white and<br />

coloured hair, the effect a dye<br />

has varies. Bring in a few photos<br />

which include your desired shade,<br />

and let an expert get to work.<br />

Condition is everything. Make<br />

sure to use a hydrating shampoo,<br />

and if needed, a light conditioner.<br />

Silver hair looks its best when its<br />

shiny.<br />

Don’t let it get brassy. Invest in<br />

a great purple shampoo which<br />

targets yellow ends and keeps<br />

colour looking fresh and cooltoned.<br />



We’re all guilty of being creatures<br />

of habit, but as time moves on, so<br />

should our hairstyles. This year<br />

classic cuts are set to be more<br />

popular than ever, and we’ve got<br />

easy tips to keep them looking as<br />

current as ever.<br />

For men looking to update the<br />

classic pompadour style, we love<br />

incorporating shorter sides with a<br />

more natural finish on top. This is<br />

easily achievable with a great wax<br />

or clay product which can keep<br />

hair looking perfectly tousled all<br />

day long.<br />

Many men are opting for mediumlength<br />

styles for greater versatility.<br />

A messy, textured top paired with<br />

shorter sides can look seriously<br />

smart when needed, but looks<br />

equally great when worn more<br />

casually. Those with wavy ends<br />

particularly suit a little extra<br />

length.<br />



Whether you’re a fan of threeday<br />

stubble, or you’re more of<br />

a full beard sort of a chap – it’s<br />

always good to pop in and have a<br />

professional work their magic with<br />

a little shaping.<br />

A neatly trimmed beard is easy<br />

to maintain and always looks<br />

polished. A professional can make<br />

sure it’s cut to properly frame your<br />

features, leaving you looking your<br />

best.<br />

If you’re after a bolder, bushier<br />

look, maintenance is crucial in<br />

making sure you stay looking<br />

sharp in <strong>2024</strong>. We always advise<br />

incorporating a beard oil into your<br />

grooming regime, meaning you<br />

can enjoy a more impressive beard<br />

than ever before.<br />


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed<br />

when it comes to finding a daily<br />

routine which works. It needn’t<br />

be too complicated though. Our<br />

team believes if you stick to high<br />

quality basics, which have been<br />

specifically formulated for male<br />

skin, you can’t go too far wrong.<br />

A great cleanser – each morning<br />

and night, make sure to cleanse<br />

skin. A gentle foaming option<br />

should cleanse skin without<br />

leaving it feeling stripped.<br />

A daily moisturiser – this should<br />

be light enough to leave skin<br />

feeling soft, not shiny. Look for<br />

products which contain elements<br />

like CBD which can soothe skin<br />

and combat redness or irritation.<br />

A nourishing lip balm – cold<br />

temperatures can leave lips<br />

looking and feeling ragged. A rich<br />

balm which leaves lips hydrated<br />

rather than shiny is a forever<br />

favourite for us.<br />

No matter which trends you opt<br />

to try in <strong>2024</strong>, we recommend<br />

heading to your local salon and<br />

having a chat to see what your<br />

best options are.<br />


Savannah Lockerbie is the General<br />

Manager at The Mantuary, a<br />

premier men’s grooming salon<br />

located in Dundee. Savannah<br />

played an integral role in the<br />

development of The Mantuary’s<br />

line of skincare, which has been<br />

specifically formulated for men’s<br />

skincare needs and includes CBD<br />

and essential oils to achieve the<br />

very best results. Find out more at<br />

the-mantuary.co.uk<br />

Savannah Lockerbie<br />


Joanne<br />

Froggatt<br />

14 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com<br />


Joanne Froggatt stars as an acute medicine<br />

consultant in ITV’s Breathtaking, a moving<br />

3-part drama that salutes frontline NHS staff<br />

working through the Covid-19 Pandemic<br />

ew<br />

Available to watch on ITVX,<br />

Breathtaking is a moving 3-part drama<br />

starring Joanne Froggatt that follows<br />

NHS medics during the Covid-19<br />

pandemic. Weeks before the UK’s first<br />

national lockdown, acute medicine<br />

consultant Dr Abbey Henderson (played<br />

by Froggatt) and her team struggle with<br />

the first wave of Covid-19 patients.<br />

Running out of PPE, staff, and beds,<br />

Abbey is forced to make difficult<br />

healthcare decisions as her colleagues<br />

begin to be infected with Covid-19.<br />

When lockdown is finally imposed,<br />

the pandemic stretches Abbey and the<br />

team to their limits as they confront<br />

government policy in relation to care<br />

home discharges and inadequate PPE.<br />

They try their best to save patients<br />

but are forced to endure the trauma of<br />

loss and tragedy caused by Covid-19.<br />

As winter arrives, a new wave hits the<br />

hospital, this time with Covid-19 deniers<br />

surfacing too, which causes the team to<br />

reach their breaking point. Scarred and<br />

enraged, Abbey cannot maintain her<br />

silence any longer and decides to risk<br />

everything by speaking out.<br />

In this interview, Joanne Froggatt shares<br />

insights into the poignant narrative<br />

that pays homage to the unwavering<br />

dedication of frontline workers during<br />

the Covid-19 pandemic, offering viewers<br />

a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the<br />

tumultuous reality of hospital life amidst<br />

unprecedented challenges.<br />

P<br />

Why did you want to be involved in<br />

Breathtaking?<br />

I had worked with our director<br />

J Craig Viveiros before on Angela<br />

Black and he approached me about<br />

Breathtaking. It sounded an incredibly<br />

important project to be a part of. Then<br />

I was sent the scripts and they just blew<br />

me away. They are some of the best<br />

scripts I’ve ever read. Definitely in the<br />

top percentage of great scripts I have<br />

read in my time. So that obviously was<br />

a huge factor. Just from a dramatic point<br />

of view.<br />

Reading the scripts I was very moved<br />

and shocked. Also moved to be involved<br />

in telling this story. I was shocked by<br />

what was really going on behind the<br />

closed doors of the hospitals here in<br />

the UK. We’d had little insights, bits<br />

and pieces we were told. But the story<br />

the public was fed by the government<br />

through the media is very different from<br />

what was actually happening. And so I<br />

was really shocked. I actually cried just<br />

reading the scripts. I don’t think that’s<br />

happened to me before. So it was a nobrainer<br />

for me to be involved.<br />

I’ve played roles that have tackled<br />

sensitive subject matters before, such as<br />

sexual assault and domestic abuse. It’s<br />

important to tell stories about sensitive<br />

subject matters and things people may<br />

not have thought about or understood.<br />

It’s a different way to get people to view<br />

certain issues.<br />

But what’s very different about this<br />

is, this is a lived experience for the<br />

entire world. Rather than it being a<br />

lived experience for a group of people<br />

who have lived it or who have had<br />

loved ones that have lived it. We’ve all<br />

had experience of this pandemic. The<br />

weight of that responsibility does feel<br />

great. But I don’t shy away from that<br />

either. Because it is such an incredibly<br />

important story to tell and I really<br />

wanted to be a part of telling it.<br />

P<br />

How did you prepare before filming<br />

started?<br />

I did a lot of preparation. I started<br />

J with reading the scripts and looking<br />

up all of the medical terms so I<br />

could get a broader sense of what was<br />

what. Then I read Rachel Clarke’s book<br />

Breathtaking and also her previous book<br />

called Dear Life which was about her<br />

experience as a palliative care doctor<br />

before Covid. Rachel Clarke is an<br />

extremely inspiring human being.<br />

Her book Breathtaking just moved me<br />

in a way that I can’t really explain. It’s<br />

beyond words. The way Rachel writes in<br />

both Breathtaking and Dear Life is just<br />


so beautiful. Dear Life reframed the way I thought<br />

about death and how I thought about life and death.<br />

She writes about how you can make those very last<br />

moments filled with so much, even if it seems like<br />

the worst of circumstances. And she speaks with such<br />

grace, knowledge and gratitude for life.<br />

I wanted to bring that into Abbey who is a<br />

fictionalised character. She’s not Rachel. But it was<br />

really helpful to listen to Rachel’s experiences with<br />

patients in their last few days of their lives. How<br />

that feels for a doctor, what her responsibilities are<br />

and what her emotional connection to that is. How<br />

much she cared for her patients. How much she really<br />

cares for each human being that she looked after and<br />

their families and loved ones. And how linking those<br />

things together was really helpful.<br />

To think you’re dealing with that on a day to day<br />

basis. But then the pandemic hits. So from seeing<br />

death maybe on a daily or every couple of days basis,<br />

you’re seeing four or five deaths a day.<br />

I spent an afternoon with Rachel and had<br />

conversations with her about her experiences during<br />

the pandemic. And I did a lot of research online,<br />

watched documentaries and some of Rachel’s TED<br />

talks. Then we had two days of medical boot camp<br />

with our medical advisors followed by a five day<br />

rehearsal period which turned into more trying to<br />

drill the Resus scenes than an acting rehearsal.<br />

Our medical advisors Thom and Andrew filled our<br />

brains with so much knowledge in such a short space<br />

of time. We couldn’t have coped without them. They<br />

were incredible. They talked us through the basics<br />

of hospital care and what you would be dealing with<br />

during Covid. Plus everything that comes up in the<br />

script. But also teaching us how to look like we know<br />

how to do the procedures. That gave us a great base<br />

understanding. So when we were saying the lines<br />

and using the medical terms we knew what we were<br />

talking about. And it sounds obvious and simple but<br />

it is really important. Because if you don’t believe<br />

what you are saying then no-one else is going to<br />

believe it.<br />

Thom and Andrew were on set during filming<br />

for most of the time but if they weren’t we could<br />

message at any time. So I’d be going through the<br />

next scene and texting, ‘Do you think Abbey should<br />

say this?’ And they were like, ‘Oh my goodness,<br />

you’re thinking like a consultant. We’re so proud of<br />

you!’ They were like proud parents that I’d acquired<br />

so much knowledge. And obviously I don’t know<br />

anywhere near enough to do any medical procedures<br />

on anybody. It was an intensive learning process but<br />

incredibly important. We really did learn so much.<br />

Rachel, Thom and Andrew - all of us in the team -<br />

wanted to make sure everything was as perfect as we<br />

could get it. That this wasn’t like a medical drama.<br />

That it was as real and realistic as we could make it.<br />

We also had a team of other medical experts on set,<br />

including another doctor and three intensive care<br />

nurses for when we were doing scenes in the ITU<br />

(Intensive Therapy Unit). It was fantastic to be able<br />

to speak to all of those NHS professionals and to chat<br />

so openly about their experiences. Not just for the<br />

technical side. Andrew and Thom especially were<br />

brilliant at explaining to us the emotional side of<br />

what they went through.<br />

P<br />

You can, of course, in no way compare it to the<br />

real life experience but some of the scenes must<br />

have been challenging for the cast/crew to film?<br />

I’m always the first to say we’re recreating,<br />

J telling the story, pretending, putting it in<br />

crude terms. Obviously we haven’t lived these<br />

experiences. We just do our absolute best to recreate<br />

them as believably as possible. But we’ve all lived<br />

through this and many of the cast and crew had their<br />

own personal experiences of loss from Covid. Many<br />

people, including myself, had moments where it was<br />

very emotional to film. It was very real and there<br />

were moments where it just hit you.<br />

It was never out of my mind that every scenario we<br />

were filming was based on a real scenario. Every<br />

patient character is based on a real person and their<br />

real family and their real loved ones. It was an<br />

incredibly unique experience because of that. I don’t<br />

think there was anybody on the set that didn’t have<br />

a moment where they felt slightly overwhelmed by it<br />

during filming.<br />

Having worked with our director Craig Viveiros on<br />

Angela Black we had a shorthand. I trust his instincts<br />

implicitly. He had such a strong vision for how he<br />

wanted to shoot this. Some people have said it’s like<br />

you’re watching a war film. Our story starts in full<br />

action and carries on in full action for the whole first<br />

episode. Because Abbey is so active and it’s literally<br />

one thing after another after another.<br />

We shot it for real as much as we could. Craig linked<br />

so many sections together so we had these big<br />

sections rather than scenes we were filming. Which<br />

worked well for keeping the energy flow and showing<br />

this organised chaos on the NHS frontline that people<br />

are used to but then moving into just chaos. Craig<br />

also filmed a lot of close shots. As the story unfolds<br />

we are wearing PPE a lot and sometimes you can<br />

only see our eyes. That’s obviously a challenge in<br />

terms of getting the audience to connect with you<br />

emotionally. So Craig did a lot of really close shots on<br />

eyes.<br />

All of the actors and crew were constantly asking<br />

the real doctors and nurses, ‘How did you do this?’<br />

People were doing four hours at a time in ITU in full<br />

PPE which is hot. And proning patients - moving<br />

patients very carefully from their back to their front<br />

- which is hard work. In real life you can’t go to the<br />

loo, you can’t sip water or have a snack. Once you’re<br />

in that PPE you can’t let anything in. They were<br />

16 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

working in incredibly difficult circumstances<br />

physically as well as emotionally and medically. It<br />

was an added challenge just acting that so I can’t<br />

really comprehend how difficult it must have been to<br />

do it for real.<br />

We also show how our NHS workers were left<br />

completely vulnerable at the beginning. With little or<br />

no PPE. We see Abbey angry and upset. And it made<br />

me so angry on their behalf. But they carried on.<br />

They put their own lives at risk and the lives of their<br />

loved ones to care for us as a nation. And with not<br />

just inadequate but sometimes no PPE. It’s amazing.<br />

They really are heroes to me. They carried on and did<br />

their job and put their patients first above everything<br />

else.<br />

We first meet Abbey and her colleagues when they<br />

are already overstretched and seeing very vulnerable<br />

patients who should be in ITU coming in to the<br />

Emergency Department and having to put them in<br />

a store cupboard area because there’s nowhere for<br />

them to go. And that’s before the pandemic hit. So<br />

you imagine being that stretched and then somehow<br />

having to deal with not just tripling but quadrupling<br />

- and some - your capacity and the number of ITU<br />

beds. How do you do that?<br />

P<br />

You filmed scenes where Abbey faces abuse<br />

from people who say Covid is a hoax?<br />

That really did shock me. If you think of what<br />

J these NHS staff go through on a day to day<br />

basis. In November and December 2020 they<br />

were seeing an influx of patients and much younger<br />

patients than before. Suffering and dying from Covid.<br />

Having to deal with death on that level every day and<br />

be so overstretched that you’re making impossible<br />

decisions. Then walking out of the hospital having to<br />

face abuse from Covid deniers who maintained it was<br />

all a hoax. Going back to a grim hotel room, going<br />

to bed, getting up and doing it all again in extreme<br />

circumstances. It doesn’t take much to imagine what<br />

that would do to your mental health. The fury that<br />

would ignite in you.<br />

Filming those scenes of Abbey facing abuse, people<br />

calling you a liar, makes you feel so angry and<br />

betrayed on behalf of the NHS workers. I feel the<br />

government betrayed our NHS workers. But they<br />

carried on, fought through it and they are still doing<br />

that today. And, of course, the impact of what they<br />

went through during the pandemic still lives with<br />

them today.<br />

P<br />

What does it mean to you to have been involved<br />

in Breathtaking?<br />

It has changed my views on death… and life.<br />

J It’s not something that I’d never thought of or<br />

had never crossed my mind before but I came<br />

away from filming Breathtaking feeling incredibly<br />

grateful for my life and for life in general. For every<br />

morning we wake up and get to have another day.<br />

And how you just never know what’s around the<br />

corner. Good or bad. The great moments in life we<br />

have to absolutely make the most of. There will be<br />

difficult moments in life for every single human<br />

being. Nobody lives a life without pain or difficulty,<br />

no matter what their situation.<br />

It did give me a great belief in people’s humanity.<br />

Yes, there are people who are selfish and do bad<br />

things. But there are also people that are unselfish<br />

and do incredibly great things for other humans all of<br />

the time. That is really beautiful and something to be<br />

celebrated.<br />

I’m filled with gratitude to have been involved with<br />

Breathtaking. That I was trusted to play Abbey. I feel<br />

really honoured to be able to be a small part of telling<br />

this story that I think is so important. It has given me<br />

a real renewed sense of gratitude for life.<br />

Watch every episode of Breathtaking on ITVX<br />


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ew<br />

You’re back for series 18, how excited<br />

P<br />

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Well, I’m very pleased with this series<br />

A<br />

because the quality of the candidates<br />

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P<br />

What do you think has changed this<br />

year in the audition process?<br />

This year, we had more business<br />

A<br />

focused tasks early in the audition<br />

process so that my team and the production<br />

company could filter out and find serious<br />

potential businesspeople.<br />

P<br />

What makes you keep coming back to<br />

the show?<br />

Well, I love it. I love doing it. If I didn’t<br />

A<br />

like doing it, I wouldn’t do it. I can<br />

assure you I’ve got plenty of other things to<br />

do in my life, but I do enjoy it. And what I<br />

enjoy about it is that it’s growing acorns to<br />

oak trees. It’s finding a person and starting<br />

all over again and doing exactly what I did<br />

back in the ‘60s.<br />

Do you have an idea of how long you<br />

P<br />

want to do the show given the 20th<br />

anniversary is around the corner?<br />

Well, obviously we’re going to do that.<br />

A<br />

No question. But bear in mind, it’s<br />

not my call, it’s the BBC’s call. They’re<br />

the ones that will decide whether the<br />

programme has got longevity beyond 20<br />

series. I have a contract to do series 19, I<br />

don’t have a contract to do series 20 yet,<br />

but I’m pretty damn sure that I’ll ask them<br />

to do it and we’ll do it. But it’s really up to<br />

them. It’s up to their scheduling and all that<br />

type of thing.<br />

Me personally, I love it. I love doing it.<br />

I know Karren loves doing it. Tim loves<br />

doing it. And bear in mind that we’ve got<br />

people coming along now who 20 years<br />

ago weren’t even born. Or we’ve got people<br />

coming along now who were five years<br />

or six years old when they first started<br />

watching The Apprentice through their<br />

mums and dads. And now they’re coming<br />

on the show. So, it’s great. It’s fantastic.<br />

And it’s a great BBC programme.<br />

How important are Baroness Karren<br />

P<br />

Brady and Tim Campbell MBE to you<br />

in this process?<br />

Unbelievable. Karren is brilliant. Tim<br />

A<br />

is brilliant. They’ve got it. They’re<br />

the ones that tell me what’s going on<br />

when they’re out in the field with the<br />

candidates. I get emails, maybe 10 emails<br />

a day, as they’re going on. “Fred’s just<br />

fallen over. Fred’s just dropped all the ice<br />

cream. Harry’s just screwed up in front<br />

of the buyer.” I get it all. That’s how I get<br />

my information to actually question the<br />

candidates in the boardroom. They’re<br />

brilliant because they’ve done it for so long,<br />

right? They’re experts. They know what to<br />

look for and they know what to tell me and<br />

they know when to shut the candidates up<br />

and to steer them in the right direction.<br />

They are very important to me when it<br />

comes to deciding who I’m going to fire<br />

and hire. I mean, you could say the show<br />

is all Lord Sugar, it’s not. It’s Lord Sugar,<br />

Karren and Tim. It’s definitely down to<br />

them also as much as me. I can’t get all<br />

my questions out to the candidates without<br />

them telling me what went on in the task.<br />

A large percentage of your audience<br />

P<br />

is the much sought after 16-24<br />

age bracket, why do you think you are<br />

attracting that age range when people might<br />

expect them to be focussed on dating shows<br />

or streamers?<br />

First of all, what you need to<br />

A<br />

understand is, and I don’t wish to be<br />

disrespectful to any other host of business<br />

programmes, but I have done everything.<br />

I’ve literally done everything. When I’m<br />

questioning the candidates, I question them<br />

from a position of absolute experience of<br />

knowing every single facet of starting a<br />

business from scratch right the way up to<br />

becoming a multi-billion-pound turnover<br />

business.<br />

I think what happens is the interrogation<br />

or the questioning, put it that way, of the<br />

candidates, is what attracts the youngsters.<br />

If I’m walking down the street, it is that<br />

age group of people who come up to me<br />

to ask for a signature or a photograph or<br />

something like that.<br />


P<br />

Despite all that you still haven’t personally won<br />

a Bafta for what you’ve done for business!<br />

We have won Baftas, of course, the programme’s<br />

A<br />

won. And then I came up with the idea of the<br />

Junior Apprentice, right? And guess what? That also<br />

won. I think Bafta should give me a special award<br />

for 20 years of business. Simon Cowell got a special<br />

award for 10 years in music. Why can’t I have a<br />

special award for 20 years of business? I’ve got all<br />

the other gongs for everything else, the only one that<br />

I haven’t got is a Bafta.<br />

When you go into a new series, what is it that<br />

P<br />

you are looking for in a business partner, and has<br />

that changed over the years?<br />

No. When you’re confronted initially with<br />

A<br />

18 new people, you don’t know them, all I’ve<br />

received is 18 CVs. Detailed CVs, not just a single<br />

page, but a thick document of about 15 pages. I<br />

read that carefully and, it’s not until we kick off<br />

and as the weeks go by that I start to get a feeling<br />

for individuals. There have been many times in<br />

the early stages of process, Karren, Tim, Claude<br />

or Nick Hewer have said, “that bloke’s good or this<br />

girl’s great, this one’s good”, and all that. And then<br />

suddenly, throughout the course of the process, the<br />

others start to climb, and you change your mind<br />

as it’s going through. The most frequently asked<br />

question to me is, do you know who’s going to win<br />

as soon as you see the whole lot? The answer is<br />

absolutely not. I don’t know who’s going to win until<br />

we really get through to the end of the series.<br />

P<br />

You really do study the candidates before you<br />

meet them?<br />

I do. I’ve looked at them carefully and I make<br />

A<br />

notes on their CVs, they are all marked up. It’s<br />

15 pages. For example, I would highlight page 15<br />

and things that they’ve written in their CVs. I will<br />

highlight it and then I can go straight to that page<br />

in the boardroom, what they’re claiming, I’ve got<br />

their tactics, I’ve got their regrets, I’ve got their best<br />

efforts, their worst efforts, what angers them, what<br />

their hobbies are, who their role models are. I know<br />

them before they walk through the door. There’s no<br />

pulling the wool over my eyes, I know them before<br />

we even meet.<br />

How important are first impressions because the<br />

P<br />

candidates tend to make quite bold statements at<br />

the beginning?<br />

Yes, important. But I don’t blame them for<br />

A<br />

saying these things. It’s when we get down to<br />

the nitty gritty, when I’m really talking to them,<br />

when I’m asking them questions and looking at their<br />

answers, that’s when I’m forming an opinion of the<br />

individuals.<br />

When it comes to the boardroom, how do you<br />

P<br />

find the balance between entertaining but also<br />

being authentic?<br />

Well, I think it is important that it is entertaining<br />

A<br />

as well. And that’s one of the reasons why we’ve<br />

got these young people following us. I explain to<br />

people business mistakes and good bits of business<br />

and the youngsters pick up on it. They love it, but<br />

they also love it when I give some people a bit of<br />

stick or when I make some jokes about their mistakes<br />

and all that stuff. There’s a fine balance of keeping it<br />

entertaining but also taking the business seriously.<br />

P<br />

What are you looking for from the candidates in<br />

those tense boardroom moments?<br />

I’m looking for character, I’m looking for brain<br />

A<br />

power. And this is the most important thing, do<br />

they get it? A lot of the candidates in the early stages<br />

simply don’t get it. And that’s why I let them go. Do<br />

you get it? It’s as simple as that. All the shouting and<br />

Lord Sugar & The Apprentice candidates<br />

24 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Baroness Karren Brady & Tim Campbell MBE are Lord Sugar’s trusted advisors on The Apprentice<br />

screaming amongst each other, I have to shut them<br />

up. Just be quiet. They just start screaming. It’s not<br />

good. I’m always telling them, “One at a time. I’ll let<br />

you all speak. I’ll let everybody speak. No need to<br />

shout and scream over each other.” I’m just looking<br />

for do they get it? Simple as that.<br />

This series sees tasks around electric cars, vegan<br />

P<br />

cheese and virtual escape rooms. Is it important<br />

to you that tasks reflect the changing markets?<br />

They’re keeping me up to date also over the<br />

A<br />

years, all this bloody virtual reality and all that<br />

type of thing. Of course, I’m a technical person, so<br />

I’ve been in the electronics industry and software<br />

industry all of my life. It’s not too bad. I’m able<br />

to keep up with it. Don’t forget, 30 years ago I<br />

introduced computers for games playing. I know all<br />

about that.<br />

With the country facing economic turmoil, does<br />

P<br />

that impact the type of business that you are<br />

interested in?<br />

I’ve been in business for 60 years nearly, and<br />

A<br />

I’ve gone through valleys and mountains of<br />

recessions, booms and busts and all that stuff. And<br />

to be honest with you, I’ve just kept my head down<br />

and got on with my business. I’m focused on my<br />

business and that’s what we do and that’s what we do<br />

with the winners of The Apprentice. I don’t let myself<br />

get dragged into, “Oh, I’m not going to do that now<br />

because there’s a recession out there or the cost-ofliving<br />

crisis.” No, sorry, I can’t do that.<br />

How much of success is based on taking risks<br />

P<br />

outside of your comfort zone? Or is it about<br />

detailed preparation?<br />

All success is about risk. Risk, reward. Yes,<br />

A<br />

calculated risks. Sensible gambles, sensible risks.<br />

Entrepreneurs stand out because they’re prepared<br />

to make bold moves when other people are scared.<br />

I always tell people don’t get involved in something<br />

that you have no experience in. That’s my ethos.<br />

I only deal in areas that I do have experience in. I<br />

wouldn’t go off and try and start an airline tomorrow.<br />

I wouldn’t go off and start a mobile phone company.<br />

I’ll stick to what I know. And that’s why I say to the<br />

candidates, when the tasks come up, don’t dive in<br />

because you want to be a project manager. Do you<br />

know anything about this? Is it synergistic to your<br />

business or to your knowledge? If it’s not, stay away.<br />

Watch The Apprentice on BBC One & BBC iPlayer<br />


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and games.<br />

£14.99 from tonies.com and<br />

selected retailers<br />

10<br />


Children deepen their understanding of greater<br />

than, less than, and equal to each time they play<br />

with the innovative Numberblocks® Blockzee<br />

Balance Activity Set. Based on the Blockzee character from<br />

the well-loved and award-winning CBeebies TV series, this<br />

clever balance is ideal for learning in the classroom or at<br />

home. Children use the set’s 61 Numberblocks MathLink<br />

Cubes in official colours to make One to Ten. As<br />

they then place the characters<br />

in Blockzee’s buckets and<br />

watch her arms move<br />

to show their different<br />

weights, her mouth also<br />

moves into the position<br />

of greater than, less than or<br />

equal to right in front of them!<br />

This action helps make the abstract<br />

concept of equivalence more real for<br />

children. What’s more,<br />

her eyes also move<br />

which adds an extra<br />

element of fun to the<br />

learning.<br />

£32.50 from<br />

learningresources.co.uk<br />

11<br />


EDURINO is a series of digital learning games which<br />

combines an app, an ergonomically designed pen and<br />

character figurines - and once downloaded, all the content<br />

is totally internet free! Each of the cute little characters focusses on<br />

a particular subject, unlocking over 40 challenges and games for kids<br />

aged 4+ years to explore. All of the EDURINO interactive learning<br />

content has been developed in partnership with teachers, ensuring the<br />

playful games and challenges meet age-appropriate learning objectives<br />

– it’s screen time well spent.<br />

EDURINO Starter Set – Yuki (Design and Creativity) is £44.99 and<br />

EDURINO Ari Figurine (My Body Parts) is £24.99 from edurino.co.uk<br />


expert<br />

advice<br />

How To Navigate<br />

Your Child’s Digital<br />

Learning Experience<br />

Children’s exposure to digital based<br />

technologies is inevitable – so how can<br />

parents make the best of it as a platform<br />

to benefit a young child’s learning and<br />

development?<br />

Dr Jacqueline Harding<br />

MA, Cert Ed, SFHEA<br />

EDURINO, the innovative digital<br />

learning brand, offers an engaging<br />

educational experience for children<br />

aged 4 and above. At the heart<br />

of the EDURINO series are its<br />

digital learning games, seamlessly<br />

blending technology with tactile<br />

interaction. With an app (once<br />

downloaded all the content is<br />

totally internet free), an intuitively<br />

designed pen, and charming<br />

character figurines, EDURINO<br />

delivers a captivating offline<br />

learning journey.<br />

From literacy to numeracy, coding,<br />

creativity, plants, wildlife and body<br />

parts, EDURINO allows children<br />

to delve into challenges and games<br />

without the need for connectivity.<br />

Each adorable character focuses<br />

on a specific subject, meticulously<br />

crafted to unlock educational<br />

content aligned with age<br />

appropriate learning objectives.<br />

Learn more at edurino.co.uk<br />

With any digital<br />

platform it is<br />

quite simply<br />

about ‘quality’<br />

over ‘quantity’<br />

In a child’s early years, the<br />

developing brain is particularly<br />

receptive to new experiences<br />

and on the look-out for new<br />

information. Children have a thirst<br />

for understanding how the world<br />

works and that also includes the<br />

digital environment.<br />


PLAY<br />

Children are surrounded by<br />

technology from their earliest<br />

years, so they need the skills to<br />

fully function in a future digital<br />

world. Developmentally speaking,<br />

children are driven to be active<br />

rather than passive in all forms of<br />

play and this is also true within<br />

the digital environment. And the<br />

brain that loves to play is delighted<br />

by interactivity.<br />

The bottom line is that with any<br />

digital platform it is quite simply<br />

about ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’.<br />

Developmentally sensitive<br />

digital learning platforms now<br />

play a core part in children’s<br />

education and can help them to<br />

learn independently. This could<br />

explain why more than a quarter<br />

of parents of new reception class<br />

starters in a recent Edurino poll<br />

said they purchased a digital<br />

device ahead of their child starting<br />

school; and why parents actively<br />

seek screen time for their children<br />

to support their education. In fact,<br />

the poll found that more than a<br />

third of primary school parents<br />

said they were willing to increase<br />

screen time if it helps their child<br />

to learn new skills.<br />



We need to encourage children to<br />

develop digital literacy in ways<br />

that are both playful and make<br />

best use of the brain that loves to<br />

play.<br />

In today’s world, it’s impossible to<br />

imagine life without digital media,<br />

children are growing up with it<br />

– and they have the potential to<br />

become digital creators, not just<br />

consumers!<br />

Here are seven practical tips to<br />

help navigate your child’s digital<br />

learning.<br />

1. BE ‘IN THE KNOW’<br />

Become familiar with the digital<br />

games your child is playing, so<br />

you can chat to them about the fun<br />

they are having.<br />


Enjoy character-driven games,<br />

and embrace the interactivity and<br />

the humour together, the learning<br />

embedded within the content will<br />

happen naturally.<br />

3. BREAKS<br />

Encourage your child to put their<br />

screens down at regular intervals.<br />

32 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


Take advantage of the Parent Area<br />

provided by digital games such as<br />

Edurino, where you can set time<br />

limits and monitor your child’s<br />

progress – it also gives children<br />

control of their play too.<br />

5. KEEP SAFE<br />

Keep lines of conversation open<br />

about digital safety and guide<br />

children according to their age and<br />

understanding.<br />



It’s important that children<br />

develop digital literacy so they<br />

are equipped with skillsets for<br />

the future, for example critical<br />

thinking skills and being able to<br />

problem-solve with ease.<br />


Laughing and learning come<br />

hand in hand, so keep it fun and<br />

playful - children learn a little bit<br />

easier when the serious business<br />

of ‘learning’ is stripped way.<br />


As an international child<br />

development and education<br />

expert, Dr Jacqueline Harding<br />

is recognised for her work in<br />

positive online media. She has<br />

represented the UK in developing<br />

essential digital criteria and<br />

establishing best practice for<br />

broadcasters, parents and teachers<br />

across Europe. Her Doctoral work<br />

specialised in understanding how<br />

young children engage in media<br />

applications and she developed<br />

a unique tool to examine their<br />

responses. She works for<br />

children’s TV shows, such as Peter<br />

Rabbit, Teletubbies and Bing. She<br />

is a sought-after speaker in the<br />

media and author of best-selling<br />

books for parents, practitioners<br />

and children. Her latest book is<br />

called: The Brain that Loves to<br />

Play. She is an Honorary Visiting<br />

Research Fellow at Middlesex<br />

University and a former BBC<br />

Education Editor, Government<br />

Consultant, Headteacher and<br />

Senior Lecturer at Middlesex<br />

University.<br />

Research carried out online by<br />

Research Without Barriers – RWB,<br />

between 27th September 2023 and 2nd<br />

October 2023. The sample comprised<br />

1,000 UK parents of 4-8-year-olds. All<br />

research conducted adheres to the UK<br />

Market Research Society (MRS) code of<br />

conduct (2023). RWB is registered with<br />

the Information Commissioner’s Office<br />

and complies with the DPA (1998)<br />


Minipreneur’s Fun Zone<br />

1<br />

1. HAMA BEADS<br />

Unleash creativity with Gabby’s<br />

Dollhouse Large Hama Set which<br />

boasts 4,000 beads for crafting<br />

adorable Gabby and cat-inspired<br />

characters. Includes design guide<br />

and two large square pegboards.<br />

£17.50 from Amazon<br />

2. DOTZIES<br />

With 2,000 Dotz in 23 colours,<br />

this Dotzies Activity Kit has five<br />

fun activities to create sparkling<br />

accessories including stickers,<br />

bracelets and a zipper pouch.<br />

Suitable for age 6+.<br />

£14.99 from Amazon<br />


Stringalings BFF Braiding<br />

Accessory Kit comes with highquality,<br />

coloured strings that you<br />

can braid into bracelets, necklaces,<br />

keychains, and more.<br />

£14.99 from Smyths<br />

4. GALT TOYS<br />

This charming Paint a Tea Set<br />

comes with a white ceramic<br />

miniature tea set comprising<br />

tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 4<br />

cups, 4 saucers plus 12 colourful<br />

ceramic paints, paintbrush and<br />

guide.<br />

£11.99 from Amazon<br />

5. MARVEL<br />

These fun and cuddly Marvel<br />

Snapbands simply snap onto the<br />

wrist of on-the-go kids. There are<br />

four plush characters to collect:<br />

Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Groot,<br />

and Iron Man.<br />

£9.99 at Sainsbury’s<br />

6. SO SLIME<br />

So Slime Mix ‘In Sensations<br />

3-in-1 ASMR Desk contains six<br />

different compound textures and<br />

four fun decorations to mix in for<br />

more slime sensations. Play, carry<br />

and store all in the one desk.<br />

£14.99 from Smyths Toys<br />

7. MELISSA & DOUG<br />

Sticker WOW!® is a whole new<br />

way to play with stickers! Let<br />

the adorable Olive the Dinosaur<br />

stamp its way through 24 pages<br />

of fun-filled, prehistoric-themed<br />

counting, matching, and searchand-find<br />

activities.<br />

£9.99 at Amazon<br />

2<br />

8. TONIES<br />

The tonies® collection is the<br />

perfect screen-free toy for kids,<br />

offering hours of stories, songs and<br />

educational content to keep little<br />

ones engaged and learning! With<br />

over 200 audio Tonie characters,<br />

children will find plenty of<br />

favourites to choose from. Right<br />

now, we’re listening and singing<br />

along to the adventures of Rubble<br />

and Everest from PAW Patrol, and<br />

Olaf’s Frozen Adventures from<br />

Disney’s Frozen. These Tonies are<br />

£14.99 each from tonies.com<br />


Open the oven door to discover<br />

a warm and scented interactive<br />

plush friend in the shape of a<br />

yummy smelling baked treat.<br />

£39.99 from Argos, Smyth’s and<br />

John Lewis<br />


My Pet Lamb Snowie moves and<br />

sounds exactly like a real baby<br />

lamb, and has over 25 sounds<br />

and reactions including baaing,<br />

feeding, giggling, burping,<br />

sniffing.<br />

£19.99 from Argos, Amazon,<br />

Smyths<br />

11. BLUEY<br />

This Bluey Beach Quad Set<br />

features Bluey’s dad Bandit decked<br />

out in cool sunglasses with a<br />

surfboard that fits onto the front of<br />

the Quad so Bandit can catch some<br />

radical waves! Little ones will love<br />

to recreate their favourite Bluey<br />

moments from the show.<br />

£15 from The Entertainer<br />

12. BUILD YOUR OWN<br />

This Build Your Own Kitten kit<br />

is ideal for craft-loving kids. The<br />

cute moving head action, striking<br />

tabby fur pattern, and gleaming<br />

eyes cleverly bring this cuddly<br />

companion to life.<br />

£9.99 from buildyourownkits.com<br />

34 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

3<br />

4<br />

7<br />

5<br />

6<br />

8 9<br />

10<br />

11<br />

12<br />


Minipreneur’s<br />

Book Corner<br />

The Mightiest<br />

Bite by Howard<br />

Calvert & Mike Moran<br />

Filled with witty humour and<br />

charming illustrations, this<br />

entertaining book not only<br />

showcases the unique characteristics<br />

of different animals but also<br />

highlights the importance of wit<br />

and intelligence in overcoming<br />

challenges. It<br />

will leave kids<br />

giggling with<br />

delight.<br />

£7.99<br />

published by<br />

Andersen<br />

Press<br />

Ramadan Kareem<br />

by M.O Yuksel & Hatem Aly<br />

This is a heartwarming and enlightening<br />

picture book that beautifully captures the spirit<br />

of the holy month of Ramadan. Young readers<br />

are invited to join characters and their families<br />

around the world as they embark on a journey<br />

of spiritual growth and communal celebration. Hatem Aly’s<br />

intricate and expressive illustrations breathe life into the pages and<br />

capture the essence of each moment with warmth and authenticity.<br />

£7.99 published by Farshore<br />

SATs Like<br />

A Ninja by<br />

Andrew Jennings<br />

This is the ultimate<br />

companion for any Key<br />

Stage 2 student gearing up<br />

for their SATs exams. With<br />

concise yet comprehensive<br />

guidance, this pocketsized<br />

powerhouse ensures<br />

students are well-equipped<br />

to tackle the challenges of<br />

the SATs with confidence.<br />

From mastering arithmetic<br />

and tackling reasoning<br />

problems to honing reading<br />

comprehension skills and<br />

deciphering tricky spelling<br />

rules, students have all the<br />

tools they need to excel.<br />

£4.99 published by<br />

Bloomsbury Education<br />

Clarice Bean: Smile<br />

by Lauren Child<br />

In this delightful return to the world of Clarice Bean,<br />

filled with her trademark humour, Child’s unique<br />

narrative style and playful illustrations bring Clarice’s<br />

world to life as she navigates both environmental<br />

concerns and family dynamics.<br />

£14.99 published by HarperCollins Children’s Books<br />

PLEASE! by<br />

Simon Philip &<br />

Nathan Reed<br />

This riotously entertaining tale<br />

teaches the importance of good<br />

manners in the most hilarious way<br />

possible. With vibrant illustrations<br />

and witty storytelling, PLEASE! is<br />

a joy to read aloud and perfect for<br />

capturing the attention<br />

of young readers. It’s<br />

a must-have addition<br />

to any children’s<br />

bookshelf this spring.<br />

£7.99 published by<br />

Bloomsbury<br />

There’s a Tiger<br />

on the Train by<br />

Mariesa Dulak &<br />

Rebecca Cobb<br />

Mariesa Dulak’s delightful<br />

debut picture book delivers<br />

a poignant message to look<br />

up, engage with the world<br />

around them, and embrace<br />

the unexpected adventures<br />

that await. With its charming<br />

narrative and captivating artwork,<br />

this book is sure to be a hit with<br />

families and young readers alike.<br />

£7.99 published by Faber<br />

Christopher<br />

Nibble<br />

by Charlotte<br />

Middleton<br />

Perfect for guinea pig<br />

enthusiasts and eco-conscious<br />

readers alike, this educational<br />

story teaches children about<br />

environmental responsibility and<br />

the importance of conservation.<br />

Middleton’s delightful illustrations<br />

capture the whimsical world of<br />

Dandeville, making it an engaging<br />

read for young audiences.<br />

£7.99 published by Graffeg<br />

36 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Runaway Cone<br />

by Morag Hood<br />

Filled with humour and<br />

excitement, this is a delightful<br />

sequel to one of our favourite<br />

picture books. Little ones will<br />

be captivated by Hood’s vibrant illustrations and<br />

the humorous twists and turns of the plot. With<br />

its laugh-out-loud moments and unexpected<br />

surprises, this book is sure to keep young readers<br />

entertained from start to finish.<br />

£12.99 published by Macmillan Children’s Books<br />

Martha Maps it Out in<br />

Time by Leigh Hodgkinson<br />

In this captivating sequel, Martha embarks on a<br />

time-travelling adventure, encountering dinosaurs,<br />

woolly mammoths, and glimpses into<br />

the future. Hodgkinson’s stunning<br />

collage-style illustrations bring the<br />

STEM concepts to life, making them<br />

accessible and engaging for young<br />

minds. Kids will love this inspiring<br />

exploration of time, filled with<br />

adventure, discovery, and the beauty<br />

of cherishing each moment.<br />

£7.99 published by Oxford University Press<br />

Bicycles: Pop-Up Book by<br />

Dominique Erhard<br />

With intricate pop-up scenes, Ehrhard<br />

skillfully captures key moments in<br />

the evolution of the bicycle, from Karl<br />

Drais’ pioneering invention to the<br />

modern-day Tour de France. The perfect<br />

gift for bike lovers, this is a delightful<br />

journey through two centuries of bicycling history and culture.<br />

£14.99 published by Prestel<br />

Little Mo and the Great Snow<br />

Monster by Michael Foreman<br />

Internationally renowned children’s book illustrator Michael<br />

Foreman lends his compelling storytelling style to the tale of the<br />

world’s first mammal: Little Mo.<br />

With an endearing central character whose<br />

gumption saves the day and stunning original<br />

watercolour illustrations throughout, this new<br />

must-have picture book is the perfect prehistoric<br />

adventure for young readers.<br />

£12.99 published by Thames & Hudson<br />

Bear and Bird: The Adventure<br />

and Other Stories by Jarvis<br />

With charming illustrations and engaging<br />

storytelling, this is a delightful addition to Jarvis’s<br />

beloved chapter book series. Jarvis skillfully weaves<br />

together moments of genuine warmth and affection<br />

with comic mix-ups and misunderstandings, creating<br />

a delightful narrative that will captivate young<br />

readers with its message about empathy, friendship,<br />

and the importance of cherishing those closest to us.<br />

£9.99 published by Walker Books<br />

One Little Word<br />

by Joseph Coelho &<br />

Alison Colpoys<br />

Waterstones Children’s Laureate<br />

Joseph Coelho presents a heartfelt<br />

tale about the power of friendship<br />

and the importance of<br />

communication. With<br />

timeless illustrations<br />

by Alison Colpoys,<br />

the book is a touching<br />

reminder of the value<br />

of forgiveness and<br />

understanding in<br />

overcoming conflicts.<br />

£7.99 published by Quarto<br />

Forgotten<br />

Fairy Tales of<br />

Unlikely Heroes<br />

This collection of seven<br />

unfamiliar fairy tales breathes<br />

new life into old stories: a farm<br />

girl outwits an ogre, an old man<br />

wins fame for his kindness, while<br />

a girl discovers that what makes<br />

her different is also<br />

what makes her so<br />

special. This magical<br />

collection acts as a<br />

reminder that anyone,<br />

no matter how small,<br />

can make a difference.<br />

£12.99 published by<br />

Usborne<br />


Alan<br />

Carr<br />

Intervi<br />

38 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

The host of BBC One’s “Interior Design<br />

Masters With Alan Carr” talks about the new<br />

series and why he sees himself as a chandelier<br />

ew<br />

In a new series of Interior Design<br />

Masters, Alan Carr welcomes ten novice<br />

designers looking for their big break in<br />

the world of commercial interior design.<br />

Over eight weeks they will be competing<br />

to win a collaboration contract with<br />

a global homeware brand to produce<br />

their own line of home furnishings.<br />

Design expert and former editor of Elle<br />

Decoration Michelle Ogundehin returns<br />

as the series judge.<br />

The designers come from all walks of<br />

life and have very different signature<br />

styles, from the ‘Victorian Maximalist’ to<br />

the ‘Elegant Brutalist’ to the ‘Colourful<br />

Traditionalist’. Each week, either<br />

working alone or as a team, they are set<br />

a new challenge as they are given free<br />

rein to redesign a range of commercial<br />

spaces across the UK. These include<br />

turning former nun’s cells into B&Bs,<br />

revamping activity centres at Chester<br />

Zoo, transforming Wembley dressing<br />

rooms and remodelling holiday lodges at<br />

Blenheim Palace.<br />

Each week Michelle decides which<br />

designers have created her ‘Stand Out<br />

Space’ and which designers will be<br />

sent home. She is joined by leading<br />

figures from the world of interior design<br />

including Abigail Ahern, Kelly Hoppen,<br />

Sophie Robinson and Mary Portas.<br />

Welcome back to series 5 of Interior<br />

P Design Masters. Can you tell us what<br />

viewers can expect from this series<br />

and why they should watch it?<br />

Brilliant designers, exciting locations<br />

A and eye-popping interior design. The<br />

show is such a springboard – that’s<br />

what I love about it. Banjo Beale has his<br />

own show, Micaela Sharp, Peter Irvine<br />

and Siobhan Murphy do presenting.<br />

Molly Coath and Fran Lee have worked<br />

with the amazing Matthew Williamson,<br />

and I saw a massive billboard advertising<br />

Paul Moneypenny’s new wallpaper range<br />

- felt like such a proud dad. This show<br />

can change your life.<br />

P<br />

How is it to be reunited with<br />

Michelle Ogundehin?<br />

Love her. People think we are chalk<br />

A and cheese but we have such a giggle<br />

on the show. Plus, you learn so much<br />

about interior design from her. Every day<br />

is a school day with Michelle.<br />

P<br />

Can you tell us a bit more about the<br />

designers taking part this year?<br />

The key to the show success is the<br />

A designers, it’s getting the right mix,<br />

not just of personalities but design<br />

styles. This year does not disappoint:<br />

we have quirky designers, serious<br />

designers but the one thing they have in<br />

common is that they are designers who<br />

are just starting out. On this show you<br />

always think that you’ve seen everything<br />

and then a designer comes along with<br />

something so uniquely beautiful, or in<br />

some cases hideously awful, but you are<br />

always surprised whether in a good way<br />

or bad!<br />

In your opinion, is there a common<br />

P design faux pas which designers<br />

tend to make, that you have seen in<br />

this series or across all series of Interior<br />

Design Masters?<br />

The most common faux pas is when<br />

A the designers forget the client and<br />

just do what they want to do. The<br />

client wanted high end luxury, but you<br />

like lime green and fuzzy felt so you<br />

decided to pop that on the wall instead<br />

- its madness! The amount of times we<br />

see this on the sofa and Michelle ends<br />

up telling them ‘It’s not about you!!’.<br />

Obviously, it makes great telly when these<br />

designers do it their way but we do end up<br />

with some unhappy clients.<br />

When you are with the designers as<br />

P they are working on their project, do<br />

you ever get the urge to get involved<br />

or give your opinion?<br />

I have to bite my tongue so badly,<br />

A but then I do have the worst poker<br />

face, so I end up saying it anyway.<br />

The series has been going on so long now<br />

that I think the designers can tell whether<br />

I like it or not. They’ll say ‘you hate it<br />

don’t you’ and I have to come clean. But<br />

in my defence if I LOVE a design I will<br />


The Designers (L-R): Roisin, Ash, Domnall, Francesca, Hannah, Sheree, Benat, Anthony, Matt, Jess<br />

gush accordingly.<br />

Michelle and the guest judges<br />

P are the experts in their field,<br />

but do you ever find that<br />

their final decision at the end of<br />

each episode doesn’t match your<br />

favourite design?<br />

Sometimes I am shocked and<br />

A think Michelle and the guest<br />

judge got it wrong. But then<br />

that’s what separates this show<br />

from a lot of others as Michelle<br />

will so eloquently say why it was<br />

wrong and then you go ‘oh I see’.<br />

The show is fair, no one stays in<br />

because their nan’s not well or<br />

they didn’t get a Christmas present<br />

as a child, it’s whether they follow<br />

the brief. A designer will create<br />

a stunning room but if the client<br />

didn’t want that and asked for<br />

something different, you fail the<br />

task, then you will be on the sofa.<br />

That’s interior design - client is<br />

king.<br />

P<br />

What sparked your interest<br />

for interior design and what<br />

do you love about it?<br />

I wasn’t interested in interior<br />

A design when I started, I loved<br />

the show don’t get me wrong,<br />

but I was a bit ‘it’s only some<br />

wallpaper - get over yourself’.<br />

But, as the series went on and<br />

I saw more and more designs I<br />

realised, and I know this sounds<br />

pretentious, the power of colour<br />

and space! Plus, you have to<br />

remember, with BBC One’s The<br />

Italian Job with Amanda Holden<br />

I was renovating our little house<br />

in Italy doing what the designers<br />

were doing back home. I was<br />

upcycling, finding wallpapers,<br />

tiling, panelling - on a budget<br />

too. But they didn’t have Amanda<br />

bossing them about!!! JOKE!!!<br />

P<br />

Do you have a style you take<br />

inspiration from for you<br />

home?<br />

Love bold tiles, the brighter<br />

A the better. I have quite<br />

eclectic taste, hate rooms<br />

with nothing in them, where’s<br />

the life? Do you even live in this<br />

room?!<br />

P<br />

In your opinion, can good<br />

interior design have a positive<br />

effect on how people feel?<br />

Yes definitely, that’s the one<br />

A thing I’ve learnt from this<br />

show - interior design can<br />

affect you mentally, whether that’s<br />

spatially or with colour. We all<br />

have a favourite pub or cafe that<br />

we love to go to, and you probably<br />

love it so much because of the<br />

design and you don’t realise it.<br />

The comfy sofas that give you a<br />

good view to people watch, the<br />

cosy banquette with the plush<br />

velvet makes you feel relaxed, the<br />

lighting gives off an intimate glow<br />

and you can chat with your friends<br />

in a soothing environment. Even if<br />

you don’t like interior design you<br />

actually do - you just don’t know<br />

it!<br />

How do you think this series<br />

P will inspire the British public<br />

with their own interior design<br />

ideas?<br />

It’s all accessible, it’s all<br />

A within reach, it’s all on a<br />

budget, there are no excuses.<br />

The only thing holding you back<br />

is your imagination. None of the<br />

stuff is high end, they make it look<br />

high end. If it can inspire me to<br />

go to a car boot sale on a Sunday<br />

morning, it can inspire you.<br />

From your personal<br />

P experience, if you were to<br />

give a word of advice to<br />

those viewers wanting to design<br />

or redesign their home or a room,<br />

what would you tell them?<br />

Be confident. Go for it. I got<br />

A these bright teal tiles for my<br />

kitchen, I thought sod it, let’s<br />

have a bit of colour, best thing I<br />

ever did. It’s a talking point when<br />

people come into my home.<br />

P<br />

If you were an element of<br />

design, what would you be<br />

and why?<br />

I would be a chandelier,<br />

A elegant, never out of style<br />

but if you get too close - I get<br />

shady!!!<br />

Interior Design Masters with<br />

Alan Carr is on BBC One and<br />

BBC iPlayer<br />

40 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Alan Carr and Michelle Ogundehin<br />


expert<br />

advice<br />

How To Choose the Perfect<br />

Scent For Spring<br />

As the season changes and temperature<br />

warms, ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s Head of<br />

Fragrance, Robin Fisher explains how to choose<br />

your perfect Spring scent and the ins and outs of<br />

<strong>2024</strong>’s fragrance trend – scent layering<br />




It’s easy to be unsure of the<br />

differences between an Eau de<br />

Parfum (EDP) and Eau de Toilette<br />

(EDT), one thing to remember is<br />

both products will have the same<br />

scent notes, the difference lies in<br />

the concentration.<br />

EDP is the stronger of the two,<br />

with a higher percentage of<br />

perfume oil, around 12-18%,<br />

creating an intensified, longlasting<br />

scent that continues to<br />

delight for around 4-5 hours, great<br />

for evening wear. EDPs are a little<br />

more expensive because of the<br />

higher levels of perfume oil but the<br />

intensity and longevity make them<br />

a great choice.<br />

For a delicate scent that offers a<br />

lighter feel, the EDT is a pleasure.<br />

Featuring a slightly lower perfume<br />

oil percentage, around 8-12%, it<br />

creates a luxurious everyday scent,<br />

without being too overbearing.<br />


Fragrance layering is one of the<br />

hottest trends for <strong>2024</strong>, seeing<br />

shoppers build a scent with a<br />

variety of different products.<br />

If choosing a layered approach,<br />

this can increase the longevity<br />

of an individual scent by linking<br />

products with the same scent.<br />

Why not focus this scent across<br />

your entire routine with bath and<br />

shower products to start, locking<br />

in moisture with the matching<br />

body lotion and finishing with a<br />

spritz of perfume. Perfect if you<br />

love a particular scent and want<br />

to enhance the overall fragrance<br />

experience.<br />


NOTES<br />

To fully take advantage of<br />

fragrance layering, it’s important<br />

to pay attention to the notes. Top<br />

notes are the initial scent so should<br />

remain soft and delicate and help<br />

to shape the fragrance’s story.<br />

Light top notes are ideal, and<br />

scents of jasmine and grapefruit<br />

work beautifully.<br />

Sitting at the fragrance centre are<br />

the heart notes, which last around<br />

20 to 60 minutes and makes up<br />

70% of the full fragrance scent.<br />

Rose, lily and orange blossom are<br />

perfect options for heart notes as<br />

they work to prolong the top notes<br />

while introducing new scents to<br />

enhance the overall experience.<br />

Base notes form the foundation of<br />

the fragrance and tend to be rich<br />

and long-lasting aromas such as<br />

musk, vanilla or sandalwood. Base<br />

notes sink into the skin and last up<br />

to a few hours.<br />


With so many options on the<br />

market, it can be overwhelming to<br />

pick out a new scent however, we<br />

often see people gravitate towards<br />

two different scent categories:<br />

sweet and fruity fragrances which<br />

are ideal for everyday wear or<br />

floral and fresh fragrances with<br />

delicately balanced layers of<br />

scent that refresh. I’d recommend<br />

ARRAN’s Fragrance Trio Set<br />

(£45 - pictured above) as a perfect<br />

option for those who want to try<br />

out different fragrances.<br />


ARRAN Sense of Scotland creates<br />

luxury bath, body and home<br />

fragrance collections inspired<br />

by and proudly made on the<br />

Isle of Arran. For three decades,<br />

the family-run company has<br />

been creating vibrant, evocative<br />

scents using the mineral-rich<br />

waters of their island home.<br />

From the floral & fresh Imachar<br />

and the sweet & fruity Glen Rosa<br />

Eau de Toilettes to the sensual<br />

After The Rain Eau de Parfum,<br />

you can discover the full ARRAN<br />

Sense of Scotland fragrance<br />

collection at arran.com<br />

42 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

1<br />

2<br />

Scents of Spring<br />

3<br />

5<br />

6<br />

4<br />

7 8<br />

1. Soeder Grapefruit Natural Soap 500ml €43.95 and 1L Refill €64.95 from soeder.ch<br />

2. The Savile Row Company Mayfair Eau de Parfum £52 from Freemans<br />

3.Clean Living Cashmere & Black Amber Reed Diffuser £37.99 from cleanlivingint.com<br />

4. ARRAN Sense of Scotland After The Rain Home Fragrance Gift Set, £40 from arran.com<br />

5. Da Lapa Orange Blossom and Juniper 220g Candle £36 from dalapahandcrafted.com<br />

6. Spritz Wellness Relax Candle £28 from spritzwellness.com<br />

7. Little Village Candles Waterlily & Sea Salt Classic Candle £24 from littlevillagecandles.com<br />

8. Bespoke London Eau de Parfum - Jasmine & Chocolate Berries, Bergamot & Rose Musk, Mandarin Praline<br />

& White Flowers, Spiced Pear & Warm Amber £9.99 each from Superdrug<br />


How To Create The Perfect<br />

Home Office Space<br />

Nicolene Mausenbaum<br />

Interior Designer Specialising In Holistic Design<br />

The hybrid work revolution and<br />

flexibility are key factors in the<br />

current and foreseeable future<br />

workscape, and the significant<br />

increase in employee satisfaction<br />

and boosted productivity seen<br />

from hybrid work situations<br />

has confirmed the benefits of<br />

this former temporary measure.<br />

Many employees experience an<br />

improved work-life balance, and<br />

the decrease in daily commutes<br />

is a cost-saver for them and<br />

has beneficial effects on the<br />

environment, too. Employers<br />

also benefit from a reduction in<br />

running costs and a decreased<br />

need for large real estate<br />

footprints.<br />

Best of all, they are now open<br />

to offering their employees the<br />

ideal work environment that<br />

suits their working style, and if<br />

you’re fortunate enough to be a<br />

hybrid worker, it’s time to invest<br />

in yourself by properly setting up<br />

your home office.<br />

Here are some key insights and<br />

professional tips for ensuring you<br />

set up your perfect home office<br />

space.<br />


Identify the ideal space in your<br />

home for your workspace.<br />

Consider things like good<br />

ventilation, positions of power<br />

points, easy access to your desk,<br />

and a lack of obstructions and<br />

interference when you need peace<br />

and quiet to work.<br />

If possible, consider having a<br />

wall behind your chair- amongst<br />

other uses, this can help to<br />

screen off the daily activities and<br />

possible interruptions from other<br />

household members. You can learn<br />

a lot about people by observing<br />

how they show up in their daily<br />

environment- and you’re wanting<br />

to create a professional impression<br />

of you and your company’s<br />

brand online. Not only will you<br />

feel more confident when you<br />

know you look your best in your<br />

professional space, your clients<br />

and colleagues will know that you<br />

mean business.<br />

How do you feel about the<br />

space? Can you envision yourself<br />

working there for most of the day?<br />

You need to be happy and<br />

productive in this space, so you<br />

need to be sure it works for you<br />

and your unique requirements.<br />


Lighting is a critical element<br />

to be considered when creating<br />

your spaces and can affect the<br />

overall mood, functionality, and<br />

aesthetics of a space- as well as<br />

promote a sense of well-being.<br />

When considering the quality of<br />

lighting in your space, you need<br />

to think about the types of tasks<br />

you perform in your daily work<br />

routines. Most people would need<br />

good general (ambient) light, with<br />

additional task lighting like a desk<br />

and floor lamp. If you’re attending<br />

Zoom meetings, add a ring light<br />

directly behind your computer<br />

screen to ensure that your face is<br />

evenly lit.<br />

Not only should you consider<br />

the artificial lighting, but also<br />

the natural lighting available in<br />

your future work space. Natural<br />

light can help improve your<br />

mood, energy levels, and focus,<br />

which can increase productivity<br />

and reduce fatigue. Exposure<br />

to natural light during the day<br />

can help regulate your natural<br />

circadian rhythm, which can<br />

improve the quality of your sleep<br />

at night. Natural light can also<br />

help stimulate your brain and<br />

promote creativity, which can be<br />

especially beneficial for tasks that<br />

require imagination and problemsolving.<br />

By maximising the use of<br />

natural light in your home office,<br />

you not only reduce your reliance<br />

on artificial lighting but also save<br />

on energy costs.<br />


So now you’ve identified the<br />

perfect spot, but before you create<br />

your perfect home office, you<br />

need to have a clean canvas to<br />

work with.<br />

This might mean that you need to<br />

declutter your existing space or<br />

organise it to accommodate your<br />

new work area. If you haven’t<br />

looked at or used an item in the<br />

past 6 months, you might need to<br />

consider repurposing it, donating<br />

it, or selling it! Make a fresh start<br />

and allow yourself the grace to get<br />

comfortable in your new space.<br />


Changing the colour of your<br />

environment is one of the most<br />

affordable and easiest ways<br />

to influence your mood, your<br />

productivity, and your general<br />

well-being, so to create impact,<br />

include accents of colour on the<br />

walls and floors of your home<br />

office. A feature wall can be<br />

created by painting a wall an<br />

accent colour of your liking or by<br />

installing a vibrant wallpaper of<br />

your choice.<br />

Did you know that studies have<br />

shown that green can enhance<br />

reading ability? Plants and the<br />

colour green are very relaxing<br />

psychologically. When the brain is<br />

44 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

elaxed, the body tends to follow.<br />

Blue is good for calm, focus, and<br />

concentration.<br />

Red has been found to enhance<br />

attention to detail.<br />

Orange is thought to be<br />

welcoming and mood-enhancing,<br />

improving neural functioning.<br />

Yellow increases creativity,<br />

attention, and positivity.<br />

Always a personal choice, colour<br />

preference is unique to everyone.<br />

Take the time to select some of<br />

your favourite shades of paint<br />

swatches, and just before you’re<br />

willing to take the plunge, buy one<br />

or two paint samples from your<br />

local paint supplier. Be sure to<br />

paint large squares of the samples<br />

on your chosen feature wall and<br />

let them dry for a few hours.<br />

Observing the samples at different<br />

times of the day, with or without<br />

the lights on, should help you<br />

choose your ideal shade.<br />


Choose furniture that fits, and<br />

always consider that it’s not a<br />

case of one-size-fits-all. Furniture<br />

should be functional and ideally<br />

aesthetically pleasing, and you<br />

should choose furniture that<br />

mirrors your own style, regardless<br />

of trends. This will help you create<br />

a space you love to be in; even<br />

home offices do not need to look<br />

overly corporate.<br />

In addition to desking, you need<br />

a quality, comfortable seating<br />

solution for your unique working<br />

requirements, helping you glide<br />

through your workday with ease.<br />

True ergonomic office chairs<br />

provide lumbar support that<br />

allows your back, neck, shoulder,<br />

and pelvis to rest comfortably<br />

while you work. These chairs<br />

should be height-adjustable and<br />

let you customise the height of the<br />

seat and arms to reach a position<br />

perfect for you.<br />

Ergonomic comfort is essential<br />

to your long-term well-being and<br />

productivity. Studies have shown<br />

that bad seating and poor desk<br />

posture can lead to debilitating,<br />

permanent injuries that sometimes<br />

even lead to surgery. It’s worth<br />

your while to consider investing in<br />

a decent chair.<br />


If you’re wanting to add to your<br />

painted accent wall or if you<br />

simply don’t have the budget to<br />

paint, a gallery wall is a wonderful<br />

way to create an interesting<br />

backdrop or feature wall in your<br />

space.<br />

Do you have a favourite quote,<br />

picture, or art print? Your interior<br />

should inspire you, and what<br />

better inspiration than the images<br />

and items that bring you joy or<br />

take you back to a special time<br />

and place?<br />

You could choose a more uniform<br />

selection of frames or create a fun<br />

eclectic look by using a variety of<br />

frames, art, and photographs. If<br />

you like changing up your décor<br />

often, consider using floating<br />

display shelves in combination<br />

with frames that are hung on the<br />

wall. You can then change up the<br />

items that are displayed on the<br />

shelves to add variety and keep<br />

things fresh.<br />

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is<br />

a perfect opportunity to display<br />

your unique branding on the wall<br />

behind you, particularly if you are<br />

a service-based business.<br />

Your home office is your personal<br />

space where you get to do<br />

what you do best, so it’s a good<br />

idea to afford yourself the best<br />

environment you can manage.<br />

After all, you deserve it!<br />


Nicolene Mausenbaum has worked<br />

for many years as an interior<br />

designer on both commercial<br />

and residential projects. She<br />

specialises in holistic design,<br />

considering the wellness of the<br />

mind, body and soul.<br />

Nicolene combines the practices<br />

of biophilic design, colour<br />

psychology, human biology and<br />

ergonomics in her designs. Her<br />

holistic designs incorporate not<br />

only the physical elements of<br />

the space such as lighting and<br />

furniture, they also incorporate<br />

the emotional and spiritual<br />

aspects, such as the energy flow<br />

and the connection to the nature of<br />

the space.<br />

Find out more at dezyna.com<br />


Kitchen Companions<br />


Hokan<br />

This set of three Hokan Bowls feature innovative,<br />

sustainable, stylish, stoneware bowls with lids<br />

that are completely oven, microwave, freezer<br />

and dishwasher safe. For a sustainable, BPA-free<br />

household, Hokan offers a unique alternative to<br />

storage solutions with potential harmful pollutants.<br />

Stoneware is dense pottery fired at high temperatures<br />

making it non-porous and, consequently, odour and<br />

stain free. Which can’t be said of plastic alternatives.<br />

The bowls heat evenly and retain heat efficiently.<br />

Cooking and baking with the lid on keeps moisture<br />

in and the temperature stable. Taking the lid off<br />

allows the top surface area to crust or brown. The<br />

range is perfect for all one-pot wonders.<br />

A set of 3 Hokan bowls in Sea Green is<br />

£80 from hokanbowls.com<br />

Yvonne Ellen<br />

Elevate sushi night with the Yvonne Ellen Sushi Plates with Dip Bowls Set.<br />

This set of 2 sushi plates and dip bowls is the perfect way enjoy a spicy tuna<br />

roll or some prawn nigiri with a fellow sushi lover. The ‘under the<br />

sea’ illustrations fill the pastel pink and green plates and match up<br />

perfectly on the dip bowls. Classy gold edges make this sushi set the<br />

perfect gift for someone special or the ideal indulgence for you at<br />

home. The set costs £40 from yvonneellen.com<br />

KitchenAid<br />

The new KitchenAid Cast Iron Collection is the perfect combination of durability,<br />

style and performance. Made of high-quality enamelled cast iron that maintains and<br />

holds heat extremely well, the range is perfect for searing, browning, frying, slow<br />

cooking and long simmering. It’s suitable for all cooking hobs, including induction,<br />

and is oven safe (up to 260°C). Designed with elegant details such as a stainless-steel<br />

‘KitchenAid since 1919’ lid knob, it also features ergonomic handles for a secure<br />

grip and easy transportation from the kitchen to the table. KitchenAid Cast Iron is<br />

naturally PFAS-free, metal utensil safe for intensive daily use and easy to clean.<br />

The Cast Iron Casseroles come in three sizes 3.3L, 5.2L & 5.6L for £160, £200 &<br />

£220 respectively from hartsofstur.com<br />

FinaMill<br />

Fall in love with freshly-ground spices again with FinaMill’s award-winning patented electric grinder!<br />

With its interchangeable pods, it’s a brilliantly easy way to grind spices, regardless of whole spice shape,<br />

size and hardness, and keep spice flavours distinct. Available as the Classic Battery (£49.95) or the new<br />

Rechargeable USB (£69.95 – pictured), both come with two PRO Plus Spice pods for everyday and oily<br />

spices like peppercorns, sea salt and seeds like coriander, cumin and dill. You<br />

can buy separate MAX pods (£12.95 each) for dried herbs and large spices<br />

like allspice, dried basil and coffee beans. Available from finamill.co.uk

KitchenAid<br />

The new KitchenAid Variable Temperature<br />

Kettle has an ample 1.7L capacity, a stainlesssteel<br />

single wall interior and non-drip spout.<br />

The Variable Temperature Control quickly,<br />

and quietly, boils water from 50°C to 100°C.<br />

There’s also a removable, washable limescale<br />

filter for easy cleaning and the 360° swivel<br />

base and hinged push button lid.<br />

The new KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster has<br />

extra wide slots for pre-sliced, artisan and<br />

homemade breads of varying sizes and<br />

widths, there’s also a handy high-lift lever<br />

and seven toasting shades to ensure you get<br />

the toast, just the way you want it, every time.<br />

The KitchenAid Variable Temperature 1.7L<br />

Kettle and 2-Slice Toaster are £179 each from<br />

kitchenaid.co.uk available in Matte Black,<br />

Stainless Steel, Pistachio, Almond Cream and<br />

Empire Red.<br />

<strong>Preneur</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> Has<br />

You Covered<br />

This Spring<br />

Must-Have Kitchen Essentials For<br />

Those With The <strong>Preneur</strong> Mindset<br />

Nordic Ware<br />

Bring on the spring and summer<br />

vibes with this Strawberry<br />

Patch Bitelet Pan from heritage<br />

bakeware brand Nordic Ware.<br />

This gorgeous pan creates 19 fun<br />

size strawberry shaped cakes for a<br />

fun take on strawberries & cream.<br />

Perfect for sharing at themed<br />

parties or just for casual fun!<br />

£63 from divertimenti.co.uk<br />


Hot Trends At Home<br />

Richard Eaton, Design Director at Denby, shares his predictions for<br />

the biggest trends to watch for in the home and food sectors<br />

We’ll have a slightly different approach to interiors<br />

in the new year. Our homes will still be places that<br />

bring us joy and satisfaction, but we’ll be taking on<br />

a more ‘make do and mend’ mindset. Upcycling and<br />

DIY are on the agenda for many, while new pieces<br />

will enter our homes in the form of small luxuries.<br />

Whether it’s a new addition to your existing<br />

tableware set, a new vase, throw pillow, or a fresh set<br />

of glassware, small touches like these will transform<br />

your home for less. This is largely why we’re seeing<br />

lots of neutral colours circulating right now. From<br />

fresh creams and beige tones through to stone grey<br />

and pale shades of green, these hues are easy to<br />

mix and match to create a peaceful and cohesive<br />

environment.<br />


Neutral, organic hues have long been a popular<br />

option for kitchens. Going into <strong>2024</strong>, we’ll be taking<br />

this to the next level, incorporating natural materials<br />

to create a more rustic and serene space. Think of<br />

this trend as a combination of the clean and cosy<br />

‘vanilla girl aesthetic’ and ‘nature luxe’ trend, both of<br />

which were popularised this year. Taking inspiration<br />

from the pared-back luxury of spa décor, the kitchen<br />

will become a space for relaxation, reflection, and<br />

rejuvenation.<br />

Neutral colour palettes will form the basis of this<br />

trend, with stony grey, cream, and serene cashmere<br />

tones being a popular choice for cabinetry. In fact,<br />

Google searches for ‘cashmere kitchen cabinets’ are<br />

up 60% over the past 12 months. Meanwhile, the<br />

expert trend predictors over at Dulux have selected<br />

a delicate cashmere tone, Sweet Embrace, as <strong>2024</strong>’s<br />

Colour of the Year. Combine these neutral tones with<br />

deeper, cosy hues like chocolate brown and sage<br />

green and incorporate plenty of organic wooden and<br />

stone textures to give your kitchen the spa makeover<br />

it deserves.<br />

Ceramics are an easy way to inject the spa trend into<br />

your home. Choose rustic, neutral tableware which<br />

will help you get this look and can be effortlessly<br />

mixed with your current collection for timeless<br />

appeal.<br />


While Japandi first entered the trend sphere back<br />

in 2021, this seamless blend of Japanese and<br />

Scandinavian design briefly fell from our radar,<br />

but it’s back just in time for <strong>2024</strong>. Over the last 12<br />

months, Google searches for ‘Japandi’ are up 104%.<br />

This look is somewhat similar to the spa kitchen<br />

trend we’re currently seeing, with a focus on organic<br />

materials and earthy tones like cream, grey, and<br />

brown.<br />

Where this look really stands out is its sustainability.<br />

Organic, contemporary styles bring nature indoors<br />

while second-hand furniture pieces add character and<br />

charm to a space.<br />


There’s something for everyone in <strong>2024</strong> and<br />

although we’re seeing plenty of minimalistic styles,<br />

maximalism is also here to stay. The antithesis of<br />

Scandi and Japandi trends, maximalism is all about<br />

breaking the ‘rules’ of interior design, with plenty of<br />

colour, contrasting patterns, and decorative elements<br />

on display. What makes maximalism such an<br />

attractive style is its focus on joy and individuality,<br />

letting creativity run free. Google searches for<br />

‘maximalist décor’ were up 100% in the past 12<br />

months as interiors fans continue to add some extra<br />

colour and fun to their spaces.<br />


Joy will be the biggest focus for interiors in <strong>2024</strong><br />

and colours will be a major factor in this. Alongside<br />

serene colour palettes, expect to see rich, earthy<br />

shades that uplift a space and add cosiness.<br />

Mood-lifting colours like blues, greens, pinks, and<br />

reds will feature predominantly in our interiors in the<br />

new year. The kitchen in particular will see a colour<br />

refresh, as earthy greens take the spotlight. Google<br />

searches for ‘dark green kitchen cabinets’ saw a 50%<br />

uptick over the course of 2023, while Graham &<br />

Brown have named Viridis, a warm and muted green,<br />

as their Colour of the Year for <strong>2024</strong>.<br />


2023 was all about quiet luxury. A minimalistic<br />

design trend that focused on subtle, timeless décor<br />

and neutral tones, ‘quiet luxury’ saw a 400%<br />

increase in Google searches over the past 12 months.<br />

However, there’s a new version that’s slowly taking<br />

over the spotlight: the old money aesthetic. With a<br />

160% increase in searches throughout 2023, interior<br />

design enthusiasts are looking for ways to make their<br />

spaces more luxurious.<br />

While it might initially sound strange for this style<br />

to be trending right now, it’s actually the perfect<br />

look. We’re all searching for small ways to inject<br />

a bit of luxury into our everyday lives, and the old<br />

money style is all about creating a timeless finish<br />

using existing pieces. This aesthetic gives the<br />

illusion of your décor being passed down through the<br />

generations. Old money interiors are intentional and<br />

48 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com


personal, so whether you decorate with the furniture<br />

you already have, upcycle old pieces, or thrift secondhand<br />

items, this look is the perfect choice for <strong>2024</strong>.<br />

Blue and white are a specific focus for the old money<br />

trend, but you can choose other ‘historic’ tones that<br />

match your existing pieces, such as deep burgundy or<br />

forest green.<br />


We’re looking back to the classics in <strong>2024</strong> as we<br />

find ways to refresh our old home comforts. Google<br />

searches for ‘coq au vin recipe’ in particular have<br />

increased by more than 5,000% in the last 12 months,<br />

while searches for ‘eton mess’ were up 180%. Dishes<br />

that can be thrown together in one cast iron pot will<br />

be the main focus. These recipes will be more about<br />

authenticity than style, although it’s likely we’ll<br />

also see classic recipes get a new spin. Think fusion<br />

dishes and vegan and vegetarian alternatives.<br />


The popularity of one-pot meals is just a small part<br />

of a bigger focus on relaxed dining. Easy, healthy<br />

meals will be at the forefront next year, which makes<br />

the Mediterranean diet a key trend for <strong>2024</strong>. Google<br />

searches for ‘Mediterranean diet recipes’ are up 50%<br />

over the last 12 months with more and more people<br />

searching for flavoursome, relaxed, and simple dishes<br />

to suit a health-conscious lifestyle. Similarly, Google<br />

searches for ‘flat bread recipes’ are up 140% over the<br />

past year, showing the trend towards casual and easy<br />

dining and dishes made for sharing.<br />


If you’re looking for a new way to serve up your<br />

classic desserts, <strong>2024</strong> is all about the miniatures.<br />

Mini cakes in particular are growing in popularity, as<br />

Google searches for ‘bento cake’ are up 196% while<br />

‘what is a bento cake’ has seen a 300% increase in<br />

searches. Named after Japanese lunchboxes (bento<br />

boxes), these cute and pretty desserts are singleserving<br />

cakes that are decorated like full cakes and<br />

are small enough to fit into a bento box (hence the<br />

name). Think of these as an evolution of mug cakes<br />

and cupcakes.<br />


Food & Drink<br />

From spring recipes to tasty tipples,<br />

we’ve got you covered this season!<br />

Greek Lamb with Orzo<br />

Entertaining doesn’t have to equal stress. This Greek<br />

Lamb with Orzo and Apricot & Ginger Chutney is a<br />

spruced up one-pot wonder that’s perfect for people with<br />

little time for preparation. Serves 4-6 people with 3 hours<br />

of prep and cook time.<br />

Heat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/gas 4.<br />

Add a tbsp of olive oil to a large, oven and hob friendly<br />

casserole dish and heat until hot. Brown 1kg boned<br />

shoulder or leg of lamb cut into 4cm cubes. Turn the<br />

heat down and then add 2 medium onions (sliced), 1 tbsp<br />

chopped fresh oregano (or 1 tsp dried), ½ tsp ground<br />

cinnamon and another tbsp of olive oil. Stir well.<br />

Pop into the oven uncovered for 45 mins, stirring halfway.<br />

Remove from the oven, add 400g can of chopped<br />

tomatoes, 270g jar of Tracklements Apricot & Ginger<br />

Chutney and 500ml hot chicken or vegetable stock, stir<br />

then cover tightly and return to the oven for 1½ hrs, until<br />

the lamb is very tender.<br />

Stir in 400g of orzo. Cover again and cook for a further<br />

20 mins until the orzo is cooked and the sauce thickened.<br />

Stir halfway through.<br />

Serve with freshly grated Parmesan, green veg or a mixed<br />

salad.<br />

Tracklements chutneys are available from<br />

fine food delis and farm shops nationwide<br />

and tracklements.co.uk<br />

50 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com<br />

Cauliflower Pakoras<br />

Traditional Indian cauliflower pakora (gobi pakora) are<br />

super quick to make for a tasty starter or party snack.<br />

For the raita, mix 6 heaped tbsp plain Greek yoghurt,<br />

a handful of chopped coriander and 2 heaped tbsp<br />

Tracklements Indian Mango Chutney. Season with sea<br />

salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Chill.<br />

In a large bowl, add 150g gram (chickpea) flour, ½<br />

tsp baking powder, 2 tsp ground cumin, 2 tsp ground<br />

coriander, ½ tsp ground turmeric, a generous pinch<br />

cayenne pepper and ½ tsp sea salt.<br />

Stir gently to mix and get rid of any lumps. Slowly<br />

whisk in 175ml cold water, until you have a smooth<br />

batter. Add a little more water if necessary – different<br />

brands of gram flour will vary in how much they<br />

absorb but err on the side of “thicker”.<br />

Add 800g bite-size cauliflower florets to the batter<br />

making sure they are thoroughly coated.<br />

Turn the air fryer to 180°C and arrange the coated<br />

florets on parchment paper in the air fryer basket.<br />

Air fry for 10-12 mins.<br />

Gently toss them and air fry for a further 2-3 mins until<br />

crisp. Serve piping hot with the raita for dipping.

Mapmaker’s Coastal Spiced Rum has notes of<br />

banana, toffee and salted caramel, with a light<br />

peppery spice and delicious long lasting salinity.<br />

£35 from dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk<br />

Lancaster Spirits Company Triple<br />

Distilled Vodka has hints of chocolate<br />

& bread with a silky smooth finish.<br />

£38 from lancasterspirits.co.uk<br />

Havana Club Selección de Maestros<br />

Rum has notes of pecans, cocoa, coffee<br />

and spices with a smoky oak finish<br />

£56.36 from masterofmalt.com<br />

Holy Grass Vodka has a distinct herbaceous<br />

flavour with a creamy smooth finish. It’s<br />

both sippable or perfect in cocktails.<br />

£35 from dunnetbaydistillers.co.uk<br />


Easter Gift Guide<br />

2<br />

6<br />

1<br />

5<br />

4<br />

10<br />

3<br />

9<br />

8 14<br />

7<br />

13<br />

1. Baileys Salted Caramel Easter Egg £8 at Ocado and selected retailers | 2. Baileys Strawberries and Cream Easter<br />

Egg £8 at Ocado and selected retailers | 3. Guinness Rugby Ball Easter Egg £8 at Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Ocado<br />

| 4. Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Flat Egg £5 at Waterstones, Oxfam, Divine Webshop, Amazon and<br />

independent stores nationwide | 5. Divine Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Crunch Flat Egg £5 at Waterstones,<br />

Oxfam, Divine Webshop, Amazon and independent stores nationwide | 6. Divine Limited-Edition Joyful Hot Cross<br />

Bun Bar £4.50 at Waterstones, Oxfam, Divine Webshop, Amazon and independent stores nationwide | 7. Lindt<br />

GOLD BUNNY Salted Caramel Easter Egg £10 available nationwide | 8. Lindt LINDOR Raspberry & Cream<br />

Easter Egg £12.50 at Asda and Lindt Chocolate Shops | 9. Lindt LINDOR 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg £12.50 at<br />

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Amazon, Ocado and Lindt Chocolate Shops | 10. Tony’s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate,<br />

Caramel & Sea Salt Easter Egg £10 at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Ocado | 11. Tony’s Chocolonely Egg-stra<br />

52 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

12<br />

18<br />

11<br />

17<br />

16<br />

22<br />

15<br />

21<br />

20<br />

24<br />

19<br />

23<br />

Special Chocolate Eggs Mixed Pouch £4.99 at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Coop, Morrisons and Ocado | 12.<br />

Ombar Coco M’lk Easter Egg £8 at ombar.com | 13. Ombar Oat M’lk Chocolate Easter Egg £8 at ombar.com | 14.<br />

HAPPi Oat M!lk Chocolate Salted Honeycomb Easter Egg Bar £6.50 at Waitrose, Amazon and happichoc.com |<br />

15. HAPPi Oat M!lk Chocolate Salted Caramel Easter Egg £9.50 at Waitrose, Amazon and happichoc.com | 16.<br />

Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit £26.99 at justspices.co.uk | 17. Knoops 28% White Hot Chocolate Flakes £10.95 and<br />

Easter Tube Wrap £1.50 at knoops.co.uk | 18. Pierre Marcolini Easter Bunny Box £16.90 at marcolini.co.uk | 19.<br />

Booja-Booja Limited Edition Award-Winning Selection Easter Edition Chocolates £14.99 at Whole Foods Market<br />

| 20. Farhi Milk Chocolate Praline Foiled Eggs £20 at farhi.co.uk | 21. Lily O’Brien’s Desserts Collection Egg £10<br />

at Asda & Sainsbury’s| 22. Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites Tub £5 at most major supermarkets | 23. Two Magpies<br />

Handmade Truffle Selection Box £14 at twomagpiesbakery.co.uk | 24. Two Magpies Letter Box Brownies £22 at<br />

twomagpiesbakery.co.uk<br />


Destinations<br />

Lola’s Cupcakes<br />

A haven of delectable delights,<br />

Lola’s Cupcakes has over 30<br />

locations nationwide including<br />

stores and collection lockers,.<br />

Renowned for their exquisite<br />

craftsmanship and mouthwatering<br />

creations, Lola’s is a much-loved<br />

destination for cake connoisseurs<br />

seeking the ultimate sweet<br />

sensation.<br />

Step into a world of towering<br />

treats with Lola’s Tall Cakes, a<br />

spectacle that leaves guests in awe<br />

and taste buds tantalized. Among<br />

their remarkable offerings stands<br />

the Racing Car Fantasy Tall Cake,<br />

a masterpiece that promises an<br />

adrenaline rush of flavour and fun.<br />

Prepare for a thrill ride of taste<br />

with Lola’s Racing Car Fantasy<br />

Tall Cake. Five layers of freshly<br />

baked vanilla sponge create a<br />

symphony of sweetness, perfectly<br />

complemented by vibrant red and<br />

black buttercream. Adorned with<br />

sugarpaste wheels and topped<br />

with a sugar racing track, this<br />

cake is a feast for the eyes and<br />

the palate. The inclusion of three<br />

toy cars adds an extra element of<br />

excitement, making it a hit with<br />

children and adults alike.<br />

Lola’s Cupcakes bake, decorate<br />

and hand make over 12,000<br />

cupcakes and cakes every day.<br />

With a relentless pursuit of<br />

perfection, their team of bakers<br />

and decoraters meticulously select<br />

the finest ingredients and source<br />

the freshest products to guarantee<br />

an unparalleled eating experience.<br />

Whether you’re marking a special<br />

birthday or simply craving a sweet<br />

indulgence, Lola’s Cupcakes<br />

is here to make every moment<br />

special.<br />

Prepare to treat yourself and<br />

the ones you love by heading to<br />

lolascupcakes.co.uk to find your<br />

nearest store in London & beyond.<br />

Check out<br />

<strong>Preneur</strong>-<strong>World</strong>.com<br />

for restaurant<br />

reviews & more<br />

They say that<br />

London is the<br />

Food Capital of the<br />

<strong>World</strong>. We couldn’t<br />

agree more! Check<br />

out these fabulous<br />

shops & decadent<br />

restaurants<br />

54 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Macellaio<br />

Macellaio, the Italian steakhouse<br />

owned by Roberto Costa, uses<br />

only the best and most authentic<br />

ingredients.<br />

The Italian famed chef, Lello<br />

Favuzzi has curated a delicious<br />

menu across all six Macellaio sites<br />

across London. The menu uses<br />

only the finest Italian produce,<br />

including ethical beef and a<br />

range of vegetarian staples. Menu<br />

highlights include Tuna Tartare<br />

with avocado, spicy mango and<br />

crispy Carasau bread and the<br />

Fassona beef carpaccio. Pasta<br />

lovers with love the authentic<br />

pastas, including Trofie with<br />

Genovese pestoand Burrata and<br />

Ricotta Tortelli. We think you can’t<br />

go wrong with a classic such as<br />

Rump Steak & sweet pepper salad.<br />

macellaiorc.com<br />

Fish & Bubbles<br />

Bringing a first of its kind<br />

to London, Fish & Bubbles<br />

- a modern Italian seafood<br />

restaurant and aperitivo bar -<br />

is now open on Notting Hill’s<br />

Kensington Park Road. Expect<br />

gourmet seafood panini and giant<br />

fritto misto sharing boards, plus<br />

knock-out negronis and plenty of<br />

bubbles to boot! Led by Peppe &<br />

Angelo Corsaro, Fish & Bubbles<br />

promises a unique dining<br />

experience capturing the essence<br />

of life at an Italian seaside.<br />

Striking the very best deals with<br />

fishermen, Fish & Bubbles offers<br />

value-led dining and a genuine<br />

taste of Italian culture with fresh,<br />

vibrant and flavoursome dishes.<br />

It’s the perfect spot for a casual<br />

lunch by day. In the evening<br />

it transforms into an intimate,<br />

relaxed aperitivo bar with prices<br />

that won’t break the bank.<br />

www.fishandbubbles.uk<br />

Shanghai Noir<br />

Shanghai Noir, a sultry new Indo-<br />

Chinese brasserie, has just opened<br />

on the lower ground floor of the<br />

grade II listed Old Westminster Fire<br />

Station. This art-deco infused den<br />

of fire and spice boasts decadent<br />

décor and opulent furnishings. The<br />

carefully crafted menus, curated<br />

by Executive Chef Amit Bagyal<br />

(previously at Benares and<br />

Kanishka by Atul Kochhar)and<br />

Head Chef Velino Goes (previously<br />

at Kanishka by Atul Kochhar and<br />

JKS Group), promise a sharp, spicy<br />

fusion of flavours with dishes such<br />

as seared black bean scallops; fivespiced<br />

beef with wild mushroom<br />

bao; paneer garlic cream mushroom<br />

bao; devil’s chicken lollipop;<br />

and green papaya & mango salad.<br />

www.shanghainoir.com<br />

Pravaas<br />

Tucked down a small side street,<br />

just a two min stroll from South<br />

Kensington station, Pravaas is<br />

an intimate 30-cover eatery that<br />

emanates elegance and boutique<br />

ambiance.<br />

Owned by Chef Patron Shilpa<br />

Dandekar, the menu is an eclectic<br />

mix of dishes that explore various<br />

culinary styles she’s acquired<br />

over the years working alongside<br />

Sriram Aylur at Michelin-starred<br />

Quilon and Raymond Blanc.<br />

Menu highlights include Palourde<br />

Moilee – an incredible coastalinspired<br />

dish of clams and<br />

samphire pakora served in a<br />

coconut cream that’s been infused<br />

with red chilli, garlic, ginger, and<br />

tamarind pulp.<br />

www.pravaas.com<br />


The Red Lion at Hellidon<br />

Located in picturesque Northamptonshire<br />

countryside, this charming village pub with<br />

six guest rooms and adjacent holiday cottage<br />

offers great food and a cosy retreat from city life<br />

Nestled on the outskirts of the<br />

picturesque Northamptonshire<br />

village of Hellidon, The Red Lion<br />

exudes the timeless charm of a<br />

quintessential British country pub.<br />

Recently refurbished under the<br />

stewardship of the Freespirit Pub<br />

family, this hidden gem seamlessly<br />

blends traditional warmth with<br />

modern comfort, offering a haven<br />

for families seeking a memorable<br />

staycation in the heart of<br />

Northamptonshire.<br />

Adjacent to the Red Lion, a<br />

cosy cottage awaits, beckoning<br />

guests to unwind in its inviting<br />

embrace. Ideal for weekend<br />

getaways with family or a group<br />

of friends, this charming abode<br />

accommodates up to four guests.<br />

With two en-suite bedrooms, a<br />

well-appointed kitchen, and a<br />

welcoming lounge/diner adorned<br />

with snug furnishings, it promises<br />

a delightful escape amidst the<br />

tranquillity of the countryside.<br />

Prices start from £150 per night,<br />

ensuring an affordable yet<br />

luxurious retreat.<br />

At the heart of The Red Lion’s<br />

gastronomic experience lies<br />

the culinary expertise of Head<br />

Chef Miguel Loureiro, hailing<br />

from the scenic landscapes of<br />

Portugal. Infusing his menus<br />

with a delightful fusion of British<br />

and Portuguese influences,<br />

Miguel showcases his passion<br />

for flavourful dishes crafted<br />

from locally sourced ingredients.<br />

From the renowned Peri Peri<br />

chicken wings to succulent steaks<br />

complemented by an array of<br />

delectable sauces, each dish<br />

reflects Miguel’s commitment to<br />

culinary excellence.<br />

Surrounded by verdant landscapes,<br />

The Red Lion at Hellidon offers<br />

not only a tranquil retreat but also<br />

serves as a perfect springboard<br />

for exploration. Nearby, golf<br />

enthusiasts can tee off at the<br />

prestigious Hellidon Lakes Golf<br />

Course, while history buffs<br />

can immerse themselves in<br />

the charming market towns of<br />

Daventry, Southam, Banbury,<br />

and Rugby, each boasting its own<br />

unique character and heritage.<br />

For a glimpse into the region’s<br />

rich history, guests can venture<br />

to local landmarks such as the<br />

majestic Althorp House, steeped<br />

in centuries of aristocratic legacy,<br />

or the Tudor manor house of<br />

Canons Ashby, where time seems<br />

to stand still amidst its timeless<br />

architecture.<br />

Automobile enthusiasts will<br />

delight in a visit to the British<br />

Motor Museum, where a<br />

fascinating journey through British<br />

motoring history awaits, while<br />

adrenaline junkies can experience<br />

the thrill of the Silverstone Circuit,<br />

home to legendary motorsport<br />

events that captivate audiences<br />

worldwide.<br />

After a day of exploration, return<br />

to the welcoming embrace of The<br />

Red Lion, where roaring log fires<br />

and hearty meals await, promising<br />

a blissful end to an unforgettable<br />

day of discovery in the heart of<br />

Northamptonshire’s countryside.<br />

Escape the hustle and bustle<br />

of city life and embark on a<br />

journey to The Red Lion at<br />

Hellidon. With its idyllic setting,<br />

warm hospitality, and exquisite<br />

culinary offerings, it promises an<br />

unforgettable retreat for families<br />

seeking a slice of tranquillity in<br />

the heart of Northamptonshire’s<br />

countryside.<br />

Stockwell Lane, Hellidon,<br />

Daventry NN11 6LG<br />

01327 261200<br />

redlionathellidon.co.uk<br />

56 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Leading the team are General Managers<br />

Jane & Jorge who are known for their<br />

charm and warm hospitality. Whether<br />

you’re a solo business traveller, family<br />

with small children or dog owner<br />

visiting with your furry friend, Jorge &<br />

Jane will make you feel right at home<br />

and at ease throughout your whole stay.<br />


Family Days Out<br />

British Motor Museum<br />

This Easter from 23 <strong>March</strong> – 14 April,<br />

the British Motor Museum is inviting<br />

families to explore some of Britain’s<br />

fastest cars. The pursuit of speed has<br />

driven car manufacturers in Britain<br />

for decades. From sports cars to land<br />

speed record cars, engineers have<br />

always been looking to push their<br />

machines to go faster than ever before,<br />

to prove their cars are the fastest of all.<br />

Highlights include Find the Fastest<br />

Car Trail, Make Your Own Fast Car,<br />

The Racing Driver Tour and those<br />

visiting over the Easter weekend<br />

itself (29 <strong>March</strong> to 1 April) will be<br />

able to enjoy a classic Easter Egg<br />

Hunt. For more information about the<br />

Museum, please visit the website at<br />

britishmotormuseum.co.uk<br />

Bluey at Kew Gardens<br />

Experience the beloved animated<br />

series Bluey in real life this Easter at<br />

Kew Gardens. Families can immerse<br />

themselves in the charming world<br />

of Bluey, the lovable six-year-old<br />

Blue Heeler puppy, and her family.<br />

Set against the stunning backdrop<br />

of Kew’s 320-acre UNESCO <strong>World</strong><br />

Heritage Site, families can explore<br />

the spring blossoms before venturing<br />

into the Bluey play zone. Here, 3D<br />

installations and family-friendly<br />

activities inspired by fan-favourite<br />

episodes await. Keep an eye out<br />

for educational panels highlighting<br />

Australia’s diverse flora and fauna.<br />

And be sure to capture the magic<br />

with your camera, as Bluey herself<br />

will make appearances throughout<br />

the two-week event.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

kew.org/kew-gardens/whats-on/bluey<br />

58 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com

Leeds Castle<br />

Embark on an Easter adventure<br />

at Leeds Castle from <strong>March</strong> 29th<br />

to April 14th. Join Lady Baillie’s<br />

playful Great Danes, Boots and<br />

Danny, on a thrilling treasure hunt<br />

through the grounds. Solve clues,<br />

navigate interactive displays, and<br />

immerse yourself in vibrant Easter<br />

decorations. Test your skills with<br />

engaging challenges suitable for all<br />

ages. Encounter live characters and<br />

discover treasures belonging to the<br />

castle’s resident animals along the<br />

way. For just £2.50 per child, receive<br />

a trail card and chocolate prize,<br />

ensuring a rewarding experience.<br />

Don’t miss out on this remarkable<br />

quest filled with surprises and<br />

unforgettable memories. Admission<br />

prices: Online: Adult (16+) £30 | Child<br />

£22.50. For more visitor information<br />

and to book, visit leeds-castle.com<br />

Natural History<br />

Museum<br />

Prepare to be captivated this Spring<br />

as you discover the weird and<br />

wonderful ways in which birds have<br />

survived for over 150 million years<br />

in the Natural History Museum’s<br />

brand-new exhibition: Birds:<br />

Brilliant and Bizarre, opening 24<br />

May. Created in affiliation with<br />

the RSPB, the new exhibition is<br />

the first to focus on our feathered<br />

friends in over 20 years and will<br />

raise awareness of the new dangers<br />

facing birds and empower people to<br />

take action to protect them.<br />

For more information on the<br />

exhibition, please visit nhm.ac.uk<br />


The Future of Luxury Holidays<br />


When it comes to the future of<br />

luxury holidays, it’s clear that<br />

travellers want fewer crowds and<br />

lounging beach holidays, and more<br />

focus on learning new things,<br />

protecting the planet and being<br />

near the ocean.<br />

In a new study commissioned<br />

by Sunsail to celebrate its 50th<br />

anniversary, 28% of respondents<br />

said they had experienced ‘rowdy’<br />

tourists spoiling the peace whilst<br />

on holiday, and 59% said that<br />

over-tourism would put them off<br />

visiting a certain country.<br />

And overcrowding is not the only<br />

thing on the minds of travellers.<br />

40% said that what they wanted<br />

from a holiday had changed<br />

drastically, or a little bit, over the<br />

past 5 years, and 1 in 4 said they<br />

wanted to learn something new on<br />

a holiday.<br />

Adventure is what 35-44-year-olds<br />

are looking for, with 32% ranking<br />

it in their top three priorities,<br />

alongside relaxation at 56% and<br />

fun for the kids at 33%.<br />

43% of respondents also said they<br />

think about how close they are to<br />

the sea/beaches when choosing<br />

where to go on holiday, but this<br />

doesn’t mean lounging on the<br />

beach all day.<br />


It’s also clear from the study<br />

that sustainability is at the<br />

forefront of the traveller’s mind<br />

as we look to the future. 68% of<br />

respondents said it was very or<br />

quite important that holidays be<br />

made environmentally friendly,<br />

and 37% thought that renewable<br />

energy-powered airports were an<br />

intriguing concept for future ecofriendly<br />

travel.<br />

34% also liked the idea of windpowered<br />

cruise liners with hydrogenerators<br />

(powered by water<br />

instead of fuel to power the cruise<br />

liner to move in water).<br />


With the very rapid development<br />

of AI we’ve seen in recent years,<br />

it’s no surprise that people think<br />

this will also have a big impact<br />

on luxury holidays of the future.<br />

When it comes to where they<br />

thought travel technology is<br />

heading, the answers given were<br />

everything from AI planners<br />

(16%) and solar-powered or AIpowered<br />

commercial planes (both<br />

13%), to commercial space tour<br />

flights (14%), superfast ships<br />

(11%), and no air travel at all (5%).<br />

39% would like to see instant<br />

translation earbuds in the future<br />

– that take in the audio from the<br />

person speaking and translate<br />

it back into your ear, and 23%<br />

suggested solar-powered sailboats<br />

with AI navigation would pique<br />

their interest. Underwater luxury<br />

yacht excursions were not far<br />

behind this, at 14%.<br />

The survey certainly suggests<br />

that people are moving away<br />

from the typical sun lounger<br />

holiday and are looking for new<br />

ideas for something a bit different<br />

to explore the world, with a<br />

good balance of relaxation and<br />

adventure – they don’t just want<br />

one or the other. This could be<br />

getting off the beaten track to<br />

avoid the crowds or finding hidden<br />

gems and places not accessible by<br />

land.<br />

It’s also interesting to see how<br />

sustainable energy and technology<br />

that focuses on connecting us to<br />

others, such as translation earbuds,<br />

is a priority to travellers.<br />

Advancements in technology, such<br />

as ease of access to information<br />

and booking options due to the<br />

internet, and faster and more<br />

comfortable modes of transport,<br />

have changed the way we travel<br />

exponentially in the past 50 years,<br />

let’s see where the next 50 take us!<br />


Caroline Barbour is the UK<br />

Marketing Manager for global<br />

yacht charter company Sunsail<br />

and its sister brand, The Moorings.<br />

The brands operate a combined<br />

global fleet of around 700 yachts<br />

in 20+ destinations around the<br />

world.<br />

Find out more at sunsail.com/uk<br />

60 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

Luxury Safari in Botswana<br />

Celebrating its 50th anniversary,<br />

located on the Chobe Riverfront<br />

in the world-renowned Chobe<br />

National Park, with luxury,<br />

service, and sustainability at its<br />

core, Chobe Game Lodge has it<br />

all. The ultimate haven of peace<br />

and privacy for <strong>2024</strong>, with the<br />

highest concentration of elephants<br />

on the planet, Chobe offers visitors<br />

a stunning, versatile base from<br />

which to explore the very best<br />

of Botswana’s most glorious game<br />

region.<br />

Owned and operated by Desert<br />

& Delta Safaris, the stylish,<br />

five-star lodge set on the banks<br />

of the Chobe River is the preeminent<br />

leader in modern luxury<br />

safari travel. Chobe Game Lodge<br />

consists of 40 beautifully designed<br />

and spacious rooms and a further<br />

four luxurious suites. Every room<br />

is air-conditioned and has its own<br />

private terrace overlooking the<br />

Chobe. Suites have their own<br />

infinity plunge pools facing the<br />

river.<br />

Chobe Game Lodge is a trailblazer<br />

in female empowerment with<br />

Chobe’s Angels, Africa’s first allfemale<br />

professional guiding team.<br />

Promoting gender equality is at<br />

the core of Chobe’s philosophy,<br />

demonstrated in a management<br />

team that now has some 50%<br />

female representation, a huge<br />

accomplishment. The once<br />

traditional role of tour guide has<br />

been transformed through gender<br />

parity, making Chobe Game<br />

Lodge an example of best practice<br />

and leadership in the industry.<br />

Chobe has also changed the face of<br />

safari transport with their fleet of<br />

four electric game-drive vehicles,<br />

the first of its kind in Africa.<br />

The silent, electric-powered safari<br />

boats offer an extraordinary<br />

adventure. A spectacular option<br />

for discoveries via boat-based<br />

transport, the safaris take<br />

advantage of the river frontage to<br />

bring guests closer to nature than<br />

ever before. The incredible boats<br />

are highly manoeuvrable, perfect<br />

for tranquil cruises with sunsets<br />

over the horizon and changing<br />

light on the landscape. As you<br />

glide silently down the Chobe<br />

River a mass of wildlife appears<br />

at the water’s edge to drink. The<br />

water brings you closer to hippos<br />

and giraffes as they stretch down<br />

to take a sip of water. For bird<br />

lovers, this is the ideal place to see<br />

swooping fish eagles as they scan<br />

the water looking for dinner.<br />

Wildlife also roams in abundance<br />

during the dry season, and the<br />

electric safari boats provide guests<br />

with the chance to gaze at vast<br />

herds of buffalo congregating<br />

on the fertile flood plains along<br />

the Chobe River to drink, bathe,<br />

and play. There are also frequent<br />

sightings of lion, African wild dog,<br />

puku, red lechwe, sable, giraffe,<br />

and roan antelope.<br />

Chobe Game Lodge is one of<br />

Africa’s oldest five-star locations<br />

offering a versatile getaway that<br />

combines breathtaking scenery, an<br />

abundance of wildlife, and loads<br />

of adventure, with sumptuous<br />

comfort, unparalleled service,<br />

and a dedication to eco-travel,<br />

conservation, and preservation.<br />

For more information, please visit<br />

www.chobegamelodge.com<br />


Relaxation<br />

Serving as a gateway to the Sahara, Cenizaro Hotels<br />

and Resorts’ first desert resort, The Residence Douz<br />

features 50 villas with terraces that form an intimate<br />

encampment in the palm grove. Discover an oasis<br />

of utmost comfort combining modern luxuries with<br />

timeless elegance, where you can dream peacefully<br />

under a sky full of stars and experience new depths<br />

of relaxation. Delight in the infusion of local touches,<br />

from refined masonry patterned with Tozeur bricks<br />

to vibrant artworks customised for the resort by<br />

Tunisian artists.<br />

In this land of great food influenced by the rise<br />

and fall of many great empires, indulge in amazing<br />

flavours that celebrate the African wilderness, Berber<br />

delicacies and Mediterranean elegance – from<br />

gourmet cuisine to scrumptious comfort food.<br />

With a number of UNESCO <strong>World</strong> Heritage Sites to<br />

explore, guests are encouraged to venture outside the<br />

resort by jeep, camel or quadbike and fully immerse<br />

themselves in the destination. Guest ambassadors are<br />

on hand to arrange a variety of excursions, from day<br />

trips to the village of Matmata to a luxury camping<br />

experience in Tembaine.<br />

62 PRENEUR WORL! www.preneur-world.com<br />

The Residence<br />

Douz, Tunisia<br />

Experience the adventure of camel rides on the vast<br />

expanse of golden dunes. Take excursions to ancient<br />

citadel villages in the mountainous Dahar region, and<br />

to locations made famous in ‘Star Wars’, including<br />

the cave-like dwellings of Matmata and the immense<br />

salt lake of Chott el Djerid, shimmering with mirages<br />

in the midday sun. Young guests can create their<br />

own magic carpet moments with extraordinary<br />

experiences at the Kids Club, including stargazing<br />

in an observatory, or enjoy culinary and cultural<br />

activities at the Earth Basket garden and nursery.<br />

Soothe away the desert heat in the outdoor pool or<br />

with a few hours at the sprawling Spa by Clarins<br />

where guests can indulge in professional massages<br />

and beauty treatments, enjoy a rejuvenating hammam<br />

experience and bathe in oriental essences.<br />

Surrounded by the desert’s boundless space and<br />

beauty, The Residence Douz offers the perfect refuge<br />

to rest and replenish your spirit.<br />

For reservations, call +216 31 323 238 or email infodouz@theresidence.com<br />

or find out more information<br />

at www.cenizaro.com/theresidence/tunis-dz

Gateway To<br />

The Golden<br />

Sahara Sands in<br />

Southern Tunisia<br />

Experience a true<br />

escape from it all<br />

in a dreamlike<br />

landscape where<br />

the desert’s<br />

resounding silence<br />

is an elixir for the<br />

soul<br />


On<br />

LOOKER<br />

Ryan Thomas<br />

Claire Sweeney<br />

Amber Davies<br />

Torvill & Dean<br />

Celeb<br />

Judges<br />

Lupis arumqui dusc<br />

Adele Roberts<br />

Lupis alitatur<br />

arumqui dusc Ignim<br />

ullacca ecatqui acid<br />

esciam, sustius,<br />

Lou Sanders<br />

Ashley Banjo<br />

Hannah Spearritt<br />

Dancing on Ice <strong>2024</strong><br />

ITV’s Dancing on Ice returned to our screens this January for season 16 and proved as<br />

exciting as ever with challenging choreography and hopeful celebrity skaters battling on<br />

the ice to win the coveted trophy.<br />

Presented by Holly Willoughby and Stephen Mulhern (who takes over from Phillip<br />

Schofield), the show saw the return of the judges Ashley Banjo, Oti Mabuse, Jane Torvill<br />

& Christopher Dean.<br />

64 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com

The best show on ice has<br />

more glitz, glamour &<br />

spectacular performances<br />

Greg Rutherford<br />

Miles Nazaire<br />

Ricky Norwood<br />

Celeb<br />

Skaters<br />

Stephen Mulhern<br />

& Holly Willoughby<br />

Ricky Hatton<br />

Eddie Edwards<br />

Oti Mabuse<br />

Roxy Shahidi<br />

The celebrity and professional pairings this year were Ricky Hatton MBE and Robin Johnstone, Claire<br />

Sweeney and Colin Grafton, Hannah Spearritt and Andy Buchanan, Amber Davies and Simon Senecal,<br />

Greg Rutherford MBE and Vanessa James, Miles Nazaire and Vanessa Bauer, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards<br />

and Vicky Ogden, Lou Saunders and Brendyn Hatfield, Ricky Norwood and Annette Dytrt, Adele Roberts<br />

and Mark Hanretty, Ryan Thomas and Amani Fancy and finally Roxy Shahidi and Sylvain Longchambon.<br />

Watch Dancing on Ice on ITV1 and ITVX. Catch up with previous episodes on ITV Hub.<br />

(Photo credit: ITV Plc Picture Desk)<br />


66 PRENEUR WORLD www.preneur-world.com<br />


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