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SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

8 is trying to be

8 is trying to be expressed, we touch the shared essence that shapes us, moves us, and gives our life meaning. when the wind blows through the trees, we do not actually hear the wind; nor do we hear the trees. we hear the interaction between the wind and the trees. In the same way, when we make music, there is a co-creation, an interaction between the musician and the hidden wind that blows through everything. Music is a hint, a reminder, an echo of that hidden wind. when we open ourselves to the music that is trying to be born, then the mystery can express itself through us. we help Nature to be itself. This in turn helps us to be our own true Nature.

auguST burnS red Matt greiner drummer I do have strong convictions that music has a spiritual significance. Some of the most profound “God” moments I’ve experienced have been while watching and singing along to bands outside of the worship genre. I’m convinced that God has intentions of music being prayer without words. There are many forms of spiritual expression. Lifecenter, a church I attend when home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, allows the congregation to express themselves in various ways during the service. It’s not uncommon to see people painting on easels, waving flags, singing, sitting, or laying down with arms open. I do think music, like other forms of expression, can be neutral, bearing no spiritual weight. For instance, August Burns Red is often labeled as a Christian band but I don’t believe there is anything about our breakdowns or thrash riffs that make us a spiritual band. Regarding what is implied by a “Christian” band, I’ve found that it’s not at all about which notes are played or which chords are strummed. It usually always comes down to the lyrical content or the lyricists having spiritual convictions. 9

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