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SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

18 auditory sense, it

18 auditory sense, it continues to resound into the seeming emptiness. It is music that is the passion, or can it be that music is only the generator, the stimulus, the perpetuator, the genius of the universe? Does music lead on much as a guide leads on to greater awareness? To fuller becomingness? Is that our passion: to become all that we are and more?

aVe coMbo carl finch multi-instrumentalist Considering that spiritual enlightenment can only come from developing a truly non-judgmental perspective, music can be a great tool to help facilitate that requirement. As humans struggle with suffering on this plane of existence, music offers something non-tangible, yet very powerful, as an antidote. It beckons us to either look deeper or to let go, rejecting the idea of physical security and worldly permanence. Both reactions work, looking deeper or letting go. Music reinforces the belief that there’s more to the picture and galvanizes faith in that belief. It allows you to mindfully float through your present place and time, giving you a fresh point of view. It’s not at all unusual for people to listen to music to “escape”. Combining this well-known fact with a desire to embrace an attitude of “no right, no wrong” opens the door to the mystery and turns on the light. 19

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