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SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

SPIRITUAL - Xtreme Music

30 music of Mozart in

30 music of Mozart in order to stimulate their enrichment and intellectual capacity while breastfeeding and while they are growing. when I am sat in my studio in order to create music, I try to block out everything that surrounds me since the worldly can be a distraction. On the other hand, spiritual issues may make us get the greatest concentration that is needed to perceive each note in a better way. Music is sensitivity. I think that all of us have to make an effort so that music could become our greatest treasure. No living animal has been able to transmit their feelings and spirituality through music, only the human being. Music is: spirituality, abstraction, health, inspiration, and the best way to connect every human being together with respect, peace, and harmony.

george S. clinTon film and television composer I first became aware of the power of music as a child growing up in Tennessee where my mother was the organist at the Southern Baptist church we attended. At the end of the Sunday night service, the lights would be dimmed, my mother would begin softly playing “Just As I Am”, and the preacher would gently encourage “sinners” to come down to the altar and be saved. women wept, grown men cried, the whole place felt transformed. I knew even then, it would not have been the same without the music. I am not a religious person anymore, but I do believe in the power of music to take us to a transcendental place. whether it’s Eastern trance music, a rousing Rock song, a great Country ballad, a Puccini aria, an inspired performance of a symphony, children singing “Row Your Boat”, or a great piece of film score; music is the key that unlocks us emotionally-spiritually. To me emotions and spirituality are part of the same ascending scale. Music is the perfect metaphor for human life: a melody unfolding in time and space, struggling here, soaring there, joyful at this moment, sorrowful the next, harmonious, and discordant. Music can also bypass intellect and touch us in purely emotional- 31

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