August Newsletter - Glenden

August Newsletter - Glenden


Community newsletter

August, 2012

Glenden state school

Firstly I would like to thank

everyone for the warm and

courteous welcome that my

family and I have received on

our arrival here in glenden.

to share with you a little of my

background, I have spent the

past three years as Deputy

Principal at Mackay state High

school. We had close to 1000

students and 100 staff so I am

enjoying the personal nature and

rapport that comes with working

within a close knit community at

glenden state school. My wife,

Lisa will also be working at the

school two days per week. Our

eldest son Lucas is in Prep whilst

Blake and Dane are still a couple

of years off joining us at school.

Prior to moving to Mackay,

my wife and I have spent time

teaching in Innisfail, Moranbah,

Biloela and in the international

port of London, England.

We have also had another

staffing change to share with

you. We congratulate and

farewell Cathy taylor who has

moved to Blackwater North

state school over the break to

take up the position of Deputy

Principal. Replacing Cathy is

sarah-Jane Clark. We realise the

wealth of talent, knowledge and

experience that we will lose with

the departure of Cathy and thank

her for the time and effort that

she has put into her role whilst

here at glenden state school.

On thursday 19th July glenden

state school participated in

“A Day for Daniel”. the Daniel

Morcombe Foundation was

established by Bruce & Denise

Morcombe in 2005 following

the tragic abduction and murder

of their son in December 2003.

glenden state school had the

privilege of Daniel’s parents

Bruce & Denise attend our

school as part of this event.

students were encouraged to

wear red in recognition of this

day and we held a full school

Principal Cameron Wayman, Bruce & Denise Morcombe, glenden Adopt-a-Cop

Brenton O’Brien

Day for Daniel students were encouraged to wear RED in support of this event

parade with many parents

and community members in

attendance. Bruce & Denise

spoke to the students in regard

to staying safe in our community.

they also recommended many

great tools that children and

parents can utilise to recognise

a potentially harmful or unsafe

situation. We thank Miss Natalie

Richardson for organising this

event for our community.

the 200 Club is coming at us

at a rapid rate. glenden state

school continually appreciates

the support that we get from

the community and this event

is the main fundraiser for our

P&C. All funds raised go directly

back into the school to improve

the learning outcomes and

opportunities for our students.

If you don’t already have your

ticket, get in contact with the

school office before Friday 10th

August to purchase your ticket.

It is exciting to see our next

intake of students making

regular visits to the school as

part of our Pre-Prep transition

program. Madonna and

Hayley from C&K with our Prep

teacher Mrs Leanne Kulmar

have constructed an engaging

and informative program that

familiarises our 2013 Prep

students with our school.

As part of the Flying start Pilot,

which sees the Year 7 students

become part of High school, we

have been provided with a new

general Learning Area and a new

Flexible Learning Area. this was

meant to arrive over the June/

July holiday break however due

to the rain, delivery was delayed.

the construction phase is well

and truly underway and our

staff are continually undertaking

Professional Development within

their roles preparing themselves

for this transition.

Community newsletter

August, 2012 1

renae’s shave for a Cure

My quest to take part in

the World’s greatest shave

started a few years ago. Apart

from being on my ‘Bucket List’

(as something I could positively

put my energy into and raise

much needed funds for vital

research) I had also personally

witnessed a number of families

close to me have to endure the

wrath of Leukaemia.

why this cause is so


today 31 Australians will be

given the devastating news that

they have leukaemia, lymphoma,

myeloma or a related blood

disorder. that’s more than

11,500 people this year.

Although survival rates are

improving, blood cancers like

these are the second biggest

cause of cancer death in


the Leukaemia Foundation

receives no ongoing government

funding, so supporting this event

makes our Vision to Cure and

Mission to Care possible.

the money I raised will go

towards research, which is

needed to find better treatments

and cures for leukaemia,

lymphomas, myeloma and

related blood disorders.

Your donations and

sponsorship will also support

families when they need it

most, providing leukaemia,

lymphoma and myeloma

patients with a free home-away-

upcoming events


1 glenden Fishing

Club 7pm

4 Chess the Musical at


9-18 Royal Brisbane show


10 Ladies Night at MECC

11 200 Club

15 Mackay & District

Careers Expo

from-home near hospital during

their treatment. It will also mean

that they can be transported to

appointments and provide as

much practical assistance and

emotional support as we can,

all free of charge.

I made the decision on saturday

10th March. the shave was to

take place the following Friday

16th March. so I plastered it all

over Facebook and sent e-mails

to everyone on my contact list,

to round up as many sponsors

as I could in a week. About

1.36 seconds later I received

a text message from Hayley

Barker asking “just how much

hair do you think you’ll have for

the wedding??”..... 10 weeks

later!!! Oops, it was then clear

that I had forgotten one very

important date that I would

most definitely need my hair

for... her wedding in late May.

16 the Lion in the winter


22 the Man in Black –

the Johnny Cash story


26 Mackay Harbour Beach

Race Day


5 glenden Fishing

Club 7pm

so the shave was set for Friday

1st June. I had set myself a

goal of $10,000 and 11 short

weeks to achieve this.

Presently I have raised

just under $11,000 with

donations still coming in.

Donators have included

Xstrata Newlands and C-Crew

CFMEu social Club. All other

donations have been kindly

donated from individuals.

I ran a Raffle on the night with 3

prizes 1st Prize was 5 tickets to

the Cowboys Vs tigers game

(kindly donated by steve &

Heather Clarkson) and a $100

Personal training card pass,

won by shari Armstrong, 2nd

Prize was a gorgeous Leather

Handbag (kindly donated by

Connie Rothery of Harlow

Collections) and a $100 Personal

training card pass, won by

Queensland Fire

& rescue services

Please note that the QFrs will be

undertaking burn-offs in the next 2 – 3

months within the Glenden township.

Jaime Maltby, 3rd prize was a

Hair Voucher from Wiltwood

Hair (kindly donated by Melda

Wiltshire) and a $100 Personal

training card pass (kindly

donated by Kerri Prior), won by

tove sparks.

I was and still am completely

overwhelmed and amazed

by everyone’s generosity.

I even had a young high

schooler donate $200 of his

hard earned cash (which I’m

sure he could use on other

things). I would like to take

this opportunity to sincerely

thank from the bottom of

my heart, everyone that

supported me both on

the night and in the weeks

leading up to my shave. Also

to my family who all thought

I’d gone mad, (especially

scott, who grew his hair as I

was about to shave mine).

As a courtesy to all residents, the QFRs will arrange for

the station siren to sound 3 times a half hour prior to

burn-off commencing.

If any glenden residents have allergies, please take the

necessary precautions.

Please ensure that all residents keep well clear of any area

that is undergoing a burn-off.

Community newsletter

August, 2012 2


Ballet and contemporary

students were also very lucky

to attend workshops with Miss

Lane. Miss Lane choreographed

pieces towards our end of year

concert. We thank Miss Lane

for travelling to glenden and

for her wonderful work in the

exams and workshops.

tap students attended a

workshop with Miss Lizzie and

Miss Nat for a big group number

in the end of year Concert.

Our Concert has been

scheduled for 10th November

2012 and is going to be “our”

version of Clara and the

Nutcracker. Hope to see you

all there!!!!

Left to right Megan Riley, Madison Bale,

Ellyn Blinman, ulani Matai, Chloe Ohl, Miss

Ruth Lane, Brooke Boyle, Amelia Kulmar

and Jorja Whitney.

time 2 Dance “mock” Ballet and tap exams

Mackenzie solomon and Jasmine

Matai who sat their grade One Ballet

“Mock” Exam

Our Pre-primary Exam students with Miss Lane. Left to right: Miss Ruth Lane, Poppy-Jo

Nobes, Ayla Markcrow, Eloise Decker and taylah swanson

It has been a busy few weeks for the students of time to Dance. this year we decided to

introduce the students to Ballet and tap exams process. We invited Miss Ruth Lane to glenden

to examine the students. Miss Lane has extensive years of teaching, adjudicating and examining

experience, and is a founding member of the Central Queensland Dancers Company. Even

though we undertook ‘mock’ exams, Miss Lane did not compromise her high standards and

expectations just to pass our dancers. It is not in her professional interest to put her signature

to a dancer’s exam report if it is not up to RAD, or gWt examination standards. Miss Lane trains

teachers for the Royal Academy of Dance, and is aware of the standard dancers need to attain

to pass an official exam. Dance exams, like any exam, are very daunting. By offering Mock exams

we are offering different experiences to the students. students who wish to sit their exams would

need to travel away. this is also a fantastic opportunity for the students and teachers towards

personal development.

Exams that were offered this year follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet syllabus,

and the glenn Wood tap (gWt) syllabus. Both syllabi are taught, examined and recognised


All who participated in the Exams attended extra classes in preparation. there were sweat, tears

and sore muscles all around, and we are proud of all the students who participated. they worked

so hard and have shown HugE improvements. I thank Miss Mel and Miss Lizzy for their hard work

in preparing the students.

There are still places available for the 2012 year!

Classes available include…

� shooting stars Jazz (5 – 6 years of age)

� Junior Jazz (6-8 years of age)

� intermediate Jazz (9-12 years of age)

Also introducing a new class….

� introduction to Ballet


For further information please contact

natalie midgley on (07) 4958 9763 or 0427 837 458

Community newsletter

August, 2012 3

Bowls Club

the bowls club is currently enjoying very healthy bowling activities.

Many of the Club Championships are concluded, with only the

Men’s 2 bowl triples Final, the Mixed Pairs and Mixed Fours

Championships to complete. In the Men’s events their has been a

good spread of players winning Championships with several new

bowlers playing extremely well. It has been extremely pleasing to

see the ladies events well supported, with singles, pairs, triples and

fours championships being contested. All champions for 2012 with be

presented at our Presentation Night later in the year.

Men’s pennants went well again this year with glenden finishing 2nd

in its group. It was very pleasing to see new faces playing pennant

and even more pleasing to fill teams every week comfortably. We

lost only one home game, and unfortunately, in the end this cost us

winning our section. A big thank you to the few ladies who helped out

with our pennants catering needs, and to Amber for her organisation

and efforts around the club.

in the upcoming events we have scheduled :

Bundy warehouse Bowls - triples

this is a 6 Week completion commencing on the 15th August, and

being played each Wednesday evening . teams to be entered by

6.30pm for a 7.00pm start – New bowlers welcome

Associate triples

On the saturday the 18th August. social teams welcome, for Bowlers

and non Bowlers

maddern Brothers invitation Fours

saturday and sunday 22nd and 23rd september.

New Bowlers are always welcome to come along on Wednesday and

Friday evenings or when ever you see someone on the green. Bowls

are available to have a go with, and someone will always help you out

with a few tips.

Contacts if you are interested in trying Lawn Bowls:

President - Neville Bell, 0418 729620

Games Director - Ian gardner, 0427 134244


Glenden Pioneer

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Glenden Pioneer email:

next edition: september 2012

Contributions due by:

tuesday, 15 september 2012

Local stories and events are always welcome.

unfortunately, due to printing deadlines, late submissions

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Advertisements for local businesses, community events,

clubs and organisations is provided FREE of charge.


the glenden Pioneer is produced and supported by

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August 11, 2012 promises a night of Red Carpet Glamour at the Glenden Recreation Centre, courtesy of the Glenden

State School Parents & Citizen’s annual fundraiser the “200 Club.” Come dressed in your finest, or maybe as your favourite

Hollywood Siren or Silver Screen Leading Man. It is a great opportunity for the whole community to not only get together

for a great night out but to support the Glenden State School P&C in providing funds to maintain great facilities and

resources for Glenden’s children. Being a small town, fundraising opportunities are limited so the “200 Club” is the most

important event on the P&C calendar to raise funds for the year.

The major cash prize draws of $5000, $2500 and $1000 are always a big draw for the event. Mackay band “Hot, Hot, Hot”

will entertain the crowd. Ticket purchases include dinner consisting of Canapés, sit down main meal and buffet dessert, drink

vouchers, dancing, and lots of fun and prize draws. Sam from Pixzel images will be there to capture the night’s frivolities.

Tickets cost $140.00 per couple ($70 single) and are available for purchase from the Glenden State School office (P: (07) 4964

2333). Can’t make it on the night – then purchase a $100 ticket which will still entitle you to be in the draw for the major cash

prizes. The Red Carpet will roll out at 6.30pm, so purchase your tickets and come and have a fantastic night out.

If you wish to keep the number you had last year, you need to purchase your ticket by next wednesday 18th July.

Community newsletter

August, 2012 4

open monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm

P: (07) 4958 9236 F: (07) 4958 9117


After Hours Emergency 0427 602 196

update on 2 bedroom town House & Duplex Accommodation

At last the buildings have started to arrive for the much

anticipated glenden Accommodation Project. the first of the

town house buildings are now nearing final completion in usher

terrace, and the first duplex has also just arrived. All of the

accommodation in this project is 2-bedroom suitably targeted

at working couples. these quality buildings have been designed

to the highest environmental standards and include a number of

initiatives to improve the liveability of the tenants. the buildings

have large modern kitchens and ample built-in storage space.

Rear decks provide private out-door entertainment areas for the

warmer months. towards the end of 2012 Hess Avenue will have

the road extended and more housing will be progressively appear

in this area of town.

2 bedroom town House in usher terrace Rear verandah off town House

Glenden medical Practice

Glenden medical Practice

shop 19 town square glenden QLD 4743

P: (07) 4958 9258 F: (07) 4958 9831


Glenden town services

Glenden Community Health centre

Opening hours are:

monday: between 9am and 12 md.

tuesday: 8.30 am to 12md. Afternoon 1pm to 3.30pm

thursday: 8.30 am to 12md. Afternoon 1pm to 3.30pm

shane lynd – town services superintendent

sharmaine spedding – Works Coordinator

sally neiberding & Kimberley nye – Accommodation Coordinator

shane Judd – Project superintendent

Visiting Community optometrist

Bob Lindner is currently servicing the Bowen Basin and visiting

glenden on a monthly basis.

Bob specialises in on-site services and supply of prescription

safety glasses to the mining industry however also offers a general

optometry service to communities that do not currently have a regular

optometry provider.

Bob’s next visit to glenden will be saturday 11th August 2012.

to secure an appointment with Bob:

P: 1300 664 634 m: 0410 621 312


rX4 eyes on GlenDen

tPLC trading as RX4EYEs A.B.N. 76 082 015 889 Provider No. 039618PJ

Head Office - 225 Fitzroy street, Cleveland QLD 4163 Australia

Products Department – ‘the grove’ u6/22 gawler Crescent,

Bracken Ridge QLD 4017

unlocking of Accommodation (including after hours)

should you inadvertently lock your keys inside your house,

flat or sPQ please call Morris Corporation (at the cafeteria) on

(07) 4958 9229 and the duty manager will arrange to unlock.

the unlocking of accommodation should not be referred to our

maintenance contractor, RD services.

Farewell Jenny

the staff at the glenden Medical Practice would like to wish

Dr Jenny Dowler and her Family all the best for their new

adventure. We have all enjoyed working together with Jenny and

along with the community I’m sure she will be sorely missed here

in glenden, we have been very lucky to have Jenny here to care

for all of us.

While we are still advertising for a permanent gP here at the Practice,

Locum Dr Hugh Leslie will be filling the position for the duration of


Dr Hugh Leslie comes to us from Western Australia and is

experienced in Emergency Medicine and also general Practice,

we would like to welcome him to the glenden Medical Practice

and to our community.

We would also like to remind the community that our new email

address is

4 Bell Place, glenden.

P: (07) 4958 9821 or 0428184465

Early childhood clinic and childhood vaccinations.

Ante-natal and post natal care.

Prep-school checks which include an eyesight and hearing test.

Community newsletter

August, 2012 5

Branch manager – Glenden

Are you passionate about delivering the

highest standards of customer service? Do

you enjoy laughing everyday? Would you

like to work for a community orientated

organisation who values the input and ideas of their staff?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then Queensland

Country Credit union has a fantastic opportunity for an individual

to lead the friendly team in our glenden Branch and drive market

growth throughout the glenden region. Queensland Country has

been delivering strong banking services in regional Queensland for

40 years and we are one of the leading Credit unions in the state.

Our glenden team delivers the highest standard of customer

service to our Members and they are a very passionate,

committed and dynamic team.

selection Criteria:

• A minimum of 3 years experience in a Management

or supervisory position

• A demonstrated ability to develop and manage new

and existing client relationships

• A demonstrated ability to cross sell products and services

• Financial services experience is desirable but not essential

For further information including a list of our employee benefits

and the full Position Description please visit

or contact Hayley Birt on (07) 4750 3264.

Forward your application by close of business Friday 10th

August 2012 to Applicants must

thoroughly address how they meet the selection criteria stated

above in their covering letter.

Applicants who apply for this position will be required to

undergo a pre-employment criminal and credit history check.

Queensland Country Credit union is

proud to be recognised as an

Employer of Choice for Women.

C & K glenden cordially invites all members of the glenden Community

to the official unveiling of our new

Outdoor Environment Project.

Come and witness the magical transformation and see why we are set

to lead the way for innovation within the early education sector.

Please join us along with special guests for afternoon tea at

1pm-2:30pm on Thursday the 2nd of August.

We will also be holding special NAIDOC

celebrations during this afternoon as

we open our new traditional

Indigenous Meeting area.

Childcare Trainee Assistant

Glenden Community Childcare Centre

Contract, full time

For further information contact

Rachel Benardos on (07) 3513 2510

or email

Closing date: 19 August 2012

To view a Position Description or to apply,

please visit the Careers Section of our


Community newsletter

August, 2012 6

Public notice 18 July 2012

isaac regional Council Closures

Isaac Regional Council would like to advise Isaac communities and community members of the following Council closures

on Wednesday 8 August 2012:

offices and libraries

Will be closed on wednesday 8 August 2012

And will reopen on thursday 9 August 2012


Will be closed on wednesday 8 August 2012

And will reopen on thursday 9 August 2012

moranbah recycle shop

Will be closed on wednesday 8 August 2012

And will reopen on thursday 9 August 2012


Will be closed on wednesday 8 August 2012

And will reopen on thursday 9 August 2012

emergency contact numbers for the closure period are:

Clermont 0419 688 600

Coastal 0407 697 284

Dysart/Middlemount 0428 199 590

glenden 0417 051 318

Moranbah 0428 731 741

Nebo 0427 505 133

should you require any further information relating to these closures, please phone 1300 isAACs.

Mark Crawley

Chief executive officer

isaac regional Council

Po Box 97

moranbah QlD 4744

t: (07) 1300isAAC (47222) F: (07) 4941 8666


Community newsletter

August, 2012 7

newlands Coal environment & Community Department

national tree Day

National tree Day is Australia’s

largest community tree

planting and nature care event,

where kids and their families

can get outside and have fun.

It’s a safe day out for families,

giving them the opportunity to

do something positive for their

health and wellbeing, as well as

the health of the environment.

With thousands of sites at

schools, parks, gardens and

other locations across the

country, National tree Day

and schools tree Day are the

perfect first steps to getting

Aussie children and families to

connect with nature.

In 2011, thousands of Australians

planted over 1 million native

trees, shrubs and grasses at

nearly 3000 tree day events.

Planting trees gives a range of

benefits to the environment to

help sustain and care for our

country. It helps us to maintain

our biodiversity and help

minimise climate change.

the event creates future

generations of environmentally

Billy Cart Derby

In Glenden

Expression of interest to form a committee


All Billy carts to be home made

from basic to super modified

This will be a great family day

aware custodians and inspires

people to get out there and

enjoy nature, as well as giving

a range of health benefits.

Childhood is a time of rapid

physical, mental and emotional

development. time spent in

nature provides a diversity

of sounds, sights, smells and

textures, and a variety of plants,

animals and landscapes that

children can engage with. this

mental and sensory stimulation

is important in human

developmental processes.

From Planting Trees: Just What

the Doctor Ordered.

this year National tree Day is

on sunday 29th of July. the

Newlands Coal Environment

& Community Department is

planning to once again help the

glenden state school to plant

a few trees. Last year over 70

native trees were planted!

what can you do?

get together with your family

and mates to plant a few native

trees in your own garden or

Happy 2nd Birthday to

our little girl


for the 20th July.

All our love Mummy, Daddy

& Rylan xxoo

Birthday wishes

backyard. Native trees are

low maintenance as they are

adapted to the Australian

environment and come in a

wide variety of forms. there

are several websites with

information about planting and

growing native plants e.g.

factsheets/native.htm › Gardens

Questions or more


For more information about

tree day see the National tree

Day website at www.treeday. or contact the

Newlands Environment and

Community Department on

(07) 4940 5200 – trevor spedding,

Kate French, Cassandra

Johnston, Chris Mann,

Angela takacs or tim Bourke.

Happy Birthday to

our little Princess


Turning 1 on the 30th July

Love Mummy & Daddy xx

A big happy birthday for the 16th July to

elizabeth swanson

with lots of love from your wonderful

family Reece, Taylah & Dakota.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Community newsletter

August, 2012 8

Community noticeboard

GlenDen Pony CluB

Come and join our great Club!

motHer’s GrouP

Glenden mother’s Group meets every wednesday

from 10am to 12pm.

All welcome, newborn to 5 years of age.

Come and play and meet new friends, a social morning tea

with other Mums. Please bring a hat, sunscreen and plate

of food to share.

For more details please phone:

trish: 0409 265 207

or Michelle: 0427 007 913

trADitionAl BrAZiliAn steAK nA CHAPA

weDnesDAy 8tH AuGust

next meeting:

Wednesday 1st August 7pm Town Club

new members welcome

$20 Family membership,

$10 single Membership

Contact: Club President

Jarrod sampson 0418 688 054

Membership fees are:

Riding members $90 per year

Pedestrian Equestrian $90 per year

Non riding social members $25 per year

Interested new members please contact

Jamie-Lee Crew on 0400 706 586

Glenden motocross

the glenden Motocross track is closed to all riders

until further notice. the committee apologises for any

inconvenience and will advise all of a re-opening date as

soon as possible.

Glenden Creative Arts timetable


Art: 9am – 2.30pm


Card Making and


9.30am – 2.30pm

GlenDen GeCKos PlAyGrounD

when: Friday 9.30-11.30am (during school term)

where: glenden golf Club

who: Children from birth to 5 years of age and

their parents/caregivers/guardians

what to Bring: Hat, a plate of food to share and your own

plastic bowl

what we Do: Have fun playing, including activities such as

art and craft, music/singing, sharing stories

and lots of free play. We also provide a

support network for parents and caregivers.

Please come and help ensure that a playgroup affiliated

with the Playgroup Association of Queensland continues to

exist in Queensland. For more information contact:

Juliette (07) 4958 931 or Playgroup Association QLD

on 1800 171 882. Hope to see you there

secret seasoning, melted mozzarella

Cheese & Grilled onion

Chicken or Fish Also Available

with Full Buffet of soup, sides, salads & Desserts

$29.50 Adults

$10.00 Kids 3 – 14yrs old

Bookings Essential

Please Phone (07)4958 9288


sewing: 9am – 2.30pm


sewing (adult only)

9am – 2.30pm


6.30pm – 9pm

Community newsletter

August, 2012 9

local Businesses and Community Groups listing

A time to remember

Portrait Photography & gifts

m: 0417 452 302


Kristin Dellaway

Homecare, Wellbeing, Beauty

Products, Jewelry and more.

P: (07) 4950 8954

m: 0408 785 951


Debbie saunders

P: (07) 4950 8990

m: 0408 156 305

Café Dieci

Opening Hours

Mon, tues, Wed, Fri: 9am-4pm

thurs: 9am - 5pm

sat: 9am - 1pm

sun: Closed

C&K Glenden

Preschooling Centre

P: (07) 4958 9304

essential Additions

Bags, bags & more bags

Cherie townsend

P: (07) 4958 9861

m: 0408 156 621

Glenden Amateur swim Club

5pm thursday nights in season

Glenden Auto and

Diesel repairs

P: (07) 4950 8912

m: 0409 618 438

*For all machinery servicing/


*Approved roadworthy station

*service and repair Lease cars

Glenden Bowls Club

Contact Neville Bell

P: (07) 4958 9249

Glenden Community

Health Centre

4 Bell Place, glenden

P: (07) 4958 9821

Glenden Creative Arts

For all enquiries contact

Charlotte smith or visit centre

m: 0400 728 515

Glenden Dental

P: (07) 4958 9784

Glenden Fuel & mechanical

* Service Station (07) 4958 9132

Mon to sun 5:30am - 8:30pm

* Café (07) 4950 8343

Mon to Fri 10am - 2pm

& 4:30pm - 8:30pm

saturday 10am - 8:30pm

* Workshop (07) 4958 9600

Mon to Fri: 7am - 5pm

Glenden Gecko Playgroup

Every Friday during school term

9.30-11.30am at golf Club

Local Contact is Juliette

P: (07) 4958 9315

Glenden Hardware and rural

Mon-Fri: 6:30am - 5pm

saturday: 10am - 12noon

P: (07) 4958 9080

m: 0408 776 006

Glenden Horse riders Assoc

Contact stephen scott

m: 0438 675 049

Glenden library

Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm

P: (07) 4958 9266

Glenden medical Practice

Mon to Fri: 8am - 5pm

Closed for lunch from 12 - 1pm

P: (07) 4958 9258


Glenden motel

P: (07) 4958 9288

Glenden Pharmacy

P: (07) 4950 8000

Mon to Fri: 8:30am - 5pm

Glenden Pioneer

Glenden Pony Club

Contact Jamie-Lee Crew

m: 0400 786 586

Glenden Post office

Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm

P: (07) 4958 9252

Glenden Progress Association

Contact Hazel Burgess

P: (07) 4958 9959

Glenden recreation Centre

P: (07) 4958 9839

Glenden social Fishing Club

Contact Jarrod sampson

m: 0418 688 054

Glenden squash services

Racquets, grips, Restrings

Contact george sweeney

P: (07) 4958 9971

m: 04589 849 400

Glenden state school

P: (07) 4964 2333

Glenden town services

Mon to Fri: 8am - 4pm

P: (07) 4958 9236

After hours emergency

m: 0427 602 196


Contact Wendy Western

P: (07) 4958 9836

m: 0428 589 836

i Have CrAFt!

Contact Rosanna Meaney

Quilt patterns, pre-cut applique

shapes. Accuquilt go! & more

m: 0429 931 542

isAAC regional Council

glenden Office (07) 4958 9266

Jlm Complete Cleaning

Carpet cleaning, upholstery

cleaning, vacate cleaning,

contract cleaning - Residential and

commercial Jamie Morrissey

m: 0417 854 694

lily C Creations

Ilsemarie Miller

Photographer and multimedia


FB: Lily C Creations

P: (07) 4950 8199

32 McLaughlin Cres, glenden

lorikeets restaurant

P: (07) 4958 9288

moranbah & District

support services

P: (07) 4941 5164

nth Qld Crafts

Chris Ruston

Wide range of craft supplies

P: (07) 4958 9217

Piano lessons

Contact Elisa trifunoski

m: 0402 932 647

Picture Framing

Photos, Prints, Collages & 3D

Claire Walsh

P: (07) 4950 8963

m: 0428 544 771

QlD Country Credit union

Open Monday to Friday

P: (07) 4958 9533

renae’s Gel-ous About nails

Biosculpture gel Nails, Organicspa

skin Care. For all your Waxing,

tinting, gel Nails, Manicures,

Pedicures, Massage, Facials

m: 0409 701 051

rural Family support worker

• Counselling for families,

children and youth

• Level 4 Triple P Positive

Parenting Program

• IDT-Interactive Drawing

therapy for all ages

• Family and Teen Mediation and

Conflict Resolution

Contact Marie at Moranbah &

District support services for an


P: (07) 4941 5164

shari’s Handmade Beaded

Jewellery and Fascinators

Fascinators, necklaces, bracelets,

earrings, clips, headbands.

For sale at glenden Post Office.

P: (07) 4958 9806

m: 0413 040 753

southern Cross sheds

Centre west

sheds, hangers, arenas, barns,

rural, industrial, mining, residential

P: (07) 4950 8140

s.s.A.A. Glenden

Contact Ken Preisig

m: 0429 495 566

st Paul’s Anglican Church

Father Don Ford

P: (07) 4952 3010

time 2 Dance

With Natalie Midgley

P: (07) 4958 9763

m: 0427 837 458

top end tanks

Quality water tanks made in

glenden. Round or slimline


P: (07) 4850 8140

trizzy Dancewear & Gifts

Dance uniforms, shoes and gifts.

tel trina (07) 4950 8921

tel Liz (07) 4958 9862

wiltwood Hair

Mon to Fri: 9am - 5pm

tues and thurs night by

appointment only

P: (07) 4958 9900

Community newsletter

August, 2012 10



Christmas Party

november 17th, maddern oval

4.00pm – 8.00pm

*strictly no Byo Alcohol*

golf Club Bar will be open

If you would like your child/children to receive a gift from santa at the Children’s Christmas Party,

(November 17) you must register them on this form. Children up to year 7 at primary school

are eligible to receive a gift. You can only register your own children who permanently reside

in glenden and they must attend the Christmas Party to receive their gift. Registrations must

be submitted to Megan Napier at Newlands Coal by Wednesday 17th October.

Alternatively, forms can be left at the QLD Country Credit union. A letter will be forwarded

to parents confirming receipt of their registration.

if you do not receive this confirmation, contact megan at newlands on (07) 4940 5203 as

this means she has not received your registration and your child will not receive a gift.

Family Name:


Employment Company:

(Newlands, Brambles, shire Council etc)

Child’s Name gender Age

Number of Parents and Older siblings Attending:

Due: wednesday 17th october

what’s on at the meCC in August?


Date: 4th Aug 2012 2:00pm Venue: CQCM

Categories: theatre; Public Events; Performances

Prices: $30 Adult | $25 Concession | $20 Conservatorium Member | $15 student | $15 Child

this production will be held at the CQCm.

Music and Lyrics by Benn Andersson and Bjorn ulvaeus (formerly of ABBA) with lyrics by tim Rice, Directed by

John Wregg

set against the Cold War struggle between the soviet union and the usA, this story tells of the romantic triangle

between the top chess players of each country and the woman who manages one but fails in love with the other.

the musical includes the hit single One Night In Bangkok as well as the music theatre favourite Anthem.

ladies night

Date: 10th Aug 2012 7:30pm Venue: MECC Auditorium

Categories: theatre; Musicals; Comedy; Public Events; Performances

Prices: $40 Adult | $36 Concession | $28 subscriber | $28 Friend of MECC | $28 group 6+ | $25 student u18

the play that inspired the movie tHE FuLL MONtY

Five mates with only unemployment and a love of beer in common, realise there’s money to be made in

putting on a male strip review. they pitch the notion to hard case club owner Bernie and take tutelage from

the kindhearted glenda, in what women really want from a male stripper – and how to deliver it.

Ladies Night has been translated into twelve languages and is New Zealand’s most commercially successful

play – with eight sell-out tours of Britain and the u.K. And now, it comes to Mackay to wow audiences and

leave you in fits of laughter.

Ladies night is sure to leave you energised and ready to hit the town!

the lion in winter - Kucom theatre

Date: 16th Aug 2012 - 18th Aug 2012, 8:00pm Venue: MECC Lynette Denny space

Categories: theatre; Family; Public Events; Performances Prices: $30 Admission | $25 Concession

Christmas in the year 1183. King Henry II is 50, strong and sharp, but his three sons are growing stronger and

they all want his throne. then there is the Queen to deal with...

the man in Black - the Johnny Cash story

Date: 22nd Aug 2012 7:30pm Venue: Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre

Categories: theatre; Concerts; Public Events; Performances Prices: $69 Adult | $59 Concession

tex Perkins leads the tennessee Four in a celebration of the life and times of one of the most incredible

singers, songwriters and entertainers to ever grace the stage.

this is two hours of Cash’s magnificent music interwoven with the story of his rise to stardom, his fight for

survival and his eventual redemption. tex and his band take on Ring of Fire, I Walk the Line, Folsom Prison

Blues, sunday Mornin’ Coming Down, get Rhythm, A Boy Named sue and other classics in a 2 hour show that

also explores his relationships - from hardened prisoners to the beautiful June Carter and lots in between.

With his driving freight-train chords, steel-eyed intensity and a voice as dark as the night, the legendary

Johnny Cash revolutionised music. tex Perkins, one of the most electrifying front men of Australian rock ‘n’ roll,

brings the hard-living country legend to life, delving into the depths of the star’s life, love and loss. tex will be

joined onstage by Rachael tidd and the tennessee Four.

For further information contact

megan napier

Executive Assistant

t (07) 4940 5203


Kimberley nye

site services Administrator

t (07) 4940 5271


Community response line

(07) 4940 5200

For information on articles in glenden News,

or other operational and environmental issues,

please contact the relevant people listed.

Xstrata commitment to sustainable


we are committed to the goal of sustainable development. we

balance social, environmental and economic considerations in how

we manage our business. we believe that operating to leading

standards of health, safety and environmental management,

contributing to the development of sustainable communities,

and engaging with our stakeholders in two-way, open dialogue,

regardless of our location, enhances our corporate reputation and

is a source of competitive advantage. this enables us to gain access

to new resources, maintain a licence to operate, attract and retain

the best people, access diverse and low-cost sources of capital,

identify and act upon business opportunities, and optimise our

management of risks.

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