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Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

Rips Into Pointe - Local History Archives

, '; ! Pig. Twenty

, '; ! Pig. Twenty ;.,"'~-----i _; .;.:•.,.;.; .:•••••:: _ c-r;~r-r ,..,--.--.--.,,~-r-r--r-r-'--'-""""'''''''''''I'''''''I'-"'!'''''''!'''''''I'''''''I~i "'l"i ~""""'l"'I'!'-"""~i~III\IIIII"""'''''''''''''',..; .... ~t ,~ .. YOUR AD CAN IE CHARGED Thr•• TrMlk L1... to S.rve Yo. 911cldy CLASSIFIED RATES Charge Ads.IS words tor $1.00 Cash Ads-IS words for 90c Sc each ndditionJI word Call TUXEDO 2-6900 4-HELP WANTED MALI aid FEMALE DISTRIBUTORS WANTED Men or women. Part or full time. Experience not necessary . S-SITUATION WANTED NURSES AVAILABLE P r act i c a I and companion nurses for your private home. Also, experienced women for infant or vacation care. 3 Trunk lines but helpful. LINER STATIONS CUNNINGHAM DRUGS 16941 Kercheval It Nctr. '1'tJ S-961ll1 HARKNESS PHARMACY Dame Excellent returns for enjoyable work. TUXEDO 2.6167 20313 Atac~: Ava. al ~hmoor 'l'U .-3100 COLLEGE STUDENTS (3 ) KINSELS with hotel or college wai YOUR GIRL FRIDAY t- 11051 Kerclleval at lit. "'lair has added TU 5.. 821 ress experience, or Stouffe r the newest silk screen traming, fOr high type, sma 1I, NZWS SALE! STATIONS MIMEOGRAPHING executive din i n g .room DOWNTOWN AREA to her Hours, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Mon Grand Circus Park newl Stand - Slenoretle, Transcribing Majestic Bldg. News stand day through Friday. $43 pe r and Secretarial Service E:. JEFFERSON TO CITY LIMITS week, plus fringe benefit s. Alden Park Manor Must have character refer - MRS.,COLEMAN !1J 5.6442 CameronI Gift Shop. Wayb~ ences, excellent appearanc e & JeU. Park Drugl. City Lim1t. and personality. Write, giv - CHI L D CARE, responsible GROSSEPOINTE PARK. . ing full particulars as to ex - mi~d1e-aged lady. Local ref- MULel"Pharmacy. Waybutll and perience,. age and education , , erences. Reasonable rates, Kercheval . .' e hour or day. VA 2-1946. SuI1Ivan Pharmacy. BeaconsfIeld to ,Box N-12, Grosse Point ( and Kercheval News. Wesson Drug•. on Charlevoix Av. EXPERIENCED man wishes GROSSE POINTE CITY . work as chauffeur, house- Knopp's Pharmacy. Notr. Dame man, gardener or laborer and Kercheval GENERAL . OFFICE' worker , Cunnlnghams Drugs. Nctre Dame good typist, 4 days a week and Kercheval Notre Dame Pharmacy, Notre Grosse Pointe Farms are a. and Kercheval :,Age 40-50. years. Reply, Box JC1nlIelDrugs. St. Clair and Ker- .D-13 stating qualification , cheval s and availability. GROSSE POINTE FARMS Trail Pharmlcy. Kercheval cn A LARGE international corp- the Hili J'arms .Druga. FlIIher Rd.. and oration will employ a loca 1 Kercheval \. Schettlers Drugl. Fisher Rd. sales representative between and ages 25and 35. This quali - COLLEGE student will wash x[;;:e'FiJ'i-ugs. Mack and 7.Mlle fied man will not only b e and polish your car, $8.50, '. W~~s Drug. Center. Mack and , trained in the. business bu t materials included. TU 5- Bournemouth (7 Mile Rd.) will be advanced to super - 6047, GROSSE POINTE WOODS yisory and managerial re - GrOAe Pointe Phlrmacy. Mack spollSibili ties. . S u c c e s sf4 1 SECRETARY, sin g 1 e, rapid and Huntington Harkness Pharmacy. Mack and salesman, school tenchers , typist, accurate, diversified junior executives, and, ac experience, con s c i entious H~cT~;hn.olU. Mack and 11- - countants preferred. Im- and .loyal. VAlley 1-7762. Mlle Goronflo. Mack and Anita Arnolds Dru&,. Mack and Haw. mediate salary plus co~n- AVAILABLE for va c a ti 0 n missions, bonus, group life period receptionist, light B~g~~t5rug•. Mack and ROllyn and hospitalization insur- office work in Grosse Pointe DETROIT AREA ance. Lifetime career and Brlgg. Dru,r sto~, Mack and Call VAlley 1.5560. company p e 1). Touraine s ion. Write lIands Medical service Pharmacy. qualificatiollS to Box C-50 , RETffiED, reliable white man Mack and Moran 'Grosse Pointe News. for light janitor; work or Blue Crosl Drugs. Mack and Ne~ driving. Has, chauffeur's BI~fueHiJ\I1PharmaCy, Mack an FULL TIME REAL ESTATE license. VAlley 4.8303. Devonshire Drug.. Mack and SALESMAN Devonshire . t bl' hed ffi L & L Pharmacy. Mack and Bea. Long es a IS '0 ce spe. cOl\sfleld cializing in Grosse Pointe pro- Colony Patent Medicine. 15645 perty. Exceptional sales aids Mack ST. CLAIR SHORES for our mensupp1ied by of- Arnold Drull. Marter Rd. and fice; such as floor plans, pholo - Jefierlon graphs, and pre-sale reproduc - 1A-PEISONALS tion appraisals for all sales - books. Salaried a p p r .d s e r NEED a baby sitter? Reliable Very complete information ex nursemaids a vail a b I e by change. Office frictiollS mini - hour, day or week. Mater~- mized by high' grade men and fty help available. ten Club, PRescott The Slt- 7-0377. mutually ulations. deve.loped office reg- Deal closin!S under 1 WILL TEACH you to drive experienced supervision. You must be between 25 and 4j in traffic. Former police in- years old, well ~ucated, and structor, Bert Mitchell, LA an east side resident. 6.6960. MAXON BROTHERS, INC. SNOWFLAKES IN'JULY! TU 2-600() • Order yours now for ski-ti~e delivery. Individual hand-~allt de6igns and color combmations. SNOWFLAKE SWEATERS ~ 4.1165 !1J 4-4278 2A-MUSICAL INSTRUCTION PLAY the piano. Special rapid course for te~n-agers .and adults in popular or classical. Interesting children's courses. Engel Piano Studio, 14932 Kercheval, VAlley 3- 1355 or VAlley 1-3515. TEACHER OF PIANO 889 .HIDDEN LANE TUXEDO 4-2458 21-TUTORING . COMMUNITY TUTORING SERVICE MRS. LOUIS MARICK, DIRECTOR Tutoring by degree teachf:rs avail. obI, In all subjects for grades high school, college and adult education. OPENINGS FOR TEACHERS 339 Merriweather, Grs. Pte. Farrns TUxedo 4-2820 PRIVATE 'I'UTOR[NG IN YOUR OWN HOME All subjectsj all grades. Adults and children. Certified teach- ericaU: DETROIT AND SUBURBAN TUTORING SERVICE WO 3.8315 KE 7.4653 WANT TUTOR tor second grader familiar with paro. chial school methods. Rea. sonable. TUxedo 5-1833. 3-I.05T AWD FOUND LOST - GOLD LINK BRACELET WITH ST. ANT H 0 N Y M E D A I" SUNDA Y, JULY 5TH, BE. TWEEN EDGEMONT PARK AND RID G E ROAD. SENTIMENTAL VALUE. REWARD. TUXEDO 5.4018 LOST: YelloW striped kiUe~, well grown, vicinity UnI' versityand Kercheval, about Ju~ 29th. Reward. TU. 2.5149. 4-HEU. WANTED . "'ALl .fHI HMALI BEAUTY operator, eXPerien. ... ~n1y. TUndo 6.9785- J BOOKKEEPER $390 A good position wit!: a good east side auto dealer. Dealer . ship experience, typing neces - sary. AUTO DEALER PERSONNEL LOgan 3-4695 4A-HELPWANTED (Domestic) PRIVATE living quarters, rent free, in exchange for gardener to take care of lot 120 x120. Elderly couple preferred. Reply to Box B-10, Grosse Pointe News. COUPLE experienced. Wife good cook. General housework. Man to assist, garden Pleasant, convenient home For 2 adultll. VAlley 2-2290. HA VE unfurnished apartment for couple who will work part time in exchange for rent. TU. 2.6896. REFINED white weman. Must be good cook. Prepare meals and be companion. 6 hour day, 5 day week. LAkeview 7-9335. COMPETENT woman to take charge of new born infant, also assist with light house. work. Start in October. Prefer east side resident. Must have recent referenceli and own tranliportation. Reply Box R-12, Grosse Pointe News W 0 R KIN G mother d{~ires woman 21.40 as nurliemaid and for Iight hou~ek(!eJ>inll'. Live in, Sunday and Ih Sal. urday off, Cily rdel'Cnccs. TUxedo !).1710, after :i p.m. S-SITUATIOM WANTED HOMES trimmed and painted. Window gla:o:ing and caulking. VAlley 1.4[27. LAMPS Custom-made I amp made and recovered home. Originally on Road. TUXi:dC, 4.6511 shades in my Ridge LAWN AND GARDEN work. Reliable personal servicc. College student. References. TUxedo 2-4783. RELIABLE, middle.aged m"n wishes g r ass cuttinji( and yard work. TUxedo 4.5193 • \, • t;ROSSE f'OINTE NEWS CALL TUx~o 2~6900 SA-SITUATIONS WANTED 6-FOI IENT- DOMESTIC (Umr.f.hed) DAY WORK only, clean~ng. References. $6 and carfare. TA 6-~60. AUDUBON, 4650, St. Mat thew's parish. 4 bedroom house, gas heat. Excellent for business or professional man. Now available. Rent, $200 m~nth. Lease, deposit KEnwciod 1-0141. WESTCHESTER, '70S, n ear lake. 5 bedroom house, oil heat. Excellent for industrialist, business or profe.ssional man. Rent $350 month. Lease, deposit. Shown by appointment only. KEnwood 1-0141. 854 ALTER ROAD. 3 large rooms and bath. Employed adults only, no pets, $110. , VAlley 2-4595. 1003 BEACONSFIELD (J~f. ferson). Nice clean flat, 5 rooms, bath. Private basement, gas heat. Beach privi. leges. Prefer adults; consider small family. Hugh Chalmers, TUxedo 4-4040, TUxedo 2-2544. GROSSE'POINTE GARDENS NEA~ FORD EXPRESSWAY CLOSE TO EASTLAND WONDERFUL VALUE $100 $105 $1 r 0 Very attractive large newly decorated one bedroom apls. with aining room, separate kitchen and large living room. Croos ventilation, free paved parking, individual controlled heat included. Mr. Cole, Mgr .. 21401 Kingsvi11e-1 block east of 7 Mile (Moross Rd.), 3 blocks south of Harper. LAKEPOINTE near Jefferson. Comfortable 2 bedroom lower. Park privileges, utilities included. $110. TU 4.4862. BEACONSFIELD, 1092. Upper 5, newly decorated. Heat furnished, with thermostat. Air-conditioner, stove, refrigeration, in c i n era tor. Adults. $95. Shown by appointment. WEbster 4-9786, GROSSE POINTE PARK, upper 2 bedroom. Garage, modern, 4 years old. $135 month. TUxedo 5.3439. GROSSE POINTE vicinity, 3428 HaverhHl, upper 6 rooms. Gas heat, no refrigerator or slove. Adults. $75 per month. TU,2-3165. HARCOURT, 732. Upper flat, 3 bedrooms, 1 1h baths, Flori. da room, pantry, 2 stairways, circular drive. ANN BEDFORD GOODMA~ TU 5-6063 LO 7-4706 JOHN S. GOODMAN APARTMENT on Cadieux be~ tween Harper and Morang. Living room, 'bedroom, bath and kitchen alcove. Stove, refrigerator, heat and park. ing furnished. $85 per month. No lease un 1e s s desired. TUxedo 5.652:'l. LOWER FlJAT, Grosse Pointe Park, $100 including heat. VAlley 4-6665, TUx e d 0 1-2945. BEACONSFIELD, 'near Kercheval, Grosse Pointe, upper 4 rooms and bath, working couple. Heat and hot water. EDiewater 1-2397, 502 LINCOLN ROAD. 4 bed. room home available for im: mediate occupancy. Call owner, WOodward 2.7565. SUBURBAN NURSING Agcy. WHITE lady wishell day work. LICENSED and BONDED Good references. TRinity GRA YTON- W A RR EN':" '4 DU 2-0488, 24 hr phone service 3.1009. rooms, tile bath, heated, couple, $80. TUxedo 2-1044. LANDSCAPING grass cutting. WOMAN, white, wishes. iron Painting, cleaning, fixing ing Tuesday and Wednes- HARCOURT ROAP.'nelight- Trash hauled away; Roof day. LAkeview 7.6844. fully cool large 6-room work. All odd jobs. Bill, TTJ 6-FOIt IENT_ ,;.upper, family room, 2 car 2-9284. garage. VAlley 3-0619. (Ultfunlslled) . ,.,':, NEFF ROAD (Kerch\val) Most attractive large upper. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, library, c,upeted. Now va ca n t Adults. $275 month. Hugh Chalmers, TUxedo 4-4040. APARTMENT on Cadieux be tween Harper and Morang Living room, bedroom, bath and kitchen alcove. Stove refrigerator, heat, and park , ing furnished. $85 per month No lease unl~s, desired 'TUxedo 5-6523, evenings, for construction or any con- WHITTIER, 9540, near Harper cern. Best references. Call Luxurious new 3 rooms, pri evenings, TR 4-1527. vate balCOllY. From $105 TUxedo 1-5853. i EXPERT LAWN care and gar • deningdone by two experi- WILLIAMSBURG Apartments encedcollege boys. Reason- 2 bedrooms, gas radiant heat 1127 BEACONSFIELD, Grosse :Pte. Park Upper ,one bed. room flat. Heated. Couple. $70. Will decorate. DRexel 1~1163. . GROSSE •POINTE area,' at. lraclive 2,bedroom lipper, near. sohool, $95. .TUxedo 5.8655. • I TROMBLEY Fine lower flat. 3 bedrooms,. 2 baths. $260. 'SOMERSET , , 3 bedroom upper .• DEVONSHIRE 2 bedroom upper. $100 RIVARD 2 bf.'Ciroom lower. $105 MAXON BROTHERS ..TU 2-6000 able rates.' TUxedo 4-0686, and all electric kitchen. TUx- COURVILLE, 5252, UPpe!' 5 TUxedo 5.3446. edo 5.2689. rooms, new I y decorated, Wright~, Ideas 0 f fer s Grosse PoinTe's only complete secretarial service, with lelephone answering I our line or yours, Mimeograph and Th~rma-Fax rapro due t ion. Address- Ing, mailing and postage Just call TUxedo 2-6034 SA-SITUATiONS WANTED DOMESTIC EXPERIENCED young woman wishes day work, office or store, clealliing or wrapping Grosse Pointe references LOrain 8-2776. EXPERIENCED d a yworker, good ironer,. c1eallling, servo ing dinner parties. Reference.' TR 5-3217. RELIA~LE 17 year old girl desires baby. sitting. References. TUxedo 4-5028, EXPERIENCED lady wants 2 or 3 days with same family or weekly work. TE 3-4891 LADY WISHES 2 days or 5 POINTE CITY days,'cooking, cleaning. Ref- GROSSE erence. Can Thursday, Sat. Sparkling new, 2 l:ledroom urday, Sunday, TY 6.4903. upper flat, available. Bea~tiful kitchen extra large dm. HOUSEHOLD DUTIES; any 4 ing area, Hallmackequipped days weekly. Adults prefer- bath. Enclosed porch, attached red. Mature, colored. $28, garage, gas heat, soundproof plus fare. Reliable, reference construction. One short block Rep[y, Box E-7, Grosse to the Village shopping area. Pointe News. Excellent transportation. By appointment, TU 4-451ll, eve- GROSSE POINTE woman, nings, PR 8-6735. middle-aged, wishes light work. What have you? VA 1-2262. MEN WITH references desire work of any kind-housework, yard work or simoniz. ings cars, etc. VA 5.7044. DROP YOUR ironing oft at my house; very good work. Call me at TR 3-392r. MATURE white woman; laundress or baby sitting. Spe. cializes in personal laundry, men's shirts. VAIIey 2-5197. E XPERIENCED .woman de. sires days, or M 0 n day through Friday, 7 years references. LOrain 8-2126. COLORED girr desires days laundry and cleaning. Grosse Ptc. 3961. rcferences. VAlley 1- EXPERIENCED ladydesirclI job cleaning, child care or laundry, Grosse ?oint.e re!o erences. WAlnut 1.1964. -- E X PER I EN C ED woman, white" for c I e ani n g and laundry. 15 yea TS Grosse Poi nte 3.1367. references. VAlley R E XPERIF.NCED lady wishes job, child care or laundry. Live near Grosse Pointe. Grosse, Pointe refer. ences. VAlley 4-4933. XPERIENCED girl wishes dflY work or week work. Wilh Grosse Pointe references. VA 1.4798, heat, garage, adults. TUxedo 4-6909. ST. CLAIR NR. JEFFERSON 3 duplex, disposal, garage, large yard, children welcomed. 4 room upper in newly remodeled house, disposal, shower, garage. TUxedo 4-1118 UNIVERSITY PLACE NEAR CHARLEVOIX Center hall colonial. Living room with fireplace, dining room and kitchen on first floor. 3 bedrooms and bath on second. Avail. able' August 1st. at $150 monthly .. This iJI an older but very comfortable h 0 me. Lease required. Call owner. TUXEDO 5~126B G. P. FARMS 265 McKINLEY Attractive 4 bedroom 21h bath Farm Colonial. Spotless condi. tion. Elec, stove & refrig. included. References and one year lease required. TAPPAN TU 4-6200 UPPER FLAT, 909 Rivar"d Blvd. 5 rooms, 'gas heat, dis- 'posal, separate basement, gar age. Park privileges, adults, no pets. TU 5-2780. 6A-FOR RENT- (Furnished) ATTRACTIVE, Neff R 0 ad lower available September- June while owner is in Florida. TUxedo 5-3645. BALFOUR, 5521. Attractively furnished 4 large room upper. Middle-aged or working couple.' $100. TUxedo 2- 9048. GROSSE POINTE Park. 3rd floor, attractive 3 roo m s, bath. Clean, ideal for working co u pie. Utilities and heat. $85. VAlley 4-3688. 61-1tOOMS FOR RENT ROOM .for employed ladi' in widow's home. Good transportation. TUxedo 5-0054. CORNER ROOM for gentleman, "Farms" area. Good transportation, radio and private phone, garage avail. able. Call after 6 or Satur- ~y. TUxedo 4.1882. 6C-OFFICE FOR lENT DOCTOR'S SUITE New _ Air Conditioned - Ground Floor. Private en. trances, private parking. Excellent Gros~'C Pointe location. $210 per month. TUXEDO 2.2593 18136 MACK AVE, GROSSE POINTE Air-conditioned mod ern offices including medical liuite; 90 sq. fl. and up. Telephone answering service. TV 5-3200 Niles TU 2.7944 DESIRA BLE 0 ff ice space now available, Tracy Build. ing 128 Kercheval TUxedo 1-5007. 6D-RESORT PROPU.TY FOR RENT in July: 7 bed. room, 2 bath oottage on Lake M i e h i g a n, near Harbor Springs. Completely equip. ped. Matthews Hall Agency, Harbor Springs, Mlch. '~ISOIT PIO"~TY LAKE FRONT C~ttlige, 7 bedrOOms, . 3 batM; from June 15 to August 1. Mr •. Charles :rd., Tenney, 60 Farmington avenue, Longmeadow. Mass. WHEATLEY, O~iario. ' 3 ~- FOR RENT or sale: year round home on Blue Water Beach subdivision. TUxedo 4.6098. 7--WANTED. TO liNT COMFORTABLE quarters for visiting elderly par e n t s, month c:4 August~ Furnished \ flat or apartment. Cannot consider bedroom with kitchen privileges. Guarantee cleanliness, quiet and good care of premises. TUxedo 1.9328. , GROSSE Pointe bachelor desire; garage apartment in . area. TUxedo 5-3573 or TRi. nity 2.6200, !jxt: 480. 3 OR .{ BEDROOM home in Grosse Poi n t e area, near Catholic schools. Responsible party. Mr. Plouff. Call LUzon 4-8600 6 to 5. CHILDLESS COUPLE 005ires unfurnished house in GfOl!ise Pointe, from August' 1st. Will pay 1st and last month in advance. Reply, Box L-2, Grosse Pointe News. THREEtorourb~mho~e in a,-osse Pointe. TUxedo 1-2639. . TRANSFERREDtrom East. Desire minimum 3 ~.; single in Fanns, Richard' or Kirby school districts. Excellent 10 c a 1 referencel. TUxedo 4-5166. ' EMPLOYED lady, 3 or 4 rooms, income or apartment in Grosse Pointe Woods area. TUxeoo 4-6464. S-AITICU$ FOIt SALI DOLL CLOTHES' , Washable; small popular dolls and 18-inch Revlon. Custom made. M. HARGIS TU .4-,7594 CInNA, furnIture, rugs, lmtiques, miscellanequs, bought and sold. Majestic Furniture. 10227 Woodward, 6-2500. TOwnsend AUTO DRIVERS-Only $9.18 qua I't e r 1y buys $10,000. $20,000 Bodily Injury and $5,000 Property Damage Liability. TU 1-2376. VACUUM BARGAINS Rebuilts 1 year guarantee. Hoover wlbeaters $16.95-$44.95 Rebuilt Eurekas . $19.95-$34.95 Rebuilt GE's $19.95 Rebuilt Royals $21.95 HARPER VACUUM 17176 E. WARREN at Cadieux TU 1-1122 OPEN 10 to 7 TRADE-IN sofas alld chain. All in nice condition. Reasonably priced. Van Uphol. stering Co., 13230 Harper. Open 9 'til 9. FIREPLACE EQUIPMENT - Screens, all types, grates, andiroJ:ll, tools. See display at SMITH - MATTHEWS, 6640 Charlevoix Ave. WA 2-7155. GROUND COVERS: Myrtle, pachysandras, Euvonimus Vegetus. Call eve n i Iig s, TUxedo 5-0768. DO IT YOURSELF, • CABINETS • FORMICA • PLYWOOD • PANELING • DOORS • DRAWERS I 22500 .MACK PR ~.M70 ' BAKER Provincial"d in i11' g room.' Current style. Less than ~ price. Other items. Call after 4. TUxed~ 5-5310. SANDBOX SAND, $1 bag - ,special, only 77c. Land-o- Nod, 13747 Gratiot at 8 Mile. \ FABRICS Upholstery, , d rap e r y, slip- COVers Bolt ends. 79c a yard and up. Harper store only. VAN FURNITURE & UPHOL. 13230 Harper -Chairs, Tables, Lamps All styles and sizes, 50% off. Harper Store Only VAN FURNITURE & UPHOL. 13230 Harper GOLF CLEARANCE: An fa. mous brand name pro mod. els, ,woods and irons, Bag, Boy Carts. Edgar ''Butch'' Bra n d a u, ]325 Cadillac Blvd. Pastel Portraits By STEPHEN GYURICH For Appointment Phone 9 a.m. til noon 6.8 evenings Tl1 1.5852 1677 Stanhope I-AITICLiS' FOI SALI 'NOW OPEN 6 to 9 Evenings 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays DEN OF ANTIQUITY WARD REILEY 14824 Kercheval at Alter Rd DECORATIVE PRIMITIVES VICTORIAN ACCESSORIES China, Glass, Copper, Etc Arnel'ican and Continental Imports CONSOLE SPECIALs Baldwin Acrosonic, Stein way Hepplewhite, Chickering mahogany • , • 3 wonderIul coosole pien06 to choose from Guaranteed. delivered . • priced from $4~. Smiley Bros., 5510 Woodward. Summer store hrs.:D aily, 9-5; Sa!., 9-1; Eves. by .'pp't. LEIC.\ F3 .. F2. Lot! of extras. Excellent. condition, sacrifice. TUxedo 4-3360, TUxedo 2-3665. LAWSON SOFA, perfect con~ dition. Baby chifforobe. Antique occasional chairs. Gateleg table. Yardbird railroad. TUxedo 1-6280..' REDWOOD iW'llitur~, new cushiOr1ll. Bunk beds. Garden tools. Jungle ham m 0 c k. Small appliances. TUxedo 5-7737. COM BIN A T ION TV, $65. American People'. Encyclopedia set, $35. Singer Sewing $45. TUxedo 1-2146. A KIMBALL baby grand, .malle3t size, mahogany, Excellent condition, b e n c h, $350. TUxedo 2-7828. B PIECE dining room suite, $150. Gas stove, sofa. 'Eo'sy chairs, $35 each. Miscellaneous. TUxedo 4.3133. TYPEWRITER, Un derwood .J)OI'table, good condition. Sewini machine, portable, like new. 2 large bookcases. TUxedo 2-4717. POWER MOWER. $45. 4 gal. Ion sprayer, $8. Seed spreader, $8. TUxedo 1-21~. Thursd.y, July', 1.959 DEADLINE 3 P... , TUESDAY ~ITICLES FOR SALE 'AIR CONDITIONER, window type, one ton capacity, $80. TUxedo 4.5054. 24 VOLUME Encyclopedia BritalUlia with bookcase. Excellent cC¥ldition. lQ75 Newport. VAlley 1-8326. GIRL'S 20" bicycle, $18. Larg. size chain drive tricycle, $5, Picnic ice chest, $2. Coil springs, $3. TUxedo 4-0507. GOOD LEATHER sUitcase',. 'vel'y cheap. TUxedo 5-2724. ROUND, 4 ft. folding table, $12. Oval walnut 4 "ft. dropleaf table, $16. TUxedo 5- 2724. , FRIGIDAIRE dehumidifier, $35. * ton R.C.A. air .conditioner, .like new, $100. 20" D.C. Westinghouse fan, $15. Marchant 10 bank calculator, excellent condition, $110, Royal typeWTitel', ilike new, $25. Canoe motor, inboard, $25. PRescott 2-9013. ., BRAND new portable Whirlpool dishwasher, never used. VAlley 2-0028. CRAFTSMAN power. !awn. mower, Bl'iggs and Stratton .( cycle gas engine. A-I condition, light weight, easy to, use. Used 5 months. Cost 129.95', for $35. 21724 Harper. 2 TUFTED twin beadbOerds, 2 spreads; 4 pairs draperies, gray antique 'satin, $60. 2 burner gas plate, $2. VAlley 2-7428, eve:.Jngs. CIGARETrE MACInNES. Ten brand new for sale at halt price. TUxedo 5-2780. '. GENERAL ELECTRIC 6 cubic it. refrigerator, Fryryte, electric ooffee pot, leather Chair, Queen Anne chair, Simplex electric dryer, gas stove, TV Generlll Electric, 12"; kitchen set. Irol16, golf cart, reel lawnmower. TUxedo 4-2346- DINING ROOM, 12 piecE!3with 8 needlepoint chairs. Perfect condition. Specially mad e table P,8ds. LAkeview 11.6994- PLAY PEN,' $3; 40" mahogany coffee. tabl~, $2{); trumpet, $10; accord ian, $20; cub scout wit, $3; walnut table, $5; old books. TUxedG 2-2725; ANTIQUE sofa, china, glass, bronzes, quilt pieces,' ero- 21" TRA VELER television, cheted spread human hair stand, aerial, $40; Thor iron. brief case, pieces fur. VAlley er, 26", $25. VAlley 1-9675 1-9843. . MULTICOLORED bra ide d wool rug "goes with everything." 12x15. Excellent con. dition. TUxedo 2-5361. STURDY STEEL patio awning frame, in good condition, 14 by 14 feet. $25. TUxedo BRASS HEADBOARD on sin. gle Hollywood bed, $31). VAlley 1-4184. SOLD HOME. Entire turni9hings and appliances for sale. 1645 Fa ircou r t. TUxedo 4-4174. 5-8497. UNlVE~AL .GAS range, " burners, 2 ovens, good con- KELVINATOR gas re,frigera- ; dition, $40. TUxedo 4-1817. tor $50. Like new. TUxedo (-3330. ANTIQUE marble buffet, $89. FRENCH Provincial dining VAlley'3-0542. room suite, large oval table GRINNELL apartment size $450. Solid hard maple drop Upright, walnut piano. TU leaf table, .. captain's oha!Is 2-6333. $95. Large refrigerator and 3D" el~tric stove $150. Ice MINK CJ\PE, vf!ry full, fine skates. TUxedo 4-2569. coodition. Reasonable for cash. !1Jxedo 4-5111. REGENCY davenport, ..lounge chair, ottoman. Upright and DINETTE set, formica and chest type deep. freezers chrome .. 30x48. Table, leaf, Hobby horse. Table radio 4 chairs: Excellent condi Record. player. Other items, tion. TUxedo 2.5006. rea son a b 1e. 560 Hidden Lane, TUxede. 4-4139. 10 FT. MARBLE bar, formica top, 6 bar stools. R6B9Orlable. GROSSE PrE. PARK HOME TUxedo 5-1838. Lamps, tables, chairs, pictures disbes, gar den equipmen~ IRONRITE, deluxe model, ex tools. ;Lady's clothing, size 12. cellent condition. TUxedo 14 short.' 1-2424. Hundred, of. i1lenvl 5c to $5 WIDE VENETIAN blinds suit '935 Grand Marais .able tor oottage, 26" girls' SHERATON solid mahogany bike.TU 2-6333. 'dining room.set. Table, buf. ELECTRIC I sewing machine, 'M, chinacIOsef,. serving portable, $20. TUxedo 5.5554 table and chairs. Bargain at ~ less than half price. TUxedo MOVING to California: Girl. 5-~1l. winter coatsj sizes 6x, 10, 12 all imported EIlglish tweed 2-9x12 BIGELOW all wOQl $15 eeclJ. TUxedo 2-8986. rugs; blue and apricot, including pad. Good condition IA--OFFICe .O'IJPMINT Man's mahogany.desk. Up- POI SALt' holstered c h a i s e longue glider. TUxedo 5-2611. ' TYPEWRITERS and lidding . machines, new, rebuilt. Rea GRANDFATHER clock, West. sonable p r ice s. National minster chimes, Cilucasian 0 f f ice Equipment. 16833 walnut, latest style. Tele- Harper at Bishop. TUxedo phone TUxedo .-1971. 1-7130. LA RG E brown naugahyde sofa, excellent condition. TUxedo 4-1318. PRACTICALLY new riding ,power mower, Briggs Straton engine. :&tailed $2.'J5, will sacrifice. TUxedo 2. 0315. TWO excellent cameras: Zeiss. Ikon 120 with case, $40; Argus C3 complete with case-flash, $22. Mr. Lewis, Silloway & Co. TUxedo 1. 3760. DROPLEAF table, 4 chairs, breakfront, dinette. set. 467 Lex i n g ton Rd., Grosse Pointe Farms. HOTPOINT electric stove, $45. Davenport, provincial print, $75. Whirlpool refrigerator, year old, ~5. TUxedo 2- 7541. ........ NTI9UIS PENNSYLVANIA food safe gallery top, 2 drawers above 2 cupboards below. Solid black walnut tabk, 6 spool turned le~ leaves have bread board edges. One pair bow Windsor chairs and one fan back Windsor chair. Chairs have thick plank sea~ .. A,ll items beautifully refInished lmd in perfect oondition. No dealers. 776 Harcourt Road, afteor 6 p.m. '-AIlTICLES WANTED B&DROOM and dining room suite. 'Rug, refrigerator, ,as stove. VAlley 1.1793. BOOKS purchased for cash. Entire libraries or tine single items. Midwest Book Service, 4301 Kensington, Tl1 1.2450. I,

. Thursd.y. July'. r959 VOUR AD CAN I.CHARGED T1Iree Tr •• T. Serve V•• 9ulcldy GROSSE POINTE NEWS " CALL' TUxedo 2-6900 I I T1Ir.. T"".II T. Serve VOl q,lckly 13-1EAL ESTATE' 13A-LOTS FOR SALE 21 D-ELlC, APPLIANCE FOR SALE GROSSE POINTE SHORES- EXPERT VACUUM CLEANpt SERVICE GROSSE POINTE Woods, 669 ' French Acres Sub., Duval 24-Hour Service Fairford Road. Close to Lad y Road, 125x100 ft. ' $11,000. HARPER VACUUM Star of Sea church an d Richard M. Kimbrough Co., Barnes school. 3 bedroom s, ,17850 Mawnee, TU. 2-2593 Auth. Eureka, Hoo~r Dealer 2 Jh baths, large recreatio .n Monday through Friday. NEW - REBUILTS - PARTS room,' 2 fireplaces. Custo m 17176 E. WARREN at cadieux built, many extras. Must se e TU 1"1122 OPEN 10 TO 7 to appreciate. LAKE FRONJ-3 ACRES I In Rochester's Winkler Mill 21E-CUSTOM CORSnS residential area. 300 feet on GROSSE PTE. SHORES private lake. Beautiful trees SPENCER CORSETS OXFORD ROAD on land which i~ ideal fo!' a Individually, . des1gned. light. walk out basement home. A weight foundaUons and sur- , Near- lake. Attractive truly exceptional home site French Normandy resi- for $13,000 on terms. den c e. Well lan~ped grounds, . circular' drive. MAX A. HARfWIG This home features 4 master bedroOms, 2 baths, plus REAI.TOR ROCHESTER 2 maids' rooms and bath. OLIVE 1-8144 P a Iie 1e d library. with 127 W. University natural fireplace, recreation room. Fully air-condi- 13D-MORTGAGES tioned and dust controlled. GROSSE PTE. FARMS MORTGAGES ROOF REPAIRING MERRIWEATHER Residential - Commercial EXPERT QN LEAKY ROOFS FIRST MORTGAGE We invite your inspection New Roofs of this delightfully pleas. Commitment 24 hrs. Money ing Colonial featuring 4 4 days $1,000.00 up, 6%, 5-7 Caulking . bedrooms, 3 baths; also Yrs~ Repayment. Decks maid's or guest room and SECOND MORTGAGE Gutter WorK bath on 1st floor. Library, LOANS. Equity above M"rt- family room, recreation gage of Land Contract Balance SMALL PAINTING JOBS room and patio. 2 new gas plus Chattel on Contents; $525- Sewers Unplugged furnaces. Excellent decor $2,000 • 18 Mo. Repayment. No and condition. Please call VE 9-2220 LA 1-6427 appraisal charge. us for appointment. GRISWOLD EAVESTROUGHS, DO W N. SPOUTS. Installed, repaired, GROSSE PTE. WOODS MORTGAGE CO. cleaned, painted. Chimneys NORTON COURT 423 Ford Bldg. WO 3-7280 I pointed. Caulking. All roof Available sOon. Inviting work and repairs. Reason- center entrance Colonial, l~PETS FOR SALE able. Insured. Call Bill TU , bedroom and bath on 1st 2~9284. floor, 3 bedrooms, 1Jh TWO BLACK female minia. baths on 2nd. Den, recre- ALL TYPES of roofs repaired. ture p 0 0 die s. Registered ation room, terrace, 2 car AKC. 10 weeks old. $100, Flat roofs repaired and re- attached garage. Well sit- each. TUxedo 5.6743. coated. All work guaranteed. uated on wooded lot on Free es tim ate s. TUxedo 4.0422. quiet street. SIAMESE KITrE.I'iS, affectionate, housebroken, Oham. 21 M-RUG CLEANING GROSSE PTE. CITY pion lineage, 8 weeks. TUx. GROSSE POINTE COURT edo 2-9632. RADKE CARPET CLEANERS .1 Air conditioned cape Cod Carpets, rugs (tacked down or SIAMESE KITr'ENS, female. ""':'now vacant. 4 be;!srepail'ed., Gold FRO ESTIMATES REALTORS , 'stamping, custom built lug- INSURED U 4-5700 TU 4-7010 , gag~; Travelers Trunk Co., TU 2-6556 10323 Mack. VAlley 2"6734. CARPET LAYING TACKED DOWN CARPETS FARMS NEW AND OLD AND .FURNITURE NEAR THE LAKE Stair Carpet Shifted Repairs of All Types bedroom, 2 bath face brick olonial with library. Attach- LEO TRUDEL. CLEANED on ed garage. TU 5-0703 FARMS SuburbM M~intenllnce LOCATION NEAR THE LAKE Associates RUGS PICKED UP bedroom, 2 bath Farm Co- "No Job is too Small" AND DELIVERED nial with hobby room and One ph o-n e call for all xtra utility room. Attached home .maintenance prob. arage. . Iems. 20% PR 6-3038 TU 1-8444 CITY OFF CASH and CARRY FIREPLACE equipment, brass bedroom, 2 bath English and irons, tools. repolished cottage with maid's 'room and and lacquered, screens re- PRIDE ath. Attached garage. p air e d. Smith. Matthews, CARPET AND FURNITURE . WOODS' 6640 , Charlevoix. WA 2-7155. bedroom face brick Farm DRYERS VENTED ,CLEANERS Colonial with expansion attic. $15 Complete FREE ESTIMATES Gas furnace. Garage. CALL 10615 CADIEUX KARL DAVIES LA 7-0533 or TU 1~4162 TUXEDO 5-5700 TU 5-3220 ALL HOME mechanics: mowers, washers, faucets, drains, 21I-PAINTING AND sw i t c hes, vacuums, etc. DECOIATING 695 HAMPTON Quick, reasonable. TUxedo OPEN SUNDAY 2:30 to 5 . 4-2491. EDWARD'S PAINTING xcellent 1* story. BedIwm 211-WATCH IEP"'IIIN& & DECORATING nd bath down; 2 berooms and bath up. Farm kitche", EXPERT WATCH and clock CUSTOM WORKMANSIDP arge lot, gas heflt. repairing. Prompt service. • Neat • Reasonable prices. Bradley STUART A. FRASER, JR. Jewelers, 20926 Mack at • Efficient, TUxedo 1.9075 Hampton. TU 2-93O!r. • Dependable 821 HARVARD RO~D CONGRESS 4-4661 21C-1LECTRICAL An inspection will prompt you SERVICE purchase our three bedroom rick Colonial with carpeted ELECTRICAL WIRING AND rst floor, ~tair and hallway, REPAIRS d tiled basement floor. Open Repairs Ollr Specialty. unday 2:30 to 5:30. Prompt Service. ROAD SERVICE LIcense #22-654. :R:"~;:'tl~ K.RAUSMANN ELECTRIC 572 LAKELAND COMPANY, pacioulJ center hall colonial, TUXEDO 2-5900 ., aciously inviting, luxury feares. 3 bedrooms, 2 Eartl IlIcUr* IInict mt7 IlIHII A...... .. .. ..... FREE Checkup and M. SCHWEKERT ~ lubrication OMER WARREN & CO, L.A.WNMOWER$ TUxedo 5-9470 \.'\ SHARPENED ~ Pow8rmowers I RepaIred " Tuned Up Blc)'cl.. Repaired-An Maket THREE MILE BIKE Park Cab Co. &: LAWNMOWER SHOP VA 2.2411 16239 Mock Av•• TU 5-6842 1 13-REAL ESTATE FOR' SALE anne parker, \uxe(!o 5~0448, 0f fers by appointment: 382 McKinley, best val ue in 4 bedrooms, new kjtc h. en-breakfast, 2% bat h s, low taxes • • . 809 Lak e. shore, 30 ft. living, 20 ft. dining, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 4 car ... also ne ar G.P., 'a fascinating stud io ranch, must be fast, ca sh talks under $11,000 tot al . . " 7 Mile-Chandler, a 3 bedroom, ,I floor decei v- ingly big custom, will re duce for action. BEDFORD, 844. Lovely En g- ]jsh colonial. 4 large bed - rooms, •living room 15x3 I, new kitchen, newly' dec o- rated. Also lots, on 2 ne w coUrt!; in Grosse Poin te Woods. Brown, Investmen t Co., TUxedo 5-2500. S d c- , e. d TERRACE HOME Com~letely modernized 5 bed. oom, 3 g 0 t - k d ST. CLAIR SHORES 22949 AVALONbedrooms. Interior suggest - ng New England has \va 11 ape r, draperies, carpeting , tudio ceilings. Raised flowe r eds border patio with fire - lace. 62 ft. corner lot on eWe-Sac. Face brick, car por t, ishmaster, disposal. Elemen - ary school nearby. $17,950. EDgewater 1.5004 ,- 4 c . T 4 C - 4 10 e g f 3 b , 2 WHY RENT? hen you can own this fine bedroom, 1Jh bath colonial n McMillan. Superb location us carpeting, d rap e r i e s , nge and refrigerator. Priced r immediate sale. Vacant. E a I 3 to b fi an S S gr tu 12 baths, F1orida room. Sprinkling SYlJ- tem. St. Paul parish. ExecutiVe transferred and anxious f(1(' ac tion. H NEW 986 BALFOUR BeautHul Fa.rm Colonial. '3 bedrooms, 2'" baths. H .. n. erything. Open' daily. V. A I-11IM PI. l-l1l14 112 h, d. s h d. u - IS I lis 1 e y - t, It n. - t I 8 s s - y r bath, large livin e r ooIn and dining room, stud1 e 1i bra r y, beautiful breakfas t room and kitchen with dish e washel' and disposal lh bloc e from beach. 'Will sell on Ian e con1lract. Owner, - TUxedo 2-5620 - 3 i p s s n , GROSSE POINTE CLAIR VIEW, 30. Luxurious anch. 2 large bedrooms 2Jh aths. Fine activities room Many special features; $63 00. YORKSHIRE near st. Paul. edrooms, 3 baths. Den. Rusti ames room. Gas heat. $38,500 ANITA. Nice Farm Colonial bedrooms. Den. Gas AC heat irst floor lav. Carpeting. $23, 00. MAXON BROTHERS TU 2-6000 IN DEEPLANDS SUBDIVISION , lose to Lady, Star of Sea. hurch, Barnes School, and unt Club. 2 bedrooms, 2 aths on 1st floor. Roughed in or 2 bedroom, 1 bath on see nd. Built 1956, exc~llent con tion. Very modern 'kitchen 43,500. MAXON BROTHERS, lnc 'TU 2-6000 19131 TYRONE blocks to Lady. Queen 0 eace.Beautiful 3 bedroom neb, 1 car attached garage iving-dining comb., large amily kitchen, gas hea't, beaufully landscaped, $ 2 2 , 5 0 0 nn. No brokers. TUXEDO 4-6632 AFRAID OF BEING ALONE? ou don't have to' be In this ne 2-family flat on St. Clair. ot only close to shopping and ransportation but it affords excellent . return on your vesiment. Built in 1951, it's excellent .buy. Immediate possession. C. W. TOLES Kercheval TU 5.4100 RITAIN, 10390 Harper, Cadieux Rd. Section. 3 bed. room brick. $15,000, excellent condition! By owner. ROSSE POI N T E, 333.335 Moro3S Road. 5-5 brick, gas heat, garage. $4,000 down. Detroit Bond & Mortgage Company. VAlley 2.0700. MORAN. Air conditioned, carpeted, 3 bedrooms, 2 Jh baths, library, covered porch, patio, 80x210 lot. $41,000. No brokers. TUxedo 1.73?,s. 1090 S. OXFo.R D PEN SUNDAY 2:30 to 5:30. tractive spacious colonial, potlessly mantained. Delightkitchen, jalousie terrace, 3 bedrooms, 2. bathS on second. ceptional value. Quick poe. esaion. b p d s d t g - e - r t. b d - 5 '-ARTICLIS WANTED 13-REAL ESTATI 13-REAL ESTATE -S"'O-O'-KS-bo-u-,h-t-in-a-n-y-q-u-a-n--: . FOR SALE FOR. SALE tity. ,Entire libraries, bookcases, art objects. Mrs. B. C. KARL DAVIES OPEN DAILY elaes, 1~70 Leverette, WO REALTOR 3 bedroom, 2* bath :oane 3-4267. TU 5-3220 completely .• air • conditione Jalousied terrace, 16xI6, plu ", W At>JTED 81 Kerchev~1 Ave. Member G.P. Broker's Assn. patio. Recreation room wit OLD CLOTHING bar Gas heat, Price reduce BESTPRICES PAID Owner. No brokers. 3.BEDROOM hl>use, Grosse FOR MEN'S SUITS Pte. Farms, $17,900. Reply TUxedo 2-0111 TOPCOATS AND SHOES to Box K-50, Grosse ,?te News. TUlsa 3-1872 A telephone call wj~,bring us ROGER to you immediately NEW HOMES FOR SALE Think~ this is the home yo ,- YEAR BABY crib, complete, have been waiting to see ad in good condition. TUxedo Grosse Pointe Park vertised in this ,column. Th' 5-1925. 16615 J e if e r son near 1¥.! story, 4 bedroom Colonia Bishop. 4 t,edrooms, 2Jh Cape Cod on 1 acre of beaut' BOYS bIcycle, light weight, 3 baths, I a r , e activities fully la'1dscaped .g!,?unds, speed, 23 inch frame. Jim. room,~ll electric kitchen, located 'a short distance from Sanford, TUxedo 1-1256 or dining room, 2 car attach- the Village of Rochester. AI JEffl;rson 9-2000 Ext. 504. ed garage, $47,000. rooms are large and the hom and premi~es are extremel 16635 Jeff e r son near well kept. Large, finished rec l1-AUTOS FO. SALE . B i !I hop. 4 bedrooms, reation room in the basemen GROSSE POINTE FARM 2Jh baths, . library with breezeway with lots of bui DODGE, 1952, 4-door, radio, fireplace, din in groom, in storage and garage A completely. reconditione heater. Good condition. Best large porch, 2 car attach- Fireplace in living rOOIn. A house with excellent all-ele offer. TUxedo' 5-2986 after ed garage. $49,500. ideal situation for the' grow ric kitchen, 4 bedrm., 3 baths 6 p.m. iug family. Priced at $25,900 ib., rec. rm., attached garag In Addition to Above with terms. Convenient to St. Paul an 1952 FORD 9 passenger Coun. Grosse Pointe High School. try Squire. Rusted out. $125. WeAre Starting Several B. T. RAYMOND JEFFS TUxedo 5-2585. . New Homes in All 1 Kercheval TU 1-1100 Wise. Alkalize your fear 1956 FORD 'Ranch Wagon. Price Ranges and move to the country. Thi White, good condition,. one 6 room ranch home is nestled owner. Tires and, battery in the hills northwest of Ra first class. '1l00. TUxedo Richard M. chester '3Jh acres with a livel 1-5615. stream' flowing through' th property. A white board fenc '05 FORD convertible. 2 tone, Kimbro~gh, surrounds the home,' giving .i radio, heater, whitewalls, an air of. distihction. Garag Fordomatic, clean. TUxedo and recreation room in th 4.5373, after 7. 971 N. Ox. Bldr .. exposed' basement. 3 'larg ford. TUxedo 2-2593 bedrooms and fireplace in liv ing room. Alwninum siding RANCH WAGON, 1951 Ford- Call and ask to see this charm. Good condition. $510. TUx- 64 CLAIRVIF,W, 3 - b~oom ing home in an. unusual set edo 1-2019. brick ranch, paneled library ting, Priced at $26,000.00 with . and paneled Florida room terms. '03 FORD CusLQm 2-Door- Large living room and din- Automatic, good tires. Also ;, ing room, kitchcen and utili- HENRY 1S50 Mercury, 9 ~er, ~y. Beautifully landscaped; Wagon. TUxedo 1.0516"

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