NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. This month's cover artist is Galloway & Co.. You will love their style of both the country and southern gospel with some pop style thrown in. Enjoy this month's recipes from Reflections from Mayberry. The contributing writers have some real heart felt messages to encourage you along the way. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy!

NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. This month's cover artist is Galloway & Co.. You will love their style of both the country and southern gospel with some pop style thrown in. Enjoy this month's recipes from Reflections from Mayberry. The contributing writers have some real heart felt messages to encourage you along the way. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy!


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ISSUE 13, <strong>May</strong> 2023<br />


CHURCH<br />

would like to say<br />


to all who<br />

SERVE!<br />

Third Saturday of <strong>May</strong><br />

"It is fitting that we devote one day<br />

each year to paying special tribute to<br />

those whose constancy and courage<br />

constitute one of the bulwarks<br />

guarding the freedom of this nation<br />

and the peace of the free world."<br />

~President Dwight D. Eisenhower<br />

2103 Jess Lyons Road, Columbus, MS 39705 ~ 601-807-6466<br />

01 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

02<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Let me ask you a question.<br />

Was Jesus EVER vulnerable?<br />

Mark 14:32–34 says “And they went to a place called Gethsemane. And he said<br />

to his disciples, ‘Sit here while I pray.’ And he took with him Peter and James<br />

and John and began to be greatly distressed and troubled. And he said to<br />

them, ‘My soul is very sorrowful, even to death. Remain here and watch.’<br />

Picture this: Jesus—the Savior of the world, God wrapped in human flesh—is<br />

moments away from being betrayed by Judas Iscariot. And he knew this day<br />

was coming. The Garden of Gethsemane now became a holding cell on<br />

death row.<br />

Feeling the weight of impending death, Jesus turns to his<br />

inner circle of friends—Peter, James, and John—and says,<br />

“My soul is very sorrowful, even to death”<br />

Their Leader - the only one they look to - their strength -<br />

"He's Falling Apart"<br />

A vulnerable Jesus confesses his soul’s almost-deadly<br />

distress and, even more, invites his best friends to come<br />

close and witness his own intimate moments of blooddrenched<br />

prayer: “Abba, Father, all things are possible for<br />

you. Remove this cup from me. Yet not what I will, but<br />

what you will” (Mark 14:36).<br />

03<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Bobby Richardson<br />


TABLE OF<br />

C O N T E N T S<br />

9<br />

Galloway & Company<br />

Cover Artist<br />

12<br />

It's Time to Wake Up!<br />

by Elise Ingle<br />

23<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> Top 30<br />

April 2023<br />

03<br />

From the Editor's Pen<br />

Bobby Richardson<br />

05<br />

Reflections from <strong>May</strong>berry<br />

by Donna Journey<br />

07<br />

<strong>May</strong>berry Recipes<br />

Celebrating Moms<br />

16<br />

Jason Crabb Featured in Mural<br />

by Conduit Media Solutions by permission<br />

20<br />

From the Pastor's Desk<br />

by Pastor Bobby Richardson<br />

24<br />

Todd Tilghman Wins 3 Awards at AGM<br />

by Conduit Media Solutions by permission<br />

29<br />

HeartSong<br />

by Amy Richardson<br />

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<br />

Staff Writers:<br />

Donna Journey, Vickie Burleson, Elise Ingle,<br />

Charlie Sexton, Greg Sullivan, Amy Richardson<br />

<br />

Graphics: Pictures in stories used by permission.<br />

Articles used by permission<br />

by Aaron Crisler, Owner<br />

© 2 0 2 3 N J R D i g i t a l a d i v i s i o n o f R i c h a r d s o n M a n a g e m e n t S e r v i c e s , L L C . A l l r i g h t s<br />

r e s e r v e d . N o p a r t o f t h i s m a g a z i n e m a y b e r e p r o d u c e d o r t r a n s m i t t e d i n a n y f o r m o r b y<br />

a n y m e a n s e l e c t r o n i c , m e c h a n i c a l , p h o t o c o p y , r e c o r d i n g o r a n y o t h e r w i t h o u t w r i t t e n<br />

p e r m i s s i o n f r o m t h e p u b l i s h e r o f N J R D i g i t a l . P a r t s o f t h i s m a g a z i n e r e a d ‘ l i v e ’ o n t h e<br />

a i r i s a l l o w e d w i t h o u t p r i o r w r i t t e n p e r m i s s i o n b y n o t i n g t h e s o u r c e o f i n f o r m a t i o n .<br />

B O O K I S H M A G A Z I N E | 2

Reflections from <strong>May</strong>berry<br />

/ Donna Journey<br />

<strong>May</strong> is the month we set aside to honor our<br />

Mothers. I can remember as a kid growing<br />

up in the foothills of NC , it was always a<br />

custom to wear either a red corsage or a<br />

white corsage to church on Mothers Day.<br />

The red corsage meant that your Mom was<br />

living and the white corsage meant your<br />

Mom had passed. I remember thinking as a<br />

child, “I don’t ever want to wear a white<br />

corsage.” Of course, inevitably that day<br />

would come.<br />

My Mom was one who always put her<br />

kids before herself. She was always the<br />

last one to sit down to eat and the last<br />

one out of the kitchen. We lived on a<br />

farm and she was up before the crack<br />

of dawn and usually the last one in bed.<br />

She sewed many of mine and my<br />

sisters clothes and made sure they<br />

looked perfect on us before we could<br />

wear them out of the house.<br />

I remember one of my favorite dresses<br />

she made me as a child. It was made<br />

from blue and white gingham and she<br />

smocked the front of the dress by<br />

hand. I was as proud of that dress as<br />

“Dolly” was of her coat of many colors.<br />

In fact, I still have that dress today and<br />

when I look at it and realize the love<br />

and time she took to make it for me , it<br />

brings tears to my eyes.<br />

05 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Mama always put all the love she had Because of me being an insulin<br />

into everything she did for us. We always dependent diabetic, Ben had to be<br />

ate, slept, and had the necessities of life placed in the NICQ unit which was on<br />

before she did. Because of Mama, our another floor in the hospital. I called<br />

Christmases were always happy and any every hour all night long checking on<br />

other special occasion as well.<br />

him and because of having a c-section I<br />

could not see him until the next<br />

As I grew older and saw arthritis almost morning. I remember Mama telling me<br />

cripple those sweet hands and legs that when she saw how worried I was….<br />

had done so much for me through the “Now you understand Donna. There is<br />

years, I would say, ”Mama how did you no love like the love of a Mother.” As<br />

do all this for us and what you did on time has gone on, I understand that<br />

the farm too?“ I can still hear her say, even more!<br />

”That’s what Mamas do and when you<br />

are a Mama you will understand.”<br />

I was blessed to love my Mama on this<br />

earth for 94 years and I thank God for<br />

Years later when I became a Mom to a every one of those years. If you are<br />

precious baby boy on October 27,1994, privileged to be able to wear that red<br />

Mama spent the night with me in the corsage this year, thank God for giving<br />

hospital the night after Ben was born. I you another year with your Mom!<br />

had been in labor 2 days and Greg had Except for the love of Christ, there is no<br />

been with me night and day and was love greater than a Mother’s love.<br />

exhausted. So in true Mama fashion she<br />

said “ I’ll stay with her Greg, you go rest.”<br />

Donna<br />

That was one of the sweetest nights and<br />

we talked and laughed most of the<br />

night.<br />

Join Greg, Donna, and Ben<br />

Monday & Wednesdays<br />

for the Blue Ridge Gospel Showcase<br />

from 6:00pm - 8:00pm CST.<br />

06 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

07<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

08<br />

https://www.sgnscoops.com/2023-diamond-awards-nomination-are-open/<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>


Cover Artist of the Month<br />

<strong>May</strong> 2023<br />

By Amy Richardson<br />

<strong>May</strong> 1, 2023<br />

We recently had the privilege of meeting<br />

Murray and Andrea Galloway at the<br />

Southern Gospel Weekend in Oxford, AL.<br />

To find out they live so close to us in<br />

Mississippi was a treat. We were able to<br />

talk with them and get to know this couple<br />

and their heart for ministry.<br />

This husband and wife team make up the<br />

"Galloway" part of the group. They are<br />

pastors at WellSpring Church in Pontotoc,<br />

MS. In addition, Murray is the president<br />

and founder of Home Front Ministries<br />

which is an outreach to pastors and<br />

churches. Andrea who is the alto of the group holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and<br />

personnel management. She is also the organist at WellSpring Church.<br />

When their schedules allow it, you will find the "company" part of this group traveling with<br />

them. They are Beth, Kara, and Kori who help provide this duo with the rich mixture of<br />

country, southern gospel, and pop sound. Murray has recently revealed the songs that he<br />

has written over the past 40 years.<br />

You can hear their current release,<br />

"I Can't Control the Rain" out to radio now.<br />

Listen to them on Tuesday nights at 5:00pm<br />

on New Journey Radio.<br />

09<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

To schedule Galloway & Company or for<br />

details on how to bring us to your area,<br />

please call or send us an email using the<br />

info provided below.<br />

662-640-9491<br />

MurrayGallowayandCo@gmail.com<br />

PO Box 722 Pontotoc, MS 38863


Beth Wray, Murray’s sister, has been singing<br />

with Murray and Andrea since they married.<br />

She has been playing piano "since she was<br />

old enough to sit on a piano bench". At the<br />

age of 13, she became the pianist at<br />

WellSpring Church formerly Abundant Life<br />

Christian Center in Pontotoc, MS where she<br />

still serves and is currently the Minister of<br />

Music.<br />

I am in awe at Beth's dedication to ministry!<br />

After 35 years, the trio became a quartet. Kara<br />

Galloway Russell, Murray and Andrea's daughter,<br />

joined the trio. She has a degree in music and<br />

provides the group with a strong soprano voice<br />

and helps provide the group's signature sound.<br />

<br />

Don't you just love family ministry?<br />

Behind the scenes, you will find Murray and<br />

Andrea’s daughter, Kori, providing audio and<br />

mutimedia assistance for the group. Kori plans to<br />

use her degree for God at a Christian radio station,<br />

spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through<br />

music. Who knows...New Journey Radio may add a<br />

new member to the team.<br />

Galloway & Co. brings over 40 years experience of<br />

life and ministry experience. You will be blessed<br />

by this family ministry as they deliver an anointed<br />

message through song.<br />

10 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Proverbs 31:31 "Honor her for all that her<br />

hands have done, and let her works<br />

bring her praise at the city gate."<br />

Proverbs 31:28 "Her children rise up and call her blessed..."<br />

11<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

IT'S TIME<br />

TO WAKE UP!<br />

B y E l i s e I n g l e<br />

"What meanest thou, O sleeper?<br />

Arise, call upon thy God,...” Jonah 1:6b<br />

I suppose Jonah had no idea he was a rebel<br />

and a hypocrite until God gave him the<br />

Ninevite assignment. He’d heard from the<br />

Lord before, else he couldn’t claim the title of<br />

‘prophet’, and surely he understood that God<br />

was to be feared and obeyed, because, when<br />

God tells you to do something…well, you just<br />

do it. But somehow this man who knew<br />

better, wound up floating down the coast in<br />

the opposite direction of a God-given task.<br />

12<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Personally, I think God has a sense of<br />

humor. He seems to pick the unlikeliest<br />

of people to perform the unliked-est of<br />

tasks.<br />

As a prophet, most would assume that<br />

Jonah was a man after God’s own hearthumble,<br />

obedient, trustworthy,<br />

compassionate…Ah, but hidden deep in<br />

the heart of a man who appeared to be<br />

holy were some unholy things.<br />

Prejudice. Pride. And lo and behold,<br />

rebellion. But was our man Jonah aware<br />

of these things? Probably not.<br />

I had no idea I was living in bondage to<br />

unforgiveness and idolatry until God<br />

called “unlikely me” on an “unliked<br />

mission”, myself: healing from abortion.<br />

I had no idea I was in need of this<br />

healing until I received a summons to<br />

jury duty. And not just any jury duty-but<br />

the special kind where you hear case<br />

after case after awful, detailed, case.<br />

Hearing these cases gave me panic<br />

attacks, flashbacks, and weeks of<br />

depression at a time. Suddenly, I found<br />

myself in a paradox. For years I had<br />

been teaching other broken women<br />

that Christ can set you free from the<br />

pain of the past, but now, I found<br />

myself frequently hiding in a<br />

courthouse bathroom traumatically<br />

reliving my past. I was clinging to my<br />

Bible, trying to trust in Jesus, but<br />

completely falling apart. I had no idea<br />

that I was still so broken. My conduct<br />

was certainly not matching my claims.<br />

Perhaps Jonah was a bit surprised by his<br />

actions as well. Perhaps he was telling<br />

himself the whole time ‘I’m walking to<br />

Ninevah’ while his feet were taking him<br />

further and further to Tarshish. Perhaps<br />

he was just as surprised when he spent<br />

his money on a ticket to Joppa as I was<br />

when I realized I’d spent the last<br />

seventeen years of my life claiming a<br />

freedom that wasn’t mine.<br />

It doesn’t surprise me either that Jonah<br />

spent the majority of his time on that<br />

boat ride asleep. Who wants to be awake<br />

to face the truth? Who wants to own the<br />

sad reality that his actions don’t match<br />

his calling? Who wants to admit to<br />

himself he is in every sense a fake? He’s<br />

more of a prodigal than a prophet? More<br />

of a hypocrite than a help?<br />

I spent several months in bed myself. I<br />

didn’t want to admit the truth, either.But<br />

God has a way of getting our attention,<br />

doesn’t He? If we won’t face the truth for<br />

ourselves, we’ll rally to face it for<br />

someone else. Jonah’s shipmates were<br />

innocent of his sins. They weren’t<br />

running from the presence of God. They<br />

weren’t living in denial. But they sure<br />

were suffering in the boat alongside<br />

Jonah. They were tossing everything they<br />

could to lighten the load, and facing a<br />

very scary reality of a ship about to sink.<br />

They shook Jonah awake and pleaded<br />

with him, “Wake up! WAKE UP and pray!<br />

Pray that we perish not!”<br />

Last year, I looked at my agonized<br />

13<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

children and my wearied husband who<br />

had lived with my mood swings, anxiety,<br />

and depression, and it was enough to<br />

shake me awake. Why should they have<br />

to live with a broken woman? Why<br />

should they suffer for something that<br />

had nothing to do with them? How long<br />

would I live in denial while my family<br />

endured storm after storm of satan’s<br />

advantage over me? I felt like Jonah<br />

looking into the terrified eyes of his<br />

shipmates in a boat nearly torn apart.<br />

‘Ok, God. I’m ready for the work. Just<br />

throw me overboard.’<br />

Like Jonah, I had to be willing to die to<br />

myself. I had to give God everything. All<br />

of me. All of my memories. Every. Last.<br />

Ugly. Bit. And you know what? Something<br />

awesome happened in the most<br />

unpleasant of all places. I admitted the<br />

truth. I repented. And then I accepted<br />

the grace and forgiveness of God. And it<br />

was glorious. I came out from under the<br />

shadow of death and I can talk about<br />

things I couldn’t talk about before. I can<br />

go where God has called me to go and<br />

say what God has called me to say and I<br />

am no longer afraid of my memories.<br />

God has replaced my hypocrisy with<br />

healing. God has replaced my<br />

brokenness with beauty. And He’s using<br />

my story to work healing in the lives of<br />

others.<br />

Jonah spent three nights in the belly of a<br />

giant fish getting real with God and with<br />

himself. And when his heart was clean<br />

and his mind was renewed, God sent him<br />

back to work.<br />

14<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

And pitiful preacher though he was, God<br />

used his short message on repentance<br />

to save upwards of 120,000 souls!<br />

What has God been calling you to, lately?<br />

Have you found yourself surprisingly<br />

choosing the opposite direction? Are you<br />

doing your best to avoid facing the<br />

truth? You cannot stay asleep forever,<br />

friend. God will not let you. He’ll allow<br />

what He must to get your attention. He’ll<br />

put you in a position of surrender<br />

whether you like it or not. But I promise<br />

you, the decision to die to yourself won’t<br />

wind you up in a watery grave. Rather,<br />

you’ll experience the most wonderful<br />

kind of resurrection- revival. God will<br />

cleanse those sneaky sins that have held<br />

you bound for so long, and he’ll even set<br />

you back on your feet again, with a<br />

renewed mind to fulfill your mission!<br />

Elise Ingle<br />

Author’s note:<br />

I am so thankful “the Word of the Lord<br />

came unto Jonah a second time”. God<br />

has called me into sharing my story of<br />

complete healing from the pain of<br />

abortion and abuse, and already God<br />

has worked wonders in the hearts of<br />

others around me. I am so thankful God<br />

did not let me stay in denial! I am so<br />

thankful He rocked my boat until I was<br />

ready to surrender! I have witnessed a<br />

miracle in my own heart and miracles in<br />

the hearts of those He sends me to. Just<br />

think how God could use your story to<br />

reach another! His power is limitless!! Let<br />

God begin a healing work in your heart<br />

and mind today!

Mary<br />

Burke<br />

Ministries<br />

Thanks DJs for<br />

playing my<br />

new release<br />

Testimony Without a Test<br />

I Talk to God Album<br />

maryburkeonline.com<br />

Be listening for these great<br />

songs out to radio.<br />

15<br />

Check out New Journey DJ's Latest Releases<br />

<br />

Pylant Family - The Other Side<br />

Cheri Taylor - Marking Me<br />

Chris Jones - Moving On<br />

Melissa Evans - Tear off the Roof<br />

The Journey's - Grace Said Yes<br />

<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>



<br />

16<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

By Aaron Crisler of Conduit Media Publicity<br />

MALLORY, West Virginia (April 14, 2023) – 2-<br />

time GRAMMY and 22-time GMA Dove Awardwinning<br />

artist, Jason Crabb, made a slight<br />

detour from his tour on Friday, April 14, 2023,<br />

to attend the unveiling of a mural dedicated to<br />

showcasing music history at Man Middle<br />

School in Mallory, WV.<br />

Crabb, who has a tour date in Logan, WV on<br />

Friday evening, was humbled to have his<br />

contributions recognized and wanted to make<br />

a special stop to see the mural and show his<br />

appreciation for the honor.<br />

The mural was painted by art teacher Dwayne<br />

Cook, who learned about Crabb from fellow<br />

teacher, Mary Muncey. During a conversation,<br />

Ms. Muncey shared how Crabb's music had<br />

encouraged her; Ms. Muncey is battling<br />

Leukemia.<br />

"I barely graduated school, ha! I thank God<br />

that He has taken the talent He gave me and<br />

used it to reach others. To be included in this<br />

mural by Mr. Cook and to meet Ms. Muncey<br />

was very special. I consider this a great honor<br />

and I was thankful to be able to visit and<br />

speak words of encouragement to the student<br />

body at Man Middle School."<br />

The mural features Crabb alongside other<br />

iconic music stars, including Johnny Cash,<br />

Dolly Parton, Prince, Kiss, Elvis Presley, Loretta<br />

Lynn, Josh Groban, Garth Brooks, and more.<br />

Crabb continues a busy touring schedule in<br />

support of his latest hit singles, "Good<br />

Morning Mercy" featuring Dylan Scott, which<br />

was featured by People magazine and "Do It<br />

For You," an encouraging song reminding<br />

"It was a thrill for all of us at Man Middle<br />

School to welcome Jason Crabb to our<br />

campus," said Dwayne Cook, art teacher and<br />

painter of the mural. "He was an inspiration to<br />

our students and was so nice, taking time to<br />

pose for photos and sign autographs for<br />

everyone who wanted one – he took his time<br />

and was genuinely interested in making a<br />

difference in these kids' lives."<br />

During the morning event, Crabb signed the<br />

mural, took photos, signed autographs, and<br />

spoke to the entire student body with an<br />

inspirational message about having hope in<br />

dark times and encouraging the students to<br />

strive to achieve their dreams.<br />

"I was blown away when my manager called<br />

and told me that a middle school was putting<br />

me on a mural," said Crabb.<br />

17<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

listeners that 'if He can do it for me, He will<br />

do it for you!<br />


One of Gospel and Christian music's most<br />

iconic voices, Kentucky-born Jason Crabb has<br />

been honored with two GRAMMY® Awards<br />

and 22 GMA Dove Awards, the latter<br />

including nods for Artist, Male Vocalist, and<br />

Song of the Year. He is the youngest member<br />

inducted into the Kentucky Music Hall of<br />

Fame, and his hometown of Beaver Dam,<br />

Kentucky, has paid tribute with a street in his<br />

name. Since his first solo release in 2009, he<br />

has performed on many of the world's most<br />

prestigious stages, such as Carnegie Hall, the<br />

Grand Ole Opry, the Brooklyn Tabernacle,<br />

and Billy Graham's final crusade. Crabb's<br />

electrifying stage presence, powerhouse<br />

vocals and magnetic personality have<br />

endeared him to millions across the world<br />

through extensive personal appearances,<br />

media coverage, and social media, including<br />

over 20 million views on YouTube.<br />

Greg<br />

Sullivan<br />

Ministries<br />

18<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

On My Way Back


WITH US<br />

19<br />

All Natural Products<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Amy Richardson<br />

Beauty Influencer<br />



Most know that Jesus had 12 disciples<br />

who followed him, but not many<br />

consider that he had an inner circle<br />

within that group of 12. Peter, James,<br />

and John are who Jesus pulled aside to<br />

witness his most miraculous works<br />

(Luke 8:49–46; Matt. 26:36–38) and his<br />

most vulnerable moment in the<br />

Garden of Gethsemane.<br />

In his book Strong and Weak, Andy<br />

Crouch defines vulnerability as<br />

“exposure to meaningful risk.” He<br />

notes that Old Testament prophets<br />

were vulnerable but didn’t bare their<br />

feelings over vanilla lattes. They<br />

powerfully spoke truth. They fearlessly<br />

fought injustice, oppression, and<br />

unrighteousness choosing to OBEY<br />

God for the sake of HIS TRUTH. They<br />

imaged the Lord, who ultimately made<br />

Himself vulnerable in human flesh for<br />

our sake.<br />

Being VULNERABLE as Jesus was<br />

vulnerable...and knowing that<br />

20<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

vulnerability and it's strength comes<br />

through KNOWING THE WORD OF<br />

GOD. It comes through making<br />

yourself vulnerable to the Word of<br />

God.<br />

Jesus offers us a model of<br />

vulnerability—not as emotional<br />

release or pious performance but as<br />

risk taking for the good of others. He<br />

did this in ordinary acts: he walked<br />

dusty roads, got tired, rebuked<br />

abuses of power, and touched lepers<br />

and bleeding women.<br />

Jesus was most vulnerable when he<br />

bore our sin in suffering, humiliation,<br />

pain, and alienation from God the<br />

Father on the cross, but he did it “for<br />

the joy set before him . . . despising<br />

the shame” (Heb. 12:2).<br />

He made himself vulnerable to<br />

purchase our redemption.<br />

Jesus shows us that vulnerability is so

much more than individual emotional<br />

unburdening.<br />

From Andy Crouch's book Strong and<br />

Weak , "The vulnerability that leads to<br />

flourishing requires risk, which is the<br />

possibility of loss—the chance that when<br />

we act, we will lose something we value.<br />

Risk, like life, is always about<br />

probabilities, never about certainties.<br />

To risk is to open ourselves up to the<br />

chance that something will go wrong,<br />

that something will be taken from us—<br />

without knowing for sure whether that<br />

loss will come to pass or not.<br />

To be vulnerable is to be exposed to the<br />

possibility of loss—and not just loss of<br />

things or possessions, but loss of our<br />

own sense of self.<br />

Vulnerable at root means woundable—<br />

and any wound deeper than the most<br />

superficial scratch, injures and limits not<br />

just our bodies but our very sense of<br />

self. Wounded, we are forced to become<br />

careful, tender, tentative in the way we<br />

move in the world....if we can still move<br />

on our own at all. To be vulnerable is to<br />

open oneself up to the possibility—<br />

though not the certainty—<br />

that the result of our action in the world<br />

will be a wound, something lost,<br />

potentially never to be gained again."<br />

Pastor Bobby Ricardson<br />

21<br />

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MAY 29TH<br />

22<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

A P R I L<br />

1 Wilburn and Wilburn - He Could Love What Was Left of Me<br />

2 Justified Quartet - Turn Your Back<br />

3 Jeff & Sheri Easter - One Name<br />

4 Bibletones - We Miss Home<br />

5 Down East Boys - Celebration at the Empty Grave<br />

6 Down East Boys - Celebration at the Empty Grave<br />

7 Greg Sullivan - On My Way Back<br />

8 Clearvision - It's Enough<br />

9 Kim Hopper- Joy Unspeakable<br />

10 Lauren, Amber & Kenna - Ever Present Almighty God<br />

11 Ashley Franks - Tear Down the Walls<br />

12 Just One - Trun the Page<br />

13 The Williamsons - The King Eternal<br />

14 Emily Ann Roberts - The Building<br />

15 Blake & Jenna Bolerjack - A Song In my Heart<br />

16 Guardians - Come On In<br />

17 The Wilbanks - My Name is Victory<br />

18 Tribute QT - Halfway Up the Mountain<br />

19 Shirah Brothers - Yes He Can<br />

20 The Bates Family - Shepherd of my Valley<br />

21 The Browns - Breakthrough<br />

22 Southbound - Lost and Found<br />

23 Galloway & Company - I Can't Control the Rain<br />

24 Legacy Five - Testify<br />

25 Foresters _ God Is Good<br />

26 The Whisnants - He Won't Stay Gone<br />

27 The Wisecarvers - Like This<br />

28 Cheri Taylor - Marking Me<br />

29 Fortner Brothers 4 Christ - Jesus Cause I Want Too<br />

30 Chronicle - I'll Pray My Way Through<br />

24 / 7<br />

23<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Todd Tilghman Wins Three Awards at<br />

2023 Absolutely Gospel Music Awards<br />

By Aaron Crisler of Conduit Media Publicity<br />

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 19, 2023) – Todd<br />

Tilghman, the winner of the 18th season of<br />

NBC's "The Voice," has added three more<br />

accolades to his collection at the 2023<br />

Absolutely Gospel Music Awards, the 22nd<br />

annual ceremony.<br />

The annual ceremony, which honors the best<br />

in Christian and gospel music, took place on<br />

April 18 at the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon,<br />

Tennessee.<br />

Tilghman won the award for Positive Country<br />

Music Video of the Year for "Home Wasn't<br />

Built In A Day," as well as Positive Country<br />

Male Artist of the Year and Breakthrough<br />

Artist of the Year.<br />

Upon receiving his awards, Tilghman<br />

expressed his gratitude and excitement,<br />

saying, "Man, I am so blown away. Thank<br />

you to Absolutely Gospel Music and<br />

everyone out there who's part of what<br />

I'm doing. It's not easy. Not at all. But<br />

nights like tonight remind me that<br />

people are listening, and they care. God<br />

is so very good."<br />

Tilghman continues an aggressive tour<br />

schedule filled with concerts, festival<br />

appearances and more.<br />


www.toddtofficial.com<br />

www.facebook.com/toddtilghmanmusic<br />

www.instagram.com/todd_tilghman<br />

24<br />

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McKay Project<br />

25<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

www.studio115a.com<br />

662.889.2829<br />


In Loving Memory of a Great DJ and Friend<br />

C. K. (Chuck Kidd)<br />

(1959 - 2023)<br />

The background picture was colored and sent to<br />

Bobby from C.K. Jon Eric, as he was known in the DJ<br />

world back in the day, was thrilled every time he got<br />

to call in and DJ with Bobby. As his health declined<br />

he couldn't do much, but enjoyed coloring as well as<br />

his time spent with the New Journey Radio family.<br />

Charles Ray "Chuck" Kidd entered<br />

paradise <strong>May</strong> 1, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. from<br />

his home in Blue Springs, MS. Chuck<br />

was a respected and well known part<br />

of his community. He was the wellknown<br />

radio personality "Jon Eric"<br />

and host of the "Gospel Way Down<br />

South" program of Wizard 106. He was<br />

the founder of the "Southern Gospel<br />

Expo" held annually in the Barnes<br />

Crossing Mall and affiliated with many<br />

well-known southern gospel and<br />

quartet groups. No matter if you<br />

knew him as "Chuck", "Buddy" or "Jon<br />

Eric" he was always one in the same<br />

with a smile and a happy heart and<br />

usually a joke or two. He was always<br />

willing to help anyone in need and if<br />

he could not personally help he would<br />

find other resources that could. He is<br />

survived by his wife Lou Ann Hewitt<br />

Kidd, Daughter Wendy Marie King and<br />

Husband Chad King, grandchildren<br />

Zoe Mary-Klare King and Olivia Grace<br />

King, Daughter Marilyn Elizabeth<br />

"Beth" Kidd and Tyler Lindsey,<br />

Daughter Kathryn "Katie" Ann Kidd,<br />

Sister Jonnie Kidd, Sister Michelle Ann<br />

Cowan and husband Clem Cowan and<br />

a host of nieces, nephews and great<br />

nieces and nephews. He is preceded in<br />

death by his father James Ray "Billy"<br />

Kidd, his mother Carolyn Emma Jean<br />

Adams, grandson Kaleb Evan Jones,<br />

and Aunt Elizabeth Darnell "Nell"<br />

Culver.<br />

26<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

27 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> 4:00 pm-6:00 pm<br />




Shop our Affiliates<br />

https://www.konnectmd.com/newjourneyradio<br />

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Amy Richardson<br />

I recently read a story of a 4 year old little<br />

girl whose Build-a-Bear got donated<br />

accidentally. Many people were trying to<br />

find the bear because it contained her<br />

mother’s recorded heartbeat. Of course,<br />

Build-a-Bear got wind of the search and<br />

because the family had a recording of the<br />

heartbeat, they were able to send the<br />

exact bear containing the recorded<br />

heartbeat.<br />

Why was this so special? This wasn’t just<br />

any ordinary bear. The recorded heartbeat<br />

of her mother was the first thing she heard<br />

as a fetus and the last thing she would<br />

ever hear of her mother because her<br />

mother had recently passed away.<br />

It got me thinking of how we can hear the<br />

heartbeat of God. The Bible calls David “a<br />

man after God’s own heart”. Even though<br />

David did wrong at times, he understood<br />

the heart of God and that is to understand<br />

what God wants from us and how he feels<br />

about us and to have faith that God does<br />

not change. To understand the heart of<br />

God, we need to know that He hates sin,<br />

but He loves his children so Jesus became<br />

God’s heartbeat to save us.<br />

Our oedience to God is a way to touch the<br />

heart of God which causes our heart to<br />

29<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

beat with His. We need to remember that<br />

God gives us free will so we make our own<br />

choices and mess ups. But He will be there<br />

through it all even if we believe that he is<br />

the bad guy in some circumstances. Isaiah<br />

66:13 says, “As one whom his mother<br />

comforts, so I will comfort you.” So even in<br />

our mess ups, he will comfort us and still<br />

loves us and wants us to love him back.<br />

So how do we live an example of God’s<br />

heartbeat everyday? Start your day with<br />

Him and pray intentionally. Turn your<br />

complaints into praise. Enjoy God’s<br />

creation. Love others as you love yourself.<br />

Notice the good as the Bible says in<br />

Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brethren,<br />

whatsoever things are true, whatsoever<br />

things are honest, whatsoever things are<br />

just, whatsoever things are pure,<br />

whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever<br />

things are of good report, if there be any<br />

virtue and if there be any praise, think on<br />

these things.” Think of the good things<br />

which will help you live an outpouring life<br />

of the heartbeat of God to everyone you<br />

come in contact with.

<strong>NJR</strong> Top 5<br />

Most<br />

Requested<br />

www.newjourneyradio.com/prayer<br />

Wilburn and Wilburn -<br />

He Could Love What Was Left of Me<br />

The Wilbanks - My Name Is Victory<br />

Bibletones - We Miss Home<br />

Greg Sullivan - On My Way Home<br />

Cheri Taylor - Marking Me<br />

30 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>


<strong>May</strong>berry Mornings with Donna<br />

6-8am Mon & Fri (CST)<br />

Mondays and Wednesdays<br />

@ 3:00pm CST<br />

<br />

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Mondays and Wednesdays<br />

@ 6:00pm CST<br />

Mondays and Wednesdays<br />

@ 8:00pm CST<br />

Thursdays 8-10pm (CST)<br />

32<br />

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Exceed Technologies is your full-service information technology<br />

company. We provide unmatched technical expertise alongside<br />

unparalleled technical support. Whether you’re a small retail<br />

business in need of phone systems, a multi-site production<br />

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<br />

Locations in<br />

Columbus, MS & Tupelo, MS<br />

<br />

800-845-7748<br />


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