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Viking Jupiter Art Collection

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ATRIUM | DECKS 2–3 H.M. QUEEN SONJA OF NORWAY 1937 • NORWAY • PHOTOGRAVURE H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway has retained a keen interest in art all her life. She studied art history at the University of Oslo, and has collected art for many years, building an impressive collection of contemporary art. Over the last several years, the Queen has discretely received instruction from two outstanding teachers, artists Ørnulf Opdahl and Kjell Nupen, who have taught her different artistic techniques such as watercolor, lithography, etching and intaglio. Working in modest formats, and trying out various techniques, the Queen’s work is inspired by her own interest in nature and photography, as well as Nupen’s colors and Opdahl’s dark mountains. There is a balanced quietness in her natural forms, where the abstract meets figuration and decoration. ICE VI | 2015 32