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ITB Berlin News 2018 - Day 2 Edition

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ITB Berlin News 2018 - Day 2

THURSDAY 8 th MARCH 2018 DAY 2 EDITION ITB BERLIN CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW SPECIAL FEATURE: GASTRONOMY & WINE TOURISM Doug Lansky Hon. John International Tourism Amaratunga Amir Nahai Thought Leader, Travel Minister of Tourism CEO, F&B Group, AccorHotels Journalist and Author Development and Christian Religious Affairs, Sri Lanka “Larger destinations don’t really need to own and maintain a website anymore.” Read page 12 “We have a rich heritage depicted through eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites” Read page 17 “One new service that I am really excited about is a branded French-style wedding for our most luxurious hotels in China.” Read page 29 DESTINATION SPOTLIGHT: ASIA KJ Alphons Minister of State for Tourism, India “The introduction of e-visa has been the biggest game changer for the Indian Tourism Industry.” Read page 35 Hall 5.2b / Stands 205, 205a Hall 6.2a Stand 106, 106a-b Hall 4.1 Stand 110 Hall 17 Stand 109 A Meeting of Minds ITB Berlin more than ever a global think tank for the industry The gathering of top minds at this year’s ITB Berlin appears to be without equal, as the “top brass” of virtually all the world’s key travel and tourism organisations are concentrated in the fairgrounds here for the period of just a few days. With Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel opening the show this year, ITB Berlin is also welcoming the new heads of the UNWTO and the WTTC, the CEO of the Chinese giant Ctrip – Jane Jie Sun, Airbnb founder Nathan Blecharczyk, Expedia President & CEO Mark Okerstrom, President & CEO, Gillian Tans, and’s co-founder Bas Lemmens, recently named as the new CEO of, just to name a few (see our exclusive interview with the latter, page 14). Enabling access to these, the brightest minds in the travel industry today gives ITB Berlin a special shine, and ensures that all professionals attending the show gain a unique understanding of industry trends, both through the high-level meetings on the show floor, and through the truly exceptional series of conferences at the ITB Berlin Convention. Bas Lemmens, CEO, Read our exclusive interview, page 14 DESTINATION SPOTLIGHT ASIA The continuous growth of Chinese outbound travel is an asset for all of Asia. In addition, increased air travel competition, good value for money in services, easier visa entry facilities to an increasing number of Asian countries and quickly expanding transportation infrastructures are also stimulating travel demand in the region. Read more about travel and tourism trends in Asia from page 33. Langkawi, Malaysia

ITB Berlin News