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ITB Berlin News - Day 4

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ITB Berlin News - Day

SATURDAY 8 th MARCH 2014 DAY4 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: EUROPE SPECIAL FEATURE: LGBT TRADE TALK Dr Martin Buck Vice-President, ITB Berlin “We actually have gone beyond expectations. It’s estimated that we have 4% growth in trade visitors and more that 10% growth in attendees at the ITB Berlin Convention” Read page 3 Peter De Wilde ETC President “I am convinced that we will be able to safeguard Europe’s position as top travel destination” Read page 12 Norbert Kettner Head of Vienna Tourism “Gays have high spending power and like to enjoy themselves” Read page 16 Michael Ho General Manager, Overseas Travel Service Ltd. “our outbound market is USD 300-million. We are always looking for new opportunities” Read page 10 Hall 22B Stand 210 Hall 18 Stand 125 Hall 9 Stand 123 FOLLOWING OUR LIVE EDITIONS DURING ITB BERLIN, DON’T MISS THE REVIEW EDITION ONLINE 18 TH MARCH ON REVIEW EDITION People Power Enabling Smart Tourism ITB Berlin 2014: Tourism moves to a higher level of collaboration with stakeholders More than ever, ITB Berlin affirms its role as the leading indicator of essential trends in the travel and tourism industries; combining powerful business ideas with global responsibility and recognition of the vital nature of involving and empowering local populations in decisions, projects and their outcomes. While the industry professionals are packing their bags, leaving the way clear for the general public, ITB Berlin 2014 will be remembered as an extraordinary vintage – underlined by Dr Martin Buck, Vice President, ITB Berlin in his “trade wrap” interview on page 3. Beyond its exceptional business role, the rise of ITB Berlin as an aggregator on subjects of a political, social and legislative nature is impacting the industry more than ever. At the same time, ITB Berlin’s destination offering has become particularly enriched as underlined by the decision by Messe Berlin to partner with Mongolia as the show’s main sponsor in 2015. (Exclusive interview with Tsedevdamba Oyungerel, MP, Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism – Mongolia – Page 8) Tsedevdamba Oyungerel MP, Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism – Mongolia AND FOLLOW US ALL YEAR ROUND ON ITB-BERLIN-NEWS.COM REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT: EUROPE The old continent is still the most popular place to visit in the world with close to 52% of all arrivals in the world in 2013. Tourism is one of the flagships of the European economy, worth over 8% of EU GDP and 30 million jobs. And compared to the slow GDP growth, European inbound tourism is doing much better (3.5% p.a.). The European Travel Commission is convinced that it will be possible to safeguard Europe’s position as top travel destination, given its unique character, history and cultures, but also with strong measures such as the announcement of a comprehensive simplification of visas. Read more, from page 11 Bilbao’s Medieval Quarter, Casco Viejo, Spain

ITB Berlin News