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ITB Berlin News - Day 2

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30 SPECIAL FEATURE ADVERTORIAL LUXURY TRAVEL View from the Suites of the new Cosmopolitan Hotel “Wow” is Not Enough New levels of indulgence and style - the summit of luxury in Las Vegas Las Vegas has for many years been known for its luxury resorts and casinos, but today, the city is reaching new highs in style and comfort. The recently opened Cosmopolitan is a fabulous destination for those seeking the absolute ultimate in luxury in the heart of The Las Vegas Strip. The resort boasts oversized residential-styled living spaces with private terraces and breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline. Dining is reinvented with a one-of-a-kind restaurant collection featuring worldclass chefs making their Vegas debut including David Myers, Scott Conant and José Andrés along with authentic dining options by famed restaurateurs Costas Spiliadis, The One Group and brothers Bruce & Eric Bromberg. ITB BERLIN NEWS • Thursday 5 th March 2015 PENTHOUSE SUITES AT THE COSMOPOLITAN On the 70 th floor of the property, four stunning suites by Bentel & Bentel Architects represent masterpieces of modern design infused by a welcoming element of warmth inspired by the desert‘s most inspiring elements. Bentel and Bentel’s projects have garnered numerous international awards for design excellence. Describing their design philosophy, they state, “We create spatial and material situations that engage and inspire people. We believe that the design process is consummated in real things – urban areas, buildings, interiors, furniture and other objects of daily use. That is why we seek emotive power for our work principally in the experience of physical attributes rather than through reference or allusion. Yet, we aspire to foster experiences that are more than sensually gratifying.” In the Cosmopolitan project, water, sand, shadows and stone are interpreted, both literally and figuratively, in expansive suites that afford sweeping views of the Las Vegas cityscape and the rugged landscape beyond. To reach the suites, guests arrive on the 70th floor of the resort‘s East End and are greeted by long corridors ornamented with light effects and imagery designed to convey the sensation of floating. The ethereal hallway‘s lighting shifts as the sun moves across the sky, preparing guests for the expansive suites they are about to enter. The four suites are between 4,395 sq ft and 5,355 sq ft. Meanwhile, the West End Penthouses on the 60th and 61st floor at The Cosmopolitan provide a one-of a kind experience through whimsical touches like crystal-encrusted wall textures, an unexpected art collection and rich, tailormade fabrics. Decorated and classified as Light and Dark, the penthouse suites are each carefully and elegantly designed to every detail. Illuminated with brilliant ivory & white designs, the light Penthouses are the epitome of luxury with shades of cream and white to create a feeling of splendour with a twist of ultramodern style. Hall 2.1 Stand 200 NEW VEGAS IDEAS HAUTE HOTEL: THE CROMWELL A bold, sophisticated experience awaits at the Strip’s first boutique hotel. Each of the 188 rooms is Parisianinspired, with hardwood floors, glamorous décor and a design that mixes modern and vintage. Subtle, decadent nuances make all the difference at this luxurious property. Custom conciergestyle service highlights amenities such as custom-stocked minibars and coffee and tea service available. THE LINQ HOTEL & CASINO Located right in the centre of the Las Vegas Strip, The LINQ Hotel & Casino is the social hub for trendsetters and partiers alike. Rooms include cutting-edge technology, modern furnishings and close access to the LINQ outdoor shopping district.

AMERICAS REGION 31 The American Travel Market Key figures from IPK’s World Travel Monitor Reports MAIN TRAVEL DESTINATION INBOUND TRAVEL American destinations welcome about 140 million international overnight visitors per year. The average spending per visitor in this region is 1,360 Euro per trip and the mean length of stay is about 8 nights. Within the Americas North American and Caribbean inbound was less dynamic than travel to South America. The most visited travel destination in the Americas is USA with a market share of 46%, followed by Mexico (18%) and Canada (11%). 87% of the international visitors to the Americas come for holiday / leisure and 13% for a business purpose. The main holiday types are sun & beach holidays (24%) followed by tours (19%) and city trips (18%). The main motives to visit the Americas are therefore on the one hand sunbathing, swimming, relaxing and good dining and wining and on the other hand sightseeing, visiting interesting cities, knowing new landscapes and getting to know the people and their way of life. 57% of international visitors to the Americas come by plane, 28% come by car and 8% came by ship. The preferred accommodation type of the international visitors in the Americas is the hotel with a 57% share. From all hotel stays 68% are spent in the upper class category. 74% of the international visitors to the Americas come from America itself. Thereby, the most important source market is the USA with a share of 30%, followed by Canada (19%) and Mexico (11%). Further 17% of the demand comes from Europe and 8% from Asia .OUTBOUND TRAVEL More than 900 million people live in the Americas of which more than a half only live in the USA (314 million) and Brazil (200 million). Other major population concentrations are Mexico (120 Million), Colombia (48 Million), Argentina (41 Million) and Canada (35 Million). The individual buying power is very high in USA, Canada and some Latin American metropolitan areas. Still rather low buying power can be found in the other American countries. In total the Americans undertook 136 million international trips (with overnights). Mean length of stay abroad was 8 nights per trip. Mean spending per trip was about 1.400 Euro. With an average annual growth of about 4% over the last five years the Americas showed a good outbound performance. Whilst Latin American outbound was increasing above average, the increase of the North American outbound was weaker. Amongst the American outbound traveler the US-Americans has by far the greatest share (46%) followed by Canadian traveler (23%). Major outbound market from Latin America is Mexico (12%) followed yet with a clear distance by Argentina and Brazil (5% each). About 77% of American outbound travel goes to destinations within America and the Caribbean, 16% to Europe and 8% to Asia. The great majority (84%) of American outbound travel is for holiday and other leisure motivations. 16% are business trips. Most popular outbound holiday types are touring and Hermitage bay, Antigua I74% OF THE INTERNATIONAL VISITORS TO THE AMERICAS COME FROM AMERICA ITSELF. city trips (38%) followed by sun & beach holidays (20%) and cruises (10%). The main motives for outbound holiday trips are: sightseeing, knowing new landscapes, enjoying meals and drinks, but also sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. 59% of American outbound travelers go abroad by plane, 26% by car and 10% by ship. 57% of the outbound travelers stay at hotels with a clear preference for upper class hotels (about 70% of hotel stays). Regarding the information and booking behavior the internet as an information source (76%) but also as a booking site (62%) has a high importance. However, as information source friends and relatives (31%) as well as travel agencies (30%) also play a role. Source: IPK International – World Travel Monitor 2013, a unique database for international tourism demand, based on 500,000 interviews annually worldwide. For further information please contact or visit AMERICAS NORTH AMERICA, CENTRAL AMERICA & CARIBBEAN ARUBA HALL 3.1 / 134 BAHAMAS (THE) HALL 3.1/ 143C BARBADOS HALL 3.1 / 140 BELIZE HALL 3.1 / 234 BONAIRE (DUTCH CARIBBEAN) HALL 3.1 / 138 BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS HALL 3.1 / 139 CANADA HALL 2.1 / 491 COSTA RICA HALL 3.1 / 236, 236B CUBA HALL 3.1 / 223 CURAÇAO (NETHERLANDS ANTILLES) HALL 3.1 / 135 DOMINICA HALL 3.1 / 137 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HALL 3.1 / 131 EL SALVADOR HALL 3.1 / 237 GUADELOUPE ISLANDS HALL 3.1 / 136 GUATEMALA HALL 3.1 / 232 HONDURAS HALL 3.1 / 235 JAMAICA HALL 3.1 / 226 MARTINIQUE HALL 3.1 / 145 MEXICO HALL 1.1 / 101 NICARAGUA HALL 3.1 / 234 PANAMA HALL 3.1 / 229 PUERTO RICO HALL 3.1 / 225 SABA HALL 26 A / 121 TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO HALL 3.1 / 128 UNITED STATES HALL 2.1 / 200 SOUTH AMERICA ARGENTINA HALL 1.1/210 - HALL 3.1203 BOLIVIA HALL 1.1 211 BRAZIL HALL 1.1 / 218 - HALL 3.1 210 CHILE HALL 1.1 / 201 COLOMBIA HALL 1.1 / 108, 109 ECUADOR HALL 1.1 / 107 PARAGUAY HALL 1.1 / 115 PERU HALL 1.1 / 104 SURINAME HALL 3.1 / 121 URUGUAY HALL 1.1 / 212 VENEZUELA HALL 1.1 / 209 ITB BERLIN NEWS • Thursday 5 th March 2015

ITB Berlin News